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Random Acts of Polish is our name, and granting polish wishes is our game.

2012.07.22 10:07 OkraWimprey Random Acts of Polish is our name, and granting polish wishes is our game.

**Feel like becoming a Fingernail Fairy Godmother (or Godfather) and surprising a fellow polish addict with a fantastic free polish, but don't know where to start?** **Well, here we are! Random Acts of Polish is our name, and granting polish wishes is our game.**

2023.06.01 00:44 Grailswar1 48 [FM4F] #Cleveland, Ohio- dominant couple 2v1 kind of thing.

We have been at this a while anything its a slippery slope as most are. We have met some great people, had some amazing experiences and ultimately keep wanting to go that little bit further. Like most things when you look back at where started it seems far off indeed.
So here we are, somehow in Ohio this is fine but only for the time, adventure calls. There are different kinds of adventure of course, exploring Bondage is one of those roads we keep travelling.
We are so into CNC and BDSM that vanilla threesomes are barely of interest, sure a beautiful woman is alluring, but one that wants to be choked and violated, forced to endure bondage, well that is our kind of girl.
Heres the breakdown:
US- a couple.
Male (me) 47 5'10 190, in good shape.
Female (wife) 48 5'3 116 in great shape and aftermarket additions that you will notice.
What we're looking for, a woman, (this is a hard rule) no guys, no penises, I have mine thats enough, I dont get why women like them, they look dumb, women are streamlined and have such fun parts. so no men, we have no need for more man parts.
Age- 25 and up or very mature for your age.
Where -anywhere in USA or CA, as long as you're not on the FBI no fly list.
We like soft, thin, feminine, in shape, we dont like BBW, as for race any is fine, we would like to play with an Asian woman as we never have though that is just a plus, we're open to any race.
Clean shaven, a little hair is okay, but a seventies bush or armpit hair, leg hair, hard pass.
Kinks- Lets remember we're not trying to insult anyone here and consider this the fair warning that we like some really hard stuff, so if you dont or dont think people should be allowed to consent to what they want to do, then you're just not going to like what we have to say.
Still here?
Good girl. (Gentle biting on the neck as I whisper it)
The basic's, slapping, flogging, whipping, restraints, choking, hair pulling, degrading (verbally, whore slut basic stuff). Now if any of these are are hard 'no' we may be able to work around them but, if 2 or more are on your list, well you might want to swipe whatever way is away, because its going to get worse.
Roleplay- you're a visitor, who gets abused, not to far from the truth, but the best stories always intertwine the reality and fiction.
The harder stuff- this stuff that you can object to, and we get it, its all the harder stuff that we kinda grew into and get that not everyone is going to be all for it, you can pick and choose.
Fisting and or large objects and stretching, DP we really like to DP a woman, you pinned between us, so sexy, so full, eyes rolled back my hand at your throat, giving all you can give but we're wanting more, my wifes nails gently biting your skin. Yeah, we like DP.
Shockers, Estim, prod the jolt of pain, if you do it wrong it can be dangerous, so we have studied and are careful to make sure everyone gets out without any long-term effects. A shocker to the ass, breast, leg or clit, while you're being fucked, in between being stimulated the contrast of pain and pleasure, we love to see that in a sub.
Degrading (part 2, the first was level 1, this is the upgrade) We like the mental aspect of BDSM, its that connection when you have it with a sub, its so sexy. If she wants to be broken mentally, we want the tools to do it. We need some input here, tell us what are the words the things that you secretly hate the feellings that you have that you want to expose but need to be deep in session, walls down, to really admit what you feel about yourself. Its primal and goes far beyond the spat 'slut, whore' If you know, then you do, if not it may not be your thing. Its ours though, let us in, so we can break you more effectively.
Paddles, with the intent to bruise, we like to see our handywork, the paddle gets the job done. We're artists in a way, and you're a canvas.
Overstimulation- the toying till you're cum drunk, you're hurting but were going to keep fucking you hitting you choking, using you like our whore, on this night you are ours and we want you to give yourself to us completely. You have our undivided attention.
Squirting- if you can we are going to be super interested and want to bring you home for a nice night that will end very harshly, we'll keep you hydrated.
The REALLY Hard- Most people won't be for the following, if you are and you have the other third of this mysterious amulet which we have had since we were babies, we need to meet you.
Sounding, the placing of smooth metal rods in your peehole for stimulation, usually it results in you peeing and losing control, which is sexy.
Watersports, you being degraded by my wife peeing on you, or you peeing on yourself.
Waterboarding- you strapped to a board and being tortured against all Nato sanctions, it is rough and extreme and youll lose focus when your clit is being stimulated and you're dry drowning. Not for everyone but sexy if you're the woman we're looking for.
Knife play- we dont do cutting, but using the knife as a prop forcing you at knifepoint to surrender and subject yourself to everything we demand.
The off limits- things we wont do. Nothing Illegal, no kids (both gross and illegal), no breeding you, we dont want any subsiquent kids, not with you, not with anyone nothing ruins kinky fun like crying babies.
No- hard drugs, we dont use anything that alters our thoughts during BDSM, bad mix. So we expect you to be clean too.
No- longterm damage, lets have fun and kink not hospital bills.
No- dudes (I thought it was worth repeating)
No- feet stuff, we dont like feet.
No- furries, not my kind of fun, I'm not dressing in one of those outfits.
Most other things are on the table- do you have a fantasy? Tell us about it we are likely down to try it. Is it twisted and kinky? then we really need to hear about it.
Location- US, we'll take care of travel, if we get along and have a connection, come spend a weekend see clevelands sports teams (we dont do sports so whatever, I hear were not missing much) and get abused (more than by just having to watch Clevelands teams take a whipping).
Experience, we have been doing this for a while but you dont need to be experienced, some of our best experiences were with beginner subs, we all have to be on the same page and have a clear understanding of where this is going, and where it stops.
Lastly- consent, there has to be consent and anything were going to do must be discussed and safewords will be in place. Dont tell me you dont need safewords, youre either unhinged or lying, this should be like a haunted house scary but you know you can leave at anytime. (I mean halloween haunted houses not creepy old houses with ghosts, those are scary)
If you got this far, lets talk, if youre deeply offended by us, please lets not talk, lets just part non-enemies.
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2023.06.01 00:43 meekroboutmyass Found this old cable hack while cleaning my garage

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2023.06.01 00:40 LongDuck5441 Planning on buying a tub shortly.

We have a Hotsprings spa dealer literally right around the corner from me. So we are planning on buying a 5 person one. But now are rethinking it and looking at a triangle shaped 3 person spa.
Question is quality. I dint want "cheap" but not wanting to spend $10k plus for a spa.
Also...we have a 115vac outlet where we plan on putting the spa. Dealer says it's fine and will only raise our electric bill $20-30 a month. I find this hard to believe.
Looking at the specs, it will draw about 1500 watts on 115vac.
On 220vac the heater goes 4000 watts and 500 watts to run pump, etc.
So is it "better" from an efficiency point of view to wire in 220 or j8st leave it on 115?
Thanks for the help..
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2023.06.01 00:40 fcb_razor Need Advice with Neighbors Dog in Crafton

My neighbors have a ~50lb pitbull that they let out their backdoor to go to the bathroom every day. The dog is not on a chain or leash, isn't wearing a collar, and comes onto my property and craps in my gravel driveway. They do not take good care of the dog (overgrown bloody nails, poor coat). I've approached the neighbors about it, and they assured me they would fix the issue. That was months ago. The neighbors even have a fenced in yard. They won't use it for the dog. I'm at my breaking point, what should I do?
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2023.06.01 00:38 cdromney Question about getting from Salem to Boston

Hey Massachusettians. Later this summer, I’m doing a long weekend in MA (arriving early Friday and leaving Sunday). We’re staying in Salem but want to spend the day in Boston on Saturday. What’s the easiest way to get to Boston, transportation wise? We’re driving to MA, so we’ll have a car, but from what I’ve heard driving in Boston isn’t exactly a good time. What are the locals recommendations? Is it just easier to drive ourselves, take an Uber, public transport?
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2023.06.01 00:36 Extraterretre Chick in latex does some face sitting after a blowjob and gets nailed

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2023.06.01 00:36 Polluticorn03 Raising Apple (Mystery) Snails!

Hi all, I am raising apple nails from a pond on my college's campus. I had a clutch of eggs that I incubated for about a month. They started hatching about 2 weeks ago, and have been steadily growing since. In total I have about 2 dozen, each about 1 cm in diameter (shells). I keep them in a 5 gallon tank and feed them romaine lettuce or a blueberry once a day. Their tank gets gross kinda quickly, I think from the food scraps they leave behind rotting. Is there any good advice for maintenance for my little friends that you'd recommend? I also don't intend on keeping all of them. When I can, I planned on releasing them back in the wild. Will that be OK? Thanks for all your input. I'm also going to post a contraption I'm considering for making feeding easier and to keep the tank cleaner. Thoughts on that would be much appreciated :))
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2023.06.01 00:32 Objective_Ability_81 I think my biggest red flag is "cam girl" bs I did when I was freshly divorced and thrown on my butt. I have no idea how to mitigate this.

Was during Covid. My husband filed for divorce while he was overseas deployed. We had an argument, I said when he returns we need to talk, implying things were not working out. (it was a BAD marriage). Instead, he just filed while overseas, blindsiding me despite my pleas for him to wait so we can properly figure it out. He closed lease on house, withheld spousal support, had the car picked up, kept all my Covid checks (they got deposited to spouses account for some reason, don't remember why), and emptied out our joint savings. Before anyone wants to preemptively bash and judge me, I wasn't an adulterous wife, I worked 2 jobs (pre-COVID), was earning my MA, didn't have money issues pre-COVID/divorce etc. He was a piece of work. I eventually got my Covid checks and spousal support a couple months later, after involving legal, but it was a scary couple of months. Covid had hours at work slashed, and I had to figure out how to get everything out of the house (he left the cleaning/moving out to me and me alone), find an apartment, and a car. I caved and did the camgirl thing for around 2 months. Hated it. Felt beneath myself.
I do not judge legal consenting sex-workers. It's not my place. But it wasn't for me. That said, while I hated it, I don't feel "shame". I did what I had to do to survive for a couple months, then hours picked back up and I found a new second job and promptly ditched that crap. I don't believe it's a blackmail concern. I wore cosplay (heavy makeup/wigs), did not use real name, real location, not even my real country. 90% of it was me playing video games and acting flirty. I didn't do depraved or immoral things. In some fantasy world where it is connected to me, big whoop? You can't blackmail me with something that trivial; I just don't care.
I also didn't pay taxes on it due to ignorance, but am in the process of amending that. (Just gotta send the IRS the check)
But is this information alone enough to mitigate that? Or is there no way around this being labeled as inappropriate sexual behavior?
All my red flags revolve around my husband honestly. Left Army due to depression but was HEAVILY pressured by my husband to do so "so we can be together". Later (after army), an arrest (not violence related, we were bickering at the store and I got frustrated at a self check out and some stuff didn't get rung up, I was to blame since I did most the ringing, but charges later dropped) medications for depression/anxiety (2 years free now) started smoking weed to cope (6 months clean), and the cam work. Want to emphasize that while I believe my husband was a common denominator in me making VERY bad decisions for 2 years, it was still ME that made these decisions but it all leads back to him. Don't wanna sound like I'm not taking responsibility; I am. I've grown and learned a lot and facing adversity again, I'd never make these same mistakes, but it's eating away at me because I'm THIS freaking close to getting back to my dream career, and as I age into my 30's, panic is setting in.
An agency has me flying out for some tests, and it's all becoming real, real quick, but the thought of losing the clearance for these dumb decisions makes me wanna puke. I know I post long threads here a lot, sorry yall. Just been a weird time for me and things are coming together but boy this clearance stuff is rough.
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2023.06.01 00:32 vaungar Witajcie

Hej tutaj lvl 17 i mam dosyć ciągłego siedzenia w domu bo nie ma z kim wyjść. Coraz więcej rzeczy sprawia mi mniej przyjemności i radości. Ilość moich znajomych można policzyć na palcach obu dłoni. Teraz jak pewnie wiecie znów zbliżają się wakacje a ja pewnie spędzę je nic nie robiąc. Więc mam pytania konkretnie dwa czy ktoś z podobnym poziomem chciałby gdzie wyjść? choćby pogadać/spacer by wyjść z czterech ścian domu i lepiej spędzić dzień nie pije,nie palę nawet E-peta nie mam
Drugie pytanie to czy gdzieś w Poznaniu można zagrać w planszówkę dnd(dungeons and dragons) coś takiego bo pamiętam że dawno na urodzinach kolegi z którym nie mam już Kontaku. Graliśmy i mi się spodobało a nigdy nie miałem okazji znów zagrać. Pytam się o to tutaj bo może ktoś wie więcej na temat
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2023.06.01 00:32 Occams_Broad_Sword My mom just insulted my nail polish and said men shouldn’t wear it

I got a mani/pedi for the first time this past weekend and got a dark green polish on my fingers (also for the first time). I was FaceTiming my mom earlier and she saw the nails and said it was “concerning” to her. She also said it was unprofessional for me to have painted nails and didn’t look good.
I’m not out to her but this probably nailed the coffin shut on all the suspicions she certainly already had. I don’t know why, but it just really bothers me that she called it unprofessional and that it doesn’t look good. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments from colleagues and even strangers.
Anyone else have a similar experience?
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2023.06.01 00:30 Cranky_Boots Ingrown Nail. Started a month or so ago and is swelling and throbbing. Do I need to see a doctor?

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2023.06.01 00:28 JustinianVS Things I learned after making my first video game

So, I've been meaning to make this post for a while, but procrastination's been getting the best of me. Late last year I released my first game, Mage Lords of Brams on Steam. I've posted some gameplay videos on Youtube and I've also uploaded it to but it'll take some time before they approve it.
My computer chair broke a couple of days ago and while I'm waiting for my new one I have lots of time to do less mouse intense tasks (using a regular chair is killing my wrist since I can't lower it). So here is the post.
Anyway, in no particular order of importance:
  1. You're gonna mess up a lot. If I had to remake the game from scratch the process and a lot of the code would have been completely different. I reused code from previous game attempts that I should have written from scratch. I put aside features that should have been developed from day one. I expanded the scope of the game mid-development (terrible idea) which resulted in me having to write new features that did not fit in naturally with existing features resulting in lots of bugs, patches and frustration. If there's one thing I've taken away from the experience, it's to decide on the scope of the game before you make it and stick with it as much as possible.
  2. If your game uses a controller (and if it can, it should, the most common complaints I've gotten have been around controllers and lack thereof), implement them from the start and design your interface around them. This can be done without diminishing a PC gamer's experience (i'm not a big fan of controllers). I didn't do this, and implementing it after the game was done created a lot of headaches, and I had to redo most of the code at least once because the game was not designed to support the controller from the start. Gamemaker makes implementing controllers fairly trivial too, so it's a pity I didn't take advantage of it earlier. Which brings me to a related lesson: don't put off tasks for later development just because you don't want to do them. This was why I left controller implementation for last, and it was a big mistake.
  3. Start advertising your game before you publish anything. The advertising process and the development process should be simultaneous. Even if you do early access (and I think most indie devs should), advertise and get wishlists before you publish anything. You don't want to end up with a game released and nobody is playing it. It's not even about the money, you want to get feedback during development and before final release. These days there are a ton of games being released and it's hard to get interest. Steam will probably not provide you with enough visitors to snowball into a success on its own. Realistically, you will probably spend just as much, if not more time, trying to promote your game as you do making it. A lot of aspiring gave devs don't like this (myself included) but that's the reality: you need eyeballs on your game and they won't come on their own. Not until you are an established developer with an existing audience anyway.
  4. Nail the core concept and gameplay of your game. When I set off to make Mage Lords of Brams I wanted two things: satisfying visceral combat (compared to abstract beeping enemies out of existence like in most VS clones) and lots of race/class/attack options. I think I nailed both of these: The combat feels good and splattering large numbers of enemies is very satisfying. There are 12 base races (plus 6 more monster races you can unlock via secret levels), 40 classes and 40 different magic attacks. You can combine them into almost any fantasy, from magic weapon wielding battlemages to summoners that flood the screen with their armies. Whatever other flaws the game may have, if I want to become a mystical lawnmower that commits fantasy genocide on an industrial scale, I won't be disappointed with running my game. People will give you a chance to fix issues with bugs, or bad controls, or other minor issues. But if people don't like the core experience they will refund, or not buy.
  5. Limit the scope of the graphics to what you can realistically do. When I started making Mage Lords of Brams, I had two choices: low res (16x16 tile size) low frames animations, and lots of content, or something higher, with more frames per animation but with considerably fewer options. I went with option 1 because sheer volume of options was a defining feature of my vision, and I kept to it: 16x16 tiles, 16x16 characters (more like 16x20 to accommodate more hairstyles), and no more than 2 frames per animation. It was hard to stick with it (esp for something like an archer), but I'm glad I did because I would have burned out long before my game was done otherwise.
  6. I found out late in development that ChatGPT can write gamemaker code. While I had to heavily edit it (because I tried to get it to write controller controls for me lol), it's decent enough at writing simple scripts for stuff that would be tedious for me. IE: it wrote a script to find the nearest instance of two different objects for me. Any day where I don't have to write a for loop is a good day.
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2023.06.01 00:27 SystemAdminSales CISSP & MS or Sans Certificate & 4 SANS Certifications

I like to think of myself as "cyber-adjacent", and have been for a couple of years now. I'm officially an IT Manager, but the nature of my company and the scope of my role includes the following aspects of cybersecurity:
Leading security compliance programs (SOC 2), development of security policies and procedures, vendor risk assessments/reviews, IAM, endpoint security (EDR & MDM), security awareness programs, phishing training, and a few others.
I'm not the most technical person, but I'm very good at project management, distilling technical information into easily accessible concepts, working with vendors, and strategizing with senior leadership. Mainly looking to push more into the realm of a GRC focused role (ie. SOC 2, ISO27001, FedRAMP, risk management, etc), with my sights set on some form of GRC leadership role in the future.
I have ISC2 CC and 2 ITIL 4 certs right now. I'm aiming to have CCSK & COBIT Foundations completed in the next 3 months or so as well.
I'm at a bit of a crossroads now. I got into a highly ranked university for a part-time MS, and I've been thinking about completing the CISSP. My concern is that the MS won't really pay off and will be a waste of $20k, and I'm perhaps getting the CISSP too soon. On the other hand, I've considered going the route of the SANS Undergrad Certificate, which gets you GFACT, GSEC, GCIH, and one additional SANS cert. When all is said and done, both routes would cost me about the same amount of money. For what it's worth, I do already have 2 unrelated degrees (BA & MA).
The former option seems like a better fit for GRC and leadership roles, but at the same time, I'm seeing more and more companies asking for a wide-breadth of skills for GRC roles. They want someone who's technical, but also knows how to handle the complexity of compliance and risk management. If you were in my shoes, and wanted to spend some money over the next 2-years to further your career and education, which makes more sense?
I should add that I'm not from the US or former military, so I don't have access to the GI bill. I'd be paying for everything out of pocket.
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2023.06.01 00:26 curiouscatttt_ Naguiguilty ako :( My bf [M28] broke up with me [F26] exactly a week ago due to unresolved issues of our relationship.

My bf [M28] broke up with me [F26] exactly a week ago due to unresolved issues of our relationship.
Hindi ko alam bakit sobra akong naguiguilty. Sinisisi ko yung sarili ko bakit sya nagkaroon ng thought of breaking up with me kasi lagi kong pinoprovoke.
We’ve been together for morethan a year. He cheated on me 10 mos ago, pinatawad ko sya kasi he said he will make up for it and be a better person at walang magandang reasons to justify his cheating.
But I always doubt him dahil sa mga unresolved issues namin like ayaw nyang ipakita phone nya sa tuwing nagdududa ako o inaatake ako ng overthink ko. Sabi nya too much for him na pati phone nya hahalungkatin ko, parang wala na syang natira at all sa sarili nya. Kahit sabihin nya wala syang ginagawang masama, kinakain pa din ako ng overthink ko at gusto ko lang naman ma make sure na wala syang kausap :(
Morethan a year na kami pero di ko pa din nakikila parents nya even his friends kasi pwedeng maapektuhan tungkulin ng parents nya sa church nila. Bawal kasi syang makipag relasyon ng hindi same religion. Sabi ko willing naman ako mag convert at parents lang naman nya gusto kong makaalam sa relasyon namin. Pero sabi nya mahirap talaga hanggat di ako converted.
Hindi pa din sya nagpapakilala sa parents ko, hindi ko alam what’s taking him so long.
Naguluhan ako resulting to overthinking ng malala. Nag doubt ako na baka di sya seryoso sakin kaya 3x ko na brought up na maghiwalay nalang kami. Akala ko maayos namin since pangako nya na iwowork out namin ang relasyon hanggang dulo. Baka napagod na sya sakin.
Nagsisisi ako kasi he has the potential. He’s a provider, sobrang suppotive, domesticated, mapagkumbaba na tao, he cares for me and I really feel a deep connection with him. Hindi ko alam kung tama ba na hinahabol habol ko pa sya kahit sya na yung umayaw kasi never daw namin maaayos kahit alam ko naman na pag ginusto nya maaayos namin. Tsaka priority na nya yung sarili nya at work nya. Wala na talaga syang balak na magkaayos kami. What should I do?
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2023.06.01 00:25 bebdoob Commute from Salem to the Seaport Area

I'm moving back to MA soon and am trying to figure out if commuting in from Salem to my job in the Seaport will be terrible or okay. Anybody in or was in a similar situation and can give me some insight? I'd be looking to primarily take the train.
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2023.06.01 00:24 amateurmilkcarton How long is too long for an infill?

I did my nails almost 4 weeks ago but I’m right in the middle of exam season and dont have the time to infill them. There’s still another 4 weeks before I have proper time, is it safe to leave them grown out for that long? I’ve noticed a little more pressure than usual on my nailbeds already
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2023.06.01 00:24 newark05 Screws/Nails to use for Deck railings?

What kind of screws/nails should I use for connecting the 2x4's to the posts? Also should I toenail through the top or the bottom for the bottom and top vertical 2x4's? And should I do the same for the top flat railing 2x4?
Any other tips for someone putting up railings for the 1st time?
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2023.06.01 00:21 DominoesCascaded Child negligence in my own family

I am torn. I want to report my own sister to CPS for neglecting her child and putting him in danger one too many times because of her addictions and bad parenting. The thing is I know my sister would hate me, fall into a depression…because she does love her kid but she is an addict…and she often neglects him, doesn’t feed him, doesn’t cut his nails or brush his teeth. She recently crashed her car TWICE with him in the car (first time he was unharmed, second time he was mostly okay but wasn’t buckled in so he flew and hit the back of the passenger seat). Not only that but she doesn’t keep the house clean. She has him living in a pig sty. An unsanitized, disgusting, unhygienic home. Its not an environment for a child to be living in. I hate going to her home because of it. Its just disgusting. And that child has to live there. I have talked about this with her and she just doesn’t change. She needs rehab but refuses to go. She needs a therapist and mental health help but doesnt do anything to get it. Is she is unwilling to help herself then it’s impossible for me to help her. I cant change her on my own, she needs to help me help her but it’s impossible as of right now. What im worried about is my nephew. I would much rather have him be living with my mom (his grandma) and I. But she will NOT agree to that so my only option would be CPS. However…I would hate to put my family through that process. Any advice?
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2023.06.01 00:21 hastanunca01 Not sure what’s wrong

Hello! So I am almost 5 months post op. The first couple of months were very rough but things got progressively better up until 3 days ago. About three days ago i started having a pain right where my breast bone ends in the middle. I’ve been burping a lot, i feel like when I eat there is a lot of pressure and like the food is in my throat. It makes me want to bend forward to see if it will relieve the pain but it doesn’t. I’m not overeating, and it happens when I drink water as well.I take lansoprazole 30 mg every morning. I also don’t have a gallbladder so I don’t think that’s the issue. Today I feel like i don’t even want to eat but i have only to have the pain. Also I have called my office and they said to follow with a PCP because the MA doesn’t think it’s related to my sleeve due to where the pain is. I am going to see my PCP but just wanted to see if anyone might have an idea.
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2023.06.01 00:20 hybridx How to fix this privacy screen post?

How to fix this privacy screen post?
The post that the privacy screens are attached to is twisted and slanted. The nails are coming off and all the screens are now on the verge of coming apart. How can I fix this?
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2023.06.01 00:20 WearyNefariousness71 Extremely unimpressive ANC

I'm an experience ANC user who has tried some good and some not so good ANC setups:
Bose QC35 II - really, really good Apple Airpods Pro (gen 1) - also really good OnePlus Buds Pro (gen 1) - not to bad either, especially for the low price but worse than the other two Jabra Evolve2 65 - negligible effect, almost not noticeable, I would even dare call it ANC, if I were Jabra
I've just received the Pixel Buds Pro which have more than decent reviews from top notch testers like Marques Brownlee yet their ANC feel very unimpressive. I've tested it in a loud spa area with lots of water noises and chatter, in a loud back yard with fitness studio noises and on the street with a bunch of traffic. Compared to the ANC from the Bose QC35 II, the Airpods Pro and even the OnePlus Buds Pro they fall of quite significantly. The difference between transparency mode, which also isn't that great tbh, ANC off and ANC on, the quality is much less than I anticipated.
Have others made similar experiences?
PS: Sound quality is pretty damn good for the price point. Rich/detailed sound and on par with the QC35 II, in my perception.
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2023.06.01 00:19 quokkchidna 37 [M4R] Australia/Anywhere - Active/creative & caring soul looking to connect with someone with similar values either near or far!

Hi there I’m a easy-going, caring, open minded, committed individual looking to connect with someone that shares similar values either near or far!
I like to keep active with going to the gym, running, cycling, participating in team sports, occasionally swimming laps and in the warmer months snorkeling and scuba diving. I also enjoy being creative with drawing cars, playing the guitar & landscape and portrait photography.
When I need to decompress I enjoy listening to music (mostly Alternative pop/rock/folk/electric) lying in the spa/chilling in a sauna or randomly flicking on some TV shows (usually comedy/drama/docos/Sci-fi) I do enjoy abit of gaming with VR.
If any of that resonates with you, I'd be delighted in hearing from you soon!
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