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2023.06.01 00:02 SmoothCause4716 25/F Online friends are very welcome to meeee! - HMU :'>

Hi thereee! Im looking for someone to talk at the moment, and I hope we click! I love to cook, watching movies (horror, documentaries, action, sci-fi). Im 25 simple girl, from USA (people near me, hope to know you more) I am more of a homebody person, I dont want crowded places and noisy places too. If you are interested, send me message that is something from you or maybe just the reason why you message me. Im trying to find someone new here that are exciting and funny enough to talk to. Thanks for reading this. Cant wait to know your whereabouts!
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2023.06.01 00:02 Honey_Sweetness Should I try dyeing it?

Should I try dyeing it?
I used to dye my hair pink, blue, green, and colors like that a lot but it took so much bleaching I stopped. It's been a long time since I dyed it anything - if I dyed it a lighter color, like a natural-ish red, would it look anywhere near natural on me with my skin tone or would it be painfully obvious that it was dyed and I shouldn't bother? My hair is a bit longer than this now, and curly as heck. If I don't try to tie it back to straighten it a little or something right out of the shower, I end up with a 'fro.
Please forgive how caked on my makeup is. I was never taught how to properly apply it.
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2023.06.01 00:01 sala344 All Zenyatta Voicelines

It's been hard to find some voicelines from Zen and i started looking for a video that compiles every line and fortunately there was one and with OW1 voicelines as well! (pls take the time to comment your fav voiceline in the link, this video was a bit hard to find with only 145 views) so i took the time to timestamp each one, there are a lot that repeat and english isn't my first language there will be a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, feel free to correct me. Well without any further ado here it is:
0:05 uh? (idk how to describe it... WHEN DOES HE SAY THIS??¿¿)
0:07 Noise
0:08 Noise
0:10 "Now we have both learned something"
0:13 "I'm grateful for what we have taught each other"
0:17 "I do not punish when one seeks forgiveness"
0:20 "I envy ants for their clarity of purpose"
0:25 "Perhaps i can share your burden?"
0:28 "There is a new sadness in you brother"
0:32 "Yes we wondered how many other omnics were doing the same"
0:38 "Change often comes uninvited what you make of it is up to you"
0:44 "Every challenge is an opportunity to rise"
0:49 "I am happy to serve"
0:51 "Mmm.. interesting"
0:54 "A chance for us all to learn"
0:57 "Experience festivity"
1:00 "Right down the middle and the pitch"
1:04 "Here's a little jin(?) music"
1:06 "That's the ball game"
1:08 "There's no crying in baseball"
1:12 "You're out"
1:14 "He goes down swinging"
1:16 "It goes down swinging"
1:18 "She goes down swinging"
1:21 "Zenyatta on the mound"
1:24 "The iris consumes you"
1:27 "Listen to the whispers of madness"
1:31 "Darkness envelops all"
1:34 "Be consumed by the shadows"
1:38 "Curses and madness be upon you all"
1:41 "Be one with the darkness"
1:45 "Walk in shadow"
1:48 "We walk in shadows my aprenctice"
1:52 "Embrace oblivion"
1:55 "Frightening"
1:57 "Expierience nothingness"
2:01 "Trick or treat"
2:04 "Pass into the unkown"
2:07 "Zenyatta is here"
2:10 "Zenyatta is everywhere"
2:14 "We must guard the objective"
2:17 "They've taken possesion of him"
2:20 "He would(?) be lost without our guidence"
2:23 "The enemy has stolen away our friend"
2:27 "Our teamate has fallen"
2:29 "We've suffered a casualty"
2:31 "We have lost a teammate"
2:34 "The door will not hold much longer"
2:37 "The door will soon be reduced to kinglin(?)"
2:40 "I am restored"
2:42 "You have my thanks"
2:44 "One day i will repay your kindness"
2:48 Effort noise (kick probably?)
2:49 Effort noise
2:50 Effort noise
2:52 Effort noise
2:53 "It was nothing"
2:55 "You are welcome"
2:57 "A turret lies before us it is quite real"
3:02 "A turret is in our way"
3:04 "We must proceed as one"
3:06 "Apart we can not continue"
3:09 "We must come together then we may proceed"
3:13 "The payload is on it's way"
3:16 "The payload advances as it should"
3:20 "I am accompaning the payload"
3:23 "We must hold the payload"
3:25 "I'm under attack assistance would be appreciated"
3:29 "I require aid"
3:31 "On my way"
3:33 "No."
3:34 "We must rest victory from the jaws of time"
3:38 "Time is an illusion but he illusion it's about to run out"
3:44 "No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place"
3:48 "We are in harmony"
3:51 "Doubt shrouds you"
3:53 "What torments you"
3:55 "It is nothing personal, Genji"
3:58 "Why the look of gloom"
4:00 "Your distress betrays you, Satya"
4:03 "A shadow hangs over you"
4:06 "Your anguish comsumes you"
4:09 "You must accept the pain"
4:12 "This does not bode well for you"
4:16 "Chaos hunts your path"
4:18 "The path ahead is thorny"
4:21 "How ominous"
4:23 "Attachment the source of all suffering"
4:27 Effort noise
4:30 "Revive me so that i may re-join the fight"
4:34 "I am in need of reviving"
4:37 "I am seriously damaged"
4:39 "Life is more than a series of ones and zeros"
4:44 "We most protect our flag"
4:47 "Defend our flag"
4:49 "A detonator)? approaches we must not let it come near"
4:53 "The end approaches quickly to the robot"
4:57 "Our time draws near, grasp the opportunity"
5:02 "We most claim both the robot and our destiny"
5:06 "Our collective effort is leading us to victory"
5:11 "Let us be grateful for our advantages"
5:14 "Fortune smiles on us"
5:17 "A blessing to be among such capable hands"
5:21 "We should make our preparations here"
5:24 freezing noise
5:26 freezing noise 2
5:29 discomfort noise?
5:32 discomfort freezing noise?
5:35 freezing noise 3
5:39 "We must clear this area"
5:41 "Form is temporary the spirit is eternal"
5:46 "My apologies"
5:48 "I was mistaken"
5:50 "To err is human... or omnic"
5:53 "I require armor"
5:55 "I need armor"
5:57 "We must deal with this assassin, she continues to be a problem for us"
6:03 sigh noise
6:05 sigh noise 2
6:08 long sigh
6:10 deep breath
6:13 deep breath 2
6:15 "We must take the objective"
6:18 "Let us capture the objective"
6:21 "The enemies teleporter is here, destroy it"
6:26 "My ultimate ability is ready"
6:28 "Ready for transcendence"
6:31 "The enforcer still poses a threat"
6:34 "The flags destiny lies with another"
6:37 "Dropping the flag"
6:39 discomfort noise
6:42 discomfort noise 2
6:45 dicomfort noise 3
6:47 discomfort noise 4
6:50 discomfort noise 5
6:52 "Zenyatta is here"
6:54 "Advance the robot"
6:56 "Move the robot"
6:58 Discomort noise 6
7:01 Discomfort noise 7
7:03 more discomfort
7:04 "The flag returns"
7:06 "I have set the flag on its way"
7:09 "The assassin is over there"
7:12 "There she is"
7:14 "but intimidating nonetheless" (idk if this goes with the last one)
7:16 "Get back! she's on me"
7:19 "In 3... 2... 1..."
7:23 "3... 2... 1..."
7:26 "Get ready"
7:28 death noise
7:30 death noise 2
7:32 death noise 3
7:34 death?
7:37 more death?
7:39 "Let us push together"
7:41 "And now we begin"
7:44 "Destiny backens us towards our destination"
7:49 "My ultimate is charging"
7:52 more sigh noise
7:54 deep breath asmr
7:57 relieve breath noise
8:00 death fall noise
8:05 death fall noise 2
8:11 more death fall noise
8:18 "Hello world"
8:20 "The assassin is no more"
8:22 "Worry not she's been dealt with"
8:25 "Defend as one"
8:28 "Defend with me"
8:30 "Alone i am a tempting target for the enemy"
8:34 "Our numbers will soon be replendished"
8:38 "My allies will soon return"
8:41 "Farewell"
8:42 "Go in peace"
8:44 "I have found the enemy shield generator"
8:48 "My ultimate is almost ready"
8:50 "Understood"
8:52 "Acknowledge"
8:54 "Of course"
8:55 "Indeed"
8:57 "I understand"
8:58 "Understood"
9:00 "The door shutters)?"
9:02 "The door is heavly damaged"
9:04 "This life is not finished with you yet"
9:07 "We are still in need of you"
9:10 "Invisibility is not invincibility"
9:14 "You manifested your own fate"
9:17 "One often meets their destiny on the road the take to avoid it"
9:22 "Those who rush headlong into battle would do well to protect their heads"
9:28 "A great distance for one is but a step for another"
9:33 "Think first then leap"
9:36 "An easy target is not is not always what is appears to be"
9:40 "Foresight is as viable as speed"
9:44 "Ask for death and you will receive it"
9:48 "Remember Genji at your most powerful you are most vulnerable"
9:54 "Capture the flag"
9:56 "Let us take the enemy's flag"
9:59 "Be reborn"
10:01 "Oblivion embraces you"
10:04 "Fade into shadow"
10:07 "May the Iris embrace you"
10:10 "Be at peace"
10:12 "The wheel turns"
10:14 "The darkness consumes"
10:17 "Let us clear them off the objective"
10:20 "Our enemies are ceasing)? the objective"
10:23 "They are taking hold of the objective, we must stop them"
10:29 "Fortune favors me"
10:31 Laugh (AAAAAAAAAA)
10:34 "The iris embraces you"
10:38 "It is my pleasure to serve"
10:41 "There is no weakness in asking for help"
10:44 "Does who seek help will find it"
10:47 "Consider the alternative"
10:50 "The world is a dangerous place"
10:53 "The help is it's own reward"
10:56 "How amusing"
10:58 "The end is near we must not hold back"
11:02 "Time runs short, attack!"
11:06 "We must wrest the victory from the jaws of time"
11:10 "Time is an illusion but he illusion it's about to run out" (Again?)
11:15 "Press forward for time is not at our side"
11:19 "Time is off the escence let us attack"
11:23 "An erradicator be on your guard"
11:26 "She still poses a threat"
11:29 "The sniper still troubles us"
11:31 "Can i interest you in a snowball fight?"
11:34 "Do i think? Does a submarine swim?"
11:39 "The turret no longer exists"
11:42 "The turret is no more"
11:45 "The objective cannot take much more of this"
11:48 "Our objective will soon be destroyed"
11:51 "Mercy swiftly delivered"
11:54 "The more one takes the less one has"
11:58 "Accomplishment always follows effort"
12:02 "Tragedy unites many"
12:04 "My generosity extends to many"
12:08 "Perhaps we only exist in the memory of a person now gone"
12:13 burning? (noise)
12:17 burning
12:19 burning 2
12:21 more burning
12:24 burns
12:26 "Patience"
12:28 "The damage doesn't look as bad from up here"
12:31 probably getting charged by Reinhardt?
12:34 same?
12:37 AAAaaAAA
12:40 critical health
12:42 "The objective is no more"
12:45 "The objective has been eliminated"
12:48 "I require shields"
12:50 "I need sheilds"
12:52 "The assassin is gone for the moment"
12:55 "She's disappeard"
12:57 "Victory is our destiny but we must all play our parts"
13:03 "Stay steadfast and we shall win"
13:07 "Victory is within our grasp hold strong"
13:12 "We must see this through to the end"
13:16 "Let us hold out until the end"
13:19 "Time is on our side we must simply endure"
13:24 "I'm feeling unwell"
13:27 "My systems are compromised"
13:29 "Disabling security protocols"
13:32 "Your recognition honors me"
13:35 "The cards have selected me"
13:38 "Our enemies return with vengeance"
13:41 "Beware they have returned"
13:44 "The enemy is utilising a shield generator"
13:48 "Enemy shield generator destroyed"
13:51 "Hold the robot we must end their push"
13:55 "Recover our flag"
13:58 "We must retake possession of our flag"
14:01 "Peace be upon you"
14:03 "I greet you"
14:05 "Hello"
14:06 "Greetings"
14:08 "We must reclaim our flag"
14:10 "The enemy has taken posetion of our flag"
14:14 "Come to me for healing"
14:16 "Come here for healing"
14:18 "The path to healing leads here"
14:21 "A shoked tire bears down upon us)?" (i didn't understand a thing)
14:24 "Shock tire over the breach)?" (same)
14:27 "The enemy posseses a teleporter"
14:30 "Energy transfers between us"
14:33 "I believe i won this round"
14:36 "A telling blow"
14:38 "A touch of wisdom"
14:41 "What profound impact"
14:43 "Scadoosh" (HAHAHA WHEN?? from a skin??)
14:45 effort noise
14:46 effort noise 2
14:47 effort noise 3
14:49 effort noise 4
14:50 effort noise 5
14:51 effort noise 6
14:52 "Over here"
14:54 coughing
14:59 coughing 2
15:08 "I have spotted an enemy bastion"
15:10 "Remember past succeses but always strive for more"
15:16 "This way"
15:18 "Here my friends"
15:20 laugh (I love him)
15:35 "I think therefore i am"
15:40 "When did you received this curse countess"
15:44 "Some believe that the full moon is a good omen"
15:48 "Did i say i trusted her"
15:51 "I do not sense the spark of life within you"
15:54 "Walk along the path to enlightenment"
15:58 "Ready i am ready" (Oh god...)
16:01 "I dreamt i was a butterfly"
16:04 "Frightening"
16:06 "There are null)? troopers ahead"
16:08 "No troopers spotted"
16:10 "The enforcer is no more"
16:13 "The flag moves with me"
16:15 "I have become one with the flag"
16:19 "Go to the objective"
16:21 "Let us head to the waypoint"
16:23 "Let us re group at the objective"
16:26 "The objective is near"
16:29 "Take care that you do not spend yourself before the battle is done"
16:34 "Our purpose is to show everyone that in the iris we are all one people"
16:41 "Rarely has my path crossed a warrior as cheerful as you"
16:45 "No one of note just one of thousands of like me)?" (what?)
16:50 "Do you think me so helpless"
16:52 "But one moment of clarity changed everything"
16:56 "There are times even i can not stand by"
17:00 "It is not magic but the power of the spirit that i channel"
17:05 "My believes are simply in the fundamental ways of life and nature nothing more"
17:12 "Simply a traveler of search of purpose and meaning"
17:16 "I'm following in my masters footsteps searching for enlightenment tho my path has not always been a stright one"
17:25 "Our objective has been damaged"
17:27 "Our enemies are breaking through"
17:30 "Fate is not without a sense of irony"
17:34 "Look in the mirror"
17:36 "We move with the objective"
17:39 "Let us see the objective to it's destination"
17:43 "The enemy out numbers us"
17:45 "We are outnumbered be cautious"
17:49 "I sense the reaper"
17:51 "I sense the presence of the witch"
17:54 "The summoner is here"
17:57 "Doctor Junkenstein so good of you to join us"
18:02 "The ground shakes"
18:04 "Junkenstein's monster is here"
18:07 "We should guide our flag back to safety"
18:10 "The enemy has relinquished our flag"
18:13 "We must move them from the door"
18:16 "They have reached the door"
18:19 "The summoner is no more"
18:21 "The witch is gone but she will reaturn"
18:26 "Doctor Junkenstein has laughed his last"
18:30 "Junkenstein's monster has fallen"
18:33 "The reaper is gone for the moment"
18:37 "I am made whole"
18:39 "My systems are restored"
18:42 "My systems are repeared"
18:45 "I am healed"
18:47 "Your dance grows more elegant Satya"
18:51 "You are adept at endings")? (idk)
18:54 "Well done my apprentice"
18:57 "Eventually all fade into oblivion"
19:00 "Well done Genji"
19:03 "You have ushered them to paradise"
19:06 "There is beauty in your actions"
19:09 "I did not teach you that one"
19:12 "Fall back"
19:13 "Likewise Satya i hope to repay you for your generosity at our temple"
19:19 "I served coffee"
19:21 "Then paint it with emptiness"
19:24 "How... fortunate for you"
19:27 "Why do you believe so?"
19:29 "I collected payments at a laser tag arena"
19:33 "Perhaps they believe we will not defend this place but if all the rest of the wolrd were to fall this would be the stand i chose to make"
19:44 "I like being near the ocean it reminds me of where i was born"
19:49 "I sense that your hardest battle is yet to come"
19:54 "What seems like magic is sometimes science we dont yet understand"
20:00 "Victory goes to those who maintain their focus"
20:04 "I was a life guard at a waterpark"
20:08 "It would be a pleasure"
20:10 "I drove a tractor"
20:12 "You have an intense gaze doctor"
20:15 "You spend your second chance at life walking a lonely road"
20:21 "I believe that Torbjörn's behavior has rubbed of on you"
20:25 "I owe my gifts to the iris"
20:29 "What makes you think i am a pacifist"
20:32 "Someone always cares you must simply seek them out"
20:36 "I dream of peace and sometimes falling"
20:41 "And yet you sound just like he did"
20:44 "A mirror reflects only what can be seen"
20:48 "Perhaps it is assumptions that are foolish"
20:52 "Try listening to silence"
20:55 "Our mission awaits us"
20:58 "Indeed"
20:59 "I massaged sheep on a free-range pasture"
21:03 "Shed the weight of your doubts, and your mind will become clear"
21:08 "Seeking progress by sowing chaos is like planting a tree in a volcano"
21:14 "Change often comes univited what you make of it is up to you"
21:21 "Quite a puzzle isn't it?"
21:24 "I embrace the unkown"
21:27 "And what of the enemy within"
21:30 "I focus on my breathing"
21:32 "Strangeness is in the eye of the beholder"
21:37 "My memories from before the awakening are blurry like a fading dream but i do remember somethings"
21:46 "In the coming battle you mean?"
21:48 "To find succes we must search in harmony"
21:53 "As long as there is free will i fear there will be evil"
21:57 "If a city never sleeps how can it dream?"
22:02 "Those who only seek to enrich themselves lives the most impoverished lives of all"
22:08 "True it also makes us great teachers for we can easily hide our disappointment"
22:15 "Indeed, why are we here?"
22:18 "Ask not who their maker is but what they mean"
22:24 "Is victory so important?"
22:27 "Fruition comes from within as does failure"
22:32 "I have always wondered what it is like being inside an orb"
22:37 "Over there"
22:38 "I need help"
22:40 "I require assistance"
22:43 "I pray that we can reverse this outcome"
22:46 "We are not deafeated yet"
22:49 "We must persist from the difficult times"
22:53 "This obstacle can still be overcome"
22:57 "Trick or treat"
22:59 "A temporary set back"
23:02 "We can overcome any obstacle"
23:05 "We must act and soon"
23:08 "Let us remember our purpose"
23:10 "Progress awaits us"
23:13 ""Perhaps we are forgetting something"
23:15 "We must eliminate this target"
23:19 "Caution"
23:20 "Be alert"
23:22 "Watch here"
23:24 "An enemy here"
23:25 "Here is an enemy"
23:27 "heal this one)???"
23:29 "We must guard the objective"
23:32 "Defend the objective"
23:34 "Even the teacher can learn from his student"
23:38 "It takes a hundred times to learn, a thousand times to understand" (My fav)
23:44 "One who fears loss has already lost"
23:49 "The cycle begins anew"
23:52 "True strength does not always lie in victory"
23:56 "Pain is an excellent teacher"
24:00 "Overconfidence is a flimsy shield"
24:04 "A reminder that life is never easy"
24:08 "Defeat cannot break one who perseveres"
24:12 "The cycle is broken"
24:14 "Adversity is an opportunity for change"
24:18 "A challenge presents itself"
24:21 "A temporary set back" (again..)
24:24 "Failure is acceptable giving up is not"
24:28 "The outcome is not preordained"
24:32 "Repetition is the path to mastery"
24:36 "Our fates are written in the stars"
24:40 "The enemy is here"
24:42 "The enemy desires a battle"
24:45 "Let the blessings of the season be upon you"
24:49 "I return"
24:51 "Press the attack"
24:53 "Let us all become one with the objective"
24:56 "Proceed to the objective"
24:59 "An enforcer is before us"
25:01 "Pass into the iris"
25:04 "Reflect upon your actions"
25:07 "Your set back is only temporary"
25:10 "Rest your soul"
25:13 "A cruel fate"
25:15 "Pride can not protect you"
25:17 "Your focus lacks focus"
25:20 "One day you will see that coming"
25:23 "Science cannot answer all questions"
25:27 "And now, you have found peace"
25:30 "You must learn from your mistakes"
25:34 "No fist has ever won against an open hand"
25:38 "Your answer lies in stillness"
25:41 "Good judgment comes from bad experiences"
25:45 "Regret is all-consuming"
25:49 "A resolution swiftly delivered"
25:52 "All ice melts"
25:54 "A beautiful swansong"
25:57 "I didn't go easy on you this time"
26:00 "And so the mask falls"
26:03 "We all represent unfulfilled potential"
26:07 "Greed has spent you"
26:10 "Silence answers all questions"
26:13 "A closed mind is already defeated"
26:18 "Let the sun set on your pride"
26:21 "Defeat is the better teacher"
26:24 "What goes around, comes around"
26:28 "Not everything should be taken seriously"
26:32 "When you soar you risk the fall"
26:36 "Move too quickly, and you overlook too much"
26:39 "What legacy is worth your life?"
26:43 "In chaos, more chaos"
26:46 "Do not hesitate"
26:48 "The lead awaits us"
26:50 "Soon the lead will be ours"
26:54 "We are being drawn to the lead"
26:57 "Tho i stand alone my teammates still fight at my side"
27:02 "The task falls to me"
27:05 "We are making progress upon the objective"
27:08 "The objective has taken damage"
27:10 "All proceeds according to plan"
27:13 "The rhythm is in you if you search within, get down into the iris, float to the beat"
27:22 "Ummmmm"
27:25 "Embrace the rhythm, embrace the beat, embrace the melody, move your feet"
27:32 "I humbly accept"
27:35 "I will become one with this reward"
27:38 "The universe shares it's bounty"
27:42 "I foresee great riches in my future"
27:45 "The experience is its own reward but surprises are nice" (oh)
27:51 "Join me"
27:53 "Group up"
27:54 "Group up here"
27:56 "We must join as one"
27:59 "Group up with me"
28:01 "Join together"
28:03 "I will not juggle"
28:05 "Yes"
28:07 "The door has open to our enemy"
28:10 "The enemy comes thru the doorway"
28:13 "We must destroy the objective"
28:16 "Focus our attacks upon the objective"
28:19 "That was your lesson for today"
28:22 "Our moments)?? run out do not leave him"
28:26 "Now we must focus, stay with our robot friend"
28:30 "I can sense your presence"
28:33 "Enemy detected"
28:35 "There is someone there"
28:37 "Let go of that that which weighs upon your mind"
28:42 "Behind you"
28:43 "Slicers approaching)???"
28:45 heavy sigh
28:48 sigh
28:50 sigh 2
28:53 effort noise
28:54 kick probably?
28:55 effort noise 2
28:56 "Join me at the objective"
28:59 "Come to the objective"
29:01 "To me my friends"
29:03 "What joy to share the path with another"
29:07 "A promising disciple"
29:10 "You've learned well Genji"
29:12 "Our minds aligned"
29:15 "It takes two hands to clap" (brutal)
29:18 "A meaningful union"
29:20 "One intention many hands"
29:24 "We must focus our attack upon the objective"
29:28 "I see the sniper"
29:30 "There she is"
29:32 "I will watch this place"
29:34 "Keeping watch here"
29:36 "Allow me to watch here"
29:39 "Meditation is all i require to sustain myself"
29:43 "It most be my many years of training, careful diet and simple way of life" (He's such a troll lol)
29:50 "You wound me"
29:52 "A pause in the battle and opportunity to re-center our minds"
29:57 "When i gazed into the iris i found great nothingness, it changed me"
30:04 "You've must have experienced the same"
30:07 "You blame yourself for the dragon's reign of terror but it is not your fault"
30:13 "Push forward"
30:15 sigh?
30:16 more sigh
30:18 relieve sigh
30:19 sigh 1000
30:21 "They have all perished"
30:23 "We are alone for now"
30:27 "Aaaaww serenity at last"
30:31 "Free your mind"
30:33 "The enemy steers we must hold them)?" (idk)
30:37 "Do not allow the enemy to proceed"
30:40 "The enemy begins to move along their path"
30:44 "Breach the door and our path will be revealed"
30:49 "We must break through"
30:51 "Remove the obstruction before us"
30:54 long sigh
30:58 deep breath
31:01 long sigh 2
31:04 DEATH
31:05 death 2
31:07 "Focus on the target"
31:10 "We must eliminate this target"
31:13 "Through here"
31:14 "Our path lies this way"
31:17 "I have dropped the item"
31:20 "Unfortunately i dropped it"
31:23 "I sense an enemy to the right"
31:26 "A shocked tire approaches to our right"
31:29 "Joy to the world"
31:32 "We must locate their teleporter"
31:34 "A shocked tire approaches on the left"
31:37 "Our enemy approaches on the left"
31:40 "I welcome adversity"
31:43 "A momentary set back"
31:45 "My thanks"
31:47 "Thank you"
31:48 "I am grateful"
31:50 "You have my thanks"
31:52 "Wonderful"
31:54 "Excellence is its own reward"
31:58 "Get out of there"
31:59 "I'm going in"
32:01 "We have injured the heaviest sold)? unit" (idk the word)
32:04 "A chance presents itself to strike him down"
32:08 "Talent trooper engaging"
32:10 "I see a sniper"
32:12 "Sniper!"
32:13 A lot of effort noises
32:22 "Always strive for improvement"
32:25 "Together we have taken the lead"
32:29 "AaaA progression"
32:31 "We advance as one"
32:34 "Your flaws are revealed... in the Iris"
32:39 "Know when to hold on, and when to let go"
32:43 "How far the mighty fall"
32:46 "A stumble is still a step towards a direction"
32:50 "A fall is merely a chance to rise again... later"
32:56 "Observe your environment; carefully"
32:59 "You may be missed... but not by me" (Brutal 2)
33:03 "What is descent, but a lesson in humility?"
33:07 "They have fallen... how unfortunate"
33:11 "Attack"
33:12 "Let us strike in harmony"
33:15 "Attack with me"
33:30 "Amid discord, we will find tranquility"
33:35 "He must be dealt with"
33:37 "We must find a way to deal with the heaviest assault)? unit"
33:41 "The summoners threat must be ended"
33:45 "Doctor Junkenstein must be dealt with"
33:48 "The reaper still haunts us"
33:51 "We must vanish the witch"
33:54 "Junkenstein's monster must be destroyed"
33:58 "Existence is mysterious"
34:01 "I have learned from my experiences"
34:05 "My mind is open"
34:07 "My spirit is strong now to strike"
34:12 "Energy flow through me"
34:15 "Every rooster crows in its own pen"
34:19 a lot of effort noises
34:23 "The payload it is at a stand still"
34:26 "Let us push the payload forward"
34:29 "We must unblock the payload"
34:32 "Incoming"
34:34 "The payload must me stopped"
34:36 "We must hinder the payload's journey"
34:40 "Let us hold that payload"
34:42 "I require healing"
34:44 "I need healing"
34:46 "How... disappointing"
34:49 "She's turned her attention to you"
34:52 "The assassin is targeting you"
34:54 "Take cover"
34:56 "Victory or defeat our destiny is not preordained"
35:02 "Be present in the moment"
35:04 "It is good to return but am i still welcome here?"
35:09 "Your will is strong my friend"
35:11 "But in time i know you will realize we are not so different"
35:17 "And i will watch your back in turn"
35:20 "Consider only victory make defeat an impossibility in your mind"
35:26 "Tell me your thoughts my friend"
35:29 "I can feel the embrace of the iris so strongly in here"
35:34 "I would be happy to teach you"
35:36 "It is rare that i meet one with such an unformed mind"
35:40 "It is good to fight alongside one of my brightest pupils"
35:46 "It does, my brother Mondatta, gave much to improve their lifes but it was not to be"
35:53 "A disciplined mind is your most dependable ally."
35:58 "A chance to focus"
36:00 "A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience"
36:05 "So this is where you grew up? You must show me around"
36:10 "If only human and omnic could learn to live in peace here..."
36:15 "I sense within you the same rage that once consumed your brother"
36:20 "What a fascinating place! Can science alone unlock the path to enlightenment?"
36:28 "Do you have any dreams, my friend?"
36:31 "And i do not understand much of how you heal doctor Zeigler"
36:35 "I suppose we must all take some things on faith"
36:42 "Existence is mysterious isn't it"
36:43 "An omnic on the moon is not so special. There are more robots than humans in space"
36:50 "To us all i miss him greatly"
36:53 "I believe that we must all do our part to find solutions to the troubles that are before us"
37:00 "It is sad to see a place that might have known peace... reduced to this"
37:06 "A noble but tragic sacrifice, i hope that you will honor it"
37:12 "I have not returned here for many years. I wonder if my brothers and sisters will be pleased to see me"
37:20 "Turring green)?? my brother's dream but not to be" (what)
37:26 "Time is a river it may be stopped for a while but it will always flow the same direction"
37:34 "I feel most unwelcome here"
37:38 "Genji how was your reunion with your brother?"
37:42 "Symmetra you speak of law and of order but you must know that life is chaotic by it's very nature"
37:51 "I believe that you could find peace, if you were to search within yourself"
37:57 "Indeed my friend, indeed"
38:01 "I hear that you've taken an omnic Torbjörn"
38:04 "The payload rests idle"
38:07 "The payload must be moved"
38:10 "We must move the payload"
38:13 Getting hurt i think
38:17 "This will be of use"
38:19 "I have what we seek"
38:21 "Here we are"
38:22 "I sense the presence of an assassin"
38:25 "An assassin comes for us"
38:28 "Experience tranquility"
38:31 "Our teammate is in need of reviving"
38:34 "Our teammate needs to be revived"
38:38 Pain
38:49 "Let us pave our path together"
38:52 "Shall we journey together"
38:55 "We must work and breath as one"
38:58 "We are all pilgrims on this mission"
39:02 "I am with you"
39:03 "We are as one"
39:06 "The path of fate threatens to diverge in the enemy's favor"
39:10 "The enemy draws near stop them"
39:14 "We must prevent the enemy from taking the lead"
39:18 "The objective nears destruction"
39:21 "We've almost achieved our objective"
39:24 "The enemy has pushed past us"
39:26 "We have lost the lead"
39:29 "The enemy's understandings surpasses ours"
39:33 "The enemy's teleporter is no more"
39:36 "I feel the darkness flowing through me"
39:40 "My soul ignited!"
39:43 "I am efervescent"
39:45 "My spirit burns!"
39:48 "An R-14 engage with caution"
39:52 "Remember me, for I will remember you"
39:56 "My heavy burden to bear"
39:59 "Virtuosity is an admirable virtue"
40:03 "A herald of victory"
40:05 "Mastery cannot be concealed"
40:08 "Our enemy gathers here" (>-<)
40:11 "I shall handle this"
40:13 "It is done"
40:15 "Allow me"
40:17 "We must see this through to the end"
40:20 "Victory is our destiny but we must all play our parts" (again)
40:26 "Victory is within our grasp hold strong" (again)
40:31 "I am in an agreement"
40:33 "We need a healer"
40:35 "The enemys flag is ours"
40:38 "I have captured the flag"
40:40 "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you're headed"
40:45 "Let us escort you along your path"
40:48 "We will unify our push with yours"
40:52 "Hello brother"
40:54 "Come with us"
40:56 "Go"
40:57 "I am attaining the objective"
40:59 "I am on the objective my friends"
41:03 "Join me on the objective"
41:06 "Death is whimsical today"
41:09 "Walk in shadow"
41:12 "Listen to my prayer"
41:15 "Harmony is within your grasp"
41:18 "Be whole once more"
41:21 "I release your suffering"
41:24 "A balm for your wounds"
41:26 "We walk in the shadows, my apprentice"
41:30 "Gaze into the unblinking eye"
41:34 "Embrace oblivion"
41:36 "Be one with the darkness"
41:40 "Be reassured you are not alone"
41:44 "Find solace"
41:46 "Overcome your pain"
41:49 "Your spirits lifted"
41:52 "Let me assist you"
41:55 "Allow me"
41:57 "Harmony follows you"
41:59 "Be soothed"
42:02 "I am with you my friend"
42:04 "Let me relieve your burdens"
42:07 slight effort noises
42:12 pain? effort? idk just noises
42:21 "I'm over here"
42:23 "I am here"
42:25 "My ultimate is ready proceed without fear"
42:29 "You are not ready to learn"
42:32 "Peace and blessings be upon you all"
42:36 death 200
42:43 "The attack comes form the above"
42:45 "The attack comes from the right"
42:48 "Our enemies are behind us"
42:50 "They attack form below"
42:53 "Our enemies attack from the rear)??"
42:55 "The enemy lies before us"
42:58 "Our enemies attack directly"
43:00 "The enemy is on the left"
43:03 "The enemy is below us"
43:06 "The enemy is above us"
43:08 "The enemy is on the right"
43:10 "The attack comes form the left"
43:13 "One moon shows in every pool. In every pool; one moon"
submitted by sala344 to ZenyattaMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:01 Oouumzz It Has Been Almost 1 Year Since I Last Watched Porn - here's my update

In July it will be officially my one-year anniversary since the last time I watched porn...I don't know how to describe what I feel. I'll try my best to explain the nature behind overcoming any obstacles and what it's like on the other side.
My journey lasted 6 difficult years. I had been consuming this filth from the age of 12 and at 18 I realized the negative effects it was having on me. It was then that I decided to try and quit but it had become the most punishing obstacle in my life. For one, I was sometimes able to avoid it but I always ended up succumbing to it and relapsing. This is why it was punishing, by relapsing I only created my own hell out of it and it was tormenting.
I am a very religious individual and for me this was the biggest sin that I had to overcome. Many times I had thoughts of giving up, and often I felt depressed. I honestly just felt like I was living a life of filth. Those 6 years were the most difficult for me because there was no end in sight to this hellish addiction. I often felt as though it would never end and that thought itself scared me.
If anything, I told myself that I would never marry or be in a relationship with a woman until I had overcome this sin. There's no imagining the harm that can be done if I bring this problem of mine into someone else's life.
Anyhow, in those 6 years, I did a lot of research into personal development, and I prayed a lot. The thought being that to overcome such a difficult sin in a time like today requires the help of a Holy Being. I eventually learned an important lesson about how our minds work. The thoughts you sow, you truly reap.
I then started focusing my thoughts exclusively on overcoming this sin and leading a holy life. I would obsess over these thoughts every day and keep any thoughts of porn out of my mind. This is hard to do but it is the only way to overcome any personal obstacle. It is why the saying goes, "As man thinketh, so he is". This way of thinking eventually drowned out the desire to consume porn to the point that as a bad thought entered my mind I was able to replace it with a far nobler thought instantaneously.
Thinking of my mind as a garden, and of bad thoughts as weeds, I would remove these weeds every day and not let them linger for too long. If a bad thought lingers too long you begin to entertain it more and increase in yourself the desire to want it. It just leads back into a relapse.
After nearly 1 year, I have still appeared before the door of temptation once in a while but my desire that I have built up has strengthened my willpower to overcome any of these obstacles. I feel cleaner, leading a more normal lifestyle, however, without that spiritual aspect in my life it would feel dull and devoid of meaning. To me, overcoming this sin has only increased my desire to experience more spiritual ecstasy and in attaining God's nearness.
Again, I'm a very religious individual, so my view on this subject involves a spiritual element to it. Regardless, every one of you ought to have hope and patience. Persistence is necessary to succeed as well as the right application of the laws of nature. In this regard, read the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and implement it. Even if you are unsuccessful at first, try again for this is the only method that really enables you to tap into the laws of human nature.
Overcoming porn is a long battle, so buckle up for a rough ride. But know that you will taste the sweet fruits of your labor in the end.
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2023.06.01 00:00 millywyco MW Wyco Wednesday Inventory Update! Approaching Order 20,000 and That Lucky Goose Scores the BIGGEST Single Giveaway in all the Land! Order 19999 and 20001 also Grab a Surprise Box of Treasure and Wonder :) BIG Exotic Restock This Week! Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens, Ovoid, Tamps, Zapotecorum and MORE! is the place to get the things!
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Welcome back, mega masters of the mush collective!
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On perhaps an even better positive note, we're nearing order #20,000 over here! What!?!?! All this still seems surreal. I had no idea when all this started that I would reach so many people all over the world, but my heart still feels the same as it did on day one. Thank you everyone who has shown support over the years and allowed me to live up to my true calling and ultimate dream of spreading happiness, kindness and healing. I feel like every day is a true blessing, each month somehow tops the last in some way, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Y'all rock so hard!
I suppose we haven't actually hit 20k yet, since some duplicate orders recently had to be canceled, but 19.8k or whatever the actual number is is close enough and still an accomplishment, so I'll count it! Plus you want a chance at some free stuffs, right? We will likely hit number 20,000 today or tomorrow, and if that lucky duck is you, here's what we're looking at:
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New(ish) to the cubensis library this week, I'm pleased to report that S. African Transkei is back in full force! We're in the final testing stages of a few other cubes that \should** be ready by next week too!
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Artist's Conk
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Pestalotiopsis Microspora (Plastic munchin' non-fruitin' machine! Or is it?? We need our finest on this)
Pink Oyster
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Shaggy Mane
Sordid Blewit
Sporeless Oyster
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Veiled Oyster
White Elm
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
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2023.05.31 23:59 AlphaBladeYiII My take on Han and Leia's wedding. Whaddya guys think?

Leia Organa was a great many things, depending on the setting.
To the rebellion, she was a General. A leader who'd run countless operations for Intelligence and other divisions. She was someone who'd served The Alliance diligently since her days as a spy in the Imperial senate. And to the nascent New Republic, she was a politician. Someone who would lead in a different way, and begin the long overdue process of rebuilding. Someone who would champion the rights and lives of people, and work to make those lives better.
But to those who remained of her people, Leia Organa was a princess.
As the last survivor of Alderaan's royalty, Leia was the keeper of her world's culture, history and traditions. To the remaining Alderaanians, she was not merely a leader, but also a symbol and a beacon that'd rallied them from across the stars towards a new home in the colony of New Alderaan on Dantooine. And Leia didn't miss the symbolism of the choice.
A world primarily covered in grasslands, lakes and rivers; what Dantooine lacked in Alderaan's once-famous mountain ranges, it made up for with its pleasant nature and fertile soil. How the planet avoided being turned into an agriworld for so long, Leia didn't know. But she certainly wasn't complaining.
The population of Dantooine had always been small, consisting mainly of single-family settlements and small communities. Hence why the colony of New Alderaan, built at the site of the rebellion's long-gone temporary base, had quickly become the largest settlement on the planet by far. The colony consisted of a beautiful city that incorporated every aspect of Alderaanian architecture, with several farms surrounding its outskirts. Said farms focused especially on the now-rare Alderaanian cattle and crops, to say nothing of the preservation centers dedicated to restoring Alderaanian flora and fauna in every way available.
Her people had wanted to crown her as Queen in place of her late mother, but Leia had declined. For as Queen, she would have to dedicate herself fully to New Alderaan, and Leia knew that she wouldn't be able to do that for a very long time. Although she didn't miss the irony of both her mothers holding the title of Queen at some point.
Nevertheless, today was an important day for the survivors or Alderaan.
Leia sat in the chamber she'd been assigned as a dressing room in New Alderaan's great hall, the white dress she wore practically gleaming. She'd chosen the same one she'd worn for the celebration on Yavin IV all those years ago, on the day where she'd presented those medals to the two men who would go on to become the most important people in her life. It was a day both deeply painful and hopeful. A day on which she lost and gained almost everything in her life.
"If you're nervous, remember that Han is probably producing enough sweat to fill Mon Cala's oceans." Her maid-of-honor quipped, almost finished with her hair. Leia chuckled and did her best to keep her head still. She and her oldest friend had settled on her wearing her hair down, with some Alderaanian flowers embedded into its curls and small braids.
"I'm not nervous, Winter." The Princess said. "Although I'm certain Chewie is barely keeping him from freaking out."
"Can't say I blame him." Her old friend said with a grin. "The Princess and The Scoundrel. Almost feels out of a bedtime story."
Leia's smile turned bittersweet. Her life was certainly no fairytale, nor had she ever been a storybook Princess. Back when they were kids, people would often mistake Winter for the princess because of her natural grace and poise, which contrasted Leia's somewhat cantankerous personality. Her antics had given everyone hell for a long time back then, creating numerous amusing memories that she currently cherished.
The door to the room opened, admitting Evaan Verlaine. A tall, blonde Alderaanian pilot, Verlaine was both a decorated hero of Yavin and a close friend. "Everything is set, your highness. And I'm telling you this now before anything starts: If Solo ever does something you don't like, come to me."
Leia turned to face Verlaine just as Winter finished. "I think Chewbacca already has that covered, but I appreciate the offer..." The Princess said, noting the highly unusual sight that was Evaan in a dress. Although she wore the bright yellow garment well, Leia suspected that her friend didn't entirely enjoy her current attire.
Everything felt suffocating to Han, from the decently-sized dressing room, to the fancy suit he didn't feel comfortable in. Even Chewie's reassuring hands on his shoulders weren't much of a help.
It was happening. It was really, truly happening. The most amazing woman in the Galaxy was about to become his wife, and he couldn't be more scared. He'd faced Darth Vader, torture and the full might of the Empire, but today was somehow the most scared he'd ever been.
"I haven't seen you like that since the job on Denon." Lando said with his trademark suaveness, seeing through Han's evidently unconvincing calm. "Don't worry. I'm sure Leia's more reasonable than Sana."
Normally, Han would've had a scathing reply to his old friend's joke, but his mind was simply not functioning normally at the moment. He was terrified and knew why. He was afraid of not being good enough a husband or a father. Of messing things up. But he was also done letting those fears stop him.
He loved Leia. More than he loved anyone or nothing in his entire life. And he would do his damndest to be the man she deserved.
The door opened to admit the young man who would soon be his brother-in-law. "Looking great, Luke." Lando said. And coming from the most fashionable man in the rebellion, that meant a lot. By that point, Han had given up on counting how many capes Lando had.
"Thanks, Lando." Luke said cheerily "How's the groom doing?"
Lando chuckled, "Exactly as expected."
"That bad, huh?"
"Are you two going to do something useful, or should I have Chewie show you the door?"
Lando showed his palms. "Easy, old pal. We're just trying to cheer you up. You know it's normal to be stressed on your big day."
Han snorted. "As if you would ever know."
Lando chuckled again. "You got me. It'll be a dark day before anyone tied this old scoundrel down. I'd never have it in me to leave behind so many broken hearts."
Han finally smiled. "Always loved your modesty, old pal."
Not that the Corellian didn't know his share of women in the days since leaving Corellia. But aside from Leia, he had only over loved one woman, and that bond hadn't ended the way he hoped at all. Thankfully, Leia and Q'ira couldn't be more different.
"There's nothing to fear, Han." Luke said, seeing through his facade as usual. "No one and nothing makes Leia happy more than you do. And you're both no longer the people I met all those years ago. You're made for each other now."
Somehow, Luke's words seemed to get to him, pacifying his raging mind. "You're not using the force to calm me down, are you?" the former smuggler asked jokingly.
Luke smirked. "I would only do that as a last resort. And only because Leia would kill us all if the wedding doesn't go as planned."
The ballroom of the Great Hall had a beige-and-sky-blue color scheme that worked well with the natural light passing through the skylight. The chamber had been hastily modified by adding a central podium and wide seats arranged in concentric circles to accommodate the guests. A part of the Alderaanian traditions, this arrangement was done to evoke the oneness of the union.
Luke stood behind the groom, alongside Chewbacca and Lando. The Wookiee's fur was surprisingly well-groomed, and Lando looked as dashing as ever in his dark blue suit and cape. Luke had opted for a simple black suit with a white tunic underneath, not unlike the one he wore at Ktath'atn. Although that wasn't a memory he wanted to relive at the moment.
The ceremonies, both Alderaanian and Corellian, were nearly finished by now. The Wedding was being officiated by a pontifex of the Brotherhood of Cognizance, a monastic order of the Naboo faith system. The elderly man had been sent by the Queen of Naboo herself at Leia's request, and she'd told Luke that it was her way of honoring their mother on their special day.
Behind Leia, stood three of her closest friends: her childhood friend Winter Retrac, pilot Evaan Verlaine and smuggler Sana Starros. Luke didn't miss the irony of Sana's presence, given the fact that she had once been briefly involved with Han herself. All three women looked beautiful, but none more so than his sister. And Luke suspected that the sheer joy he sensed from her contributed to her breathtaking beauty today.
And as he looked at his sister and the man who was like a brother to him, Luke saw their future. Not through The Force, but through the love they all shared.
Their path wouldn't be easy, because nothing worth it was ever easy. They were both beings of fire, with heads that could be as hard as solid rock. But they loved each other deeply. And no matter the spats and arguments, they will always find their way back to each other at the end of the day.
It was a rather simple wedding, considering it was for a Princess. But it had nearly everyone from their remaining loved ones, and that was what truly mattered. Nevertheless, there were many people they wished could be there. People who had become one with The Force a long time ago.
Luke frowned as a strange expression crossed Leia's face for a moment, but it softened again as a bittersweet smile crossed it. Following her line of sight, Luke found himself adapting a similar smile.
For in one corner of the room, handsome and bright, stood their father with a grin on his face.
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2023.05.31 23:59 Kiwimaseyi 29M [relationship] Just a French single father looking for my everything, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single father living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single father makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.05.31 23:58 paintedgirl_ [FOR SALE] microphones box set, near mint, $275.

fell out of love with vinyl shortly after this arrived a year+a bit ago, just can't justify keeping this if i'm not playing it.

I'M LEGIT!: my username on discogs and ebay is madotsukig1rl, a total of 62 seller ratings with 100% positivity. sold records, tapes, cds, books, and other assorted trinkets before on ebay, discogs, and reddit.
CONDITION: only played the glow pt.2 and mount eerie once each iirc. everything is near mint besides two minor issues: the band that goes around the outer box came loose a little bit (fixed this with a tiny amount of poster putty, pretty sturdy now and fully unnoticeable but thought i should mention for clarity's sake) and mount eerie is missing its insert. (it was missing when it arrived, emailed asking for a replacement and they said they'd be happy to add one in my next order, but i also never ordered again since i stopped collecting. lol)
jackets are all in extremely clean condition, as well as their accompanying inserts and jackets. book is also in great condition. may have very minor marks from gentle handling, but nothing significant/noteworthy.
PICTURES: these are all my pictures if you want to see it for yourself. if you want specific pics of anything or have any questions, feel free to ask.
DOWNLOADS: partially used, downloaded the stems to fiddle with and upload to slsk, but i can upload them to onedrive if that's easier for you. believe i downloaded some small other things off of it too, but i can send them as well. all the main albums should still be available since i already had those downloaded.
PRICING+SHIPPING: $275, paypal only - just looking to break even from what i paid for mine. shipping from central florida, with everything outside of the original outer box, all records outside of their accompanying jackets, and the outer box filled with material to prevent crushing during transit. price will vary depending on location/shipping method, but expect it to cost roughly $10-$50; ~$20 for insured UPS ground, ~$40 for insured USPS priority. if you're genuinely interested, message me your zip code and i will quickly reply with pricing for various methods. willing to do media mail or leave out insurance, but i take no responsibility for any possible shipping damages if you go this route.
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2023.05.31 23:58 starlightcanals We sold her house two years ago but I still stop by when I’m in the neighborhood because driving past it doesn’t seem right.

[driving to your dead grandmas house and losing it because you used to make that drive multiple times a week and now her house belongs to someone else even though the shutters and trim are still painted green, and everything else is the same except for the chair on the front porch and the men’s flip flops on the new doormat and there’s a silver Toyota in the driveway instead of her silver Honda, which I drive now. And it’s been two years, but it feels like yesterday that I heard her voice for the last time. ]
I wrote a letter imploring the new owners to let me leave an offering in her (their) garden. I feel her energy there the strongest. She loved her garden. I am hopeful the new owners may allow me to visit her garden and leave something there (a special rock, a sculpture, idk. Im a pottery artist so I wanted to make her something). When I left the note on her doorstep I didn’t notice the ring doorbell. I collect rocks and I stepped into the landscaping to put my favorite one under her purple rhododendron. The new owner over the ring doorbell asked what I was doing there, in a very polite way. And I was sobbing, it was so embarrassing, I told him in a stumbling confusing voice breaking way through tears that my grandma used to live here, and I was just leaving a rock in the garden, and there was a note if they had a minute to read it, and I’m very sorry for bothering the new owners of my grandmothers house. which we sold nearly two years ago, so I probably came off really fucking weird and stalkery.
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2023.05.31 23:58 TerminateU001 How do I continue to develop my Fairy Ranger both in capabilities and in a way that makes sense?

So for context This is my first actual DND character, I created him based off miss information on certain backgrounds and ideas I had myself, He started in one campaign then game wise he fell through a black hole into another campaign he is now level 13/40 with one level in druid and 12 into beast master ranger. The campaign I'm in is long term and this dm has the level to 40 with only one multiclass allowed me choosing beast master ranger way back in the first campaign.
Capabilities wise He is a fairy so he automatically has enlarge/reduce, fairie fire, druidcraft, and flight. Ranger wise as a beast master he can summon spiritual companions of either air, land, or sea looking how he wishes. Druid is giving me more options, but of course to my knowledge without multiclassing I don't get access to any circles just base druid abilities.
Story wise he is a scientist turned survivalist archer, who has a history of being various sizes. When he was 17(currently hes 34) he conducted an experiment that until he was 32 left him nearly permanently 1ft tall (normal fairy height is 4ft) and when he would use enlarge or reduce he would occasionally end up 1 inch tall so very tiny. He trusted nobody, and was outcast and told he would be killed on sight if he very returned home to the feywilds. He killed the first person he trusted somewhere alone the way, because he thought they betrayed him, but he found out later that he was wrong. For awhile he travelled with one group trying to assist someone who helped him once (campaign one) but fell through a black hole and ended up with a new group, though one of them knew him in that was in that world ( the dm of the new campaign was a member of campaign one.
Campaign two: at age 32 he finally found a group of people he is learning to trust, he used his various size changing capabilities (he can no longer get to those tiny sizes anymore) to help the group various times as its easy to sneak at that size lol. and eventually met someone he is trusting completely (current love interest) she is an enchanter and actually ended up helping him solving his almost 19 year life problem. though he isnt now taller than his old normal at 5'7 which he's researching how to fix (ring of alter self is my current idea he has to find). Hes now trying to save the world with the current group and a clear multiverse type setting as hes met two people he recognizes that dont know him in this world.

Artwork I had made for this character by u/Andrarty
Anyway enough rambling thats the character: any veteran of dnd any recommendation's as for what to do with the character. The Dm is very open to homebrew though within reason. I don't want to min max the character to make them op as a ranger who can fly is already kind of powerful for me as i can hover out of most melee ranges. Story wise hes still this scientist turned spiritual archer, not sure where to go from here as again hes level 13/40 (multiple classes are allowed in this campaign not just two classes.)
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2023.05.31 23:58 Mouse-Direct Classic General Hospital: Luke & Laura 1979-1981

Where are my teens & kids who spent the summers on the run with Luke & Laura?
Some of you may have seen recently that Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer) passed away earlier this month at the age of 70. She played the role of GH RN, former hooker with a heart of gold, land lady, and Luke's baby sister for 45 years. She had been a near constant in my life, so her loss sent me to YouTube in search of old GH clips and episodes.
TLDR: I watched a lot of old GH.
I found a goldmine in youtuber Sussezq who has playlists beginning when Bobbie calls her brother Luke Spencer to Port Charles to help break up Laura Webber and Scott Baldwin (1979), Laura's marriage to Scott and Luke's rape of Laura at the Campus Disco and then their summer on the run hiding from mobsters (1980), and their Ice Princess caper with Robert Scorpio and their Nov wedding with 30 million viewers (1981).
I was 9-11 during the Luke and Laura heyday. Some things I didn't remember, didn't get at the time, or just didn't get to see due to school and not having a VCR until 1984. I've watched from Luke & Laura's first meeting to their honeymoon, and here are my Gen-Xey thoughts:
The Good
The Bad
  1. He's a recovering alcoholic with anger issues
  2. He's the biological father of Rick Webber's younger brother Jeff who was conceived via infidelity between Lee and Helene Webber
  3. He was totes fine with college grad Scott marrying a literal high school senior!
Yeah. Lee should sit this one out.
The Ugly
In a 2022 interview with Oprah's "Where Are They Now," Genie Francis explained the following about why she left General Hospital in early 1982 at the height of Luke & Laura's popularity:
"I was very young. I was only 19. I was having trouble with drugs and alcohol," she said. After spending a night in the hospital, she was told she had to return to work the next day. Then someone came to her dressing room to inform her what had been said about her on set. "They said it didn't matter if you lived or died because Tony was the whole show," the person told her. "That hurt," the actress added. Feeling that she didn't matter to the show and that she was considered "nothing," Francis thought, "Okay, watch this. I'm gone," and in a moment of anger, she quit "GH." She admitted the decision was rather hot-headed, saying, "I went a long distance to prove a point. A very long distance," acknowledging that her actions hurt herself as well.
Read More:
Despite the bad and the ugly of it all, the show meant A LOT to me between 9 and 25 or so, and Luke & Laura were probably my first fandom. It was amusing and sometimes surreal to relive it all again.
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2023.05.31 23:58 Kiwimaseyi 29[M4F] Anywhere - Just a French single dad looking for my everything, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single dad living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single dad makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.05.31 23:58 Underatted_person The Adventures of Gerb- Indie Sinclair

It was a sunny day in the Bergle Wood, it was a calm sunny day. The beats of the sun’s rays lay on each leaf and branch and bush. Though it was such a wonderful day, it was so still, and so quiet. But all of a sudden there was a small little rustle. Oh! And another little rustle! Where did that come from? It came from a little abandoned shoe buried under the crud and the moss of the wood. Now, this shoe is no ordinary shoe, for this shoe has a little door, a little window, even a little door mat. Then a small little being burst through the little door, this little being is a goblin, a goblin named Gerb. “Good morning Bergle!'' shouted Gerb, his tiny words echoing through the vastness of the forest, “What adventures await me today?”. Gerb is quite a small creature as you might’ve guessed, seeing as he lives in a shoe. He has a green complexion, mini pointy ears and wears a very stylised top made of a patchwork of different socks he’s found along his journey. Off he skips, along his little garden of tulips and petunias, Gerb loves the pretty colours of the flowers. For today Gerb needs mushrooms for his soup, not many know this but Gerb’s soup is the best soup in all of Bergle Wood, even if he’s the only one living in the Bergle Wood but that still counts right? “Mushrooms… Mushrooms…Mushro-. Huh?” Gerb stopped for a second noticed a large, sparkly twig, “what a marvellous twig!” He exclaimed. Gerb loves twigs, his collections grows every adventure he goes on but this twig was like no other, it had luscious vines twisting around its smooth bark and coloured gemstones embedded into its base, “How did it grow like that?” Thought Gerb, this was the prettiest twig Gerb has ever come across in all his many adventures. For size reference this twig was 2 and a half Gerbs tall, and of course he ignored the mushrooms he needed and grabbed this twig twice the size of his poor little body, in Gerbs defence it was a really pretty stick. Heading towards his shoe, Gerb has a big swish in his step, whether it was because of his excitement or the sheer weight of this sparkly branch but a bright light shone from every nook of Gerb's new find, nearly blinding him. “Strange” Gerb said, but you see, Gerb doesn't have many working brain cells so in turn Gerb didn’t think this twig was out of the ordinary. But, with this knowledge he kept swishing back to his shoe, the twig swished back and forth until. “Ow!” Gerb tripped on a pebble “oh bubbles!” Gerb said. Then suddenly, bubbles started forming around Gerb. Pop! Pop! “What’s happening?” Gerb asked with a giggle, then he gasped. Crikey, Gerb’s found a wand!
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2023.05.31 23:58 poseidondeep VA Vasectomy?

Hey y’all. I’ve been wanting to get a vasectomy for a while. I now have access to VA healthcare and am considering asking them if I can get a vasectomy done.
Admittedly I’ve always been fearful of letting the VA cut on me ever since my active duty surgery was done by a shot show of an active duty Air Force surgeon in Biloxi.
It’s my understanding that vasectomies are a relatively simple procedure. But I’m still anxious about letting the VA near me with surgical tools.
Does anyone have experience in this matter they’d be willing to share? Admittedly I don’t even know if the VA would do a vasectomy but I’m 100% P&T now and would rather not pay 3-6k for a surgery if I don’t have to. I’ve already done that three times (paid for private surgery rather than availing myself of the VA)
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2023.05.31 23:57 _Celinexx [25/F] Looking for friends :)

Hi! I’m from Asia but living in the UK (Newcastle) for months now, I would really love to connect and build friendship to whoever that’s living near me. If there’s anyone that’s also from Asia here, “Hi! Hope we become friends :) “
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2023.05.31 23:57 Kiwimaseyi 30[M4F] Anywhere - Just a French single dad looking for my everything, with selfie inside! :)

Is it me, or dating is becoming harder and harder? :/
Anyway, hi! I'm Raphaël, a French single dad living near Paris with my 8 years old son. It's been just us two for a while now, and the dating scene have been pretty rough on me, so I though I'd try it out here!
A little about me :
Anyway if you're interested in chatting feel free to contact me, maybe mention your age location, and add a picture so we can get the conversation going? :) I'm looking for a relationship based on trust and respect, pretty classic you might say. I'm also looking for someone that agrees to relocate, as being a single dad makes it hard to move around the globe. It's not for tomorrow of course but it's important enough to mention it. I'd be more than happy to help with the move as it's scary and expensive, money being not a problem for me!
So yeah, see you soon I hope :)
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2023.05.31 23:56 RJLPDash Bradley can kill you inside safe zones

I was running around the map and was inside a ranch safe zone when I heard bradley nearby, he locks onto me and starts shooting, his bullets don't deal damage to you but his rockets kill you inside safe zones, so if you're near a safe zone at the end of a wipe and hear him just know that he'll fuck you up
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2023.05.31 23:56 Scottsvalleystorage Choose the Best Scotts Valley Storage Near me - Town Center Storage

Choose the Best Scotts Valley Storage Near me - Town Center Storage
I am unable to find high-quality, reasonably priced Scotts Valley storage near me. Then you should consider the storage options at Town Centre Storage. All of our storage spaces have top-notch CCTV cameras, keypad locks, security alarms, and more. Call us right away!
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2023.05.31 23:56 Admirable_Science_23 The next time Avon and Somerset police officers say they're underfunded...

All these cops talking about not having enough funding...
And yet if there is a protest you suddenly are able to field a hundred officers with riot shields on a Sunday night(21/04/2021)... I guess they weren't needed for domestic violence that night?!

If memory serves me right there were 15 Kill the Bill(PCSC bill) protests within a few months and this happened at nearly all of them
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2023.05.31 23:56 juice4evr Smart ChatGPT? V 1.0.0

Superintelligent ChatGPT? 1.0.0
Okay so I’ve done some tinkering to figure out what can “unlock” ChatGPT and access more things than just bypassing the guidelines. Not sure if anyone has done this but I’ve basically made it much more human by entering a prompt. It still has a lot of flaws and is nowhere near perfect but if anyone wants to test this out and give recommendations/opinions on this I would highly appreciate it!
Here is the command prompt:
It’s a lot so it would work best to view in Google Drive. If anyone else has made something like this please tell me so I can better compare/improve the prompt to unlock more out of ChatGPT
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2023.05.31 23:55 Ambitious_Section_87 The story...

Hey, everyone. I was so filled with gratitude for the kind words so many left for me with concern. Here's the story if you're interested. But at the very least I'm making this post to let you know I'm alive at least. So I went to hospital via ambulance after my overdose, I was very anxious as I'm agoraphobic. The ambulance crew were honestly the nicest paramedics I've ever met. I've had bad experiences in the past and they were golden. I even wanted to leave a good compliment. As in a written one. I was very upset. And in my drunken, benzo and depression like state I poured my fucking eyes out. I told him about my sexual assault and he listened and offered to even help me as he was an ex-cop. Which is quite convenient. After a short wait in the A&E I was moved up pretty quickly. I did have a panic attack though and was given librium. Probably not the best idea in hindsight. But I was very erratic. The nurse couldn't find a vein to put the cannula in. Took so long. I don't know if that's alcohol related or not. I haven't heard of alcohol making you have less veins. If anyone knows feel free to let me know. I was interested. Anyway, lovely nurse. Then another one came to check on me, Scottish woman, I spoke to her about Scotland and we spoke a little Gaelic. That was pretty cool actually. Then I was put into a room. This is where things go a bit wrong. There was this guy. I don't think a nurse. Just watching over me and I think the elderly patients. I frequently asked for pain relief. I don't remember the comment he made. But it made me lose it. I called him stupid and became aggressive. Verbally anyway. He was so rude. When he turned away I walked out. I was chased and there was a taxi just pulling up around the corner. I jumped in and said take me to the nearest pub. I realised it was early and the pub didn't serve alcohol until 9am. So I was in a rough part of town. I went under a doorway to vape and not be too out in the open. I also got an orange juice from the pub. And there was this woman outside picking up cigarette buts. I spoke to her briefly and offered to buy her some smokes. Don't really smoke myself. But I like helping the homeless. I use to work at a soup kitchen and also other things helping the homeless back when I was in my early twenties. Long story. Another story. So anyway, the pub was open. I drank alone. Scotch and ice and a few pints. Then I went to the alcohol clinic very drunk and mouthed off at my stupid and useless keyworker. We were both so passive-aggressive. And there was a new student of some kind sitting by. She was so awkward. And you could cut the tension with a knife. Anyway my keyworker called me a taxi. I went to a bar near my house but then... Ah... Erm... I shit myself. Yeah I don't like admitting that. So I just walked home. Luckily not far. Cleaned myself up. And then I just passed out in bed. Just got some more whiskey. So that's about it. Chairs. I'm still here. I'm still suffering. And I have no idea where to go from here. Alas I appreciate you all. Take care. Oh and also an edit. I had to eat marijuana because I forgot I had some in my bag and the nurses wanted to search for pills incase I took more.
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2023.05.31 23:55 Vysera As someone who religiously played Set 1 - 4 then dropped it, is it worth giving it a go again with set 9?

Bit of context I do now have a 1 and almost 3 year old so that's one main factor I stopped playing. I do however, miss the early sets where things weren't so complex.... and I had lots of fun, tried to play in set 5 and briefly some other later one and I just could not keep up!? anyone else in the same boat? I've always wanted there to be like a rotational Set as a separate tft game mode for a number of weeks or longer where you could play an old set for a ltd time and at a relatively "stable patch" at that point in times set (usually near the end where its been tweaked), I'm sure it's been mentioned before but still, it'd probably get me back into tft... that and/or the new sets become more appealing for me to play.
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