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Safe places for LGBT youth


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2023.06.06 08:46 Complex-Pea-2285 I’m so scared my baby is gonna die I don’t know what to do 😞

She still hasent eaten much since she shed (early may) although I’ve been Syringe feeding her it’s hard to get really any in because she stresses out BAD. She will eat on her own occasionally but maybe 1-2 worms a day MAYBE. I tried for weeks to get a vet set up but there’s non near me and none with good reviews (even my local mom and pop reptile shop doesn’t have a vet rn since the good one closed) she’s been having weird muscle spasms due to low calcium intake, hasn’t been pooping everyday, pretty lethargic but has bursts of energy but she just looks sickly 😞 and has lost weight. I don’t know what to do. Unfortunately I’m only 16 and I’m currently unemployed without a drivers license so i can’t take her to the vet that’s 4 hours away. 😞 I don’t want my pretty girl to die what do I do. I’ve checked everything in her tank countless times (heat, uvb, temps) and I’ve tried every food beardies can eat. 😞
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2023.06.06 08:45 GhowI Can someone please help me with the 'This content is not available" error?

So I've only noticed it for this one song and it only happened in the last 24 hours. Can someone please help me?

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Medical store near me for home delivery - Looking for the medical store who provide home delivery. Dawaa Dost is the best choice for medicine home delivery. Get Google map direction: https://goo.gl/maps/V9xHsQC8upWyusyT8
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2023.06.06 08:39 Freenore Technology aside, basic questions waiting to be answered in Karnataka

In a pivotal election, the people of Karnataka have voted out the BJP government that made communal hate its business. In electing the Congress, the people also appealed for economic relief in their lives. The Congress won its largest vote shares in districts that have felt the greatest economic pain. The new government has promised to honour its five guarantees to financially assist women and the educated unemployed, provide free grain for poor families, and (as is now obligatory) supply free electricity. But this is not nearly enough.
The government’s guarantees are handouts—they are, at best, economic band-aids. Successive Karnataka (and other Indian) governments have largely ignored the essential prerequisites of development: human capital and jobs; and they have allowed the steady decay of the justice system and the environment. Remedying these long-standing deficiencies is necessary so that people can stand on their feet and no longer require handouts.
Unfortunately, India’s prevailing economic development ideology—an ideology pioneered in Karnataka—advocates technological leapfrogging to sell a narrative of progress and handouts to keep the vulnerable beholden. If the Congress government in Karnataka sticks unthinkingly to this ideology, democracy will once again betray the voters. An authoritarian communalism will gain new strength.
One astute commentator has warned that Karnataka’s people have made a “conditional contract” with the Congress. The Congress’ seat majority came at the expense of the implosion of the Janata Dal (Secular). The BJP remains strong, having won more votes in 2023 than in the 2018 election. The stakes are high. Contrary to the popular notion that southern states are clearly superior to northern states, Karnataka’s economic and political indicators closely track Indian averages, as if India’s progressive and destructive forces are locked in battle in the State. What happens next in Karnataka will tell us which force is winning.
Commentators dubbed Bengaluru as “India’s Silicon Valley” in the second half of the 1980s, soon after Texas Instruments established a software facility in the city. India’s inexpensive technological talent was put to work, and the future held endless possibilities.
The big breakthrough came in March 1999 when Infosys Technologies became the first Indian-registered company to trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In January 2000, U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers visited the plush Infosys headquarters in Bengaluru. And as Jawaharlal Nehru had done for the Bhakra Nangal dam in July 1954, nearly half-a-century later Summers described the glamorous Infosys campus as a “temple of modern India”.
The man who best articulated the technological leapfrogging narrative was Nandan Nilekani, one of the seven co-founders of Infosys. In February 2004, displaying the company’s video teleconferencing capacity across multiple time zones, Nilekani said to the visiting New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman, “Tom, the playing field is being levelled.” The awestruck Friedman converted that phrase into “The World is Flat”, making that the title of his best-selling book. Friedman’s message was that bright young Indians were poised to take the jobs of techies, radiologists, wire-service reporters, and even executive assistants in advanced nations.
By 2010, Nilekani had turned his gaze to India’s development problems. He invented the Aadhaarcard, which would give a unique identity number to every Indian. In September that year, 10 Adivasis in the Tembli hamlet in Maharashtra received their identification cards from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi in the presence of Nilekani and other dignitaries. The poor would be the greatest beneficiaries of this innovation, Singh said.
Through the now nearly four decades of the leapfrogging promise, India has struggled to advance education and health delivery, a struggle all-too-evident in Karnataka. A true welfare system gives the highest priority to accelerated human development because that gives people more productive opportunities, a greater sense of well-being, and, therefore, reduces their dependence on handouts as band-aids. But politicians and elites cynically promote band-aids as “welfarism”.
To be sure, there has been progress. But the Indian voter’s and the country’s economic future are being savaged by the tyranny of low expectations. In 2020, 27 per cent of women in Karnataka could not pass a simple literacy test. This ratio will diminish over time as the share of a younger population with basic literacy skills increases.
But aside from these low-hanging fruits, the education system is failing the people. The quality of education has stayed stubbornly poor. Between 2006 and 2016, only between 40 and 45 per cent of Class III students in rural Karnataka could read a Class I text; that ratio was at a low 40 per cent in 2018, just before COVID, and fell to 24 per cent in 2020. Only about 20 per cent of children in Class V could do division sums in the years before COVID, and only 12 per cent in 2020. In these metrics, Karnataka has consistently performed below the national average.
For many students, the learning gaps are never filled, and they fall further behind their grade level. Unable to cope, about 25 per cent of Karnataka’s children aged between 15 and 17 stop attending school, which is a little under the Indian average. The vast majority of the rest go unprepared to subpar colleges and thence to the wilderness of unemployment and dead-end jobs.
In health, global improvements in medical technology and pharmaceuticals have been a continuous source of low-hanging fruit, which India’s public health system has absorbed and successfully deployed. But once past that easier task, the gains accrue at a glacial pace. According to the National Family Health Survey, the share of stunted children in Karnataka (those who had low heights for their age) remained virtually unchanged at about 35 per cent between 2015-2016 and 2019-2020. Those numbers almost exactly match the Indian averages. Multiple studies have established that stunted children suffer long-term handicaps in work and life.
The incidence of anaemia among women between 15 and 49 became worse, up in Karnataka from 45 per cent in 2015-2016 to 48 per cent in 2019-2020, about ten percentage points lower than the Indian average in both years. The spread of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes is creating new challenges for the healthcare system and extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses for patients.
The five guarantees from the Congress do little to address such human development failures. They do even less to close the yawning jobs deficit.
The glamour of information technologies often blinds us to the fact that about 45 per cent of India’s and Karnataka’s workforce is deployed in agriculture, up from about 40 per cent just before COVID. People are crowding into agriculture just when farms are becoming ever smaller. In 1970-1971, 30 per cent of the operational holdings in Karnataka were less than one hectare (they were marginal holdings, in official terminology). By 2015-2016, the year of the last agricultural census, 54 per cent of the holdings were marginal. This relentless increase in marginal holdings is matched by a corresponding decline in the share of the larger holdings as demographic pressure leads to generational subdivision of land and bottles up the workforce in low-productivity agriculture, saddled with onerous debts. Those “working” in agriculture are, in truth, sharing work with family members. They are hugely underemployed, spending large chunks of their time without any work. Large and growing numbers of them describe themselves as “unpaid household helpers”. The heavy reliance on land at this time of acute and increasing demographic pressure is a poignant commentary on the bleak jobs outlook in non-agricultural activity.
Outside of agriculture, the most important job-creating activity is construction, where (as casual labour) workers are idle on days they do not get work and when they do work, they toil long hours on pitiful wages and often without safeguards to protect them from injury. The much-touted “service-driven” economy provides low-end jobs in restaurants, trade, and transport. Jobs created by the information-technology and allied sectors are so few that they do not show up as a separate category in the official employment data. To put it starkly, both in the level and pace of increase, IT-related jobs are a tiny fraction of the humble “unpaid household helpers”.
Other than pious promises to create more jobs, political leaders campaigning in the recent elections showed no awareness of the grave jobs deficit. And they had nothing to say about the growing moral crisis.
Wrapped up in bureaucratic ineptitude, corruption, and crime, the justice and water systems in Karnataka, as elsewhere in the country, are slow-moving train wrecks. That looming disaster highlights the moral bankruptcy of the political and intellectual elite. Justice and water are not just crucial to economic well-being, they are bedrocks of civilisation.
The number of “pending” cases in Karnataka district courts has risen relentlessly to 1,95,000 in 2021, up 55 per cent from 2015, a somewhat brisker pace than the 45 per cent increase across India over the same period.
The “undertrials” in prison, those charged with crimes but awaiting trial in jail, have also increased relentlessly, up from 69 per cent of all prisoners in 2015 to 75 per cent in 2021, almost exactly matching the all-India averages. These dry statistics are not just a statement of the aphorism “justice delayed is justice denied”, they are markers of a society that turns a blind eye to human rights abuses.
An equal, if not greater, marker of moral degeneration is the stealing of our children’s inheritance. Rainwater flooded Bengaluru city in October 2005 and then again in September 2022. Chief Ministers have come and gone in the interim but the problem gets more acute as chaotic and corruptly authorized urbanisation fills the city’s tanks, lakes, and rivers, choking off the natural drainage of rainwater. With climate change sure to increase the frequency of heavy rainfall events, flooding in Bengaluru, in other Karnataka cities, and all over India is bound to disrupt lives and livelihoods more often and more severely. The mighty river Cauvery as it flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, in the manner of rivers all over India, is being choked and killed by effluents, construction debris, and, especially, illegal sand mining. One activist has warned that the Cauvery might soon cease to exist.
In April this year, Fareed Zakaria, host of a Sunday morning programme on CNN, visited India, his country of birth. His breath was blown away, most of all by Nandan Nilekani and his “vision” that Aadhaar would catalyse multitudes of jobs. Anything is possible. But in the nearly one-and-a-half decades since Aadhaar’s invention, the fastest growing occupations have been in construction and in unpaid household labour.
India’s political and intellectual elite push technological solutions to claim progress and dole out handouts as band-aids to pacify voters. This strategy shies away from the hard work of providing education, good health, jobs, working cities, and justice. The lakes and rivers continue to die.
If the new Karnataka government remains seduced by technology and handouts while ducking the basics, democracy would have again betrayed the people. Voters will remain in pain and have reason to walk away from their “conditional contract” with this government. Hindutva’s visceral appeal will attract even more followers.
Ashoka Mody is Visiting Professor of International Economic Policy at Princeton University. He previously worked for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and is the author of India is Broken: A People Betrayed, Independence to Today (Juggernaut and Stanford University Press, 2023).
Source: https://frontline.thehindu.com/politics/technology-aside-basic-questions-waiting-to-be-answered-in-karnataka/article66896393.ece
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2023.06.06 08:39 lianaalvarao Incredible Things to do in Vegas

Incredible Things to do in Vegas
Las Vegas, NV. Just mentioning the name of the community conjures up a pictorial image of dazzling neon lights, top-of-the-line resorts, and the myriad of casinos. Sporting a popular culture of being referred to as Sin City in movies like The Hangover, Las Vegas usually takes on a negative image. For more information on things to do in Vegas, Nevada's biggest city draws an estimated 36 million visitors per year. The majority of people assume the "party capital of the world" to be Las Vegas, but that's just one small slice of the Mojave Desert's nightlife.
Las Vegas is a city in southwestern Nevada whose name is For you 'the mechanic's village,' in Greek. Therefore, this was the location of much productive work, particularly with regards to the Hoover Dam Project.

Popular Attractions in Vegas

1. Neon Museum

Las Vegas's penchant for discarding things as soon as they become old, useless, or unprofitable often leads the city to demolish old buildings, but many of its historic neon signs have actually survived and been brought over to the Neon Museum to be saved. Book a tour to tour Las Vegas's historic sites and hear the tale of eccentric millionaires, long-lost landmarks, as well as other unbelievable individuals who made Las Vegas. If you like reading such blogs then check out things to do in las vegas on Lowest Flight Fares. On this site you will find blogs on fun things to do in las vegas, best things to do in vegas, free things to do in las vegas, things to do in las vegas strip, things to do in las vegas with kids, things to do in vegas during the day, things to do in vegas for couples, cheap things to do in vegas, things to do in las vegas for couples, things to do in vegas besides gamble, cheap things to do in las vegas, things to do in lake las vegas, things to do with toddlers in las vegas, things to do in vegas alone.

2. Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street's historic area of bars, restaurants, and casinos still happens to be an incredible place to have a good time. There's always continuing improvements to the place, with new additions being constantly made within, which keeps its wide variety of entertainment purposes alive and well. The prices are surprisingly low, making it a sensible option for everybody. The overhead canopy light and sound show voids the audio when well-known songs play, in addition to the surrounding light show. Most people move on though once an automated zipline breeze speeds things up. Wander the old one-halted Vegas to pick up a no wait beer for a safe scenic walk-through.

3. Caesars Palace

A visit to Caesars in Las Vegas is a last opportunity to experience the glamor of the old-school casino industry, and few downtown casinos can match it for setting. Take a chance at the tables there to get a few chips on your enormous gaming floor, take a dip in the remarkable Garden of the Gods pool, browse the Forum Shops, see a concert on the Colosseum stage, or just enjoy touring through the spacious halls while preparing for The Hangover. Also check out the Las Vegas Tour Guide for more information about this incredible city.

4. Dig This

Found a little farther away from the Strip than the Venetian, heavily wooded and open, is a heavy equipment playground where visitors can drive thick Tonka toys. You can choose a Caterpillar D5G bulldozer or a Caterpillar 315CL with an excavator, you can build large mounds and push oversized tanks.

5. Hoover Dam

The Great Depression-era construction that dammed the Colorado River and created Lake Mead, The Hoover Dam looms large in Las Vegas history and 726 feet high is the curving facade's striking aspect from any of the vantage points reported in the guides, boat tours, or flights from Lake Mead. It took nearly 20 years and 18,000 people to build the dam on the Colorado River, and it's definitely worth taking a look at the miles at its end.

6. Park Theater

Among the biggest entertainment trends today is the changing role of production halls, with changes in entertainment patterns prompting star entertainers and notable musicians to populate casino showrooms. Bestowing praise on their followers, performers which include Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, and Cher were among the stars who were regular tenants of the park theater. The venue seats approximately 5,200, and VIP seating offers patrons the option of hiring their own dedicated staff to handle their cocktail needs.

7. The Mob Museum

Comprised of one of a former courthouse building's former sections and an amphitheater where part of the Kefauver Hearings took place, this summit narrates stories of organized crime all over the world, and, particularly, in Las Vegas, where the Mafia ran its agenda with the help of law officials. Permanent exhibits feature a vintage electric-chair model, a fragment of the Saint Anthony hairdryer.
Valentine's Day featured a wall covered in Levine's Massacre , as well as a thrilling slot machine in a speakeasy exhibiting all alcoholic beverages. For an extra fee, you may participate in special adventures like the Crime Lab, the App Store Simulation of Firearms or a private tour of the area's diamond engagement ring distillery where you can purchase a glass of champagne.

8. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

When visitors to Las Vegas find out that The Grand Boulevard is actually 40 miles of wilderness situated near a metropolitan area, they're usually quite curious. After all, the city is home to canyons and mountains, which provide the type of hiking Las Vegas visitors enjoy living here. Visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where rock walls are lined with athletic hikers along classic trails and crevasse-ridden ravines feet in length lead to breathtaking foothills. Not into hiking? Go on a scenic, 13-mile loop in the park to catch a morning or sunset view of the surroundings without enduring the heat.

9. The Golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena

Las Vegas has been in need of a professional sports team for many years, and the team was welcomed to the city in 2017, fulfilling the locals' longed-for wish for its arrival at that time. A remarkable trend brought by the team's debut was cemented in Las Vegas's hearts, and the tremendous support the team received nationwide and worldwide shows just how popular the group has become. If you live near Las Vegas throughout the NHL season, stop by the Strip-side T-Mobile Arena to catch a game. This is where the black and gold and the halftime show enjoy the game, attracting devoted fans. Outside of the NHL, it is hockey à la Las Vegas.

10. The Venetian Las Vegas

An attractive resort and amusement complex that provides gondola rides and elaborate d cor, the Venetian incorporates St. Mark's Square in its expansive indoor and outdoor models. Inside the central plaza, the scenery has Frommer's around the basin. Relax in deluxe comfort at The Venetian, as it has some of The Strip's largest suites and has numerous pools across a Romanesque garden.

11. The Peppermill

Unless you haven't been to Peppermill, you haven't really been to Las Vegas. The neon front of the Peppermill 24-hour diner pulsates with bright citron paint. It welcomes guests to sit down in velvet booths that are as savory as plates of eggs, hash browns, and piled-high fruit salads. The ending section of the Fireside Lounge is an enclosure that you could go to before or after your meal, and a lovely throwback to the 1970s, a time when disco was popular and disco balls were everywhere. Consume nacho chips and a 64oz Scorpion Bowl by a fire pit so you and your guests can get away from your guests, with the fire crackling just outside.

12. Pinball Hall of Fame

Arcade game enthusiasts should make a beeline most definitely for the Pinball Hall of Fame, a world famous for its dozens of outstanding pinball machines and vintage games that not even the most hip modern Mercedes-Benz vans can match. Bring your quarters.

13. Lake Las Vegas

Just 16 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Las Vegas has a massive selection of hotels, golf courses, restaurants, entertainment, outdoor recreation and water activities. The lake is safe for stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, fly fishing, and rowing. Take a boat cruise or a dragon boat race, then tie up on the shore for ground concerts in spring, summer, and fall.

14. The Bellagio Conservatory

Part of the reason Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is such a great place for free outings is that it constantly refreshes its garden and grounds. Piling up vegetation in the 24-hour gardens will present you with an opportunity to check out a spectacular botanical display that includes a stunning combination of plants. It's akin to a miniature Disneyland for plant enthusiasts.

15. High Roller Observation Wheel

This is the largest observation wheel in the world and has one of the most magnificent views of the skyline on the outskirts of it. Take a 360-degree spin 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip or go for a 4D mix. Do you want to heighten your experience? Book your ride and enable the Happy Half Hour.

16. Mandalay Bay Beach

The National Museum of the Aztecs is a great place to visit in Las Vegas when in the warm sunlight. This center also features the tropical Mandalay Bay Beach, where lively activities will keep the whole family entertained. Three poolside bars are located near three bondways, each of which is lined by seating beach bungalows covered with numerous pillows.

17. Ferraro's Restaurant & Wine Bar

A favorite with local LV natives, Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar has been serving up fine Italian cuisine for over three decades. The establishment honors a southern Italian heritage with unique dishes featuring house-made pasta, high-grade meats and unique produce from private farms. Paired with a stunning wine list to complement your beautiful tastes, your sommelier will tailor your dining experience to your taste. Ferraro s is a fantastic option for you going out.

18. Spa at The Linq

Head to Spa at the Linq before a return trip to Sin City to effectively replenish yourself from distressing experiences from the night before. Make yourself comfortable, choose your own tunes, or even let the spa staff select an ideal fragrance combination for those struggling with pain. The spa-like Himalayan salt cave is the number one tourist attraction here. Features that help ease allergies and congestion are contained here, too.

19. Las Vegas Springs Preserve

The spa-like Himalayan salt cave is the number one tourist attraction here. Features that help ease allergies and congestion are contained here, too. The Springs of Las Vegas are known as the location of the birth of the Nevada urban area. Plenty of things to see and do in the vicinity make it worth visiting for a day. Children, bike rentals, and the Nevada State Museum are especially popular.

20. The Fountains of Bellagio

Tourists to Las Vegas go out of their way to witness the Bellagio signature dancing fountains. The fountains covering several acres are located near the hotel. MUSIC gets the water running every 30 minutes and a few times of day at night. Not just free of cost, this outstanding fountain has been immortalized by the production of Ocean s Eleven.

21. The National Atomic Testing Museum

Bear in mind that throughout the 1950s, a lot of individuals were strolling towards the street until The Strip, still watching their wild mushroom cloud pictures. The history of the development of America's nuclear weapons program is mesmerizing and horrifying. Ironically enough, Las Vegas was where lots of it happened. A visit to this wide collection of uniquely interesting stuff should most definitely be included on your Place To Get Lost list.
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2023.06.06 08:39 dlschindler Shine Of Silver Swordsman

"Happiness comes from a perception of life. Life is a pursuit of singular moments, experiences and sacrifices. It is the limitations of this perception that make those moments possible. For such a limitation a sacrifice must be made, a sacrifice towards a perception of death."
Raanu was the boy who read these words out-loud to his mom and dad. He was in the hospital bed when he read aloud the last speech bubble in his comic book stack. He had read the entire series of Silver Swordsman, knew every adventure as though they were his own. His parents had denied him comic books, especially violent and strange ones like Silver Swordsman. They didn't understand the giant robots and mutants and suicidal immortals of the future. It was all very frightening and disturbing content and they had not let him have such stories.
That had changed when they discovered he had a rare malignancy in his heart that would result in his death within months. Raanu was not afraid. He told his parents that since he was going to die it would make sense to let him read comic books, even Silver Swordsman. In fact, it was the Silver Swordsman comics he was most interested in.
The stories began with the boy Raanu sitting by the water with his friend: a giant robot named Unit Three-Sixteen. Raanu was the youngest human on the planet, or one of the youngest. In the future everyone lived forever and it was rare for new people to be born. New people, children, were especially interesting and cared for by the other immortals. Thus, in a world attended by some mere hundreds of giant robots with super powers, Raanu was accompanied by his very own, personal giant robot.
He asked the robot about things like war and death, things that had become obsolete before the advent of the giant robots. In all of its wisdom it could do no more than define such things. Then people came to where Raanu and the giant robot were sitting. Across the water was a temple that controlled the flow of energy in their world. Energy generated by human emotions. As long as the world had existed in tranquility and harmony there was no pain or suffering of any kind.
Raanu and his giant robot watched as the people went into the temple and used its power to obliterate themselves. The lethean energies flowed outward and corrupted the giant robots. Only Unit Three-Sixteen was unaffected, because of its exact proximity when it all started. Unit Three-Sixteen was hit the hardest with the blast of awful energy and was knocked out by it and left with its emotitronics intact, more-or-less. The others of its race did not fare so well. The other empathicals rampaged and the horror escalated as they fed on the new and horrible energy from the humans.
It was Raanu who stood up to the machines and he died a hero. His sacrifice and courage activated Unit Three-Sixteen. The surviving humans made a weapon for the last of their defenders. Thus it became Silver Swordsman, as it did what had to be done. Of the entire giant race, only one remained, for that one had killed all of its own kind in defense of the humans. And for its efforts it became a symbol of oppression and destruction, as it now stood in place of all of its kind.
That was just the first issue of Silver Swordsman. His parents had originally confiscated it and forbade him to read any more. He was an obedient child and did not defy his mother or father. Even when his thoughts made him daydream of the story, he wished away his imaginings, and focused on schoolwork.
At night when his parents left the hospital he would lay awake and thank God he was dying. He no longer had to eat his vegetables, he no longer had to do any schoolwork and he got to read all of the Silver Swordsman comics. His parents hated the books he was reading but he loved them and so they allowed it.
As he dreamed: he went to the places he had seen in the stories. So vivid and full of color and detail. The amount of adventure and action was almost overwhelming. There were many passages with strange ideas in them, the thoughts and musings of the characters, so that he often had to ask his father what was meant.
At first, his father was very guarded about speculating on the meaning of the aggregate of concepts that the books frequently struggled with. Characters had very strange ideas about death, gratitude, love, time, regret, courage, justice, perseverance, immortality, healing, warfare and truth. In short, the heroes rejected the common understanding of all of these things and replaced them with strange new definitions.
Raanu's father, Mukherjee, was a philosophical man. On one hand he put his business first so that he could provide for his family. Otherwise, Mukherjee valued wisdom and understanding and was willing to ruminate to discover the truth about something.
He paid attention to his son's understanding of the characters and their world. In the context of the stories, everything they believed made perfect sense. To his son the characters appealed for a more careful perception of one's own life. To enter the world of Silver Swordsman was to realize that life is so precious and that the struggle to survive is what appraises the value of one's life.
After one hundred and thirty one issues the series ended. It ended with the last humans standing on the precipice of the universe in the path of an implacable force. Death was certain for the characters and Silver Swordsman. They had battled all throughout the stories against increasingly impossible adversaries. Then, as the quest neared completion, it was certain that all would be obliterated anyway, in the end.
It was confusing and scary and disturbing. The entire comic book series was, in fact, quite depressing. One by one the heroes all fell against enemies that could not be defeated. Even Silver Swordsman could barely stand against the villains and was usually beaten down rather than victorious.
Mukherjee asked the man at the comic book store about Silver Swordsman comics. What he was told made it all the more frightening. The reason the comics had ended was because the lead writer was now deceased. He was diagnosed with a rare malignancy in his heart and he had walked out into a cold Christmas night and sat down in the frost to die. This was all known to the guy at the comic book store, yet the comics themselves held a unique status among fans.
Silver Swordsman comics were already rare at the time they were published. Mukherjee had to pay a small fortune for the whole series. The comic book guy had asked him why he was so interested. He explained that these comics were an oddity. They were extremely violent and creepy and filled with strange ideas about how people should perceive their lives. Mukherjee looked at him and asked:
"Is all of that different from other comic books?" He asked.
"The opposite of other comic books. Of fiction, in-general, sir." The comic book guy explained carefully. "Comic books should make you happy, laugh, thrilled and make you want more. Silver Swordsman, isn't it just this guy's weird ideas? It deals heavily with suicide and he actually killed himself. I wouldn't let my kids read this stuff, I don't even want to read this stuff."
"My son is reading these books." Mukherjee said soberly. "They make him happy."
To this the man decided to respond professionally and to make no further comments. Another man in the comic book store walked over with Wonder Woman Volume Three. He knew Mukherjee's family and said:
"That man's son is Raanu and he is dying." The friend of Mukherjee said.
"Everyone who reads Silver Swordsman finds some personal connection to it." The comic book guy recalled.
The snow was falling outside his hospital window. Raanu sighed and opened issue seventy-one. There was something he wanted to check on. He had noticed that the darkness, named Umbraeon, was already creeping across the sky in the background before Svetlana waded into the Pool Of Time. This meant that there was more to Umbraeon's arrival. Raanu had suspected that Umbraeon was always growing before anyone had noticed. He had thought that in some silent and hidden corner of the story: the most terrifying and formidable opponent of-all was growing all-along.
Encouraged to search for more clues he did so. He discovered that in some panels the characters seemed to be speaking directly to him. He read those ones with greater care. They were instructing him to do as they did, to seek the places where the silence had taken form, to find and annihilate the shadows where they were growing like a cancer. His eyes widened as he realized and said out-loud:
"It's real."
And he grinned. In these stories, death was no more powerful than lies or pain, had no more authority than gratitude or justice. In the world of Silver Swordsman, death was an idea, an illusion. If the stories were all true then that meant that they were right about death. Which meant he need not die in vain.
Mukherjee saw that his son had not slept. While his wife had gone to get lunch he asked his son:
"Have the comics kept you awake?" He asked patiently.
"Yes, father!" Raanu said excitedly. "The comics are real! The stories are all true!"
"No." Mukherjee said. "They were written by a man who was sick. The truth of those stories is all sickness."
"Who is he father? Is he sick like me?" Raanu asked.
"He got sick just like you. He chose to let himself die. I am afraid of what his words are doing to you." Mukherjee was honest with his son.
"His words have taught me that death is not worth fearing. That it is more important to embrace the moment of life. He has taught me that when it ends, all that matters is what we left behind, what we did to make the world better while we were here. That it is evil to live a life of self-indulgence. That it was such an evil that will destroy the world if we do not change our ways. When I read these stories, father, it is like a mirror. It is like it is with you, talking to my own father about life and death, about stories and truth." Raanu explained without hesitation. He had learned much from the books. Mukherjee's fears were slaughtered by the shining sword of his son's beautiful words. The father began to cry in front of his son and then he apologized.
Of all the monsters and villains in the stories only one could be held responsible like a father. Svetlana's long lost father Arvil. He was a very important villain because he had promoted ignorance of both his family and his people. He was not a singular villain but rather the sum of his society. He was a famous poet and it was he that had started the group of people that had killed themselves and sparked the end of their world.
Raanu told his own father just how much he loved and appreciated him. He knew that his own father was the opposite of the character he had in mind. Mukherjee was the enemy of ignorance and he would do anything to protect his family or save his people. The boy wished that somehow his own father's face would appear in the stories to somehow guide the last surviving heroes and Silver Swordsman to a happier destiny. Maybe in the end they could save the universe from ultimate destruction. Raanu knew that is not how the story was supposed to end, but looking at his own father it felt possible.
A month later it was Christmas and a sort of darkness stood like a black hole in the sky. The street lights flickered and the trees twisted off the snow and wandered in search of robots to devour. Marauders shed their humanity to steal immortality and feathered dragons tore the snow filled skies. In a fever he could only recall his favorite moments, grinning and laughing. He would turn and tighten only to see his mom and dad watching and he would relax and smile for them.
It was snowing on Christmas night after his parents left. Raanu had grown very weak, but his unfading smile bore his parents to their rest. Silver Swordsman stood in terrible vigil over the boy like an angel.
"When it is time...to the Temple take me." Raanu told Silver Swordsman. "I must set things right in your world. I have a job to do there."
"I know, my boy. It is almost time." Silver Swordsman towered over him in the hospital room: time and space becoming less relevant with each passing moment. The whole place seemed to stretch to fit the giant robot and the snow was swirling everywhere, inside and out.
Then a kind of silence, a sort of stillness seemed to be holding it all as a snowglobe. There in his hospital bed lay his remains. He looked at them, at the stack of comics next to his body. Then he turned and saw that the wall was as though he were looking up out of water at a blue sky. He went into this, and the light left the room behind, and went with him, and it was him, he was the light.
He sat looking at his reflection in the still waters he had gone through to be here. The ground was level in all directions and the great Temple Of Humanity stood across from him where he sat at the Pool Of Time. Beside him was the giant robot Unit Three-Sixteen.
"I knew that this would happen. As soon as I died I came here. This is where I am supposed to be. I was just there to know why." Raanu stood up and proclaimed.
"Died?" Unit Three-Sixteen asked.
"That's right, you don't know anything about death yet." Raanu puzzled out-loud. He suddenly realized he was in issue number one of Silver Swordsman, the absolute beginning of everything. With a worried look he glanced over and saw that the Cyclists were coming. It wasn't too late to put a stop to everything bad that was going to happen.
"Those people plan to die inside the Temple Of Humanity. They will release a lot of negative anima at once. It will be the end of GAIA. The world will know nothing more than hunger and suffering and you will be the last of your kind." Raanu told Unit Three-Sixteen frantically.
"I can feel your fear, Raanu. What do I do?" Unit Three-Sixteen worried. It knew something was dreadfully wrong with the scene.
"Get me to them, quickly!" Raanu commanded. The giant robot obeyed him and lifted him to its shoulder and strode to the Temple Of Humanity. Raanu was placed on the path of the Cyclists to confront them.
"You should not be here, Raanu. You are just a child, you cannot understand." Arvil told the boy. He and the rest of the first wave of Cyclists stood in robes of patterns in black and white and many wore comedy or tragedy masks of opposing shades.
"I understand exactly what you are about to do. I've seen what happens, the world ends because of you. People hate you after this." Raanu pointed at them each.
"You don't know what it is like to live the way we have, for so long. It becomes meaningless. We need this, we need a final experience." Shatia spoke up in her high voice. She took off her mask and beheld her descendant. Like a little prince, she mused.
"What you are doing will destroy the world. I have had this final experience already. It only taught me that we are all meant for more, meant to do more, say more and feel more than we do. We live in ignorance, forging our own darkness and our own silence. You have made a death for yourselves in your minds and now you intend to inflict it on everyone." Raanu, like his father, could say the truth to someone without cowardice.
"How? How can you stand there and stop us?" Arvil felt his ancient resolve weakening. As a poet, it broke his heart to hear the plain truth. It was like a gleaming sword, cutting through the nonsense that he and his followers had invented.
"I will die over and over again, it seems, until this moment is dragged out into the light of day. There is a darkness behind every panel, a silence behind every period and a shadow over everyone's head. I know, I went back and read it all again to be sure. It was here all-along. It started at the very beginning with the very shadows you are casting now. By the end, only enough light is left in all the universe for one of the last people to say one last thing. Then it all goes to darkness and death, forever." Raanu recalled vividly.
"You would have us turn back. Go back to unending misery?" Shatia asked her great-nephew. She was one of the youngest among the Cyclists.
"Both are choices. One of these choices, I have explained, is a path that will start with your deaths and never end until the whole universe is dead." Raanu nodded.
"We have a right to die." Arvil protested.
"Svetlana meets you in the future, in the past before this happens, but she never finds out why you wrote Argosy, your most famous poem." Raanu was not afraid of Arvil's cowardice. He knew the man better than he knew himself.
Arvil willingly recited his poem to avoid the explanation:
"See now this plain of spoil,
Where cowed all Mans' toil,
To sit bemused without,
Thoughts belabored in drought,
So forth she clings to East,
Or North she turns to least,
But never strays her heart,
Not fallen since the start,
And plants her seed of truth,
The sun rises as proof,
Sacred words she has kept,
How the mighty have wept."
"So what does it mean? This?" Raanu tried not to smile when he saw he had broken the character Arvil. Arvil fell to his knees as he realized he had become the enemy of his own truth. It had not occurred to him until he was confronted with the truth laid bare and obvious. There was no shadow to hide his feelings within. Death would never be an escape from his self loathing, it would only be the proof of it. He himself became the mighty one weeping at the end.
"What have I done?" He tore off his robes and flung them away. He turned on his followers and screamed a damnation upon them for standing behind him. He walked through them and left them there. Without him, many of them did the same. Some left with their masks still on, unwilling to reveal who they were.
Raanu stood there alone with his giant robot. The Temple Of Humanity was operating at low power and the surge of excitement from the boy made the empathicals all around the world stand up and chuckle happily. The giant robots were genius artisans and sculptors and architects that had sat in boredom and decline for too long. Renewal lit them up with vitality and inspiration.
Overcome with a sense of purpose and triumph: he laughed.
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2023.06.06 08:37 Fun-Needleworker-104 Vent About Ex Abuser

I typically try to avoid talking about him but considering he's continued to make new social media accounts on stuff such as tiktok, instagram, and so on to seemingly keep tabs on me even 3 (nearly 4) years after we separated its hard to just forget. Its like having a constant reminder shoved in my face when I want nothing more than to just forget it all. So I thought maybe talking about it somewhere would help me feel a little better or something. I thought that with time and me getting older (I'm 23 about to be 24 soon) it would heal at least somewhat, but its all continued to plague me. Just a bit of a warning before I get into this entire shit show that took up 6 years of my life this story contains grooming, pedophilia, and some mentions of physical abuse, sexual, emotional and mental manipulation and abuse.
When I was 13 years old I moved in with some friends after a fight with my mom got physical and I got punched in the face. They lived in a duplex and below them lived a 18 year old guy with his family. After about 4 or so months of me living with them me and the 18 year old got close. He'd go on walks with me and listen to me vent about my childhood and everything I had gone through, especially after a family member of mine passed away in front of me. He just listened and provided comfort and support that I never really got growing up. I considered him to be a close friend that I trusted a lot. Over the course of the next few months of us being close friends and hanging out regularly he started getting... testy with me. For a lack of better words. He started seeing how far he could go with me touching wise and progressively got me more and more comfortable with that. Years down the line I also found out from my friend that she had caught him while I was 13 asking me sexual questions in my sleep because I was a major sleep talker and would apparently answer. She didn't say anything at the time because she was my age and didn't really understand it.
A month after I turned 14 and he was 19 is when we went all the way and was the official start of our "relationship". He told me right off the bat we'd have to keep it a secret and I wouldn't be able to tell anyone. I, being a 14 year old girl that grew up in a very strict and abusive household, took everything he said as law. After all he knew everything I had gone through and was the person I trusted the most. I was in "love", but looking back he played my emotions like a fucking fiddle and used my trust and the traumas I disclosed to him to get closer to me and later use against me when I wasn't doing what he wanted.
A few months into us being together the first signs of him being a cheater and abusive popped up, but considering what I grew up seeing it just seemed normal. My mom was in an abusive relationship all throughout my younger years. It was all I really knew of relationships. The first time he showed signs of being a cheater was when we went over to his friends house to play video games and his ex from high school showed up and sat on his lap and practically gave him a lap dance. I expressed my discomfort later on once we were in private and he immediately blew up on me and told me it was nothing and not to worry about it, telling me I was being crazy and jealous. The first time he was physically abusive was when I had snuck into his room to cuddle in the middle of the night since I had a nightmare and I guess my foot was cold because he immediately turned around, punched me 3 or 4 times in my leg and then yanked the blankets away from me and turned away. He didn't even apologize, just went back to sleep and I went back to my room crying.
This sparked this entire thing of him never allowing me to be under the same blanket as him, even years later once I was 18. It would usually result in me getting punched because my hands or feet were cold even if I wasn't even touching him with them. Around this time was also when he started telling me I was getting fat and shaming me into eating less. I was only 5 foot or so and I was around 95 and super skinny to the point my friends had been concerned I had an eating disorder. He started saying this when I gained the littlest bit of pudge on my stomach even though I was just putting on healthy weight.
Later on down the line around the time I was 15 he was house sitting for his parents and decided he wanted to have sex with me. At some point during this I was actively crying and trying to get away, but he just pinned me down and said something along the lines of "where do you think you're going? I'm not done yet." I think at some point I just started to think that sex was supposed to hurt and that it was normal. I also started to realize that he would not really be willing to show me any form of physical affection unless it was sexual, so I started initiating it whenever I wanted some physical affection or just affection in general.
It was that or I'd basically be ignored for video games or whatever he was doing on his electronics. Unfortunately this habit of trying to initiate sex in order to get affection has followed me into my current relationship, even though I know logically all I have to do is ask to cuddle, get a kiss, or hug. There's also the persisting pressure to say yes every time to sex in my current relationship, even though I know that if I were to say I wasn't in the mood he'd respect that. Its like part of me just shuts down at the aspect of it and I don't feel in control anymore. I have been getting somewhat better about this over the course of these past 3 years though.
Any time I brought up any issues or concerns I was having with how he was treating me it was always met with backlash and me being told I was being a crazy bitch. Eventually I just stopped bringing things up and tried my best to just ignore those feelings of something being wrong or discomfort. This went on for 5 years until eventually I couldn't ignore it anymore. For some added context he had been accusing me of cheating on him for about 3 months prior to me finding out about what he was doing. He had convinced his mom and coworkers that I was a cheating psycho bitch that was constantly freaking out at him over random things. (Far from the truth, I was so devoted to him that I would never even imagine cheating on him and I had already given up on bringing up any issues or anything and had given up for the 2 years prior on that since I quickly discovered my feelings would be minimized.) At this point I was 19 and he was letting me play games on his phone (bold move considering what I ended up seeing), a message popped up on the top of the screen from a girl on google hangouts. Here I ended up finding out he had been cheating on me for the entire relationship with various girls online. He had also been trying to get his 15 year old coworker to sleep with him and send him nudes. He was around 24 or 25 at the time. Somehow he had managed to get his coworkers on board for him getting with said 15 year old as well due to all of the stuff he had been saying about me and how he was making his situation sound with me.
Upon being confronted he immediately tried to pin the blame on me and say that it was because I wouldn't give him what he wanted. By that he meant I had been pressured into acting out one of his kinks and had been so uncomfortable with it that I had to stop (it wasn't face to face it was through roleplay text messages. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to back out of it.) I had had enough so I went for a walk and had decided to end things once I got back. Once I got back I found him sitting on my mom's porch with a knife. First he put the knife to his wrist and said that if I left him he'd kill himself right then and there in front of me. When I tried to move closer in an attempt to talk with him and try to calm him down he put it to his throat.
This is the most vivid experience I can remember of him using my traumas against me. He had done so before, but never to this level. I had confided in him at one point that I never wanted to see someone die in front of me again and that I didn't think I'd ever be able to mentally handle it. Which... he used against me. He used a lot of my traumas against me throughout the 6 years we were together. Whether it had been grabbing me by my face and either yelling in my face or talking through gritted teeth because he knew it would make me start crying, or hitting me in general because it immediately made me freeze up and shut down, or saying cruel things to me that I had told him about from my childhood.
Of course I shut down immediately and started reassuring him that I wasn't going to leave him and to calm down. We stayed together and got engaged, he gave me a promise ring and said that the ring was going to be his promise to never break my trust again. About a year later I'm 20 and we're living with his family and its Christmas. It had been the same routine for that entire last year expect at this point I was bitter and angry, constantly scared he would cheat again considering he had been doing it our entire relationship. Especially after he got close with another female coworker again and started going over to her house every weekend. I tried to say something but was always shot down immediately and accused of being a controlling crazy bitch. Well, on Christmas he suddenly told me that we should take a break. He left the room while I cried and once I had finally stopped crying he came back in and said that actually we should break up. Oh and cherry on top, I had had a miscarriage about a month or two prior to this, which I think the entire pregnancy part of this had played a huge roll in the breakup. I don't really remember much from that night but I do know I went to my mom's house for a few days after that. After this he kept switching back and forth between "I might want to get back together with you someday" to "I don't think we should ever get back together" and also gave me a list of requirements I'd have to complete in order for him to even consider getting back together with me. Once of these requirements was cutting my family off entirely, mainly my mom.
I feel so guilty that I even considered doing this... but looking back I was so dependent on him. I had never planned on anything else in my future except for him. The one time I did try to plan something for my future I had been considering going to college, which he had shot down and said that I didn't stand a chance and that I'd never be able to do it. He was the only thing I had ever planned for future wise. I think the really eye opening moment for me was when he had made me cry again by saying a bunch of fucked up stuff to me, I was on my knees just sobbing and he got a text from our coworker saying she was there to pick him up for the weekend. Without saying a word he stepped over me, turned off the light, and closed the door. I think it was at this point I realized that he didn't care about me at all and that his entire thing of going back and forth saying that there was a chance was just to keep me there as a backup in the case that things went south with her. This was solidified as fact once he started texting me saying he missed me after I moved away and things had gone badly for his new relationship with that coworker. He even vented to me about how he was suicidal and tried to get me to feel bad for him since them being moved in together lasted a total of I think 2 days.
I finally decided I wasn't going to wait for him and I started looking into apartments in my area while starting to talk with my friends again that I had lost contact with over the years since I was so caught up in everything with him or he had mentioned his dislike for (mainly when they pointed out how he was treating me). A few months later I wound up getting in contact with my current boyfriend. We connected pretty much right away and within a few more months I moved in with him. It was a bit of a rocky start I'll admit, mainly due to my own insecurities and traumas, but I've been healing slowly. I feel fine most days now, but there are still times where all of those memories come flooding back to me and I feel like I'm that confused and naïve girl again. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety along with an attachment disorder I can't name off the top of my head since all of this happened. Of course some of this stems from my childhood, but at least with my childhood a lot of those memories got suppressed.
I honestly wish he'd stop making new social media accounts. Every single time I get notified that a new one has been made (I have his phone number for this purpose but he doesn't have my new one) it just makes me panic and shut down for a while, thinking he's going to try and contact me again. I block those accounts as soon as I find out about them. Its even worse when its on something like tiktok and I get notified that he checked my account. Full blown sends me spiraling. I ended up being told a year and a half ago that he's with a woman who has two kids. I just hope that one of them isn't a teen girl considering his track record with that. I really don't want anyone else to go through what I went through with him.
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2023.06.06 08:27 CoinCrux_Feeds Bitcoin Price Drop Could Put 780,000 BTC at Risk

Bitcoin Price Drop Could Put 780,000 BTC at Risk submitted by CoinCrux_Feeds to u/CoinCrux_Feeds [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 08:26 SoberCatDad 40 days ago

Hey everyone! I've tried time and time again to just go even a week without drinking after drinking near a liter(often more) of whiskey, nearly every day, for 10 years...

40 days ago... It doesn't sound like much but so much has happened.

41 days ago I called my mother and begged her to come sit with me the next day so I wouldn't start drinking at noon. She came and sat with me, not making me feel bad but just acting like we were hanging out.

40 days ago I went to my first AA meeting. I was shaking, maybe from alcohol withdrawal but also definitely from being nervous. They gave me a 24 hour coin and I explained I was there because I know I can't do it alone. I told myself for years that I can quit, I just gotta get my circumstances right... It turns out that even if I wasn't lying to myself with my intentions, I was wrong. I needed help.

40 days ago I started building support networks. Family and friends were told the honest truth, I can't quit myself. People didn't look at me like I was a bad person, people didn't make me feel shame, people didn't go 'yeah quitting again huh'.

39 days ago I went to my first celebrate recovery meeting, which is a Christian based recovery group for all of life's hurts, habits, and hangups. I immediately met so many people who wanted to know me I couldn't keep all their names straight. My contact list doubled in size in just one night in my phone.

37 days ago I attended church for the first time in 20 years. I felt moved, and I realized this was the first time I was approaching God for love and getting better. Instead of just calling for God when I needed to get myself out of a bad situation promising to change it he helps me out.Since then I have went to meetings every week, church every week, I continue to meet new people,

I started dating a nice girl. I told her straight away, I'm in recovery and didn't try to keep it secret. No longer would I be making excuses to leave early to go home and drink secretly or calculating how long I need to quit before our dates so I'm not shaking or going through peak withdrawals. Again she didn't look at me with shame, she didn't think I was terrible, she told me later she likes me because of how honest I was on our first date, and the deep conversations we are able to have each time we get together.

40 days ago I started doing things every day, seeing people, doing projects around the house, volunteering, church.

40 days ago I started actually putting in 8 hours of work everyday day, rather than getting as much as I could done in two hours then start day drinking.40 days ago I quit buying whiskey, and have saved myself 1200, plus I don't end up making drunk purchases that randomly show up.

40 days ago my relationship with my mom started growing, instead of withering away like my life was as I sat in the basement in front of the TV getting drunk.

41 days ago I admitted to myself and everyone around me I couldn't do this alone, and for 40 days I've lived as much life as I normally did in an entire year.Here's to another 40, and then another, and then another.

It wasn't always easy, but most days it is. When something goes bad at work my first thought is get drunk, and I actually feel shameful for that. Why am I so broken that my solution to mild issues is just get wasted and cause major issues. A member in group said it's because I have a lot of practice of getting drunk and hiding from problems, and it's going to take time to practice alternatives.

I used to not be able to go 24 hours without drinking except I'm rare situations, but now I'm 40 days sober and I have a whole brand new, meaningful, loving, fun, fuggen awesome life

If you struggling to quit, and have tried over and over, yet keep going back... It might be time to ask for help, just call everyone one by one in your phone and tell them the truth... You want to quit drinking and you need every friend and family member you have to get it done. You might be surprised with their response, you might be surprised just how much your life could change in just one week.

Love you and good luck.SOBERcatdad.
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2023.06.06 08:23 tkpiou The Story Of How I Built My Successful GC Company by The Age of 26

This gonna be a long one but I figured id share my story after lurking here for a while to let everyone know that making good money, creating independence, and enjoying your business can all happen in a short amount of time!

I was a young lad back at the age of 17 trying to figure out what i was going to do with my life. I was barely getting through school, was more interested in working and making money. I was on a program where my senior year i only attended school 3 days a week and only went until 12:00pm. This gave me the opportunity to go work my awful part time jobs at car washes and car dealerships detailing cars. It was at this time i thought i could start a little side gig selling mobile detail service in my neighborhood. It took off and i started really getting client and making some money but nothing that would justify full time work when i graduated. I also did not really enjoy the work. I was always good with my hands, i worked on my own cars, built my own ramps and what not when i rode BMX bikes growing up and walls always able to create and see drawings in my head for assembly and put them to paper. I was set to graduate halfway through my senior year so i could start working.

My Father has been in the commercial glazing industry for his entire life, at the time of my graduation he had been at a very large midwest privately owned commercial glazing company as a project manager. He hesitantly despite knowing about my pot smoking and partying habits got my foot in the door and got me an interview and a job in the fabrication shop fabricating the glazing systems to go out into the field for install. I started out as the low guy on the pole just freshly turning 18, getting put with the grumpy ass old men to assemble frames and caulk all of the system dams for water control. I hated it. After about 2 months i got the opportunity to run the fabrication and assembly for a small commercial storefront project with 2 helpers in the shop. This meant i got all of the cut specifications, field an assembly drawings, and details. I essentially had to start with raw full length stock materials and cut, layout and install the clips and brackets, build the frames, caulk and weap, pack and ship the project. This is when i realized that i could actually do something with this because by this time i had essentially learned the ins and outs of every commercial glazing system on my own in my freetime from product manuals so i could at least set myself apart from the other guys in the shop. I finished the fab job 2 weeks ahead of schedule without any mistakes that had to be corrected in the field. I worked in the shop for another 2 weeks and the operations manager decided i should go to the field to learn the installation process since i had progressed quickly.

I started in the field the same way i did in the shop, they where testing me to see if i could handle the vulgar, raw, and miserable world of commercial construction field work. I spent 3 months on a large curtainwall and storefront installation project. I started by caulking dams on curtain wall that had to be stick built in the field. I then go promoted to setting glass and running oil covered vinyl all day to hold the glass into the system. They then bumped me up i got to sit in a boom lift all day and caulk ssg glazing systems. I at this point met a girl in a the state i was from on vacation and because things weren't going well at home and i kind of hated what i was doing i decided to move there.

I moved to this new state and secured a position at a company that built and installed their own residential and commercial glazing systems. Conservatories, folding glass walls, skylights, and more. The position i took was a field laborer traveling to install conservatoires throughout the northeast. I started with a crew of roughneck guys and quickly found my pace and was learning the system quickly, managing my tasks on my own, and the big thing was i became the go to guy for layout with the foreman. I really enjoyed layout and was damn good at it. After 7 months traveling i didn't like being on the road and by coincidence got a call when i was in Maine that next week from the management team that they wanted to bring me into their massive fabrication and manufacturing facility to better learn the system and the preparation process for everything before it got to the installers.

I went home and started working in the assembly department, essentially all of the parts for the structures where cut, pre drilled and prepped and the assembly team built the structures in the facility to ensure everything was going to work in the field. this really gave me the full up and up on the entire process of the system they produced and used. After 2 months i was brought in and offered a position in estimating.

I joined the estimating team and spent 6 weeks learning every in and out of their entire product lineup, pricing structure, how to assemble professional estimates and proposals and i learned intermediate level AutoCAD drafting. I essentially would get a project on my desk and draw the structure as it was to be built in cad then used the drawings to create my takeoff and bid the job. i did this for 6 months before i realized how awful the management, staff, turnover, and moral was within this organization. I made the dumbest move i could have ever made and left a job paying 70k a year to an uneducated almost 20 year old with no other employment lined up.

i did end up securing a position as a senior pm at another small commercial glazing company that set me up for failure by allowing their estimator to underbid every large project but ridiculous amounts of money before i arrived without anyone noticing. so every job that cam across my desk was a disaster from the get go. I spent 9 months putting out fires, managing gc relationships that where toxic due to the position i was put in etc. But i did learn critical project management procedures and how to deal with emergencies on the fly and client management in tough scenarios.

Fast forward a bit and i moved back to my old state with said girl and take a job at a failing commercial glass company as a field/shop laborer and stayed for 3 months. I Left and took an opportunity to try residential glazing by installing custom glass shower doors, i ran my own truck did 3 installs a day with a helper and did this for 9 months. I had an opportunity come up to work with one of those 1 day bath install companies that advertise religiously. I had just built my first home, my fiance was unemployed and i needed more cash badly.

I met with their operations manager and it was all layed out that i would be an employee but only would be payed a percentage of the cost of the sold job for the bathroom upon completion of install. I essentially had all control in my hands to make as much or as little as i wanted but it was all up to me. Despite the lack of a safety net i took the risk and accepted the offer. i trained with another installer for 2 weeks and set out on my own. Typically these companies sell these jobs for 8-11k depending on the exact scope and accessories. 2 man teams where typically doing a job in 12 hours or basically a day in a half and the jobs where all over the state. I thought there had to be a more efficient way to do it because i got 10% of the job sold price as my pay. by the time i paid for a helper, my fuel, and what not 800-1100 in 2-3 days wasn't enough. I let my helped go and decided i was going to do it on my own. After spending weeks trying new methods to get faster and create a better product i was doing install on my own in 8-10 hours and clearing 3-4k a week gross before taxes and fuel expenses. I was hungry to be successful and finally make good money. This continued for about 5 months until they hit a sales dead period and there wasn't enough work to keep all 4 install crews busy but maybe 1 job a week and i approached my operations manager about another opportunity in the company. Patio conversions

Essentially this was a window and door, bath, and conversion company. These conversions consisted of taking existing covered porches and patios and turning them into 3 season or 4 season rooms. so you got the whole package. layout, framing, insulation, windows and doors, electrical, hvac, and interior and exterior finishes. these job paid big. on average a job takes 5-10 days and pays out 8-16k dollars to the installer. of course i had a couple helpers but i was absolutely crushing it after only a couple of months. This is where i really started to learn the ins and outs of commercial construction.

One day i was approached on a Facebook page about a gentleman with a residential remodeling company near me that was looking for an operations manager. they specialized in high end luxury remodels and also made their own cabinets. I met with him and decided even though the operation seemed small and mismanaged i could make it work. I took a pay decrease so i could work less hours and be home more as my fiancé had just had our daughter and the other company didn't even let me off to go to the appointments.

What i didn't know was that the owner of this business was the slimiest most Narcisitic, ego fueled person i have ever met in my entire life. He was running a GC business with the expectation that every sub, employee, etc was going to be a LEGEND and create only the most perfect unmatched quality product when given low Quality materials, piss poor planning, awful schedules and communication, etc. I quickly learned that i was going to be burned if i didn't think of something quick because the castle was under siege and i saw what was coming. i am 21 at this time. Well inevitably the following week i as an operations manager trying to keep a sinking ship afloat and out in the field tearing up tile from an under slab plumbing leak from before i was at this place, trying to rebuild an entire kitchen in 3 days by myself and i just was over it. Told him that i was putting in my notice and was done. I get called into the office that Friday and was told i was being let go, i was given a personal check for my weekly salary of 1000 dollars and made to sign a non compete and hold harmless agreement if i wanted my pay. i was paid as a 1099 under the table so he wasn't responsible for costs associated with employees. Basically i set myself up to get screwed. i signed everything took my check and left. Check bounces, im broke, he wont pay and im jobless with a fiance and a 6 month old. This was the lowest i had ever felt in my life and i literally was about to loose everything.

It was at this time my wheels started turning and i realized that all of these residential companies i worked for had multiple things in common. The client communication was terrible, their execution was terrible, and their image was awful. They looked all shiny and great during the sales process but as soon as they had a contract and a check the client experience didn't matter. So i thought to myself, i know construction now, i now a fair amount project management and business operations, and i see a hole in the market. so i started my company with the little money i had left. i registered with the state, bought a logo from someone on fivver, made a facebook page, a wix website, and started marketing.

This was great but it takes time to pickup traction and get jobs, i wasn't going to make money being a handyman so i needed supplemental income with flexibility in my schedule. I connected with a local fence contractor who was small and needed and installer who got paid by the linear for building fences. The money was decent but the work was hard and labor intensive. But it gave me a chance to hire a couple guys and teach them how to do it so i could start jobs and leave the jobsites to run estimates for my company. After many free estimates and 1:00 am mornings in the office writing quotes i just wasnt getting the jobs i needed. I needed a way to make sure someone wasn't tire kicking before i spent time and money doing a free estimate. So i started charging $200.00 for an in home consultation and bid package which would be credited to the client in full if they used us for the project. This was not well received due to me not being able to present it correctly in the pitch over the phone but when i did holy shit it worked like a charm. my conversion rate on estimates went form 16% to over 65% in a matter on 3 months.

I started getting good big jobs in good neighborhoods, i started finding really great subs and built my list. I started building brand image, internal documents, repeatable procedures for every job etc. this went on for a year and a half and i finally made 85k take home my first full year in business. Then the covid thing happened.

I thought everyone is freaked out and doesn't want us in their homes for estimates etc. how do i difference myself and create a luxury experience for clients without being intrusive during the lockdowns. i had started modeling basic things in SketchUp and new there was a lot of opportunity in 3d rendering. so i shifted our model and we became a design build firm. So essentially we are selling a design and rendering package to clients with a bid so that they can see what their project would look like before we ever go under contract. The rendering sells the job no matter the cost as long as you have the correct client base and are pre qualifying well.

I had a friend i grew up with that had gotten an architecture degree and was doing SketchUp 3D modeling, renderings, and 2D architectural drawing sets for a shed company as a freelancer and we can up with pricing and decided i was going to pursue this model. So i learned how to be a sales wizard and started selling $1,500-$5,000 design packages over the phone before i ever stepped foot in someones home. we designed and went through the process and send them a price. if they use us they get a full credit applied to the job for the amount of the design if not they own the drawings and information. I was making 50% GP on designs for jobs that never sold just to go out and measure and spend some time going through it with my designer. Our close rate on paid design bids sent went to 86%. This was the end of year 2 going into year 3

Year 2 Gross Revenue was $364k
Year 3 Gross Revenue was $597K

This is all on my own using subs, no in house staff, off the shelf management software, no paid marketing. Just Facebook groups, referrals, and subs.

In June of Year 3 I streamlined my process. I farmed out all business management (bookkeeping, Payroll, Phones, Etc.) and created a concrete repeatable process and procedure system that would be used on every job to ensure consistent management and quality. I hired a project manager and got him trained to manage all of the subs and all aspects related to the field and installations.

I am Proud to say that at June 1 of 2023 at 26 years old with only one Employee we have contracted and collected deposits on $848,000.00 worth of work, our schedule is booked until the middle of September and we are on track to hit just over 1.1 mil in total revenue at an average gross profit of 47%.

I have no formal training in business management, project management or anything to get me to this point. i have spent countless hours researching, reading, failing, and fixing everything in my business. its a cut throat game but if your willing to work your ass off and never quit, do amazing work, and make sure you prioritize client experience start to finish you will have people waiting years for you to do their job.

We are booked through April of 2024 for outdoor projects. Find a hole in the industry in your service area and take full advantage and change the remodeling or building game so us contractors can be looked at as professionals who have earned our ability to enjoy what we have worked for instead of drunk hacks in a shitty pickup.

Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk, get to work!
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2023.06.06 08:22 amithafz What are the Parts of a plant Why plants and Trees Important for human Grade 5 Sample Model Paper Questions How to Care Plants What are the Parts of a plant What is the Functions of roots How plants reproduce What are the Seed types

0:00 Introduction to Grade 5 Sample Model Paper Questions https://youtu.be/Cg-ZKwGafN0
0:39 Why plants and Trees Important for human
1:50 Why Trees are Important

1:51 How to Care Plants

2:55 Names of Vegetables

3:21 Names of Fruits

3:35 How Plants grow in different places

4:24 What are the Parts of a plant

5:19 What is the Functions of roots

6:10 How plants reproduce

7:06 How Dispersal of seed happen
Dispersal by agents:
a. Wind: Some plants have seeds that are lightweight and equipped with structures like wings, hairs, or parachutes, which enable them to be carried by the wind over long distances.
Examples include dandelions, maple trees, and cottonwood trees.
b. Water: Seeds of certain plants are adapted to float on water, allowing them to be dispersed by rivers, streams, or ocean currents. Coconut palms and water lilies are examples of plants that disperse seeds through water. c. Animals: Many plants rely on animals to disperse their seeds.
Dispersal by self: a. Self-propulsion: Some plants have mechanisms that enable the seed to be expelled forcefully from the parent plant. This can occur through the bursting of seed pods, as seen in the case of peas or touch-me-not plants (Mimosa pudica), which disperse seeds through touch Acorns from oak trees are a common example.

9:18 What are the Seed types
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Grade 5 environment
Grade 5 environment study answers
grade 5 environment english medium
grade 5 environmental studies book pdf
grade 5 environment papers sinhala medium
grade 5 environment papers english medium
grade 5 environment
Image of Word problems for grade 5 with answers PDF
Word problems for grade 5 with answers PDF
Grade 5 questions and answers pdf
Grade 5 questions and answers maths
Grade 5 questions and answers english
Grade 5 questions and answers cbse
grade 5 maths questions and answers pdf
quiz for grade 5 with answers
gk questions for class 5 with answers
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2023.06.06 08:22 KrampusTellsTheTruth Its ok to be sorry

“MOM!” I screamed till my lungs held no air and my throat bled, I raced across the field and grasped the sheet metal roof with my entire palm, cutting my flesh and shredding my skin against the hot sharp edges. I pulled with all my might, raising the roof barely an inch before I collapsed in tears and reached for my moms hand. Her eyes were cloudy and tears ran down her face. “Its ok my son, its all gonna be ok, you need to find your father now” I nodded and wrapped my arms around her head “Ill be right back mama, dad can get this off of you, im sure of it” A jeep raced by and stopped with a screech as the tires left small skids along the tarmac, the base captain stood up from the drivers seat and screamed to me “Lets go! We gotta get you outta here” I leapt into the back sat and clung to the pole, standing atop the back seat as the captain slammed his foot against the pedal and raced across the runway. “No good on the escape cap, I gotta get my dad, my moms trapped under the barracks” He looked back at me for a second and I looked down to him, my hair flowing in the wind and sweat pouring down, mixing with the blood that ran down my cheek. “Good god kid how are you even standing right now?” I veered and scanned the horizon, my eyes falling upon a set of distant lights dancing across the sky. I pointed up to the darker of the two massive vehicles that were locked in mid air combat “Up there, thats dads machine, whos he fighting?” The base captain looked up and leaned forward squinting his eyes and falling silent as he did. He stopped the jeep and sat there, mouth open, eyes glued to the sky. I shook him and repeated the question. “Yo, theres no time for this, who is that?” The captain shook his head and spoke calmly “Theres plenty of time kid, none of us are surviving this…here” He reached down and grabbed a folder from the passenger glovebox, the wind flipping the top as he handed me the bundle of papers. I flipped through until I recognized a file photo. It was almost the exact same design as my fathers machine, the most powerful in the world, but it was darker, and there had been a skull painted on the visor of the mechs gigantic head. It held a long flat edged blade and from the look of the picture, it was taken only seconds before the gory demise of whoever took it. “So the reapers made his way to american shores. So what? This changes nothing. Dad can take him” I leapt out of the jeep and made a beeline for the nearest hangar as the captain shouted from behind me “Hey kid! Get back here, what the hell do you think youre doing?” I barreled into the hangar doors, taking no time to feel the pain my shoulder was now in from having smacked the thick metal door. I wrenched with all my might and threw open the rolling entrance shutter. The lights flickered on as the eyes of my own machine stared back at me, offline and still in desparate need of repair “Im getting in, no time for chitchat captain I need you to give me startup” He shook his head as he leapt out of the jeep and walked toward me “Youre only 11, getting in that machine could kill you, or worse it could actually start up and become a big ass metal coffin. Do you think your parents would want that?” I spoke under my breath for a moment “Better a metal coffin covered in weapons then a wooden one covered in bullshit” He huffed at me “God where do you get this nerve…Oh wait…right…son of the admiral…Alright screw it, were dead either way, get up in the cockpit” I smiled at him and pulled myself into the chest high compartment, sitting in the seat and buckling the main cross belt. “Strapped in captain, starting sequence, can you disconnect me?” He nodded and sprinted around the back of the machines tall legs, pulling the various diagnostic cables and wrenching the stilts from its knees. I looked at the gaff tape I had put inside, following the sequence I had mapped out when i first got the machine, switching the core on and letting the fans spin up. The captain yelled over the noise as the machine whirred to life and stood up. I heard his voice come through the internal speakers “Damn, guess your repairs actually got somewhere. Listen, your internal batteries only good for about 15 minutes, get your mom and then swing back here, if you want any semblance of a chance then youre gonna need a rechar-” I pushed the gears forward and exploded out of the hangar, banking right and hitting the air brakes. The machine flipped forward and threw the wings into gear, sending me rocketing across the tarmac, now 100 tons heavier and 2000 times stronger. I slid to a stop next to my home barracks and knelt down, letting the scanners pinpoint my mother and allowing the hydraulics ample time to adjust before gently grabbing the roof of the building, and pulling up slowly. The captains jeep screeched to a halt next to me as he raced from the car and knelt down beside my mother. He inspected her body for a moment before falling to his knees entirely. I threw the roof and opened the hatchway, launching out of the cockpit and hitting the ground hard next to them. “Shes ok right?” The captain shook his head and put his hand on my shoulder, the smoke stung my eyes as the various fires filled the air with toxic fumes. “There wouldnt have been anything to do, she took too much force from the collapse, im sorry” I shook my head as tears flowed from my eyes “Shes just fucking with us. Mom! Wake up! Youre funny like this but nows not the time weve gotta go and help dad” I shook her shoulders, first gently, then more forcefully as I tried to wake her. I flipped her and her glossy lifeless eyes stared at the sky, still crying. “Shes gone kid, im so sorry” I let out a sob as I knelt down and put my head on her chest “Its not your fault, its mine, I shouldnt have left her, we should have never been attacked” He put a hand on my shoulder and gently rubbed my back “I should have been more aware, im the captain here, its my job to be aware” I rose and gently put my palm over her eyes, closing them with my hand and taking a deep breath through stifled sobs. “You do your best, all the time, its why we respect you. I need you to watch after my mom now, I need to go help dad make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else” He stood up and put his hands up, pushing me back softly and speaking in a low tone “No way kid, you need to grieve, i cant let you back in there in the condition youre in, Ill pilot, or ill call reinforcements, youll be no match” I smiled and moved past him “Id rather bite it in the sky with my dad then sit here and stare at my mom, I cant idle captain” He nodded and bit his lip in thought “Ok…ok…then maybe I can help better. Here, face me” I turned toward him and took a deep breath “We dont have time for this man come o-” He yelled “Face me soldier” I turned fully and stood at attention, my face inquisitive “Ok, ok, what” He brought his hand up to his torso “Ensign Rath, repeat after me and follow suit” I brought my hand up to my own torso and made a fist just as he did “Yes sir” He smiled wide and spoke with authority “I, Ensign Rath” I nodded and repeated “I Ensign Rath” “Accept the rank of Lieutenant O3” I smiled wide and nodded “Accept the rank of Lieutenant O3” He nodded and continued “And vow to use the weapons this rank has been assigned to take on the greatest of threats” The plan clicked in my mind and I continued to follow suit “And vow to use the weapons this rank has been assigned to take on the greatest of threats” As I finished he saluted me and spoke solemnly “It is with great honor and harrowing guilt that I now present you the rank of Lieutenant O3 in the united states naval defense office. I present you with temporary access to the associated weapons in upgrades, and I now release you into the arms of whichever god you so worship, Suit up, and fight like the warrior spirits that have fallen before you” I shook his hand and nodded, feeling pride replace my guilt as I saluted and turned toward my machine. I leapt into the cockpit and stood tall, the captains voice came over my internal speaker “Im heading to valhalla, Hit the skies and get in the fight, ill send a support pack in 2 minutes with 2 hours of extended run time and all the other things youll need to throw down alongside your father. This bases continued operation now relies on the two of you, I know youve had limited training, and some of the controls might even be too far for you to operate properly, but youre a warrior now” I took off into the air, engaging my thrusters and cutting through the clouds like a fiery razor. As rain hit my screen and the distant clap of thunder rolled through, I scanned the surroundings for my father and his machine. I didnt have to look long till he barreled into me while recovering from a glancing blow. “RATH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING UP HERE” My fathers booming voice shook my brain and rattled my core “Im here to support” He raised his shield and deflected another swing from the reaper, filling the sky with sparks as the flat blade cut across his defense “Get out of here now, where is your mother?” I fell silent as he grabbed my machine with his own and jetted away “Rath! Answer me, why isnt she watc-” I heard him realize, I could feel his heart sink as we stopped in the midst of an anvil cloud, and i could barely see his form in front of me. When a pilot takes his hands off the controls, the machine typically centers its arms to avoid unintended movement, and I could only see the silhouette of his wings as a deep breath came over my intercom “Im so sorry my son, I should have been down there” I shook my head and spoke softly “Then wed all be dead pops, just like the captain you were doing your job as best as you could. Weve got all the time in the world to mourn later, but right now weve gotta make sure this bastard cant pave the way for his friends” I felt the support pack collide with my machine and the cockpit lit up bright as I watched my uptime increase “You make a fair point son, alright, normally id tell you to hit the ground but today I suppose we'll make an exception. Did you receive proper clearance?” The packs armor crawled along my frame and locked in, covering the various dents and scrapes that had been so characteristic of my mech. The improved wings swung into place and I heard the lift fans spin to max. I moved my throttles forward and emerged from the cloud, the full shroud of my machine now dispersed and the new world open to me. “0-3 lieutenant Rath reporting for duty sir, happy to serve alongside you” He spoke calmly “Congratulations my son, your mother would be beyond proud” I reached behind me and remove the tall mace that came standard with almost all lieutenant support packages, but as the flat bulky blade came into view, I noticed a strange sigil on the shielding of the weapon. “Hey dad, any clue what this thing is?” I turned the mace toward him and he flew close “A gift from your mother, you werent supposed to see it for several years but it seems she finished it early. It was a sort of bug that used to be all over the place around here…called a butterfly. You loved them as a baby” I nodded and smiled “Ok, I wanna use this gift for a long time, you think we can beat this guy?” He huffed “Me and you? Were gonna turn him into a monument and stick his armor on display for the world to see” The sky split with lightning as the reaper crossed our paths and came to a stop just a few hundred yards away. As his machines deadly red eyes glowed antithesis to the bright morning sky, a foreign voice filled my cockpit. It held a thick baltic accent, and I knew it could only belong to one man. “You armor is shiny, new, you are young, inexperienced. I let you live, you escape, you till your friends, I kill you later, once you make others fear me” When I had built my machine, I had done so from scratch. I had added and removed things I felt would make me stronger then others, and while I was no heavier due to improved armor, I had still clocked in as the fastest machine in history. The rotors in my arms couldnt survive more then a few hits, the joints in my wrist werent durable enough to deliver full power trikes, but the engines that drove me could surpass all known aircraft and every recorded vehicle in land or air. “Come kill me now, I wanna see your face when I cut your armor in two” He grunted loudly and screamed at me as he flashed across the sky, drawing his blade and splitting the sunlight with speed. I held still and took a deep breath, before swinging, making contact with his arm and spinning mid air. I watched as the skull icon shattered beneath my mace and the sword glanced well below my feet. My father followd the strike with his own mace and drove his engines forward, propelling them both back into the lower sky. I tailed close behind, remembering the eyes of my mother as life escaped her body. With tears in my eye I screamed back “Youl pay today, and youll go broke!” I swung again and again as my father drove the two mechs faster and faster. I pulled the head from the reaper as my father pummeled it. I held it by a braid of cables and met my father in the air over and over. We blocked blows and chipped away, moving faster and faster as my arms grew sore and my voice grew hoarse.I felt my fathers full strength meet my own as we punched at the same time. My mechanical fist shattered inside the reapers torso and I heard a scream as his comms went silent. We watched together as his armor fell from the sky and exploded upon impact, sending a shockwave across the surface as the sound of the boom finally reached us. “Son, take her in for a landing, I know that seemed quick but youre most likely nearing your suits limit” I looked at my counter and noticed a dark red second screen, I had 1 minute and 45 seconds so I turned the engines off and entered a freefall, plummeting toward the earth before pulling them full plast and hovering just above the bases concrete landing pads. I watched my father gracefully swing downward and rocket toward the ground, spinning his feet once he hit the grass and disengaging his wings. His machine came to a halt just a few feet from his designated hanger and I dropped my own armor the ground, kneeling and leaping from the cockpit as i did so. I collapsed as I hit the pavement and my father came running over. He caught me before I could hit the ground and held me up by my arm. He was bloodier then I was but still moving with unparalleled strength. I coughed as he helped me hobble toward the runway before the captain parked next to us in his jeep and helped get me into the seat. My father sat in the passenger seat and leaned his head back, closing his eyes as I did the same. “You did good today son, get some rest and well take care of everything, youre too young for all of this, I'm so sorry” I took a deep breath and curled up in the back seat “Me too dad…me too”
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2023.06.06 08:21 notoriousbreadman Am I just having a bad panic attack?

I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I feel like this subreddit can help me.
I am a 20 years old male, I have been a hypochondriac all my life. From the slightest scratch I make a big deal out of it.
2 days ago I had a weird feeling in my head and it felt like I had something, I did not panic.
Last night I was alright and in the middle of the night (I was not asleep yet, because of the anxiety) I had a weird pressure feeling in my head and when I would raise my head I would feel dizzyish, and my nose would get numb feeling (that is still happening), and I started to panic and with that my legs started shaking and would get numb.
My parents woke and told me that it's all mental, it's because I've been sitting and playing games and slouching all day. They might be right, also wouldn't I be severely brain damaged with stroke symptoms this long (more than 24 hours).
I would sleep and feel good again, but then I woke up because I fell asleep on my arm and it went numb and I started to panic again and hyperventilate.
Now it's just my head feels heavy and when I look up I get a lil bit dizzyish.
Tl:dr Hypochondriac, thinking I have stroke, but only happens at night when I want to sleep, still my head feels a bit of pressure, also would've I be dead or severely brain damaged by now?
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2023.06.06 08:21 jubbagalaxy Very frustrated with brand new compression stockings for lymphedema.

Slightly more than a year ago i'd noticed my ankle looked odd and it was very swollen, to the point where i could see zero definition between ankle and calf muscle. eventually, through having vascular testing, learning i had insufficient/incompetent veins, and getting to occupational therapy (i work extremely limited hours at a remote job where i can keep my feet up due to other disabilities) we were able to reduce the size of the leg/ankle through compression wraps and lymph massage. i'm on medicaid and once i got a prescription from the vascular surgeon, i set about to buy the correct compression stockings. 1 problem: literally NONE of the medical supply stores here contract with medicaid and at $95 per pair, i could only afford the 1 pair. my ot has asked that the company gift me 1 pair which they've agreed to do but it will take time to arrive. here comes the frustration...
i received the 1 pair i have and used them for the first time last thursday. today, at a podiatry appointment, when taking them off to be examined i noticed that despite my very careful efforts, there is a spot that's thinned so much, it could be a hole tomorrow when i put them on. in addition to that, my left ankle is back to being pretty puffy. today was the first time i was on my feet in what i would consider an average amount for me. had the podiatry appointment, had to go to two grocery stores (the first was out of some things) came home and cooked dinner. so to see just how hefty my left ankle is has be terrified that the stockings are not going to be a long term fix, even paired with the prescribed lymphedema pump that should be on its way soon if there isn't a fight with medicaid. i don't have other options. i can't be off my feet long enough to heal if i have to ask the surgeon to, ya know, DO SURGERY which he said last november that my issues weren't bad enough to warrant surgery. i'm trying to hope the pump will be enough, but i'm not confident enough that it will work.
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2023.06.06 08:20 CrippledPeasant1 Gambling with a degenerate edge .

I was bored so i was thinking, know what maybe i'll try to do something like what KC did and do a roadtrip. So i planned on doing 3 days and hit few casinos on the way.
I was planning on doing the roadtrip after i finished my job and start at night (so there's less traffic) time preferred before midnight, but by the time i finished packing it was already 2am and instead of sleeping in and going the morning, i instead just decided to go ( i mean it's prime time no traffic so why not just go).
I reached my 1st Casino stop and their tables were closed because i got there too late. So a lil disappointed and a lil bit mentally unstable, i just decided to plop myself down onto a slot machine and max bet a couple hundred here and there.
Drove to my next Casino and of course, a lot of the tables were closed and i saw a Spanish21 table, i'm not seeing any Blackjack table, guess they don't have it so might as well. At the table, guy to my right just some random guy small betting, then few minutes later guy to my left joined and he was doing the whole "pretending he's a ploppy garbage" how he talks and how he was mildly betting. The count of 10's was high, i did big bets 3 hands and he split 7,7 and he got stiff hands and hit them busting both his hands getting 10's on each stiff vs dealer 6... So there, I lost my whole bankroll after that stunt he pulled. After i lost all my money, confirmed that he was counting after 1st time he bet big was after that round which further increased the 10's A's ratio remaining. What sickens me even more about this was that guy on my right was signaling to the guy on the left what the count was.
With money gone, I'm already there, so might as well go sightseeing whatever else was in the casino. and 2 minutes later i saw a Blackjack table open (Yeah you heard right, all i had to do was walk 2 minutes longer to get to an open blackjack table) ... Then went to cashier did Cash Advance $3,000.
Played on the Blackjack table alone . And just like that as expected oh wow, got most my money back. Throughout the whole thing, the pitboss took an interest in me, so i thought know what, lets give her a show, the count was obviously a little bit negative just after the last round so i decided to table MAX 4 hands and BAM! got all my money back Net Zero.
After that round, nearing the end of the shoe, the count was high, and i just decided to leave. Could've went to a motel and sleep, I'm sleep deprived, a little bit of a headache, but instead I just went back home, 10am in the morning driving back and as expected traffic = trash, lots of excessive brakes during the drive .
So basically, i gave up on the whole thing in less than 8 hours. Lots of improvements to be done here.
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2023.06.06 08:18 Etherealnymph- Mystery Episodes

Hi friends, I’ve been to a few GPs when I was younger & nobody was quite able to determine what these ‘mystery episodes’ are… sometimes just telling me they’re migraines (I get migraines reasonably often from staring at a screen at work, they’re not migraines).
Just wondering if anyone has some insights!
Female/26 yrs
Frequency: As a child, nearly weekly/fortnightly. Now, once a yea2 years
Length of episode: approx. 5-10 mins (varies)
Symptoms: - First symptom is my hands feeling really heavy & large (not like I’m holding something heavy, just like they’re heavy).
The only thing that helps, is to lay completely still with nothing on me (no blankets etc) with my hands facing up so they’re not touching anything, somewhere quiet. After about 10 mins it passes.
While 10 minutes every year or two isn’t the biggest inconvenience, I’d really like to know what is going on for my lil bod.
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2023.06.06 08:16 TooCaughtUpInMyHead Binged and disgusted with myself

Laying here crying because I can't believe I put my body and soul through this again on my 10th day sober. What kind of fucking monster can stay awake 20+ hours drinking.
It took so much self talk to get myself back into the gym today. I worked out at my apartment gym for 2+ hours at 2am. Went downstairs to get more coffee in between my workout in the community lounge room and out of nowhere I opened one of the fridges and sure enough.. A double wrapped bag of about 10 beers.
I went back to the gym but couldn't shake it. I couldn't stop thinking about it. As I worked out I kept trying to talk myself out of it but couldn't shake this underlying depressing sadness I felt. No matter how hard I worked out... I just wanted to feel different even if I knew going for that beer was the worst possible thing for me. After my workout I went straight back to that fridge and took it all back to my apartment. I drank it all. As usual it became an all day affair with me going to the store multiple times for more. I compare it to getting on a roller coaster and then immediately regretting it. You can't get off now. You're in it for the whole ride.
I guess I'm thankful I survived this binge without a massive disaster but now as I finally lay down to sleep not only am I dealing with the guilt and utter disgust with myself but also fearing the overwhelming depression that I know I'll feel when I wake up. Thanks for reading. I guess I hoped writing this and venting would help me. You guys help me not feel so alone in this. Love you all...
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2023.06.06 08:16 theShahanshahiclub Creating Unforgettable Memories at the Shahanshahi Adventure Park & Wellness Resort

The Shahanshahi Adventure Park & Wellness Resort is a luxurious resort located in Dehradun that offers world-class amenities and facilities.
Here are some of the ways you can create unforgettable memories at the resort:
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2023.06.06 08:15 mambomonster Put fuel in it

Cousin sent me this today, thought it belonged here. For context he’s a refueler at a mine in Australia.
So the crew boily (welder fabricator) calls me up last night says “can you put fuel in the crane tonight please, it’s low.” ‘Yeah mate I’ll catch ya later no dramas’.
So I call him up few hours later and say ‘I’m on my way where are you’. He goes “ex106” (a digger), I said ‘yeah mate where is that, I’m not sure”. He repeats “I’m at ex106”. I said ‘I get that, but where is ex106, I haven’t been to it this round so not sure where I need to come to”. Again he states “ex106” and I reply same thing, and he doesn’t respond.
Thankfully a Fitter (diesel mechanic) comes on radio and lets me know where to go. ‘Righto I’m coming past there shortly see ya soon’. So I rock on up, park my truck, get up on the crane, open the fuel tank cap and what do I see? It’s full - about 1cm from top of the 150L (40 gal) tank. It wasn’t a drama, it was on my route anyway, and possibly a faulty fuel guage no harm done.
The boily wanders over and goes “so are you going to put fuel in it now?”. This pissed me off a little so I said ‘mate it’s full, maybe other service cart did it, but it’s full now’.
Instead of just thanking me for coming round and having a chat, what does he do? He kicks up this little dance shouting “do you see tyre tracks from another service truck? I’ve been here all night and it hasn’t come it needs fuel”. I said again ‘mate it’s full, it’s about 1cm from the top of the tank, it’s full. Have a look’. He shouts “no it’s not, the guage is saying it’s almost empty so put some damn fuel in it” and does his little dance again.
One more time I said ‘the tank is full’, but he again demands I put more fuel in it. Malicious Compliance kicks in and I went ‘right on bud, no worries’. I climb off the crane, go round to my truck, back it up alongside the crane, pulled out the hose, climbed back onto crane, and started pumping. At about 4 litres it started just spraying a little fuel out, by 6 it starts overflowing, but I keep on pumping until I got to nearly 14 litres, by which time it had run all over the platform and all down the side of the crane.
I turned to him and said ‘ya happy it’s full?’ He finally admits “ohhh maybe it’s got a faulty fuel gauge”. Oh, ya think? He then goes “There’s fuel all over it now”. I looked at him and said ‘not my problem bud. Go get the water blaster trailer and clean it yourself’. Got in my truck and drove off.
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2023.06.06 08:14 RiRi_xoxo_ I made a joke and regret it now

A few months ago, on twt I wrote a joke(I thought it was a light hearted joke) but it turned out to be a horrible mistake. There was an announcement of a group winning a daesang in AAA and I liked that group. I light heartedly wrote "attendance award" With a "🤣" Emoji. I had a stan account of a different group so people started thinking that I was mocking them, earlier I've posted good stuff about that group as well and people on stan twt started calling me a "betrayer" Or "two faced" And when I said that it was a joke and I never mocked their talent then they started bad-mouthing and saying disgusting things about my ult group. My DMs were flooded with disgusting things. It was a nasty phase and I genuinely didn't know how to correct it. I deleted that comment but some people took it's screen shots....
I genuinely used to love that group but after that incident I am not able to even listen to their songs anymore and if they appear on my feed, then it's a very weird feeling . I know that fans don't represent idols but there is this something inside me after that incident that makes me 'not like' their music anymore and it's annoying to me how this incident drove me away from anything related to that group. I had their albums but a few months back, I gave them away at a kpop pop up store near my house. Idk how to deal with it tbh and just wanted to rant here.
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2023.06.06 08:10 Chonkycats4lyfe 26/PC/USA Apex unranked duo or trio?

Looking for people to duo or trio with on apex legends, Dont really care about rank as long as you have somewhat of an idea of what you're doing but I used to be around like gold but I stopped playing for around 4 months. Dm me if interested.
Sadly can't play tonight because I'm at work but looking for people to play in a couple hours or in the near future.
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