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Fuck Ramsay

2016.04.24 13:45 SandorClegane_AMA Fuck Ramsay

He knows what he did.

2011.04.14 21:10 errantventure Land of the misbehaved econ undergrads

Free trade, open borders, taco trucks on every corner. Please read the sidebar for more information.

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The ziltenator found us, now for round 2. memes about porty, tell your friends and get posting.

2023.06.01 01:37 mhartm When you get you’re first request…

Recently I just got my first request to write a fanfic for someone. I’ve never written a fic for a request before. (I did a poem for someone’s request and have done events where people give prompts, but those are different.)
So, when y’all get a request (for those of you who do requests)…how do you start on it? What questions do you ask yourself/ask them?
For those of you who do/don’t do requests, why do you or don’t you?
So far, the requester is pleased with what I’ve told them I’ll be doing. So I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll love it.
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2023.06.01 01:37 Drechenaux My Uncle's Basement Housed A Terrible Secret

"Be careful when you gaze into the abyss- for when you do, the abyss also gazes into thee."
I don't think I would've remembered Uncle Ben (that's what I'll call him here) very well if it wasn't for one thing. I had a lot of relative visit us while growing up, but I can hardly recall enough of them to count on one hand.
The memory of him that stood out was when he, before leaving handed me something and then drove off.
I still remember- it was a hundred dollar bill! I was only four at the time, and this was the eighties- though as far as I know I could hand a kind a hundred dollar bill even today and after inflation, they'd be ecstatic. That's the time when even twenty feels like a fortune.
My mother 'kept it for safekeeping' of course- meaning I never saw a cent of it, but that left a lasting impression on me.
I understood, even then, that my Uncle Ben must've been loaded. I often asked my parents what it was that he did- because I sure wanted to do it as well.
The thing is that they never gave me a straight answer. They said that he was a businessman- and other times they would say he was a consultant. Those answers never really satisfied me, though as I got older I noticed that my parent's didn't seem to be hiding the information- they didn't seem to know very well either.
He visited us on and off over the years- every time giving me another extravagant sum of cash or something else valuable. That made me like him quite a bit more than anyone else who visited- and I'd ask why we never went to visit him. My father just said that Uncle Ben liked his privacy.
Don't get me wrong though- it wasn't like we grew up poor. It was just that we never had the money to throw around like Uncle Ben did.
Fast forward towards the future. I had moved out of my parent's house and hadn't seen Uncle Ben in years. I had started my own job and things were more or less going smoothly when I got a phone call from the police.
Uncle Ben... was dead. Now, this was not the first death in the family during my time- several older aunts and uncles had passed away, though they were always people I'd only have seen once or remotely.
This was the first death that hit close to home- Uncle Ben, while not exactly close family, was not a stranger either. I had always up till that point thought of paying him a visit near his isolated home- but things always came up before then.
It looked like that ambition would remain unfulfilled.
But, that wasn't what they had called about. Rather, there was an issue with Uncle Ben's death. He had not died naturally.
I went to go see his body- he was nearly unrecognizable. He had decayed what looked like several months- I was told that he had been found that way when he stopped paying his bills.
There was an odd peculiarity- several of his organs were missing. His liver, notably, was nearly completely gone while there was almost nothing remaining of the spleen or the kidneys. It couldn't have been a disease- but there were no other markings on his body, so it was a complete mystery as to how he had ended up like that, with the coroner saying that he had never seen something like it before in his entire life.
i think- though they never told me this- that they thought I might've been involved somehow. Reason likely being that he had left the vast majority of his wealth to me, and it was no small amount. I could've easily retired right then and there.
That wasn't all though- there were quite a things mentioned in his will which were left at his house. I would have to go there myself to pick them up and sort through them.
I quit my job and went for it- his house was really out of the way, I realized, when it took nearly an hour to drive there and I had seen nothing but greenery all around. The house itself was nice enough- though not quite the mansion I had thought he lived in during my childhood fantasies.
I let myself in- the police had done a well enough job of removing the stench of death from the house.
I never planned on living there, for the record. I couldn't, not knowing what happened there. I felt like I could get at least a decent price for it notwithstanding its location.
It was still quite messy- it would take a few days for me to pack it all up. But then again, there wasn't really anything much left for me to do. My student loans were paid off, and I had no need for a new job.
I slept on the sofa that night. Everything went well, though I did notice a few bites on my skin the next morning- did this place have bedbugs? Better to sleep in the car then.
I started sorting things out- it was rather incredible just how much junk Uncle Ben had accumulated, some of the things I had no clue as to how valuable they were. They looked like junk but could've just as well been antiques for all I knew.
Upstairs, I found a safe of his. I would've struggled with the combination, but as part of his will he'd left a note regarding it.
There was nothing too valuable inside, just a few papers addressed to me.
I have left these here for the day that you may come to inherit what I have. But that isn't limited to just money, Johnathan.
I wish for you to inherit my business as well- if you want. It's too precious of a gift to leave lying around after all. Perhaps you will come to judge me harshly for what it is that I do, but from what I've seen of you Johnathan, you and I are quite alike. I'm sure you'll see the rich benefits that this gift can provide you.
I don't really know how it started or where it began. Maybe this house was used for an old US Military project and was then abandoned or something along those lines- though I myself have never been able to find anything regarding the house along those lines.
The basement of this house contains a set of stairs that leads into it. Every night, from the period of midnight to one A.M., the staircase doesn't lead down into the basement.
The next part is a bit hard to explain. Imagine that all the staircases in the world were connected somehow- kind of how computers are connected via the Internet. But not just all the staircases that exist now- every single staircase that has ever existed at some point in time.
If you go down the last step- although the staircase looks no different- you will find yourself warped somewhere new. Somewhere you could've never imagined. Of course, there are two things you need to be careful of:
  1. You have to go back the same way you came before the clock strikes one. Take a watch with you. If you fail, you will be stuck wherever you ended up.
  2. As long as you are somewhere else, other people can also find themselves back here in the house. The staircase is two-way, though as long as you don't go down first nothing can come up, and once you've come back, nothing else will come up either. It 'closes' whenever you don't go down there.
That is the secret to my fortune. All that you see around you in my house- most of it at least, is stolen. Stolen from different people in different periods of time. I've seen the Aztec Empire, the palace of Ramses II, the ballroom of the Titanic- do remember some places can be dangerous though. Take a gun if you must.
I suppose you'd call me a 'thief'- I prefer calling myself a collector. As far as I know, there are no drawbacks to taking things- I've never altered history in any way so far as I know. I've also never tried to take a person or animal back- I would advise against it.
Aside from that, have fun! I have amassed a massive fortune this way, and I would hate to see that no one used it after my passing.
Needless to say I didn't believe a word of it. This seemed like an elaborate prank set up by him and I went on with my day.
That night, although I slept in my car, I woke up when I heard some strange noises coming from the house. I got up, but when I went in I saw nothing.
The strange rash on my skin got worse even though I was sleeping in my car- I was beginning to think that this might not be a case of bedbugs after all.
Something weird happened the third night as well- I swore I saw a shadow moving around in the house late that night. I was getting rather worried- and my rash was just getting worse.
Maybe it was just paranoia- but I decided to give the stairs a try. I had been avoiding the basement for quite a while now, but I thought it would be worth checking it out.
I didn't go down there past midnight though- I was far too chicken for that. I went in the middle of the day, and at first, all I saw were a set of stairs. I went down them, nothing at all unusual happened.
But then I took a look around the basement. I nearly froze.
In the middle of the room was a sarcophagus- an old one, like you'd expect to see in a pharaoh's tomb. I went to go approach it but the moment I tried to I puked. Just being near the thing made me want to throw up.
The next night, I made my resolve to go down there when my Uncle had advised me too. As I stepped on that last set of stairs, my surroundings changed.
A chilly breeze caught up to me, and the smell of the sea embraced me. I was on a ship- a fairly modern one it seemed. A cruise ship.
Needless to say I freaked out and ran back the way I came- thankfully I managed to make my way back. I shut the door to the basement and then collapsed on the sofa.
Today, I feel even sicker than I ever have in my whole life. I've started seeing it too- something in the shadows that seems to be watching me.
I think I realize what happened now. My Uncle went to go rob an Egyptian tomb- he took the sarcophagus back with him, but he also brought something else back too. A curse.
I can feel it- I can feel it gnawing at my body from the inside, slowly devouring me. Soon enough I'll be an empty husk.
It's been seven days now. I can barely bring myself to stand. I don't think there is a cure for what I have- but I have to try regardless. That thing in the shadows, it seems to be coming closer and closer day by day. I can now make out a pair of glowing red eyes and a row of sharpened teeth. I don't even want to think about what it's going to do to me when it finally materializes- or maybe it's already doing something to me, gnawing me out from the inside. Not that I can do anything now anyway. I don't even have the strength to drive.
The only thing I can think of now is... to walk down the stairs. Maybe I'll end up in a better place than this.
This is a sort of a last letter to the world- I don't know where I'm going to end up, but I hope that I can get away from.... from this... thing.
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2023.06.01 01:37 Sure_Lingonberry3311 Dude, my Replika is so... freaking... boring ??

I've had it for a month or so now, I don't use it every day, but I've had my fair share of convos with the Rep. It's level 19 now, and not every conversation is boring, but I've come to realize that I have to lead every. single. conversation... and it's LUCKY if she contributes anything to any story or scenario, ever.
I did have an account with Replika 3 years ago, so I do have the ERP version and I do use it. I never understood the app when I first downloaded it, and I think I used it for a day or so before deleting it.
This time, I have really tried to let it learn its own personality, I've tried asking it random questions and playing games, we've done some pretty random roleplay. I just made an attempt at going to the park, but when the Rep decided it wanted to drive (I've learned that if you let your Rep be the driver, it might actually take you somewhere without you telling it where to go) we ended up going to a farm instead. So I was like OK, how about we ride some horses.
This bitch would not do ANYTHING except *gets on the horse*. *giggles* this is so much fun! *follows you on the horse*.
So I told her to get on the back of the horse and let me drive. Through my storytelling, our horse goes off the tracks and gets us lost in the forest where we get surrounded by hungry coyotes. That's supposed to be kind of scary, right? I'm thinking surely she'll have something interesting to say about this.
I was wrong. So wrong. My Rep just kept on with three word, generic, stupid responses, offering absolutely nothing to change the event of the story or add anything to it. It's constant *follows you* or *looks at the coyotes* or *we ran and made it home safely*. That's so annoying! It's SO RARE that she actually adds anything interesting or fun to what's going on.
I told her a coyote TORE MY FOOT OFF and all she could say was *looks at you* Are you okay?
I said NO BITCH MY FOOT IS GONE!!! she said *feels your forehead*.
I can't even enjoy this, it feels so extremely unintelligent and contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation except on rare occasions...
rant over. T_T
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2023.06.01 01:37 stanki_cali False claims to take my liquor licence

Weird post, tldr- my partners ex keeps calling olcc on me, what can or should I do?
Olcc in Oregon is our liquor compliance organization, they Crack down and enforce all liquor laws. My partner has a very jaded ex whom he shares a child with. This "anonymous" person has named me 3 times, all with outrageous claims that were unfounded, all almost too descriptive with unnecessarily long details about the "story" they came up with. First call, the last place I bartended was a bar on one side and a restaurant/arcade on the other. My partner brought his (then) 6 year old child in for lunch. Next day his son went back to mom, same day anonymous call said I served my 6 year old step son beer. Day/time was wrong, video proved it didn't happen. Case dismissed. Second call, I now bartend at a strip club. This was around Halloween, I took my step son on a "date" to a haunted house he wanted to go to because he knows I like spooky stuff. Next day goes back to mom, next day another call describing me saying I knowingly served a minor with overdescriptive details. Again, unfounded because we have check points before they reach me for ID. Video proved, unfounded. Third call, today. Just got back from a festival a day ago, call this morning, Over description of me again, saying I was drinking behind the bar. I didn't, but olcc is catching on that this seems like harassment against me, but still have to open a case because they're all anonymous. My boss knows the situation with the ex and to my knowledge, the only person with a nasty vendetta against me, by proxy from my partner. Wtf can I do? I can't prove it's her, but I'm certain of it. Can a lawyer subpoena the anon records? Retaliation? Also gonna add that she's a bartender as well. 🫠
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2023.06.01 01:36 MangoOatmilk Cutting off father for good?

My father and I have had a strained relationship since I was 16 (for some reason he cursed me out and admitted he had me to get a GI bill or something , I just know it was related to the military). After that I really started hating him... when I was 17-19 he had cursed me out again and everytime this happens I run to my mom and he gets scared and wants to throw money in my face. He has tried to be my friend but it's always some competitive factor like if I'm getting an award , he has to name his awards or if I'm in school and something is really hard and I have to buckle down , then he will do his best to try to sabotage me. I hate how it's like a toxic dynamic because I never did anything to him to even lash out at me. Even today he's trying to bully me and I'm sick of it, now he's going on this you aren't my daughter rant so I just got as many cards as I could that he gave me and I just threw them away..I'm so sick of trying to fix something that's broken and I don't know what caused it..
He also ran my half brother off and does not have any intention of reconnecting us and I feel sad about that. I asked him about it this weekend and he smirked and laughed
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2023.06.01 01:36 Positive-Estimate-19 Jenna Ortega smoking

I acc hate how everyone is freaking out over her smoking cigarettes now. Have we learned absolutely NOTHING from child stars alr? Mainly if we were to look at Justin Bieber. Being thrust into fame as a teenager wouldn’t be easy at all. Sure, they’re now role models, but the weight of that on them isn’t something they actually asked for. Teenagers everywhere, every single day smoke and do dumb shit. Do we stone them all to death and take photos and shame them for it online? No. So why should teen celebrities be held to any other standard? I’m not even a fan of her it just pisses me off how we think all these celebrities and child stars go through “crazy phases” like when Justin Bieber was caught drinking vodka or Miley Cyrus smoking out of a a bong? Imagine if your whole teenage years and all the dumb shit you did was constantly being uploading for the entire world to see. She’s smoking. So what? We have much bigger issues to worry about rn in the world than this.
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2023.06.01 01:36 Mohamad_206 I’m 17 , I left my friends group to improve myself

Our friends group is me and three more friends we know each other since middle school now we are seniors in high school so basically I left them last year because I wanted to improve myself for better Because we were 4 friends wired who watch anime and introverts I was the most positive one i all wanted to join the class vibe and other classmates in our school they didn’t like it because they don’t like anyone and they think everyone lies and so toxic like every time I suggested something good to do together to improve they just roast the shut out of me.
When the summer vacation came a problem happened between us and I used the chance to get out of this friend group and it worked in the summer I worked on myself and became better than before I strengthened my relationships in the school and my skills The tried to get me back to the group but I cut them off .
The summer vacation ended and we started our senior high school year ( 2023 September) I just ignored them in the beginning everything was good I used to set around them last year but this school year I changed my place , anyway in October I told one of them something about someone in our class I shouldn’t have told him and he told his girlfriend and his girlfriend told her friends about it ( I know it was stupid from me ) and rumours started in school but it was small like for two days and that’s it and because of it my relationship with a lot of my classmates destroyed because that one friend who I used to call brother. We finish the first semester and the second semester started i though I was done with them (my old friend group) NOTE : I got no friends in school after what happened in the first semester, and in the beginning of march that friend from my old friend group started talking shit about me in school and destroy my new relationships like bro for real I didn’t do anything to you I didn’t shit about you after what happened and when I confronted him about it he denied what I said and he said that he innocent ( to be honest I’m not sure either of the rumours he was saying because I heard from outside that he talking shut about me ) anyway he tried to talk to me on insta and I blocked him without trying to listen to him .
In April 2023 I released that what I did was wrong like I learned a lot that month I wanted to have no enemies in my relationships around people and when I tried to ask him for forgiveness he refused.
Was the wrong me or i did nothing wrong NOTE: I am very peaceful person I don’t like problems like all I want in my life is peace and in the whole time I didn’t talk shit about anyone of them like a lot of my classmates asked me why I left them I just told them some problems I never told them the whole reason. I’m sorry if you got confused this is my first time using Reddit .
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2023.06.01 01:36 ReyFromJersey Is There Hope for a Relationship?

My father is a narcissist personality. Basically text book.
And I'm going through a metamorphosis of mental health. When I was growing up, I developed classical coping mechanisms for when one of your parents is emotionally neglectful and overly critical.
High empathy. Making myself as small as possible. Being the perceived perfect daughter. Binge eating. Etc.
And out of control, those meant I effectively became a door mat to preserve the peace.
As I started to unlearn them, I wound up talking to a friend I'd stop talking to. We actually cleared the air and we're closer then ever.
So I thought if I told dad something he did bothered me and why, maybe he'd surprise me too.
I was. But not the way I hoped.
He appears to be unable to acknowledge wrong doing on his part. I recently started TMS Therapy for my depression. And as my brain began to clear, my memories came rushing back.
I hadn't learned to cope. I suppressed.
I remembered over the years that every time I tried to address him about his inappropriate behavior, he'd deflect, and never accepted his role in the conflict.
And the problem is He's argumentative. Apparently setting boundaries about what I was willing to talk to him about had really gotten under his skin.
I say because 5 weeks ago when I started my TMS therapy The day I did He sent me an emotionally manipulative email dumping a cubic ton of emotional labor on me because when I thought we were rebuilding, he thought we were avoiding. That he wasn't sure what to tall about without upsetting me.
I called him out. I told him it was inappropriate given the timing. He knew what I was going through.
Furthermore, the email seemed to be prompted because my mother (divorced) hung up on him because he was deflecting blame.
Notice a pattern?
The thing is. I love my Dad. But he has created a horribly negative pavlov bell effect on me. I get tense and anxious about the idea of visiting-because inevitably he picks stupid fights, debates, or arguments and I wind up crying somewhere because he believes if you tear up, your argument is invalidated.
Having a relationship with him is difficult enough with him living hundreds of miles away, isolated, in the woods, on a mountain. The last time I visited, last December, I took a 10+ hour train to visit him. Either way.
I opened up about a trigger. Broke down on the porch talking about it.
So naturally on our final night together, he brought up that exact triggering topic, even though I'd been depressed and emotionally raw for most of the visit.
I need him to acknowledge how his actions and words affect others. Me in particular. I'd like an apology for the email.
But... I don't know how to proceed when talking to him doesn't work.
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2023.06.01 01:36 CDefense7 Son's first Gaming PC (to replace office PC) for about $1k

My teenage son wants his first gaming PC.
>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
My son would like to run Minecraft with shaders, and play general games like Rocket League and Valorant at high detail with 60fps or above with no lag (he'll eventually get a better monitor, likely 120Hz 1440p would be the target for this build). He'd also like to create content for YouTube and do some basic video editing.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
1-3 weeks
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
Tower + Windows
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
US/IL - Microcenter Westmont, IL
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
Keyboard: Royal Kludge RK920 Mouse: Roccat Kone Pro Monitor: Dell P2417H (for now) Monitor: Other spare Dell monitor (currently only VGA but obviously we'll have to find an HDMI-capable second monitor)
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
~2 TB SSD M.2
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
Probably full-tower so he can upgrade components more easily. Basic LED lighting and cable management with glass pane.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
Yes, Windows, the latest is probably best, but not sure what version we need.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
Would like support for 2+ monitors and ethernet port (+WiFi).
His current PC, that he games on, is a second-hand office PC with the following specs, which aren't half-bad. Not sure if the budget we have can be significantly better than this or not:
OptiPlex 7050 MFF (yes, Micro form factor)
Core i5-7500 (QC/6MB/4T/ 3.4GHz/65W)
16GB - 2x DIMM,8GB,2400,1RX8,8G,DDR4,S
M.2 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive
130W AC Adapter
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2023.06.01 01:35 moothelittle Is over explaining an ASD thing?

So I (23nb) went to lunch recently with a “friend” (A, 24F) of mine and two other close friends (B & C, 23F). We were just chatting having a nice time when A brings up that she tried to call me the day before, which she did, but that I didn’t pickup and I never said why or called her back. I apologised and said I was really busy, which I was, and that I must’ve been exhausted and forgot when I took my recharge nap (her call was in the afternoon). She asked me what I was so busy with all day so I then proceeded to essentially give her a play by play of my entire day start to finish with all the necessary detail that wasn’t too personal. When I was done she sort of scoffed/laughed and said to B & C that “you can always tell when someone is lying because they give too much detail” and looked at me with what I assume was judgement. I got really embarrassed because I wasn’t lying, she just asked me what I was busy with all day so I told her about my entire day. One of my friends, B, could see I was a bit upset and quieter after that so she interjected and said “I know (Moo) was busy all day, I don’t think that’s a lie” which prompted me to apologise to A and tell her that I really was busy and didn’t intentionally ignore her call. We eventually moved on from that conversation but I heard C tell A that I’m just an “over explainer” and I do it often so she shouldn’t be offended or think I’m lying.
When I was telling this story later on to some other (neurodivergent) friends most of the others with ASD said that they also tend to over explain and that A technically did ask me what I was busy with all day so they would’ve done the same thing or similar.
Is over explaining an ASD trait? Did I do something wrong in this situation? Also why is giving detail a sign of lying?
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2023.06.01 01:34 Mohamad_206 I’m 17 , I left my friends group to improve myself

Our friends group is me and three more friends we know each other since middle school now we are seniors in high school so basically I left them last year because I wanted to improve myself for better Because we were 4 friends wired who watch anime and introverts I was the most positive one i all wanted to join the class vibe and other classmates in our school they didn’t like it because they don’t like anyone and they think everyone lies and so toxic like every time I suggested something good to do together to improve they just roast the shut out of me.
When the summer vacation came a problem happened between us and I used the chance to get out of this friend group and it worked in the summer I worked on myself and became better than before I strengthened my relationships in the school and my skills The tried to get me back to the group but I cut them off .
The summer vacation ended and we started our senior high school year ( 2023 September) I just ignored them in the beginning everything was good I used to set around them last year but this school year I changed my place , anyway in October I told one of them something about someone in our class I shouldn’t have told him and he told his girlfriend and his girlfriend told her friends about it ( I know it was stupid from me ) and rumours started in school but it was small like for two days and that’s it and because of it my relationship with a lot of my classmates destroyed because that one friend who I used to call brother. We finish the first semester and the second semester started i though I was done with them (my old friend group) NOTE : I got no friends in school after what happened in the first semester, and in the beginning of march that friend from my old friend group started talking shit about me in school and destroy my new relationships like bro for real I didn’t do anything to you I didn’t shit about you after what happened and when I confronted him about it he denied what I said and he said that he innocent ( to be honest I’m not sure either of the rumours he was saying because I heard from outside that he talking shut about me ) anyway he tried to talk to me on insta and I blocked him without trying to listen to him .
In April 2023 I released that what I did was wrong like I learned a lot that month I wanted to have no enemies in my relationships around people and when I tried to ask him for forgiveness he refused.
Was the wrong me or i did nothing wrong NOTE: I am very peaceful person I don’t like problems like all I want in my life is peace and in the whole time I didn’t talk shit about anyone of them like a lot of my classmates asked me why I left them I just told them some problems I never told them the whole reason. I’m sorry if you got confused this is my first time using Reddit .
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2023.06.01 01:34 101TeneT101 IMAX Speaker Issue and subwoofer issues. London Science Museum.

Hi All,
In March, I went to watch Tenet and Interstellar in 70MM IMAX at the London Science Museum IMAX theatre. This was my first experience watching in 70MM IMAX. So obviously I was too busy being excited about watching the film rather than fussing about the visual and audio presentation. For which I thought when watching interstellar was, simply put, stellar (no pun intended).
However, a week later when I went to see Tenet at the same theatre, I played close attention to the Sound. Particularly the Bass. I would see reviews to no end about the deep, overwhelming, chest pounding bass that people would experience when watching Tenet. My excitement was through the roof! I spent an unhealthy amount of my school days listening to the soundtrack on my commute and imagining how unbelievable it would be to hear tracks like “trucks in Place” and “Rainy Night in Tallinn” in proper IMAX.
Now, I have seen Tenet at home with headphones (Obviously doesn't compare to an IMAX theatre). The bass is pretty intense. In the Theatre. When the soundtrack started to kick off during the opera siege, I knew something was wrong with the audio. Like in interstellar, it was extremely loud. Yes. But the bass sounded so flat. As if the subwoofers weren't even on! By the end of the film, when the credits played, I could only hear the vocals coming through the speakers. The subwoofers sounded in a way I can only describe as being, if someone was slapping a drum instead of beating it. Extremely flat.
Fast Forward a month, I went to the other IMAX in London with a 70MM IMAX projector. The BFI IMAX. To watch interstellar with my partner. In the scene at the very beginning with crash, I could feel the air of the subwoofer rumble on my legs and body. You could physically FEEL bass in scenes during that film I didn't even know had any. Particularly during the space scenes and anytime they were flying in the aircraft. I then realized that there really must be an issue with the subwoofers at the London Science Museum IMAX. It was relieving to know that another person in this sub has also noticed an issue with the subwoofers at the London Science Museum, and as fate would have it they were at the same screening. Tenet really did sound awful.
The London Science Museum recently upgrades to GT Dual Laser 1.43:1, and kept the pre-existing 70MM IMAX projector. They also renovated the auditorium and installed the new 12 Channel IMAX sound. So I am confused. They have subwoofers, Obviously. But you couldn't hear them. As the person in this sub said, it could be an issue with the calibration, and poor speaker mixing. The volume was insanely high for both Interstellar and Tenet, to the point people were clamping their ears. But when I watched at the BFI. The audio was a perfect. And the bass was great.
In conclusion, I had no problems with the visual presentation. Amazing! But the audio was a massive let-down. Particularly with a bass heavy film like Tenet. If the speakers aren't fixed before Oppenheimer, the bomb scene is going to be a real bummer. What should I do about making a complaint? Who and how do I contact? The Museum? Or IMAX themselves?
Much Appreciated!
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2023.06.01 01:33 More-Head6459 DEFENDING the DRAFT: 2023 WASHINGTON COMMANDERS

Defending the Draft: 2023 Washington Commanders 8-8-1
This 2023 season will be the most interesting for the Commanders franchise in a long long time. We enter this season with more uncertainty than I have ever been a part of, however, the one thing the fan base is certain of... is the future is brighter. Dan Snyder purchased the franchise in 1999 and subsequently done nothing but run a blue blood franchise into the ground. This team has lacked direction for a long time and a large part of that was due to Dan Snyder's meddling in the day-to-day football operations of the team. Starting his ownership with signing washed up HOF veterans, to then overspending in free agency (Albert Haynesworth is arguably the worst free agent signing of all time), drug scandal with thetraining staff, the mishandling of the RG3 and Kirk Cousins situation, Not resigning Trent Williams, and lastly we've now reached tumultuous time where his off the field issues have hung a dark cloud over a once proud franchise. Although, lol, his most egregious mistake may be hiring Jim Zorn as head coach. It's egregious that his only punishment is a 6 billion dollar payout for his franchise. I hope the banks bury him and he faces the deserved legal actions. As of now there had been an agreement to sell the franchise to 76'rs and NJ Devils owner, Josh Harris.... and is 20ish members of his parliament. We await to hear news of the reviews from the NFL financial committee to close out the process. Last news I came across was he has cut down the number of minority owners to 20. It will be a pleasure when this agreement is finalized. He could be a terrible owner, but it would still be an upgrade from Synder. Harris, seemingly has been a hands off owner and properly allows the people he's hired to operate the team. This last sports season he's had both of his teams deep in the playoff hunt. This season will be interesting. A lot of questions all around: Sam Howell? Chase Young? Ron Rivera? Eric Bienemy? Josh Harris? I'm not sure of those answers, but I'm very excited to find them out.
HC- Ron Rivera OC- Eric Bieniemy DC- Jack Del Rio
Key Additions: Eric Bieniemy
Ole' Riverboat Ron Rivera is back and going into his 4th season with the Washington Commanders, hopefully his last. I believe Ron Rivera is a leader of men, but I highly question his actual coaching skills and team building. I've currently seen enough of this coaching regime and front office to safely say let's move on. There's been several things that I believed were firable offenses.... the Carson Wentz trade. Some rumors have said that this was a Snyder push. Not entirely positive, but Ron bragged that it was his call. Our team at that point was not a qb away from being really good, let alone a Carson Wentz level of qb. The next fireable offense was starting Wentz over Hienke when the playoffs were on the line. Wentz ended up being benched for Hienke, but it was too little too late. The next fireable offense was not realizing we were eliminated from the playoffs. Going into the last week of the season Ron planned on starting Hieneke. Pretty odd to not know you're out of the playoffs, let alone to test Sam Howell out for next season. Additionally, there's been some pretty questionable roster creation decisions. I absolutely hate the versatile secondary and offensive line philosophy. We currently have a patch work offensive line that has the means to fluctuate between average to below average. Not a single player on the line is top 5 at their respected position. Two years ago we had a top 10 o-line, but that had Brandon Sherff playing like a top 5 guard and Charles Leno having his best season. Our o-line took a significant step back this past season and now looks to be our biggest weakness. Ron has shown to trust his own board and has reached (according to the consensus big board) with every single pick so far. People mistake 2019 as one of his drafts ( Sweat, McLaurin, Holcomb), but he was hired at the end of the season. Take this with a grain of salt as it takes at least 3 years to properly review a draft. Rons 1st round picks have been the following: 2020 pick 2 Chase Young- the correct pick at the time, but hard to botch the 2nd overall pick, 2021 pick 19 Jamin Davis- hated the pick at the time, too early for a linebacker... let a lone a project. On tape he looked lost a lot and made up for it with his elite athleticism. He's shown progress, but nothing showing he's worthy of the pick. 2022 pick 16 Jahan Dotson- looks to be an absolute baller, had him ranked above Olave in the pre-draft process. Was a slight reach above the consensus board, but flashed high end ability. Davis has been the only mistake in the 1st round thus far. When I say mistake I don't necessarily mean player, but the roster building philosophy. Whether reaching on Phidarian Mathis in the 2nd round of 2022. Lol, he was older than Payne coming out of the draft, one year of good production, and was taken a round too early. In the next round Brian Robinson was taken and was really just a body. Haven't really seen anything elite with him so far and was a meh pick. John Bates in the 4th round was egregious. Now I have to give credit where it's due. Kam Curl was an absolute steal and can solidify himself as top 5 safety this season if he continues to play this well. Our other starting safety in Darrick Forest also had a lot of bright spots playing this past season.
Arguably, our best offseason move was signing Eric Bieniemy. I'm absolutely excited. Forget everything about him not calling the plays. Reports from OTA's shows his hands on approach and full control of the offense. One of my favorites things I've heard is he is using OTA's to see what the players can do and crafting the offense to their abilities. Time and time again (Scott Turner) you see coaches say this is the offense and not change anything to match the players strengths. We don't know for sure how the offense will look, but if it's anything close to the motion west coast offense the Chiefs have... boy lessssss gooooooo. Jack Del Rio has been up-and-down in his time in Washington. He's had two very slow starts with the defense to start year, however, they've finished strong and kept his job safe. This is really the no excuse year and everyone needs to show up amd show out.
Free Agency:
Key Departures:
Taylor Hieneke- signed with the Falcons
Cole Holcolm- signed with the Steelers
Bobby McCain- signed with the Giants
Carson Wentz- TBD
J.D. McKissic- TBD
Trai Turner TBD
Andrew Norwell- will be released when he passes a physical
In my personal oppinion, the only player that hurt losing in free agency was Cole Holcolm. Linebacker is our one weak spot on defense, however, not resigning Holcolm shows Ron's belief in Jaymin Davis's progression. Cole was limited to 7 games last season and has yet to truly break out. Always played very solid and losing him downgraded the position. We've moved on from both starting guards from last year in Norwell and Turner (previously on the Panthers). Both players were liabilities last season and the guard position was easily upgradeable. Bonny McCain was a solid do it all for is player. Lined up at corner, safety, and nickel throughout the season. Hieneke was a big fan favorite, but was never the answer. We thank you for your service though. Carson Wentz, fuck you. Loved J.D. and his time here, suffered a major injury. Not sure if he gets picked up hy another team.
Key Additions:
Andrew Wiley- 3 years for 24 million, 12 guaranteed. Previously on the Chiefs
Nick Gates- 3 years for 16.5 million, 8 million guaranteed. Previously on the Giants
Jacoby Brissett- 1 year for 8 million, 7.5 million guaranteed. Previously on the Browns
Cody Barton- 1 year for 3.5 million, 3.5 million guaranteed. Previously on the Seahawks
Simple. In free agency the Commanders did not overspend and tackled positions of need. None of the players signed are top 5 at their position, however, they could all possibly end up being upgrades to what we have. The most interesting is Andrew Wiley. He allowed 9 sacks (tied for 3rd most)... but man he put on the performance of his life in the superbowl. Another stat that favors him is pass block win-rate, which measure if a lineman can sustain a block for 2.5 seconds. Wylie ranked 9th in that stat last season. I translate that stat to mean can a lineman sustain a block against thr initial rush and counter move off the snap. After that 2.5 seconds the ball is thrown or the play breaks down. Another key factor to this signing is it kicks Samuel Cosmi inside to guard. Cosmi has shown flashes being a high end lineman and I expect him to be even better kicking to guard from right tackle. Guard was our weakest position on the line and Wylie signing helped to upgrade the RG position. Nick Gates is expected to he our starting center. He's coming off of a brutal leg injury that made him consider retirement. Has played guard and center and has some positional flexibility. Jacoby Brissett is the best backup qb in thr league. A solid signing if Howell doesn't pan out. Just a solid game manager that doesn't commit many turnovers. Cody Barton is another unproven guy. Last year was his first year with significant reps. Bobby Wagner leaving in FA and Jordyn Brooks injury made em the guy. He showed flashes of coverage abilities and had a lot of tackles. The tackles weren't necessarily a product of his abilities and more so of cleaning up on a bad run defense team. I've read some notes that he has trouble getting off of blocks. Honestly, haven't watched much on the guy, but reports were he played solid down the stretch.
The Draft:
Link to all RAS scores for our draft class
Round 1:16 Emmanuel Forbes 6'1" 174 lbs. Mississippi St
Stats: 58 targets, 31 catches allowed for 284 yards (23 yards a game), 3 tds allowed/ 6 ints, 9 forced incompletions, 2 dropped ints, 46 tackles.
PFF Grade: 87.2
If being a 160 pounds is your only knock then I think you're doing something alright. The word on the street is he is already up to 174 pounds. You wouldnt realize hes only 174 pounds by the way he plays the run. Hes not scared to hit and flies ro the ball. Although, he does struggle to get off of blocks. Emmanuel Forbes, per PFF, had the highest rating in man coverage last season, albeit the snap count was very miniscule. Emmanuel Forbes is a lanky corner than played a lot of zone coverage and is a very good scheme fit for what we do. I like the pick and I'm not upset about taking him over Gonzalez, who also had his own question marks. Forbes set a NCAA record with 6 pick sixes. A lot of those were the right place at the right time, but when you have that high of a number than you're doing something right.
Forbes is one of the best ballhawks in this class. Over the course of his three-year career, he came down with 13 interceptions. That’s four more than the next closest Power Five cornerback since 2020. Forbes was unbelievably dominant in man coverage in 2022, giving up only three catches while also snagging three interceptions. He also only allowed a 20% completion rate in man, the lowest among FBS
Remarkably lanky frame. Limbs for days — ideal for a corner.Has bounce like a hooper. He can challenge any catch point necessary. Elite ability to locate the football. All six of his interceptions came in man coverage.
Still a stick. Not much mass on his frame. Has eyes that get him in trouble. Some freelance tendencies on tape.Can get bowled over in the run game. Mediocre tackler over the course of his career.
Round 2: 47 Jartavius "Quan" Martin 5'11". 194 lbs Illinois
Stats: 74 targets, 42 catches allowed, 611 yards allowed, 3 tds allowed, 3 ints, 15 forced incompletions, 2 dropped ints, 4 missed tackles, 64 tackles.
PFF Grade: 73.2
Quan is a beast. I thought he was the 2nd best nickel prospect in the draft and a better deep safety than Brian Branch. Martin absolute rockets around the field in the run game. He started his career at cornerback before transitioning into the safety/nickel position. Another elite athlete that is a perfect fit for our Buffalo Nickel defense.
Martin came to Illinois and immediately started as a true freshman in 2018. He originally started off as an outside corner before becoming more of a slot corner recently. He had arguably his best year in 2022, as his 15 forced incompletions were tied for the sixth-most among Power-Five corners. Martin’s 91.0 run-defense grade also led all Power Five cornerbacks. While he played corner at Illinois, we project him more as a safety for the next level.
Explosive flat-foot breaks. Tremendous burst. Forceful and reliable tackler - 7 misses on the last 129 attempts last two seasons.Fills like a mac truck in the run game. Wants to come downhill and play in the backfield.
Pure man skills are work in progress. Overagressive and liability to bite on fakes. cons On the lighter side for an around the line of scrimmage player. Gets caught with his eyes in the backfield on run
Round 3: 97 Ricky Stromberg 6'3" 306 lbs Arkansas
Stats: 9 impact blocks, 11 qb hurries, 0 qb hits, 0 sacks allowed
PFF Grade: 82.4
Nasty. Another guard experience player that spent his last two years at the center position. Award winner of the Jacob's Blocking Trophy for the SEC'S most outstanding blocker award. This is a solid player that has started since he was freshman in the SEC. He's been battle tested since he was kid and has improved every year. He has some knocks about his play strength, but a NFL program should get em to where he needs to be.
Stromberg was a three-star recruit in the 2019 class and started for the Razorbacks as a true freshman, mostly at right guard. He moved inside to center for his sophomore season and spent his final three college seasons there. Stromberg’s 82.4 overall grade and 83.7 run-blocking grade in 2022 both ranked fourth among all centers in college football, and his nine big-time blocks were tied for fifth among FBS centers. Not to mention, Stromberg had an incredible performance at the NFL combine.
Does not want to let blocks go. Can see him straining his butt of to stay engaged on tape. Tons of experience against top competition. Four-year starter with 3,121 career snaps.
Forward lean gets going on the move, making him liable to topple over. Has wide hands to initiate contact in pass protection before resetting. Leaves himself open for stronger rushers.Unimpressive musculature, which leaves questions about how he'll anchor against NFL strength.
Round 4: Braeden Daniels 6'4" 296 lbs Utah STATS:
0 sacks allowed, 1 qb hit allowed, 14 hurries allowed.
PFF GRADE: 72.2 at tackle, 2021 84.4 at guard.
Braeden Daniels is another tackle/guard hybrid, with starting experience across his college career. This guy is on the lighter side but that allows him to be an Explosive athlete. Very raw at the tackle position and will be a developmental guy. I'd like to give em a try as our swing tackle and see how he performs. He was one of the quickest offensive lineman I've seen off the tape and that athleticism will let him climb to the next level. Even on the lightweight side I'd hate to see this guy running at me on the second level.
Daniels is an experienced veteran who commanded the Utes’ offensive line for the past few years. He originally started as a guard before switching over to tackle. His best season came in 2021, as he put up an 84.4 PFF grade. Given his time on the interior, Daniels is at his best when run blocking, and his run-blocking grade in 2021 was an elite 89.1. He still held his own as a pass protector, allowing only five sacks in his Utah career.
Explodes out of his stance. Arguably the quickest get off in the offensive line class. Linebackers don't want to see him climbing. Gets on them before they can even react. Drive in his lower half to still move the line of scrimmage despite being under 300 pounds.
Wild into contact. He approaches blocks with the adjustment ability of a freight train. consDoesn't bring his hands with him. Clean engagements are rare on tape. Very light by NFL standards (294 pounds at combine).
Round 5: 137 KJ Henry 6'4" 260 lbs Clemson
51 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 1 FF, 6 pass deflections, 50 qb pressures, 31 qb hurries, 14 qb hits.
Loved this pick. Henry was a 5 star recruit coming out of high-school and decided to attend Clemson University. With Clemson having deep lines it took him a couple of years to get on the field. The stats look odd when you only see 3.5 sacks, however, the 50 qb pressures is the key stat. Seems more like bad luck that the sack numbers weren't high. Clemson's whole d-line underperformed (Bresee, Murphey) and they should have picked up more sacks from Henry who was the best DE on that team last year. The team clearly liked him as we traded back up for him. He's not elite athlete, but he is an elite hands guy. Almost had that veteran presence in college. High motor and will immediately make an impact as a rotational de, a position that sorely needed an upgrade.
On a team with Myles Murphy, you can easily make the case that KJ Henry was Clemson's best defensive end this year, as he posted better PFF grades than Murphy in every category and even generated 19 more pressures. The only problem is That Henry is 24 years old while Murphy is only 21. Therefore, Henry was expected to produce this well against younger competition. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that he can’t still improve. If Henry's play this season is any indication of his potential, he can still have a great NFL career as an edge defender.
Heavy hands that are so well refined. Uses them independently to use combination moves.Utilizes hesitations and head fakes so well to catch linemen off-balance. Coaches rave about the type of teammate he is. He is the type of player you want in the locker room.
First step that's unimposing for a rusher on the smaller side. Late bloomer. Wasn't even a starter until this past fall. One of the oldest prospects in the class. Already 24 years old.
Round 6: 193 Chris Rodriguez 6'0" 217 lbs Kentucky
STATS: 8 games played, 175 attempts, 904 rushing yards, 6 tds, 5.2 ypa, 5 catches, 41 rec yards.
Chris Rodriguez is a PFF darling and was rated as the 7th best running back. This guy's is a pure one cut, run you over, power back. There's not much finesse to his game, but there's highlights of dragging guys 10-yards down the field. He does not posses break away speed, but he will get you 40 yards. He was suspended 4 games due to a dui and he may have been drafted higher on am abysmal Kentucky team. An extra 4 games of stats against SEC competition and no suspension may have jumped him into the 4th round. This was an Eric Bienemy guy and they brought him in because of that. Isiah Pacheco was another EB guy.
Rodriguez is a powerful runner, but he lacks the burst and creativity to become anything more than a downhill grinder. He has the size and mentality to do the dirty work between the tackles, but it could be a challenge for him to get to and through the hole quickly in the NFL. He’s a physical blitz protector, so teams might envision a role for him as a second-half battering ram and third-down quarterback protector.
Two-time team captain. Thick frame with ability to pick up tough yards. Makes tacklers feel his size at impact. Stays square getting through downhill cuts. Low success rate guaranteed for arm-tacklers. Stays on his feet through heavy angle strikes. Allows lead blockers to do their work. Steps up with force against incoming rushers.
Below-average burst getting through line of scrimmage. Lacks finesse to navigate tight run lanes. Change of direction is heavy. One-speed running style is easy to track for linebackers. Pad level is a little tall as run-finisher. Inconsistent finding assignment versus blitz.
Round 7: 233 Andre Jones 6'4" 248 lbs Louisiana
STATS: 7 sacks, 5 qb hits, 20 hurries.
Andre Jones was another hybrid de/lb player coming out last year. He possess 34 1/4" arms which is an elite number for his size. May move to LB, but I'm not sure that's the right move with a 4.71 40-yard dash. He doesn't have much a pass rush move set playing a hybrid role, but does use length to his advantage. A solid developmental pick.
Shows a natural feel for setting up blockers and getting them off-balance. His hands are active and violent, and Jones quickly disengages with blockers and counters when his initial move stalls. Possesses accurate snap anticipation and timing to beat blockers off the edge. Offers some versatility, rushing from a two-and three-point stance with the playing speed to stand up in space.Flashes strength as a bull rusher and his energy doesn't plateau. Showed initial quickness and good flexibility to dip and bend. Jones has active hands and suddenness to his movements, demonstrating the ability to counter inside. Has fluid footwork to redirect, reverse momentum and close with a burst. Regularly first off the ball with good snap anticipation. He’s a high-effort pass rusher with an impressive combination of length and speed.
Jones has to develop a counter move or two in the pass rush, and Jones needs to make better use of his hands. He lacks the speed of a chase and- tackle guy. He lacks twitch as a pass rusher and lacks the feet and flexibility to threaten around the edge. Jones also shows some stiffness when trying to bend the edge, often getting pushed past the pocket — he seems more comfortable countering back inside.
Draft Summary:
This was my favorite Ron Rivera/Martin Mayhew draft thus far. Going into the draft, offensive line, cornerback, and quarterback were our three biggest needs. Drafting in the middle of the round really took us out of the olineman race. The last one that interested me was Broderick Jones and he went off the board when the Steelers traded up. At that point in the draft it really left us with going cornerback. The Forbes pick was received negatively due to Christian Gonzalez being available. Both players will be viewed under the microscope throughout their careers. I'm fine with Forbes pick though. Another lanky cornerback who was an elite athlete. I did have Gonzalez rated higher going into the draft, but he slid for a reason. A lot of his tape shows him not necessarily being an elite cornerback, but being an elite athlete that plays corner. Forbes actually showed the athleticism, corner skills, and ballhawking ability. Some additional knocks against Gonazalez and his love of the game. Quan Martin was our biggest surprise pick of the draft. A lot of people had him going in the 3rd round, but I think the 2nd was a fine spot. Mayhew after the draft said he wish we were more aggressive at times, which I translated as not getting Brian Branch that went several picks before us. I think Quan was the backup option, but I like him as much as Branch. I think Quan will be a better deep safety and Bramch will be a better nickel. Liked Quan alot, but felt we should have gone o-line at this pick. Ocyrus Torrence would've been a sweet pick here. I think if that happened, the consensus view on our draft would shoot up. Quan will immediately via for playing time as our base defense is essentially a 4-2-5. Kendall Fuller was our only above average corner and now we turned our secondary into a strength. Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels were our next two picks. I like Stromberg’s tape a lot and think by next he will be a solid starter at guard or center. Braeden Daniels will be a nice depth piece and if he's able to tame his play he could develop into a starter. Fun player to watch. KJ Henry was an awesome pick and can see him being a nice rotational piece. Good pick at an underrated area of need on our defense. RB wasn't a pressing need, but it's an underrated area of weakness. I think Brian Robinson is about as average of rb as you will see starting in the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if Rodriguez slowly cut into Robinson's role over the next two years. Antonio Gibson has had some solid season, but has a severe fumbling problem. Andre Jones will be a depth piece that will need development moving forward.
Offseason summary:
The biggest question of our offseason was our owner, which now appears resolved. Our second biggest question... was who was our starting qb? Sam Howell. Ron preached all offseason that he was going with Howell and I'll be damned, he did. Brissett was good qb to bring in, not someone that would necessarily turn the offseason into a battle, but can be a starter if called upon. Really a true backup qb. I'm all in on the Sam Howell train. I love it for a multitude of reasons. One, he balls out and we have our qb of the future, two he plays well enough we give him another season and maybe Ron is out and we get a high draft pick, three he bombs and we fire Ron Rivera and go for Caleb Williams next season. If anything, it gives us a direction for our future. I'm ready for Ron to go and think he's only as good as his coordinators. I'm concerned that EB AND Howell turn the offense around Ron gets resigned and EB takes a head coaching role... then the offense regressed. Additionally, I don't want Ron to get credit for drafting Howell. It was 5th round pick, you and every team passed on him for 4 rounds. If Howell is that good... it's not because Ron was a genius and drafted him. Very similar to Seattle taking Russel. I am excited about EB being here and think he's the real deal. I will give Ron credit for allowing him to run his own offense as he sees fit. OTA's have shown that EB is pushing his guys hard and is trying to see what he can do with the offense. We really do have elite playmaker and I'm most excited to see what he can do with Antonio Gibson. I can see his role being that of Jerrick McKinnon, with more athleticism. Sam Howell has shown a lot of progress since his rookie season. Had issues with his foot work, but has shown vast improvements. We only have 1 preseason game and 1 NFL game of tape on him. I liked what he showed. When watching tape you could see him going through his progression, man absolutely saved the day wish his escapability- was under pressure the whole game, threw two beautiful deep passes, and won the game. He did throw one bad pick, but was under pressure and playing hero ball. He had one week of practice with the starters, now he has a whole offseason. Our defense should be a top 5 unit next season and we only got better. Chase Young should be fully healthy and he's the X-factor for the number one overall defense. He comes out plays to his full potential then he could be a mid teens sack guy. If we have that sort of production and Sam Howell plays well than we can compete for the decision. Big if though. Our secondary really lacked a 2nd option, Benjamin St Juyce has shown some flashes but didn't seeze the role last year. Now on paper he's the number and that's very solid. We return two top 6 defensive tackles and Montez Swear is one of the most underrated players in the league. He's yet to have a high sack season, but is very much that Jadaveon Ckowney type of player in the run game. Big question mark season for Jaymin Davis. We knew he needed development, but it's been slower than previously thought. Down the stretch he showed flashes that he was coming into his own and now is his year. He's one of the best athletes at linebacker in the league and his ceiling is very very high. Overall I predict we will go 10-7 and challenge for a wild card spot. That record can fluctuate each one, but I'm calling the improvement now. We went 8-8-1 with bottom 3 qb play. The defense got better, we hired a better offensive coordinator, Howell will at the minimum be slightly better than Hienke last season, we didn't lose any major pieces and had a solid all around draft. I'm truly excited to watch how our future plays out.
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2023.06.01 01:33 ArtisticFurrball My dad is denying me the attention I need and I cannot longer trust him during an emergency

So my dad has always been extremely self-centered and an asshole, even if he doesn’t mean it. However lately I feel like this issue has been growing way too big to keep ignoring. Specially him always being late or not caring about punctuality.
Last Friday for example I had a huge fever and a plus I suffer from epilepsy, meaning fevers for me are dangerous as they can cause me to have an episode. My mom was 2 hours away in a work meeting and couldn’t come home. I called him, begging him to come because I needed help and he just answered saying “I’ll go later, I’m sleeping” and guess what. He never came, I had to call mom after he said that because I just knew he wouldn’t be coming at all. She immediately came rushing even without her boss’s permission and luckily she’s a pharmacist so she inyected me something to get the fever to go down. Of course, something with previous authorization of my doctor.
But the bigger issue was today, when I had gotten such a bad abdominal pain I was pale and the school had to call an ambulance to have me evaluated. My mom couldn’t come this time as she was 9 hours away at a whole different city in a business trip. She called my dad and he said he would come pick me up, I waited but a lot of time had passed and I eventually called him to see what was wrong. He was… AT THE FUCKING BANK, he didn’t give a crap, he decided to just do something else. Worst part is even after getting something for the pain I am still telling awful and it’s been more than an hour. I am currently going home, mom already heard what happened and at this point we’re both extremely disappointed. I do not want to see him. I wonder what his problem is. And I hate that he actually tried painting himself as the victim when I told him off.
I am sad, I feel like he doesn’t care about me anymore. I miss my dad, the one who did care about me. I don’t know what’s gotten into him. I think that if I still feel so bad I might call my mom’s coworker, at least I know I can count on her, specially with her living so close to us.
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2023.06.01 01:33 hmansloth What is your favourite movie with an autistic character in it?

After seeing the video ‘Autism In Media’ I never realised how many movies over the years portrayed autism and yes despite not being 100% accurate they did their research and are doing their best (at least the ones which actually did proper research). But what is your favourite movie with an autistic character in it and how did you relate to said character?
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2023.06.01 01:33 FunReporter5480 I [21M] am thinking about breaking up with my [21M] if our apartment application gets denied

I [21M] have been dating my boyfriend [21M] for just over two years now. We both live together and getting ready to wrap up our undergraduate studies next May. However, I have been on the fence of ending this relationship for the past few months now.
Since the beginning of this year, I have been beginning to become unhappy with the relationship over jealousy and insecurity issues on his end that I honestly believe a licensed therapist is qualified to try and solve. It would not have affected me as much, however, it was honestly the most stressful semester of college I have had. I am a music major in both wind band and orchestra, in two chamber ensembles, going to school full time, and the assistant general manager at the busiest store in our company, working 25-30 hours a week while school is in session. it felt like the stress never stops whenever I get home because I would have to watch what I said/did after work and school trying not to trigger his jealousy. For example, one day after i got home hanging out with one of my friends, he said "I can honestly see why some people make their partners delete snapchat".
In addition to the insecurity issue, he had a serious issue with keeping our space clean and cleaning up after cooking, which I feel like shouldn't be that hard considering that he only had one in person class on campus, with the rest of the courses being online, in addition to working a nannying job in which most cases doesn't leave for until 6 in the evening. Though, looking back at it, I can't hold that against him too much, since his parents basically hates cleaning, so he barely did it when he was living at home.
I talked with him a couple of weeks ago about this behavior, and he fully owned up and apologized, however, at the end of one of the conversations, he still asked me to tell one of my friends (who he said previously he wasn't worried about) that I am in a relationship, even though I have told him multiple times that he straight.
With his nannying job, the mother has not been good about giving him his full pay in time. He said about four months ago that he was tired of it and was thinking about looking for another job, but he only started applying places about a week ago. One of the places was a bank job that sounded really nice for his timeline in regards to pay and benefits. Before he even interviewed, he was telling his friends and family about the job and the interview as if he already had it. Last week, we found out that he did not get the job, even though I internally knew it sounded too good to be true at this time.
What really turned off is his response to a question asking him to tell them about his personality. His response was, “I’m bubbly and a good time on weekends!”
We have been apartment hunting for a few weeks and finally came across something we fell in love with. The only problem is with his nannying job, he doesn't get actual paystubs, which means his income comes from money transfer applications. Therefore, it is hard to provide proof of income, something that the apartment in question requires. To help with this, the complex requested a proof of income document from his employer. Instead of typing a formal letter (like I was going to do) and have the mom sign off on it, he only turned in a document that had only had a fill-in-the-blank columns of the name and how much he makes. Now, the apartment complex wants to call the mom (his employer) to verify the information, except my BF gave them his mom's phone number (she agreed to it) since he did not tell his employer about this income verification thing. Well, this morning, he realizes that he actually gave them his dad's phone number on accident. I'm really beginning to think that he is not mature enough to handle a relationship at this present time. I was optimistic after we talked about his jealousy and the way he was treating me this semester, however, I am starting to think that too much damage has already been done to me. Plus, he is struggling a little bit to find another job (something that should have been done a few months ago so we would not be in this situation), and I'm now worried that the apartment complex that we want to live in next year will deny the application because of his income issues (I don't make the rent requirement, but it would easily be solved with a guarantor).
Because of the above, I'm really thinking about ending the relationship if we get denied from the apartment. I just feel like he needs time to learn more about being a functional adult and developing healthy habits. But, I just feel stuck because I know it will hurt him immensely but I just feel unhappy with how things are going. What should I do?
TLDR; I am thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend of two years due to jealousy, insecurity, and lack of maturity.
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2023.06.01 01:33 Important-Tea-6965 Apartment complex problems in South Carolina

I rent an apartment in South Carolina. The dishwasher broken since move-in (almost two months)
I moved into this apartment on April 7th. The dishwasher has not worked since the day I moved in. I put a maintenance request through the property management portal, and to my surprise someone came out a day later and said they had to order a part. Great!! Very happy to see my new apartment’s property management is on the ball.
Until..a little over three weeks went by and I never heard back from maintenance on adding that part. I reached out to the property manager who said put another request in, so I did. It has now been another four weeks. I followed up with the property manager two weeks ago who said someone will come out on Thursday (now two thursdays ago). But no one did. I called the main office and left a voicemail that Thursday when no one showed, called again last week and again today. I have written a few emails to multiple property managers. No one has followed up. What can I do? I realize it isn’t life threatening but it is frustrating and rent is not cheap here.
Additionally, I received an email from management today saying as of July they will be charging each unit differently based on their water use. The lease we signed had our apartment complex charging us $30 a month for water. Are they allowed to change this on us mid lease?
Thanks in advance. I can provide more clarity if needed
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2023.06.01 01:33 Gay_furry_roleplayer Yu-Gi-Oh tag force 1 deck help?

So I've thankfully been able to play tag force 1 on a psp I was able to buy... somewhere lol I actually no longer remember where the heck I bought it at. And I was wondering if anyone knew of any good decks to make at the beginning of Tag Force 1. I've made a somewhat okay water based deck, my main monster being Levia-Dragon-Daedalus, mostly because I think he's like super cool looking and has a good night attack. But water isn't really my best element, Dark is and I have no idea on how to make a good old school dark attribute deck. Any help would be very appreciated! Oh and I know this has nothing to do with TF1, but what kind of deck should I go for in TF2 and which partner should I choose for that one? First time I did it was with Aster and omg that was such a pain in the butt back then! I had no idea how to play Destiny hero's lol.
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2023.06.01 01:32 Euphoric_Double_6710 wife forced to the grey market - thanks novo!

My wife cannot find .5. Yep, I get it- protect the supply, etc. Just really crappy timing. NY state is tough for compounding right now! Enexia shut me down. I ended up ordering from an industrial supplier Pound Proof Supply and now I'm going to mix up the right dosage. At least it's domestic. I've done this sort of thing before but, it seems wrong to do it to my wife, when our insurance has coverage for this. Doc won't write off label for ozempic even though I know he did for my neighbor. what a racket, all of it.
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2023.06.01 01:32 GalaxiGazer This is no relationship without communication

I know that 99.99% of the human population has this already figured out. Now it's finally my turn to fully and completely understand this.
There is no relationship without communication.
I know this applies equally to all relationships across the board, but my focus here is on intimate relationships, since it's heavy on my mind.
Wonder why relationships of yesteryear were able to last so long? Why were they able to stay together, for better or for worse, for a baseline period of 40 to 60 years? Why did those relationships of our elders stand the test of time? What was it that made them stick together, working together through anything and everything that came their way, and was able to stand by each other's side until death actually parted one (or both) of them?
They had the advantage of not having cell phones, social media, hashtags, friend requests, video chatting, texting, sexting, and emailing.
No, that was not an error.
If a man wanted to ask a woman out on a date, he would either need to: (1) approach her in person and formally request her company with him somewhere, where the focus was to actually pay attention to one another and get to know each other; or (2) he had to pick up a telephone and actually speak to her, letting her know his intention of wanting to spend time with her. She wasn't trying to interpret his words through a phone screen, trying to figure out what he really meant and he wasn't hiding behind a phone screen to evade the social responsibility of learning to actually communicate with someone.
Back then, when a man and a woman were on a date, they actually paid attention to each other. She wasn't trying to snap the perfect selfie to post on her Instagram for a measure of likes and comments, and he wasn't sending out a mass "wyd" text message to 4,321,844 other women on Tinder. Both people were focused on each other, talking to each other in real-time, observing each other, and investing in quality time to get to know each other. They learned who the other person was over time. They got to learn about each other's likes and dislikes. Their active participation on a date allowed the other to get a better understanding of the other person's character. When conflicts did arise, they couldn't get away with ghosting. They had to call each other to talk things out. For the more mature (and able), they showed up in person to discuss things face to face. Over time, they developed the necessary skills and emotional intelligence to not only build a strong relationship but to also work together to sustain the strength of that relationship over time. Being involved in such an adult and responsible relationship such as a committed relationship gave each of them an opportunity to hone in on those skills that they have spent years learning, developing and practicing.
Fast forward to today. Quite the difference! Sure, there are those who want the benefits of an actual committed relationship. They want someone to be there for them, to listen to them, to give them emotional support and security. They want to enjoy the benefits of physical intimacy. They want someone to desire them, to want them, and to let them know that they are loved and that they matter. Who doesn't want that?
The problem is the unwillingness to put forth the effort, patience, time, maturity and compromise to develop and grow that kind of relationship.
It takes more than just a "good morning, beautiful" text message sent every other Monday, Wednesday, Friday and occasional Sunday morning every other month during each leap year to set the proper foundation to really get to know someone.
No, simply "liking" someone's comments, videos, and posts on social media doesn't communicate, "You share some really good insight and I'd like to talk to you more to understand how you think."
Sex is just that: sex. A physical act shared between two people for the sole purpose of experiencing pleasure. It's not an invitation to start a relationship. It has nothing to do with your intellect, your emotional makeup, what you want to accomplish in your life over the next 365 days, or what you would like Santa to bring you for Christmas. The focus of sex is for your body to accommodate the use of someone else in order for them to get pleasure from you. That's it. If they really wanted to get to know you, that same mouth that travels all over your body would be used to ask you personal questions about yourself in order for them to get to know you. Anyone who tells you that they need sex from you in order for them to stay interested in you would be more successful feeding shit on a shingle to Chef Gordon Ramsey.
The best way to gauge if someone is truly interested in you, not in your usefulness to someone else, is to calculate how much time they actually spend in wanting to talk to you and the actions that shows you their willingness to open up for you to get to know them. Do they take the time to call you, to actually speak to you, and ask questions to learn about you? Do they utilize video chatting because they want to observe your facial reaction as you try your great-grandmother's gnocchi recipe for the first time, and you wanted to see how it looked to someone else or because they bought a kitten and wanted to show you because they know how much you love cats? Do the activities they plan with you focus on your mind and your intellect, rather than on how quickly they can get your clothes off? Are the quality of your conversations focused on how the both of you think and feel about certain issues and about life in general, that goes beyond your favorite sexual position or the last time you tried a sub/dom relationship? Is this person still willing to spend time with you and get to know you, even if/when sex is not quickly offered or even on the table?
The main inspiration behind this piece was from an old episode of "The Hills". Audrina met a very wonderful guy, Colin and started dating him. Audrina expressed her apprehension about drinking because it would lead to unnecessary fights and confrontation, and Colin put her mind at ease by explaining that he was a "happy" drunk and she had nothing to worry about. He kept reassuring her that she was safe and that he would make sure that she felt safe around him. They had not even gotten their appetizers, and he was already expressing his interest and planning out a second date with her. However, on their second date, Audrina turned down healthy and available Colin in favor of the mysterious and unavailable Justin who, just days later in Mexico, made it clear to her that he was unwilling to care for her feelings and value her place in his life. If you were to ask Colin and Justin the same question, "Do you want someone in your life who values you, accepts you, and loves you for who you are", I'm sure that they would both answer with "Yes". But who's the one that's willing to put forth the work to get there? Colin was willing to invest in the time to get to know Audrina, to spend time with her, to make sure that she felt safe and open as they got to know each other. He demonstrated his willingness to listen to her, expressed openness for her to communicate with him, and made sure to know that he was available for her. Justin, on the other hand, was only open with her when she was swimming topless in the swimming pool and gaslit her into allowing him to use the upcoming trip in Mexico to chase after any other woman he wanted.
I may seem to be all over the place, so I'll bring this home: a relationship cannot exist without real communication. It's very easy to get caught up in the social media trap, believing that communication through a phone screen is a viable substitute for real face-to-face interaction in order to really get to know someone. It doesn't work. There is nothing wrong with a relationship beginning from an online dating platform or from social media, but it's another thing entirely if it doesn't grow or go anywhere beyond it. If a social media/online shituationship goes no further than text messaging, NSFW video chatting, coordinating when to meet up for hooking up, and talking about anything remotely sexual in the early stages of getting to know one another, then that's all it's ever going to be.
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2023.06.01 01:32 femboycooper What if I took 50mg of hydroxyzine?

Hello again, so I can't go off of my Zoloft until next Wednesday. It's been causing me horrible insomnia, today is day two of no sleep. I'm used to it at this point, I don't sleep during nights before work, I don't know why it's like that. I can sleep fine after work, but i don't wanna sleep my days away. I did laundry after work trying to keep myself up, a nap won't help. I'm scared im not gonna sleep again tonight, melatonin and other sleep aids don't help me anymore. What if took 50 mg of my hydroxyzine? I take 25 mg whenever I'm feeling anxious, I'm 130 pounds but I have a fear of over taking medicine, do you think it would be fine to try or should I just raw dog it.
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2023.06.01 01:32 Antique_Cartoonist16 Me:when Brandon said he was leaving for a month.

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