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How much of what you write each day has already been thought of or decided before you sit down to write?

2023.06.01 00:47 neosEngorgedPhallus How much of what you write each day has already been thought of or decided before you sit down to write?

I'm currently nearing the end of my 1st feature screenplay, one written with the intent on producing myself under a low budget.
It got me thinking after talking with another writer about their daily goals or what they at least set out to do each day as part of taking on a project. This writer told me that once they actually start a feature, they write as a goal, 5 pages per day but usually a little less.
I can't fathom this. Even when I'm bursting at the seams with ideas and I've prepped a project as much as it can possibly be prepped and in the throws of writing the story... 5 pages? HOW? I'd have to have to already know nearly every word I was going to use before I sat down. That kind of creativity only comes when I've had an entire day to think of what I was going to write. If not, it would be 5 pages of pure trash.
So, how much detail of what you're planning on writing is already in your heads before you write and how many pages can you do a day maintaining any kind of quality?
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2023.06.01 00:47 Coquetti My (20f) girlfriend (19f) is hanging out with her new friend more and it’s making me feel jealous, any advice?

My (20f) girlfriend (19f) is hanging out with her new friend more and it’s making me feel jealous, any advice?
My girlfriend has always had trouble making friends. Usually when she does, they stick around for a couple weeks and she moves on or they stop talking to her. I have my own friends who do enjoy her but she doesn’t want to befriend them because “they are mine”. She gets jealous when I’m around my friends or in a call, so I try to avoid it all together. I’ve attempted to leave the relationship once because my family and therapist say she’s bad for me and I wanted to focus on myself for a bit, but when I’ve tried she has threatened to hurt herself. If we break up it also means she has to move back to her home state, and sometimes I think she’s with me just to stay in this particular state. Whenever I attempt to vent to her about anything, she tells me she “can’t deal with this right now”, yet when she’s upset and wants to vent, I’m always there. She’s allowed to smash and destroy things, but I can’t even cry. I try to keep all my emotions in and avoid talking about them to her.
Recently she found a new friend (23f) and they’ve been spending a lot of time together. Like, a lot of time together. She promised me she would get a job, but is instead sitting at her friends workplace all day. I feel insecure and jealous in our relationship because she is poly (but has committed to a monogamous relationship with me) and a bit flirty with people, so when she hangs out with people I try to distract myself by going on adventures. Although she has told me she wants to be monogamous, she has also recently brought up being open to a poly relationship. Anyway, Now that the new friend is in the picture, she wants me to stay at the apartment or with my parents and just kinda wait for her to get home.
I work a lot, so the days I do have I try to spend with her. Not too long ago I took her to see a musical and have a nice dinner, and in the middle of our date she pulls out her phone and starts texting her friend, and then explains to me that she wants to go hang out. It’s all she talked about the entire dinner, and even offered to take her friend to see the musical now that she’s seen it. Okay cool, that’s ok. I’m probably going to buy her tickets for her, but if it makes her happy it makes her happy.
Yesterday I took her out to dinner again , and once we were done. It just feels like she used me for a meal before going to hang out. I try to plan fun things for us, but usually the day of she either 1. Sleeps in and cancels or 2. Hangs out with her friend. She complains about wanting to get out of the house, but when I make plans she ignores them and naps. She drives the next town over and just ignores me. She didn’t say thank you for dinner, and just kinda ditched me. Her hanging out was very last minute and I guess I felt confused and sad considering she’s going to her house today. She’s been texting her all day and talking to her all day. I feel like I just make my girlfriend miserable and that her friend is the only person who makes her feel good.
My job is near where her friend works, and she’s made it very clear to me (I mean like she literally straight up told me) that she’s only going to visit me if she is going to see her friend.
Maybe I’m overthinking it, Im cool with all her friends that she has kept in contact with, but for some reason this person makes me jealous. It feels like I’m not allowed to have friends but she is. I don’t want to hold her from hanging out or say anything because keeping her from her friend is abusive. I just wish I could spend some time with my friends or family. I feel like a little bird in a cage. I work, come home, try to spend time with her and sleep. I’m the only one in the household between us who works and does those things.
I usually just come home and call it a night. I have severe anxiety and a fear of abandonment, so being here alone is really triggering. I just need advice and some coping skills. She’s just acting strange and it’s making me feel confused and sad. I feel like she’s bored of me and I can’t give her what her friend makes her feel.
TLDR; my girlfriend is spending a lot of time with a friend of hers and I feel jealous and don’t know what to do..)
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2023.06.01 00:46 Fortains [T4A] 28 Sweden! Lover by day, Gamer by night ;)

Hello! I'm Naomi :) I'm a 28yo trans woman that loves games, movies, series and music of the harder kind! I'm semi in the closet still, with just friends online knowing who I really am as I'm waiting to start treatment
I'm kinda lost on what to write here, but I'll do my best! What I hope to find in you is someone that's loyal and loving as I've had questionable experiences in the past. I'm very easy going with what people like and don't like and I'd never force anything upon you and I expect the same in return.
Please be okay with tattoos as I've got a couple and I hope to get more in the near future as well as a piercing or two.
Humor like I'm all over the place and I can appreciate all kinds. It can be dark at times so don't be afraid to tell me off incase I say something wrong. I'm not religious in any way shape or form, but I like satanism and the occult as I feel like that's the only kind that doesn't get forced upon people.
I also have ADD diagnosed and I have a hunch that I've got more things to diagnose but only time will tell once I have the courage to actually get some help.
If there's ever any question about me then don't hesitate to ask. I might be stubborn at first but I'm like a open easy to read book with plenty in between the lines.
Please do be located in Europe as it makes things a lot easier with time zones and travel etc. But I'm willing to give anyone out there a shot.
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2023.06.01 00:45 ilovechillnarwhals Entitled teacher grades students unfairly

I (15F) knew a teacher named Ms. Snake. Please keep in mind that I was never her student but I just knew her because of my friend (Jessica). So basically, when I first met her, she immediately said: “I love you”. I was spooked out because first of all you’re not supposed to say “I love you” to someone who you just met and YOU ARE A TEACHER, you should not be saying that to random students casually. I should have known that she was love bombing, but I was so stupid and dumb at that time and I didn’t think much of it at that time. I wanted to get to know her better because back then she seemed sweet and she got along with Jessica really well. Every Monday in November and December of the year, Jessica and I hung out in her room because we had nothing else to do after school, our parents were picking us up late for reasons and Ms. Snake let us hang out in her room after school. There, the three of us talked normally and it was fine. However, at times I noticed that she would get extremely close to Jessica and me to the point where I got uncomfortable, and she violated the student-teacher boundary. However, I didn’t think much of it at that time. Also during that time she would also touch me without my consent and I got irritated but I didn’t want to say anything. I had to keep it professional. Fast forward to January of the next year and that was when I started to notice that she was sketchy and I noticed things about her that I didn’t notice back then. During January, she started being really mean to me and talked in a snarky tone. I told her that I wasn't comfortable with the emails that she was sending to me because I was paranoid that it was being monitored and she replied with: "I am not sending you anything inappropriate. What are you even talking about?" Of course that irritated me, so I distanced myself from her and went about life. After Martin Luther King Jr day, she broke the news that she broke up with her boyfriend and was saying “I know I shouldn’t be talking about my personal life, but I need to convey that news and I need emotional support”. I know that must have been hard on her and I’m sorry that she had to go through that considering that you spend the majority of class time talking about your personal life makes that statement hypocritical. I felt bad for her, but I still distanced myself from her. Two weeks later at the beginning of February, she starts guilt-tripping me. I didn’t visit her for two weeks and she got unhappy (I wonder why… but anyways) and used a sad puppy face-like tone to say that she missed me and that made me feel dumb for not visiting her for two weeks. So I visited her every day and I guess she was better then. However, in front of a portion of my English class and a couple of students she hollered “You’re a good kid, I love you” and gave me a fist bump. She did this right after a fire alarm took place. I got uncomfortable because you're not supposed to say that to a student and I am antisocial. This was also when one of my other friends (Gina) started to expose the truth about Ms. Snake to me. Gina started to tell me that Ms. Snake would grade people based on whether or not she liked them and doesn't teach the class Spanish. Earlier on when I did not know Ms. Snake, Gina would complain about Ms. Snake spending 99.9% of the period just talking about her own life. After hearing what Gina told me, I found Ms. Snake to be more sketchy. Then March came and swim season started. Jessica wanted to visit Ms. Snake after fourth period pretty much on a daily basis as of right now since our fourth periods were near her room but besides the point. We were visiting her and I told her about swimming season and she bashed swimming and complained about it. One time, when I was in first period, I heard a lot of commotion coming from her room. My first period was right next to her room and I sat near the door. One student was concerned about their grade and she pulled them outside and said that that student just needed to try harder. But the student kept saying that on one of the tests, they and their friend got the same answer on one question, but the student got marked off and the friend got marked right. She said that the student was a liar and demanded instant proof and threatened to lower their grade. I also heard another incident about a student asking her why they got an F on the final and she didn't even tell them why. Then I began to realize that her personality was like a snake. But I still visited her because I was forced to. During the first half of March, I really saw her true colors. One day in March, I was walking to the bathroom and as I happen to pass by her room, I hear a student complaining about not learning Spanish from Ms. Snake and when Ms. Snake heard it, she started crying and calling that person a bad kid. After that day, I was like, I’m leaving her. I didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. I couldn't put up with her entitlement. Honestly, for that week, I was happier since I didn’t have to deal with her toxicity anymore. A week later, Jessica wanted to visit her so I tagged along. Jessica and she were just talking and I was browsing instagram on my phone. I didn't want her to notice me but she noticed me. Then she guilt trips me again. She used the sad puppy face expression again and said that she misses me and that she looks forward to me and asks how I can betray her. Then she hugged me for an eon. I like physical touch and all but it made me uncomfortable because she would squeeze me super tight and I couldn’t breathe. She would even rub my back like crazy. It was annoying. And it’s not normal for a teacher to constantly hug students. For the next two days, I visited her because I was guilt-tripped. Then spring break came and I was able to stay away from her, thank god. The last six weeks of school are where it really hits. The next three weeks, nothing happened much other than swim season coming to an end and she got sick. However, she kept saying, "Why can't you just miss practice to help me with grading" to me. Then when she got back, she was even worse than before. She would constantly invade my privacy. I hated it… but couldn't tell her off because then she would retort back. That one day, I only went to her because my friend needed to go to her and I was honestly more comfortable just waiting outside but I was forced to come in. At that point, I wanted to sever my connection with her but didn’t because she was just going to keep guilt-tripping me and making me feel dumb. When Jessica told her that I was waiting outside, Ms. Snake said, "So Op is going to betray me, how dare she. Am I not important to her. Get her in here right now". Jessica then forced me in and forced me to interact with her. Then my Spanish teacher (Mr. Snape) assigned 50 pages of homework and she forced me to tell her. Ms. Snake then said that she was going to confront him and I said "Please don't meddle. It’s not your business". Then I accidentally spilled the fact that Mr. Snape was assigning the same thing for Spanish 2, 3, and 4 and I didn’t want her to meddle in my business. I told her not to do that and to keep it silent because it wasn't her job to meddle but she didn't listen and acted like a fake hero. MS. SNAKE DID YOU EVER LEARN TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS? She told another Spanish teacher (Ms. McGonagall) about the situation and I just got so irritated at that point. Then she forced me to say stuff that made me super uncomfortable and I just wanted to flee, so I just mumbled it and made up an excuse saying that I had something to do. But she made me tell my parents about it and complain to the school but I did not want to so I disobeyed her but I was nervous to go to school the next Monday cuz I knew she was going to guilt trip me. The next Monday, she talked to me about that shit again and she started to touch me without my consent. I got so irritated but thank god she didn’t guilt trip me again. From that point on, she started to touch me without my consent almost on a daily basis and when I told her the outcome of shit, she dismissed what I had to say. I reported everything to Gina who was the one who let me know about Ms. Snake's true personality and the truth about her class. Gina then started to tell me more about Ms. Snake's unfair grading including the part where one student who had a couple of minor mistakes on an assignment got an F which took a big toll on their grade while someone who didn't even do the assignment got an A+ on it. I even heard that Ms. Snake made fun of a teacher for being out for two weeks and assumed why and mocked the teacher. There was also a student Spanish teacher who lingers in the Spanish teacher's classrooms and when the student teacher is in Ms. Snake's room, Ms. Snake shames some of her students to the student teacher. One example of this was when someone was complaining that they weren't learning and Ms. Snake told the student teacher that she didn't care about the student and that they were going to fail the class and it was their fault. On the last week of school, it slipped out that Ms. Snake was leaving the school and that she got fired. I was relieved because it's entitled and biased people like her who are corrupting people's education and grades and those people just need to go.
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2023.06.01 00:45 Skott00 Does this joint bother anyone, or just me?

Does this joint bother anyone, or just me?
I’m mostly a 3.75” guy, and love what Hasbro is doing with the classified line, but this point of articulation really bothers me. I think it kills the near perfect ascetic Anyone else? Are there any advantages to this? I have a few SW Black Series, and they don’t have this joint…curious on your thoughts?
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2023.06.01 00:45 ObieFTG Opinions of Ritual Weapons

I decided to do a write up to talk about the Ritual weapons of D2. To be clear here, I’m talking about the proper Ritual weapons that feature the 3 ornaments for Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit, and not the handful of “Pursuit” weapons that escaped The Great Sunsetting. If you agree or disagree (or agree to disagree), let me know!
This is not a “ranking” list by the way. Just my opinions on them and how well they perform in current day. Onward!
S12- Adored: A reprised/remixed version of Beloved, which itself was a reprise of the Thousand Yard Stare sniper rifle from D1. It’s main claim to fame was its low zoom scope, which gave it excellent targeting along with its great range stats for PVP. As is the case for its kin though, it really was just a sought after PVP sniper, as there were stronger options on the PVE side of things. Nowadays, snipers aren’t particularly meta weapons in either game mode outside of the exotics, so it’s not a very strong contender. (Plus you can actually get just get a TYS from the Grasp dungeon now anyway)
S13- Salvager’s Salvo: What makes this special GL strong is the Chain Reaction perk. Up until this weapon, the perk was only featured on heavy GLs, but since this it’s now a possible roll on swords as well as other special GLs. The advantage of this however is that it’s a static roll that can be pulled from the Monument Kiosk as opposed to hoping for RNG to be kind. It still can be effective for add clear and spike damage, even though there are lots of new options out there thanks to Light 3.0 and newer weapon perks.
S14- Null Composure: The same things that applied to Salvo also apply here to Null, with the difference being the perk of Reservoir Burst as opposed to Chain Reaction. It’s a perk exclusive to fusions, of which this was the first to feature it, and again, it’s attainable without the need to pray to RNGesus. Also, it’s still a relevant Void weapon in the current sandbox, even with competition like the craftable Likely Suspect fusion.
S15- Ascendancy: At this point is where in hindsight I see that many of the pursuit weapons are the litmus test of perks that would eventually become regularly available on future weapons of the same type. In Ascendancy’s case, that Explosive Light, which now can roll on Heavy GLs as well as Rocket Launchers. It’s outdone in terms of raw power by the focusable Hothead though, but it can still hold its own in the current game.
S16- Reckless Endangerment: I love the look of this shotgun…and I really wanted to love this shotgun, but compared to other offerings, the combination of its archetype and mid-tier perks really hurt it. Had they shipped it with a combo of One-Two, Trench or Opening Shot instead of Steady Hands and Swashbuckler, we’d be still talking about it being one of the best legendary shotties in the game. As it stands now, it’s forgettable.
S17- Chain Of Command: As exciting as it was to have a Stasis heavy that wasn’t a GL…Chain of Command is another forgettable pursuit weapon. It does offer some interesting synergy with the Osmosis perk though, so you could use it in a Stasis/Other damage Surge scenario, but…you’d probably opt to use a more potent heavy weapon that thin in most cases. Vorpal Weapon was a perk already in the game when this shipped, and interestingly enough, they didn’t feature it on here. Fast forward to now, and you have Target Lock, which is even better than Vorpal so long as you don’t miss shots. There’s really no reason to run this.
S18- Cry Mutiny: The only real reason you’d run this is because it has Incandescent. But even with that perk, there are other more effective ways to get Scorch stacks and ignitions with your Solar subclasses. It’s still good for additive effect, but it’s definitely not going to be your go-to high damage source in Solar surge scenarios (unless it’s Overcharged).
S19- Veles-X: Now this…this was a game changer. The first primary pursuit weapon since they did away with Pinnacle weapons…and it ended up being really, really good. Solid perk combos for both PVE (Repulsor Brace/Golden Tricorn) and PVP (Tunnel Vision/Kill Clip) make this one of the best primary weapons in the game. Works well with nearly any Void build you can think of, and when you get Kill Clip going in PVP you can actually ONE BURST low Resilience Guardians. It’s cracked.
S20- Ecliptic Distaff: There are way too many glaives on offer in the game now, and they don’t really offer a lot of pop aside from Titans running Snythoceps, but this one has something the others don’t…Destabilization Rounds, the new offensive Void perk. That alone makes it a strong add clear weapon for Void surges and Void builds in general, but aside from that it’s not really breaking any new ground.
S21- Last Rite: Call it Baby DMT if you like…but this scout rifle offers versatility that even its exotic big brother and its Arc cousin Long Arm lack. They basically took the best non-damage perks you can have on a scout rifle and threw them into one package. As of this writing I haven’t acquired it, but I know for sure I’m going to put some miles on this bad boy.
All in all, most of the Pursuit weapons have been bypassed in terms of utility and relevance thanks in equal parts by better weapons and perks becoming available, as well as the Light 3.0 reworks. The standouts however are the two primaries. Those are going to remain work horse weapons for as long as the game persists, especially for those who like their archetypes. I hope we get more of them in the future.
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2023.06.01 00:44 angryscotsman34 [S] [USA-IN] Two Lens Sale - Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 50mm F/2 M-Mount & Nikon PC-E Micro 85mm f/2.8

Prices are net to me i.e. includes shipping and PayPal G&S fees.
Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 50mm F/2 M-Mount - $850
Lens in near perfect shape with the only sign of wear being two minuscule paint wear spots on the side knurling. The lens hood has been dented so it's no longer a perfect round shape but of course does not effect the lens nor photo taking in any way. Comes with caps, hood, and original boxes.

Nikon PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D - $700
Great condition with the exception of some slight damage to the lens hood ring. Has no effect on anything, lens hood stays on front and backward and snaps in place as intended. Gears are great and smooth to use. Comes with caps, case, and hood.
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2023.06.01 00:44 WinSomeLoseSomeWin Saluting Folks dealing with Slacker Folks

Well, my 24th year ended today - all high school and same district. The year ended much more on upswing than I would have anticipated back in January. It is astonishing when I finally accept that some high level employees are known by nearly all to do a poor job and that is because folks above them allow it even though it is damaging to the folks below (and students).
It reminds me a bit of teachers who, from their first year, show they are using it as a stepping stone to get into Admin and then suck up the Admin job ladder. These teachers don't do what is best for students and fellow teachers, just what makes them look good for that year or two (making numbers and promises).
So for all the folks out there who have some crappy Admin folks who are allowed to be crappy (because of whatever reason)... I SALUTE YOU!!!
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2023.06.01 00:44 throwaway16392658 I wish there were more femboys near me... I feel so alone out here.

Not really sure where else to put this but yeah, I'm a 29 year old femboy whos been looking in my area for another femboy to cuddle and be with for a while now, and my area just feels so dead. Its the Midwest, so unless you're near a big city like st Louis or Kansas city or Chicago you're pretty much screwed, and spoiler, I don't live anywhere near those places. It doesn't help that I'm also poly which slims the dating pool down a good bit, so there's no telling if I would even mesh well with another femboy even if I did meet them... ugh.
I'm just depressed about it I guess. Not tryna creep, not tryna slide into anyone's DMs or arrange meet ups or anything. But man, I get so jealous sometimes seeing all the adorable feminine presenting peeps on my main page, or in the discord servers im in, and knowing that I can't ever even have a chance to meet them... it just hurts to think about. I might have to take a break from all of this tbh, its just bringing me down lower the more I see and think about it. Idk, thanks for reading and stuff, imma go be sad now. <3
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2023.06.01 00:44 iconicweb Unleash Your Online Store's Potential: E-commerce SEO Solution

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2023.06.01 00:44 WaxMyRear To Men: Dating Market Gotten Worse -- Even In The Past 6 Months?

For the guys out there, I'm in DC and I know generally speaking that statistically, online dating has been getting more and more skewed in favor of Chad and the very top 5%. Most recent statistic I've read is that for men the top 20% get all of the matches, the top 10% get most of the matches, and if you're in the top 4.5% most women will message you first. I know at least historically by this metric, I've been in the top 10% for a long while now, but definitely never the top 5%. Very attractive women very infrequently message me first--maybe once a month. In the past, I could match with 7's and go out & meet without much trouble / any day of the week, go out with 8's moderately often, 9's have been rare but I've had a decent number of dates with them over the years, and have only gone out with 3-4 women that I would say are anywhere near a 10 or objectively a 10. I'd put myself at an 8.5-9 on a looks scale and am 5' 9". Nowadays though, in spite of being in insanely good shape--the best in my life by a lot, better off financially, and no less confident than I've ever been I've been going on fewer and fewer dates, getting fewer and fewer matches, and fewer women that actually put any effort into meeting. Not sure if the DC market is changing, or if this is a global phenomenon, or if I just need to change something or if maybe my mindset has changed and I haven't realized it yet. What has your experience been?
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2023.06.01 00:43 AppropriateMango11 Heartbroken and frustrated

We did everything with him. Started training right away as a puppy. Tried a million kinds of treats since he wouldn’t take a majority of them. Worked to desensitize him to everything in the book. Brushed him daily. Took him to the groomers. Spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on training. Tried Prozac with some success but not nearly enough. And yet, here we are.
God, so love this little dog. He’s so fun and cuddly and affectionate 95% of the time. The other 5% I’m terrified of him (despite him being 10 lbs). It’s like a switch flips in his brain and he can no longer control himself. He’s not there- he’s in this crazy aggression mode for no reason (or a very slight reason). My phone falls? Time to be aggressive and bite anyone who dares come near. I brush something from the couch when I think he isn’t around? He’s sprinting to bite me. I smooth out my sheets? I can’t move for 30 minutes otherwise I’ll be attacked. He’s decided biting is his only option despite us doing our best to respect his signals. He will no longer allow brushing. We cant predictably or reliably leash him. We can’t blow our noses. All because of that 5%. I just can’t take it anymore.
Our vet today said there isn’t much else we can do for him and talked about surrendering to a rescue. I’m at a loss. I just want the dog I trained. I hate that his brain does this. I’m just so sad.
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2023.06.01 00:43 Relative_Practice_93 Can someone who is on your lease file a restraining order against you for contacting them about a lease and bills?

I had signed a lease with someone who left the apartment 3 weeks into the 12 month contract. They told me they were going to see their mom and would come back. It turns out they lied and never had any intention of returning. They didn't find a roommate to take their space on the lease and they stopped paying their share. She refused to go to the landlord to have her name removed and so the apartment was left under both our names on the rent contract.
I contacted her many times on various social media and from various numbers to try to resolve the lease issue and bills that were under her name. She always would respond to all conversations about the lease with verbal abuse. I have screenshots of all her aggressive and threatening messages. On two occasions she threatened a harassment suit / a restraining order (I'm not really sure which, she wasn't clear on it) because she wanted me to stop blowing up her phone. Now I realize I should've let the issue be and its been nearly a year since I've spoken to / reached out to her about anything. I am just wondering if at the time she would have grounds for a harassment suit or restraining order? None of my contact was aggressive or threatening, it was always about some issue about the lease and bills or information I needed from her.
I ended up paying the rent myself for 12 months as I wasn't able to find a roommate to take her space on the lease. She also has contacted myself and my friends on various occasions after making the threats about legal action against me. I tried to reclaim the rent through small claims court back in February 2022 but her dad threatened me with lawyers so I decided not to and accept the loss and pay back my family who helped me pay her share. This issue has just been stressing me a lot lately as it was the first time I wasn't living in a college dorm or at my parents and had no idea the proper way to handle things when someone bails on a lease and bills without paying or making other arrangements.
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2023.06.01 00:43 ExtensionPay3068 Someone pls tell me I’m gonna be alright

I was exercising hard and sweating a lot in the heat. I started to feel pvcs near th end of my workout which made me stop. However my heart rate has been around 100 and I’m still getting so many pvcs. I’m so scared I’m gonna die rn pls tell me I’m gonna be alright. My quads are twitching as well. Idk why they just randomly started but I’m scared asf.
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2023.06.01 00:43 acrane433 Infinite: Respawn Logic

Can someone clarify how Respawning works in Infinite and make it make sense?
For 4 games straight I kept spawning by the enemy team and getting killed in under 4 seconds while both my entire team and the entire enemy team were on the complete opposite sides of the map.
Wouldn’t it make sense to just spawn me near my team? Wtf?
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2023.06.01 00:42 Officialtrashgoblin Incoming transfer... where do I live?

I have just paid my deposit to secure my space as a transfer for fall '23.
I have a cat and really don't want to share a kitchen/bathrooms so living in a 1 bedroom/studio is my ideal, however, who can afford over $2k for that?
I currently reside in LA and pay 1.5k for an AMAZING studio (around 600sqft), I know I won't find what I have now when I move to Boston, but is my search hopeless?
I've been searching on the BU housing website, but I don't have a student email yet so I can't contact landlords and I do not want roommates and most of those listings are to join 1-5 people.
I have an option in Newton, but the commute is 1 hour by transit and 20 min by car and I really don't know if that commute is a good idea.
My bf may move in eventually, but I am not relying on the possibility of splitting rent with him.
TLDR: Help me find a studio/1 bedroom near BU that is under $2k
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2023.06.01 00:42 Deathcounter0 Why do they remove accolades BB every match?

In the most recent Video, Crytek (or rather its Franchise Manager) announced, among other things, that there will no longer be Rewards from playing matches with the next patch (1.13).
Let me present the case:
Hunt is in the silver tier of the "Best of 2022" Steam Showcase. There, Steam puts games into tiers from Platin to Bronze. The games are place based on Top Gross income. Since we do not have exact numbers we can only put them in perspective:
Hunt made more income in the year 2022 than games like Terraria, BF 2042, Path of Exile, The Witcher and many more (see links above). A lot of these games are not unknown to most ears.
So? What is this money spent on?
Let's have a look:
We have servers that on average run on 30 ticks, so overly simplified, the server is doing calculations in 30 FPS. In Comparison, 128 tick servers are present in Valorant and CS:GO, which is an unrealistic expectation, but atleast 60 Hz or 30 Hz while loading in all Mobs in an idle state should be possible in 2023. Granted, the servers need to calculate a lot of A.I movement but the term "Hunt servers" is already put up in a negative light.
Anti-Cheat and Cheater consequences:
Quite frankly, it's awful. With stories like this, this and this really giving the impression that Crytek is not even permabanning cheaters, or do not act on soft cheaters.
Furthermore, Easy Anti Cheat, Epic Games' Anti-Cheat service is free for game developers. Data Security and Internet Privacy concerns aside (Tencent), the last news blog on cheating was about 3 years ago. We do not know when the last EAC update was either. I can't help but feel that this cat and mouse game has a cat napping near the stove.
Removal of BB Rewards for the Tutorial:
With the introduction of the new Tutorial, the BB Rewards from the previous "Tutorial" was scrapped entirely from 250 BB to 0. While it was reduced 2 years prior from 800 BB to 250 BB. That little change somehow didn't make into the patch notes but I am sure it just wasn't worth mentioning.
New Patches bringing new bugs:
From the Lemat Bug, to the Reload Bug, to the floating tools Bug and Hunt servers not being able to count reserve ammo or how many throwing knives/axes you picked up. Yes, we are getting there, and yes some get fixed. But it is pointless when 5 bugs are fixed per patch, and 5 new ones take their place.
This patch alone we had:
FPS drops when closing the map (quite noticeable when playtesting don't you think)
Weapon Holster on saddles dropping your main weapon when canceling (Weapons are exchanged in almost every game from downed hunters, why is this bugged?)
Completely unrelated to any changes: Hornskin somehow takes away any blunt damage reduction from your teammates, making you oneshot from Winnie Cen. Trauma or Hammers.
Saddle Bags previously were able to give you 5 consumables with Packmule, now it was "fixed", and instead of giving you 5 consumables, it just removes 1 consumable (from a consumables that has 2 charges) - They are, after all, toolboxes that have a different item pool.
An Saddle Bags sometimes not appearing for every Player.
The last social media post about the Q & A Team playtesting Hunt was in 2019, I hope they are still doing good :)
Battle Passes get cheaper:
Let's see if they have the same amount of Quality and Levels as previous Passes. Also to do the math: To get 1000 Blood Bonds, you would need to play 50x20 - 20 consecutive Weeks, which is like 5 months to get a Battle Pass which is free to play.
New content:
Yes, I can't leave that one out, if I want to be fair. Good content is good and nice, and necessary to increase player count and player retention. However, what Hunt needs right now is QoL features and improvement of existing systems (and don't try to fix systems that already work fine *cough* up and downstair sounds and MMR system). Hunt needs an operation Health and I hope this goes hand in hand with the announced Cryengine update.
Did I forget anything? I mean they added Charms, and Charm rarity shortly after - so that's nice for Crytek. I kinda wished we would have seen those changes mentioned in the dev stream so chat could have Q & A with the devs afterwards, but a seperate video is also one way to do it.
Please, don't remove BB rewards for playing the game, for engaging with the game so that those who do do indeed buy BB and DLCs have (same skilled) enemies to play against. This change is extremly anti-customer and punishes players that play the game daily and regulary. Those who make up most of your player numbers.
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2023.06.01 00:42 Minstrelofthedawn Howdy, all!!

Hey there! I don’t have anything of much substance to say (I could write a whole essay about how The Orion Songbook has been an important album to me, but I won’t do that just now)—I’m just real excited to have a spot to share things about Fruckus with people other than my family and friends (who largely do not care what I have to say).
I’m very excited for the new album, and I’m hoping that the band stops in or near New Jersey if they tour to promote it.
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2023.06.01 00:42 EthylMertz Is this an eagle feather?

Is this an eagle feather?
This feather was near an eagles nest. Is it an eagle feather? I know it's illegal for me to possess anything from an eagle so I didn't take it, but moved it to deeper brush so others might not make that mistake. I was just curious if it was eagle or perhaps a goose feather.
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2023.06.01 00:42 girl_from_the_crypt Stuck on earth and looking for a job: Olms and Jewels

Coming face to face with people in suits always makes me hyper-aware of how badly I dress. Since I knew I was going to meet up with Mary Markov today, I intentionally put some more effort into my appearance. I picked out a pressed shirt to wear over my leggings. Since it was far too big for me, I threw my wide yellow belt into the mix. Thus satisfied, I called up Elijah Carter and asked whether he wanted to come along. He agreed readily enough so I had him pick me up and drive us over to Mary's office. It was nowhere near the hospital and not in the vicinity of her news channel headquarters either. It was located in a slate gray concrete building that was quite confusing to look at.
No outside observer could have mistaken it for a residential house, for there was hardly a less homely or comfortable place imaginable. It was utterly repellent in its rough, dreary nature. It couldn't have belonged to some kind of business either, though. There were no marked parking spaces for employees, no signs or advertisements. Altogether, it reminded me of something out of a cheap or unfinished video game.
"Sketchy," Eli remarked, eyeing the slab of concrete with a similar lack of enthusiasm. "Looks almost abandoned. How weirdly fitting for a semi-secret government operation."
I nodded. The warm air had taken me by surprise and I found the weight of my jacket suffocating, so I took it off to leave in the car. "What is it?" I asked, noticing the way Elijah squinted at my outfit.
"What are you wearing?"
"You don't say." He snorted. "Looking kinda funny there, Shirley."
"I look professional," I corrected him.
"I suppose." He grinned to himself. "Depends on the profession, though."
We rang the bell and a highly official-looking security guard let us in through the heavy double doors after confirming that Mary Markov was expecting us. He gave the necessary directions, sending us down several flights of stairs. The better part of the building was in fact underground, like with an iceberg. Eli made a remark about how it'd be safer if outsiders weren’t allowed to roam the place by themselves. It seems to be a habit of his to vaguely analyze and point out flaws in the structures of government institutions. Then again, maybe it's just flaws in general he's fascinated with.
Upon arriving outside Mary's office, we were called inside to find her sitting behind her desk. She lifted her head, giving us a polite, if cold, smile. "Good morning. You're on time. Wonderful."
"Would you please give me an honest appraisal of my outfit?" I asked.
The newsreader frowned in confusion, her eyes briefly roaming my form. "You put effort into your appearance today," she concluded. "It's appreciated."
"Wait, what do you mean today?" I inquired.
"Note also how she did not actually answer your question," Elijah added.
I huffed, flinging myself into one of the chairs in front of Mary's desk. Eli sat down beside me, folding his hands in his lap and leaning back. "Thanks for letting me come with Shirley," he told her.
"Naturally. I assume you're her emotional support human." Mary Markov's lips curled slightly. "At any rate, you had contact with the Collective yourself, so this does concern you. As far as I'm concerned, it can't hurt having an ex-cop in the mix, anyways. Despite the regrettable reasons you had for leaving the force."
Elijah's brows lowered, the muscle in his pronounced jaw twitching. "How do you know about that?"
Mary looked innocent. "It's very important that I'm fully informed, of course. Don't worry. We don't need to go into it, and I don't judge you, either. The effect the incident at that highschool had on you is completely understandable."
"I didn't ask for your assessment." My friend's voice had sharpened. "Can we move on from this?"
"Of course." If the sudden shift in tone had rattled the agent, she wasn't letting it on. Sifting through the neat stack of papers on her desk, she pulled out a thin brown file which she slid over to me. "Miss Shirley, you remember the female member of the Collective we took into custody? She has already been questioned by the local police. Unfortunately, I don't have the authority to lead such an interrogation, but I was present for it and I want you to have this transcript."
I perked up and began leafing through the folder.
"You may take that with you to read in peace," Mary told me. "But don't expect too much, lest you'll be sorely disappointed. The girl hardly said anything at all. The most helpful information she gave us was a name she kept referencing. Jewel. At first, we thought it was a sort of code word, but it seems to be what the other person she was with calls themself."
“Jewel,” I echoed.
“Sadly enough, that’s all we have. We’ve never provided our services to anyone of their physical description. There are a couple clues, but they don’t amount to anything helpful. There’s the fact that you met them at a convenience store with relatively high prices. Maybe I’m just grasping at straws, but that could indicate a cushy financial situation. On top of that, the store is rather far away from here, so they might be an out-of-towner. They also might be able to influence the way others perceive them, considering the way they seemed to hypnotize you in the woods merely by holding eye contact.”
“How come they couldn’t do anything to Frank Preston?”
Mary Markov twinkled at me. “They couldn’t? Huh. That rather intrigues the philosopher in me. Jewel works through eye contact and it is said that the eyes are the window to the soul.” She cocked her head at me.
“Are you saying Blondie doesn’t have a soul?” Eli asked, raising a skeptical brow. “Is this one of those Plato-Schopenhauer-whatevers?”
The newsreader shrugged artfully, watching my reaction. “We could discuss this for hours on end. I only meant to draw attention to the implied distinction between an organically born entity and a being who was originally an inanimate object.”
“I beg your pardon?” I said slowly.
“Oh, nevermind; that’s neither here nor there.” Her tone told me that she did, in fact, consider it to be both here and there. Not wanting to go further into this with her, I made a mental note to ask Frankie later.
“There’s more,” I added, trying to gently prepare her for what I was about to say. “I want to get Kit Sutton back.”
Mary’s lips thinned. “Excuse me?”
“I don’t mean for the town to get flooded in the process. I think we can find a solution to help her, if we work together. I’m convinced we can figure something out, but I don’t believe in abandoning her anymore. Which is essentially what we’re doing if we leave her to her fate.”
“You do realize what you’re asking of me? Your former roommate isn’t some kind of minor water spirit. Her father appears to hold tremendous power over the seas, or at the very least our part of it. He has countless similarly dangerous individuals at his service so he might be considered a ruler of sorts, if not a deity.”
“So Kit’s the little mermaid, basically?” Elijah asked, equal parts joking and genuinely intrigued.
Mary grinned an actual, amused grin. “I must ask you to take this seriously, Mr Carter.”
“I am!” he chuckled, raising his hands. “I swear.”
“Anyways, Miss Shirley, the point you make is an individualistic one, but I see why you’re invested in the girl’s fate. I want to help, I do… But we need to proceed with caution. If you can suggest to me some kind of sensible approach, then I’ll do what I can. That’s all the promises I can make at the moment.”
I thanked her and got up, Eli following me as I headed for the door. “Miss Shirley,” Mary called out and I stopped, turning back around to face her. “If you like my style, we could perhaps meet up to go shopping sometime? I could show you some quality stores. It wouldn’t be anytime soon since I’m currently swamped, but I figure—well, just in case you might like to.”
I nodded. “That sounds pleasant enough.”
She smiled brightly and waved us out the door. “Excellent. I’ll be in touch.”
Back inside the car, I tossed the file onto the backseat to read later. “Would you like to go to the beach?” I suggested.
“Why not. Wait, is this for a stroll and ice cream or do you want to kickstart the mermaid-rescue-operation?”
“I can’t see why it shouldn’t be both,” I replied comfortably. “We’ll need to take your flashlight, though.”
"You know I don't like getting myself into trouble unless it's paid."
"Yes, but you also find me endearing and want to protect me from danger, which you can only do by accompanying me."
"You're a terrifying tentacle beast from another dimension. I don't know that I'm all that scared for your safety," he grunted.
I gave him an affronted look. "You have now hurt my feelings."
"Have I?"
"Plenty, but I'll forgive you if you come with me."
Elijah Carter sighed deeply but started driving anyway. I let my arm dangle out of the open window, allowing the warming spring air to wash over my skin. The closer we got to the shore, the stronger the scent of salt mixed into the breeze. The cries of seagulls became audible over the sounds of the road and the streaming wind and was finally joined by the crashing of waves when we pulled into a parking spot and got out of the car. Taking along the heavy duty flashlight he always kept in the passenger seat footwell, I led Eli to the mouth of the cave, explaining what Nettie and I had seen along the way. He looked commendably calm, simply turning on the torch and entering alongside me.
The tunnels were just as damp, dim and quiet as the last time. Before long, we had reached the spacious canyon room with the lake at the bottom. "I want to go across and see if there's anything important in the rest of the grotto back there," I reminded him. "Please hold on to your bearings."
"I'm not repeating your mistakes," he replied gamely. "What do you think? This oughta be connected to the ocean somehow." He let the beam of the torch roam the mirror-like surface of the lake. It seemed almost deceptively quiet. My eyes followed the lengthy stone ledge. Eli stepped close, and after receiving a nod of approval, he grabbed me around the waist and hoisted me onto the rocky protrusion. I straightened up, instantly pressing my back against the wall. A wave of nausea hit me as I glanced at the water below. "Chill," Elijah muttered, climbing after me with ease. "Nothing will happen. You're not gonna fall."
I merely shook my head. "You didn't see what's down there."
"And I won't, because we'll be careful," he answered steadfastly.
I started walking, the warm light of the torch upon my back, illuminating the path ahead. The shelf narrowed as we reached the end. I swiftly clambered down, relieved to place my feet on wider, solid ground once more. Now looking over the lake from the other side, it had an entirely different feel to it. It seemed darker somehow, but also less big—I attributed it to the change in perspective. We were standing in a cramped little nook with two passageways leading off into separate directions behind us. Elijah Carter eyed them pensively. “Which do you reckon?”
I pursed my lips. “The right one. Because it’s right.”
“Makes sense.”
We proceeded into the passage, the tight space pushing us closer together. He had to duck his head, uncomfortably hunching his shoulders, and for once, I was grateful for my own short stature. The corridor seemed to go on forever. The darkness and silence created a feel of unnatural solitude, and for more than once, I got the distinct impression that I must have jumped dimensions again. It was as though Elijah and I were enclosed in some kind of bubble, cut off from everything outside; a place where time was a foreign concept and the only sun was our flashlight. Needless to say, I was distinctly uneasy. I allowed myself to lean back, brushing against Eli’s chest whenever I could. Eventually, I cleared my throat.
“Could you touch me?”
“Just so I still know you’re there.”
His palm came to rest on my shoulder, his thumb digging into one of the tense, painfully rigid muscles of my upper back, forcing it to soften. “Good?”
“Yes, thank you.”
He hummed. “You’re scared.”
“Me, too.”
This caused my resolve to falter. “Maybe we should turn around after all,” I said quietly. “Who knows how much longer—”
I perked up. Before us, the tunnel grew wider, opening into a large, spacious room. We picked up our pace, tackling the remaining distance in a light jog, and finally found ourselves standing in another hall. The beam of light traveled the floor and high walls, revealing a sight that took our breath away. We were standing in front of another lake, only slightly smaller than the last. The water glittered in violet hues and strange, pale plants climbed up the walls, some of them looking rather like starfish. Multiple rocky protrusions formed an almost complete bridge across its middle. With a bit of light climbing, we'd undoubtedly be able to get to the other side. Wordlessly, Elijah Carter swung himself up onto the platform closest to the edge of the water, pulling me up after him. The flashlight switched hands a couple times as we maneuvered ourselves along.
Soon, we reached the middle of the lake. I risked a glance at the water below. All was still and perfectly quiet. Eli was about to take on the next rock when suddenly, I felt something heavy and gooey drip onto my head from above. I flinched, then slowly pointed the torch up to the ceiling. My stomach dropped. My throat had turned paper-dry, and I frantically tugged on Eli’s arm. He tipped his head back, following my pointing finger. His eyes blew wide and his face fell.
There was a creature clinging to the high walls, its pale, enormous body describing a streamline curve as it pressed itself against the hollowed stone. The closest thing I can compare it to would be a sort of olm, except probably a hundred times larger. Its snout looked large enough to swallow either of us whole. It hung open, secreting a thick fluid that slowly dripped down to hit the rocks or create ripples upon the water. Its blind eyes seemed to be trained on us, and I could spot tiny, sharp teeth lining its maw. It wasn’t moving, not even an inch, but somehow, I knew it was aware of us.
I looked up at Elijah, the panic in his eyes mirroring mine. Both of us had freezed up mid-motion, not daring to take another step. My mind was running wild; I was thinking feverishly. We’d have to turn around for sure, but how? The olm was already highly alert, if we were to start scrambling back to solid ground, it would undoubtedly hear us straight away. Eli looked equal parts terrified and furious, and I could tell he was scolding himself for not thinking to check the entirety of the room before proceeding across the lake. I could understand the sentiment, we’d definitely made a grave mistake. I figured it had been the misleading beauty of the cave hall that had taken our edge off. Glancing over into the direction we’d come from, I found myself wishing to be back in the endless dark corridor. The entrance to the passage seemed miles away.
The olm lifted a three-toed foot, shifting its massive form to a lower spot on the wall. It was taking a tentative step towards us, extending its snout as its body bent into our direction. Elijah had grabbed onto my arm, his fingers clamping around it like a vice. He stayed silent and unmoving, but he held my gaze with clear, sharp eyes.
“Don’t move,” I mouthed, and he gave me a curt nod.
Slowly, I reached around to push my shirt out of the way of my unfurling tentacles. Elijah took a quiet step back to make room for my changing form, something of a resolute expression settling on his face. I opened my mouth, relieved when my teeth acted according to my will and elongated. I didn’t know to what extent I would be able to defend against this absolute giant of an amphibian, but at least it would give us a chance. I took a deep breath, trading glances with Eli once more before darting off to the side, bounding onto the platform next to our current one. Elijah followed suit, grabbing onto one of the limbs I extended to him for support. Despite the swiftness of our movements, we were anything but quiet, and the olm reacted in an instant. It slithered down from the wall, sinking into the lake below to make its way to the rocks we were standing on. As we headed for the next stone, it darted out of the water, splashing wildly as its snout breached the surface. Its jaws snapped at us, missing me by a mere foot as I jumped across the gap between the protrusions. Droplets flew as the creature dropped once more, but instead of retreating, it swam around the platform. Its massive, snake-like body was bobbing up and down as it circled us.
“Oh fuck,” Elijah breathed, his chest heaving. “Keep going! Move, move!”
I took a short running start, then flung myself onto the next rock, using my extra limbs to land safely. I then helped him cross again. The olm rose from the depths of the lake once again, and I lashed at it with one of my tentacles, hitting it on the snout and forcing it to dive underwater again. We kept working our way back towards the other side of the lake, slipping and sliding as we went. The water surrounding us seemed to hum with unrestrained energy, the white salamander’s tail whipping up waves and splashing around. We were finally getting close to solid ground again, or at least it looked like we were for a moment. That’s when the creature took a massive leap, draping itself over the final stepping stone, effectively blocking our path.
“Shit,” Eli hissed beside me as we came to a skittering halt.
I’d have to try and fight this thing. There was no way around it now. I clenched my sweat-laced palms into fist, trying to slow my rapid, shallow breaths. I can do this, I said to myself. All I’d have to do is send it back into the lake for long enough so we could run back into the tunnel. There was no way the olm would fit through the passage—once we were in there, we’d be relatively safe. I stared at the dripping, writhing animal; stared at its bared needle teeth, and the less hopeful, more realistic part of my brain told me that I would, indeed, probably not be able to do this. Just as I was contemplating the degree of our screwed-ness, an unseen someone called out from behind us. I didn’t understand a word they were saying, but I recognized the language, and more importantly, the voice.
It was bright as a bell, girlish but with a rough, warm edge. Even before I could turn to face her, I knew who it was.
The gigantic amphibian perked up at the sound, lowering its head and withdrawing into the murky depths with a splash. Elijah Carter let go of a long-held breath, dropping his shoulders before tensing up again, realization setting in. He shot me a look of utter disbelief.
“Wow,” the newcomer spoke up again, this time not in the tongue of the deep ones. “You two have to be actually crazy or something to show up here.”
2: deadbeat roommate
3: creepy crush
4: relocation
5: beach concert
6: First date
7: Temp work
8: roommate talk
9: a dismal worldview
10: warehouse
11: staircase
12: explanation
13: hurt
14: hospital
15: ocean
16: diner
17: government work
18: something in the caves
19: shopping cart
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2023.06.01 00:42 AlonsyGeronimo TIFU and now I can't go back to my fave chinese restaurant

Ok, so this might seem insignificant but i'm genuinely upset about it. Before I tell the story I have to give a lot of background. I am mortified. THIS ISNT BRAGGING This is mortifying. I'll try to make it interesting. I'm gonna preface this saying I'm not that good looking, but I used to be. This becomes relevant (i think). So, I've been going to this Chinese restaurant my whole life and the owner's son is roughly my age, so he's always been there. This dude is very very cute and is also charming in the sweet, charasmatic way. The duality that he sounds both shy & confident at the same time. I DIGRESS... So, as usual I place my family's take-out order over the phone. Like usual, he sort of changes the way he talks when he recognizes my voice (also, guilty) & after a quick agreement that dumplings are the best, call over. We usually have a bit of small-talk and always end up talking about some random topic that continues for 3-5 minutes after I cash-out unless they're busy. I am aware that I can't help but be slightly open book. There's been a spark & subtlety the kind that doesnt go anywhere and i wasn't... well I'm still not entirely sure the attraction is mutual & I don't flirt on purpose. I don't even know if we have much in common, but he always puts me in a better mood. He's super nice.
But now I can't ever return. I don't remember the last time I embarrassed myself this bad. I am a slob when I go in there. I am not conventionally attractive. I'm nearly 30 and significantly fluffy, so I'm not most skinny guy's type. Imo I'm not very good but some people say otherwise. Beside the point.
I walk in for pick up a bit disappointed to see he isn't working register, the newer older white dude is. Yadda yadda and then I see him walking in from the back up through the visible kitchen where he is cook today till he gets to the edge of the kitchen and front. So, I said a bit loudly, "not working the front today?" & he steps forward a wee bit to say nah and exchange hellos but The cashier pipes up saying "See Man! I'm always telling my man he should be up here and not me, he's got the face for it not like me." Cook boy returns to tasks. And flustered I said "ey you win some you lose some" & then realized I just called him ugly. I said "no offense!" As if that wasn't making it worse. I got more fog headed & he said something about asians being more attractive, and I kinda cringed cuz it sounded pretty racia offensive. Whatever he saw on my face while I said 'uhh' he replied LOUDLY with, "You can't seriously tell me that you dont think HE is attractive!?" And my BIG MOUTH said "Well I'm not gonna say THAT, but it's not because he's asian." The way I said it made it sound as... well. I might as well have said it outright. Cook boys' head snaps round to look our direction and I TURN ON MY HEELS HIGH TAILING IT OUT with a wave and a "see ya" and I hear the cashier say, "see! I told you."
My face was beat freaking red I was sweating chest beating and thinking "What did I just do and why do I care this much???" Thank goodness they couldn't see.
BUT If he ever did ask me out, which now, if he wanted to, he would next time. I wouldn't have any choice but to say no, which would make me feel so guilty & actually disappointed... & I'd be too ashamed to go back.THIS BEING SAID if I was available I would be OBVIOUS about flirting instead of trying to hide it and I would've asked him out already (I'm bold at this age). But i'm in a (albiet not happy) relationship. As long as I'm someones gf, I can't go around giving out my number ofc.
So now I can't return. I practically called him beautiful to his face! I'm so mad at myself. It is entirely my fault for ever getting too comfortable to begin with & with a bf I should have been more careful. So, yeah. Sorry if my mortification wasn't interesting enough but i'm really upset.
TL;DR: I accidentally told the cashier he is fugly and I'm into the cooks' looks and he heard me say it. So I can't go back to my lifelong favorite restaurant.
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2023.06.01 00:41 PAM111 Açaí Bowl

How many times do we have to hear Chad proudly proclaim he doesn't know how to pronounce or describe what is in an Açaí bowl. It's an indigenous dish of Hawaii that "normies" have enjoyed for decades.
It's a fruit smoothie in a bowl. What is so contrived or scary about that? Scary as onions or horseradish sauce?
Then follow that up with "the barista thanked me for ordering a black coffee in my American flag cutoff shirt and the cafe exploded with applause..." and I nearly had to turn the episode off.
You're a fat redneck. You don't need to call attention to it. We know.
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