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2023.06.06 08:15 nikitachauhan1199 Advantages of educating your child in CBSE school Dehradun

CBSE is a globally recognised board. It not only focuses on the enhancement of children in every field but also on extracurricular activities for the students. These activities help children become aware and active. Apart from education, Not only does CBSE reward good grades, but it also takes care of the health of the children by making yoga and sports compulsory for the students, which leads to their overall physical, mental, and emotional enhancement. With such advantages for educating children in CBSE schools, CBSE schools have become parents first choice. If you are searching for the best CBSE schools for your child in Dehradun, then Tonsbridge is one of the best CBSE schools in Dehradun.
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2023.06.06 08:15 amityuniversity01 Apply to the Best Engineering and B.Sc. Colleges in Jaipur

The best BSc IT colleges in Jaipur offer the most thorough engineering programs. Indians are highly regarded for having advanced technological skills, and these engineers are alumni of one of the most esteemed engineering schools in the nation.
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2023.06.06 08:15 BadGenesWoman I pictured all the "Darkfriends" being reincarnated in this era and my brain cant stop associating them with MAGA idiots.

So ever since Marvels Civil War was released and the Conman era started in america, my brain has been assocating the Red MaGa crowd with Darkfriends and the Red Ajah. Pure political power and rich elite wanting to control everything and own everything. Seeing everyone else as pawns to be dealt with.
So like I used to giggle everytime a Darkfrend or Red Ajah idiot used to recieve their real rewards for being selfish ego driven people; I lose my mind laughing at the arrests and downfall of the rich and elites who are trying desperately to continue to cover up their illegal crimes.
When you examine all the characters in the series and connect them to todays people in the news it's funny. Andor = England. Prince Harry /Gwyen Queen Elizabeth/Queen Morgase. Harry married an American who could be classed as Egwene. Just as pompas. But no magic or real clout.
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2023.06.06 08:14 depodoom What are some good books or tutorials to get started on mechanical engineering

I’d like to start learning mechanical engineering on my own in till I can start working on it through school. Any book or tutorial on how to start or where to start?
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2023.06.06 08:14 Long_Slong69 Got denied from Business school and now might need to major in Econ - what does my future look like?

any econ majors here and what are yall doing? additionally is econ a good major?
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2023.06.06 08:14 GigaChadMale5128 4 weeks of my life.. Wasted.

Was 4 weeks in and just went on summer vacation from high-school, talking to a few girls that are pretty interested, then later in the day, my brain decided to go full horny mode. Time to start over.. Happy no-fap my friends.
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2023.06.06 08:14 SoFloAntonio Promised to Rewatch After 10 Years

Honestly, never had a show I wanted to forget so much, so that I could experience it once again. I promised I would watch it again with my kids one day, but that’ll be many years from now. (have no kids yet)
Watched Lost when I was in high school, but know that I’m far older, these days, I find tv to be a waste of time, so I was scared to start watching.
After starting and almost being done with season 1, the show is extremely hard to stop watching. Still lives up to the expectations I had. Also, I think the script and logic is very solid. I think there are many things to learn about how the characters operate and make a living.
Really happy that I picked it up again. I must say I do remember many parts even after 10-15 years, but it just goes to show how amazing of a show it is. Really appreciate the team that put this together. Definitely think people are missing out that have not watched this show.
If anyone has a show they find this intriguing let me know!
Thanks for letting me share my short story. 🙏
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2023.06.06 08:14 deontistic How To Get Expelled From Kindergarten

I got called to my daughter’s school today. Seems she’d been expelled—from kindergarten. I spoke with the principal briefly, then took Elli home. Her teacher agreed to wait after school for me to come talk to her. I found her alone in her classroom, so we sat at one of the short little kid-sized tables and began to talk. She told me that in all her years as a teacher, she’d never seen anything like it. Elli had always been such a sweet little girl, but . . . well . . . what she’d seen today had been beyond the pale, and she hadn’t known what else she could’ve done. The first incident happened in the morning. She’d stepped into her classroom closet to retrieve some art supplies. When she’d come back out, all the students in her class were standing up and twirling themselves around, sort of like little ballerinas—except for Elli. Elli had been sitting at her desk and twirling her finger around in the air, watching her classmates with amusement. That’d struck her as very odd, but thought perhaps it’d been some sort of group prank. She shrugged it off and continued with the class. Right after lunch, though, things had sort of taken a turn, one she and the principal had agreed merited Elli’s expulsion. Granted, they didn’t understand it, but under the circumstances they hadn’t known what else they could’ve done. They had to think of the safety of the other children. Elli’s teacher told me she’d stepped into their little in-class bathroom for just a second to wash her hands. When she came out, no one was in the room but Elli. She’d been sitting at her table using the first two fingers on her hand to imitate walking, like her hand was a little puppet traipsing across the tabletop. Elli’s teacher said she’d felt panicked right away, but then there’d come a loud screeching sound, like tires from the nearby street, followed immediately by several thunderous crashes. She and several of her colleagues ran outside together and saw a horrifying sight. Elli’s teacher’s students had crawled over the playground fence and marched straight into the street—into the heavy traffic there, causing a massive pileup. Fortunately, none of the children had been injured; but after a lengthy discussion, they’d agreed that the best course for now was to expel little Elli. I’d heard enough. I thanked her for her time, and then reached into my purse and pulled out the little pistol I always carry. I laid it on the table as I stood, and then used my hand to mimic shooting myself in the head as I left the classroom. By the time I’d made it to the side door, I heard the shot resonate through the halls. I was beside myself as I drove home, savoring everything I’d just been told. Little Elli was coming of age. I can’t wait to tell her father—he’ll be so proud.
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2023.06.06 08:14 ScarRawrLetTech There shouldn't be an app for everything

The need for apps has gotten out of hand and my phone storage can't handle it. I need 6 different apps for my university alone. Aside from school, there's an app for public transit, I need an app to read the QR code menus at restaurants, I need an app for my local library, I need 4 different apps just to keep up with my peers on social media.
I think some things just don't need apps, like why can't my class tracking app also track my assignments? And why can't Zoom work from a browser? And why are coinless laundries a thing now? I need an app to wash my clothes!
Side note *If we need all these apps, can we at least delete the built in ones? Like, I don't need facebook or microsoft products preinstalled, just let us get rid of them.
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2023.06.06 08:13 Gamespice- Can I file for unemployment?

I was a full-time substitute teacher, and my job recently ended. I applied for a summer school position but was not selected. I also applied for another school program, and initially, they informed me that I would be given the job. However, at the last minute, they changed their decision and stated that the position would only be offered to teachers within the district. This caused me to reject lower paying offers for summer school programs. Now, I find myself with no job prospects. I have been applying for jobs, but it seems that no one wants to hire me since I will only be available for two months and all summer school positions are filled. Can I file for unemployment? I will be working at a private school in August as a teacher and already have my return-to-work date.
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2023.06.06 08:13 ThrowRA225410 I developed feelings for my bestfriend

Some background. I 15F and my best friend 16F have been close since COVID. We grew up in a fairly small town where most people in our school know one another and have been here all our lives. We always knew each others names since we were young, but didn’t get close until quarantine when we were put in the same class. We introduced ourselves over a show we both liked and soon became very close since we didn’t have many friends at the time. We soon formed a small group of friends that is still going strong to this day. My friend, who we’ll call T, is such a cool person with the most amazing smile, she makes everyone around her light up as soon as she laughs. I’ve always appreciated that she was one of the more pretty people I know. Come to a few moths ago in March, I was questioning my sexuality. I eventually realized that I am very into woman, T was one of the reasons for this revelation. I don’t know at what point my feelings changed from those of friendship to romantic, but they did. I kept trying to deny it to myself until a couple of our friends pointed out that our jokes(we often flirt as a joke, we always have) we’re getting a little suspicious. I knew that I had feelings for T when I realized that I wanted to be that person for her, not her crush. I wish I didn’t because T is my best friend in the whole world and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her, I don’t want to ruin our friendship. I so far have only told one person, one of our other friends, H 16F. H didn’t have much advice for me because she hasn’t been in this situation. I did t know who else to turn to, because I feel like they would all either judge or tease me, that’s not what I want. I want advice as to what I should do. I wish things were different between us, but at the same time, I don’t want to ruin our friendship, I couldn’t live with myself if I ruined it over a dumb crush. So Reddit, what should I do? P.S: I’m sorry this is so poorly written and all over the place, I’m extremely tried and I just needed somewhere to ask about this.
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2023.06.06 08:12 Sushiroll0101 Kaplan or UWorld

Hey guys! I’ve recently started lurking as I am taking my NCLEX on June 26th. My school had us using Kaplan and UWorld. I’ve been scoring well on Kaplan, but haven’t been doing as well on UWorld. It’s pretty discouraging as everyone here seems to be doing very well on UWorld😅 my question is, did any of you utilize Kaplan more than UWorld and if so, what did your scores range from on there?
Also, any tips and tricks for studying habits would be nice! I feel like no matter how much I study(reading rationales, reviewing content, practicing questions daily) I’m still choosing the wrong answers? Thank you so much in advance. ☺️
For reference on Kaplan I’ve scored green on the CAT multiple times and got above passing and my QBank questions range from high 60s-70s. On UWorld I’ve gotten borderline 3 times for the self assessments and score around 50s-60s on the QBanks. 😞
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2023.06.06 08:12 enigma_024JA Is a Deathless Hardcore+ nuzlocke of Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon possible?

Currently running a series of deathless hardcore+ nuzlockes of vanilla games. I have never played USUM which are touted as the hardest vanilla games. I don't plan on going in blind. I'll use whatever documentation is available to prep for every Trainer, but I was wondering if the following restrictive ruleset for USUM is possible or not:
  1. Standard hardcore nuzlocke rules (level caps, no items in battle, and set mode).
  2. 1 death = reset
  3. Hardcore+ rules:
    1. Intermediate level caps for boss battles like Team Plasma Bosses, Totem Pokemon, Necrozma, etc.
    2. No EVs whatsoever. PkHex will be used to remove EVs right before every boss fight.
    3. No stat-boosting moves. Stat-boosts as secondary effects are fine. Stat-boosting abilities like Moxie are allowed. Stat-reducing moves and abilities are also allowed.
    4. Encore/Substitute are banned.
    5. All legendaries are banned.
    6. Besides legendaries, "game-breaking" Pokemon are banned (if any). I consider a Pokemon to be game-breaking if it makes the run really easy. Example of a game-breaking Pokemon: Shedinja. If ultra beasts are considered game-breaking (please confirm below if you have any insight), then they are banned as well.
One final question:
For USUM, I have heard that Route 1 is massive with multiple sub-areas, but if you follow the 1 area = 1 encounter rule, your starter is your Route 1 encounter. In addition to this, apparently, there is a mandatory trainer in the Trainer School on Route 1 who has a Pokemon with a guaranteed super-effective move against your starter. With the above restrictive ruleset, it seems that a wipe to this trainer is guaranteed unless you make an exception to the 1 area = 1 encounter rule and catch more Route 1 Pokemon. Is this what most people do, or is it possible to beat this trainer with just your starter? If not, how many more Route 1 Pokemon do people typically get?
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2023.06.06 08:12 IHaveABasball I cant handle this anymore

I cant be around my sibling for a whole week. I cant fucking do it. I can hardly even be around them for two days, but now its summer break and i have to stay at my dads house every other week. I want to enjoy my time here since it’ll be all summer and shit, but i cant fucking do that when theyre trying to start an argument every two seconds or when they spit out their mouth like a fucking toddler or any of the other annoying shit they do. Theyre impossible to talk to about anything because they always start bawling their eyes out whenever i disagree with them about anything or ask them to stop doing something. I tried asking them to stop spitting like a toddler because its fucking disgusting and spraying their saliva everywhere, and they actually start to fucking cry and say its their “Tourettes” when they have never had tourettes before in their 16 years of living, and then my dad tells me to just “leave them alone” because theyre his favorite. He does everything and more for them just because theyre an unstable teenager who acts like a toddler and only lives with him because they kept lying to CPS about our mom and then decided to slap her.
They even refuse to believe they can do anything wrong ever. They slap our mom? “Oh she was withholding meds from me!!” because you didnt need them and were trying to take them to school which wouldve gotten them expelled. They fucked me up by ruined how i behaved socially, causing for me to get bullied for YEARS, just because they wanted to be some sort of psychiatrist for me and “diagnose” me with all sorts of bullshit. I faked disorders for years and im still struggling with some things now because of it, but of course thats not THEIR fault! They were just a dumb 13 year old who was being such a good older sibling by convince their 11 year old brother hes an autistic schizophrenic with bipolar disorder and ocd! Just silly kid things lol!!!!! Theyre fucking awful istg. They ruin everything and will never accept that theyre a horrible person. Sometimes i wish theyd just die so that i could finally lie in peace. I know its shitty, but i just cant stand living with this anymore. Im only 14 and theyve already fucked me over. They let me get groomed and abused online for years and never told anyone. They still refuse to believe that wasnt groomed because “it was just a four year age gap” which would have been normal if i hadnt been twelve and the groomer was sixteen. Idek why im writing all this. Im crying at one AM because i know my older sibling will never change or get better because theyre too selfish nd blind to their own actions. One day i hope they realize theyre an awful person who deserves nothing and will get nothing because theyre failing school and refusing to do anything to help themslves get better, but i know that day will never come. I know theyll stay like this forever and no matter how many times i try to tell them theyre failing or that theyll never move to england or that theyre annoying, they will never change.
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2023.06.06 08:12 drnehagynaecologist To know more Top Gynecologist in South Delhi

The best way to prepare for a career as an OB/GYN is to obtain a bachelor's degree from a four-year college and score high marks on the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). You can also gain experience working in a hospital or clinic, which helps you win acceptance into a medical school and medical residency program.
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2023.06.06 08:12 Cheebz123 I bought a house and have a loveless relationship

I don't know why I'm writing this but I am just sad and discouraged from another argument with my girlfriend. I'm probably more confused than your average poster. I haven't had any love or intimacy with her in four years out of the five we've been together. I just jerk off occaisionally. She's overweight and frequently sick with period pain, persistent cough, foot pain, back pain, poor sleep, just some thing all the time. She constantly buys weird stuff to "help" but it's all hoodoo stuff like collagen and adaptogen crap.
Sometimes we joke and make each other happy.
But other times she just plays mind games with me and makes me feel like things are my fault and I just feel like "I gotta do better" or something but it's just nothingness she just doesn't appreciate me.
I am the breadwinner, a remote worker, a coder. I get paid decently. I give her space to do whatever but she stays at home and plays mobile games constantly. She blames me for not getting a life because "I don't like where we live" so she "didn't apply for school". I dunno.
I do most of the house chores like dishes and even most cooking lately and of course buy the take out. We rarely.go out anywhere. She does some chores too but never dishes. she just wastes time getting so much thrift store stuff. We have too much stuff. Maybe we don't talk about our problems. Conflict avoidant
So anyways, her friend is having a baby on the other side of the country. My gf says she wants to be there for it. So, we decide to move. it's a big fuckin move but hey I'm a remote worker and can just do it so ok. I like this friend they have a great house and living setup too, so could be a cool new life.
But my gf didn't want to rent in this new town so I literally have now bought us a house, and I borrowed money from my parents so we could make an all cash offer because she told me to do this. I guess better than paying the bank but now I'm the bastard that everyone justifiably hates that buys in cash and I'm a spoiled brat.
Even though I had a good amount of money saved (150k), I used 60k for down and am now indebted 300k to my parents. And the rest of my savings will go to the house I guess.
But wow. This new house, I dunno if it's really what I want but now I have it. It's in a hoity-toity neighborhood. It needs a lot of work. I dunno if I'll ever feel comfortable there.
And throughout this whole thing my brother who is just a little younger than me is having a meltdown. He lives at my parents house and they are putting pressure on him to move out but he's really struggling and calls me screaming and crying about how bad his life is.
I could possibly have my brother move into the new house with me but I don't want to enable him...he's very much self medicating with weed and alcohol and I don't like to get into confrontations cause he's so unstable.
If anyone has advice lemme know but really this is just my life. I wanna stop fighting with my gf and for her to get healthy and for my brother to pick himself up and move out the parents house but it's up to them at the end of the day
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2023.06.06 08:12 Sleep15-throwaway My partner sleeps for 15+ hours everyday, and the irregular hours are starting to take a toll on me

Been dating for over a year. We are currently long distance because we are college students home for the summer. Today they were awake from 9pm to 12am. Yesterday it was to 5pm to 8pm - 3 hour nap - 11pm to 6am. The day before that 5pm to 3am. From Saturday 3am to Monday/Tuesday 12am, they've been sleeping for 44 hours. If I did my math right, in the past 70 hours, they've been asleep for 63% of it.
Every time they're awake, they mention at least once that they're still sleepy. The only times they are awake during normal hours seems to be only when they have obligations (dentists appointment, etc.).
The final straw that made me write this post was today, when we were going to watch the newest episode of an anime we watch together weekly. They could barely keep their eyes open. I felt guilty, so I decided to end the call early.
I recognize this is a problem they have, and have been to a sleep doctor before, but there has been no followup (this was 7 months ago). I've been trying to convince them to try going to the sleep doctor again, but can't currently.
The way they function is honestly a little wild. They either will be awake for 48 hours, or sleep for 15+ hours; no in-between. The reasoning why they're sleeping so much these days might be because they're catching up on sleep after a hard school year. Not to give much away, but if you search up "Most rigorous colleges", our school will be there. But even then, it's been summer break for almost a month now.
I plan to confess about everything tomorrow, but I'm not sure how to express my feelings towards their sleepiness. It's something they can't really control, and it's not something I'm mad at, just exhausted. I want to enjoy my day with them too, not only at midnight. Some words of encouragement would be nice. I just want them to get the help they need.
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2023.06.06 08:12 Alan_Philip Best college for an Indian student

I have done my schooling in Oman for past 14 years and I would like to continue my studies in Oman..Suggest some good colleges in Oman for an Indian student.
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2023.06.06 08:11 Ok-Ice-3531 My worse concert experience

I (24 F) just wanted to vent. Honestly I am new to the concert scene. Specifically kpop. I live in north cal so not many kpop concerts. So when I see a band I like I try to snatched up tickets. Even if they're resold.
I went to see a concert in SF for a solo artist I really liked. I had GA floor tickets and was so excited cuz every experience I had up to that point was amazing. I was pumped. Now some background about me. I'm short. 4 ft 11. Yes very very tiny. I was miserable at the show for thr first 15 minutes.
I was on my tiptoes the entire time. I was shoved and pushed. I tried to get closer to find a better view without obstructions. I didn't even want to be in the front. I just wanted to see the stage. But everyone pushed me back or gave me dirty looks or rolled their eyes.
Then I noticed more and more people coming. Lots of people from the balcony. So the venue was somewhat small. But they lacked security. No one was checking if they had floor or upper level tickets. And everyone from the upper levels kept sneaking down. I heard at least 10 people say they were staying on the ground. I was miserable. I felt suffocated and scared.
I went to the back and cried. I called my boyfriend telling him how awful it was. Especially cuz the second the show started. Everyone's phones was up and I could not see a thing. I just thought, "I spent $70 to see people's phones?!" Eventually I just snuck up to the balcony. My bf convinced me to stay. I had fun the rest of the show. The performer was great. But I wish the security was better. It was terrifying. I looked at the crowd at one point from.the balcony. It was an ocean of cellphones and people.
I never felt so happy being in the upper level. I know I would've been terrified if I had stayed down. Now this was not the performers fault and I don't think it was their teams fault. Maybe it was the venues. Maybe they did not account for it? I don't know.
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2023.06.06 08:11 cagethecunt Incoming intl freshman at Northeastern - planning to transfer to t20

Hey guys, my case is a bit long ( and idiosyncratic to say the least) but bare with me. Im an int y12 student from a british int school that does IGCSE’s and A/AS levels.
For those not familiar with the UK system, u graduate at y13 but technically u get the American equivalent of a HS diploma in y11, which means most American universities (except maybe the top10) will accept u as a freshman in y12 despite not properly having graduated till y13.
With that being said, i applied to only 3 schools early because i just wanted to test my luck lol and got into Northeastern ( my last choice out of the 3) but still decided to compromise with the thought of ‘i can always just transfer.’
So my question is, would i have a decent shot at getting into a T25 ( NYU stern, Wharton, Columbia, Umich are the ones im especially drawn to) even though i might not have full A levels / no proper HS diploma? FYI : I have full AS levels which i expect to get 30 credit points for in uni, i’ve gotten all A’s for all of HS - equivalent to a 4.0+ gpa, plan to major in international business and finance or anything adjacent to that, no fin aid+I plan to max out on EC’s and GPA at northeastern
With what’s been said does it seem possible for me to transfer from Northeastern to a T25?
P.S would abandoning the Co-Op program be worth it? Apparently it slims down competition and makes it easier for Finance majors to get work experience at firms like JP morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.
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2023.06.06 08:10 blueskyscape What is this building?

What is this building?
Hello! I visited the Cathedral of St Mark in Alexandria, Egypt and can’t recall what this building is. This stands next to St Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria.
I remember our tour guide talked about the Theological School founded by St Mark but is it this building? Bc I couldnt find any location information as such about that particular seminary also. I tried to copy the words but it seems that i didnt take a clear enough picture for the phone to pick up the words. Please let me know if you happen to know… thank you!
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2023.06.06 08:10 bunnii33 replacing birth control concerns

i am currently on the implant and i’ve had my period for about 2 weeks now (which i’m used to). it’s almost the expiry time for the implant and i am slightly uninterested in going back on the implant due to spotting. my life has changed a lot since having it inserted and i’m wondering which birth control method i should go on.
here are my key concerns:
  1. i am an international student, which makes it harder to get medication during the school year when i have prolonged bleeding, such as now
  2. i was previously on birth control to allow for my boyfriend of the time to ejaculate in me; now i’m single and casual sex forces me to use condoms. not sure exactly how long i will be single but i’m not interested until i’ve finished uni (2 more years)
  3. my periods without bc are pretty heavy and painful. i’d much prefer how my periods were on the implant (very light and infrequent; only getting my period on average once every 3 months)
  4. i seriously can’t stand spotting this much. i’m over it and i would prefer a birth control method that didn’t lead to this.
  5. under no circumstances do i want a birth control method linked to weight gain (so no depo shot)
  6. my doctor said that, because i have an increased stroke risk and i’ve exhibited “pre-stroke symptoms” in the past, i should switch from nexplanon to another method, like the pill.
i was thinking either the pill (so i can stop taking it immediately if it causes issues, but i’m not sure if it works like that + doing things at the same time every day is extremely difficult for me)
or an iud; i haven’t heard of people having the mountain of issues as people on the implant do; it’s just the insertion that’s incredibly painful.
i’m open to hearing other methods as well.
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