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2023.06.01 00:22 ang3lbby How do you not beat yourself up for mistakes at work?

I just started a new job and I already am beating myself up for mistakes I have made. Does anyone know of a good way to cope with or avoid this? Every little thing I do wrong makes me mentally beat myself up for hours and it makes me miserable.
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2023.06.01 00:22 WonkyArmo ECA Evaluation

I have 3 semsters of study at a regionally accredited American university, which is enough for a university to meet Canadian standards ( eg meaning my duration of study WILL be evaluated as equivalent to Canadian study). Now my question is, say if WES evaluates my credentials and deems it to be 3 sems of study at a Canadian institution, can I get points for a one year diploma ? ( One-year program at a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute ) or will I not because I havent actually graduated yet
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2023.06.01 00:22 ButWhichPandaAreYou Raising Difficulty with Self-Imposed Rules

So I thought I'd share some ideas I have for some self-imposed ways to up the difficulty level a bit for those of you who like realism (and suffering).
For starters, we already have all the good difficulty settings in place - £50,000 start, hard fight difficulty, low recovery, high taxation, plateauing, etc. There's already a setting by which amateur recruitment is based on reputation, but I thought I'd start a new save that took this to the next level.
I'm based in England, and so I've set myself the rule that while my gym reputation is sufficiently low (say levels 0 - 3), the only fighters I can sign are amateur, and they must be English. I also have a rule that I have to sign one new amateur, each year, and I can only make offers on week 1 of each respective year. Are the only available English fighters crap ones? Too bad, I have to take one on. The only way I can dodge this responsibility is if there are no available fighters that fit the location rule, or if recruiting the one with the lowest financial demands would result in immediate bankruptcy.
When I get the gym level up to 4 - 7, I can start to sign amateurs from the wider UK and Ireland. Levels 8 - 12, I'm finally a big enough deal that European youngsters would be willing to travel to train with me. Levels 13 - 19, I get access to the Anglosphere for those talented Americans and Australians. Only when the gym is truly a huge deal - level 20+ - can I start to buy established professionals and amateurs from worldwide. And even then, still, one and only one per year, on week 1. There's nothing I can do when an Olympic gold medallist turns pro on week 2 of a year and then immediately signs for my biggest rivals.
As I said, I view this from an English perspective but you could easily do it for other countries - perhaps you might start in the US, add in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and then as the levels increase, add in Mexico, Canada, then the rest of South America before finally going global at level 20 as before. Or you might start in Asia - say the Phillippines, then gradually include boxers from Hong Kong, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and mainland China, before expanding into Australasia and Eastern Europe.
Or, if you fancy a different self-imposed rule challenge, you could start a new gym with the same self-imposed rule of one-fighter-per-year-on-week-1, but rather than restricting yourself to countries, you could limit yourself to only signing new 18-year-olds who are up-and-coming prospects. This way, you'd have a gym full of steadily emerging talent, but enough competition from talented fighters who turn pro from 19 years old, because they can only ever sign for your rivals.
What self-imposed rules have you included in your own games?
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2023.06.01 00:22 No-Victory-149 Nmn ruining mood and energy levels, saw an improvement for about an hour when I took tmg but then it returned. Took some lions mane and they got rid of it completely and I felt really good.

Been taking Nmn for 4 days. I was so excited to get Nmn but am extremely disappointed now. Every time I take it I feel worse, I’m 42 and I have a lot of health issues, including stage 4 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2013 (full remission for 10 years).
I also have severe rls ( restless leg syndrome) which prevents me from getting more than 4/5 hours sleep without meds. But I just read a study from John Hopkins that found that people with rls have an extra histamine receptor which activates when they get rls at night and prevents them from getting sleep and waking up/feeling tired when they don’t get adequate rest. So I’m wondering if this extra histamine activation is interfering with the Nmn process?
I will say though, the next day and before I take the Nmn- around lunchtime, I feel really good, really energetic and a good mood. So I want to persevere but would like to understand why Im not getting the health benefits everyone else seems to get?
I know everyone is different, but that explanation is not insightful.
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2023.06.01 00:22 MahawaCandi How do I get my friends to stop deadnaming me?

I have for a long time been trying to find a name that I like and recently with my friend I found one ichiro. The problem is that now my friends that aren’t to involved with LBGTQ+ have denied to call me by my new name. I first told my friend about my name they seemed fine with a new name but when I told them to call me Ichiro they declined and started to get mad about it. And later that day while I was hanging out with my other friend the other friend said “she changed her name and I’m mad about it” the friend I was chatting with doesn’t understand LBGTQ+ so I never told her. After the I told her my new name she declined to saying she will just keep with my old name . Im now wondering how I can get them to call me ichiro. I think the first friend didn’t like my name because it’s Japanese. What should I do
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2023.06.01 00:22 RealisticTension5185 21F with body image issues

Hi guys! I'm a 21 year old female virgin. I struggle with severe anxiety about how my body looks. I’ve never been told I’m fat or something it’s just something that stems from within. I wouldn't say l'm fat but I do have thicc thighs and ass because of which my ass has a lot of stretch marks. I haven't had sex so i don't really know how someone would react to my stretch marks but just wanted to ask are stretch marks considered unattractive? Would be great if y'all could give me your opinion on this. Thanks I'm advance :)
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2023.06.01 00:22 DefiledTarnished How can I become a better ally to trans women?

Let me preface this, I am not a chaser. I have had this allegation levied at me before but I assure you with 100% certainty that I'm not in the game just to put some heels behind some ears, my primary goal as of 2023 with over 500 pieces of legislation passed in the United States on pace to double that near the end of the year is to show my love and support for trans women, though I've taken to just calling them what they are women. I did find love on this subreddit about a month ago but uh, different time, different account before I 'quit' reddit.
Yes, I must admit I am not a practicing leftist, but, I love to learn and I figured that this community would be a good place to do that as this is a fairly left subreddit without getting into "wokescold" territory where I'll get told that I should give black trans women money, as a black man, because I'm apart of a group that causes so much violence against them.
so, all I'm asking is, is there maybe some reading I can engage with? Videos I should watch? Things I should do? As of 2023 I'm still pretty new to being progressive given I grew up in a conservative Democrat voting house hold. Conservative in the sense of well, LGBT stuff is a mess and the F-word got throne around my home more than the N-word just to shed some light, given I'm from beautiful Little Rock Arkansas' rice country.
So yeah, I love and respect trans women as the queens they are and I want to do my part to make America a place worthy of them, even if I am just a lowly footstool.
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2023.06.01 00:22 TILTING_MOUNTAIN What is your general rule on how much water to pack?

I'm a amateuintermediate who's been hiking quite a bit but still learning.
Last year there were two hikes I had to cut short because I underestimated how much water to pack. Those two experiences left me frustrated and hoping to avoid it altogether this year.
I'm wondering how much water people usually pack and if they have a general rule of thumb? I'm generally aiming for ~1L extra of my expected water use but wondering other people do as I'm trying to balance my pack weight.
I'm trying to avoid carrying filters/tabs for now, or use as emergency only, as I'm not that experienced finding water sources especially in new trails.
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2023.06.01 00:22 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 8

The System was a scam, period.
I had leveled up five whole times after our fight against the Wendigo and I had not received any kind of reward. Sure, my mana pool had grown a little bit and my [Mana Exhaustion] had been slowly receding, but other than that I wasn’t getting stronger, faster or more agile. I didn’t even have a measly new skill to show for it.
“What a scam, I want a refund.” I muttered.
“I already told you, there was only a small chance for the Wendigo to have an elemental crystal. You only start seeing stuff like that after level fifty.” Elincia huffed in front of me. The mountainous path was steep but at least we had left the forest behind. Elincia had told me that Farcrest was just beyond the mountain range.
“People should get shit after leveling up five damn times!” I angrily said as if Elincia was somehow responsible for the shitty progression system.
The white haired suddenly stopped and turned around. For an instant I thought she was going to scold me but then, out of nowhere, she put her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes into mine. I tried to control my blush with little success and hoped she would attribute it to the arduous hike.
“I’m sorry to break this down to you, Robert Clarke, but support classes don’t get crap from the System.” Elincia said with a solemn tone just to smile a moment later. “In any case, you should be happy because your mana pool is so huge. Scholars are known for having lots of mana but, dude, you are on another level.”
One thing was sure, I wasn’t getting used to receiving compliments any time soon.
[Awareness]: You are absolutely correct.
I ignored the System prompt. At least I was getting very good at doing that.
“The amount of mana you need to materialize a [Mana Blade] without a skill is ridiculous. Are you sure you are a low level Scholar?” Elincia asked as we resumed the march. As we came near the edge of the Farlands, she grew more relaxed.
There haven't been any signs of monsters since the previous night.
“You still don’t believe in me?” I replied.
“At this point you could say you are the son of a Fire Dragon and a virginal maiden and I’d believe you.” Elincia shrugged her shoulders. “It might be a long shot but, have you ever been in a System Shrine?”
As good a liar as I was, I couldn’t just bullshit my way out of such a direct question. Elincia was too keen for that. A System Shrine sounded like basic knowledge.
“Haven’t heard about that in my life.” I replied.
Elincia stopped for a second and gave me one of her looks of disbelief that made me feel like a kid without his homework. I wondered if she had practiced that expression. After all, she had five stacks of [Favorite Teacher], she might as well have experience publicly humiliating kids.
“You don’t have System Shrines in the City of Light?” Elincia asked in disbelief.
I just shrugged my shoulders to avoid giving an answer. Also, there was the fact that the hike was taking a toll on my lungs. I didn’t know how Elincia could sustain a conversation. If I knew I was going to get transported to a magical world, I would’ve exercised more back on Earth.
“The System blocks certain titles from low level individuals.” Elincia started explaining. “Let’s say a Lv.1 Soldier survives the scuffle against a flock of Fire Dragons and gets the [Dragon Killer] title which gives fire resistance. There is a high chance the System withholds the title from the Soldier on the basis that [Dragon Killer] is an overpowered title for a mere Lv.1.”
I nodded. It made sense the System had a method to prevent power leveling, if only to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Earth would be plunged into chaos very quickly if suddenly a bunch of people with godly powers appeared out of nowhere.
“With the help of a System Shrine and a competent System Zealot the Soldier could unlock [Dragon Killer] even without the required level.” Elincia finished with her explanation. “Maybe you are benefiting from a hidden title.”
“Maybe,” I replied.
I couldn’t imagine having any useful titles considering how ordinary my life has been before arriving in the Farlands. When I was in college, I was able to comfortably outdrink all my group of friends, but then I lost that skill just after graduating. And there was the fact my only title at level one was [Lonely Boy] so my hopes of having a nice hidden title weren’t particularly high.
“Does Farcrest have a System Shrine?” I asked.
My question prompted a dry laugh from Elincia.
“Don’t get your hopes too high. Farcrest is a shithole.” She warned me as we climbed a rocky path between the two mountain ranges that separated the Farlands from the Kingdom of Ebros. We were almost there.
“Why is there a town so close to the Farlands anyway?” I asked.
Elincia lent me her hand and helped me climb a step boulder.
“To prevent monsters from pouring into the Kingdom. Think of Farcrest as a cork.” Elincia pulled me up the boulder.
Suddenly, we were on top of the path between two mountain ranges. I glanced down the valley ahead expecting to see a handful of rustic cabins scattered across a modest patch of farmland with a rotten palisade and a muddy road; however, Farcrest was a town in its own right. It was located on the top of a soft hill, surrounded by a high stone wall with several watchtowers. An impressive church made of the same dark stone rose above the thatched rooftops and, on the highest part of the hill, a great hall, half palace, half fortress, dominated the valley.
“Doesn’t look like a shithole to me.” I said as we started the descent from the other side of the hill. It looked like a picturesque European medieval town.
“You’ll see.” Elincia replied, with a hopeless sigh.
About two hours later, we reached the city outskirts. The main road was neglected and the farmland’s irrigation canals blocked by debris. As we approached the city, the picture became even more bleak. I didn’t need [Awareness] to tell me the crops were sickly and weak. Most of the farmers were older men and women that moved slowly among the plots of land.
“Where are the young people?” I asked, discarding the idea of a disease. If there was a plague ravaging Farcrest, then there wouldn’t be old people working on the fields.
“They are in the eastern frontier, fighting the King’s wars.” Elincia replied dryly.
I recalled Elincia telling me there was a shortage of alchemical ingredients due to a war in the western frontier.
“War against who?” I asked. A war-torn country might not be too welcoming to strangers like me.
“Against the Farlands. The king is obsessed with expanding the kingdom’s territory and uncharted lands and their resources.” Elincia sighed. “It’s a meat grinder. A bunch of low level kids trying to push deeper and deeper into monster territory while the real warriors are protecting the imperial capital and the frontiers.”
[Awareness] sent me down a stream of reasoning. Numbers and equipment were the basis of any military force back on Earth. However, in this world, a single individual with a powerful class and a high level could potentially be a one man army.
“What about power leveling the new recruits? You know, pairing them with a bunch of high level people and fighting monsters together?” I asked again.
“You might be a genius, Robert Clarke! How had no one thought of that before?” Elincia replied as she mindlessly drummed her lips in a gesture I recognized as deep concentration.
“You really think Kings, Scholars, and Generals didn’t think about powerleveling new recruits? The System doesn’t allow that.” A tired smile was drawn on Elincia’s face.
Seeing Elincia’s expression, I decided to drop the topic about the war. I wondered how many of her friends and acquaintances have gone to the frontline to never be heard of again. The Farlands were a dangerous place and the King’s troops lacked the advantage of firearms like me.
“Let’s go to my place.” Elincia said as we approached the city walls. “You should make yourself presentable before going to the Great Hall for that transit permit, and we have to appraise the herbs.”
It didn’t take a genius to realize Elincia was desperate for alchemical materials, otherwise she wouldn’t invite a stranger like me to her home. Or maybe there was a really charitable soul beneath the layers of mistrust and suspicion. The aftermath of the combat against the Wendigo had brought us a lot closer.
“Sounds like a plan to me.” I replied wondering if I was going to meet Elincia’s kid. Or her partner.
Farcrest was only a few hundred meters away. Up close, the black stone wall was taller and sturdier than I initially thought. Then I remembered they weren’t built to resist medieval armies but the assault of skills and magic spells. The double wooden gate was wide open but nobody bothered to stop us or ask about the business that brought us to the city.
As we passed through the hole in the wall, I spied into a guardhouse. I saw young men and women playing cards and drinking booze. Well-fed and well-dressed troops loyal to the Marquis, I assumed. Up close, Farcrest was further away from the bucolic city and dangerously close to a feudal dystopia.
Elincia and I walked along the wall towards the northern district. As we progressed through the city, houses became more and more neglected to the point it seemed outright abandoned to me. Kids ran barefoot in the street, fetid puddles adorned the alleys, and most of the stores were closed. Farcrest was a ghost town.
“How long has there been war?” I asked.
“Seven years now?” Elincia replied. “We are close.”
After five more minutes of meandering through alleys, we emerged in front of a great manor made of stained white walls and washed out blue shingles. For a moment I was out of words. Was Elincia the heir of a noble family fallen from grace? Her dignified appearance and beautiful features made me think so, however, she was a bit too wild to be a noblewoman.
The manor was old. The white painting of the front was peeling away and water stains plagued the nooks and crannies of the structure. A low stone wall marked the perimeter and a quick glance revealed it had served in the past as the foundation for an iron fence long gone. The only section of the outer wall that had survived the decay of the city was the iron gate.
Elincia opened it and we entered the front yard. I was about to ask a hundred questions when the front door slammed open and a stampede of small kids came to meet us. I managed to count at least a dozen before they reached us. Elincia greeted them with arms open as the little ones burst into tears at the first sight of the woman.
I froze. Not all of them were human.
There were two small snakefolk kids with bright yellow eyes. The blue-scaled snake-kid was dressed in a ragged brown dress while the green-scaled one had an oversized white shirt and frayed pants. At the end of the retinue, somewhat late to the reception, appeared a small winged girl with a hesitant gait. Her beautiful golden feathers contrasted with the old pillowcase she used as a dress.
Before I could react, both of the snake-kids jumped into my arms, crying a river of tears. Surprisingly enough, they were warm to the touch. I tried to exchange a glance with Elincia but she was busy trying to calm a handful of small kids on her own.
How many kids Elincia had?
First Prev Next
Discord Royal Road
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2023.06.01 00:22 Significant-Click419 How to control my thoughts

I (M45) could do with some advice. For the sake of my own sanity. I'm prone to typing whole novels, so I'm not going to keep this short...probably. But writing things down helps in the healing process they say, so even if no-one reads this, it's always a plus for me.
I'm already somewhat older and I've had several girlfriends and loving relationships, both short and long-term (years), nothing excessive, no major drama, although my first gf dumping me definitely hurt me in that it changed my character to keep people at a safe distance. Avoid the pain. I'd consider myself a normal, fun and kinda silly positive guy, somewhat introvert, but definitely not a loner either.
About 5 years ago I met a girl through work, who is living in another country, and we had an instant click. We only met a couple times in real life, also because of the whole COVID thing happening, but we called or texted every day from that moment onward. It felt amazing to me, safe, irrespective of the physical distance. I felt wanted and cared about, as I did for her. While there definitely was that attraction, after about 2 years of this, she then indicated that since an actual relationship was not really possible living apart and all, she wanted us to have a clean friendship. It hurt me when she told me, but it was understandable. My mind knew this. We didn't really speak of it again. She would have some short-lived flings with guys which we wouldn't really talk about while in the meantime we would continue to talk every single day and our conversations somewhat cleaned up, but never fully. It felt complicated to me. Until 8 months later another guy came along who she liked. At this point I told her I couldn't keep talking and texting every day in the way we did cause it was painful to me. She said she understood and it was also needed to give her relationship with the guy a chance, we cried. I tried to limit contact, which was hard on me, both of us hoping we may be able to stay normal friends. She ended up marrying the guy 8 months later.
Now, these things happen in life. Feelings for someone change, life changes. There was no intention of her to hurt me, she's a lovely person, we probably failed to communicate better and should have just cut it off earlier. But when I had to let her go, even if this was just a call and text daily thing, I was just absolutely devastated. Heartbroken like nothing before. Crushed. Why do this me. Anger. Hope of fixing it. All the heartbreak stages. I felt fooled for believing her words and promises nothing would change, and felt like I was a toy to talk to everyday until another guy would come along, only to be thrown away. Which in a sense I guess I was, even if not deliberate. She said she knew I had feelings, just not that they were this deep. And although I knew I greatly cared for her these years, I guess I hadn't realised I was in this deep either.
This was now almost 2 years ago. And it's been in my heart and mind ever since. I lost so many countless hours of sleep over this, I started to fail in life cause I was so tired, almost lost my job, got hugely depressed etc. A downward spiral for months. End of last year I eventually got counseling and temporary quit my job, which helped me out of the depression and I'm now much better, much more positive about myself, chasing new goals and adventures. Facing back to life.
But here's the thing: I still hurt every single day, I still think about it every day. Not her specifically, but the loss. It's like I cannot let go of the pain somehow. Eventhough my mind tells me it's ok, free yourself, feel fine. I cannot stop the invasive thoughts. About how I want to tell her how much she meant to me and how she hurt me. How my heart just won't seem to heal and how I can still literally feel the ache in my chest. My own mind tells me I'm obsessing, but I seem unable to stop it. So I need to take back control, forgive and forget myself. It's too long to keep walking around with this.
So, if there's anyone who is in something like this as well after such a long time (2 years for me now), or someone who has struggled with the same thing: Do you have any advice on how to stop my actual mind? Maybe some exercise I can do as soon as the thoughts come up? Change my behaviour? Are my feelings insane? I'm honestly much better then before, I see my friends, do physical training at the gym, all the usual advice stuff. And I don't have animosity toward the girl. I just need to completely get past the pain somehow. And I'm keeping that alive by thinking about it too much.
If you got this far, you deserve a medal to be honest for reading all this, but any advice is much appreciated.
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2023.06.01 00:22 Komrade-Amber 2 years difference. HRT is one hell of a drug

2 years difference. HRT is one hell of a drug
Left side is -2 years and my first day of HRT. Right side is a couple days after my second tranniversary 🖤 so excited for the next two years 🥰
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2023.06.01 00:22 Alone-World1690 Canada is one of the few countries where the nicer the community, the cheaper the houses

As part of my job I travel a lot on the Quebec City - Windsor corridor. I can't help but notice a strong correlation between house prices with crime and a stagnant local economy. I guess this is because the areas with higher prices receive more immigration. For instance, as you drive along the 401 from the Quebec border towards southern Ontario, the communities of Prescott, Brockville, and Kingston seem to have escaped most of the problems facing the bigger cities. West of Kingston there is always a noticeable increase in traffic and the communities of Belleville and Trenton seem more run-down, and yet have higher house prices. You eventually get to the Toronto cesspool of completely chocked highways and crumbling roads that starts at Bowmanville. Even the 401 at Kitchener is almost always clogged at off-peak hours too. In Kitchener you have more trash, crime and abandoned store fronts yet it's way more expensive than any of the other towns I discussed. This trend continues to London where you can observe the same effects. Awhile west of London the traffic on the 401 dies down somewhat and then you get Windsor which is less run-down than London but also more run-down than the towns in eastern Ontario.
The crazy thing is that housing prices correlate perfectly to how "congested" a city feels and how many abandoned businesses there are. My metric of congestion being how often highways have traffic, and not total population. For instance, Montreal always seems to have less traffic on a given highway at a given time than pretty much anywhere in Ontario. It has lower housing prices because there is more infrastructure vs population. So yeah, the good news about this country is the nicer the town/city, the cheaper it is!
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2023.06.01 00:21 604Mafia Are you wipe ready ?

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5.) 18+
click the link already.
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2023.06.01 00:21 mrussellblount 3 Year old Son

Hi everyone. I have a gf that we have been together for 2 years now and she has an autistic son who is 3 now.
I just wanted advice on how to help him and support her more. He does not speak but makes sounds kind of like yelling but no real words. He cannot walk but he has a physical therapist (he has cerebral palsy). He has a trach and he is fed threw a g tube.
During the day, he usually watches word party for like the entire day, goes outside for a walk in his stroller (we have nurses) and does any therapies he may have during the day.
My concern is that he cannot function without Word Party at all. He will cry and become very frustrated/agitated that Word Party may have been turned off. I try to even get him to maybe watch something else but he does not like it at all. Even during physical activities that he can try to do, he will not participate in them fully without crying/yelling because word party is not on. If Word party is on, it’s almost impossible to get him to pay attention or even grab his attention from Word party.
Is there anything we can do to help him become interested in something else? or just less focus on Word Party/Technology Screens.
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2023.06.01 00:21 thathaitianguy Anyone else feel like they are just uploading without an actual plan; just uploading hoping that one of their videos will go viral/big? (yes i know this is most people)

I feel like i am just uploading videos without an actual plan. Obviously most people are hoping to go big and/or get monetized. this isn't thinking that Youtube owes me anything. Yes i know most people do Youtube for fun. Yes i know that youtube takes time and has taken people years to be successful if at all. *channel is my profile*
I am actually trying to understand what i am doing wrong and translate my actions to tangible results. Most of the time i just upload a video and hope it gets views like 99.9% of most people.
I am at a year since I created my channel. i have 423 subs but realistically, 349 subs are from long form, 74 from shorts my short subs don't typically translate to watching my long form. I prefer doing long form. 90%+ of my 349 subs come from 3 main videos. I am constantly trying to improve my videos. People always recommend to copy what I did in my top performing video, but my last few videos that actually display personality and more of me "doing the jobs" have not performed well in my opinion. I need a better understanding SEO and getting my content in front of more eyeballs.
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2023.06.01 00:21 NetworkRonin Reddit Alternative for /r/flashlight

Do we have an alternative besides blf for this community? Looks like Reddit is announcing pricing for third party apps and for instance it would cost Apollo $20Million per year to continue operating as they do, it looks like they are trying to kill off all third party apps and frankly you know they’re mining our data through the official app. When this gets pushed through I’m probably seriously moving on from Reddit and would enjoy having somewhere else to move to, blf I don’t think is a fit for the culture we have here. I’m open to ideas and alternatives just thought I’d open the discussion if people hadn’t seen yet that their app of choice may soon be inoperable.
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2023.06.01 00:21 Apprehensive-Newt331 Pressure at 4 ahi 0.5

After using CPAP for about 5 years now I have been struggling. I started Invisalign almost 2 years ago and I’m almost done. Don’t know if that has any impact. I no longer have been using CPAP lately because it makes me feel dehydrated and sometimes makes me feel worse. Sometimes I get brain fog and feel like I’m in a fog until night time then it makes me get all hyper. I feel better without using CPAP throughout the day time but it has lead me to bags under my eyes and tired throughout the day but without brain fog. I made an appointment for my sleep doctor. I’m also going through other medical thing so not sure where to go from here. The CPAP also gives me bad sinus issues even with frequent cleaning.
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2023.06.01 00:21 Bitter_Context_4067 Seeking Mold Identification, Please!

Hi! I have been dealing with a leak/flood in my apartment for over a year now. Essentially, every time it rained for the last 14+ months water would come up through the floor and has damage to the floor and baseboards and walls - it’s a mess!
The landlord is aware and has been making (incremental) efforts to identify the cause and finally began the process of ripping up the floorboards and baseboards. Once the baseboards and floorboards came up, there was a really strong musty/damp odor and I saw black colored mold in several areas. We brought in a mold remediation specialist, who was supposed to take care of all of the mold, and ended up removing drywall, insulation, and sheet rock in several areas. However, they told me there was not more than one type of mold and that the darker in color it is the older it is. After repairing the areas they remediated, I asked for a door frame to be removed as there was extensive water damage and guess what!? More mold!!! We brought in a mold testing company last week and I am still waiting for the results. However, I am paranoid because I am severely immunocompromised and my two dogs and I are living with exposed mold awaiting the results! Would anyone be able to identify the type of mold? I am worried as I have noticed an increase in my autoimmune disease flares as well as frequent nosebleeds over the last several months, which leads me to believe it might be the dreaded “toxic black mold”
Would anyone be able to please identify the mold type? Additionally, any input if it is safe for me and my dogs to be living here with exposed mold, would be greatly appreciated!!!!! I’m more than happy to answer any questions / provide additional information!
Thank you so much everyone!!!!!!
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2023.06.01 00:21 kimberbonita Danish Teen Ella 19 Years Old

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2023.06.01 00:21 JoshAsdvgi The Fairy Wives

The Fairy Wives

The Fairy Wives

Once a time there dwelt in the forest two braves, one of whom was called the Moose and the other the Marten.
Moose was a great hunter, and never returned from the chase without a fine deer or buffalo, which he would give to his old grandmother to prepare for cooking.
Marten, on the other hand, was an idler, and never hunted at all if he could obtain food by any other means.
When Moose brought home a trophy of his skill in the hunt Marten would repair to his friend's lodge and beg for a portion of the meat.
Being a good-natured fellow, Moose generally gave him what he asked for, to the indignation of the old grandmother, who declared that the lazy creature had much better learn to work for himself.
"Do not encourage his idle habits," said she to her grandson.
"If you stop giving him food he will go and hunt for himself."
Moose agreed with the old woman, and having on his next expedition killed a bear, he told the grandmother to hide it, so that Marten might know nothing of it.
When the time came to cook the bear-meat, however, the grandmother found that her kettle would not hold water, and remembering that Marten had just got a nice new kettle, she went to borrow his.
"I will clean it well before I return it," she thought.
"He will never know what I want it for."
But Marten made a very good guess, so he laid a spell on the kettle before lending it, and afterward set out for Moose's lodge.
Looking in, he beheld a great quantity of bear-meat.
"I shall have a fine feast to-morrow," said he, laughing, as he stole quietly away without being seen.
On the following day the old grandmother of Moose took the borrowed kettle, cleaned it carefully, and carried it to its owner.
She never dreamed that he would suspect anything.
"Oh," said Marten, "what a fine kettleful of bear-meat you have brought
"I have brought you nothing," the old woman began in astonishment, but
a glance at her kettle showed her that it was full of steaming bear-meat.
She was much confused, and knew that Marten had discovered her plot by magic art.
Though Marten was by no means so brave or so industrious as Moose, he nevertheless had two very beautiful wives, while his companion had not even one.
Moose thought this rather unfair, so he ventured to ask Marten for one of his wives.
To this Marten would not agree, nor would either of the women consent to be handed over to Moose, so there was nothing for it but that the braves should fight for the wives, who, all
unknown to their husband, were fairies.
And fight they did, that day and the next and the next, till it grew to be a habit with them, and they fought as regularly as they slept.
In the morning Moose would say: "Give me one of your wives."
"Paddle your own canoe," Marten would retort, and the fight would begin.
Next morning Moose would say again: "Give me one of your wives."
"Fish for your own minnows," the reply would come, and the quarrel would be
continued with tomahawks for arguments.
"Give me one of your wives," Moose persisted.
"Skin your own rabbits!"
Meanwhile the wives of Marten had grown tired of the perpetual skirmishing.
So they made up their minds to run away.
Moose and Marten never missed them: they were too busy righting.
All day the fairy wives, whose name was Weasel, travelled as fast as they could, for they did not want to be caught.
But when night came they lay down on the banks of a stream and watched the stars shining
through the pine-branches.
"If you were a Star-maiden," said one, "and wished to marry a star, which one would you choose?"
"I would marry that bright little red one," said the other.
"I am sure he must be a merry little fellow."
"I," said her companion, "should like to marry that big yellow one.
I think he must be a great warrior."
And so saying she fell asleep.
When they awoke in the morning the fairies found that their wishes were fulfilled.
One was the wife of the great yellow star, and the other the wife of the little red one.
This was the work of an Indian spirit, whose duty it is to punish unfaithful wives, and who had overheard their remarks on the previous night.
Knowing that the fulfilment of their wishes would be the best punishment, he transported them to the Star-country, where they were wedded to the stars of their choice.
And punishment it was, for the Yellow Star was a fierce warrior who frightened his wife nearly out of her wits, and the Red Star was an irritable old man, and his wife was obliged to wait on him hand and foot.
Before very long the fairies found their life in the Star-country exceedingly irksome, and they wished they had never quitted their home.
Not far from their lodges was a large white stone, which their husbands had forbidden them to touch, but which their curiosity one day tempted them to remove.
Far below they saw the Earth-country, and they became sadder and more home-sick than ever.
The Star-husbands, whose magic powers told them that their wives had been disobedient, were not really cruel or unkind at heart, so they decided to let the fairies return to earth.
"We do not want wives who will not obey," they said, "so you may go to your own country if you will be obedient once."
The fairies joyfully promised to do whatever was required of them if they might return home.
"Very well," the stars replied.
"You must sleep to-night, and in the morning you will wake and hear the song of the chickadee, but do not open your eyes.
Then you will hear the voice of the ground-squirrel; still you must not rise.
The red squirrel also you shall hear, but the success of our scheme depends on your remaining quiet.
Only when you hear the striped squirrel you may get up."
The fairies went to their couch and slept, but their sleep was broken by impatience.
In the morning the chickadee woke them with its song.
The younger fairy eagerly started up, but the other drew her back.
"Let us wait till we hear the striped squirrel," said she.
When the red squirrel's note was heard the younger fairy could no longer curb her impatience.
She sprang to her feet, dragging her companion with her.
They had indeed reached the Earth-country, but in a way that helped them but little, for they found themselves in the topmost branches of the highest tree in the forest, with no prospect of getting down.
In vain they called to the birds and animals to help them; all the creatures were too busy to pay any attention to their plight.
At last Lox, the wolverine, passed under the tree, and though he was the wickedest of the animals the Weasels cried to him for help.
"If you will promise to come to my lodge," said Lox, "I will help you."
"We will build lodges for you," cried the elder fairy, who had been thinking of a way of escape.
"That is well," said Lox; "I will take you down."
While he was descending the tree with the younger of the fairies the elder one wound her magic hair-string in the branches, knotting it skilfully, so that the task of undoing it would be no light one.
When she in her turn had been carried to the ground she begged Lox to return for her hair-string, which, she said, had become entangled among the branches.
"Pray do not break it," she added, "for if you do I shall have no good fortune."
Once more Lox ascended the tall pine, and strove with the knots which the cunning fairy had tied.
Meanwhile the Weasels built him a wigwam.
They filled it with thorns and briers and all sorts of prickly things, and induced their friends the ants and hornets to make their nests inside.
So long did Lox take to untie the knotted hair-string that when he came down it was quite dark.
He was in a very bad temper, and pushed his way angrily into the new lodge.
All the little creatures attacked him instantly, the ants bit him, the thorns pricked him, so that he cried out with anger and pain.
The fairies ran away as fast as they could, and by and by found themselves on the brink of a wide river.
The younger sat down and began to weep, thinking that Lox would certainly overtake them. But the elder was more resourceful. She saw the Crane, who was ferryman, standing close by, and sang a very sweet song in praise of his long legs and sort feathers.
“Will you carry us over the river ?” she asked at length.
“Willingly,” replied the Crane, who was very susceptible to,flattery, and he ferried them across the river.
They were just in time.
Scarcely had they reached the opposite bank when Lox appeared on the scene, very angry and out of breath.
“Ferry me across, Old Crooked-legs,” said he, and added other still more uncomplimentary remarks.
The Crane was furious, but he said nothing, and bore Lox out on the river.
“I see you,” cried Lox to the trembling fairies.
“I shall have you soon !”
“You shall not, wicked one,” said the Crane, and he threw Lox into the deepest part of the stream.
The fairies turned their faces homeward and saw him no more.
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2023.06.01 00:21 philosophic_insight Weird that a TV series made bitchy people you have hated for years check in on you.

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2023.06.01 00:21 CheatedInOhio Cheated into a default small claims judgment. Where to go from here?

Throwaway account due my main being known to be connected to me.
To begin with: No need for "get a lawyer" advice here, as I already intend to do so. Helpful information would be what type of lawyer, what to focus filing in, what to expect, etc.
State is Ohio.
A few months ago(early February) I was served with a definitively bogus small claims lawsuit - I was alleged to have been in the vicinity of an accident late last year and sued for damages(I was out of state on business on the day the accident occurred and could not have been anywhere near it). I responded appropriately and set up the court date, which was set to be a couple weeks. However, a week ago, I received notice of a default judgment issued against me. The plaintiff filed to have the date moved up and it was changed to mid-May. I was not properly informed. Court records indicate I was notified properly in mid-April via certified mail, but once again, I was out of town on business that day and could not have been notified. Nobody else lives in my house at all, let alone with authority to sign for certified mail addressed to me.
There are obviously shenanigans at work here, so I'd like to know the best way to approach this.
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