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Parking Dispute Advise

2023.06.06 07:41 rafeyavailable Parking Dispute Advise

Hello all 👋🏼
So I live in a tower in Sharjah with multiple floor parking. Everyone with the rent gets 1 free dedicated parking and additional units have to be bought.
All parking spots have your apartment number pasted on paper on the wall or the floor for identification.
Yesterday when I came from work around 7:30pm, I saw another car parked in my dedicated space which I have been using since 2 years now. Never happened before.
So I got out to check for any number on the dashboard. None was found. I went down to the security to inform and they said yea that person has been doing this lately, and others have complained before too.
I told the security to call the guy and tell him to move, when security called, the guy said he is in Dubai and can’t come back till 2-3 hours. I took the phone from the guard to speak to the person. He was well spoken and kept telling me to park elsewhere until then. It’s okay, relax, it’s normal vibe.
I sternly told him not to do this again, while being well mannered as it’s my parking and I paid for it. He can buy more parkings in the building if he wants.
I wait for 11pm and call him, WhatsApp him, iMessage him. None has any replies till 11:30pm. That’s when I went down to security to get the flat number and speak to someone who might have the key.
During this time, I called the non emergency line of the cops and told them about a car blocking mine so they give him a call and I know where he is.
I went to the flat with the security, his elder brother came out, spoke to him very nicely, so he called his brother and said he’s not around so I should park elsewhere. Then repeated the stance that it is okay and normal - don’t fret it and park elsewhere.
At 11:45pm I get the dude calling me when I picked up and asked where he is, he said why did I call the cops? I said, why not? You’re not picking up, your family doesn’t know where you are, security isn’t helping me. That’s when he threatened me saying — you don’t know who I am and what I can do. I can make your life a nightmare. Do you want to live peacefully in this building?
At this point, I thought of my family members and knowing some headliner incidents had happened in this building, I de escalated the situation fast and told him to move his car in the morning. To which I didn’t get a proper yes or no anyway.
It’s morning now - his car is still parked there and mine in a loading unloading area.
What would you do next? If this happens again, what happens then? The building is under a very famous real estate management. Do I speak to them? I want no trouble, my parking back and that’s it.
Thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.06 07:38 SensitiveTooth6727 does anyone here have an experience with quetiapine?

I read its side effect is weight gain and I read that it is dangerous drug. I was on olanzapine but since I gained weight, doc switches me in quetiapine. she gave me her phone number coz she said I will text her the effect of it to me. I tried resperidone, it made me suicidal. I am scared that It has an effect just like resperidone.
please does anyone tell me their experience with quetiapine?
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2023.06.06 07:36 TheMangerine_11 Restricted account. Instagram doesn't send any more codes to my phone number. Do it wait?

Restricted account. Instagram doesn't send any more codes to my phone number. Do it wait?
So I downloaded an app to check followers, then my insta stopped working. I uninstalled the followers checker app and still nothing. The app asked me to verify my phone number but I never received anything. Later, I figured that for some reason I had the number IG uses to send me codes blocked ( I don't recall doing that) after I unblocked it, I had several codes but they were all expired when I tried to used them. Now, the app really won't send me any more codes now that the number is unblocked and it gives me an error messages. I cannt log into my account at all. Every time i log in frim any device, it sends me to the verification by phone page. It's been 24 hours since this happened. Is my account lost forever? What can I do? Please help
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2023.06.06 07:36 lifetimenumberseo Fancy Number

Elevate your communication experience with Fancy Numbers from Life Time Number. Stand out from the crowd with a visually appealing and memorable mobile number that reflects your individuality. Whether for personal or business use, Fancy Numbers add a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to your phone. Choose fancy, choose distinction.
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2023.06.06 07:32 cheekybutcharming Strange Text

Strange Text
I was added to a group chat with a bunch of random numbers and one of the numbers texted my personal phone number to the chat. This is the only message that has been sent in the chat. I got this text a few days ago, I don’t remember getting the notification but that’s not the point. This might just be spam/telemarketing but I thought it was weird. Anyone have an explanation for this?
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2023.06.06 07:28 ArugulaImaginary Onix boox buyer's beware

I am trying to save headache, time, andmoney besides dissappointment to would be victims of a chinese/russian scamco: these 2 busy with fcking up each other in the company they started and that they run on the buyers expense: Do not buy a boox. I have a boox max2 pro. All my gadgets combined never had that much issues than this one. Costumer service is annoying. More busy to ask the serial 4 times than sending a return label. You have to send your reader somewhere. They make up reasons to avoid the not exist warranty. The device is frail, if it doesn't boot they ask screenshots, if it refuses to login they blame on other issues, even their blog is still under development. Even if you bought it on Amazon they make up stories that wasn't an official. Positive: large readable screen. Negative: crazy price if you take in count you have an unreliable device with 2 way shipping fees. And unknowledgeable costumer service team which corresponds for 3 weeks asking your name, phone number times, and you're out of money, reader, and charged with a hefty repair bill after paying almost a thousand a year before. Save your money and get a kindle that is not loosing your whole library... fck them, for fcking us up. Hardtime. The hole company is a revenge of Russia.
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2023.06.06 07:26 68EtnsC6 China Unicom SIM cannot call one specific German number

Hey people, these days I've encountered the following situation: I missed some calls from a German number (+49911881*****) and later tried to call back. Instead of a ringing I get an announcement in English and Chinese that my number has enabled "call barring" and I should disable it before I dial again.
All other calls domestic and foreign work (also confirmed by China Unicom's customer service, no restrictions in place).
I tried to switch the SIM to a new phone, no success. I asked the guy at China Unicom to call the number and he got a ringing instead. Now I feel quite discriminated against🤔
Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?
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2023.06.06 07:21 Educational-Guava-11 I saw a small glimpse of my future in a lucid dream last night (I think)

Hopefully it’s alright to post this (I made a question post asking about it). It’s nothing major but I think it was very awesome to experience.
Something to add (idk if it makes any difference really) but last night before I went to sleep I saw the angel number “333” on my phone.
THE EXPERIENCE - I had multiple lucid dreams last night, waking up between them. At one point I had woken up, and began to “think” as I fell back asleep. I was walking in a parking lot with my girlfriend to get into our car, as soon as I got into the car (passenger side) I became lucid. One of the first things I did was look out the window at the sky, which was a cool/dark blue with a few clouds. I thought to myself “that’s a pretty rare color” and I continued through the dreams. As I woke up I told my friend group about how I had some lucid dreams and then I wrote about them in my journal. Later when my girlfriend got home from work we went to the grocery store (which we hadn’t discussed going whatsoever, nor had I thought about it as I was going to sleep last night) as we were about to pull into the parking lot, I looked at the sky and was a little shocked, the sky’s color was exactly how it was in my lucid dream, the only thing that was different was the clouds, which were still very similar, and I was in the passenger side of the car, which typically I drive half the time so that was a coin flip I guess. I got out of the car once we were in the parking lot and kept thinking about how crazy it was.
First time ever having an experience like this.
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2023.06.06 07:20 code_hunter_cc Mongoose save() not updating value in an array in database document

I am trying to update a document in a collection (units) using GUI and after it gets updated I want to update the value (user.Units which is an array of Unit names) in collection (users). If the array length is just 1 element it gets updated and also shows up in database and everything works well, but when Array of Units have more than one element , I try to update it through a for loop, it shows it gets updated but when I check the database it is still not updated.
I really can't figure out why its not updating the database when I update the value through a loop.
Whole Edit and update function:-
edit\_unit: function (req, res, next) { var Data = req.body; Client_data.Unit.findById(req.params.unitId, function (err, unit) { var error = false; if (err) { error = err; } else if (!unit) { error = "FATAL: unable to look up Unit #" + req.params.unitId; } else { switch(req.body.name) { case 'Icon': var Icon = unit.Icon; User.find({"Units":Icon}, function (err, users) { if (err) console.log(err); users.forEach(function (u) { if (u.Units.length > 1) { for (var i = 0; i <= u.Units.length; i++) { if(u.Units[i] == Icon) { u.Units[i] = req.body.value; } } } else { u.Units = req.body.value; } u.save(u); }); }); unit[req.body.name] = req.body.value; break; case 'Description': unit[req.body.name] = req.body.value; break; default: unit[req.body.name] = req.body.value; break; } var data = JSON.stringify(req.body); unit.save(); res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Length': data.length, 'Content-Type': 'application/json' }); res.end(data); } });} req.body:-
{ name: 'Icon', value: 'Health Utility 22c', pk: '5395ed107cd92dc40eaafb56' } User Schema:-
var userSchema = mongoose.Schema({UserName: { type: String, required: true },Password: { type: String },FirstName: { type: String, required: true },LastName: { type: String, required: true },CompanyName: { type: String },PhoneNumber: { type: Number },StartDate: { type: Date, required: true },EndDate: { type: Date, required: true, default: new Date('9999-12-12') },ClientID: { type: ObjectId, ref: 'Client', default: null },DepartmentID: { type: ObjectId, ref: 'Department' },ManagerID: { type: ObjectId, ref: 'User', default: null},Units: [ { type: String, required: true } ],UserList: { type: Array, default:[]},Access: [{ type: String, enum: ['DEMO', 'USER','MANAGER','ADMINISTRATOR','OWNER']}],Credentials: { type: String },AFTE: { type: Number},SessionID: { type: String, default: null }}, { safe: true });
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/arrays/mongoose-save-not-updating-value-in-an-array-in-database-document
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2023.06.06 07:18 EvWeez2001 2020 Graduate Here With A Story About A Bully Who Was An Asshole During High School But I Feel Bad About Him Now Because I Was Later Told Why

So, a quick side note. As the title says, I graduated with the class of 2020 during the pandemic. Even though being separated from my friends was a tough pill to swallow while getting through school at home, I managed to make it to the end and I'm proud that I did.
A second side note is that this is gonna be a long post, so just stay with me here and read to the end.
Anyway, the main story is about a student who was just another bully that other students would avoid. Except he wasn't a bully that would beat up any students. He was the type that sometimes didn't know when to keep his mouth shut. And I actually don't remember if he would target any other students besides me. Also, I remember learning that he has Autism, which explained some of the things that he would do.
Now, I also have Autism, but I'm very high functioning, meaning you wouldn't know I have it unless I told you. And I'm able to do what a lot of other people with Autism can't do, but I still have my kinks. And I remember that this student was kind of a mixture of low and high functioning, as he would do things and talk about things that were sometimes okay and sometimes not okay.
Anyway, the different things that this student would do and talk about sometimes made him look like an absolute nutcase to me and a lot of other students. I remember just having a personal hatred towards this student, as he would find different ways to really irritate me on a regular basis. What made it worse is that he rode the bus to school with me and junior year ended up having his assigned locker right next to mine. We even had a couple of classes together Senior year, which made the situation even worse.
Out of all the things he did to irritate me, there was one that made me shout at him and I nearly wanted to start to physically get him to stop messing with me and to leave me alone. The two of us happened to be standing near each other in the same area, which happened to be in front of the service desk.
As I was minding my own business, he said my name to get my attention, but did it in a really weird voice tone that sounded like he was flirting with me, which made me tell myself to prepare for him to say something stupid. I calmly responded asking what he wanted, and in the same flirty voice tone, preceeded to tell me that I'm cute. I knew for a fact that he wasn't gay, and neither am I, so him saying that immediately pissed me off. If it was a female student that had said that to me, I would have acted differently. But since it was him, I was fuming. And he had already done a lot of things to me in the past, leading up to that moment.
I turned around and started yelling at him to leave me alone. What made me even more pissed off is that he had this stupid evil looking smirk on his face, which almost made me lash out and punch him. I was stopped by one of the adults standing near us, and was told to walk away and calm down. I should add, a few of the teachers, the guidance counselor, and the school director knew about my situation of me hating that student, so they would always help me try and calm down whenever I had an anger filled interaction with him.
Another thing this student would do would happen sometimes on the bus ride to school. He would pull out his phone and open up YouTube. He would play this video that is, in my opinion, one of the most uncalled for videos on YouTube. It was a video that played a song that was created by one of the terrorist groups in the Middle East. If I remember correctly, the song would talk about the group's beliefs and the different war related things they would do. And the student would not only play that song out loud on the bus, but he had listened to it so many times that he was able to sing along with it, and not in English, but in the Arabic language.
I'm also not the only person that hated this student during school, there were several other students that would also avoid him the best they could. I'm also surprised that this student had his own group of friends, considering what type of person he was.
I also would sometimes see him sit in class and do nothing, meaning he wouldn't do any assignments on certain days and wouldn't turn them in for grading. We were also in the same grade each year, so going towards the end of senior year meant being given assignments that would impact our grade to help us graduate. And honestly, from what I would witness him do involving assignments that were critical for our grades, I would not be at all surprised if he didn't graduate. I actually don't know if he did or not, but the things he would do makes me think that he probably didn't.
So, as a apart of the title, I said that I feel bad about him now, because I was told later why he was doing what he did, with sometimes not knowing when to shut up and doing and saying things that were just downright stupid and uncalled for.
If I remember correctly, this student didn't have the best personal home life. His parents would ignore him a lot and didn't at all try to help him with his form of Autism. As a result, he became who he was in school when socializing with other students. He was always doing different weird things around different people because he always craved receiving attention from everyone around him. It sometimes makes me think that since high school is over, his social life might not be doing so good, because as I said, he was always craving attention from other people. I honestly hope he's not as lonely as I think he is. Unless there's the possible chance that he was held back from graduating which would at least give him some kind of social life with other students.
I hope that he's doing okay these days. He explained at one point during school that he doesn't have any form of social media, so there's no way to contact him except by a regular phone number or through other people. I honestly wouldn't even try to get into contact with him anyway, since I think there's a possibility that he still has his bullshit, attention-craving personality.
I hope I didn't sound rude or offensive at any point towards him in this post, but if I did, then I apologize. But what I explained in this post is just what I experienced whenever I interacted with him. I wish I would explain some of the other things he did, but it would be a little more difficult to try and describe, since I don't entirely remember a lot of the things he did. But I know that he did more than enough to make me brand him a complete asshole, even though I was told why he was the type of person he was known to be.
Anyway, I'll end this here, since I've basically run out of things to say, lol. If any of you readers enjoyed this or something, then that's fine. But if any of you didn't, then that's fine too. I'm sure there's gonna be mixed reactions. Peace out.
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2023.06.06 07:12 annamistich13 Harassment from an abusive ex boyfriend in another state

Hey there! So this is actually for my close friend. Her ex boyfriend who lives in Oregon won’t stop trying to contact her and harass her. They’ve been broken up for a year, and she’s living in Colorado now. She’s recently started talking to someone new and today the ex boyfriend somehow found out about him, proceeded to text and harass him, and then send multiple unsolicited sex tapes to him that involved the ex boyfriend and my friend. They both have him blocked on all forms of social media and phone numbers, but he keeps making new accounts to find them and send them messages etc. from what it sounds like to me I think he might have her passwords to some of her social media or other accounts. Does anyone know if there’s anything she can do legally to get him to leave her alone? Since he’s in another state I don’t know if there’s anything she can do, or if the laws differ between Oregon and CO. TIA!
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2023.06.06 07:10 youritresultsweb Tips and tricks to safely using email

It is critical for Calgary businesses to take precautions against cyber threats. This is where cyber security services enter the picture. You can assure the safety and security of your email by using these services.
Always use a strong, one-of-a-kind password for your email account. Instead of utilising easily guessed words or phrases, use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Consider using a password manager to help you remember your login details.
Next, exercise extreme caution when opening emails from unknown senders. These may contain malicious links or attachments that could damage your computer or steal your personal information. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email, do not click on any links or download any attachments. Instead, get in touch with the sender personally to confirm their authenticity.
It's also critical to be on the lookout for phishing scams. These are emails that look to be from trusted sources but are intended to deceive you into disclosing critical information. If an email appears questionable, do not react or click on any links in it. Instead, report the email to your email provider as spam.
Another piece of advice is to avoid sending personal information over email. This information contains your full name, address, phone number, and, most importantly, financial information. Before submitting this information to a company or individual, confirm their identity through a trustworthy source.
Additionally, ensure that your machine is running the most recent endpoint security software. This will aid in the protection against viruses and other malware that may be sent via email.
Finally, to assist protect your email, consider adopting cyber security services. These services, such as encrypted emails and two-factor authentication, can add extra layers of security. This can help protect your personal information and prevent unauthorised access to your account.
Finally, in today's digital world, utilising email safely is critical. You may defend yourself from cyber dangers and keep your email safe and secure by following the tips and methods listed above and utilising cyber security services.
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2023.06.06 07:08 peeposunflower What number do I call to call in absent

No questions just phone number please
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2023.06.06 07:05 agitatedjuror789 my ForeverAloneness has caused me to become a bit of a creep

I go to the gym as an advice(it's supposed to make you feel better). I used to be really shy but this need to really have a friend/companion(I'm not even talking sexually/romantically) has caused me to just put myself out there.
I saw this guy at the gym that I really really liked so I approached him. Not romantically or sexually but just as a friend/bro type (I'm a gay guy)....just asking him what he does for work etc. Then eventually I make the move of asking for his number. (Again, just to hang out, not on a date) He was actually friendly and he is the one who took out his phone and handed it to me so I put my number... but he never texted me. I have done this a couple times with like 2 other guys and again, people are usually kind and give me their number(or they take mine) but it never goes beyond that. They don't text me (if they are the ones who take my number) or they don't respond(if I'm the one who takes their number and I text them later).
I don't really do this with every single guy on the gym of course....just if there's one that I really really I mean really like...but in a gym that's not hard to find.
So the fact that I don't hear back makes me understand that they are just not interested and that I should leave them alone. But then it becomes awkward because I go to the gym again and I see them and it's just awkward.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't like that....and I know it's not good and not cool...but then I see everyone around me in the world...everyone is partnered up so it's a basic human need...except that for most people it's an easy one to satisfy...but for some unlucky ones like us, it's not.
So now going to the gym is an awkward experience cause I will see all those people who rejected me. Maybe I will switch gyms but I know I will end up doing the same in the other gym....and so on and so forth...
sucks because everyone giving advice says going to the gym helps them feel better...not to me.
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Did this every resolve for you?
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2023.06.06 06:54 Avenger3611 Request for help identifying artist/record.

Need help identifying record I recently purchased.
Hello! I know this is an unusual post on this sub but I need help identifying a record I purchased yesterday at my local store. I've scoured Discogs, Googled based on lyrics, the phone number, anything. No luck. I figured we've got some serious collectors here that could maybe help identify this record for me!
The music sounds like mid to late 90s techno with some samples about outer space and the future. The music is a little unsettling techno/industrial/EBM dance grooves with spacey synth sounds. One prominent sample is "We're creating a race of robots" in what sounds like an old 50s or 60s broadcast. The music reminds me of the album Neptune's Lair by Drexciya while the samples sound a little like "Meet the future face to face" off Danny Brown's song Outer Space or Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches.
I've included photos of the inner label. The etched matched on Sound Control side is "Sound Control II sjx Jt MIAMI TAPE" and the Future of Eternity side is "Future B II MIAMI TAPE s-tx Jt".
I would appreciate any leads and all suggestions so I can add this unknown record onto Discogs and explore further!
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2023.06.06 06:53 Avenger3611 Request for help identifying an artist/record I purchased recently

Need help identifying record I recently purchased.
Hello! I know this is an unusual post on this sub but I need help identifying a record I purchased yesterday at my local store. I've scoured Discogs, Googled based on lyrics, the phone number, anything. No luck. I figured we've got some serious collectors here that could maybe help identify this record for me!
The music sounds like mid to late 90s techno with some samples about outer space and the future. The music is a little unsettling techno/industrial/EBM dance grooves with spacey synth sounds. One prominent sample is "We're creating a race of robots" in what sounds like an old 50s or 60s broadcast. The music reminds me of the album Neptune's Lair by Drexciya while the samples sound a little like "Meet the future face to face" off Danny Brown's song Outer Space or Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches.
I've included photos of the inner label. The etched matched on Sound Control side is "Sound Control II sjx Jt MIAMI TAPE" and the Future of Eternity side is "Future B II MIAMI TAPE s-tx Jt".
I would appreciate any leads and all suggestions so I can add this unknown record onto Discogs and explore further!
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2023.06.06 06:46 Avenger3611 [Wanted] Identify This Record/Artist for Me!

Hello! I know this is an unusual post on this sub but I need help identifying a record I purchased yesterday at my local store. I've scoured Discogs, Googled based on lyrics, the phone number, anything. No luck. I figured we've got some serious collectors here that could maybe help identify this record for me!
The music sounds like mid to late 90s techno with some samples about outer space and the future. The music is a little unsettling techno/industrial/EBM dance grooves with spacey synth sounds. One prominent sample is "We're creating a race of robots" in what sounds like an old 50s or 60s broadcast. The music reminds me of the album Neptune's Lair by Drexciya while the samples sound a little like "Meet the future face to face" off Danny Brown's song Outer Space or Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches.
I've included photos of the inner label. The etched matched on Sound Control side is "Sound Control II sjx Jt MIAMI TAPE" and the Future of Eternity side is "Future B II MIAMI TAPE s-tx Jt".
I would appreciate any leads and all suggestions so I can add this unknown record onto Discogs and explore further!
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2023.06.06 06:45 FoggyGlassEye The Only, Part Twenty-Two: The Bride

The Shattered Mirror was exactly what Justin expected it to be. The shelves were cluttered, a disorganized mess of books, baubles and crystals meant to pull in the superstitious and otherwise gullible. It practically begged him not to be taken seriously, but Lee swore by it and so did her new medium friend, so it was worth a look.
The problem was, Justin didn’t know what he was looking for.
Their little stakeout of the Pearl District was a bit of a disaster. Allen finally came face to face with the Black Widow, and now Milo’s phone was going straight to voicemail. Lee and Allen were out looking for him at the waterfront, near the end of the streetcar line, and in the meantime, Justin had no idea how to be of use.
He perused the merchandise, hoping that something would jump out at him as capital i Important, but it felt less like browsing a magic shop and more like passing through someone’s mediocre garage sale.
“Cal I help you?” a woman called from the counter at the far end of the store. Her hair was a storm of curled dark grays, her narrow, calculating eyes almost lost amongst the strands. She looked him up and down, getting the measure of him. “Looking for something specific?”
Justin sighed. “Not really,” he admitted, approaching the counter. “My friend Lee was here recently, bought some holy water? I was hoping to find something else to help us out.”
“Oh, Ethan’s friend,” she said, her smile shifting from professional to honest. “Always nice to meet a friend of a friend.” She offered her hand. “I’m Joanne.”
“Justin,” he replied, shaking her hand. “Yeah, nice to meet you.”
She crossed her arms. “Still having that vampire problem?”
He smiled awkwardly, taken aback by how casually she brought it up. Guess this is the world I live in, now, he realized. Lee told me that Ethan believed her right off the bat. That’s probably the standard in these circles. “Well that’s the thing- I feel like we’re still fighting with our eyes closed, here. We’re all new to…” he trailed off, gesturing behind him, to the store full of curios.
“Could always talk to an expert,” the woman suggested. She held a finger up, then disappeared behind her counter for a moment. “Here we go,” she exhaled, standing back up with a rolodex of business cards. She took a close look at one of the cards, nodded to herself, then wrote the information down on a slip of paper. “He lives up in Willamette Heights. Don’t ring the doorbell, and don’t knock hard. He won’t ask you to take off your shoes, but do it anyway. He should be able to get you started.”
Justin took the paper. “Thank you,” he mumbled, surprised by her willingness to help. He hadn’t had much experience dealing with people in the city, but the constant of everyone he’d run into was that they were often polite, but rarely so kind. “So who is this guy? Is he like an arms dealer or something?”
Joanne shook her head. “He’s a historian. His family goes back to before the founding of Portland, back when the city was a coin toss away from being called Boston. He can tell you anything about the city, and if you tell him I sent you, he can even tell you the truth. Just be respectful, alright?”
“I will,” he promised, pocketing the paper. “Hey, I gotta ask: you don’t owe me anything and we’re strangers, so why are you helping me?”
She laughed softly, then sighed. “You’re in the real world now, kid. There’s no guidebook to help you survive it. That feeling of fighting with your eyes closed? You don’t undo that, you just get used to it. May as well help whoever you can when you bump into them, and hope they’ll do the same for you.”
* * *
“We’re here,” the driver said, stopping just before the driveway.
“Thanks,” Justin replied, opening the door and stepping out of the vehicle.
“Remember to rate five stars!” the driver yelled before making a U-turn and heading back down towards the city.
Willamette Heights was a beautiful neighborhood. The trees were so dense that it felt like civilization stopped at the backyards of the two and three-story houses the lined the streets. These weren’t paint-by-numbers, mass manufactured McMansions; they each had their own style, their own character. It was a quiet place, hidden in the shadow of the city. A perfect place to raise a family, and a perfect place to spend the twilight of one’s life.
From the sidewalk, the house seemed quite pleasant at first- the winding stone walkway up towards the front door, the garage built into the hill like a Hobbit hole, the trees looming over the front lawn in an inviting, “take a load off and enjoy the shade” kind of way- but that all stopped at the actual front of the house. All of the curtains were drawn, and all of the windows were barred. “What is this, the fucking Elm Street house?” Justin asked, feeling as though he were walking down the plank as he approached the bright red front door.
He stopped himself from ringing the doorbell, lightly knocking on the door as instructed. Before he had time to consider whether to knock again, the door swung open.
The historian was an imposing figure, nearly as tall as the doorframe. The hair atop his head had long ago receded, but his lengthy beard was nearly long enough to tuck into the belt of his bathrobe. He seemed thin, impossibly thin, but not brittle.
“Mr. Roland? Joanne sent me.”
“Of course she did.” He stepped aside, but did not invite Justin in. He simply waited.
“Yeah, I don’t bite,” Justin joked, stepping inside. He removed his shoes and left that at the door.
The house was as dusty as The Shattered Mirror, but not quite so cluttered. The walls of the entryway were bare, save for crosses secured above and to the sides of each doorway. “Follow me,” the historian instructed, stepping through an open pair of double doors down the hall.
Justin followed, and found himself in an incredible personal library. There were several rows of bookshelves between the doorway and the far end of the room, where the historian stepped behind a large walnut desk. The walls were lined with shelves, and the shelves were filled to bursting with books. As Justin approached the desk, he read a few of the labels at the ends of the rows. “Demonology, Manifestations, The Vetus… something tells me you don’t have a horror section, here.”
“Everything is horror if you allow yourself to be afraid,” the historian said, taking his seat. “You’re not here for that.”
“I’ve already been afraid,” Justin admitted. He took the single seat in front of the desk, wondering why there weren’t two. “I’ll be the first to admit, however, that I don’t know why I’m here.”
The historian opened one of the desk drawers and retrieved a small rectangular box. He opened it, placing it before him, and looked intently at it. Justin leaned forward, and saw that it was a small compass. The box was a dark brown wood, nearly black, and the needle was solid white. The needle was spinning steadily counter-clockwise, but as the historian glared at it, it suddenly stopped, pointing directly at Justin. That isn’t north, he noted, wondering what else it could mean.
“I know why you’re here,” the historian said, closing the box and returning it to the desk. “You need help, and there’s only one kind that I can provide. What do you need to know?” He leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers together.
Justin squirmed in his seat. “There’s a vampire in Portland. We’re trying to kill her.”
The historian frowned. “The girl? She’s only active during snowstorms, and the weather’s clearing up.”
“No, this is a woman,” Justin corrected. “She hunts men every three weeks like clockwork- always lonely, single guys who think they’re getting lucky. She was gone for a while, but we know she’s been active on and off for a few years, now.”
One of the historian’s eyebrows slowly began to rise at the description. “She wears disguises, yes?” He opened another drawer and began rummaging through it.
“Yeah, actually. We’re calling her the Black Widow, but that’s just a nickname. We don’t know her real name.”
“I might,” the historian replied, retrieving a leather-bound book from the drawer. He pawed through it for a moment before stopping on a page near the end of the book. “Here,” he said, turning the book over and tapping over one of the pages.
Justin tried to read the page, but had trouble at first. It was written by hand, and it had been a while since he’d last read cursive handwriting. It was a journal. The entry was from September 22nd, 1892:
The children whisper of her again, of the woman in white. They say that she wanders the sunset woods under moonlight. They say she dances across the waters of the Willamette, but not on the suspension bridge. They say that one cannot see her with the naked eye, that she only appears in the reflections of the water itself. They say her face changes, but her broken heart remains still. They say she cries out for lost love and spilled blood.
A man was found in the sunset woods on the west side of the Willamette, drained of his life’s blood without a drop on his person. He was last seen with a woman no one recognized. This has happened before, and if Satan has his way, it will happen again.
The men tell me it was a witch. The women believe it was a ghost. I know it is a demon, but not what it wants.
I wonder if it is her- the bride!- but she is only a rumor, a story we know not to tell our children as we were told, lest they inherit our nightmares and the figures we see in the shadows. Still… they do not know the story, but they say she is dressed in white.
I only know two things to be true. There is a God watching us, and he suffers no fools. We will barricade the doors and not answer when she comes calling. We will not stray.
“The woman in white?” Justin asked, looking up from the journal.
The historian nodded. “The Bride, yes. Many believed that she was a phantom, a poltergeist of a woman whose husband was taken from her before they could say their vows. However, there is the occasional mention throughout that time of men found dead, drained of their blood, leading to some- myself included- speculating that there could be a vampire involved in this tragedy.”
“So it’s a vampire that people think is a ghost?” Justin scoffed. “What, do they think ghosts bite people?”
“Yes,” the historian replied, nodding thoughtfully. After a moment, he let a soft chuckle escape him, then frowned. “Well, poltergeists actually might- if they made a habit of biting in life, that is. Either way, the vampire responsible for killing these men over a century ago may be your Black Widow.”
Justin rubbed his eyes. “So how does knowing that help us? What do we do?”
“What you do,” the historian corrected, “is look for the Bride.”
“Listen, we need a way to track her down and kill her. Learning when and why she was turned into a vampire doesn’t help us.”
The historian nodded again. “You’re right. However, finding the Bride will help you.”
“We know where she is. She lives in the Pearl District.” Justin poked at the journal. “This is fun history and all, but it doesn’t help us kill her.”
Closing the book and returning it to its drawer, the historian steepled his fingers together again and leaned back. “Why are you pursuing the Black Widow?”
“She’s a killer, and no one else knows she exists.” Justin could feel his cheeks reddening.
The historian smiled knowingly. “You know why she should die. Why does it have to be you, specifically?”
Justin felt a cold chill wash over him. This guy’s gotta be a mind reader or something. “My friend went missing a few years ago,” he admitted. “He doesn’t really fit her pattern, but he disappeared without a trace and she was active at the time. It’s the only lead on him that I’ve got. I know it’s a long shot, but I need to know if she killed him.”
“I understand,” the historian said, stroking his beard in contemplation. He seemed to be considering something, but Justin didn’t know what. “If this Black Widow were to learn your personal motivations, do you think she could find a way to leverage it against you?”
“Sure,” Justin agreed.
“The Bride is somehow connected to the Black Widow,” the historian replied. “To know what happened to her is to know who you’re facing. This could be your leverage. This could be your weapon.”
“So who do we think she is?” Justin asked, leaning forward.
The historian smiled. “I don’t know her name, but I know where she’s been spotted.” He rummaged through another drawer briefly before retrieving a paper, unfolding it to reveal a worn map of the state. He circled a spot near the Willamette, south of Portland. “There’s a manor in West Linn, not far from the Arch Bridge. Some say it’s haunted. I’m inclined to agree. Go there. Seek her out. Learn her story.”
Justin took the map, folding it back up. “Thank you, Mr. Roland,” he said. “When this is all over, maybe I’ll have a story worth telling you.”
The historian’s smile left him. “Oh, I know how this story ends, and it’s not one I’ll wish to hear again. Good luck, Justin.”
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2023.06.06 06:39 PunisherGNR45 Account Recovery Paradox

I changed the time and date on my PC and that caused Google to log me out.
I haven't logged into that account for awhile so I have long forgotten the password and if it's written down somewhere I can't remember where.
I thought this was no big deal because I have access to the phone number attached to this account.
So I go to account recovery and it sends me a text message with a recovery code which I enter in (although strangely when it asks me to pick a recovery method the phone number option is listed twice, with both options being identical right down fo my number).
And then this brilliant genius big brained website asks me to enter in a second code... One sent to my gmail... The gmail I'm currently trying to recover and won't have access to until I change that password.
Imagine locking your keys in your car, calling a locksmith and when they pull up they ask to borrow your keys to get the door open.
I didn't set up a recovery email because I though that a phone number would suffice like literally every other website does and even a Google made guide explaining how to recover accouns shows that a phone number is supposed to work.
Sorry if this post comes off too negative, I'm just very frustrated by this turn of events and a lot of indicators are pointing to the account just being lost and of course Google doesn't care enough to have some type of direct support system, just their basic FAQs.
Am I just screwed or is their anything I can do to recover this account... An account I have the Username, First name, Last name and phone number for, access to the computer I've almost exclusively used that account on and only lack a recovery email? Is that one oversight really costing me my account?
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2023.06.06 06:30 backbayfraturday91 Hi, this is just my phone number. It’s down right now but when I’m up and running again this should be it. Doesn’t mean you have to take it or text me; just means you have a right to know it

Hi, this is just my phone number. It’s down right now but when I’m up and running again this should be it. Doesn’t mean you have to take it or text me; just means you have a right to know it submitted by backbayfraturday91 to u/backbayfraturday91 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 06:23 Manish2302 4 Reasons why companies have low performing recruitment agencies

Enterprises rely on a pool of recruitment agencies and staffing companies to fulfill their talent needs. While hiring through agencies is advantageous, many companies find themselves working with a large number of low-performing agencies that fail to deliver the desired results. As in many other situations, the Pareto principle applies here, with a majority of open positions being filled by a relatively small number of agencies leading to a long tail of low-performing agencies. Companies cannot wish away the long tail since, at times, these agencies do fill important positions. However, the sporadic nature of their performance creates a lot of uncertainty in the minds of the enterprise recruiter who has little idea of what to expect from the long tail.
‍In this blog, we will explore four key reasons why companies often have a large volume of low-performing recruitment agencies and the importance of engaging a vendor-neutral VMS

Reasons for low-performing recruitment agencies

#1 Information asymmetry

Information asymmetry is a significant contributing factor to the prevalence of low-performing recruitment agencies in companies. Some vendors tend to get preferential treatment, in that, they receive better quality and timely information about the requirements of a job than others. This creates an uneven playing field and puts the lesser preferred recruitment agencies at a disadvantage. In such situations, the more informed agencies tend to submit better quality resumes than others, leading to a discrepancy in the quality of candidates being presented.
‍To address the issue of information asymmetry, companies must take steps to ensure that all recruitment agencies have equal access to job requirements and candidate feedback. This may involve establishing clear communication channels with agencies, defining expectations and performance metrics, and utilizing advanced monitoring tools to measure agency performance. A culture of transparency and collaboration can go a long way in fostering productive partnerships between companies and their recruitment agencies.

#2 Poor communication between talent acquisition teams and agencies

Communication between enterprise recruiters and recruitment agencies happens through different channels the primary ones being emails, phone calls, and text messages. These channels are disparate and fragmented often leading to communication breakdown which in turn leads to the information asymmetry discussed above. Companies should establish clear lines of communication with their recruitment agencies and set expectations from the start. This will help ensure that both parties are on the same page and that everyone knows what is expected of them.

#3 Lack of tools to monitor agency performance

Metrics such as time-to-fill, resume shortlist ratio, and agency responsiveness are crucial indicators of agency performance. By tracking these metrics and regularly reviewing performance, companies can make informed decisions about which agencies to continue working with and which ones to replace. While some MSP/VMS programs offer this as a service, there is a dearth of digital tools to measure and monitor agency performance forcing companies to rely on traditional methods to track performance.
To address the lack of tools to monitor agency performance, companies can implement VMS and ATS with reporting capabilities. Establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with agencies for clear expectations. Regularly review performance using metrics like time-to-fill and resume shortlist ratio. Leverage available technologies and data analytics to enhance monitoring and decision-making.

#4 Inability to segment agencies based on competencies

No matter how much a recruitment agency claims to be a “Jack of all”, they tend to have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some may specialize in specific industries or job functions, while others may have expertise in a particular geographic region. Companies that fail to segment their recruitment agencies based on strengths and competencies may end up working with low-performing agencies that lack the necessary expertise to fill roles. By segmenting agencies based on competencies, companies can ensure that they are working with agencies that have the right experience and knowledge to meet their specific hiring needs.

Choosing a vendor-neutral Vendor Management System

Businesses aspiring to stay competitive are increasingly focusing on choosing the right vendor management system (VMS) as a way to improve agency performance and operational efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline their end-to-end hiring process.
Today, all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) rely on Vendor Management Systems (VMS), to streamline engagements between enterprises and agencies. However, one of the key drawbacks of MSP/VMS programs is the lack of vendor neutrality. MSPs also function as staffing agencies at the back end, leading to a potential conflict of interest as they prioritize filling open requisitions with their own candidates. This results in a lack of fairness and transparency and potentially disadvantages all stakeholders in the value chain viz., enterprises, vendors, and candidates.
CBREX’s new-age cloud-based VMS is vendor-neutral. It creates a level playing field for all agencies while keeping the interests of its enterprise customers paramount. The platform nature of the CBREX VMS enables enterprises to quickly move all their existing recruitment agencies and engage with them digitally. Enterprises can also choose to work with more than 4000 agencies and staffing firms already registered on the platform. A key advantage existing agencies bring is that they are specialists and their ratings are available on the platform. Agency analytics, real-time feedback, and rating mechanism available on the platform increases transparency and helps enterprises to hire better quality talent 3x faster and at costs that are 30-70% lower.
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