1100 w royalton rd

DPS Alert

2023.06.01 00:25 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury W RUSSELL RD / IR15 05/31/2023 03:19:03 PM
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2023.06.01 00:22 Proof_Squirrel_8766 My personal tierlist

My personal tierlist
Saw someone elses and had to make my own lmao
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2023.06.01 00:13 Short_Algo $FDMT Awaiting Short Signal based off 10 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/OB4KuLJjyA https://t.co/IUEUHn2dGQ

$FDMT Awaiting Short Signal based off 10 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/OB4KuLJjyA https://t.co/IUEUHn2dGQ submitted by Short_Algo to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:00 millywyco MW Wyco Wednesday Inventory Update! Approaching Order 20,000 and That Lucky Goose Scores the BIGGEST Single Giveaway in all the Land! Order 19999 and 20001 also Grab a Surprise Box of Treasure and Wonder :) BIG Exotic Restock This Week! Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens, Ovoid, Tamps, Zapotecorum and MORE!

millywyco.com is the place to get the things!
Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards (US ONLY). Cash by mail also accepted :)
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA but boy howdy laws are a changin'! Shouldn't be long at all.
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
Welcome back, mega masters of the mush collective!
Before we get into the gooooods, I wanted to address a recurring issue we've been having for a couple weeks now with duplicate orders. For some unknown reason, some of you are submitting an order just fine as usual, however, sometimes my website is kicking out an error after clicking "submit" to place your order. EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR ORDER HAS NOT GONE THROUGH, IT HAS! Check your email to confirm your order has been placed before placing a duplicate order please! If you refresh or go back and place another order, it's still fine and you can checkout as usual, I just have to go through and manually cancel those duplicates. I submitted yet another ticket with Wordpress today to try and get this resolved, as my past attempts have not been resolved. So sorry for the hassle friendos!
On a positive note, APPLE PAY is back as a method of payment! Still working on the traditional credit/debit service and shouldn't be long!
On perhaps an even better positive note, we're nearing order #20,000 over here! What!?!?! All this still seems surreal. I had no idea when all this started that I would reach so many people all over the world, but my heart still feels the same as it did on day one. Thank you everyone who has shown support over the years and allowed me to live up to my true calling and ultimate dream of spreading happiness, kindness and healing. I feel like every day is a true blessing, each month somehow tops the last in some way, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Y'all rock so hard!
I suppose we haven't actually hit 20k yet, since some duplicate orders recently had to be canceled, but 19.8k or whatever the actual number is is close enough and still an accomplishment, so I'll count it! Plus you want a chance at some free stuffs, right? We will likely hit number 20,000 today or tomorrow, and if that lucky duck is you, here's what we're looking at:
I mean, I'd like to keep the house, car and my pet reindeer Ned, but order 20,000 is in for a lifetime treat:
23qt. Pressure Cooker
50 different cubensis syringes
10 different exotic syringes
20 swab packs (you choose!)
5 spore prints (you choose!)
And whether you are into gourmet cultivation or not, you'll also snag the following:
20 gourmet liquid cultures
20 pre-poured agar plates w/parafilm
10 lbs of the finest perfectly hydrated and sterilized grains (10lb total split however you want! ex: 5-2lb bags, etc)
Two 5lb bags of substrate
If you really REALLY aren't into the gourmets, of course I won't force it on ya. We can work out some kind of substitution but I strongly encourage expanding your knowledge and growing some actual food!
Aaaaand because I'm a fun gi, order #19999 and #20001 will score a surprise box similar to the ones I've given away in the past month or so. You don't know what's in it yet because I don't know what's in it yet. Each care pack is a bit different, and I usually feel out what to include as I'm packing it up (and somehow it's usually just what is needed on the other end. Thanks universe!). I don't think I've seen any pics or reviews of the ones I've already sent out, but I can say the receivers are very pleased :) Which also reminds me I have not updated rewards points for those reviews in a couple weeks gah!! I'll get on that tomorrow, my b!
As promised last week, this was an exotic heavy restock week! Fresh from the printing press, we have a FULL stock of Azurescens, Ps. Cyanescens, Gymnopilus Luteofolius, Gymnopilus Spectabilis (Laughing Gym), Natalensis, Ovoids, Subaeruginosa, Tampanensis and Zapotecorum! All are available in both syringes and swabs and shouldn't run out any time soon!
New(ish) to the cubensis library this week, I'm pleased to report that S. African Transkei is back in full force! We're in the final testing stages of a few other cubes that \should** be ready by next week too!
Enjoy this last day of May my friends! LOVE yourself, spread alllll the kindness and call yo momma! Mush Love <3
CREDIT/DEBIT card payments: we're working on a fix for this, again with no certain ETA. But I know that's a popular and easy payment method, so all hands are on deck with this issue! In the meantime, if you'd still like to pay with a card, try this unenthusiastic workaround:
Purchase an Amazon e-gift card from THIS LINK. Enter [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) as the recipient, add your order number to the memo line and badda bing badda bang, it's sent straight to me. If you're anti-Amazon, I get it. Please keep that mentality. Credit/debit will be back ASAP!
It's ALWAYS now forever. It's NEVER not now. BE HERE NOW! You have no choice...
***I love trades!**\* Trades are the best! If you're an artist or have a specialty of your own and would like to work out a trade for some genetics, please let me know! I've never ever turned down a trade and my lab is full of art, messages and nick knacks from this fantastic community. Diabetic supplies needed and accepted too :) Get in here!
Need to talk? Need a friend? Need to vent? I'm here, let's chat! Always in Love <3
All orders must be placed on the website to receive order confirmation and tracking emails. I have several coupon codes to fit most packages, but if you have a large order or need a custom coupon code, please email me, and I'll take care of you :) You may mix-n-match swabs, spore syringes, and liquid cultures (exotics and "special" swab packs excluded)
The most common order, and the best deal is with coupon code 5PACK, which is for 5 cubensis spore syringes, swabs, or gourmet liquid cultures for $30, including shipping! Coupon code 10PACK is $60 for 10 cubensis or gourmet varieties. Use coupon code 2PACK for 2/$20, or if you need any exotics with your 5-pack, you can use coupon code NEEDMORE for 5 cubes and 1 exotic for $40. NEEDMORE2 for 5 cubes and 2 exotics for $50, and so on :)
TWOSpicy - 2 for $25 Exotic syringes and swab packs
FOURSpicy - 4 for $40 Exotic syringes and swab packs
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
LIST OF AVAILABLE VARIETIES (list accurate at 17:00 on 5/31/23, but will change as varieties sell out):
Acadian Coast
Avery's Albino (SWABS ONLY)
Blue Magnolia Rust
Blue Meanie
Cambodian Gold
Columbian Rust
Costa Rican
Elephant Gate
Golden Mammoth
Golden Teacher
Koh Samui
Leucistic Cambodian
Lizard King
Orissa India
Penis Envy #6
PES Amazon
PES Hawaiian
PF Classic
PF Redspore
Phobos (swabs only)
Puerto Rican
Red Boy
Rusty Whyte
S. African Transkei
S. American
Texas Yellow Cap
Treasure Coast
Gymnopilus Luteofolius (Yellow Gilled Gymnopilus)
Gymnopilus Spectabilis (Laughing Gym)
Pan Cam Jam
Ps. Allenii
Ps. Azurescens
Ps. Galindoi ATL7
Ps. Natalensis
Ps. Ovoideocystidiata
Ps. Semilanceata (Liberty Cap)
Ps. Subaeruginosa
Ps. Tampanensis (Pollock)
Ps. Zapotecorum
Artist's Conk
Bear's Head
Bitter Oyster (Bioluminescent!) < Black Pearl Oyster
Black PoplaPioppino
Blue Oyster
Branched Oyster
Chicken of the Woods
Coral Tooth
Cordyceps Militaris
Florida Oyster
Golden Brown Beech
Ghost Fungus
Honey Mushroom
Lions Mane
Pathfinder Oyster
Pearl Oyster
Pestalotiopsis Microspora (Plastic munchin' non-fruitin' machine! Or is it?? We need our finest on this)
Pink Oyster
Red Reishi
Shaggy Mane
Sordid Blewit
Sporeless Oyster
Tarragon Oyster
Tiger Sawgill
True Morel
Turkey Tail
Veiled Oyster
White Elm
***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA
***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.
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2023.06.01 00:00 Master-Monochrome Just Wondering If This Belongs Here: Newly Married Couple Wanting People To Venmo Them Gas Money

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2023.05.31 23:37 Plastic-You5550 size help

hey yall would the era itx case fit the
and a 6700 xt

please and thank you!
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2023.05.31 23:06 Short_Algo $ATO Awaiting Buy Signal based off 6 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/OB4KuLJjyA https://t.co/x4q5CU67xi

$ATO Awaiting Buy Signal based off 6 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/OB4KuLJjyA https://t.co/x4q5CU67xi submitted by Short_Algo to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 22:46 sorati_rose [WTS][KY] Replica EOTech, Replica ACOG, CYMA MP5K, KSC Mini Uzi, WE G18C Gen 4 upgraded, M4 Midcaps (+ other guns if you can do local pickup)

Howdy, long time buyer first time seller. Unfortunately SHTF for me financially in the past week due to being furloughed (and will stay that way for some time), and I need to sell of just about everything airsoft related I have bought since the new year. I'm effectively treating my situation as a quitting airsoft thing (if you can count not even playing a single game as being in airsoft) and plan to gradually list more and more as time goes til I'm recalled to work or things go even further south. Unless picked up 2nd hand (will specify if it has been), everything has been a catch and release, nothing has ever been fielded, just plinked around with and fired a few shots to make sure internals were working. Can provide more pics or firing videos if requested. Unfortunately I don't have a chrono, so I am unable to provide up to date FPS measurements. Since I'm cash strapped, prices aren't exactly firm and might not include costs of shipping (been selling on eBay recently, shipping is insane a lot of the time, especially for heavier things like airsoft would be).
CYMA MP5K package - $230 - Beautifully well made MP5K bought from Taiwangun back in March. It's a blue edition so it already comes with better internals, but no MOSFET. The handguard was replaced for a rail system that offers more battery space than the stock one. Includes 65 rd midcap, small foregrip, and a small pistol sight made by OspreyScopes. Would prefer to keep the set together, but I'm willing to split the red dot since it is a pricey one.
KWC CO2 Mini Uzi - $130 - Catch and release from this subreddit, have only had it less than a month. This is for the airsoft version and not the dangerous airgun version. Has seen some use and has cosmetic wear around the charging slide and mag. The mag is boneyard, the feeding lip at the top is chipped and won't feed into the gun. The CO2 casing is dented and the screw is kind of stripped. It can screw back in but not without difficulty. I have been able to test the GBB system since this is open bolt, and man it would be so much fun to use, it does kickback a good bit even from dry firing. As a disclaimer, I do believe the internals of the gun are functioning and that it's only the mag that is causing it to not fire. If you buy this from me, you must understand that if you buy/have a new mag for this gun and it still doesn't fire that I was none the wiser and not my fault.
WE Tech G18C Gen 4 w/ upgrades - $215 - Another catch and release from this subreddit. Includes the gun, extra rear grip, x2 23 rd GG mags, x3 48 rd GG extended mags. The extended mags of cosmetic wear around the feeding portion of the mag, but not visible when put into the mag well. Unfortunately the original post for the gun is gone, so I do not have specifics about what was changed, however I do believe all the internals had been changed before, save maybe the trigger (a trigger was a bit mushy from my experience). The gun shot perfectly before, however the pin for the mag release came undone and I haven't been able to get it back into place, so I'm unable to load it or make a shooting video of this gun. Selling as a whole lot, but willing to separate the extended mags into one sale with all 3 of them together.
Replica EOTech + Protector - $95 - An excellent and lightweight repro of an EOTech in tan. Comes with the protector, and I'll toss in a couple of batteries for it. For being something lightweight, shipping is included in the cost.
Replica ACOG - $80 - A great repro of an ACOG sight. Fiber optic is in working condition and has a great sight picture for longer ranges.
MAG 130rd M4 Midcap bundle - $70 - A lot of 8 STANAG midcaps in grey, never used, made of polymer. Not separating. Shipping included in the cost since they're lightweight.
THE BELOW GUNS ARE GOING TO BE FOR LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Since I don't expect to have much interest for local pickups, pics and timestamp will be by request. Can travel about half an hour or so from the 40509 area. I would love to be able to ship these, however I have been unable to find boxes that are long and only a few inches tall. If you have any suggestions to find them so I can ship them, I'm all ears.
VFC SCAR-H AEG (TAN) - $400 - fantastic externals and shoots great. Includes 1 tan high cap and 2 (hard to find) black midcaps, 2 rail covers in tan (they are kind of loose), and a foregrip. The gun is catch and release from the subreddit, the midcaps are brand new and never used. They are also official VFC mags and are made of a nice metal.
Golden Eagle M16A4 AEG - $100 - basically a pretty standard entry level gun. Comes with the original battery, carry handle, and 4 black rail covers made by different brands (the length is all the same). I swapped out the pistol grip for something a bit nicer, but isn't top of the line.
G&G F2000 - $300 - honestly this might be my favorite gun externally, the polymer is top of the line. This is the tactical version of the gun, without the fancy scope. There is a bit of sticker residue from those lovely compliance stickers, but otherwise brand new. This is the 2nd gen version where it has an ETU in it.
Tokyo Mauri SPAS-12 w/ metal folding stock + extra shells - $320 - How about something you don't see everyday, a TM with the folding stock? The stock never had the hook at the end, but otherwise it's all complete. Great shotgun that is one of my favorites. It's practically brand new, however there is some cosmetic wear on the rear sight (from folding the stock over) and around the screw point on the stock. Includes 5 extra shells that are all functional and are different brands than TM, but have a fair bit of cosmetic wear on them.
Cybergun FAMAS - $100 - I think I had this for a couple of weeks now? Is yet another catch and release from this subreddit. It's a pretty nifty gun, and while not higher end like the SCAR, it seems like it would be fun to field. Includes a high cap, a midcap, and the bipod. Has a bit of scuffing on it, but nothing major.
CYMA AK47 CM.050A - $250 - Absolutely fantastic polymer on the outside, and it feels great to hold in my hands and shoulder. Internals seem pretty good too, it's a CYMA after all. Includes a foregrip and waffle high cap mag. The orange flash hider was glued on funny and it's kind of crooked, but I imagine that you'd want to take that ugly thing off anyways.
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2023.05.31 22:35 Jean-Marc_Souls ECW November to Remember 1998

ECW November to Remember 1998
The teams are: Jim Cornette's Vision: Lance Storm & Chris Candido. The Root of All Evil: Vampiro & Pisosis. The Dungeon's Heir: Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Chris Benoit & Tyson Kidd. Raven's Nest: Raven, Stevie Richards, Chris Kanyon & Billy Kidman.
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2023.05.31 21:54 xjustinx22 [WTS] CZ Scorpion accessories/Mags, Sig Sauer Romeo 5, Modlite handheld w/Thrym, GHW Tailhook MOD 1C, Magpul Topographic Scorpion mag, Scorpion Iron Sites, Unity Tactical Modbutton M-LOK Adapter

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/ubtpzMs
Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 - New in box, small scratch on body. all accessories - low/high risers, lens cloth/covers, tool -- ($95)
Midwest Industries 6.75" CZ Scorpion Handguard w/barrel nut - ($145 new, small scuff)
Modlite Handheld body with Urban Grey Thrym Switchback 2.0 -- ($95 used, low/no salt)
Gear Head Works Tailhook MOD 1C -- ($100 barely used)
Gear Head Works Scorpion Tailhook adapter -- ($10 barely used)
HBI CZ Scorpion Evo Mini AK Style Safety Selectors Left/Right -- ($20 or $35 for both - barely used)
HBI CZ Scorpion ProStock Charging Handle -- ($40 New, never used)
HBI CZ Scorpion Thumb Safety Selectors Mid-Size right hand side -- ($15 barely used)
Magpul 35 round CZ mags x3 -- ($15 each, barely used)
Magpul 35 rd CZ Scorpion Topographic mag -- ($65 never used) ~~
CZ Scorpion OG iron sites -- ($125, like new)
Yeti Wurks Switchback OD green CZ Scorpion grip -- ($25 barely used)
CZ Scorpion Windowed Magazine 20 Round x1 -- ($25, barely used)
Unity Tactical Modlite ModButton Lite M-LOK Adapter Black -- ($15, New, sealed)
Everything here is brand new, or in very good condition. Buyer agrees to follow all laws, rules etc. Buyer covers paypal G&S. Willing to knock a few bucks off if you wanna bundle stuff.
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2023.05.31 21:51 XxnxX56 Walmart is 2 miles away

Walmart is 2 miles away
If you live within 3 miles of your local Walmart and order an extra large order. You should leave at least a $2 tip.. I’m not taking a measly $6 because your feeling lazy. I understand not everyone has the spare cash to tip, but your already paying $6 for delivery. Show a little respect or I’m gonna accept it and just cancel it after the drop time ;) I’m already waisting an hour waiting for an order. Slap that disrespect in my face and I’ll match it. Get off your ass and bring a wagon like I’d do in the days before spark if you seriously can’t afford $2.
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2023.05.31 21:14 manginahunter1970 Voltage tester says 12 volts

Dining room light not working at all, old switch. (Probably 1964) Is the switch dead or dying? Tested an outlet and got 110ish.
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2023.05.31 20:59 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage W CRAIG RD and N TENAYA WAY; WB WO 05/31/2023 11:52:16 AM
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2023.05.31 20:47 TampaCopWatch #roadpirates on Causeway 1446 053123

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2023.05.31 20:47 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury W FLAMINGO RD and S LAS VEGAS BLVD;ebwo 05/31/2023 11:41:26 AM
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2023.05.31 20:40 Alfredo2go Looking for a pull-up bar like this?

I'm looking for a pull-up bar for my very small living space. I saw this kind on Amazon and it seems like it would be perfect.
Only problem is that the only place I could put that kind of bar is about 38 inches wide and all of the ones of this type I can find only go up to 37 inches. Also, when they extend that far they can only hold about 150lbs safely. I'm about 200 pounds so it would need to comfortably support that weight and be at least 38 inches wide.
Thanks for any help!
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2023.05.31 20:27 anstability Distance from USB C plug to the back of the unit? (for 180 degree adapter)

I hated using my steamdeck plugged in because the cord came off the top of the unit and got in my way, I bought these USB C 180 Degree adapters and they worked great. Wondering if these would still work on the ROG Ally knowing that is slightly thicker and the usb c port is more on the front half of the unit than directly in the middle. Can anyone who's already received their unit try a 180 degree adapter if you have one, or do a measurement in mm.
Also a measurement of the thickness of the overall middle part would be great.
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2023.05.31 20:05 littlea_adderall Alison Brie

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2023.05.31 19:50 CaliforniaTurncoat How does this breakdown? Is the money total for all trips? Is the time total for all trips? Or is the money per trip and the time total for all trips? Help!

How does this breakdown? Is the money total for all trips? Is the time total for all trips? Or is the money per trip and the time total for all trips? Help! submitted by CaliforniaTurncoat to UberEatsDrivers [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 19:49 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Injury W FLAMINGO RD / CC215; unk dot 05/31/2023 10:42:15 AM
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2023.05.31 19:40 corpseplague Why is this broke?

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2023.05.31 19:27 JC-AHJ-Nick-Nik-Fab Atypical Lyme Disease Test Results

Hello all. I just tested positive for Lyme disease, with results attached, and need help determining when I was infected.
Results indicate a recent infection since IgM was positive but IgG was not; however, I know I had a tick bite in California five years ago, and my friend recalls a circular rash forming after, although I do not and she is not the most reliable source.
Furthermore, over the past few years I have developed a heart arrhythmia, memory problems, knee pain, and general fatigue, which is also why I think the infection is from five years ago.
Can anyone comment on whether it is possible to have these test results but for the infection to have started years ago?
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