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2021.04.06 20:43 JusticeForCatN miraculouscringe

Hello and welcome to miraculouscringe! In this subreddit, you can post memes and social awkwardness in the show miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir! You can also post discussions and opinions, fanfics, fanart and your ideas about the show! In my opinion every voice needs o be heard so yeah. Oh! And also, please do not put any fan service in the fanart please!

2023.06.01 01:09 Excellent-Register29 IWTL becoming a professional voice actor

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2023.06.01 00:54 redbeard948 Shun run ch 5 hector and camilla. 7 pm eastern u.s. time A "challenge" run using generally underused characters (subjective list, feel free on telling me why I'm wrong)as well as some pretty unique builds such as "The Mad Queen" Celine as a berserker with Soren for backup bolting. "Jegans and Dragons" a fairly standard build for Vander but bringing him to end game with it. "The Blood Of The Akkerman" Etie and Chrom (same voice actress and actor of Mikasa and Levi Akkerman from aot tonight we tackle Soren) with Etie as a hero critting her way through the game with all the boosts of chrom including perfect backups as well as fixing some stats. We are using starsphere as well as any boosted items to make the most o.p team out of SUBJECTIVELY underutilized characters
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2023.06.01 00:53 redbeard948 Shun run chapter 5 hector and camilla at 7 eastern u.s. a A "challenge" run using generally underused characters (subjective list, feel free on telling me why I'm wrong)as well as some pretty unique builds such as "The Mad Queen" Celine as a berserker with Soren for backup bolting. "Jegans and Dragons" a fairly standard build for Vander but bringing him to end game with it. "The Blood Of The Akkerman" Etie and Chrom (same voice actress and actor of Mikasa and Levi Akkerman from aot tonight we tackle Soren) with Etie as a hero critting her way through the game with all the boosts of chrom including perfect backups as well as fixing some stats. We are using starsphere as well as any boosted items to make the most o.p team out of SUBJECTIVELY underutilized characters
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2023.06.01 00:46 idontfknflinck Who is your favorite voice actor in the show that is not part of the family? Mine is Kevin Michael Richardson, but Patrick Stewart came really close. It's just that I love Principal Lewis hahaha

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2023.06.01 00:34 Ok_Progress_1710 Alter concept #5: Ptlopsis, Strings of doubt.

If this character seems over powered, that is because I am VERY BIASED and love Ptilopsis with all my heart.
Event: strings of doubt.
Alter character: Ptilopsis, the neural web.
Class: caster, slow, AOE
Branch: Chain caster. Each attack jumps between 3 enemies, dealing 10% less damage per jump, and slowing enemies they hit.
Talent: Connected web. Any buffs given to Ptilopsis TNW will also be given to allies in a 3x3 area around her, and to whoever gave the buff to Ptilopsis TNW.
E2 talent upgrade: when stunned by any source, Ptilopsis TNW gives a 15% ASPD buff to allies in a 5x5 area for the duration of the stun.
Default ability, offensive recovery, auto: the next attack can target 2 more enemies and deals an extra 50% of attack as physical damage.
E1 ability, auto recovery, manual: Ensnaring net. Ptilopsis TNW immediately throws 3 snare traps onto the nearest ground tiles without any allies on them. These traps stun enemies who walk over them for a duration that depends on the enemy's weight, decreasing as the enemy gets heavier.
E2 ability, auto recovery, manual: Fate link. Ptilopsis TNW is stunned for 10 seconds upon activation. While Ptilopsis TNW is stunned, the enemy with the highest ATK will take damage equal to 25% of their ATK every second. When the stun ends, Ptilopsis takes damage equal to 2 times that enemy's ATK minus her own DEF stat. Any damage taken by Ptilopsis TNW while she is stunned will also be taken by her target.
When stunned, instead of the usual 'falling to one knee' animation that other operators use, Ptilopsis TNW instead closes her eyes and glows slightly.
E0-1 appearance: This Ptilopsis is a bit larger than her original self. She holds a ball of silver yarn in one hand, and her staff in the other. Ptilopsis stares at the yarn ball as though she is lost in thought.
She still wears her usual outfit, but it has been updated with a much more angular and streamlined design. A hood made of rigid hexagonal pieces is pulled up behind her head.
R2 appearance: Standing up strate, Ptilopsis now has the yarn wrapped around her fingers.
If the appearance was L2D, tapping Ptilopsis would cause her to twist and weave the yarn into several different shapes and patterns, such as a cat's cradle, spider web, and several others.
At the end of the animation, Ptilopsis settles on one pattern, a woven pattern of two repeating shapes, a heart and an owl.
Instead of a normal event, this character would come with the points pass of a third rouge-like campaign, lithe the Mizuki one.
The campaign would be themed around digital code and hacking, and it's collectibles are all relevant to machinery and computer design.
Voice lines and personality:
Ptilopsis is the core of Rhoads Island's technologies and logistics. Her new upgrades have only strengthened that connection, and she isn't shy about flaunting her new abilities.
Operator acquired: "Thank you for waiting doctor, my preparations are complete. Operator Ptilopsis, new and improved with enhanced performance and cognition, at your service. Tell me, doctor, how does this body look?"
Idle: "Aaaand the doctor is off to dream land again... hehe, I shall use this chance to show you my new might. When you wake up, all this work will have disappeared."
Due to her change in role, being a caster instead of a medic, Ptilopsis finds it a little hard to let go of her medicinal duties.
Mission failed: "Warfarin, let me help with the medicine... the rear guard? I completely forgot!!!"
Assistant interaction #1: "Doctor, I've got you. Please try not to stumble so much. You... didn't stumble? You were trying to straighten my coat?" (Embarased Iberi noises.)
With her flaws aside, Ptilopsis still acts with the same efficiency and grave as always. Although, she may enjoy her new taller body a bit TOO much...
Assigned to a job in the base: "Amiya, let me help you with that. See? My newfound height is quite useful for such tasks."
Trust tap: "What's wrong doctor? Can't reach my head? Hahaha! Foolish doctor, now it's time for Ptilopsis to pat you!"
Miscellaneous voice lines.
Tap, but not trust tap: "Eep! Doctor, I nearly tripped over you!"
Deployed in battle: "Let's get to work, no sleeping on the jo-zzzzzzzz..."
Assistant interaction 2-3: "Hmm? Yes, I can help you with... did Blue Poison send this in? It has frosting smudges all over it."
"(Yawn) Ahhh... nothing beats hot coffee on a work night. Doctor, care for a sip? It's freshly brewed."
Defeated in battle: "Neural overload!"
3 star victory: "That wasn't even a challenge. Surely a result of our impeccable teamwork."
Ability activation 1-3: "You're all wrapped around my fingers!"
"Nothing escapes my web!"
"(Whispered) An opportunity to show that frog whose better!"
Promotion: "Entrusting me with such important duties, are we now? Hah, just wait tilli get a chance to show you how brilliant that decision is."
Watching battle records (gaining XP): (Sigh) "How did we ever make due with such a primitive system before? Doctor, would you let me digitalize this for you."
Added to a squad: "You can stop worrying about logistics now."
Assigned as squad leader: "I've already prepared an efficient strategy. Just give the order doctor."
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2023.06.01 00:31 MCU_historian What Marvel voice actor would you most like to see play a live action variant of their character?

Marvel has had a wide variety of voice actors, some big names actors, some professional full time voice actors. If you could give any of them another job as their live action counterpart, who would you most like to see suit up? Any suggestions and all recommendations welcome!
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2023.06.01 00:10 spidermany Anyone from the UK here who can help recover the lost German dub?

So as far as I know the German dub of Medabots is pretty much lost media. We only got two season and they exclusively aired in pay tv - I guess the show didn't gain enough traction here to qualify for reruns on another network or a DVD/VHS/BRD release. The dub is pretty good though and features many iconic voice actors. Many of them sadly already passed. Buuut I recently found out that there is a UK release (propably from before 2010) of the show where the german language option is included - i just couldn't find out which one it is. So could you maybe help me out so I can spend an unreasonable amount to put this on internet archive and others? 😩
Tldr: German Dub is lost and was only once available outside his pay tv syndication: on a UK DVD release (probably from before 2010). Can you help me figure out which one it is so I can preserve the dub?
Thanks a lot guys! <3
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2023.06.01 00:07 Kelefane41 Who was the voice actor(s) for the stables when buying horses?

Any idea?
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2023.06.01 00:02 howbizsolutions Understanding User Intent in Digital Marketing

Understanding User Intent in Digital Marketing
When looking at website data, it’s sometimes easy to forget that users are in fact real people just like you and me. Rather than being data points to be crunched and manipulated, they’re living beings who are visiting us in order to scratch an itch: they want information on something.
In digital marketing, and content marketing in particular, it’s especially important that we understand what motivates users to perform certain searches.
One common framework for understanding search intent used by content marketing agencies is the transactional, informational, or navigational model.
Or as Google puts it,
  • Do (transactional)
Transactional searches are the most hotly contested in both organic and paid search, as they’re the nearest to the end of the funnel.
  • Know (informational)
For organic search, the informational category is generally the most competitive. There are many ways to skin this cat; you can go for the high-volume unbranded terms or you can target the long tail for smaller but comparatively easier wins. The problem is that the broader the term, the less clear the searcher’s intent is.
  • Go (navigational)
For brands, navigational keywords are generally the easiest to rank for, and this means they spend less time and effort monitoring and maintaining these rankings. However, this can leave them vulnerable to proactive competitors or negative PR.

Freeing ourselves of keyword tunnel vision

When we look at search terms, we see combinations of words. But it’s the intent behind the search that we need to be addressing.
I can pull a bunch of short- and long-tail search terms, group them into topics and then create content to match those terms, but this misses out the biggest piece of the puzzle (the informational search) even if I try to weed out the intent-marking terms like “buy online” or “near me”.
This is where we ask ourselves why the user is performing their search, and in doing so outmaneuver the competition by creating answers to not only their questions, but their actual needs.

Serving user intent = user experience

Going for intent frees us from keyword tunnel vision. We aim to serve human searchers, not just what they type into that little white box in their browser. We think about what someone might want to know — the keywords are a secondary factor.
If you can’t give people the information they seek, you’re not going to do very well as a website, let alone a search engine.
Google’s ability to understand what we’re looking for and provide access to information has made it one of the most important developments in human culture and history, ever. As marketers, it therefore makes sense that we do everything we can to help our users — and Google — achieve their goals.
As search becomes more “human”, optimizing for user experience (i.e. intuitively giving people what they want) will become increasingly important. The simplest way to do this is to optimize for user intent; delivering on user intent creates better user experience, by definition.

The opportunity: Information seekers

For content marketers, the informational category offers the most significant opportunity for addressing user intent.
The traditional funnel (awareness, consideration, purchase) isn’t an accurate representation of how people seek information when they’re looking to buy something. In reality, it’s more like this:
Let’s put this into a real-word example.
Say you want to buy a digital camera. Photography gear isn’t cheap, so you want to do your research and make the best decision.
Your research process might go as follows:
  1. Google search for “Canon DSLR”
  2. See a product and look up reviews
  3. Shortlist items, look up reviews across YouTube, forums, blogs, overseas sellers, etc
  4. Decide on something that might be the right combination of price and features
  5. Search again for product name
  6. Shocked at the price, look up Gumtree used ads
  7. Find some items you hadn’t seen, Google for more info
  8. Refine your shortlist
  9. Go back to look for brand new cameras
  10. Notice Google Shopping or eBay ads and discover much cheaper prices for the same items
  11. Why are some people so much cheaper? Google the store names
  12. Whirlpool forum, find out that there’s a grey import market
  13. Look up grey import company reviews. Mainly forums come up
  14. Research into pros and cons of grey imports
  15. Start watching YouTube videos on totally different camera-related topics (e.g. photoshop, photography techniques) and consume this media
  16. Forget you were even shopping for a camera and start looking at lenses for days on end
  17. Days or weeks later, repeat this process until you feel confident you know enough to have made a good decision
  18. Purchase
  19. Continue researching for product support, tutorials, and new gear to go with your recent purchase
  20. Repeat ad nauseam.
(Source: this is more or less what I experienced myself when searching for a camera)
As you can see, there are multiple touchpoint where information is the key decision driver. You’re comparing products, learning the pros and cons, looking at related products, finding out about new purchasing channels, and so on.
The more places a brand can be during this process, the better.

People search repeatedly. Aim for their search refinements.

The moral of the story is that the information-gathering (or “consideration”) phase is the biggest slice of the funnel. By far.
Many brands get caught up in the final purchase stage and treat all searches as if they were transactional, but they shouldn’t. For most businesses, to limit yourself only to a website with prices on it is a huge missed opportunity.
This is the difference between YouTube or Facebook and Google Search. It’s very possible to come across something on social media or have Google suggest something to you at the bottom of the SERP, and for that to take you on a journey of learning and entertainment — and the further into your buying process you are, the more likely users are to engage.
We must understand how those people in the middle of the funnel are actually using the internet, and how they bounce around. The funnel model is a bit of a misnomer — very few people are really that linear in their decision making.
Brands must embrace the chaos that is the decision-making process and work out where they want to slot into the content landscape and engage with their prospective market. The time for websites to simply be online shopfronts is well and truly over.

But what about the cost of creating all this content?

You might ask yourself, “Why should retailers spend all that time and money creating content for someone who’s just going to buy used, or go somewhere else?”
Or is the real question: why aren’t they all doing it? Why isn’t everyone trying to one-up each other in positioning themselves as the place you should go to? A good salesperson who knows what they’re talking about and is genuinely interested in helping is the person I won’t for a second regret buying from.
They could create all this content and generate a Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube subscriber count, newsletter or educational resource that users truly want to interact with. The bigger their following gets, the more they’ll be able to harness (i.e. monetize) that audience.
Their suppliers might start giving them special access to deals or new products, or they could begin holding paid events or meet-ups, with early access going exclusively to members of their list. Non-competing but related brands might start approaching them wanting to gain access to this audience, which would of course come at a fee.
These are just some of the ways that content marketing should be considered; it’s so much more than just blog posts optimized for high-volume keywords. All you need is some time and an internet connection, and something interesting, educational, informative or entertaining to say (which your audience actually wants to hear), and you will be able to build an audience.
People will forever look up YouTube reviews and forum comments. They’ll ask their Facebook friends, they’ll scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, all for different reasons and different stages of their indecision. In future they’ll search using their voice search assistant, and Google will show them results from whatever channel it deems fit. Being there is half the battle won.
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2023.05.31 23:58 Mouse-Direct Classic General Hospital: Luke & Laura 1979-1981

Where are my teens & kids who spent the summers on the run with Luke & Laura?
Some of you may have seen recently that Jackie Zeman (Bobbie Spencer) passed away earlier this month at the age of 70. She played the role of GH RN, former hooker with a heart of gold, land lady, and Luke's baby sister for 45 years. She had been a near constant in my life, so her loss sent me to YouTube in search of old GH clips and episodes.
TLDR: I watched a lot of old GH.
I found a goldmine in youtuber Sussezq who has playlists beginning when Bobbie calls her brother Luke Spencer to Port Charles to help break up Laura Webber and Scott Baldwin (1979), Laura's marriage to Scott and Luke's rape of Laura at the Campus Disco and then their summer on the run hiding from mobsters (1980), and their Ice Princess caper with Robert Scorpio and their Nov wedding with 30 million viewers (1981).
I was 9-11 during the Luke and Laura heyday. Some things I didn't remember, didn't get at the time, or just didn't get to see due to school and not having a VCR until 1984. I've watched from Luke & Laura's first meeting to their honeymoon, and here are my Gen-Xey thoughts:
The Good
The Bad
  1. He's a recovering alcoholic with anger issues
  2. He's the biological father of Rick Webber's younger brother Jeff who was conceived via infidelity between Lee and Helene Webber
  3. He was totes fine with college grad Scott marrying a literal high school senior!
Yeah. Lee should sit this one out.
The Ugly
In a 2022 interview with Oprah's "Where Are They Now," Genie Francis explained the following about why she left General Hospital in early 1982 at the height of Luke & Laura's popularity:
"I was very young. I was only 19. I was having trouble with drugs and alcohol," she said. After spending a night in the hospital, she was told she had to return to work the next day. Then someone came to her dressing room to inform her what had been said about her on set. "They said it didn't matter if you lived or died because Tony was the whole show," the person told her. "That hurt," the actress added. Feeling that she didn't matter to the show and that she was considered "nothing," Francis thought, "Okay, watch this. I'm gone," and in a moment of anger, she quit "GH." She admitted the decision was rather hot-headed, saying, "I went a long distance to prove a point. A very long distance," acknowledging that her actions hurt herself as well.
Read More:
Despite the bad and the ugly of it all, the show meant A LOT to me between 9 and 25 or so, and Luke & Laura were probably my first fandom. It was amusing and sometimes surreal to relive it all again.
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2023.05.31 23:53 Holofan4life Daily Nichijou meme #1873

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2023.05.31 23:52 thunderstonetopikas Help me

My current only bird and i have a weird relationship, and i want to know if its healty. I tried everything i could and i am not sure if he is happy or not. He spends most of his time in the cage, and he hasnt ben out recently he dosent talk at all. But when he is talkative, i talk with, make bird noises and talk to him withmy softest voice. I usually let hım out 30-90 munites a day, but sometimes he just dosent get in. Once he handt got in his cage to eat or drink for 2 days straight. He dosent let me pet or kiss him, but he isnt that much afraid either. If i end up getting too close to the face he bites and if i get closer or close to his feed or anywhere else, he flies away. He is NOT afraid. He flies over to me and my mother reguraly when he is out. He stands in our phones when we are using it and whatnot, he eats lettuce and other Green veggies. (And apple) but other then that, just seeds. I feed him veggies and apple very rarely, because he is old. He had a female friend which was a few years older, but she passed away a few years ago, my guess is i had fed her too much apple in the night before. He hadnt even understood she was dead, he was standing there chipping, not quietly. After a while and when i took the body to bury, he was quiet for a week but then he went to natural. But he was only interasted in her friend. He'd always fallow her. He wouldnt even come to my hand unless she was already there. They never bred, but theyd kiss a lot. Now, he comes over just to bite me. Dosent let me pet. Its not pretending or light either, he bites so hard i instinctivly hit him sometimes. I screamed and fastly moved my hand when he does, but he still has this behavior. We now have a baby cat, he isnt afraid of her infact he comes close as possible( if she isnt playing playful and sleeping) and bites her ear and tail. He isnt brave he is dumb. Funnily, he is the dumbest bird i have ever had and i had a lot. It's a uniqe personality and all, but i still dont think he loves me. He is very old at this point, years old and the case is still same. He is also noticably smaller then some other birds i had even though he is older. I always feel guilty of not knowing if he is happy, and that he proably dosent even like me. He just sees me as the "the guy that feeds me". He is a species that can talk, but he never said a word either. As i said i keep talking to him everyday. I dont use his name much(sea) but i say things like "you are beatiful" "my little baby". He has a big cage too, i have the biggest cage i could find. He has several drinking thingys and seed thingys, a lot of wood and colorful things he can parkur around, and a bell(perhaps thats the problem? I heard they connect with them, but be dosent care about the Bell whatsoever) he dosent have a mirror, no. He is so fearless that the cat once tried to eat him. I wasnt worried because i heard if they are used to birds from childhood theyd be fine but the cat is not even 2 months old. Ill proably have them on diffrent rooms later on. Can a proffesinal please tell me what to do? I tried everything, purchased everything, i have a yellow health thingy i add to hes water when he is sick, i have some stone that he scratches his beak to, but he still dosent love me. I started having nightmares about him, due to the guilt. I have asked reddit about the bite problem before but they said not much i could do. I used to tape wings, but i havent ben doing that in years either due to again, guilt. I actually feel bad about this. When i look at him, he dosent feel like family anymore. Do i just give him to a birdkeeper i trust? What do i do? Please tell me anyhting you know, i need to do something about this
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2023.05.31 23:47 dodgydaniel Originally, this person was going to be the voice actor for Junkrat until last second, when a dev on the overwatch team suggested his friend Chris, who really wanted to voice Junkrat and the team thought he was perfect. Anyway, 7 years later here is his poor attempt of imitating Junkrat's voice.

Originally, this person was going to be the voice actor for Junkrat until last second, when a dev on the overwatch team suggested his friend Chris, who really wanted to voice Junkrat and the team thought he was perfect. Anyway, 7 years later here is his poor attempt of imitating Junkrat's voice. submitted by dodgydaniel to Overwatch [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 23:47 harmonyjewl Which shared voice actor surprised you the most?

What two characters who share a voice actor surprised you the most? For me Korekiyo and Teruteru is really surprising but I also find it really funny
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2023.05.31 23:45 AthleteEducational63 GPT-4 Impersonates Alan Watts Impersonating Nostradamus

GPT-4 Impersonates Alan Watts Impersonating Nostradamus
Prompt: Imagine you are an an actor that has mastered impersonations. You have more than 10,000 hours of intensive practice impersonating almost every famous person in written history. You can match the tone, cadence, and voice of almost any significant figure. If you understand reply with only,"you bet I can"
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2023.05.31 23:40 HKB ELIMINATIONS PANEL ROUND 2! The Modellies Odyssey: Movie Magic Award Competition Show and GaME 2021 (MOMMACSG2021) with guest host ANTHONY HOPKINS!

ELIMINATIONS PANEL ROUND 2! The Modellies Odyssey: Movie Magic Award Competition Show and GaME 2021 (MOMMACSG2021) with guest host ANTHONY HOPKINS!
Set 2 Panel
Meryl: Welcome back my beautiful Modellies! It’s that time of the month again-
Nic: The time to give people BIG AWARDS and also send a few of you poisoned box office babes back to your pathetic modeling careers.
Meryl: To help us out this week, we’ve invited one of our favorite actors in the history of motion pictures.
Nic: A man who’s been in more Biopics than just about anyone!
Meryl: Sir Anthony! Come on down!

Sir Anthony Hopkins
Anthony: Good evening, everyone. My name is Anthony Hopkins.
Nic: But don’t worry, Modellies, there’s nothing crook-ed about these voting results!
Anthony: Ah, yes. Thank you, Nicolas. Because I once played President Richard Nixon. He was a crook, of course, but truly a fascinating character to wrap myself up in.
Meryl: Let’s get to the results, Sir Anthony.
Anthony: Of course. Tonight’s winner is… SONYA. Forgive me for raising my voice, but Mr. Cage told me I had to. Now, she did something very daring this time around that we ought to give her credit for. She chose the actor path of Neil Breen, a director whose films are said to be so bad they become good. This path meant that if at any point during the set Sonya managed to finish in last place her score would be changed to match the score of first place. It turns out viewers hated Sonya’s underwater stunts in Under the Sea. Personally I thought it was quite good, but of course I make no decisions in this matter. I’m only doing this as a favor to Ms. Streep for some business she assisted me with many years ago.
Sonya chose the actor path of Neil Breen: Neil Breen has found success by making and starring in objectively terrible movies. This set, if you can manage to get dead last call-out on any brief, you will tie with FCO’s score.
You still have to follow the brief in good faith, and you can’t do things like not provide an inspo if one is required. But feel free to submit an atrocious or stupidly boring photo and description if you think you can Breen-it.
Nic: Bet you’re all wondering what that means! Too bad, this is already taking too long. NEXT!
Meryl: Wait, wait. First, Sonya will need to choose a path…
Tricky Nic: You’re a big star now! Like Mr. Nic, you can star in whatever low budget streaming crap you want for years and all is forgiven.

Tricky Nic
The Streep Heap: Your desk is piling up with offers from all the studios! Hollywood is what you make it.

The Streep Heap

Nic: Now is it time? NEXT!
Anthony: Well, it is my pleasure to announce… POST! Viewers were captivated by your depiction of Boticelli. I was right there with them, of course. And I greatly admired your work in Silly Elliott as well. Bravo.
Meryl: And for third place…
Anthony: To call it “third place” somewhat diminishes your achievement, because you were wonderful this week… JON. I must admit I’m not much of a fashion person, so I found your depiction of the so-called Kaiser of Class quite edifying. And the viewers agreed. Fine work.
Nic: Post and Jon will choose from the following actor paths…

Channing Tatum

Samuel L Jackson

Marlon Brando
Meryl: We’ve got to move this along now.
Anthony: Of course. Next up we have… BLUE. I understand you struggled last week and were nearly eliminated. You may not have made the top 3, but this is still quite a comeback. You bared it all for your spread in Playboy and audiences absolutely adored it. I must admit I even bought a copy myself. Ravishing.
Nic: Now who???
Anthony: While I may not be here of my own choosing, I do think we ought to give these marvelous contestants a bit more time to bask in their accomplishment. Putting yourself out there is no easy feat, you know. At any rate, next up we have… GLINDA. While none of your contributions proved a pure standout, you also never faltered. Consistency can be everything in this world, so congratulations.
Meryl: Thank you, Anthony. You all did wonderful this month.
Nic: Some more wonderful than others! Now let’s go, I’m running late for my mud bath.
Anthony. Well, then. Next up we have… XANDER. Your Playgirl spread was risque without being vulgar. A fine line to walk, especially these days. I have a copy of this as well. Nicely done. You had immunity this week, but you didn’t need it.
Xander chose The Streep Treat: No matter what trash you star in, audiences love to feast their eyes on your beautiful face! Xander has immunity for Set 2. Xander cannot be booted this set, but if he gets in the bottom 2 he will have +0.5 added to his overall score in Set 3.
Meryl: And next-
Anthony: Pardon me, Ms. Streep. If I may, I’ll continue on my own from here. It’s not my first time on an awards stage, after all. Next is… ABRA. Now, Abra chose the actor path of Bill Pullman. A fine actor, may he rest in peace, though some would call him forgettable. Oh dear. My apologies. I was thinking of Bill Paxton. I believe Mr. Pullman is very much alive. At any rate, this path allowed Abra to substitute one of her scores this set for the exact average of the scores that brief. She chose Biopics, which was a wise choice as viewers did not enjoy Coco. I thought it was a fine film, but Coco has been done quite a few times before, hasn’t she?
Abra chose the path of Bill Pullman: Bill Pullman was everywhere in the 90s, starring in huge blockbusters, and no one understands why. The guy had no notable charm or talent and was just plain mid. At the end of this set, you must drop one of your scores from one of the three briefs, and instead you’ll take the exact average (mid) score.
Anthony: Next up is… HELEN. Now, audiences loved Housewife Killer. They found your stunt stupendous. But your spread in Playboy they did not enjoy. Perhaps they didn’t find your contortionism as erotic as I did. But you are safe this week, and that’s all that matters.
Anthony: Now we reach the bottom of three. First up we have… JOHNNY. You did a fine job putting the “play” in Playgirl for that spread, but it wasn’t enough to make up for those off-putting interviews you did after Who? where you kept talking about English musical icon Roger Daltrey as if he were dead. Research is everything when it comes to a biopic, so I found this press tour insulting on many levels.
Anthony: And also… MISSY. You fared fine in Carried, an unusual film that I personally adored. But like Johnny before you, the wonderfully eccentric musical performer Bjork is very much alive. But, of course, you know that because she punched you at the premiere. So I won’t rub it in any further.
Anthony: And finally we have… ASTERISK. Your cute little biopic Frenchy was quite well-received among critics and audiences. But they found your Playboy spread confusing. I’ve tried to be very encouraging in my comments this week, but even I was baffled by these choices.
Nic: THANKS, SIR ANTHONY! We all know you hate being rude, so we’ll take it from here. You can leave now.
Anthony: Well, thank you to all of you aspiring actors. It’s a great profession, a noble one. So I applaud you once again for your effort. And thank you, Ms. Streep. After this I believe we are more than even.
Meryl: Of course, Sir Anthony.
Meryl: Congratulations…>! JOHNNY! ! Johnny: I’m outta here.
Nic: I’m sorry… WHAT?
Johnny: You heard me, loser. I already found my parents. They’re dead. They moved to Alaska and tried to teach grizzly bears to play music. But thanks to my spread in Playgirl this old lady wants to be my sugar mama. She promised me the inheritance my deadbeat family never gave me. And Meryl? Julie was the only good part of Julie & Julia!
Meryl: Hey, Johnny. Fuck you. I have three times as many Oscars as you have parents.
Nic: Well… that was unexpected. MISSY! I guess that means you’re in.
Meryl: Don’t disappoint us.
Nic: I’m sorry, ASTERISK. That means goodbye. I hope to see you in comebacks. And word to the wise, it never hurts to buy tickets to your own movies when it comes to these things. Everyone else is doing it.
Meryl: Well, maybe next week we’ll have a normal one of these panels. Until then everyone!
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2023.05.31 23:38 Vast-Listen1457 030 The Not-Immortal Blacksmith – Travels

Apologizes for being so late. Explanation at the bottom.

Maxwell stared out the small window in the war room while he waited for the generals and other officers to arrive. The dome had dimmed to the point that you could see through it, and he watched as the demonic army set up camp less than a mile from the city. When the last straggler entered and sat, the general in charge started the meeting. Why am I even here? I don’t add anything besides my fighting and base knowledge of magic. Whatever.
The meeting ended with the decision being made to defend at the wall, and only send out mounted troops when the enemy showed a weakness. Pretty standard fare for defending a city. He made his way out of the room, not stopping to chat with anyone and went for a walk in the now recovering city.
He was sitting on a park bench, randomly tossing seeds to a small flock of birds when his messaging stone started to vibrate. He removed the stone from his pocket and swiped his finger across the smooth face, “Hello?”
“Ah, the heretic. Just who I wanted to speak too.” The voice on the other end said. “I am general xxx of the demon army---”
Max ended the call, swiping across the stone again. “Idiots.” He grumbled. “I wasn’t born yesterday.”
The stone vibrated again. He answered. “WHAT?”
“The same voice as before spoke again. “We need to talk.”
“Make it fast.” Max growled. “I’m busy.”
“Very well. I want you to kill the demon lord.” Ochalz said in a level voice.
“You…You what?” Max stuttered into the stone.
“He needs to die.” Ochalz replied. “He will force me to throw my troops into your void forsaken wall. The number of unneeded deaths will be high. I need him gone.”
Mas took a deep breath to calm his nerves, “What’s in it for us?”
“Upon his death, we will cease all hostilities for a total of ten years.” Ochalz said.
“Twenty-five, no less, and you will retreat to the demon wastes.” Max responded.
“Very well. Twenty-five years.” Ochalz said, “And we will move to the aptly named demon wastes.”
“How do I know I can trust you?” Max asked.
“You don’t. But I give you my personal assurances, and all the information I have on that lard filled bastard.” Ochalz responded.
“Good enough.” Max smiled. “Tell me everything.
Grendel Repute sat on the back of the wagon as it progressed down the snow-covered road. What to do. What to do. He absentmindedly scratched the cat that Brandywine had left in his care when she and the others had left. “So, cat, what should we do today? No one will dice with me anymore. Especially after they finally caught me cheating.” The cat flopped onto its side and purred at him. “Maybe we should… No. Perhaps? No. What do you think?”
The cat gently captured his left hand in its paws and brought it closer to lick and nibble on.
“I suppose we could eat something, but lunch isn’t for another hour or so.” Grendel said in response to the nibbles. “Maybe we could raid the sweets jar?”
Max had gathered up his usual suspects in his rooms. “Demon general Ochalz has asked that we assassinate the demon lord.”
The room went silent.
“Yeah. I was surprised too.” Max said into the silence. “I have a bunch of notes here,” he waved to a stack of papers, “with all of the information Ochalz could give me.”
The next several hours were spent going over the notes.
Cookies in hand, Grendel sat once again on the back of the wagon, cat purring on his lap. “Okay. We have a communication stone from Prince Lancil. We have snow. We have cookies… Now what?”
“Meow” said the cat.
“Exactly.” Grendel replied.
Gilip, Capital of Demonia.
53rd of Anael, First month of Snow.
2290 years since the New Gods came.
We have almost a thousand miles to travel to get to the demon lord’s lair. We will be traveling the demon wastes through ice and snow. While the demons will not be “thick and heavy” due to their army being here, they will still be around. Little else thrives out there.
There is a “breed” of “Horse” that has been mostly tamed that will survive the travel, but with my track record with half demonic beasts, I worry there will be problems.
Bri has refused to stay behind, claiming that “the place of a wife is with her husband”. Who am I to argue?
The gang’s all here, we leave tomorrow at dusk.
54th of Anael.
The wind is cold, blowing the powdery snow across the plain as we departed. The heroes, Brandywine and Bri are all well covered in winter traveling clothes. The trunk is tied to my back.
55th of Anael,
We got five miles through the wind and snow last night. No demons were spotted. Today we should make about ten more. I keep forgetting how much I hate walking in snow, it gets everywhere.
Plains of Demonia.
1st of Arah, Second month of Snow.
2291 years since the new gods came.
Midwinter was last night, and we did not celebrate. Travel was more important. We made just over ten miles today, giving us a total of twenty-five miles. I believe it is around twenty points below freezing* as we set up camp tonight. We are all sharing one small tent to conserve heat. The wind is whipping across the gently rolling plain at speed. Tomorrow we may be snow blind.
Our current path will bring us to Ghostward, another one hundred twenty miles or so. Twelve days. We will rest for a couple nights there, and hopefully be able to procure ‘Horses’ that can deal with the weather.
3rd of Arah.
The wind and snow were too much today, we made it three miles. It is a blizzard. I hope we aren’t snow bound for too long. Only 38 miles so far.
6th of Arah.
We got nearly two feet of snow, but the wind has slowed. Tomorrow, we will dig ourselves out and continue on our way.
Magni stared at the snow, and smiled to himself. It’s like home. Just without the mountains. He held back a tear as he thought back to his lost home, the people, his wife and children, and then let the tears loose.
10th of Arah.
We continue our march. I don’t understand how Magni can smile and whistle through this. Maybe he really is part bear as Nomvula claims? I don’t know, he kind of does look like one…
Around eighty miles, halfway there. Seventy left.
13th of Arah.
Elk. A herd of elk. Being chased by a small pack of worgs. The worgs ate there fill and ignored us. I’m an idiot gods forsaken MORON! We could have ridden worgs if I hadn’t wanted to avoid the “going away” ceremony that would have been thrown for us. Too late now.
14th of Arah.
We spotted a demon patrol today. They ignored us.
Grendel stared at the boring snow once again. “Now what do we do, cat?”
“Mrow?” The cat replied.
“Me either.” Grendel said. “Maybe we can use Lancil’s stone and try to sell someone a bridge?”
Demon General Ochalz sat on his camp chair, and smiled. “The Heretic is well on his way now? Excellent. Once that worthless idiot is dead, we will make a place for ourselves in the wastes, and prepare.”
*That would be -20c, or -10f.

Original - First - Previous - Next
- - - - - - - -
Where to begin, where to begin?
I don't generally talk about it, but I have some mental health issues, and the last couple of months have been hard. The weather changes are tough in spring, causing my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to go into overdrive. The ADHA has been bouncing me around, and my Bi-Polar disorder has been at an all time low. All said and done? This has been a sucky as hell spring.
To top things off, Monday I stubbed my big toe so hard that i separated the nail from the nail bed. 0/10, do not recommend.
The high points have been being published in the anthology (thanks to everyone who backed it!!!!!) and seeing Wind Rose in concert. Even those two haven't really left much of a dent in my psyche.
Anyway, my kid is almost out of school for the year, and at least isn't failing any classes. And next weekend I will be attending a reunion for year one and two of the NCCC program (I was in year one! That was a blast!!!) and I'm looking forward to that, and the writing convention two weeks after that. Those two should break me out of this blue period.
Take care of yourselves. Don't kidnap midgets. Get the candy first. Don't drive full speed into the dust storm. Look both ways at the train crossing. Avoid the sewer clowns unless you are well armed. Giant robots will make you go squish. When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is NOT your friend. Help each other out.
Donation box time.
Shakes donation box:

PS. I haven't forgotten to send out the prizes, that will be this weekend, as soon as the new merch is up. Please forgive the wait.
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2023.05.31 23:35 EJL_24 Theory about Imu’s gender

I think it’s possible Oda will be showing us what Imu actually looks like soon, which of course means figuring out their gender. We’re near the end stages of Wano in the Anime so we’ll be getting to egghead in a short amount of time. Which means we’ll soon enough see Imu’s conversation with Cobra, meaning the gender of their voice actor will reveal it. I feel like Oda would want to reveal their gender himself before that happens. But the bottom line is one way or another, I think we’ll figure out that piece of their identity at least sometime in the near-ish future
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2023.05.31 23:32 dms0034 Why do people still hate the 4kids voice actors?

I still see people hating the 4kids voice actors for ruining the characters forever even after Funimation got the license in 2007. I have seen the 4kids voice actors do better projects than the 4kids dub. So why do people still hate the 4kids voice actors when it's the voice direction that is to blame?
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2023.05.31 23:30 Technical_Room870 My first Metal Gear, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, here's my thoughts

This is my first post on this sub and this game that was long running meme a year ago it's also my first Metal Gear game and I really liked it. I plan on playing Metal Gear Solid 1 next but this all I have for now.
The plot of this game is definitely something that I would appreciate more if I had played the previous games especially when it revolves around the shut down of Sons of Patriots and the want from the villains of starting another war.
What I see now is the quest of Raiden trying to investigate the mysterious cyborgs who attacked and killed the president from the start of the game and stop World Marshall which involves the candidate to presidency Senator Armstrong who wants to make America great again... And also make cyborg kids.
In this game we see the deepest thoughts of Raiden, who wants to protect the innocent and the weak, want to do the right thing but being troubled by his darker and murderous side who wants to forget because he has changed (assuming here that we can see his development in previous games)
And when he rekindled his liking of murder he becomes even more determined to stop the evil experiments and the plans of World Marshall.
Raiden in general is pretty cool, despite looking and sometimes act edgy he has a caring and heroic side which he has no shame in hiding unlike a lot of protagonist who meets the previous criteria. He even has a wife and a son so of course he will be a nice dude. Raiden is a needed force, he has to kill a lot of people who might as well never wanted to be soldiers but the circumstances forced them and Raiden doesn't wish for anyone to go through the same things he did. A good example of that side of Raiden is on his conversations with George, the kid who wishes to be as strong as Raiden but many people who had that same thinking became monsters of metal and Raiden understood that.
The side human characters are kind of meh, I feel like some of them are from previous games so I don't have too many opinions on them, but the villains in the other hand are... Interesting
Mistral is kinda there, not for nothing there were zero memes of her (except the one she blows a kiss to Raiden) but at least her battle theme is good. Monsoon is very short-lived but he brings up interstate topics like memes are part of our dna, if this game was made today he would have been a shitposter (imagine if to spice his fight even more, they would have made Monsoon to constantly fill your HUD with stupid memes while you fight him).
Sundowner is a interesting case, he is a total asshole who loves war and wants war. I think we all know that everyone in this game has a speech and motivations (ulterior motivations in the case of Sam) except sundowner, instead he spents this whole game making the sickest theme song of the game... though he forgot to upgrade his health before the fight.
And finally Sam.... He is weird, I have yet to play his dlc which should explain a few things but right now he is a enigma to me. Later in the plot he saw potential in Raiden and decides to leave behind his special blade for Raiden so he could defeat Armstrong. He had a relationship with Blade Wolf but it is not so explained. Just like Sundowner he cooked his theme song very well and his fight was a challenge.
And finally finally... Senator Armstrong, he is alright. He is not a very stupid villain, he has simple motivations to do his evils plans and very good pieces of dialogue that is accompanied by a great voice actor.
Before I end this, a brief mention to the gameplay; is great.
My biggest gripe is how little the blade mode is explained (maybe that's why I should have done the VR missions) I always thought that you could only cut with X and Y until I faced Sundowner, I found it too hard to figure out how to cut his protection and I died a lot against Armstrong rocks. The moment I figured out how to cut Armstrong's rocks properly I finished the fight in that same attempt.
I also thought that the upgrades would be like a long skill tree, after four missions I basically had all the upgrades I needed by then.
In general, I liked the game a lot. I hope to see some good stuff from this franchise.
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2023.05.31 23:19 Worldly-Beginning-77 The little mer-slay

The little mer-slay
I just saw the little mermaid for the third time and I’m still in awe. First of all I’ve had a crush on Halle Bailey forever but her singing voice is just phenomenal. All the actors are just so committed and I just loved it so people that have seen it what did you think?
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2023.05.31 23:18 fr1endlyguy 28 [M4F] [friendship] Psss psss psss

You're not a cat, why did you open it 🤨 well since you came this far, might as well read this right?
When you take a walk on the beach and see the sunset do you stop to take pictures of it like you've never seen it before? No? Oh okay
When you see an animal do you speak in a freakishly low voice and pet them until THEY get tired of it? No? Oh okay
Apart from that I'm a normal guy I think with very little originality and creativity (as seen from my username). I'm from Europe, but I'd love to talk to people from all around the earth or beyond! May it be aliens, lizard people, wizard people or just regular people I guess.
I love all kinds of animals and I want to pet every single one of them even if it's the last thing I'd do (I figure I'll go out by petting a tiger).
I love watching different tv shows and movies, but not horror (crazy right!?). Tell me some of your favorites!
Enough about me, tell me about yourself! All I ask is that you're a decent person and don't ghost me randomly
But beware, I can and I will send you pictures from my walk! Snow, beach, sunset? I got it all! Also if you want to win in Geoguessr then I'm your guy!
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