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Fan-creations of all types for League of Legends!

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We are an international gaming community based out of Seattle, WA. We pride ourselves in being a very welcoming and fun group to hang out with online and off. We will be posting events, reviews, and updates through here. We encourage anyone else in the community to post in here as well.

2021.05.24 18:34 Datamime_Official Datamime

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2023.06.06 08:41 Woweygat Community Artist Support

Hello Everybody,
My name is Aaron, I am a 24 year old alternative hip hop artist/musician that has been writing, recording and performing since i was 16, I have played a lot of shows over that course of time locally (Somewhere inbetween 50-80 atleast from Oly - Everett) including opening for AfroMan in Lacey back in June of 2018, lol. I was born and raised in Olympia Wa, and have been fortunate enough to of started getting booked for shows again since venues have been opening up again and have been very thankful to the community for not just supporting me but other artists no matter the genre.
More recently aside from playing at Oly Lamp Lighters on June 24th, I have been given an opportunity to go play out of state for the very first time in my life in Portland Oregon on June 28th 馃ゲ
I luckily have a couple spots I鈥檒l be able to stay if I can make it, but financially I have been struggling and right now I鈥檓 scraping together what little cash I have to ensure a bus/train ticket there and home, food and safe transportation while I鈥檓 there from June 26th - June 31st, I will be getting there 2 days early to warm up and staying an extra 2 to support some fellow artists on the 30th at another underground show happening and would be leaving on the 31st.
I have considered making a Go Fund Me, but when I鈥檝e struggled in the past and tried to really use it only for the help I needed, it never came. I made a facebook post about it hoping I might receive support and am hoping to do the same on here.
This is really hard for me to come fourth and ask this of my community, but if you would consider supporting me in any shape way or form whether its sharing this or personally reaching out it would mean the world. I have been doing what I can just to make ends meet and I鈥檓 just trying to share my art with people who want to hear it!
I appreciate and love you regardless Olympia.
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2023.06.06 08:39 dlschindler Shine Of Silver Swordsman

"Happiness comes from a perception of life. Life is a pursuit of singular moments, experiences and sacrifices. It is the limitations of this perception that make those moments possible. For such a limitation a sacrifice must be made, a sacrifice towards a perception of death."
Raanu was the boy who read these words out-loud to his mom and dad. He was in the hospital bed when he read aloud the last speech bubble in his comic book stack. He had read the entire series of Silver Swordsman, knew every adventure as though they were his own. His parents had denied him comic books, especially violent and strange ones like Silver Swordsman. They didn't understand the giant robots and mutants and suicidal immortals of the future. It was all very frightening and disturbing content and they had not let him have such stories.
That had changed when they discovered he had a rare malignancy in his heart that would result in his death within months. Raanu was not afraid. He told his parents that since he was going to die it would make sense to let him read comic books, even Silver Swordsman. In fact, it was the Silver Swordsman comics he was most interested in.
The stories began with the boy Raanu sitting by the water with his friend: a giant robot named Unit Three-Sixteen. Raanu was the youngest human on the planet, or one of the youngest. In the future everyone lived forever and it was rare for new people to be born. New people, children, were especially interesting and cared for by the other immortals. Thus, in a world attended by some mere hundreds of giant robots with super powers, Raanu was accompanied by his very own, personal giant robot.
He asked the robot about things like war and death, things that had become obsolete before the advent of the giant robots. In all of its wisdom it could do no more than define such things. Then people came to where Raanu and the giant robot were sitting. Across the water was a temple that controlled the flow of energy in their world. Energy generated by human emotions. As long as the world had existed in tranquility and harmony there was no pain or suffering of any kind.
Raanu and his giant robot watched as the people went into the temple and used its power to obliterate themselves. The lethean energies flowed outward and corrupted the giant robots. Only Unit Three-Sixteen was unaffected, because of its exact proximity when it all started. Unit Three-Sixteen was hit the hardest with the blast of awful energy and was knocked out by it and left with its emotitronics intact, more-or-less. The others of its race did not fare so well. The other empathicals rampaged and the horror escalated as they fed on the new and horrible energy from the humans.
It was Raanu who stood up to the machines and he died a hero. His sacrifice and courage activated Unit Three-Sixteen. The surviving humans made a weapon for the last of their defenders. Thus it became Silver Swordsman, as it did what had to be done. Of the entire giant race, only one remained, for that one had killed all of its own kind in defense of the humans. And for its efforts it became a symbol of oppression and destruction, as it now stood in place of all of its kind.
That was just the first issue of Silver Swordsman. His parents had originally confiscated it and forbade him to read any more. He was an obedient child and did not defy his mother or father. Even when his thoughts made him daydream of the story, he wished away his imaginings, and focused on schoolwork.
At night when his parents left the hospital he would lay awake and thank God he was dying. He no longer had to eat his vegetables, he no longer had to do any schoolwork and he got to read all of the Silver Swordsman comics. His parents hated the books he was reading but he loved them and so they allowed it.
As he dreamed: he went to the places he had seen in the stories. So vivid and full of color and detail. The amount of adventure and action was almost overwhelming. There were many passages with strange ideas in them, the thoughts and musings of the characters, so that he often had to ask his father what was meant.
At first, his father was very guarded about speculating on the meaning of the aggregate of concepts that the books frequently struggled with. Characters had very strange ideas about death, gratitude, love, time, regret, courage, justice, perseverance, immortality, healing, warfare and truth. In short, the heroes rejected the common understanding of all of these things and replaced them with strange new definitions.
Raanu's father, Mukherjee, was a philosophical man. On one hand he put his business first so that he could provide for his family. Otherwise, Mukherjee valued wisdom and understanding and was willing to ruminate to discover the truth about something.
He paid attention to his son's understanding of the characters and their world. In the context of the stories, everything they believed made perfect sense. To his son the characters appealed for a more careful perception of one's own life. To enter the world of Silver Swordsman was to realize that life is so precious and that the struggle to survive is what appraises the value of one's life.
After one hundred and thirty one issues the series ended. It ended with the last humans standing on the precipice of the universe in the path of an implacable force. Death was certain for the characters and Silver Swordsman. They had battled all throughout the stories against increasingly impossible adversaries. Then, as the quest neared completion, it was certain that all would be obliterated anyway, in the end.
It was confusing and scary and disturbing. The entire comic book series was, in fact, quite depressing. One by one the heroes all fell against enemies that could not be defeated. Even Silver Swordsman could barely stand against the villains and was usually beaten down rather than victorious.
Mukherjee asked the man at the comic book store about Silver Swordsman comics. What he was told made it all the more frightening. The reason the comics had ended was because the lead writer was now deceased. He was diagnosed with a rare malignancy in his heart and he had walked out into a cold Christmas night and sat down in the frost to die. This was all known to the guy at the comic book store, yet the comics themselves held a unique status among fans.
Silver Swordsman comics were already rare at the time they were published. Mukherjee had to pay a small fortune for the whole series. The comic book guy had asked him why he was so interested. He explained that these comics were an oddity. They were extremely violent and creepy and filled with strange ideas about how people should perceive their lives. Mukherjee looked at him and asked:
"Is all of that different from other comic books?" He asked.
"The opposite of other comic books. Of fiction, in-general, sir." The comic book guy explained carefully. "Comic books should make you happy, laugh, thrilled and make you want more. Silver Swordsman, isn't it just this guy's weird ideas? It deals heavily with suicide and he actually killed himself. I wouldn't let my kids read this stuff, I don't even want to read this stuff."
"My son is reading these books." Mukherjee said soberly. "They make him happy."
To this the man decided to respond professionally and to make no further comments. Another man in the comic book store walked over with Wonder Woman Volume Three. He knew Mukherjee's family and said:
"That man's son is Raanu and he is dying." The friend of Mukherjee said.
"Everyone who reads Silver Swordsman finds some personal connection to it." The comic book guy recalled.
The snow was falling outside his hospital window. Raanu sighed and opened issue seventy-one. There was something he wanted to check on. He had noticed that the darkness, named Umbraeon, was already creeping across the sky in the background before Svetlana waded into the Pool Of Time. This meant that there was more to Umbraeon's arrival. Raanu had suspected that Umbraeon was always growing before anyone had noticed. He had thought that in some silent and hidden corner of the story: the most terrifying and formidable opponent of-all was growing all-along.
Encouraged to search for more clues he did so. He discovered that in some panels the characters seemed to be speaking directly to him. He read those ones with greater care. They were instructing him to do as they did, to seek the places where the silence had taken form, to find and annihilate the shadows where they were growing like a cancer. His eyes widened as he realized and said out-loud:
"It's real."
And he grinned. In these stories, death was no more powerful than lies or pain, had no more authority than gratitude or justice. In the world of Silver Swordsman, death was an idea, an illusion. If the stories were all true then that meant that they were right about death. Which meant he need not die in vain.
Mukherjee saw that his son had not slept. While his wife had gone to get lunch he asked his son:
"Have the comics kept you awake?" He asked patiently.
"Yes, father!" Raanu said excitedly. "The comics are real! The stories are all true!"
"No." Mukherjee said. "They were written by a man who was sick. The truth of those stories is all sickness."
"Who is he father? Is he sick like me?" Raanu asked.
"He got sick just like you. He chose to let himself die. I am afraid of what his words are doing to you." Mukherjee was honest with his son.
"His words have taught me that death is not worth fearing. That it is more important to embrace the moment of life. He has taught me that when it ends, all that matters is what we left behind, what we did to make the world better while we were here. That it is evil to live a life of self-indulgence. That it was such an evil that will destroy the world if we do not change our ways. When I read these stories, father, it is like a mirror. It is like it is with you, talking to my own father about life and death, about stories and truth." Raanu explained without hesitation. He had learned much from the books. Mukherjee's fears were slaughtered by the shining sword of his son's beautiful words. The father began to cry in front of his son and then he apologized.
Of all the monsters and villains in the stories only one could be held responsible like a father. Svetlana's long lost father Arvil. He was a very important villain because he had promoted ignorance of both his family and his people. He was not a singular villain but rather the sum of his society. He was a famous poet and it was he that had started the group of people that had killed themselves and sparked the end of their world.
Raanu told his own father just how much he loved and appreciated him. He knew that his own father was the opposite of the character he had in mind. Mukherjee was the enemy of ignorance and he would do anything to protect his family or save his people. The boy wished that somehow his own father's face would appear in the stories to somehow guide the last surviving heroes and Silver Swordsman to a happier destiny. Maybe in the end they could save the universe from ultimate destruction. Raanu knew that is not how the story was supposed to end, but looking at his own father it felt possible.
A month later it was Christmas and a sort of darkness stood like a black hole in the sky. The street lights flickered and the trees twisted off the snow and wandered in search of robots to devour. Marauders shed their humanity to steal immortality and feathered dragons tore the snow filled skies. In a fever he could only recall his favorite moments, grinning and laughing. He would turn and tighten only to see his mom and dad watching and he would relax and smile for them.
It was snowing on Christmas night after his parents left. Raanu had grown very weak, but his unfading smile bore his parents to their rest. Silver Swordsman stood in terrible vigil over the boy like an angel.
"When it is the Temple take me." Raanu told Silver Swordsman. "I must set things right in your world. I have a job to do there."
"I know, my boy. It is almost time." Silver Swordsman towered over him in the hospital room: time and space becoming less relevant with each passing moment. The whole place seemed to stretch to fit the giant robot and the snow was swirling everywhere, inside and out.
Then a kind of silence, a sort of stillness seemed to be holding it all as a snowglobe. There in his hospital bed lay his remains. He looked at them, at the stack of comics next to his body. Then he turned and saw that the wall was as though he were looking up out of water at a blue sky. He went into this, and the light left the room behind, and went with him, and it was him, he was the light.
He sat looking at his reflection in the still waters he had gone through to be here. The ground was level in all directions and the great Temple Of Humanity stood across from him where he sat at the Pool Of Time. Beside him was the giant robot Unit Three-Sixteen.
"I knew that this would happen. As soon as I died I came here. This is where I am supposed to be. I was just there to know why." Raanu stood up and proclaimed.
"Died?" Unit Three-Sixteen asked.
"That's right, you don't know anything about death yet." Raanu puzzled out-loud. He suddenly realized he was in issue number one of Silver Swordsman, the absolute beginning of everything. With a worried look he glanced over and saw that the Cyclists were coming. It wasn't too late to put a stop to everything bad that was going to happen.
"Those people plan to die inside the Temple Of Humanity. They will release a lot of negative anima at once. It will be the end of GAIA. The world will know nothing more than hunger and suffering and you will be the last of your kind." Raanu told Unit Three-Sixteen frantically.
"I can feel your fear, Raanu. What do I do?" Unit Three-Sixteen worried. It knew something was dreadfully wrong with the scene.
"Get me to them, quickly!" Raanu commanded. The giant robot obeyed him and lifted him to its shoulder and strode to the Temple Of Humanity. Raanu was placed on the path of the Cyclists to confront them.
"You should not be here, Raanu. You are just a child, you cannot understand." Arvil told the boy. He and the rest of the first wave of Cyclists stood in robes of patterns in black and white and many wore comedy or tragedy masks of opposing shades.
"I understand exactly what you are about to do. I've seen what happens, the world ends because of you. People hate you after this." Raanu pointed at them each.
"You don't know what it is like to live the way we have, for so long. It becomes meaningless. We need this, we need a final experience." Shatia spoke up in her high voice. She took off her mask and beheld her descendant. Like a little prince, she mused.
"What you are doing will destroy the world. I have had this final experience already. It only taught me that we are all meant for more, meant to do more, say more and feel more than we do. We live in ignorance, forging our own darkness and our own silence. You have made a death for yourselves in your minds and now you intend to inflict it on everyone." Raanu, like his father, could say the truth to someone without cowardice.
"How? How can you stand there and stop us?" Arvil felt his ancient resolve weakening. As a poet, it broke his heart to hear the plain truth. It was like a gleaming sword, cutting through the nonsense that he and his followers had invented.
"I will die over and over again, it seems, until this moment is dragged out into the light of day. There is a darkness behind every panel, a silence behind every period and a shadow over everyone's head. I know, I went back and read it all again to be sure. It was here all-along. It started at the very beginning with the very shadows you are casting now. By the end, only enough light is left in all the universe for one of the last people to say one last thing. Then it all goes to darkness and death, forever." Raanu recalled vividly.
"You would have us turn back. Go back to unending misery?" Shatia asked her great-nephew. She was one of the youngest among the Cyclists.
"Both are choices. One of these choices, I have explained, is a path that will start with your deaths and never end until the whole universe is dead." Raanu nodded.
"We have a right to die." Arvil protested.
"Svetlana meets you in the future, in the past before this happens, but she never finds out why you wrote Argosy, your most famous poem." Raanu was not afraid of Arvil's cowardice. He knew the man better than he knew himself.
Arvil willingly recited his poem to avoid the explanation:
"See now this plain of spoil,
Where cowed all Mans' toil,
To sit bemused without,
Thoughts belabored in drought,
So forth she clings to East,
Or North she turns to least,
But never strays her heart,
Not fallen since the start,
And plants her seed of truth,
The sun rises as proof,
Sacred words she has kept,
How the mighty have wept."
"So what does it mean? This?" Raanu tried not to smile when he saw he had broken the character Arvil. Arvil fell to his knees as he realized he had become the enemy of his own truth. It had not occurred to him until he was confronted with the truth laid bare and obvious. There was no shadow to hide his feelings within. Death would never be an escape from his self loathing, it would only be the proof of it. He himself became the mighty one weeping at the end.
"What have I done?" He tore off his robes and flung them away. He turned on his followers and screamed a damnation upon them for standing behind him. He walked through them and left them there. Without him, many of them did the same. Some left with their masks still on, unwilling to reveal who they were.
Raanu stood there alone with his giant robot. The Temple Of Humanity was operating at low power and the surge of excitement from the boy made the empathicals all around the world stand up and chuckle happily. The giant robots were genius artisans and sculptors and architects that had sat in boredom and decline for too long. Renewal lit them up with vitality and inspiration.
Overcome with a sense of purpose and triumph: he laughed.
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2023.06.06 08:37 carnage11eleven Coming up with, writing out and meticulously editing a really well thought out, relevant, interesting, but also rather long, and time consuming response to someone's comment. Only to find out, after attempting to hit send, that the thread was locked.

Possibly even a personal record breaking amount of effort and time put into a comment. Not to mention, arguably a personal top ten of all time comment, that very possibly could have literally changed people's lives.
Hyperbole aside. Can someone please explain to me why social media sites/forums do this? Waiting until you are hitting send to inform you the comments are locked? After wasting a rather exorbitant and ultimately regretful amount of your life writing what essentially ends up being nothing more than an inner monologue. Or even worse, a worthless, imaginary argument with yourself. I feel like perhaps it should instead inform you of this pertinent information when you first hit reply. Before doing anything. Saving us from wasting time of our already too short existence on this planet. We're never getting that time back. I see myself lying on my death bed, and with my last and final few breathes of energy before finally letting go. I'll be remembering and reliving in my head all the wasted time I blew sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, staring at someone's unfunny and vapid bumper sticker. Loudly pointing out and explaining to everyone i encounter, how they're driving is terrible and how easy it is to alleviate their doltish way of driving by simply driving properly. With all the windows up, of course. I'd be scared someone would literally murder me, if they actually heard the things I was saying about them. Fortunately, lip reading is difficult to do through a mirror.
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2023.06.06 08:37 ankita-raut Market analysis for insulated gate bipolar transistors, including key players, business opportunities, market share, trends, and growth projections for 2023 to 2028

The report named, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Market Analysis, Size and Forecast 2023-2028" has been added to Fortune Business Insights' database of market research reports. The market has been thoroughly and accurately analysed in light of a variety of criteria, including growth factors, difficulties, limitations, developments, trends, and growth prospects. This research will undoubtedly be a useful tool for market players to create strategies that work in order to strengthen their market positions. This research provides in-depth analysis of the market's shifting dynamics and new trends.
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The report offers valuable insight into the Market progress and approaches related to the Market with an analysis of each region. The report goes on to talk about the dominant aspects of the market and examine each segment.
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2023.06.06 08:35 Classic-Objective-96 Pearl (Moti) Stone

Pearl (Moti) Stone
What is Pearl/Moti?
Both the terms "pearl" and "moti" relate to a particular kind of gemstone that is created inside the shell of specific mollusks, typically oysters and mussels. The lustrous, iridescent gemstone known as pearl/moti is prized for both its rarity and aesthetic appeal.
When an irritant, such as a parasite or a piece of sand, enters a mollusk's shell, pearls are created. Nacre, a material secreted by the mollusk surrounding the irritant, gradually accumulates to create a pearl.
Since ancient times, pearls have been prized for their beauty and used in jewellery and other decorative items. They can be either natural or cultured, and range in colour from white to black. Cultured pearls are made by putting tissue into a mollusk to encourage the production of a pearl.
Pearl Moti Loose
What are the Benefits of Pearl/Moti?
In conventional medicine as well as contemporary times, pearl/moti is thought to have a number of advantages. Here are some of the advantages of pearl/moti that are frequently cited:
Benefits for beauty: Pearl/Moti is frequently used in cosmetic products because of its capacity to enhance complexion and give skin a radiant, young appearance. Additionally, it is thought to hydrate the skin better and lessen wrinkles and fine lines.
Benefits for health: Pearl/moti has been used for its therapeutic effects in ancient medicine. It is thought to be beneficial for ailments like high blood pressure, digestive issues, and respiratory issues.
Reducing anxiety, stress, and restlessness: Pearl/Moti is also thought to have a relaxing impact on the mind and body. For this reason, it is occasionally utilised in meditation techniques.
Spiritual advantages: The pearl/moti is regarded as a symbol of purity, insight, and spiritual enlightenment in many civilizations. It is thought to facilitate spiritual development and link the wearer to more advanced levels of consciousness.
Benefits according to astrology: Pearl/Moti is connected to the planet Moon and is thought to enhance mental sharpness, intuition, and creativity.
It's crucial to remember that although pearl/moti is said to offer many advantages, there isn't any scientific proof to back up these claims. When using pearl/moti for medical purposes, as with any natural remedy, it is best to seek advice from a healthcare provider.
What is the energy of Pearl/Moti?
Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine both view pearls as having a cooling, relaxing, and soothing effect. They are linked to the Moon and the element of water. The maternal, feminine, and emotional energy of Pearl/Moti is thought to assist balance and harmonise the emotional body.
Anxiety, stress, and irritation are said to be lessened by pearl/moti's calming influence on the mind and emotions. Additionally, it is thought to foster emotions of inner calm, clarity, and confidence.
Pearl/Moti is thought to offer physical healing capabilities in addition to its emotional and spiritual advantages. It is thought to strengthen the immune system, enhance skin health, and assist regulate the digestive system.
Pearl/Moti is a well-liked gemstone for those looking for emotional and spiritual recovery due to its generally calm, nurturing, and helpful energy.
Does Pearl/Moti attract money?
The pearl or moti is not typically thought of as a gemstone that draws money or wealth. However, pearls are often linked to wealth and abundance in some cultures, especially when it comes to the ocean's energy.
Pearls are occasionally employed in Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese art of placing objects in a way that encourages harmony and balance in the surroundings, to draw riches and abundance. They are thought to provide a soothing and sustaining energy that might aid in fostering a tranquil and prosperous environment.
It's crucial to remember, though, that there is no scientific proof to back up the claim that Pearl/Moti can actually draw money or fortune to themselves. Financial success ultimately depends on a number of variables, including hard effort, planning, and opportunity, yet it may be used as a symbol or a tool to assist encourage abundance and prosperity.
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2023.06.06 08:35 BPlayinMan Question about max lvl domains

I know I should be using the megathread but it's kinda a long question so here we are
So, kinda new to the game (Been playing for 2 and half months, currently AR51) and finally started ascending a few characters to the last two phases.
Obviously, I now want to get right into artifact farming because I want to start actually having some decent characters built out
Aaaand I got absolutely obliterated.
I was going to farm Noblesse Oblige for Bennet, but the game decided that I shouldn't even think about it. Went in with Beidou (my beloved), Fischl, Xiangling and Diona (and later Noelle), all lvl80 except for Beidou who was lvl90. I didn't expect enemies to hit THAT hard and have THAT much HP, I legit got my Fischl one tapped while shielded.
TL;DR: do I suffer from great skill issue or is there a stupidly high dmg spike from lvl80 to lvl90 domains? And if so, how can I overcome it, if possible without pulling for other characters? (I do have Ganyu and Ayaka in case, got super lucky, both at ten pity, but I'd prefer to keep my beloved Beidou)
Thanks in advance, pls don't bully me for my team / character choices, I just want to have fun
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2023.06.06 08:35 AutoModerator [COURSE] Keith Cunningham 鈥 The 4-Day MBA

[COURSE] Keith Cunningham 鈥 The 4-Day MBA
Download Keith Cunningham 鈥 The 4-Day MBA [2023]
Keith Cunningham 鈥 The 4-Day MBA [2023]
This is an intensive, action-oriented program with Keith J. Cunningham and 100 leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world. You will learn the critical skills needed to successfully launch, grow and ignite your business.
Anyone can start a company. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires SKILLS and EXPERTISE. Every large business in the world today started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 Company began with an initial investment of less than $25,000. Heinz started with horseradish and a horse drawn buggy. Hershey started with caramel. Sony started with rice cookers. Marriott started with a root beer stand. Proctor and Gamble started with selling candles door to door. They all started small!
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2023.06.06 08:34 lozateazer Who IS she?? Needing Spider identification so I can cosplay!!

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2023.06.06 08:31 Substantial-Fee-7902 Car selection & Purchasing 2nd hand Carswitch or Cars24?

Hi Friends,
Please suggest me to finalize car selection.
My budget is around 80 to 100k
My requirement: Toyota or Nissan (7 seater) and must be very fuel efficient
Car model shouldn't be more than 5 to 7 years old.
Please suggest whether Toyota Prado 2.7 will be good or Nissan Xterra 2.5 latest model will be better option ? Also I'm thinking to purchase from Cars24 or Carswitch - Please advice
Toyota Fortuner is also there but I'm not really inclined towards it.
I'm looking for city travel only & Dubai to Abu Dhabi travel only. No offroading
Need family fuel efficient car please.
Kindly provide your suggestions as it should be pocket friendly on fuel
I even saw Toyota Veloz but waiting time for delivery is around 3-4 months hence cannot wait that long.
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2023.06.06 08:30 Objective_Radio_5418 Extra Yeezy x GAP X Balenciaga stock

anyone know about the yeezy x GAP x balenciaga stock in certain parts of europe/ukraine? Recently on grailed/eBay there's been a shitton of new dove hoodie listings when the hoodies sold out like a year ago and Gap stopped selling them with the break between yeezy and gap. I asked the sellers and they said that Gap donated (not sold) the extra hoodies for european stores to sell and that's how these sellers are buying and reselling them. Not sure if this is all legit or not.
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2023.06.06 08:27 rowan666failure What supplements should I add in to my current stack

What supplements are recommended for a cycle
So I am wondering what supplements should I use besides zinc, magnesium, nac, protein, milk thistle, vit C , vit D, ashwagandha While on cycle. I'm adding dbol/tbol into my cycle in a couple weeks what other supplements should I get and I can't seem to find a legit seeming source for tudca. I have Cialis and Viagra and I am getting baby aspirin. Hoping this helps other beginners (btw I know adding orals into cycle 1 is stupid, but I think I can manage it with lower doses I'm dropping to 300-380 test E if I have to but I'm hoping to stay at 400 test cause I feel fucking amazing)
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2023.06.06 08:25 zigazigzig Seeking reviews about the MS-CAPP program at Harris

Hello all, I am a prospective international student from India. My background is in economics, both at the bachelor's and master's levels. Since finishing my master's, I have worked in the development/social/public policy sector. For example, I have worked in a research setting (primary data collection for Randomized Controlled Trials, data analysis for academic research) and, more recently, in a consulting setting (with governments, NGOs etc.). Some sectors I have worked on include financial inclusion, nutrition, primary health and agriculture. My total work experience is 6 years.
Across my work experiences, I have enjoyed coding and working with data. Of course, I am not programming, only writing code in Stata and R. For a while now, I have been meaning to move towards a more programming-centric role, perhaps as a data scientist.
I have an admission offer from the MS-CAPP program, with an allegedly generous scholarship of 45k per year. Based on the current cost of attendance, it seems I will be responsible for about 20k per year aside from living expenses. Fortunately, I will not need a loan to finance the course. So, is the course worth it? The pros for me are that it seems to be a good way to enter a tech-adjacent job, and UChicago is one of the top universities in the world. As an international student, the cons are obvious - uprooting my life in India, leaving a comfortable job, cost of attendance, etc. I read a pretty concerning post about the program on this thread and was wondering if this impression is shared by most. Thank you!
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2023.06.06 08:23 DrWarMachine Help with unrooted Nothing Phone 1

Some time ago I rooted my Nothing Phone. But u fortunately it was on Nothing OS 1.5.3, which had issues with ram and my phone froze multiple times a day. So I unrooted it. I followed a tutorial how to flash an older version of Nothing OS and then let it update to the current version. An overall my phone seems fine. But I am not able to install certain apps for example Netflix. Google play says: "This app won't work for your device". What is going on and how can I fix this issue?
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2023.06.06 08:19 drravneetkaur Dr. Ravneet Kaur: Braces Treatment in Vasant Vihar

You are fortunate to have Dr. Ravneet Kaur if you need braces treatment in Vasant Vihar. Dr. Ravneet Kaur, a skilled orthodontist, is prepared to assist you in realigning your teeth and jaws so you can have the greatest smile at the most affordable price. With our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge methods, we provide care for patients of all ages. A highly regarded orthodontist who offers thorough care and is incredibly warm and caring is Dr. Ravneet Kaur. With a variety of dental braces, including Damon braces, ceramic braces, metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces, self-ligating braces, and colour braces, she and her team create amazing smiles. Contact Dr. Ravneet Kaur right away for more details!
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2023.06.06 08:17 olymooon This is my Jinx cosplay 馃挋

This is my Jinx cosplay 馃挋
I wanted to post this one on Reddit before posting on Tiktok so i could have honest opinions :) I鈥檓 new to cosplay !
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2023.06.06 08:15 Holiday-Possible29 The Armored Terran 8

Hello everyone! I actually have some news now! I have been looking into posting this on royal road for those that are jumping ship from Reddit, so look out for that anywhere within the next two to seven days. Also, I鈥檝e been thinking about setting up a Ko-fi account for a while for those that would like to support me in my writing efforts. For those that wouldn鈥檛 like to do that, I鈥檓 still going to put these out at the rate that I have, so don鈥檛 worry about that. Well, with all of that said, I hope that you enjoy this installment of The Armored Terran!
First Previous Next
One IED. That鈥檚 all it took for the entire galaxy to fall to chaos. In the wake of our secret getting out onto the internet, governments across the stars have been clamoring for some kind of explanation to the pictures that have been circulating.
It had only been an hour. I had requested an emergency meeting of the Galactic Community鈥檚 Senate from the current speaker of the House, which had fortunately been approved, and was going to happen in less than ten minutes. It was my hope, along with the hope of United Terra that I could get the various nations of the galaxy off humanity鈥檚 back, and to hopefully have the galaxy respect us.
I had been cleared to share certain information with the senate but was told that under no circumstances was I to reveal the position of our solar system. Not like it鈥檒l stop any of those aliens out there from trying to get that information. I thought bitterly as I sat at my desk on top of the desk that my mech was sitting at. I stared up to it, lost in thought. I wonder what would have happened if we just introduced ourselves to aliens without the mechs? Would we have had the same results?
I stayed like this for a bit until I was shaken out of my introspection when the door to my office was opened. I saw the familiar faceplate of one of my guards. 鈥淲e have five minutes ma鈥檃m, and it鈥檚 going to take us three to get there.鈥
I nodded. 鈥淚鈥檒l get suited up in a minute.鈥 I stood up from my desk and collected the tablet that had my talking points on. I sent a message to my mech via my implant, and it lowered its hand down to my level so I could stand on it with ease. Once I was secure it lifted me up to the cockpit, where I sat down. The automated mech was a recent innovation, using AI that we hadn鈥檛 even considered using since the uprising that was put down almost two centuries ago, despite the cold feet that people got whenever AI was mentioned. To counteract this, it still relied heavily on the neural commands of the user to function as intended. Humanity had learned its lesson once and wasn鈥檛 keen on repeating it.
With a sigh I closed myself into the metal coffin and stood up from the desk, made my way to the door and opened it. The first thing that I saw was my two guards flanking the doorway, with weapons that were large even in comparison to the mechs wielding them. The second thing that I noticed was the hallway. Although the room that I was in was designed by humans, just scaled up like everything else, the hallway was a different story. It was designed by the Mudillo, a species that looked rather like your average star nosed mole that you would find on Earth, except for being ten stories tall. There was not a single sharp angle in the entire hallway, with the exception being the doorways. And as I was escorted through the facility by my guards, that summarization of Mudillo architecture continued to be true. We finally walked into the Senate chamber, a massive bowl like structure that was close enough to the surface of the planet to get natural sunlight to shine through the glass ceiling. Every chair was occupied by a representative from every species in the Galactic Community, except for one. That one was for me.
The room was practically buzzing with conversation as we entered, but all of that was immediately silenced as soon as the aliens noticed us. I silently made my way to the seat, where I sat down and waited for the meeting to start. I could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on me. The representatives around me were trying to get my attention but was quickly shut down by one of my guards giving them a single glare.
Thankfully, the meeting started quickly enough, as signaled by Buzraz, the Mudillo representative, walking to the center of the room and tapping the microphone a couple of times to get everyone to focus on him instead of me. He gave me a brief nod before starting. 鈥淓steemed representatives of the Galactic Community鈥檚 Senate, I call the fifth emergency session of the Senate to order. The first and only business for this session is brought to us by the Terran Representative. Representative Rowe, you have the floor.鈥 I stood up and made my way over to the podium at the center of the room.
I cleared my throat as I started to speak. 鈥淓steemed members of the Senate, I come before you to address the rumors that have surrounded Terrans for the last hour or so, as images have circulated the internet claiming what Terrans look like under the suits that we wear.鈥 And with that I pushed the microphone down to the lowest it could go, and I opened the hatch. I squinted as I stepped onto the open hand of the mech to the gasps and spirited whisperings of the other representatives. The whispering only increased in volume as I was lowered and stepped onto the podium and up to the mike. 鈥淎s you can see, the rumors are correct. These mech suits that we have made has made it possible to walk with our galactic peers.鈥 I took a deep breath. 鈥淣ow, I鈥檓 sure that you all are wondering why? Why would United Terra lie to the Galactic Community for over two and a half years now? If they were lying about this, then what else could they be lying about? To answer those questions, I will ask you a question. If you had spent your entire history wondering if aliens existed, how would you feel if you found out that aliens did exist?鈥 I paused for a moment. 鈥淭hen imagine, for a moment how you would feel if you found out that the smallest alien out there was easily five times larger than you? Keep in mind you have no idea if they view size (or lack thereof) as weakness, or if they will even view you as sapient in the first place. Humanity hid what we were because we didn鈥檛 know how you aliens would react to us in the first place. The lies end today, however. In the spirit of transparency with the Galactic Community, after this meeting, anyone who is curious about who we are and why we do the things that we do can find a webpage detailing Terran history, physiology, and psychology.鈥
The whispering reached the level of a dull roar, prompting the Mudillo representative to speak up. 鈥淲e will have order in this senate, the Terran ambassador still has the floor.鈥
I nodded in appreciation again. 鈥淎nd now I have a warning to give.鈥 Everyone looked shocked. 鈥淭o the representative of the Yaleya Conclave,鈥 I turned so that I could look them in the eye. 鈥淵ou declaring war on United Terra and her people will not go unpunished. I promise you that when we are done with you, you will learn to fear those that you think you can take advantage of.鈥 I turned back to the rest of the Senate. 鈥淎nd to the rest of you, the lack of an official response from any of your governing bodies has left United Terra disappointed. To you we issue an ultimatum, United Terra has been a prolific trade partner with most of the species here, along with providing most of the foreign aid to those that need it. Unless your government officially condemns the actions of the Yaleya Conclave, and introduces sanctions against them, United Terra will withdraw all trade and foreign aid from your respective nations.鈥
And with that the entire room erupted into chaos as I sealed myself back into my mech.
I sat there in stunned silence as the room descended into chaos. That Venus woman really did play the nuclear card right out of the gate. I looked up to Aeva to see that they were equally shocked. 鈥淲ell if I thought politics was boring before, I certainly don鈥檛 think that now!鈥 I said with a chuckle.
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2023.06.06 08:10 Queen_Lethargy So...what's up with the Fnaf Daycare Attendant shoulder riders??

So I bought the Sun and Moon shoulder riders for a future cosplay I had in mind (and to display them at some point) in May, and at the time it said they would ship during that month. May has passed and its now been changed to Mid June. This is my first time buying anything off of Youtooz and I've seen a few posts talking about the lengthy time it takes for orders to ship, so I'm just wondering how long should I expect to wait for these guys?
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2023.06.06 08:06 kulasoy can anyone identify if this Vapormax 2020 is legit

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2023.06.06 08:03 Strict-Concentrate-1 BPI Fly & Switch Promo

Hello, recently got my BPI credit card and saw from a site that BPI is running a 300k miles promo if you spend a set amount in a given timeframe.
Just wanted to ask how legit is this? (Url attached). If this is legit, how does one claim their miles? Thank you
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