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Do you know how to convert an alternator from a car into a wind driven power generator? What about a good way to hook up batteries to the alternator so that you can have electricity at night? How about modifying a water heater to heat water using the sun? Did you build your own bug out shelter? Than this is the place for you.

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2008.07.22 03:21 Nuclear

Focus on peaceful use of nuclear energy tech, economics, news, and climate change.

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2023.06.06 08:43 Tasty-Mousse5591 Finding gratitude and peace after a relapse

Grateful for this community.
TL:DR Love yourself for feeling guilty because your heart is true enough to know when it is misaligned. Love yourself for feeling shame because your conscious is true enough to know when your actions are misaligned. These are great feelings to have - without them we would continue to do the same thing over and over with no intent to change.
Full Length:
I recently made it about 5 weeks before relapsing (I'm about 4 days porn free now). I got close to relapsing a couple times today, but remained strong.I am in counseling right now for this, and will share with my counselor at our next appointment.
What started out as just looking for risque photos on instagram and subbing to "SFW" forums here on reddit slowly turned more and more NSFW until I was eventually watching porn. I would look at subs that weren't exclusively porn, but would have the occasional explicit image/gif and I would scroll past, but I mean... come on. What did I expect? I knew what I was doing.
Once I started justifying it a little bit, the boundary became less and less clear. This lasted about a week until suddenly I was back to scrolling on my phone for 2-3 hours at a time, and although not looking at full on porn at first, it was basically the same thing and it was having the same detrimental impact on my life. I knew it was inconsistent with my goals and my recovery but I did it anyways and I didn't want to admit it. I could hear the internal battle the whole time. One voice saying, "Dude. why are you doing this? You're lying to yourself and you know where this road is going to lead you." and another voice saying, "just a little more. It's fine. This isn't ACTUALLY porn. So what if something slips by, you're not intentionally looking for it. It doesn't count"
Yeah... until I gave in and did a search for one of my old favorite accounts. I scrolled through a few clips, watched one for about 10 seconds, took a deep breathe and said, "ok. back to day zero. Let's start again." I came back to this sub, sent a message to someone who had reached out previously to be available for support, re-read my original post, and began cleaning up my feed again.
One thing I do want to note, and for me this IS really important, is that even though I relapsed, I did not masturbate to porn. I feel like this made owning up and starting at day zero again easier for me.
The other thing I want to share with ya'll, and this is especially for anyone who finds themselves relapsing continuously (I have relapsed about 4 times over the past couple years), is be kind to yourself. This is about loving yourself and taking care of yourself; rehabbing your behaviors and patterns. You cannot punish yourself into self love. Victimizing yourself about your shame and guilt are roads that lead back to porn. I'm not saying you're not allowed to feel shame and guilt - in fact its the opposite. Allow yourself TO feel the shame and guilt, and feel it FULLY. Healing comes from moving THROUGH the pain, not avoiding it.
Take a breath, light a candle, cry into a pillow, take a drive, hug your cat, journal it out - there's no right way to do it besides letting your guard down with yourself and allowing the sadness in instead of avoiding it. It's typical for me to get so wrapped up in my own shame and guilt, that I forget that I'm much more than a system of thoughts, emotions, and actions; that there's actually a consciousness within (outside of?) me that is not directly attached to any of that, and has the ability to experience it all, free from the prison of identifying as the experience. Its not that we are victim to this shame, guilt, or whatever it is that drives us to porn, we are humans having a human experience. We're literally sacks of flesh, fat, and meat with electricity and somehow an entire identity gets formed and consciousness arises. There's bound to be some flaws and some short circuits here and there, so take it easy on yourself.
Porn releases a TON of dopamine that literally rewires our sack of flesh, meat and fat. Without introducing something that releases that same level of dopamine (not recommended, you'll just be fighting a different addiction), it takes a lot of time and effort to rewire those connections. Its like trying to reconnect hoses without turning the water off.
Love yourself for feeling guilty because your heart is true enough to know when it is misaligned. Love yourself for feeling shame because your conscious is true enough to know when your actions are misaligned. These are great feelings to have - without them we would continue to do the same thing over and over with no intent to change.
Happy to be back at day 4, much love everyone.
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2023.06.06 08:36 BoneAppleSea Wetlands Preserve (6x6, Landscape)

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2023.06.06 08:22 amithafz What are the Parts of a plant Why plants and Trees Important for human Grade 5 Sample Model Paper Questions How to Care Plants What are the Parts of a plant What is the Functions of roots How plants reproduce What are the Seed types

0:00 Introduction to Grade 5 Sample Model Paper Questions
0:39 Why plants and Trees Important for human
1:50 Why Trees are Important

1:51 How to Care Plants

2:55 Names of Vegetables

3:21 Names of Fruits

3:35 How Plants grow in different places

4:24 What are the Parts of a plant

5:19 What is the Functions of roots

6:10 How plants reproduce

7:06 How Dispersal of seed happen
Dispersal by agents:
a. Wind: Some plants have seeds that are lightweight and equipped with structures like wings, hairs, or parachutes, which enable them to be carried by the wind over long distances.
Examples include dandelions, maple trees, and cottonwood trees.
b. Water: Seeds of certain plants are adapted to float on water, allowing them to be dispersed by rivers, streams, or ocean currents. Coconut palms and water lilies are examples of plants that disperse seeds through water. c. Animals: Many plants rely on animals to disperse their seeds.
Dispersal by self: a. Self-propulsion: Some plants have mechanisms that enable the seed to be expelled forcefully from the parent plant. This can occur through the bursting of seed pods, as seen in the case of peas or touch-me-not plants (Mimosa pudica), which disperse seeds through touch Acorns from oak trees are a common example.

9:18 What are the Seed types
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Image of Word problems for grade 5 with answers PDF
Word problems for grade 5 with answers PDF
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Grade 5 questions and answers english
Grade 5 questions and answers cbse
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quiz for grade 5 with answers
gk questions for class 5 with answers
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2023.06.06 08:15 mambomonster Put fuel in it

Cousin sent me this today, thought it belonged here. For context he’s a refueler at a mine in Australia.
So the crew boily (welder fabricator) calls me up last night says “can you put fuel in the crane tonight please, it’s low.” ‘Yeah mate I’ll catch ya later no dramas’.
So I call him up few hours later and say ‘I’m on my way where are you’. He goes “ex106” (a digger), I said ‘yeah mate where is that, I’m not sure”. He repeats “I’m at ex106”. I said ‘I get that, but where is ex106, I haven’t been to it this round so not sure where I need to come to”. Again he states “ex106” and I reply same thing, and he doesn’t respond.
Thankfully a Fitter (diesel mechanic) comes on radio and lets me know where to go. ‘Righto I’m coming past there shortly see ya soon’. So I rock on up, park my truck, get up on the crane, open the fuel tank cap and what do I see? It’s full - about 1cm from top of the 150L (40 gal) tank. It wasn’t a drama, it was on my route anyway, and possibly a faulty fuel guage no harm done.
The boily wanders over and goes “so are you going to put fuel in it now?”. This pissed me off a little so I said ‘mate it’s full, maybe other service cart did it, but it’s full now’.
Instead of just thanking me for coming round and having a chat, what does he do? He kicks up this little dance shouting “do you see tyre tracks from another service truck? I’ve been here all night and it hasn’t come it needs fuel”. I said again ‘mate it’s full, it’s about 1cm from the top of the tank, it’s full. Have a look’. He shouts “no it’s not, the guage is saying it’s almost empty so put some damn fuel in it” and does his little dance again.
One more time I said ‘the tank is full’, but he again demands I put more fuel in it. Malicious Compliance kicks in and I went ‘right on bud, no worries’. I climb off the crane, go round to my truck, back it up alongside the crane, pulled out the hose, climbed back onto crane, and started pumping. At about 4 litres it started just spraying a little fuel out, by 6 it starts overflowing, but I keep on pumping until I got to nearly 14 litres, by which time it had run all over the platform and all down the side of the crane.
I turned to him and said ‘ya happy it’s full?’ He finally admits “ohhh maybe it’s got a faulty fuel gauge”. Oh, ya think? He then goes “There’s fuel all over it now”. I looked at him and said ‘not my problem bud. Go get the water blaster trailer and clean it yourself’. Got in my truck and drove off.
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2023.06.06 08:00 DerpyEpic_Craft Lootcations (Bunker Alfa)

Once you grasp the basics and reached a decent level (Level 30~50?) , you can look towards grinding Bunker Alfa and PD (Police Department which I will cover later).
This area has 5 Floors, Ground floor and Levels 1~4. All enemies here have increased damage as compared to normal, exploit the Wall Trick or bring some healing/armour.
Standard ecommended gear:
•3~4 Stacks of Carrot stew/Cooked meat/Jerky, •2 Decent melee (Pipe or higher), •1 Heavy melee, •3 Bows/ +1 Decently ranged gun, •+2 Decent melee/+4~5 Glocks (Depending on if you can perform the "Wall Trick")
a. Ground Floor
Sadly, I can't give much info on this. The update may have changed how to open it from before but the things that remain the same is the lockers on this level never being wiped across resets.
You can use this to stockpile weapons, healing, water, food and armour for future dives into the bunker. (Some use this as a secret storage during AI raids to protect themselves.)
b. Floor 1
This floor consists of a handful of fast biters and a Floater Bloater guarding the shower. Here you can trade Coupons and The Finger for loot such as Motorcycle parts and guns.
c. Floor 2
A good intro to the Bunker. The easiest of the floors.
Craft 3 bows or get your hands on a decently ranged gun to destroy the Tier 1 turret.
Wall trick giants as usual.
The end has a Gunsmith bench for you to use. If your base lacks one, you can use the one here if you are desperate.
d. Floor 3
Once you feel familiar with the Bunker, I personally recommend grinding this floor mainly.
Clear the main path and sneak past zombies whenever you can to open the end gate.
Once done, clear the bathroom at the top left of the map and prepare 3 Grenades. Prepare your nerves for "The Alfa Marathon"
Start at the Secuirity Terminal near the top right of the map and aggravate all zombies on the way. Run towards and past the toilets, through the Acid room, gas chamber, Storage (the area guarded by alarm tripwires), Electric fence and back to the toilet. [Watch the YouTube tutorial which this originates from.]
At the bathroom, hide behind the bent toilet wall and wait. Once all zombies have gathered, slowly move to the edge of the wall without dying and throw the 3 grenades one by one.

e. Floor 4
Don't attempt without using the wall trick. This floor is mainly for obtaining turret parts and is highly recommend you ignore unless you need them.
Most loot is blocked by "True Friend Dog" doors so its not worth doing it till then.
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2023.06.06 07:48 aquosolar Solar panel cleaning in Bay Area California

Solar panel cleaning in Bay Area. This is the process of removing dirt, debris, and other materials that can build up on solar panels and reduce their efficiency. In the Bay Area, California,solar panel cleaning is especially important due to the region's high levels of air pollution and dust. There are a number of different methods for cleaning solar panels, including Water washing: This is the most common method of solar panel cleaning and involves using a high-pressure water hose to remove dirt, debris, and other materials from the panels. Chemical cleaning: This method involves using a mild chemical solution to remove dirt, debris, and other materials from the panels. Soft washing: This method uses a low-pressure water spray and mild detergent to clean the panels. The frequency of solar panel cleaning will vary depending on the environment in which the panels are located. In the Bay Area, California, solar panels should be cleaned at least once a year but may need to be cleaned more often if they are located in areas with high levels of air pollution or dust. Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining the efficiency of solar panels. By keeping your solar panels clean, you can ensure that they are producing as much electricity as possible.
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2023.06.06 06:54 Shoddy-Group-5493 Dragged these babies out of storage

Dragged these babies out of storage
My childhood collection. Obviously missing some unfortunately and some of the early ones are damaged and super glued, and I drew all over them but they were very very loved. I haven’t washed them yet (ignore the copious amounts of dust), as I’ve not come up with a game plan and learnt what I can/can’t use on them or what order I should do anything. Also used to play with them in water so I’m sure they’re all full of rust and stuff. Don’t see any plastic bacteria, just lots of marker bleed. I don’t intend on selling anything but I just wanted to know if I have anything of value or some particularly special ones lol. Almost all of the regulars were bought at Walmart from 2006-2012, so I can’t imagine any of them would be fake; but you never know. I have tons of houses too out I just got the actual pets out for now. This sub got recommended to me recently and I really just got the urge to pull them out of my childhood storage tubs to relive it all :)
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2023.06.06 06:50 Adbacklist991 Techstream Software ! Revolutionize Your Workflow

Techstream Software ! Revolutionize Your Workflow
Techstream software is a comprehensive software suite for diagnostics and vehicle performance analysis. It is widely used by automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.
Techstream software offers a wide range of features, including access to real-time data, customizable dashboards, and advanced diagnostic tools. It is compatible with a variety of vehicle models and can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot a range of issues, from engine performance to emissions and safety systems.
Whether you are a professional mechanic or a diy enthusiast, techstream software can help you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and repairs. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, it is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize vehicle performance and efficiency.

Understanding Techstream Software: A Comprehensive Overview

Techstream software is a comprehensive diagnostic tool designed to help technicians and mechanics detect and repair problems with a wide range of vehicles. It is widely used in dealership service departments and repair shops, as it can quickly identify issues, save time and money, and improve vehicle performance.
In this blog post, we'll dive into a comprehensive overview of techstream software, with a focus on its key features and capabilities.

What Is Techstream Software?

Techstream software is a diagnostic tool that enables technicians to quickly identify and repair issues with vehicles. Here are some key points about techstream:
  • It is compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including toyota, lexus, and scion.
  • It offers a comprehensive set of diagnostic and repair tools, including live data monitoring, ecu programming, and customization of vehicle settings.
  • It can be used to diagnose everything from engine and transmission issues to airbag and abs malfunctions.

Key Features Of Techstream Software

Techstream offers many features that make it a powerful diagnostic tool. Here are some of the key features worth noting:
  • Live data monitoring: Allows technicians to monitor and analyze real-time performance data from a vehicle's sensors, ensuring accurate diagnosis and repair.
  • Ecu programming: Enables technicians to program and customize a vehicle's ecu settings, including throttle response, idle speed, and more.
  • Active tests: Allows technicians to perform a wide range of tests and checks on vehicle systems, such as abs, airbags, and power steering.
  • Health check and customization: Provides a comprehensive report of a vehicle's condition, including warning signs, maintenance recommendations, and performance optimizations.
  • Compatibility: Techstream is compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models, making it an ideal tool for dealership service departments and repair shops.
These are just a few of the many features that make techstream software an essential tool for technicians and mechanics working on a wide range of vehicles. With its intuitive interface and powerful diagnostic capabilities, techstream can save time and money on vehicle repairs and maintenance, while improving overall performance and reliability.

Advantages Of Using Techstream Software For Your Business Workflow

Techstream software has been designed to offer seamless workflow solutions for businesses. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your business activities, then techs tream software is an excellent choice. In this section of the blog post, we'll discuss some of the significant advantages of using techstream software for your business workflow.

Streamlined Processes

Techstream software allows businesses to streamline their processes effectively. With techs tream software, businesses can automate most of their manual processes, including tracking daily activities. Additionally, techstream software eliminates redundancies and inefficiencies in business processes, providing a more streamlined running of daily activities.
This leads to improved efficiency and increased productivity at work. Some of the benefits of techs tream software include:
  • Efficient handling of customer data
  • Integration with other business toolkits
  • Automated tracking of projects, tasks, activities, and workflows

Enhanced Collaboration

Techstream software promotes teamwork and collaboration among employees. With this software, colleagues can easily communicate and share important business information in real-time. This enhances business productivity while ensuring the delivery of high-quality services. The following features make techstream software an excellent collaboration tool:
  • Easy communication channels including video conferences and chat
  • Centralized data storage ensures everyone has access to the same data, eliminating data silos
  • Task management tools help in tracking and updating tasks’ progress in real-time

Real-Time Monitoring

Techstream software offers real-time monitoring of all business operations. Managers can monitor all activities in real-time, ensuring that everything runs as expected. This makes it easier to identify and resolve any issues that arise quickly. The following features of techs tream software make it an excellent real-time monitoring tool:
  • Real-time analytics and reporting.
  • Task tracking and progress monitoring.
  • Automated alerts and notifications for important events.

Reduction In Operational Costs

Techstream software can significantly reduce your business's operational costs. It provides a centralized dashboard for management, allowing you to monitor all your business activities. This helps you identify and eliminate inefficiencies, reducing operational costs in the process. The following features of techstream software help in reducing operational costs:
  • Automation of most manual processes, so you don't have to hire many people to handle various business operations.
  • Efficient resource allocation making sure time and resources are spent in the right places.
  • Reporting features that help identify and eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in business processes.
Techs tream software is an all-in-one solution for streamlining your business workflow. It offers enhanced collaboration, real-time monitoring, streamlined processes, and a reduction in operational costs. With these features, techs tream software can help businesses to achieve their goals more efficiently.

Implementation Of Techstream Software In Your Business

Techstream software is revolutionizing the way businesses operate, delivering a robust and comprehensive software product that manages everything from data analytics to project management. Companies can expect to see significant improvements in productivity and efficiency when they implement techstream software.
In this blog post, we will focus on how to integrate techs tream software with your existing workflows, as well as the training and support that is available to ensure a seamless transition.

How To Integrate Techstream Software With Your Existing Workflows

If you're considering implementing techstream software in your business, a key concern may be how to integrate it with your existing workflows. Here are some key points to consider:
  • Identify the processes that currently exist, and assess which ones could benefit from the implementation of techs tream software.
  • Consider the data that will be needed to run the software and ensure that it's available to users who need it.
  • Be sure to discuss potential changes to workflows with relevant team members, being transparent about any modifications that are necessary.
  • Start with a small implementation of the software before scaling up to larger teams.

Training And Support

When you sign up for techstream software, you can expect comprehensive training and support to ensure that your team can successfully navigate the software. Here are some things to consider:
  • Techstream software offers training programs and support, ranging from initial setup to ongoing account management.
  • Dedicated account managers can answer any questions that you may have and provide personalized assistance when needed.
  • In addition to account management, techstream software offers technical support to address any glitches or issues that may arise.
By implementing techstream software, your organization can significantly improve productivity and efficiency. Be sure to consider how the software can integrate with your existing workflows and take advantage of the available training and support to ensure a smooth transition.

Case Studies: Real-Life Examples Of Businesses That Have Transformed Their Workflow With Techstream Software

Techstream software is a powerful tool that can transform the workflow of any business. Here are some real-life examples of how businesses have benefited from the software and achieved their desired results.

Success Stories

One of the success stories of techstream software comes from a small advertising agency. They were struggling to manage client data and had a hard time tracking the progress of each project. After implementing techstream, they were able to streamline their workflow and manage projects effectively, resulting in increased productivity and client satisfaction.
Another success story involves a retail company that was struggling to keep track of their inventory and sales. With techstream, they were able to centralize their data, monitor stock levels in real-time, and make informed decisions on purchasing and price adjustments.
This led to an overall increase in sales and revenue.

Lessons Learned

Along the way, businesses have learned some valuable lessons when implementing techstream software. Here are some lessons learned:
  • Proper planning and preparation are essential before implementing techstream software. Businesses should understand their workflow and identify specific areas where the software can improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Employee training is necessary to ensure that everyone in the organization knows how to use the software effectively. Businesses should invest in training programs to provide employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to work with techstream.
  • Customization is important to ensure that the software meets the unique needs of a business. Techstream offers a wide range of features, and businesses should select only the necessary features to avoid complexity and reduce confusion.
Techstream software has a proven track record of transforming the workflow of businesses and improving productivity. With careful planning, proper training, and customization, any business can achieve success with techstream.
Techstream software offers a modern solution to businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve performance. With its powerful tools and easy-to-use interface, techstream software simplifies complex workflows, automates tedious tasks, and increases productivity. Its accounting features make bookkeeping a breeze, and the detailed reporting capabilities help businesses make data-driven decisions.
The software is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the unique needs of any business, small or large. Techstream software also prioritizes security, ensuring sensitive data is protected from potential threats. With 24/7 customer support, businesses can feel at ease knowing they have reliable assistance if needed.
Overall, techstream software is a comprehensive solution that can elevate businesses to the next level. Its ease of use, flexible customization, and powerful capabilities make it an ideal choice for any company looking to boost their efficiency.
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2023.06.06 06:38 chaseoes LG Washer - 0E Error driving me crazy

I have an LG front load washer, WM2077CW. It was intermittently getting an 0E error, it has gotten worse and happens on every normal cycle now. For some reason it doesn't happen if I select "speed wash" instead of any of the longer cycles.
The pump seems to be working. It drains fine, if I manually drain it by not selecting any options and only clicking the spin cycle button. It pumps out the water without problem.
I drained it and cleaned the filter. I've tried replacing the pressure switch. I took off the hose going to the pressure switch and cleaned it out. I took off the drain hose and looked inside, didn't see any issues. I disconnected the drain hose from the tub to the pump and didn't see anything blocking it. I adjusted the drain hose and made sure it's not too far down the wall. I took off the rubber seal and cleaned it out while I was at it. I'm out of ideas.
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2023.06.06 06:29 chickenofthenorth 2b2b condo in Fulton market - July 1st

Leaving our apartment of the last 2 years a couple months early to take advantage of a 3br nearby.
Great condo owned unit in the Fulton market/west loop area, on a quiet street away from traffic and with no train noise. Pet friendly, laundry in unit, and the kitchen was reno’d in 2020. Direct access out the back door to a courtyard where you can grill. High ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, a heated garage parking spot, and storage cage included. Have never felt unsafe here in our 2 years. $3150/mo, covers parking, water, and garbage. You cover gas and electric (about $50/mo for gas and $60 for electric). Wifi is super cheap & fast at $35 a month.
Landlord is a nice dude, very quick to respond and send tradespeople to fix anything, and the building staff is sweet and keeps the place looking nice.
July 1 move in (ish) with a 12-14 month lease or July 1-august 31 sublease with potential to renew.
PM me if you wanna learn more!
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2023.06.06 06:18 Maxton1811 Perfectly Wrong

Awakening from cryosleep was about as glamorous as my training had suggested; which is to say: miserable. Muscle and bone ground together like rusted gears in a medley of complaint as my body twitched itself back to life. I was awake, but my senses clearly weren’t convinced. Strange noises almost resembling speech drifted around me; probably an auditory hallucination caused by the long hibernating period I’d just undergone
What wasn’t entirely familiar to me, however, was the strange piercing sensation in the middle of my chest.
Slowly prying open my crusted-shut eyes, the first thing I noticed was a powerful, stinging white light boring into them. For a moment, my sleep-addled mind entertained with delirium that I’d somehow crashed into a star, and this light was its core. Naturally, this was an absurd conclusion to draw for more reasons than my logical mind was able to count having just woken up.
As my vision began to clear, another, more pressing detail made itself evident. Looking down upon me from the center of that sickening light was a shadowy silhouette, seemingly mere inches from my face. Straining myself to look down at my body, I quickly was able to pinpoint the source of that strange sensation. Whoever this figure was, I seemed to caught them in the middle of digging some sort of knife into my chest.
Under better circumstances, I may have paused to consider what this stranger might be doing: perhaps implanting something, or maybe something went wrong on my journey and I’d been retrieved to be taken back to Earth for emergency surgery. That didn’t make much sense either, though. This trip was one-way for a reason. The Trappist System isn’t exactly a hop, skip, and a jump away. Unless, of course, that jump happened to involve wormholes. Those thoughts, however, were little more than secondary blips in my consciousness. My biggest concern at that moment was If var ObjectInChest==Knife; RemoveFromChest(Knife)
During my crash course on cryosleep, the biggest warning I was given waking up was not to overexert myself immediately. The Human body isn’t exactly built to withstand that kind of whiplash, so I was instructed on a 10 minute breathing exercise to help me get moving again once I awoke. That being said, the Human body also isn’t well-equipped to handle disembowelment with sharp objects, so that particular piece of advice went… unheeded. Feeling a few droplets of antique adrenaline dribbling into my bloodstream, I reeled back my leg and kicked forward with all the force I could muster—which wasn’t much.
To my surprise, I seemed to stagger the stranger, as they immediately recoiled back, still staring at me with their vaguely-Human shape as I tried to sit myself up. However, as it turned out, that advice on not going full-throttle so early after waking up was much more important than you’d think. Instantly, my senses flickered and faded as I felt consciousness lurching once more into nothingness, leaving me entirely at my attacker’s mercy.

Waking up on the floor of my exploration pod, right next to the cryosleep bay and completely unaware of how I got there, was a strange feeling to say the least. Looking down, I was relieved to find that there was no knife in my chest, and I certainly didn’t see any shadowy figures around me. What I did feel was an intense pang of unbridled hunger—cryogenics slows down metabolism, but doesn’t completely eliminate it, so most of my muscle and fat was gone. All just hallucinations, I concluded bluntly to myself. “Time to get to work!”
Soft, gentle glowing illuminated my familiar surroundings. Beside my cryobay was a short hall leading to the other three rooms of the ship: the engine room, my bedroom, and the storage unit. Those, in conjunction with the bridge where I lay, composed a total area no larger than an okay-ish apartment.
Staggering down the hall to the storage unit, I pushed open its door to find lining the shelves a generous quantity of nutrient packets—essentially little applesauce pouches chock-full of calories, designed to sustain me for a day on just one. So, after greedily sucking down three of those (I may not have looked it at that point, but I was a tad chubby before hibernating, and my body missed having available fat stores) and chugging a nice six bottles of water, I began my triumphant limping (for whatever reason, my leg was sorta hurt) back to the main bridge, where I retrieved from a smaller cold storage locker an almost comically large syringe.
I always hated needles, but that was just one more fear I’d had to get over to do this mission. NASA needed someone who could not only work this ship, but also take readings on the exoplanets here. They also needed someone who wouldn’t go batshit insane after a long period of isolation. Fortunately for them, I never valued sanity all that highly in the first place, so they were able to get their candidate. Placing the needle into my arm and pressing down the plunger, I almost immediately felt the specialized CRISPR viruses getting to work on my genome—rewriting those pesky hibernation genes that would surely slow me down if left to fester and replacing them with the usual Human ones... Or maybe that feeling was the copious amounts of stimulant meant to shock my body into operating properly.

Finally regaining my full, lucid state, I slowly walked into the bedroom and from its miniature closet retrieved a simple set of nondescript black pants, a grey t-shirt, and a labcoat to top off the look. Assuming my most faux-confident stride to the bridge computer, I briefly sifted past the psychological evaluation portion required to turn on the instruments and began accessing the recorded database.

*These records... They don't make any sense...* The Trappist system is under 50 light years away. My exploration vessel is design to move at a top speed of 0.77C (77% the speed of light). As such, It was expected that I would reach my destination and begin recording in only about 65 years. However, looking at the most recent radio signals from Earth, which was my sole indicator of distance, the most recent one was over a century ago. The cogs in my head turned sluggishly as I struggled to comprehend just how badly we'd messed up. *This radio message was sent by our broadcasting satellite 114 years ago... That means I'm 114 lightyears away and we overshot it by over twice the planned distance*...

Feeling the nerves beginning to build up within myself, I reluctantly clicked upon the message to see what it said.

*"We are gathered here today to celebrate and mourn the loss of Andrew Malix; the brilliant mind forever lost to space when 60 years ago today, an unknown navigation failure resulted in his transport, the UNS-Destiny, going drastically off-course. We at UNSA will never forget the bravery and spirit of our past explorers. From our beloved home planet Earth to the sprouting colony in Proxima Centauri, we owe our thanks to those who always seek to take the next step, even at their own risk... Thank you"*

174 years... That was how long I'd been frozen for. The notion echoed endlessly through my mind as I contemplated what the speaker had said. *UNSA... United Nation Space Agency, I'd bet... Guess we finally did a merger.* Hearing about a colony in Proxima Centauri was a relief, at the very least. It meant that even if something happened to Earth and Mars, I didn't have to trouble myself much with the idea of Humanity having somehow wiped itself out.

No amount of petty hoping, however, could override the new sense of dread I felt. Lost in space as the result of a failed exploration. Sure, the hydroponics bay and oxygen recyclers would ensure my survival, but without anything to do out in space, I was little more than debris. Mere cosmic junk floating through an endless void.

Morbid curiosity soon took over as I found myself inexplicably drawn to the opaque black window in front of the computer. Typing in a few commands, I watched as the obscuring haze intended to protect me from harsh starlight faded away to reveal behind it the endless void in which I'd found myself.

However, what I saw through the window was not some endless black void of space. In fact, looking down over the rows upon rows of strange-looking craft, it almost looked like I was in some sort of hanger bay.
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2023.06.06 06:04 jouneitx Suggestions on how to handle this. I thought it was criminal, but apparently not. Civil matter?

Location: Harris Co, Texas
I have the neighbor from hell. They were nice enough when they moved in around 10 years ago, but within the first 2 years I caught the wife trying to kill our dogs in the backyard by throwing rat poison back there. I have no earthly idea what pre-empted that. I went over to talk to her about it and she S C R E A M E D "f you bitch mother fucker" and kept screaming until I left and called the police. We were not exactly friends, but were well more than cordial right up to that point. The cops came, and she denied it until they showed her video evidence caught by the very edge of my security camera. She was written a ticket. Both dogs survived.
Since then, it has gone downhill fast. She stole a package off my porch, and was caught red handed by the police - but the case was dismissed as they fought it and the officer did not show up to "qualify the body camera footage or his report" which is insane. My tires were slashed. My trash cans stolen. Things have been thrown through my windows several times.
I have spent ungodly amounts of money on home security cameras, but they stay just out of sight from them. I can catch audio of it sometimes, but never fully catch them in the act since the incident with my dogs.
They have installed multiple cameras in their yard right at the property line pointing directly at both doors of my home. I thought this alone was an invasion of privacy, but according to the officers that have come out, it is not. If I step one foot outside... they come running out screaming, threatening, cussing, etc. Every time. And I mean EVERY time I step outside, they come running out within seconds. They have installed floodlights pointing right at several windows of my home (including my master bedroom). There is only 20 feet separating the two homes, so to say it is bright is an understatement.
Last week, they decided to get one of those huge steel pipe wind chimes. I have learned to phase them out as much as possible, but the sound from it kept me up all night. I went to ask if they could please at least take it down in the evening, and was met with the same cussing, screaming, etc. So I called the police again. They came out and agreed that it was a bit excessive, but they wouldn't come to the door, so the police said there was nothing they could do and to try calling during the day. I did, and that spiraled out of control quickly.
The cops asked them to remove the windchime after 10pm or they may get a ticket, and they told the cops to go f themselves. I have no idea how that much was allowed, but it went further as the couple immediately stormed past the cop running at my house screaming they would kill me. I thought SURELY that this would be the final straw. The cops would do something. You cannot just make a threat like that.
But, they let it go. MANY officers showed up, and I was simply told it was "said in the heat of the moment" and that next time we would both be going to jail (I am still not certain what I did, but regardless, they apparently made up something to tell the cops).
Last night, I am woken up at 2am by what sounds like the Notre Dame bells in my eardrums. I look outside, and fully lit - to make sure I could see them - is now 20 of the wind chimes, and an industrial shop fan (those really tall ones that blow a ton of air) knocking them around. I call the cops, and the neighbors won't answer their door, and they tell me there is nothing I can do.
Today when leaving for work, I have them start the usual bs of screaming, cussing, flipping me off - added with turning the water hose on me as I am trying to get into the car.
I fear for my safety, and apparently cannot get the sheriff to do anything about it, even when done right in front of them. I have tried finding a lawyer to either take a case of harassment or get a protective order, but cannot find anyone to take this case. My life is being turned upside down, and I do not want to leave my dream home (on top of it being a bad financial decision at the moment) I have been in for 18 years, because of these two - but this has to come to an end.
Someone, anyone, help. I don't know who to contact or what to do. I would have thought that this was more than enough to justify a criminal harassment case, but according to our sheriff, it is not. I have tried hunting down civil attorneys, and cannot find one either through my own search or referral services for our county. So what is the best means to handle this? What type of lawyer should I be looking for, or is there another route I should go?
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2023.06.06 06:01 Tiny_Artichoke_7001 Mildew on handles

Not my photo but this is what it looks like. How do I remove this? I tried a magic eraser with no luck. Left in storage and water must have been trapped
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2023.06.06 05:56 eisorbianchi Dresser/Garment Rack DIY (Or, better idea for freestanding closet?!?!)

Ok. I'm moving into a rental (think studio apartment) with no closets and sloped ceilings. I have 53"-57" of clearance where I will be putting my DIY "closet" (aka, garment rack) depending on how far back the hanging bar is.
I've been thinking through a TON of ideas to build a "closet" in this space. I need some drawers and a LOT of hanging space.
I am currently thinking I'd like to mount an industrial pipe garment rack (similar to this, but I will DIY with parts) onto a base with drawers. I think I need 36" of clearance for hanging clothes. So, that leaves max of 21" for height of the drawers.
(If you have a better idea for a clothes rail that can hold a decent amount of weight, I'm open to suggestions also.)

I've been exhausting solutions on IKEA's website for the drawers for the base:
Nordli -
EKET - Two side-by-side.
BESTA w/drawers - Likely the one without the shelves and with deeper drawers.
RAST - Hack it to not have the bottom few inches of the recessed area. This will make it "almost" the right height. I could likely make it work.
Ivar- Cut down side frames to make a horizontal dresser with 3 drawers tall, 2 wide.
SMASTAD - Two of these big drawers side-by-side.
GODISHUS - Two or three of these side-by-side.
But, I was also wondering, can the following be hacked to be attached to my own wooden frame?
IVAR Drawers, PAX Drawers, Aurdal, KOMPLEMENT,
Elvari- Can this drawer stand alone? - Two high, two wide? Add a top?

Anyone have any advice, ideas, opinions, guidance, etc. for this build?
I also currently own a Nordmela horizontal dresser. If I recall correctly, there isn't any real support on the back of this, so I'm not sure it'll be best for the weight of the clothes. But, it's an option that I already own.
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2023.06.06 05:56 ElSquibbonator Dune June Day 4: Water Storage

Dune June Day 4: Water Storage
Amphibians, as a rule, are rarely found in deserts. They require water to reproduce, and this makes them less amenable to dry environments than reptiles are. However, five million years in the future, the deserts of central North America are home to one exception to this rule. Descended from spadefoot toads, the tuber toad (Rhizobufo orycterochierus) is more adapted to desert life than any other amphibian. While many desert-dwelling frogs and toads can aestivate in times of extreme drough, the tuber toad has a different adaptation for conserving moisture. Its skin is tougher and thicker than that of other amphibians, and is closer to that of a reptile, so moisture loss is greatly reduced. Other desert-dwelling amphibians still had the thin skin of their relatives, and relied on access to water underground to survive. The tuber toad is able to circumvent this requirement with its thick, impermeable skin. The disadvantage of this, of course, is that it is no longer able to breathe through its skin, and must rely exclusively on its lungs.
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2023.06.06 05:53 Alexander-100 Selling my water cooled gaming computer, the specs are below
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2023.06.06 05:53 otterlyadhd Heebiejeebies

Casually remembering how a black widow fell on my face today when I was getting a fan from the storage unit and the only reason I knew is cause the legs tickled my nose so I sneezed and it landed on the ground but had hit the water heater w a tiny ding and so I saw it and realized that it was on my face and it ran so I couldn’t squash it and now I’m scared to go to the storage unit. I’m supposed to be sleeping andddd I can’t.
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2023.06.06 05:51 Alexander-100 Selling my water cooled gaming computer, the specs are below
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2023.06.06 05:46 Mayor13 What is causing my floor drain to do this?

What is causing my floor drain to do this?
Floor drain backed up yesterday. I snaked it the best I could, and used one of those rubber hose pressure nozzles a few times. Did some dishes tonight and it backed up again.
Ran about 4-5 gallons of water down the sink and then it gurgled like this and then eventually backed up again.
Doesn't do anything when I flush the toilets or run normal sink water.
Ive cleared a drain before, it never had it gurgle like that. Is this just a normal clog I should have checked out by a plumber?
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2023.06.06 05:29 Fabulous_External_95 My cat that was only 8 years old died yesterday. I’m feeling so guilty and wanting answers

Hi, I’m hoping to get some answers on my cat that suddenly died yesterday morning. He was a black cat only 8 years old.
About a month ago he was sick throwing up everything he couldn’t even keep water down so me and my mom thought he had eaten some of her tulip flowers. His breathing was also very rapid when I watched closely. He was also very tender on his stomach, he wouldn’t even let me pick him up and would meow if I tried. He also hid a lot during the day. He was sick for a few days and then was eating again and drinking water basically back to normal. Then a few more days later he was back to the same thing for a few days and then ate/drank again two days later. If he went any longer we were very close to taking him to the vet which I’m feeling very guilty about not taking him now. At the time we still thought it was a reaction to the flowers.
He was back to normal again for a full month then around Tuesday the 30th he was showing signs of sickness again but slightly different this time. No throwing up but low energy and not eating and same stomach tenderness. My mom took him to the vet on Friday the 2nd and he got an IV for fluids and then they took his blood to figure out what was wrong with him. The vet said it didn’t seem like anything emergent since he wasn’t acting too lethargic. The vet also said his stomach was doughy? He prescribed amoxicillin incase it was an infection as well as something to increase his satiety. Saturday he was eating small amounts of food. Then Sunday morning he also ate food early in the morning then about an hour later my mom noticed him acting really strange and he left to hide in our back storage room. He was acting weird for about 30 minutes and then his breathing became super slow and it seemed like he was struggling very hard. I can’t really explain what he was doing because I couldn’t even watch. Within a couple minutes he had stopped breathing.
Should we have rushed him to the vet? I am feeling so very guilty that it seemed like we just let him die and so suddenly. Would he have lived if we took him to the emergency vet when he began hiding at the beginning of the 30 minutes?
The vet called with the blood work today and said that he had an autoimmune disease that was attacking his organs. And that whatever levels they checked for autoimmune diseases was 8 times the normal limit. He also said it was incurable and hereditary, is that true? He said it must’ve weakened his heart causing him to pass but that he would’ve had to do additional testing to figure out if it was renal or blood/lymph/immune system related.
I know this is a lot but I am extremely heartbroken trying not to blame myself with such a sudden tragedy but it’s very hard when you don’t know exactly what happened.
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2023.06.06 05:02 braindancer3 Single node failure causing the cluster to nosedive

Hello! I have a 4-node Ceph cluster (version 17.2.5), deployed via Proxmox. Total 20 OSDs, all SSD. There is a 10 Gbps main public network, and separately a dedicated 10 Gbps cluster network just for Ceph. One of the nodes has an issue where the NIC dedicated to Ceph occasionally goes down. (I will troubleshoot this issue separately). When this happens, I observe the following:
  1. All OSDs on this node go down (understandable - logs say that they can't get heartbeat from peers)
  2. All 3 other nodes start experiencing extreme load. Heavy CPU iowait, everything extremely slow, processes that use Ceph for storage respond erratically.
Why is this happening? If one of the nodes is "down" temporarily, the rest of the nodes should be working fine? I would understand a bit of background traffic, but this event pretty much hoses every Proxmox VM that uses Ceph. Am I missing something? Isn't this thing replicated and thus, supposedly, resilient? Thanks!
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