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2021.07.15 18:56 Successful-Wasabi704 Steam Deck

Dollar-for-dollar, the best ally money could buy.

2023.05.31 21:24 wherethepizza3 chiaki4deck zoom/stretch not working

I have followed the steps for chiaki4deck from the github and selected the gmoney23 control set up but the zoom/stretch buttons for r4/r5 do not work. The ps button l4 doesnt work unless I change it to shift. Any ideas why the other buttons are not working? Is there a manual way of changing the zoom/stretch buttons?
Thanks in advance
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2023.05.31 01:14 Heaiser Chiaki issues

Hoping someone in this group can help me out. I'm trying to use Chiaki and am getting the following error:
"Failed to initialize Stream Session: Failed to initialize FFMPEG Decoder: [I] Using hardware decoder 'vulkan' [E] avcodec_get_hw_config failed."
I found this post which suggested I simply need to update the KDE runtime:
I have updated everything I can in the Discover store. I don't see anything related to the KDE runtime. Can someone give me a little extra guidance on what I need to do to fix this?
I would have posted this in the thread I found but it's about a month old so I don't think I'd get much of a response.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 16:33 cokyno Getting my first SD tomorrow purely for D4 release. Any tips on how to set it up?

I have already done some research and have a rough idea on how to instal and game itself.
Would be interested in any general tips when getting new device? Any firmware/os/proton upgrades/updates i should do?
Any configurations /adjustments to run smoothly? Controls configs?
Also in mainly PS5 player so this is for when im not home. I have checked some guides on how to set up remote play - using Chiaki4deck i think it was called? - but most of them seemed outdated and mostly focused on local wifi gaming. Im 100% only gonna remote play outside. Any tips/ quality guide for this?
Much appreciated
Ps- any addon i should purchase? Anti glare? Glass? Im getting 256 version
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2023.05.30 03:26 PianoMan2112 Can Steam deck run actual PS Remote Play for Windows?

I know Chiaki exists as a Flatpak, but it only runs locally (unless chiaki4deck has added remote access; I haven’t tried it yet). When I try adding PlayStation’s remote play app as a non-Steam app, it errors out (I think it says there’s an issue with the version of Windows). Has anyone found a way to install it?
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2023.05.26 21:08 GKSchneider Chiaki4deck issues on Android Hotspot

I travel often and always bring my Steam Deck with me to remote play my PS5. I've been racing a recurring issue.
After approximately five minutes of connection to my Android Hotspot - a Samsung S20 FE 5G on Telekom DE - the screen will turn black and I'll receive this error...
Chiaki Session has quit: Remote has disconnected from Stream Connection Reason: "Server Shutting down"
I'm connecting remotely to a ps5 in a different part of the country, and the mobile, steam deck, and playstation are running stock software on the latest updates.
My assumption is that my Android hotspot is kicking the steam deck after a set period? The same occurs whether I tether by usb or connect by wifi.
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2023.05.25 23:51 DoctorShades24 Chiaki/Chiaki4Deck Not Launching

Chiaki/Chiaki4Deck Not Launching
So this started really recently, Chiaki was working fine but then it started to stick on the Launching screen while in Game Mode.
On Desktop Mode, it’s always worked fine except for the mismatched controls.
I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling in Desktop, the issue is intermittent, but mainly stuck like this.
Thoughts on a spot to repair, or should I just reformat and go again?
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2023.05.25 16:59 TheRev1982 Adding non steam games...

Hello all,
Im trying to add chiaki4deck as a non steam game in desktop mode however it does not show up in the list. If I click browse, nothing at all happens, no other window to browse loads up.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you.
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2023.05.22 09:09 Luthics Chiaki4deck - possible solution for bad performance: Check your PS4/5 settings

So I set up Chiaki4deck for my PS4 Pro and followed the guides. Everything worked but the performance was terrible even though I did everything as recommended. Turns out that even though I connected my PS4 via LAN Cable to my router, the connection was still being established via Wifi. I didn't know that I had to change it in the settings of the PS4 itself. Once changed to connection via Cable everything runs almost perfect. So I wanted to let everyone know that maybe this causes the performance problems even though everything should work. Maybe this helps someone.
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2023.05.22 01:37 Balcombits Issue with chiaki4deck and Ctrl

-FIXED by simply restarting my PS5-
Hey all. I’ve successfully used chiaki4deck in the past. I recently factory reset my deck and reinstalled chiaki. When I run chiaki, my ps5 connects, turns on, logs in, and on the deck the stream window opens for a few seconds, followed by this error:
Chiaki session has quit: Unknown Ctrl error
I ran the automation script in Konsole to test everything and it failed again but this time I can see the events in Konsole. Two errors are displayed:
[E] Ctrl did not receive session ID [E] Ctrl has failed, shutting down
I reached out to Street Pea and will update this post if I am able to fix, but I wanted to make this post too in case someone else has had this issue.
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2023.05.17 13:48 Skibity Is there a way to remap the left trackpad press on Chiaki4deck? I am trying to play Trials Rising which doesn't support rebinding buttons.

I have the trackpad as T which comes by default but it doesn't seem to be able to differentiate left and right press.
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2023.05.17 05:24 johnhend11 PSA: If you still have Chiaki issues read here

I have read countless posts of people in the same boat as I was, giving up on Chiaki.
I experienced constant flashing/ audio issues even after trying various fixes both at the hardware / software.
After scouring all resources and tried every possible fix I have solution for you to try that worked to me : 1) Set DNS to in desktop mode on your wireless connection 2) Disable IPv6 on your wireless connection 3) Disable IPv6 on your router 4) Download Chiaki ( not Chiaki4Deck) directly from discovery store 5) Used recommended performance settings from Chiaki GitHub 6) Add Chiaki to game mode as a non-steam via Steam App 7) *most important * each time you boot up go right to desktop mode and ensure that your connection is the new one you set up with the DNS and IPv6 disabled before going back to game mode to start Chiaki.
For some reason every time I boot up the SD it creates a duplicate wireless connection without any of the DNS/IPv6 changes. All you need to do is delete this connection and instead select the one you customized with the DNS/IPv6 changes( it is there just not auto-connected).
Ever since I have had flawless performance and hope this helps.
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2023.05.09 02:49 johnhend11 Eero Mesh + Steam Deck = Pain

Does anyone with an Eero Mesh network have success with either :
1) Download speeds ( I have 1gigabit and get 20mbps on SD) 2) Chiaki4Deck ( non stop white flashing / packet loss)
When I use an Ethernet cable via dock there are no issues on either of the above so I have pin pointed it to the Eero network.
From what I can gather the root issues which eero has no solution are :
1) Inability to separate 5GHZ / 2.4GHZ bands
2) Inability to create dedicated / separate SSID
3) Inability to assign specific channel
Outside of hardwiring has anyone found a solution. I’m ready to buy a router to install in front of my Mesh network solely for Steam Deck.
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2023.05.07 22:28 johnhend11 Chiaki4Deck alternatives?

It seems like there’s more than 2-3 Xbox remote app solutions out there and they all work great for me.
Unfortunately after a week of flawless performance Chiaki has become unusable for me due to flashing issues which I’ve tried various fixes with no resolve ( every network and software suggestion imaginable )
PS Remote play works great on iPad / IPhone so I know it’s not a network issue and seems like I’m not the only one with unsolvable issues based on other threads.
Are there any alternatives out there ? Maybe install windows 11 and Ps Remote play?
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2023.04.30 20:26 SpinFeniX Chiaki4Deck

Does anyone think that Sony would stop or block support for chiaki in the future? I'm on the verge of getting a steam deck (64GB) to use remote play and I don't want to be surprised.
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2023.04.29 17:56 FluffyStarKiller Stop Chiaki running like a potato?

This is my first time making a post on Reddit, so please forgive any mistakes (actually, scratch forgiveness, just let me know so I do better next time!)
I am at my wits end with Chiaki. I installed it on my deck, booted up the PS4 I bought for this very purpose, and had about half an hour of joyous gameplay. Then I went to bed, came back ready for a day of gaming, and have a sad, jumpy, blocky mess that no amount of settings alteration seems to fix.
I’ve searched around this sub and other corners of the internet, and all the info I’ve found has either not helped, or seems to be about forking GitHub repos which is more than my tiny, non-tech brain can cope with.
Current settings are: - Resolution - 720 - FPS - 60 (lowering to 30 seems to make things worse - Bitrate - 10,000 (have tried between 4k and 50k, this seems to be the least worst option) - Codec: H264 - Audio buffer size: 19200
I’ve unplugged the HDMI cable (I was hoping that would be a miracle fix as the only difference between yesterday and today was that my TV was fully off rather than in sleep mode, but no dice).
I’ve searched in desktop mode for chiaki4deck but nothing comes up.
I’ve run a speed test, my wifi is solid.
If what I need to do requires some technical complexity, I’m good with that, I will just need walking through it like the absolute dunce that I am.
Please help, I just went to waste many hours of my life fighting imaginary robots.
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2023.04.27 08:40 tortxu13 Chiaki PS4 remote play hardware decode settings

I've been trying to use chiaki4deck to stream my PS4, which is wired to the network.
The Steam Deck isn't far, I currently get full/nearly full signal in 5GHZ (also tried 2,4GHZ) but setting the hardware decode method to vaapi is not working that well... I get artifacts in screen and big stutters... If I switch the hardware decoding to none it works better, but still get some artifacts or screen freezes for some seconds. I haven't seen that none is working better than vaapi for no one in the subreddit so that's why I'm asking if maybe I'm doing something wrong... I have a 500MB connection and works pretty well, any idea?
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2023.04.26 20:22 Icy_Cartographer_572 Chiaki4Deck

Most likely asked several time but has anyone suffered crashing when using Chiaki or Chiaki4Deck? I can usually guarantee that it will crash when I use it to stream my PS5. I have BT full Fibre 500 broadband (UK) & my PS5 is connected via Ethernet to my BT hub router & I of course WiFi to connect my steam deck.
It crashes, I then have to close the screen which puts my PS5 into sleep mode meaning I have to start again.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.04.25 22:50 Didact67 Chiaki + Steam Deck

Not sure how many people actually have both a PS5 and a Steam Deck, but it’s an amazing device to use for remote play. I installed chiaki4deck and set it up so I can stream outside my network. I’m playing my PS5 games on my lunch break on my workplace wifi and getting really smooth performance with very little latency.
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2023.04.25 17:40 Master_Ad_7748 Any update on Linux release for deck?

Chiaki sucks so does chiaki4deck
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2023.04.23 22:52 Celaira Chiaki4deck Hardware Decode Issue

So, I just setup Chiaki4deck yesterday and was tweaking settings to minimize stuttering, but when I turned on Hardware Decoding using vaapi I got an error:
“Failed to initialize Steam Session: Failed to initialize FFMPEG Decoder
[I] Using hardware decoder “vaapi” [E] Failed to create hwdevice context”
So, after some googling and reading threads on here I learned that I needed to update my KDE runtime through the discover store. I went through and updated everything, but I’m still getting the same error.
Is there a command or something I might be able to run to check my kde runtime version, and force it to update?
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2023.04.21 08:38 Dry-Cardiologist2791 chiaki4deck: can it get updated??

Hey all, I'm just wondering if it's still possible to get updates on the app, since it's not part of the Discovery store. If so, how? If I update regular Chiaki will it automatically apply?? Thank you for any help!!
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2023.04.20 11:31 No_Afternoon_6674 Windows 11 vs Dual-partition?

What is the benefit of running a Deck with both the Steam OS and Windows 11, over just using Windows 11 by itself? It seems like using Windows it could run pretty much everything (and more) that the Steam OS can. I don't own a Steam Deck yet, so I don't really know much about its' stock OS.
My goal is for my Deck to be able to play my Steam games (obviously), stream Xbox games, and remote play my PS5. I also want to be able to do any of these from home AND when I'm away from home.
From what I have read/understand, I actually can do all of this using the Steam OS by using the right apps (Chiaki4Deck and Greenlight/Edge) and port forward my router (to be able to remote play my PS5 when I'm away from home). I've never messed with port forwarding before, but it seems like a lot of latency and connection problems could likely arise by going this route.
It seems that reformating to Win 11 is the favored route for both streaming Xbox games and PS5 remote play. -Does the PS Remote Play win app recognize the Steam Deck controls just fine? If I still have to lug around a DS4 or DSense with me, then it defeats the purpose of me getting the Deck in the first place. -Would I be missing out on much if I solely use Win11, as opposed to a dual-boot/Dual-partition setup where I can use either of the two operating systems?
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