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MHA/CCA/PSE/RCA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 5-31 rollup.

2023.06.01 01:33 User_3971 MHA/CCA/PSE/RCA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 5-31 rollup.

Damn it, lost a day! Had Memorial Day off but got fucked (mandated to work) on Saturday. Threw off the timing. Super-rare Wednesday edition!
Good afternoon. Brief listing of CAREER JOBS pulled from for your convenience. Tell HR User_3971 sent you, let's see if they pay more than .25¢ per head. NOTE: Maintenance jobs are drying up - the In Service Register may finally be seeing results for our already career people.
Some jobs may be part-time regular however all listed jobs should qualify for federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the posting number for your search term. LC and MM are entry-level Maintenance. Here is a Maint overview and here is Exam 955 info. You can DO it!

NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to and APPLY THERE. We even has a video walkthrough prepared.

Laborer Custodial:
CHARLEVOIX MI NC11370316 05/27/2023
OMAHA NE NC11369343 05/27/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11365062 05/27/2023
KIRKLAND WA NC11367251 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11371903 05/27/2023
FORT WASHAKIE WY NC11369073 05/27/2023
YUBA CITY CA NC11367214 05/25/2023
MOUNT IDA AR NC11361986 05/20/2023
BRATTLEBORO VT NC11374752 05/31/2023
BENTON HARBOR MI NC11371533 05/27/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11371537 05/27/2023
CATASAUQUA PA NC11371600 05/27/2023
EL CENTRO CA NC11371615 05/27/2023
HAMBURG PA NC11371700 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371707 05/27/2023
HAZELWOOD MO NC11371718 05/27/2023
WAUKESHA WI NC11371854 05/27/2023
GREEN BAY WI NC11371863 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371870 05/27/2023
AUSTIN TX NC11371871 05/27/2023
YUBA CITY CA NC11371908 05/27/2023
EAST HAMPTON NY NC11371909 05/27/2023
PEEKSKILL NY NC11371527 05/27/2023
PEEKSKILL NY NC11371421 05/27/2023
MACHIAS ME NC11371418 05/27/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11371915 05/27/2023
WILLMAR MN NC11371410 05/27/2023
CUPERTINO CA NC11370120 05/27/2023
WARSAW IN NC11369259 05/27/2023
BISMARCK ND NC11369191 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369059 05/27/2023
URBANDALE IA NC11369055 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369050 05/27/2023
BUFFALO GROVE IL NC11368995 05/27/2023
SANTA ANA CA NC11365065 05/27/2023
CATASAUQUA PA NC11367255 05/25/2023
HAMBURG PA NC11367254 05/25/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION VT NC11371417 05/27/2023
WEST CHICAGO IL NC11368968 05/27/2023

Maintenance Mechanic:
WEST PALM BEACH FL NC11367250 05/27/2023
PONTIAC MI NC11370630 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11371348 05/27/2023
NEW YORK NY NC11370543 05/27/2023
EAGAN MN NC11369434 05/27/2023
BIRMINGHAM AL NC11369105 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA NC11369114 05/27/2023
WICHITA KS NC11369186 05/27/2023
PHOENIX AZ NC11364942 05/27/2023
JACKSONVILLE FL NC11370197 05/27/2023
HARRISBURG PA NC11369187 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11370181 05/27/2023
CAROL STREAM IL NC11363416 05/27/2023
BOSTON MA NC11370175 05/27/2023
BETHPAGE NY NC11371414 05/27/2023
SAINT LOUIS MO NC11371828 05/27/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11371737 05/27/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11371742 05/27/2023
JERSEY CITY NJ NC11371729 05/27/2023

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:
FARGO ND NC11371325 05/27/2023
WEST FARGO ND NC11371173 05/27/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11370161 05/27/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION NC11371671 05/27/2023
EAGAN MN NC11369373 05/27/2023
WICHITA KS NC11369179 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11371319 05/27/2023
ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL NC11370043 05/27/2023

Building Equipment Mechanic:
BELLMAWR NJ NC11368795 05/27/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11368549 05/27/2023

General Clerk VMF:
TULSA OK NC11367091 05/24/2023
MIAMI FL NC11365300 05/30/2023
WEST PALM BEACH FL NC11365247 05/30/2023

Tool & Parts Clerk:
MIAMI FL NC11365302 05/30/2023

Garage Assistant:
HOUSTON TX NC11368988 05/26/2023
Electronic Technician:
BROCKTON MA NC11370302 05/27/2023
ROCHESTER NY NC11371416 05/27/2023
ELK GROVE VILLAGE IL NC11370150 05/27/2023
JACKSON MS NC11366836 05/27/2023
TRENTON NJ NC11369363 05/27/2023

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

LINDEN TN NC11359072 05/18/2023
OCEAN BEACH NY NC11370230 05/27/2023
LANAI CITY HI NC11363428 05/20/2023
DAYTON TX NC11362387 05/22/2023
MEMPHIS MO NC11370238 05/29/2023
JACKMAN ME NC11367260 05/25/2023
ILIAMNA AK NC11371701 05/27/2023
CHENOA IL NC11361153 05/19/2023
BUNA TX NC11362381 05/22/2023
BOLINAS CA NC11368368 05/25/2023
PRESIDIO TX NC11360896 05/19/2023
PALACIOS TX NC11362377 05/22/2023
KOTZEBUE AK NC11371704 05/27/2023
ROCKSPRINGS TX NC11361161 05/19/2023
MILLERSBURG PA NC11370506 05/27/2023
EAGLE BUTTE SD NC11367304 05/29/2023
S YARMOUTH MA NC11370685 05/27/2023
CHARLESTON TN NC11371307 05/27/2023
BERRYVILLE AR NC11360673 05/19/2023
RANDLE WA NC11367126 05/24/2023
PECONIC NY NC11370190 05/27/2023
MARSHALL AR NC11360674 05/19/2023
ELK MOUND WI NC11369091 05/25/2023
BOW WA NC11367586 05/25/2023
BASSETT NE NC11366996 05/24/2023
ADDY WA NC11367447 05/25/2023
WEST CHATHAM MA NC11368584 05/27/2023
WEBBERVILLE MI NC11360764 05/19/2023
PONCE DE LEON FL NC11367045 05/24/2023
MARENGO IL NC11369368 05/26/2023
KETCHIKAN AK NC11373327 05/30/2023
HOMEWOOD CA NC11368364 05/25/2023
HIGHLAND MD NC11372890 05/30/2023
FLANDREAU SD NC11367252 05/25/2023
BELGIUM WI NC11366636 05/24/2023
BATH MI NC11360766 05/19/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11368369 05/26/2023
EDGECOMB ME NC11367253 05/25/2023

City Carrier:
OAKLAND CA NC11365498 05/28/2023
PITTSBURGH PA NC11365454 05/28/2023
AURORA CO NC11365555 05/28/2023
BARRINGTON IL NC11370311 05/29/2023
CAMBRIDGE MA NC11370380 05/27/2023
CINCINNATI OH NC11365482 05/28/2023
COLUMBUS OH NC11365496 05/28/2023
COVINGTON KY NC11371919 05/27/2023
DENVER CO NC11366882 05/28/2023
DULUTH MN NC11362480 05/30/2023
EAST PALO ALTO CA NC11368607 05/26/2023
FREMONT CA NC11370500 05/27/2023
HALF MOON BAY CA NC11367133 05/25/2023
HOPKINS MN NC11367637 05/25/2023
JAMAICA PLAIN MA NC11365301 05/28/2023
KANSAS CITY MO NC11365461 05/28/2023
LONGMONT CO NC11364941 05/30/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11367127 05/25/2023
MINNEAPOLIS MN NC11365468 05/28/2023
MISSION KS NC11366896 05/28/2023
REDWOOD CITY CA NC11367129 05/25/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11361984 05/24/2023
RICHMOND CA NC11370511 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11365552 05/28/2023
SANTA BARBARA CA NC11371344 05/27/2023
WALTHAM MA NC11365314 05/28/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11367306 05/24/2023
WESTMINSTER CO NC11372881 05/30/2023
WESTMINSTER CO NC11372888 05/31/2023
WHEAT RIDGE CO NC11372884 05/30/2023
WOBURN MA NC11370383 05/27/2023
BURLINGAME CA NC11367093 05/25/2023
DENVER CO NC11365625 05/28/2023
FORT DODGE IA NC11367454 05/31/2023
GLENSHAW PA NC11367256 05/26/2023
SAN BRUNO CA NC11367213 05/25/2023
SCOTTDALE PA NC11367257 05/26/2023
ALBANY NY NC11370227 05/27/2023
BELMONT CA NC11366923 05/25/2023
CONCORD NH NC11370243 05/27/2023
DENVER CO NC11365557 05/28/2023
FLORENCE KY NC11371918 05/27/2023
LAKEWOOD CO NC11366843 05/28/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11368374 05/26/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11365467 05/28/2023
LOWELL MA NC11370408 05/27/2023
MADISON WI NC11365493 05/28/2023
MOUNT HOREB WI NC11368738 05/26/2023
SAINT PAUL MN NC11365480 05/28/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11367212 05/25/2023
SOUTH BEND IN NC11370168 05/26/2023
UNION GROVE WI NC11368781 05/26/2023
ASPEN CO NC11369062 05/26/2023
BELVEDERE TIBURON CA NC11372865 05/30/2023
BILLERICA MA NC11370249 05/27/2023
BILLINGS MT NC11367481 05/25/2023
BOULDER CO NC11353373 05/28/2023
BOULDER CO NC11365053 05/29/2023
CEDARBURG WI NC11367207 05/24/2023
CHELSEA MA NC11365307 05/28/2023
COHOES NY NC11367097 05/29/2023
CORTE MADERA CA NC11372872 05/30/2023
CRESSON PA NC11367258 05/26/2023
FARGO ND NC11366936 05/29/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11365459 05/28/2023
LACONIA NH NC11370526 05/27/2023
LAWRENCE MA NC11370401 05/27/2023
LITTLETON CO NC11366840 05/28/2023
MALDEN MA NC11365310 05/28/2023
MILLBRAE CA NC11367211 05/25/2023
NEWPORT KY NC11372004 05/27/2023
NORTHGLENN CO NC11366639 05/28/2023
PACIFICA CA NC11367168 05/25/2023
SAN CARLOS CA NC11367164 05/25/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11365554 05/28/2023
SANTA CLARA CA NC11368650 05/26/2023
SARATOGA SPRINGS NY NC11367451 05/27/2023
SUNNYVALE CA NC11368652 05/26/2023
WATERTOWN WI NC11367220 05/24/2023
CENTRAL SEATTLE WA NC11366942 05/28/2023
NORTH SEATTLE WA NC11366940 05/28/2023
SOUTH SEATTLE WA NC11366849 05/28/2023

Rural Carrier:
KNOXVILLE TN NC11372862 05/30/2023
GORHAM ME NC11370153 05/26/2023
BARRINGTON NH NC11370412 05/27/2023
BRIGHTON CO NC11372903 05/30/2023
AMERY WI NC11370225 05/26/2023

Motor Vehicle Operator:
ALBANY NY P&DC NC11371435 05/27/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11371439 05/27/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11371661 05/27/2023
RALEIGH NC P&DC NC11371445 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371654 05/27/2023
MORGAN NY P&DC NC11371442 05/27/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11371664 05/27/2023
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC11371658 05/27/2023
SAN JUAN PR P&DC NC11371880 05/27/2023
MARGARET SELLERS P&DC NC11371651 05/27/2023

Tractor Trailer Operator:
LANCASTER PA P&DC NC11371431 05/27/2023
NEW JERSEY NDC NC11358892 05/27/2023
NORTH READING P&DC NC11371432 05/27/2023
SPRINGFIELD NDC NC11371434 05/27/2023
MICHIGAN METROPLEX MI P&DC NC11371623 05/27/2023
SALT LAKE CITY UT P&DC NC11371617 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11371542 05/27/2023
CAROL STREAM IL P&DC NC11371705 05/27/2023
DENVER CO P&DC NC11371611 05/27/2023
KCMO MO P&DC NC11371703 05/27/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11371538 05/27/2023
SAN FRANCISCO NDC NC11371541 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371547 05/27/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11371601 05/27/2023
TACOMA WA P&DC NC11371609 05/27/2023
DES MOINES IA P&DC NC11371702 05/27/2023
EVANSVILLE IN P&DC NC11371709 05/27/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11354736 05/27/2023
SYRACUSE NY P&DC NC11371433 05/27/2023
NORTHERN NJ P&DC NC11358893 05/27/2023

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc. Always mention working safely.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you. Everything but proper email usage.
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2023.06.01 00:17 DrFreshey Now is the time for transit planning

Flairing as politics because this topic tends to get very political.
Greenville and the rest of the Upstate comprise the 39th largest CSA in the country, with over 1.5 million people. Considering this large and growing population, and the strong regional economic power along the I-85 corridor, I find it absurd that the only public transit to speak of is the Greenlink bus system, which is fine but doesn't cover nearly enough area, and Tiger Transit, which is not really useful to most people who aren't Clemson students.
A strong public transit system has a plethora of benefits including better connectivity, a decrease in road maintenance costs, and a healthier, less car-dependent population. It will also provide some help in releaving the strain on our overworked road infrastructure as the population continues to grow. I would love to see Greenlink expand their lines into the currently unserviced parts of Greenville, and then even into neighboring but close areas like Easley, Travelers Rest, and Mauldin. Maybe one day we could even bring back the streetcars that the misguided city got rid of so many decades ago. Then maybe we could even think about a regional rail service connecting Greenville to Anderson, Walhalla, Laurens, Clinton, Spartanburg, etc.
This kind of thing would be costly, likely require some reworking of our current transit system, and would need to be robust enough to change our local culture away from being so completely car-dependent. It wouldn't be easy, and I'm not saying we should do this overnight, as nice as that would be. But what I am saying is that if we want the prosperity of our area to grow with our population and not collapse under it, the time to plan for adequate (and well-funded) transit is now, and not in a near future when it's too little, too late.
Tangentially related, but it is only a matter of time before high speed rail leaves the northeast and expands to the rest of the country. I think it would be very good if we were ready for that when the Charlotte-Atlanta connection eventually comes in. Greenville's current station is fine for the two Crescent line trains coming through every day, but we could be doing so much more.
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2023.05.31 19:00 CharlotteStatistics Updated Charlotte Unemployment Figures released May 31, 2023

Official unemployment figures for the Charlotte economy were updated today. Numbers for March have been finalized and preliminary figures for April have now been made available.
The unemployment rate fell to 3.4% in March. 21,101 positions were added, with only 21,045 workers entering the labor force causing the unemployment rate decrease. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 11,900. No individual sector saw significant employment changes.
April (preliminary)
The unemployment rate fell to 2.9% in April. 4,408 positions were added, and 3,055 workers left the labor force causing the unemployment rate decrease. The overall Nonfarm Payrolls figure did not change significantly. No individual sector saw significant employment changes.
*CharlotteStatistics is a public service account committed to making /Charlotte a better informed community.
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2023.05.31 11:00 AutoModerator /r/Charlotte Random Daily Discussion - May 31, 2023

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2023.05.31 09:00 GoingCrazy0515 Global Silanol Silicone Fluid Market Report by 2023

This report is a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the world market for Public Cold Storage Warehouse, and provides market size (US$ million) and Year-over-Year (YoY) growth, considering 2022 as the base year. This report explores demand trends and competition, as well as details the characteristics of Public Cold Storage Warehouse that contribute to its increasing demand across many markets.
This reports profiles key players in the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market based on the following parameters – company overview, production, value, price, gross margin, product portfolio, geographical presence, and key developments. Key companies covered as a part of this study include Lineage Logistics Holding, LLC, Americold Logistics, Inc., United States Cold Storage, DHL Group, XPO, Inc., VersaCold Logistics Services, Tippmann Group, GEODIS and NFI Industries, etc.
Request Sample Report and Full Report TOC:
Highlights and key features of the study Global Public Cold Storage Warehouse total market, 2018-2029, (USD Million) Global Public Cold Storage Warehouse total market by region & country, CAGR, 2018-2029, (USD Million) U.S. VS China: Public Cold Storage Warehouse total market, key domestic companies and share, (USD Million) Global Public Cold Storage Warehouse revenue by player and market share 2018-2023, (USD Million) Global Public Cold Storage Warehouse total market by Type, CAGR, 2018-2029, (USD Million) Global Public Cold Storage Warehouse total market by Application, CAGR, 2018-2029, (USD Million)
Key Questions Answered 1. How big is the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market? 2. What is the demand of the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market? 3. What is the year over year growth of the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market? 4. What is the total value of the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market? 5. Who are the major players in the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market? 6. What are the growth factors driving the market demand?
Global Info Research is a report publisher, a customer, interest-based suppliers. Is in the best interests of our clients, they determine our every move. At the same time, we have great respect for the views of customers. With the improvement of the quality of our research, we develop custom interdisciplinary and comprehensive solution. For further development, we will do better and better. Global Info Research will with excellent professional knowledge and experience to carry out all aspects of our business. At the same time, we will thoroughly look for information, to give a more comprehensive development.
Global Info Research has more than 30000 global well-known customers, covering more than 30 industries, research regions cover China,Japan,Korea,US,EU,Asia,Middle East and Africa,South America,Australia,etc
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +86-17665052062 00852-58197708(HK)
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2023.05.31 06:30 mrpokec Silly season -March 2012

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2023.05.31 01:28 Independent-Ad324 Monthly/weekly motels

Does anyone have any information about decent not too expensive weekly/monthly hotels in Charlotte or around Charlotte like Pineville Indian Trail matthews Monroe area etc? I'm a female so don't want anything too seedy but im not picky. I just need a bed and a shower!I'm a full time student with 2 jobs so i can afford a place but everyone knows it takes a few weeks or longer to find apartment etc.I just found out I have 2 weeks to find a new place and I need at least a month to get my money etc together. I have no family help etc so I'm getting desperate here. I don't want to live in my car!! I'm getting storage unit for my stuff. Any advice or info would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 17:29 Gunnertop Chevelle Tour!

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2023.05.30 16:45 Jinsodia Border Base Rework Idea

Purpose: to allow logi to push equipment/vehicles into a region when it is in queue.

Border bases renamed to border transfer station(input/output):
border transfer station is invincible
border transfer station appears on each side of the road on each side of the border, same locations as border bases(4 transfer stations instead of 2 border bases)
no squad storage(only public)
active when your faction owns the entire hex of the input side.
border transfer station does not provide AI

border transfer station output:
has storage depot pad for pulling vehicles out of, no crane.
pull speed is the same as squad storage in storage depot/seaport.
cannot submit crates/vehicles to the output side
removes rapid decay and enables building 40m around output side for owning faction while active.

border transfer station input:
no storage depot pad(storage crates, and vehicle crates cannot be submitted)
can deposit (crates/vehicles) into.
stuff deposited into the border transfer station input gets pushed to the border transfer station output on the other side of the hex border.
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2023.05.30 16:38 HypotheicalQs Sending Guns Somewhere Safe

I know that no one here is a lawyer, and I’m just looking for some advice to work through an unfortunate situation.
Is it worth it to simply transfer ownership/possession of a CT Otheanything potentially “troublesome” to a trusted person out of state until I can move to a more free state?
I am a younger firearms owner, with all the new legislation and regulation coming down the pipe, I plan on moving out of CT as soon as I can. In the meantime, would it be worth it, or possible, to simply transfer ownership of Others/any potentially to-be banned firearms, to someone in a free(er) state like SC, FL, TX, NC, etc? I know each state obviously has its own regulations that could change -and please call me out and correct me if I’m significantly glossing over important details- but it seemed that broadly, if an unmodified, CT legal firearm was taken to any free state, it’s legally in the clear.
If anyone has done this, I’d really appreciate your input.
I’ve reached out to people in free states and am looking at my options. I know I’ll have to pay transfer fees through an FFL, are there any other costs and concerns I should be aware of?
One of the big things I’m hoping to find more info on, is if it is possible to ship the firearms over to said state (if so, is there a particular service that would need to be used, or one that folks might recommend?). Or would I need to buckle up for a road trip and take a few vacation days to see it all get done?
I’ve never done a transfer to someone, let alone out of state, would I need to be physically present? Would they need copies of my Driver’s License and permit? Just my License (as the permit is just to buy, not to posses firearms in CT)?
I know this is quite a few questions, but I’m quite concerned and sadly these concerns seem to be justified. Thank you to anyone who’s read this far, many thanks.
The plan I’m starting to put together would be to hopefully ship the firearms in question to a free state and have them transfered to a trusted person (sorry for the vagueness, I just figured in matters like this, less detail is always better, the state in question seems to allow everything legal in CT and the Other would be taken down and just transfered as the lower, with no upper or evil plastic brace attached just to make sure) The trusted person in question can legally own firearms and has a room that they already use for storage of their own guns. Then I’d mail down some socks and locks, or possibly see if there’s an affordable safe on the market to buy for them (I know this could be pricey, but for helping me preserve a modicum of my rights, I should probably be willing to spend a bit extra to make things as convenient as possible for them). After that, simply let the guns sit while I work on moving out of CT, and when that day comes, hope said trusted person is willing to transfer them back to me.
Please let me know of any and all holes in this idea, I know no solution is perfect, but I want to find the best one I can. I know no one is going to be able to hold my hand for this whole process, but any helping hand is deeply appreciated, personal experience, links, suggestions, anything and everything, is a godsend.
Thank you for the advice I’ve found on this page, it gives me a lot of hope to see how many people care about preserving our rights in CT. Though I’m hoping to safely and legally transfer my “troublesome” firearms to a free state, this gives me hope that in spite of that, we might be able to fight and win the battles necessary so that one day I and anyone else who has done this could bring them back home. You guys and gals are fantastic. Thank you again and God Bless.
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2023.05.30 09:51 GoingCrazy0515 Global Public Cold Storage Warehouse Industry Analysis Report 2023

Today, Global Info Research, a publisher of global market research reports, released Market 2023 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2029> .This report is a detailed and comprehensive analysis for global Public Cold Storage Warehouse market. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are presented by manufacturers, by region & country, by Type and by Application. As the market is constantly changing, this report explores the competition, supply and demand trends, as well as key factors that contribute to its changing demands across many markets. Company profiles and product examples of selected competitors, along with market share estimates of some of the selected leaders for the year 2023, are provided.
Our professional reports can achieve :
1.Analyze the needs of the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse business market
2.Answer the market level of global Public Cold Storage Warehouse
3.Statistics the annual growth of the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse production market
4.The main producers of the global Public Cold Storage Warehouse production market
5.Describe the growth factor that promotes market demand
Request Free Sample Copy Or buy this report at:
The following are the reported product types, applications in major companies:
Market segment by Type 0 to 10°C -30 to 0°C Below -30°C
Market segment by Application Food and Beverage Retail Food Industry Biopharmaceuticals Others
Major players covered Lineage Logistics Holding, LLC Americold Logistics, Inc. United States Cold Storage DHL Group XPO, Inc. VersaCold Logistics Services Tippmann Group GEODIS NFI Industries Penske
Main Contents of the Report:
Chapter 1, to describe Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe product scope, market overview, market estimation caveats and base year. Chapter 2, to profile the top manufacturers of Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe, with price, sales, revenue and global market share of Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe from 2018 to 2023. Chapter 3, the Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe competitive situation, sales quantity, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are analyzed emphatically by landscape contrast. Chapter 4, the Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe breakdown data are shown at the regional level, to show the sales quantity, consumption value and growth by regions, from 2018 to 2029. Chapter 5 and 6, to segment the sales by Type and application, with sales market share and growth rate by type, application, from 2018 to 2029. Chapter 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, to break the sales data at the country level, with sales quantity, consumption value and market share for key countries in the world, from 2017 to 2022.and Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe market forecast, by regions, type and application, with sales and revenue, from 2024 to 2029. Chapter 12, market dynamics, drivers, restraints, trends, Porters Five Forces analysis, and Influence of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War. Chapter 13, the key raw materials and key suppliers, and industry chain of Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe. Chapter 14 and 15, to describe Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe sales channel, distributors, customers, research findings and conclusion.
We provide in-depth market development analysis reports for enterprises, and are a company that digs deep into global industry information to support enterprises with market strategies. Global info research provides market information consulting services in the global region to support enterprise strategic planning and official information reporting; especially in the fields of electronic semiconductors, chemicals, medical devices, etc. It is constructed to solve the niche product data that cannot be counted by official units such as statistical bureaus, customs, and associations for customers; the company focuses on customized research, management consulting, IPO consulting, industry chain research, database and top industry services. The company has large basic databases (e.g. National Bureau of Statistics, Customs import/export database, industry association database, etc.), expert resources (including industry experts with over 10 years of marketing or R&D experience in the energy industry, automotive, chemical, medical ICT consumer products, etc.). Trusted by more than 30,000 companies around the world, our services cover more than 365 industries, including energy, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.
Contact information of GlobaI Info Research
E-mail:[email protected]
TELL:+86-176 6505 2062
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2023.05.30 05:53 NaimaChan Trip Report: Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Yokohama, Kamakura

Just got back from 10 days in Japan and wanted to type up a trip report to hopefully help others that are trying to plan a trip!
Our trip was 5/16 - 5/28 including travel days. This was my 2nd time in Japan (first time was study abroad for 5 weeks in May/June 2016), but it was my mom & sister's first time, so the goal was to include as many must-see activities as we possibly could in the short time we were there. Our days were packed to the brim however all 3 of us are fairly active and healthy so despite being absolutely exhausted by the end of each day, in retrospect we wouldn't have changed a thing in our itinerary.
That being said, our itinerary would be much too busy for the average person's first trip to Japan so keep that in mind if you use this information to plan your own trip. For example, we usually only had time to sit down and eat for one meal per day and had to eat on the go for the other meals in order to have enough time to go to all the places we wanted to go to. There was very little downtime in our trip.

Tourist Tips

  • Luggage
    • We each traveled with 2 checked luggage since they were included in our flight. I had one full sized suitcase and one slightly smaller suitcase which both only had one side filled when I left the US. The plan was to fill the other half of the suitcases with souvenirs to bring home. Last time I went to Japan, it cost me ~$200 to ship two large boxes of souvenirs back home, so despite having to bring a lot of luggage this saved me a significant amount of money and I will be doing this for future trips as well.
    • Within our luggage we also packed a duffel bag to hold all our purchases on heavy shopping days and a daily backpack to hold things like our trash bag, hand towel, hand sanitizewet wipes, body wipes, small purchases, etc. My carry-on was a 40L backpack that I took with us when we stayed overnight in Kyoto.
  • Money
    • I brought $400 cash to exchange at the airport. I had gotten a Charles Schwab debit card before leaving which has no foreign transaction/ATM fees so I planned to use my card for whatever purchases I could then use cash for everything else. I ended up withdrawing another ¥20000 which was just enough cash to last me the rest of our trip.
  • Walking
    • Last time I went to Japan I survived wearing flat gladiator sandals basically the whole trip, but this did NOT work this time around for whatever reason (I guess we walked a lot more this time?). BRING COMFORTABLE SHOES TO WALK IN. I ended up having to buy sneakers on day 2 because I stupidly didn't think I would need them. I was more concerned about looking cute for pictures (ha) but I quickly realized that all the girls in Japan wear sneakers with their cute skirts and dresses, so I blended right in. I would also recommend bringing a second pair of shoes with you each day (in your backpack) to swap into if the shoes you are wearing start giving you blisters.
  • Masking
    • We saw a lot of people not wearing masks, but the majority of people still wear masks. I would say the ratio of people wearing masks to not wearing masks was about 80:20.
  • Trash
    • As many have mentioned on this subreddit, due to the lack of public trash bins I would highly recommend bringing a reusable trash bag to store your trash while you're out and about until you can find a bin. We found these cool black fabric ones with a waterproof liner on the inside that you could rinse out when it got dirty and could clip to the outside of your backpack so it wasn’t with your other belongings.
  • Restrooms
    • Due to the lack of hand dryers/paper towels in bathrooms we also brought hand towels as recommended, but found ourselves just air drying our hands way more often than using the hand towels as it was often more cumbersome to remove our backpacks and fish out our hand towels to use.


  • Sakura Hotel Jimbocho in Tokyo
    • I stayed in this hostel when I studied abroad in college in 2016, so it holds a special place in my heart. You can get a single room here for cheap, and although the rooms are extremely small, I don’t travel to Japan to spend time in my hotel so when looking for accommodations price is my #1 factor, not comfort. Toilets and showers are shared in this hostel and the rooms are set up coming off of a square hallway with sinks/restroom facilities in the center. The facilities don’t appear to be very modern and pretty, but the water pressure of the showers is the BEST. They have other room types as well, like bunk-beds, double rooms, etc. They have a 24 hour cafe downstairs and breakfast is included in your stay. All their staff speak English & Japanese (and other languages as well). They host some cool events like language exchanges and walking/jogging groups if you are more of a social person. I really enjoy the location of this hostel. You are within walking distance from the Imperial Palace and it still feels like you are in the city without it being so loud and busy like if you were to stay in Shibuya, etc. They do have other locations if you’re looking for somewhere with more nightlife.
  • The Millennials Hostel in Kyoto
    • This is a really modern looking hostel in Kyoto, 2 streets over from Pontocho. The facilities are gorgeous and look brand new. They are set up similar to a capsule style hotel with a bunch of rooms coming off a hallway. Your bed takes up your entire space, and you have about 18 inches at the foot of your bed to stand. You pull an opaque privacy screen down to make your room private - there is no door. You can control your bed’s incline and lights through an iPhone in your room. There is storage space under your bed and on a shelf above your bed. Restrooms are shared but the showers are in one room and toilets in another. There are a lot of shared common spaces including a full stocked kitchen you can cook your meals in, but we literally only stayed here to sleep so we didn’t explore those spaces. I was worried about other guests being noisy but that wasn’t the case - everyone was super respectful. The price and location was great so I would definitely come back here.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 & 2: Travel
  • We flew out of Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Our direct flight to Narita was around $1600 after taxes, fees, and flight insurance. I had one layover the last time I flew to Japan and in the future I will only be buying a direct flight as I found this to be way easier than having a layover.
  • Once we arrived in Narita we turned on our e-sim. We chose Ubigi after reading many positive reviews on this subreddit and I highly recommend them. We had some issues getting iMessage to work despite following Ubigi's instructions to a T, so we ended up just using WhatsApp to message during the trip, however, iMessage did start working later on.
  • We decided against picking up our JR passes & seat reservations at the airport because the line was long and we didn't need them for another 5 days.
  • Going through customs/immigration and grabbing our luggage only took about 20-30 minutes. There were many staff to guide you and we found the whole process to be really smooth.
  • We exchanged our currency and went downstairs to buy our tickets for Narita Express at a ticket vending machine. We got round trip tickets for ¥3460 (keep in mind that the return ticket needs to be used within 14 days). We had purchased our Suica before leaving and put them in our iPhone wallets and they came with a balance of ¥2000 so we didn't load money onto our cards until the following day.
  • We took the Narita Express to Tokyo Station then took a cab to our hostel in Jimbocho. We each traveled with 2 checked luggage, so we found the short and inexpensive taxi ride to be a better option than lugging 6 giant suitcases on local trains to get to our hostel.
  • We checked into our hostel. The total price per person for 11 nights was ¥49500 (about $380).

Day 3: Imperial Palace/Ueno
  • We woke up and walked to the Imperial Palace/East Gardens. We got there right when they opened and spent about 90 minutes there. We walked back to Jimbocho to go to my favorite tempura place in Jimbocho. This place has gotten quite famous since I was last there in 2016. We were first in line at 10:45am and by the time they opened for lunch at 11:30, there was a line of 20+ people. Our lunch cost only ¥800.
  • After lunch we took the train to Ueno and spent some time in the Tokyo National Museum and Ueno Park. We also visited Shinobazu No Ike Bentendo Temple which is a cool temple right inside Ueno Park. While at Ueno Station, we picked up our JR passes & seat reservation tickets and also put ¥5000 on our Suica. We really enjoyed the fact that you could charge your mobile suica at a convenience store using cash - we didn’t have to worry about finding the machines in train stations with the phone holders.
  • After that we walked through Ameyoko and did some shopping - I bought a super cute used Coach purse for around $65. Ameyoko seemed to have a lot more products than when I was there in 2016… but I also had more money this time around so maybe I was just paying more attention!
  • We took a train back to our hostel to drop off our shopping bags and change. We took a train to Shinjuku to go to New York Grill for our dinner reservation. New York Grill is on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt hotel in Shinjuku and the views were incredible. We got the Spring Harvest 5-course dinner which included wagyu and it was easily the best beef I have ever eaten in my life - so juicy and buttery. The cost was ¥23100 per person (~$175).
  • 25,138 steps on this day.

Day 4: Shibuya/Akihabara
  • We woke up and took a train to Shibuya to see Hachiko, go to the Starbucks near Shibuya Crossing, and shop at Shibuya109 and Uniqlo. It was hard for me to find any clothing that would fit me at the stores in Shibuya109 (I am a US 8/10 which is basically considered plus size in Japan) however I was able to find a cute t-shirt at Punyu's in Shibuya109 and two dresses at Uniqlo. I also bought sneakers at the Skechers store.
  • I also went to the Mega Don Quijote in Shibuya and spent about $102 on candy and snacks to bring home. Lots of fun KitKat flavors here but it was very crowded and hard to walk around with my extremely full baskets.
  • We took a train back to our hostel to drop off our shopping bags and had a quick lunch via conbini.
  • We took a train to Akihabara and bought some souvenirs and gachapon, and walked all the way back to Ameyoko where I spent another $90 on candy and snacks to bring home.
  • We took a train back to our hostel to drop off our shopping bags and change. We took a train to Ginza to go to Tempura Kondo for dinner (a Michelin starred tempura restaurant). We got the Yomogi dinner which was ¥23100 per person (¥25410 after fees, ~$195). The staff were amazing - they noticed that my sister was left-handed and set up her plates/silverware as such which was really observant. We loved the dinner, however there was WAY too much food for us; the staff recognized we were starting to get full, and asked us if we would be able to eat the next course which was ten-don. I was really concerned about being disrespectful and wasting food, so I was really glad that they noticed and asked!
  • 19,445 steps on this day.

Day 5: Asakusa/Ginza/Omoide Yokocho
  • We woke up and took a train to Asakusa to see Sanja Matsuri. We shopped at the small souvenir shops on Nakamise-dori and had street food at the festival for lunch. I bought an awesome goshuincho here with a wooden cover and foxes on it.
  • After being completely overstimulated, we took a train to Rikugi-en Garden to escape the crowds. This garden is a little off the beaten path, just outside the big city, but it is completely gorgeous and so worth the trip.
  • After the garden, we took a train to Ginza to window shop and go to our reservation at Higashiya Ginza for wagashi & tea pairing. We had 5 wagashi paired with 5 teas that were amazing. It cost ¥4500 per person.
  • After this, we walked to Mitsukoshi Ginza to explore the basement food floor and grab dinner. They start to discount the food as the stores near closing time, so going for a late dinner can save you a couple yen! After eating on their rooftop terrace which was beautiful, we walked to Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris Marunouichi to grab dessert then headed back to our hostel to drop off our shopping bags.
  • After we ate, we took a train to Shinjuku to walk down Omoide Yokocho. We had a drink on the third floor of Bar Albatross - highly recommend! The alleyway is a lot shorter than I imagined, and very crowded as you would expect. I probably wouldn’t go back here in the future but I am glad we visited!
  • 25,002 steps on this day.

Day 6: Harajuku
  • We woke up and took a train to Harajuku to visit Meiji Shrine and got our first goshuin.
  • After visiting the shrine, we walked back to Takeshita-dori to get lunch at Afuri Ramen. They’re known for their ramen with yuzu in their broth and this was one of our favorite meals during our trip. We got there about 20 minutes before they opened and were ~8th in line. By the time they opened, the line was stretching around the building!
  • We walked down Takeshita-dori and shopped, then went to our reservation at Mipig Cafe (mini pig cafe). This place was so cute! You can make reservations for 30 minutes or 1 hour where you sit on the floor and miniature pigs will come and sit on your lap. You weren’t allowed to pick the pigs up and the staff were super kind and handled the pigs well. A 30 minute reservation was ¥1800 per person.
  • After the pigs, we walked down Omotesando and took the train to Shinjuku to get dinner on the food floor at Isetan.
  • After we ate on the rooftop terrace (beautiful once again), we headed back to our hostel to drop off our shopping bags. We took the train to Shibuya to go to our reservation at Shibuya Sky. We got the package where you get an admission ticket including a 50 minute reservation for the sofa seats and a choice of a mini bottle of champagne or 2 beers per person, which cost ¥5900 per person. The views were unreal and I recommend reserving the sofa seats so you can get amazing pictures. This was a highlight of our trip.
  • 21,719 steps on this day.

Day 7: Kawaguchiko
  • This was our first travel day. We woke up early to take the highway bus from Busta Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko. The bus was ¥4400 per person. We were able to get some super clear pictures of Mt. Fuji while we were on the bus and right when we arrived at the station.
  • We bought the daily unlimited bus pass for ¥1500 which ended up not being worth it for us because we spent so little time seeing things on the bus route. First, we went to the Panoramic Ropeway. We got there about 15 minutes before they opened and there was already a really long line. By this time, Mt. Fuji was already completely covered in clouds but the ropeway was really cool and we still got some awesome panoramic pictures. They have a shop at the top where you can get ice cream and sit on some swings and take pictures.
  • After the ropeway we took the bus back to Kawaguchiko Station to get on the train to go to Chureito Pagoda. The gnats here were INSANE. We climbed up the ~400 or so steps to the top and got some cool pictures as well as our goshuin.
  • We walked back to the station and took the train to Fuji-san Station and walked ~30 minutes to Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine. The wooded walk up to the shrine is absolutely gorgeous. We got goshuin here as well.
  • After the shrine, we walked and took a train back to Kawaguchiko Station to eat a conbini dinner, do last minute shopping, and catch our bus back to Tokyo.
  • 19,374 steps on this day.

Day 8: Kanazawa
  • We woke up early to catch our 6:16am shinkansen to Kanazawa. Once we arrived, we bought the daily unlimited bus pass and took the bus to Omicho Market where we bought some souvenirs and food.
  • We walked from Omicho Market to visit Ozaki Shrine and Oyama Shrine and got goshuin at both places. My sister realized she lost her wallet at this point, but a kind soul had turned it in to the staff at Ozaki Shrine!
  • We took the bus from Oyama Shrine to Kenroku-en Garden, where we walked around, took lots of pictures, and sat down for lunch at a local restaurant.
  • After lunch, we took the bus to the Higashi Chaya district where we shopped and took pictures.
  • After that, we took the bus back to Kanazawa Station to catch our 5:57pm shinkansen back to Tokyo.
  • 20,192 steps on this day.

Day 9: Kyoto Day 1
  • We woke up early to pack our overnight bags and catch our 6:21am shinkansen to Kyoto, where we would be staying for one night. We decided to keep our reservation at our Tokyo hostel because 1) it was super cheap and 2) we would be able to leave all our suitcases and belongings in our rooms for when we returned to Tokyo.
  • When we arrived in Kyoto, we headed straight to our hostel to have them hold our bags before we could check in later that day.
  • After that, we took a local bus to the Arashiyama area. It was absolutely packed with school groups and tour buses. We walked up Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street to Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple where it was much quieter. We got goshuin and visited the small and private bamboo grove behind the temple. We walked back down Saga-Toriimoto Preserved Street towards Togetsukyo Bridge where we stopped and sat down for lunch then continued shopping along the way. I got lots of uji-matcha here.
  • We walked back to Arashiyama Station and took a train to Kiyomizu-dera where we got goshuin, then walked to a small rooftop bar overlooking the Hokan-ji temple and pagoda and got awesome pictures and had dinner.
  • After eating, we walked back to our hostel and checked in, then slept for the night. Our 1 night stay cost ¥5000 per person.
  • 21,545 steps on this day.

Day 10: Kyoto/Nara Day 2
  • We woke up super early to check out of our hostel and head to Fushimi Inari. Our hostel held our bags while we went sightseeing for the day. We arrived around 6:45am which was so worth it - it wasn’t crowded at all and we got lots of pictures of the shrine and torii gates without any people in them. We walked for about 30 minutes up the mountain then headed back to Inari Station to head to Nara.
  • Once we arrived in Nara, we spent some time with the deer then visited Todai-ji and got goshuin.
  • After that, we took a train back to Fushimi Inari to visit the souvenir shops which had not opened yet when we had gotten there earlier that day. We shopped and got goshuin, then headed to Sannenzaka/Ninenzaka to shop. We visited Ryozen Kannon to get pictures (they had closed by the time we got there) and walked down Ishibei-koji Lane and Hanamikoji Street.
  • After that, we walked back to our hostel to pick up our bags. We took a taxi to Kyoto Station to catch our 7:36pm shinkansen back to Tokyo.
  • 27,861 steps on this day.

Day 11: Tattoo
  • My mom and I went to a tattoo shop near Shibuya to get matching tattoos on our wrists, then my mom spent the rest of the day shopping in Shibuya with my sister while I got another large tattoo on my shoulder.
  • After my tattoo was finished, we all met up in Ikebukuro to get gyudon for dinner.
  • 9,879 steps on this day.

Day 12: Yokohama/Kamakura
  • We woke up and took a train to Yokohama where we walked the Minato Mirai 21 area and shopped and had lunch at World Porters.
  • After lunch, we took a train to Kamakura. First, we visited Hase-dera and got goshuin. I got lots of pictures of the hydrangeas even though they weren’t in full bloom yet.
  • After that we walked up the road to Daibutsu and got goshuin. We walked back to Hase Station and took a train to Kamakura Station and walked the pedestrian pathway in the center of the road to Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu. We got our goshuin and were able to observe a small part of a traditional Japanese wedding that was happening at the shrine, which was really cool.
  • After that, we walked back to Kamakura Station and took a train back to Tokyo.
  • We spent the night packing. I ended up completely filling my suitcases with my souvenirs and had to put even more in my carry-on bag.
  • 21,131 steps on this day.

Day 13: Travel
  • We woke up and headed back to Senso-ji to grab our goshuin, since it was too busy when Sanja Matsuri was happening the week before.
  • We took a train back to our hostel and checked out around 11am, then made our way to Tokyo Station to take the Narita Express back to the airport.
  • We arrived at the airport with plenty of time before our flight so we could get last-minute souvenirs. I found a couple flavors of KitKat and Hi-Chew here that I could not find in Donki/Ameyoko - but I could not find Beni-Imo KitKat which is the flavor that I was looking for! :(
  • We flew back to O’Hare and drove home from there.

Trip Cost

  • Total trip cost: ~$5462.73
    • Total spent before I left Japan (flight, JR pass, highway bus ticket, tattoo deposit, pay-ahead reservations, suica, car rental): $2562.73
    • Total I spent in Japan (souvenirs, snacks, accommodations, transportation, meals, activities/admission, reservations, tattoo): ~$2900

Cost Breakdown

  • Total (USD): $1600
  • Total: ¥54500
    • ¥49500 (Tokyo hostel/11 nights) + ¥5000 (Kyoto hostel/1 night)
  • Total: ~¥64470
    • ¥33610 (JR pass) + ¥4400 (highway bus) + ¥3460 (N’EX) + ¥18000 (local trains/bus) + ¥5000 (taxis - approximate)
  • Total: ~¥88510
    • ¥40000 (breakfast/lunch/dinner) + ¥48510 (meal reservations)
  • Total: ~¥150000
    • Goshuin, charms, matcha powder, candy, jewelry, clothing, purses, shrine offerings, postcards, etc.
  • Total: ~¥9800
    • Pig Cafe, tea/wagashi tasting, shrines/temples, etc.
  • Total (USD): $604.66
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2023.05.30 00:23 iamdeletosh Firat Inaugural Address by President Bola Ahmed Timubu

My Fellow Citizens,
I stand before you honoured to assume the sacred mandate you have given me. My love for this nation is abiding. My confidence in its people, unwavering. And my faith in God Almighty, absolute. I know that His hand shall provide the needed moral strength and clarity of purpose in those instances when we seem to have reached the limits of our human capacity.
This day is bold and majestic yet bright and full of spirit, as is our precious nation.
As a nation, we have long ago decided to march beyond the dimness of night into the open day of renewed national hope.
The question we now ask ourselves is whether to remain faithful to the work inherent in building a better society or retreat into the shadows of our unmet potential.
For me, there is but one answer. We are too great a nation and too grounded as a people to rob ourselves of our finest destiny.
This nation’s journey has been shaped by the prayers of millions, and the collective sacrifices of us all.
We have endured hardships that would have made other societies crumble.
Yet, we have shouldered the heavy burden to arrive at this SUBLIME moment where the prospect of a better future merges with our improved capacity to create that future.
To the surprise of many but not to ourselves, we have more firmly established this land as a democracy in both word and deed.
The peaceful transition from one government to another is now our political tradition. This handover symbolizes our trust in God, our enduring faith in representative governance and our belief in our ability to reshape this nation into the society it was always meant to be.
Here, permit me to say a few words to my predecessor, President Muhammadu Buhari. Mr President, you have been an honest, patriotic leader who has done his best for the nation you love. On a more personal note, you are a worthy partner and friend. May History be kind to you.
For many years, Nigeria’s critics have trafficked the rumour that our nation will break apart, even perish.
Yet here we are. We have stumbled at times, but our resilience and diversity have kept us going.
Our burdens may make us bend at times, but they shall never break us.
Instead, we stand forth as Africa’s most populous nation and as the best hope and strongest champion of the Black Race.
As citizens, we declare as one unified people devoted to one unified national cause, that as long as this world exists, NIGERIA SHALL EXIST.
Today, Fate and Destiny join together to place the torch of human progress in our very hands. We dare not let it slip.
We lift high this torch so that it might shine on every household and in every heart that calls itself Nigerian. We hold this beam aloft because it lights our path with compassion, brotherhood, and peace. May this great light never EXTINGUISH.
Our administration shall govern on your behalf but never rule over you. We shall consult and dialogue but never dictate. We shall reach out to all but never put down a single person for holding views contrary to our own.
We are here to further mend and heal this nation, not tear and injure it.
In this vein, may I offer a few comments regarding the election that brought us to this juncture. It was a hard fought contest. And it was also fairly won. Since the advent of the Fourth Republic, Nigeria has not held an election of better quality.
The outcome reflected the will of the people. However, my victory does not render me any more Nigerian than my opponents. Nor does it render them any less patriotic.
They shall forever be my fellow compatriots. And I will treat them as such. They represent important constituencies and concerns that wisdom dare not ignore.
They have taken their concerns to court. Seeking legal redress is their right and I fully defend their exercise of this right. This is the essence of the rule of law.
Over six decades ago, our founding fathers gave bravely of themselves to place Nigeria on the map as an independent nation.
We must never allow the labor of those who came before us to wither in vain but to blossom and bring forth a better reality.
Let us take the next great step in the journey they began and believed in.
Today, let us recommit our very selves to placing Nigeria in our hearts as the indispensable home for each and every one of us regardless of creed, ethnicity, or place of birth.
My supporters, I thank you. To those who voted otherwise, I extend my hand across the political divide. I ask you to grasp it in national affinity and brotherhood. For me, political coloration has faded away. All I see are Nigerians.
May we uphold these fitting and excellent notions as the new Nigerian ideal.
My fellow compatriots,
The Nigerian ideal which I speak of is more than just an improvement in economic and other statistics. These things are important; but they can never convey the fullness of our story.
Our mission is to improve our way of life in a manner that nurtures our humanity, encourages compassion toward one another, and duly rewards our collective effort to resolve the social ills that seek to divide us.
Our constitution and laws give us a nation on paper. We must work harder at bringing these noble documents to life by strengthening the bonds of economic collaboration, social cohesion, and cultural understanding. Let us develop a shared sense of fairness and equity.
The South must not only seek good for itself but must understand that its interests are served when good comes to the North. The North must see the South likewise.
Whether from the winding creeks of the Niger Delta, the vastness of the northern savannah, the boardrooms of Lagos, the bustling capital of Abuja, or the busy markets of Onitsha, you are all my people. As your president, I shall serve with prejudice toward none but compassion and amity towards all.
In the coming days and weeks, my team will publicly detail key aspects of our programme. Today, permit me to outline in broad terms a few initiatives that define our concept of progressive good governance in furtherance of the Nigerian ideal:
The principles that will guide our administration are simple:
Nigeria will be impartially governed according to the constitution and the rule of law. We shall defend the nation from terror and all forms of criminality that threaten the peace and stability of our country and our subregion. We shall remodel our economy to bring about growth and development through job creation, food security and an end of extreme poverty. In our administration, Women and youth will feature prominently. Our government will continue to take proactive steps such as championing a credit culture to discourage corruption while strengthening the effectiveness and efficiency of the various anti-corruption agencies. 
Security shall be the top priority of our administration because neither prosperity nor justice can prevail amidst insecurity and violence.
To effectively tackle this menace, we shall reform both our security DOCTRINE and its ARCHITECTURE.
We shall invest more in our security personnel, and this means more than an increase in number. We shall provide, better training, equipment, pay and firepower.
On the economy, we target a higher GDP growth and to significantly reduce unemployment.
We intend to accomplish this by taking the following steps:
First, budgetary reform stimulating the economy without engendering inflation will be instituted.
Second, industrial policy will utilize the full range of fiscal measures to promote domestic manufacturing and lessen import dependency.
Third, electricity will become more accessible and affordable to businesses and homes alike. Power generation should nearly double and transmission and distribution networks improved. We will encourage states to develop local sources as well.
I have a message for our investors, local and foreign: our government shall review all their complaints about multiple taxation and various anti-investment inhibitions.
We shall ensure that investors and foreign businesses repatriate their hard earned dividends and profits home.
My administration must create meaningful opportunities for our youth. We shall honour our campaign commitment of one million new jobs in the digital economy.
Our government also shall work with the National Assembly to fashion an omnibus Jobs and Prosperity bill. This bill will give our administration the policy space to embark on labour-intensive infrastructural improvements, encourage light industry and provide improved social services for the poor, elderly and vulnerable.
Rural incomes shall be secured by commodity exchange boards guaranteeing minimal prices for certain crops and animal products. A nationwide programme for storage and other facilities to reduce spoilage and waste will be undertaken.
Agricultural hubs will be created throughout the nation to increase production and engage in value-added processing. The livestock sector will be introduced to best modern practices and steps taken to minimize the perennial conflict over land and water resources in this sector.
Through these actions, food shall be made more abundant yet less costly. Farmers shall earn more while the average Nigerian pays less.
We shall continue the efforts of the Buhari administration on infrastructure. Progress toward national networks of roads, rail and ports shall get priority attention.
We commend the decision of the outgoing administration in phasing out the petrol subsidy regime which has increasingly favoured the rich more than the poor. Subsidy can no longer justify its ever-increasing costs in the wake of drying resources. We shall instead re-channel the funds into better investment in public infrastructure, education, health care and jobs that will materially improve the lives of millions.
Monetary policy needs thorough housecleaning. The Central Bank must work towards a unified exchange rate. This will direct funds away from arbitrage into meaningful investment in the plant, equipment and jobs that power the real economy.
Interest rates need to be reduced to increase investment and consumer purchasing in ways that sustain the economy at a higher level.
Whatever merits it had in concept, the currency swap was too harshly applied by the CBN given the number of unbanked Nigerians. The policy shall be reviewed. In the meantime, my administration will treat both currencies as legal tender.
Given the world in which we reside, please permit a few comments regarding foreign policy.
The crisis in Sudan and the turn from democracy by several nations in our immediate neighbourhood are of pressing concern.
As such, my primary foreign policy objective must be the peace and stability of the West African subregion and the African continent. We shall work with ECOWAS, the AU and willing partners in the international community to end extant conflicts and to resolve new ones.
As we contain threats to peace, we shall also retool our foreign policy to more actively lead the regional and continental quest for collective prosperity.
This is the proudest day of my life. But this day does not belong to me. It belongs to you, the people of Nigeria.
On this day, Nigeria affirms its rightful place among the world’s great democracies. There, Nigeria shall reside forever.
The course of our past and the promise of the future have brought us to this exceptional moment.
In this spirit, I ask you to join me in making Nigeria a more perfect nation and democracy such that the Nigerian ideal becomes and forever remains the Nigerian reality.
With full confidence in our ability, I declare that these things are within our proximate reach because my name is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and I am the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
May God bless you and May He bless our beloved land.
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2023.05.29 22:48 Active-Acanthaceae59 CHANCE STRESSED RISING SENIOR WITH MID ECS AND AWARDS 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

Demographics: Male, South Asian, NC, large competitive semi-feeder public, 200k+ income
Intended Major(s): stat/datascience, cs(check school)
UW/W GPA and Rank: Top 25 out of 480 class rank, 4.6 W, UW(?)
Coursework: 10 APs (4.5 exam score average) 6 dual enrollment at community college
1)FBLA 1st at state leadership conference
2)AP scholar with distinction
1) data science intern for startup
2)internship with a CPA firm(did datascience projects)
3)worked at fll summer camps(taught kids robotics and coding)
4) Golf camp counselor
5)Volunteer for organization that refurbishes computers
6)FBLA chapter position
7)VP of AI club
8)Position in data science club
9) VP of biotechnology club
10) varsity golf
Essays/LORs/Other: strong
NC state(CS)
UNC charlotte
Georgia tech
UNC Wilmington
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2023.05.29 19:15 lawrenceJen New Trends In Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property for sale refers to any real estate that is used for business or commercial purposes, such as agricultural land for sale, waterfront lands where holiday homes are built, retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, industrial properties, hotels, and apartment complexes. These are generally purchased by investors or businesses who intend to use the property to generate income, either by leasing or renting it out to tenants or by using it to run their own business operations. Their value is often determined by factors such as location, size, and the potential income that can be generated from the property.
There are several types of commercial real estate, including:
  • Office Buildings: These are buildings that are primarily used for business or professional purposes, such as law firms, accounting firms, and tech companies.
  • Retail Buildings: These are buildings that are used for selling products or services to customers, such as shops, department stores, and malls.
  • Industrial Properties: These are properties used for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution, such as factories, warehouses, and logistics centers.
  • Multifamily Properties: These are properties that contain multiple units, such as apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhouses.
  • Hospitality Properties: These are properties used for temporary accommodation or lodging, such as hotels, motels, and resorts.
  • Special Purpose Properties: These are properties that are built for a specific purpose, such as movie theatres, medical clinics, and sports stadiums.
The value and profitability of each type of commercial real estate can vary depending on various factors such as location, size, demand, and market trends.
Commercial real estate plays a vital role in the economy and society as a whole, and its importance can be seen in the following ways:
  • Job Creation: Creates jobs, both directly and indirectly, by providing space for businesses to operate, which in turn generates demand for goods and services.
  • Economic Growth: Contributes to economic growth by providing businesses with the space and infrastructure they need to operate and expand.
  • Investment Opportunity: Provides investors with a means of generating income and building wealth through property appreciation.
  • Infrastructure Development: These types of development can spur the development of new infrastructure, such as roads, utilities, and public transportation, which benefits the wider community.
  • Community Development: They can also contribute to the growth and revitalization of communities by creating new jobs, supporting local businesses, and improving the overall quality of life in the area.
  • Tax Revenue: Commercial real estate generates tax revenue for local governments, which can be used to fund public services and infrastructure projects.
Benefits of owning commercial real estate
Owning commercial real estate can offer several benefits, including:
  • Steady Income: It can provide a steady income stream through rental income, which can be used to cover mortgage payments, and expenses, and generate profits.
  • Appreciation: Over time, they tend to appreciate in value, providing investors with the opportunity to build wealth through property appreciation.
  • Tax Benefits: Owners can benefit from tax deductions, such as depreciation, mortgage interest, and property taxes.
  • Control: Owning commercial real estate gives investors greater control over the property, including the ability to make strategic decisions about management, leasing, and improvements.
  • Diversification: Investing in it can provide diversification for investors' portfolios, spreading risk across different asset classes.
  • Inflation Hedge: It can provide protection against inflation by increasing rental rates over time, which can help offset the effects of rising prices.
What are the newest trends when it comes to commercial real estate?
Here are some of the newest trends in commercial real estate:
  • Flexible Workspaces: The rise of remote work has increased demand for flexible workspaces, such as coworking spaces and shared offices, which offer a variety of options for businesses and individuals looking for flexible, affordable workspaces.
  • Sustainability: There is an increasing focus on sustainable buildings and environmentally friendly practices in commercial real estate, with more developers and investors adopting green building standards and energy-efficient technologies.
  • E-commerce: The growth of e-commerce has led to increased demand for industrial and logistics properties, such as warehouses and distribution centers, to accommodate the storage and shipping of goods.
  • Technology: The integration of technology, such as smart building systems, automation, and artificial intelligence, is becoming increasingly important in commercial real estate, enabling better data analysis, improved efficiency, and increased tenant satisfaction.
  • Mixed-Use Development: Developers are increasingly incorporating mixed-use components into their projects, such as retail, residential, and office space, to create more vibrant, walkable communities that offer a variety of amenities.
  • Health and Wellness: There is growing interest in health and wellness amenities in commercial real estate, such as fitness centers, healthy food options, and outdoor spaces, as businesses and employees place greater importance on wellness and work-life balance.
Investors can benefit from these new trends in commercial real estate by taking advantage of the opportunities they present. Here are some ways to do it:
  • Diversification: By investing in properties that align with these new trends, investors can diversify their portfolios and spread risk across different asset classes.
  • Higher Rental Rates: Properties that incorporate features like sustainable design, mixed-use components, and health and wellness amenities tend to command higher rental rates, which can increase cash flow and returns.
  • Increased Property Value: Properties that incorporate technology and sustainability features can also increase their overall value, which can provide greater appreciation potential for investors.
  • Emerging Markets: New trends often emerge in up-and-coming markets, providing investors with the opportunity to capitalize on emerging trends before they become mainstream.
  • Niche Opportunities: Certain trends, such as flexible workspaces or sustainability, can offer investors niche opportunities to invest in specific sub-sectors of commercial real estate that may be underserved or overlooked by larger investors.
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2023.05.29 15:25 Wolven91 For every slight comment on how the Human did not do much....THEY DID A LOT BEHIND THE SCENES

For every slight comment on how the Human did not do much....THEY DID A LOT BEHIND THE SCENES
“Where’s this one going?” A hoof hit Andrew awake, jolting as he woke, unaware of just how long he’d been unconscious. The human couldn’t move much, he was strapped onto a flat slab by his arms, legs, neck and sternum, but that didn’t stop him from staring up at the strange creature from some ancient greek’s nightmare.
“Wha-.. Whats going on?!” He shouted, he remembered the craft that floated over the empty country road that he’d been driving along. His greatest mistake was stopping the car and exiting to have a look at the impossible shape that floated eerily in the darkness of the night. After that it was the sudden loss of gravity that had lifted both him and his crappy vehicle had caused him true panic from his disbelief. His car was dropped from the sky where it tumbled off the road and into the hedge that flanked both sides of the thin lane.
As the human was stolen from the unaware planet, his ‘abandoned’ car would be found the following morning which would lead to a fruitless search for the owner. His family refused to accept his absence as proof of his death. His employer however was far more devastated in the first instance. To be clear; they immediately began the process for replacing him, but a team of three would be needed to match the productivity of their lost lamb. Truly a terrible loss.
For Andrew, he was slid into the dark once more, ignored and not a part of the conversation. The gurney he was strapped to was attached to a wall, it reminded him of an undertaker’s cold storage, but much smaller and thinner. If he had had a gut, he suspected he wouldn’t have fit. If the human had the option, lifting his head would have allowed him to touch the underside of the drawer above him with his nose.
To say it was claustrophobic was to say the ocean was quite big and possibly wet.
“N-no! Please! Hey! Come on! Don’t do this!” But the sound only reverberated around the cramped coffin that he was in, deafening him, hurting his ears. He stopped and tried not to think about how he was going to suffocate. This, however, allowed him to hear the conversation continue.
“-bought a bunch, we’re pushing our luck if we stay in their territory. We’ll go to the ssypno next.”
“We’ll get a good price?”
“Yeah, this lot have the subdermal translators.”
“Who’s the buyer?”
“Same as everyone else, you’ve got the public and private sectors.”
“Those that want to show them off and those that want to use ‘em. Come on, I’m starv-” No matter how hard Andrew strained he couldn’t hear anymore of the conversation. They had left him.
Buyers? Private and public? It was words he knew, but the context didn’t make sense.
The human recounted this memory as he was bundled into a room surrounded by gigantic, mutated snakes. They had colours of every part of the rainbow. It had been a flurry of activity all at once.
At first he had been pulled from his drawer and roughly inspected by the first of many serpents. Their hands roughly held his head as it pulled it from side to side, his neck clasp cutting painfully into the flesh of his neck. Someone jabbed at his feet, seemingly seeing if he reacted, while a blue coloured serpent counted his teeth by holding his jaw open and running a claw along the inside of his mouth.
“We’ll take the lot. Those without all their teeth goes to the undercity, leave the other half here. We’ll see which of the nobles want to be the latest trend setters.”
It had taken only a few of the humans to start shouting or begging to find out that that wasn’t a good choice. These giant creatures could make eye contact and force silence. If they couldn’t be others, they would simply strike a limb with whatever object they had to hand. Andrew observed the first of one group and chose to stay quiet for a time. He was apparently part of the group to go to the ‘nobles’, whatever or whoever that meant.
He was towards the bottom of the pile, so watched as one by one, the rest of the gurneys disappeared throughout the day. It wasn’t the idea he had been downgraded from a person that he chaffed at Andrew’s bond, but the serpent that monitored and recorded the sales was torturing him. He could see the computer the serpent was using.
It was alien, sure, but he was data entry back home. He had single handedly rendered an entire department unneeded thanks to his formulas and tricks to make his life easier. It wasn’t because he wanted to be the best, he wanted an easy life. But to watch this creature, all day mind you, painstakingly manually enter information it could have easily done with a couple of key strokes was driving the human mad.
“God, put me back in the drawer.”
“Whatchu’ say!?” The serpent at the computer said, grabbing was was just a bundle of wires.
“I meant no disrespect, I was just thinking that I could make your life a bit easier with your spreadsheet over there.”
The serpent paused. It was the only alien in the room bar the scant remaining humans who were telling Andrew to shut up.
“I hate that thing… I like hurting people… not working.”
“And I’m sure you’re great at it, but image if you didn’t need to type in the details every time? Just a click of a button and it would be done?”
Its eyes went large and locked onto Andrew’s. Immediately he felt control disappear from his restrained limbs, fear and a sense of powerlessness spread through him. He soiled himself at that moment.
“Are you lying?” It was like a demand from God. Andrew wasn’t religious, he had never felt the touch of a divine being but remained open to the concept. The three words demanded an answer, one he could not deny or twist. Thankfully, he had meant what he had said.
“No!” He spluttered.
“You will fix without trying to escape?”
“Yes!” The idea of escape hadn’t occurred to the man, he just wanted the mental torture of someone unskilled at computers, using a computer in front of him to end.
The hold over the human ended leaving him gasping. The serpent in the meantime dragged his gurney away from the others and undid the restraints. Before he was allowed to leave the slab however, the serpent leant in close.
“If you run, I will slowly break all limbs… I will enjoy it and you will be awake… understand?”
A tongue flicked out from the serpent as it glowered down at the human before it made a face of disgust and reared back.
“Fix tech!”
Andrew sat up from the gurney and swept his legs down onto the floor. His knees buckled. He felt weak, incredibly weak. He pulled himself upright using the slab to find his arms weren’t steady either. He pushed off and began an unsteady stumble towards the desk. He was still clothed in his shirt and trousers from work. Pulling them straight however found that they were loose. He rolled up a sleeve as he would when working to find his arms were deathy thin. He could see his wrists and bones through his flesh. He had never been flabby before, but now he was outright gaunt. His trousers were so loose he had to hold them up as he made it to the desk.
Thankfully his skills had not left him, the system was different and the tools were not the same. But hours of watching the alien stumble around meant he had learnt several things and realised that the alien system was alarming close to the human equivalent. Either way, Andrew made light work of the spreadsheet before him, automating and showing the serpent what he could do now was just a few clicks instead of chicken pecking at the keyboard for hours on end.
When the rest of the serpents returned, the warden serpent made the argument for Andrew to stay. Granted he had struck the human when he had suggested his name. He hadn’t earnt that yet.
The rest of the humans disappeared in short order, leaving just one remaining.
“Why’d you help?”
“Because it’s what I’m good at. I did this back where I came from.”
“You primitives have these?” the black serpant gestured at the computer.
“Our equivalent, yes. Look, I’m in your hands, you can do what you will, I don’t have control here. But I’m good at this. If I can get something to eat and drink? I can do this again. This is a database, it’s got your transactions. I can make this way more streamlined. I can do data analysis. An outside eye to see things you may have not considered. I just need a level of comfort…”
It didn’t look convinced.
“Lets be honest here… it’s a criminal empire you have here… trust is a big deal, I know that. Who exactly could I be working for? You think us primitives have a rival gang here? Wherever we are?” It seemed to enjoy the title 'empire' for its organisation.
The serpent seemed to come to a conclusion.
“You’re on Ssypno Prime, and you will work for us. We’ll keep you fed, watered and protected. No pits or bath houses for you. But the second you don’t do your job; I will find the worse place possible and sell you cheap. Get me?”
“Yes sir.”
“It’s ‘Ma’am’.”
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What's on your mind, Charlotte?
Visit our Discord channel: /Charlotte Discord
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2023.05.29 08:15 luxurytempotravelers 10 Seater Tempo Traveller

10 Seater Tempo Traveller
Traveling with a group of 10 people can be a challenge, especially when it comes to finding suitable transportation. However, with a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller, your worries can be put to rest. Offering comfort, safety, and convenience, a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller is an ideal choice for various occasions.
Comfort and Spaciousness
When traveling in a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller, comfort and spaciousness are guaranteed. With ample seating capacity, it can accommodate a group of 10 people without compromising on comfort. The seats are designed to be comfortable and adjustable, ensuring a pleasant journey. Additionally, the generous legroom allows passengers to stretch their legs and relax during the trip. To further enhance comfort, the tempo traveller is equipped with efficient air conditioning and heating systems, creating a suitable environment for any weather condition.

Experience ultimate luxury and comfort with our 10-seater Tempo Traveller. Explore the wonders of your destination with Luxury Tempo Traveller Rental
Safety Features
Safety is paramount when it comes to transportation, and a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller takes it seriously. It is equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the well-being of all passengers. Seat belts are provided for every seat, ensuring that everyone is securely strapped in. Moreover, the tempo traveller incorporates ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) systems, enhancing control and stability on the road.
Entertainment and Connectivity
Long journeys can become tedious, but with a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller, entertainment is at your fingertips. The vehicle is equipped with audio and video systems that provide in-transit entertainment. Passengers can enjoy their favorite music or watch movies to make the journey more enjoyable. The tempo traveller is also equipped with USB charging ports and power outlets, allowing passengers to charge their electronic devices on the go. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity is available, ensuring that everyone can stay connected and browse the internet during the trip.
Luggage Space
Traveling with a group often means carrying a significant amount of luggage. The 10 Seater Tempo Traveller addresses this concern by providing ample storage space for luggage and belongings. It is equipped with overhead compartments and under-seat storage options, allowing passengers to stow their bags conveniently and keep the seating area clutter-free. With this abundant luggage space, everyone can comfortably bring their essentials without worrying about limited storage capacity.
Flexibility and Versatility
The 10 Seater Tempo Traveller offers flexibility and versatility to cater to different needs. The seating configurations can be adjusted to accommodate varying group sizes and preferences. Whether you need more legroom or extra storage space, the tempo traveller can adapt to meet your requirements. Some models even have foldable seats, providing additional options for creating space or storing bulky items during the journey.
Experience ultimate luxury and comfort with our 10-seater Tempo Traveller. Explore the wonders of your destination with Luxury Tempo Traveller Rental
Onboard Facilities
A pleasant and enjoyable journey is a top priority when traveling in a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller. The interiors are clean, well-maintained, and designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Some models may even offer onboard refreshment facilities, allowing passengers to quench their thirst or grab a quick snack. Additionally, for longer journeys, certain tempo travellers may feature an onboard restroom, adding convenience for passengers throughout the trip.
When traveling in a group, cost-effectiveness is a significant consideration. Opting for a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller can save you money compared to renting multiple vehicles or relying on public transportation. By pooling resources and sharing the cost, each individual can contribute a fraction of the expense, making it an affordable option for everyone. Moreover, it eliminates the need to coordinate multiple vehicles or rely on the schedules of public transportation, providing more convenience and flexibility.
Ideal for Various Occasions
The versatility of a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller makes it suitable for a wide range of occasions. It is an excellent choice for family vacations, allowing the entire family to travel together and create lasting memories. For corporate trips or business outings, the tempo traveller offers convenience and comfort for team members. It is also an ideal option for group outings with friends or colleagues, providing a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Additionally, it proves advantageous for airport transfers and city tours, ensuring that everyone can travel together without the hassle of arranging separate transportation.
Renting a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller
Renting a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller is a convenient option for those who do not own the vehicle but require its benefits. Many rental services offer the availability of 10 Seater Tempo Travellers for various durations, allowing you to choose the most suitable rental period. When considering renting, it's essential to take into account factors such as the reputation of the rental company, the condition and maintenance of the vehicles, and any additional services or amenities provided. By conducting thorough research and comparing options, you can find a reliable rental service that meets your requirements.
Popular Destinations for 10 Seater Tempo Traveller
The 10 Seater Tempo Traveller proves beneficial when exploring popular tourist destinations. Whether it's a serene beach getaway, a mountainous retreat, or a vibrant city tour, having a tempo traveller at your disposal offers convenience and flexibility. Some popular destinations where a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller is highly advantageous include:
Maintenance and Service
To ensure optimal performance and a safe journey, regular maintenance of the 10 Seater Tempo Traveller is crucial. It is recommended to choose a rental service or purchase from a reputable dealer that provides well-maintained vehicles. Additionally, inquire about the availability of service centers and after-sales support to address any issues that may arise during your travel.
A 10 Seater Tempo Traveller offers a comfortable, safe, and convenient mode of transportation for groups of 10 people. With its spaciousness, entertainment options, and versatile seating configurations, it is an ideal choice for various occasions such as family vacations, corporate trips, or group outings. By renting a 10 Seater Tempo Traveller, you can enjoy the benefits of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and hassle-free travel, while exploring popular destinations with your companions.

Contact Us:-
37 Ganga Ram Nagar Gopal Pura By Pass Near Riddhi Siddhi Jaipur 302019
Phone: 9929662255
Mail-id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.29 06:40 dialamover Expert Removalists in Ascot Vale: Making Your Move Stress-Free and Efficient

Expert Removalists in Ascot Vale: Making Your Move Stress-Free and Efficient
Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience, but the process of packing, transporting, and unpacking all your belongings can quickly become overwhelming. That's where expert removalists come in. Hiring professional movers can make your move stress-free and efficient, allowing you to focus on the excitement of starting a new chapter in your life.
If you're planning a move in Ascot Vale, look no further than Dial A Mover, the leading expert removalists in the area.


Moving can be a daunting task, requiring careful planning, organization, and physical labor. Many people underestimate the time and effort involved in a move, leading to unnecessary stress and complications. However, by enlisting the services of expert removalists, you can alleviate these concerns and ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Understanding the Importance of Expert Removalists

Expert removalists are professionals who specialize in the logistics of moving. They possess the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle all aspects of the moving process efficiently. From packing your belongings to transporting them safely and securely, expert removalists ensure that your move is executed with precision and care.
Removalists in Ascot Vale

Benefits of Hiring Expert Removalists

  1. Efficient Packing and Organization One of the biggest challenges of moving is packing and organizing your belongings. Expert removalists have the skills and techniques to pack your items efficiently, maximizing space and minimizing the risk of damage during transit. They use high-quality packing materials and labeling systems to ensure that your belongings are well-protected and easily identifiable.
  2. Safe and Secure Transportation When it comes to transporting your possessions, safety is paramount. Expert removalists have well-maintained vehicles equipped with the necessary padding and restraints to keep your items secure during transit. They employ professional drivers who are experienced in navigating various road conditions, ensuring a smooth and incident-free journey for your belongings.
  3. Time and Energy Savings Moving requires a significant investment of time and physical effort. By hiring expert removalists, you can save valuable time and conserve your energy for other important tasks related to your move. The removalists will handle all the heavy lifting, loading, and unloading, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.
  4. Insurance and Liability Coverage Accidents can happen during a move, and it's crucial to have proper insurance and liability coverage in place. Expert removalists offer comprehensive insurance options to protect your belongings against any unforeseen events. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are covered in the unlikely event of damage or loss.
  5. Specialized Equipment and Techniques Expert removalists have access to specialized equipment and techniques that facilitate a smooth and efficient move. They use tools such as furniture dollies, moving blankets, and straps to safely handle heavy and fragile items. Their expertise ensures that even the most challenging pieces of furniture or delicate valuables are moved with care and precision.
  6. Tailored Services for Your Needs Every move is unique, and expert removalists understand the importance of personalized services. They offer a range of options to suit your specific requirements, whether you need assistance with packing, storage, or unpacking. Their flexible service offerings ensure that your move is tailored to your needs, making the entire process more convenient and stress-free.
Removalists Ascot Vale

Tips for Choosing the Right Expert Removalists

When selecting expert removalists for your move, it's essential to consider a few key factors:
  1. Experience and Expertise Look for removalists with a proven track record and extensive experience in the industry. Experienced removalists have encountered various challenges and know how to handle them efficiently, ensuring a successful move.
  2. Reputation and Reviews Research the reputation of the removalist company by reading online reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Positive feedback and recommendations indicate a reliable and trustworthy service provider.
  3. Range of Services Consider the range of services offered by the removalist company. Ensure that they can accommodate your specific needs, whether it's packing, transportation, storage, or other related services.
  4. Cost and Affordability Obtain detailed quotes from different removalists and compare their pricing structures. While cost is an important factor, prioritize value for money by considering the services provided and the level of professionalism offered.
  5. Customer Support and Communication Excellent customer support and clear communication are crucial during a move. Choose removalists who are responsive, informative, and attentive to your queries and concerns.


Moving can be a challenging and stressful process, but with the help of expert removalists Ascot Vale like Dial A Mover, you can make your move stress-free and efficient. Their expertise, professionalism, and tailored services ensure that your belongings are handled with care from start to finish. Don't let the logistics of moving overwhelm you; rely on expert removalists to streamline the process and make your transition to a new home a positive experience.


1.Can expert removalists assist with packing and unpacking?
Yes, expert removalists offer packing and unpacking services to make your move more convenient. They can efficiently pack your belongings, label boxes, and unpack them in your new home.
2.What happens if my belongings get damaged during the move?
Expert removalists typically provide insurance options to cover any potential damage or loss during the move. It's important to discuss insurance coverage with the removalist company before finalizing your booking.
3.How far in advance should I book expert removalists?
It's recommended to book expert removalists as soon as you have a confirmed moving date. This ensures that you secure their services and allows both parties to plan and prepare accordingly.
4.Can I move during weekends or public holidays?
Many removalist companies offer their services during weekends and public holidays. However, it's advisable to check with your chosen removalist in advance to confirm their availability during these times.
5.Do expert removalists provide storage solutions?
Yes, expert removalists often offer short-term or long-term storage solutions for your belongings. If you require storage facilities, discuss the options and costs with the removalist company.
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2023.05.29 03:57 crazyclue Looking for feedback on homelab plan

Having trouble deciding on the right direction to go in changing my homelab setup.
Current systems:
Intel NUC (Linux os, pihole + traefik+ cloudflare tunnel) - mainly an edge/ingress device
HP dl360p gen 8 - 16c32t 32gb ram 2tb storage raid 6 (Linux os, nextcloud + collabora + calibre + various dbs + grav cms for a few websites) - mainly personal / nas type stuff
HP dl360p gen 8 - 16c32t 64gb ram 1tb storage raid 0 (proxmox, game servers, random vms for learning) - mainly a less secure game hosting machine and more public facing stuff
I like the HP gen8s (they are loud af) but am starting to think about going to a single mini itx machine with proxmox to segregate the different workload types (personal vs public/gaming). I may want to throw in a jellyfin/plex vm at some point down the road as well.
Couple of initial questions: amd or Intel? Do I go for server CPUs or desktop? ASRock rack motherboards vs desktop board?
I'm not looking to spend a ton of money but might be able to convince myself on threadripper or lower end epyc or xeon.
Current selection possibilities:
Cpu: 12700k or 13400 or 5950x
Mini itx Motherboards: Gigabyte B660I AORUS Pro, ASRock Z690M-ITX/ax, ASRock W680D4ID-2T, X570D4I-2T
The ASRock rack motherboards seem like great options, but not sure if they are worth the price premium over desktop mini itx boards.
Would really appreciate any thoughts and feedback. Thanks!
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