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Dedicated to full tours of liveable spaces, both amateur and professional. This subreddit is purely about tours of liveable spaces. If you post a lot of your own blog/website, try to keep the ratio of (at least) 3-1 for when you post your own content and when you post other people's.

2012.08.05 14:42 callumgg Grand Designs TV show

A subreddit for the Grand Designs TV show originating from British television.

2019.05.17 19:10 FootFlat backrooms

"If you're not careful and you noclip out of reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, the endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you hear something wandering around nearby, because it sure as hell has heard you" THIS IS A FICTIONAL CONCEPT

2023.06.01 01:30 IceCatraz Port forwarding Issue

I feel like I'm losing my mind lol. I'm trying to Port Forward on my Arris Router so that I can play Yuzu online. Yuzu uses port 24872. I've tried just about everything I could find/think of, and I just can't get canyouseeme or any other port checker to detect the port as open (they just time out); on Yuzu's end, no one is able to connect to my game room. I've tried checking when the Room was set to "open", and it still shows up as port closed/time out.
Here are the steps I've taken:
Throughout each step (and countless times at the end of all of these steps), I've tried to have someone join my room, and it errors out. For what it's worth, I've tried opening other ports (such as 21 for FTP) and they all error out as well.
Additional Info - Internet Provider: Xfinity Router Model: Arris SBG7600AC2 Connected via: Ethernet
I've followed Arris' online Port Forwarding set up guide, as well as a few other reddit posts on Home Networking, and nothing seems to work. I feel like the answer is simple and I'm overlooking something, but I just can't figure it out. My brother moved across the country earlier this year and we split our co-owned Switch games across the two of us lol.
Could some kind soul please tell me where I'm going wrong. Thanks ahead of time.
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2023.06.01 01:28 ag5airplane (SELLING) 4K The Predator, Thor Love & Thunder, Catwoman Hunted, many HD's

All movies $3 unless noted otherwise. Payments via Venmo, or Paypal family and friends.
All HD except for some 4K at the top.
4K (MA unless noted)
Avengers Endgame $4 Catwoman: Hunted $4 The Predator $5 Thor Love & Thunder $5 
HD Complete Series & Seasons Little House on the Prairie season 2 (Vudu) $4.50
MA (HD) A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas Avengers Infinity War Bourne Identity $3.50 Deadpool 2 (includes Super Duper Cut) Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Getaway (Ethan Hawke 2013) $2.50 Hail, Caesar! $3 Iron Man 3 Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Kingsman The Golden Circle The New Mutants The Peanuts Movie Philadelphia (code only for use in region B) $2.50 The Revenant Riddick Director's Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Spider-Man No Way Home $3.50 Ted (unrated) Thor Ragnarok Trolls X-Men Apocalypse
Vudu / iTunes (HD) A Quiet Place (Vudu / iTunes) A Cabin in the Woods (Vudu / iTunes) All is Lost (Vudu) $4 Clueless (Vudu / iTunes) $4 Dredd (iTunes) Escape From Planet Earth (animated) (Vudu) The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 (Vudu or iTunes) Knives Out (code ONLY valid to redeem in the UK) She's Having a Baby (Vudu / iTunes) Sin City A Dame to Kill For (Vudu) $3.50 Spongebob the Movie, Sponge Out of Water (split code - Vudu only) Star Trek Beyond (split code - Vudu or iTunes) $2.50 Twilight Breaking Dawn P.2 (split code - Vudu or iTunes) $1.50
Other (HD) Appleseed XIII Complete Series (Funimation) $4 One Piece Stampede (Funimation) $4 ULTRAMAN (from cards from USA blu-ray sets - USES Spree website): 01 $4 Ultra Q 01 $4 unknown Spree code, probably an Ultraman series, unused $3
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2023.06.01 01:28 Mammoth_Profit1721 that one time i ordered uber 😭

okay so once my dad was coming home late from work (which his office is in a different town, he usually works remotely but had to go in that day), i ordered uber for dinner cuz i wanted sushi but didn’t wanna go through the multiple hour process of making it. it takes a while and while i’m waiting i watch tv in my living room. suddenly the door opens (fucking old ass house so the door is loud as fuck, also couldn’t see the front door from the living room but it was beside it, separated by a wall) and i kinda freeze confused cuz my dad wasn’t supposed to be home for another hour or so, finally after like 30 seconds i said “hello?” then the door shuts quietly, i stand up walk over n my orders on the floor inside the door right next to my shoes. what must have happened was him thinking it was an appartment, opened the door, realized it wasn’t, put the bag down then left quietly but quickly. honestly a funny ass experience ngl n i only have positive memories from it 😭
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2023.06.01 01:26 claybuurn Old internet and cable hardware removal

I recently bought a house that was an estate sale and the family knew very little about the house we bought. I have cable and internet boxes in the side of my house I would like to remove but I can't find what company installed them. Is there a way to find this out or can I just remove them?
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2023.06.01 01:26 Puddinbunny Just got married to my husband who is in the last month of his phD

So I need some advice. This is silly because in my own brain I think it’s logical and I am 100% fine waiting for him to move in 4 weeks from now. However I feel that things have gotten out of hand and I need opinions from strangers on the internet to help me like, understand and not feel like I’m crazy or he’s crazy..
Alright so long story short, my husband is in the last month of finishing his phD, he defends the last week of June and is going for inorganic and organic catalystic chemistry. He has to run 4 columns for his research by himself because his lab mates are newer and not super reliable…plus he has to write and research. He is trying to publish a paper and basically all the work is falling on his shoulders. He talks well of his lab mates, but I can tell he is not getting the support for this paper and its shitty that all their names will be on it while he’s doing all the work.
Basically a typical day for him in his phd is this: he comes home (he still lives at his parents house 10 min from our new house, which has a quiet office space since his parents aren’t home much) sometimes as late as 7pm, eats and then sleeps and then gets up and writes/works all night, then he will wake up at 9am and go back into the lab, and work till 7pm.
He works TIRELESSLY and is sometimes so tired that he falls asleep everywhere. On top of this he teaches as well.
So dating him the past 2 1/2 years it hasn’t bothered me, he always took me on a fantastic date once a week and we have good chemistry together. But my entire family and his family are so concerned that he still hasn’t moved into the new house one month after being married.
It has gotten to the point where my sisters have called me being concerned. I am not sure how to tell them how much work he does and how exhausting it is. Our wedding was wonderful and we were able to take a short trip to Utah to see my older family that wasn’t able to come out for the wedding, and then he went back at it when we got back and did not move in with me.
I am very understanding and don’t feel concerned but I feel backed into a corner by our family members. Are we weird? Is it weird that he is waiting to move in after he is finished?
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2023.06.01 01:25 EnvironmentalRip3601 Were my parents actually narcissists?

I'm 31 (m), and I've been struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence most of my childhood; these worsened during college and later on. I was fortunate enough to find a job with colleagues that were very friendly and accommodating of my awkwardness, and they've helped me gain some amount of confidence by encouraging me to test new ideas, talk to other people, and simply being all around relaxed. My mother had to take the reins of the family at some point when I was only a few years old because my father lacked ambition and our family was struggling financially. This resulted in a long series of fights and tension between my parents due to their opposing values and views on how to live their lives, my mother wanted to build a better life in the new city while my father was content and planned to return to his parental hometown in the future. Since it was a home business, me and my sister started helping our mother with basic tasks starting at the age of 6, this type of business is has an increased number of customers around the holidays and in the summer, and this meant that we could forget about weekend, trips, summer getaways etc. The volume of work was very demanding, often times at the end of the week we would not sleep Friday to Saturday just to finish on time, and since my father refused to invest in this activity we were often called upon to support in his stead: waking up at 3 am to help mom, go to school at 7, get back home as soon as possible because work was pending, no time for friends. This resulted in something similar to burnout most of the time, Sundays were for sleeping and recovery.
As the eldest son, my sister is slightly younger, I was often called upon to be her support instead of my father, asking me to do task that she would normally ask my father but decided to pass it on to me because she couldn't trust him, or she disliked the quality of his work. She often said I was her favorite and at time would share secrets with me. This made me feel important and special until I was treated as selfish or bad whenever I tried to express an opinion that contradicted her decisions. Their parenting styles were centered around "I created you and therefore you do what I say without arguing", which is pretty common in rural areas in our country, and any sort of disagreements were met with threats of punishment because it was perceived as misbehaving. The relationship with my sister was always strained because I felt we were competing for our parent's approval, I was my mom's favorite and she was my dad's favorite. However I was torn between both parents because I had work to do outside with my dad during the day, then stay past midnight to help my mom with her part of work. Rince and repeat for 10 years or so until I went to college. When I was a teenager I could not imagine my life past that, I thought I would probably die before the age of 20, then I was the first in our generation to to go college and pressure was placed on me to not shame our family with any bad results, any conflicting feelings I had at that time were asttributed to selfishness and laziness.
In the end I got a house that I share with my sister, gifted by my parents as a sign of appreciation for the hard work over the years and a way of saying "the childhood that you lost was traded in for this, which is more that we ever had as children". There are times when my mother is calling each day to talk, but most of the time it's a gateway for her to start complaining about her issues and gets mad when I say I'm not in the mood; she asks for my opinions then disregards them; she would send packages of home made food every now and then, but then start criticizing me about my unmarried status and comparing me with other people; recently she says she loves me, but I do not understand what exactly she loves because I don't feel she ever tried to know and accept me. I have been having these conflicting inner feeling for months now because I always felt I was never good enough for my parents, I could never fix their problems and I was sometimes the subject of serious fights between them because I was introverted at school and my dad was expecting me to have a booming social life similar to his own childhood. I feel that I will never be good enough for them, but they deny this and say everything is in my head, I try to comfront them about their behavior and they belittle me by saying I will only understand them when I become a parent myself, which is honestly infuriating because it implies their actions are justified and corect. I told them that if I was ever a parent I would never burden my child with my inner issues as they did, and I would never threaten them with abandonment or violence as they did.
Am I being ungrateful, or have I been gaslighted over the course of the last 20 years into doubting myself? A part of me wants to think I was loved, because there are some good family moments in my life and I can't deny the sacrifices my mother did so that we can have a roof over our heads, but they are overshadowed by feelings of being used, belittled, ignored, criticized, threatened etc. Do they actually love me in their own twisted way and I have to accept it, or should I confront them? Honestly, I've stopped caring about my father because he usually is uninterested in my life, but it's hard to make a decision regarding my mother because sometimes she comes across as genuinely concerned and interested, but then I am hit again with the same old rhetoric, and I instantly go back to those feelings of being worthless.
My sister has started therapy recently and admitted to me that she shared an event where I was so fed up with the constant issues at home that I stopped eating food for 3 days during the holidays; long story short the therapist does not think that our parents being narcissists is important, and that my frustration with them and refusal to eat is a wrong approach because it means I am stuck in the past; that I should focus treating it as a "disease" they are having and should just work around it. This I cannot accept, I simply can't find excuses for them since they are over 50 years old and have always kept putting me down and mocking my opinions and beliefs as if I was misguided and problematic. I feel alone in this since my sister is trying to resolve this in her own way, and my recent attempts of going yellow-rock are creating background tension in the family. I am being called selfish on all sides because I want to distance myself from the family and figure out my worth and path in life, and I do not know what to do. I feel like I've lost something important along the way during my childhood and there's nothing left in me, I am suprised to be alive now at 31 but I can't even imagine how my future will look right now. Looking at this I realize it's a long post, please feel free to treat it as a rant. Your feedback would greatly help me in finding a way forward from this inner conflict. Thanks.
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2023.06.01 01:24 The2ndThrow No one wanted to have a dance with me

I had seen a similar post a few days ago which made me remember my embarrassing situation and I thought I will share it here.
So in Hungary we have these events called "dance houses", where people go, dress up, drink, and dance to traditional folk music. They are very popular and even my college made such an event, so I thought "what the hell" and showed up.
First there were the group dances, where we stand in a circle and dance. I was able to participate in those, because you just find a random spot between two people. But as soon as partner dances came (dances where only 2 people dance with each other), I was left alone. I had two girls by my side and instead of any of them partnering with me, they danced with each other instead.
After that, I went and talked to my (good looking, muscular) friend. Then two girls started to approach us. I thought that they wanted to dance with us. No. They grabbed only my friend like I was not there, and the three of them danged. So, I repeat, two girls approached us, two guys, and decided to only grab one of us, shamelessly, completely ignoring the other guy, me. I stood there like a complete idiot, biggest loser on Earth.
Then I somehow summoned all my courage and asked I girl who I saw standing alone for a dance. She look at me, made a weird face, than she realized that maybe she shouldn't have done that, so he tried to be as polite as possible and said that she would rather not.
So, once again, I was one my own, next to the table where drinks were, and I, well, drinked (at least I had that).
Than I saw a girl who just got there and looked for a partner. One of the professor assistant who was there showed her that there was I, a guy without a partner, across the room, she should approach me if she want to dance. She made a disgusted face and she shook her head, than decided not to dance and sat down.
As you imagine that was the last straw. I mean I know I'm not attractive, but come on, that's absurd. It's not just that no one wanted to dance with me, no one even come over to me to at least chat or to speak a few words to me (my friend was nowhere to be found since that incident). I decided to go home but I went to the toilet first. When I got back to the room (to take my coat), I saw that the girl (from across the room) who didn't wanted to dance was dancing with an other guy (of course attractive and popular).
So I left early (very early) and went home. I took a shower, opened a bottle of wine and in huge shame and self loathing I started to binge watch Netflix in the dark of my room, alone, on a Friday night, while I still heard the noises of everyone dancing and having fun (I live very close to the building where the party took place). I fucking hate myself and how pathetic I am, and that was certainly one of the most humiliating and demoralizing experiences I had, where even my tiny confidence left had completely disappeared. Yeah, so much about putting yourself out there, it was very helpful.
PS: Sorry for my bad English
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2023.06.01 01:23 latinspeechie Visit from Community Paramedics?

Hi! The Community Paramedics stopped by my house when I was not home. They left a tag with my name specifically. I did not contact them prior. Anyone else have been visited by them/know what it could be about? Thanks!
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2023.06.01 01:23 MeetProfessional7254 In my experience most people that work in trades think they are better then people who don't

So I have/had a lot of people in my life that work in trades. A lot of men in my family and most of my ex's work in trades. A consistent I've noticed with all of them except for one is that they seem to think no one works as hard as them and everyone else's job is inferior and easy.
I'm Canadian , most trades (even the lower paying ones) offer decent money here. Either equal to or above the national average salary wise (not that our national average is anything to brag about with the cost of living here anymore) . I also know people who work off shore (oil and gas/coast guard etc.) who get their food , living expenses , and extra training all paid for. I even applied for jobs as stewards on ships because the money was so good even though it has nothing to do with my career ambitions.
I have worked as a Steward at a hotel before . It's ALOT of work . I lost 7 lbs in my first 2 weeks but I also did that for like 15 dollars an hour and this was a salaried job.
I am in nursing school , my first job at 16 was at McDonalds , I have done some life guard training in the past , and I would currently consider myself low income. Whenever I'm doing well or unwell in my life it seems like the tradies in my life feel compelled to put down my job and lifestyle along with everyone else's.
My uncle is the worst for it , my family thinks he's a god who's selfless and works so hard for everyone but he dose nothing for free (not that he has to , his time is valuable but let's not play pretend). He has often referred to me as lazy because I don't get off on fixing shit and shoveling snow. I have been told by many people outside my family that I am hard working and have a lot of tenacity and drive. I have Adhd so I am a bit of a scattered mess but I am not going to give up on myself because of my disability .
In nursing school I wipe ass , lift people , do IV's , dressing changes etc. I don't believe that most people I know it trades would do what I do . I think that's perfectly fine as we all have our own strengths but these people that I have/had in my life don't think so. (I kind of slowly cut out a lot of them) . I do all of this for free as my training unlike most trades dose not offer paid work terms until after graduation.
I was speaking to this guy I dated a few years ago recently about life (he's a heavy duty mechanic). He asked me how my school was going because I'm almost done , when I spoke about looking for my own place after I graduate (he himself is a home owner of a very nice big house) he put me down.
He said "well it's going to take you a while before you'll be able to do that". Mind you every work term he did he was paid for (10 bands each) I basically work full time for free (12 hour days). I like what I do but I won't get the fruits of it until I'm finished , and he still had to belittle me . I am really struggling financially and am looking to work on top of my free full time job as a PCA next month for more experience (and to be paid). This same person along with afew other guys I went to high school with (tradies) tend to use the term "I have been working since I was 12 years old".
From my perspective this "work" they refer to was racking their grandparents yard for money or working on their car with their dad. I was babysitting at 12 but I don't see that as me "working since I was 12" . I also don't know how my job as a teen at McDonald's is inferior to working at a garage as a teenager (I was told this as well not in this words but ya).
So why is this ? I don't flex on anyone , I'm rooting for everyone until you give me a reason not to. The ex I'm talking about had it SO GOOD I considered getting into trades which is something I never wanted to do , he really is a very blessed individual and go him , work hard play hard , whatever. I don't know why he feels the need to make out that he's suffered harder then anyone for what he has . He gets fed at work , for free! I legit wanted to join him . Free travel too ! He get's to see the world and come back to a beautiful home where his current girlfriend pays him rent to stay at (even more income for him).
I live in a country with a massive housing crisis and he has referred to anyone who doesn't have what he has (and/or points out how good he has it) as "lazy ass hole's" (houses in my country in BC and Ontario are going for a million these days) . I also see a lot of posts about people in trades feeling "shit on" by others with higher education or education with competitive requirements but I have experienced the opposite. Tbh I'm fed up. P.S if your in trades and don't act like this I am not trying to shame your job , I just don't think I should be labelled a lazy good for nothing just because I don't own a saw. Also why do they brag about not going to the doctor?
tl;dr People in my life who work in trades think I'm lazy because I work a different job then they do.
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2023.06.01 01:22 CuzViet Lock in money for a year at 10% gains or save up for another downpayment

About me -
Annual Salary is about 220k (2 clients, although I can lose one of the clients at any time. Each client is 110k). This is a pretty new development, so my savings are on the lower end in comparison.
Savings (NOT INCLUDING RETIREMENT)- 20k in cash. 8k in for fun stocks. 11k in I-bonds.
Retirement - Probably 30k. I don't look at them often.
I own 1 airbnb which brings in 3k a month steady income (long term bookings). Half of that goes into the mortgage and bills. I bought the house and spent 8 months fixing it up. Bought for 190k and house is likely worth 270k now.
Was looking at purchasing a new investment property soon, but I can't find any fixer uppers on the market that would be worth throwing myself at. Honestly, I probably won't see any good ones until maybe October-November. Maybe saw a few on auction sites, but I don't really know how to navigate those.
A family member owns a commercial real estate company and is selling 1 year bonds at 10%, backed by current property they own (using the money to finish construction and selling). This is something they do every once in a while and has seen returns consistently, so it's a safe investment.
Anyways, my questions
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2023.06.01 01:22 HaloSidewinder [For Sale] Mostly a bunch of EDM and jam bands + Bleachers, Gambino, Durand Jones, Green Day, Three 6 Mafia

Just going through a bit of a change in priorities and thinking it's time to find a new home for the records that just don't get the love they deserve. Prices INCLUDE shipping within the United States; for the right price I will ship anywhere in the world that is not North Korea (don't blame me, blame DHL). If you want more than one, well, we can talk. Also, I refuse to grade any record as mint.
I have done my absolute best to cross check all of these with any active for sale by artists. Any that are for sale by artist should beat that price including shipping (except for first or special editions). If I missed something let me know.
-猫 シ Corp. Good Morning America - NM/NM - $40 -猫 シ Corp. Isuzu Piazza - NM/NM - $50 -Action Bronson Cocodrillo Turbo (Candy Apple Red) - NM/NM - $22 -Big Gigantic Brighter Future 2 - NM/NM - $35 -Big Wild The Efferusphere - NM/NM - $33 -Blackbraid Blackbraid I (First Pressing, Opaque Red Swirl) - NM/NM - $55 -Bleachers Gone Now (Repress) - NM/NM - $30 -Childish Gambino Because the Internet - NM/NM - $30 -Clozee Harmony/Revolution - NM/NM - $40 -Clozee Neon Jungle (Pink) - NM/NM - $35 -Durand Jones & the Indications Private Space (Signed, Yellow/Purple) - NM/NM - $50 -The Floozies Do Your Things - NM/NM - $50 -The Floozies Tell Your Mother - NM/NM - $75 -Fred again.. Actual Life 3 - NM/NM - $25 -Green Day Dookie - NM/NM - $20 -GRiZ Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 3 & 4 - NM/NM - $69 -GRiZ Good Will Prevail - NM/NM - $30 -GRiZ Mad Liberation - NM/NM - $30 -Lettuce Live In Amsterdam (Signed inner gatefold, black) - VG+/NM (approximately 3cm top seam tear, not repaired) - $150 OBO -Lettuce Unify (Black) - NM/NM - $30 -LSDream Peace, Love & Wubz - NM/NM - $35 -Papadosio T.E.T.I.O.S (White, numbered out of 250) - NM/NM (Unopened) - $200 OBO -Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Perspective - NM/NM - $30 -Three 6 Mafia Choices (Blue/Purple) - NM/NM - $40 -Twiddle Every Last Leaf - NM/NM - $35
Alright, I think that's everything for now. Just a heads up, I don't have Reddit mobile, so please don't trip if I don't respond within 14 microseconds of your comment or message. Thanks everyone
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2023.06.01 01:22 BeingBalanced Verizon MVNO with Hotspot and International Data Add-On? Anyone Better Than US Mobile?

I was on US Mobile (Verizon MVNO) for quite some time and pretty happy. Over the past years I've found Verizon to have the best coverage considering all areas of the United States, with T-Mobile only beating it on speeds (of the like that are overkill for my use) in Urban areas. For reasons I won't go into, I had to switch away from US Mobile and am planning on going back soon. I wanted to double check if anyone thinks another MVNO is better given my needs:
  1. 5GB Data is plenty
  2. I need Hotspot data as backup when I have rare/brief Internet outages in my home office
  3. I want to get data when occasionally traveling overseas without having to order service from an overseas carrier
With US Mobile, their plan prices are lower than average, although not the absolute lowest. More importantly, if I travel overseas, I can temporarily switch to Unlimited Premium and get 10 GB eSIM International Data for free. And I could swear even on their 5GB plan I could use my phone as a mobile hotspot.
Is there a better alternative? The only downside of US Mobile which is not unique to MVNOs is at stadium events, my data of course crawls due to deprioritization but that's the trade off you get for a much lower price. I would think the only possible candidates would be Visible or Total as they are both owned by Verizon but I'm not aware if either of those have higher network priority than US Mobile. And even if they did, not sure how often that would be beneficial being I don't watch videos on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram on my phone hardly ever. Plus I think getting International Data Roaming is not as easy and cheap on Visible/Total as US Mobile. Amongst MVNOs they seem to be a very well run one.
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2023.06.01 01:21 ProfessionalSad912 Is the world trying to tell me that I am making a mistake?

So I had started a position in which was my dream job. Shortly after things at the my job started getting very sketchy to the point I feared for my job and had applied elsewhere. Well I was then offered a Full Time position which I came to my surprise. I thought it was great because the employer is closer to my wife's family so after some discussion we decided that I take it to move closer to family since we have a 2 year old son. That being said everything has been one downturn after another. We were told we were not able to get a house priced as much as we thought, When looking at a houses we couldn't find one that was even livable and the ones we did we were told those homes weren't eligible for financing. Then we find the perfect home. We are told the amount we were pre-approved for was too high and we won't get approved. Now things have greatly approved at my current job now that there has been a shake up in management, A raise coming and opportunity for promotion. I don't want to disappoint my wife or her family but I feel like the world is trying to tell me I am making a mistake by moving.
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2023.06.01 01:20 camerongroom Cameron Groom is Arizona's Best Real Estate Agent for Exceptional Property Solutions.

Look no farther; Cameron Groom is the top realtor in Arizona. Because of his dedication, skill, and unwavering dedication to client happiness, Cameron is the industry's go-to authority in real estate. He has earned a great reputation for offering top-notch real estate solutions. In his capacity as the best real estate agent in Arizona, Cameron brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every transaction. Cameron's in-depth understanding of the local market trends and large network of contacts in the industry ensure a smooth and successful experience, regardless matter whether you're a first-time home buyer, an investor seeking for profitable prospects, or trying to sell your house for the greatest price.
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2023.06.01 01:20 Rootless_Cosmopolite My daughter ignores personal hygiene

My daughter is 9 years old.
And she's smart and kind and funny and cute.
And also she is very... I can't find the word.
Let's say, she just completely ignores some of the things we ask her to do. Like nonchalantly and completely.
And these things are very much related to her personal hygiene. Such as: she NEVER washes her hands after she comes back from school or from outside.
She never washes her hands before meals.
She never washes her hands after washing room (sorry, TMI, but I live in this reality every day).
She never wipes her butt. She never flushed the toilet. She never washes her hands.
If you remind her, she will do it, kinda. Or won't. She will maybe do that or maybe she will lie that she did that.
We just finished a third week of a very nasty stomach bug. It started with her and all our kids got that. We spent our nights with my husband wiping the floors from the kids' vomit, doing loads of very dirty laundry, dealing with diarrhea and vomiting and more vomiting and diarrhea.
I'm sorry for TMI, again.
And all this time I kept explaining her about personal hygiene. Reading her books, showing her videos. Explaining in all the ways I can.
My husband and I wash our hands very often. I myself wash my hands too often, but it's because I do a lot of house chores. So we show personal example all the time.
But she just doesn't care.
She came today from school, took a piece of bread and began to eat. I know 100% that she didn't wash her hands in the daycare or after coming home. She can play with dirt and then eat candy with unwashed hands.
And then we deal with night vomiting.
She has a birthday party planned soon with a sleepover and I'm honestly scared that she's going to vomit there or get all her friends sick if she continues this way.
I'm asking for your advice: how do I get this person keep her personal hygiene, for God's sake???
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2023.06.01 01:19 fistrroboto How to make (and keep) friends

Just curious what y’all do…
38m, married, kid and like no real friends. Have some acquaintances and folks from high school I still chat with, but it’s always me doing the reaching out for the most part. And it’s a lot of effort to even keep conversations going these days.
The past few years have made it worse too. Like I never leave the house (wfh) unless I’m picking up food or the kid, or doing something with my wife. I spend my work days alone at home and no office to regularly go to.
This has started some conversations with my wife about how she and I have completely different social needs, and honestly it’s making me feel… guilty, weird (idk) about my attitude towards relationships/friendships and this idea that I don’t need them. Or that I’m not doing enough to maintain what I do have due to a general lack of interest in people. And I’m now realizing how much emotional weight/stress I put on my wife because of this.
But also, it’s a lack of general interests like most other guys my age. Not into sports or drinking/being at bars anymore (used to struggle with the drink). Do play some video games, but don’t feel like that’s enough to help this.
So here I am, trying to figure out what I can do or try to attempt to from some other friend/relationships other than my wife. Tips, tools, advice are greatly appreciated. Thinking if I don’t start doing something now, it’ll be harder on her and I in the long run.
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2023.06.01 01:19 Fforfailinglife Help/Advice rehoming

So two or three years ago my dad went to prison and his pitbull was going to go to a shelter and my mom and I felt bad so we decided to take her in because we were worried about her being euthanized. After about a year the novelty wore off and my mom wanted to get rid of her (she does this chronically) but I was adamant about keeping her out of a shelter so we kept her, but she said she wasn’t going to interact with her or help take care of her. Long story short I’m a full time student and work full time. I’m routinely out of the house for 15-16 hours per day between class and work and she isn’t getting the attention or exercise she needs. I was able to keep up with it for awhile but after school and work I don’t have the time or energy to give her the long walks she needs. Because of this she’s constantly extremely hyper and my mom is going to take her to a shelter in a week if I’m unable to find her a new home. I don’t know anybody personally who’s willing to take her and I’m very scared of what would happen to her in a shelter and I’m wary of giving her to some random person because I feel like people often want pit bulls for not great reasons. If anyone knows of any resources in the Cincinnati area (or even Kentucky/Ohio) that could help me connect her with a new home or foster situation it would be greatly appreciated.
TLDR; If anyone knows of resources for rehoming a pitbull quickly in the Cincinnati/Ohio/kentucky area please send them my way.
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2023.06.01 01:17 spazzgamer01 It followed

Hey guys it's been awhile since I last spoke It's been an eventful time for sure but If you have any questions feel free to ask I just had to share this experience burnt into my mind it feels like yesterday it happened just prepare yourself it's a wild ride I'd like to say off the bat I've always been superstitious person ever since I was a kid things I can only describe as not of our world seemed to happen around me from items disappearing and reappearing out of what seems like nowhere to having the feeling of being watched when nobody is there I wish I could say I've slowly gotten used to it over the years but it never gets any less chilling even since my family moved to a small farm area in the country it was a nice enough area and I had met a friend who was interested in all things supernatural and weird soon after I moved and we clicked immediately he is what you would describe as a guy living life on the edge we will call him Harry from here on out you see Harry loved the paranormal and was interested in experiences with it of course I told him about strange things I've seen since I was younger now this was my first mistake I'll tell you why you see Harry recently came in possession of an Ouija board and was excited to try it out and my family just so happens to be away for the next week so of course he begged me to do a session with him to which I eventually caved and told him I'd help him so we ended up setting up the board next to this lake near our houses (still don't understand why) it was around 10pm we set it up and Harry had attempted to summon something from the other side while I watched and waited nervously at first nothing seemed to happen so he told me to join in and help him and to stop being a coward this annoyed me so I had to join in but as soon as I had sat down and put my hand on the board the feeling I can only describe as the feeling of being watched had washed over me I projected to Harry what I was feeling to which he immediately dismissed so we continue the game harry asking simple questions and getting no answers after about 30 minutes with nothing I begin to think my feeling was simply my nerves toying with me until I decided to finally ask a question "is there anyone here" to which the piece slowly moved to yes we were shocked harry and I looked at each other asking if either of us moved it and to not play around but neither of us had moved it of our own volition this seemed to excite Harry even more and told me to ask more questions so i did we asked this entity if it used to live here it said "no" Harry decided to ask "did you die here?" It shifted to "no" again and then asked "do you want to hurt us?" The piece almost violently moved to "yes" at the same time I hear what can only be described as a massive splash from what could only be 50 metres away which startled me as I accidentally took my hands off the board this was my second mistake after this we didn't get anything else from the board but could feel something staring at us it was so intense we said goodbye and packed up the board and went home I honestly thought that would be the end of it let me tell you that couldn't be further from the truth the feeling of being watched only got worse when I got home so ensuring everything was locked and latched was my first concern as the feeling started to subside I decided to call it a night and went to bed somehow falling asleep pretty easily only to be woken up an hour later from a loud banging at my back door? Of course I go to investigate and try and peek around the windows to try and see who it is but all I see is pitch black darkness so building up all my courage I head to the back door and call out "who are you? Why are you trespassing on my property?" At first there's no reply just loud banging I threatened to call the police if they didn't leave that was when the banging stopped and something spoke it sounded like my friend but it wasn't I don't know how to describe it the voice was exactly like Harry's but distorted somehow telling me to "open the door" over and over again in the calmest voice I didn't know what to do so I decided to open the door but I left the latch in by mistake so it only opened part of the way I apologised to who I thought was Harry but when the door opened there was nobody there I quickly closed and locked the door and turned on the back lights to get a better view but there was nothing so I grab my phone and give Harry a call preparing to give him an earful for scaring me and to never go through the backyard again only to have it ring out multiple times until being met with a groggy tired voice on the other side wondering why I woke him up so I asked him if he was at my house just then only to be told "no I've been asleep" and "I'm talking nonesence I'll speak to you in the morning" after hanging up I remember sitting in the kitchen completely shook for what felt like hours eventually calming down enough to try and get some sleep at this point it was around 2am as I was attempting to sleep after all the weirdness the air felt odd as if it was both hot and cold at the same time i fell asleep shortly after only to experience something I haven't felt before it was like I was falling at the same time losing my breath like I was drowning in some endless sea to be pulled back to what felt like reality only I couldn't move? Not my head or even my arms but I managed to move my eyes it was almost like I was in a trance as my eyes adjusted to the familiar look of my room I could feel my heart rate increasing as all I could do was look around and I saw it... I've never seen something so horrifying it's body was slender almost like a skeleton with inhumanely long arms but that's not the worst part oh my god the face I'll never forget it as long as I live it's eyes were sunken and black and it's mouth was open so wide almost like a snake showing what looked like hundreds of teeth of different shapes and sizes just standing in my room staring at me I couldn't scream I couldn't run all I could do was stare as this thing slowly approached my bed with impossibly heavy footsteps almost like the floor would break at any moment I couldn't help it I closed my eyes in fear as the footsteps just stopped I waited for what felt like forever to nothing it was then I opened my eyes to see this thing hunched over me inches from my face at that point I was certain I would not see the morning as this thing said my name in the voice of my friend that was when it all went dark as i could feel the breathe leaving my body it suddenly stopped as I woke up on the floor in a cold sweat terrified of what happened all I could do was cry I have left that house since currently at a family members house for the past two months whatever that thing was I haven't seen it since but I truly hope I never see that thing again.
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2023.06.01 01:17 Ok-Way8330 yeah, so my (29m) wife (25f) cheated "for the attention"

Dear diar... Reddit. First lets get some things out of the way:
Throwaway because of obvious reasons.
A wall of fucking text.
TLDR: GF of 10 years, wife less than a year, cheated because she wanted to explore and take back her body after childbirth. Wanted to feel hot and get attention, seems honest and very remorseful.
I am mainly looking for constructive input and a place to vent, so thanks for reading up and sharing your views.
To get to it;
To my unfortunate surprise the feelings of a semi smashing through my livingroom hit me friday at around 4 am, one month ago.
I'm a 29 year old guy who has dated my high school sweetheart for now 12 years total, we got married in July last year, bought our first home 2,5 years ago and (almost) without being biased we have the sweetest 2yearold little rascal keeping us busy.
To give some more background we are a couple who don't fight in the fighting sense of the word but still discuss our differences. We laugh alot, although not so much since i found out - we have the same values, share housework and even with most of our sex is based in the "everyday sex" its insanely good about 3/10 times. Apart from that she has alway been extremely clear on her views on cheating, suffers from depression and anxiety in periods, and has always had pretty bad self esteem. Comes from a home with an extremely dominant know-it-all father who parents solely with boundaries and verbal consequences, and has been through therapy based on that.
This Autumn my wife opened up the discussion about mixing our sexlife up by bringing in another partner into our bedroom. We had some back and forth open discussions and after quite a bit of consideration i told her that i weren't comfortable risking us for a fantasy - given that she primarily wanted to involve a dude, and i've read some horror stories.
In January she came home suspiciously drunk after a christmas party so i started asking and after feeling something was off i went to the stage of scrolling through her phone. For reference i have never had a trust issue with this girl, and haven't went through or felt the need to doing so before. We know eachothers pins, answer eachothers in-laws sms'es and are generally open about what's going on.
Scrolling through her phone i found a lengthy and flirty chat with a co-worker of hers where they were talking about "wanting to meet up" and "wanting to get to know eachother better."
We had a fight and a told her point blanc that this is a major breach of trust and that we gotta work on us more if she was interested in staying together. After things settled we had a new discussion about involving another party where i told her no. Along with this i told her that she had to figure out wether or not this was a dealbreaker on her end and if so we had to discuss how to move forward. She told me this was solely a search for external attention as she wanted to get attention and "feel sexy" and "wanted" after childbirth - she was genuinely remorseful for hurting me like this.
Then about 1 month ago a bombshell went off. She came home drunk af friday night after partying with a friend - not an issue in general, apart from being completely shitfaced. After putting her to bed her phone beeps, and its a snapchat from an unknown dude.
All of my red flags and alarm bells went off simultaniously as she also mumbled something about "why are there noone else here??" when heading to the bedroom.
Well fuck - new phonecheck. Snapchat from a dude - dickpick.
Turns out she has a secret "porn" snapchat, sexting with 8-10 dudes, sending nudes back and forth, bragging about blowing a co-worker and some other random guy and how hot that was along with "That he doesnt know almost makes it more exciting, its like im a completely different person." The snapchat dates back to 3 months before we got married, and is from all kinds of everyday at home situations, and portrays her as an absolute slut who loves to please men.
Dont get me wrong, i love a good slut, but if this is my wife she has to be mine and mine alone.
The chat with her co-worker is also back on messenger, some pics traded but nothing to graphic. "you can meet me tonight at the club if you wish ;)"
Fucking devastating read I'll tell you.
So after spending 4 hours picking all of her aps, tracking data, deleted items and whatnot to pieces i have a pretty decent idea of what's been going on. I confront her with this the next day, and alot of tears later she tells me what has happened, how many times with who etc.
I still believe she has told me the truth - i mean why lie at this point.
She has slept with her colleague after he invited himself to our place after a fight with his girlfriend when i was out of town. Along with this one of the snapchat dudes were on a business trip the weekend before. She suggested i leave to my parents so they get to see our son, and went on a legit "date" before heading back to his hotel.

We've now had some time to think and i gotta say I am very fucking torn on what's next.
We are considering 1:1 and couples therapy, and i keep asking myself wether i can forgive, want to forgive and think i can move past it. I believe her when she says it was all about the sex and attention - especcially regarding the snapchat dude, semi sceptical about the co-worker. Along with this we have had a couple of weeks with "normal" life, but its more distant on all levels, and generally a weird vibe.
From here i have been thinking the following which makes the dilemma impossible:
I can either be a naive fool trying to repair it for me, her and mostly my son, or i can split and we have a 50/50 custody solution, buy her out of our house and restart my life. Tearing my up untill 4 months ago perfect family apart.
Are there other solutions?
what do i need to ask myself?
How do i fucking cope with this shit regardless of the final outcome, and how long should i take before making life-changing decisions?

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2023.06.01 01:17 Old_Replacement_6610 should i (20F) be okay with my bf (21M) sleeping over at his (21F) “friends” house without telling me?

some backstory my boyfriend and i have been dating for 8 months and met through a mutual friend, shortly after becoming bf and gf, i joined his friendship group, consisting of 2 women and 4 men (including my boyfriend) all age 21. one of the girls, we’ll call A, lives a 5 hour journey away and comes to visit the friends around every 6 weeks, she’s done this about five times i think. she stays over at the second girls house, and the whole group has sleepovers and drinking parties together. after being a part of this friendship group for around 2 months and meeting A once, my boyfriend’s best friend started to be mean to me, and I began to feel left out of the group and was starting to be unhappy, so I decided to stop meeting up with them. I told my boyfriend how I was feeling due to his friends, but he decided to not hold them accountable and just wanted to stay friends with them.
here’s where things started to get interesting, whenever A would come to visit them, my boyfriend would go out of his way to meet up with her every single day of her stay (which was usually about a week) cancelling our plans and not letting me know that he’d be unavailable because she would be there with him and their friends. which was just a bit annoying to begin with, but I understood as he didn’t get to see her often. he texts her daily, plays online games whilst talking to her on discord call too. after she would go back home he’d talk about her to me and tell me stories about her, like how my boyfriend’s best friend had started saying mean things to A like he had done with me, but instead of staying his friend like before, my boyfriend hasn’t spoken to him since! this made me feel like A’s feelings of sadness are more important to my boyfriend and my feelings of sadness. I let him know that her being one of his only topics of conversation at this time was making me feel like he liked her as more than friends. I broke down crying, having my first panic attack in years, sitting right in front of him. he was on his phone, scrolled through a few more TikTok‘s, and then decided to comfort me. he said “you just have to trust me”.
barely feeling reassured. I started to calm myself down as I knew this wouldn’t happen again for a few weeks, and it didn’t. even know she wasn’t mentioned in our conversations , I still knew they were texting and calling each other, but I started to feel okay. up until yesterday! I was at my boyfriend’s house last night and asked him what he was doing this week, he calmly said “oh shit, I forgot to tell you” and proceed to tell me how is travelling 5 hours to see A, tomorrow!!! which is now today. I was just in shock and confused why he didn’t ask how I would feel about this, at the least he could’ve told me more than 12 hours in advance. him and two other friends have gone to see A today (one M one F who are in a relationship) to me this seems like some sort of a double date thing. they are all sleeping over at A’s house for 5 nights and plan on getting drunk together, he says he is sleeping in a room by himself, but that doesn’t really reassure me. all of this compiled into one, is really starting to make me rethink our relationship. he knows my feelings, he has seen how upset I’ve gotten over this yet continue to act like he’s none the wiser. if I didn’t ask his plans for the week would he have ever told me?!
what more can I say to him?
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2023.06.01 01:17 AutoModerator [REQUEST] Perry Marshall – Zero to 100k

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2023.06.01 01:16 Spiritual_Self_7181 Why am I always the bad guy?

Okay I have to ask everyone. I was married for 20 years and I was not a saint at all. As a matter of fact, I put more of the blame on me. I was arrogant, narcissistic, emotionally abusive, could say mean things when drunk, and was sexually frustrated. But I never tried to fix myself nor did I try to improve us. I always thought we would get through anything. Now, she had an affair on me in 2007 and got pregnant from him and didn’t tell me until after he was born that he could potentially not be mine. I forgave her and have taken care of this boy to 16 years old. She never takes responsibility for her wrongs instead she said it was only one mistake because I was not emotionally supportive. Nonetheless, I forgave her. Then in 2012, I found texts of her sending nude pics and sexually explicit pics to her married boss and texts of thinking about where to meet to hookup. I forgave her for this as well. She says that was not a big deal because nothing happened so she says and that I was not a good husband anyway. So we separated in 2014 because she was banging the internet guy and thought he was the one. I was gone for 6 months and went through this misery then as well. After he dumped her and after I had met someone she asked me to come home and we went back together but didn’t fix ourselves. I regret not going to therapy and trying to fix us. So finally I made a mistake and had a drunken night and my 18 year old was being disrespectful and mouthy and we fought. I ended up not being able to go to his graduation and she found out I was fooling around and went straight nuts! She filed for divorce, is putting the kids against me, won’t let me speak to them, I’m out of the home, and alone. Broke and miserable. I don’t understand why she can’t forgive me? Why am I the only bad guy? I stopped drinking, I’m trying to improve myself, and move on but she is coming after me like she was perfect. Almost like she was planning this. Why are we humans so evil? Her family is rich and will bleed my dry and could careless of any of the good I did. I mean I sat with her Dad as he was taking chemo. Im so confused and now I feel like a piece of crap which I am and I admit that but don’t understand why God has chosen to only punish me? Anyway, it doesn’t matter, no one cares. I am the bad guy.
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