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2016.09.14 19:41 venomspinner TW5: the step towards ideality

Starting with the basics, TiddlyWiki is a note-taking web application you can download for free, store wherever you like and customise however you wish. Use it to capture, organise and share your notes in ways that word processors and other note-taking tools cannot. TiddlyWiki is designed to be non-linear, structuring content with stories, tags, hyperlinks, and other features. You can organise and retrieve your notes in ways that conform to your personal thought patterns.

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2023.03.24 06:35 ShotGoner Help with The Midden Expanded on ps4

I have scoured this mod and can't find out how to access the black library, I've tried looking at forums and nothing useful pops up. Does anyone know if the functionality was left out or am i just dumb, if you know where the key is i would greatly appreciate knowing its location , im on the latest patch of AE and the mod is in its latest version
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2023.03.24 06:28 SignalPractical4526 I want to start an Startup Incubation Centre

Hi Everyone,
I want to start a startup incubation centre that is mainly focused on small businesses in metropolitan and rural areas. The idea is that I will setup a hub in a highly accessible city and help founders mature their product / service, validate it, market it, become self sustainable and then cash out. I am a corporate exec and have built multiple business lines from scratch. The way I see it, I will require an initial capital of 20 cr. I have about 1 cr.
1-2 cr location and setup, 5 cr - Bonds - Fixed income to keep company floating / emergency fund, 2-3 cr staff salaries and misc, 5 cr to be fragmented and invested, 5 cr reservers for greater opportunity.
Please suggest me tips on how I can raise this capital ?
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2023.03.24 06:19 TechMechant Drag and Drop approach between To-Do 'MY DAY' and Outlook Calendar.

My method for Using To-Do "My Day" with Outlook Tasks to permit drag & Drop of the days tasks to my outlook calendar.

  1. I use 3 Virtual Desktops in Windows 10, of which I dedicate one of these to: showing three windows : Outlook Calendar, Outlook Tasks and Microsoft To-Do. I split the screen into a 3-column type layout, with the calendar in the far left, outlook tasks, in the center, and To-Do in the left column. I use the Windows 10 'PowerToys' (Free) FancyZones editor to set this three-column layout. To move/home the apps to their columnar panes, you hold down SHIFT and you grab the title bar of the particular app and drag it over to the columnar pane where you want to locate it, and it sizes to that pane.
  2. I am looking for a startup script in Windows 10, that would fire up each virtual desktop and the apps for that virtual desktop and 'dock' them to their designated columnar panes. I havent succeeded yett, but would be grateful if any experienced person has succeeed in this and can share the approach.
  3. In outlook Tasks>View>Manage Views, i have created a custom view for tasks, where i use the following DASL filter under the SQL tab (and you must click the toggle box 'Edit these criteria directly...' : %today("{6F305800-7B8B-41AF-B73B-84DE53A69D3D}/CommittedDay/0x00000040")%.
  4. In the tab "Columns" i have "Completed", "task subject", "Due Date", "Reminder Time", "Start Date", "Reminder", in that order . "Group By" is set to 'none' all through. "Sort" is by 'Due Date' descending.
  5. In To-Do, I have task lists for "TODAY","TOMORROW", "THIS WEEK", "NEXT WEEK", and so on, similar to how Carl Pullen organizes his TodoIst (See his videos on YouTube'). Its actually, quite a useful approach. I also have lists for "Perhaps", "later" and now I am trying lists for "Jan", "Feb", "Mar" and so on, so that in weekly planning, i can move out tasks from the catchall list "Tasks" into one of muy custom lists. On regular weekends, I may focus only on TODAY, TOMORROW, THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK, THIS MONTH, NEXT MONTH. On say quarterly planning, one could focus primarily on THIS MONTH, NEXT MONTH, and the monthly task lists. I have yet to practice this latter activity diligently. Just throwing this out here if someone finds the approach useful.
  6. Daily Calendar Scheduling process, I go to the TODAY list and add the tasks (I want to get to that day) to "My Day". I may also check out "TOMORROW", since yesterday's TOMORROW is TODAY, but i TO-DO does not offer an auto 'sweep' of something like "TOMORROW" list into "TODAY" list at midnight. (Note: I think Carl Pullen is right when he says do not fix dates to your tasks in your To-Do List. Do that when you do you daily scheduling into the TODAY list and when you 'promote' them actually to "MY DAY".
  7. How the "Drag and Drop between MY DAY and Outlook Calendar" is enabled : When you add tasks to "MY DAY", the Outlook Tasks Filter that you set as in step 2 above, will cause all you "MY DAY" tasks to show in Outlook Tasks automatically. You now have the ability to "drag/drop" these tasks onto you Outlook Calendar, and then position them for start time and duration!
  8. That's the essence of this approach.
  9. As you tick of tasks at the end of the day in your outlook Tasks pane, they will disappear from your outlook tasks and show up as completed in To-Do "MY DAY".
Bit kludgy, but its one approach till Microsoft provides a native drag/drop between To-Do and the Outlook Calendar.
I would anyday prefer the Sunsama or the approach, but their recurring subscription is an issued for me.
The above method is not that awkward, its manageable, and its free, if you are on Windows. If one could find DASL filters that would accomplish similar 'auto-show-ups' of To-Do Tasks in Outlook Tasks, that would be magical. Better Yet obviously, is for microsoft to fully integrate natievly TO-Do with Outlook Tasks to enable this drag/drop, not just via this kludgy method, but directly through features.
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2023.03.24 06:06 elipsett New to Winscribe -- Connection delays on Mac 10.15

I am using Windscribe 2.5.18 on a Mac iPad running 10.15.7. I'm also using Windscribe on a Windows 11 machine (whatever the latest build of Win11 is). Registered Windscribe user. Both are on the same network and access the internet through it. On the Windows machine it takes about 5s to connect, on the Mac it can take 15 minutes. Once it connects it works fine.
It seems to make no difference what country or location I select, so pretty clearly my iMac is the problem.
Is there a FAQ somewhere on how to identify and resolve the cause?
Thanks for your time.
PS: As I mentioned in the subject line, I know little to nothing about Windscribe. I have been using Macs and Windows for decades, though.
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2023.03.24 06:02 BRONXOBEY How to remove Launcher suggestions?

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2023.03.24 06:02 mialg The Connection Between Uterine Fibroids and Back Pain: What You Need to Know

The Connection Between Uterine Fibroids and Back Pain: What You Need to Know
If you are experiencing chronic back pain, you may be wondering if the cause of your discomfort is uterine fibroids. Fibroids are benign tumors that grow in the uterine walls and can cause a range of symptoms, including heavy menstrual bleeding, pressure on the bladder, and, in some cases, back pain.
In this article, we will explore the connection between uterine fibroids and back pain and answer some of your most pressing questions.

How Fibroids Can Cause Back Pain:

Fibroids can cause back pain in several ways. One of the most common mechanisms is by pushing on nerves that run through the pelvis and lower back. The pressure from uterine fibroids can irritate these nerves, leading to chronic pain that radiates to the back. Additionally, fibroids can cause inflammation in the surrounding tissue, which can also contribute to discomfort.

Types of Back Pain Common in Women with Fibroids:

Back pain caused by uterine fibroids can take on several different forms, including:
  1. Lower Back Pain - Fibroids located in the lower part of the uterus can cause pain that radiates to the lower back. In some cases, this pain can be severe.
  2. Pelvic Pain - Fibroids can cause pressure on the bladder or rectum, leading to pelvic pain that can be felt in the lower back.
  3. Sciatica - Sciatica is a type of back pain that occurs when a herniated disk or bone spur in the spine compresses the sciatic nerve. Women with fibroids may experience sciatica-like symptoms if the tumor is located in the lower part of the uterus and irritates the sciatic nerve.

Treatments that May Alleviate Symptoms:

If you are experiencing back pain due to uterine fibroids, there are several treatment options that may help alleviate your symptoms. These include:
  1. Medications - Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can help manage mild to moderate back pain. Your doctor may also prescribe stronger pain medication if necessary.
  2. Hormone Therapy - Hormones play a role in the growth of uterine fibroids, which is why hormone therapy can be an effective treatment option. This treatment may include birth control pills, progestin injections, or GnRH agonists.
  3. Myomectomy - A myomectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing uterine fibroids while leaving the uterus intact. This option is preferred for women who want to preserve their uterus for future pregnancy.
  4. Hysterectomy - In severe cases, a hysterectomy may be the best treatment option. This surgery involves removing the uterus and often the cervix as well.

CAUTION: Now I need you to pay very close attention to this

If you're trying to cure your PCOS or battling with any type of uterine fibroids, you MUST check this out.
Medical researcher, alternative health and nutrition specialist, health consultant, and former Uterine Fibroids Sufferer teaches you how to:
  • Eliminate Your Uterine Fibroids Naturally In As Little As 21 Days and Prevent Their Recurrence
  • Tackle Pelvic Pressure and Pain, Bloating, and Discomfort in Less Than 12 Hours
  • Boost Your Fertility and Gain Regular Periods (No More Spotting or Unexpected periods)
  • Stop Bladder Pressure
  • Treat Heavy Menstrual Flow (Menorrhagia) or Painful Menstrual Flow (Dysmenorrhea)
  • Treat Pain During Intercourse (Dyspareunia).
  • Improve the Quality of Your Life Dramatically!
Discover how she overcame her own Uterine Fibroids and taught thousands of women worldwide to treat all their Uterine Fibroids and all related issues quickly, safely, and naturally


In conclusion, uterine fibroids can cause back pain in several ways. They can push on nerves in the pelvis and lower back or cause inflammation in the surrounding tissue. Women with uterine fibroids may experience several different types of back pain, including lower back pain, pelvic pain, or sciatica.
However, there are several treatment options available that can alleviate these symptoms. If you are experiencing chronic back pain, it is essential to speak with your doctor to determine the underlying cause and develop a treatment plan.
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2023.03.24 05:53 _JerryMc Small treasure hunting in Forbidden Reach

How do i collect the small treasures in this zone? I bought the buff that allows you to detect them from the vendor already. However, when using handynotes, I cant see any treasure when i arrive at their locations.

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2023.03.24 05:49 Nirbo_ My school IT admins checked emails without consent

Hello, I go to quite a large school, so it has an IT admin person. I went to them this morning to fix a internet issue, and the took my laptop. While they were 'fixing' the laptop, they rebooted the mac and went into my chrome profiles, and then saw one with the same profile picture as one of my teachers.
They then confiscated the 1 thousand dollar mac from me (WHICH I PURCHASED AND OWN), and have searched all of my emails without my permission (some of the email checked are linked to my bank account). Since they took the laptop, I can't complete ANY homework or check my grades and class schedule.
Is this legal? They said that they would get me a school incident report or something, and I need a good defense. Thanks for the help
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2023.03.24 05:47 saltedcarameltwix 18f looking for cool people to chat with!

Hey there! Im pretty bored tonight so I wanted to chat with some people about anything! I can get along with just about anyone, as long as you can keep up a conversation. Here’s some things about me: I’m an artist and I love to paint and observe paintings, i also dabble in all sorts of other art forms as in drawing, coloring, ive done a few 3d projects and sculpted. I also love music, i love all kinds of music so here’s a few of my favorite artists: Matt Maltese, Cuco, lil peep, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Beatles, Wallows I dabble in video games, a vey limited number but I do dabble. I cant play with anyone atm tho since i dont have a console
And that’s pretty much it, so if you think we could have a decent conversation then hit me up!
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2023.03.24 05:46 HellExMachina I got this really cool Spiderman variant from the free battle pass. Never seen it before

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2023.03.24 05:45 Spades67 WTS: XM177 / FN FAL Mags

WTS: XM177 / FN FAL Mags
Selling a JG works XM-177E2. Has a stripped gear, otherwise works fine. Would be easy to fix, just can't be bothered - don't use it anymore so no point in doing so. $350, can post at your expense or drop it around Brisbane for a fee.
Also Selling 4x JG FAL magazines. $150, work and run fine, just don't get used.
Located 4152.
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2023.03.24 05:43 sburonweasley Stuck at 52 min while upgrading to Ventura

current - monterey 12.3.1 upgrading to - Ventura
Stuck at “macOS ventura will be installed on the disk “Macintosh HD”. About 52 min remaining.
Tried 2-3 times. Always gets stuck at 52 min. Maybe it’s because my disk is very filled (i deleted just enough filed for it to try installing- earlier it was showing nit enough space). Any idea how to fix and upgrade? I wanted to use the continuity camera
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2023.03.24 05:43 welpimtired i have no future. what's the point of living?

16f soon to be 17. mom's a schizo, dad's not present, parents are divorced and are both narcissists
i'm homeless because my mom believes she doesn't need a job because the king/prince of dubai is her soulmate and she'll be a millionaire soon ?????? i can't get a job either because she moves onto the next location every time i mention it. we hop from campground to couch to car to hotel and it's been this way for 6 years but her psych has deteriorated over time
barely made it through high school. i still haven't taken my 11th grade exam even though it's due soon. i haven't actually studied in years because i've had too much shit going on to focus. i did online school between 6th grade to 9th grade and have been fully homeschooled since. my brain's turned to mush. i failed every subject besides science and history so now my grades are too low to get into college. i also can't attend college because it's too much money. we literally have like 60 dollars in the bank bc someone lended it to us but it's gonna be gone soon cause my mom blows it on shit we don't need
i don't have any friends. or have anyone to talk to for that matter. i've never had an irl friend and it's been a year since i had an online friend. she has really strict rules around socialization and going outside. i'm watched like a hawk. i don't go outside unless my mom is right by my side but my dilemma is that i genuinely hate being around her because she's obnoxious and rude to everyone, but it's also my only opportunity to be part of the world instead of rotting alone inside all day. not like i get the chance to very often because she's lazy af and doesn't even like going on walks or going inside stores. she just orders things. the most i'll go outside is to walk to the bathroom across from our cabin or walk out to the car
i'm always bored and lonely, have been my whole life basically, and it's resulted in me being completely apathetic towards everything. it's agonizing to say the least. i always feel empty and disconnected from my body and the world. the only thing that makes me feel good is maladaptive daydreaming but it's not reality. each time i accept that it's not reality i spiral further down and it feels like my head is physically ripping apart
my mom does so much more shit i won't even get into
cps is shit. cops are shit. both have done nothing but ridicule me. ruled my case as lies somehow. they shattered the only spirit i had left thinking that things would get better. nobody cares. i had one relative i could turn to and they said they'd arrest both him and me if i tried to stay with him
i can't just leave because i don't have any resources, nowhere to stay, no money, no direction, etc and i'll probably get arrested this time
i'm fighting for a life spent alone, in poverty, depressed, and being controlled. i don't see the point. suicide really does seem like a sweet prize i've earned after all this mess
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2023.03.24 05:40 justiceforjosiah My child was assaulted

Hello there, I am new to reddit and am unsure of how to navigate this platform. I am an autistic individual and a coparent to my little brother who is also autistic. During his last period of school, he was brutally assaulted by one of his bullies and needed emergency facial reconstructive surgery at the major trauma hospital in Seattle last week. After the incident, the school called my mother and told her he got into a fight and had a bloody nose and black eye. When she arrived, he was alone in the nurses office, despite his condition visibly requiring emergency care. During the emergency room visit, the doctor said his face was at risk of collapse; he had a concussion, his orbital socket was fractured in multiple locations, and his bridge was completely caved in sideways and that emergency surgery was necessary. The school completely neglected my brother and are protecting his agressor more than they ever protected him. I organized a gofundme for his post-operative costs and living expenses since my family and I are missing a lot of work to take care of him during recovery and fight for him legally. Please consider sharing or donating to our gofundme ( )to check on his well-being and pay for post-operative expenses and legal fees if you can! We already made the decision to pull him from school, but we want to start a large anti-bullying movement in his district so they cant sweep things like this under the rug anymore. Check out “Stop Bethel Bullying” as well to support our cause!
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2023.03.24 05:37 sumitgusain22 WOLFWALKERS

Even as principal lively studios such as Disney, Pixar, and Illumination enjoyment have dominated the cinematic limelight, with their lively functions topping the charts at the worldwide field office and being fan favorites to many, some smaller studios have had their share in the spotlight; producing some of the greatest and most innovative cartoon testimonies for the a long time. One such studio is caricature Saloon, a Irish animated film enterprise that, whilst now not boasting the earnings making numbers of Pixar or of the long illustrious catalogue from Disney, have established a number of the maximum greatest portions of animated storytelling.
With three movies underneath their belt, cartoon Saloon has produced a few notable stunning cool animated film memories, which includes 2009’s the secret of the Kells, 2014’s track of the sea, and 2017’s The Breadwinner; crafting imaginative memories of artistry and integrity, whilst blending surreal visions of delusion lore and profound realities. Now, caricature Saloon, and directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, present the studio’s fourth animated movie and the belief to their “Irish Folklore trilogy” saga with the release of Wolfwalkers. Does this contemporary movie hold the endearing legacy from the studio or is it a “black mark” on their esteem report of animated capabilities?
THE story
In 1650 ireland, invoice Goodfellow (Sean Bean) has pledged his loyalty to the effective Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell (Simon McBurney), acting because the legitimate wolf catcher for the expanding realm of the English nation freshly installed in eire. bill is a widower, raising his young lady named Robyn (Honor Kneafsey) on his very own, regularly unable to contain his daughter’s unbribed interest, specifically exploring the world past the metropolis gates. even as bill sets out to rid the location of hungry wolves in the close by forest wooded area, Robyn manages to have a near-encounter interaction with Mebh (Eva Whittaker), a toddler who’s additionally a wolfwalker, along with her spirit reworking right into a wolf as she sleeps

added to their recovery powers and manipulate over the nearby %. Mebh remains alone, without her mom, Moll (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who became a wolf one night time and by no means lower back domestic. Curious herself to the new human lady, Mebh unearths a friend in Robyn, who’s excited by way of the life, however is quickly aware about its growing hazard, with the Lord Protector refusing to relaxation till the wolves have been exterminated, with invoice stuck in the center of being dutiful to his lord and unknowingly searching his daughter in the process.
the best / THE horrific
As a lot of you know, i am a huge fan of lively films, which probably stems from my adolescence years of watching cartoons (both episodic tv collection and diverse Disney / non-Disney movies of the past due 80s to mid-90s). just like what I stated above, at the same time as I’ve been fan of numerous of the massive animated studio releases, the idea of smaller studios cartoon features are from time to time have a better nice in both storytelling and integrity, with studios like Laika, Aardman Animations, and cartoon Saloons being prime examples. With cool animated film Saloon’s films, i like how special the film’s animation appears, which creates an almost dreamy folklore style from caricature age long forgotten. Plus, their memories are constantly pretty profound; by no means shoving pop culture references or unnecessary gags that don’t paintings. i've seeing the name of the game of Kells and tune of the sea, but I haven’t had the danger to look The Breadwinner, which I do plan on seeing. In brief, whilst larger animation studio will maintain to produce feature movies for the loads, studios like cool animated film Saloon and others show that finer traits of storytelling may be found in smaller scale productions (i.e., exceptional over quantity).
This brings me returned to speaking about Wolfwalkers, the fourth film from cartoon Saloon and the third entry in their Irish Folklore trilogy. To be pretty sincere, I truly didn’t pay attention lots approximately this movie. yes, that’s true! in spite of my love for child’s lively movies, Wolfwalkers went “under my radar” for quite a while. As I stated, caricature Saloon doesn’t have the equal wide variety of releases like Disney or Pixar has, so I wasn’t sincerely “searching” for their next release, specifically because the studio’s last film came out in 2017. however, I did subsequently pay attention about this movie at the beginning of November 2020, seeing the movie’s movie trailer online, which I do have that I absolutely liked and got me quite intrigued to se the movie.
but, with the COVID-19 pandemic in impact, cartoon Saloon launched the movie in diverse elements, with a few being theatrically (in international territories), even as for me (in the usa) the movie was sold off to most excellent on Apple+ tv solely. luckily, I recognize a person who has Apple+ tv, so i was sooner or later capable to check out Wolfwalkers after the vacation season of 2020. So….what did I think about it? properly, I clearly preferred it. in spite of some minor issues, cartoon Saloon’s Wolfwalkers is fantastic and engaging lively movie that encompasses the studio’s persevering with thoughts of innovative integrity and standout storytelling in its animation and narrative. The film can also get overlooked by using the masses, but its clearly one which’s worth finding out!

Wolfwalkers is directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart and the duo have been a part of cool animated film Saloon for quite some time, with Moore directing past films from the studio including the name of the game of Kells and the music of the sea, at the same time as Stewart labored as art director for those films respectfully. for that reason, the combination efforts of each Moore and Stewart seems to bolster the effect that Wolfwalkers has and indeed each seeing to do this quite correctly mind. for my part, I assume that Wolfwalkers is possibly the fine release of caricature Studio (that I’ve seeing). together, Moore and Stewart make the movie a fruits of its past two different “Irish Folklore” entries by using capping the movie off in is trilogy style (i.e saving the high-quality for ultimate).
Moore and Stewart additionally make sure to keep the movie transferring at a consistent tempo; never breaking away for unnecessary filling or side-tales; usually making the characteristic’s fundamental cognizance upon the adventures of Robyn and Mebh. additionally, just like the relaxation of caricature Saloon’s releases, Moore and Stewart maintain up the studio’s integrity intact and never deviate into the extra commonplace tropes and references that many animated movies of past due fall into. What do I imply? properly, Wolfwalkers seems like its personal issue and by no means makes pop-culture references or out-of-area musical / dance numbers, or snappy catchphrase zingers. universal, Moore and Stewart do an high-quality job in shaping Wolfwalkers to be what it's miles; an lively film that breathtaking to look at, concept-frightening in its tale being instructed, and bountiful pallet of leisure.
furthermore, Wolfwalkers likeability and poignant that means additionally stems from the characteristic’s tale, which is steeped in Irish subculture and folklore in addition to developing into popular issues. The script, which become penned by Moore and Stewart in addition to Will Collins and Jericca Cleland, is wealthy with various motifs and nuances that harken back to the actual international of English occupation in ireland much like how the secret of Kells and track of the ocean displayed. naturally, the putting of eire within the film is one that is rife with realism; providing a kingdom this is torn between the opposing factions (i.e., Christianity vs. paganism or Irish Catholicism vs. English Protestantism or Celtic vs. English records) and offers the narrative of Wolfwalkers a palpable backdrop to spring off of and propel ahead in its own story.
Plus, the acquainted thematic beats are pretty poignant and complexed, such as friendship, tolerance, and family, are fantastically rendered inside the movie that, whilst perhaps common for youngsters’s tales, are nonetheless dealt with rather nicely in the movie’s script and average execution in the film. in addition, the movie’s story takes non secular narrative influences from other lively movies which include 2010’s a way to educate Your Dragon and 1997’s Princess Mononoke and, whilst a few argue that its take story beats from those initiatives (more on that below), it simply takes numerous similarities, particularly considering the competition of mankind vs. nature, using fear and superstition for fearmongering, and the two people (from contrary worlds) turning into pals. Altogether, all of these storytelling factors assist enhance Wolfwalkers’s narrative; compounding the effective effect that the movie has on its visitors for artistry integrity.
certainly, the animation fashion of caricature Saloon’s functions is possibly one of the satisfactory matters that they have got been regarded for; displaying colourful animation that almost appears quite unique from the greater commonplace usage of three-dimensional computer-generated visuals. There’s absolute confidence that Wolfwalkers maintains that culture from cool animated film Saloon; making it the high-quality “looking” launch. With the modern roster of film having 3D visuals for its animation, it’s nearly a breath of fresh air to peer an animated challenge offer up something pretty particular and different; choosing a extra traditional 2d fashion. moreover, the animation in Wolfwalkers, giving its Irish folklore roots and nuances, has greater of a conventional folklore storytelling style of animation, which makes it even that extra mind-blowing to visible see; nearly as if the movie’s tale is being drummed up from an antique legend of a few kind (in case you understand what I suggest). as a result, what’s provided is genuinely stunning and suitable.
Backgrounds are imbued with a experience of portray fashion, which is lovely, and the colors for the duration of the movie are absolutely mesmerizing. Plus, the individual designs for each respective man or woman are also drawing in a terrific and unparallel way that without a doubt provides to the film’s “folklore” element. i really like the film’s animation and could go on and on approximately it as I praise the function for such a rich and picturesque cool animated film movie that appears like nearly a hidden gem of new with animated feature endeavors. accordingly, I honestly do must commend the artistry and animators for this undertaking for their prolithic paintings at the movie. nicely done!
moreover, the movie’s style of cinematography must also be referred to, which offers the film have clean and almost storybook best in almost each scene. Poignant photographs and dramatic moments are outbound on this film and feels quite captivating in nearly every scene as if the film is being theatrically shot / provided in a live-action undertaking. additionally, the movie’s rating, which become composed via Bruno Coulais, offers a stunning musical composition that’s steeped in that oh-so whimsical nature of Irish folklore that speaks to the feature’s putting and tone as well as being cinematically driven with dramatic moments. this sort of extraordinary score (even with the aid of my standards). Plus, foremost track feature inside the movie “running with the Wolves” by using AUROA is superb and actually compliments the scene that it's miles presenting in such mystical and highlighting way. adore it!
there has been very little that I didn’t like approximately the movie, but, for the sake of an argument, Wolfwalkers does have some blemishes of youngster criticisms that I observed. perhaps the only that’s the maximum usual is in the film’s overall tone, that's does have a good dose of healthful youth marvel and humor, however also one this is greater critical and a touch bit darkly miserable. What I’m speaking about is that Wolfwalker’s tone, specifically in the latter half of the feature, is darker and has more of a heavier tension show in the feature’s narrative, which is right, but it is able to be a bit bit too much. yes, I do recognize of artistry integrity and what caricature Saloon has executed with its animated films (each beyond and gift). That being said, the movie will become greater of an person film with a piece more violence and macabre tones in the second 1/2 of the film. perhaps it is able to’ve been toned down a piece…simply a piece. consequently, this acts as a warning to a few parents out there that, despite a powerful / moving story and a spectacular display of animation, Wolfwalkers won't be great ideal for some of the more youthful “juice box” crowd accessible. next, sure scenes stumble upon as a touch bit repetitive, with pretty a good deal the identical interplay of character speak moments and / or strains being pretty the equal. this is mainly referred to in Robyn’s conversations with her father,
that are common and turn out to be a tad redundant. ultimately, even as I did mention that Wolfwalker’s tale takes inspirational impacts from both the way to teach Your Dragon and Princess Mononoke, some may argue that it takes a greater “carbon copy” technique and makes the film’s narrative a bit predictable. in my opinion, it didn’t hassle me at all, but there are few out there in an effort to cry hen on this specific issue, specially since each of those lively films had been out for quite some time. general, those are extra minor nitpicks of criticism and derail the movie in any respect….at least in my opinion.
What aides the movie in its fanciful appealing nature of fantastically drawn animation and gripping story is in its vocal abilties, with Wolfwalkers delivering an all round small (yet quite effective) a solid for its animated characters. similar to the movie itself, those precise characters are grounded in common roots of realism and familiarity, yet the movie’s unique technique of fashion and storytelling simply helps raise these respective gamers. that is maximum generic within the characteristic’s two essential characters of Robyn
Goodfellowe and Mebh, who're voiced by way of younger actresses Honor Kneafsey and Eva Whittaker. Kneafsey, regarded for her roles in Benidorm, miss You Already, and A Christmas Prince, has the most enjoy of the 2 and without a doubt is aware of the way to make a individual quite endearing with her voice by myself; utilizing an unbridled curiosity and well mannered demeanor in Robyn, which always makes for an excellent sort of man or woman and easy to root for from start to finish. further, Whittaker, who's recognised for her function inside the female at the cease of the garden, offers to as an alternative appropriate inside the position of Mebh. at the same time as she doesn’t have a massive lower back catalogue of past works, Whittaker is a delight within the film; portraying Mebh with a feel of wild and caged unfastened persona in comparsion to Robyn. clearly, both these specific characters (and their personas) are easily meditated upon the English and Irish people and the political landscape era of which Wolfwalkers is ready in, which makes each Robyn and Mebh relatable and proper.
not like a whole lot of animated feature films that boast plenty of recognizable / big call stars attached to the feature in voicing characters, Wolfwalkers doesn’t really want to do this, particularly since the film’s expertise is already quite properly and the film itself offers enough time to make the characters intriguing and personable. That being stated, the movie does have recognizable names connected to the venture with actors Sean Bean and Simon McBurney gambling the components of Robyn’s father, bill
Goodfellowe, and the oppressive chief Oliver Cromwell referred to as the “Lord Protector”. Bean, regarded for his roles in game of Thrones, Black death, and The Lord of the jewelry: The Fellowship of the ring, has been a quite a familiar name (maximum extremely good for his on-screen death in a number of his past initiatives) and his involvement in this movie is as a substitute well-located and well-way, specially in how his voice sounds and resonates with invoice, a kind-hearted yet sternly defensive father. The equal can be stated with McBurney, acknowledged for his roles in Tinker Tailor Soldier secret agent, The ultimate King of Scotland, and The Conjuring 2, who is more of a reoccurring helping gamers in his frame of filmography, however nonetheless proves to be quite powerful in his person portrayal, together with his overall performance of the Lord Protector quite sinisterly evil and a awesome antagonist (each in man or woman built and in vocal skills). collectively, both actors have very awesome sounding voices and are ideal
(almost tailored made) for his or her respective roles. moreover, actress Maria Doyle Kennedy, who's recognised for her roles inside the Tudors, Outlander, and Orphan Black, is another outstanding / acknowledged acting skills that is connected to Wolfwalkers; presenting the voice for Moll MacTíre, Mebh’s mother and chief of the wolf percent. Like Bean and McBurney, Kennedy’s voice is pretty particular and definitely is a “ideal healthy” for a movie like this and does provide a positive kind of warm temperature to her person…. even though she’s extra in the latter half of the film.
The relaxation of the solid, including actor Jon Kenny (Les depressing and track of the ocean) as Ned the stringy woodcutter, actor John Morton (Lily’s bad Day and Vultures) as Stumpy, actor / manufacturer Oliver McGrath (the secret of Kells and The Musician) as nearby town bully Padraig, and director Nora Twomey (Breadwinner and the name of the game of the Kells) as the top housekeeper inside the Lord Protector’s scullery Bridget, spherical out the relaxation of the Wolfwalkers’s gamers in more minor assisting character roles. those particular characters (as you can actually imagine) are confined to being minor capacity, but each one has their own creative specialty (be it vocal abilities and / or character layout) to make them memorable.
final thoughts
In a time of English occupation in eire and mystical superstitions, a younger female befriends a atypical shapeshifter as the pair learns from each other and in the end come collectively help keep one another’s households in the film Wolfwalkers. Director Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart’s brand new projects sees the fourth film in caricature Saloon’s release in a super fashion of mixing poignant storytelling and creative artistry to help enrich an animated film with natural fanciful delight. The film is natural wonderment of magic and friendship and merits excessive reward from the movie’s administrators, a significant story, exceptionally extremely good style of animation, beautiful score, a solid voice acting across the board in all sides and positions. in my opinion, I cherished this movie.
It changed into something quite unique and extraordinary from the regular animated films of late and offers up this sort of delightful and significant tale of two younger girls which might be stuck up inside the greater occasions of the land. Plus, the film’s animation again is quite beautiful and i cherished it! for this reason, my advice for the film is a “notably
recommended” one because it ought to be seeing with the aid of all, mainly those who've a unique affinity for caricature capabilities with professional artistry and narrative integrity. With the realization of this film, cool animated film Saloon closes its bankruptcy on what it’s calling it “Irish Folklore” trilogy of films. What does that suggest for the future of the employer? Who knows? allow’s wish that the studio will keep more captivating features of diverse tales and myths, which includes more Irish folklore possibly. nevertheless, Wolfwalkers is a cinematic revel in that acts as a breath of fresh air; boldly taking visitors on an enchanting journey that both entertains and symbolizes what robust and palpable storytelling can arise from one of these small animated studio.
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2023.03.24 05:35 SauceMansBack Hot take - The new "containers don't respawn" update is good and was needed.

So this is coming from someone who's racked up 170 hours in SOTF so far, and I have 350 hours on TF1. In my opinion, this change was absolutely fine and honestly needed.
Every single save I make, every single one, by day 15-20 I end up having the max stack of almost every single item. Duct tape, watches, meds, food, circuits, batteries, etc. the loot in sons of the forest is just wayyy too prevalent. Now that this change was introduced, it actually seems like every once in a while I won't have the max stack of everything. Maybe instead of 100 duct tape I'll have 94 or 93 every once in a while.
I don't actively try to collect any type of item/loot, however I do mark ammo spawns on my GPS and frequently travel across the map and caves. I can tell you right now, 3/4 of the useful loot on the map does not come from boxes. When you open a box, you can expect watches, duct tape, circuit boards, wire, c4 bricks, etc. none of it is really useful because you're most likely already maxed out on it.
Have the people of this subreddit forgotten that loot comes from other places than boxes? Not even 50 meters from my base location there's a pistol ammo spawn (the raft beach). If I didn't have that, all I would have to do is go to a cave or a bunker to find ammo. There's two separate skeletons about 400 meters from my base, each carrying ammo. There's multiple camp sites with ammo inside the tents all over the island.
Duct tape, wires, batteries, circuits, soda, energy bars, cans of food, rope, cloth, MREs, watches, you name it. The island is still absolutely covered in all this stuff and you can't really walk 100 meters without stumbling upon a camp that has all the above.
This change is a welcome one, and I'm happy to see sons of the forest finally getting an increase in challenge, since this "survival game" in it's current state basically feels like sandbox game. Hopefully we see more changes to make the game actually challenging soon. Good work so far, endnight.
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2023.03.24 05:27 Rainbow6SiegeCreator What If Legends and Canon Merged? Part 6: A United Front

Months after the founding of the Rebellion, Leia had a chance to lead the liberation of Lothal. She then came up with a plan to bring down the Imperial presence in one fell swoop.
Leia: Thanks to Ezra and the Ghost Crew, we have the perfect strategy to remove the Empire. When my ship lands, Kanan will disguise himself as a stormtrooper tasked with guarding me and…
While the plan was being discussed, Ahsoka received a transmission from one of her most trusted agents.
Ahsoka: What is it, Kallus?
Kallus: Thrawn is cracking down on sabotage. The new commander has a brutal way to keep citizens in line and has tanks roaming the wide streets. If I'm found out, he'll execute me.
Ahsoka: Thank you for the information. If you see a trooper and a scout or cadet, they are our agents. Intercept them if they finish their recon.
Kallus: Even though they won't trust me.
Ahsoka: Yes. Make sure that the Empire is held back while we complete our mission.
Kallus: I'll do my best, Fulcrum.
When Kanan arrived with Princess Leia, The Empire had escorted them both to the main base with Ezra posing as a scout trooper needing to test out some patrol bikes. When Ezra was watching the workers, he saw them get lined up by Thrawn and forced one of them to "inspect" their work. As the factory worker was pushing the bike to its limits, the bike exploded and the worker that was thrown off died on impact. Thrawn expected every detail of these bikes to be checked and double checked before sending them to the field. Kanan was then told by Leia to make sure the troops prepared a secure location in the city for her to reside. Kanan then continued to patrol around looking for more men to adhere to their guest's demands. Ezra then moved to the training ground before contacting Kanan about receiving the codes to remove the ship clamps.
Ezra: Spectre-1, I'm at the speeder garage making my way to your location. We need the Princess to make a distraction.
Kanan: I'll contact her and let her know that a rebel force is heading her way.
Kanan then switched channels to create a diversion that Leia will put the Empire on high alert for a supposed rebel attack.
Kanan: Princess, we have a situation. Rebels are coming in through the outskirts and sneaking through the slums. We need to move you to a secondary location.
Leia: Copy that, Spectre-1.
She then feigned fear when she ran to the nearest Imperial officer and told him about the Rebel attack.
Officer: Lock this location down after we evacuate and relocate to the secondary residence!
Stormtrooper 1: Yes sir! This way, Princess.
As Ezra blended in with the biker patrol group, he then made his way to the facility where Kallus oversaw the troop deployments. Kanan made his way with a squad of "stormtroopers" and reported the attack to the nearest officer when Agent Kallus stumbled upon the "frightened" trooper commander.
Kallus: What's the situation here?
Kanan: As I was telling the officer, a rebel attack is happening and they are sneaking through the slums.
Just as Kanan finishes his report, Ezra comes speeding towards the vehicle depot with Zeb in the Phantom chasing him down and seemingly shooting at him. When he got past the AT-DPs, the Phantom pulled out and Ezra ran to Kallus trying to report his view on the attack.
Ezra: Sir! Sir! The Rebels! They… they have air support and wiped out my entire squadron. I managed to escape and need-
Kallus: Calm down, Trooper. Both of you come with me. The rest of you, hold this depot.
Rex, Mech, Massiff Squadron: Yes, Sir!!!
When Kallus, Ezra, and Kanan were alone in a turbolift, Kallus revealed that he was Ahsoka's Fulcrum agent on the planet and was updated on everything they needed.
Back with the Ghost crew, an old friend of Ezra's parents, a former mayor of his hometown, snuck the rebels in through the sewer. Hera, Sabine, Ahsoka, and Zeb, as well as Chopper were brought to the surface and they saw a huge plethora of Imperial vehicles patrolling the wide streets from AT-DP walkers, TX-225 armored tanks, AT-AT walkers, and TX-130 fighter tanks.
When X1 oversaw the patrols, He began sensing that some of the troopers weren't who they said they were. He then found a group of Stormtroopers guarding the depot when it was predominantly abandoned due to all hands being needed to protect the rest of the base.
X1: What is your purpose here, trooper?
Mech: We're under orders to protect the depot in case the rebels try to destroy any means of patrolling the city or intercepting them.
X1: This depot isn't a target for these rebels. Who gave you these orders?
Rex: That would be Agent Kallus, Sir.
X1: Let me through. I have important information that Kallus needs to know so he can capture these rebels alive.
Howzer: Kallus ordered us that no one, not even other Imperials, enter the main offices due to the rebels possibly using disguises.
Back with the Ghost crew, Kanan and Ezra took the working Speeder and got it to the Ghost and went back to get the clones at the vehicle depot. X1 activated his lightsaber and threatened to cut down the next trooper that defied him. As X1 entered the turbolift, he saw a barely conscious Kallus on the ground with broken transparisteel panels.
X1: Agent? Agent! What happened here?
Kallus: The rebels broke in and I was thrown through these panels and-
X1: Listen, if the rebels have access to any information on any drives they may have taken, you will be replaced indefinitely.
Kallus: I can spy on their communications through one of the radios I confiscated and keep in a safe location.
X1: Outside of Imperial jurisdiction? What are you planning exactly, Kallus?
Kallus: If I can get to the comm channel through said device, I can affirm whether or not they have any stolen information.
X1: Alright. I'll put together an escort-
Kallus: No! I need to do this alone.
X1: Given your rank, you need one.
Kallus: Since we didn't expect their attack, they won't expect an Imperial Agent spying on them from outside the city.
X1: Fine. Get there and report your findings.
Kallus: Yes, commander.
X1 then hailed Grand Admiral Thrawn who was near the governor's building aware of the attack.
X1: Grand Admiral, I have troubling news.
Thrawn: I am aware of the rebel attack, Commander. Is it about Kallus?
X1: Yes, Sir. I have reason to believe that he is the mole for these rebels, and that a Jedi is part of the rebel assault.
Thrawn: Thank you for confirming our suspicions, Commander. I will handle Kallus myself. You take on the Jedi, and let the rest of the troops round up the rest of them.
When the rebels made it to the surface, Hera radioed to Chopper to fly the Ghost to pick up Kanan, Ezra, and the clones. What stopped the duo of Jedi was a cold presence exiting the offices with a lightsaber drawn.
Ezra: Is he-
Kanan: With as cold as we are feeling, I don't think so.
X1: Killing the Grand Inquisitor, bold move. Putting a target on your back, however; very, very stupid of you.
Kanan: If you think we should fear you, you've got another thing coming.
Ezra: Do you even know how to use a lightsaber? Looks to me like you're only playing Jedi.
X1: Allow me to show you, boy.
As the pair went against the JT clone, X1 delivered a flurry against both opponents using Form 1 with ferocious swing to Ezra's blade opening the boy up to a knee in the stomach and a clash with Kanan. This ended with X1 pushing his saber aside and headbutting Kanan to disorient him. X1 then tried to deliver a killing blow to Ezra but Kanan blocked it. Ezra tried getting up, but X1 used a massive Force push into the ground making the three of them bounce. Ezra was winded but quickly recovered and began an offensive flurry of his own with Kanan attempting to attack his sides. After X1 opened Ezra up he landed a kick to his gut which sent him flying until he was gripped with the Force and thrown behind X1. As X1 was about to cut Ezra in two, Kanan slashed at X1's right leg and brought him to a kneel, but X1 used his signature tactic of feigning defeat until Kanan got close enough to strike, then X1 turned on his downed leg and slashed Kanan's eyes, blinding him almost permanently. Ezra got up and used whatever saber attacks he could to break the Imperial officer. X1 dodged every single swing and dismantled the boy at every turn with a kick to the gut, a punch to the left shoulder, and a backhanded fist across the same cheek. Ezra then in his exhaustion landed a couple blows against X1's chest before getting thrown out of the Vehicle depot, Imperial disguise in shatters.
After the Ghost landed, Zeb hurried and grabbed Ezra, but Ezra was trying to lift Kanan and bring him in, but Hera took off on Kanan's orders to leave him. X1 had Kanan restrained and brought to the prison complex in the city. Ezra and the Ghost then had to make it to the landing pad where Leia’s ship was and release the clamps, When the clones got off, they pretended that they were holding off rebels when a TX-225 rolled to their position. An Imperial gunship had escorted Princess Leia to the ship and Leia had the information she needed sent by chopper into another code cylinder that she swiped from the officer she groveled to for help. Back where Kallus found the comm he had in Ezra's home, he began coordinating the rebels escape from the city and let them know about a starfighter program and contingencies for if Lothal wasn’t kept in line. Just as Kallus was about to explain the final contingency plan, Thrawn had shown up in an Imperial troop transport and went up to the single room building alone.
Thrawn: The Commander and I were right to be suspicious of you.
Kallus: You were killing workers needlessly! This is perpetuating the rebel attacks, not stopping them!
Thrawn: Perhaps you've forgotten that the Empire rules through fear, and which side you align with.
As the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Thrawn got the upper hand by landing a decisive blow to Kallus's right temple and landing a kick to Kallus's gut causing the traitorous agent to fall, only to be caught by X1 with a captured Kanan Jarrus in tow.
Back with the Alliance, they reported that they got the Intel, and that Kanan got captured. This prompted another strike on Lothal, but the target based on the intel given by Kallus meant that they were going to infiltrate the TIE Defender program.
Meanwhile, Thrawn had begun further reinforcing the Empire’s presence in the area. X1 then started getting a strange feeling that something was off in the Force.
Thrawn: Something the matter, Commander?
X1: Yes, Sir. Just got a migraine. A very troublesome migraine at that.
Thrawn: Don’t play it off as something minor, Commander. I know you have the abilities of Lord Vader. What was it you saw?
X1: THere’s a temple and other artifacts a few miles from there. A… a mural of sorts is inscribed there… AAAAAHH!
Thrawn: Lieutenant, get the Commander to the Medical Bay and contact Lord Vader. WE’ve found something that the Emperor may find Interesting.
Officer: Yes, Grand Admiral.
Back with Lord Vader, he was on Kamino tending to his secret project; cloning Starkiller. For months he had been attempting to find the perfect clone, but when it came to the final test, all of them had failed. He periodically checked on his clones to see how long they would survive isolation.
During one mission to Cato Neomoidia, which hadn't seen activity in decades, General Rahm Kota, Chirrut Îmwe, and a squad of rebels were sent to bring down the Imperial moffs, and gain Neomoidian support for the war effort. Bail Organa knew that he had a few operations going simultaneously and knew he only needed to call of Kenobi or Yoda in case of emergencies. Juno Eclipse was in command after Kota left for the mission, and she hoped that the mission was to be short.
Back on Atollon, Wolffe had pulled Mech aside and gave him a new long term assignment.
Wolffe: Mech! Can I see you for a moment?
Mech: Yes Sir! What do you need?
Wolffe: We have an AT-TE from the last War that would be beneficial to the defense of the rebel base on Yavin. Since you have the most training on piloting Walkers, we need you there to help train the rebels in case they overtake one of the Imperial's.
Mech: Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir! Men, I need a hand getting this AT-TE loaded…
As Wolffe ordered pilots to make a trip to Yavin 4, Many assets were being allocated to rescuing Kanan and liberating Lothal from Imperial rule. As Ezra regaled about who he and Kanan fought, a certain squad became interested in the mission.
Ezra: He was dressed like an Imperial Officer, but he wielded a blue lightsaber. He wasn’t a Jedi, or an Inquisitor. He was something else.
X2: Commander Bridger, did he look anything like me?
Ezra: Now that I examined your face, yeah, he did.
X2: You just met my twin brother, X1. HE and I served together in the Clone Wars from the Invasion of Tatooine to the Battle of Cato Neimoidia. What happened after Cato Neimoidia, I wholeheartedly regret until defecting before the Empire attacked Dantooine.
X2 looked shaken, pale, and began to sweat over all the Jedi he killed, and rewound all the way back to Ferroda. Ezra and the rest of the Alliance were shocked about X2’s actions in the Empire, but Rex, Howzer, 78s, Ramm, and Vice remembered that day, the Jedi they fought alongside, and the brother they lost, Solar.
On Kamino, Vader had began a holocommunication to Crosshair about his next mission.
Crosshair: Yes, Lord Vader?
Vader: Report your progress for your mission on Ferrix.
Crosshair: A fugitive who is known by a recently deceased woman has escaped the system, but the ISB have a couple of tails on him throughout the galaxy.
Vader: Where are these tails following him to?
Crosshair: From what I overheard, he was headed to Jedha to meet with a rebel cell there.
Vader: Good. there is an Imperial Garrison that will hunt him down and hand them over to the ISB. Report to Kamino for your next mission.
Crosshair: Yes, my lord.
When Crosshair landed near Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 fighter, he exited and walked to meet the taller figure and kneeled in subservience and respect.
Vader: Rise. Your new orders are to go to dantooine, and place a beacon near where the rebels hold their prisoners. You may recognize the location. If any important Imperials are imprisoned there, activate the beacon, and a rescue team will be there to extract them, compile the list as the beacon is active.
Crosshair: What of the rebel presence there? If they are taken out, many would surely notice. If I use my signature reflecting pucks, some are going to recognize my work and hunt me down.
Vader: The clones will not be stationed on Dantooine. It has been a long time since they even saw you. You have the element of surprise on your side. Bury the beacon deep so that nothing can detect it.
Crosshair: I will leave at once, my lord.
Vader then saw the second of his most trusted agents leave for a mission as he returned to finding the right clone.
With the Alliance, Ezra then began to take a command role due to his knowledge of the planet and wanting to rescue Kanan. Ahsoka was the only other Jedi to lead an attack. He then explained his plan with a mix of real tactics he picked up from the last excursion and throughout his time with the Ghost Crew.
Ezra: Here's the plan: Now that we know that The Empire has tanks and walkers patrolling the larger areas, we're gonna need all the heavy firepower on the ground to take them out or use them against the other tanks and walkers. I'll lead a squad to rescue Kanan in the prison complex, Ahsoka, you lead the primary attack near the Governor's building. Thrawn should be there.
Hera: I know you want to save Kanan and drive Thrawn away, but there are times where we have to make a choice.
Ezra: We've pulled simultaneous attacks ever since we joined the Alliance. This is pretty much SOP at this point.
Sabine: We also have to take down the TIE Defender project. If we let them go, they will decimate our assault on the ground and any air support we try to bring in.
X2: If you need a good squad of pilots and soldiers, we can go with you, Sabine and pilot some of the Defenders. This could even teach us how they work.
Sabine: Alright, that part's covered.
Ahsoka: What about the rescue effort?
Wolffe: I'll help on the ground. I have to find some excuse to show these troops that I still got it.
Ezra: Alright, Wolffe, you, Rex, and Gregor will help lead the rescue on the ground. I'll sneak in using our old friend, and Hera, you join Sabine for the TIE Defender raid. Ahsoka, you go with the clones.
Hera: Where will you be?
Zeb: Alright, Someone's gonna have to look after this kid. I'll go with you and get you to the prison on the far side.
Ezra: Sounds fine to me. Everyone knows their places?
Sabine, Ahsoka, Rex, X2, and Hera affirm their parts of the plan and begin loading up into the Ghost, Republic shuttle, and X-wings.
Meanwhile with the Empire on Lothal, X1 is in the middle of torturing Kanan with 2 sapphire blades when a trooper gave him orders from the Emperor himself.
Stormtrooper: Sir, The Emperor wishes to make contact with you.
X1: Have someone take over his torture with a strong mind while I'm with the Emperor.
Stormtrooper: Yes, Sir.
When X1 made it to his war room, he activated the holocommunicator display and bowed to the projection of Palpatine.
X1: My Emperor, it's an honor to receive communications from you.
Emperor: Rise, Commander. I have been told that you found something that warranted my attention.
X1: Yes, my Emperor. There is a temple here, miles from the city with two symbols at the entrance to it.
Emperor: Has this been recorded in Imperial documents?
X1: No, my Emperor.
Emperor: Then how do you know?
X1: The method I had attained this knowledge from is, I had a piercing headache and suddenly, I saw it.
Emperor: You saw the temple without going near it?
X1: In short, yes, my Emperor.
Emperor: [Thinking] This could only mean… [Exit thought] How long has Vader been training you?
X1: Almost a year, my Emperor.
Emperor: Your newfound abilities have revealed a Jedi secret. I still have use for you, Commander. Lord Vader will continue to train you, and you will capture the jedi and force them to open it. During all of these events, you will only be an assassin, not his apprentice.
When X1 brought Kanan to the hidden temple, Vader's castle aide, Venee, arrived as a scholar of the Force, who also allocated Imperial resources to another location on Lothal which was more powerful than the temple, unbeknownst to the commander.
X1: Who might you be?
Venee: I've seen you tour and train at the castle from time to time. You were just too focused on training to notice me. No need to worry, Commander. Your secret with Lord Vader is safe with me and his castle walls.
X1: Thank you.
When the rebels launched their multi-pronged attack on the Empire, Ahsoka and the clones patrolled the city quarter for any heavy Imperial reinforcements, Sabine and X2 led grey Squadron to covertly recon and destroy the TIE Defender program, Ezra and Zeb went to scout out the prison before Ahsoka and the clones rendevouzed with them after eliminating the Imperial presence in the city and slums. FIxer, Boss, Wolffe, and Gregor joined Rex on the ground and each clone had an old PLX rocket launcher to take down the walkers and tanks. Ezra and Zeb made short work of the small Imperial patrols around the prison, but X1 had a plan of his own.
X1: What can you tell me about this temple that was in my visions?
Venee: The Temple has two sets of symbols each in their own circles, but it requires both a master and apprentice to open.
X1: I beat back a younger boy who was fighting alongside the Jedi I captured weeks ago. No doubt he’ll try to rescue his master.
Venee: Then you have your apprentice to open the temple. I will be at the mural if you need further guidance.
X1 then returned to his post in the prison, and received an communication from Admiral Thrawn.
Thrawn: Commander, We have tracked the rebels’ flight activity and tracked them to the Atollon system. We are going to send an Imperial garrison there if the Rebels escape. What is your status?
X1: Grand Admiral, We found the artifacts that the Emperor is looking for. Vader’s aide is at one of them and I am going to transport the Jedi prisoners to the temple.
Thrawn: You expect to take another Jedi captive, Commander? It must be a powerful artifact in the temple.
X1: Yes, Grand Admiral. The temple requires both a master and an apprentice to open it. These jedi will be the keys.
Thrawn: Quite a find and quite a puzzle to solve. The Jedi are a lot more protective of their secrets than we thought.
When Ezra and Zeb made it into the prison, he gave Chopper orders to fly overhead and do a recon flight for any incoming Imperial air support. When Ezra found Kanan in his cell, Zeb got a hold of him and attempted to escape, but X1 threw the Lasat against the wall with Kanan knocked out and Ezra to fight the brutal Imperial commander. After Ahsoka left the main square and the surrounding areas with vehicles behind repair, Ahsoka activated her blades and joined Ezra in his duel wil the Imperial commander. X1 had a chill run up his spine as he activated his sapphire blade and blocked strikes from both Jedi but after a large force repulse, Ahsoka and Ezra were thrown back and the clones and Stormtroopers fought over Kanan. Ezra ordered Zeb to retreat and fight back to the Ghost, and when Zeb exited the prison, Chopper used the Phantom to pick him up and get Zeb to the pilot seat of the Ghost.
Meanwhile with Sabine, Hera, and Grey Squadron, X2 took two of his men and sent the rest in the air awaiting a signal for support. Sabine disguised herself as an Imperial Ace and learned how to fly the hexa-winged craft. Hera did the best she could, slicing into a stowed fighter, giving the Empire a diversion. One of the other pilots in the program was a young Wedge Antilles who had doubts about the Empire, but knew he had to stay below the Empire's radar. X2 and his squadmates had to disguise themselves as stormtroopers, despite the discomfort of the armor plating.
X2: Greys 5, 2, and 4, commence flyover.
Greys: On our way, Commander.
Hera: I sliced into a stowed Defender, Spectre-5, are you in the air?
Sabine had to switch channels temporarily since she was also communicating with the controllers on the ground.
Controller: Cadet, Cadet! What's wrong?
Sabine: Nothing, Ground Control. I'm alright. Had to find the right channel, and accidentally hit something on my helmet.
Controller: We just saw rebel fighters fly overhead! Take them down!
Sabine: Yes, Sir!
Back with Hera, the Twi’lek finally got a stowed ship in the air and she ordered X2 and the squad on the ground to fire on her as she was taking off to give Sabine two "problems" to worry about.
Officer: What happened, trooper?!
Grey 3: A rebel stole one of the fighters! We tried to stop them but they took off!
Grey 6: We have to warn the test flight.
Officer: Alright, you three. Come with me!
X2: Yes, sir!
As the officer and 3 "stormtroopers" made it to the testing ground, Sabine had to shoot down 3 X-wings and another TIE Defender to sell the deception. Hera then ordered everyone in the air to stall their engines for a brief moment and begin the assault.
Officer: She got them!
Ground Control: Go investigate the crash sites and kill any survivors!
Grey 6: Yes, Sir!
Just as the order was given, Sabine and Hera destroyed the stowed fighters in the hangar and the X-wings destroyed the landing platforms. As the fighters made their getaway, the "stormtroopers" feigned being killed and when the Officer's made their way away from the destroyed test field, X2 and the others made their escape.
Before the test flight team evacuated the area, the ground control hit a control that deactivated the engines and made the fighters crash land inbthe hills below. Among the pursuing Imperial forces was the pilot Wedge who had a decision to make. Something that he remembered Sabine saying before her flight stuck with him and what he had been thinking to himself ever since he got to the Academy. He then stole the officer's pistol and killed the other Imperials. After Hera got the tactical computer off of her ship, the Imperial transport that Wedge rode in was being used by the rebels and defector to head over to the prison.
Back with Venee at the Mural, he began organizing patrols around it in case the temple was opened and other forces were about to converge. X1 had captured both Ezra and Kanan, and Ahsoka and the Clones evacuated the Ghost. Hera tried to get a hold of Ezra, but had no response.
Hera: Spectre-6? Spectre-6, do you copy?! Blast it! Wedge, regroup with the rest of our group. Chopper, Bring the Phantom in case we need an extraction!
Chopper boarded the phantom and sped his way to his mistress's location and what awaited her were two death troopers and the familiar Chiss who had taken over her family home.
Hera: Not this slimo again.
Thrawn: Syndulla. Pleasure to see you again. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Hera remembered the psychological torture she endured at his hands on her home planet and knew she had to prove she was not the scared child she was.
Back at the Temple, X1 threw both Kanan and Ezra to the temple entrance and ordered them to open it.
X1: Don't even think of standing up before that temple is opened. The first to refuse, the other loses their head!
Kanan and Ezra remained calm and did their best to open the temple, but Ezra's anger kept making the temple close again. X1 had both of their lightsabers in his hands and was about to slice them both until Ahsoka blasted X1 with a Force push. As the two clashed, Kanan and Ezra made their escape, but X1 pursued them in Imperial transport gunships and Kanan was knocked off due to a blast on the rear passenger wing into the power station. Kanan made sure to grab the sabers before escaping and hid amongst the generators.
X1: How noble of your friends to save you both, but you and I both know that the galaxy is better off without the Jedi. No wonder you had to hide who you were for so many years.
When Kanan hid behind one stack of generators, X1 had his blade to light the way until Kanan heard a voice or two that was familiar. The other two jedi that had been blinded by the dark side communed with Kanan from Cato Neimoidia Jedha guiding his actions as the two blind masters meditated. The duel was going smoothly for Kanan until X1 began planting explosives around the generators in an effort to kill the Jedi. As Kanan landed a kick to X1's chest, making him lose balance as the two dueled on top of the power generators. X1 had used his lightsaber to assist in climbing back up, but Kanan held back the explosions and X1 used the Force to jump away from the station and evacuate the erupting power station.
When Ezra, Wedge, and Sabine broke Hera free, Ezra and Hera boarded the stolen gunship and made their way to Kanan. As the blind Jedi teacher stood on top of the generator, holding back the flames and energy, the voices told him to surrender to the Force and much to the dismay of the Ghost crew, just as Kanan's eyes were allowed to see his friends, and his love for the last time, he refocused all the energy that he had keeping both the flames and his friends at bay, he moved his friends and love to safety as he let the flames and energy engulf him as his essence became one with the Force.
Ezra: No! I had so many questions! Who will continue my training now?!
Sabine: He was the best of all of us! Why did the Empire have to take him?
Hera couldn't make out any words other than a sob because the last time she was close with Kanan, she allowed herself to be physically vulnerable, and it was the only time she would get to feel that way with him.
Back with the Empire, X1 reported that the Jedi died in the blast. Venee was about to protest that it was a bad move, but then remembered that only one was needed to interact with the mural.
X1: Admiral, The jedi is dead. We can't open the temple anymore.
Thrawn: How unfortunate. We might as well destroy it then.
Venee: Admiral, Commander, may I interrupt?
Thrawn: Proceed, Aide.
Venee: The temple may be closed off, but the mural is not, but only requires one jedi to interact with it.
Thrawn: If we can manage to reclaim one Jedi, we can see what the mural can do.
X1: I will make sure that task becomes no problem.
Thrawn: Excellent, Commander. You will be in charge of Lothal in my absence. Governor Pryce will be en route to the municipal building in a few hours. Prepare for her arrival.
X1: Yes, Grand Admiral.
Back on Atollon, the clones, Jedi, and rebels began to mourn the loss of another Jedi. Ezra, Hera, and Sabine were the ones who were hit the hardest, while Zeb and Chopper set aside their differences for a good while. As the funeral proceeded, Thrawn was watching from probe droids he sent to survey the rebel cell and waited for the moment to strike.
Officer: Why do we wait to attack when we can strike now at their weakest?
Thrawn: An enemy in mourning is an enemy driven by passion, emotion, and clouded judgment. When the enemy has a clear head, they are easier to read and take down.
Officer: We should just attack while they are defenseless.
Thrawn: Then we would be no different than them. We must show that we are a civilized entity that respects the dead whether friend or foe.
Elsewhere in the galaxy, Vader returns to Kamino after another clone of Starkiller had survived the cloning process. When he landed his TIE Advanced X1 fighter, he made his way to the training chamber for the clone. Vader had a small glimmer of hope that this clone would prove efficient for his purposes of ending the rebels and assisting him in usurping the Emperor.
Vader: You still live.
StarkillerC: How long?
Vader: One month in isolation. Astonishing.
Starkiller: Everything I need, I have in the Force.
Vader: Rise.
The Starkiller clone then stood on his feet and Vader began instructing the clone on what he needed like he did all the others before him. As he watched the test that the clone had partaken in, the clone was about to strike down the image of Juno Eclipse, but he hesitated. Vader began to hang his head in shame until he heard another saber ignite through the image’s chest.
Vader saw the image fall as the clone’s eyes turned a sith yellow and his skin slowly begin to pale. This was the clone he needed, but Vader knew that in order to surprise the rebellion, he had to capitalize on a clone escaping and bringing the rebels to them on a silver platter.
StarkillerC: What is thy bidding, my master?
Vader: Remain in these facilities until the Rebels come here. If the clone brings the rebels here and attempts to execute me, you will do what it can not.
StarkillerC: Yes, master.
Meanwhile on Dantooine, Crosshair found the rebel prison and planted the beacon. All that needed to be done was return to Kamino and make sure that Vader's plan, or at least one of them, unbeknownst to the loyal Imperial clone, succeeded.
Back with the Ghost Crew, Ezra had continued to grieve and make his way to the one who had been teaching Kanan whenever they were on base. This being was the Bendu and the young Jedi knew that in order to put an end to Thrawn, his emotions needed to be put to the wayside. As he continued talking to The Bendu, he meditated to find Kanan in the Force.
Captain Eclipse was worried about Kota, but knew that she ordered him to stay and he refused.
Bail Organa had checked on his forces and saw that the clones became combat instructors for the rebel forces.
Back over Atollon, Juno had met Commander Wolffe and the two began discussing different operations.
Wolffe: Captain Eclipse.
Juno: You must be Commander Wolffe. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Wolffe: Likewise. I see you're planning a mission to Cato Neimoidia.
Juno: Yes, my general had gone against orders again and began attacking an Imperial target there, but was captured and the squad was killed.
Wolffe: I once knew of a pair of Jedi that went against orders.
Juno: Were you a veteran of the Clone Wars?
Wolffe: I was. From the battle of Abregado to the Invasion of Cato Neimoidia.
Juno: I remember reading about the Outer Rim Sieges at the Imperial Academy. What was your role in the battle?
Wolffe had given her the story of his involvement and his regretful actions due to the chip in his head.
After X1 ended the Jedi he made his way to his quarters where a holocall from Lord Vader was waiting.
Vader: Venee tells me that a Jedi is dead.
X1: Yes, my master, but at the cost of the city power station. This can be spun into a relief effort, I know it.
Vader: I am not worried about the Imperial logistics, Commander. Your new orders are to meet me on Kamino. Your skills need further tuning.
X1: Yes, my master. I will be there in two rotations.
When X1 arrived in Timira city, he was greeted by Vader and led to a secret training room where X1 began to feel something was off about the room. He then felt the presence of another Force user in the room and Vader stood aside and watched his clone take on his apprentice. When X1 began to use foresight, he blocked the incoming strike. After blocking 5 more, he was disarmed.
Vader: Your form is slow, rigid, and blunt. Meet Starkiller, or the closest thing. This is the boy I had trained unbeknownst to the Emperor.
X1 then realized what he had to do. Defeat this clone and Vader would award him his own Destroyer.
The clone had begun his barrage of attacks that made X1's look like a grown adult beating up a child. As the duel slowly began to favor X1, he saw the clone attempt Force lightning and X1 used his anger and attempted to do the same with surprising success. After X1 won the lightning clash, he began to take to Form VII and Form IV to beat down the clone. When X1 was about to stab the clone he suspended both of them with the Force.
Vader: Well done, Commander. Your destroyer has been ordered to arrive within hours. As for you, you must train harder against enemies with sabers and blasters alike.
As the three separated, a shuttle landed on the platform at the end of the walkway. X1 thanked Vader with a kneel and boarded the shuttle.
Back with the Rebels near Atollon, They see a couple light cruisers nearing the base. Thrawn then sees two Jedi defending the entrance but as the Stormtroopers fail to penetrate the Base's defenses, Kallus, who happened to be on the vessel, escapes his restraints and continues leaking plans to the rebels at their war room. When Ezra retreated, he was found by some death troopers and he took them down. The death troopers surrounded Ahsoka and began trying to stun her. She had remembered the training Anakin put her through, as well as her and Rex defending against the clones aboard the venator above Lubang Minor. In the near constant array of stun blasts, Thrawn threw an arc detonator and knocked out Ahsoka with the electric shock.
The Empire then dragged Ahsoka's body aboard the light cruiser and Thrawn began to try breaking down Ahsoka to make her open the mural for Vader's aide.
Kallus then added the details he's learned to the rebel cell and Ezra used these details to update his plan. As Ezra adjusted his plan to include rescuing Ahsoka from Thrawn’s grasp and moving different troops to each task. Ezra had put his emotions away due to the tragedies the alliance had experienced. As the final preparations were made to go back to Lothal, Ezra stopped by the Bendu for guidance and counsel in the Force. After a few guiding words from the entity who is neutral in the Force, Ezra had a resolve like no other.
Back with the Empire, Ahsoka was placed in front of the mural examining the three figures that she remembered interacting with on a distant planet called Mortis. As she examined the mural she then took a look at another owl-like creature flying to one perch on the rock face. She had been referring to the bird as Morrai, which for Ahsoka, who she thought was the embodiment of The Daughter. What the Force had concealed from the Togruta was that it was actually Ahsoka herself that was The Daughter. The memories of her time on Mortis came rushing back to her as she was being forced to open the mural.
When Ezra and the Rebels landed, Rex and Wolffe then took Grey Squadron along with Kallus to sneak past the Imperial patrols. Ezra ordered Sabine, Hera, Zeb, Chopper, and X2 to follow him through the slums and look for a ship to get to the rural landscapes where the mural had been located while disguising himself as a scout trooper with Sabine joining him in this endeavor. When the transport was secured, Hera took the controls, Zeb helped X2 with a supposed prisoner transfer, but they were infiltrating the municipal grid.
Before the assault began, Sabine had a few unresolved feelings she felt Ezra needed to be made aware of. As the two shared their first loving embrace, it calmed both the Jedi padawan, and the mandalorian outcast and helped them compose themselves. As Rex, Wolffe, Gregor, and X2 began conducting the guerilla warfare in the streets, Ezra and Sabine took disguises as Scout troopers stationed at the Mural, Hera provided transport for the clones, Zeb had been flying the Phantom for additional air support.
When Ezra and Sabine began to interact with the Mural, the pictures there began to move as Ahsoka began to mimic applying the Force to it as she saw two Imperial Scouts touch it. As the pictures on the mural turned black, X1 and Venee forced Ahsoka to touch the moving artwork only to see her hands go inside it like it was a body of water, discovering that it was a portal to a different location, possibly a different realm.
Venee: This… is a… portal?! The Emperor will be very pleased with this discovery.
Ezra: Where does it lead?
Venee: From what I have researched, it is to a realm where history is spectated as if it were windows to shops in an urban district.
When Sabine began to inquire about it, since she was the only non-force sensitive of the three, she embedded a code word for Ahsoka to hear and pull them into the portal and the rest of the team to come and assist them.
Sabine: If this is a portal where you could see other moments in time, would it be possible to change some of the events of the past?
Before Venee could answer the question, Ahsoka had pulled her sabers to her and she threw both Ezra and Sabine into the portal and followed suit as the Empire tried firing into the realm before they were ordered to focus on the threat behind them. Ezra began to meditate and before the rest of the combatants knew it, Loth-wolves had joined the fray, pouncing and ripping the stormtroopers to shreds.
As the three examined the realm they were now in, they had heard multiple voices, through multiple different portals, some familiar from events of the past, and others that were strange from events of the future. One of these portals had recently opened and revealed an ominous figure standing near a cauldron of blue flames.
Emperor: You three have interfered in matters you know nothing of. Now you will experience the full power of the Dark side!
The Emperor then began to use the flames to engulf the 3 in sith magic as he began an incantation in the ancient Sith dialect and the three ran in search for the portal they entered from.
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2023.03.24 05:27 naunausosapp Excited to launch our personal safety app in Nigeria.

NauNau SOS App is your personal safety app that will allow you to send SOS to 5 trusted contacts along with up to 15 sec video, your GPS location and a custom message during an emergency.
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This is a much needed app. Its woman owned and Nigerian owned. We have been working on it for a while and now we are about to launch and I cant believe it.
Let me tell....its a completely different ball game to develop an app with your own funds vs developing with raised funds and all that fancy stuff. This is a gist for another day. But I will tell it so that it can help an entrepreneur like myself in the future.
Today, is about announcing that we will be launching in 2 weeks; on android first. Then we work on iPhone shortly after.
Look forward to your feedback.
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2023.03.24 05:24 _zeldaking_ We got there (decklist enclosed)

We got there (decklist enclosed)
[Scroll to bottom for deck tech]
Some context: Cl ~2200, missing about 8 series 3 cards. Been playing since about the start of Savage Lands. Have played mtg and hearthstone for many years.
Like most of this sub (or at least how I've parsed it), the grind this season has been a trudge of Shuri and Thanos nonsense starting at as low as like level 20. I was trying several decks to no avail, generally staying around level 40-50ish playing a smattering of Electro/Odin ramp and Drazoo. Playing what I believed to be the best pile for what cards I had at the time (0 playable series 4, 0 series 5 besides Zabu). She-Hulk showed up in my shop a few days before they implemented the new shop and token patch. Which is a card that I have been jonesing for for a long time. Before the Aero nerf, I used the above deck to climb to about 80. Having a hard time with an abundance of Shuri decks around then. Anecdotally I believe I only played against a handful of Thanos decks from 50-80.


Sunspot: I did come across a lot of killmonger decks. The plan when you understand that they have killmonger (Sera Control, Destroy varieties, nova usage, Thanos, Silver Surver decks, etc) is simply to soak less. The decks that play killmonger generally try and play them t5/t6 most often t6 trying to catch you off guard, they telegraph by a timely snap. This card is really good in this deck. Unless you play t4 White Queen or Lizard+Scorpion (which I rarely did), then t4 is a pretty happy soak turn. t5 is almost always a soak for two and Wave (see below). Resulting in a 8-10 power sunspot in most games.
Lizard: Good two drop. If its a deck that you know will fill basically the whole board, its generally better to play scorpion or soak. Play him smart, and he is one of the better two drops in the game for sure. When I see people play Zero into Titania, I snap (kidding, but still, why use two cards??).
Wave: The big combo of the deck and what makes this deck so freaking strong is the t5 Wave float(soak?) 2 and pass. If you have She-Hulk, she now costs 2 (6 -> 4 - 2 = 2), and you have 4 to play any other card. The deck is unplayable without her, and I almost never played her before t5. Not only does she help your combo for t6, she harms the decks that are waiting till t6 to flood the board. t5 wave made a lot of opponents scoop. Not joking, a lot. Play her safe, I for sure lost to giving my opponent a free Death, or a discounted She-Hulk. But more often than not, its a solid t5.
Mister Fantastic: Filler 3 cost. Along with nightcrawler, generally good filler that helps me contest every lane and helps push wins in unplayable zones. When the hot location was Astroid M, I cried for until it went away. Never took him out though.
Shang: Along with Aero helped fight against Dino decks and Shuri. t6 Shang + She-Hulk is a solid line that catches people off guard. I won my last 99 into infinite game against Shuri by doing this. I would say this slot coulllllld be replaced (along with scorpion). Shuri decks do what Shuri dos, Shang cant win all of them. Maybe Cosmo?
White-Queen: Helps push 6 into a lane, however I used her more often than not to get information for t6 calculations. She is the best t4 play for the deck, and I generally would put her in a lane to make my opponent guess if I was going to push that lane. Solid.
The big sad: Aero. I almost stopped playing the deck with the nerf came out, I believed (or heard a lot of) that she was going to fall out of the meta, and wasn't worth playing. (I mean, the only right choice is to play Shuri, amirite?) Overall, I generally didn't play her much. Mostly against a t6 Taskmaster or t6 Arnim Zola. A handful of times I would pull the t5 Shuri play into the un-Armored lane so I could Shang t6. Beware the Shuri decks that skip t5 to t6 She-hulk plus Taskmaster. Makes a t5 Aero the biggest sad.
Doctor Doom: I can't count how many times I t6 Doom + She-Hulk and easily won all three lanes. This decks curves decently and puts pressure on all three lanes pretty well. Doom is sometimes unexpected for people, he is just very solid and probably my favorite card in Snap.
Chavez: Just to ensure your t6 She-Hulk has something solid to pair with. I only did this a few times.
She-Hulk: Deck is 1000% unplayable without her. Soo many opponents snapped against t5 Wave + pass. Only putting 3 power into play on t5 tempts those bots, and real players alike. People forget that this is a play, and its so hard to play against. I basically always knew if I was going to win or lose t6.
Overall thing(s) I learned: Don't be afraid to retreat. I basically only lost one cube everytime I lost a game. I for sure got greedy and lost 8 cubes everyonce in a while however. But almost always won 2 or 4 cubes. If you are ever in a 50/50 shot to win or lose 4/8 cubes, you will always lose. Hah. I swear those are how the odds work. Retreat in those situations, losing 1 is wayy better than losing/winning 4 cubes 50% of the time. Be willing to set the game down. When you are on a losing streak, it'll keep going. At the end of the day, it's a game and when you are having fun, you'll win more.
The hardest deck to play against was the darn Patroit decks. I don't know why, but I swear they had the nuts everytime. I would rather play against a more telegraphed Shuri deck. However they generally snap t5 if they have the perfect t6.
Thanks for reading. Cheers.
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2023.03.24 05:24 TypicalAd4988 DungeonDraft on Mac Complaint

I just bought it today and I'm playing around with it, but I just can't get over how lazy a port this is. Even looking at the shortcuts, everything is CTRL+whatever, which is fine except there isn't a CTRL key on Macs. And using the Command key, which is what Mac has instead, doesn't work until you manually go through and switch all of those things to be done with command instead. Command+Z won't actually function as undo until you yourself manually set it that way. Similarly, things that depend on the ALT key (option on Macs) are super hit or miss. Sometimes you can hold down option for the same effect, sometimes nothing happens at all.
I know these aren't that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but I paid twenty dollars for it and this is the sort of stuff you'd expect from free software. I haven't run into any other problems yet in messing with it for about 30 minutes, so hopefully that's the worst of it.
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2023.03.24 05:24 GumBeats20 Two Apple Developer Certificates. How to remove? Tried the revoking certificate from apple developer but I don't have access to that, since this is a personal team account not any orgranisation. What can be done here?

Two Apple Developer Certificates. How to remove? Tried the revoking certificate from apple developer but I don't have access to that, since this is a personal team account not any orgranisation. What can be done here? submitted by GumBeats20 to Xcode [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 05:23 cutie_lilrookie trackpad gets stuck when the screen turns off

Hi, everyone :)
Been a Mac Pro user since 2016, but my company recently lent me a new Mac Air (2022, originally Monterey). The problem with it is its trackpad gets stuck whenever the screen goes on sleep mode. It gets resolved by rebooting the machine, but I simply can't do that every time I experience this problem. It's a huge hassle because I work remotely and hop from one coffee shop to another from time to time.
I experienced this issue before (around November) and resolved it by installing the new Ventura system. A few months later, I'm experiencing the same problem, and I really have no idea how to resolve it now.
Has anybody here experienced the same issue? Please help. Any leads will be very much appreciated. Thank you so so much!
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