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2023.05.31 23:56 stand_up_fkn_tall Rant about Darth Maul

"Darth maul survived mortal wounds because of his hatred for Kenobi"

This is so stupid and I'm so sick of hearing it. He didn't not die purely because "man too angry to die." His wound was cauterized and most of his viral organs were intact, all he really needed to do was survive the fall (force "cushion") and keep eating. When we meet him he'd been sustaining himself with scraps and vermin. His hatred was mostly his motivation, and maybe just a bit keeping him from the brink of organ failure/blood loss/death by exhaustion by feeding on the force or whatever.

And what's worse, this false speculation has lead to official, canon shitty writing in Star Wars. They use Maul as an excuse for their manure in OWK. First, Reva, a child, survives a stab wound in the gut. This is not the same as being severed at the waist. If we're again counting cauterization, there would still be some serious disruption of her digestive system from the wound. Not only this, but somehow, Anakin fucking Skywalker doesn't sense that she's still alive and playing dead. And again, her, an youngling, a child is adept enough to escape the temple? Swarming with the five-oh-first? Then, later, GI AND Reva get stabbed, Reva again (!), both in the gut, again and they survive because "Revenge does wonders for the will to live"!!!!! Get the fuck outta here.

Darth Maul is half of a two-way tie for my all-time favorite Star Wars characters. I think he was written masterfully in his return and beyond. I can't stand to see his story be used as a justification for this BS... "WELP! We've proven characters can survive saber wounds! Guess we don't need to worry about writing death fakeouts, they write themselves! Gahoy!"
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2023.05.31 23:56 fashion4beauty How To Get Curly Hair Curls Secrets

How To Get Curly Hair Curls Secrets
Dreaming of the perfect curls for the coming season. This guide will help you with how to get curly hair. Know your hair type and texture to find the best possible tips and techniques for those glamorous curls. Taking care of your hair with essential hair products. Styling your curly hair with heat styling tools and protecting your hair with a heat protectant. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to create a stunning look with gorgeous curls.
Read also: How to Make Nails Stronger & Healthier
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2023.05.31 23:55 lightone27 Keyword rankings? How does it work? What am I missing?

Hey everyone,
I’m using ahrefs for keyword research and I identified 15 potential keywords that I would like to rank for. Combined potential traffic volume is around 400k at #1.
All of these have a keyword difficulty of 7 or below.
All of them are high intent keywords. My competitors are not utilizing these enough for some reason.
I will be using Yoast for on-page optimization. (E-commerce store).
I’ll also be putting out a lot of content.
Do you think it’s reasonable to assume I could rank #1 for all these keywords given how easy they are to rank for in the next 18 months?
What am I missing? What sort or underwater stones I should be looking out for? Any tips or suggestions are very very much appreciated!
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2023.05.31 23:55 Confused_Psychic [F4M] The Odd Portals

(For context,this will be a fandom character x fandom character roleplay. No OC x Fandom character or OC x OC!)
Two odd portals appeared,out of nowhere; One in my world,one in your world. We didn’t really know what they were,but out of curiosity,we walked through it. But little did we know that there was no way back. “Huh?” Is the first thing we say to each other. And when we look around,there’s no portal. We’re stuck.
Although we were the only ones as of now,aside from other animals,the world around us didn’t seem too empty. There were stores,buildings,cars…Everything. The world we were in was a mix of my world and your world. Still,that didn’t help us with anything. We had to become friends,but the situation was so awkward for the two of us,that I could barely let out a few “m”-like sounds due to how shy I was. We stay quiet for a few hours.
Then,out of the blue,I get hungry which also causes my stomach to growl pretty loudly. I was obviously embarrassed,but you didn’t seem to be pretty disgusted as you were also hungry.
Time goes by. We live in the same apartment and sleep in the same room,go out at the same time,sleep at the same time…For short,we do almost everything together. If we’re friends or if we’re lovers,that’s up to you.
Hello,and Good morning/afternoon/evening! I’m here to try out SFW roleplaying(I used to do NSFW[but I deleted my posts] so that’s why my plot may not look the best) for my first time! I quiy NSFW roleplaying because the partners weren’t so good,and I knew that the best partners mainly came from SFW roleplays! You can consider me as a newbie if you want,but that doesn’t really matter. Here’s a few things;
I write in both 1st and 3rd person,so I don’t mind which one we’ll do. I write between 1 to 15 lines,so please be okay with shorter responses! I ignore people that I suspect that they didn’t read the full post.
Your first message must include how you write,an example of how you write and the character you’re going to play. It must include; Name(Full name),Age(over 18),Height,Personality. I can search up the character’s image myself in case I do not know them. You must have good English and punctuation! Message me on discord as;
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2023.05.31 23:55 Maleficent_Touch3930 is CSP free?

I was looking for best free drawing apps for my computer and I saw Clip studio, so is it free or I have to pay for it because I saw a piracy related meme of it
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2023.05.31 23:54 truenorthrestoration Preserving the Charm: Restoration Tips for Ontario Log Homeowners

Preserving the Charm: Restoration Tips for Ontario Log Homeowners
Owning a log home in Ontario is a dream come true for many homeowners. Log homes compliment the Ontario cottage country environment. Yet, over time, log home maintenance and restoration help preserve the home and ensure its longevity. As the most reliable log home restoration company in Ontario, we understand the importance of maintaining the home. In this blog post, we will share our expert tips and insights to help Ontario log homeowners restore and preserve their investments.

Is Regular Log Home Inspection Important?
The key to preserving the charm of a log home is proactive maintenance. Our team encourages you to have regular inspections of your log home. Over time, the logs will rot, decay, and weaken due to many reasons. It’s not always easy to identify when a log needs replacing, which is why our team is important for the job. With our experience, we know when log home rot repair services are required. We are very transparent and honest when it comes to log-home advice.

Was Your Home Properly Stained Before?
One of the most significant causes of a new stain is a poor job before. If the previous log home contractor didn’t perform at their best, it’s hard to get longevity on the stain. Log home staining is a unique process that relies on two things. The professionals performing the service and product used can make or break the results. At True North Restoration we pride ourselves on having top-quality products that last. We want you to know that your log home services investments are going to be beneficial down the road.

How Can We Upgrade Your Log Home?
Besides preserving the charm of your log home, it’s essential to ensure energy efficiency. Old homes may not function on the best technology or materials. Components of the log home like windows, doors, and roofs can all be upgraded for the better. Some energy-efficient materials and products can help you in the long run. Meaning, you will be able to save cost on energy consumption bills with the right product choice.

Chinking and Caulking: Do Not Forget!
Chinking and caulking play a vital role in making your home last. Between the logs is a prime spot for the unwanted build-up to occur. The chinking and caulking service helps prevent the deterioration of logs. Over time, these materials may degrade and need maintenance or replacement. Yet, with regular inspections, our team can help maximize the investments you make into your log home. If you are looking to restore your house, we recommend all components that will leave you happy for years to come. Our owner has over 30+ years of experience, and he’s well-respected in the industry.

Need Restoration? Choose a Professional
When it comes to log home restoration, entrusting the work to professionals is essential. As the most reliable log home restoration company in Ontario, there are many reasons to choose us. Our results speak for themselves, ask our clients. We have clients for years that we work consistently with because we know their log home inside and out. Our products are proven to last longer than the competition, which makes for happy Ontario log homeowners. From log repair and replacement to refinishing and sealing, our team ensures that your log home receives the highest level of care. With our restoration services, you can trust that your log home will regain its original perfection.

Conclusion: Restoration Tips for Ontario Log Homeowners
In the log home industry, it’s always good to go with experience. 30+ years have allowed our team to see all sorts of different scenarios. We’ve dealt with full log replacements, repairs, wood refinishing, you name it. We understand the unique needs of Ontario log homeowners and guarantee long-lasting results. By following the expert tips shared in this blog post and seeking our professional help when needed, you can ensure that your log home lasts generations. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve your log home!

Ontario Log Homeowners
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2023.05.31 23:54 mensachicken Turning off side lights and connecting to multiple devices on Air60?

Just got my Air60 today and though I like the action of the keys, I think the manual is dreadful.
Anyone know...
Is there a way to have the side lights be off "for good"? I hate that the Caps Lock light is illuminated constantly. I want it to only be lit when I hit Caps Lock. And the battery level light... can't it just be illuminated when one wants to check battery life, say by hitting a FN key, or power off/on?
If not possible, what's the best way to make them static? I hate the breathing/pulsing nonsense as it draws my eye. Is there anyway to make them just solid?
I connected to one device fine, but how does one have an arsenal of devices to connect to and then switch between them (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.).?
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2023.05.31 23:54 chickenminislay 5/28-6/3 Week Review

5/28-6/3 Week Review
Gorgeous flavors this week. CONFETTI CAKE - So good. It is one of my all time favorites so I was so glad to get it this week. The texture with the sprinkles on the inside is my favorite and I love the cake batter flavor. It is even better once chilled. 5/5 COOKIE BUTTER - Really good, it had a surprisingly light frosting but the flavor was there but not too ‘in you face’, I really liked this one and thought it tasted great but I wish there was more chunks for some crunch and texture, like of biscoff cookies. 4.5/5 TRIPLE BERRY COBBLER - I’m impressed, the berry flavor was good, I wish it had a bit more tartness but still really good and what really impressed me was the actual cookie. Great texture and really good flavor. Cinnamon-y and you could tell it was a cobbler cookie. The cream cheese frosting added a nice balance too! 4/5 NILLA BEAN CUPCAKE- I mean it’s a vanilla cupcake cookie but I was glad that it had a different taste then just the pink sugar. Good vanilla flavor, simple but delicious. The frosting was sweet but honestly not too sweet. Basic but I actually really liked this one. 4/5 PB BROWNIE - I normally hate their chocolate cookies, I feel like they normally don’t have good flavor and taste bland? But this was pretty frickin good. I also am not a huge fan of PB baked goods but it was a perfect balance of PB and chocolate and I really liked it for what it is and what I expected it to be. 3.5/5 PINK SUGAR - Had it plenty of times now but the texture and simplicity is always divine. 4/5
Best line up I’ve seen in a while 🙃🙃🙃
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2023.05.31 23:54 vgundam21 Best way to print good quality proxies for wife to use

Hi everyone. I play TCG competitively and have a ton of cards and I also play a lot with my wife. She has absolutely zero interest in playing any kind of official event, she only likes to play casually with me and her brother. She normally uses my cards but I prefer to only keep 4 copies of any given card so I don't end up with massive amounts of bulk. The only problem here is that if we play and we both want a deck with, say, 4 Boss's Orders, I only have 4 copies of the card. She normally just uses the prebuilt V decks but I would like to help her build her own.
I think I'm just going to do a lot of proxies for her and put them in a specific color sleeve so I know those cards are proxies. I've never printed proxies before and do not have a printer (but am open to getting one). What's the best way to print off decent looking proxies that she can use?
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2023.05.31 23:54 MaterialCarrot Congo: Adventures in the Heart of Africa

I just bought this rule set on a lark, and am really impressed with the quality of the book and the rules. I also really love this era and the stylization of it they've gone with. I understand it's probably a pretty niche game, but was wondering if anyone else out there has this game or plays it, and if so, their impressions?
Also looking for the best way to source minis for it. The options I've found are fairly limited and a bit pricey. Like you pretty much need to lay out $100+ for two factions, which feels a bit much for a niche skirmish game.
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2023.05.31 23:54 Aggravating-Koala726 Improving Church Sound

Hi everyone, I wanted to reach out for some advice on improving the sound at my church. I'm a 19-year-old bassist/keyboardist based in Nigeria, and I've become really interested in the mixing/production aspect of our church sound.
I've attached some images to give you an idea of our current speaker setup. Please note that our auditorium is shaped luke an L with the altar being at the intersection. We have a combination of full-range speakers, mid-range speakers, floor monitors, and subs. However, we're facing some challenges with our acoustic environment. We lack soundproofing, and our church has a PVC ceiling, tiled floors, concrete walls, and plastic chairs. Additionally, the ceiling is quite high, and our current speaker placement doesn't work well in this space, resulting in a lot of reverb and delay issues.
Given our limited budget, we've had to make do with what we have. We recently managed to get an X32 Rack for sound control, but it took a while to get the budget approved due to the challenging economic situation here in Nigeria. Our FOH engineers are doing their best with the equipment available, but I'm curious to hear different perspectives on our setup.
What changes would you make to improve the sound if this was all you had to work with? Alternatively, if you had no choice but to work within a tight budget, what budget-friendly purchases or strategies would you consider?
I appreciate any insights or suggestions you can provide. Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.05.31 23:54 iknowobamasfirstname JU from r/persecutionfetish. People are making wild assumptions, encouraging violence, and wishing death upon this man for a situation we know NOTHING about. While it's unlikely the situation was peaceful, everyone thinks he was the scum of the Earth without any context. The comments are awful.

JU from persecutionfetish. People are making wild assumptions, encouraging violence, and wishing death upon this man for a situation we know NOTHING about. While it's unlikely the situation was peaceful, everyone thinks he was the scum of the Earth without any context. The comments are awful.
While I'm not stupid enough to think that he was truly just "peacefully protesting", people are jumping to conclusions and saying he should have been attacked with a gun. As a democrat living in a heavily republican-majority state, I'm sick of people thinking that every republican is a deranged lunatic who deserves death. Everyone has a right to (peacefully) protest. Doesn't matter what your views are.
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2023.05.31 23:54 aot-and-yakuzafan_88 If kakegurui were to ever get a season 3, who would be the perfect person to sing the Opening?

Mine suggestion is a little out there, but I could work. Masayuki suzuki, the guy who sung all the themes for Kaguya sama love is war. He has the jazz, man. The first theme was jazzy as hell. So imagine the same thing, But with him.
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2023.05.31 23:53 Despacitoh Nov-MU owners: Seeking Input!

Thinking about getting a Nov-Mu in 4500k and was hoping to get some input. I've been interested in mules for a while and this one seems like the best but at over $100 it's really hard to pull the trigger. I'm looking to use it as the following:
-light for mountain biking
-lighting up camp site/lantern
-work light for inside/garage
-walking dogs in the woods
I currently have an LT1, Q8 pro, and E07X and am not sure if I'll see the utility.
What do you use your mule for, and what runtimes do you get with yours?
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2023.05.31 23:53 Oouumzz It Has Been Almost 1 Year Since I Last Watched Porn - here's my update

In July it will be officially my one-year anniversary since the last time I watched porn...I don't know how to describe what I feel. I'll try my best to explain the nature behind overcoming any obstacles and what it's like on the other side.
My journey lasted 6 difficult years. I had been consuming this filth from the age of 12 and at 18 I realized the negative effects it was having on me. It was then that I decided to try and quit but it had become the most punishing obstacle in my life. For one, I was sometimes able to avoid it but I always ended up succumbing to it and relapsing. This is why it was punishing, by relapsing I only created my own hell out of it and it was tormenting.
I am a very religious individual and for me this was the biggest sin that I had to overcome. Many times I had thoughts of giving up, often I felt depressed. I honestly just felt like I was living a life of filth. Those 6 years were the most difficult for me because there was no end in sight to this hellish addiction. I often felt as though it would never end and that thought itself scared me.
If anything, I told myself that I would never marry or be in a relationship with a woman until I had overcome this sin. There's no imagining the harm that can be done if I bring this problem of mine into someone else's life.
Anyhow, in those 6 years I did a lot of research into personal development, and I prayed a lot. The thought being that to overcome such a difficult sin in a time like today requires the help of a Holy Being. I eventually learned an important lesson about how our minds work. The thoughts you sow, you truly reap.
I then started focusing my thoughts exclusively on overcoming this sin and leading a holy life. I would obsess over these thoughts every day and keep any thoughts of porn out of my mind. This is hard to do but it is the only way to overcome any personal obstacle. It is why the saying goes, "As man thinketh, so he is". This way of thinking eventually drowned out the desire to consume porn to the point that as a bad thought entered my mind I was able to replace it with a far nobler thought instantaneously.
Thinking of my mind as a garden, and of bad thoughts as weeds, I would remove these weeds every day and not let them linger for too long. If a bad thought lingers too long you begin to entertain it more and increase in yourself the desire to want it. It just leads back into a relapse.
After nearly 1 year, I have still appeared before the door of temptation once in a while but my desire that I have built up has strengthened my willpower to overcome any of these obstacles. I feel cleaner, leading a more normal lifestyle, however, without that spiritual aspect in my life it would feel dull and devoid of meaning. To me, overcoming this sin has only increased my desire to experience more spiritual ecstasy and in attaining God's nearness.
Again, I'm a very religious individual, so my view on this subject involves a spiritual element to it. Regardless, every one of you ought to have hope and patience. Persistence is necessary to succeed as well as the right application of the laws of nature. In this regard, read the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and implement it. Even if you are unsuccessful at first, try again for this is the only method that really enables you to tap into the laws of human nature.
Overcoming porn is a long battle, so buckle up for a rough ride. But know that you will taste the sweet fruits of your labor in the end.
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2023.05.31 23:53 lavi_vivi Power tripping landlord?

Asked for early rent.I told ill give it to her brother like last time when she was gone.(btw i pay rent by cash because landlord asked from the beginning ).she just told me to think about it. Following day, i had a missed call text from landlord while at work “I am little bit disappointed!! You don't even respond my call Also wonder this is your #? Man''s voice recording,, Please open gate 7am 9/29 dwp will come read meter, also you can give rent to my brother, when you ready contact him” How do you deal with this kind people?
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2023.05.31 23:53 ShozzBott97 Venting about Missed Opportunity

Hi bandmembers
I am the drummer for a very small indie band (550 FB followers) and I have been in contact with a booking agent for the 50th anniversary of a festival happening in the capital of my state since December 2022. She wanted to put us on the main stage of the first hour of the festival to kick off the entire event, she loves our sound and thinks we'd be the perfect fit. In my mind this is the momentum-starting event for our band we were supposed to play in 2020, but then COVID happened.
One of my bandmates, call him Lenny, let me know he and his son have a yearly tradition every year on the weekend the festival is supposed to take place, so he can't make it to the festival, and we can't play the show without him.
I am incredibly frustrated with Lenny as it is. Lenny has been like a coworker to myself and the lead guitarist for the last ten years, but he and the band leader are best friends. Lenny is a highly skilled musician, playing multiple instruments and being incredibly difficult to replace in our band, he is not going anywhere anytime soon. I have been very close friends with the other two bandmates for longer than I've been in the band and still know very little about this guy Lenny, who is a tall, silent, intimidating individual and who is always right about everything he says. You disagree with his opinion? You're wrong. Even if you have more facts than he does, you're still wrong.
I feel stuck in a rock and a hard place; I know Lenny is the deadweight holding us back. None of us really totally agrees on where we want this band to go. I'm not sure where to go from here or how to destress from this sucky situation.
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2023.05.31 23:53 truckthunders How many people you've managed in the past... why does it matter so much?

I'm interviewing for VP-level jobs, and I've held the position at smaller companies. But recruiters are always seemingly held up on the number of directs you've managed prior. If you say I was a department of one (my last position), or two, they seem to disqualify you for a leadership position that has a larger department. This seems silly to me, as the past, literally a number, can not really be relevant to the future. And on top of it, these departments are usually hierarchal, and I'd probably only have 2-3 directs anyhow.
I've managed people before, just in the not so recent past, and I've 'exaggerated' slightly because it's not really easily verified. But what is the best way to get over this obstacle? I need a direct, easy and believable 'line' or two, or a good strategy.
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2023.05.31 23:53 JalanIrian recommendations for family finding 6-month rental in or around Leiden

Hi Leiden community! My family ( me, my wife, 11-yr-old boy and 8-yr-old girl) will be living in the Netherlands from January through June 2024 while my wife works at the University of Leiden.
I would really appreciate any advice on where to live in or around Leiden and how best to go about renting a place in advance of our arrival. I've looked a bit at Funda and Pararius, but since we are not arriving until January, they don't seem to be much help.
Some details and questions: We're planning to enroll the kids at the American School of The Hague, which appears to be in Wassenaar. We're open to any setting/type of neighborhood, but since we're not planning to have a car, I think we'll need to be relatively close to public transportation to get the kids to/from school.
What are your thoughts on not having a car? Can we get by with bikes and public transport?
Thanks so much for any and all advice!
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2023.05.31 23:53 prinkloverboo I exposed my abuser in his circle, am I in the wrong?

Hi, so basically three years ago, I was sexually assaulted by a rich capitalist. He never directly apologized to me, he just wrote some half ss apology to this girl who stood up for me. I took the sceeenshots of the “apology” the screenshots of us communicating as well and made a whole twitter thread of how he abused me. I felt violated, humiliated helpless and extremely angry. My abuser helps the rich and richer and make the poor get poorer. This rich girl hated my guts for some reason and basically wanted to “sue” me (she wanted my money) so she dates rich guys whom she refers to as “assets” and sets girls up with her “assets” so her boyfriend can steal financial resources from their families and give it to the rich girl. What my abuser does is he preys on working class immigrant girls stalks where their dad works, buys out companies, lays off employees and basically gets their dad to lose their job steals their salary to give it to the rich and coerces poor girls to have sx with him. He sexually harasses them and sometimes even assaults them (like he did to me) this made me feel anger and rage because of how unjust it is, how unfair it is and how no one knows about the oppressive disgusting techniques this man uses to oppress working class immigrant families. I had a raging episode and followed people he was associated with on instagram and started exposed him for what he is… I said he’s a pdo, rpist, abuser, classist and racist. I said many more things about him and made “alarming allegations against him” apparently, I just continued to talk about him. Until i started getting responses, one girl that said she was just an acquaintance with him told me she doesn’t know him that well and that she read the tweets and was like “wtf” and blocked him on everything after she found out. The next day, one of my abusers friends reached out to on Linkedin and Twitter me saying that he’s concerned for his friend (my abuser) telling me that I’ve been actively reaching out to people in his circles etc. I’ll share the convo.
Friend: Hello P- recently spoke to a friend of mine who told me about some alarming allegations that were made against him. I'm messaging here independent of T*** and solely as a concerned friend of his. I'm sorry to hear that you felt the way you did. After T*** was shaken up and told me about the situation and after reading the tweets that i believe you published i confronted T***. I'm reaching out because he mentioned that you were still messaging people around him about what happened and I just wanted to know what you're seeking to accomplish here. I'm honestly so sorry that you felt the way you did and I just am concerned about my friend and looking to seek a resolution to this. J Also sent this on Linkedin earlier
Me: Hey, how did you find me?
Friend: When i confronted him about it - he told me your name
Me: and why did you message me? Are you a friend of his? What did they say about me?
Friend: lam a friend of his and he reached out to me for advice. I'm coming here only with good intentions - not trying to stir the pot or anything
Friend: He mentioned a burner Twitter account that makes some accusations about him and has some screenshots of convos between you. Also just want to be very clear
Friend: - l'm not here to dispute facts or anything Just concerned for my friend and wanted to reach out to have a conversation - that's all
Me: Okay well yeah l've been trying to get those tweets down but been having a hard time getting them down
Friend: And thats much appreciated - I know that was a big concern of his. He mentioned that you were like actively reaching out to people in his circle and that shook him up a bit
Friend: And i just wanted to see what your intention here was
Friend: [just don't want things to escalate any further - for everyone's well being and stepping in to see if there's just anything that I can either help with or do to make this all end
Friend: I'm happy to convey any message you want to send him or anything like that
Though this guy does seem friendly, I don’t trust him because i don’t know him or what he’s capable of. His bio also mentions that he’s in law… so i didn’t get that best vibes from him, so am i the asshole?
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2023.05.31 23:53 kr13g1ng Ruining relationships because of doubt

So as a start, I have a mixture of BPD and Asperger's, along with extreme paranoia because of being taken advantage of by people I've been with in the past many years because I'm too desperate (so I'm just a mixture of all kinds of damaged)
I keep having the consistent issue of doubting that my partner really loves me, they barely give me attention throughout the day unless I message them first, and I feel like I have to beg for attention to get any back (it is an online relationship, but the online part never bothered me nor is the issue), and with previous relationships, even the most attentive person gets frustrated because I'm too hateful towards myself and always think they secretly don't want to be with me, ruining the relationship slowly by making them feel like I'm guilt tripping them all the time because I tell them how I feel. Feel like the relationship won't last much longer because they'll just snap and throw me away.
I got yelled at by a previous partner because I got upset that they told me that they were cheating on me, and they made it feel like it's all my fault, and even though I know it's not, my mind also tells me that if I was a more worthy partner they wouldn't have cheated in the first place, and she made me feel that way purposefully. I ruined it just because she got more and more mad and frustrated with me because I doubted that she loved me, when she wouldn't show proof otherwise, and drove her away. I've been in about 25 relationships now and I seem to drive everyone away because I'm too depressing and they don't want to help me or even be with me. The mixture of having BPD, Asperger's, and potent paranoia makes me so hard to be with because people can't handle the amount of attention I need, but all I ask is for them to give me their free time ONLY, I don't give a care in the world if they're busy with things like work, but I need their free time, but I've yet to find someone willing to, I'm very very loving and overly affectionate, but I never get the amount I give, not even close. Makes me think that the best person to date would be someone exactly like me.
Wish there was a way to forget everything that's ever happened to me, start a clean slate, I can't stop thinking about one person, it drives me crazy that I miss her so much even though she mistreated me! Every day all I think about is how I lost that one person, and I won't ever get them back, I actually lose sense of my surroundings when I think of her and I feel like I'm losing my mind.
I think I made this post too long, and already regret even saying anything (probably should've wrote in a journal or something), but I felt like trying to ask if anyone had any kind of advice on how to handle this level of just, everything. Even taking some kind of medicine to help wouldn't bother me if I had to. Too scared to get professional help because then I feel like I'm bothering the therapist by wasting their time. I guess I just needed to vent? (Was going to delete this, but decided I'll post anyway and deal with whatever consequences happen after, don't have much to lose 😒)
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