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I am so lost (sad rant about bad doctors)

2023.06.06 07:55 icecreammoon I am so lost (sad rant about bad doctors)

I can't get in to see a neurologist (which I desperately need) without a referral from my GP who is the most unhelpful unwilling person- I just don't know what to do. I moved to Utah from NY to get to a healthier home environment (which has helped my allergies & asthma improve slightly) but not enough to be able to live decently. I really need help, my quality of life is so low I can hardly do anything each day- maybe one task a day if I'm lucky.
***I have diagnosed narcolepsy (was diagnosed when I was around 17, I'm 30 now. 17 is the age ALL my health got worse.
I also have diagnosed chronic allergic asthma which is extremely unpredictable and is my main problem aside from Narcolepsy, I cannot breathe well on a good day and on a bad day I'm in the hospital. I went to National Jewish Hospital in Denver to try and get help with my crazy asthma and allergies and they were not only useless but they were dismissive of all of my issues and they made it clear that did not have any desire to help me. This is the second time I've tried to get help at "the best hospital in the world for asthma" and that just isn't the case. They really are garbage, they do not set up a team for you like they say they will, they do not give you any help with resources or staff or anything. You're supposed to have a manager person who helps you with the process- I never saw mine (even though I looked for her and called her several times).
I should add that I am also pretty disabled due to my bad breathing. It's not easy for me to run around looking for somebody and the lack of care and urgency from the doctors (and staff in general) of my situation really was upsetting and the fact that then my main two doctors I saw there were giving me drastically CONFLICTING information( they both said the other dr. was wrong) They're supposed to have a team for you that communicates with you and with each of your doctors so that these things DON'T happen. We'll they don't do any of that. I was left pretty much alone to figure out everything myself. If you were planning on going there for help- I wouldn't recommend it. I wasted months of time waiting to get in for an appointment for 2 weeks I stayed there (they do not offer inpatient so this was out of my own pocket money) and then after we received no help and I went home with the promise from my dr that he would at least get the dupixent going for me without any question. (He in fact got irritated when I asked if ther4e was something I could do to speed up that process or make it easier) he wanted me to do nothing specifically he told me to wait for him. I did that, and got mega screwed. I spent months waiting for my dr. there (Dr. Alum) to get my new medication approved.
Months later with no contact after trying to reach them, I called again and much to my own dismay this time I got his secretary who said that they had lost all the paperwork I filled out that makes it possible for them to go ahead and START getting approval for the Dupixent through (through insurance). I explained that not only did I fill out everything right there in his office, but if they had lost it why didn't they immediately call me when they had realized there was no paperwork. (They didn't give me any answer). Finally she put him on and he was very upset (not sure why) and demanded we refill out the paperwork (we being my partner and I) which we did refill it and send it over. I just asked that he be sure he received it this time, and he supposedly did. He never once apologized or even acknowledged that he or his staff made a mistake, that they lost my paperwork, or made me wait an insane a mount of time. Doing nothing.
He then confused me even more and flipped to instead saying that I had never filled anything out, which by then I was so tired I just asked him to please hurry and to start ASAP now that he does have the paperwork and I apologized. ON top of that he said he never told me he could prescribe me any of my regular asthma meds out of state (which he did said he would be able to do this, I made sure he would be able to do this even before going to the hospital over the phone I made sure otherwise there would be no point in going there. I was told there should be no issue.)
Well there was an issue because without the prednisone I end up hospitalized so this isn't something I take lightly. I MADE SURE. AND He said it would be no issue. Well months later he's decided it is an issue and he clearly no longer wants to help me at all. He just decided to no longer be of any help. I don't understand. I've never had such a confusing upsetting time.
Currently I'm VERY lost as to what to do from here. I'm thinking I need to shift care over to my gp (who is not very good either *sighs*...she really doesn't understand anything about the asthma AND sleeping disorder combo and how its important to look at BOTH as well as my allergies. It's not one thing I have it's important I find a set of drs that can help me with asthma AND narcolepsy. SO far no doctors even BELIEVE ME that it's an issue. What am I supposed to do? I also need a referral to even get in to see a neurologist. IF my GP doesn't believe I need one- how am I supposed to bypass that? Get a new GP? (I'm willing to do this)

but I need in nutshell
  1. somebody to be able to give me and dupixent (ITS BEEN APPROVED by my insurance but now I have no place to give it to me. After the first injection I should be able to have it mailed to me through CVS Caremark- I did this when I was taking NUCALA))

  1. to find somebody who can regularly prescribe me prednisone when I run out (I hesitate to begin with a new dr because lots of drs don't understand why I'm on pred. so much- and its because that's how bad things are and over years of different meds I figured out that to keep me out of the hospital the only thing that works right now (especially in spring/summer) is low dose prednisone. (like 20mg a day unless it gets worse then I'd need to take more) but I am very aware this is not idea. That's why I'm trying to ge5t more help. This isn't livable and on top of everything I am completely miserable and have almost no quality of life for my age. I cant do anything without needing an inhaler. I cant see friends, I have no social life, I cant go out anywhere- I have no immune system I get sick very easily, every little task even a shower winds me so I have to sleep after (that's also the narcolepsy mixing w the asthma)
NO doctors are willing to take me seriously or to help me. What am I doing wrong.
I think maybe its an issue that when I go to appointments I can seem visually put together? But that's just what I've learned to do to cope over years. I often do tear up in appointments because of how much all of this hurts. My life is disappearing and I have not had a chance to live yet. I am scared of dying because of this. And what's torturing me most is that I know I could be getting better care. I could have somewhat of a life if I could get the right doctors to help me.
I'm so lost and sad.

He not only "forgot" to start getting the Dupixent approved but he then continued on to LIE and say that he never said he would help me with that and that he would never be willing to prescribe anything out of state. (When I made it clear I was out of state at the beginning of all of this, otherwise why would I bother going there if I knew they wouldn't treat anyone out of state. SO this means now my entire situation has been made WORSE by going to National Jewish hospital for evaluation.
Now I cannot get my regular inhalers or prednisone prescribed by Dr Alum even though he swore he would be able to prescribe the prednisone (which is the only thing keeping me out of the hospital)
I have been having to get new prescriptions from old drs who say this is a one time only thing- or from urgent care.
I cannot live this way. I need help and no doctors are taking me seriously.
I have been told hundreds of times I am a very difficult case and that I am somebody who cannot have a life without meds. I need doctors who know about asthma and doctors who know about sleeping disorders. I can't live with this pain anymore.
I also do not have a good family support system- my family watched me get sicker for years and did nothing when I was little so- help from them is kinda not possible. :/
Thank you so much for reading, anyone who has. If anyone has any words or advice or anything please let me know. I am so desperate for ideas. I feel like the medical world doesn't care about me. I have almost died several times- and have been on ECMO life support before (all for asthma) the recovery process from those attacks is brutal- it takes months and is very disheartening. I had asthma all my life but the life threating attacks didn't begin until around age 16 when we lived in a house infested with black mold (and other bad allergens) I lived with that mold for several years since I couldn't get out/had no resources to move out and I'm sure that did damage to my lungs. (My parents were in denial and still are)
I don't want to die from this. I know it's preventable. I'm not a bad patient either(at least I really don't think that's the issue), I'm polite, I'm kind even if they are not towards me, I try and be as nice as I can even when I'm suffering (though maybe that's the issue? Maybe I need to say that even if I look put together it's just a mask I've learned over time to cope?
I just have not gotten anywhere good with this in years and my life is slipping away. Please help if you know anyone or if you yourself has chronic asthma or narcolepsy or anything similar what have you found works for you? How did you find doctors? I never imagined it would be like this. I'm sobbing I'm so afraid things won't get better and I'll die.
It at least feels a little better to vent but I know people don't like to read vents much :/
I know this seems like more asthma related but Narcolepsy also affects all of this. It just exacerbates any struggles you have. I experience lots of sleep paralysis and I am largely unmedicated for Narcolepsy. I really need help with that I need to start finding meds that work for me and I know it will take a while so I need to get in with a Neurologist ASAP.
Maybe worst case I could get a neurologist referral from urgent care?
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2023.06.06 06:00 ujhjgnfffs There’s Still Time to See Taylor Swift (and Get a Discount on ‘Eras’ Tour Tickets)

The 'Eras' tour is underway, and there are still decent seats available to all upcoming dates online
TAYLOR SWIFT DELIGHTED fans when she released her new album Midnights and announced a new tour earlier this year, but Swifties weren’t feeling happy right after, as overwhelming demand for Swift tickets caused Ticketmaster to cancel its public on-sale and prices to soar.
While Ticketmaster was the official selling partner for Taylor Swift ‘Eras’ tour tickets, thousands of fans were left out of luck before the verified pre-sale by Ticketmaster even ended. Fans had sign up for the presale and be “invited” for a chance to buy tickets. And while the intention was good — no competing with bots for the best seats — few people actually got the chance to place an order.
So, now what?
Where to Buy Taylor Swift Tickets Online
Your best bet to find Swift tickets online now is to go through a re-seller, with many of them offering discounts or promo codes that you can use for Taylor tix.
Our suggestion: do a little price comparison between the sites to find the cheapest Taylor Swift tickets online, and check back closer to the concert date in case ticket holders are trying to unload their seats — that’s when you’ll likely get the cheapest tickets online.
Here’s a list of the best places to find cheap Taylor Swift tickets online.
  1. Find Taylor Swift Tickets on Vivid Seats
Tickets on VividSeats.com currently start at $170 for 500-level seats — the cheapest price we’ve seen since the tour was announced.
Use our exclusive Rolling Stone promo code RS2023 at checkout to save $20 off your $200+ order through the mobile app. Vivid Seats also has a rewards program that lets you buy 10 tickets and get the 11th ticket free.
  1. Find Taylor Swift Tickets on StubHub
Taylor Swift tickets on StubHub, meantime, also start at around $300 for upper-level seats. While there isn’t an active StubHub promo online right now, the site does have one of the best policies in case Swift has to cancel one of her shows. If an event is canceled, the site will give you a StubHub credit for 120% of the amount you paid.
  1. Find Taylor Swift Tickets on TicketNetwork
You might not be able to find Taylor Swift tickets on Ticketmaster, but we spotted great seats available on TicketNetwork.com. The resale site has floor seats from $800 online, which is not cheap but still one of the lowest prices we’re seeing for concourse-level tickets for Taylor Swift (regular seats start at $400). TicketNetwork also works with Affirm, so you can buy your tickets now and pay over time.
Want a Taylor Swift discount code? Use the promo code TNSPRINGSAVE15 to take 15% off your order. Coupon expired? Ticket Network’s promo code TNTIX saves you $10 off your order.
When Is Taylor Swift Touring?
Swift kicked off the U.S. leg of her Eras tour on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona and ends the North American leg a little on August 4, 2023, in Los Angeles, California. The singer recently announced Latin America dates for her tour, that will extend the outing until the end of November.
We’ve listed all the tour dates below, including the stadiums she’s playing at to help you get the right tickets for Swift’s Eras tour.
March 17 – Glendale, AZ @ State Farm Stadium
March 18 – Glendale, AZ @ State Farm Stadium
March 25 – Las Vegas, NV @ Allegiant Stadium
April 1 – Arlington, TX @ AT&T Stadium
April 2 – Arlington, TX @ AT&T Stadium
April 14 – Tampa, FL @ Raymond James Stadium
April 15 – Tampa, FL @ Raymond James Stadium
April 22 – Houston, TX @ NRG Stadium
April 28 – Atlanta, GA @ Mercedes-Benz Stadium
April 29 – Atlanta, GA @ Mercedes-Benz Stadium
May 5 – Nashville, TN @ Nissan Stadium
May 6 – Nashville, TN @ Nissan Stadium
May 12 – Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field
May 13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field
May 14 – Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field
May 19 – Foxborough, MA @ Gillette Stadium
May 21 – Foxborough, MA @ Gillette Stadium
May 26 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
May 27 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
May 28 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
June 2 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
June 3 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
June 10 – Deroit, MI @ Ford Field
June 17 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Acrisure Stadium
July 1 – Cincinnati, Oh @ Paycor Stadium
July 8 – Kansas City, MO @ GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium
July 15 – Denver, CO @ Empower Field at Mile High
July 22 – Seattle, WA @ Lumen Field
July 23 – Seattle, WA @ Lumen Field
July 28 – Santa Clara, CA @ Levi’s Stadium
July 29 – Santa Clara, CA @ Levi’s Stadium
August 3 – Los Angeles, CA @ SoFi Stadium
Aug. 4 – Los Angeles, CA @ SoFi Stadium
Aug. 5 – Los Angeles, CA @ SoFi Stadium
Aug. 24 – Mexico City, MEX @ Foro Sol
Aug. 25 – Mexico City, MEX @ Foro Sol
Aug. 26 – Mexico City, MEX @ Foro Sol
Nov. 10 – Buenos Aires, ARG @ Estadio River Plate
Nov. 11 – Buenos Aires, ARG @ Estadio River Plate
Nov. 18 – Rio de Janeiro, BRA @ Estadio Nilton Santos – Engenhão
Nov. 25 – São Paulo, BRA @ Allianz Parque
submitted by ujhjgnfffs to Music [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 04:39 abkslm Data-Driven Diagnosis (a long story :))

(excuse the alliteration :))
hi friends! i hope everyone’s feeling well (or if you’re in an episode, that it ends very soon) :).
this is a bit of a novel, so tl;dr:
work with your doctor, and be sure advocate for your self and care. check your test results on your own and compare them over time; keep in mind, what’s normal for everyone else may not be for you. the data you get from both those results and your own experiences are invaluable, especially when you take the time to visualize them!
— story time!
i’ve been lurking for a while, but i wanted to share my experience in trying to identify the cause of my symptoms, and starting to feel a little bit better.
for early context: i’ve had nausea and symptoms of ibs my entire life, but they started to get a lot worse somewhere around 2019/2020; it got to a point where i would spend weeks in my bed with a heating pad on my belly, only being able to eat soft-ish foods. i also have a few mental health issues, so my doctor assumed it was stress related for a while, especially because every test came back “normal”/negative.
i’m a computer scientist and nerd, so during an awful episode somewhere around spring 2021, when i was—quite literally—about to lose my mind, i put every molecule of energy i had into trying to find out why, using data I gathered from here (thank you all!!!), and my own biomarkers.
i’d had god-knows how many blood draws in the two years before then, and was able to load them into Apple Health on my phone (yay technology!) to get some nice visualizations. i noticed almost all of the draws were taken during the spring/summer (when my allergies were their worst), and that everything was within the generally acceptable range, but my eosinophil count was riding the top during my summer draws—when my symptoms were worse. it likely would never have been flagged by a doctor, but i noticed the pattern, did some research, and went to my doctor with all of that.
i was horrified of being scoped, so i hadn’t had a biopsy, or anything of the sort, but since treatment for eosinophilia is usually an antihistamine, my doctor agreed treating it was worth a try.
fast forward two years, i’ve been taking OTC cetirizine daily and am basically symptom-free, aside from the days i accidentally forget to take it, or accidentally eat a trigger food, which are absolutely brutal.
now, i’m working on building apps that use bioinformatics for treatment and diagnosis, where helping people with IBS and mental health disorders are at my highest priority. maybe one day—a far away day—a teensy bit of code i write will help y’all find some answers too :,).
ps: like i touched on earlier y’all’s posts and comments were and continue to be invaluable to me. i don’t even know how to express my gratitude in words, y’all are the reason i even tried to figure out what was going on inside me in the first place. also, excuse any goofs in this, my brain’s in fuzz mode after work right now.
submitted by abkslm to ibs [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 04:26 TheLagginWagon (Offer) 500ish codes idk (Request) Lists, Hunchback, Aristocats, Mario, Renfield, (will overtrade for new releases) , more lists. show me what you got!

Just hit 1463 in VUDU. Hit me with lists. Have like 8 June Universal Codes.
New titles: 007: Daniel Craig 1,2,3 Movie Collection HD VUDU Big Lebowski, The 4K iTunes Dictator, The (Unsure if Unrated) HD VUDU Dictator, The (Unsure if Unrated) HD iTunes Hot Fuzz HD MA Hot Fuzz 4K iTunes How to Be a Latin Lover HD iTunes In the Heights (WB EXPIRES 9/30) 4K MA King Kong (Theatrical) 4K MA Lion King 1½ HD MA Lion King 1½ HD Google-Play Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life HD VUDU Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life HD iTunes Mulan (Animated) 4K MA Mulan (Animated) HD GP Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Playing with Fire 4K iTunes Playing with Fire HD VUDU Raya and the Last Dragon HD GP Shaun of the Dead HD MA Shaun of the Dead 4K iTunes The World's End 4K iTunes Think Like a Man SD MA Yesterday 4K MA
Def Movie Title (all codes split, no points) Retailer MA?
HD 007: Daniel Craig 1,2,3 Movie Collection VUDU No
HD 13 Hours iTunes No
HD 13 Hours VUDU No
HD Aftermath VUDU No
HD Age of Adaline iTunes No
4K Aladdin (Live Action) 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Aladdin (Live Action) Google-Play Yes
HD Aladdin (Live Action) Google-Play Yes
HD Alexander and the Bad Day Google-Play Yes
4K Alien: Covenant 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Alien: Covenant 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD All Eyez On Me iTunes No
HD American Girl: Lea to the Rescue iTunes Yes
HD American Made MA Yes
HD Anchorman 2 iTunes No
HD Anchorman 2 iTunes No
HD Anchorman 2 VUDU No
4K Annihilation iTunes No
HD Annihilation VUDU No
4K Assassin's Creed 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Assassin's Creed 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Assassin's Creed 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Assassination Nation MA Yes
HD Atomic Blonde MA Yes
4K Avengers: Age of Ultron 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Avengers: Age of Ultron Google-Play Yes
4K Avengers: Endgame MA Yes
HD Avengers: Endgame Google-Play Yes
HD Avengers: Endgame Google-Play Yes
HD Avengers: Endgame Google-Play Yes
4K Avengers: Infinity War MA Yes
HD Avengers: Infinity War Google-Play Yes
4K Back to the Future Trilogy iTunes Yes
HD Back to the Future Trilogy MA Yes
HD Bad Moms iTunes Yes
HD Baggage Claim MA Yes
HD Barbie in Princess Power MA Yes
4K Baywatch iTunes No
4K Baywatch iTunes No
HD Beauty And The Beast (Live Action) Google-Play Yes
4K Big Hero 6 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Big Hero 6 Google-Play Yes
HD Big Hero 6 Google-Play Yes
HD Big Hero 6 Google-Play Yes
HD Big Hero 6 (CANADA) Google-Play IDK
HD Big Hero 6 (CANADA) (might be 4K iTunes?) iTunes IDK
4K Big Lebowski, The iTunes Yes
4K Black Panther iTunes Yes
4K Black Panther iTunes Yes
HD Black Panther Google-Play Yes
HD Black Panther Google-Play Yes
HD Black Panther Google-Play Yes
HD Black Panther Google-Play Yes
HD Black Panther MA Yes
HD Black Panther MA Yes
HD Black Panther MA Yes
HD Black Panther MA Yes
HD Black Widow MA Yes
HD BOO! A Madea Halloween iTunes/VUDU No
4K Book Club iTunes No
HD Boss Baby MA Yes
4K Bourne Legacy iTunes Yes
SD Brave iTunes Yes
SD Broken City iTunes Yes
4K Bumblebee iTunes No
4K Bumblebee iTunes No
HD Captain Underpants MA Yes
HD Captain Underpants (Australia) Google-Play IDK
HD Cars 3 Google-Play Yes
HD Chappie MA Yes
HD Cinderella Google-Play Yes
HD Coco Google-Play Yes
HD Colombiana MA Yes
HD Croods, The MA Yes
HD Croods, The MA Yes
SD Croods, The iTunes Yes
SD Croods, The iTunes Yes
HD Darkest Hour (2017) MA Yes
HD Dead in Tombstone (Unrated) MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Deadpool 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Deadpool 2 MA Yes
HD Deliver Us From Evil (2014) MA Yes
HD Den of Thieves iTunes No
SD Despicable Me iTunes Yes
4K Despicable Me 3 iTunes Yes
4K Despicable Me 3 iTunes Yes
HD Despicable Me 3 MA Yes
HD Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days MA Yes
SD Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days iTunes Yes
SD Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3: Dog Days iTunes Yes
HD Dictator, The (Unsure if Unrated) VUDU No
HD Dictator, The (Unsure if Unrated) iTunes No
SD Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard (Ext) iTunes Yes
HD Disneynature: Bears Google-Play Yes
4K Divergent iTunes No
HD Divergent VUDU No
4K Divergent: Allegiant iTunes No
HD Divergent: Allegiant VUDU No
HD Divergent: Insurgent VUDU No
HD Django Unchained VUDU No
HD Dr. Seuss' The Lorax iTunes Yes
HD Dr. Seuss' The Lorax MA Yes
HD Dracula Untold MA Yes
4K Dracula Untold iTunes Yes
HD Edward Scissorhands MA Yes
HD Edward Scissorhands MA Yes
4K Ender's Game ITunes No
4K Ender's Game ITunes No
4K Escape Plan iTunes No
4K Escape Plan ITunes No
HD Escape Plan VUDU No
4K Expendables 3 (Theatrical) iTunes No
HD Expendables 3 (Unrated) iTunes No
HD Fault In Our Stars MA Yes
HD Fifty Shades 1,2,3 (UR+Theatrical) 6 Titles MA Yes
HD Fifty Shades 1(UR), 2(UR), 3(Theat.) MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Finding Dory iTunes Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Finding Dory Google-Play Yes
HD Flight iTunes No
HD Fox and the Hound 2 Google-Play Yes
HD Frozen MA Yes
4K Frozen 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Frozen Google-Play Yes
HD Frozen Google-Play Yes
4K Furious 7 iTunes Yes
HD Gambler, The iTunes No
4K Ghost in the Shell (2017 Live Action) iTunes No
HD Ghost Team One iTunes No
HD Ghostbusters (2016) Theatrical+Extended MA Yes
HD Ghostbusters (2016) Theatrical+Extended MA Yes
HD Ghostbusters (2016) Theatrical+Extended MA Yes
HD Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters 2 MA Yes
HD Girls Trip iTunes Yes
HD Good Dinosaur Google-Play Yes
HD Grey, The MA Yes
HD Grey, The iTunes Yes
HD Grey, The iTunes Yes
HD Guardians of the Galaxy MA Yes
4K Guardians of the Galaxy 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Guardians of the Galaxy 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Guardians of the Galaxy Google-Play Yes
HD Guardians of the Galaxy Google-Play Yes
HD Guardians of the Galaxy Google-Play Yes
4K Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Google-Play Yes
HD Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Google-Play Yes
HD Guilt Trip, The iTunes No
HD Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Unrated) iTunes No
HD Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Unrated) iTunes No
HD Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Unrated) VUDU No
HD Hardcore Henry iTunes Yes
HD Hardcore Henry iTunes Yes
HD Hateful Eight, The VUDU No
HD Heat, The MA Yes
HD Heat, The MA Yes
HD Heat, The MA Yes
SD Heat, The iTunes Yes
SD Heat, The iTunes Yes
SD Heat, The iTunes Yes
HD Heat, The iTunes Yes
HD Hereditary VUDU No
HD Hobbs & Shaw MA Yes
HD Homefront iTunes Yes
HD Hop MA Yes
HD Hop iTunes Yes
4K Hot Fuzz iTunes Yes
HD Hot Fuzz MA Yes
HD How to Be a Latin Lover iTunes No
4K Hunger Games 1 iTunes No
HD Hunger Games 1 VUDU No
4K Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire iTunes No
HD Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire VUDU No
4K Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay Part 1 iTunes No
4K Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay Part 1 VUDU No
4K Hunger Games 4: Mockingjay Part 2 iTunes No
HD Hunger Games 4: Mockingjay Part 2 VUDU No
SD Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs iTunes Yes
4K In the Heights (WB EXPIRES 9/30) MA Yes
HD Incredibles 2 Google-Play Yes
HD Inferno (2016) MA Yes
4K Inside Out 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Inside Out 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Inside Out Google-Play Yes
HD Inside Out Google-Play Yes
HD Inside Out Google-Play Yes
4K Interstellar iTunes No
4K Interstellar iTunes No
4K Interstellar iTunes No
HD Interstellar VUDU No
HD Into the Woods Google-Play Yes
HD Into the Woods MA Yes
HD Into the Woods MA Yes
HD Into the Woods Google-Play Yes
HD Iron Man 3 Google-Play Yes
4K Jack Reacher iTunes No
4K Jack Reacher iTunes No
HD Jack Reacher VUDU No
HD Jackass 3 VUDU No
HD Jarhead 2: Field of Fire (Not sure if theat. or UR) iTunes Yes
HD Jason Bourne MA Yes
4K John Wick iTunes No
4K John Wick iTunes No
4K John Wick VUDU No
HD John Wick VUDU No
4K John Wick (SD VUDU) 4K-iTunes/SD-VUDU No
4K John Wick: Chapter 2 iTunes No
4K John Wick: Chapter 2 VUDU No
4K John Wick: Chapter 3 4K-iTunes/HD-VUDU No
HD Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle MA Yes
HD Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle MA Yes
HD Jurassic Park MA Yes
HD Jurassic Park MA Yes
4K Jurassic Park iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic Park iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic Park ITunes Yes
4K Jurassic Park 2: Lost World iTunes Yes
HD Jurassic Park 2: Lost World MA Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
HD Jurassic World MA Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K Jurassic World iTunes Yes
4K King Kong (2005) (Theatrical) MA Yes
4K Kingsman 1: The Secret Service 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Last Stand, The iTunes No
SD Last Stand, The (may give HD?) VUDU No
4K Last Witch Hunter iTunes No
4K Legend of Hercules iTunes No
HD Les Miserables iTunes Yes
HD Lion King (1994) Google-Play Yes
4K Lion King (Live Action) 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Lion King (Live Action) Google-Play Yes
HD Lion King (Live Action) Google-Play Yes
HD Lion King 1½ MA Yes
HD Lion King 1½ Google-Play Yes
HD Little Mermaid Google-Play Yes
4K Logan 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Logan 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Lone Survivor MA Yes
HD Luca Google-Play Yes
4K Lucy iTunes Yes
4K Lucy iTunes Yes
4K Lucy iTunes Yes
HD Lucy MA Yes
HD Lucy MA Yes
HD Lucy MA Yes
HD Lucy MA Yes
SD Machete iTunes Yes
SD Machete iTunes Yes
SD Machete iTunes Yes
SD Machete iTunes Yes
HD Maleficent Google-Play Yes
HD Mamma Mia ! 2-Movie Collection MA Yes
HD Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Google-Play Yes
HD Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life iTunes No
HD Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life VUDU No
HD Minions MA Yes
HD Minions MA Yes
HD Minions MA Yes
HD Minions MA Yes
4K Minions iTunes Yes
4K Minions iTunes Yes
4K Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Mission Impossible: Fallout iTunes No
HD Mission Impossible: Fallout VUDU No
4K Moana 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Moana 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Moana Google-Play Yes
HD Moana Google-Play Yes
HD Moana Google-Play Yes
4K Monster Trucks iTunes No
4K Monster Trucks iTunes No
HD Monster Trucks VUDU No
HD Mr. Peabody and Sherman MA Yes
HD Mr. Peabody and Sherman MA Yes
HD Mr. Peabody and Sherman MA Yes
4K Mulan (Animated) MA Yes
HD Mulan (Animated) Google-Play Yes
HD Mulan (Live Action) Google-Play Yes
HD Neighbors iTunes Yes
4K/HD Night at the Museum 1(HD),2(HD),3(4KiT) MA/MA/4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Noah iTunes No
HD Norm of the North iTunes No
HD Norm of the North iTunes No
HD Norm of the North VUDU No
4K Now You See Me iTunes No
4K Oblivion iTunes Yes
4K Oblivion iTunes Yes
4K Office Christmas Party iTunes No
HD Once Upon a Time in Hollywood MA Yes
HD Open Road MA Yes
SD Oranges, The iTunes Yes
HD Other Woman, The MA Yes
HD Overdrive iTunes No
4K Overlord iTunes No
HD Overlord VUDU No
HD Paranormal Activity 4 (Extended?) iTunes No
HD Paranorman iTunes Yes**
HD Paranorman iTunes Yes**
HD Paranorman iTunes Yes**
SD Parental Guidance iTunes Yes
SD Parental Guidance iTunes Yes
4K Peanuts Movie 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
SD Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters iTunes Yes
4K Pet Sematary (2019) iTunes No
4K Pet Sematary (2019) iTunes No
HD Pete's Dragon Google-Play Yes
HD Pirate Fairy Google-Play Yes
4K Pitch Perfect 1 iTunes Yes
HD Pitch Perfect 1 MA Yes
HD Pitch Perfect 1 MA Yes
HD Pitch Perfect 1 MA Yes
HD Pitch Perfect 2 MA Yes
HD Pitch Perfect 2 MA Yes
HD Pitch Perfect 2 MA Yes
4K Pitch Perfect 2 iTunes Yes
4K Pitch Perfect 2 iTunes Yes
4K Pitch Perfect 2 iTunes Yes
HD Planes Google-Play Yes
HD Planes Google-Play Yes
HD Planes MA Yes
HD Planes MA Yes
HD Planes MA Yes
HD Planes Google-Play Yes
HD Planes Google-Play Yes
4K Playing with Fire iTunes No
4K Playing with Fire iTunes No
HD Playing with Fire VUDU No
SD Predators iTunes Yes
HD Prometheus MA Yes
HD Quantum of Solace VUDU No
4K Raya and the Last Dragon MA Yes
HD Raya and the Last Dragon Google-Play Yes
HD Raya and the Last Dragon Google-Play Yes
4K Red 2 iTunes No
4K Red 2 iTunes No
HD Red 2 VUDU No
SD Red 2 VUDU No
HD Red Dawn iTunes No
HD Resident Evil: Retribution MA Yes
HD Resident Evil: Retribution MA Yes
HD Riddick iTunes Yes
HD Rio MA Yes
HD Robocop (2014) VUDU No
HD Robocop (2014) VUDU No
HD Ron's Gone Wrong Google-Play Yes
HD Russell Madness MA Yes
HD Safe House iTunes Yes
4K Secret Life of Pets iTunes Yes
4K Secret Life of Pets iTunes Yes
4K Secret Life of Pets iTunes Yes
4K Secret Life of Pets iTunes Yes
HD Secret Life of Pets MA Yes
HD Secret Life of Pets MA Yes
HD Secret Life of Pets MA Yes
HD Secret Life of Pets MA Yes
4K Selma iTunes No
4K Serenity (2005) iTunes Yes
4K Serenity (2005) MA Yes
HD Shack, The iTunes No
HD Shack, The iTunes No
HD Shang Chi Google-Play Yes
4K Shaun of the Dead iTunes Yes
HD Shaun of the Dead MA Yes
4K Sicario iTunes/VUDU No
HD Sing! MA Yes
HD Skyfall VUDU No
HD Skyfall VUDU No
HD Skyfall VUDU No
SD Skyfall iTunes No
HD Smurfs 2, The MA Yes
4K Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins iTunes/VUDU No
4K Snitch iTunes No
4K Spectre 4K-iTunes/HD-VUDU No
HD Spider-Man (2002) MA Yes
HD Spider-Man: Far From Home MA Yes
HD Spider-Man: Homecoming MA Yes
HD Spies in Disguise MA Yes
HD Spies in Disguise Google-Play Yes
HD Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water iTunes No
HD Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water VUDU No
4K Star Trek: Beyond iTunes No
HD Star Trek: Beyond VUDU No
4K Star Trek: Into Darkness iTunes No
HD Star Trek: Into Darkness VUDU No
4K Star Wars: Force Awakens 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Star Wars: Force Awakens 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Star Wars: Force Awakens 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Star Wars: Force Awakens Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: Force Awakens Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: Force Awakens Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: Force Awakens Google-Play Yes
4K Star Wars: Last Jedi 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Star Wars: Rogue One 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Star Wars: Rogue One 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Star Wars: Rogue One 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Star Wars: Rogue One Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: Rogue One Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: Rogue One Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: Rogue One Google-Play Yes
4K Star Wars: The Force Awakens 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Star Wars: The Force Awakens 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Star Wars: The Force Awakens Google-Play Yes
HD Star Wars: The Force Awakens Google-Play Yes
SD Taken 2 iTunes Yes
4K Terminator 2: Judgment Day iTunes/VUDU No
4K The World's End iTunes Yes
HD Thing, The (2011) iTunes Yes
HD Think Like a Man MA Yes
SD Think Like a Man MA Yes
HD This is 40 iTunes Yes
4K Thor: Ragnarok 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Thor: Ragnarok 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
HD Thor: Ragnarok Google-Play Yes
HD Thor: Ragnarok Google-Play Yes
HD Thor: Ragnarok Google-Play Yes
HD Toy Story 4 Google-Play Yes
HD Trainwreck iTunes Yes
HD Trolls MA Yes
HD Trolls MA Yes
SD Turbo iTunes Yes
HD Unbroken iTunes Yes
HD Venom MA Yes
HD Vow, The MA Yes
4K War for the Planet of the Apes 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Warcraft iTunes Yes
4K Warcraft iTunes Yes
HD Warcraft MA Yes
HD Warcraft MA Yes
HD Warcraft MA Yes
4K Warm Bodies iTunes No
4K Warm Bodies iTunes No
HD Warm Bodies VUDU No
HD Warm Bodies VUDU No
HD Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo Google-Play Yes
HD Wolf of Wall Street VUDU Yes
HD Wolf of Wall Street VUDU Yes
SD Wolverine, The iTunes Yes
SD Wolverine, The iTunes Yes
SD Wolverine, The iTunes Yes
SD Wolverine, The iTunes Yes
HD Wolverine, The (Extended Cut) MA Yes
HD Wolverine, The (Extended Cut) MA Yes
HD Woodlawn iTunes Yes
HD X-Men 2 Pack: First Class & Days of Future Past MA Yes
4K X-Men: Apocalypse 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K X-Men: Apocalypse 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K X-Men: Days of Future Past 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K X-Men: Days of Future Past 4K-iTunes/HD-MA Yes
4K Yesterday MA Yes
4K Zootopia iTunes Yes
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2023.06.06 04:19 GalderaTheFallen The Phrase "Conflict of Interest" is Overused and Misused

Hey, everyone! This is my first time posting on this subreddit and my first time making a post like this in general, so I apologize in advance for any formatting errors or things of that sort.

I recently got the idea to make this post after seeing Destiny watch The Young Turks discussing Joe Biden as well as seeing Destiny get in a conversation with someone who argued that the FDA had a "conflict of interest" with pharmaceutical companies. Lately, I have been seeing the phrase thrown around so much that it feels like it has lost a lot of its meaning and weight.

I recently graduated from law school and I am currently studying for the bar exam, so there's a good chance that my opinion stems from my experience in the legal field. I am also mostly going to be tackling the phrase "conflict of interest" from that perspective in this post. Nevertheless, I still think my argument has some merit behind it because, to my knowledge, the phrase originated from (or, at least, was most commonly associated with) the legal field before it began being used the way it is used today.

I. Basics

Firstly, conflicts of interest generally arise in situations involving three or more people. The most prominent examples are when (1) an attorney is looking to take on (2) a prospective client's case but has a duty to (3) a current or former client.

Nowadays, though, the phrase is typically used to refer to situations involving just two people. But, somewhat by definition, an agreement made between two parties cannot have a conflict of interest because such an agreement is usually formed when both parties already have interests that are aligned and that do not conflict (with some wiggle room so that each party feels content with how the arrangement played out for them). Much of contract law is based off of the idea that both parties feel like they are getting something out of it while pursuing some common goal. If two parties have a supposed conflict of interest, what they're really having is a scenario involving a misrepresentation, fraud, or a parting of ways.

The person Destiny spoke to who said the FDA had a conflict of interest with pharmaceutical companies was incorrectly using the phrase in the manner I have just outlined. That's not to say the person's argument had no merit, but a conflict of interest is a much bigger deal. What that person was describing was instead just a mere bias or incentive the FDA might have, not a conflict of interest. I think people are too willing to believe that other people or entities are far less likely to "go against" such biases and incentives than they actually are. Furthermore, people underestimate the complexity behind someone's self-interest.

Going back to the FDA example, sure, the FDA gets money from pharmaceutical companies, but to make the blanket assertion that that alone is enough for the FDA to want to get as much money from them as possible, despite the potential ramifications they would face if one of those companies were to harm the public by releasing a defective drug, is simply a bit one-sided and simple minded. Money alone is not as powerful of a motivator as people make it out to be, and an agency like the FDA would take into account far more factors when making decisions, especially when it ultimately only cares about itself. Whatever money it stands to gain is nothing compared to the political pressure it faces, the accountability it has to the public, and much more. The FDA would likely prefer to lose out on some money than be associated with whatever disaster might come about if it allowed a pharmaceutical company to distribute drugs that harm people.

II. Definition & Examples

As for what a conflict of interest actually is, we can look to Rule 1.7 and 1.9 (and their comments) of the American Bar Association's Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Rule 1.7: Conflict of Interest: Current Clients (americanbar.org)Rule 1.7 Conflict of Interest: Current Clients - Comment (americanbar.org)
Rule 1.9: Duties to Former Clients (americanbar.org)
Rule 1.9 Duties to Former Clients - Comment (americanbar.org)

Notably, Rule 1.7(a)(2) and 1.9(a) provide guidance, stating that a conflict of interest exists when "there is a significant risk that the representation of one or more clients will be materially limited by the lawyer's responsibilities to another client, a former client or a third person or by a personal interest of the lawyer" and when "[a] lawyer who has formerly represented a client in a matter [ . . . ] thereafter represent[s] another person in the same or a substantially related matter in which that person's interests are materially adverse to the interests of the former client unless the former client gives informed consent, confirmed in writing," respectively.

The comments also help explain what a material limitation is. A lawyer asked to represent several individuals seeking to form a joint venture is likely to be materially limited in the lawyer's ability to recommend or advocate all possible positions that each might take because of the lawyer's duty of loyalty to the others. The critical questions being the likelihood of a difference in interests eventuating and, if that does happen, whether it will materially interfere with the lawyer's independent professional judgment in considering alternatives or foreclose courses of action that reasonably should be pursued on behalf of the client.

As for when a lawyer's personal interests can cause a conflict, one example is when a lawyer has discussions concerning possible employment with an opponent of the lawyer's client, or with a law firm representing the opponent.

Lastly, when it comes to former clients, a lawyer who recurrently handled a type of problem for a former client is not precluded from later representing another client in a factually distinct problem of that type even though the subsequent representation involves a position adverse to the prior client.

(There's also the Model Code of Judicial Conduct but for our purposes its basically the same thing)

III. Conclusion

In summary, it is actually rather difficult for a conflict of interest to exist, given how narrow the scope of them is. The rules have a rather strict interpretation of what "adverse" means, to the extent that you basically have to be doing something against your client, in some way related to someone who is doing something against your client, or taking on multiple clients who might have competing interests (like one client's defenses requiring you to throw the other client under the bus) in order for what you're doing to be considered adverse.

It is even more difficult to have a conflict of interest with former clients, since the rules allow you to basically do anything as long as you aren't taking on the exact same case (or types of cases, in some instances) you were doing for your former client or involved in something where you could use your former client's confidential information against them. Plus, even if there is a conflict of interest, the majority of conflicts are "consentable," meaning the lawyer can proceed, despite the conflict, under the ethical rules so long as the lawyer obtains informed consent from each of the clients in writing (with the implication being that so long as people are aware of it and choose to proceed anyways, that's fine).

Sorry for the little rant, but it just seemed odd to me to hear so many people incorrectly using the phrase recently and using it for situations that just simply aren't conflicts of interest (because they involve two people or because they don't rise to the insanely high bar needed to actually be considered a conflict of interest). Thank you for reading!

People are using "conflict of interest" wrong, and we need to reclaim it by gatekeeping its use to high bar that the phrase requires and demands.

Edit: Here's a link to the Young Turks Segment and the FDA conversation, if my memory serves me right:
Biden Escalates War w/ F-16's Destiny Reacts To TYT - YouTube
David Pakman Responds And Calls Out Destiny - YouTube
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2023.06.06 03:13 mreichhoff Visualizing, and learning, the relationships among kanji, words, and morphemes

I made a free, open-source tool for visualizing the relationships between kanji, words, and morphemes in sentences. Feel free to take a look, or see a demo on GitHub. You can also link to specific words (like 永遠), or, on supported browsers (should be all but firefox, for now), have it break down a sentence.
(end TL;DR)
The tool has a few ways of studying:
Kanji node network
The idea is to build mental connections among kanji using a node network diagram.
I analyzed millions of subtitles and the tanaka corpus to find the most common words, then picked out the words with kanji and connected those that appeared in the same word, for a structure that is color-coded based on word frequency (or, optionally, the JLPT levels).
The kanji and words have definitions (from JMDict) and sentences (human-written, from the Tanaka corpus via Tatoeba; most with furigana that can be toggled on and off).
You can also see the post of an earlier version from last year.
Sankey flow diagrams
I also added a way of visualizing how morphemes are used together to form phrases and sentences. Here's an example.
This was done by: * Segmenting millions of sentences via Mecab to get the morphemes (Mecab doesn't quite work at what is normally viewed as the word level, but it's a similar idea to splitting a sentence into words). * For each morpheme found, finding the 12 most common chains of 2 and 3 segments that include the morpheme. * Rendering a Sankey diagram to illustrate the flow among segments. This type of diagram is often used to illustrate cost breakdowns, energy usage, or other processes. It's useful for thinking about how sentences flow together, too. The idea is that taller bars mean a connection is more common, and based on that, you can quickly get an idea of how a word can form a phrase, or what the most common forms of the word are, and how those forms are most commonly followed or preceded.
Cumulative kanji frequency graphs
The tool also has cumulative kanji usage graphs. These were derived by: * Analyzing the millions of sentences in a few sources in opus (subtitles, wikipedia articles, UN documents, etc.) to find the number of times each kanji was used. * Rendering the curve of the cumulative percentage of kanji recognized for each kanji you'd learn, if you'd learn them in order of frequency.
This way, you can see how much bang for your buck (so to speak) you're getting out of learning a given kanji.
The tool also: * Creates recall, recognition, and cloze flashcards, and can export them to anki or study them directly. * Recommends kanji based on what you've seen. * Runs entirely in-browser. You can create an account if you want to sync your stats and flashcards across devices, but otherwise there's no need for any sort of account. * Can be installed as a PWA for an app-like experience.
Future work
submitted by mreichhoff to LearnJapanese [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 01:14 rotorcowboy OnlyFansBanBot Suspending Operations

TL;DR: OnlyFansBanBot is shutting down on June 12th. It's hard to say for how long, but maybe forever depending on what Reddit does.
As many of you know, Reddit is changing its API policy, and I want to keep you informed of how it will affect the operation of OnlyFansBanBot and potentially how you use Reddit.

Third Party Apps Threatened

Reddit's new API policy will require payment from third party app developers at an amount so prohibitively expensive that they will be forced to shut down. Users who rely on these third party apps, myself included, must choose between using the official Reddit app on mobile, using Reddit on desktop only, or leaving the platform entirely. Many users complain that the lack of functionality -- especially moderation tools -- the clunky UI, and the concentration of advertisements render the official Reddit app on mobile unusable. Moreover, the lack of accessibility tools on the official Reddit app will make Reddit permanently inaccessible to the visually impaired. If you would like to read more about the upcoming changes and how they will affect so many users, please visit /Save3rdPartyApps.

Future of NSFW API Access Uncertain

Along with the new exorbitant pricing for widely used applications, Reddit has expressed that they will restrict access to NSFW content via the public API.
Reddit will limit access to mature content via our Data API as part of an ongoing effort to provide guardrails to how sexually explicit content and communities on Reddit are discovered and viewed. (Note: This change should not impact any current moderator bots or extensions.)
While they indicate that the new restrictions will not affect moderation bots like OnlyFansBanBot because access to moderated NSFW subreddits will not be restricted, OnlyFansBanBot depends on data outside of the subreddits it moderates to perform its primary function. That is, the bot needs to query the profiles of your subreddit's contributors to make decisions, and Reddit flags entire profiles as NSFW. With the admins' lack of clarity around the new restrictions on NSFW content, I cannot guarantee that OnlyFansBanBot can continue to operate as effectively as it does today.

OnlyFansBanBot Suspending Operations on June 12th

Due to the wide-reaching and hard-hitting impact of Reddit's new API policy, OnlyFansBanBot will be joining the protest of subreddits against Reddit Inc.'s changes by shutting down on June 12th.
I've put in quite a bit of thought on whether to reactivate the bot at the end of the protest period on June 14th or keep it off indefinitely. Like many other users, my Reddit experience relies almost entirely on a third-party app, and I will likely not engage with Reddit nearly as much if API access for third-party apps is effectively discontinued. I believe that much of the content with which I engage and discussions in which I participate originate from users who share the same sentiment and that there will be little content worth viewing after they have left the platform. As a result, OnlyFansBanBot operations will be suspended indefinitely until Reddit offers reasonable accommodations to users and developers of third-party apps.

Open Source

I have not yet published the bot's source code, mostly out of fear of ridicule. There is no secret sauce to it; someone gives an OnlyFans link in their profile, they get banned.
If there is enough interest, I'll find time to clean up the code (parameterizing maintainer username and what-not) and release it as open source. It's only fair that if I stop running it, I make it available to others who want to continue.


Thank you so much to the moderators of subreddits that have trusted OnlyFansBanBot to defend their communities, past and present. I've enjoyed all the feedback and kind words that some of you took the time to send to me. I love using my skills to help people, and despite the niche audience, this project has been among my most successful efforts to date. It's no mobile app used by millions, but it's something, something I'll remember and cherish for years to come.
I wish you all the very best.
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2023.06.06 01:06 Expensive_Ad_5089 June 2023 - Unpacking the Light Police

Unpacking the Light Police. Light Pollution News.
Show Link: https://lightpollutionnews.com/podcast/unpacking-the-light-police/
Subscribe: Apple Podcast Spotify Google Podcast
Social: Instagram LinkedIn
John Barentine of Dark Sky Consulting, LLC.
Kaitlyn Evans, Conservationist.
I was busted by the light police. They had a point, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post.
Dana Milbank purchased a home in, soon to be not, rural Virginia. At night he kept the formerly vacant property lit to the degree that spurned one commentator to call it “spaceship lighting.”
Milbank recaps being visited by the “light police,” a group of concerned citizens who help educate neighbors and instill a sense of pride in the brilliance of their starry night skies.
At first, he was taken aback, but later, not only did he appreciate their efforts, but he also converted his blinding always on, white light flood lights to warm 2700 Kelvin motion sensing lights.
Per Ruskin Hartley, executive director of the International Dark Sky Association, “for 4.5 billion years there was no artificial light at night. It’s really only in the last five human generations that we transformed that. It’s one of the most profound transformations of our environment.”
Many of you may recall an earlier story, way back in our Hormone of Darkness episode, showcasing concerns by local residents prior to a 760 house (now 761) plus town center development moving into the Culpepper County, VA area. Per the Rappahannock News, this development features “a resort style swimming pool, clubhouse, tot lot, and multiple sports fields and sports courts, all connected by a network of biking and walking trails.”
The forgotten medieval habit of ‘two sleeps’ by Zaria Gorvett of the BBC.
Gorvett opened my eyes to something I never knew about, the medieval custom of two sleeps. For those of you unaware, two sleeps are exactly what it sounds like.
Folks would partake in a communal nap, complete with rigid sleeping arrangement conventions, between 9 – 11pm, then awaken for a few hours to do everything from hang out to brew beer! In fact, the idea of multiple sleeps crossed cultures and was found in places as far from Europe as indigenous South America.
How can one’s circadian rhythm make sense of all of this?!
Well, for starters, until the invention of the alarm clock, which humorously was invented by a clocks salesman so he could wake up and sell more clocks, people had no firm way to wake up at a consistent time. The industrial revolution enforced a new circadian standard.
And there’s some science behind this! In the 1992 study, In Short Photoperiods, human sleep is biphasic, researcher Thomas Wehr found that after four weeks of 10 hour days, his subjects began to engage in this two sleep cycle, involving a one to three hour period for which they became awake and engaged in between.
Want to Learn About Light Pollution? There’s a mini-course for that!, Jennifer Sensiba of Clean Technica.
Quoting Sensiba, “As I got older, I traveled a lot more and saw the problem more for what it is. Not only did I see that in many places there is no refuge from it, but I also saw that it was slowly growing worse. Places that had been dark 30 years ago had more and more light creeping upon the horizon.”
If you’re interested in learning more, or more importantly, know someone who might benefit from learning more, Sensiba links up to an International Dark Sky Mini-Course on light pollution, call it Light Pollution 101!
There’s a Play Date at the National Museum of Natural History: Lights Out exhibit!
But unfortunately, by the time you listen to this, and hell, by the time we talk about this, it has passed.
Ann Arbor named best place for sunrises, sunsets in Michigan. Sarah Parlette for Click on Detroit.
Evidently gambling websites have decided to honor April’s International Dark Sky week in a strange new content marketing campaign, which was to rank the best places in each state to see sunrises and sunsets. My favorite one, “Ann Arbor named best place for sunrises, sunsets in Michigan,” comes from Click on Detroit, whereby a quote “study” examined Michigan’s most populated cities.”
According to Click on Detroit, “to celebrate International Astrology Day on Saturday, staff at Great Lake Stakes, a Michigan online gambling news site, looked at light pollution in the five most populated cities around the Mitten state to determine which offers the best views every morning and evening.”
Star bathing is the new outdoor travel trend we should all be trying for Summer 2023, according to Amy Beecham at Stylist.
Evidently, as an attempt to destress and promote mindfulness, romanticism about sleeping under the stars has birthed a 70% increase in searches for the term ‘star bathing’ on Hipcamp. And to be sure, “Hipcamp recommends checking a stargazing calendar which outlines major astrological events – like supermoons, pink moons, and star showers.”
Industry Must Face an Inconvenient Truth — Most LED Lights at Night are Unhealthy
Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, a circadian clock expert, recently published an article in LEDs Magazine chastising the lighting industry for not recognizing and reigning in the negative externalities of its products. Per the piece, such effects are, obesity, diabetes, depression, cancer, and more.
He cites three categories of industry responses, making the correlation that long term Denial or outright Ignorance of the Facts, may result in “asbestos-scale liabilities or draconian regulations.”
Per the piece, a recent survey by the Circadian Light Research Center of 2,697 peer reviewed scientific articles confirmed that human circadian clocks are highly sensitive to blue wavelengths, and that exposure to such wavelengths leads to major health disorders.
Moore-Ede calls for the industry to harvest the “commercial opportunity” to greatly limit future liability by creating and managing its own standards for circadian modulated lighting.
Unpacking the Wallpack, by Dan Weissman in LD+A Magazine.
Weissman, who recently purchased a telescope for his family in Cambridge, MA, discovered that the scope could only afford him views of some solar system objects and a few brightly burning stars.
The ire of Weissman’s pen takes the shape of a rectangular fixtures, be it box like or simply a panel these days, that typically hang off the side of an exterior wall or above an exterior door. “Devoid of aesthetic value” this light is often put up under the “pretense of security and safety” by “recommended practices and adopted municipal codes.”
Weissman recognizes labels that often accompany, what he calls, “Glare bombs,” including “contractor-select,” “energy efficient,” or “light pollution friendly.”
Further, per an earlier LD+A article, such lighting driven by its extreme contrasts is exceedingly common in minority communities where light is weaponized as a tool of power. It becomes a “device of alienation, creating a zone of control and separation.”
Weissman recognizes that the true reason such fixtures are selected often comes down to cost. He recognizes that it may take equally as much cost to persuade building and homeowners away from such lighting into the realm of more responsible, lower lumen, shielded lighting.
Weissman calls for producers of these glare bombs to be labeled as polluters, putting them in line with fossil fuel manufacturers and PFAS makers.
Songbirds, dusk and clear skies: Scientists explore migratory flights, by Erin Blakemore.
Bird migration season is ending here in the Mid-Atlantic. I was lucky enough to catch several Baltimore Orioles and Indigo Buntings last week. Researchers looked at 400 songbirds from 9 major species, “including the yellow-rump warbler, American redstart and Bicknell’s thrush.”
The question they hoped to answer was how are these birds so darn precise in identifying the best time to take off for their nightly migration? Scientists found that 90% of the migrating birds in the study took off within 69 minutes of dusk. A “much narrower takeoff window,” that even shocked the research team!
Per the study, taking off at night is all about maximum flight time. In addition to being able to precisely schedule their take offs, a feat that every airline I’ve flown with over the past few years has proven inept at, birds also are apparently good meteorologists! They often depart when the atmospheric pressure rises over a day’s span. Other factors also trigger migration, including sex, age, and celestial cues.
‘Lights Out’ initiative appears to be saving birds from crashing into Philly buildings by Sophia Schmidt.
Preliminary results indicate that bird death counts are down 70% at one Market Street tower, since it began its participation in Lights Out. As we spoke about on a previous show, birds utilize the stars to navigate, but city lights can disorient the birds. Combine the lights with reflective or transparent glass, and that spells fatal trouble for our migrating warblers!
Per Keith Russell, a program manager for urban conservation with Audubon Mid-Atlantic, “We’ve lost almost a third of our birds – and [collisions] contributing to that. If we’re going to want to preserve the bird populations here in North America, we have to look at these types of problems. And this is a preventable one.”
The Knoxville, TN Zoo is offering up what they call “Twilight Tours” per WVLT 8. Each event will feature a guide to showcase nocturnal critters.
I did something similar in Singapore years ago. The zoo had very dim lights in the exhibits – and they kept those lights dim as you walked so that you didn’t lose your night vision. It was a very different and, might I say, peaceful experience than the typically chaotic daytime zoo.
Flashlights posing major threat to nesting sea turtles. Fox35 Orlando
Apparently, a single flashlight can deter female sea turtles from coming onto a beach and nesting. Florida, as I did not know, is home to 90% of the sea turtle nests across the world, so losing sea turtles can affect the global ecosystem.
One visitor to Cocoa Beach stated, “Just leave them alone. Stand back and look. You don’t need a flashlight.”
Another, “It’s not super surprising because more buildings go up, more technology. As it increases, nature and stuff like that decreases,” said Zoe Jovaag, whose grandfather used to take her on walks to see sea turtles.
Capture the Dark 2023 officially is under way!
The International Dark Sky Association opens up its annual photo contest complete with prizes across eight categories and an additional People’s Choice category. Voting begins on July 3rd, entries must be received by June 30th.
City Tests Traffic Light That Only Turns Green for Drivers Who Obey the Speed Limit. Erin Marquis for Jalopnik.
And hey, you better not speed in Brossard, Quebec….otherwise you may be waiting around for a while. Brossard is testing out a new traffic light that will stay red until it senses oncoming traffic. However, it will only change to green if the car is going the speed limit. Per the Jalopnik article, “FRED [the French acronym for “educational traffic calming light] forces fast drivers to stop and gives them a chance to reconsider their life choices.” Such lights are already used in Europe, but this will be the first for the Great White North.
Why the Greatest Threat to Star-Gazing Isn’t Light Pollution, and this comes to us from Dorin Elin Urrutia at Inverse.
Elin Urrutia writes, in her compelling piece, that the greatest threat to star-gazing is actually the weather. Citing notable examples of the Mount Stromlo Observatory in Australia (which burnt down due to bushfires) and the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico (which sustained structural damage following the winds of Hurricane Maria).
While the threat of human-caused climate change has presented new challenges, Elin Urrutia references proactive burns that saved Los Angeles’ Mount Wilson Observatory from flames in 2020.
On a similar note, ABC News (the Australian Broadcasting Company, not to be confused with the American Broadcasting Company), brings us “A World Without Darkness Could Be a Reality within a Few Years.”
Per Carol Redford of Astrotourism Western Australia, “There are some people in the world now who don’t actually experience darkness anymore. They’re in a city like Beijing, Toyoko, or London. In all those big cities, it’s never dark, it’s always light. During the day of course with the sun, but then during the night with all of the artificial light. They’re not experiencing darkness, and definitely not seeing those beautiful stars…”
In the 66 years since the implementation of the UN Convention on the Peaceful Use of Outerspace, around 11,000 satellites orbit the Earth. But it’s about to get wayyy busier. Driven by innovations that have led to dramatic reductions in costs, over the next ten years, Per attorney Steven Freeland, it’s anticipated that somewhere between 100,000 to 500,000 objects will be sent up. Let me pause on that for a second.
On the travel front, we stay in the land down under, “Aussie region determined to keep its darkness is a stargazer’s dream” by Chantelle Francis of News.com.AU.
The town of Swam Reach, population 270, resides in a 3200sq km region of Southern Australia that received its International Dark Sky Reserve status over three years ago. On a scale of darkness between 0 – 22, the River Murray Dark Sky Reserve at Swam Reach, measures in at a whopping 21.9!
Tourism has become a growing business. The reserve hosts numerous telescope pads and offers tours of the night sky. There’s hope that an observatory and/or planetarium may also arrive in due course.
Best smart lights for outdoors in 2023, Brittney Vincent of CBS Essentials.
Oh there’s a lot not to love here, but it does fall in line with last month’s ‘Lumens are Coming’ article.
For those of you who feel the need to light your trees, because for some reason they need light at night I guess…I’ll try and pretend it’s not solely for ostentatious and narcissistic reasons. By the way, does anyone remember when those were negative characteristics?
The article features spotlights that can be programmed to over 16 MILLION colors including…lucky for us, ALL shades of white….which you can also do for a 500 lumen flood light set.
And hey, Ring now has solar path lighting. Don’t worry though, the fixtures themselves put out up to 80 lumens of sideways light.
You know, it’s astounding when you look at some of these pictures. The amount of redundant lighting. It honestly makes no sense to me. You have a porch light, which lights up the path. Path lighting, which lights up the path. And, in the one picture, god awful frontward facing flood lights, which also light up the path. How bright do you need these paths!? I digress. But the lumens are indeed coming.
LDS Church will get to light up its Heber Valley Temple after all, but the faith didn’t get everything it wanted, Blake Apgar of the Salt Lake Tribune.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fought hard to rid itself of any nighttime lighting responsibility by pressuring Wasatch County, Utah officials to approve new lighting rules that would enable the church to light a proposed new temple the same way it does for every other temple.
The Church received permission to uplight the temple, enabling an exception to be made in Wasatch’s rather stringent nighttime lighting rulebook. However, the temple will be restricted by the level of lumens it can use, and it must have exterior lighting turned off an hour after sunset or an hour after normal business hours.
Smart Street Lights Market is Expected to Hit USD 14,751.1 million at a 23.4% CAGR by 2030, Market Research Future Press Release
The pandemic is officially over, smart street lighting is about to boom. Combine the rush to LED fixtures with the Internet of Things, and expect to see street lights moonlighting as traffic and parking monitors, air quality meters, and more. Not to mention, “it is anticipated that camera-connected smart street lighting will increase road safety by lowering the likelihood of accidents and criminality.”
Texas now has 7 dark sky communities for spectacular star gazing, Sana Ameer, MRT.
Let’s cheer on the city of Bee Cave, everyone! Bee Cave joins a growing list of dark sky places already in the Lone Star State, including 2 Dark Sky Sanctuaries, 5 Dark Sky Parks, and 1 Dark Sky Reserve. Nighttime is alive and well in some parts of Texas!
Our Afraid of the Dark article is a bit scary! Hilton Head’s dark roads and pedestrians are deadly combo. What the town is doing about it, Blake Douglas at The Island Packet.
Per the article, 9 pedestrian and cyclist fatalities occurred since 2018, with five occurring after dark. Prior to that period, there were 28 recorded deaths from 2000 – 2016, with 20 of them taking place after dark.
In 2018, an 11 year old resident was struck and killed while walking her dog across an intersection one night. Lighting advocates began taking shape in what otherwise is a very conservation focused island. Hilton Head, SC has a limited number of street lights, priding itself on “avoiding light pollution and blending nature with construction.”
Lighting advocates appear to be, at the very least, asking for flashing crosswalk lights on the island to indicate when an individual is crossing.
It should be noted that the article shows a chart of 9 after-dark-deaths since 2014, only two of them occurred at crosswalks. In fact, during the same time frame, 6 additional deaths occurred at crosswalks during the daytime.
As a whole, the National Safety Council reports that 74.5% of pedestrian deaths occurred at night, whereby 39.1% took place in lit areas and 35.38% took place in unlit areas.
Bryan Bloch, an auto safety expert, surmises that car companies bear some of the blame – producing cheap or ineffectual headlight fixtures, and drivers themselves, who don’t realize that they need to regularly clean their headlight lenses.
Despite opposition from residents, it appears that Hilton Head will be receiving lights at two new intersections and possibly more depending on engineering studies currently in progress.
Is lighting the key variable here? Is more light going to solve pedestrian deaths?
Our featured research article of the month comes to us from Animal Conservation, “Manipulating spectra of artificial light affects movement patterns of bats along ecological corridors.”
Bats are already known to have a wide range of responses to artificial light at night (also known as ALAN). Fast flying species tend to be more opportunistic in the presence of ALAN while slower ones tend to be more light averse. We know that “long wavelengths and reduced intensity” can minimize their environmental effects on bats. It’s not unheard of for bats to travel upwards of “tens of km per night.” Furthermore, bats are very dependent on the landscape and the structures within those landscapes.
Despite the nuances between species, the consensus is that ALAN, especially high intensity ALAN, negatively affects bats. This study attempted to answer what exactly bats do when they encounter ALAN – how do they react depending on different types of ALAN.
The study used three different light fixtures – one green, one red, and one white. The control was devoid of light fixtures. The researchers attempted to ascertain the behavior of bats as they encountered lights adjacent to woody areas. The researchers looked at three different bat groupings based on their foraging-echo location behavior, that being one of open field foraging, forest edge foraging, and narrow space – or more aptly forest foragers.
Researchers found that open and edge foraging bats increased their activity close to white and green lights, and to a lesser extent red lights. However, narrow space bats were more likely to veer away from all colors of lighting. Edge foragers were also less likely to cross a white light.
The positive effects of white and green light on open and edge foraging bats appear to be attributed to the accumulation of insects around light sources containing more blue light.
The nighttime sky over Oahu will be lit up with green lasers in the coming days. Here’s why. Hawaii News Now
Before we close up today, do you live in Hawaii? I know I wish I did!
If so, do you recall seeing green lasers streak across the night sky? Well, the Army Corps of Engineers was using lidar at night to complete a coastal mapping survey.
Why did they survey at night? Specifically, why did they do this between midnight to 5am? Simply b/c the airspace is so busy, that time was the only chance they had to complete the survey. The remaining survey was completed during daytime hours.
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2023.06.05 23:23 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Courses for 06 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.06.05 23:23 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Courses for 06 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.06.05 22:27 TVOSM This Months Free Audiobooks!

I am an audiobook narrator and would like to giveaway some audiobooks! Leave a comment or DM me if you see one you would like!
All I ask is to leave a review (could be just a couple sentences) on audible when you're done with the book. Good and bad reviews are absolutely welcome! The honesty makes my heart rage with eternal happiness.

Mystery and Thrillers
The Brajj (complete series) written by Jacqueline Patricks
First time in an audio box set, all three books in The Brajj Trilogy, plus the prequel short story "Captain Lewis' Broken Dreams".
"Highly recommended, especially if you are a fan of Dr. Who or Stargate." (Readers Favorite)
"Dreams of the Queen is one of the most unique "other world" books I've read." (Pavarti Tyler, best-selling author of Chalk)
"I was addicted from start to finish." (Bibliophile Ramblings)
A wormhole to another world. A team of scientists and soldiers. Unimaginable evil, unexpected mysteries, unending destiny. An epic adventure across time and space.
Listen to the science fiction trilogy from the nominee for Top Female Author of 2017 by The Author Show. Awarded the IndiePENdent’s Seal of Good Writing, Dreams of the Queen is the first book in The Brajj Trilogy, a multi-genre, sci-fi thriller.
Dr. Cass Baros is haunted by dreams of an alien world, and will do anything to find it.
Relentlessly, she works her science team and her fiancé, Dr. Julian Saunders. Captain Lewis’ military Spec Op team joins the scientists. Egos clash and agendas cross. Trapped, the team is plunged into a dangerous adventure beyond their control. They struggle to unravel millennia old secrets in an alien world where nothing is what it seems, especially the aliens.
Dr. Baros and her team are tossed between allies and enemies, genius and madness, and a betrayal frightening enough to cause the destruction of worlds.

The Reunion written by Richard McCrohan
In this new novella by Richard McCrohan, novelist Jonathan York is flying back to his hometown of Hillcrest for his 50th high school reunion. He hasn’t returned since he left for college in 1971. A long weekend of old memories and rekindled friendships is what he is warmly looking forward to. And to reunite with his old crew. But what Jonathan is going to find waiting for him is a 50-year-old dark secret and a long forgotten past that threatens to rip apart the rest of his life.

Children of the Yew written by Tony Torzillo
When Wesley O’Keefe first realized he didn’t age, he could’ve been hung as a witch. Now, he’s eager to be studied by a microbiologist looking for a cure to cancer. All Wesley wants is to share his miracle with the world. In the year 2042, technology has made it almost impossible for him to assume new identities, and after 300 years, he’s tired of watching loved ones wither up and die.
Yet, opening that Pandora’s Box does not come without consequences. Powerful people will do whatever they can to hoard this miracle for themselves—no matter whom they have to step on, ruin, or kill. From bioterrorism to neural scans and artificial intelligence, they will use whatever means are available to them to meet their end. Wesley’s past will catch up to him in ways he could have never imagined, and he will find that he has more to lose than he ever knew.
When the superstitious past meets the technologically progressive future, ancient grudges can be catastrophic, and agelessness can spread like a virus.

Goodbye to the Sun written by Jonathan Nevair
A rebel pilot teams up with a war-torn diplomat in a bid to win her people's freedom—but an impossible choice awaits....
Tucked away in the blue sands of Kol 2, the Motes are on the brink of cultural collapse. Razor, a bold and daring pilot, leads a last-ditch gambit against their local oppressors, the Targitians. The plan is to abduct visiting Ambassador Keen Draden and use him as a bargaining chip to restore her people's independence in the Sagittarius Arm. But when the operation unravels, Razor is forced to renegotiate terms with the arrogant diplomat.
Light years away on Heroon, a radical resistance blossoms. The alluring rainforest planet haunts Keen. All his problems started there during the Patent War, but it's where Razor's troubles may find a solution. The moral tide ebbs, exposing an impossible choice that links their futures together more tragically than they ever thought possible.
Goodbye to the Sun is inspired by the Greek tragedy Antigone.

Shawtuck Asylum written by Richard McCrohan
In 1859, the Shawtuck Lunatic Asylum opened in rural Delaware County as the new standard for the treatment of the mentally ill. But now this huge, Gothic structure sits brooding and abandoned, brought down by a long, sordid history of depravity, mistreatment, and murder. It may be rotting up on Shawtuck Mountain, but it's not alone.
Oswald "Oz" Patterson is the new sheriff of Delaware County. After a near-death experience as a cop in the South Bronx, he decided to move away from the inner city and live a safer life. But Oz will find that he has only traded one nightmare for an even worse one.

Kassius Kanex written by MK Schultz
Kassius Kanex loves his home and family but hates his job and wants to quit. A chance meeting with strange men looking for directions inspires a change in Kass. He is led down a new path that not only rescues him from his perceived career imprisonment, but also leads to the fulfillment of his destiny.
When his family becomes endangered by his new life, Kass’ full identity is revealed. His truth previously existed dormant inside of him, but Kass is now awakened. Following a visit to three doors of mystery, his true essence is discovered and a choice is made.
Danger and suspense build as more truths come to light, and Kass wonders if things will turn out better or worse. He still hides one secret, though, and its admission will change everything.


Snake: Missoula Bad Boys, Book 2 written by Piper Stone (each book in this series is a standalone novel)
She's determined to make me whole again. I just plan to make her mine.
I left Missoula to serve my country and came back a bitter, broken man. But when Chastity Garrington made my recovery her personal crusade, I decided I had a mission of my own.
Mastering her.
Her task won't be easy, and the fire in her eyes tells me mine won't either. Yet, the spark between us is instant, and we both know she'll be wet, sore, and screaming my name soon enough.
But I want more than that.
By the time my body has healed, I plan to have claimed her heart.
Publisher's Note: Snake is a standalone novel, but is the second entry in the Missoula Bad Boys series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't download this audiobook.

Dream Rider written by Kimberly Dean
As a Dream Weaver, Zane Oneiros isn’t supposed to hitch rides on the dreams of his charges, but he can’t help himself when the dreamer is Emily Hutchins.
In the waking world, Emily is his work friend. Beautiful, conscientious, and prompt. Zane is known for being brash, fun-loving, and a bit too reckless with the powers handed down to him from the Greek gods of ancient past. Could an introvert extrovert romance even work?
All Zane wants to know is if Emily thinks about him while she sleeps...if there’s any hope for friends to become lovers...or if he’ll be stuck in the work friend zone forever. Yet when he and Emily start sharing dreams—and a kiss—the entire daytime world flips upside down.
Sweet, strict Emily is suddenly adventurous, and in more ways than one. Happy as Zane is about the change in their relationship, he worries that he’s meddled where he shouldn’t. For Emily isn’t sleeping well, and her behavior is spiraling out of control. Soon Zane is battling to get the old Emily back and make their dreams turn real, not the nightmares.

Brutal Heir written by Piper Stone
The evening started with dinner in Paris. It ended with me as his captive.
When I went to an author convention, I didn't expect to find myself enjoying a rooftop meal with the sexiest cover model in the business, let alone screaming his name in bed later that night.
I didn't plan to be targeted by assassins, rushed to a helicopter under cover of armed men, and then spirited away to his home country with my bottom still burning from a spanking either, but it turns out there are some really important things I didn't know about Diavolo Montoya.
Like the fact that he's the heir to a notorious crime syndicate.
I should hate him, but even as his prisoner, our connection is too intense to ignore, and I'm beginning to realize that what began as a moment of passion is going to end with me as his.
Publisher's Note: Brutal Heir includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't download this book.

Debt of Loyalty: Eagle force, Book 2 written by Piper Stone
A drug lord took her captive. I took her back...and I'm not giving her up.
After she was kidnapped in broad daylight, I was hired to bring Willow Cavanaugh home, but as the daughter of a wealthy family, she's used to getting what she wants rather than taking orders.
Too bad.
She'll do as she's told, or she'll earn herself a stern, shameful reminder of who is in charge. But it will take more than just a well-spanked bare bottom to truly tame this feisty little rich girl.
She'll learn her place over my knee, but it's in my bed that I'll make her mine.
Publisher's Note: Debt of Loyalty is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Eagle Force series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't download this audiobook.

Beautiful Seduction: Sinners and Saints Book 3 written by Piper Stone
He saved my life. Then he claimed me as his.
In my late-night hunt for the perfect pastry, I never expected to be the victim of a brutal attack...or for a brooding, blue-eyed stranger to become my savior, tending to my wounds while easing my fears. The electricity exploded between us, turning into a night of incredible passion.
Only later did I learn that Valentin Vincheti is the heir to the New York Italian mafia empire.
Then he came to take me, and this time he wasn't gentle. I shouldn't have surrendered, but with each savage kiss and stinging stroke of his belt his beautiful seduction became more difficult to resist. But when one of his enemies sets his sights on me, will my secrets put our lives at risk?
Publisher's Note: Beautiful Seduction is a stand-alone novel which is the third entry in the Sinners and Saints series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Blood Crown: Freedom's Harem, Book 1 written by Elizabeth Brown and Torri Heat Narrated by myself and Katrina Medina.
In a world where men rule and slavery is the common practice, being the only queen and abolishing slavery puts a large target on your back.
Ashera is a queen in a world of kings. She took her crown and has paid for it in blood. Not everyone is willing to let her rule in peace, however, especially not the neighboring kingdoms for whom human slavery is still very much in practice. Ashera continues to bleed for her crown while showing each kingdom that men aren’t the only ones who can rule. But when a resistance against Ashera’s rule grows, she’s forced to realize that she can’t create widespread change on her own. She’ll need to win the hearts of the men who rule alongside her if she’s to crush the resistance and free all of humanity.
Seducing them is easy; she’s a succubus with lithe curves and a wicked tongue. It’s getting them to change their minds that is the challenge. Especially when she’s faced with an unruly and violent vampire prince, an over-the-top dramatic fae prince, an angelic king, and a demonic assassin. They’re all alpha males in their own right, each one thinking they know what’s best for their queen. Unfortunately for them, she has no intention of listening.
This is a fast-burn reverse harem.

Let me know which one you would like and I'll send you a promotional code to download the audiobook!
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2023.06.05 22:19 MissionSuccess Things I've learned after 1yr in as a FTHB and DIYer

Buying a home in this market is stressful as all hell, and I feel for you all. Prices and availability may have you considering homes with critical flaws or in conditions you never thought you'd be willing to accept. I want to share our experience from a doozy of an inspection to the approaches we took to cut costs and make a fixer upper doable for us.
A heads up, this post is DIY heavy. I realize that's not for everyone. This is for those who are in that mindset, or are on the fence about DIY or learning how to research and manage trades quotes.
My wife and I purchased our first home in Denver at the height of the market in June 2022. Interest rates were much better than, but the prices were still very high.
We found an almost unmolested/untouched 1969 3br 3ba two-story time capsule with a full height unfinished basement in a nice part of town. It had a lot of deferred maintenance. Let's start with the inspection, which we absolutely refused to waive. DO NOT WAIVE THE INSPECTION. Knowledge gained via inspection later saved us $30k at the negotiating table.
Inspection Report - Major Items:
  • Significant street facing foundation wall crack. Two structural engineer assessments point to soil expansion pushing the wall in, slipping house on mud sill on that wall only. We're told it's due to poor front yard grading in the first 10-15ft causing water to pool.
  • Flat roof has seams + cracks and is due to be replaced.
  • 18 somewhat leaky, poor-condition original aluminum single-pane windows.
  • Potentially dangerous electrical panel, using known bad manufacturer from the 60s
  • Failing valves for old water softening system; complex old piping to split house between two systems.
  • 27 y/o AC condenser unit.
That was a lot barrel to stare down, but we had already done a lot of research in ways of mitigating, repairing, and spreading out these or similar issues to reduce risk and up front cost across our 6 months of shopping and putting in offers. We gave ourselves two weeks in our offer to go/no-go, to give us time to do the legwork needed to move forward, back out, or negotiate.
So we put in our offer, and quickly learn we're the only non-flippers, non-corporate buyers. The previous owners are sentimental, and so that wins us the house. After almost 20 offers, we finally have our house. The rush subsides quickly with a ton of work ahead of us.

Quotes and Fixes

Foundation fix

3 quotes, 2 structural assessments for $300 ea, 3 different approaches. We could anchor and epoxy for $12k or $15k (two companies), demo and repour for some astronomical number like $50K+ (contractor), or based on a tip I found...reinforce, epoxy, and regrade for $4.5k if we DIYed the reinforcement via a wall brace kit. After talking with the engineer at Gorilla Wall Braces, and our structural engineer, our condition was a good fit for the system and we went that direction.
Final cost was $2.6K for the kit + spec steel beams + DIY install, and what we were told might be a grade issue turned out to be a sprinkler head leak next to the foundation causing countless gallons of water to pour down it each grass watering. Once that was fixed, the area dried right up. We had it assessed and were given the clear. We later had it regraded for $700 as part of some landscape work for peace of mind.
Scary wide range, but fixed a major flaw in the report for a fraction of the price.

Old AC Unit

Stopped working within the first month of ownership during the peak of summer, in 90 deg temps. 3 quotes, Home Depot, some local HVAC company, and a guy in a truck on Thumbtack. $15k for the first for a whole new central system, $36k from the local outfit for a whole house ductless setup, and the final guy was $300 to replace the damaged capacitor and get us back up and running.
You gotta realize part of the stress here is that each outfit will sell you hard that you "absolutely want their option and no other will do, because of XYZ" and make you feel like an idiot for considering anything else. They'll use hard sell tactics to get you to sign on that line today. It can be tempting to pull the trigger for a now-fix, and they'll give you all sorts of bullshit offers and reasons to do so, but it'll eat your reno budget or trap you in finance payments for years. For every issue we had, it took really digging to find other options, but they almost always presented themselves.
Final cost was $300. Guy said it'd probably be fine for another 5 years, and had no leaks. AC worked great for the whole summer, and started up fine this year. It's less efficient, but does the job for now. Later, I'll probably install a Mr. Cool DIY ductless setup for $5-6k when we're ready to modernize, or if/when ours blows.

Leaking Roof

The flat roof started leaking almost immediately when the next couple huge rainstorms hit. At first it was a little, then a lot. That lit a fire on this one. Two quotes. $6k for a local company to patch all potential areas and guarantee the leak would be fixed, or $20k+ to scrape and reroof with TPO.
Final cost was $1.6k We ended up DIYing a Henry's silicone roof coating product for $1.6k that not only sealed it extremely well, but cut our AC bill in half due to the reflective surface. Our roof does have 3 layers on it, so this might just buy us time, but after chatting with a few folks in the field, it might get us 10+ years.

Sprinkler Valve Leaks, Line Cracks

Our first water bill revealed that we had a massive sprinkler leak, that was causing water to pool against the foundation (causing the soil expansion/foundation cracking). It was pooling under the decorative stone, so wasn't especially obvious at first. I didn't even bother quoting this one. With all the easy press-to-fit fittings at the box store, all it takes is a shovel, some fittings, and 3/4" line pipe to do most of your line repairs. $400 later everything was fixed across the yard with all new valves.

Sketchy old plumbing

The previous owners had installed a water softening system in the 80s that piped half the house on soft water, and half not. It was a mess, and every valve was questionable, including the water main. This was more peace of mind, but I opened a permit, bought the $500 PEX-A expansion gun, and replumbed the whole house with PEX to code over the summer while we had walls exposed. Total cost including the tool was less than $2k.

Leaky Windows

Call it ambition or stupidity, after a $30k quote for shitty Champion PVC double-pane double-hung windows, I hunted down a Chinese vendor on Alibaba to build us custom replacement triple-pane low-e nuts-o-quality premium casement + tilt-n-turn aluminum windows for $13k shipped to our door. They are the Bently of windows, in all but brand name. They arrived in 3-months and I was able to DIY all the 1st story windows in before fall hit. What a massive difference in quality of life they made. I might have to hire out a couple of the big 2nd story ones this summer, but even so I'll be so much better off.

Aluminum Wiring + Electrical

This one hurt, but ended up being the the single biggest improvement to the house. We learned that not only was our panel a potential fire hazard, and that the house was on old 150A service, but that most of our wiring was sketchy aluminum Vietnam era stuff that really should be mitigated or replaced. 3 quotes, all within $1k of each other. We bit the bullet. Top tier local company rewired the whole house, plus 200A panel, plus EV charger, couple sub panels, basement lighting, garage shop lighting, whole house LED lighting + switches + outlets, heated bathroom fans, really the works for $27K. Took them 4 months. Not a single old electrical cable, outlet, or switch remains. By the time it was done they told me they should have charged twice that. Feels like a new house.
Wrapping this up. These could have easily drained our reno budget and more had we gone with the first quote, or done everything by a pro company instead of DIY, or a guy in a truck / Thumbtack approach. It takes a lot more legwork, research, physical work, and usually involves taking on more risk, but I wanted to share that sometimes scary inspections aren't always costly ones. Learn what your issue is and the approaches people take to solve it, ranging from the cheap temp fix, to the best permanent one and really weigh your options. Do your homework before AND after getting quotes; be prepared to ask the right questions and be schooled to spot bullshit sales tactics and upselling, and resist and/or evaluate scope creep.
I should have added that pulling a bunch of quotes during that negotiation window gave us the leverage to negotiate the cost of our home down $30k. So while we still had to dish out for our fixes/upgrades up front, that effort was well worth it.
I also strongly advocate for FTHBs to be willing to pick up some DIY skills. I had few of these skills before owning a home. I was somewhat decent at general handyman work and picked up some trades skills from volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. With trades costs skyrocketing, the job market flimsy, and general financial uncertainty, Millennials and GenZ can't afford to throw money at the problem like many of our parents often did. Digging into Youtube and Thumbtack can stretch your budget far beyond where you'd get otherwise, and can make home ownership tenable for those who otherwise might be stretching to maintain a house.
For those considering DIY, or are hesitant, I empathize that it can be scary or daunting to take on some of this stuff at first. Just start small and work your way up. Watch videos, read stuff, double check your work. Start with projects that have lower risk to your home or yourself, where you're just risking the price of a pro to redo it right, then move up as you build confidence. Hardware stores and Youtube tuts make this stuff extremely approachable.
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2023.06.05 20:54 Frostdraken Aberration -Part 6-

Amid a galaxy of brutal chaos there are stories to be told, tales of valor and justice, of fear and despair. But amid these stories are the guttering flames of adventures untold, the potential for a universe of entertainment and savage joyous fun. The Oblivion Cycle embodies just this kind of crafted chaos, creating the potential for creative exploits and raucous tales. If you are new to the TOC setting feel free to join the community at TheOblivionCycle to check out some of the background lore or to discuss themes with other readers. I thank you all for your support and continued willingness to read, as always, Please Enjoy!
+ Part 1 + Previous + Next +
Continued From Part 5
Abel couldn't move and so they passed the time waiting for the calvary to arrive by chatting about random things.
Bittu told Abel his first experience with street crime in Shikago and Abel told Bittu about his first few days awake.
“So you just woke up and bam, you were a talking head?” Bittu asked him incredulously.
Abel nodded, trying to ignore the bone deep ache that was pulsing through him. “Yeah, it was the strangest thing. I knew that I was in the wrong place, but I didn't know why. It's like my memories were gone but not the knowledge of them. I can't really explain it any better than that. I'm sorry, Bittu.” he said a bit sadly.
Bittu stood suddenly, a slight whistling groan coming from the sorry pile of white feathers handcuffed to the stairs next to him.
The swanith slowly rose to a sitting position, their backwards knees sprawled out in front of them awkwardly. He looked around and then his golden eyes widened in shock. “AAAuuhh!” they screeched and tried to stand, only to have their handcuffed arm overbalance them.
As they crumpled back into an ungainly heap Bittu said “I wouldn't do that if I were you. You could hurt yourself, and then there wouldn't be any hurting left for me to do.”
Abel frowned at the nerivith man’s comment but said nothing. Bittu had far more experience with this kind of thing than he did, and so he held his tongue and watched.
The feathered man shuddered, his head tucked under a wing as if he were trying to hide. Bittu looked at the small man and said “Hey, you. What's your name?”
The swanith shook his beaked head and muttered “I didn’t do nothin man, you can't prove guan.”
“No need for the strong language, you know the drill. You answer my questions, or…” The man said before lashing out with an open handed slap to the feathered man’s face. The feathers must have softened the blow, but it still shunted the small avian almost to the dirty ground.
Abel barked “What are you doing?”
Bittu gave him a look that seemed to say ‘Shut your face hole.’ in no uncertain terms. Abel snapped his mouth closed, not liking the situation but not sure what the protocol was.
The swanith man groaned, his normally trilling voice now a bit haggard and rough. He coughed, a trickle of dark green blood running from the corner of his beak. He took a deep breath and said “You can hit me all you like, I won’t tell you anything you drit.”
Bittu bristled, his long sinuous tail lashing in anger. He stepped closer to the man and pulled out his Port-25 pushing the barrel of the weapon into the man’s throat. “You want to play hard to get with me fathersucker? I will fuck you up, there isn’t anyone here to stop me.” He glanced at Abel in a manner telling him to hold his tongue.
Abel cringed inwardly at the poor treatment of the prisoner, understanding the dark morality of keeping a criminal safe till trial. But Bittu seemed to be taking an altogether more sinister path. Abel held his tongue, watching as Bittu worked the man over a bit more before the swanith finally screeched out in pain.
“Okay! Okay! My name is Thaee, I was hired to collect on an overdue debt. That’s all man, I swear on the spires it is all.” the man cowered into a small grimy ball of feathers, crying softly.
Bittu shook his head and holstered his gun before walking a few paces away and putting his hands on his hips.
Abel couldn't take it anymore. He spoke up quietly in his partner’s direction. “That was wrong, Bittu.”
Bittu looked at him and nodded “And yet I didn’t see you trying to stop me.”
Abel frowned under his helmet. Flipping the visor up so Bittu could see his face he saw the man wince at Abel’s shattered features. “I couldn't have even if I wanted to, so I figured I would let the situation play out. But that doesn't change the fact that what you just did was morally reprehensible.”
Bittu threw his hands up and stalked towards Abel. As he was in no position to back down or otherwise run away he put on his most determined face instead, intent on winning this bout of wills.
“You just don't get it do you, you are new here. You need to understand something, rookie. These guys, these pieces of shit, they wouldent hesitate to torture a five year old child to death if they thought they would learn something valuable from them. You understand that?” Bittu said venomously. The remark struck Abel as awfully specific.
Suddenly he realized that the nerivith man was trembling, but it didn't appear to be rage, instead it looked as if the man was on the verge of some sort of anxiety attack. Softening his features he reached out as far as he was able and patted the man’s knee softly.
“I’m sorry, Bittu. I may not be very experienced, but I have your back, no matter what. I just didn't understand the need for such force. I’m sorry.” Abel said, bowing his head humbly.
Bittu seemed to calm a little at the contact and stood stiffly. Looking at the still crying form of the beaten Thaee, he sat down next to Abel on the ground. He put his horned head in his hands and curled his tail around his legs saying “I don't want to be this way Abel. But this city, this festering cesspit of corruption has slowly been grinding me away. I'm afraid that if i stay here much longer there will be none of me left. All that was once virtuous replaced by apathy and vitriol.”
The man seemed to sob once before removing his hands and taking a deep breath. Not knowing what else to do Abel put a heavy cybernetic arm around the man's shoulder and said “I don't think you are all bad. I mean, you still have good qualities man.”
Bittu sat still for a few more moments, only the twitching of his tufted tail giving away his inner turmoil. He eventually asked “You really think so Abel?”
Abel smiled at the man, his original eye crinkling with emotion as he nodded. “Yes, yes I really do. Now you should probably get up, I think I hear a vehicle approaching.”
Bittu scrambled to his feet, drawing his sidearm once more and taking cover behind the stairs.
Abel raised his own sidearm, not able to move into cover but perfectly capable of defending himself.
Instead of hostels, a police cruiser rolled around the corner and a pair of officers hopped out, taking cover behind their doors one of them shouted “SPD! Identify yourselves!”
Abel raised his free hand and shouted back “Officer Abel, code X ray-five-six-niner-niner.”
Bittu shouted out “Officer Xeem, code X ray-five-seven-seven-eight.”
The other woman, a young looking nerivith woman with a long raven haired ponytail and impressive swept back horns ducked back into the squadcar. After a moment she called out “They check out.”
The older and much gruffer looking human woman holstered her firearm and started towards them. Abel put his gun away as Bittu walked up to his side.
Bittu looked down at him and hissed “Thats officer Malak, they are a real badass, watch your language. She is a touchy one.” and with that he spread his arms wide and smiled. “Officer Malak, it's so good to see you, hey have I told you your…”
“Cut the chatter Bittu. What are you doing on my turf? You know this is my side of town.” Officer Malak spat with disdain.
She stopped a few meters from them and then looked down at him, Abel raised a hand in greeting.
“What the fuck is this?” Officer Malak asked incredulously. “What new piece of shit hardware have they stuck you with?”
Abel was a bit taken aback, though with his visor down he supposed she must have also mistaken him for some sort of advanced robot. Before he had a chance to say anything to refute the woman, the other officer walked up and looked at Abel.
“Officer Xeem, please meet my new partner, Officer Balungathernadler.” Officer Malak said without pause.
Abel and Bittu cocked their heads simultaneously. “Officer… What? I'm sorry, can you say that a little slower?” Bittu asked.
Officer Malak shook her head and said “Oh come on, it's not that difficult. It’s Balungathernadler. Balungather… You know what, most people just call her Officer Bal.” the woman snorted.
Abel again raised his hand and said “Hello there Officer Bal. Thanks for coming.”
Officer Bal looked him up and down, she turned to Bittu and said “What’s this? I’ve never seen one of them before.”
Bittu shook his head and started to speak but Abel cut him off. “No no, it’s quite alright Bittu.” He reached up and slid his visor up, unveiling his face to the two officers.
Officer Bal recoiled in surprise and what looked like a little horror, but Officer Malak just grunted and said “A fucking cybe? What are you doing with this reject?”
Abel growled and said “Hey, there is no need to get nasty. We were just doing our jobs, it’s not our fault we got here first.”
Officer Malak took a threatening step towards him but Officer Bal held her back and whispered something in the human woman’s ear. She stood back and said “You, stay out of my fucking way Bittu. You and your… Freak!” she spat the word with considerable contempt.
Abel frowned, that hadn't been the kind of welcome he was expecting. He sighed as the two women walked away, the young nerivith officer casting him strange glances over her narrow shoulders as they left.
Abel slumped a little, his nerves shot and the emptiness threatening to overwhelm his senses. ‘What is the point?’ He wondered to himself. Nobody he had met had given him a good first impression, he got the feeling that he wasn't really a popular entity in society. He thought about the reasons for their hatred, but came up empty handed. Nothing struck him as obvious, so there must have been a less obvious reason for the mistreatment. It would have to wait though, he was busy.
“I am sorry Abel. She wasn't this jaded last time we met. Something must have happened to her last partner to make her so angry. She really used to be a sweet woman.” Bittu apologised beside him.
Abel waved a hand and then rested it back on the asphalt. “It’s okay Bittu. It really is, I think I'm just going to have to get used to this kind of treatment. It seems that cyberphobia runs deep in the people of Shikago. Is there a reason?” he asked a little desperately, needing to have a reason for his pain.
Bittu scratched his horns, the two short nubs characteristic of the males of his species. He wished he had gotten a closer look at Officer Bal, she had a spectacular pair of horns. Long and delicately curved, they would have been the envy of many a woman back home on Draken V. He had often heard humans talk about women with a rockin pair of tits, but he was a horn man through and through.
Smiling to himself his horny thoughts were interrupted as Abel asked him “Bittu, is the man okay?”
Bittu twitched in surprise, the man they had just left lying in the room six stories up. “Shit, we need to… Oh, yeah. Sorry, I need to go check on him. Will you be okay down here?” he asked his partner, the large man still sitting in the shallow crater he had made.
Abel nodded and waved him off “I’ll be fine, I can't get much worse after all right?” The man joked with a pained chuckle.
Bittu gave him a thumbs up and rushed up the escape ladder to the first stairway. His tail lashed in nervousness as he quickly ascended the long grated stairway to the opened window of the man’s apartment.
As he reached it he saw the man sitting up with his back to the wall. He was rubbing his head and cradling what looked like a badly broken arm. The man yelled in fear as Bittu swung through the window and he put his hands up non threateningly.
“Hey it’s okay, I’m a cop. See?” he told the man, showing his badge.
The man calmed almost immediately then tensed again.
“My daughter! They took my daughter!” the man wailed.
Bittu stopped. “Shit!” He exclaimed.
The man cried “You didn’t save her? Those monsters have her, they said they would kill her unless I pay them the money I owe. I don’t have the money! Please, you have to save her.”
The man was in hysterics and so Bittu pulled a few pills from his pacification kit. A few painkillers and a mild sedative that would keep the man from hurting himself. “Here, please take these, they will help with the pain till EMT arrives. Here, take them please.”
He handed the small pills to the man who eyed them a little suspiciously. “Are you trying to kill me?” He asked.
Bittu shook his head and widened his violet eyes in shock. What was wrong with this guy? “What? No! I will admit there is a mild sedative in there, but it's to keep you from hurting yourself till we can get you to a hospital. So please just take them.” he told the man.
The man frowned but did as he was asked, downing the pills with a grimace. “I must thank you I guess, for trying.” the man said bitterly after he had calmed a bit.
Bittu stood and nodded “Thanks, we actually got one of them though.”
“You did? What did he say?” the man pleaded.
Bittu shook his head “Nothing much, yet. Don't worry, we are taking him in for interrogation. We’ll crack him and bleed any useful information out of his sorry carcase. Of that you have my word.” he told the man who nodded appreciatively.
Bittu pulled out a datapad from his belt and asked “If you don’t mind, I do have a few questions for you now. Would you be willing to answer them?”
The man froze.
Bittu shook his head “You aren't a suspect, Mr…”
“Zaplin. Harry Zaplin.” the man told him cautiously.
“Alright then Mr. Zaplin. I need to know if you have any idea why these men attacked you.” Bittu asked, wanting to see if the man would be straight up with him.
Harry Frowned and said “I already told you…” But Bittu cut him off with a hiss and a wave.
Bittu pointed at the man and waved his datapad “No, don't tell me what you said, tell me what you meant. I want to know the nature of this connection, the more I know the better I can help. I want to help you, I’m on your side here, remember that.”
The man sighed and shifted into a more comfortable position on the side of his room. “Well. I’m not a bad person okay? But bad things always seem to happen to me. My wife… She got sick.” the man paused and Bittu flicked his tail at the man, motioning for him to go on. Harry continued on saying “Well, she got sick and the hospital said they wouldn't keep covering her bills on my credit alone. I have poor credit…” he stopped again.
Bittu asked “And that's part of the issue… How exactly?”
The man threw up a hand and said “It’s got everything to do with it. You know how these fucking doctors work. No money, no treatment. And I was almost completely out of money. So I, called in a favor.” he admitted.
Bittu raised an eyebrow, his tail freezing in intrigue. “Oh? What kind of favor are we talking about here?”
Harry glared at him and said “The kind of favor that would save my fucking wife, that what kind.”
Bittu raised his hands apologetically and said “Sorry, I had to ask you know. I’m still trying to help, if I wanted to incriminate you I wouldn't have bothered asking for your side of the story. I would have just hauled you off to the station house as you are, are we clear? So please, for the sake of brevity and my own sanity, cut the attitude.” he said sternly.
Harry looked a bit taken aback but then simply nodded. His features changed as he got more sincere “Well, ok then. I guess while we are being honest then I should mention I used to work on the docks. That’s where I first met the Brine gang. Yeah, I never joined, honest. But nobody works those docks without paying their fair share to Oorin. He controls the docks, all of level forty to fourty-nine.” the man said earnestly.
Bittu frowned “Oorin, Orrin Sumps? The fucking port authority overseer?”
Harry Shook his head “No, Orrin Sumps Jr. His son.”
Bittu straightened, well that was fucking news to him. Not that he was any expert on the upper docks or their workings, still. It was a useful piece of information to have.
“Alright. Tell me what happened next, and why Oorin’s boys were tap dancing on your chest a bit ago.” Bittu asked.
The man groaned and said “Well, my wife’s bills were covered, but I had a limited time to pay Oorin back. I seem to have missed it, I work at the corner Nutri-Mart. There was never any way I was going to be able to pay the man back. But I thought I would have more time, time to get my wife out of the hospital and disappear. I guess he was expecting me to try that. Oh merciful Dark, they have my daughter and they know where my wife is. You have to help me, Officer. Please.” the man once more begged.
Bittu heard a sound and whipped out his sidearm, the man whimpered and tried to cower as best he could. “SPD!” Bittu shouted “I’m armed, Identify yourself.”
The sounds of footsteps stopped. A voice rang out “This is aegis trooper Cowlins, you had better not get between me and my patient. You know what happens if you attempt to interfere.” the voice rang out threateningly.
Bittu holstered his gun slowly, not intimidated by the voice. Instead he yelled out “Cowlins? Are you still larping around with that goofball Danny?”
Another voice rang out, this one younger and a little hurt sounding “Hey, what the fuck. Is that you Bittu, you sleazy son of a bitch?”
After a minute two familiar faces poked around the corner of the hall and Bittu threw his arms out wide. “Danny-boi! Oh man, you have grown. Look at you, you’re a man now! How did that happen?” he asked, raising his eyebrow.
“I fucked your mom that’s how.” The human paramedic retorted with a wide grin.
“Oh yeah, and how was that huh? I bet you liked it too you dirty xenophile.” he laughed as the man approached for a hug.
Behind the younger man approached a hulking hunched figure in dark grey combat armour and carrying a big gun. It was Cowlins, the yeown’s large furred head swinging side to side as he scanned for potential danger.
He reached out a large hand and fist bumped Bittu while saying “It is good to meet you in peace once more Bittu. I feared that we would one day be at odds, and I have no wish to kill you my friend.”
Bittu nodded and said “Yeah, it’s good to see you too.”
Danny chuckled and walked into the room. Gesturing to the man Bittu said “Danny, meet Mr. Zaplin. Mr. Zaplin is having a bad day, I’m sure you can make it all better?”
Danny sobered up and waved Cowlins forward. The large armoured man dragging a hovergurney behind him. Bittu stepped back out of the way as Danny started checking Harry over, the man answering various medical questions quietly as Danny fixed a temporary sling to stabilize the man's broken arm.
Bittu turned to Cowlins and asked “So, how have things been? I haven't seen you two in a long time. What's it been, like six months?”
“Eleven, eleven months. And I have not been dwelling on the past in case you were wondering. So you can stop sweating.” The large furred alien said, his armour creaking as he moved his muscular form.
He walked towards the bedroom window, putting thoughts of the past aside. “You two didn't happen to see a big idiot with a pair of broken legs in the alley did you?” he asked nobody in particular.
Danny glanced over at him and nodded “Oh that guy, what's his name is already loaded up in your cruiser, they insisted. We offered to take them to the hospital but he said he already had a scheduled repair appointment. I guess it's easier to fix synthetics than organics. Fuck my job right?”
Cowlins spoke up suddenly “I like him.”
Danny paused and turned to look at the big man. “You what? You don’t like anybody.”
Cowlins cocked his head and shrugged “I like you… You are not nobody.”
Bittu chuckled and said “It’s okay Cowlins. I like Abel too. He is… an interesting fellow. A big lovable idiot to be sure, but a good guy.” Bittu said fondly, surprising himself.
Danny helped Harry to his feet and with Cowlins assistance, got the injured man sat comfortably on the gurney.
Danny turned to him and asked “An idiot huh. Is that how he broke his legs then, being an idiot?”
Bittu shook his head and replied slowly “Not exactly. He did something stupid yeah, but his reasons were quite noble actually. I don't think the guy really thinks about the consequences of his actions before he does them. He kind of just, does the right thing, all the time. It’s strange.” Bittu trailed off quietly.
Danny stretched his back and said “Well, whatever he is, he weighs a fucking tonne. We barely got him out of the alley. You take good care of yourself Bittu, and it is good to see you trusting someone again.”
Bittu wanted to retort but was stopped by Cowlins as the yeown placed a heavy clawed hand on his shoulder and said “I wish you the best of luck. I hope you and your new friend will live long prosperous lives, you take good care now and may Frine shelter you in the palm of her hand.”
He waved and the three left down the hall, their footsteps fading into the distance as he sat on the edge of the bed for a minute.
What a situation, that was more reminders of the past that he really wanted to deal with. Groaning a little at the stiffness in his lower back he stood and began to walk out of the apartment towards the stairwell.
Abel sat in the cruiser with his arms folded across his chest. Bittu had left to check on the man some time ago, while he had been gone a nice pair of medics had shown up and helped him out of the alley. With only one partially functional leg he had pretty much been dragged to the car, but it was better than lying on the ground in the middle of an alley.
His shattered leg was sitting at the foot of his seat, but he wasn't worried. Dr. Abernathy would likely be upset with him when he got back, but he had gotten his first bad guy. He looked into the back of the squad car, the reinforced glazmite between them raised and the swanith sitting uncomfortably in one of the bucket seats.
Abel snapped his head back forwards as he noticed a figure leaving the front entrance of the apartment building. It was Bittu.
He smiled under his helmet as the man walked up and opened the driver side door. Bittu leaned heavily on the door and gave a loud sigh.
“What's wrong partner?” Abel asked cheerfully, trying to ignore all the hurts that clamored for his attention.
The nerivith man sat heavily and closed the door. He leaned back into his chair and then glanced at him. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times before shaking his horned head silently. Instead he simply turned on the car and they pulled out onto the street.
Abel was confused, had he done something wrong? He didn't think so, but then again he didn't exactly have that large of a social profile to draw from. He thought about asking if he was doing something wrong but thought better of it. It would likely have only made the unresolved issue worse, and that the last thing he wanted to burden the man with after a hard day at work.
Their shift was technically still less than half over but Bittu spoke up saying “We are heading back to the station.”
Abel shook his head and asked “Why? We are still only a third of the way through our patrol. What did I do wrong?” he asked the man.
Bittu threw up a hand and then scoffed “What did you do wrong? Do you seriously hear yourself?! You nearly fucking killed yourself, and on top of that, we let two of the perps get away. We need to get our man to the station anyways, but the day is over for you. I want you at one hundred percent all the time, I'm not patrolling with another partner that can't watch my back for me.” The man said, a hand seeming to reach for his lower back by itself.
Bittu seemed to realize what he was doing and hiss frustratedly to himself. Abel was flabbergasted. He didn't know whether to shit a brick or jump out of the moving car. Nothing he thought of as a response did his inner turmoil justice so he remained silent.
After a few moments Bittu looked at him and asked angrily “Well?”
“Well… What?” Abel responded.
Bittu growled and narrowly avoided tearing the bumper off a slow moving black van. “Well, aren't you going to tell me what an asshole I am?”
Abel was taken aback by the man's self deprecating mood. “Why would I do that? You are my partner, partner. I am here for you no matter what, isn't that the way it's supposed to be?”
Bittu looked at him and then to the road. He seemed to be at a loss for words. After a pregnant silence he muttered “Yeah. Yeah that's how it's supposed to be.”
Abel smiled and patted the tense man's shoulder and said “Good. I’m glad we agree. Hey, I know I'm not supposed to eat solid foods, but can we swing by that Shabino’s place. It looked really good.”
Bittu started to chuckle and looked at him, a slight smile on his otherwise dour face. “Yeah, we can do that Abel.”
Abel gave him a thumbs up and a goofy grin, putting his visor up while they were in the car.
Bittu nodded and smiled a little wider. “We’ll make a lunch stop, I think they have a drive through so you don’t have to worry about your legs. Oh, and Abel?”
“Yeah Bittu?” Abel asked, the look on the man’s face telling him he was about to say something important.
Bittu paused and then said a little quietly “Thanks. You really are a good officer. I’m glad I was picked to be your partner.”
Abel grinned wide and smacked the man’s shoulder again gently. “Hey, no problem at all Bittu. I'm happy I was placed with you as well, you are a good Officer too, I hope I can be as good as you one day.”
Bittu seemed to get a little sad at the comment and muttered “Yeah, one day.”

End of Part 6
==End of Transmission==
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2023.06.05 19:08 dliteful23 5 things I wish I knew before building a GPT agent for log analysis

Three weeks ago I started developing a ReAct Agent app. A ReAct agent uses reasoning and logic combined with external tools to fulfill a task. The app - LogPal.ai - lets you ask questions about the data in app log file files, generating SQL queries and Javascript charts to analyze the data.
After a rough start, I’ve found a bit of a groove. I wanted to share five things I wish I knew before developing a GPT-powered agent.
A crude demo of LogPal.ai executing a ReAct agent to answer questions about a log file.

1. GPT-3 is unusable for ReAct agents

A quick demo showing the stark difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 when running a ReAct agent loop.
While waiting for a GPT-4 API limit increase, I needed to use the gpt-3.5-turbo model instead. It sucked: poor code, malformed JSON, and bizarre responses are the norm.
However, there’s a silver lining! gpt-3.5-turbo is great for adding chaos to your agent loop and seeing how resilient your code is to errors.

2. Don’t use a framework

A quick ReAct intro and demo of the ReAct agent in action within the OpenAI Playground.
I started with Langchain, but I had a hell of time debugging and tweaking the framework to suit my needs. Next, I shifted to Boxcars, which has fewer abstractions. While Boxcars was easier to understand, I still struggled when things behaved differently than I’d expected. Finally, I said screw it…I’m not doing that much:
  1. Sending and receiving text
  2. Parsing text
  3. Executing external tools
Why not write this logic myself? I’m not the type that likes to reinvent the wheel, so I came to this conclusion reluctantly. However, implementing the above didn’t seem that hard, gave me ultimate flexibility, and forced me to learn how ReAct works.
I started with a zero shot prompt that closely resembles the prompt in the ReAct paper with one addition: asking for output in JSON format (more on that later…it’s far from bulletproof).
This roll-my-own strategy ended up paying huge dividends due to the need for prompt-specific context, output formats, and error handling.

3. Prompts need specific handling

A quick demo of the SQL query generator prompt re-generating a correct SQL query after an initial error.
Currently, my app has three prompts:
  1. Zero shot ReAct prompt
  2. SQL query generator prompt
  3. Javascript chart generator prompt
I’ve found that each prompt needs customized context, output formats, and error handling for the agent to perform well.

Customized context

There are 3 messaging-related parts of an OpenAI API request you can tweak:
  1. System message - the prompt text
  2. User messages - input from the user (ex: “What’s the average response time?”)
  3. Assistant messages - completions from the API
The user and assistant messages are used to give the model more context. Unlike ChatGPT (which automatically builds context from prior messages), you need to provide the history yourself when using the API. At first, I sent each prompt the same message history, which was every user and assistant message in the chat history. However, with this simple approach, I would frequently get bizarre responses to questions. For example, I might ask “What is the request throughput?”, and receive a bizarre final answer like “There were no request errors”.
After lots of experimentation (more later on how to iterate quickly on the message context), I found that sending prompt-specific context generates the most helpful completions:
  1. Zero shot - all messages (including tool output) after the last answered question.
  2. SQL query generator - previously generated queries and the error output associated when executing each SQL statement (if an error is present). The error output is critical for helping the query generator correct itself if an original query is invalid.
  3. Chart generator - similar to the SQL query generator, I send previously generated charts and any error output (if present).
While increasing the max context token size is frequently seen as the path to better completions, I saw a correlation between increased context length and off-track completions. What I provided as context mattered a lot.

Machine-readable output formats

The examples I started from for a ReAct agent all asked for completions in a plain-text format. However, I found that building regexes to parse the output was incredibly brittle due to the non-deterministic behavior of the GPT models and the complexity of some completions, which include code snippets.
Here’s what’s worked best for me:
  1. Zero shot ReAct prompt - JSON. Continue below for how I handle malformed JSON (which happens a lot).
  2. SQL & Chart generator prompts - GitHub-flavored code blocks (triple backticks). I then use a regex to parse out the code block. Remarkably, this has been very reliable.

Error handling

I’ve found that the ReAct prompt and the code generator prompts require two different types of error handling:
  1. Zero shot ReAct prompt - if the JSON is malformed (this happens), I simply repeat the same API request. More often than not, this returns valid JSON on later attempts.
  2. SQL & Chart generator prompts - I’ve yet to see a malformed GitHub-flavored code block. Instead, the most common issue is an invalid SQL query. I include the generated SQL and error output in the next API request. This has been very effective at correcting the output.
🤷 - I don’t know why JSON is frequently malformed but code blocks are not.

4. Increase your dev cycles with a replay tool

Showing the replay tool in action and forcing a hallucination.
Learning to customize the context, output formats, and error handling based on the prompt type came from replicating my API requests in the OpenAI Playground. I would copy and paste the prompt, user messages, and assistant messages into the playground, and then modify the inputs to see if I could get a better response. The manual copy and pasting was a slow process.
To move faster, I created an OpenAIReplay tool. When I make an API request, I save the API request parameters and the response to a file. I can then load the file, modify the request parameters, and replay the request. This tool has been huge for debugging as it’s much faster than copying and pasting into the playground. My tool is app-specific, but it’s an easy thing to build. My tool works like this:
# loads the message, writes the message's API request params to a file, and opens the file in VS Code for editing. replay = OpenAiReplay.from_message(message_id_or_object = Message.last) # ... make edits to the file ... replay.chat! 

5. Use the stream API option

The GPT API is slower than what you see in ChatGPT (source). In my experience, it’s critical to use the stream mode of the API versus waiting for a full completion to speed up dev cycles (especially if you are generating long completions):
  1. I think stream is a bit faster to reach a completion
  2. Waiting for a full completion frequently results in API timeout and 503 errors
  3. You can quickly abort if it’s clear that the completion is going to be bad
In short: coupling a replay tool with streaming completions is the fastest way to iterate on your agent.


If I was building LogPal.ai fresh, I would:
  1. Use GPT-4. It’s far better than gpt-3.5-turboat reasoning and code completion. gpt-3.5-turbois great for introducing chaos into your agent loop when testing.
  2. Not use an LLM app framework. Start with your language’s OpenAI API client and build from there.
  3. Plan on customizing prompt context, output formats, and error handling. This is critical for getting good completions.
  4. Create/use an API replay tool. Make it easy to replay API calls as it’s too slow to copy & paste these into the OpenAI playground.
  5. Stream completions. Use the stream mode of the API to speed up dev cycles. You can quickly abort if a completion is off the rails.
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2023.06.05 18:20 jupitercitylightss Comcast Packages Pa Coupon Code

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2023.06.05 16:54 Puzzled_Giraffe5546 Oldest creature you fight in the franchise?

So we know that all the BOWs from RE1-Code Veronica were made post 1960s, the creatures of 6 and Revelations were created post 2000s (when T-Virus and all other weird viruses and parasites were made more public). Same goes for 7 really, all the BOWs there were also post 2000s (work on the mold derived from the megamycete in Village didn't begin until 2000).
This leaves RE4, 5 and Village as the only games where there is some sort of ancient history of mutant creatures. Los Illuminados (if we go by the infomration from RE4R) was established by Saddler's ancestors in the 1500s (based on the Providence Monolith towards the end of the game being written in 1554 by Adam Saddler). In 5, the Ndipaya tribe from that game has ties with the Progenitor flowers and the cave paintings there tell us that some sort of outbreak occurred during ancient history (possibly the earliest recorded mutant creature sighting along with Village?). And in RE Village, based on the Maiden of War mural depicting the maiden battling an ancient monster, there is evidence to show that the mutamycete has been creating creatures since ancient history (not sure exactly when).
However, despite these indications of ancient creatures, the specific enemies we fight in the games were all created way after all of these examples. So what I'm saying is even though the Progenitor virus, Cadou and Las Plagas are all ancient, they are just the building blocks for the creatures we actually fight, which aren't older than 100 years old at most (in the case of Village specifically) for the most part. I.e. all the creatures in 5 were manufactured by TRICELL (majini, popokarimu, ndesu: all created post RE4). Then in Village, all the creatures Ethan fights in that game were most likely developed after the death of Eva. However the history off all this is a bit vague, but there isn't any indication that any of the creatures we fight are pre Mirandals forming of the cult. We're shown through the ending book that the lycans were created by her, the varcolac were created by Moreau, the moroaica were created by Dimitrescu and Heisenberg etc. Even in RE4 and the reamke, most the enemies we fight are from after Saddler took over Salazar's castle and the village. There are indications that the El Gigante for instance as a species did exist in the past, because of certain files we find and the skull in the town hall. However the ones Leon fight aren't indicated to be ancient, and rather were created post Sadller takeover (as indicated by the rearing log). This is safe to assume as well as most the Plaga experiments of early Los Illuminados were porbably destroyed by Salazar's ancestor and his army.
Now there is one indication of a creature in RE4 that existed pre Osmund Saddler and was likely created by early Los Illuminados, and that creature is Del Lago. Even as far back as OG RE4, Del Lago was said to be an ancient experiment of Los Illuminados by a source book. This is strengthened in the remake by ancient art you find in the cave where Leon gets the church emblem key. All this indicates that Del Lago was created pre 1550, which if this is the case, this is the confirmed most ancient individual creature we fight in any of the games.
TL;DR Del Lago is probably the most ancient still living creature that we fight and kill in the whole franchsie. I'm pretty sure I haven't forgot any, but f I missed any other creature that predates this in any of the other games, let me know.
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2023.06.05 13:24 TheLastMojojomo MAX and WEAK EV States - Why your Toyota Prius/Hybrid is getting LOW MPG.

This Post is the comprehensive write-up adjunct to the original video post here:
If you have not watched the video post yet... please watch first as the post below will make much more sense if you do so.
MAX and WEAK EV States are terms I created to describe a Low MPG mechanism that affects Toyota Prius/Hybrid City MPG's potentially by 5-10+.
The EV States are software parameters in the Hybrid Control ECU that change how EV Mode behaves at city speeds (0-40ish MPH).
A MAX EV State Prius uses EV Mode Agressively to accelerate and maintain speed in city traffic during a wide range of State of Charges without the Combustion Engine kicking on... causing the Prius to get the EPA estimated mpgs for city or better.
A WEAK EV State Prius never uses EV Mode Aggressively in City traffic at any State of Charge or any circumstance... Instead the Internal Combustion Engine will kick on with little pedal pressure to deliver power instead of using the HV Battery like the MAX EV State. This causes mpgs to be frequently lower than EPA estimates by 5-10+.
Above 40 mphish when the Prius engine needs to run all the time due to how the transmission works, or when flooring it, EV/Engine Power Output behavior are the same for both the MAX and WEAK EV State and MPG is also the same after this point... so highway mpgs are largely unaffected.
A Toyota Prius/Hybrid will be reset to the WEAK EV State after a 12v Disconnect, and is supposed to revert to the MAX EV State after periods of driving as part of it's software programming. But this does not always happen and sometimes the Prius will become stuck in the WEAK EV State for years, 10,000s of miles, or potentially forever... chronically reducing MPG's.
The problem is there is nothing that shows these EV States exist outright. No code, parameter, or statement has been released by Toyota that shows the EV States exist or describes why they happen... It's essentially a phantom issue residing in the software engineering of the Prius that changes how EV Mode behaves, reducing mpg. You can measure the behavioral differences the EV States cause, but no one has done that yet. I am trying to change that.
My Prius has been stuck in the WEAK EV State for 3+ years and 50,000 miles at this point after a 12v Disconnect... Because of this I have not been able to measure the MAX EV State.
To make a proveable case about this issue, I will need help from the Prius Community to make the necessary measurements for the MAX EV State.
This post is my attempt to build a case with all the evidence I can find to prove these EV States exist. After presenting all of this evidence, I hope to garner help from the Prius Community to prove the EV States indefinitely by measuring the MAX EV State... either by testing someone's MAX EV State Prius myself... or having that Prius owner test their Prius for me.
I believe Toyota has actually already been sued for this WEAK EV State I've described, but the cause of the Low MPG wasn't understood. This could be laying the groundwork for a massive lawsuit agaisnt Toyota... But that is not my intention... I would just like answers and to get my Prius MPG back.
Due to My Prius being stuck in the WEAK EV State, It has cost me around $3 a day in gas for every USPS mail route I do with my Prius due to the stop & go nature of the 106 Route miles I drive delivering mail. In total, I have lost between $1,500-$2,000 in gas over the 6 years I've owned my Prius because of this.
Millions of other Toyota Prius/Hybrid Owners have also been effected by this WEAK EV State Low MPG Mechanism either temporarily or chronically (and potentially lost $100's to $1,000's on gas), as there have been many other posts by Prius/Toyota Hybrid owners about it.
Here is the link to the Comprehensive post that should clear up any questions.
If you'd like to help me solve this issue, feel free to contact me.
What are MAX and WEAK EV States?
MAX and WEAK EV States are terms I created to describe how Aggressively a Prius (or other Toyota Hybrid) uses EV Mode between 0-40MPHish.
The MAX and WEAK EV States are Binary. You're Prius is either in the MAX EV State or WEAK EV State. It can't be both at the same time or somewhere in between. The EV States are likely software parameters regulated by the Hybrid Control ECU.
The EV States determine the relationship between Accelerator Pedal Angle to EV Mode useage (and the power output EV Mode produces) in relation to a specific Hybrid Battery State Of Charge percentage until the Internal Combustion Engine kicks on to help deliver power.
Total power output between the MAX and WEAK EV States are the same. The only thing the MAX and WEAK EV States do is change what component (Electric Motor or Combustion Engine) delivers the power output to drive the wheels between speeds of 0-40ish MPH. A MAX EV State Prius favors the Electric Motor (MG2) using charge from the Hybrid Battery, increasing MPG. A WEAK EV State Prius favors the Combustion Engine, decreasing MPG. The same power output is always attempting to be delivered in both the MAX and WEAK EV State for a specific Pedal Angle, but the EV States via software change what component is doing the work, either the Electric Motor or Combustion Engine.
Macro Conditions for when the MAX and WEAK EV State behave the same.
There are some Macro Conditions for when the EV States behave the same.
Above 40ish MPH, when flooring it, or below 4 of 8 Charge bars, the Prius delivers power in the exact same way whether in the MAX or WEAK EV State.
Above 40ish MPH, there is a point where the Prius Combustion Engine is required to run at a low speed at all times in order to protect the Planetary Gearset transmission. At this point the difference between how the MAX and WEAK EV State deliver power cease. Combustion Engine and Electric Motor power are delivered in the exact same way in relation to Pedal Angle for both the MAX and WEAK EV State, as long as speed is above 40ish MPH.
The same thing also occurs under "flooring it conditions". The Combustion Engine and Electric Motors work together to deliver Maximum power output in the exact same way at any speed as long as the "Pedal is Floored". Doesn't matter if the Prius is in the MAX or WEAK EV State. Maximum power output is never effected.
At 3 of 8 Battery Charge Display bars, the difference between the MAX and WEAK EV State also largely cease to exist. The Hybrid Battery is getting low on charge at this point so the Combustion Engine takes over a significant amount of the power output in a similar way for both the MAX and WEAK EV State until a higher State of Charge is achieved through Regenerative Braking, or the Combustion Engine generating electricity via MG1. You can't tell the difference between the two EV States at 3 of 8 charge bars as EV Output and Engine Output behave the exact same.
Outside of those three scenarios, MAX and WEAK EV States behave completely differently. There are still complications and nuances that can occur, those will be explained later.
The Difference Between MAX and WEAK EV State Behavior.
A MAX EV State Prius will have aggressive EV Mode usage between 4-8 bars of charge on the Hybrid Battery Display (50%-75%+ State of Charge) at City Speeds (0-40ish MPH). You will be able to accelerate from a stop moderately quickly in EV Mode without the Combustion Engine kicking on. You will also be able to maintain speed in city traffic, accelerating and decelerating in EV Mode with the eb and flow of traffic easily for multiple blocks or even miles depending on State of Charge. Pedal Angle allowed for EV Mode in the MAX EV State caps out at around 80% at 8 of 8 Charge bars and slowly decreases as the Charge Bars decrease. This allows for the EPA estimated City MPG'S or better.
For a WEAK EV State Prius you will never get Aggressive EV Mode useage in any circumstance for city speeds (0-40ish MPH). Even at 8 of 8 Charge bars on the Battery Display (75%+ State of Charge), you have to accelerate very lightly in EV Mode. Light Pedal Pressure will always cause the Combustion Engine to turn-on to deliver power instead of the Electric Motors. You can't accelerate moderately aggressively from a stop without the Combustion Engine kicking on, or Accelerate and Decelerate in EV Mode during the eb and flow of moving traffic with ease. Once your Prius drops below 6 of 8 Charge Bars (57% State of Charge)... you basically get 0 EV Mode acceleration whatsoever. The engine almost instantly kicks on anytime you press the gas pedal. The onlytime at this point you can stay in EV Mode is when accelerating/maintaing speed very lightly on a decline. Pedal Angle allowed for EV Mode Caps out at around 40% for 8 of 8 Charge Bars in the WEAK EV State and slowly decreases as the Charge Bars decrease. This causes the Prius to get 5-10+ worse City MPG's than the EPA estimate.
A Quick example Comparing the EV States:
For a WEAK EV State Gen 2 Prius, when traveling between 15-40mph with a Hybrid Battery State Of Charge of 70%, Accelerator Pedal Angle for EV Mode will cap out at 35% before the Combustion Engine kicks on to supplement power.
If it were a MAX EV State Prius, everything else being constant, Pedal Angle for EV Mode would cap out at around 70% before the Combustion Engine kicks on, a significant increase. EV Mode power scales with the increased Pedal Angle allowed for EV Mode... so you get much more aggressive EV Mode useage and better MPG as a result.
I have not been able to measure the exacts of the MAX EV State yet so I'm unsure of the exact Pedal Angles allowed and the above paragraph is a ballpark estimate... More on this later and why I need help.
How the Hybrid Control ECU (HV ECU) regulates EV Output.
The Hybrid Control ECU (HV ECU) is essentially the Master Brain of the Prius. All other ECU's talk to the HV ECU. The HV ECU then dictates power output between the Combustion Engine and Electric Motors to achieve a certain amount of power in response to various conditions like, Speed, Pedal Angle, how Hot/Cold the Hybrid Battery, State of Charge, or whether the Prius is in the MAX or WEAK EV State.
So we know now that the HV ECU decides how to balance power output between the Combustion Engine and Electric Motors/Hybrid Battery to get a specified amount of power in relation to certain Pedal Angles and other Conditions.
So for an example of a Condition that can change the level of power output between the Combustion Engine and Electric Motors... let's use a cold Hybrid Battery.
Say your Prius sat overnight in the cold and your Hybrid Battery is 25°F (‐4°C) when you leave for your morning commute. First thing you do is Merge your Prius on to the highway using a 100% Accelerator Pedal Angle (Full Throttle).
Because Drawing a large amount of power from a 25°F Hybrid Battery is bad for the NiMh Battery Chemistry and can potentially damage it, the Hybrid Control ECU (HV ECU) will step in to regulate things as it is programmed to do.
Since the Hybrid Battery is cold, and the Hybrid Battery ECU inside the Hybrid Battery is communicating to the HV ECU using temperature sensors placed on the Hybrid Battery that state it's only 25°F... the HV ECU tells the Inverter and Electric Motors to draw less power from the Hybrid Battery, and instead rely more on the Combustion Engine to provide power to accelerate.
Instead of drawing close to 100 amps of current if the Hybrid Battery were at an optimal temperature, the HV ECU tells the Electric Motors to draw close to 40 amps of current due to the cold for the same 100% Pedal Angle. The HV ECU is changing how much power the Hybrid Battery delivers.
Inversely in this Cold Hybrid Battery scenario, the Combustion Engine attempts to compensate for this loss of EV Power by revving higher quicker to provide more power output to achieve the same level of power the 100% Pedal Angle is requesting Because the Electric Motors can't provide it.
When the Hybrid Battery is at an optimal temperature, the Combustion Engine will not Rev as high because more of the Burden of power delivery is being shifted to the Hybrid Battery/Electric Motors for that same 100% Pedal Angle to achieve that specific amount of power that 100% Pedal Angle is requesting.
All of this is regulated by the HV ECU.
In the same vein as the Cold Hybrid Battery example above, The EV States are essentially Software Parameters in the HV ECU that tell the Prius to either favor EV Mode (MAX EV State) or the Combustion Engine (WEAK EV State) to deliver power only between 0-40ish MPH.
Think of the EV States as Master Software Settings that change the Maximum EV Output for speeds between 0-40ish MPH irrespective of any other factor that can influence EV Output like a Cold Hybrid Battery.
What triggers this Master Software Setting to transition from the WEAK EV State to MAX EV State is where the complications arise. It's much more complicated than something like a Cold Hybrid Battery preventing it from happening.
What Triggers the WEAK EV State and Why does it exist?
Triggering the WEAK EV is extremely easy. All you need to do is disconnect your 12V Battery, resetting all the Prius ECU's. As a consequence of the ECU's being reset, the Prius will be reset to the WEAK EV State.
The Prius resets to the WEAK EV State anytime the 12v is disconnected because the ECU's are reset. Everything from Hybrid Battery State Of Charge to the health of all the other related systems is forgotten.
If you were in the MAX EV State before the 12v Disconnect, that is also forgotten and you are reverted to the WEAK EV State.
The Prius being reset to the WEAK EV State is likely a protective mechanism programmed into the Hybrid Control ECU (HV ECU). The Prius then needs to verify certain parameters and conditions before the HV ECU transistions back to the MAX EV State where it uses EV Mode Aggressively at City Speeds like Hybrid Battery State Of Charge and overall Hybrid System health.
However, getting the MAX EV State to trigger again is complicated and why the Prius can become chronically stuck in the WEAK EV State, reducing City MPG's 5-10+ potentially forever.
Why is the MAX EV state so complicated to Trigger?
Unlike the WEAK EV State which is very easy to trigger simply from doing a 12v disconnect, transitioning back to the MAX EV State from the WEAK EV State is not simple at all.
The Hybrid Control ECU is likely looking to verify specific parameters and conditions before it transitions back to the MAX EV State and allows the Prius to start using EV Mode aggressively at City Speeds again.
If these parameters and conditions are never verified, or don't ever reach the right conditions to be verified, the Prius can remain in the WEAK EV State forever... chronically reducing MPG's potentially for years or 10's of thousands of miles.
What Specifically Activates the MAX EV State?
The MAX EV State will trigger permanently after certain conditions are met. However there is no explanation or released information from Toyota that says exactly what conditions/parameters need to be verified to trigger the MAX EV State... so the best I can do is make an educated guess based off of my own experience and other posts.
I believe the Primary condition that needs to be verified is the Health/State of Charge of the Hybrid Battery... and to do this the Prius needs to go through several drive cycles in a row of highway commuting under certain conditions.
For example, ambient temperatures may need to be above 50°F and the Hybrid Battery needs to be between 77°F-104°F (optimal Hybrid Battery Temp) for a certain amount of time during the commute.
Cruise control use may also be needed as the constant rpm's at high speeds allows for the Prius to keep the Hybrid Battery at a specific State of Charge (around 60%) and tightly regulate charge in and out of the Hybrid Battery allowing the Hybrid Control ECU to make specific measurements.
After attaining these specific conditions, the Prius Computers, primarily the HV ECU, will then take certain measurements that verifies the health and State of Charge of the Hybrid Battery. The Prius needs to do this for multiple Drive Cycles in a row.
After the HV ECU gives a pass condition for the the parameters it is attempting to verify... the MAX EV State will engage permanently and EV Mode will be used much more aggressively until the next 12v disconnect... which resets the Prius to the WEAK EV State.
This process is very similar to drive cycles required to verify emissions monitors... something similar happens in the Hybrid System that tells the Prius to use EV Mode Aggressively, it's just not shown as a viewable computer parameter like emissions monitors are.
My Experience Activating the MAX EV State.
To get the full background of my experience with the MAX and WEAK EV State, you can read my Prius Low MPG Story here. But to summarize I initially spent a long stint in the WEAK EV State between 2017-2019... over 2 years and 20,000+ miles using my Prius on USPS Mail Routes with lots of stop and go driving. I believe this prevented the MAX EV State from Activating.
Then in Summer of 2019... I began doing frequent long highway commutes multiple days in a row without doing mail routes in between. Over the course of 3 days of doing these easy on the car highway commutes... my EV Mode power for city speeds suddenly increased significantly.
Midway back from the commute coming off of the highway on the 3rdish day... my Prius began to use EV Mode aggressively... and this persisted permanently from that point forward.
This also maintained on mail routes. I could clear whole back roads and multiple city blocks in EV Mode while delivering mail that I couldn't before... and my MPG increased from 35 to 45+ on mail routes.
The factor that changed everything was the long highway commute multiple drive cycles in a row.
To verify this further... in the following Summer Months I disconnected my 12v Battery twice while doing maintenance... resetting my Prius to the WEAK EV State. After the 12v Disconnect, I lost my aggressive EV Mode useage and increased City MPG'S.
Then after doing frequent long highway commuting multiple drive cycles in a row over the course of 2-4 days... the MAX EV State would activate again and stay this way permanently both times I disconnected the 12v during the summer.
In early 2020 I disconnected my 12v again and reverted to the WEAK EV State. Unfortunately for the past 3 years now and over 50,000+ miles I have been stuck in the WEAK EV State ever since. Again, if you want the full story, read my low mpg story post.
Evidence for the MAX and WEAK EV States existence.
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2023.06.05 13:02 icestormstickstone Meow Wolf Denver Tickets StubHub Coupon Code

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2023.06.05 12:28 icestormstickstone Dr Dog StubHub Coupon Code

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2023.06.05 11:38 ArmyofSpies Cardano Rumor Rundown June 05, 2023

Hey Everyone!
Let’s go….
Newly Covered Today:
  1. Atomic wallet got hacked. https://twitter.com/zachxbt/status/1665080799253733377
  2. No surprise: general interest in crypto & Cardano is still pretty low according to google trends. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&geo=US&q=cardano&hl=en
  3. Here’s the Weekly Development Update from June 2. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1665394985934499840
  4. The Chairs of the House Committee on Financial Services (McHenry) and the House Committee on Agriculture (Thompson) are co-sponsoring a new pro-crypto Digital Asset Market Structure Bill. Currently just a discussion draft. Here’s the summary. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/AG/AG00/20230606/116051/HHRG-118-AG00-20230606-SD002.pdf
  5. Here’s the actual discussion draft. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/AG/AG00/20230606/116051/HHRG-118-AG00-20230606-SD003.pdf
  6. Here’s a section-by-section with exhibits. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/AG/AG00/20230606/116051/HHRG-118-AG00-20230606-SD001.pdf
  7. Cornucopias has released more game footage. https://twitter.com/RobGreig3/status/1665310543589040130
Previously covered, but still interesting:
  1. Cardano Native Assets are vastly superior to BRC20 and ERC20 tokens. https://twitter.com/TheOCcryptobro/status/1655673557710692352
  2. Rumor: SEC is going to make a move against Binance. Will the DOJ also? https://twitter.com/AP_Abacus/status/1655546961968103425
  3. At the end of Q3 of last year, 722 banks reported unrealized losses greater than 50% of capital. https://www.federalreserve.gov/supervisionreg/files/board-briefing-on-impact-of-rising-interest-rates-and-supervisory-approach-20230214.pdf
  4. Wyoming is inching closer to a state stablecoin. IOG’s significant presence there may turn out to be a huge advantage. https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/05/09/wyoming-stable-token-a-multibillion-dollar-opportunity-as-officials-wrestle-with-how-to-make-it-happen/
  5. Paypal disclosed almost $1 billion in customer crypto in its latest 10-Q. https://blockworks.co/news/paypal-discloses-1b-crypto
  6. MiCA is shifting the balance of crypto investment to Europe. https://twitter.com/paddi_hansen/status/1655883224726241281
  7. Today (May 10) will be a joint hearing of the Agriculture and Financial Services Committees on Crypto. The CLO of Kraken will testify. https://financialservices.house.gov/
  8. This is a legit point about centralized L2s: the best ones are called Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance. https://twitter.com/el33th4xostatus/1655845787593502720
  9. There’s already a new version of Lace Wallet out. https://twitter.com/lace_io/status/1656347737355608066
  10. A nice thread on the many strengths of Cardano. https://twitter.com/TobiasIlskov/status/1656388178369212416
  11. Remember, lobster traps are a thing. https://twitter.com/TheCardanoTimes/status/1656064744225120257
  12. Today (May 11 at 1pm EST) there will be a Messari Cardano Analyst call with Charles & Frederik. https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1656272372452954112
  13. I think we all love it when they start making our case for us. https://twitter.com/WatcherGuru/status/1656379837823561730
  14. Ethereum is lamenting many of its poor design choices that Cardano already fixed. https://twitter.com/moo9000/status/1656215016016683008
  15. Drunkenmiller says this is the broadest asset bubble he’s ever even studied let alone seen firsthand and we’ve only had a few soft landings since 1950. https://twitter.com/Stephen_Geigestatus/1656416819312222219
  16. Live footage of meme coin investors accepting their ROI. https://twitter.com/KaylerSmithTV/status/1656130092966264834
  17. Here’s the Messari call from today with both Fred & Chaz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouUhWwF74MM
  18. People really seem to be enjoying the CF’s Blockchain Education Alpha Program. https://twitter.com/andreassosilo/status/1644263843743293451
  19. The US Chamber of Commerce brief in the Coinbase case is calling out the SEC for acting “unlawfully”. https://twitter.com/MetaLawMan/status/1656737447756038177
  20. About that whole self-custody thing we’ve discussed… https://twitter.com/BitcoinMagazine/status/1656706653801136132
  21. The SPO poll on K and minFee starts today (May 15)! You should redelegate if your stake pool doesn’t vote the way you would vote! https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/entering-voltaire-poll-experiment-live-on-mainnet/
  22. There are also a series of forum topics for discussion of the various options in the Cardano.org forums. https://twitter.com/Lovecoach_nic/status/1657700010148896770
  23. Coinbase spotlights Empowa! May be the first time they’ve ever given such a spotlight to a Cardano project. Tides are turning. https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/1657081243518005254
  24. Wow. Leaked “Key Messages” document for the joint committee meeting in the US House last week. Best part: they basically complain about separation of powers in point three. https://twitter.com/EleanorTerrett/status/1656362002577772544
  25. Dr. Vanishree Rao on ZK-Rollups. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1657778843854274560
  26. Here’s a new Decentralized Identity article from IOG. https://iohk.io/en/blog/posts/2023/05/11/atala-prism-pioneering-digital-identity-with-decentralized-solutions/
  27. There are reasons we’re in a hard capped cryptocurrency like Cardano. https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/15/business/argentina-interest-rates-inflation/index.html
  28. What is a dRep? This video is for you. There will be additional categories of default dReps that vote abstain or no confidence on every vote. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1658034085401337857
  29. The US Dept. of Justice is officially saying they are targeting exchanges. Great. Great. https://www.ft.com/content/5aac457e-cc80-44ae-ac40-9b51d9b601a3
  30. Wow! Ledger just made what is possibly the greatest PR blunder in the history of crypto. Trezor will be poppin’ bottles tonight. https://twitter.com/Ledgestatus/1658458714771169282
  31. People are claiming that the hysteria is a misunderstanding of cryptography. But, that’s not what’s going on here if Ledger plus one of the other two shard custodians can reconstruct your private key without having to use your private key. https://twitter.com/nimuepool/status/1658517533836574720
  32. The Ledger Recover FAQ seems to support this understanding as it suggests you use a brand new device for recovery. https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/9579368109597
  33. Wow. Unfortunate timing for this. https://twitter.com/Ledgestatus/1658095051375800321
  34. Ken Kodama will be doing a Japanese language interview on CardanoSpot on May 18. https://twitter.com/Emurgo_Ken/status/1658838077136162828
  35. The stake pool operator poll on network parameters of K and minPoolCost is live. See the results here. The re-delegation phase will begin on May 25th. https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  36. Cornucopias dropped some new in-game footage. As expected, Solace is beautiful. https://youtu.be/j5iwNsQVMDQ?t=1846
  37. Wow….the Ledger shards are encrypted with “a master key that is contained in all devices”. Wut? https://twitter.com/P3b7_/status/1658809445965606913
  38. Sadly, the Ledger CEO seemed to be denying exactly the above just a day ago. https://twitter.com/_pgauthiestatus/1658508082941403144
  39. Here’s why 340 ADA minPoolCost promotes multi-pools. https://twitter.com/ArmySpies/status/1659387255537176581
  40. Numbers are emerging on the benefits of K=1000 over K=500. https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1659398551917727744
  41. Here’s the latest on the Stake Pool Operator poll. https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  42. Rep. Tom Emmer is trying to help crypto by cutting crypto assets out of the definition of a “security”. He creates a new non-security asset category called “investment contract asset”. https://twitter.com/GOPMajorityWhip/status/1659291641281146886
  43. Prof. Wadler (co-inventor of Cardano’s Plutus) has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society joining the likes of Einstein, Darwin, Hawking, and Isaac Newton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLOm-dWje-M
  44. Huge amount of voting for economic self-interest by multi-poolers in the SPO poll. Earlier today (May 21), 84.73% by stake of the vote for K=500, Min Cost 340 ₳ was multi-poolers. Only 15.6% of the vote for K=1000, Min Cost 170 ₳ was multi-poolers. https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  45. Large pools also voted heavily for economic self-interest with the K parameter. 70.02% by stake of the vote for K=500, Min Cost 170 ₳ was pools with delegation over 35 million. Only 30.57% of the vote for K=1000, Min Cost 170 ₳ was pools over 35 million. https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  46. Apparently Cardano has its own wiki now! Probably better given our previous treatment by the big wiki group. https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1660383700243329024
  47. Rep. Tom Emmer is getting some reactions on the bill he sponsored with Rep. Soto. https://twitter.com/GOPMajorityWhip/status/1660329932495486977
  48. You’re really gonna hold up a debt ceiling deal because you hate crypto so bad? https://twitter.com/gaborgurbacs/status/1660248530135515138
  49. Looks like a few big multi-poolers have voted in the poll since yesterday. Pretty easy to predict what they didn’t vote for. https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  50. Reports coming in that DCG has defaulted on the payment owed to Genesis. https://twitter.com/AP_Abacus/status/1660671386388504577
  51. Ledger Recover would allow governments to confiscate crypto assets by subpoena? Called “not a real concern in the end.” Really? https://twitter.com/TheBTCTherapist/status/1660677064700178436
  52. Frederik Gregaard on DeFi and regulation. https://twitter.com/F_Gregaard/status/1660655806709211137
  53. Don’t Forget, the May Cardano 360 will be on May 25th. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1660621805017608194
  54. Here’s the daily check-in on the status of the SPO Poll. We have surpassed 590 pools voting (as of May 23). https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  55. The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has decided to get our hopes up with a proposed regulatory framework for crypto exchanges that could mean more trading for coins like Cardano. https://apps.sfc.hk/edistributionWeb/gateway/EN/news-and-announcements/news/doc?refNo=23PR53
  56. Here’s an IOG thread on the latest out of Atala Prism and Self-Sovereign Identity. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1660904360925188097
  57. Here’s an IOG article on Cardano native tokens. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1660975383997448193
  58. The difference in decentralization between Cardano and Bitcoin is still…laughable. https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1660979639907500033
  59. Ledger is finally caving (a little) to the backlash. It’s reported that they will focus on open sourcing parts of their code and only release the “Recover” firmware after that open sourcing is finished. https://twitter.com/NFTherdestatus/1661026174779420672
  60. Looks like the Hong Kong announcement yesterday might have been a hint of what’s coming. https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1661391542504902664
  61. The Cardano Layerverse is coming to life. https://twitter.com/TobiasIlskov/status/1660697833115385856
  62. Wow! Incredible! Thank you for voting in favor of decentralization, 1PCT! https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1661460222203002880
  63. Federal Reserve report debunks claim that crypto is not useful to people in the US. https://twitter.com/SebVentures/status/1661063483369177108
  64. The SPO phase of the poll is over. Nearly 800 pools voted. Now it’s your turn to see how your pool voted and re-delegate if you think they voted against decentralization and for their own pocketbook. https://adastat.net/polls/96861fe7da8d45ba5db95071ed3889ed1412929f33610636c072a4b5ab550211
  65. The May Cardano 360 is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_bCa_xCoxA
  66. Charles dropped an update today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfL2U2hAGWw
  67. Sen. Cynthia Lummis declares her opposition to the 30% tax on bitcoin mining. https://twitter.com/SenLummis/status/1661803569341759495
  68. Lots of volume being transacted on Cardano recently! https://twitter.com/cwpaulm/status/1662929296329981952
  69. Recent subpoenas to the Python Package Index don’t bode well for those hoping to store seed phrases with third-party custodians. https://twitter.com/_jonasschnelli_/status/1662531840606093312
  70. Transaction volume is looking very interesting right now. https://messari.io/charts/cardano/txn-vol
  71. JPG Store has now launched Android and IOS apps. https://twitter.com/jpgstoreNFT/status/1663281982262919170
  72. It’s true. Cardano is straight killing it on the security leg of the trilemma.https://twitter.com/cardano_whale/status/1662987243655684096
  73. Just checked. Yep. The centralization in ETH is still staggering. https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1663222056870350848
  74. There’s a documentary about a 2022 Plutus hackathon in Argentina. https://twitter.com/LarsBrunjes/status/1663111319732535297
  75. Pavia is testing NFT gating. This could get very interesting. https://twitter.com/Pavia_io/status/1663153213988823040
  76. Marlowe is on mainnet! You can now code Cardano smart contracts in javascript or blockly via Marlowe! This is an amazing leap forward. https://twitter.com/marlowe_io/status/1663480828016435200
  77. Don’t forget! We are still in the re-delegation phase of the CF Poll. See how your stake pool voted! If they were voting for their pocketbook instead of decentralization, you should re-delegate! https://twitter.com/Cardano_CF/status/1663564854572244994
  78. Wow! Cardano projects are doing big things these days! https://twitter.com/CardanoCrocClub/status/1663468916843114498
  79. The CCP has dropped a white paper on how it will develop Web 3 including NFTs and the metaverse. https://twitter.com/milestones_nft/status/1663458500922712064
  80. Lace is now open source! https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/1663953642045714433
  81. Binance is back and apparently they don’t care if someone had that ticker first. https://twitter.com/pool_pm/status/1663809731603906560
  82. Summon is now allowing for multichain swaps of ADA & ERG. https://twitter.com/N8iveToEarth/status/1664038846563225600
  83. Charles did a Twitter Space with World Mobile. https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/1663984094252810283
  84. Here’s an easy infographic on CIP-1694 Voltaire governance from IOG. https://twitter.com/Hornan7/status/1664007623799185409
  85. Apparently, Cardano sushi is a thing! https://twitter.com/Allison_Fromm/status/1663841386074976257
  86. This kind of sums up the problems with central bank behavior over the last 20 years. https://twitter.com/JeffWenigestatus/1664012650781585409
  87. Interesting news about the currency in one of Cardano’s biggest metaverse projects. https://twitter.com/Pavia_io/status/1664240389610704896
  88. Messari has released an article on operational decentralization in proof-of-stake crypto. https://messari.io/report/evaluating-validator-decentralization-geographic-and-infrastructure-distribution-in-proof-of-stake-networks
  89. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has MASSIVELY revised their figures on Q4 of 2022. No surprise, the numbers were much worse than they told us. https://twitter.com/FrogNews/status/1664253845399130113
  90. Looks like DAOs are getting a little hesitant about fee switches due to possible legal/tax implications. https://twitter.com/FrogNews/status/1664253845399130113
  91. We even have Arctic block production. https://twitter.com/Laponia_pool/status/1664226409466740737
  92. Questions are being raised regarding the blockspace consumption of dApps still on Plutus v1. https://twitter.com/matiwinnetou/status/1664385383122051073
~Army of Spies
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