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2023.06.01 01:02 ThanosWasRight96 The dumb and the dumber

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2023.06.01 01:02 UltimateShinobi3243 How I would change the series part 2(season 2 of classic)

link to part 1:
Once again this is production order and if an episode isn't mentioned then that means that no changes were made
Truth: Max tells Ben about his suspicions about Phil but Gwen goes with Phil because she feels that if she became a plumber then she might finally be able to help out during fights. Ben and Max take down Phil without the projector
Framed: Kevin still does crimes, but this time he does it for the specific purpose of drawing Ben out so that he and Animo can launch an attack. They both get defeated by Max and Ben and lieutenant steel doesn't suspect them due to aliens not being the ones doing crimes this time
Grudge match: Ben and Kevin still get taken to the battleship cruiser but while they are there Kevin detransforms back into normal after a fights and it is revealed that his mutations are only temporary(I'm following a lot of classic's logic in this AU and the reason Kevin's forms were permanent was cus of the omnitrix energy but he lacks this here) and that he has to keep reabsorbing DNA from Amino's mutants. Eventually Kevin manages to get his hands on the Omnitrix and turns into the classic series mutation. The rest happens as normal
The Galactic enforcers: Max recognizes them as the weird 'superheroes' the the plumbers had to deal with(saw this in a post and just had to add it. Also the plumbers are still an intergalactic police force although its only called the plumbers on its earth division). Ben sees them as jokes and he and Max stop sixsix and Vulcanus from building the bomb
Ghostfreaked out: The part where Gwen gets possessed doesn't happen because she isn't even there due to Max forbidding her from joining in on fights
Camp fear: Ben and Gwen argue due to Gwen being left out instead of them sharing a birthday. Max doesn't get captured and he and Ben beat the mushroom thing
Tough luck: Gwen sneaks onto the skyscraper while Ben and Max are fighting Charmcaster and Hex. She steals Charmcaster's bag when she gets knocked out and starts secretly practicing it
Dr Animo and the mutant ray: Doesn't happen because Ben is a bit more disciplined and mature in this so he doesn't try hitting the watch with a screwdriver
Back with a vengeance: NOW they go to mt Rushmore to get extra gear. Vilgax gets a bit of an amp from Animo after hearing about him from Kevin(Forgot to mention, this Vilgax has the tentacle ability that reboot had , the amp he got from animo was a stat boost and the bombs that future Vilgax had). No one is sent to the null void due to Max not having the projector but ben still gives up the master control and the Omnitrix to save Gwen but she is able to get a hold of it while Max takes Kevin and Vilgax down using the extra weaponry, help from the Galactic Enforcers and some plumber reinforcements(Vilgax being near earth has been made public knowledge after his first defeat, so the plumbers stepped in to see what he was up to). Vilgax is defeated once again and he and Kevin are imprisoned in the Null void by the plumber reinforcements. Gwen is reluctant to give the Omnitrix back to ben due to her wanting to use it for herself and be a hero and even initially hides it but does end up giving it back to Ben. Ben and Max apologize to her about not including her and after seeing that she can hold her own with her smarts and Charmcaster's bag, start including her in training. Vilgax seethes in rage while in the Null void and takes his anger out on Kevin, utterly destroying him(He survives tho, just barely). As vilgax goes on his rage filled rampage across the Null void he has a flashback about getting into a fight with someone that look eerily similar to ben...
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2023.06.01 01:01 JoshAsdvgi The Fire That Never Dies „

The Fire That Never Dies „

The Fire That Never Dies „

Haudenosaunee – People of the Longhouse ,
traditionalists who carry on the still living heritage of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy

The Peacemaker proclaimed :

„ If any man or nation shows a desire to obey the Law of the Great Peace, they may trace the roots to their source, and be welcomed to take shelter beneath the Tree. „

From their base in what is now upstate New York, their influence extended from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River
( located in the northeastern region of North America) . Originally the Six Nations was five and included the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas.
The Mohawk were Keepers of the Eastern Door and the Seneca Keepers of the Western Door.
In the middle were the Onondaga , Keepers of the Central Fire.
Together these peoples comprise the oldest living participatory democracy on earth.
Their story, and governance truly based on the consent of the governed, contains a great deal of life-promoting intelligence for those of us not familiar with this area of American history.
The historic „two-row” wampum belt commemorates early treaties between the Iroquois and white men.
The two rows symbolize two vessels traveling down the same river : a canoe and a ship, representing Indians and whites. They travel side by side, neither interfering with the other.

„ In our canoe we have all our laws, culture, and beliefs and in your vessel you shall have all your laws, culture, and beliefs, traveling side by side through life as equals never enforcing or interfering in each others affairs as long as the sun shall shine the grass shall grow and the rivers shall flow this will be everlasting . „

Only one fearsome Onondaga stood in their way : the original Tadodaho – a wizard with snakes in his hair who was ultimately won over by Hiawatha and the Peacemaker.
The native American Prophet the Peacemaker planted the Tree of Peace ( a magnificent white pine ) on Onondaga Lake’s shore and gave the Haudenosaunee the Great Law of Peace that would later serve as basis for American Democracy.
It is where democracy was born.
The Five Nations buried their weapons of war.
The Iroquois Tree of Peace finds its roots in a man named, Dekanavidah, the peace giver.
Four long roots, called the „ white roots of peace „ , streched out from the tree in the four sacred directions.

The speech ( above ) expressed the hope that the new Americans and the Iroquois act
„ as one people , and have but one heart „ .
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2023.06.01 01:01 monkiki62 Does this sound like crps?

Okay so this is in my trunk muscles and neck muscles. I have constant muscle spasms and damage. I had gotten trigger point injections and since then my muscles spasmed even worse, im getting bad strains just from sitting and idek how bad the strains are because its not like i can get an ultrasound everytime i have a strain mainly because doctors just wont do that. My muscles are super tight, inflamed to the point where i was having issues breathing, got a shot of toradol which did nothing for pain but calmed some of the inflammation and i can feel tingling and prickly feeling on occassion but no numbess. Definitely atrophy and weakness. It feels like im on fire, disgustingly on fire. It doesn’t seem to follow a dermatome path? The pain is so bad ive been vomiting on occassion and it burns more if i walk like say in a store and then i have to rest for days to even get some minor improvement. If i touch my skin it is extremely tender and raw, i cannot even law on my back and if i try to the burning gets worse and my muscles pulsate. Doctors will not help me at all and dont know. I went to ER who did nothing. Im seriously about to throw myself off a building and i dont even know what kind of doctor i could try next, I’ve honestly seen all except for vascular. I have a neurologist but he doesn’t listen to anything i say. Im wondering if its just extreme muscle damage and maybe i had compartment syndrome or something? Because with crps it says your skin changes color and i dont have that. What do you guys think??
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2023.06.01 01:01 ItsDobby Newbie micro soldering question

Hi guys, I’m a somewhat experienced repair technician and I’ve repaired my fair share of devices over the time, but I’ve recently felt burned out and decided to try micro soldering, and as a newbie in this field I’d like to ask what were some of your first micro soldering jobs?
And if anyone conveniently has a list of micro soldering tasks in a difficulty order ranging from charging coil on an iPhone to a cpu reball, then feel free to drop it in here!
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.01 01:01 stlatos PIE and Armenian K

IE changes to velars (K) often seem irregular, and since these include k > x & *h > k, it is likely that PIE h1 = x^, h2 = x, h3 = xW.

G. kúmbos ‘vessel/goblet’, Skt. kumbhá-s ‘japitchewater japot’, Av. xumba-
*xamanto-s > R. xomút ‘horse’s harness’, Li. kãmanos ‘leather bridle’
*k^alh- > L. calēre ‘be warm’, Lt. silt ‘grow warm’, salts, Li. šáltas ‘cold’, R. xolod ‘cold’
? > *xalpikiko-s > Slavic *xolpĭčĭkŭ ‘boy / young servant’, TB kālpśke ‘youth / boy’
*kaudh-? > OP xauda- ‘cap’, Av. xaōda- ‘helmet’
Skt. kardama- ‘mud’, NP xard ‘muddy place’
Skt. kharjura- ‘silver’, Greek árguros ‘silver’
*h3ost- > G. ostéon ‘bone’, OCS kostĭ, L. costa ‘rib’
*xWokW- >> L. oculus ‘eye’; *xWokW-ixto- >> Li. akytas ‘having eyes’, L. *xokwel-it- ‘having (one) eye’ > cocules ‘one-eyed’
*prdumxo- > Kh. purdùm ‘leopard’, Skt. prdakū-, prdākhu- ‘leopard/tigesnake’
*kxapros > OIc. hafr ‘male goat’, L. caper, *gGapro-s > OIr. gabor, *xałfros > Arm. k’ał ‘male goat’
*kenh- / *kanh- > Arm. kanxem ‘rise up/hurry/go first/arrive before’, OIr. cinim ‘spring / descend from’

*kap-ye- > L. capiō ‘seize/take’, G. káptō ‘gulp down’, Go. hafjan, OIc hefja ‘lift’
*gab- > Arm. kapem ‘bind’
*ghabh- > L. habeō
(compare kapem ‘bind’ to Latvian kampt ‘seize/grasp’)

Slavic *golumb- > R. goluboj ‘blue’, Baltic *golimb- > OPr. golimban ‘blue’, *gelumbiyā- > Li. gelumbė ‘blue kerchief/cloth’
Slavic *golumbi- ‘dove’
Sanskrit kalamba- / kaḍamba- / kadamba-, Greek kolumbís / kólumbos ‘diver (bird)’, Latin columba ‘dove, pigeon’
*š\salam(b)a\u > MArm. salam -u-, salamb -a- ‘(francolin?) partridge’

*kwap- ‘smoke / steam’ > Lithuanian kvãpas ‘breath / odor’, *xwap- > Latin vapor
*k^witro- > Lithuanian švitràs ‘glasspaper / sandpaper’, *xwitro- > Latin vitrum ‘glass’

? > *mxëlto > TA mkälto ‘young’, malto ‘in the first place’
? > *pesuxā- > TA puskāñ, TB passoñ ‘muscles’
? > *lewax^- > TA lu, pl. lwāk, TB luwo, pl. lwāsa ‘animal’
Skt. srákva- \ sṛkvaṇ- ‘corner of mouth’, TB *sǝrkwan- > *sǝrxwan- > särwāna (pl. tan.) ‘face’

Most of these are already recognized as cognates, some are distputed. For Skt. kharjura- ‘silver’, Greek árguros ‘silver’ from PIE *h2arg^uro-, see . Armenian and Celtic sometimes changing *ka- > *ga- (and g > k in Arm.) would explain some data, but this is not regular. Many of these might come from clusters like *k^x-. The similar *zg is also optional around IE:
*mezg- > L. mergō, Skt. májjati ‘submerge/sink’, *mezgu- > L. mergus ‘gull’, Skt. madgú-
*zgWes- ‘quench/extinguish / put out a fire’ > *djas- > Skt. dásyati be exhausted / despair, jása- \ dása-, etc.
*azgWolxo-? > G. ásbolos / asbólē ‘soot’, *ask^ülxo- > Arm. acuł / acux ‘soot/coal’
*presgWu-? G. présbus ‘old man’, Cr. preigus, Arm. erēc` ‘elder’
Some say *pres-gWh2u-? ‘coming before / ancestor’ is needed to explain Armenian erēc`, but I think acuł shows the same (caused by g > g^ before u (indicating u > ü as in Greek)). This would mean h2 was unneeded, and even K > K^ by u in Arm. is not regular.

Just within Arm., the changes to K include k > k \ kh \ x \ *h > 0:

Arm. kayt ‘mark on marble’, xayt \ xayc ‘mark/spot’, Skt. keta-, ketú- ‘mark/sign’, TB kāy ‘mark’

OE sceolh ‘crooked’, G. skélos ‘leg’, skellós ‘crooked-legged’, Arm. šeł ‘slanting / crooked’, xeł ‘mutilated / lame’

Arm. sałim ‘be mistaken’, sxalim ‘be mistaken / stumble’, sxalak ‘drunken’, Skt. skhálati ‘stumble’,

G. skórodon / skórdon, Alb. hurdhë, Arm. xstor ‘garlic’

Arm. mxrčem ‘immerse/dip’, mkrtem ‘immerse/dip / bathe/baptize’

Skt. khād- ‘chew/bite/eat’, Arm. xacanem, kcanem ‘bite/sting’

Arm. ozni, MArm. xozni / kozni, G. ekhînos, Skt. jáhakā-, Brahui ǰaǰak, YAv. dužuka-, NP žūža ‘hedgehog’
(compare kh vs. *h > 0 in G. khḗr ‘hedgehog’, L. ēr )

Li. kárštas ‘hot’, Arm. xaršem ‘cook/burn’, Skt. kuṣāku- ‘burning’, *kurzd- > kūḍayāti, kuṇḍate ‘burn’

*skandlo- > L. pl. scālae ‘ladder / flight of steps’, *sxandułxo- > Arm. pl. sanduł-k` / sandux-k` ‘laddestairs’

G. khaláō ‘loosen/slacken’, Skt. khallate, Arm. xał ‘game/pastime’ (from ‘free / loose’ (compare L. laxus ))

Arm. ktł- ‘burning desire’, xtił ‘tickling/lust’

Skt. kartati ‘cut/slice’, Arm. ktrem ‘cut’, kotor \ ktor \ ktur-k’ ‘cut/share’, ktir-k’ ‘dowry’, hatu-ktir\kčir

G. knḗthō ‘scratch/itch’, Arm. xaz ‘line (in hand) / scratch’

If x, kh, and k were regular and separate, why would so many words show both? This is not limited to PIE *k(h), even PIE h > h \ 0 \ x has no set order:

*h3od- ‘smell, stink, hate’ > L. oleō, odor, odī ‘I hate’, Arm. hot

*h3owi- > L. ovis ‘sheep’, Arm. hovi-, *+pah2- > hoviw ‘shepherd’

*h2awi- > L. avis, Arm. haw ‘bird / roostehen’, Moks xav

*h2awo- > L. avus ‘grandfather’, Arm. haw

*h2ak^o-sth2o- > G. akostḗ ‘barley’, Skt. apāṣṭhá- ‘barb of an arrow’, Arm. hawasti-k` ‘tassels of a belt’

*h2ak^-st(h2t)i- > Li. akstìs \ akštìs ‘kind of skewer’, Arm. hask -i- ‘ear of grain’, Van xašk

*h2ag^- > G. ágō ‘lead’, Arm. acem ‘bring/lead’

*h2arh2mon- > Li. armuõ ‘arable land’, Arm. haravun-k’ ‘arable land / plow-land’, K’łi harmunk' ‘plowable soil softened by spring rains’

*h1nek^-n- > Arm. hasanem ‘arrive at / reach / catch/take/get/gain’, Skt. naś-, L. nanciscor ‘get/reach/obtain’

? > Arm. xełd- \ hełj- ‘drown/suffocate/strangle’, hełjamłjuk ‘drowned/suffocated’, młjuk- ‘strangle’

*h3oid- > G. oîdos ‘swelling’, Oidí-pous, Arm. ayt -i- ‘cheek’, aytumn ‘swelling’, *xoyt’ > Łarabał xüt' ‘*swelling/*mound’ > ‘hillock’

This works best if h2 = x and most x > h, some retained. Dialects with x- for older h- are more conservative, not innovative. The intermediate s > š > x fit Pamir data for Iranian (sk > šk, other s > x) and sw- > *xw- > kh- in both. Slavic also shows some s > x with no apparent cause. This also matches s > *x > x \ h \ 0, p > *xW > x \ h \ 0, completely bereft of regularity:

*pewyo- > ogi \ hogi ‘soul/spirit’; *pew-ah2- > hewam ‘breathe heavily’

Skt. pṛthuka- ‘child / young of animal’, G. pórtax \ pórtis (f) ‘calf’, Arm. ort’ -u- ‘calf/fawn’, xort’ -o- ‘stepson/adulterine’, Muš. xort’ ‘young (man)’

Arm. ort’ ‘grapevine’, G. pórthos ‘shoot’

*samhǝdho- > E. sand, G. ámathos, Arm. awaz, L. sabulum

*kWyeh1-sk^e\o- > L. quiēscō ‘rest’, *sm- > Arm. hangč’im ‘rest’, Muš hang‘ ‘rest/breath’, Moks xangY

? > Arm. boyl -i- ‘group (of people/deeetc)’, hoyl -i- ‘group of animals/people’, xoyl -i- ‘swelling/tumogland’, bołǰ ‘swelling/tumowound’

Since *h at the start can remain as x, x within words shoud have the same explanation. This includes kanxem above (both k and x odd), and many in

For PIE *w, a stage with w > GW (G = voiced velar fricative) makes sense (see Hrach Martirosyan). This also shows w > g / kh / x / v / 0 with no cause; it is likely that there was optional *G / *x then optional *x > kh. This is seen by supposed original *gWh = *GW > *x > kh in the other direction. This *x is retained in many examples, often with alternation:

*widk^mt- > *GWic^amt- > *xis^anD- > k’san ’20’

*gWhen- > G. eu-thenḗs ‘in abundance / wealth’, Arm. yo-gn / yo-k’’n ‘numerous/abundant’

*wergY- > TA wärk-, TB wark- ‘shear’, Arm. gercem ‘shave / make bald’, k’ercem ‘shave / peel / strip off’

*Gony- > xonǰim ‘be tired/exhausted’, *yoGn- > yognim / yok’nim ‘be(come) tired/exhausted/discouraged’

*proh3-gWhen- ‘very abundant/large/great’ > G. parthénos ‘virgin’, Arm. aṙa-k’ini ‘valiant/courageous/virtuous/honest’

*GorGuD / *xoruxD > xoroxt / xroxt ‘haughty/proud’, goṙoz ‘proud/arrogant’, goṙ ‘shout/fierce/bold/haughty/warlike’

*wel > G. hélix ‘object with spiral shape’, Arm. xec’ ‘pot / shell (of mollusks)’, xec’ \ hec’ ‘felloe’

*widhw- ‘(arms) apart / tree’ > *GüDG- > *gu(r)g- / *gi(r)k(h)- > Arm. girk-k’ ‘tree’, girk ‘arms/lap/bosom’, gog ‘lap/bosom’, *gurg ‘embrace’, girg ‘tendedelicate/soft’, ołǰ-a-gurem ‘greet / embrace’, gurgurel ‘cuddle/caress’

and even Iran. loans seem to show a stage with GW and optional GW > v or GW > gh:

*g^hew- > jagar ‘funnel’, *javar >> Gr. jabri

*g^wah2lo-, *dz^walanō > Skt. jválana-s ‘fire’, Balochi jal ‘hot ashes / charcoal’, ? >> *azgal > Arm. gazał \ gazax ‘ashes/embers’

Arm. is also known for having odd changes to *r like Arm. kēt ‘biting fly’, kret ‘wasp’, among many others . The simplest reason for some r > 0 is a uvular pronunciation R, common in many languages. If R became a fricative, as in French, it might merge with PIE h1, h2, h3 and disappear. The Dardic languages might show traces of this R, with r > x \ h in Kh. (or indirectly, with Rt > xt > th): Skt. vṛtra- ‘stone’, *vart(r)a- > Rom. barr, Kh. boxt \ boht \ bohrt ‘rock/stone’, Ks. bath, Ti. baṭ(h) ‘large rock’, Dm. bāṭ , Dv. wāt'

If this *R is already needed for *r, including *k > *q to help make sense of IE optional treatments of K could work. PIE h1, h2, h3 and R sometimes disappeared; any uvular fricative to 0 would thus cover both. Pamir languages also show irregular K > Q, and their location relatively near Dardic, showing traces of the same, could explain that those on the fringes of IE territory shared this retention. This is not regular, yet orderly, fitting, and in step with common features seen around the world. It also allows many irregular changes to velar C’s to merge into one kind of optionality: K vs. Q. Even if this is not the exact cause, trying to understand broad changes by broad rules is better than coming up with an odd explanation for each oddity.

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Dardic Group
A Atshareetaá \ (older Palola < *Paaloolaá)
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Dk Domaaki \ Domaá \ D.umaki
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Wg Waigali \ Kalas.a-alâ
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2023.06.01 01:01 austrie Need CRO Advice for my Shopify store

I recently launched a new Shopify store in the food space, and I’ve been getting a lot of sales so far (thanks to paid ads). However, my visitor-to-sale conversion rate is 0.9%. I know the industry standard for conversion rate is 2 - 3% (especially when your AOV is under $100), so I believe I still have room to improve.I’m new to this, so I don’t know what a 1% CR website vs a 2-3% CR website vs a 7% CR website looks like. Which strongly limits what A/B experiments I can think of to do. I have HotjaMicrosoft Clarity installed, but even though I’ve looked up tutorials, it’s hard to figure out why a potential customer decided to leave the site. I made a job post on Upwork for a CRO specialist. However, a lot of people want to do hourly pay rather than project/milestone-based. Since I have a lot of friends in the “hourly knowledge worker” space, I know a lot of freelancers tend to 10x their hours, in order to keep clients for months. So I’m strongly against paying hourly. I’m willing to dedicate $5k to getting my conversion rate to 4%. However, I would like some accountability on the freelancer’s side.

Any thoughts or advice?
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2023.06.01 01:01 HMSNon_Existent Do you think people who commit war crimes should be punished?

I had this question in a psychology lesson and we had a whole ass 10 minute debate on things like "obeying orders" and shit.
Most of the people so said no were referencing (only) the Holocaust and how German enlisted were apparently forced to.
What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.01 01:00 franckJPLF Weekly Reminder : People are waiting for your post/event!

Just waiting doesn't help.

This is to kindly remind you that this community is for people who are actively looking for other people to meet. Therefore, waiting for someone to post the ideal meetup isn't what's going to make the community useful to others.
If you are a member already located in Tokyo, please consider posting at least one meetup/event a month. It can be anything: morning activities before work, lunch/dinnecoffee/beer meetups, parties, after-work activities, sports/games, movies, dates, week-ends meetups, etc.
Simply pick up an activity you enjoy and make it a post!
Just make sure you post the most HONESTLY possible WHAT you're up to, WHEN and WHERE in/around Tokyo people can join you. Also, in order to avoid any unwanted interaction, be clear about your expectations and what you can/cannot offer on your side. Believe me, low effort posting won't get you very far.
And remember: proposing to share your time is also an act of kindness toward anybody who feels lonely or simply bored.
Hope you enjoy this subreddit.
ps: please do not comment on this post (if you have requests, contact the Mod directly via chat/dm)
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2023.06.01 01:00 ead6673 Modded Game keeps crashing while starting a new campaign/sandbox

This is so frustrating. Loved this game on console and was so excited to get a PC to play it with mods. Initially used a mix of mods from nexus and steam but got many crashes and had to disable loads of them.
Removed all the files from the Modules folder and unsubscribed to everything on steam. Downloaded loads of mods all over again on the Nexus, but manually this time. Used the mod list from Jackie Fish’s 100 mod play through (removing a handful) and ensured it was in the exact same load order. Even downloaded the Nova mod launcher, & a disable DLL mod.
Either way (launching through Nova or the default BL launcher), the game crashes before I can even start a game. As soon as I try start Campaign/Sandbox/custom battle it crashes during the imaged loading screen. All of the mods appear to have loaded in fine however?
The crash report says that the modules involved are Harmony and some other vanilla modules, but the version I’m playing on (1.0.2) is definitely compatible with all the modules I’ve got active.
I have no idea where to go from here apart from going through 1-by-1 and deactivating until the game works but just don’t have the time/can’t be arsed… if anyone can help me I would be very appreciative.
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2023.06.01 01:00 IfMadOffMedsForgive I was banned on April 30th under false pretenses and am still waiting on my account to be restored.

I have been very patient with this as I know just how much work they have to do to try and keep up with the amount of tickets they receive and also because I believe that all disputes can be resolved civilly, but it's been over a month now and I paid for 12 days of service I didn't receive the month I was banned and have been charged for another month after believing my account had been restored and reactivated my account just to find out I was still banned. The reason I thought I had been unbanned is because when I would message the bot I would be told I was banned from using the bot, but a few days after sending in a ticket I was able to interact with the bot again and can send it commands so I assumed my account had been fixed. That's not the case, now when I try to use imagine it says I'm banned from midjourney so now I've paid for a month I'm still waiting on being able to use.
Now as I stated I've been very patient with this as i was banned on April 30th and am still waiting on them to correct their mistake. Yes, their mistake. I was banned for using automation, the only problem with that is I'VE NEVER USED AUTOMATION ON IT! And I'm really getting tired of having to repeat myself just to be ignored. Now I've spent ~$200 on this service, which isn't much to some, but that's not the point, and have lost access to the 59,994 images I've created, most of which are for my children and my mother. The terms of service state that we own the artworks even after cancelling our subscription with the service, but how am I to access what is stated to be my property when it's locked behind a wall that I can't get past?
I've reached out several times, have offered to prove my innocence and yet I still get ignored. I don't know how they determine if someone is using automation or not, but it's flawed and this is NOT up for debate. They are wrong plain and simple I was not using automation, I will not just let this slide and am willing to die on this hill. THEY ARE WRONG PERIOD! It would be different had I been, I'd let it go and open a new account, but I didn't and it's a matter of principle. They need to let their ego go and accept they are human and humans are susceptible of making mistakes. I've offered to record video of me doing whatever it was, they still haven't told me what I supposedly automated, too prove that yes, I can be that efficient.
I don't want a refund, I don't want any apology, I don't even want to discuss it at all, I just want to start making midjourney art again. I'm stuck in bed 24 hours a day, struggle with insomnia and restlessness from medications and this is how I spend my time, so if their"evidence of automation" is the fact that I can make art for 72 hours straight then they're going to have reevaluate what they consider evidence. Bottom line is I can prove I didn't use automation, I just need to know what they think I was using it to do so I can show them how I did it manually so this doesn't happen to somebody else. I just want my account restored and to go back to quietly making art.
I have already sent 2 emails resulting in filling out 2 ban appeals and still nothing. I did nothing wrong and am not going to drop it. If anyone can help me then please, I would be eternally grateful. It may take me a while to respond to any questions due to the fact that I'm having to use a Kali Linux vm on my cell phone to get on Reddit, unknowingly posted on a sub I had been banned on while on an alt account so every new account I made was shadow banned. So it's a bit of a pain firing up Linux deploy and vnc just to check.
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2023.06.01 01:00 JoshAsdvgi The Fire Leggings

The Fire Leggings

The Fire Leggings
There had been a sudden change in the weather.
A cold rain was falling, and the night comes early when the clouds hang low.
The children loved a bright fire, and tonight War Eagle's lodge was light as day.
Away off on the plains a wolf was howling, and the rain pattered upon the lodge as though it never intended to quit.
It was a splendid night for storytelling, and War Eagle filled and lighted the great stone pipe, while the children made themselves comfortable about the fire.

A spark sprang from the burning sticks, and fell upon Fine Bow's bare leg.
They all laughed heartily at the boy's antics to rid himself of the burning coal; and as soon as the laughing ceased War Eagle laid aside the pipe.
An Indian's pipe is large to look at, but holds little tobacco.

"See your shadows on the lodge wall?" asked the old warrior.
The children said they saw them, and he continued:

"Some day I will tell you a story about them, and how they drew the arrows of our enemies, but tonight I am going to tell you of the great fire-leggings.

"It was long before there were men and women on the world, but my grandfather told me what I shall now tell you.
"The gray light that hides the night stars was creeping through the forests, and the wind the Sun sends to warn the people of his coming was among the fir tops.
Flowers, on slender stems, bent their heads out of respect for the herald wind's Master, and from the dead top of a pinetree the Yellowhammer beat upon his drum and called 'the Sun is awake - all hail the Sun!'
"Then the bush birds began to sing the song of the morning, and from alders the Robins joined, until all live things were awakened by the great music.
Where the tall ferns grew, the Doe waked her Fawns, and taught them to do homage to the Great Light.
In the creeks, where the water was still and clear, and where throughout the day, like a delicate damaskeen, the shadows of leaves that overhang would lie, the Speckled Trout broke the surface of the pool in his gladness of the coming day.
Pine-squirrels chattered gayly, and loudly proclaimed what the wind had told; and all the shadows were preparing for a great journey to the Sand Hills, where the ghost-people dwell.
"Under a great spruce tree - where the ground was soft and dry, OLD-man slept.
The joy that thrilled creation disturbed him not, although the Sun was near.
The bird-people looked at the sleeper in wonder, but the Pine squirrel climbed the great spruce tree with a pinecone in his mouth.
Quickly he ran out on the limb that spread over OLD-man, and dropped the cone on the sleeper's face.
Then he scolded OLD-man, saying: 'Get up - get up - lazy one - lazy one - get up - get up.'
"Rubbing his eyes in anger, OLD-man sat up and saw the Sun coming - his hunting leggings slipping through the thickets - setting them afire, till all the Deer and Elk ran out and sought new places to hide.
"'Ho, Sun!' called OLD-man, 'those are mighty leggings you wear.
No wonder you are a great hunter.
Your leggings set fire to all the thickets, and by the light you can easily see the Deer and Elk; they cannot hide.
Ho! Give them to me and I shall then be the great hunter and never be hungry.'
"'Good,' said the Sun, 'take them, and let me see you wear my leggings.'
"OLD-man was glad in his heart, for he was lazy, and now he thought he could kill the game without much work, and that he could be a great hunter - as great as the Sun.
He put on the leggings and at once began to hunt the thickets, for he was hungry.
Very soon the leggings began to burn his legs.
The faster he travelled the hotter they grew, until in pain he cried out to the Sun to come and take back his leggings; but the Sun would not hear him.
On and on OLD-man ran.
Faster and faster he flew through the country, setting fire to the brush and grass as he passed.
Finally he came to a great river, and jumped in.
Sizzzzzzz - the water said, when OLD-man's legs touched it.
It cried out, as it does when it is sprinkled upon hot stones in the sweat-lodge, for the leggings were very hot.
But standing in the cool water OLD-man took off the leggings and threw them out upon the shore, where the Sun found them later in the day.
"The Sun's clothes were too big for OLD-man, and his work too great.

"We should never ask to do the things which Manitou did not intend us to do.
If we keep this always in mind we shall never get into trouble.
"Be yourselves always.
That is what Mantou intended. Never blame the Wolf for what he does.
He was made to do such things.
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2023.06.01 01:00 BabyBoosts [SELLING] Baby Boosts Friendly, Personal, Effective. Premier elo boosting Experienced Professional Competitive Pricing Iron - Masters Up To 20% Off Late Season Sale!

Visit our website for prices at:
Hey! I'm Baby, playing since about the end of season 1, and boosting since about season 3 reaching a high of Masters without much struggle; I have extensive experience throughout solo queue and the boosting community alike and am looking for clients to help get their dream rank on the ladder. While also running a team of experienced, passionate boosters that will almost ensure your order will be fulfilled with personality and assurance.
With continued support even after the order is over and the ability to tailor your order to fit your schedule or needs makes us stand out as a premier service. Along with strict guidelines for our boosters to follow ensure you & your account will be in good hands.
We have a hardened refund policy if anything happens to your account during an order or we run into some form of a problem, giving you a bit more peace of mind.
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Pricing/Ordering: For Pricing and order inquires visit Thank you!
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2023.06.01 01:00 Dragathor My Balance Suggestion After Playing

Right now after playing it seems as though speedrunning has become the meta for victims, the basement phase of the game is quite short and victims can bully the family quite often with boneknives however I think one small change can easily change all of that without having to make major nerfs to the victims individually.
A lot of people think Connie is the biggest issue for this game right now but I heavily disagree, I think the way we interact with items is the problem, every victim in this game can speed run due to button mashing, you don't need to be Connie to speedrun although it does help. You can also bully the family with boneknives, button mash at a pile and do it again or button mash a bunch of lockpicks to escape and to bypass low proficiency, victims can button mash when lockpicking a door, get to the first level of lock picking, cancel then interact with it again to instantly unlock the second and third.
I think in order to fix this issue and most other problems, victims should have to be forced to hold E when interacting with items, that way low proficiency characters cannot button mash and bypass their low proficiency or spam bone knives on the family members this then slows the pace of the game way more and gives family more time to set up.
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2023.06.01 00:59 marvinsands New trends in pitbull-lobby propaganda

If you don't follow the trends in pit bull lobby propaganda, you should! Recently, one of the major pit bull advocates started forwarding their new lies of "pit bulls are only BELIEVED to have descended from Bull and terriers" and that "pit bulls are ALL mixed-breed dogs".
The lobby is shucking the idea that pit bulls may have originated from American Pit Bull Terriers and their offshoot breeds, but have been bred so many generations since the outlawing of dog fights that these breeds have no current similarity with those fighting dogs.
My guess is that the pit-lobby has been foiled with their fake science papers that allege that pit bull behavior isn't heritable, and those that allege no one can identify a pit bull by sight. These lies are failing, so the pit-lobby must come up with new ones.
The other recent development is their buckling down on the idea that pit bulls and racism (against Black Americans) are related. That argument has failed because we see too many white people, young white women especially, advocating for pit bulls and owning them (often walking them at the end of a strained leash, if not altogether broken loose from their 90# handler). The pit-lobby is trying to push a 'paper' by Ann Linder as their proof that discriminating against pit bulls in housing is the same thing as discriminating against African Americans in housing (which is forbidden by housing laws), but in the same paper Linder cites Pew Research results ( Profile of Pet Owners, Pew Research Center ) which contradict Linder's results.
Pew shows that white people have dogs more than twice as often as black people (45% versus 20%), that dog ownership goes UP as the income bracket goes UP (29% at lowest income bracket, 50% at highest income), and dog ownership goes UP the further away from urban centers (urban 21%, suburban 39%, rural 51%).
Linder, and the pit bull lobby, would have you believe that pit bulls are associated with "poor young black urban males", which is the furthest from actual research results.
Linder's paper, which is full of some of the worst racism lines I've read in a long time, tries to argue that because "surveyed people perceive" pit bulls are most likely owned by young black urban males, that discriminating against pit bulls in housing (rental applications) means that apartment building managers who prohibit pit bulls are in fact doing so in order to discriminate against the poor and black communities, which -- Linder argues -- points to violating the Fair Housing Act.
This, of course, is bullshit.
Linder's paper isn't the first I've seen about pits and racism. The pit-lobby has also been pushing the idea that BSL was invented specifically to exclude black people from whole areas. More invented propaganda.
But follow the trends we must. One of the ways to see "what's new" is to follow the changes the pit-advocates make to the Wikipedia pit bull page. All new published items which forward their agenda show up there.
And you can discover who the pit-advocates are by following their arguments about that Wikipedia page.
* Ann Linder's paper is called "The Black Man's Dog: The Social Context of Breed Specific Legislation"
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2023.06.01 00:59 Captain-Cobalt 1985 El Camino Tail light harness ground location

Just bought a new tail light harness from someone to replaced my old one with too many splices to count. New one is in good shape, but where does the ground go to? Is it grounded somewhere further up in the harness or is there somewhere I need to put it in order for lights to work? Everything works except for my tail lights, which have power to them but do not turn on when a bulb is put in.
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2023.06.01 00:59 FloriteIntl InfoRAD Corp. chooses Florite International’s 990X-MFC Mass Flow Controller

InfoRAD Corp. chooses Florite International’s 990X-MFC Mass Flow Controller
Streamline your gas flow processes with Florite’s 990X-MFC – The ultimate power supply, display, and control solution.
When South Korea-based InfoRAD Corp. needed power supply, display, and set-point control for their Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs), Florite’s four-channel Model 990X-MFC filled that need… and more.
InfoRAD’s challenge was to find a highly reliable, highly accurate power supply, display, and set-point controller, that was readily available in a reasonable time frame. With ongoing worldwide supply chain shortages, this last requirement was a potential deal breaker.
The Model 990X-MFC has become the go-to choice for most major Mass Flow Controller manufacturers.
It plays a critical role in batch and blending control, both of which are essential to InfoRAD’s operations.
The standard 990X instrument, when configured for MFC applications, has numerous advantages that spoke directly to infoRAD’s current applications. According to InfoRAD, these factors sealed the deal:
  • The 990X-MFC provides power to each connected MFC while simultaneously displaying each MFC’s four set-point (SP) and process variable (PV) signals are on a single screen.
  • The 990X-MFC allows for remote set-point control, totalization, rate, batch, and blending control, ensuring comprehensive control over our gas flow processes.
  • The 990X-MFC includes standard RS-232 serial and optional Modbus communication protocols.
  • The 990X-MFC has a .001 accuracy, or as accurate as the MFC provides.
  • And finally, the 990X-MFC can be ready to ship in 4-6 weeks from the date of order.
Collaborating with infoRAD has developed into a mutually beneficial relationship. Florite is pleased to say that we have become a valued asset, helping to streamline their processes while providing precise control over their Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controllers.
Contact [Jordan Ulch](mailto:[email protected]) to see how Florite can assist with your MFC applications!

Streamline your gas flow processes with Florite’s 990X-MFC – The ultimate power supply, display, and control solution.

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2023.06.01 00:59 SchnarchendeSchwein Caught the order of the person who tip baited me

So I said “unfortunately I’m going to cancel your order because you severely reduced mine and others’ tips before without having an order issue. I am putting this in chat so the next shopper can know whether they should take the risk on your order.”
Then I sent her a screenshot I had saved, from the last order where she reduced tip from $22 to $5. Literally her own evidence. No order issues, tip reduced by customer.
The order is still bouncing around, I think. There’s a prescription on there too, but if she gets sick, she gets sick. My local shoppers are tired of her cheating!
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2023.06.01 00:59 zerooskul Saw "Fire Walk With Me" in a theater on Monday.

Each Monday in May, the Drexel Theater in Bexley, Ohio ran a different David Lynch movie. Eraserhead was first, then Blue Velvet followed by Mulholland Dr., and then Wild At Heart and Finally TP-FWWM.
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2023.06.01 00:59 IllustriousClaim317 Fiorentina Game

So now do we need to rely on west ham to win in order to maintain the Europa league spot?
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2023.06.01 00:58 Evening_Repair1755 Ship date got pushed back need advice on what to do next

EDIT: TL:DR I would be willing to give up my engineering contract so I could leave earlier to boot is that a possibility.
Good evening, I’m supposed to be shipping out on June 5th, I was in the recruiters office earlier because MEPS hooked us up and instead of us having to come to them this Friday they came to us on Wednesday because they were going to be closed on Friday for training and I still didn’t have my SSA card today to show the liaison but they said as long as I had it by Sunday that was fine. I placed the order for the card on May 9th and now it’s been 3 weeks so when I called the number to see the status of the card they said it wasn’t even pending yet and when I told the woman my situation she pushed it on through but it’s still another 5-7 business days. My station commander told me your new date is June 12th as of now before I left the office so when I went home I saw a text from my recruiter that now my new ship date is June 26th. It’s not like I’m in a life or death situation and need to get to boot camp now but I’d be willing to give up my engineering contract if it meant that I’d be leaving earlier. If I let my recruiter know that I’d be willing to give that up for any sooner ship date such as June 12th would that even be a possibility to switch it around like that or no, if anyone could give me some insight into this I’d greatly appreciate it!
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2023.06.01 00:58 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Firing on, 'rape' of Uttarakhand activists in '94: CBI docus missing Times of India

[IN] - Firing on, 'rape' of Uttarakhand activists in '94: CBI docus missing Times of India submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]