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Requesting alpha readers

2023.06.01 01:28 rodog22 Requesting alpha readers

Is anyone interested in critiquing the first chapter of my planned cultivation fantasy series. Sort of an alpha reader? it's less than 1800 words. I want to get several people's opinions of my prose before I write more chapters.
“I can’t wait to eat it.” Gong Li salivated over his next meal. Which was unfortunate, on account of the fact that it wasn’t dead yet.
Over 30 paces away from where he hid was a gnarlwood elk, its hind quarters marked by significant scarring that almost resembled burn marks. Presumably from a recent run in with a predator.
The gnarlwood elk was a truly majestic spirit beast that naturally cultivated the aspect of wood. And as was typically the case for spirit beasts, the path of its cultivation expressed itself in its unique physiology. The creature’s skin was the color of smooth, deep brown bark. It had fur like a normal elk, but it was green and looked more like moss that covered little of the lower half of the beast’s body. The elk sported massive antlers that more closely resembled gnarled tree branches, hence its namesake, with large flower buds growing out from it. Those flower buds were more than mere decoration, however. When opened, they would produce a pollen like substance. When exposed to it, a potential predator would experience severe irritation in its eyes and respiratory system. Also, the beast was about the size of a draft horse.
Li licked his lips in anticipation. “Mhm wood chi infused venison. My meat and veggies all in one bite.”
The Gnarlwood Elk stood cautiously in a clearing in the forest. It drank from a nearby brook, occasionally scanning the area for any signs of predators.
But Gong Li’s next meal wouldn’t find him. He had been on hunts before, but this was the first time he was permitted to join in on the hunt of a spirit beast. Such a thing would normally be too dangerous for someone of his cultivation and he was not expected to take part in the hunt itself. But the important thing was that the spirit beast didn’t notice him. This was an opportunity for Li to demonstrate his ability to suppress his spiritual power. What little he had as a mortal realm cultivator, anyway. Failing to do so might cost him and others their lives the elders of his clan told him. So he was sent on this hunt alongside his cousin Gong Fang and his team of beast hunters to prove his worth.
“Ready”, whispered the man himself in the bushes on Gong Li’s left. Gong Fang sported wild, spiky black hair that shimmered in the noonday sun with oil. His lean corded muscles clearly visible, as he wasn’t wearing a shirt. They bulged as if ready to rip out of his skin as he prepared himself for the hunt.
“Ready,” To Gong Fang’s own left was a woman. Gong Yue was built tall but slender. She shared the tanned complexion that most of the Gong Clan sported, which contrasted nicely with her short, silver hair. After a brief flash of light surrounded her uplifted hands, a wooden bow with a dark blue stone above the grip appeared in her grasp.
“Fire,” Gong Fang catapulted himself out of his hiding spot and into the clearing keeping up a storm of dirt and grass as he went. Gong Yue summoned an updraft, allowing her to take flight and break off small tree branches. As she knocked her arrow, the dark blue stone socketed into her bow’s limbs glowed with sparks of lightning inside. The sparks made their way to the bow proper, and Gong Li could smell the faint hint of ozone in the air.
The beast immediately knew something was wrong, but it was too late. Just as the gnarlwood elk popped its head back up, the arrow struck its neck. The beast reeled.
Gong Fang continued his charge, summoning a massive curved cleaver from his storage ring.
Gong Li watched as the beast struggled to get back on its feet, but the electrical current from the arrow had overloaded its nervous system. It violently flung mud into the air as Gong Yue fired another arrow into its flank.
As he closed in Gong Fang launched himself over ten paces into the air. He came down on the creature’s neck hard; The weight of the sword, his body and his technique. Together they easily cleaved through the base of the creature's neck. Gore sputtered out from the elk’s body and onto Fang but he jumped away from his fallen prey before the flower buds on the antlers blossomed. The beauty of the vibrant yellow petals were marred by the red gore that now covered them.
Fang was grinning. Grinning with the mischievous glee like a kid in an abandoned candy shop.
“Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.” Fang triumphed over his kill. His enthusiasm was contagious. Li couldn’t help but cheer as well, despite the gory scene.
As Li and Yue caught up to Fang, Yue generated a current of air around them. The current, shaped like a dome, would keep the pollen from the flowers from getting to them.
Fang looked down at Li was a few finger widths shorter. “so little cousin tell me what you think of our technique?”
“Your methods are solid. Yue using lightning to paralyze the target, which gives you time to close the distance and quickly deliver a killing blow. I initially wondered why you use a cleaver instead of a spear as a melee hunting weapon, but now I see the logic of it. Cooks typically use cleavers to cut through bone and thick meat. However, a cleaver style sword can also be an effective way of killing an enemy quickly if you have the strength and precision to wield it. If you attempted to pierce the large Grade 2 beast’s neck with a spear and raw strength alone, it wouldn’t have guaranteed a kill. Given the strong hide and healing factor of the target. But by using force chi, you can apply greater kinetic energy and wield a heavier weapon.”
Fang grinned and looked towards Yue. “Told you he was a smart one.”
“Do you use this strategy against all your targets?” Li asked.
“No. Different prey calls for different methods. Although this is the strategy we use most often. We specialize in hunting large herbivores. That’s what sells the best prices on the market, anyway. They’re also the main course for the most profitable dishes of the clan owned restaurant. Also you’d be amazed what a pair of testicles from just about any large spirit beast would go for.
Li raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Spirit beast testicles?”
Yue interjected. “Many people think the testicles of large spirit beasts make for a potent aphrodisiac and may even increase fertility. There’s not much evidence to support the claim, but who am I to deny a fool so eager to part with his money?”
Fang barked a laugh. “Especially if it’s lining my pockets, eh.”
“We should get moving now,” Yue started scanning the area. “The scars on the elk may look old, but wood aspected beasts have an especially efficient healing factor. The creature that gave it those wounds could be nearby.
“Alright then, just give me five minutes to clean my sword and wash the blood off in the brook.
As Fang made his way to the brook Li turned towards Yue. “I was wondering, cousin Yue. Why use a bow with a lightning aspected beast core instead of cultivating it yourself? It would seem like the perfect fit to supplement your wind path.”
Yue shook her head, “Well, for one, the lightning aspect is hard on the body. It’s one of the most difficult aspects to cultivate.”
“No offense, but you don’t cross me as the type who would fear a little hard work.”
“No I’m not. But…” Yue trailed off.
“Funds. Right?
Yue gave Fang a regrettable expression. “Lightning is also one of the rarer aspects out there. To learn to adapt to cycling it through my meridians, any large quantity would require me to go through several Grade 2 beast cores. The clan simply doesn’t have those kinds of resources anymore. Our current situation is the reason why the elders requested we take you on this hunt with us. While your own path was designed for smithing the metal and fire aspect have obvious combat applications. They want as many of us prepared to defend the clan as possible. Should our enemies decide to take advantage of our weakness and hasten the clan’s fall.
As Li contemplated the clan’s current predicament, he found himself suddenly slapped with a torrent of water. After recovering from the initial shock, Li looked in Fang’s general direction. And there he was beaming with satisfaction in the brook over 10 paces away, sword in hand.
“You bastard.” Yue screamed.
Fang simply laughed and pulled back his weapon. He dipped the bulk of the cleaver in the water and made a sweeping motion back towards Li and Yue creating another wave of water. The water was accelerated to deceptively high velocities due to his application of force chi to enhance the swing. Yue was ready for him this time however. She generated a wall of wind chi that redirected the wave of water back at Fang. The combined force of the water and Yue’s wind technique knocked Fang off his feet submerging him in the brook’s shallow waters.
Yue laughed.
Li flicked off a piece of the gnarlwood elk’s bark-like carapace off his shoulder with a sigh of irration. “You’re a child cousin Fa-.”
Li found himself smacked hard by a current of air. He went spinning and before he knew his face smacked hard into the dirt, dazed. It took a moment to realize what had happened. Yue had struck him with her own technique. But why? He was only a mortal realm cultivator. She wouldn’t have hit him with an attack that hard, only for her own amusement.
His head was spinning, but Li did his best to lift it up and look around. It was then that he came to realize what had happened.
The impact knocked him a clean fifteen paces away, on the other side of the stream for his own safety. For the predator had arrived to claim its wounded prey.
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2023.06.01 01:16 Normalsasquatch AITA my dad decided to lower his rent to me unilaterally

My dad lives with me in my home. I would rather not be charging him but I don't make enough money not to rent out a room.
He decided to lower his rent and pay me less and he won't even apply for food stamps. I'm pretty sure he would qualify.
Maybe he wouldn't be able to afford his entire rent with help from food stamps but anything helps. And I'd be much happier to work with him if he would just say "sorry". Especially for the months he paid me nothing.
I need that money for home repairs, clothes and food for my 6 year old daughter. He literally told me today he didn't want to be on food stamps as if that's a legit reason to just pay me less. He's been in line behind those people and it "takes forever." Then I look in the box of food he got from Costco yesterday and he's got a pretty expensive bottle of whiskey.
He tells people how I am "abusive". I tell him if he doesn't like my rules he's free to leave. He threatens to leave like he thinks that's a horrible thing.
He takes up most of the house with his stuff, has the master bedroom, the basement, an old car in the driveway, but he pays less than me. He's outside cleaning his car but has barely done anything in the couple years I've been telling him I need the basement cleaned up and made safe for our pets and my daughter. I need the storage space. He's got stuff blocking stress I need to clean out because there's rat poop and rat poison. If the animals get that they will die.
I am not even keeping my head above water with his much I have on my plate so doing it for him isn't an option.
Of course the story is much longer, but I think that's enough, isn't it? So, AITA?
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2023.06.01 01:09 yangmusa Decathlon NH500 Escape (32 liter) fits under seat on Boeing 737 Max 8

Decathlon NH500 Escape (32 liter) fits under seat on Boeing 737 Max 8
Headline says it all really ;-)
I just got back from a 2 week trip to multiple cities in the US, living out of my Decathlon/Quechua NH500 Escape. I've been curious if it would fit under the seat in front, but was reluctant to try since boarding is always a rush and if I spent time trying it out and it didn't fit I might lose a spot in the overhead bin...
My final flight was on Southwest and I boarded towards the end, so I had no choice because all the bins were already full! And luckily it fit easily, not a problem at all. The bag's dimensions are 19.7” x 11” x 9.8” and the Southwest personal item requirement is 16.25” x 13.5” x 8”, so the Escape is clearly too big for budget airline personal item-only trips, but it's nice to know it fits in practical terms.
For reference I'm 6'4" (194cm) and leg room was ... ok. During the flight I did try rotating the bag so I could stretch my legs out under the seat, but I could have survived the 2 hour flight without too.
For reference, [here are my first thoughts on the backpack]( and [here is follow-up from my first trip with it](
Decathlon NH500 Escape under seat
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2023.06.01 01:01 JoeLawson10 How can i tell if this girl likes me?

I'm completely new to the whole girls thingy, i seem to have the whole charm thing and cute awkwardness but i don't have a clue about actually doing anything major like making a move or anything after that lmao
Also how can i get out the whole thing of overthinking it and just being natural like i have been especially when she seems to like it (just maybe not in a "loving" way) (although most likely when it comes to working again with her I'll forget all this and just do what i normally do anyways)
At work they're is this girl who i can't tell if she likes me or not. Everytime we work together we talk literally whenever we can. I always catching looking at me from behind the bar and she always comes to me when something bad happens out front. Also everytime she goes to take the bins out ( or vice versa) she always asks if i want to go with her (or vice versa)
There is another girl who has a major crush on me and openly tells me how good i like and makes jokes about us getting married. And she HATES the girl that I'm unsure of. She keeps saying me and ... flirt with eachother everynight and when i said that shes just being friendly the one that has a major crush on me says that "i am a girl and i cant tell you for a fact that she is flirting with you".
Now he's the bit that makes me unsure:
. She has a boyfriend. This makes the girl that crush's in me call her a slag whenever she gets brought to me (obviously not when ... is around) but when i tried talking to ... she made it pretty clear that she had a boyfriend so i must have cane across as flirting. (Not my intention in that moment)
. She talks to the other guys too although not nearly as much as me and she doesn't tell them about the annoying things that happen to her out front ( just makes me unsure IF t's only me. Also concerned because if she will "cheat" on her boyfriend what makes me so sure that she wouldn't do the same with another guy at work if she also likes them. (Again thats a IF for if she even likes me/ anyone else)
So all this is making me uneasy so I've kind of put myself in a position where i don't want to make the first or any move and just let things happen like i have been doing because I'm concerned about the fact she could easily just do to me what she might do to her boyfriend with another guy would work which would be so embarrassing lmao. But then what if she just gets bored or something and loses interest.
I'm just going to keep doing the same thing I've been doing and just not be bothered about making a move and just let things happen and just see how things turn out like i have been doing. its nervy not knowing if she feels the same though for sure
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2023.06.01 00:59 xSavagex7 ToTK Yuzu Steam Deck 30fps Setup + Better Performance/Stability New Settings [Steam OS 3.5]

Hi, I've been running TotK on my Steam Deck almost stable 30fps, with the following setup...Below I'll explain all the settings

right click on the application and go to properties permissions and make sure "Is execuble" is on.... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Option #1 - Now everytime you open Yuzu.Appimage it will prompt you to update to the "Main" build not the "EA" Build. To prevent this make a empty text file inside /home/deck/emudeck/ and name it "yuzu.noupdate" the "EA" build is recommened to play ToTK...Now if you want your Yuzu to auto update each time you open it, to the latest build "EA" then go
Now Find "" and right click on it and open with Kate or Kwrite and right below this line" #!/bin/bash " add this: curl -s jq -r ".assets[0] .browser_download_url" wget -qO $HOME/Applications/yuzu.AppImage -i -
Option #2 - If you don't want to edit "" You can also name the yuzu file yuzu-ea-version.AppImage since the emudeck script will try to find any files starting on yuzu-ea and prioritize it over the normal appimage.
Setup Mods - ToTK Ver 1.1.1

or right click the game from yuzu game list, choose "Open Mod Data Location", then make sure you unzip "TOTK New Performance Mod List" and extract all mods into there. Now Launch Yuzu.AppImage and right click the game and choose "Properties" you should open in the "Add-Ons" tab and make sure those 6 mods mentioned above are there and Activated.
*Steam OS 3.5
I have them set to
It then checked for an update and on it went.
After updating to Steam OS 3.5 and updating to 1.1.1, Clear out or back up your old shader at
then let your Deck Build fresh shaders from the new update 3.5 and 1.1.1. Now get "Decky Loader" Plugin and install "Storage Cleaner" and delete ToTK Shader Cache aswell... (*Delete your Shaders if you are updating to 1.1.1) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Yuzu config (Steam OS 3.5 recommended) (Feel free to use this settings on Steam OS 3.4.6, just keep SMT Enabled for better frame pacing)
Yuzu System tab settings:
Yuzu CPU tab settings:
Yuzu Graphics tab settings:
Yuzu Adv. Graphics tab settings:
Steam Deck config
PowerTools config
Steam Controller Settings "Steam Deck Rear Button" (Open Yuzu/ToTk in Game mode, steam button > controller config> enable back grips>assign button)
Other (Optional) - If you want your game to look more sharp/crisp, in the Steam Properties, set the Resolution to 1920x1200 and Check Set for Internal /External, Basically the deck will render Yuzu way higher, Making the game being rendered look super sharp/crisp and it won’t affect the performance. Make sure you don’t have Anti-Aliasing on.
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2023.06.01 00:42 mr-tea-man Need tank/supply recommendations

Hello! So unfortunately my tank cracked while it’s been in storage and I just noticed today. While it sucks to throw this one out, it gives me a chance to get a new one :) What are some recommendations for tanks that come with a lid and space for a heater and filter? I am looking for a 10 gallon and a lid is a must as I have cats.
And my second question, I do still have a filter however it came as a pack with my old tank, so I think I may just do a whole supply re do. Any specific filter recs? I am also in need of a heater if anyone knows any reliable ones
Thank you guys and I hope to post again once I get a tank and a new friend :)
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2023.06.01 00:31 eskimoexplosion [WTS] OD Green Dissy Furniture bundle, Burris Scope, 1911 grips, Tangodown Grips, Buffer Tube Kit, T1 Mount, Sig 551/AR Flash Hider

All prices include shipping via USPS within CONUS. Paypal is preferred, buyer must pay any G&S fees if they choose to use it. Low flair and/pr new accounts may be asked to use alternate payment methods
OD Green Furniture Bundle - $45
All OD green, the perfect set for your dissy build. Mil-spec car stock, A2 rifle length handguards, and A2 grip w/screw(I sanded down the knub a little bit)
Burris Fullfield E1 Scope - $115
This is a great entry level optic, great glass, lifetime warranty, 3-9x40 is great for almost anything, SFP, 30mm tube size, low salt and clear glass, Ballistic Plex E1 reticle
OEM Sig 551 Flash Hider - $20 SOLD
1/2x28 so it will fit most 5.56 AR barrels with the same thread pattern, never used, some salt from the parts bin
Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Kit - $25
Mil-Spec 6 position buffer tube, 3oz buffer, mil-spec spring, includes castle nut and plate, never been staked, minimal salt
Blue Magnum Research Takeoff 1911 G10 Grips - $15 SOLD
Takeoff from a Magnum Research/BUL 10mm Dessert Eagle, blue/black g10, fits most full size 1911 grips, comes with fresh rubber gaskets
UTG Super Slim T1 Mount - $15
Basically brand new, got in a trade as part of a lot and I have no use for it, absolute co-witness, fits Aimpoint T1/T2 or any other red dot with the same footprint like Romeo 5 or a lot of Holosuns
Tangodown BG-16 AR Grip - $15 SOLD
Great AR grip and for some reason this particular angle is harder to find and usually a slight bit more expensive than other BG series grips from tangodown. Comes with wrench and screw, low salt.
Please leave a comment before sending a PM
Thanks for looking and have a great day!
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2023.06.01 00:28 JohhnyBeatles Feeling like I lost my Extended Storage to UFC

Recently installed UFC off the game pass and came back with interesting results. The game wouldn't open and shortly after my whole console began to lag. Thought it was a coincidence with my internet maybe bugging but nope. The second I unplugged the extended storage that held UFC out of the Xbox everything was fine minus half the games now missing. I've tried plugging it in onto every device in the house to try and clear the data or reset it but nothing works. I've tried uninstalling UFC but it won't let me. It seems like no device is capable of reading the card or is incapable of deleting the data.
Have a Seagate Extension and a Xbox Series X btw
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2023.06.01 00:25 Psychedelic-Yogi What My "Toad" Ceremony Taught Me about Ketamine-State Yoga

"Toad" refers to the venom naturally secreted by the Bufo Alvarius toad. This secretion contains the powerful psychedelic, 5-meo-DMT, which is apparently capable of obliterating the ego in one fell swoop and bringing astounding healing results.
I participated in my first toad ceremony a few months ago. I will describe the experience, the benefits I gleaned from it, and what I learned about the theory and practice of Ketamine-State Yoga.
Lead Up to My Toad Ceremony
I got the connection from a friend at my yoga studio. He referred to a healer of great wisdom and experience (including Western medical credentials) who traveled the world administering this medicine in the context of a brief ceremony.
I reached out and had a fascinating conversation with the guy. I won't reveal details, for obvious reasons, but I will say he struck me with both the breadth of his experience and his dedication to serving others by conducting these healing ceremonies. I signed up for my first "toad ceremony," to be conducted when he arrived in my city.
I was determined but plenty scared!
Since I discovered the potential of psychedelic healing, through yogic practices within the ketamine state, I had been on a mission to excavate and heal my trauma-pain from abuse I experienced in childhood. Since my scars are old -- and were reinforced by re-traumatizing habits over the years -- I have always expected healing transformation will require work and difficult experiences.
But the dabbling I had done with 5-meo-DMT, in the form of a synthetic vape, had yielded terrifying (though very brief) experiences. I was plunged into a dark abyss, with my ego, memory and senses blinking out of existence like a dying computer monitor -- with only my vivid pain body floating in space. The Toad Shaman (I'll refer to him this way, though he doesn't use that title) was so reassuring on the phone that I resolved to forge ahead with the full 5-meo-DMT experience led by this master, despite my earlier terrifying experiences.
The Ceremony
I arrived at the location, a comfortable room a half hour from my apartment. The Toad Shaman was there with two assistants dressed in white. I had the vague impression of a cult, but soon learned these attendants were a trauma therapist and breathwork specialist. Everyone was extremely warm as we talked about the upcoming experience.
They heard my fears, listened to my story of trauma, and suggested I take the full dose. The idea was that the small doses I had taken from my synthetic vape had only partially eradicated my ego, which ironically made the suffering far more intense. They said that often the full dose was much easier to handle.
And that turned out to be an understatement.
I recited a few non-sectarian verses, mainly aimed at forgiveness and acceptance of self and others. I stood and took a few deep breaths. Then I took an enormous hit of toad venom as the Toad Shaman held the pipe to my lips. I have a vague memory of starting to descend to the floor...
My ordinary consciousness-stream resumed (I suppose I could say I "woke up," but that somehow feels inaccurate) as I lay on the floor in total bliss. They had caught me, laid me gently on the ground with a blanket. I felt utter peace and balance, though my thoughts were still incoherent. At some point, I thought, "Wow!" -- This was total bliss, there had been no intense fear, no painful struggle.
The Come Down
The breathwork specialist whispered in my ear, "Stay with your breath." This reminder was unnecessary, though he couldn't have known (I told him later). I'm a pranayama yogi, and at that moment I was intentionally resting at the bottom of my exhalation on empty, as I do when practicing Ketamine-State Yoga.
I performed a few rounds of the 5-deep breaths practice -- a series of deep belly breaths followed by a long and luxurious final exhalation and then a prolonged rest at the bottom on empty.
Then my stuck emotions burst forth.
I wept and wept, touching tender memories, allowing thoughts of my childhood to float through my mind, thinking about my parents and feeling compassion for them despite their atrocious behavior. Everything I touched released a stream of emotions, my body shook as I spilled out the tears.
Then a thought flew in, "There are other people in the room watching me cry." Suddenly I was struck by the juxtaposition of the profound state I had experienced -- contact with the "source consciousness" as the Toad Shaman explained it -- and this silly incursion of social paranoia. I immediately started laughing hysterically at my own ego.
Peels of laughter shook my body.
I alternated between tears and laughter for about 20 minutes. At some point I sat up, and turned around to face the Toad Shaman and his assistants. We talked for a few minutes about the experience, and the trauma therapist said he was so moved by my ceremony that he wanted to give me his amulet! (I wore this amulet to a recent Ayahuasca retreat, which I will describe in a later post.)
I walked home feeling terrific, like a mountain of pain had been reduced to dust and then blown away by a pleasant Spring breeze. There was no sense of a toxic after-effect at all -- none. I thought, "This is the cleanest psychedelic I have ever experienced."
I had some lucid dreams in the following nights, in which I returned to my childhood home and faced with courage the primal-fear nightmares of my youth. Months later, I still feel I can touch that sense of total release -- complete surrender to the "source consciousness" -- whenever I need to, and this power has benefited me during stressful times.
In sum, this toad ceremony was an outrageously effective healing experience that somehow bypassed the intense discomfort I sometimes feel on psychedelics and went straight to the potent emotional release I needed.
What This Experience Taught Me about Ketamine-State Yoga
At first I joked with the Toad Shaman and my friends afterwards. When I practice Ketamine-State Yoga, I put emphasis on the come-up phase. I do all sorts of yogic practices -- pranayama, mudras, loving-kindness meditation -- as the trip builds toward the peak.
But in this toad ceremony there was no come up at all!
I took that big hit of toad venom and wham! -- On the floor, body of bliss. How could I possibly connect this experience to Ketamine-State Yoga?
But I realized that, while many folks benefit from 5-meo-DMT, I had perhaps experienced a particularly effective trip in terms of catharsis and healing. The Toad Shaman and his assistants had implied this after the ceremony, saying, "You will probably maintain a connection to this medicine." (I think they were right.)
First, there was the complete release of my exhalation following the hit from the pipe. I had let go with that total release I cultivate when I practice breathwork near the ketamine peak. I had been prepared!
Then there was the 5-deep-breaths pranayama. I practice this nearly every ketamine trip, and it's possible that it allowed me, in the toad ceremony, to process my stuck emotions and soothe my trauma-pain. The first thing I remember when my consciousness-steam returned, as I lay on the floor, was a feeling of bliss. Then I practiced the pranayama that in turn led to my alternating weeping and laughing. Crying and laughing "shake out" the upper chakras -- they literally, physically, wring out the places -- throat, chest, belly -- where painful emotions are stored. This is why emotional release is so cathartic!
Finally, the toad-ceremony experience validates the basic theory of Ketamine-State Yoga in terms of healing results. A peak experience results in obliteration of the ego. In this egoless state, without the constant stream of (often self-antagonizing) language, the chakras automatically move toward equilibrium. This is experienced as balance, peace, contentment -- but it is also a fertile state for accessing and processing emotions that are in deep storage.
A stark difference is that essentially I had no experience of the 5-meo-DMT peak. I "woke up" with a body of bliss, on the ground. And usually when I practice Ketamine-State Yoga and cultivate a peak mystical experience, I do remember something. But I can't be sure I didn't have an experience on Toad -- It could be I simply don't remember. I asked the Toad Shaman and his helpers and they said I grunted a few times "in releasing stuff." They hinted that memories might emerge over the following days, but aside from the lucid dreams I didn't experience that.
I plan to do another toad ceremony in a few weeks! I am very curious if it will be similar to my first or if it will vary greatly, as my ketamine trips often do.
I have referred several friends to the Toad Shaman -- people who are struggling with trauma and deep depression, folks who have "tried everything." Maybe this strange and (for me) glorious experience will bring them a breakthrough.
Next time I use 5-meo-DMT, I plan to perform Maha Bandha, a combination of yogic muscular locks within the body, because my intuition tells me this will synergize well with the toad medicine. I'll do this for those few moments following the inhalation from the pipe.
My intention the first time was simple: To let go of horrific and obsessive thoughts that have plagued me for most of my life and came from the violence I experienced. This time I may just focus on surrendering completely and letting the medicine -- and my inner wisdom -- do their work.
I have practiced Ketamine-State Yoga since this experience and my practice has been joyful and effective. I can't say if it directly benefited from the toad medicine trip, but I suspect that is the case. I can let go so completely and relax at the bottom of the breath. I now have multiple ways of understanding and appreciating the "source consciousness" that permeates my being and the whole world, and I can see even more clearly the arbitrary and petty nature of my ego.
Have you had an experience with 5-meo-DMT? Have you had an experience with it, or another psychedelic, that supported your healing process and/or your understanding of the ketamine state?
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2023.05.31 22:31 viizan MSI Z370 GAMING M5 MB looking to add storage

Upgrading our daughters pc built with a MSI Z370. Currently have an M.2 (Key M) ssd installed. Would like higher speed data transfer. Looks like I need a PCIe card to add higher speed storage. This MB has PCIe 3.0 x1 and x16 slots. Any recommendations? I've googled and dug around haven't found any clear advice. Thanks
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2023.05.31 22:03 i_wanna_b_the_guy nice time MODPACK for SPT 3.5.6

Like many of you, I am a father to a small South American nation and am currently employed in every position in the North Korean Janitor Corps. These days, I do not have much time to play games as I used to. In spite of that, I spent the last 3 days moving my 3.5.2 mods to 3.5.6 and updated/tweaking a lot of old mods; I particularly changed everything that would make it easier on my schedule to play Tarkov, without as much of the grind. By the end of it, I wanted to repack this for my brother, and I thought why not share with everyone. If you guys enjoy this, I might implement a few ideas I started on along the way.
nice time modpack is a casual friendly, time respecting experience for SPT-AKI 3.5.6. It's a collection of mods, configuration, and small edits to SP Tarkov. This can be enjoyed with a zero to hero profile or a casual `Collector` playthrough. The mods and changes made are primarily to allow for a more casual playstyle regarding quests, items, and loadouts, while keeping the gunplay experience true to Tarkov. Additionally, a big goal of this project was to make sure it could be easily adjusted in terms of difficulty, by simply adjusting the global damage scaling, without losing the QOL, HUD, and AI changes.
Huge thanks to all the developers of these mods, mentioned in the list below. Without their work and licensing, this project wouldn't be possible. All mod licenses have been respected, to the best of my knowledge.
Changes from Vanilla: UI/Inventory Changes - Added dynamic compass and weapon HUD [GamePanelHUD] - Added Minimap [CactusPie Minimap] - Run the minimap application from the included folder - Tweaked hitmarker and kill feed [Amands Hitmarker] - New controls - 'P' to Pause [TakeABreak] - 'Insert' to Toggle Graphics [Amands Graphics] - Items indicate when they're used in hideout [HideoutArchitect] - Ammo will have more balistic stats [MunitionsExpert] Gameplay Changes - You can now "safe exit" (leave raid with runthrough status, keep items) - Quest items are not lost on death - Coop extracts are now paid extracts - Loot has been changed to be more dynamic loot and less container loot - All items are much lighter - 2x Stamina pool - Weight penalties to movement are lessened - Doors can be breached by shooting (wood) or grenade launcher (metal) [Backdoor Bandit] - Mags load/unload much faster in raid - All discard limits removed - Many backpack restrictions have been removed - NVGs are cleaned up [Ultimate Clear NVGs] - Headsets block out rain and other noises [EerieSilence] - Balistics rework [SPT Realism] - Health rework [SPT Realism] - All items are discovered and all containers search instantly [CactusPie FastSearch] - All skills level up faster - Small chance for raids to start with power [HasThePower] - All bot behavior has been tweaked - Scavs can't see through bushes [NoBushESP] - Bots react more slowly to grenades [SAIN] - Scavs won't instantly detect when you look at them [NoAIESP] - Bot spawn patterns/waves have been updated [SWAG + Nooky's preset] - Bots will loot now! [Looting Bots] - Bots will move more dynamically [DrakiaXYZ, Waypoints] - Scav Bosses will always have their items [SPT Realism] - Non-PMC bot health reworked [SPT Realism] - AI react differently to flashlights [SAIN] - AI react better to firefights [SAIN] - AI visibility changes with weather [SAIN] - AI gear will change as the player levels [SPT Realism] - No more raid timers [Immersive Raids] - Dynamic events will occur during raid - Raid time is based on real time - Maps will occasionally clean up and spawn an airdrop - Keys cannot be discarded or used up [Gilded Key Storage] - Vehicle extracts may leave without you the longer you take [Late to the Party] - Doors may open the longer you raid [Late to the Party] Stash/Hideout/TradeQuest/Flea Changes - Flea prices are much higher in general - Flea market unlocks at level 8 - Insurance is much faster w higher chance to return - Insurance returns last much longer in mail - Insurance is slightly more expensive - Stash construct/craft time is drastically reduced - Stash sizes are drastically increased - Fuel consumption is drastically increased - Found in raid should matter WAY less for quests - New key containers: Golden Keychain, Golden Keychain Holder, Secure Key Box [Gilded Key Storage] - These key containers allow you to manage all the keys in the game - Takes up only a 1x1 space, doesn't allow duplicate keys - Barters are reasonable and progress over time - Three new traders: - Goblin sells expensive stash cases and has his own quest line to level him up [GoblinKing] - Broker sells to the best vendor and credits you for LL [The Broker] - Gunsmith sells all the presets you may need for Mechanic's Gunsmith quest line [Gunsmith] Cheaty changes: - Gunsmith (mentioned earlier) - 50% base damage intake [Dad Mode] - Fall damage disabled [Dad Mode] Cheaty settings can be changed in DadMode, in the mod config menu (accessed by pressing F12). 
For those who do not have 3.5.6:
Instructions to setup SPT 3.5.6: Copying a fresh install of live Tarkov, use the SPT Patcher from here: to downgrade your version to ****. After downgrading, download the 3.5.6 release of SPT-AKI from here: And drop those files in to your copied EFT folder. If you already have 3.5.6, just create a copy and delete your `BepInEx/plugins` and `usemods` folders. Optionally, you can also choose to delete your profile in `useprofiles`. Then drop in the contents of this pack. 
And finally:
Download 186.4MB
Download without minimap 14.9MB
known bugs/weirdness:
- everyone's always out of breath? bots are being weird with stamina use
- Late to the Party is unlocking expensive doors and is kind of OP; this is fun, idk if I should remove this
If people end up enjoying this, I've already done some work on these features/mods:
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2023.05.31 22:02 Sanofi2016NFLPOOL Discussion Place for Shooting Stars (Kick A Goal) EP95

Discussion Place for Shooting Stars (Kick A Goal) EP95 - GT (group B #2) v AC (group A #1)
Knock-out Playoffs: Game 01 - Giants vs. Actionista
Players, their teams, managers and their IG's PART 1
Players, their teams, managers and their IG's PART 2
Thanks to u/M3rc_Nate
please use >!text to hide/spoilers!< to hide any spoilers for at least the first couple of days. However, expect not everyone will follow; so SPOILERS will be discussed.
Press Conference: with Lee YoungJin, Baek JiHoon (Coach), Oh BeomSeok (Coach), and Lee HyunYi
ChallengeLeague 3.0 - GROUP C
TEAM Played WINS LOSSES Goal Diff. Scored Against
NFa 3 2 1 +0 4 4
SFb 3 2 1 +0 2 2
WW 3 1 2 +1 2 1
BDy 3 1 2 -1 2 3
BD = BallaDream
NF = NatFam
SF = StreamingFighter
WW = WonderWoman
a = automatic promotion to SuperLeague
b = possible promotion to SuperLeague, knock-out game vs. the winner of 5th/6th seed in SL (GV or TG)
y = suspended from all League play
SuperLeague 4.0 - GROUP A
TEAM Played WINS LOSSES Goal Diff. Scored Against
AC 2 1 1 +1 6 5
FM 2 1 1 +0 3 3
TGx 2 1 1 -1 3 4
x = eliminated from knock-out playoffs, will play one game vs. bottom rank of Group B to find out 5th and 6th seeding
AC = Actionista
FM = FireMoths
TG = TopGirl
SuperLeague 4.0 - GROUP B
TEAM Played WINS LOSSES Goal Diff. Scored Against
WC 2 1 1 +2 6 4
GT 2 1 1 +0 3 3
GVx 2 1 1 -2 5 7
x = eliminated from knock-out playoffs, will play one game vs. bottom rank of Group A to find out 5th and 6th seeding
GT = Giants
GV = Gaevengers
WC = World Class
Total Goals Leader (from both Challenge and Super Leagues)
Rank Player Team Goals (versus) Games Played
1 Hwang HeeJung NF 3(SF 1, BD 2) 3
T2 Lee YoungJin AC 2(TG 2) 2
T2 Kim BoKyung TG 2(AC 2) 2
T2 Lee HyeJeong AC 2(FM 2) 2
T2 Lee HyunYi GT 2(GV 2) 2
T2 SaoRi WC 2(GT 1-pk, GV 1) 2
T3 SeoMoon Tak BD 1(NF 1) 3
T3 YuBin TG 1(AC 1) 2
T3 Jeong HeIn AC 1(TG 1) 2
T3 Song HaeNa GT 1(GV 1) 2
T3 SeoGi BD 1(WW 1) 3
T3 EuDDeum SF 1(NF 1) 3
T3 Kim MinJi NF 1(SF 1) 3
T3 Naty WC 1(GV 1) 2
T3 Lee EunHyung GV 1(WC 1) 2
T3 Kim SeungHye GV 1(WC 1) 2
T3 Kim MinKyung GV 1(WC 1) 2
T3 Hong SooAh FM 1(AC 1) 2
T3 Eva WC 1(GT 1) 2
T3 Kim GaYoung WW 1(NF 1) 3
T3 Kim SeolHee WW 1(NF 1) 3
T3 Park SunYoung FM 1(TG 1) 2
T3 Ahn YeWon SF 1(BD 1) 3
GT with coach Oh BeomSeok
no. Player TEAM
100 Lee HyunYi (C) F
7 Song HaeNa D
21 Jin JeongSun GK
18 Kim JinKyung F
66 Cha SeoRin (SUB)
1 Heo KyungHee D
2-2 formation
AC with coach Baek JiHoon
no. Player TEAM
02 Lee YoungJin (C) D
33 Lee HyeJeong F
11 Moon JiIn F
8 Jeong HeIn M
250 Lee ChaeYoung GK
1 Park HaNa (SUB)
2-1-1 formation
DO NOT READ THE BELOW SPOILERS unless you really want to be spoiled of the game highlights.
Highlights:~1' AC Miss: (AC 11) and (AC 8) strip the ball from (GT 100), (AC 11) kicks a short pass to the middle for (AC 33) who one-time short back passes to (AC 02), she surveys the field and dribbles down the right wing beating (GT 27), (AC 02) kicks a forward pass down the right wing for (AC 33) who traps the ball and back passes to (AC 8) around the centre circle, (AC 8) takes a deep one-time bouncy rolling shot on target that (GT 21- GK) smothers, i nice set of passes and a shot on target by AC
Highlights:~2' AC Miss: (AC 8) takes a sideline kick-in deep in AC territory with a shot on target that is bouncy, (GT 21- GK) gets in front of the ball attempting to catch it, but hits her knee and goes out for a corner kick
Highlights:~2' AC Miss: (AC 8) takes a low lobbing shot on target deep in her defensive territory that (GT 21- GK) tracks down and follows and pushes the ball out of bounds for a corner kick
Highlights:~3' AC Miss: (AC 8) takes a sideline kick-in with a power low roller shot on target that goes in the net, however, there is no other incidental contact or touch from any field player that the goal is no good
Highlights:~3' AC Miss: (AC 8) takes a sideline kick-in with a power low roller shot on near the goal mouth that (AC 33) botches the first touch but manages to get a back heel kick shot on target, that (GT 1) manages to block, the ball goes out of bounds for a corner kick
Highlights:~4' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes a corner kick with a delicious perfect cross pass to the top of the 16 yard box that (GT 100) one-time shoots on target that is placed low and in the middle, (AC 250- GK) gets her left foot on the ball to re-direct it out of bounds for a corner kick, what a great pass, shot, and save
Highlights:~4' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes a corner kick with a low roller to the goal mouth area that (AC 33) manages to cut off and trap, she is being rushed by everyone collapsing on her position that she poke kicks the ball forward, (GT 1) gets to the ball first and takes a one-time shot on net that is way off target
Highlights:~4' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes a corner kick with a low roller to the goal mouth area that (AC 33) manages to cut off and trap, she is being rushed by everyone collapsing on her position that she poke kicks the ball forward, (GT 1) gets to the ball first and takes a one-time shot on net that is way off target
Highlights:~5' GT Miss: (AC 250- GK) tosses the ball deep to (AC 11) but she botches the first touch and (GT 1) takes the ball, with a great cut move she dekes out (AC 8) and dribbles down the right wing, she kicks a great cross pass that goes through (AC 33) but holy smokes NO ONE from GT was expecting the cross pass both (GT 27) and (GT 100) were a step behind and flat footed on a great cross
Highlights:~6' AC Foul: (AC 02) and (GT 27) go for a 50/50 air ball, (AC 02) pushes (GT 27) out of the way and is whistled for a foul, a direct free-kick is awarded on the left wing side at the centre line
Highlights:~6' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes direct free kick with a shot on target that is blocked by (AC 8) the ball goes to the wing and (GT 100) and (AC 8) battle for the ball, (GT 100) manages to control the ball and kick an outlet pass to the opposite wing to (GT 7) who traps the ball and takes a shot on target that is aimed for the near side bottom right corner, (AC 250- GK) is well positioned and manages to smother the ball
Highlights:~7' GT Skills: (GT 1) gets a side jumping header to keep the ball on the offensive zone, the ball dropped to (AC 02) who kicks it out and goes out of bounds to the sidelines
Highlights:~7' AC Miss: (AC 02) kicks the ball forward and it manages to reach a deep positioned (AC 11), (GT 21- GK) comes off her goal line to contest the ball and kicks it out of bounds towards the sidelines before (AC 11) can take a shot or control the ball
Highlights:~7' GT unexpected Skills: (GT 7) totally misses a bouncy ball and it rolls towards GT defensive end into the corner, (GT 21- GK) kicks the most unexpected and technically beautiful forward rolling pass down the wing for (GT 100) to receive, the play ends with no shot on net for GT
Highlights:~8' AC Miss: (AC 8) takes a sideline kick-in with a power shot that is blocked by the GT wall of (GT 27), the ball bounces back to (AC 8) who takes the ball and dribbles down the right wing side and manages to take a shot on net that misses the near side post by a few feet, (GT 21- GK) was well positioned to cut the angles
Highlights:~8' GT Foul: (AC 33) and (GT 27) battle for a loose ball, looks like (GT 27) grabs the hand of (AC 33) who falls down to draw the foul, whistle blows in her favour, a direct free-kick is awarded in AC territory on the left wing side
Highlights:~8' AC GOAL: (AC 8) takes the direct free kick with a cross pass to the opposite wing side for (AC 02), she beats (GT 100) with a self pass forward down the right wing and chases it down with a shot on target that is aimed for the far side bottom left corner that stuns everyone, (GT 21- GK) should have had this shot blocked, nothing special other than its spontaneous nature, the shot went through TWO GT defenders, so it was a very well placed shot on target that missed defenders, (AC 11) was well positioned to get any big rebounds, great AC goal
Highlights:~9' AC Miss: (GT 1) heads the ball forward with a light tap that (AC 02) kicks forward back into GT territory, (AC 11) is wide open but the ball is too deep, (GT 21- GK) comes off her line and gets to the ball and bodies it, wisely not using her hands as she is positioned outside of the 16yard box, the ball still loose but is eventually out of bounds on the sidelines by AC, (AC 11) subs off for **(AC 1)
Highlights:~9' GT Miss: (AC 1) tries to clear the ball forward but (GT 7) steps in front of the ball and re-directs it deep into AC right wing corner that (GT 100) tracks down, she slows the pace down and controls the ball a bit with (AC 8) on her back, she kicks a back pass to (GT 7) who one-time kicks the ball that goes to the left wing side where (GT 27) is all alone. (GT 27) gets a one-time volley shot on target but HOLY SHIT (AC 250- GK) had her left hand stuck out and it hits her hand and drops in the front of both (AC 250- GK) and (GT 27), (AC 250- GK) instantly drops down and smothers the ball. WHAT A SAVE!!! i thought this shot from last week's previews was 100% a goal lolol, it was a huge save, ULTRA INSTINCT save!!!!!
HALFTIME SCORE LINE: ------- GT 0 - 1 AC------------, both teams are playing hard, with both getting offensive chances, it's just a matter of finishing their chances with a goal
Highlights:~10' GT Miss: (GT 1) takes the centreline kick-in with a shot on net that misses the target to the right by a few feet, GT needs to build up plays in AC territory and not lose the ball with a deep shot...
Highlights:~10' GT Miss: (GT 1) steals the ball from (AC 33) and dribbles down the left wing side being pursued by (AC 02 she kicks a beautiful rolling cross to a wide open (GT 100) who traps the ball (WHY NOT ONE-TIME IT!!) and slows down the play with AC defenders frantically chasing the ball, she kicks a rolling pass to the opposite wing for (GT 1) to take a shot on target that is aimed for the near side bottom left corner that (AC 250- GK) manages to get her right hand on and the ball goes out of bounds for a corner kick, HYUNYI YAH! you just wasted a glorious one-time shot on target, and I know you can blast those with some accuracy and a whole lot of power, upon the many replays, it looks like HyunYi decided correctly as the ball was too close to her feet to manage a good shot on target
Highlights:~11' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes a corner kick with a low roller to the goal mouth area that (AC 11) re-directs on her own net, (AC 250- GK) has her eyes on the ball throughout and manages to smother the re-direction, AC was man-marking both (GT 7) and (GT 100) heavily that none of them could get free to be a pass option, GT need to start thinking of scoring the tying goal
Highlights:~11' GT GOAL: (GT 27) takes a corner kick with a low roller to top of the 16yard box area, (GT 100) and (GT 7) stayed put near the left wing side at the behest of Coach BeomSeok's yelling to stay still, Coach BeomSeok calls go as the pass is kicked and (GT 7) breaks free from the suffocating man-marking of (AC 02) and (AC 33) by using (GT 100) as a pick and cuts towards the middle, (GT 7) takes a power one-time shot on target aimed centre and high and beats (AC 250- GK) by going between her arms trying to block it, what a beauty set piece, great pass, great shot, and great movement
Highlights:~12' AC Miss: (AC 250- GK) drops the ball for (AC 02) who kicks the ball forward to the left wing for (AC 11) who loses the ball to (GT 7) who kicks the ball forward that (AC 8) traps and kicks back to the left wing side for (AC 11), this time she keeps ball control but is marked tight by (GT 7) so she back passes to (AC 02), who kicks a deep pass down the right wing for (AC 33) who traps it on the sideline and kicks a cross pass for (AC 8) who one-time power shoots the ball on target to the wide side mid right area that (GT 21- GK) punches out towards the opposite wing where (AC 11) is all alone, she manages to botch the first touch insofar that the ball went right back to (GT 21- GK) who smothered the ball, great ball movement and passing
Highlights:~13' AC Miss: (GT 7) takes a sideline kick in with a pass towards the middle that goes weakly to no one, (AC 33) cuts the ball off and dribbles to the center circle, leaving the ball for (AC 8) to continue the offensive push, (AC 8) slows down and gathers the ball, with no GT defender near her, she sets up for a deep power shot aimed for the bottom left corner that is on target but (GT 21- GK) lunges over and blocks the ball with her right thigh, a huge rebound goes up in the air and (AC 11) gets her head on the ball but the re-direction is way off the mark and goes out of bounds for a goal kick
Highlights:~14' GT Miss: (GT 21- GK) kicks the ball deep into AC territory that (GT 100) tracks down near the right wing corner, dribbling back to her end to evade (AC 02) she kicks a short pass to the middle for (GT 1) who traps the ball and then taps the ball forward to evade both (AC 02) and (AC 8) and she runs between them to chase the ball down, she gets to the ball and takes a shot on net that is aimed for the near side bottom right corner and misses by a few feet, (AC 250- GK) was in position to save the ball
Highlights:~15' AC GOAL: (AC 8) takes a sideline kick-in with a low cross near the goal mouth area that (AC 11) beats her defensive mark and manages to get a one-time right footed re-direction that goes to the bottom left corner for a goal, (AC 11)'s first league goal and a great re-direction with pace and accuracy at that
Highlights:~15' GT Miss: (GT 21- GK) throws a deep ball that bounces and (GT 100) chases down the right wing side, she takes a shot on net that misses the near side post by a few feet, looks like (AC 02) is getting a bit tired and limpy
Highlights:~16' AC GOAL: (GT 27) saves a ball from going out of bounds on the sidelines, she kicks a hard pass to the middle that (GT 100) botches the first touch and (AC 8) steals the ball and runs between (GT 7) and (GT 100) now dribbling towards the left wing and now changing direction moving forward she is a step ahead of (GT 100) who is trying to catch up, (AC 8) lays the perfectly placed soft shot to the wide side bottom right corner for a goal, GT down 2 goals with 4 minutes left, can they do it?, (AC 1) subs on for (AC 02) who needs to rest her strained calf muscles on the sidelines
Highlights:~17' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes a sideline kick-in near the centreline with a lobbing shot on target that bounces in front of (AC 250- GK) who misses it and the ball hits the right post!!!, the rebound bounces towards the goal mouth area where (GT 100) sticks out her leg to get a re-direction on net but (AC 11) is there to block the ball with her stomach and kicks the ball out of bounds towards the sidelines
Highlights:~17' GT Miss: (GT 1) takes a sideline kick-in with a power shot on target that is fully blocked by AC wall (AC 11) the ball goes back to (GT 1) who corrals the ball and kicks a fast and low cross to the top of the 16yard box, (GT 100) is there but doesn't manage a shot or a trap, the ball continues out of bounds to the opposite wing, a wasted chance, and time is ticking
Highlights:~18' GT Miss: (GT 27) takes a sideline kick-in with a power shot on target that is near the centerline moreso in GT territory, the ball is high and was a set up for a heading attempt for (GT 1) but the ball goes into the net with no other contact and is ruled no goal, a great shot, but not the timed to shoot like that on target
Highlights:~18' AC GOAL: (AC 33) stops (GT 27) from dribbling down the left wing with a strong ball stop that rebounds into GT territory (GT 7) is there to gather the ball but she mis-steps and falls straight down to the ground (AC 33) takes advantage of the mistake and charges to the ball and dribbles forward with (GT 7) and (GT 1) converging onto (AC 33), (GT 21- GK) also moves off her goal line to cover the angles, (AC 33) takes a shot on target that squirts by all the GT players and rolls to the goal mouth area where (AC 1) is all alone and she takes a shot on the wide open net, (AC 1) gets her first league goal in a good display of running to the open lane rather than chasing after a ball that her teammate is in control of. Looks like GT will have a very difficult time for a tie score. Cannot blame (GT 21- GK), she played it well, AC just played it better, (AC 33) subs off and (AC 02) enters the game
Highlights:~18' GT & AC Sub: (GT 7) subs off, (GT 66) enters the game, first sub for GT in the game, (AC 02) subs off for (AC 33) to enter the game
FINAL SCORE LINE: ------- GT 1 - 4 AC------------------------, ChaeYoung comes up big for AC in net, JeeIn gets her first goal, HaNa gets her first goal, great showing from AC, GT lost their focus, again HaeNa is the enigma, she gets goals but her first touch is terrible and she managed to messed up her footwork to cede that 4th goal. JeongSun was strong in net just the scoreline makes her look worse, her decision making from leaving her goal line is good, HyunYi was off her game.
PREVIEWS: FM v WC, WC looks strong, Naori combo having some chemistry, SoYeon outmuscling WC defense and that last shot in the previews looks like a goal, so most likely isn't hahaha
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2023.05.31 21:56 eyeofhorus919 *Eager clicks.*

Name: Jaeger, his Yautja name is Nua'yti.
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Family and Relations: His clan
Voice Claim/Accent: Mando’s voice
Role in a party: DPS Rogue
Level: 4 (18/28)
Strength: 9(+1 from racial)
Species: Half human, Half Yaujta
Likes: Cleaning and arranging trophies, dogs, and customizing his gear.
Dislikes: Taking off his mask, ‘Serpents’, and gangsters
Height: six foot seven
Weight: 247 pounds
Hair: black dreadlocks
Eyes: blue
Markings/Scars/Tattoos: possesses several scars that render any birthmarks too marred to be seen.
Extra: has the yellow skin of a normal Yaujta.
Appearance: Tall, built like a tank, yet oddly quiet.
Clothing: loincloth, tabard, fishnet that’s able to be used to fish in emergencies, and several small skulls attached to cords.
Serpent Hunter’s Biomask: A biomask that Jaeger retrieved from one of his kind’s temples, the vision filters of this mask include not only the traditional ones but also one designed to counter the Xenomorph’s ability to blend into shadows and fool thermal vision. As with all Yaujta biomasks, Yaujta cloak tech is automatically nullified by it, allowing Yaujtas to see other cloaked hunters. Is immune to destruction by acid.
Thermal Vision: Sci fi cloaks are nullified for living creatures that aren’t hiding their body heat and ranged attacks against creatures with a body temperature have the intelligence stat added to them.
Tech sight: Allows for Jaeger to see electronics due to a similar ability as IQ’s gadget from R6 Siege.
Serpent sight: Advantage to stealth checks due to being in the shadows are turned into disadvantage for Xenomorphs and similar creatures.
Yaujta chestplate: A lightweight chestplate with slots on the back for modifications and a plasma caster mount, the front of it is designed with the energy resistant metal of the Yaujtas that also is designed with a active camouflage tech. While Jaeger currently lacks a plasma caster, he does still have a mount on the back to attach his speargun for storage and spots for extra clips of it’s collapsing spears on the sides of his chest. Thanks to the chestplate, he also has shoulder pads, Is immune to destruction by acid.
Ability: Self destruct, upon activating Jaeger is killed and all enemies must make a Dex Save of 18+Jaeger’s intelligence+level. On a failed save they take 50%+1d4X5% true damage.
Chestplate mod, Dragon Hunter’s jet pack: A jet pack designed by a clan of Yautja that specialize in hunting dragons, this jetpack is capable of not only boosting the wearer’s jumps to double their normal amount but can be used to enhance punches, kicks, and attacks of Yautja as well as to fly!
Gives the ability to fly up to fifty miles per hour, during combat grants a sixty foot flying speed but can only be used three rounds in a row before needing to cool down. Can be used to slow falls even while on cooldown and off cooldown boosts the height and distance of jumps by double.
Can be used to add 1d12% blunt damage to a weapon that adds to unarmed attack damage as well as unarmed attacks, cooldown of three rounds.
Yaujta gauntlets and wrist computer: A pair of bracers that cover the forearms, the left one having a wrist mounted computer that’s entirely indecipherable due to the odd script of the Yaujta but handles not only the active camouflage, the Falcon’s controls as a secondary means, and the self destruct but also can serve to hack other computers easily as well as storing data on creatures. The right bracer contains a pair of wrist blades and both have mounts for various other bits of Yaujta tech, the left bracer being much the same but also having a mount for a second pair of wrist blades. Is immune to destruction by acid.
Applies advantage to hacking checks and animal investigation checks.
Left hand bracer modification
Wrist Shield: A large, yard across shield made from the metal that all Yautja weapons are made, making it acid resistant and extremely durable. When expanded, a slot opens in the top of the bracer, allowing metal slats to expand out and multiply into a massive and incredibly sharp edged shield. It has been shown to be able to cut through not only a tree trunk but also a man’s throat in the process as well as being able to be forced through stone…
Adds 1d20% blunt or slash to unarmed attack (does not stack with wrist blades) depending on how it’s attacked with, while grappling this can be deployed with advantage to end it and attack all at once.
Has a plus four to block and a plus two to attacks with it, 90% damage reduction from ballistic damage, 25% energy, blunt, slash, and Pierce reduction, and ignores armor bonuses.
Legs and feet:
Greaves, sandals, and thigh plates: Simple armor plates that protect from energy blades. Is immune to destruction by acid.
Set bonus:
Ability: Active Camouflage, the entire suit is capable of bending light around it to hide the wearer from view of his prey along with most detection softwares and hardwares. Due to his suit being a hand me down his software is currently bugged out, resulting in the active camouflage being disabled while his wrist computer runs debugging. (Locked till level three)
While active within three meters roll with advantage against 10+Jaeger’s intelligence+level, outside of three meters up to ten meters roll normally, beyond ten meters roll with disadvantage. While in water this ability is nullified.
Accessories: Small skulls attached to belts, bands, and other similar bands on his body.
Applies advantage to block bullets and similarly fast ranged attacks. (Does not work against magic)
Yautja Scout ship: A small (relative, a bit bigger than the Millennium Falcon) ship that has a cloaking device that hides it from view of all non Yautja ships and tech, it contains a pilot chamber, armory, trophy room, and a sleeping chamber. It’s armed with much more powerful versions of the Yautja’s plasma caster to eliminate prey ships that are in the way of the Hunt, though Jaeger prefers avoidance over confrontation. It’s rigged to explode upon Jaeger triggering his own self destruct device after sending a message to the closest person he has to a father.
Trophy room contents:
Sith Skull and spine, psychic’s spine, several mercenaries skulls, and at least three bear skulls.
Uses intelligence and perception.
Deals 20%+1d4X5% blast damage.
Kraken missiles: ignores armor bonuses, deals quadruple damage to armored vehicles and double armor wearing enemies.
Antipersonal: hits all enemies within ten feet of the target, deals double damage to unarmored targets.
Flak shot: Flying enemies automatically are grounded when hit, advantage against airborne enemies.
Energy surge: On a hit apply a 15+intelligence DC, on a failed save all electronics within ten feet of the target are shut off.
Takes ten rounds to load a barrel. (Passive)
Can be fired as a bonus action or fired all at once with a attack action.
Has 3+level amount of charges, requires two actions to use. Using this expends a charge applies a 3d12% heal in addition to a extra d12% per level. Charges replenish during a long rest or when the Med Comp is hooked up to a external power source...
Adds 2d12 slash to unarmed attacks.
Deals double damage against enemies unaware of Jaeger.
Uses strength or dexterity.
The blades will activate and will add 3d6% slash damage to unarmed attacks when it's used to slash and adds 1d12% slash to the base damage when thrown. It returns to him after five rounds or when called manually if caught by someone else or embedded into something.
Leveling bonus to attacks and blocks, apply wisdom modifiers to rolls with this weapon, and upon a successful block with this weapon against a energy/lightning attack, the attack is reflected.
Deals (Lvl)d6+STR plasma damage (Damage dealt by this blade cannot be healed mid combat), ignores non armor based energy resistances, and deals double damage monsters, unarmored organic enemies, and machines. Natural damage reflection due to things like acid blood is negated. Can be used to melt/cut through doors, floors, and walls.
Curse/Limitation, Clan blade: This blade will always seek out those that are of Yaujta blood or are part of the Jedi, the blade itself rejecting and fighting those that don’t meet those requirements.
If the wielder isn’t force sensitive or a member of the Yaujta race, attacks and blocks with this blade are made with disadvantage. If the wielder is a Yaujta to any degree attacks and blocks are made with advantage. If only Jedi/Sith/Force sensitive, attacks are not made with advantage or disadvantage.
Deals 2d4% plasma damage, doubled against machines and living things. Can be used to melt/cut through doors, floors, and walls.
Deals 1d12+STR piercing or slash.
When used as a throwing weapon use dexterity and strength both.
Leveling bonus to attacks and deals double damage when thrown. Returns to Jaeger after two rounds when thrown. Can pin enemies to walls upon a hit.
Sweeping blows - The Combistick is able hit multiple targets when swung by Jaeger. When making a melee strike with it, make an attack roll for every enemy in melee range.
As an action, the wielder can force an effect from the psychic spine attached to the weapon. These come in a variety of forms:
Hunters Manifestation - Causes a duplicate illusion of the wielder to appear. When an enemy attacks Jaegar, they must roll a D4. On a 1-2, they attack the real Jaegar. On a 3-4, they attack the illusion and destroy it. The D4 is rolled after they make their attack roll. 3 round cooldown.
Chokehold - Can cause a psychic ring to quickly appear near a creatures neck. Creature must make a dodge roll, or have the ring latched around their neck, choking them, causing 8% bludgeoning damage per round and rendering them unable to speak until they make a successful DC15 Strength save to break out of it. 6 round cooldown.
Alpha Predator - As an action, can cause a psychic illusion of fear in a creature the wielder is ‘hunting’. This forces a DC15 Wisdom save, and on a fail, the creature becomes frightened, with disadvantage to attack rolls against the wielder and being unable to willingly move closer, attempting to run away. The creature can attempt to make the save again at the end of their turn. If a creature makes their save, they become immune to Alpha Predator for a day.
Psychic Blast - Can launch a fist shaped blast of psychic energy when the user throws a punch, allowing for either a gauntlet or punch attack to deal an additional 5% psychic damage, or make a ranged attack with their melee bonus. 2 round cooldown.
Deals 1d4+STR+DEX piercing damage.
Leveling bonus to attacks and checks involving removing parts from animals, is capable of being used to block energy blades.
While this weapon is considered a sniper rifle, it’s completely silent as well as being able to swap to a shotgun mode when needed.
This weapon has a leveling bonus + one.
In sniper mode this weapon suffers from no debuffs due to range away from the target, beyond ten meters this weapon doubles it’s bonus. It can also apply a dc 17 dex save on a hit to yank targets into melee range, auto succeeds on corpses.
In shotgun mode it fires three spears at once, making a target roll three dodge rolls if in melee range of the user, outside of melee range this attack has disadvantage.
Deals 2d8+INT piercing and a third in bleed damage for . The ammo of this weapon can be retrieved and put into fresh clips, each clip contains 12 spears.
Launches a net with razor sharp strands, upon it hitting the target is considered grappled. Every round the target must make a dex dc of 13 to carefully remove the net, taking 1d4X5% on a failed save.
This is sufficient: cannot remove his armor for better armor unless it is of Yaujta make.
(-2 slots)
I swore to not take this off in the presence of prey: will not remove his bio mask in the presence of other living beings unless they are Yaujtas or are considered brethren by him/can see through it regardless.
(-1 slots)
Sturdy: Halved fall damage.
Odd sight: Darkvision of 90 feet (bright light) and 120 feet (Dim Light)
Claws: +1 to climbing and deal 1d6+STR blunt or slash damage with unarmed blows.
Apex Hunter Physicality: Yautjas are very strong, with special organs like their dreadlocks that serve the porpose of thermoregulation and sense things around them, and having sharp fangs/claws to attack enemies at short range. The Yautja can survive 20 Minutes Underwater without air. +1 in STR and Infra-Red Vision.
Glowing Blood: Yautja Blood is easily recognizable as a luminous phosphorous green fluid. Their blood can be used to enhance or aid Humans or similar humanoids, carbon-based creatures, If Re-Purposed.
Yaujta’s physique: Jaeger’s strength is double that of a human at peak condition as well as the denser skin and bones of one.
Advantage to strength and dexterity rolls.
(8 slots)
Takedown: Jaeger has studied the biology of countless animals and species, his blows from the shadows being guided by such knowledge to be more effective.
Triple damage to unaware targets.
(4 slots)
Chain Strike: Jaeger’s training has resulted in him being able to chain together attacks into one seamless combo.
Upon landing a attack Jaeger can attack again up to twice per action.
(2 slots)
Haste: Jaeger can move far faster than humans…
Two actions per round.
(2 slots)
Predator leap: jump twenty feet vertically and thirty feet horizontally.
(2 slots)
Challenge: Jaeger roars, his Yaujta vocal cords unleashing a sound that terrifies and announces his intentions of hunting that target.
Applies a wisdom save of 12+Jaeger's Charisma, upon the target failing the target suffers from disadvantage to defend against and to attack Jaeger.
(5 slots)
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2023.05.31 21:22 ArcturusTheRed Compatibility Check Assistance

I am planning to buy this build from my local MicroCenter. However, when I put all the parts into MicroCenter, the case doesn't show as compatible with the rest of the parts. It doesn't give a reason why, but since it's the case failing the compatibility, I would guess it's due to dimensions somewhere. When I plug all the parts into pcpartpicker though everything clears on compatibility. I manually checked video card length, psu depth, and aio radiator size and everything looks good to me. Can anyone see any reason why the case couldn't fit these parts?
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor $429.98 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX XT 65.57 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $207.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard Gigabyte X670 AORUS ELITE AX (rev. 1.0) ATX AM5 Motherboard $259.99 @ Newegg
Memory Corsair Vengeance RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 Memory $99.99 @ Amazon
Storage Inland 1TB TD510 NVME 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 5.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $184.99 @ Amazon
Video Card ASRock Phantom Gaming OC Radeon RX 7900 XT 20 GB Video Card $849.99 @ Newegg
Case Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB ATX Mid Tower Case $129.99 @ Amazon
Power Supply Corsair RM1000e (2023) 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $179.99 @ Amazon
Operating System Microsoft Windows 11 Home OEM - DVD 64-bit $117.98 @ Other World Computing
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2460.89
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-05-30 23:10 EDT-0400
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2023.05.31 21:15 Pookias My (Very Long) First Impressions of the Alienware X16

I just recently got the Alienware X16 from with the i9 and 4090, and I wanted to share my first impressions and experience as someone who has tried all 3 laptops of the current Alienware generation (m16, m18, X16). This is going to be a long one, so buckle up.
For some background, I returned both the m16 and m18 for a few reasons. The first of which is that I felt both of the laptops didn't justify how big and heavy they were. I am no stranger to laptops being large and unwieldy at times, but the m-series is pretty tanky. If you plan on using it as a desktop replacement, then you probably won't care. While I am largely stationary with my laptop, I feel as though if you're going to make a device this big, there should be a reason for it. The CPU temps on both the m16/m18 just sat pegged at 100 C constantly. I was confused because there is some serious cooling hardware under the hood. I understand that it could be caused by an uneven thermal paste application, but even as someone who builds their own computers, I am not comfortable repasting an inverted motherboard.
I understand that Dell has a philosophy to let the chips run full throttle, full wattage. I can get behind this if you give the user the ability to tweak and tune the machine to fit their performance/thermal preference. However, the undervolting was locked down nearly the entire time since release, and even when I was able to implement a slight undervolt, I was getting constant blue screens. So, I returned both and was considering moving away from an Alienware this generation altogether.
But then I got some incredible discounts on the X16 and I decided to give it a try, and I am blown away in some regards. Alienware set out to make a premium, luxurious laptop experience. And I feel like that's exactly what you get with the X16.
First of all, the build quality as always is excellent. It feels like a slab of tanky metal, and it looks absolutely stunning. The RGB trackpad is a welcome return, and the tron light improvements are noticeable. Overall, I really like the anodized aluminum finish as opposed to the paint coat from last gen -- I think this will hold up better long-term.
One thing that I will point out is the hinge felt very weird at first, like there was some sort of grinding as you closed the lid. However, I believe Alienware is using the same new hinge design from the X14 that actually has these rollers inside? Once I knew that it made sense, and I was no longer worried. It's an interesting feel.
The display is excellent. It is not mini-LED, but the color accuracy is fantastic on the 240 Hz display. I understand that some are concerned regarding the brightness but as an indoor user it is a complete non-issue for me and was not noticeable.
Probably the biggest improvement from last year's release (and the last several years, really) is the speakers. Coming from someone who just very recently tested both the Scar 18 and the Blade 18, the speakers here are by far the best laptop speakers I have heard outside of a MacBook Pro 16. They are really that good, especially with some tuning in the Dolby software. This was a sore spot for me with the m-series, because those laptops are so huge that it felt like a shame not to include big punchy speakers like the old Alienware 17 R4/R5 used to have. I understand that most people are using headphones with gaming laptops, but I love to listen to music on my laptop so this feature has become important to me.
The Cherry keyboard is excellent, in line with any Cherry Alienware keyboard that's been used in the past. The secondary key function lighting is thankfully back along with the RGB touchpad (can someone tell me how to leave it always-on in the BIOS?). Obviously, if you want a number pad you won't find it here. However, if you prefer a centered keyboard it is the best gaming keyboard experience on any gaming laptop in my opinion (the Scar is a close second). The only downside is that the switches are on the louder side. If you haven't gotten to experience it yet, it's a real treat.
The performance is also excellent. Yes, the CPU still goes right up to 100 C. However, what I am noticing is that this little X16 is pumping out a metric ton of wattage even in a GPU-bound game, even more than the i9-13980HX on the Scar 18 out of the box.
In God of War, Ultra 1600P with DLSS Quality, I am seeing anywhere between 75 W - 95 W on the CPU combined with a full GPU load, right up against that 175 W limit, getting about 170-180 FPS. That is seriously impressive stuff, considering I was getting in the 90s on the much bigger Scar 18 that was only putting out about 65 W with the GPU fully loaded. I believe this is because Dell has the dynamic limit on the CPU set to 120W, whereas the dynamic CPU load limit on the Scar is 65W. So yes, while the X16 is running hotter, the 13900HK is actually putting out more wattage in this tiny of a package. But, the 13900HK is not mandated by Intel to be locked. Alienware team -- PLEASE unlock the 13900HK for undervolting.
Quick note on the fan noise -- every Alienware I have owned in the past has had a high pitched, whiny fan noise. The X16 is a deep "whoosh" in comparison that doesn't bother me.
I'll be honest, I'm not going to dive too much into Alienware Command Center, because we all know it's bad. Since the most recent update, I am noticing far less frequent crashing than before. However, the pain point for me continues to be the automatically-set performance and lighting profiles with detected games, and no easy way to "Go Dark" with the lighting. I do not understand how AWCC was made worse in this regard. I get that Dell wanted to give the user as much customizability as possible, but it really just makes you feel like you have less control over your machine than before. Also, the animations and design is just so bloated. It doesn't need to be this complicated. As someone who has used Synapse, Armory Crate, and Lenovo Vantage, AWCC is at the bottom.
When it comes down to it, I understand why someone might think the X16 is not worth the price premium. After all, the m-series is offering more powerful CPUs and (arguably) better thermals, with more storage options and socketed RAM. However, if you are willing to look past all of that, the X16 is right up there with the Blade 16 in terms of a premium, luxurious laptop experience. The build quality, performance, speakers, it's all excellent. And for gaming, it surpasses the Blade 16 due to the far better keyboard and lighting options. Despite my confusion with Alienware's obsession of making the thinnest gaming laptop possible, it blows my mind how much they were able to fit in this slim of a chassis.
Overall, I can recommend the X16 as long as you are willing to put up with the disappointing Alienware Command Center. In the past, I always felt like there was some glaring compromise for me with an Alienware laptop. While the X16 is not perfect, it feels like the fewest compromises I've experienced for what is important to me in an Alienware laptop.
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2023.05.31 21:14 Witty-Example4947 for sale bin: $3000 for sale
Keyword: exchange ( for crypto currency website service )
Registered On: 2023-05-31
Expires On: 2024-05-31
BIN Price: USD $3000
Renewal Cost $12/yr
Clarity: The domain name clearly communicates that the platform or website is focused on providing access to cryptocurrency exchanges. It suggests that users can easily "get" or obtain access to various cryptocurrency trading platforms. User-Friendly: In the crypto space, where there are numerous exchanges available, having a domain like "" can make it easier for users to find and compare different exchange options. It implies that the platform offers a convenient way for users to explore and navigate through various exchanges. Convenience and Efficiency: The domain suggests that users can quickly and easily find the information they need about different exchanges, facilitating the process of choosing the right exchange based on their requirements. It can save users time and effort by providing a centralized platform for discovering and accessing multiple exchanges. Branding: The domain name "" has the potential to establish itself as a recognizable brand in the crypto exchange industry. With a focus on accessibility and convenience, it can create a positive association with the platform and its services.
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2023.05.31 21:01 Madtype 15 Month Lawn Journey

Hello Lawncare!
Picture time
Join me on a Imgur journey starting in October 2021. Back in October 2021 I made a post regarding the absolute disaster I let my front lawn turn into which can be seen here. I didn't actually start doing anything to the lawn until Mar 2022.
PNW - 8A
Steps taken:
March 2022 - Tilled lawn, seeded, covered with soil. I was in panic mode to get something going and probably should have looked lightly and seen clearly. Instead I just tilled everything, tossed seed, and spread compost over the extreme bumpy, mossy, clay.
I tried the sunday subscription out and sprayed a lot of their stuff, but I was not exactly on top of it. Overall though I took the lawn from a F, to a C-. C's get degrees.

March 2023 - I came to play this year. I read the entire cool season lawn guide in the subreddit and copied it to a T.
Dates are approximations but I did the following:
March 1st - Spread granulated moss killer. Wasn't exactly stoked with the results until I...
March 25th - Scalped the lawn, dethatched the lawn. Filled two yard debris bins with dethatch material. It absolutely did work on the moss, ripping all of it away very easily. I am guessing the moss was dead and the dethatcher just picked it off for me.
March 26th - Spread super turf II LS Tall fescue - bluegrass blend over the entire front and back yard. Rented a barrel spreader and used it to roll in 1 yard of screened premium soil. This really helped flatten out the peaks and valleys. The barrel was great at keeping al the giant clods and crap from falling into the lawn, and was able to dispose of this in another area. This was a bit of a backbreaker weekend.
April 17th - April was extremely cold and I don't think soil temps hit 50+ until like the 17th or 18th. At this point I used Tenacity pre emergent over the whole lawn, but avoided spraying the newly seeded spots.
May 1st - Spread Milorganite fertilizer over the entire lawn. I decided to wait a bit to give the new grass growth time to reach for the stars and not get drowned out by surrounding grass.
May 25th - She looking thicccccc
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2023.05.31 21:00 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 8 - Canyon City (Pt. 6)

Souls! Kita needs souls if she's going to get out of this waste-scented prison. And getting Jan back would be far too difficult without it.
"Alright," She says to herself as she stands to her feet and shakes her arms to loosen up the tension in her body.
She turns to face two of the four prisoners sharing a cell with her and shrugs before raising each hand to a prisoner. They all look at her in confusion before she casts the spell in her mind.
Two of the prisoners' bodies tense up and start shaking in a fit-like manner as black smoke slowly passes out their mouths and into Kita's palms. Just as she is about to close her eyes to enjoy the sensation of the souls, one of the remaining two prisoners stands up and stares at Kita with an enraged glare.
He doesn't say a word, and vaults at Kita as she finishes consuming the first two souls. But she's still exposed, and the man rams Kita with his shoulder. Throwing all his body weight at her.
Kita crashes against the cell bars, prompting one of the prisoners in the adjacent cell to grab Kita through the bars, wrapping his arm around her neck to keep her restrained.
Crap- This is a nuisance. Of course, they don't want to die.
The prisoner who'd just shoved her now has his hands raised in preparation to start throwing punches. He encroaches towards her when she notices the makeshift shiv in his hand.
He isn't planning on punching.
Like a newly applied layer of skin, the souls energize her body. She raises her hand at him before casting a spell-
A gust of energy blasts out of her hand, blowing the encroaching prisoners into the bars at the opposite end of the cell. The entire room vibrates with the force of his crash. His body drops to the floor, motionless. Either unconscious or dead- but her focus shifts to the guys grabbing her from the cell behind her.
She lifts a hand beside her head, with her palm facing where the man's face is most likely located and casts a consume spell. The satisfactory tingling she feels throughout her body confirms her method as she feels the grip around her neck loosen and the sound of a body crash to the floor.
That push was pretty hefty. It used up an entire soul. The unfortunate receiver hasn't twitched or breathed since- definitely dead. Kita raises her hand at the last person cowering in her cell- A middle-aged woman with fear radiating in her eyes as she clutches herself in the fetal position.
Three souls, she notes. Looking at the remaining two prisoners in the cell behind her and the six in the cell ahead of her. They're all worried. Concerned and not one of them has dared to ask about her magic. How rude! Are they not truly afraid? Is it because the others died painless deaths?
She raises her hands at the two in the cells behind her and consumes their souls. Leaving the remaining six prisoners in the cell across from her.
"I'd prefer to make you suffer," She says, slowly stepping towards the bars. "The souls feel much better when they're afraid,"
She raises her hands as she picks two targets at random out of the six in the cell.
"Unfortunately, I'm in a hurry,"
Eleven souls surging through her body is as if she's at twice the peak strength she's ever felt. Her mind feels sharper, more aware. She can feel the ocean of souls radiating from the city above. Calling to her, like the scent of a great dish that's caught her attention.
Push. She casts against the steel lock of the cell door. Erupting the socket off of the gate and swinging it open. She hasn't had much time to think of a plan but her mind has been leaning towards the idea of casting an invisibility spell. How many souls will that cost?
It would most likely use quite a few, so she'll ideally use it after she finds the kid. Ten souls remaining. She'll try only using three to get to the kid, and the remainder to get out of here.
So far, a shield and a push cost a soul a piece. Consuming doesn't come with a cost, thank God. This would be way tougher otherwise. And her body will use remaining souls on injuries… Automatically? Or if she's unconscious?
Having ten souls doesn't seem to be enough anymore. There are swarms of people on the floors above. She can feel them. Fear doesn't just make the souls feel better, it also makes these losers think they're hopeless. The fewer that fight back, the easier it is. Some of these basic spells might not do that considering the cost. If she can't think up a spell that costs more but kills more people in exchange, she might get better value out of it.
Killing more of them sounds good. Who's this bastard to tell her she has to work for him? She should take his life too. No- he wouldn't suffer that way. Taking everything he cares about sounds better... Maybe he has a family.
She slowly opens the door of the room to find it devoid of any protection. Exposing a hallway that leads towards a staircase at the end of it. "That's definitely where the others are," she says, looking up to the fifteen flights of stairs. Where's the kid, though? There are five different floors and she has nothing to work with, her memory of coming down here is blurred- A few random moments of consciousness.
She'll have to do it the long way.
She jogs her way up the stairs to the first door- Slowly cracking it open as it screeches briefly. And she peeks through the eyes-sized gap she's created to find that one end of the passageway is clear. She pulls the door open, raising a hand to face the unchecked side of the hall.
There's no one.
It isn't a passageway either. It's the outer walkway of a much larger hall. A storage room. Huge boxes, stacked on top of one another with a variety of steel cases peppered amongst them. Is this a product? Or the goods they stole? She doesn't have time to find out. She'd shower the floor further but it just isn't the place raiders would take a little kid that they're about to sell off.
She backs out of the storage room into the stairway and closes the door behind her before making her way up to the second floor. She uses the same method, slowly peeling the door open to observe the end of the hall.
This is more like it. She immediately sees a guard standing by a nearby door. He has a rifle-like weapon in his hands and a very focused look on his face. What could be in there?
It wouldn't be the kid- she concludes. Jan's most likely been taken to the boss's office. Where else would they do the trade? His office would have way more guards and a much bigger door.
Villains love big doors.
The sound of footsteps started chugging their way down from the floor above- It must be the guards. She confidently steps into the passageway of the second floor, trying her best to act as if she belongs. The guard by the door notices her but doesn't pay too much attention to her sudden entry. She turns to look at the other end of the hall, to find five other guards staring at her in the same manner. Each is stood by a door. Another prison?
She nods her head at the all, promoting a nod in response before a butch lady guarding a door at the end of the hall asks, "You the one that's going to question the princess?"
"Uhhh,” Kita stutters, "That's me,"
"She's in here," The lady shifts her body to start unlocking the door.
Kita walks down the hall, passing a glance at each of the guards that couldn't be bothered by her being there. She steps into the now open room to see a woman slightly older than her laying on a mattress on the floor. She has the same rags on as the prisoners from downstairs, her pale skin and baby-blue hair are her only discernible features.
"Knock twice," The butch lady says before closing the door behind Kita. Leaving her alone in the room with the… Princess.
"You know what I'm here for," Kita improvises, trying to understand what this is about before she blows her cover.
"Why would I tell you?" The lady's posh voice softly objects as she remains laying on the mattress with her eyes closed.
"For starters… I could hurt you,"
"Your friends tried that already," She responds, still unbothered.
"I'm not like the others,"
"Clearly," She scoffs, "You do an awful lot more talking,"
"Like I said. I'm different," Kita shrugs at her own response. "For the right price, I can tell them something… Untrue,"
"I do not have any coin,"
"You're a princess, aren't you? Coin isn't the only currency,"
The girl's eyes shoot open, and she sits up on her mattress to look Kita in the eyes. They're the same colour as her hair- baby blue. Glistening like an ocean in the dim light.
The girl's head tilts, as she notices something in the eyes of Kita.
"I can tell you where the dark one is," The blue-haired princess offers.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 8
"Princess, my ass,"
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2023.05.31 20:52 BookWormSubmissive- Cat peeing around the house

Been to the vets, all clear. No medical issues.
Our cat keeps peeing outside the litter box. It’s been in our office, my step sons room and now the bottom of the stairs in our house. It hadn’t happened since we got her, we’ve lived in this house for over a year and it suddenly started happening.
We haven’t changed the litter, we haven’t changed food, nothings changed. So I don’t understand why this is suddenly happening?
We’ve taken the lids off the litter boxes to see if that was the issue, the litter boxes are spread out and in areas she was peeing before, they are in low traffic areas. I don’t get it.
Please can anyone suggest anything as to why it could be happening please?
We use white vinegar to neutralise the smell then carpet clean with enzyme cleaners to remove all smells.
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2023.05.31 20:40 Traumatized_Waffle The Emissary - Part 2

Previous Next


I fixated my gaze on the screen, absorbing the implications of the message. As the systems in the cockpit gradually came back online, a green light confirmed the restoration of manual control.
The Emissary 1's spotlights flickered to life, illuminating the colossal structure before me. Its surface was composed of a shimmering golden material that radiated under the spotlight's glow. Tentatively, I reached for the manual controls, gripping them with a mix of apprehension and curiosity.
In the center of the colossal structure, an opening materialized before my eyes. The center screen flickered again, displaying a new message that demanded my attention.
"Enter, so that we may converse."
My eyes shifted between the inviting opening and the vast emptiness of space surrounding us. There was nothing out there except the dim blue star and the colossal structure.
With a deep breath, I propelled the Emissary 1 forward, maneuvering it into the open hangar bay. Unlike before, there was no blinding light as my craft breached the threshold. Through the cockpit window, I beheld the awe-inspiring sight of the hangar, adorned with countless identical golden crafts suspended in mid-air by an unseen force. Each vessel was an exact replica of the one that had mysteriously appeared around Earth.
My focus settled on a pulsating circle of white and green light at the center. Guiding the Emissary 1 towards it, I cautiously landed the craft within the circle. After adjusting the switches on the control board to cool the engines and setting the vessel to standby, I shifted my attention to the multitude of hoses connected to the small oxygen tank affixed to my suit.
With a determined gesture, I slid down the helmet's visor, sealing myself inside. Aware of the limited supply of oxygen, approximately two hours' worth, I contemplated the unknown nature of the external atmosphere, or whether one even existed.
Relieving the straps securing me to the seat, I activated the suit's temperature and pressure regulators. As if on cue, the center screen flickered once again, captivating my attention with its renewed message.
"Exit your craft. We will do you no harm."
My heart skipped a beat as I glanced back at the cockpit window. Three towering figures stood there, cloaked in the same shimmering golden material that adorned everything in their presence. Feeling a mix of trepidation and curiosity, I quickly averted my gaze and made my way towards the hatch. With measured anticipation, I initiated the depressurization sequence, patiently waiting until finally releasing the hatch.
I gingerly positioned one leg through the opening, followed by the other, and slowly descended to the ground. The low gravity in this unfamiliar environment gave an ethereal quality to my movements. With cautious steps, I noticed ripples of light cascading outward from each footfall, a mesmerizing display that underscored the otherworldly nature of this encounter.
My attention turned towards the three towering figures standing before my small spacecraft. The central figure extended a long arm, beckoning me forward. I hesitated momentarily, taking in the gravity of the situation, but a profound sense of curiosity propelled me to approach.
Consciously keeping my arms away from my sides, I sought to convey a non-threatening posture. As I closed the distance, I had a clear view of these enigmatic beings. Towering above me, they stood at least twice my height, their elongated limbs adorned with bands of the shimmering golden material that characterized their presence. Their hairless heads, mottled grey and adorned with circlets of the same radiant material, hosted four bright orange eyes and a small mouth. Notably absent were ears and noses.
Coming to a stop a mere couple of feet away from them, I found myself under their penetrating gaze. Raising my right arm slowly, I caught their attention and offered a small wave. Their initial scrutiny gave way to subtle smiles as they reciprocated the gesture, their three-fingered hands waving in unison.
Astounded by their comprehension of my greeting, I took a deep breath and mustered the courage to proceed. Extending my hand for a handshake, a universally recognized gesture, I hoped they would interpret its meaning. The central figure reached out its three-fingered hand towards mine, our fingertips barely grazing, when a soft voice resonated within my mind.
"Greetings, small one. We are the Achaens. Please, remove your helmet so that we may behold your face. We have adjusted the atmosphere to suit your needs," the soothing voice reverberated throughout my skull. The Achaen withdrew her hand, her smile widening, reassuring me of the safety and goodwill in this encounter.
Following the instruction, I reached up and grasped the sides of my helmet, twisting it to the right and lifting it from my head, tucking it securely under my arm. The air carried a cool and invigorating sensation, carrying a subtle hint of mint. Taking a deep breath, I discovered no difficulty in breathing this unfamiliar atmosphere.
As I looked up at the Achaens before me, I reciprocated their warm expressions with a friendly smile. "Hello. My name is Deckard Conroy. I've been sent by the people of planet Earth as an Emissary. It is truly an honor to meet you all," I spoke, feeling the weight of the entire human race resting upon my shoulders. In a gesture of respect, I offered a deep bow.
The center Achaen reciprocated the bow, her gaze holding mine for a moment before she began to speak. Her voice carried a softness and deliberation, each word enunciated with care. "It is fortunate that your people have finally sent an ambassador. We have much we wish to share with you."
Stepping forward, the Achaen to the left fixed her gaze upon me. "It is our duty to uplift all species, provided they possess the desire for it," she spoke with measured intent. The Achaen to the right followed suit, her intensity casting an eerie aura that the other two Achaens did not possess.
Her words carried a warning, her gaze locked onto mine. "Be warned. The knowledge we are prepared to impart upon you holds the potential to unlock great wonders and technological marvels for your species. But it is also capable of sowing immense destruction if wielded by those with nefarious intent."
Interrupting, the center Achaen spoke once more, her voice a calming presence. "My sister speaks the truth. That is why we shall first give you, and you alone, this." Extending her arm, she handed me a small, softly glowing blue cube. I observed it for a moment before returning my focus to the Achaens.
"It is a communicator of sorts. Keep it to yourself upon your return and make no mention of it to your people. If they begin to misuse the knowledge and technology we are about to bestow upon you, you need only hold it with both hands and call out to us. We will come to your aid," explained the center Achaen. Firmly nodding in acknowledgement, I carefully placed the cube in one of my suit's secure pockets.
"Next, accept this. It contains a wealth of information encompassing everything you can conceive of in regard to the universe. Your finest scientists will cherish it. We have designed it to be compatible with your computer systems," conveyed the Achaen to the right, presenting me with a bright yellow cube. I turned it over in my hand, noting the myriad of small data ports, one of which I recognized as a USB-3 port.
Safely storing the cube away, I pondered the unfathomable knowledge it held. Returning my attention to the Achaens, the Achaen to the left extended her arms, offering another bright yellow cube and a small, intriguing device.
"The device I offer you is universally compatible with any spacecraft. It will provide perpetual fuel and power. Simply attach it to your craft, and it will seamlessly interface with the onboard systems. Additionally, it incorporates a powerful Artificial Intelligence capable of receiving commands and autonomously performing advanced maneuvers. The second device is another data storage unit, containing instructions on constructing various technologies for space exploration," elucidated the Achaen, carefully placing both devices in my hands. I secured them safely, meeting the gaze of the Achaens once more.
"The people of Earth express profound gratitude for your boundless benevolence and generosity. We will forever be in your debt," I solemnly spoke, offering another deep bow.
"We only ask that you explore, discover, and prosper. Build wonders and unveil the mysteries of the cosmos. You may call upon us whenever you desire, and we will be there to assist you," articulated the center Achaen. The Achaen to the left observed me for a moment before adding, "Return to your spacecraft. As you cross the threshold of our magnificent station, you will be transported back through the craft we placed in orbit around your homeworld," her voice filled with approval.
Once again, expressing my heartfelt gratitude, I repeated my deep bow. However, as I looked up, the Achaens had vanished, leaving me standing alone in the vast hangar bay. The silence enveloped me as I made my way back to the Emissary 1, each step filled with a mix of wonder and trepidation. The weight of the Achaens' gifts, both physical and metaphorical, rested heavily upon me.
Reaching the spacecraft, I paused for a moment to take in the extraordinary surroundings. The golden vessels, suspended in mid-air, seemed to hold the secrets of an ancient and advanced civilization. The enormity of the moment washed over me once again, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and responsibility.
With a deep breath, I climbed back into the cockpit of the Emissary 1, feeling a sense of familiarity and comfort in its familiar embrace. The consoles hummed softly as I settled back into the pilot's seat, the weight of the mission amplified by the newfound knowledge and technology entrusted to me.
As I initiated the launch sequence, the Emissary 1 hummed to life, its engines purring with anticipation. I glanced one last time at the hangar bay, knowing that I was leaving behind a world of wonder and possibilities. The Achaens had granted humanity a chance to soar among the stars, armed with knowledge and tools beyond our wildest dreams.
With a feeling of anticipation, I guided the Emissary 1 towards the threshold of the colossal golden structure, bidding farewell to the enigmatic Achaens and their hidden presence. The weight of the extraordinary encounter settled upon me as I prepared to depart their station.
As I crossed the threshold, a sense of expectation filled the cockpit. I braced myself, awaiting the anticipated surge of energy that would propel me across the vast expanse of space and back to Earth. Yet, to my bewilderment, nothing happened. Time seemed to hang in the balance as I sat there, suspended in uncertainty.
A moment later, a familiar soft voice reverberated in my mind, causing a chill to run down my spine. The Achaen's words carried a tone of concern, laced with a hint of disbelief.
“We are unsure of what to make of this, but it appears your people have destroyed the craft we placed in orbit with atomic weaponry.”

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2023.05.31 20:37 Adventurous_Many660 Winkbed Plus or keep looking?

Some facts: My best guess on our weights is that I am around 220lb and my wife is around 170lb, both in our mid-30s. We are both combination sleepers who spend most of the night on our stomachs.
I bought a Costco Casper Select Hybrid a little over a year ago to replace the first bed I bought for myself in my early 20s. Both my wife and I have hated the Casper this entire time. The edges collapse tremendously - it is impossible to sit on the side of the bed (to put shoes on, etc.) without sliding directly to the floor. We both wake up with lower back pain that resolves by midday, and we both wake up repeatedly throughout the night in pain to readjust. Generally pain is in the hips and low back, but we both notice that our arms and shoulders fall asleep fairly frequently in side and stomach sleep positions.
We were able to try the Casper before buying and loved how it felt. We both have preferred soft beds our entire lives. Last week we stayed at an AirBnb with an extremely firm bed. We both were skeptical as soon as we felt it, but each night passed out immediately and slept with no pain. Neither of us woke the other with any tossing or turning - either we weren't moving around much, or there was incredibly motion control. We have slept in many beds traveling over the years and never been so psyched about a mattress.
After more research than I really care to do, I landed on Winkbeds Plus as a very firm and high-quality option that makes sense for our weights and sleep styles. There is a SleePare about 3 hours away from us, in a direction we would not otherwise travel. I know the recommendation is to try out beds in person, but apparently we are terrible at determining what would actually be comfortable for us.
Is it worth the drive or should I pull the trigger? I really don't want to send another mattress to the landfill (which is why we've been sleeping on a bed we could return to Costco at any time and hating it for more than a year).
Any other suggestions for specific mattresses to look into? I am clear that we need coils, and prefer to spend more money for something durable, because mattress shopping is a nightmare.
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2023.05.31 20:19 Then-Owl9428 SARS and Telework in a pandemic non-emergency

Here are some things that I wish everyone from politicians to SES to Contractor management to individual supervisors understood about SHOW-UP and Return-to-Office:

1) Ending the Pandemic Emergency does not end the pandemic.

2) SARS-CoV-2 is a Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) airborne virus.

3) We have the tools to limit SARS-CoV-2 spread. They are not handwashing:

  1. Temperature & Humidity control to affect the viability of the virus.
  2. Exchanging building air with the outside, ~6 full exchanges per hour.
  3. Improving airflow / circulation within any room that had / does / will contain people.
  4. Increasing air filtration with at least HEPA or MERV-13
  5. Closing lids over toilets before flushing.
  6. Use of UV light to disinfect appropriate spaces.
  7. Universal two-way masking would limit the amount of virus introduced into the environment.
    • This is the airborne equivalent of removing the water pump handle from a cholera source.
  8. Personal protection in a one-way masking environment requires tight-fitting respirators, ideally fit-checked.
    • Proper personal protection against a BSL-3 virus includes a Powered Atmosphere Purification Respirator (PAPR).
 - On a good day, I call it my “Personal Responsibility kit,” because it allows me to not worry about anyone else’s health or safety measures. - On a bad day, it’s my FYIGM kit. 
  1. For day-to-day protection of the lungs, other elastomeric respirators and/or N-95s may suffice. This would not protect the eyes.

4) For the ~10 percent of the public who are still wearing masks, this is what it means:

5) Not all disabilities are visible.

6) The remote work agreement already included the expectation that the employee would come into the office when their presence serves the organization’s purpose.

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