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2023.06.01 00:05 TreeTurtle_852 Can we just, please stop including marginalized species/races in fiction if we aren't going to address things down to the systematic level?

This rant is inspired by a video by NandoVMovies about the Droid problem in star wars, a quote from count Doku about Yoda and a scene in RWBY.
I have talked about RWBY and its handling of racism before buy I'm going to go a shorter route. I am going to pinpoint one single thing, one detail of a scene and explain why I'm tired of racism being included in fictional worlds. Here we go:
During volume 5 after failing to find other huntsman in Mistral, Qrow drinks at a Bat before exiting it soon after. During this scene, we can view a sign next to the doors of the bar Qrow exits. And what does it say? "No Faunus"
Now if you aren't familiar with RWBY, Faunus are another race of people with the key difference being their random animal traits and night vision (though this is fairly inconsistent even from the same character). It's made clear through the show that they're essentially the same as humans (except for the differences mentioned earlier) and both in and out of the show, direct ties are made to marginalized groups in real life with one of the people who worked on the show directly comparing Faunus to African Americans during the Civil rights era.
So I ask, fair gents, ladies and in-betweens, is this not wrong? Anybody who knows American history knows of segregation, the division between "White" and "Colored" people in everything from schools to water fountains. We know why it's harmful, we know why it's wrong, so surely in this context evidence of segregation should be bad, no?
This sign says, "No faunus". For whatever reason, the owner decided that faunus were excluded. This isn't a case of "no shoes, no shirt, no service". No no no, the owner is looking at a sentient being and going "you will not be accepted because you were born a faunuas". That's fucked up right? Worst yet... it's legal.
If you tried pulling that shit in modern times you'd get sued and have that sign be taken down, but the state a place must be in to where that sign is still up speaks volumes. We also see other no Faunus signs and other signs of racism so clearly, this isn't an exception. This isn't just legal it's the rule.
Now I might be remembering this scene wrong, but Qrow pays the barkeep so with his actions he's effectively rewarding a business that promotes racism and even then he's not telling them off or showing any negative emotions to something we can understand as fundamentally vile.
In fact... nobody in RWBY does. Hell even Blake doesn't do much in terms of aiding the faunus cause on-screen. Of course they focus their attention onto Adam who is trying to blow up Mistral academy, but nobody on team RWBY ever expresses ill will or complains that these laws are commonplace. Nobody in the extended cast, even Blake, seem to really put any on screen effort or passion towards this issue. We are only told that things are "getting better" off screen in volume 6, but this wasn't a result of their protest.
All they did was defeat the "bad faunus" who were going about it the "wrong way" and this is an issue we see a lot. In volume 1 we see Cardin directly picking on Velvet a rabbit faunus for her faunus traits (her large ears) and yet the main characters just... stand there. None of them confront Cardin, none of them tell him off. They just comment on how bad it must be for Velvet and then continue eating lunch ignoring what the show tries to sell to us as blatant racism.
The issue isn't that they're "racist" but that they're complacent and when the issue is systematic oppression of an underclass... do you really have that option? RWBY tries to deal with lots of moral subjects, but how can we trust team RWBY'S morals if they turn their heads at blatant racism whether it be individual or systematic?
In just two scenes, team RWBY seem like total assholes and they're our heroes. The people we're meant to trust.
This is why I'd rather fictional settings just abandon the idea of racism against different species/subspecies. Not because it cannot be done well, but because too many stories end up like RWBY.
These are two scenes. These two scenes don't even reach a minute in length. Hell one barely counts since it's just a part of the background set piece but already you can see how much I've extrapolated from it.
And you can't just say, "Don't think about it-"
I'm a Black dude in America I fucking wish I couldn't.
And that's what I despise.
If you take a race, say they're underprivileged and then slap an armband on them, you're making a direct connection to minority groups. The Jewish people in Nazi Germany for example had identifying armbands so people could know they were Jews and thus knew how to treat them.
You can't really go, "Just don't think about it" because you wrote that connection in. You've now firmly tied your story to a real horrific note in human history and you cannot just play pretend. That will not eliminate what happened to those people.
It's not a coat you can wear when you want and hang up when you don't. Every scene poses a moral dilemma and if you're not ready to think of what it entails, then you might accidentally stumble into a conundrum like say Star Wars.
Is Luke Skywalker a slave owner?
Well of course not... well except for the fact that his guardian, Uncle Owen, bought C3P0...
Well droids like serving others... except for the several cases in media where droids are shown revolting or fleeing from servitude the first chance they get when freed from their "programming".
Hell, how do we even know that when droids say they like serving humans that they're telling the truth? If a Droid fails its duties then it will be destroyed, so who's to say that a Droid who will die if not serving saying, "I love serving humans" is speaking the truth or trying to avoid being murdered?
When Kylo Ren tells Rey that she was sold, we know that a human being sold is very bad but what about another sentient being getting sold?
The writers probably didn't think about it, but your audience eventually will. And if you're going to write racism into your story... why do it for an audience that won't care/pay attention to it?
This is not a moral condemnation but a recommendation.
Research minority groups and their struggles.
If you do not want to spend every second agonizing the details or a simple interaction then I'd just say don't do it. If you borrow from something used to oppress a minority then think about what you're using and put it down if you cannot handle it.
If you're not ready to confront the idea that your heroes are complacent with horrible acts solely because they're in the group that reap the benefits, then just don't.
Edit: I mention Luke's father and just so you know, I'm referring to Uncle Owen since he serves as Luke's adoptive fatheparent. I had forgotten his name at the time so I just used "father" since that was the role, not realizing it could be confused with Anakin Skywalker. I've updated this so don't worry about it
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2023.05.31 23:27 Azulexis408 Bean salad

Bean salad
I use one can of white beans and one can of any cool looking canned beans instead of what recipe calls for and I use yellow peppers to make it fun looking.
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2023.05.31 23:05 autobuzzfeedbot 29 TV Characters Who Were Almost Played By Totally Different Actors

  1. Elizabeth Olsen actually auditioned for Daenerys Targaryen, but Emilia Clarke ended up getting cast.
  2. Pedro Pascal was actually one of the actors who came in to read for Marcel Gerard on The Originals. Series creator Julie Plec even admitted she "loved" him for the role, but he "was just on the older side."
  3. Jeremy Strong auditioned for the role of Roman Roy on Succession, but Jesse Armstrong, the show's creator, felt that Kieran Culkin was a "slam dunk."
  4. Whitney Houston was cast as Sondra, the oldest daughter on The Cosby Show, but she didn't end up signing the contract because she wanted to pursue a singing career.
  5. Penn Badgley screen-tested to play Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, but the role went to Aaron Paul instead.
  6. Nicola Coughlan auditioned to play Robin on Stranger Things, but Maya Hawke ended up with the role. Nicola said, "She was far better than I ever would have been."
  7. Octavia Spencer auditioned to play Donna on Parks and Recreation, but the role ended up going to Retta.
  8. Joshua Bassett was one of the final two choices for Harvey Kinkle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but the role ended up going to Ross Lynch.
  9. Sandra Oh was originally called in to audition for Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy, but she liked the part of Cristina more, so she asked if she could audition for that role instead.
  10. Stephanie Beatriz screen-tested for Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but Melissa Fumero was cast instead.
  11. Rumer Willis was originally pitched to play Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, but the casting director wanted to go with a lesser-known actor and cast Blake Lively instead.
  12. Jennifer Lawrence also really wanted to play Serena van der Woodsen. She was 16 at the time she auditioned for the role.
  13. Connie Britton was one of the network's choices to play Olivia Pope in Scandal, but creator Shonda Rhimes insisted Olivia should be played by a Black woman instead.
  14. Taraji P. Henson was another famous person who went in to read for the role of Olivia Pope.
  15. Noah Centineo read for several roles on Teen Wolf, and the casting director even told him, "You’re my choice! I want you to get it!"
  16. Rob Lowe was originally offered the role of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, but he turned down the role, and it went to Patrick Dempsey instead.
  17. Darren Criss auditioned to play Finn Hudson on Glee, but the part went to Cory Monteith instead.
  18. Iwan Rheon originally auditioned for Jon Snow on Game of Thrones and didn't get the role. He eventually got called in to play Ramsay Bolton in Season 3.
  19. Keke Palmer screen-tested for the role of Iris on The Flash, but she didn't end up getting it because she looked "a little too young" compared to Grant Gustin.
  20. Chris Rock was one of the many famous actors who was in talks to play George Costanza on Seinfeld.
  21. Wesley Snipes was originally approached to play Lucious Lyons on Empire, but Taraji P. Henson said she'd only star on the show if Terrence Howard was cast instead.
  22. Sonequa Martin-Green auditioned for the part of Michonne on The Walking Dead, but the role ended up going to Danai Gurira. However, the producers loved her so much that they created the role of Sasha for her.
  23. Matt LeBlanc was offered the role of Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, but he felt like he wasn't the best fit. The role went to Ty Burrell instead.
  24. Mahershala Ali auditioned for the role of "a merchant who got locked in a safe on Season 3" of Game of Thrones, aka Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and he said it was one of the "worst auditions" of his life.
  25. Oliver Hudson was in the final running for Jack Pearson on This Is Us, but by the time he was scheduled to screen-test with Mandy Moore, Oliver went on an already-planned fishing trip instead.
  26. Joshua Jackson was originally announced to play Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy, but just weeks before he was scheduled to shoot his first episode, the TV writers went on strike. By the time the strike ended, Joshua had already moved on to star on Fringe.
  27. Betty White was actually supposed to play Blanche on The Golden Girls, but director Jay Sandrich felt that part was too similar to Betty's role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, so she played Rose instead.
  28. Macaulay Culkin was pursued several times to play a role on The Big Bang Theory, but he couldn't see himself starring on a sitcom.
  29. And finally, Courteney Cox was originally offered the role of Rachel on Friends, but she turned it down because she felt like she related to Monica more.
Link to article
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2023.05.31 22:57 Extension_Switch_823 Dungeon Core on a Space Ship

"Captain, report from corridor D4!" the slightly more ornate suit overlooking the mostly dertoyed bridge turned.
"Good news I hope," came the mostly smooth audio, the first suit nodded, still just tatters caked in glue and tar.
"Charging ports have been moved up against the access door and a green room has been added just beyond, sir!" There was barely motion to register breathing but a rise of the chest and slow fall indicated some relief before the 'captain' spoke up again,
"Acreage?" The ship ai left idle tasks to run and immediately started calculating possible ration supliments.
"Initial reports put it close to three acres, sir!" Both suits turned to the projection on the forward wall as Amber did her best to estimate and determine availability of various crops.
It was a strain, it was hard, several jolts and undetected fractures threatened to erase or corrupt vast swaths of calculations but eventually a list of ideal crops with their combinations and irrigation methods was assembled.
"Looks like fresh beans and cabbage if we can get then in before the dungeon plants its own." The captain suit said before turning back to the intruding suit, there was a nod and tentative cheers filled the low amp radio circuit as the bridge went back to the normal crowd of suits.
One plugged in a plug and half the servers in the rack came alive, feeding Amber information on the crew roster. She squirmed and only remembered to check automatic systems when an alarm beeped at her, Captain Anderson didn't have those proportions...she'd have to check logs later.
Strawberries, strawberries and gold rice, gold rice and colliflour, and Mushrooms!
I giggle to myself as all sorts of weird and wacky plant ideas start popping up in my head. Now that I have a room for it I can start experimenting, trees sprouting pea pods, tomato plants fruiting up enourmus berries, mushrooms just caring around all the crap beans are making to all the things that want that stuff.
The whole room would be impassable if my cows didn't payroll through to trim.
They were looking healthy enough, exploring through my confines and spooking any of the gremins that came by. It was a bit of an error to put all their spawn notes way away from the greenhouse but I didn't want to crowd my attention all in one place at the time.
That just meant the goblins got one free pass before getting herassed by my animals. Turns out not everyone can just hop through solid walls.
I like it so far, plants feed me a little, like a trickle of water or sap, the goblins stay for a really long time casing or getting chased by my cows and I just got another idea!
Potato carrots!
Or are those just yams? Oh well, Ginger carrots then and cinnamon yams, maybe beat potato's, but then aren't the two already similar? Beat turnips sound nice but what about my potatoes? Garlic? But then what do I do with onions? Mix with cabbage?
A resounding clunk jolts me from my thoughts, it echo's louder and louder until I see a solid spike of metal piercing its way in on a pillar of fibrous foam. Curious, is that practical or courtacy, I know my goblins get uppity when air goes away, even if they don't need it.
Eventually the spike hits something harder than it and stops, I watch it curiously. If its going to blow up there's nothing I can do, the area I can make things happen is a few doors down from the thing and where I can't see anymore is a few doors past that so I do what I can.
Little beams of light whip around where it got stuck, big metallic eye parts moving with them as they wash over their new nest. Gasses leak from the pillar of glassy looking bubbles, like a silky explosion frozen in time and crisscrossed with black webbing.
Right where that pillar meets the spike a hatch cracks open, more goblins joining the brigade of tastey trespassers.
They drop a rope and cling tight as the slide down it, letting go a little more than their height away from the ground and do a lil roll/tumble so noone gets stuck or has to stop. A whole 36 of the hard shelled burgers.
That's like IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII this many talley's and they all taste like burger, some are more baconey and the one who's gesturing tastes more like artesinal breakfast burger but they're just so damn bland.
My cows are all lokeijg in the general direction and I take a deep breath, centering myself on the burgeoning bellyache they're giving me.
"Learn from these goblins, that you may taste infinitely more vibrant and extinguish their blandness from my pallet" the words end up being a bit flowery but my Hurty milkers seem to understand.
Two tonne bovines leaping from floor to floor and sprinting towards some unknown excitement is all well and good, but I'm filling up fast and I need to start expending myself if I don't wanna vomit. I don't know if I can vomit, but I know what it Feels like.
I don't wanna feel that at all, so...
Coconutty pineapple or pineappley coconut...or cocobeans? Oh! Cocobeany pineapple AND coconuts! I'm a genius, how bout we make space for all my lovely ideas to play out, hmm?
And now I get to make choat, wrent? Corn wheat, wheat corn, busty grass stuff, Oh! Bamboo
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2023.05.31 22:34 MonsterMineLP Terraria modded sword using mana, can't figure out why.

This is the code:
using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.ModLoader; namespace RadioActive.Items { public class Onyx_Blade : ModItem { public override void SetStaticDefaults() { DisplayName.SetDefault("Onyx Blade"); // By default, capitalization in classnames will add spaces to the display name. You can customize the display name here by uncommenting this line. Tooltip.SetDefault("Fires strong Black bolts."); } public override void SetDefaults() { Item.damage = 75; Item.DamageType = DamageClass.Melee; Item.width = 80; Item.height = 80; Item.useTime = 10; Item.useAnimation = 20; Item.useStyle = 1; Item.knockBack = 6; Item.value = 10000; Item.rare = 2; Item.shoot = ProjectileID.BlackBolt; Item.shootSpeed = 10; Item.UseSound = SoundID.Item1; Item.autoReuse = true;
} public override void AddRecipes() { Recipe recipe = CreateRecipe(); recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.OnyxBlaster, 1); recipe.AddIngredient(ItemID.TitaniumSword); recipe.AddTile(TileID.WorkBenches); recipe.Register(); Recipe recipe2 = CreateRecipe(); recipe2.AddIngredient(ItemID.OnyxBlaster, 1); recipe2.AddIngredient(ItemID.AdamantiteSword); recipe2.AddTile(TileID.WorkBenches); recipe2.Register(); } } }
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2023.05.31 21:07 LiseEclaire [Leveling up the World] - Academy Arc - Chapter 757

Out there - Patreon (for all those curious or wanting to support :))
At the Beginning
Adventure Arc - Arc 2
Wilderness Arc - Arc 3
Academy Arc - Arc 4
Previously on Leveling up the World…
“Open,” Dallion whispered once he cast a new flight spell.
The metal sphere opened up, returning the armadil shield to its normal state. Given the multitude of vortex minions that had formed in the sea, one could expect a greater variety of far stronger creatures here. That turned out to be true. Yet, none of them seemed particularly interested in Dallion. Rather, they were roaming the air, focusing on an entirely different type of prey—chainlings.
Not this, Dallion thought.
Rising twenty feet in the air, he split into half a dozen instances. As expected, the smooth purple surface that was the endless “floor” erupted in a series of spikes. Several of them almost managed to reach the feet of his instances. Seeing that their prey was out of reach, then quickly drew back, vanishing within the surface. At least this was one less concern Dallion would have.
Unfortunately, there was no time to relax. The other side of the sea proved to be a battleground. Towering blobs of black void floated like caterpillars—teeth and tendrils floating all over their surface. The lack of emotions emanating from them was so absolute that one could almost say that they were draining that of the onlookers.
Back at the Academy, Dallion had been told that one of the mage’s duties was to protect the world from unseen creatures trying to enter the world. So far, he had assumed that meant beings such as shardflies, platypains, maybe the occasional cloud creature or two. Never had he expected that this was the method through which void beings entered the world as well.
Aether spiders the size of trucks flew everywhere. Mercilessly, they plunged their sharp legs of pure magic into the black blobs, simultaneously bombarding them with as many spells as they could master. Individually, Dallion could probably win in a fight against them. If only a dozen grouped up on him, it was all but certain that they’d be victorious.
If Nil were here, he’d probably get into a long and boring explanation, presenting the event from a purely theoretical angle and conveniently forgetting the practical aspects. Thankfully, after half a year, Dallion had gotten to know a thing or two about life and awakening. The only thing that the current scene reminded him of was a realm invasion.
In a way, this presented a huge opportunity. The vortex minions were preoccupied with the chainlings, so he could take them out one at a time without fear of them focusing on him. From a logical perspective, he’d never get a better chance. Would that be worth risking chainlings entering Nerosal again?
Was that how cracklings appeared in the world? Mages focusing on their own advancement while leaving others to take care of their mess?
A chainling exploded, as the cluster of aether spiders covering it managed to drill through. Lesser blobs of void floated about, quickly melted down by spells of flames and energy.
Dallion gritted his teeth. There was no way he’d let the chainlings get anywhere close to the real world.
Ranged markers appeared on one of the less mobile specimens. The size of his native village, the creature floated in the air, keeping the vortex minions at bay. Not being overly aggressive worked in its favor—only a dozen or so aether spiders were engaged with it, most of the rest focusing on more immediate threats.
“Ruby, slice anything that gets near,” Dallion said, as he infused his harpsisword with spark. “Chaining or minion.” He let out a point attack, targeting the center of the chainling’s body.

Damage dealt has been increased by 200%

The wave of energy hit the creature dead center, puncturing a small hole. The wound was quickly filled up. Even with spark, Dallion’s present attacks weren’t as efficient as he’d hoped. Similar strikes had destroyed entire crackling villages in the realms, they had even wounded chainlings. This wasn’t either. It shared chainling properties, but it was a lot more primal, larger, and less intuitive.
Halving the distance, Dallion did a line attack. This proved a lot more efficient, creating a giant cut across the chainling’s side and killing off a few minions in the process. One more strike and the being was slit in two halves. That wasn’t the end of it, though. Just as Dallion shifted hands, ready to continue with his attacks, tendrils shot out from both halves of the creature in an attempt to merge them together again.
“Not yet,” Dallion whispered. In the past, he would have cut the tendrils with his next strike. Instead, his strike split each of the halves in two.
Unsummoning his weapons and gear, Dallion then quickly cast a series of aether shield spells. Purple rectangles appeared in force all above the creature, then thrust it towards the floor.
There was a loud, thundering splash. Thousands of inhuman screams filled the air as aetherspikes pierced through the surface of the blob.

Overall stability 94%

The black matter squirmed as it bubbled away. The scars it dealt to the floor were massive, but Dallion didn’t have neither the will nor the desire to keep observing. Instead, he flew towards the next closest chainling.
Before he could get close, a series of wind slashes shot out from his shoulder. A cluster of purple rectangles popped up next to Dallion, as an aether spider attempted to get close for an attack. Apparently, his last attack had elevated him to the degree of vortex threat as well.
“Thanks, Nox.” Dallion cast a multitude of aether spheres around the attacker, quickly summoning his weapon.
One strike was all it took for the spider to break through its encasement. Two of its legs darted in Dallion’s direction, while the rest drew magic symbols in the air, casting a series of spells.
“Don’t!” Dallion said, although he still did a line slash to disrupt the spells. One of the minion’s front legs hit him in the shoulder, though thanks to his layer of protective magic threads, no red rectangle emerged. “The chainlings are a greater threat!”
If the minion was able to understand him, it didn’t act it. Even worse, several more creatures broke off from their usual targets, flying in Dallion’s direction.
One against three. Even with combat splitting, Dallion didn’t like such odds. Bursting into enough instances as he could muster, he flew in away as fast as possible while simultaneously attempting a host of spells and attacks. For the most part, his efforts were adequate. In over eighty instances, he had managed to kill off one of the aether spiders. In one case, he even managed to destroy two, but the outcome wasn’t particularly in his favor. The last remaining vortex minion had successfully copied his method of attack, sending him to the floor, where the spikes instantly depleted his health.
“Sorry, Harp.” Dallion changed the way he was holding the harpsisword. “I’m out of options.”
Focusing all his concentration in one thought, Dallion combined music skills with magic. Threads of magic spilled into the weapon, flowing through the strings. Then, when he played a chord, they flew beyond. Like thousands of minuscule streamers, they filled the air, attaching to anything that was capable of hearing them.
Dallion had taken the pains to match the music to the aether minions, focusing on their magic frequency. To his surprise, the music “threads” also stuck to the void blobs. For a fraction of a second, everything froze. It reminded Dallion of the first time he had used music on objects. Back then, the targets were of such a low level that they got paralyzed by the contact. Since then, Dallion had faced many stronger opponents, but never had he reinforced his music with pure magic… and, to be honest, it was no accident. The sensation was painful, making him feel as if all his internal organs were stretched to infinity.
A second wave of magic spread along the connections of sound, this one coming not from Dallion but the harpsisword itself.
Finish the spell, Harp said.
Dallion didn’t need telling twice, playing a series of chords. Each cluster of sounds was the equivalent of magic symbols linked together in a spell formation. The closest thing one could compare it to was an “air potion.”
Thirteen chords played. Thirteen symbols combined. Thousands of creatures burst open like corn kernels, filling the space with black and glowing dust, along with a seemingly endless number of purple rectangles.

(+2 Reaction, +2 Body)
You should have died combining these skills. Good thing you have someone looking out for you. Next time, you might not be as lucky.

A single blue rectangle appeared among the purple.
Lux, Harp said. Grab him.
As far as anyone could remember, this was the first time the guardian had ordered a minion. Even so, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation. The firebird emerged from Dallion’s realm, wrapping him in blue flames.
“Thanks,” Dallion whispered. The single spell he had cast had put an end to every other active spell he had, making his entire body feel as cold as ice. Only the flames’ warmth kept him from trembling uncontrollably.
You overextended yourself again, Harp criticized. On a real battlefield, that would have been your end.
Dallion didn’t reply. There was a time when she had said the same about line attacks. He had to admit, though, that music spells were tremendously more taxing. And just as before, if it hadn’t been for her help, he would have failed at it.
Holding his breath, Dallion attempted to split into instances. No matter how hard he tried, he found that he was incapable. The lack of red rectangles was encouraging. At least he hadn’t suffered a self-inflicted status effect.
“Lux, Ruby, is there anything left?” he asked.
Nothing, boss, the firebird quickly replied.
Unlike him, the shardfly made the effort to flutter about before giving a negative answer.
“Nox, do you feel anything?”
I’m not setting foot in a vortex. The crackling puma hissed from his realm. And no.
That was a relief. At least Dallion could take a few moments to regain some strength. On the negative side, he still had the vortex guardian to face.
“I’ll be fine,” he said, aimed at Harp. “If this hadn’t worked, I’d have resorted to the Moonstone.”
That isn’t the point, she replied with the calm and warmth of a mother. You’re not facing guardians anymore.
As seconds passed, Dallion started feeling warmth return to his body. Slowly at first, it allowed him to move his fingers, then hands, then everything else. After close to a minute, he felt as if he’d been hit by a moderately large truck. One minute more and it was closer to being hit by a bicycle. In all that time, there was no sign of the vortex guardian.
“It’s not your job to attack me, it’s my job to defeat you,” Dallion said, moving his arms around. Same as before, he made an attempt to split and this time he succeeded.
Dallion’s first thought was to try to use a music spell again and find where the guardian was hiding. His second was to find an alternative approach.
“Not making this easy for me, are you?”
Casting a spell to enhance his perception further, Dallion looked around. With the fight over, the entire realm had been reduced to an infinity of purple and black. From what was written in the Academy tomes, vortex guardians had to be linked to the vortex they belonged. Once exceedingly terrifying possibility was for the guardian to be somewhere in the sea.
After thinking about it for a few moments, Dallion dismissed the idea. Following the presented logic, the vortex was at its weakest at the bottom, consistently getting more and more challenging further on. If that held true, the current space represented the “shell” that kept the chainlings from infiltrating the world. That would mean that the strongest element—the guardian and heart of the vortex—should be higher still.
Where are you hiding? Dallion wondered.
Splitting into forty instances, he flew in all directions. Magic nature was based on math. If he found the center of the room, he’d have a starting point to go by.
“Ruby, let me know if you feel any illusions. It might—”
Dallion stopped mid-sentence. One of his instances had found what he had been searching for: a barely visible thread of magic that rose up from the floor, continuing up into the darkness.
If this were a common guardian, Dallion might have made a sarcastic remark. Since it wasn’t, he infused his harpsisword with spark and did an arc attack aiming to sever the thread.
The blade of the harpsiswird struck the thread… but moved no further.
Purple light bled from above, shattering the darkness.

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2023.05.31 20:37 FullyRisenPhoenix Two interesting rocks: what are they?

My son found these in a big bag of mixed stones. We pretty much knew the rest of them but have no clue on the first, and think the second might be either black onyx or obsidian? Thoughts?
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2023.05.31 20:36 Lauren_ev One of my bookshelves :)

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2023.05.31 20:21 weluvmusic Traxsource Weekend Weapons May 5th 2023

Artist: VA Title: Traxsource Weekend Weapons May 5th, 2023 Genre: House, Afro House, Deep House, Funky House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Soulful House, Tech House, Indie Dance, Melodic House & Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech, UK Garage / Bassline, Progressive House Release Date: 2023-05-05 Quality: 320 kbps
Tracklist: 1. B. B. & Q. Band – Main Attraction (Dr Packer Extended Mix) (7:08) 2. Butch, Nic Fanciulli – I Want You (Extended Mix) (8:30) 3. Hallex M, Osunlade – Right Here (Manoo Abstrakt Remix) (7:45) 4. Tasha LaRae, Larry Espinosa – Something Special (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix) (8:39) 5. The Cube Guys, KPD – Da Hype (Original Mix) (5:47) 6. Josh Wink – Autonomic Journeys (7:22) 7. Da Lukas – Drop the Funk (Extended Version) (7:07) 8. Hatiras – Gotta Feel Good (Antoine Clamaran Remix) (6:26) 9. Seamus Haji, Michael Gray, Audrey Martells – Wish (Extended Mix) (5:53) 10. Waldo Fabian – A Bailar (Narf Zayd Main Mix) (6:24) 11. The Shapeshifters – Lola’s Theme (VIP) (7:18) 12. Timothée Milton – Love’s Gonna Get You (Art Of Tones Remix) (6:33) 13. Matt Gillespie – When I Was Young (7:01) 14. Clyde P – The Thing (Original Mix) (5:04) 15. Jack District – What I Feel (6:19) 16. Harry Romero – Roll Play (6:42) 17. KACZ – Understanding Love (5:02) 18. Systm B, The Ei Collective – The Dawn (5:34) 19. Luke Delite, Michelle Weeks – Give Me Your Love (6:11) 20. THEOS, El Rod – NMW (6:39) 21. HP Vince – A Man (Angelo Ferreri Remix) (5:34) 22. S.U.M.O. – Santiago Boys (Saison Rework) (6:08) 23. Roger Da’Silva, Andy Locker – All I Wanna (Extended Mix) (5:41) 24. Joseph Ashworth – Dominika (Gorje Hewek & Dulus Remix) (7:20) 25. Daniele Busciala, Eze Jemimah, Morris Revy – What Do You Want (Original Mix) (5:37) 26. The Trackheadz – The Circus Of Love (Hodges JSM Remix) (6:18) 27. Fingerman – Just B U (6:02) 28. Kiko Navarro, DJ Fudge, Kaleta – Douwe (Original Mix) (8:08) 29. Craftsmanship – Synth Dude (5:56) 30. Ultra Nate – Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix) (12:05) 31. Pietro Nicosia, Aurora Andrade – Meu Verao (Original Mix) (5:54) 32. Henrik Schwarz, Fiorious – King Of Lies (Henrik Schwarz Club Mix) (6:15) 33. Raffaele Ciavolino – Soul Mood (Extended Mix) (5:46) 34. X-Press 2 – You Know (Everybody) (5:38) 35. Divine Keys – The Pleiades (6:51) 36. Ortella – Needin’U (Yann Polewka Remix) (6:08) 37. DJ Dove, DJ Disciple – To The Deep (3:00) 38. Vicky Vanna – La Puesta Del Sol (6:03) 39. Housego – PussyCat (Deez Kitten Nip Instrumental Remix) (5:20) 40. Seven Davis Jr., The Illustrious Blacks – Shook (5:46) 41. Luis Radio – Get Me There (Mannix Old School House Remix) (6:55) 42. Seven Davis Jr., The Illustrious Blacks – Pandemonium (5:40) 43. Mr. X – The Curse (Revisited) (5:03) 44. Nikos Diamantopoulos, Toshi – Broken (Mizz Remix) (7:53) 45. S.U.M.O. – Santiago Boys (Main Bounce) (8:19) 46. Domino DB – You Got the Love (DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who? Extended Remix) (6:57) 47. Delerium, Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Kryder Extended Remix) (6:31) 48. 2Sleep – Bust It (5:36) 49. Mo’Cream – I Can Feel It (Main Vocal) (7:06) 50. Karlos Kastillo, DJ Crown, Sebastian Rodriguez (MX) – African Dance (5:37) 51. Sungdi – Power (Original Mix) (5:54) 52. Burroughs – Strung Out (8:43) 53. Re-Tide – Get Away (Mattei & Omich 1996 Mix) (5:52) 54. Homero Espinosa – Tuscan Groove Express (Original Mix) (2:47) 55. Chanknous – Say Hello (5:13) 56. Native P. – Cave Of Wonders (8:05) 57. Giovanni Damico – Be Your Lover (4:55) 58. Robert Owens, Steve Mac – Wish (Original Mix) (4:18) 59. The Deepshakerz, Émilie Rachel – Reasons (6:15) 60. Simone Vitullo, Emanuele Esposito – Bengesabi (5:51) 61. Kevin McKay, Martin Badder, Mr. V – I Want The Vibes (Extended Mix) (5:22) 62. JohNick, Da Funk Junkies – We Wanna Make U Dance (Jackin’ Mix) (6:42) 63. Scruscru – Fluting Right Here (5:11) 64. Amonita – Jungle Blues (Makebo Remix) (8:29) 65. 2Sleep – Don’t Push Me (5:58) 66. TigerBalm, Session Victim – Cocktail D’Amore (Session Victim Remix) (6:45) 67. Osadon – D.D.D (Original Mix) (6:27) 68. Brock Edwards – What You Said (Sebb Junior Remix) (3:22) 69. Enmanuel Dipuglia (DO), Neritaan – Some Day (6:03) 70. Rony Breaker, Nat Mor – I Feel (Laroye Afrosoul Mix) (4:54) 71. KWU – Let It Breathe (4:07) 72. Igor Gonya – Whoo-hoo-hoo (6:02) 73. Charles Webster, Sio – Love Lives (Girls of the Internet Remix) (5:13) 74. Angelo Ferreri – Love Me (Radio Edit) (2:40) 75. Juanher – Mi Arte (5:40) 76. Nathan Nicholson, Sasson (FR), SOMMA – Color Blue feat. Nathan Nicholson (Extended Mix) (5:44) 77. Hallex M, Osunlade – Right Here (Da Mike Remix) (6:25) 78. Domingo + – Going Back Again (7:17) 79. Post Cap Era – Step Into It (6:55) 80. Joy Marquez – Calor (6:21) 81. Giusy Consoli – Feel The Energy (5:53) 82. Envee, Ania Szarmach – Sum Luv (Locally Talking 3nv33 Mix) (7:50) 83. B. B. & Q. Band – Main Attraction (Dr Packer Dubstrumental Mix) (7:08) 84. Kim Kaos – Go With It (4:44) 85. Hurlee – I Need You (5:37) 86. Manuel Tur – Soft Clip (6:18) 87. Chemars – The After (5:11) 88. Re-Tide – Good Vibrations (Extended Mix) (5:31) 89. Yaw Appiah – Hands of Kubi (Original Mix) (7:32) 90. Demarkus Lewis, Dan Laino – What U Thinkin (5:39) 91. Seven77, Sergi Sech – Back To Classics (6:11) 92. Harry Romero – Talkin’ Jack (6:22) 93. Sebastien Dutch, Kreative Nativez – Akwasu (6:56) 94. ILY, Kastelo – Got That Flow (Extended Mix) (3:57) 95. Martin Thomas – Do It Now (La La La) (Extended Mix) (5:22) 96. Phil Weeks, Mikey V – Spinnin’ (6:39) 97. Qusok – In Your Mind (4:36) 98. Miguel Campbell – Private Dancer (6:38) 99. We Are Neurotic – Touch Your Body (5:26) 100. T-Bor – Set Me Free (5:41) 101. Paul Sun – Colombiana (Original Mix) (6:23) 102. Brothers On Cue, Looney Tech – Ethnic (5:45) 103. Funk Mediterraneo – Sweet Love (6:04) 104. Michel De Hey – Far Far (7:10) 105. Jorge Montiel, Juan Laya – 5AM (Mambo Bros Club Remix) [feat. Osvaldo Chacon] (5:57) 106. Charlie Soul Clap, Life on Planets, Greg Paulus – Terrified, Still Alive (feat. Life on Planets & Greg Paulus) (6:45) 107. DJ Popinjay – Funky Light (5:00) 108. Carlita, Andhim – Life (Extended Mix) (6:04) 109. Yooks, Tasha LaRae – Wishing On A Star (6:41) 110. Benjamin Groove – Super Rouge (5:10) 111. Marian (BR) – Drums Power (Extended Mix) (5:40) 112. Magnolia, Venessa Jackson – Never Give Up on Love (4:28) 113. Giman, Chic Ago – The Job (6:29) 114. Serge Gee – Believe (Original Mix) (5:14) 115. Souhail Artwork, Komla – Ayena Donkei (Extended Mix) (7:27) 116. Mizaru – Show Me How (Original Mix) (5:40) 117. Knox – Spin My World (Dub Mix) (9:06) 118. Dustinho, Rona Ray – Can’t Return To You (Original Mix) (7:00) 119. Duwayne Motley – I’ll Wait (6:27) 120. Aris Kokou, Phaze Dee – Azymuth (5:42) 121. DJ Dove, Troy Weekes – I Feel Good (3:30) 122. The Planetoids, Enzo Elia – Golden Eagle (Foamed by Enzo Elia) (5:33) 123. Rick Marshall, Discoloverz – Miss Brown (6:24) 124. Systm B, The Ei Collective – Morning Ritual (8:42) 125. Aleets – House Del Placer (6:28) 126. Mason – Panic! (Extended Mix) (6:43) 127. Jackman Jones, Neil Chin, Roxanne Myles – More Than This (Original Mix) (6:13) 128. Elbio Bonsaglio – Wanna Be (5:37) 129. Criss Korey, Nicola Nisi – The Brass Loops (6:07) 130. Jinadu, Lorenzo Fassi – Into The Fire (Original Mix) (7:30) 131. Adri Block, Paul Parsons – Dubb To My Music (Vintage Nu Disco Dubb) (5:02) 132. Trilucid – Take Me Higher (Extended Mix) (6:28) 133. Eugene Glasgow – People (6:17) 134. José Aranda – Noches De Saxo (5:16) 135. Envee, Ania Szarmach – Sum Luv (3:36) 136. Motion Sky – Strut (7:10) 137. Knox – Spin My World (9:06) 138. Plastic Robots – Tell Me Something (5:30) 139. CARPENTIERI – Don’t You Worry But Think (7:05) 140. St. David – Feel Da Groove (7:12) 141. Doc Link, Sean Biddle – Houseparty (4Peace Superjacked Remix) (5:57) 142. Tchdwn – Elevate (3:54) 143. Filip Grönlund – Let’s Call It Dance Music (Kry IT Remix) (5:14) 144. HUGEhands – Free Fall (6:14) 145. Kaiz – Bunny & Sright (6:13) 146. Sam Curran – Twilight On The Terrace (6:07) 147. Oscar P – Trouble (David Montoya Retouch) (7:20) 148. Rick Marshall – Stay (7:25) 149. Peppe Citarella, Verbo Flow – OYE TIO (Extended Mix) (5:00) 150. Ciro De Gais – Ikigai (7:25) 151. Serge Gee – Slovak Girl (Original Mix) (5:25) 152. Fuzzy Hair – Wheel Me Out (Extended Mix) (5:10) 153. Stanny Abram – Relentless (Extended Mix) (6:07) 154. Native P., Echo Deep, Michael King – Guquka (6:21) 155. Ortella – Needin’U (6:38) 156. Kosmo Kint, Zac Tenenbaum – Magic (3:22) 157. Massimo Ramon – Feel It (7:08) 158. Gavinco – Bring The Check (Extended Version) (4:33) 159. Levantine – Première Fois (6:02) 160. Edgvr Romero – Elevator (Edit) (3:23) 161. Erik Bo – Late Beat (6:19) 162. Tingz – A Rave Ting (6:48) 163. Giovanni Damico – Watch Out (4:52) 164. Liva K – Truth Hurts (Original Mix) (5:36) 165. Larry Funk – Get Away (5:11) 166. Rodriguez Jr., Liset Alea, RJLA – Visions (Tim Engelhardt Remix) (6:14) 167. Matt Gillespie – Give It Up (Original Mix) (6:53) 168. Jackson BlessedSoul, Lesego – Rejoice (7:00) 169. Dexter Troy – La Montée (Original Mix) (6:30) 170. Rick Silva – Afro Cumbia (6:16) 171. DUNN.cruel, Dwson – XANTO (Original Mix) (6:16) 172. Bonetti – Who No Know Go Know (5:12) 173. Dan Hayes, Phat Suppli – Girls Wanna (Original Mix) (5:37) 174. Rony Breaker, Nat Mor – I Feel (Instrumental Mix) (7:07) 175. Juannan – I Can Get You (Eldeanyo Remix) (6:07) 176. Elias Bravo – All Around (Extended Mix) (5:17) 177. Omary, Idd Aziz, Dr Feel – Kolowa (Dr Feel Remix) (7:14) 178. Akeem Raphael – The Vibe (5:53) 179. Unknown Past – Bring It Over Here (6:13) 180. Disco Daddy, Boogietraxx – Y No Luv (Extended Mix) (5:58) 181. We Are Neurotic – Wanna Make U Real Good (6:53) 182. Ronnie Spiteri – Flawless (6:25) 183. Alonso Gonzalez – Buena Vida (6:43) 184. Eli & Fur – Better In The Dark (5:52) 185. Antonio Grassia – Party Maker (6:17) 186. 79.5 – Club Level (4:14) 187. Contrera’s – El Camino (6:20) 188. Nicolas Lacaille – Precious (Original Mix) (4:57) 189. The Deepshakerz, Émilie Rachel – Reasons (Dub Mix) (5:27) 190. Cormac (US) – Razor (7:30) 191. Ezirk – Disco Dynasty (4:16) 192. Oliver Dollar – Strings For Life (6:50) 193. FDF (Italy) – Relaxing Sunday (5:17) 194. DJ Feevos – The Lion (7:20) 195. Hurlee – Glory (5:30) 196. Tigs, Emy Zaluzna – On Seen (feat. Emy Zaluzna) [Gary Esson Remix] (Gary Esson Remix) (6:01) 197. Rivka R3 NYC – Phoenix Rising (Oscar P Rework) (6:10) 198. Rony Chancay – Feel at the Party (5:26) 199. Electronic Youth – Get To Yesterday (6:25) 200. Le Hutin – Lust (6:28) 201. Lesny Deep – Everyday (6:00) 202. Johnick – One Dollar (Angelo Ferreri ‘Groove Re-Touch’ Mix) (4:57) 203. Jackson BlessedSoul, Lesego – Rejoice (Tapes Back2Soul Remix) (8:02) 204. Nico de Andrea, Julia Church – Worst Case Scenario feat. Julia Church (Extended Mix) (5:22) 205. Nicolass – Alright (3:10) 206. Fynn – El Clásico (Original Mix) (7:41) 207. Soulbridge, Pathy Andréas – My Life (7:41)
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2023.05.31 20:21 weluvmusic ESIDENT ADVISOR TOP TRACKS MAY 2023


data: 2023-05-20 TOTAL: 251 GENRE: Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
The May 2023 edition of Resident Advisor's Top Tracks brings together the most compelling electronic music releases of the month. With a keen focus on innovation and quality, this curated selection features tracks that are making waves in the global music scene. From infectious grooves to intricate soundscapes, these tracks offer a sonic journey through the realms of deep house, techno, and beyond. Whether you're a dedicated electronic music enthusiast or a casual listener, Resident Advisor's Top Tracks for May 2023 provide a captivating glimpse into the cutting-edge sounds shaping the current musical landscape.
  1. 23.4 - The Way You Smile.mp3 ( 4:46)
  2. A Thousand Details - Atlantiq (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:37)
  3. Adam Rose & 12c & Emma June - I Wanna Know (feat. 12C, Emma June).mp3 ( 6:10)
  4. Adan Mor - Control In My Mind (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:55)
  5. Adrian Mart - Silicon Cream.mp3 ( 6: 0)
  6. Akki - Don't Die (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:22)
  7. Akob - Anthropocene.mp3 ( 7:30)
  8. Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell - Tonkonst.mp3 ( 5:37)
  9. Amal Nemer - D4MNBBY (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:42)
  10. Amine Edge & DANCE & Mene & ACA (YU) - Tricky (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:18)
  11. Andres Campo & Ramiro Lopez - Luna (Klaudia Gawlas Remix).mp3 ( 4:49)
  12. Ango Tamarin - No Escape (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6: 8)
  13. Antonio Rossini - Invaders.mp3 ( 5:37)
  14. Ardalan - Ruby and the Fish.mp3 ( 6:27)
  15. ARKVS - Rise And Fall.mp3 ( 5:10)
  16. Arni - Nautilus.mp3 ( 5:23)
  17. Audio Units - Future Present.mp3 ( 4:30)
  18. B.A.N.D.O & Dardi - Prophecy.mp3 ( 6:45)
  19. Backlogs - PT1.mp3 ( 5:28)
  20. Barry Obzee - What I Need (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:41)
  21. Beeast - Tandav.mp3 ( 5:58)
  22. Belocca - Metamorphosis.mp3 ( 6:50)
  23. Ben Reymann - Drag & Stomp.mp3 ( 5:51)
  24. Ben Sims - Wipe Out.mp3 ( 5:37)
  25. Benefice & Advokate - Monsters.mp3 ( 6:36)
  26. Benjamin Barth - Back On (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:43)
  27. Benjamin Barth - Hey Baby (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:57)
  28. Benjamin Groove - Super Rouge.mp3 ( 5:10)
  29. Biri & Yogg - Always Silver, Never Gold.mp3 ( 6: 7)
  30. Bjarki - Beach song 3.mp3 ( 4:42)
  31. Bonilla - Sabores.mp3 ( 6:47)
  32. Border One - Altered State (Original).mp3 ( 6: 8)
  33. Burden - Rvrt Dub (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:37)
  34. Burroughs - Strung Out.mp3 ( 8:44)
  35. Calypse - Zulu Body.mp3 ( 6:17)
  36. Cassiopeia - Good Vibe (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6: 7)
  37. Catz N Motion & Groove N Hat - Rolling (Radio Edit).mp3 ( 3:32)
  38. Christian Burkhardt - New Ways.mp3 ( 8:28)
  39. Ciro Fabbiano - Outrun.mp3 ( 4:53)
  40. Co-Existence - Parapraxis.mp3 ( 6:24)
  41. Cool Kidz - Sunset.mp3 ( 7: 7)
  42. D-Knox & Mark Hawkins & D-Knox & Mark Hawkins - This Is The Underground (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:11)
  43. D-Richhard - Time (M. Rodriguez Remix).mp3 ( 7:18)
  44. Dale Howard - Drums (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:56)
  45. Daniel Orpi - Pills & Chill.mp3 ( 5:54)
  46. Dennis Quin - Fame To Blame (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:12)
  47. Dense & Pika - Delta System (Chris Avantgarde Remix).mp3 ( 5:24)
  48. Developer - Throne to Throne.mp3 ( 7: 8)
  49. Die Maschine - 33.mp3 ( 4: 3)
  50. Diego Oroquieta - Goblin (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:26)
  51. Dima Gastroler - Apieron.mp3 ( 5:33)
  52. Dino Lenny - I've Learned That (Shadow Child 'Classic' Mix).mp3 ( 6:48)
  53. DJ Dee - Let's Move (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 6:49)
  54. DJ Jordan - Complex Structure.mp3 ( 6:47)
  55. DJ Minx - The Throne.mp3 ( 3:15)
  56. Dog on acid - Luck Has Nothing to Do with It.mp3 ( 5: 2)
  57. Dok & Martin & Luis Miranda - Ill Never Be Myself (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:14)
  58. Dubman F. - Black Jack.mp3 ( 6:50)
  59. Duncan MacDonald - 55,9685 (Developer Remix 1).mp3 ( 7: 5)
  60. Duran & Aytek - Fire Me Up.mp3 ( 6:54)
  61. Dykkon - Fake Marketing.mp3 ( 6:19)
  62. Dyook - With A Touch Of Nostalgia.mp3 ( 7: 3)
  63. Eats Everything - Pump (Mark Broom Remix).mp3 ( 4:50)
  64. Echologist - Activation.mp3 ( 5:18)
  65. Eddy M - Shoot the Shot.mp3 ( 6: 0)
  66. Egotot - Vitamin C.mp3 ( 5:27)
  67. Elisa Bee - A Place In Space.mp3 ( 5:50)
  68. Ellis Moss - Get Mad (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:36)
  69. Enrico Sangiuliano - Physical Change.mp3 ( 9:58)
  70. ESSENTIA - Archeology of the Present.mp3 ( 5:37)
  71. Faig - Mad Conga.mp3 ( 5: 7)
  72. Fase Bipolar - Waiting for the fall.mp3 ( 5:29)
  73. Filta Freqz - Underground.mp3 ( 6: 1)
  74. Floormagnet - Kiss Me (Weska Remix).mp3 ( 6:13)
  75. Florian Meindl - Defender.mp3 ( 6:49)
  76. Francesco Adorisio - Bad B (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:40)
  77. Freenzy Music & Coutinho Beats - Talking.mp3 ( 5:30)
  78. Gabriel Evoke - Navigate.mp3 ( 6:48)
  79. Gal0 - Soul of Universe.mp3 ( 5:30)
  80. Gareth Wild - Constantine.mp3 ( 5:40)
  81. Gene Farris & Basura Boyz - Takin' Over (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5: 2)
  82. George Smeddles - Mind Games.mp3 ( 6:36)
  83. Gettoblaster & James Curd Feat. DJ Dagwood - Dum Diddy.mp3 ( 4:55)
  84. GOSSO - Dontt Beiby.mp3 ( 6:37)
  85. Guedes - Bass A+.mp3 ( 4:58)
  86. Hannes Bieger - Poem for the Planet (Christopher Coe Remix) (Christopher Coe Remix).mp3 ( 7:18)
  87. Hans Bouffmyhre - The Wasp.mp3 ( 5:22)
  88. Hanstler & Keros - The Silence.mp3 ( 6:34)
  89. Harry Romero - Roll Play.mp3 ( 6:42)
  90. Hatewax - Altered Memory.mp3 ( 7:15)
  91. Hector Couto - Clean Doubt.mp3 ( 5:49)
  92. Hermann Bravo & Deophonik - Follow The Leader.mp3 ( 6: 0)
  93. Hertz - Fro Me Back.mp3 ( 5:34)
  94. Hertz Collision - Groove Collision.mp3 ( 5:57)
  95. Hi-Lo - Brazil (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:51)
  96. Hiroaki Iizuka - Recall (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:51)
  97. holocene - Don't You Move.mp3 ( 5:35)
  98. Hutch - Who's Da Badman.mp3 ( 6:10)
  99. Hynka - Copacabana (Original mix).mp3 ( 8: 3)
  100. Hype Wave - Sus Secretos.mp3 ( 5: 7)
  101. Ignez & Rodhad & Ignez & Rodhad - VERMILLION 01 [220207.1].mp3 ( 5: 8)
  102. Ignez - Aventurine.mp3 ( 5:26)
  103. Inskape - Indeciphered I.mp3 ( 6: 2)
  104. Iur Klossther - Baracca (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:17)
  105. J.Pe Bruna & Arbea - Good Vibration (Thurman Remix).mp3 ( 5:44)
  106. Jaden Thompson - Memories.mp3 ( 7:17)
  107. Jamback - At The House.mp3 ( 5:38)
  108. James Deron - You Don't Know (Robbie Rivera Remix) (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 6:49)
  109. James Dexter - Jazzing Around.mp3 ( 6:26)
  110. Jancen - Dub Tool 1.mp3 ( 6: 0)
  111. JAVIIS - Blackbox.mp3 ( 6: 0)
  112. Jayden Goldthorpe - It Poppin (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:25)
  113. Job De Jong - Inside Man (Original Mix).mp3 ( 7: 0)
  114. Jonas Kopp - Circular Movement.mp3 ( 4:32)
  115. Jonatas C - Payback (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:12)
  116. Jorge Mattos - Samba Malandro.mp3 ( 7:18)
  117. Josh Butler & Illyus & Barrientos - Mic Rock (Harvard Bass Remix).mp3 ( 5:35)
  118. Josh Butler & Illyus & Barrientos - Mic Rock (Mike Scot Remix).mp3 ( 6: 5)
  119. Joshua Jones - Stop Me.mp3 ( 4:36)
  120. Juan Ferreyro - Babylon (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:12)
  121. Julieta Kopp - Abadia.mp3 ( 5:36)
  122. Junior Souza - For Me.mp3 ( 5:54)
  123. Karl Reyes & Enmanuel Dipuglia (DO) - Past Things.mp3 ( 6:33)
  124. Kinrade - Heights of Abraham.mp3 ( 5:58)
  125. KiRKie - Creeping (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:52)
  126. Kiz Pattison - Dark Noises In Dirty Rooms (Lee Jordan Remix).mp3 ( 8:34)
  127. Koke Musik & Padilla - We Break Your House (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:56)
  128. KOLO55 - Jeffrey.mp3 ( 6:15)
  129. Kount - Gondor (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:34)
  130. Kr!z - Tidal Wave.mp3 ( 4:57)
  131. Kyle Zuck - Am I Happy (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:24)
  132. L.B. One - Ring the Alarm (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 3: 2)
  133. Lander B - Vitore (Original Mix).mp3 ( 7:15)
  134. Laura BCR - Farewell.mp3 ( 6:56)
  135. Leandro Kolt - Baby baby.mp3 ( 4:55)
  136. Lee Pearce - Your Love (Gabriel Evoke Remix).mp3 ( 6:16)
  137. Lee Pearce - Your Love (Jose Antonio eMe Remix).mp3 ( 7:33)
  138. Lee Pearce - Your Love (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:45)
  139. Leonardo (ITA) - Bring & Pleasure.mp3 ( 4:29)
  140. Lewis Fautzi - Density.mp3 ( 4:40)
  141. Lie2You - 303 System.mp3 ( 6:17)
  142. Lilly Palmer - Fall In Love (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:42)
  143. Linear System - Habitat Natural.mp3 ( 6: 5)
  144. Loco & Jam - We Touched The Sky.mp3 ( 7: 2)
  145. Louden - Body Shaker.mp3 ( 6:54)
  146. Luca Tresque - Disorder.mp3 ( 6: 3)
  147. Lucas SIlvero - Kaus Borealis (Original).mp3 ( 7:11)
  148. Ludmila Di Pasquale - I.T.A..mp3 ( 5:52)
  149. Luis Ferro - Poquito.mp3 ( 5: 1)
  150. Luis Ferro - Zero Dark (Raw Mix).mp3 ( 5:18)
  151. Luis Odem - MYPFPTTRNS I (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:56)
  152. Luvr Boy - Infinity Spiral.mp3 ( 5:57)
  153. M-High - Jackstion.mp3 ( 7:30)
  154. Madame Aphrodiitee - Money Make Me Dance (Ben Rebel Mix).mp3 ( 6: 2)
  155. Marcellus - Juicy (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:54)
  156. Marco Effe - Repulsed (Original Mix).mp3 ( 4:53)
  157. Mario Ochoa - Vendetta.mp3 ( 5:53)
  158. Mark Di Meo & Mego - Ojitos.mp3 ( 4: 3)
  159. Mark&Thom - Tell Me (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 4: 9)
  160. MARTIN PANIZZA - The Dark Side Is Coming (Star Wars Remix).mp3 ( 6:48)
  161. Mateo Dufour - Reconnected.mp3 ( 6:48)
  162. Max Chapman - Bethany.mp3 ( 6:34)
  163. Members Of Mayday - Mayday Anthem (Thomas Schumacher Remix).mp3 ( 5: 3)
  164. Michael Ferrell - Falling Stars and Burning Sand.mp3 ( 5:55)
  165. Michael Joseph - 31 Savage.mp3 ( 6:25)
  166. Michel Lauriola - The Times.mp3 ( 6: 9)
  167. Mihai Popoviciu - Automat (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:22)
  168. MINT (JPN) - Go Crazy (CLESENT Remix).mp3 ( 5:48)
  169. Misha (US) - Be Ready (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:24)
  170. Mizaru - Freak U Out (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:48)
  171. Mr. Zim - I Got So High.mp3 ( 5:55)
  172. MSDMNR - Clear.mp3 ( 5:50)
  173. Nestor Neven - West Coast.mp3 ( 5:18)
  174. Nicolo (AR) & Maxi Alvarado - Against All Odds.mp3 ( 6:50)
  175. Nobuharu Morimoto - Daimei.mp3 ( 7:33)
  176. Nolga - Amber Gambler.mp3 ( 6:57)
  177. NORBAK - Nove Zero Nove.mp3 ( 6: 8)
  178. Oden & Fatzo & Yahzi - Don't Tell Me.mp3 ( 5:50)
  179. Otik - Unorthodox.mp3 ( 5:13)
  180. OYADI - Just Be Good to Me (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 4:37)
  181. Paradise Circus - Romantic Schizophrenic.mp3 ( 8:56)
  182. Pattrn - Moon Gazing.mp3 ( 6: 3)
  183. Paul Adam - A Deeper Love (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:38)
  184. Pedro Campodonico - Party.mp3 ( 6:54)
  185. Procombo - Predator (Radio Edit).mp3 ( 4: 8)
  186. Procombo - Tunnel Ride (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:29)
  187. Pussy Riot & Boys Noize & Alice Glass - Chastity.mp3 ( 3:25)
  188. Pyramidal Decode - Overstatement.mp3 ( 6:24)
  189. R.M.K - Kokane.mp3 ( 6: 1)
  190. rawBeetz - Got To Have It (The Cap Boy Remix).mp3 ( 5:30)
  191. Reeko - Arquetipo 22.mp3 ( 6:27)
  192. Reelow - Handz Up.mp3 ( 7:41)
  193. Remco Beekwilder - The Dusk Hour (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:27)
  194. Retrouve - Burnin'.mp3 ( 6:25)
  195. Retrouve - First Time.mp3 ( 7:27)
  196. Ribe & Roll Dann & Ribe & Roll Dann - Preludio.mp3 ( 5:14)
  197. Rinia Rinia & Advek - Little Helper 399-1.mp3 ( 6:30)
  198. Robbie Doherty - Tantrum.mp3 ( 6:11)
  199. ROCKETMAN & Miron (RU) - Generator.mp3 ( 6:21)
  200. Rohan (IT) & DeadBat & Ails - Liquid.mp3 ( 6:23)
  201. Rone White - The End (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:32)
  202. Ronnie Spiteri - Flawless.mp3 ( 6:25)
  203. Rossi. - Knock Knock.mp3 ( 5:47)
  204. Ruben Mandolini & Diego serrao - Blackfly (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 6:52)
  205. Ryan Clover - Was It Real (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:37)
  206. Samuel Delgado - La Rola.mp3 ( 6: 0)
  207. Samuel L Session - Merengue.mp3 ( 5:24)
  208. Saol Nua - Harm's Way.mp3 ( 6:11)
  209. Sean Roman - Swing (Edit).mp3 ( 5:31)
  210. Sidney Charles - Unocace (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:12)
  211. Sidney Charles - X-Files.mp3 ( 6:18)
  212. SILSAN - Dark Secret.mp3 ( 5:54)
  213. Simina Grigoriu - Radiocarbon (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:33)
  214. Simon Fava & Yvvan Back & Martina Camargo - Donde Estan (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 4:35)
  215. Simon Patterson - Ignition (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 6:54)
  216. Soer Kyt - Energy (Original Mix).mp3 ( 7: 0)
  217. Some Out Of None - Brakes Loose.mp3 ( 6:56)
  218. Sound Process - Soul Metrics.mp3 ( 8:34)
  219. Stanny Abram - Moment To Shine (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 6: 4)
  220. Steve Parker - Soul Seeker.mp3 ( 5:49)
  221. Svedstorm - Kicks and Biscuits.mp3 ( 7:38)
  222. Sydney Blu - The Night Has Come (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5:41)
  223. TacoMan - Tom And Bass.mp3 ( 7: 8)
  224. Talla 2xlc & Schwarze Puppen - Der Nebel (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 5:34)
  225. Temudo - You Spelled Corn Wrong.mp3 ( 5:34)
  226. The Fellas (US) - Speed Walker.mp3 ( 6:43)
  227. The Sixth Sense - Muladhara (Original Mix).mp3 ( 5: 2)
  228. The Vision & Robert Hood - The Protector.mp3 ( 3:28)
  229. Timmy P - Ring Elden Will Ya.mp3 ( 3:30)
  230. Tingz - A Rave Ting.mp3 ( 6:48)
  231. Tommy Saha - Jubana.mp3 ( 5:57)
  232. Tony Romanello - Laniakea.mp3 ( 6:13)
  233. Tranzvission - La Tribu (Extended Mix).mp3 ( 6:14)
  234. Troy - Omen.mp3 ( 4:53)
  235. Troy - Zenith.mp3 ( 5:48)
  236. TWR72 - Narrow.mp3 ( 5:48)
  237. Uakoz & The Reason Y - Avoidance.mp3 ( 5:56)
  238. Umberto Pagliaroli & Jb Martinz - El Loro & La Lora Feat. Jb Martinz (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:21)
  239. Upwellings - Lark Dub.mp3 ( 6:20)
  240. Vazdra - Dance For Me.mp3 ( 6:27)
  241. Viels & Pyramidal Decode - Privazione Individuale.mp3 ( 6:42)
  242. Vince Watson - Kaleidoscope.mp3 ( 9:22)
  243. Vince Watson - Polyphonic Groove.mp3 ( 7:38)
  244. Volster - EXPOSITION E.mp3 ( 4:47)
  245. Vons & Noa Milee - This Is How To (feat. Noa Milee).mp3 ( 4: 0)
  246. Waitz - Deeper Down (Original Mix).mp3 ( 6:15)
  247. Wally Lopez - Dont Give Up (Irregular Live Remix).mp3 ( 5:47)
  248. WLDERZ - Morphing Sequence (Original Mix).mp3 ( 4:58)
  249. X-Press 2 - You Know (Everybody).mp3 ( 5:39)
  250. Yoikol - Side By Side.mp3 ( 5:10)
  251. Zen & T78 - Lucid Dream.mp3 ( 6:38)
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2023.05.31 20:05 daisybooks10 Partilho a minha estante atual

Partilho a minha estante atual
Vi algumas pessoas partilharem as estantes aqui e decidi fazer o mesmo. Como podem ver adoro espetar com tralha em cima e à frente dos livros 😅 Ainda não li tudo mas estou muito contente com a coleção até agora 😊 Se tiverem alguma recomendação com base nestes livros digam 😌
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2023.05.31 19:59 Luca1_ Searching for a new laptop with good spec

Searching for a new laptop with good spec
I'm searching for a laptop which I want use for blender ,3d animation and gaming. I was looking for something good for being used for like 5/6 year . For quality price I opted for the Lenovo legion and I was undecided whether to spend 2100€ for a legion 7 or 1900€ for the legion 5 (using the 10% discount for students). It's a good deal to spend $200 more to get an i9 and ram 400MHz higher ?
Are there other laptops with good quality/price and many port or is best opting for a 2000 series GPU (for around 1000€ used ) and change in the near future ?
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2023.05.31 19:24 randommarsss what’s a gem or fusion you wish we could’ve seen?

gem wise i wish we could’ve seen a black onyx or a moonstone something along those lines or even just the homeworld solo gem version of known fusions
also wish we could’ve seen a bismuth fusion or a ruby or sapphire fusion when split up from garnet.
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2023.05.31 18:55 Camelwalk555 Love it when the “fridge clean out meal” exceeds expectations. Jalapeño cheddar brat, red onion, corn, black beans, cilantro, lime, gorgonzola, with black bean and corn salsa. OC.

Love it when the “fridge clean out meal” exceeds expectations. Jalapeño cheddar brat, red onion, corn, black beans, cilantro, lime, gorgonzola, with black bean and corn salsa. OC. submitted by Camelwalk555 to FoodPorn [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:41 Avaition_a350 Has anyone had any of these before

Has anyone had any of these before
Flying out of DTW next week and these are my choices for lunch wondering if anyone has had these before
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2023.05.31 18:34 alexzandermusican My new Ibanez PIA Onyx Black

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2023.05.31 18:33 xtremexavier15 TSWT 23 (pt 2)

The episode faded back in to a close-up of the Chris logo emblazoned on the side of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet's tail fin. "Welcome back to resource rich Alberta, Canada," the host greeted as the camera panned down to him, the Final Four, and a pair of interns standing by the open rear of the plane. Topher had regained control of his post digger, and a pyramid of oil drums stood behind the host.
"The interns were supposed," the two interns looked down in shame, "to bury these barrels full of maple syrup, sugar, spiders, and rattlesnakes," Chris explained, knocking on the top barrel causing it to rattle and hiss. The cast flinched in fear. "Long story short, the interns buried our reserve fuel barrels instead," the host continued angrily, knocking the top barrel over onto the interns. The lid fell off immediately, and while the black intern ran screaming, the white intern was quickly covered in a swarm of angry snakes and spiders.
"Since Izzy came in second," Chris said holding up a pickaxe and metal pan, "she gets this rusty old prospector kit."
"Sick!" Izzy cheered excitedly as she caught the tools that were tossed to her.
"And Ezekiel takes third place!" Chris added, the camera panning to the crochet boy as the host approached him holding a small plastic pail and shovel, the former red and the latter yellow.
"A child's pail and shovel?" Ezekiel asked.
"You're welcome," Chris told him. "And for coming in dead last...!" he said, looking towards the final teen with empty hands.
"I built a real T-Rex," Mal said in disbelief. "That should get me something!"
Chris laughed, a whistle now in his hand. "Yeah, you'd think so," he told the troublemaker. "First one back with a barrel of my oil wins immunity!"
"There are probably twenty square miles of badlands," Ezekiel said as he looked around, the perspective following his gaze across the wide barren landscape. "This could take a while."
"Oh! I forgot to mention!" Chris spoke up. "We'll be pummeling you with the occasional boulder." He laughed, then added "Funny, right?"
The Final Four just glared at him, and the whistle was blown.
The scene flashed ahead to some isolated spot in the rocky badlands, the camera panning to the right onto Mal digging with his hands. He was looking rather annoyed, and even more so when Izzy walked up behind him with her pickaxe and pan in hand.
"And this is the guy who looked down on us for the duration of the season," Izzy teased. "Currently digging the dirt with his bare hands."
"I didn't have a choice," Mal replied bitterly as he dug harder. "My dinosaur somehow managed to score worse than all of yours."
"That's because we don't like you at all," Izzy chirped.
"Don't you have somewhere to dig?" Mal shot back.
"Do you want to borrow my pickaxe?" Izzy held out the object.
"Are you being serious?" Mal raised an eyebrow.
"Psyche!" Izzy retracted her words. "It's likely against the rules, and I don't want to break them like you do."
Mal growled. "When are you never annoying? Leave me!"
"I will, but watching you dig without any tools is more enjoyable to watch," Izzy admitted.
"GET! OUT!" Mal roared in Izzy's face.
"Okay bye!" Izzy zipped away.
Confessional: Izzy
"I enjoy being playful, and although I am considered obnoxious, I only play it up when I'm around those I dislike, like my lying ex-boyfriend," Izzy sharply glared at the camera.
Confessional Ends
The shot cut to the glaring sun, then the camera panned down to Topher and Ezekiel strolling together with their prizes.
"If you want, we can trade our prizes," Ezekiel slyly offered.
"And work with a baby shovel? Not a chance," Topher denied before setting his post digger down and digging right through the dirt.
"I know we joined forces to vote out Mal, but I'm not sure if that makes us friends," Ezekiel called out.
"Why would you even say that?" Topher asked.
"Before Mal exposed himself, we rarely, if ever, had a conversation with each other," Ezekiel brought up, "and you were perfectly comfortable with eliminating Sadie."
"I was focusing on the game instead of Chris for once, and Sadie would've gotten more hurt if she was still here," Topher said.
"You do have a point there," Ezekiel slightly agreed, "but-"
Topher noticed something approaching off-screen. "Incoming!" he shouted, tackling Ezekiel out of the way just as a boulder crashed down in the spot Ezekiel had been standing.
The scene flashed to Chef sweating heavily as he carried another boulder to the bucket of a catapult. He set it in place, then leaned against it to catch his breath in the harsh heat.
"This, is the life," Chris said, the shot zooming out to show him standing at the front of the catapult holding some kind of drink in half a coconut. He casually leaned against the siege weapon, accidentally pushing the lever and causing it to launch the boulder, and a screaming Chef, into the air.
"Uh oh...," the host said as he watched his assistant fly off.
The shot cut back to Topher and Ezekiel, focusing on the discarded post digger before panning leftward to the boys lying on the ground next to the pail and pickaxe.
"Now that was a close call," Topher said as he started to pick himself up off the ground.
"Thanks for the save," Ezekiel added as the two stood back up. "I would have been dead."
"And I didn't want that to happen," Topher told him. "Letting people die is a line I won't cross." As he spoke, a familiar scream rose up in the background just before Chef and the boulder he was clinging to flew past behind the boys.
"I thought you would've left me under that boulder," Ezekiel replied as Chef landed with a crash just out-of-sight, "but I was wrong." In the background, Chef ran back the way he'd flown in from with a look of fierce determination on his face.
"There's more to me than just my talents and good looks," Topher said. "Now let's get back to digging." Ezekiel nodded, and the two picked up their tools.
Topher turned on his post digger, and Ezekiel started to dig with his shovel.
Confessional: Topher
"At first, I didn't think much of Ezekiel. I thought he was easy to eliminate before the merge, but he surprised me to the point of reaching the final four with me," Topher commented. "I applaud him for that, and I'm happy to call him a friend."
Confessional: Ezekiel
"I'm not gonna be ungrateful towards Topher after he rescued me from that boulder," Ezekiel admitted. "He has his flaws, but I have mine as well. He's not so annoying now that I think about it."
Confessionals End
Topher's post digger immediately produced a metallic clang beneath the dirt. "What did you hit?" Ezekiel asked, prompting Topher to stop the post digger so he could look down.
A particularly thick black liquid was oozing up around the spot Topher's tool was still embedded. "That's a barrel of oil!" Topher exclaimed.
The scene cut to multiple holes that were dug on the ground courtesy of Izzy, who wasn't on-screen right now.
A familiar scream was heard approaching, and Chris soon fell from the sky clinging to another boulder...which landed on top of him.
The camera cut left to Izzy using her pickaxe to dig a hole she was currently in. After a few more hits, she stopped to take a break.
"How am I supposed to find a barrel of oil out here in Drumheller?" Izzy grunted and hurled her pickaxe away. A clang was heard, and she went over to discover that her pickaxe had hit a barrel of oil, the oil leaking on the dirt.
"Hello, oil!" the wild child gazed at it. She soon saw a boulder coming her way, and it inspired her to hastily scurry out of the hole she was in before the boulder closed it.
"I could've been stuck in there, but thankfully I'm not," Izzy said to herself and focused on the oil.
The scene skipped ahead to a close-up of the oil barrel being rolled across the ground, a trickle of oil leaking from a small hole in the side near the lid.
"But if I take the barrel," Topher said as the shot zoomed out to show Ezekiel rolling the barrel, "you wouldn't get your first immunity."
"One of us should have immunity, and you deserve it," Ezekiel said after he stopped rolling the barrel.
"Really?" Topher asked.
"It's my way of saying thank you for saving me," Ezekiel proposed. "I'll find my own barrel."
"We don't need to convince Izzy to vote for Mal. She's as onboard with us as a captain on a ship," Topher said.
"Now go give that barrel to Chris before Mal does!" Ezekiel ordered Topher, who complied and rolled his barrel away from Ezekiel.
Another flash took the focus to the plane, where Chef and Chris were outside next to a grill; Chef cooking a hot dog and Chris eating a burger. They looked up when they heard the telltale pants of exertion, and saw Topher approaching with the leaking barrel.
"Congratulations, Topher. You just won yourself immunity!" Chris greeted as his fan rolled the fuel barrel up next to the plane.
"Can I go inside the plane for a while?" Topher requested.
"But we've got a final three barbecue ready. And you've got a very rare chance to hang alone with the host with the most," Chris glorified.
"That has been my lifelong dream!" Tooher marveled. "I'll party with you after I cook something first."
He ran off into the plane, leaving Chris and Chef to share a confused look. "Yeah, I don't get him either," Chris said idly.
The camera cut to where Mal was frantically digging another hole. "Must...get...barrel...," he muttered to himself, flinging dirt behind him. He stopped and grinned, the shot cutting in for a closer look and revealing the metal surface he'd just uncovered. "Perfect!"
A shadow fell on his back a few seconds later, and the perspective changed again to reveal it as Izzy standing next to her barrel. "Looks like I doubted you," she began. "You were able to dig up a barrel."
Mal stopped and briefly looked back over his shoulder to peek at her. "Unlike you, I did it all by myself and without any equipment," he gloated, "so that does not make me inferior to you."
"It doesn't, but I did find a barrel before you, so top that!" Izzy mocked the malevolent one.
It was then that Chris entered the scene, accompanied by the dings and icon that signaled a musical number. "Guess what!" he told Mal and Izzy, grinning impishly.
[The scene changed to a dark lit room. Two castles rose up on opposite sides. The one on the left was colored gray and the one on the right was colored black. Both castles consisted of a cannon, two catapults, and two boulders, and a flag of the two contestants' faces were waving. The music began to play like one heard in war as Izzy rose from the gray castle and Mal rose from the black castle.]
"My dearest Izzy, you know I am a twisted man. Of my virtue I am truly proud."
[Mal started off the song in a deep and melodramatic tune. "What are you saying?" Izzy asked.]
"My chaotic Izzy, you know that thing called harmony, of which we lack that makes us stand from the crowd."
[Mal continued and Izzy added "Okay, that is true."]
"Then tell me, you big nut. Why you see them as your friends? Why do these normies touch your soul?"
[Mal sang as the floor started to blaze up and Mal's castle started to become bigger.]
"They see you, they fear you. The sun caught in your fiery hair, is blazing at them out of all control."
[He criticized the fiery haired girl and he and his castle began to tower over Izzy's.]
"Unlike chaos, their kindness, will help keep you contained."
"It's burning, it's maddening, it only causes you pain."
[Mal emphasized his next verse diligently. The ground below him blazed up with fire more, and Izzy looked at it with surprise before she steeled her glaze at Mal.]
"I am crazy!"
[Izzy began her verse, leading Mal to comment "Established!"]
"I am insane!"
[She continued. "Yep!" Mal said snidely.]
"But unlike you, I do not wish to cause pain!"
[Izzy sang, her tower increasing in width like Mal's did.]
"I love destruction and chaos, but I know too much is bad for us!"
[Izzy sung out, the fire circling around both of their castles.]
"Let go of my friend Mike! His body is his to own! Your heart consists of nothing but stone!"
[Izzy became serious as her tower rose up to reach eye level with Mal.]
"I will stop your plans to destroy my friends and my foes! We'll see how the final battle goes!"
[After Izzy said that part, the rivals readied their weapons to attack each other.]
"I've taken out your group! Now it's your turn to go!"
[Mal launched the boulders with the slingshots, creating holes on both sides of Izzy's castle. He let the rising fire lit the fuse of his cannon.]
"I have my integrity! Don't make me stoop this low!"
[Izzy performed the same actions Mal did and did damage to his castle as her cannon's fuse was lit as well.
Eventually, the cannons shot their balls out, and the two balls flew towards each other. They finally struck, and it created an explosion that covered the screen.]
"Say what you want about me, but I will never succumb to your levels of insanity," Izzy told Mal seriously. "You can take down my friends, but you can't turn me against them."
"And I want you to know that you'll never stop me from conquering Mike and his pathetic alters," Mal retorted. "Once I'm done with this show, I'll get the attention I ever desired."
Confessional: Mal
"Mike is trapped for good, and with him home, I can steal his hopes and dreams and make them mine!" Mal promised. "I will not burn down in a blaze of glory doing it though."
Confessional: Izzy
"And people say I'm a lunatic," Izzy grumbled. "You should compare me to Mal and reconsider."
Confessionals End
The footage flashed ahead, showing Izzy and Mal arriving at the plane with their barrels at the same time, though Izzy's was leaking.
"Where is everybody?" Mal asked.
"Ezekiel or Topher already got immunity, which means we're both obviously up for voting," Izzy said and turned mischievous, "or should that be you!"
Confessional: Izzy
"This is it! Mal didn't win immunity and this sure as heck ain't a non-elimination episode," Izzy whooped in the confessional. "The only person that'd get a vote is me, but Mal will obviously cast it."
"You should vote for yourself if you want a tiebreaker!" Mal cried outside the bathroom.
Izzy scowled at the door. "Not going to happen in your life!"
Confessional Ends
Crickets were chirping as the footage resumed, the camera pulling away from a close-up of a string of Chinese lanterns to show the Final Four assembled on boxes around a nighttime campfire.
"I've got a little season one tribute treat here for you!" Chris told them, holding up a marshmallow. The shot moved in front to show the platter he was holding with two other marshmallows and the stack of passport votes, and he continued. "Remember, Topher has invincibility, so there better not be any votes against him. So, Topher, you get tonight's first marshmallow."
He tossed the bit of sugary white fluff to the Chris fan, who caught it and examined it. "I remember watching them get passed to the contestants a lot," he remarked, "and now I get one to myself? Amazing." He shoved it into his mouth.
"Tonight's second marshmallow goes to," Chris continued, "Ezekiel, who also had no votes against him."
He tossed the second marshmallow to Ezekiel, who caught it and moved to toss it into his mouth.
"Let's read the remaining votes," Chris said, picking up the top passport of the stack, "just for a little suspenseful fun. The first vote goes to...Izzy!"
Izzy tensed up, but Ezekiel placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.
"One for Mal," Chris continued, the shot cutting to Mal and Topher as Mal's donned a scowl and Topher slyly smiled at him.
Chris looked at the third passport, and said "Another one for Mal!"
Mal was starting to get nervous at this point.
The shot cut back to Chris. "And the last vote goes to...Mal!"
Izzy caught her marshmallow with her mouth. "I can taste the sugar!"
"Finally! You're out of the game!" Ezekiel bashed the angry malevolent boy.
"This calls for a celebration!" Topher got out of his seat. "We've all been through a lot because of Mal. Be right back!"
Topher ran up the ramp of the plane. A few seconds later, he came back holding a rectangular chocolate cake. There were three lit candles on top, and the text 'Goodbye Mal!' was drawn out with chocolate frosting.
"This exquisite chocolate cake was baked by yours truly!" Topher stated as he walked down the ramp, but slipped on the puddle of oil, forcing him to land on his back while the cake splattered on the floor candle first.
"Topher, look out!" Chris, Izzy, Ezekiel, and even Mal yelled in alarm.
"What for?" Topher asked in confusion, unaware of the candle lighting the oil.
The camera quickly panned rightward to the door at the side of the plane; it slammed open and countless animals ran out – a sasquatch, a bear, a horse, a seal, a duck, a bunch of rats and chipmunks, and Ezekiel Clone at the front of it.
The resulting explosion was shown from about a mile away, and the light completely enveloped the once-peaceful nighttime scene.
The dust that had been blown up soon cleared, revealing that the shot had moved back towards the campfire. A tiki head had tipped over and metal debris was falling from the sky, and nobody was seen for about a second before Izzy and Mal leaned back out from behind the other tiki head that had been flanking them.
Ezekiel followed shortly after, standing up from behind the tiki that had fallen over and shouting "Topher!" in overwhelming concern.
"My beautiful plane!" Chris added, popping up in the foreground in panic and grief. Both he and Ezekiel immediately dashed towards the scene of the explosion, and the camera followed them as they ran.
While Chris continued onward to the wreckage, Ezekiel stopped at the stunned and charred form of Topher sitting on the ground. Topher's cake was burnt, and his hair was missing some pieces.
"Are you okay?" Ezekiel asked frantically.
"This cake was chocolate," Topher squeaked out, "and it's destroyed."
"Are you okay?" Izzy asked as she and Mal slid into the scene, only the girl looking genuinely concerned.
"I am not looking okay!" Topher replied as his singed hair crumbled and fell away.
"I gotta say, this is a nice look on you," Mal complimented Topher impolitely, to which the latter chucked the destroyed cake at the farmer's face.
"Chris?" Izzy asked nervously, looking off in the direction the host had run. "We need you!"
"He's fine," Chris said angrily, standing in the wreckage holding what looked like a flatscreen television. "Although I guess with the whole 'blowing up my plane' business," he said, the camera zooming out dramatically to show the full extent of the wrecked Total Drama Jumbo Jet, "he's OUT OF THE GAME!" The four teens were shown looking stunned at the announcement.
"So...the Final Three is me, Izzy, and Ezekiel?" Mal asked after he got the cake off his face.
"Yes, and I'm upset that you even made it to this point while I'm disqualified for an accident by Chris!" Topher glared up at Mal.
"You were just a pawn in my game like everyone else," Mal said before leaving the three.
Izzy and Ezekiel turned their heads over to Topher. "Don't worry about him. The two of us will not give up against that jerk!" Ezekiel assured.
"And given that we've come this far, we're not going to let him win!" Izzy confidently declared.
"Mal's karma will come to him, but I need to find something to cover my bald head," Topher added after looking at it.
The scene flashed over to a shot of the slightly-singed picture of Chris on the plane's tail fin.
"Well...," Chris began, audibly distraught, "this was not my best day...ever..." The camera panned down to show him standing amid the wreckage, eyes wide with shock and grief. "Join us next time," his voice cracked. "There...will be a next time, I'm just...not...sure what kinda show it will be," he said, holding back tears, "or where... It will still be called," he struggled to say, raising his right pointer finger as the usual grand music began to play, "Total! Drama! …World Tour...!"
His voice cracked again at the end, and he squeaked out the last two words before finally bursting into tears.
(Roll the Credits)
(Bonus Clip)
Chris was standing inside his plane, despite the fact that it was blown up as sad music played in the background.
"If this catastrophic event taught me one thing, it's how important the objects used in the show are," he mentioned seriously before getting down and rumbling through the props on the floor.
"I hope that some of the props were spared!" he begged and faced the camera after grabbing a toothbrush. "On the bright side, my teeth will remain snow white!"
18th: Shawn
17th: Amy
16th: Lindsay
15th: Rodney
14th: Jo
Eliminated: Owen
13th: Duncan
12th: Sky
11th: Heather
10th: Cody
9th: Ella
8th: Noah
7th: Sadie
6th: Owen
5th: Eva
4th: Topher
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2023.05.31 18:31 xtremexavier15 TSWT 23 (pt 1)

Girls: Izzy
Boys: Ezekiel, Mal, Topher
Episode 23: Awwwwww, Drumheller
"Last time, on Total Drama World Tour!" Chris opened over a shot of the jumbo jet flying away from Rapa Nui. "Mal assaulted a statue for the fun of it," the host said over a clip of Mal kicking Cody's stone statue. "And while we searched for eggs on Easter Island," Mal was seen taking out food from Owen's statue, "some old pals stopped by for a nice visit." Ezekiel was shown finding his egg from the statue of Sadie. "Along with a couple seriously ticked-off condor parents," the host added, the male condor shown chasing Mal through the underground tunnel, and the female pecking at Topher while he sang and eventually swept him off the rocky perch with her wing.
"Sisterhoods were expanded," Chris said over a clip of Izzy giving Eva her egg. "Alliances formed," the host added as Ezekiel, Topher, Izzy, and Eva were shown hiding in a hole. "Ultimately, Eva got the vote off," Chris said as the girl was shown going to the exit, "but not before giving Mal what for!" he finished with a mischievous laugh as Mal was shown being punched in the eye by Eva.
"The Final Four begins," Chris told the camera as the recap montage ended. "Which one of 'em will dig up more trouble this week? Find out right now, on Total! Drama! World Tour!"
It was dawn as the camera zoomed out, and a hot air balloon was rising up nearby the plane. It collided with the wing, popped, and fell with a whimpering hiss.
The episode, as usual, opened with a shot of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet in flight as the sky was still dark. The scene cut inside to show Topher and Izzy lying on their seats and sleeping in economy class.
In first class, Mal and Ezekiel were both reclining in their seats and sleeping. Ezekiel was drooling a bit in his sleep, and the camera went over and focused on Mal, who's eye was covered with a black eye patch. He was snoring before the shot changed to the inside of his head.
Mike, Chester, Svetlana, and Vito's backs can be shown as they were walking closer to the tower.
"I hope we hit the club district soon," Vito said.
Chester wasn't on board with the suggestion. "Nah, you ninny. If this place has a club district, I'll eat my pants! Without any catsup! Unless you've got some on ya. Quit holdin' out!" he scolded Vito.
A crackling fire were seen next, and the camera panned out to feature Manitoba Smith next to it. He was holding out his rope, but his leg was chained to a rock behind him.
"Manitoba! Finally!" Mike rejoiced when he spotted him.
"Can't talk now. Big quota to fill," Manitoba said firmly.
"What's Mal making you do?" Mike discovered the conditions Manitoba was in.
"See them clouds?" Manitoba directed everyone's attention to the floating clouds. "Them's your dreams. My job's to get rid of 'em so you can never enjoy 'em again."
Manitoba pulled a cloud down using his rope and it landed in-between him and Mike. The cloud showed a dream of Mike wearing a dark tuxedo and walking down the red carpet while carrying a bunch of gemmies.
"It's the dream I had about walking down the red carpet! Aw, I loved that dream!" Mike told his alters.
"So inspiring!" Svetlana agreed.
Manitoba threw the cloud into the fire, and Mike was shocked to see it disperse. "Don't do that!" Mike freaked out.
"Love to, mate, but Mal's the boss," Manitoba backed up.
Mike groaned in frustration. "Once I regain control, I'll make more of an attempt to be in a red carpet. And Mal won't be able to ruin that!" the comedian promised and got cut off by a cloud getting burnt. "Ah, c'mon! Stop burning up my dreams!"
"Ah, well. We all gotta go sometime," Manitoba stated.
"Don't you want to be free?" Mike asked.
"But even if we could beat Mal, that would just put you back in charge," Manitoba claimed. "So, how's that make me free?"
"No way, he's right," Vito said when he and the others got closer. "Why should you get all the control?"
"'Cause I'm the first. The original," Mike answered.
Chester doubted the fact. "Where's the proof?"
Mike took out his wallet. "Right here. See?" He showed it to his personalities, and they reacted with surprise. Mike checked his wallet, and was surprised to see Mal rather than himself. "Mal is the original personality? I-I can't believe it."
"Me neither. Why have I been listening to you this whole time?" Chester complained.
"Stop!" Svetlana halted everyone. "Who cares who was the first? Mike is the best! He's more patient than me, more generous than Chester, less egotistical than Manitoba, and he's a better dancer than Vito."
Vito sighed. "It's true."
"Aw, thanks," Mike said in gratitude. "But if I'm not the original…"
"Think about it. We're trapped in a world Mal created. So where do you think that license came from?" Manitoba explained.
Mike watched his license turn into a brain. "Nice try, Mal, but you haven't won yet!" He rubbed the brain into a key and unlocked Manitoba's chain, setting him free.
"Took you long enough! C'mon! I know a shortcut to Mal's guard tower!" Manitoba informed the rest
"Guard tower?" Mike got confused.
"This whole place, is a jail. The tower is the only way in or out," Manitoba lectured before he, Svetlana, and Vito made their way to the tower.
"I don't think I can deal with anymore walking. Shortcut or not," Chester mentioned to Mike.
"Fine, I'll give you a piggyback," Mike offered. Chester got on Mike's back with a grunt, and they went off to catch up with the others.
The season's world map was shown, the plane icon flying north from Chile to western Canada.
A flash took the scene to a series of rock formations baking under the sun, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet speeding past between them and knocking a precariously-balanced rock off its perch.
Down below, a small burrowing rodent of some sort was just about to complete a house of cards, unaware of the shadow growing around it. It finally paused and looked up at the whooshing sound that was approaching, just as the boulder landed on top of it, the cards, and its hole.
"Welcome to Drumheller, Alberta," Chris told the Final Four, who had assembled in the barren canyon outside of the plane, its rear tail hatch visibly lowered as a boarding ramp in the background. "A World Heritage Site," the host continued, the camera zooming in just enough to show a saurian skeleton embedded in a distant cliff. "It has the wickedest collection of dinosaur bones on the planet! In front of you is a giant pit with lots of super ancient dino bones." The camera zoomed out to show more of the surrounding canyon, a few fossils visible in the rock walls. "Grab whatever bones you can find to make your very own life-size dino," Chris continued. "I'm calling it, 'Design-a-saurus'!"
The cast groaned at the pun.
"I know," Chris said with a broad smile. "They should pay me just to come up with titles. I'm that good."
Confessional: Topher
"For the first time, I have to disagree with Chris about his jokes and puns being considered humorous," Topher said.
Confessional Ends
"You have two minutes to rifle through the plane's cargo hold," Chris continued, "and grab whatever you can to help build your creations. Aaaand, go!"
At his signal, Mal shoved Topher to the ground and ran off laughing.
Confessional: Mal
"With Eva gone, that just leaves me, Topher, and Ezekiel as the big four of this season," Mal told the camera. "If you can beat 'em," he punched his palm and fist together, "beat 'em up!"
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to the cargo hold, the lowered boarding ramp visible on the left. Izzy, Mal, and Ezekiel were already searching through boxes and crates, and Topher was the last to arrive.
Izzy quickly managed to find a small box of what looked like art supplies inside a larger crate and smiled. "Glitter glue, stickers, puffy paint? This was meant for me!" As she listed off her supplies, Mal turned a mocking smirk in her direction.
"We're not making grade three art projects here," Mal taunted, and Izzy squirted a tube of glitter glue in his face as a response.
"How mature of you," the malevolent one growled as Izzy walked off.
"I think it was pretty funny," Ezekiel said as he walked past with an open cardboard box. "Not to you, but definitely to me!"
Confessional: Ezekiel
"I'm this close to being this season's winner!" Ezekiel boasted. "And unlike the spelling bee, where I got a hundred dollars, I'll get a lot more than that!"
Confessional Ends
The footage skipped ahead to show Ezekiel sitting on the ground, scooping away the dirt surrounding what looked like the tip of a larger fossil with his hands. He looked up to see Topher coming his way.
"So how was first class like with Mal" Topher wondered.
Ezekiel sighed. "We simply avoided each other. Scratch that. I avoided him while he kept shooting me dirty looks."
"That was what I expected," Topher nodded.
"He can't frighten us anymore," Ezekiel said. "Eva may be out, but we still have Izzy with us."
"We should still watch out for him," Topher advised the home-schooled guy. "Given we're in the final four, he'll do whatever it takes to claim victory."
The focus shifted to Izzy as she hauled a leg bone as long as she was tall through the barren landscape on her back, eventually throwing the bone to the ground next to a pile of smaller bones.
"This is already looking good," Izzy grinned and stood up, but scowled when she saw Mal standing on the other side of the pile.
"Greetings to you!" Mal insincerely said hello.
"If you're here to steal my bones, then you can forget it!" Izzy growled at the malevolent one. "I have the eyes of a hawk!"
"I wasn't going to steal them," Mal told the psycho hose beast. "I know they're yours, so I want to ask if I can have a few."
"No no no no NO!!" Izzy barked. "I will not help you, especially when you're a criminal!"
"And you aren't?" Mal replied. "We've been to the same juvie together."
"True, but what I did to get locked up was accidental," Izzy pointed out while looking at her bones. "You burned down a building when there were people inside!"
Mal scoffed. "And yet you still parade around as the mentally challenged girl. I don't know what Owen ever saw in you."
"You better get out before I make you extinct, Patchy!" Izzy snarled and whacked a bone to her palm.
Seeing that she was being serious, Mal rolled his eyes and departed.
Confessional: Izzy
"To be honest, what he said kind of hurt me, but I'm not going to show any signs of weakness around that guy or he'll eat it up!" Izzy acted intimidating, but sighed softly.
Confessional: Mal
"Most people try to make their words sound professional. I'm not like most people," Mal laughed, "and sooner or later, everybody's spirits will be crushed!"
Confessional Ends
The scene flashed to Mal down on all fours, picking through a small pile of small bones. He casually tossed one over his shoulder, along with another one. He finally looked happy at his third after a short pause.
Izzy was shown next, gluing an arm bone into her creation and sprinkling it with glitter.
Ezekiel stuck a tail to the back of his fossil.
Topher, who was kneeling down, pushed the bony claws onto the foot of his dinosaur.
"Time's up!" Chris declared, the footage skipping forward one more time. "Now we'll begin the amazing tour through the ages of imaginary dinosaurs. Let's start with Mal."
The shot cut to Mal looking smug. "I went with the most dangerous of the dinosaurs," he said confidently, turning around as the camera zoomed out to show the complete skeleton of what looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex standing behind him, "Tyrannosaurus Mal, or T-Mal for short!"
"Wowza," Izzy said in awe as she, Topher, and Ezekiel were shown looking at the first creation.
"That does look cool," Ezekiel admitted.
Topher nodded and crossed his arms. "Even I can't deny that."
"It's gonna be tough to beat that right out of the gate," Chris told him.
"I can do it," Topher said before turning to the side. "Ladies and gentlemen…Chrisasaurus!"
The shot zoomed out dramatically, revealing the Chris wannabe's creation: a mass of bones built into the shape of a Chris pose with the head shaped like Chris.
"The Chrisasaurus is one handsome and charismatic beast," Topher explained. "Like it?"
"Love it!" Chris agreed. "L-U-V, love. Zeke, what have you got?" he asked Ezekiel.
"Meet the Blingoraptor," Ezekiel said, gesturing to his creation: it was a large spherical body made of the dome-like fossils he found earlier. There were two bones raised up as its hands, and the other two were on the ground as its legs. Ezekiel had also put gold chains on its neck and arms. "This dinosaur is hip and cool."
Mal smirked. "Bold choice for the body," he told the home-schooled guy.
"I thought the bones would make this dinosaur work," Ezekiel said proudly.
"They're coprolite fossils," Mal told him.
"What's a coprolite?" Topher asked in confusion.
"Coprolite," Mal repeated. "From Ancient Greek, 'copros' meaning dung, and 'lite' meaning stone."
Ezekiel looked at him blankly for a second before widening his eyes in realization. "You mean it's fossilized poo?!"
"So disgusting!" Izzy winced.
"Izzy," Chris interrupted in annoyance, "please rescue us from Ezekiel's suckitude."
Izzy began her introduction. "My dinosaur is the Aeroraptor," she said, the camera zooming out and panning over to her creation. It was built like a normal raptor, but it has eight legs instead of two, there was a party hat on top of the head, and glitter was everywhere. "Does whatever a dinosaur can, but it's more festive and fun than the others."
"Why is it wearing a party hat when it's nobody's birthday?" Ezekiel asked.
"Today is April Fools' Day," Izzy explained. "That's the day my dad was born, so I made this dinosaur as a gift to him."
"That's…very thoughtful of you," Ezekiel remarked.
"I don't normally see eye-to-eye with my family, but I won't trade them for the world," Izzy said sincerely.
Confessional: Izzy
"Except for my pet cat. She's really clingy," Izzy added.
Confessional Ends
"Enough mush," Chris interrupted sharply. "Iiiit's judgment day! Which dinos will survive, and which ones will be driven to extinction?" he asked the camera.
"Oh, and did I mention who the very special judges are?" Chris asked the cast. "You!" he announced. "With a pretty shocking twist, of course!"
The scene skipped forward to a close-up of a large battery, jumper cables connecting it to an electric chair that currently had Topher sitting in it. "Is the electric chair necessary?" he asked, looking down at the device skeptically.
"Yes it is," Chris answered. "It's time to vote for your fave dino," he said. "Can't vote for your own, of course, aaand you might wanna tell the truth. Just saying."
"Well, I think mine was the best, but I guess second can go to Ezekiel." Topher was promptly electrocuted, a puff of smoke coming from his mouth when it stopped.
Chris chuckled. "Yeah, might wanna tell the truth there Topher!" he told him.
Topher sighed. "Fine, Izzy's birthday gift to her father was pretty heartwarming," he admitted. "I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying or creating gifts for others, and hers required hard work."
"You can say that again," Chris told him with a grin before turning around and calling out "Next!"
Mal was next in the chair. "I do find Izzy's spider dinosaur interesting," he said, immediately getting electrocuted. "Alright," he bitterly corrected. "Topher's dinosaur was eye-catching."
"Good enough," Chris told him. "Next!"
Izzy was third in the chair. "Although I don't like him and would rather get stung by a bee than be in the same room as him," she began, "Topher's Chris dinosaur really speaks to me, even if Ezekiel's bling dinosaur is really fresh."
"Not as much as me," Chris said with a shrug. "Next!"
"I'm surprised that anyone can even remotely like you after all you put us through, but Topher's dedicated to you enough to even make a dinosaur out of your likeness," Ezekiel said. "He gets my vote."
"As the winner," Chris announced as the camera pulled back, "Topher gets this handy-dandy post digger!"
Chef was shown delivering the large two-handled power tool to the fanboy. "A post digger?" he said as he took hold of the thing. "Why would I even need this-" He pressed a button on the machine, turning it on and causing the drill bit to spin. He gasped and let go of it in shock, causing the digger to move around wildly under the power of its own vibrations. It headed straight towards Izzy and Mal, forcing them to scatter as Topher tried to catch up to the machine to regain control of it.
"Topher versus the post digger!" Chris said, sliding in front of the camera. "See who wins next," the post digger continued along behind him, Topher still chasing it, "right here on Total Drama World Tour!"
(Commercial Break)
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2023.05.31 15:15 shiftystylin Prompt help: Airships

Prompt help: Airships
Hi fellow Leonardo afficionado's!
I'm asking for some help just to tidy up my prompts and gain something close to my source image below. I've used a variety of prompts and negative prompts to get something similar to this, but it's proving tricky. I have shared the best image I have so far and the prompt further below, followed by a further iteration to this prompt that just isn't working. I was hoping some kind souls could maybe give me some pointers as I've spent over 800 credits attempting to fine tune these prompts and am getting nowhere fast. I've read the documentation, watched video's, tried ChatGPT, and can't seem to refine this.
Source image
Prompt for image below: small sized high tech yacht air ship pirate ship, aggressive design, open top deck, gleaming pearlescent white, luxurious, gold white and onyx black, large onyx black crystals, clear blue sky, fluffy clouds, crystal punk, steam punk, hyper realistic, alternative reality, centred Negative Prompt: balloons, sea, modern, futuristic
The best attempt but way too big and learnt to take out the sails and masts with negative prompts.
I have been using Leonardo Signature and Leonardo Diffusion with very similar results and have been finding the ships are too big and not incorporating the old boat style appearance.
Thanks in advance! Open to any and all criticism or shared knowledge please.
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