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2023.06.01 01:06 _Twilight86 Is There LARPing in Quebec?

I just discovered LARPing through a friend and loved it but they live far away and don't know of any near me. I would really like to do this more. So, doesn't anyone know of any LARPs near L'Île-Perrot or the montreal area??
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2023.06.01 01:05 BabyWeightMusic Massive love from Baby Weight

Massive love from Baby Weight
This was my first time at LiB, so I didn’t know what to expect — especially for the first set of the weekend at the Woogie. I must say, I got super emotional this weekend that so many people would make time to come early to see me as well as so many amazing femme artists open the festival. Truly heartwarming. Hope to see y’all in the near future and massive thanks to the Do Lab for curating such an inclusive event. Happy Pride and Trans Lives Matter!
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2023.06.01 01:05 mtbfreerider182 237 applications and only 3% got 1st round interview. Been in Marketing over a decade. Please help me get my foot in the door!

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2023.06.01 01:04 Optimal_Ad_1847 25 [M4F] Houston, TX/Anywhere - Seeking a Relationship

I am from Houston, Texas. Well, I live just outside of Houston, but people who live near Houston usually say they are from Houston.
Anyway, I am 25 years old, and I was studying medicine overseas. I have permanently returned to the USA to continue my education. I work part time as an uber eats driver. This might be a relatively long post.
Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies are similar to most people, and we don't have to share the same hobbies or interests. - Movies and TV (Sci-fi, horror, and crime) - Exercising, especially running - Food (Thai, Mediterranean, and Indian) - Reading - Boardgames and videogames - Nature-y stuff. Walking outside. - Music (Instrumental, orchestral, and rap). I listen to songs from each genre. - Investing
I want to pickup more hobbies and interests. I would like to learn how to play the piano and violin. I want to learn a new language. I want to do outdoor activities such as hiking and maybe even camping. I have always wanted to learn video effects. It's great if you do one or multiple of these things, so I can learn or participate too. We can pickup a joint hobby too. However, I am a homebody.
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2023.06.01 01:04 PovconFTW Advice for a 100euros or under shoes ?

So i recently got back in football at 24yo, got a pretty wide foot, 44 in eu, 10usa i think and wanted to know if you guys got some low budget boot advice? Thanks for reading and let me know!
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2023.06.01 01:04 acquiesce88 NBD - Trek Verve+ 3 lowstep

After a couple test rides, I decided to get the Trek Verve+ 3 lowstep. I love everything about it, but of course I'm now wondering whether I should spend a little more for the Verve+ 4s. I'm doing mostly suburban riding, some rail trail (packed gravel), and in the future plan some multi-day trips (where the higher pedal assist limit would be nice). On a public path, with other riders /walkers, I'd definitely limit my speed.
I noticed the Verve+ 3 is nearly silent (motor and rear hub), but the Verve+ 4S had noisy rear hub / sprockets. Is this just an adjustment to be made or does the different model have noisier parts?
The lowstep looks a little odd compared to the diamond frame, but I need it due to some recent hip injuries - it's just so easy now to step through! The upright position is also great for me to alleviate pain in my lower back and neck. But I have noticed getting numb hands after a short while. Maybe it's just a handlebar adjustment?
I also tried the Allant+ 7, but was really put off by the noise of the motor.
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2023.06.01 01:03 Daydream_19 Have really started struggling against Zarya. Could use some advice (High Diamond DPS)

As the title states, been having a really rough time against good Zarya players in my comp games. I play DPS, mostly a Reaper one-trick, and am Diamond 1 currently.
Had a recent ranked game on Circuit Royal, where everything was going great, and we were relentless in our attack until about the final stretch of 2nd point. The enemy tank, who was an Orisa till that point, swapped to Zarya and just absolutely turned the game on its head. We weren’t able to cap third point, and then on defense, we got absolutely rolled. And that’s where I felt my understanding of how to tackle Zarya was incomplete.
Initially, I was tank busting the Orisa, and occasionally tping behind the team to take out their Zenyatta or just divert the teams attention. After the swap to Zarya, I couldn’t really do that anymore, as whenever I would tp, I wouldn’t be able to kill anybody fast enough, and then the Zarya and enemy dps would run through my team, leaving me with nowhere to go. Even after our tank swapped to Zarya, we weren’t able to keep up.
So here’s what I would normally do against Zarya: Shoot her until she bubbles, stop and focus a different target when she does, wait until the bubble is gone, and maybe go back to her or continue to focus the supports or the dps (whoever is more killable at that point). But this wasn’t working, as whenever she bubbled, her supports would just heal her back up and her beam would be charged to the point that it would near instantly melt me. The Zarya was also really smart in bubbling her team, which made killing anyone a nightmare.
I don’t have a code for this game, but hope the scenario ive painted here works. So my question is: how should I as a Reaper, approach the Zarya matchup?
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2023.06.01 01:02 Story_of_Amanda Just feeling done

I don’t know what the point of posting this is but I just feel so tired and burnt out on life. I’m a single mom of two kids (one special needs) with virtually no support (kids’ dad takes them on the weekends and only because I work (I’m a critical care nurse)). I feel like my kids deserve better than me. I don’t connect with people well or get comfortable around them easily. Friends I do have are inconsistent and/or going through life changes and are therefore less present. Someone I have talked to for a few months (just texting; he lives somewhere else) and have started to feel relatively comfortable with feels like he’s pulling away (texting less, seems less engaged when he does; he says he’s not doing so intentionally, he’s just been focusing on himself and things that make him happy (which I support and I’m very proud of him; he’s worked hard to get to the point he’s at now) and he’s not going anywhere and is always here), and it just hurts because everyone leaves. Anyone I get close to leaves. This past month my mental health has been absolute garbage (to the point a few coworkers have mentioned that I’m not myself). Work usually provides a decent distraction but lately not so much. Days off I just feel stuck in my head and alone. I’ve started to go back to the gym but lately I still get caught up in my head/emotions, feel discouraged and weak, and want to cry during my workout. It’s just been a very lonely and stuck feeling lately, I guess. I’ve kept my phone on do not disturb since last night. That way when it doesn’t go off it’s because I’ve made it that way, not because there aren’t people reaching out. Nothing sounds right or like it’ll make me happy. Watching TV or reading books (when I have the ability to focus) just makes me realize what I don’t have (parents (let alone those I was close to), close relationships, people to depend on, freedom). I don’t really have hobbies (thanks to the better part of the last 10 years being dedicated to school, work, and kids) and the thought of trying to learn something feels pointless. Where I live doesn’t really have much in the way of activities that don’t cost an arm and a leg, or that aren’t meant for a group. Last year my sister had brought up me moving down near where she is (we were talking and she said it sounded like I needed a change). Some friends I’ve mentioned it to have encouraged it. But the cost of living is higher down there and I don’t know that I could make it work. And if I move it’d have to be around where she is so I could have help with the kids. I’m scared of moving and not knowing anyone. I’m worried moving would be putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. For a long time I’ve been fine with being alone; it’s easier that way, no one to hurt you or disappoint you. But I really just want a hug right now. One of those tight ones that make you feel safe and comfortable; it’s been so long since I’ve had that. Someone to hold me while I break, even. And hold my hand when I’m ready to face the world again. Yes, I know I need therapy and likely meds but I don’t know where I’d start or if I could even afford it. And I feel like I’d just cry the entire time, which is always hard for me to get under control. I’m just tired. Tired of everything. Tired of struggling and hurting, emotionally and physically. Knowing that when I do feel okay it’s only eventually going to be followed by feeling shitty again.
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2023.06.01 01:02 throwaway1110011110 PI careers in domestic violence/children’s rights law

Not sure if this is the right sub for this; please let me know if it’s not!
I’m making a list of potential legal careers in the domestic violence/child abuse niche and wanted to know if you all had any other general employers to add to the list. While I’m interested in unicorn PI opportunities, I’m being more realistic since I want a family and hope to settle down near the end of my twenties/early thirties. My desired salary range is between 90k and 150k if that helps and I know that these aren’t exactly entry-level positions.
Here’s my list. Note: I’m talking about jobs in smaller cities, not necessarily crazy competitive big cities like NYC.
Are there any employers I’m missing? Maybe any state/fed government specialty offices/branches or nonprofit/orgs who focus on these issues? Thank you!
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2023.06.01 01:01 JoeLawson10 How can i tell if this girl likes me?

I'm completely new to the whole girls thingy, i seem to have the whole charm thing and cute awkwardness but i don't have a clue about actually doing anything major like making a move or anything after that lmao
Also how can i get out the whole thing of overthinking it and just being natural like i have been especially when she seems to like it (just maybe not in a "loving" way) (although most likely when it comes to working again with her I'll forget all this and just do what i normally do anyways)
At work they're is this girl who i can't tell if she likes me or not. Everytime we work together we talk literally whenever we can. I always catching looking at me from behind the bar and she always comes to me when something bad happens out front. Also everytime she goes to take the bins out ( or vice versa) she always asks if i want to go with her (or vice versa)
There is another girl who has a major crush on me and openly tells me how good i like and makes jokes about us getting married. And she HATES the girl that I'm unsure of. She keeps saying me and ... flirt with eachother everynight and when i said that shes just being friendly the one that has a major crush on me says that "i am a girl and i cant tell you for a fact that she is flirting with you".
Now he's the bit that makes me unsure:
. She has a boyfriend. This makes the girl that crush's in me call her a slag whenever she gets brought to me (obviously not when ... is around) but when i tried talking to ... she made it pretty clear that she had a boyfriend so i must have cane across as flirting. (Not my intention in that moment)
. She talks to the other guys too although not nearly as much as me and she doesn't tell them about the annoying things that happen to her out front ( just makes me unsure IF t's only me. Also concerned because if she will "cheat" on her boyfriend what makes me so sure that she wouldn't do the same with another guy at work if she also likes them. (Again thats a IF for if she even likes me/ anyone else)
So all this is making me uneasy so I've kind of put myself in a position where i don't want to make the first or any move and just let things happen like i have been doing because I'm concerned about the fact she could easily just do to me what she might do to her boyfriend with another guy would work which would be so embarrassing lmao. But then what if she just gets bored or something and loses interest.
I'm just going to keep doing the same thing I've been doing and just not be bothered about making a move and just let things happen and just see how things turn out like i have been doing. its nervy not knowing if she feels the same though for sure
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2023.06.01 01:00 JoshAsdvgi The Fire Leggings

The Fire Leggings

The Fire Leggings
There had been a sudden change in the weather.
A cold rain was falling, and the night comes early when the clouds hang low.
The children loved a bright fire, and tonight War Eagle's lodge was light as day.
Away off on the plains a wolf was howling, and the rain pattered upon the lodge as though it never intended to quit.
It was a splendid night for storytelling, and War Eagle filled and lighted the great stone pipe, while the children made themselves comfortable about the fire.

A spark sprang from the burning sticks, and fell upon Fine Bow's bare leg.
They all laughed heartily at the boy's antics to rid himself of the burning coal; and as soon as the laughing ceased War Eagle laid aside the pipe.
An Indian's pipe is large to look at, but holds little tobacco.

"See your shadows on the lodge wall?" asked the old warrior.
The children said they saw them, and he continued:

"Some day I will tell you a story about them, and how they drew the arrows of our enemies, but tonight I am going to tell you of the great fire-leggings.

"It was long before there were men and women on the world, but my grandfather told me what I shall now tell you.
"The gray light that hides the night stars was creeping through the forests, and the wind the Sun sends to warn the people of his coming was among the fir tops.
Flowers, on slender stems, bent their heads out of respect for the herald wind's Master, and from the dead top of a pinetree the Yellowhammer beat upon his drum and called 'the Sun is awake - all hail the Sun!'
"Then the bush birds began to sing the song of the morning, and from alders the Robins joined, until all live things were awakened by the great music.
Where the tall ferns grew, the Doe waked her Fawns, and taught them to do homage to the Great Light.
In the creeks, where the water was still and clear, and where throughout the day, like a delicate damaskeen, the shadows of leaves that overhang would lie, the Speckled Trout broke the surface of the pool in his gladness of the coming day.
Pine-squirrels chattered gayly, and loudly proclaimed what the wind had told; and all the shadows were preparing for a great journey to the Sand Hills, where the ghost-people dwell.
"Under a great spruce tree - where the ground was soft and dry, OLD-man slept.
The joy that thrilled creation disturbed him not, although the Sun was near.
The bird-people looked at the sleeper in wonder, but the Pine squirrel climbed the great spruce tree with a pinecone in his mouth.
Quickly he ran out on the limb that spread over OLD-man, and dropped the cone on the sleeper's face.
Then he scolded OLD-man, saying: 'Get up - get up - lazy one - lazy one - get up - get up.'
"Rubbing his eyes in anger, OLD-man sat up and saw the Sun coming - his hunting leggings slipping through the thickets - setting them afire, till all the Deer and Elk ran out and sought new places to hide.
"'Ho, Sun!' called OLD-man, 'those are mighty leggings you wear.
No wonder you are a great hunter.
Your leggings set fire to all the thickets, and by the light you can easily see the Deer and Elk; they cannot hide.
Ho! Give them to me and I shall then be the great hunter and never be hungry.'
"'Good,' said the Sun, 'take them, and let me see you wear my leggings.'
"OLD-man was glad in his heart, for he was lazy, and now he thought he could kill the game without much work, and that he could be a great hunter - as great as the Sun.
He put on the leggings and at once began to hunt the thickets, for he was hungry.
Very soon the leggings began to burn his legs.
The faster he travelled the hotter they grew, until in pain he cried out to the Sun to come and take back his leggings; but the Sun would not hear him.
On and on OLD-man ran.
Faster and faster he flew through the country, setting fire to the brush and grass as he passed.
Finally he came to a great river, and jumped in.
Sizzzzzzz - the water said, when OLD-man's legs touched it.
It cried out, as it does when it is sprinkled upon hot stones in the sweat-lodge, for the leggings were very hot.
But standing in the cool water OLD-man took off the leggings and threw them out upon the shore, where the Sun found them later in the day.
"The Sun's clothes were too big for OLD-man, and his work too great.

"We should never ask to do the things which Manitou did not intend us to do.
If we keep this always in mind we shall never get into trouble.
"Be yourselves always.
That is what Mantou intended. Never blame the Wolf for what he does.
He was made to do such things.
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2023.06.01 01:00 johndomecus My (28M) GF (24F) of 5 months is still talking to her ex and my confidence shattered after I read her messages

Apologies for this long post, but I'm hoping I can get some input on my situation. I've been in a whirlwind romance the past 5 months and we're both really in love and just click so well. Personalities, interests, conversation flows, and just doing anything together is a blast. I've never met a girl that matches me so well, and I'm incredibly attracted to her both physically and mentally.
I know I was in the wrong for this, but my GF is aware that I know she regularly messages with her ex-boyfriend (they broke up October 2022) on Facebook Messenger, so I was curious and went back through their conversation history to late December (the night she and I first had sex), and she was messaging him the next day (her ex was prodding and trying to get her to describe the sex and everything) and she told him: "not lying, he's the smallest I've ever been with. still fun tho". I'm maybe between 4.5-5 inches and make up for it with everything else so I know I'm not the biggest, but seeing her tell her ex-bf was surprisingly devastating and I couldn't shake that thought. She came home later that evening (we don't live together, so I was hanging out on her bed waiting for her to comeback) and I couldn't dare say what was on my mind, but she knew something was off and tried to get me to talk and I went on this vague discussion about how I'm not "the right person" for her and I'm "not good enough" without being specific. She thought I was breaking up with her and started crying, but I clarified I wasn't and it was just me and my occasional insecurities creeping up, and it'll be okay. I apologized and she asked if I had floated these issues to gauge whether she would be willing to be honest about her feelings and maybe be open to breaking up, and I haphazardly agreed that in a way it was a slight manipulation to get her to be more open about how she really felt about me in case she secretly shared any doubt about me. Because of that, she was really mad at me and I tried to reconcile that I shouldn't have played some mind game and should've just asked her directly how she feels about the relationship. We made up more or less, I slept over and left for work early the next morning, and we haven't texted much the past 2 days. This isn't unusual as we're both very busy with work/school, but I can't help but feel things are still not right and we've been distant from each other after that night. I usually present myself as fairly self-confident and have decent charisma (IMO), but this has really shook me and I just don't know what to do. We both have high libidos and are often physical with each other, but seeing that message was so devastating and now I can't think of her without feeling shame, anxiety, and inadequacy about my penis size, especially considering that sex is an integral part of our relationship and she wants it at least every few days. We're both pretty open sexually (we have foursomes, threesomes, she's bi and we're both sexually experienced with body counts both 10+), so it's a major issue that I'm now associating this with her and right now I'm thinking if she were to grab my crotch or want to do more than kissing, I'd have to subtly find an excuse or move away because I'm so ashamed of myself and feel inadequate and likely couldn't get an erection feeling this way regardless. For the past 5 months of our relationship, she's seemed to love the sex and has been incredibly satisfied, praising me and telling me I'm the best, and I visibly make her body shuttetwitch from multiple orgasms, etc., but seeing those messages has shattered my self-confidence and I also have lost faith and trust in her even though I know she was just being honest to her ex-bf(or maybe she was trying to not hurt her ex-bf's feelings, but I doubt that since she said "honestly" and "smallest" and it was a very specific statement). I know penis size and sexual pleasure are not mutually exclusive/1:1 correlation, but now I'm wondering if she was being 100% honest this whole time or just trying to make me feel better when she tells me she's addicted to my private. Part of me thinks I should break up with her because I'll never get any bigger and she deserves someone better. I probably sound really petty and stupid buying into the endless penis size debate, but I have to admit I'm shattered and don't know what to do because that message is inadmissible and I know it was wrong of me to snoop through her messages. I don't want to tell her I violated her privacy, but I'm clearly shaken so it's obvious something is wrong. I don't know what to do.
Regarding her still messaging her ex-boyfriend even though we're together: They were together for 4 years and broke up October 2022 (ex-bf wanted an open relationship and she gave in June 2022). August 2022, they went long distance and ex-bf moved across the country and she moved near me for grad school. Almost immediately after they agreed to have an open relationship, ex-bf had sex with another girl and he later revealed that he cheated on my gf with this same girl DURING their committed relationship period. My gf and I got together late December 2022 (I know it's fast and she probably didn't have enough time to be single but we had just met each other and we clicked instantly and didn't want to miss this chemistry) and I noticed her phone getting blown up with missed calls within a few weeks of dating. She was up front with me that it's her ex-bf, and he spam calls her until she picks up, and keeps messaging her first via text then later to FB Messenger. She said that she responds to him because she feels bad, and he still vents to her about his life. (During my snooping on her messages) I did notice she's somewhat standoffish with him and tells him she's not interested, she's with me, he mistreated her, etc. but she does continue to message back and have lengthy calls with him. I told her that I understand the attachment and they basically became each others' best friends over 4 years together, and I basically said "I don't want to be controlling or insecure, I'm not gonna tell you what you can and can't do, I trust you." Apparently I learned as of 5/31 the ex-bf is dating a new girl who is cheating on her bf right now (2 guys dating one girl and they don't know about each other) and he said "it's not my responsibility to tell the other person. It's on her". My gf and I both agree that he's narcissistic, manipulative, jerk, etc.. I don't like to talk bad about my gf's ex-bf because I'm biased of course, but it honestly does bother me that she still messages him regularly (and calls/videocalls that god knows what's being said and not in writing). I know I was wrong to snoop through her messages once, and I pledged to myself I won't do that again as it's dishonest and opens a can of worms. I know I prob sound like a crazy person, but I just don't want to be a simp, but also not a controlling A hole. I don't know what to do.
Also: I don't know if this is actually a red flag since it happened when she was 18 (6 years ago), the way my gf and her ex-bf got together was that she lowkey cheated on her first bf at that time and made out with the new ex-bf at a party, and then felt awful about it and confessed and everything. She told him not to worry about that guy and she wouldn't leave him for the other guy, but they ended up breaking up and she ended up dating that now ex-bf. I gave her a pass because she was really young and based on her descriptions her first bf was super toxic and abusive, but now that I've been going through this I'm thinking about it more. I match with her so well mentally and physically and she's so sweet and thoughtful, but she's clearly still heartbroken over her ex-bf even though he was so abusive and controlling, and it does frustrate me. 6/1 is my deadline to pay for out-of-state grad school, so now I have to make a decision to stay with her in-state or go out-of-state (out-of-state we're gonna have to break up and she doesn't want LDR)
TL;DR: I secretly read my GF's messages with her ex-BF and she told him I'm the smallest she's ever been with. My confidence is shattered and I don't know what to do or say since I was wrong to read through her messages.
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2023.06.01 00:59 3342throwaway Best wired Xbox controller for PC gaming

Boyfriend's controller broke and I'm thinking of getting him a new one as a gift. Any suggestions which specific series of Xbox controllers are good for PC? I'm on Amazon (I'm not going to buy off Amazon, there are cheaper stores near me) and they got endless amounts of wireless ones but I have always assumed wired is better for speed. What difference does the PowerA have in comparison to the other ones? Never used anything console related so pardon me if I'm not too knowledgeable about the subject
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2023.06.01 00:58 lutherwriteshorror The Steal Your Boyfriend's Face Challenge

I’m worried, if I bring my hand up to the side of my face, will I feel a seam? Will it tell me exactly how much I really love her?
Before I go on I want to say I’m still absolutely in love with Hailey. It’s just that I’m not entirely comfortable with this last TikTok challenge. I want to give all of myself to her, I really do, but I’m just worried that it’s too much too fast. I guess I’ve never felt this kind of love before so I don’t know how to handle it.
“Can I bite your arm? I want to see if I can make you bleed.”
That was the first challenge that started down the slippery slope. She’d been on TikTok for a while already and had tons of followers, but she’d gotten into a community that was all about challenges recently. Before that she was mostly into making dance videos. She’s one of those people who moves hypnotically. It’s like she’s not even trying. I still sometimes scroll back to those videos.
But she’s also a person who can’t be contained. She has to push the boundaries of society, of what art can accomplish. She’s a wild fire.
Of course I let her sink her teeth into me. It took me a minute to steel myself for it, but we did it. And since it was on camera I even let the screams out. I have a high pain tolerance, but that nearly did me in.
Half an hour later though, she was already dejected. “I hate her,” she said.
“Who?” I asked.
“********1987, she completed the challenge before we did. It was all for nothing!”
My arm was still throbbing, but I could understand her disappointment. She puts so much of herself out there for her fans, only to see someone else beat her out by a few minutes and to steal the glory. Imagine how many followers she would have gotten if she was the first to do it.
“I’m sorry I hesitated,” I said.
“Do you really love me at all?” she asked.
When I went to the minor emergency after my arm swelled up the doctor looked at me like I was a lunatic. He unwrappend the yellow towel I’d wrapped my arm with, carefully unsticking the mess from my skin. “You did this for a TikTok challenge?”
I nodded my head.
“You need to get off that app before it kills you.”
I came in for medical treatment, not life advice, I wanted to tell him. But whatever. Most people can’t understand how meaningful it is to create this kind of content — Hailey is really pushing things to their limits. I mean, I’m not the one creating the content, but being part of it — being a part of her journey — is literally the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done with my life.
Anyways, the swelling went down with the antibiotics, so I was fine.
Still, I sometimes missed the innocent pranks we’d pull, like when we ran through the big box store in green track suits and masks knocking down all the displays and merchandise we could before bolting out the back door. The security guard was so pissed he couldn’t catch us. You might have seen the clip of his face — it went viral. Yeah, that was us. I mean, that was Hailey, but I helped.
Or there was the prank where we broke into a person’s house at night and waited in their closet until they got up to go to the bathroom, then we stole all their pillows and blankets and escaped out the window. That was a masterpiece. I still wonder what they did after that happened. Like, what would you think if you got back to bed and all the bedding disappeared like that? I’d be so freaked out.
I wish we could go back to things like that.
“I want you ring finger,” she told me.
“Like, you want to get married?” I asked.
“No, not yet. It’s for a video. Like, it’s a way you can show that you truly love me. We cut your finger off, and I’ll get it preserved, and if we decide to get married some day we’ll get it reattached.”
I would have said yes. A million times I would have said yes, even though we’d only been together less than a year.
“But, I need my finger for other things. It’ll be hard to type.”
“Do you really love typing that much? Come on, you love me enough, don’t you? I need this for my channel. Think of how many subscribers I’ll get! There’s no way any of the other girls will be able to win this challenge. They don’t have anyone who loves them like you love me.”
I got used to typing with nine digits. It’s ridiculous I was worried to begin with. It’s not like I spend all day in front of a laptop. And this time I told the doctor it was a freak accident with a lawn mower. He looked skeptical, but didn’t give me any grief about social media.
When I got home though Hailey wasn’t happy to see me. Her eyes had lost their bubbly joy and had turned venomous. “She beat us again.”
“Yeah, her boyfriend let her chop off his ring finger AND his index finger. He loves her more than you could ever love me.”
She was distant for the next few weeks. Some days I’d wake up and she’d be gone making videos and I wouldn’t see her until I awakened in the middle of the night to her slithering into bed. I saw her post some dancing videos and wondered if she was getting out of the challenge video scene. In one video she was doing one of those K-Pop dances on a crowded sidewalk and a guy made an obscene gesture in front of the camera.
What a main character. I couldn’t believe someone would have that gall. Can’t he see she’s making art? Bystanders had to pry her off of him, but I could tell before the video cut out that he’d regretted his choice from the bleeding scratch marks clawed into his face.
I understood the importance of the challenge videos. It was so deeply meaningful to accomplish something first before anyone else could complete it. But she looked so happy when she danced.
“Do you even love me at all?” she asked me.
I brought her hands over my still unhealed finger gap. “I would give you all my fingers if it would prove my love.”
The next morning I woke up to a new sign on our door. It was the “ducks crossing” sign from our favorite park. A momma duck crossed the road and four ducklings followed her in down coats. We had one of our first dates at that park and kissed under that sign.
I cried a little. Maybe we weren’t doomed.
I called around and found a couples therapist with openings. I’m not the sort of person who likes to talk about my problems, but I thought if Hailey wanted to I’d be willing to work out any issues with someone to help.
“I don’t need to talk about my feelings,” she said when I brought up the idea.
“Then what do you need?”
“You know, when we got together and I was totally obsessed with you, I thought ‘This is it. This is the happiness I’ve been waiting for.’ I’d see you smiling lips and I’d fill up with this big feeling until I thought I was about to burst, and I thought I wanted that to be a part of me. But it wasn’t enough. Then my channel exploded and I thought ‘This is it. This is the feeling I’ve been waiting for.’ But that wasn’t enough either. I still have this void inside me. I need more.”
She went to the kitchen and grabbed to glasses. “These are us.” She pushed them together. “If I could just push them together so hard they became one glass, if I could just push us together like that, then I would know you really love me.” As she pushed the glasses together harder one of them shattered and sliced her hand open.
A week later she came home with the scalpel.
“There’s a new challenge I want to try. If you do it then I’ll know you truly love me.”
“But what if one of the other creators does it first?”
“They won’t. Remember, their boyfriends don’t love them like you love me.”
She explained how it worked. She’d give me a sleeping drug before bed, and if I chose to complete the challenge all I had to do is leave the scalpel by the bedstand and she’d do the rest while I slept. She’d take the knife and carefully cut the skin from my face and make a mask out of it. That way she could wear me any time she wanted. I’d truly be a part of her. If I didn’t want to complete the challenge I’d set the scalpel on the floor and I’d never see her again.
My grogginess is all encompassing. I can't remember what I chose.
“But will you think I’m ugly without my face?” I remember asking.
“Whenever I look at you I’ll only be able to see love.”
“Will it hurt?”
She brushed my stubble with the blunt end of the scalpel and left the room.
I’m so afraid to touch my face, to feel for the point when it either goes on, or doesn’t. What if I chose wrong? What if I didn’t love her enough?
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2023.06.01 00:58 ScaryChampionship516 Does anyone share a similar experience?

I came into the organization from “the world” in my early 20s. My wife and I got baptized together and both of us gave up college athletic opportunities because we really thought this was the true religion. I spent 15 years as an MS, gave assembly parts, gave outgoing public talks, hosted a service group at my house, etc. My oldest was a regular pioneer and we thought we had most things figured out.
I was conducting 2 Bible studies and I just couldn’t get behind a lot of the doctrinal stuff I was trying to teach. Looking back, even in my talks I would avoid focusing on those things. I chose to focus on the love shown from Jesus and Jehovah. Covid came and many of the “suggestions” from the GB really made me question things. Then one of my children got into “trouble” and the possibility of disfellowshipping was very real. That really made me step back and examine what it was I had dedicated my life to and whether it really lined up with what the Bible said. Needless to say, I found that it did not.
I didn’t even have to look at “apostate” websites or literature. I looked at the foundations of the organization. And I looked at the news. The ARC where Geoffrey Jackson lied about the GB being the only spokesman for God, the Canadian Supreme Court where WTs lawyer lied about shunning family members. Those were the nails in the coffin for me.
But I chose this. As (pretty much) an adult. I wasn’t born in. I had never heard of the witnesses growing up. Then I raised my three children this way and the guilt I feel for the trauma they’ve experienced is nearly unbearable. I’m just curious if anyone else has a similar experience.
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2023.06.01 00:58 Silver-Ad-8597 AITA: Nanny upset about pollen and grass accumulating on her car while parked at our home

Our nanny just left for the day and called me screaming, nearly in tears, to have found that her car had green pollen and some blades of grass on it when she saw it this afternoon. (My husband was outside mowing the lawn today, so it is entirely possible that some grass pieces maybe blew onto her car in addition to the pollen that is unavoidable this time of year. He does use a grass collection bag though, so I don’t think the amount of grass blowing around could have been that significant.)
She said that she demands we pay her $20 daily to take her car to the car wash when she leaves our home, plus compensate her hourly rate for an extra 30 minutes of her time spent going through the car wash. This is an extra total compensation of 2.5 hours of pay PLUS $100 car wash fees weekly. She also said she believes the pollen is “ruining her engine and getting into the grill” and that she will likely need her car serviced at a repair shop. I explained that while simply driving down the highway, a car will inherently get dust and pollen and debris blown into the grill at the front, and cars are made to handle this.
Alternatively, she wants us to discontinue parking our own car in our garage (the car she uses during the day to transport our son around to any activities they go on), and instead, she is demanding we pull our car out each morning to allow her to park in the garage to “protect” her car.
This seems wild to me, and I did Venmo her $20 for a car wash today but told her we would have to meet and discuss a long term plan later this week because that does not seem sustainable.
She drives an 11 year old Audi that is her pride and joy. She has already had it in the shop twice since March for various “front end issues and noises,” and quite frankly I wonder if she’s trying to exaggerate the “damage” to her car caused by the pollen and grass so as to somehow get us to pay for age-related repairs that her vehicle is in need of.
Am I in the wrong here?
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2023.06.01 00:58 WillWorkforSmoke Okay but one more Tower Rant for old times' sake

So I came back to MK11 just to finish up some collectibles and complete my favorites just for fun, and it was fun for the most part....until I got to the final match of Kabal's Jinsei Essence augmentation platform, the endurance fight.
I know we've all said our piece on these CPU match modifiers but I'm freshly mad so one more time from the top: I can deal with a modifier or two every once in a while or even one or two per match, but when you make a match where you spend 20 minutes fighting 4 different opponents each with their own unique brand of BS, then the last one has the cherry picked most annoying one (a Chaos one of course) AND gets faster every time he hits you, AND becomes unlockable at seemingly random AND has firework that not only grant said bonuses but can also hurt you even when he isn't controlling the fight? Add on to that that you basically have to use valuable konsumables just to have a shot at winning at all, but every time I nearly beat him, even when I'm in the middle of a kombo, even when I have armor on, even literal SECONDS after using a 50% life Krystal and he hasn't hit me once? I still die to bonus giving stage hazards anyway. Either thator I basically am forced to block them and just cede control of the match back to the unblockable f*ckface who'll kill me in 2 seconds anyway and gets stronger as he does, add on to that that again the AI in this match isn't exactly stupid either and catches rolls and get up attacks like nothing and doesn't overextend even when he is "vulnerable", you've just created the most unfun experience in gaming history or one of them, genuinely there's a certain line crossed where saying I'm even playing a game is a stretch because it's more of a cutscene with worse graphics where plot armor chooses the other guy 🤷
Anyway just wanted to say it one more time before MK1 comes out, no more please, I'd rather just good AI that has the same rules as me with maybe a SMALL tweak to the match than this diarrhea Christmas lightshow, mess up your buttons, hold you still and never reward you for even doing the right thing waste of recources that some of these matches are. Inb4 "it's optional tho" you should still consider the experience for the people who will choose to use the option
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2023.06.01 00:57 cuck4use I BEG FOR MY DREAM TO COME TRUE ASAP...

I need to finally be able to enjoy my submission to being strapped and watching my new place in life as a Nullo Sissy Cuck Slave becomes my most desired dream to reality happening. Leaving me with a jar to always see everything floating and to look at while I'm doing my sissy cuck hypnosis I love so much. It's my most wanted point of no return. Please 🙏 I am begging for this so much. Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please. I will be an available slave for use with near no limits to show my absolute gratitude and forever gratefulness to finally be my true self in life. Thank you!
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2023.06.01 00:57 Fluid_Bee2878 24 m4f Downtown - Looking for someone older to have fun with

Hello! I am looking for someone who's between the ages of 27-38 to mess around and have fun with. Obviously I'm looking for someone who wants to have sex but I also wanna hang out with you. We can watch movies, go places, etc. Downtown or near downtown only please. You have to be able to host. I want to meet somewhere public the first time for safety reasons. So if you're interested, just hit me up! I don't care if you're married, so long as you're not cheating on your partner. If you happen to be a female couple, I'd be down to have fun with the both of you.
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2023.06.01 00:57 Phoxx_3D New to Street Fighter? Join us tonight at 6PM PT for the final Newbie Fight Club lobby for SFV! Next week we'll continue with SF6!

SFV Newbie Fight Club Discord:
Welcome back! Join us at 6:00pm PT (about 2 hours from the time of this post) in the discord posted above for an invite to today's lobby & chat channel.
Today's Hosts:
Phoxx CFN: Dolopeko
Doublesac CFN: Doublesac
Newbie Fight Club was started back in the SF4 days, as a way for new players to play matches and learn in a casual environment. Intermediate players (all of us started in Newbie Fight Club) will be hosting and offering advice to anyone who requests it!
Newbie Lobby Rules: As usual, there will be a 3-match win limit in each lobby in order to prevent a single player from dominating. This is meant to be a fun, non-competitive, learning environment for new players to get some matches in with players near their skill level, so use your discretion when joining. If you find yourself bodying players in the newbie lounges, maybe this fight club isn't for you, or try learning a new character.
This club is aimed at getting you better. For those of you that are higher in rank but still wish to play, you'll be fine if you use a new character and offer advice where it's welcomed. As long as you're not dominating the lobby consistently, there's no problem with you participating.
Other than that, here's how you can join in on the event!
How to join a lounge:
  1. Join our discord here:
  2. Check the discord Wednesday at 6:00pm PT and look for the host's lobby information.
  3. Either follow the host's instructions to join the lobby, or ask for an invite. If the host doesn't notice you, shoot them a PM and let them know that you need an invite, but please don't spam them. They may be in the middle of a match.
  4. If one lobby gets too big, the original lobby will split into two. In this case, you'll see players in both Lobby Chat channels. Join whichever one has the least amount of players to keep things balanced.
  5. Mics are not required, but encouraged! We'll use discord chat to communicate -- we find that the players who communicate the most and ask questions tend to improve the fastest!
  6. We will play until no one wants to play anymore.
How long does this go on for? I won't get home until a bit later.
It all depends on how much everyone is enjoying themselves. The earliest we've all quit is about 2 hours into the lobby, and the latest we've gone is 7 hours. You'll likely be back in time to participate, so don't worry.
I don't have a mic. Is it still okay if I participate?
Of course! We've noticed players with mics tend to improve faster, but it's totally fine if you don't have a mic or feel more comfortable chatting in discord. Just be sure to be communicative in the chat channel so we can send you an invite!
Will there be a stream?
If I can figure out the technical issues sure! I will try and stream tonight's lobby on
If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
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2023.06.01 00:56 faerybones Last name Dorhamer

I found an old email exchange between a distant relative and I regarding our last name. What really has me curious is how the name changed frequently over the years. I'd really like a better understanding of why. I'd also like to know if the original spelling is old Germanic for Thor's Hammer? Or would that be too cool? Here's part of what he sent me:
It should be noted that the spelling of the last name changed with almost every generation of Dorhamers. Some individuals used various spellings of the name at different times in their lives. On many occasions, different siblings in the same family spelled their last names differently.
Generation 1: ANDREAS THIRRHAMMER of Espasingen, Germany Born: Unknown Died: Unknown KATHERINA SENGER of Espasingen, Germany Born: Unknown Died: Unknown
Generation 2: JOHAN GEORG DIERHAMMER AKA GEORG THIRRHAMMER Born: April 28, 1779 in Espasingen, Baden, Germany. Died: November 30, 1842 in Espasingen, Germany. MARIA JOSEPHA KNECHT Born: 1774 in Espasingen, Baden, Germany. Died: Unknown
Generation 3: Note: Migrated from Espasingen, Baden, Germany. Left Germany in March 1854 with wife, Agnes, and two children, Edward John & Josepha (Josephine) Doorhammer. JOHAN GEORG DURHAMMER AKA GEORGE DOORHAMER (SR.) AKA GEORGE DORHAMER AKA GEORGE DEHIMER AKA GEORGE DORHEIMER Born: April 13, 1821 in Espasingen near Stokach Germany Died: May 16, 1890 in Waldo, Kansas. AGNES DOORHAMER nee SALZMAN Born: December 13, 1822 in Buhringen near Radolfzell Died: December 11, 1887 in Sauguoit, NY.
Generation 4: GEORGE DOORHAMER (JR.) AKA GEORGE DORHAMER AKA GEORGE DEHIMER AKA GEORGE DOURHAMMER Born: November 30, 1857 in Forestport, Oneida County, NY. Died: November 29, 1918 in Rome Hospital Rome, NY. CATHERINE “KATE” DORHAMER nee MANLEY Born: January 13, 1860 in Town of Florence, Oneida Co. Died: April 4, 1927.
Generation 5: Joseph Francis Dorhamer AKA Joseph Dorheimer AKA Joseph Dehimer Born: January 14, 1889 in Clark Mills, NY Died: January 4, 1924 in Rome, NY. Isabelle “Belle” Reid Born: c1891 Died: May 7, 1957
Generation 6: William Joseph Dorhamer Born: April 22, 1921 in Rome, NY Died: November 5, 2000 in Fort Pierce, FL
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2023.06.01 00:56 Mortaxethepog I need help improving my 'honebadger' build

The name might make no sense but essentially I'd like my character to not be the easiest to hit or deal damage to.
So this character might be replacing (if my current PC dies, we're doing a heist and we are stealing from people who really hate me) at level 8 to an ongoing campaign and I've always wanted to play a tank.
What I have so far is a Yuan-ti totem barb and taking the feats Lucky and Defensive duelist. And if I can get some items, I'll take ring of protection, ring of psychic resistance and cloak of displacement.
He'll be dex based rather than str and should hopefully: have resistance to all damage, have advantage on saving throws to spells, people have disadvantage (ish) to hit him and if they do I have lucky and Defensive duelist to bail me out. In exchange for d6 damage and probably never being focused.
Is their anything I'm missing or even a better build than what I have.
Thanks in advance.
(Also nearly forgot to say for story reasons he's a yuan-ti due to making a deal with a minor god and kinda cursed to not cast spells)
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