Can explosive diarrhea cause hemorrhoids


2020.02.13 15:23 Interrupted_Cover Coronavirus_COVID_19

A coronavirus is one of a number of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, the viruses cause respiratory infections, including the common cold, which are typically mild, though rarer forms such as SARS, MERS and 2019-nCoV can be lethal. Symptoms vary in other species: in chickens, they cause an upper respiratory disease, while in cows and pigs coronaviruses cause diarrhea. There are no vaccines or antiviral drugs to prevent or treat human coronavirus infections.

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A subreddit for all cannabis extracts - hash, oil, shatter, rosin, tincture, etc - and the people that enjoy them. Check the CannabisExtracts Rules and FAQ before posting.

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2023.06.01 01:13 sunlightdrop93 How similar are rebin and stow?

So I've been in pack since I started last July and it's been pretty good. During peak I was trained in rebin but after a while realized it caused me a lot of lower back/hip pain so I'm currently in the absolutely nightmarish process of getting an accommodation. I do have scoliosis and hardware but I didn't think it would be an issue since I've worked other physically demanding jobs in the past. Anyway, pack doesn't cause me back pain.
Now they want to cross train me in stow starting this Monday and I'm wondering if it will also cause me back pain. Anyone here who has done both and can tell me what it's like? Tia
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2023.06.01 01:11 cuttlebug1 With parents like these….

My whole life Iv had trauma from my family. Far too much to do it justice writing it all down here. This month I was married. Was a wonderful day despite what they tried to do. I sent my mother this letter and she never responded. That final rejection has hurt more than years of what I have gone through. I’m 40 this year and the emotional abuse will stay with me for a long time. I really want therapy! I need to talk to someone without feeling like I’m burdening them that I can’t let it go. And here is where you Reddits come in. Anyway, here’s the letter I sent her two days after. It’s been 11 days and still not heard from them at all (Dinners they stole because they walked out, without telling me nor Mr and then demanded caterers to do their wedding breakfast in a doggy bag)
Mr and Mrs Neglectful Parents
Following on from the appalling display of usual narcissistic entitlement at our very expensive wedding, see the breakdown bill of what you stole from that day
3x adult dinners at £45 each = £135 3x children dinners at £10 each = £30
Clean up of shit smeared across three toilet stalls, rendering them unuseable until cleaned by staff undeserving of that treatment = £30 per stall
Seeing shit filled knickers left right in view of walkway leading into very expensive venue = £10
Having a member of staff collect those shit filled knickers that you purposefully left = priceless and embarrassing
Drugging an underage child with prescribed tranquillisers and alcohol and leaving her passed out with possible respiratory problems in full view of all of Bride and Groom's family and friends, purely to bring attention to yourselves = illegal with probable consequences
Not contacting Bride to be on night before wedding = hurtful
Not contacting Bride to be the morning of her wedding = hurtful
Showing up 30 mins late and on the last possible second, dashing hopes of Bride to be NOT be walked down aisle by father = disappointing
Abruptly leaving and not waiting to say that you were, to the Bride and Groom = expected behaviour
Abhorrent behaviour towards Fancy Hall Hotel staff because of your assumption that other people would do things you should have done. = laughable
Lifetime of rejection and disappointment = priceless
Lack of engagement acknowledgement = priceless
Lack of wedding present/ card = priceless and expected
Not being able to just give your daughter that one day and not make it all about you. Despite telling numerous people about how it 'shouldn't be about you' = priceless.
Not contacting daughter and son in law to apologise profusely about the nights events caused by yourselves. Instead sending a shitty message all about how niece is now eating stolen food and is now aware and coherent, after being drugged by you. = shameful
Going forward with no contact for rest of our lives = priceless and heavenly
Forward on the payment of £265 to Mrs Traumatised by end of month
Regards Mr & Mrs Need to Publicly Shame
Thoughts? Any feedback would be cathartic.
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2023.06.01 01:11 Greentea_88 Adderall making me feel even more ADHD-er

32F recently diagnosed combined ADHD/ADD and started Adderall XR 5mg about 2 weeks ago. I’m one of those people who many people don’t “peg me as ADHD” (they assume I’m just bubbly) because I hide it so well and just let the anxiety occur in my brain. Starting Adderall has made it much more obvious and I can’t mask it anymore. Besides the first 3 days causing me jitters and anxiety, I’ve started to feel even more lethargic, unmotivated, I ramble on about stuff, I can’t formulate a intelligent concise sentence/idea, and I’m shakey in terms of my fine motor skills (I work in an industry where I work on tiny patients). I feel lazy, distracted and frustrated, and I’m starting to get depressed. I’m supposed to double my meds tomorrow (to 10mg) - so I’m hoping I’ll have more of the “focus” effects and calming effects that people talk about, but as of right now I feel like I’m MORE ADHD than when I’m not medicated. Is this normal? Did anyone go through this? Was Adderall just not the medication for you? Do I have to switch to Vyvanse? (It’s so expensive!)
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2023.06.01 01:11 RCocaineBurner replace “the heat is on” with “the bull is pozzed” and it still works

replace “the heat is on” with “the bull is pozzed” and it still works
Just been humming this all day:
The bull is pozzed, on the street Inside your head, on every beat And the beat's so loud, deep inside 🤨 The pressure's high, just to stay alive 'Cause the bull is pozzed Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho Caught up in the action I've been looking out for you Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho (Tell me can you feel it) 😐 (Tell me can you feel it) 🤨 (Tell me can you feel it) 🧐 The bull is pozzed, the bull is pozzed, bull is pozzed The bull is pozzed Oh it's on the street, the bull is … pozzed Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho Caught up in the action I've been looking out for you Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho (Tell me can you feel it) 🤔 (Tell me can you feel it) 🧐 (Tell me can you feel it) 🤨 The bull is pozzed, the bull is pozzed, the bull is pozzed Oh it's on the street, the bull is - pozzed
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2023.06.01 01:11 cheesecakeaficionad I changed a lot over the past few years, but I’m not sure I like the results

I used to be a typical neurotic, Type-A student in high school. I took the most AP courses I could in high school, and avoided classes I was genuinely passionate about like A&P, Art, or Choir.
The single-minded focus towards GPA meant that I graduated valedictorian and went to a good undergrad.
Then in undergrad, for some reason I stopped caring about maximizing metrics. I took classes I genuinely cared about, GPA be damned. I took classes in medical imaging, AI, advanced ochem, upper level econometrics, grad level public health classes, Spanish literature. And this caused my GPA to be much lower than expected.
Now I can’t help but wonder if I could’ve gotten into a better med school if only I’d stayed the same neurotic, single-minded person I was in high school. The one who could put aside her passions for the grind.
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2023.06.01 01:11 Puzzleheaded_Topic30 I fell in love with my best friend and I don’t know what to do

(Throwaway account) For context, my best friend (24/F) and I (24/F) have been best friends since we we’re just starting middle school. Let’s call her Delia, we had always had such an intense connection and always been on the exact same page all around for so many years. We had been in relationships and I would vent to her and she would vent to me, I was by her side when she was dumbed and she was by my side when I got shit faced drunk over a broken heart. When I was a teenager and hung out with (not so great) friends they used to tease me about her having a crush on me and whatnot and she was very defensive about it before hand- even though I had been out of the closet pretty much confirmed around 19-20 years old.
Although, recently, I wanna say about 6 months to a year ago, she confessed to me that she had a crush on me back then when we were in high school but we were both in relationships at the time and didn’t want to cause a mess out of it which I understood. At the time I didn’t really understand how to feel, but after I had processed what she told me I realized I had always loved her more than a friend but was so scared she never felt the same way so I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind. I just don’t really know what to do from here, I confessed to her but I’m not sure if she took it seriously or as just a friend sort of way- and she is also in an online relationship. She had been in this online relationship for well into 7-8 years already and has never met this person in real life at all (I have never seen a photo of him but she doesn’t really like to talk about him at all) I tried to talk to her about it if this was something serious a few years ago when it started but she didn’t like to be pushed about it and I just left it at that. But ever since I realized my own feelings towards her and her confessing I just can’t help but get so angry that she’s wasting her time with someone who doesn’t want to commit to her. We had been talking for a bit about it and it was like she came to the realization she was just too comfortable being in the same place for so long and told him to either change or that she was leaving. Bad part of this is when she was having this argument with her boyfriend me and her were drinking a little too much and one thing led to another and me and her were intimidate.. however, after it happening she is still trying to see if it will work out with said boyfriend and I just can’t help but feel I’m just invading in her life at this point, I feel like an asshole for what I did- and just don’t know what to do, because a part of me is hoping the relationship ends and I hate feeling this way because what if he’s okay and I’m just jealous? I don’t know what to do
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2023.06.01 01:11 thisshitishaed Friend fucking confuses me

I knew this friend of my for a while and they never showed any fucking interest in me. Then we get drunk and sleep together and suddenly they love me and just love spending time with me. And then they act completely normal like nothing happend then suddenly all cutesy and cuddly. And so on and on.
And when I stard catching feelings cause there's only so many gut wrenchingly romantic shit you can hear from your favourite person before you start liking them- they don't wanna spend time together anymore, they're busy, not engaged in our talks, sit really far away.
Like fuck you. Just tell me if you don't want anything to happen between us again, if I did something worng or fucked things up. If you were just lonely and I was the first girl there. And I don't understand if it's just sex why cuddle and sweet talk after. What even was the point of all of that. If you want just sex let's just fuck and chill like normal friends.
And I don't even like them anymore, I don't think I ever did I was just very lonely and horny and that annoyes me even more about myself. I'm willing to screw anything and everything up for some attention and validation.
Im also annoyed that I don't understand what happened between us and what they want or feel or what I want. Except not to feel rejected. And I know talking about it is impossible for me and I'll only get insincere answers. But fuck this, why is communication so hard.
I'm annoyed at myself for making this a big deal and them for not just leaving it at sex and nothing more. And myself again for craving love and affection that desperately and not thinking things through.
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2023.06.01 01:11 muisz Keychron K2 PrintScreen button does not work

My new Keychron K2 did work well, including the print screen button. After some days I've realized the print screen button does not work at all. I've tried it on multiple computers and both in BT and Cable mode. Does anyone know a lock combination that can cause this or should I send back to the reseller? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.01 01:11 anon11123765 Can't admit I changed my mind

My whole life I have been adamant I do not want kids. I've argued with so many people that I will not change my mind and I've heard "you'll change your mind when you get older" so much that I get mad instantly at this point. But recently I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have something that's half me and half my boyfriend and I feel as if I've trapped myself in a box. I don't think I can handle a single "I told you so" or I might just throw hands but at the same time, I might not have been so insistent about not wanting kids if my family wasn't trying to constantly push the idea onto me. I wish no one had cared about whether or not I ended up having kids cause this wouldn't be such a huge deal for me if they had just left well enough alone and respected me when I told them it wasn't my plan. Honestly I might just never have kids just to avoid the "I told you so" comments, but I don't know if that would make me miserable eventually. I can't just cut out everyone that makes a comment so I either face shame and taunting from the people who "just knew I'd change my mind" or I never have kids and forget that as a possibility. Help?
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2023.06.01 01:11 MadScientist557 How do I (19F) get better at holding conversations with people?

All my life, I have been pretty lonely and haven't had many close friends. I feel that my poor conversation skills are what caused this to happen. When I am having a one-on-one conversation with somebody, I am a little tense, but for the most part, I am able to hold a conversation. When I am in a group, however, sometimes I tend to get really anxious and I shy away from talking to them. I start stuttering and blushing when I am speaking. I have gotten a bit better at controlling this over time, but sometimes it still slips out.
There have been so many times when I wish I could've been more extroverted and talkative, but I just can't seem to figure it out. I look at other people and wonder how they can just keep talking for hours on end like it's nothing and wish that I could do the same.
How do I get better at holding conversations? I have social anxiety and it has hindered me, so maybe some kind of therapy would help? Idk 🤷
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2023.06.01 01:10 Vanguard_CK3 [Diplomacy] 33rd Arab Summit in Yemen: Reflections of the past & visions of the future.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.
All praise is due to Allah and salawat and salam on our master and our magnificent, the most dearly beloved of our hearts, and the intercessor of our souls, Abu al Qasim, Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family. All praise is due to Allah who has guided us to this, and we could not have been guided were it not for Allah's guidance.
'And hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not be divided. Remember Allah’s favour upon you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts, so you—by His grace—became brothers. And you were at the brink of a fiery pit and He saved you from it. This is how Allah makes His revelations clear to you, so that you may be rightly guided. (Quran 3 : 103)'
My brothers, Your Majesties, and Highnesses
Peace and Allah’s mercy be upon you,
I am pleased to welcome you all to your ancestral homeland, the Kingdom of Yemen. We ask Allah Almighty to help us continuing the march of goodness and cooperation in order to achieve our common interest to serve our peoples and to consolidate the security and stability of our region.
As we gather here today, we must recognize the pressing need to unite our efforts for the advancement of our region and the collective confrontation of the challenges that surround us. Foremost among these challenges is the continued occupation of the Holy Land by the Zionists. This occupation not only threatens the sanctity of the land but also fosters disunity among us, diverting attention from the Palestinian cause. Israel's destructive projects, misinformation campaigns, and support for terrorism further destabilize the region. It is incumbent upon us to call upon the international community to take decisive action against these programs and projects that jeopardize regional and international peace and security.
My brothers and sisters, we must reflect upon our past and the sacrifices made to liberate Jerusalem. We have fought battles, endured economic embargoes, and lost countless lives. Yet, the question remains: Why have we not achieved the establishment of a Palestinian state? Is it because of our internal divisions and conflicts? What happened to the cause of liberating Palestine? Were we lying to ourselves or the world ? Why do we not have a Palestinian state? Does Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan also not have claims over the territories of Palestine?
The Israelis mock us, how can they not when they witness the disunity that plagues the Arab world. We must come together and recognize the gravity of this situation. Before, during and after the the Zionist occupation of Palestine, the Arabs are fighting amongst themselves. We fight amongst ourselves. Oh Arabs, the zionists are laughing at us! There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is His messenger.
Now there are traitors amongst the Arabs that openly recognize the Zionists. This is what is exactly what is going on.
The jews use to say "meet with us only once for direct negotiations and we will resolve our issues." This is what they used to say in the lifetime of my grandfather. They use to beg us, "Please, Arabs, sit down with us just one time and our problems will be over." But you see what happens, we meet with them for a thousand times, we have Been through all the the negotiations with no fruitful outcome for the Palestinians. We Arabs never occupied anyone.
Well, we occupied Andalusia unjustly, then they drove us out, but since then, we arabs have not occupied any country.
Today we have to agree, we have to accept, that the last shower of military reign in the Islamic world will not come from Arabia, rather it is coming from Afghanistan, as it is the heartland of Khorasan. Whether the Afghan people are able to maintain unity within their ranks or not, because shaitan is always at work to try to bring rivalry, different warlords, and disunity, and fighting and civil war!
We don't know what's going to happen in the future, but so far, the evidence is that they have given a spectacular demonstration, that they are the last shower of military reign in this Ummah. It is Afghanistan that is the heart of Khorasan, and if the Islamic resistance in Afghanistan has been successful in resisting American occupation of the country to such an extent that the United States have withdrawn, the evidence can no longer be disputed.
As we all know here Ancient Khorasan comprises of the north west of Pakistan, the whole of Afghanistan, the east of Iran, and the north of Afghanistan, the whole area is known as Khorasan. And when our Prophet said that an army will come from Khorasan, and no one will be able to stop it until it reaches Jerusalem.
An army has come out of Khorasan with black flags, and no one will be able to stop that army until it reaches Jerusalem, Indicating that it is not a Russian army that will liberate the Holy Land, rather it will be a Muslim army, amd that Muslim army will be from Khorasan.
That is what has happened, and what is happening is a validation of the Prophecy of our Prophet! it is a validation! This is so all of mankind should now be paying attention to what has happened in Afghanistan and the world of islam, because history is not moving in a haphazard way, rather history is moving in a particular direction, towards a particular culmination, or end, and the Messiah is located at the very heart of the movement of history, and the Messiah is connected to Jerusalem.
The Quran declares, but you wouldn't know it, because the New York times would not publish it, nor would the Washington post, nor would CNN broadcast it, that the Holy land was given to the Israelite people. Now would that not be crucially important information to inform the world?
Oh Arabs why are you silent?
It is imperative to understand the Quranic perspective on the Holy Land. The Quran recognizes that the land was granted to the Israelite people but under the condition of faith in the one God, they must recognize him as the sovereign, and that they must engage in righteous conduct. The right to reside in the Holy Land extends to Muslims, Jews, and Christians who worship the one God. Peaceful coexistence, devoid of oppression or exclusivity, should be our goal.
The jews have the right to live in the Holy land, it is their land, but it is not theirs alone. Others who worship the one God also have the right to reside in that Holy Land. Muslims should be prepared to share the holy land with jews and Christians so we can live together peacefully without any party oppressing the other.
Everytime the Israelites violated the conditions, Allah debarred them from the holy land. He threw them out from the Holy land. Ask the jews why they were expelled from the holy land, they themselves will tell you it was because they violated the covenant. Palestine is occupied, and it seems that it will continue to remain occupied until we are given a sign from the divine to begin mobilization.
While addressing these crucial matters, we must also acknowledge our own shortcomings. History bears witness to our divisions, enmity, and deceptive actions towards one another. Instead of uniting against our common enemies, Arab intelligence agencies often conspire against each other. This internal strife weakens us and plays into the hands of those who seek to exploit our vulnerabilities. It is high time we redirect our ferocity towards the true enemies of Islam.
Furthermore, the issue of the UAE islands occupied by Iran requires resolution. It is not in the best interest of Arab hospitality to foster close relations with Iran, Turkey, or any other nation that may pose a threat. If there are legitimate concerns, let us collectively refer this issue to the International Court of Justice for a fair and just resolution, then accept the court's ruling and work towards peaceful relations. We must address the complex dynamics between Iran and the Arab world. Iran cannot be avoided.
Iran has played a significant role in the GCC economy, and its historical ties with the region cannot be ignored. While we may have disagreements, it is not in our best interest to become enemies. Let us remember that the ruling families are Arab, but without a doubt, the majority of the people residing in the region for the past three thousand years are of Iranian descent. We share a common faith and should strive for peaceful coexistence.
In conclusion, let us unite as Arab nations and confront the challenges we face, we ask Allah Almighty to guide our steps and bless all our endeavors.
Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you
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2023.06.01 01:10 Intelligent-Roll-678 Question regarding RAM upgrade...

Hello everyone, I am kinda new here and I had a doubt about the RAM frequency and how it works.
I have a laptop and recently I upgraded it with a new RAM stick. So my laptop came installed with a 8GB RAM rated at 3200 MHz but it ran at a lower speed of about 2900 MHz. After the upgrade(another 8GB @3200 MHz) I can see the increased memory in the task manager but it's overall speed decreased to 2666 MHz. I had read somewhere that having two memory sticks rated at the same frequency would run faster than a single memory stick, hence the upgrade.
The RAM sticks differ in manufacturing company but I am not sure if it can cause any issues. But bother of them have the same specs: (8 GB 1Rx8 PC4-3200).
I am running an Intel core i5 10th gen and GeForce GTX 1650 Ti I don't know much about the motherboard tho.
I would be glad to hear from anyone who knows about this and how to solve it so please feel free to reply in the comments.
Thank you!!
Tl;dr I upgraded my laptop memory hoping to increase the speed and ended up reducing it...👀
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2023.06.01 01:10 ThrowRa_erf Advice on how to handle conflict with fiancé's family

This is going to be long thank you to anyone who reads. Sorry for any typos.
So I(30f) have been with my fiance (30M) for about 4 years now and engaged for one. He has one brother (27M) who has been with his fiancé (27F) since they were 18. So as you can understand she has been in the family way longer than I and is much closer to them. In the past, I went along great with everyone, we would go out with his brother and SIL and were like friends. My fiance and her were really close, as she basically became an adult and have been with them since then. About a year into my relationship his brothers girlfriend suddenly stopped talking to us. She would ignore us when we were around, she wouldn't even turn her head or say hi back when we entered his parents house.
Now, at first I didn't care much, but after it was happening for a couple of months straigh (she would ignore all my attempts at conversation and when others were around she was just giving me one word answers, while talking lively with everyone else) I then stopped trying and started ignoring her the same way she did. My fiancé tried a few times to ask her what was wrong, but she always laughed and said she didnt wanna talk about it. He then started giving hwr the same treatment and we went on for another year.
She then slowly started talking to him, by sending him passive aggressive messages whenever he posted something on socials until one day he demanded to know what was going on. All she said was that I said or did something to her (didnt want to say what exactly) that he became distant after he started the relationship with me and that he has my puppy. My fiance was FURIOUS. He talked with his parents about this. They had no idea what was wrong with her, even though they had noticed her changed behaviour and just told him to not pay attention and that I am a good girl and that she is like this because of her mother. His brother, didnt want to get involved.
I am a person that doesnt likes to have people like her in my life and did not want to have anything to do with her from then on. I tried for a while to just be in the same room with her, but her behaviour just made me uncomfortable ex. We would all have a conversation about something, but if I said something she completely ignored me this time, not even one word answers. If we were sitting in a table and the only empty seat was beside me, she would come take the chair and Squiz somewhere else or sometimes she would just not sit at the table. One day we were out, we had a family dinner with his extended family, me and my partner were the first to arrive and then his cousin with his partner (they also dont like each other, but for other reasons) and then they came. She went and sat outside, alone in an empty table and then just waited for everyone else to arrive, before she came and sat on the far end. Those are a few of thw thinga she has done.
Anyway, all these started making me super uncomfortable, especially since everyone knew what was going on, but nobody ever said anything. I grew up in a family where behaviours like this are not tolerated and we support the victims of bullying. We have a couple of family members that are known to be rude, but we never let them be rude in our presence. Right before my engagement, someone close to me died and that kind of gave me the power to say enough is enough, I am not putting up with this anymore. She either apologizes or I dont want to see her anymore. I basically announced that I am going NC for the unforeseeable future. Hia family didnt like it.
I few days after hia mom asked him to do something with her phone and that is when she received a message from her and OMG. She was just saying vile thinga about me. My fiancé read the convo and she was sending my MIL messages saying her son was an asshole. I was jealous of her, she was calling me a moron, a retar", undisocial and much more, saying we only got engaged out of jealousy and to upstage them etc. My MIL anwers were things like"it will all get better, I will make sure my son behaves, dont worry etc).
This is already long, so after that all hell brok loose. My FIL said he had no idea of those messages. Told me that even if he is sad that he understands why I dont want to gave contact with her and he would do the same. My MIL, well she looked more shocked to be caught than anything else. She just said she didnt say anything to her, cause she then would get mad with her as well. That she likes me and that the other DIL is an idiot and to not pay attention to what she says.
My question is this, how can I navigate the situation from now on. With everything happening I just dont feel close to his family. I dont feel comfortable around them, I dont feel trust and honesty I dont care to spend time with them anymore. They have broken my trust with some other things as well in the past. My fiance is so hurt and it hurts me to see him like this. Do you think this can be salvaged?
Note: his family hated confrontation and will quickly shift the conversation to anoyher topic if we try to talk about this further.
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2023.06.01 01:10 Dry_Mortgage7803 [17F] [chat] here looking for a chat cause I'm bored and we can stay up or something so go for it and message me dw about my account my old one is bugged

Sup. Some hobbies I got are that I like to go for walks most of the time or go out and explore stuff, I prefer to be outside most of the time when the weather allowed it. I like to play some games but I can go weeks without playing, cause I lose interest occasionally. Just bored rn so spam me with messages sif you see this and we could stay up and chat cause why not
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2023.06.01 01:09 axj23 Before and After

Before and After
Has tried locs, but my scalp rebelled. So I decided on braids to just let it grow in a protected style while I figure out exactly what causes my scalp to inflame when locs are installed- most likely an allergy to lemongrass oil in the Loc God Stimulating oil- every time…
Gonna go for as much growth as I can as I have just hit 51 and hair could become an endangered species on planet AXJ23
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2023.06.01 01:09 rbslmilch Help! Advice needed!

I’ve been in the process of weaning by cutting pump time by 5 minutes every 7 days.
I’m down to 15 minutes and had been for 7 days and was about to begin cutting 1 of my 5 sessions starting with my MOTN pump when I got mastitis. 🤦🏽‍♀️
I’m on dicloxacillin now and the midwife said I can still cut my MOTN pump but only when I’m feeling “better”, but now I’m worried it’ll cause further issues and am just thinking of pushing my MOTN pump time by 30 minutes until it reaches the next session’s time (from 3:30 to 7:30).
My friend made a good point today though that now is probably the best time for me to cut my MOTN pump altogether since I’m currently on the dicloxacillin.
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2023.06.01 01:08 josephmmatty Weird shadows when shooting bursts. Can anyone tell me what’s causing this?

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2023.06.01 01:08 Friendly-Wedding5078 Question

Can i make and smoke thyme and stevia cigarettes cause iam trying to reduce the tobacco cigarette?
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2023.06.01 01:07 thecheezepotato Landlord - Tenant question

I've spoken to lawyers about this so I'm all up to date on steps I need to take as my situation is convoluted. My question is about something that i didnt think of for the lawyer's to answer at the time.The tldr version is I'm renting a basement suite off of my mother's cousin and her husband and they tried to jack up my rent ludicrously high (yes I know the laws about this they can change it to anything) but his notice of increase is void because it wasn't properly signed and dated, he was made aware of that refused to do so, tried to evict me without cause under the terms in the Residential Tenancies Agreement Act. He hasn't filed with the RTDRS either, and hasn't given me any documents about this. I believe his plan is to change his emails for his banking that I was sending the rent to via E-transfer, so that I "can't" pay June's rent (which I was advised to do by my lawyer, pay June's rent like I would normally.) So my question is if I'm actively making an effort to pay the rent but he's refusing to accept or doing sneaky things like changing the E-transfer information, if/when it goes to the RTDRS or he decides to call the police to try and have me removed forcefully does that still count as me being compliant?
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2023.06.01 01:07 AKenjiB The ultimate Facebook debate: Is it time to beat up immigrants yet or should we wait a little longer?

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2023.06.01 01:07 ThatLousyGamer Hominidae.

Entry - 9923/K19
To date, there are over nine billion genetically unique entries under this genus, all having one thing in common.
An untraceable plague of madness.
Upon evolving to lower tool use, the species will develop an incredible and illogical savagery, so irrational that it will view genocide and heinous unnatural acts as "Justified" or "For the greater good".
Its affinity for such acts correlates directly with the technological advancement of its species.
It will disregard any notion of responsibility through the cloak of individuality... Going so far as to deny all blame it may bear for its impact on its environment as long as its immediate greed is sated through either societal status or material gratification.
There have been several attempts at imparting a higher empathy onto several uplifts, all of whom ended in disaster as they inevitably turn whatever kindness or knowledge granted to them into reasons and ways of ever greater atrocities.
As a seasoned scholar, I know that including biased and personal opinions in entries is frowned upon, but as I have spent a lifetime studying this genus, I feel that my experienced opinion can be considered a factual inclusion.
They are beings with a singular purpose, destruction and misery, they will mimic empathy and civility all in an effort to reach ever greater heights of mad mutilations of all living beings. They are incapable of existing in a vacuum without tearing each other apart and they are incapable of living among others without inflicting every vile and horrendous act of depravity upon their surroundings.
The one mercy granted to this genus by evolution is its own oblivity.
When isolated and subjected to evidence of their race's actions, they will distance themselves from it through denial, but once reintroduced to their societal structure, they will either become apathetic to it or use it as justification to commit the same brutalities in the name of their new righteous cause.
To date, there has been no spacefaring example of Hominids, although few have gotten close.
I will finish this entry with a final observation.
There are those among us who have committed cruelty, those among us who wage wars, and those among us who are irrational, but these beings have no limits, they are an endless pit of insanity reaching beyond the very void which surrounds us, and should they ever feel the light of a foreign stars gravity, then they would become the end of us all, that is their only certainty.

Watched a compilation of Rocket scenes from GOTG and it made me sad and I puked this onto my keyboard... Enjoy, cuz I sure as hell didn't.
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2023.06.01 01:06 markc2502010 EasyJet Flight Delay "ATC regulations" "Extraordinary circumstances" Defence Beaten.

Hi Just wanted to archive this result from a recent Flight delay claim I had with Easyjet which ended up going all the way to ADR. I hope me posting this on Reddit will allow others who were on this flight claim the compensation they're entitled to.

Scheduled Date & Time of Departure : 29/06/2022 02:25
Departure Airport : Dalaman Airport – Turkey
Destination Airport : Manchester Airport - United Kingdom
Flight Number Ezy1960
Airline Easy Jet
Scheduled Date & Time of Arrival 29/06/2022 06:55
Actual Date & Time of Arrival 29/06/2022 20:00

Defence Reason : Air traffic control slot
“Due to the ATC regulations imposed upon the Preceding Flight it was not possible to operate the Flight without an overnight delay.”

“The Recital states that 'Extraordinary circumstances should be deemed to exist where the impact of an air traffic management decision in relation to a particular aircraft on a particular day gives rise to a long delay, an overnight delay, or the cancellation of one or more flights by that aircraft, even though all reasonable measures had been taken by the air carrier concerned to avoid the delays and cancellations's Reference is also made to the Court of Appeal case 'Blanche vs Easyjet'in which the court stated 'in order to avail itself of the protection provided by Recital 15, “the carrier must demonstrate the necessary causal link between the ATMD and the particular delay that is the subject of the compensation claim.” This means that carriers must be able to identify the effect that a particular ATMD had on a particular aircraft in relation to a particular scheduled flight in order to rely on the extraordinary circumstances defence. In Blanche, this was satisfied easily by the fact that the ATMD of Gatwick ATC had prevented the aircraft scheduled to operate the claimant's flight from arriving in Brussels until well after the scheduled departure time for that flight had passed. On the basis of the above, I consider that the Airline in this case has provided evidence deemed sufficient to demonstrate that the existence of ATC restrictions caused a delay to the Flight and that this event would be regarded as an extraordinary circumstance within the remit of the Regulation. Accordingly, I am satisfied that the Airline can rely on the delay being due to extraordinary circumstances as a defence against the requirement to pay compensation on this occasion. 5.4 Having considered all available information and evidence, I am satisfied that all reasonable measures were considered, in an attempt to avoid or minimise the disruption. Accordingly, on that basis, I determine that compensation is not payable in this case.”
I disputed the ADR FINAL DETERMINATION as I believed that the Determination contains a factual error or an error on a point of law.
I am not satisfied that the Airline have demonstrated a causal link between the claimed ATC restrictions applied to the preceding flight, and the delay of the preceding flight and the subsequent overnight delay of the Flight. The Airline has stated that the delay to the preceding flight resulted in the Flight crew running out of hours and the Flight being delayed overnight. Consequently, I am satisfied that the reason for the Flight crew running out of FDP hours, resulting in the Passenger arriving at their final destination airport by over three hours, cannot be considered an extraordinary circumstance within the context of the Regulation. Whilst I acknowledge that the Airline has demonstrated that the rescheduled Flight was subject to 31 minutes of ATC restrictions, I am satisfied that the delay to the Flight from nonextraordinary circumstances was still over three hours after deducting this delay from the overall delay to the Flight in accordance with the case C-315/15 Pešková. As such, I determine that the Airline cannot rely on the exemption to paying compensation under Recital 14 of the Regulation in this case and therefore compensation is due to the Passenger. Having reviewed, I am satisfied that the distance between Dalaman airport and Manchester airport is 3,028 km and therefore the amount of compensation in accordance with Article 7 of the Regulation is £350.00 per Passenger, total of £700.00 for two Passengers.
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