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A subreddit for the Japanese game about cute WW2 ships fighting cute evil not-WW2 ships.

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The go-to place to honor our old pets. Not just limited to dogs, but cats and all our other aging animals!

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A place to read and share positive and uplifting, feel good news stories.

2023.06.01 01:05 AbbreviationsWarm383 Zoe “Gemini” Pollux

Race : human
Age : 26
Gender : male
Affiliation : cipher pol aegis zero agent, (masked)
Birthplace : west blue
They is about 4’6 in height with tan skin and looks somewhat gender fluid, slender build and slightly short hair colored purple that stops just above the eyebrows with large oval roundish eyes that has red and blue pupils in each eye. Their nose has a particular soft shape , but being quite pointed and having little protrusions on both sides. They wears an all white suit with a white cloak on and white top hat. Zoe also wears a mask with a firey red half having a sad face while the other half had a ice blue coloration with a happy face on with a black cloak covering the sides of their face.
Devil fruit : Gemini Gemini no Mi
Advanced supreme ruler type haki, advanced observation haki, pickpocketing, con artistry, deception, trickery & Escape Artist, adept Master Rokushiki user short swordsman & kanbo user
tends to be kinda crybaby-ish child like but believes in himself immensely. Zoe is still playful and intellectually curious in a child with very mannered child and follows orders. The other side of him marches to the beat of his own drums & never fails to engage in childish or petty behavior or squabbles but is also crazy stubborn. He can very dangerous in battle and will love to fight without restrictions as well slight blood thirsty but troublesome issue too.
About Zoe Pollux …
He has quite the personalities that switch between himself until he got his devil fruit now they freely switches between his personalities as well human & beast form. He prefers to be called they as he stays in his full beast form for the most part so his personalities can run free. As seeing or witnessing this can be quite awkward when first meeting Zoe, though they get along but their is always friction due to the devil fruits will is child like & child like evil mischievous Zoe tends to be effected slightly more due to his disorder which lands him in quirky or funny situations where he has to be saved or try to get himself out of while making a complete mess of everything in the process. When Zoe has it all together and all his personalities are working in sync he can be pretty amazing, crafty, nifty & strong.
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2023.06.01 01:04 askingformomtoday Logo for new tax/accounting firm that's creative

Starting a new tax firm on my own and need a logo for the new business. I'm located in Phoenix, AZ, USA in the east valley.
Company name is East Valley Tax & Accounting. My budget is $75. Please let me know if this is a low offer - I've never had a logo designed so not sure of the going rate.
I'm really hoping for a logo that feels different from a boring/stuffy place to get your taxes done. This will sound cheesy, but I want something that says I'm not your parents/grandparents tax guy. Nothing silly, but shows a creativity that people don't always associate with taxes. I'm in my upper 30s with long hair and a beard, spend my free time camping and woodworking, and typically wear shorts and sandals to the office. I want my clients to have the personal touch they're likely not getting from other firms.
Looking for a logo that incorporates the southwest vibe of sunsets/sunrises, saguaro cactuses, and bright desert flowers. Bright, bold colors, but nothing neon. No hard edges or sharp corners. Below are a couple of links to images that I'm going for, not necessarily in color but vibe and style. I can provide more ideas/details. Thanks!
The Submarines Honeysuckle Remixes Album Cover
Another design with similar vibe
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2023.06.01 01:04 Financial-Air-6197 Currency Fair: Free €50 for Sending €2,000

Currency Fair: Free €50 for Sending €2,000
Referral reward of €50 for transferring out a minimum of €2,000 (or the equivalent in the relevant currency) for their first transaction. Sign-up with a referral link, transfer money out, and get paid the €50 reward.
I transferred £1,800 using CurrencyFair to Revolut in Euros. Then repeated with the €50 bonus. I made a profit of circa £29.
This is how I achieved this: If you don’t have a Euro account set up on Revolut it’s super quick and easy.
Next …
It sounds complicated (probably my poor explanation) but is a decent offer and worth completing. Happy to help if you get stuck.

Non-referral link (here)
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2023.06.01 01:04 bby_chuu Kaveh's personality -

This might be a controversial opinion, but I wanted to share it - I really don't think Kaveh is the delicate flower so many people characterise him as. I think he's a genuinely very flawed person that, realistically, most people would find frustrating.
Now, I wanna clarify: I really like Kaveh. I find him supremely interesting and I do believe he's a good natured character.
However, I've seen a lot of people talking about wanting to protect Kaveh (often in relation to his current living situation), or antagonising other characters in service of portraying Kaveh more sympathetically. Most commonly Alhaitham gets the short end of that stick, but I have seen literally every character Kaveh has interacted with get this treatment (Cyno, Tighnari, Faruzan, his mother).
Thing is... Kaveh sort of sucks. With all the love in my heart, he is a hot-headed, argumentative, people-pleasing alcoholic. He is nice and he really cares about people, that's obvious, but I genuinely don't think he would be any fun to be friends with long term. He can't help accept help when offered even though he's in such a sorry state, for example, and I feel like people looked at his conversations with Alhaitham and got a biased perspective.
Every time Kaveh and Alhaitham bicker, Kaveh is the one who starts it. He won't believe Alhaitham at the Akademiya, he gets mad that Alhaitham invited friends to his house, he always assume Alhaitham is out to get him... Alhaitham certainly isn't guilt-free here, but Kaveh is overly reactive to everything Alhaitham says, no matter what tone he uses.
It is very interesting how many people have adhered to this image of Kaveh as a totally innocent victim of circumstance. If you read his character stories, you'll see the reason he's in debt and needs to rely on his friends is because he chose to sell off all his assets and owe money to Dori. Yes, it was unfortunate luck that ruined the first palace of alcazarzaray through the Withering, however he could have simply left the project after that. That's what Dori wanted! She fired him cos she was mad! Kaveh then went into debt so that she would un-fire him, just so he could finish his magnum opus.
This reframes his other circumstances: Kaveh made himself a burden for a selfish reason. I don't really blame him for that, and again I think him being flawed is much more interesting, but I am so perplexed by how this passed so many Kaveh fans by.
This all to say: I wish there were more nuanced takes on Kaveh. Half of everyone wants him to be Alhaitham's sugar baby, and the other half hate that Alhaitham dare be mean to their precious babygirl. Kaveh is a fleshed out, flawed character who needs development. He might be kind and nice and trying, but he's absolutely one of the more frustrating characters to deal with irl.
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2023.06.01 01:04 Retroid_BiPoCket Got 3 bingos today alone

Got 3 bingos today alone submitted by Retroid_BiPoCket to SteamDeck [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:03 DirkNowinski My turtle journey

All right, my turtle journey when I got my first turtle, I would say I was four of the time it’s the day before my birthday I was sick so I couldn’t go to school and my mom couldn’t leave me at home alone and she had to go pick up some presents for my birthday. Oh so then we went and I’m next I know I have a baby turtle in my hand and I am crying because I am so happy I got a turtle so we got home set up the tank and I would say it was the summer of that year my grandmom went outside and there is another turtle at the doorstep. I don’t know how I got it, but it was there, so I’m lucky I had pets my whole life. Because I had a 20 gallon tank sitting around so I told my mom she brought back a little basket and saying it was like a I would say it’s like the size of quarter so she brought like a sing. It was like a stump sing he got at the pet store and I think it was made for like really small fish or lizard’s but we put that in his tank because he was the size of a quarter he could fit in it and then I got a 55 gallon they went in there and then a cousin of mine got a turtle and she gave it to me, but they couldn’t. She couldn’t get it to me because she didn’t know where I lived, but she knew where my grandmom lives so she took it to my grandmom‘s house. She had a 10 gallon tank. She had small rocks for it and apparently she had already a little basking thing for it. I think my mom might’ve brought that over I don’t know it looked like my first turtles one we got for him there he was three turtles. He was probably going to see the size he could fit in my palm, but he was bigger than my last two turtles so we let him grow a little bit. Then we threw them in with our other turtles and then me and my mom got a big tub because we got a new big turtle and then he got too big and somehow he broke the tub and water my everywhere so then we had to throw out the tub and make a pond in the backyard for it and he still lives there. It is his day. I think that was probably like five years ago maybe six and then memorial day 2023 my third turtle died five years old and then we had to bury him in the backyard not the same house as the other turtles pond and I’m might get a 40 gallon breeder for my reef turtle and leave my 55 to my juvenile and that is my turtle journey
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2023.06.01 01:03 Big-Red__ [US][SELLING] Full Metal Alchemist Fullmetal Edition & Fist of the North Star

selling these unread manga for half price retail with free shipping
Full Metal Alchemist -$180
Fist of the North Star -$30
images here
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2023.06.01 01:02 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator FULL updated course And 3,000+ MORE FREE courses

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2023.06.01 01:02 sybsop Happy Birthday to Jonathan Pryce: Celebrating Him in The Crown

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Pryce: Celebrating Him in The Crown
Hello everyone! Based on the feedback and suggestions we (the mod team) received in our previous mod posts about our plans for the subreddit to make the community more engaging and enjoyable during the off-season, we will be creating recognition posts for the main cast members and acknowledgment posts for the real people portrayed in the show on their birthdays. So, in honor of Jonathan Pryce's birthday, let's take a moment to give him some appreciation and recognition for his contributions to the show by sharing your thoughts on his performance in The Crown.
Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip
Here are a few questions to get the discussion started:
  • What do you think of Jonathan Pryce's portrayal of Prince Philip in The Crown?
  • How well did Jonathan Pryce capture the physicality and mannerisms of Prince Philip as he aged in season 5 of The Crown?
  • Do you think Jonathan Pryce captured the essence of Prince Philip's character accurately?
  • What was your favorite episode or scene featuring Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip?
  • What were some of your favorite moments or lines from Jonathan Pryce's performance on The Crown?
Feel free to respond to any of the questions or add your own question and answer in the comments section below! To view previous birthday posts filter by post flairs with the flair labeled "Special Occasion 👑" or click here. Lastly, remember to be kind and respectful towards the cast members, the real people portrayed in the show, and the opinions of others in the community.
Love, TheCrownNetflix Mods :)
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2023.06.01 01:01 jbrown110690 How Do I Market My Brand New Contractor Directory Business?

What are some effective ways to market/advertise my brand new business without breaking the bank? This is ideally supplemental income (I have a full time job that pays the bills), and relatively passive.
My business is essentially a much smaller Angie's List, and for the San Diego, CA market only. The contractors listed on here are guys I've met over the years on job sites that are reputable and reliable. The site is completely free for the customer, with no account needed. We make money by charging the contractor a small finder's fee if and only if they land a job from our site. Being listed on our site is completely free. I assume a link would help, so here it is. This is not self promotion. I'm happy to take it down if it doesn't help you make an informed suggestion. I think SEO and realtors will bring in 95% of our leads but until the SEO kicks in, I've been: - handing out Call My Guy business cards at every painting estimate I do (maybe they need a flooring, roofing, etc guy as well- not just a painter) -SEO -email marketing and texting all my clients through my painting business (separate business) -email marketing and texting SD realtors, interior designers, property management companies, vacation rental companies, and hotels- basically anyone that I think could benefit from having a free source for awesome contractors and handymen -put flyers on the windshields of the cars in the Home Depot parking lot -Car magnets -Made a page on Nextdoor (with weekly posts), Yelp, Google, IG, FB page, etc Other than SEO and the ideas already listed, do you guys have any other ideas that might generate more sales without breaking the bank? I also welcome any suggestions for website edits as well. Thank you for all your help!
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2023.06.01 01:01 AutoModerator READ ME BEFORE POSTING! Monthly FAQ Thread: Fixes for Common Issues, Troubleshooting Guides, and Tips for Beginners

👋 Hello, welcome to /CitiesSkylines

Our little community has grown to nearly half a million subscribers, so as you can imagine things get a little busy in here. The purpose of this thread is to provide new members a jumping-off point to find the information that they need to get started, whether they're a seasoned player of the game or a brand new mayor.
We get a lot of posts which ask very similar questions, so we've pulled together this post to help address our most Frequently Asked Questions, and give you a place to ask simple questions which only need a quick answer, not warranting a dedicated thread.
Before you post, please consider if one of our sister-subreddits would be more appropriate:
If you still think that /CitiesSkylines is the right subreddit, please first check the FAQ below.
Please be aware that if you create a new thread which is addressed by the answers or links in this thread, it will likely be removed with a message directing you back here. This is not done to stifle conversation, but rather to help keep the subreddit tidy and provide as much space as possible for mayors to share their creations and inspire others.
If your question is genuinely a simple one, like "how do I do X", please use this thread rather than creating a new post.
Finally, if your question isn't already answered below - please use Reddit's search function to try and find if your query has been asked and answered in the past. If not? Feel free to create a fresh discussion thread.
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2023.06.01 00:59 xSavagex7 ToTK Yuzu Steam Deck 30fps Setup + Better Performance/Stability New Settings [Steam OS 3.5]

Hi, I've been running TotK on my Steam Deck almost stable 30fps, with the following setup...Below I'll explain all the settings

right click on the application and go to properties permissions and make sure "Is execuble" is on.... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Option #1 - Now everytime you open Yuzu.Appimage it will prompt you to update to the "Main" build not the "EA" Build. To prevent this make a empty text file inside /home/deck/emudeck/ and name it "yuzu.noupdate" the "EA" build is recommened to play ToTK...Now if you want your Yuzu to auto update each time you open it, to the latest build "EA" then go
Now Find "" and right click on it and open with Kate or Kwrite and right below this line" #!/bin/bash " add this: curl -s jq -r ".assets[0] .browser_download_url" wget -qO $HOME/Applications/yuzu.AppImage -i -
Option #2 - If you don't want to edit "" You can also name the yuzu file yuzu-ea-version.AppImage since the emudeck script will try to find any files starting on yuzu-ea and prioritize it over the normal appimage.
Setup Mods - ToTK Ver 1.1.1

or right click the game from yuzu game list, choose "Open Mod Data Location", then make sure you unzip "TOTK New Performance Mod List" and extract all mods into there. Now Launch Yuzu.AppImage and right click the game and choose "Properties" you should open in the "Add-Ons" tab and make sure those 6 mods mentioned above are there and Activated.
*Steam OS 3.5
I have them set to
It then checked for an update and on it went.
After updating to Steam OS 3.5 and updating to 1.1.1, Clear out or back up your old shader at
then let your Deck Build fresh shaders from the new update 3.5 and 1.1.1. Now get "Decky Loader" Plugin and install "Storage Cleaner" and delete ToTK Shader Cache aswell... (*Delete your Shaders if you are updating to 1.1.1) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Yuzu config (Steam OS 3.5 recommended) (Feel free to use this settings on Steam OS 3.4.6, just keep SMT Enabled for better frame pacing)
Yuzu System tab settings:
Yuzu CPU tab settings:
Yuzu Graphics tab settings:
Yuzu Adv. Graphics tab settings:
Steam Deck config
PowerTools config
Steam Controller Settings "Steam Deck Rear Button" (Open Yuzu/ToTk in Game mode, steam button > controller config> enable back grips>assign button)
Other (Optional) - If you want your game to look more sharp/crisp, in the Steam Properties, set the Resolution to 1920x1200 and Check Set for Internal /External, Basically the deck will render Yuzu way higher, Making the game being rendered look super sharp/crisp and it won’t affect the performance. Make sure you don’t have Anti-Aliasing on.
submitted by xSavagex7 to NewYuzuPiracy [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:58 Menace_drip My Almost 2 year fitness progress ( 13 - 15 ) 68kg - 82kg / 110kg bench (100% NATURAL 🧬🧬🧬)

My Almost 2 year fitness progress ( 13 - 15 ) 68kg - 82kg / 110kg bench (100% NATURAL 🧬🧬🧬)
I've started working out after I went to a party at 13, where every guy was 18. I proceeded to arm wrestle all the dudes, and the only guy I couldn't beat was the only dude who was hitting the gym (This was in the summer of 2021). That got me mad, a few days after the party I went with my dad to get some equipement. Just a small barbell, 2 small dumbbell bars and 2x 2.5kg / 2x 1.25 kg weights. I was very happy with my equipment, and I started doing basically chest (floor press and diy bench press) and arms every day 😂. My technique was pretty ok since I was consuming a lot of youtube videos and I was very confident, I viewed myself as a bodybuilder since day 1. I was obsessed with protein, at one point I knew the protein of almost every food, and this gained me the nickname " protein " by some of my friends 😂, irrelevant. After my dad saw my decent gym progress, and my pretty solid knowledge regarding fitness, he decided to buy me a custom bench press kit (This happened in November 2021), it came with an olympic barbell, 2x 20kg, 2x 15kg, 2x 10kg, 2x 5lg, 2x 2.5kg weights, a very nice bench and a bar rack (I might have attached pictures with my home gym). This new bench press kit allowed me to skyrocket my fitness progress. I was already getting decently muscular and I could finally train back properly (free bar movements) and most importantly chest. You can probably see my lacking chest size compared to arms, this is due to my lack of proper chest training before I could bench press. This was also the time where I got introduced to whey protein, and I've been consuming 60g a day since. Some time passes and my dad purchased a multifunctional machine with a row machine, 2 way cable lat pulldown machine, chest fly machine, and cable pulldown/pullup machine. This allowed me to make MAD GAINS 🫡. This was also the time I got introduced to creatine (October 2022). Now I will post my 100% Lifetime natural physique transformation and maybe a picture of my home gym. Btw, I did 30 pushups every day since I was 12 (pandemic time, around june 2020, maybe?) Till I started training with equipment. (Ps. Yes I know it's weird to purchase such expensive gym equipment when you can go to a public gym. I totally understand, but my mom would have to drive me, or I would need to go by car every time, I can only go when I am really free compared to me hitting the gym whenever I want, and the equipment holds its value very very well, it was more of a comfort decision and I wish I had the same mutual motivation feeling that you get from a public gym, but I wouldn't have been in this possition if I didnt have this home gym. ) I want to thank my dad for providing for my fitness goals and thank my mom for cooking healthy food for me daily. My stats rn - 6'1 180lbs / 82kg, 15 years old (2007) Starting stats - around 5'11, 68kg 13 years old
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2023.06.01 00:57 jbrown110690 How Do I Market My Brand New Contractor Directory Business?

What are some effective ways to market/advertise my brand new business without breaking the bank?
This is ideally supplemental income (I have a full time job that pays the bills), and relatively passive. My business is essentially a much smaller Angie's List, and for the San Diego, CA market only. The contractors listed on here are guys I've met over the years on job sites that are reputable and reliable. The site is completely free for the customer, with no account needed. We make money by charging the contractor a small finder's fee if and only if they land a job from our site. Being listed on our site is completely free.
I assume a link would help, so here it is. This is not self promotion. I'm happy to take it down if it doesn't help you make an informed suggestion.
I think SEO and realtors will bring in 95% of our leads but until the SEO kicks in, I've been:
- handing out Call My Guy business cards at every painting estimate I do (maybe they need a flooring, roofing, etc guy as well- not just a painter)
-email marketing and texting all my clients through my painting business (separate business)
-email marketing and texting SD realtors, interior designers, property management companies, vacation rental companies, and hotels- basically anyone that I think could benefit from having a free source for awesome contractors and handymen
-put flyers on the windshields of the cars in the Home Depot parking lot
-Car magnets
-Made a page on Nextdoor (with weekly posts), Yelp, Google, IG, FB page, etc
Other than SEO and the ideas already listed, do you guys have any other ideas that might generate more sales without breaking the bank? I also welcome any suggestions for website edits as well. Thank you for all your help!
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2023.06.01 00:54 LiterallyPotatoSalad Self-pity post/rant - I feel like I'm wasting my time doing math, but I don't know what else I could possibly do...

I'm just not sure what to do, I'm not sure if I can manage in this field and even if I can what I'd do after I finished. I've never particularly cared about what I do, I've pretty much just been on follow instructions mode all my life, cuz I just find it easier to have someone tell me what to do. When going into math it was my own decision, but now that I'm here I just don't even know what I'm doing, I'm currently repeating the first year of university, I can find an infinite set of excuses for this, but I'm not particularly happy about any of them, so I just feel like a complete failure, to name a few: - I have crippling social anxiety, during my 2 years here I've talked to a grand total of 0 people - I have ADHD, so sometimes studying can be very hard - had a surgery during the summer so I missed most of the exam dates, but if I had finished everything on my first go I could've passed - Last year I unironically didn't even know HOW to study, because normally I'd just somehow cram enough to get by I guess. It's not even that I slacked off entirely last year, in fact the years prior to coming to university I did a fair bit of self-study so I have knowledge of CalcI-CalcIII + differential equations + some linear algebra + some discrete math (my country doesnt offer any of these, highschool math goes up to about integrals and then thats about it, proofs also arent anything impressive, we learn induction and thats about it). Last year I'll admit I didn't study properly, partially because I didn't know how to, partially because I just straight up couldn't handle not being able to solve a problem so if I got stuck, I'd just skip it.
This year I tried harder, I didn't fail every class last year, but I do have to redo analysis and algebra (both 2 semester classes). I can handle analysis a bit better this year since last year I was really trying to finish at least analysis (last year's algebra prof was horrendous and I just didnt understand a single thing he said). It's highly likely I'll finish analysis, but I just don't know if I can manage algebra. We have these exams throughout the year where you can accumulate points, 400 total available points, 50% required to pass the practical exam (then theres still the theoretical exam). I have over 200 points for both analysis and algebra at this point, but I'm well aware that isn't enough to guarantee I'll finish the class (last year I failed the analysis theoretical exam).
As I mentioned earlier I have ADHD, and during spring I tend to enter this complete brain shutdown mode where I can't get any work done for a month or 2, I don't know why it happens, but it's been happening since I was like 13 so at this point I just try to work around it, unfortunately since last year I didn't really bother with algebra, I now have no clue what I'm doing, I just spent a solid 3-5 hours trying to figure out how Jordan form works, and I simply cannot figure it out. I know I'm not the smartest person around, but god damn this really hit me hard, like no matter what I tried I simply could not get it to work on an example, and with the final set of exams approaching (and thus also the theoretical exams) every hour wasted like this just makes me feel worse and worse about the the fact that I probably won't manage to finish algebra.
I'm just not sure if even if I managed to somehow finish algebra, could I really manage to finish the 2nd year? I'm just not sure if I am capable of finishing university at all.
The worst part is that I don't know what I'd do if I quit, I'm technically an adult now so I suppose I would work, but what would I even do? Hell I don't even know what I would do after I'd finish university (assuming I ever managed to do that). I also just feel like I'm a massive drain on my mom cuz going to university costs money (I'm not from the US, but I legit live in the middle of nothing, the closest university, that is the one I'm going to is like 150km away, so I need a place to stay).
I apologise for going on a tangent, here's the Jordan form I couldn't figure out, I'm just so tired right now, so I'm going to sleep, I'd be happy with any kind of help that anyone provides: [5, -9, -4] [6, -11, -5] [-7, 13, 6] the eigenvalues are all 0, the rank of A-0I (or just A ig) is 2, comes from the fact that the above matrix reduces to: [5, -9, -4] [1, -2, -1] [0, 0, 0] This further means that nullity is 1, so we have 1 Jordan block: J(A) = [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [0, 0, 0] From here we just need the transition matrix (this is where I run into issues): We can just take (5, 6, -7) as a vector from the image of A, and then we just do the following: Av = (5,6,-7) with a bit of simple math we get 2 vectors (0,-1,1) and (1,0,0). From here we get: P = [5, 0, 1] [6, -1, 0] [-7, 1, 0] the inverse P-1 = [0, -1, -1] [0, -7, -6] [1, 5, 5]
My issue was that A =/= PJP-1.
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2023.06.01 00:49 bakariwolf Saga of the Professional DM! Part 2

This is a continuation of my other story. Now I was disappointed that my phone call seemed to get no respect but after a week of thinking about it I decided I might be in the wrong. Each DM has their own way of handling things and their own rules, so who was I to tell another DM how to run their game. Maybe the best was yet to come, maybe I should try to embrace it more, maybe it wasn't so bad? I mean I was hanging out with friends and we were playing, making progress, and the story had to go somewhere right?
That entire session was near torture. The DM had not only ignored the advice I had given but had doubled down on the roleplay demands. Wanting us to describe our clothing, what were the colors, how did they go together, how did we put on our armor, what were we having for breakfast, who was cooking it, describe how we are walking, when we rest the horses, were we brushing our teeth! Most everyone was zoned out only answering short answers at this point and each answer was getting shorter and shorter. How no one had walked away from the table was beyond me.
Of course her boyfriend was super into it and trying to get everyone to play along between the copious amounts of encouraging her and PDA. Hour goes by like this and we break for camp. Nothing interesting has happened and nothing interesting has been described by her. We get our random roll and once again after we pick our number she says "Wow you're the luckiest group I've ever seen, no random encounter. Isn't that amazing?" She was all smiles and giggles like it was the best thing in the world while everyone else at the table was literally groaning.
Another hour of overly intensive roleplay where the veterans and myself had just given up. We wouldn't answer any of the roleplay stuff. What are you talking about? Stuff. Are you taking care of the horses? Yes. Well roleplay. We travel till we set up camp is there anything important? I can see Wizard is visibly angry, the new players besides Bard are now looking at memes on their phones, and cleric and I are just bored. Another camp sight set and another "lucky roll." With no encounter, and another round of groaning.
This continues and it is near the end of the session. We have done NOTHING. Now I will never say I am a great DM, I am passable. I can create a story that people have fun with but I am by no means perfect. That being said one thing I find myself doing even as a player is looking around the table and seeing how engaged people are with the story. From what I can see this group is going to fail and fail hard. Everyone is at their wits end and if something interesting doesn't happen we won't have a game. So when the time comes for her to roll the random encounter dice and pick a number I say. "We choose to fail it."
The DM looks at me and asks "What?" "We choose to fail it, right guy's? Bring on the encounter. No roll needed hit us with your worst." Cleric started to laugh knowing exactly what I was doing but nodded along. Wizard smiled and said "Sure we choose to fail." The other new players look from the DM to me, and back again. "Wait that's an option?" One asks and they both agree "Ok we fail what do we run into?" I'm happy because everyone is on the same page, there is no second guessing here, we all chose to fail the roll and have an encounter and if the DM was angry we all said bring on your worst. Cleric even brought up a saying from our old groups of "Bring it scruffy." meaning we'll take as hard a fight as you want to throw at us. No pulling punches.
DM "Excuse me, I am the DM here, I am running the game and I will remind you I am a professional who has done this for fifteen years. That is not how the rolls work, you don't get to choose if you fail or succeed now pick a number."
Wizard, Druid, Barbarian, and myself were all just done. we couldn't take it. Our heads in hands on on the table visibly upset by this but she was holding to her ruling. That's when Cleric spoke up. "I know you have DMed for fifteen years however a game like this where roleplay is intensive and heavy is something that a lot of people wouldn't sign up for. Breaking it up with puzzles and combat is good. So you have all your players volunteering to fail the roll. This is a cooperative game and we aren't trying to step on your toes, but we do wish for some action. Also keep in mind I have been playing since AD&D."
I nearly laughed at the little flex there that she had been playing so long and this younger girl couldn't compete with that. Cleric always had a way about her to command instant respect even from the most stubborn people. So the DM flipped through their book and said as we were setting up camp a large snake slithered into camp. Not the most exciting of encounters but it was something! Everyone rolled for initiative and Druid got to go first. They asked if they could roll their animal handling to tame the snake. Which wasn't a popular idea for the rest of the party who had murder in their eyes. The DM said sure and after a good roll the snake left. The session ended and we asked about XP.
DM "No XP." Me "What? But we've been doing a LOT of roleplay and we had an encounter. We've done everything you wanted." DM "I have been DMing for fifteen years and how I always run it is XP is only given for defeating monsters." Cleric "We defeated the snake." DM "No you tamed it you didn't kill it. It's alive so you didn't defeat it. See you next week."
I was seething! I was so angry I wanted to scream, I talked to everyone after the game and asked their feelings, we were all in agreement that we'd give it one more shot and if things didn't improve we would walk out. Usually I am a calm person but I went home called her up and gave her a piece of my mind. Explaining that it is stated in the rules how to give xp for roleplay, that defeating an encounter peacefully is still defeating it, and I went on to explain to her that if she kept up this boring, demanding, and tedious way of DMing that everyone was going to walk out.
The next week came about and we all made it very clear we were done with the ridiculous step by step of our day. We'd roleplay ONLY when there were NPC's to interact with, if there wasn't anything going on we wanted a time skip. So either dump the human drama that we want to get away form or leave. This must have woken her up a little because we did get a time skip. We went forward in time to where we were a couple of days away from delivering the package to the king. Along the road we saw a group of eight orcs coming our way. We asked if orcs were common or peaceful in this area and she said common yes peaceful no we could tell they were bandits. Initiative was rolled and we were all revved up for a fight!
Druid went first and sent his wolf companion ahead because it could reach the orcs before any of us. I was worried because that meant the orcs got a full two turn to pound on it before we could get there. However when it came the orcs turn The DM declared "The orcs walk forward." I smiled because it was a good call. Not realistic but this was a new player and killing their animal companion would have been bad. We all moved forward and the wolf got in one attack. Next turn the wolf attacks, we all move forward and the orcs move forward. There is 30 feet between us now so the fighter types rush up while the ranged types stay back. The orcs have Druid, his wolf, Barbarian, and Cleric all on their front lines. While Wizard, Bard and myself stay back. It's the orcs turn and I wait to see how they will battle the group. What tactics and such.
DM "The orcs walk forward." What? I am a bit lost as she moves the mini's forward on the map going around those that are currently combating them to get to the spell casters. We aren't even a big threat so why did they all move? Why did they give up free attacks to move and do nothing? They didn't even attack us when they could have just moved and waited. I was so confused and trying to think of any game reason this could be happening. Perhaps she had it out for me? If so why wasn't I attacked? My ac wasn't that high? Was there something else going on?
The new players were super into it though and on their turn moved behind to hammer at the orcs. It got to the orcs turn and the DM skipped over them going to my turn. Cleric, Wizard, and I all noticed this while the new players were obliviously cheering how well they were doing. The DM looked to me and asked what I was doing. "I'd like to roll insight and arcana." I rolled and got an 18, and a 16. "Do I notice anything off about the orcs? Eyes glazed over, slack jawed, seeming in a daze, moving oddly? Do I know of any spell that would cause this?"
DM shrugged "No, what are you doing?" I was still confused thinking this had to be magic of some kind. "Umm, I try to touch one. Can I make a save to see if it's an illusion?" DM "The orc is real." Me "I'll hold my action then. Also I think you skipped the orcs turn." DM "Oh right. The orcs move forward." And she moves the minis PAST me and everyone in the back line. The new players are whooping it up. "Yeah run away! We got you now." While the rest of us just stared. What was going on? Wizard took his turn and cast detect magic and askes if he senses anything off about the orcs. No magic to be sensed. So from here Wizard, Cleric, and I just hold our actions while the turns go by with the DM "forgetting" the orcs turns and the new players killing them. We got a bit of loot. Some rusty weapons, a small amount of silver and gold, and a tiny bit of XP. We fast forwarded to delivering the treasure to the king with a lot of roleplay because "There are NPC's here." so we had to roleplay every conversation with every guard, captain, knight, lesser noble, high nobility, royal, and what not at the party.
When the DM had left we all talked again and I asked "Ok what was that?" The new players asked what I meant and I pointed out "Think about the fight." Druid "yeah that was great my wolf did so much damage!" Barbarian "Did you see me? It was like they couldn't hit me!" Wizard "They couldn't." Barbarian "What?" Me "They couldn't hit you because they never attacked." Druid "Wait, didn't they?" Cleric "No they only walked forward. Didn't you notice we all stopped attacking them? She never rolled a single die and stopped calling out their turns all together." Barbarian and Druid looked back and forth from each other and then nodded like it just dawned on them. I asked what we should do and they pointed out the one noble had asked us to investigate some thefts at the town so there was hope for a better story. So we all agreed to continue, somehow keeping hope that this would get better.... See you in part three.
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2023.06.01 00:46 LycanrocNet [USA] [H] GBA, GBC, NES, and N64 classics with manuals [W] PayPal

👉 Full gallery with photos of individual games 👈
Hello, I'm selling some games in my personal collection. All games are authentic and have been cleaned and tested to be fully working unless otherwise noted. All NES and N64 games are NTSC-U, except the Japanese Animal Forest.
Games are graded on a scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. Games with instructions have two grades separated by a slash; the first is the cartridge, and the second is the instruction booklet. Complete games have the box as the third grade. Conditions of parts not described are assumed to be Excellent.
Prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping starts at $4 within the contiguous US. I will also ship to Canada for an additional charge. Bulk discounts are available if you're interested in multiple items. Payments must be made via PayPal.
Feel free to make reasonable offers, especially if you want to buy multiple games.



NES complete

  • Monopoly - $25 - VG-EX / VG / VG. Minor residue on cartridge front. Wear on manual. Minor scuffs on box, wear on corners. Includes property poster, Nintendo Power offer, and seizure warning sheet.

NES with instructions

  • Championship Bowling - $10 - VG-EX / G. Light wear on label. Significant folds on manual, especially page 7.
  • Golf - $18 - EX / VG. Wear on manual cover.
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - $22 - G-VG / VG-EX. Name written on label. Minor wear on manual cover.
  • Marble Madness - $10 - EX / VG. Wear on manual cover.
  • R.C. Pro-Am - $10 - EX / VG-EX. Minor wear on manual cover.
  • Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll - $15 - VG-EX / VG. Minor wear on cartridge front. Wear on manual cover and back.
  • StarTropics - $20 - VG-EX / EX. Minor wear on back of cartridge. Letter attached to back of manual. Saves.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 - $35 - EX / VG. Minor wear on manual, minor tear on back and page 28.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $17 - VG / G-VG . Wear on cartridge. Significant wear on manual covers. Game flaky to start.
  • Tetris - $17 - VG / VG-EX. Name on back of cartridge. Minor wear on manual.
  • Top Gun - $12 - EX / VG. Minor wear on manual, minor tear on cover.
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link - $30 - P-F / G. Major wear on cartridge, plastic chipped on bottom, top of label damaged. Wear on manual, fold on cover and first few pages. Saves.

NES cartridge only

  • Bubble Bobble - $20 - VG. Name on back of cartridge.
  • Contra - $40 - EX
  • Double Dribble - $7 - VG-EX. Small fold on label.
  • Kung Fu - $10 - VG. Minor wear on cartridge, one tab missing.
  • Life Force - $17 - EX
  • M.C. Kids - $17 - VG. Scratches on front and back of cartridge, abrasion on back of cartridge.
  • Mach Rider - $10 - EX
  • Magmax - $7 - EX
  • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - $40 - EX
  • Nobunaga's Ambition - $17 - VG-EX. Minor scuffs on label. Saves.
  • Rad Racer - $7 - VG-EX / VG. Minor wear on label. Light crinkles on manual cover.
  • Skate or Die - $5 - VG. Letters scratched into front label, scuffs on back label.
  • Super Mario Bros. - $12 - VG-EX. Sticker residue on back of cartridge.
  • Tennis - $10 - VG-EX. Minor scuffs on label.

Nintendo 64


Nintendo 64 with instructions

  • Banjo-Tooie - $50 - VG-EX / G-VG. Mild scuffs on cartridge. Small tear and folds on manual front/back.
  • Diddy Kong Racing - $35 - G-VG / EX. Wear on label with small tear on front, and some discoloration on cartridge.
  • Mario Party - $55 - G-VG / G. Significant discoloration on right side of label. Manual front and back crinkly.
  • Star Fox 64 - $30 - G-VG / VG. Wear on label and cartridge. Wear on manual.
  • Vigilante 8 - $35 - VG-EX / VG-EX. Light wear on cartridge, cartridge back taken from donor cartridge. Minor fold on manual. Includes registration postcard.

Nintendo 64 cartridge only

  • 007 GoldenEye - $30 - EX
  • Cruis'n USA - $15 - VG-EX. Price sticker on back.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Gray, Player's Choice] - $45 - G-VG. Wear on label with name written on it.
  • Mario Golf - $35 - VG. Deep scratches in label.
  • Perfect Dark - $20 - VG-EX. Minor scuffs on label.
  • Pokémon Snap - $15 - G-VG. Sticker residue on label, and sticker on back of cartridge.
  • Super Smash Bros. - $45 - G. Heavy wear on both labels. New battery.
  • Animal Forest [first Japanese Animal Crossing game] - $35 - EX. Name field not written in. Battery dead, so time must be manually set. This game cannot be played in a stock North American console without removing the cartridge back.


All Game Boy Advance games save.


Game Boy Advance complete

  • Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. - $75 - VG-EX / VG-EX / G. Minor wear on cartridge. Minor wear on manual. Tear and folding on top of box. All inserts included.
  • Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness - $10 - VG-EX / VG-EX / EX. Minor wear on back of cartridge. Minor wear on manual. Cardboard retainer absent.

Game Boy Advance with instructions

  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team - $35 - G / VG. Scuffs on front of cartridge, sticker residue on back of cartridge. Minor fold on back of manual.

Game Boy Advance cartridge only

  • Golden Sun - $40 - G-VG. Name written on label.
  • Hot Potato! - $5 - VG-EX. Minor wear on back of cartridge.
  • Ice Age 2: The Meltdown - $5 - VG. Scratches on back of cartridge.
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga - $30 - VG-EX. Minor wear on back of cartridge.
  • Wario Land 4 - $40 - VG-EX. Minor wear on cartidge label.

Game Boy Color with instructions

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game - $40. VG / G-VG. Wear on cartridge label. Small tear on manual cover, wear and minor folds on both sides. Saves, but has had issues in the past.
  • Tetris DX - $25 - EX / VG-EX. Manual has small corner fold on cover. Saves.

Game Boy cartridge only

  • Faceball 2000 - $25 - VG-EX. Minor fold on cartridge label.
  • QIX - $5 - EX
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2023.06.01 00:46 fuckinghell_idk AITA? for telling a friend hbd

for back story: basically my “friends” (call her leah) birthday was a few days ago. i say it that way because we have been on and off friends and tbh i haven’t always had the best opinions of her. one of my other friends (let’s just say hannah) has always been there for me since we were 6 (now 19) and would often listen and join in on talking about the things that annoy/aggravate us about leah, and she would always be upset when me and leah reconnected.
anyway, i posted leah for her birthday with a cute “happy birthday to one of my best friends i hope you have a wonderful day, i love you”. Hannah then texted me a few hours later calling me a two faced bitch and saying i was changing etc. she hasn’t spoken to me since and blocked me on everything…
i understand where me not always having the best opinion of leah could make hannah mad once i start being friends with her again- but the way hannah always tried to push leah back out of my life and then just blew up on me after telling her happy birthday was odd to me.
i don’t see why she couldn’t have texted me and said she had a problem with it or something other than just blocking me and not communicating.
Am i the asshole here?
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2023.06.01 00:42 thebananaperson1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (u/a__guy_or_something)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (u/a__guy_or_something)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to the basedest person on Eden 🥱
I’m really lucky to have gotten the chance to become close friends with you over the past 6-7 months!!!!!!! You’re really nice and so fun to talk to and I’ve always loved your sense of humor, sometimes I genuinely find myself laughing at my phone screen like an idiot when I talk to you 💀😭 but yea anyways I hope your birthday is as awesomely amazing as you are 😎👉👉
Vee and I can’t give you… ahem
present till Sunday but it’ll be very coolio we promise 🙄💅
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2023.06.01 00:41 Himynameisemmuh What do I do abt my agent.

I’Ve been with an agency freelance that has gotten me literally one audition in around 7 or 8 months, and they keep trying to make me do free promotional modeling work when u came on their agency as a film and tv actor. They’ve been a bit snippy about it as well when I said I wasn’t available to do free work. Theyre sag franchised so I thought they’d be more trustable. I mean I have a manager and I’m happy with that company but I really would like to find an agency that actually aligned with what my goals are. I am developmental talent, but I have 10 years of theatre experience, stopped theatre but I have 6 or so years of on camera classes and other specialized classes as well. Should I leave the agency? And do you know of any REPUTABLE agencies that work with developmental talent at the co staguest star level in NY or the surrounding areas that you recommend? I’m just so stuck!
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2023.06.01 00:40 jaydalogar My ex randomly messaged me last month

I got out of a toxic relationship around a year and a half ago and have been missing my ex a lot lately, I've also seen her with another guy which hurt for me to see.
I see her around as we live close to each other, we first together 7 years ago but I broke it off as I found out she was engaged to someone else. During that time she got divorced and I stupidly took her back a few years later, she did admit to being in multiple relationships and talking to other guys since then.
But I broke it off a year and a half ago We got close and had some nice moments but I kept noticing how open she is with other guys and how she'd claim that every other guy was interested in her, she kept pushing me for marriage and kept blaming me for moving too slow just because I didn't want to rush in to marriage.
Everytime we'd argue about it, she would always say that it's my fault that things are moving slow and that she doesn't like being with someone who can't commit.
She would always say how she wants someone who loves her more than she loves themselves, that's not normal right?? And She always used to say that she wanted me to open up to her and tell her how I feel and that I can talk to her about anything if I'm ever upset.
So I did when I mentioned that I didn't like how open she is with other guys, she said that she didn't want to be with anyone that's insecure just like her ex husband was (even though she'd already cheated on her ex husband with me which was unknown to me at the time, so he had a reason to feel insecure).
I don't get why she'd tell me to talk to her about anything then end up throwing it back in my face! I told her I'm not happy so we agreed to end it, I was confused at first cos she used to tell me that she misses me everyday and after that conversation she ended up blocking me off everything at the startwhich I thought was childish.
After we broke up she messaged me on Christmas day saying: 'I just wanted to message you to say that I hope you’re okay and that I feel as though I’m ready to stay as friends with you if that’s what you wanted.. I didn’t think I would ever be able to say that we could stay as friends but I feel like I’m in a good place and I know everything has worked out for the best and I would be really happy to have you as a friend But if you don’t want to hear from me that’s okay too just let me know x' I did reply to her saying that I don't think it's a good idea and I wished her well. She just replied with a simple 'that's fine no worries x'.
I'm trying to not think about her messaging me, but I feel like I was really getting in to the healing process and was really focused on other aspects of my life such as my career. I know I deserve better but I see her quite often as we live near one another and I can't help but still feel hurt and a part of me still misses her. We were quite sexually active together and i think thats whats making me miss her more.
I do feel like I have enough anger for the way she treated me to be able to ignore her. I do still feel angry over the situation, not sure if that's normal or not. I have my own auto detailing business which I run on the side of my career and on the weekend, I have a social media page for it and I have set it as a public profile because it is only for business content and I never put anything personal on it.
In the past when we'd argue, she'd always say that if we broke up it would be my loss.
I sometimes feel sad as I'm alone and haven't dated anyone since her, I often see her around and feel as though I miss her but I know those feelings are only from loneliness so I have every intention of staying away from her.
I've tried keeping myself distracted by focusing on my career and business, she has tried messaging me a couple months back by sending some charity chain messages although they could be her way of breadcrumbing? I always see her around as we live near one another, there were times where I used to try and get her attention because I missed her but now I just feel angry because I feel like I let her get away with a lot.
I saw her around 6 months ago and she saw me too and she messaged straight after saying 'hope your good', i don't understand why would she do that I keep seeing her around and I know deep down I know I shouldn't let her get away with treating me do badly, I miss her and sometimes feel stuck.
A couple of days ago I seen someone that looks like her with another guy but couldn't tell if it was actually her as it was from a distance, I don't know why I'm overthinking it but I think thats whats making me miss her more.
I miss her but I know it's only because I have a trauma bond with her, I've only began to realise how much I let her get away with and it's making me angry to think that she seems as though she can go and live a normal life after treating me like that.
She had randomly text me last month saying 'Hi! Do you want your white cap back? It's just that it's in my wardrobe and I never wear it, you might actually get some wear out of it!'.
She also messaged me 3 days after to say 'Happy Eid, hope you had a amazing day'. (For context, eid is a religious holiday that both me and her celebrate).
I found it odd that she'd message me twice in the same week but hasn't said anything after, we do usually see each other around but she's never messaged this often not even a birthday message or new years etc. Is this a form of manipulation?
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2023.06.01 00:39 GreenVixen92 Severe depression causing creative block??!

So, I’m mostly venting here, really, but I could still use some advice. I (31F AspergeASD) am an artist, but lately, for a very long time now, I’ve had a creative block. I’m positive my depression is causing it, and while I can’t quote this, I really feel my autism might be linked, though I know it’s not the only reason. I just feel so overwhelmed, apathetic, and no spark, whatsoever. I’m really frustrated now because art is an extension of myself, but now I can’t even express it. The images and writing are in the back of my mind, but I can’t seem to place them to paper or computer. I’m sorry if this doesn’t sound very linked to autism, but I still thought you’ll might be able to help, if possible? How do you’ll cope with depression when it hits? I occasionally do take edibles, but not often because I don’t want to become reliant, plus in all honesty, the happiness they create feels “artificial”. I also hate antidepressants, and don’t have any current coping mechanisms that work for me either anymore. I’m sorry to sound so mopey, but I really could use some help here. Thanks.
(TL;DR: I’m suffering creative block caused by depression, and feel like my autism is linked. Could use some suggestions for coping mechanisms?)
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