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2023.06.01 00:13 MVTP1999 How much longer do you guys think SkyShowtime will last?

I recently saw on LinkedIn that SkyShowtime claimed that “season 2 is on its way”, which made me think that they were finally getting their shit together but as they keep on removing their own content again and again, I’m starting to think that they are preparing to give up sooner or later. Personally, I’d like them to wrap this mess up and just launch Paramount+ instead in these countries and continuing to license the Comcast content to other streaming services.
How much longer do you think SkyShowtime will last? And what do you think will happen next?
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2023.06.01 00:12 autotldr UN tries to save Black Sea grain deal with 'mutually beneficial' proposal

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 65%. (I'm a bot)
KYIV, May 31 - The U.N. has proposed that Kyiv, Moscow and Ankara start preparatory work for the transit of Russian ammonia through Ukraine as it tries to salvage a deal allowing safe Black Sea grain exports, a source close to the talks said on Wednesday.
Ukraine and Turkey have agreed to the new proposal, intended to improve operations in the Black Sea grain export corridor, but Russia has not yet responded, the source said.
The U.N. and Turkey brokered the Black Sea Grain Initiative between Moscow and Kyiv last July to help tackle a global food crisis aggravated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a leading global grain exporter.
The U.N. has handed "An official appeal to the leaders of Ukraine, Turkey and Russia with a proposal for a specific mutually beneficial algorithm to radically improve" the work of the grain corridor, the source told Reuters.
Ukrainian officials have said that since mid-April, Russia has "Unreasonably restricted" the work of the Black Sea grain deal.
A senior government source told Reuters this month that Kyiv would consider allowing Russian ammonia to transit its territory for export on condition that the Black Sea grain deal is expanded to include more Ukrainian ports and a wider range of commodities.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russia#1 work#2 grain#3 Ukraine#4 Black#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.01 00:11 verona89 Which should I continue?

So I've had a lot going on over the past couple of years.. I have two fanfics I started but never got around to finishing (season 2) so they're pretty old now. I'm back in a place where I actually want to write so if anyone could check out either of my ff and advise on which I should continue (if any) I'd appreciate it!
Promise me
Love island: The unloved
They both need a lot of correcting but I did actually really enjoy writing them at the time!
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2023.06.01 00:11 cheezburgerali Allusions To Mythology

I noticed a few allusions to mythology in the second season Like the name Daphne and the mentions of Persephone and Hades. Just wondering if you guys picked up on any others. I'm writing a paper for my media literacy class :)
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2023.06.01 00:11 jamieee1220 WELCOME

Welcome to the vibrant world of Edit & Design Hub, where creativity thrives and innovation knows no bounds! 🌟✨ We're a passionate Reddit community dedicated to all things graphic design and video editing. Whether you're a seasoned pro, an aspiring artist, or simply captivated by the world of visual storytelling, you've found your home with us. 🎨🎥
Step into a supportive and collaborative space, where knowledge is shared, ideas are nurtured, and talents are honed. 🚀💡 Share your latest design masterpieces, gain valuable feedback, and unlock new perspectives to elevate your skills. From Photoshop wizardry to captivating motion graphics, our diverse community is here to inspire and guide you on your creative journey. 🌈🖌️
Collaboration is at the heart of Edit & Design Hub. Connect with like-minded individuals, forge partnerships, and embark on collaborative projects that push the boundaries of visual expression. 🤝🌐 Together, we'll push the limits of what's possible and create a collective legacy of stunning design and editing.
So, come on in and join our ever-growing family of passionate creators. Let's share our knowledge, ignite inspiration, and foster a supportive environment where everyone can grow and shine. 🌱✨ Together, we'll unlock the true power of design and editing, one pixel at a time. Welcome to Edit & Design Hub! 🎉🚀
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2023.06.01 00:11 Rare_Weird4712 Offering: Turkish (native), English(C1/C2) seeking: French (native)

Turc natif cherche ami francophone.
Salut! Je viens de Turquie. Je suis en train de apprendre le français et je chercher un(e) ami(e) francophone pour échanger des langues. Maintenant, je parle en peu le français. Je peux tu enseigne le turc ou l'anglais si tu peux me enseigne français.
Merhaba! Türkiye'de yaşıyorum. Fransızca öğreniyorum ve dil aktarımı yapacak, anadili fransızca olan bir arkadaş arıyorum. Şu anda çok az Fransızca biliyorum. Eğer bana Fransızca öğretebilirsen ben de sana Türkçe veya ingilizce öğretebilirim.
Hi! I am Turkey and also lived in the UK for some time. I am learning French and I am looking for a French-speaking friend to exchange languages. Right now I speak only a little French. I can teach you Turkish or English if you can teach me French.
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2023.06.01 00:10 spidermany Anyone from the UK here who can help recover the lost German dub?

So as far as I know the German dub of Medabots is pretty much lost media. We only got two season and they exclusively aired in pay tv - I guess the show didn't gain enough traction here to qualify for reruns on another network or a DVD/VHS/BRD release. The dub is pretty good though and features many iconic voice actors. Many of them sadly already passed. Buuut I recently found out that there is a UK release (propably from before 2010) of the show where the german language option is included - i just couldn't find out which one it is. So could you maybe help me out so I can spend an unreasonable amount to put this on internet archive and others? 😩
Tldr: German Dub is lost and was only once available outside his pay tv syndication: on a UK DVD release (probably from before 2010). Can you help me figure out which one it is so I can preserve the dub?
Thanks a lot guys! <3
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2023.06.01 00:10 Stock-Astronomer2709 [Heavy] Hawks ‘Want to Bring in’ Nets Starter, Could Offer Beleaguered Star

There will be some changes made to the Brooklyn Nets roster.
Just how many remains anyone’s guess but several veterans figure to be dangled on the trade block this summer, and one, Dorian Finney-Smith could have a ready-made suitor in the Atlanta Hawks, a rival general manager tells Heavy Sports NBA insider Sean Deveney.
“There is still a lot of speculation that Atlanta could bring back a John Collins offer for the Nets,” the GM told Heavy Sports. “And DFS is a guy they want to bring in.”
Nets get:
– John Collins
Hawks get:
– Dorian Finney-Smith
– Royce O’Neale
– 2027 1st Rd Pick (Top-8 protected, via PHI)
Finney-Smith, 30, came over from the Dallas Mavericks in the Kyrie Irving trade along with starting point guard Spencer Dinwiddie and a 2029 first-round pick
The veteran averaged 7.2 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 1.6 assists across 26 appearances – all starts – for the Nets. His three-point efficiency abandoned him (30.6%) but he is a career 35.7% shooter from deep and knocked down 41.2% of his threes in the Nets’ sweep at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs.
More than anything, though, he continued to provide two-way versatility.
Dorian Finney-Smith Is ‘One of the Better 3-and-D Guys’
“You could see in Dallas, when they were without Finney-Smith, that defense collapsed,” the GM said. “He is one of the better 3-and-D guys out there. There is a market for him, more than for everyone else they might think about trading.”
According to the general manager, the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers are two other teams who could show interest in Finney-Smith as he heads into the second year of a four-year, $55.6 million contract. He has acknowledged that he could very well be one of the players who gets moved this offseason.
Brooklyn will likely be looking to avoid the luxury tax next season.
Brooklyn rejected several offers for Finney-Smith — including some with multiple first-rounders — at the deadline.
O’Neale, 29, averaged 8.8 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 3.7 assists and shot 38.9% from three. He is heading into the final year of a four-year, $36 million deal. The deal above would have to wait until July 10 when O’Neale’s contract becomes fully guaranteed for the $9.5 million he is owed instead of the $2.5 million it would currently count for in a trade.
“The Nets are looking for plug-and-play players here,” the exec said, “Not…picks or cap relief.”
This is an important distinction because the Nets effectively can not tank since they do not have control of their first-round draft picks. That means they must retool this roster while ensuring they remain competitive until their debts are paid off.
For Atlanta, this trade helps them surround Trae Young with more perimeter defenders and space the floor for Dejounte Murray drives.
Nets ‘Still Curious’ About John Collins, Says Exec
“The Nets like Collins, they had interest there even before they blew up the team,” another executive told Deveney in a previous report from early May. “They’re still curious.”
Collins, 25, may seem like damaged goods after he averaged 13.1 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 1.2 assists during the regular season, all of which were his lowest marks since his rookie year. But The Nets would be getting a player who is not quite in his prime and has a 20-point, 10-rebound season under his belt.
If his three-point efficiency (29.2% 3P in 2022-23) gets back to where it was then (40.1%), the Nets would be ecstatic.
Hawks general manager Landry Fields still speaks highly of Collins.
But the Hawks let Collins test free agency before signing him to that contract and his name has been floated around in every transaction cycle since.
The high-flying big man is heading into the third year of a five-year, $125 million pact with a $26.5 million player option for the 2025-26 season, a deal that has complicated his long-rumored departure from Atlanta.
Losing Finney-Smith – whom Mikal Bridges is fond of – and O’Neale would hurt the Nets’ defense but both players were brought in as appeasements for Kevin Durant who asked for and got a trade to the Phoenix Suns anyway. The Nets would be wise to extract as much value from the plethora of wings as they can while accounting for Cameron Johnson financially.
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2023.06.01 00:09 TGCTethys Known Issues 0.21.5

We are aware of the following bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of Patch 0.21.5:
We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience these may cause while we work to resolve them in a future update.
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2023.06.01 00:09 KFded Worst Season Ever

Starting from pre-season 1 til now. This is the absolute worst experience I've had in Apex.
Sure, let's all rat. Love it. Thanks Respawn. I definitely didn't want a fight in a shooting game.
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What do we currently know about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 currently?
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 might be themed like a forest or jungle themed season as we can see in the images, next is like gonna be the Jurassic park or something, as we can see in the loading screen.
It also has the optimise prime skin as a collab, since it’s such a good skin it might be a tier 100 SKIN at the end of the battle pass. Also it was confirmed that it won’t be in the quests by someone on twitter that is a Fortnite leaker.
There is raptors and dinosaurs! It might be rideable raptors and they might bite you until you tame it, that’s just what I think since that was the wolfs and hog animals in chapter 3.
There’s also a clash of potions thingy I don’t know that anime or cartoon it’s another collab.
Next I think you will be able to go on the vines and travel just like the thingy in mega city allowing to travel faster
NEXT, people say that there will be a boss fight too just like the herald you are able to fight for weapons!
What do you think will be in this next fortnite season?
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2023.06.01 00:08 DistantHuman1 Great success. Very nice

Great success. Very nice
What a pleasant surprise after the first game of the week
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2023.06.01 00:08 Apprehensive-Yak9967 I already have the soultaker sword so is there any point in grinding mp this season (besides nth metal) or should I stick to bb6 for now

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2023.06.01 00:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

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Book Cheap Flights
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2023.06.01 00:07 Am_1_R3al Anyone can use music the way they interpret it

Anyone can use a song unless THE CREATOR OF THE SONG specifically says it is meant for a certain group. I have seen many tiktok posts using songs that are about a certain topic saying others can't use it, but you should be able to interpret music the way it speaks to you. I’ve seen a lot of LGBTQ+ people (this isn’t the only group that does this and i'm not saying the whole community shares the same ideas) saying only they can use a certain song and straight cis people can’t. I know that if it were the other way around a lot of these same people would be the one’s saying anyone can use songs.
It’s not even just specific songs, even when Stranger Things season 4 came out there were problems. Many already Metallica fans would say that the new fans who discovered Metallica through Stranger Things weren’t real fans. Metallica even responded to one of these comments and said that anyone can like Metallica and they welcome the new fans.
Songs are interpreted in many ways and no one has the right to say that someone's interpretation isn't valid. People are gatekeeping things that everyone can use and it’s getting really old.
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2023.06.01 00:07 emo-cowgirl atmospheric, fun reads for summer

i like to really match what i’m reading with the vibes of my life and the seasons (like reading frankenstein in the winter) so i was wondering what books you’d recommend for this time of year? i read a lot of fitzgerald last summer and it really enhanced how much i enjoyed the season.
any genre - preferably not YA, though
if it helps —
• i love greek retellings in the vein of ariadne, circe, etc
• i also enjoy classics with beautiful, flowery language such as wuthering heights
• i like classic fantasy books like the hobbit too!
• i also enjoy books set in other countries where i can sort of escape into another country and visualize it, even if they aren’t super plot-driven
• i also love historical fiction and books in general set in other time periods. i also LOVE cowboys and the wild west and really enjoyed the movie brokeback mountain so something in that era would be cool too!
i’m 20 and feeling a very lost in life, unsure of my future, etc. i guess the “20s syndrome” is hitting super hard and reading has been my escape. so bonus points if you have any recommendations that have a good moral lesson or you think would be comforting. thank you all so much 🫶💗
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2023.06.01 00:07 ThrowRA378229 My boyfriend (19M) is on a vacation with his parents and I (18F) feel awful.

We have been in a relationship for 7 months and sleeping together on videocall every night for 4 months. There wasn't one day where we didn't talk for atleast 3 hours, it being in person, text or videocall (excluding sleeping).
That definitely means I got extremely attached. I also don't have any close friends besides him and only hung out twice with one girl in all these months. Besides that, just school friends. He, on the other side, has one best friend and a friend group. I always got jealous, not because he would cheat, but because he has other friends. I refused him when he invited me to hang out with them n times because I was scared.
I gave him the silent treatment or dry texting everytime he went out with them. I just wanted him to hurt as I did. It worked, he cried, apologized and begged everytime for me to forgive him. There was a moment where he got tired of it and we almost broke up.
It's not good, but I don't know what to do instead, how to control myself and my anger.
I always had no friends and always spent the summer breaks alone and for this time I finally thought "That won't happen, because I have him?".
We have a two weeks break and he s gone on a vacation to Turkey with his family for one week. He has been gone for three days now.
The first day he didn't even go to the airport, he stayed at his relatives because his family is also going with them. That means he was still in the country and mobile data is still free, so he had internet everywhere he went. Didn't even try to atleast text for longer than 5 minutes.
I slept alone that night and fuck it hurt. The routine was gone and I was reaching out for my phone out of reflex. The next morning i confronted him about it and he said that he was just catching up with his cousin, who he was gonna spend the whole vacation with too. I was really mad and just threw a fit honestly.
Since then I started acting like I always do when he goes out with his friends. Dry texting, silent treatment and also stopped responding to his I love you texts.
Before he got on the airplane he said he s gonna have no internet throughout the whole vacation, only at the hotel.
He arrived at almost night and his room was separate to his parents. You think he would call me, text me longer since tomorrow there s no internet where he s visiting? Nah. He told me he was gonna explore the hotel with his parents. That was right when I usually went to sleep and he knew that. I waited 30 minutes and gave up. I went to sleep crying.
Sent him a good morning message, he replied the same and we didn t talk all day. He came back at the hotel at night again, texted me my name with a question mark, but for 30 minutes I was reaching out to the girl i went out with two times, so I couldn t answer. I did reply after and yep, 10, 20 minutes no answer.
I gave up and blocked him everywhere. I am too hurt to see if he will answer now.
I realize i have been depending on him for my happiness. I can't enjoy my own company like I did before, I crave communication. For helping me become this person and then throwing it in my face without a warning makes me want to hurt him so bad, get revenge so bad and it feels so selfish.
I feel like the whole situation is so damn immature but I don't know how to handle it. This is my first relationship so my lack of experience is by far showing.
That s why i m asking here for advice, so that people who know more about this can help.
Tl;DR: I am alone while being in a relationship and I do not know what to do.
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2023.06.01 00:07 rClipsBot buiying what in turkey

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2023.06.01 00:07 mothman26 Memphis Forward DeAndre Williams is in the process of gaining another year of eligibility from the NCAA. If granted he will return to Memphis for the 23-24 season.

Memphis Forward DeAndre Williams is in the process of gaining another year of eligibility from the NCAA. If granted he will return to Memphis for the 23-24 season. submitted by mothman26 to CollegeBasketball [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:07 PurpleSolitudes Best Cheap Flight

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2023.06.01 00:06 Flimsy_Interest_9766 Dropping In... I see nothing has changed, in my effort to try to be positive and help where I can this is for you Nika even though ikn you will think it's stupid because you're incapable.

Chicken broccoli rice Casserole
2 boneless skinless chicken thighs 6 chicken tenderloins 4 uncooked cups of rice 32 oz bag of Great value broccoli florets 1/2 can of cream of mushroom soup 1/2 can of cream of chicken soup 2 cans of Campbell's fiesta nacho cheese soup Shredded cheddar to top.
Cook rice. Roast chicken and broccoli on a sheet pan @ 375 for approximately 40 minutes. Shred chicken. Mix broccoli, rice, chicken, all soups in large mixing bowl. Season to taste. I used complete Seasoning, Goya chicken Seasoning, season salt to taste. Transfer to large baking/casserole dish. Top with Shredded cheese. Return to oven @ 350 for 15 minutes.
Meal costs less than $10. It will feed my family of 4 for 2.5 days. Nika this is to show you can feed those kids better and more for the same price of those cardboard pizzas. You just blatantly refuse to do right by them. I'm sure she won't find it useful but hope it helps someone.
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2023.06.01 00:06 willk95 Sorry for the potato pics, but I saw these two fish in a dried up stream in Maryland, US the other day. Any guesses? there was also creek chub in the same stream

Sorry for the potato pics, but I saw these two fish in a dried up stream in Maryland, US the other day. Any guesses? there was also creek chub in the same stream submitted by willk95 to whatsthisfish [link] [comments]