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2023.06.06 08:01 spiritnshit Backpacking for two months for an arts program, need tips

So I (30 M) am anticipating backpacking through italy for a program that takes place for two months in italy. Each week, we'll be traveling to a different city in italy. We won't be staying in hotels/bnbs/etc, it'll be hostels and schools. I expect to be there for eight weeks. I've never been out of the country (US), so I've been doing a ton of research. I have a list of things I may need, but I figured I'd ask here as well.
  1. Do you suggest any absolute essentials I would need to pack?
  2. Also, what kind of suitcase would be ideal? I know it'll be mainly cobblestone streets, so I'm not sure what kind would be durable for that terrain.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 07:59 AdBoring6909 Low supply and feeling discouraged.

As the title says, I’m pretty sure I have a low supply. This is baby #3. Pumped for 6 weeks and FF baby #1. Combo fed #2. And trying to EBF #3. Babe started out at 9lbs 5oz (had GD and was on insulin). Was told baby possibly swallowed a lot of amniotic fluid (difficult start, breathing, grunting, slow eater, etc). She had multiple large poops in the first 24hrs and was down to 8lbs 13oz. 1 week later baby was 8lbs. After meeting with LC on Wednesday, we did a weighted feed (using a nipple shield) and babe was getting 0.8oz from each side. Went home with plan to feed every 2 hours and supplement with 0.5 oz of BM or formula after every 3rd feed. Went back on Thursday and Baby gained 1.2oz in 24 hours which was fantastic! Went home with an appointment scheduled for today (Monday). Baby only gained 0.8oz over the 4 days. I’m heartbroken. The LC I saw today wants me to supplement at least 5oz in 24hours. So I’ve started pumping during those feeds and have only been getting barely 10mLs per breast. I’m completely shocked and emotional. I know she is getting more during feeds, but obviously not enough. I’ve been feeding on demand and the whole weekend she basically lived at the breast throughout the night. I do have hypothyroidism (diagnosed and treated after 2nd pregnancy and before this 3rd pregnancy) and have been told that that is sometimes a cause for low supply. I also had no breast changes (in any of my pregnancies). This journey I have not felt engorged like I have in my previous Post partum BFing/pumping time (would be able to pump 1.5oz per breast every 3 hours), but do leak occasionally.
Just looking for some support, hope, and maybe any ideas from people who have had extremely low supply and have made improvements. The LC today suggested trying moringa or goats rue.
Thank you for reading all that. ❤️
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2023.06.06 07:59 Impossible_Cobbler74 Term 1 finished!

Term 1 finished!
Start date 6/1. Finished all within the first week! Excited to finish in the allotted 6 month window!!
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2023.06.06 07:58 mrblinky112 Good Riddance, but I (30m) still miss her (28f)

I (m30) met my ex gf (w28) about 1.5 years ago. We were just dating for half a year and even tho i put a blind eye on a lot of red flags I loved her more than anyone else. After about half a year of being in a relationship she started pulling back, ghosting me and finally break up with me since she felt like she need to fix her life first, since she is from latin america and needed to find a way to get a new visa, new apartment, job, dealing with sort of depressions and stuff...but "she still loves me and wants to start a family with me...later". Couple days after she broke up with me, she started a new job at a restaurant/bar. Few months after the breakup we started seeing each other again, going out, sleepovers, weekend trips...I felt like we're getting back together. But she was definitely playing me...ignoring me for weeks and yet telling me she loves me and wants to get back together...later. This went on for about 9 very confusing months, until she texted me on valentines day and I woke up realizing these are just empy words. I demanded a last meeting in person and told her that i cant go on like that and she has to make up her mind. So we met and talked and since then no more contact, that was 4 months ago. So I started living my life again and i'm currently dating a new girl, but emotionally I'm still not over my ex and I still feel like she left me for someone at her restaurant, since she's really close with the other bar staff and the rumors of restaurant/bar job environment being a fuckfest dont make it easier for me. I dont have proof but I dont have any doubt either. I feel like the pain of getting dumped no matter whar you do left me numb and feel powerless. I dont want to hurt the girl i'm currently dating and I told her that I dont see a longterm relationship, she still wants to keep dating. But to me this feels more like a rebound to get over my ex gf...
Any ideas how to finally let my ex go amd move on?
Tl,dr: My ex (28f) left me to "get her life on track". I have a stable life with a well-paying job, she is a struggling cello-student working babysitter and restaurant jobs. A week after she left me she startet to work at a restaurant and from what i heard (we were still seeing eucht other for 9 months after breakup) she was a bit too close to her coworkers. I feel like I've lost her to the waitress lifestyle...
submitted by mrblinky112 to relationships [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:58 zhilia_mann Reddit API changes, blackout, and r/Malazan

As you may and may not be aware (if not, congratulations; you're not terminally online just yet), Reddit is making sweeping changes to its API. Most relevantly, it is charging enterprise-scale API users prohibitive amounts of money to continue to make API calls. It is also closing all API requests for NSFW content.
Chances are good that you have never thought about Reddit's API before. Most people haven't. However, this might still affect you. These changes are likely to affect:
  1. The availability of old reddit, which many of us still use on a daily basis
  2. All third party mobile apps, none of which can afford to stay free with this change and so will either shut down or require subscriptions fees
  3. Some moderation tools, particularly those that help track problematic users (bots, serial harassers, etc.) across subreddits
These changes will not -- in any way -- improve the experience of users or moderators. Reddit has its reasons, but they are not reasons that consider its users or content creators.
In response to these (technically still proposed, but no one is holding their breath) changes, many, many subs are opting to go dark on June 12 and 13 (some plan to stay dark indefinitely). We will be joining that former group and setting the subreddit to private for the two days of protest.
We are not a large group in the scheme of things, but we feel this is an important statement in support of the long-term health of the platform.
Still scratching your head at what any of this means?
  1. Try a nice infographic!
  2. The Register has a good overview article about the changes, their implications, and the planned protest
  3. pcgaming has a detailed post announcing their own blackout
  4. ModCoord has an open letter laying out general concerns
  5. ModCoord is also maintaining a list of participating subreddits (including fantasy among others)
tl;dr: Malazan is going offline next Monday and Tuesday, 12 and 13 of June. We will be back on Wednesday 14 June.
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2023.06.06 07:57 kangzyuan Best calorie count app

Planning to get back in gym within 1 week and i want the best app for calorie counting the most accurate and reliable and preferably free even if not im ok with it
submitted by kangzyuan to caloriecount [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:57 anaz123 How do you actually make gold with crafted items as a tailor?

Hi Guys!
I’m new to WoW (playing for 2 weeks) and I’ve decided to level a profession in order to generate some income. After reading multiple profession guides, I’ve decided to become a tailoenchanter to make money in order to pay for play time with gold.
In every guide that I’ve read, the possibility of „speccing into Garmentcrafting, crafting and selling end game gear“ was advertised as a really lucrative option. It also sounded way more fun than simply selling bolts.
Now, after putting most of my points in Mastery/Garmentcrafting, I’m kind of surprised: The best-in-Slot endgame gear can’t be sold in the auction house/ can’t be traded. The only way to craft for other people is through crafting orders, where people would pay me like 1k gold max to craft their item (the recipe for that item would cost me 150k in the AH). Even though a friend of mine told me that „you can basically decide at which price you craft“, for me there is not more money to be made than like 5k per craft.
After being kind of shocked what the reality seems to be for end game gear crafting, here are my questions:
  1. Is this method supposed to be a main source of income or is it normal to earn like 10k max per day with this kind of service? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Were the guides simply wrong and this method is old/not relevant anymore and I simply destroyed my tailor skill tree on this character?
  3. Was Bolt crafting the bettesafemore lucrative option?
And, if the sad reality is that tailoring is not profitable anymore:
  1. Should I stick to enchantment for gold making? Is it more profitable? (if yes, which mastery should I take?)
Sorry for the wall of text guys, I’m new to this game and I have to learn everything from scratch, feel free to ask me if you need more information !
submitted by anaz123 to woweconomy [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:57 Basicallyacrow7 Timeline story + advice/hope

Hey everyone, Apologies for the long read, I am on day 13 of symptoms, so almost two weeks. And everyone’s posts of recovery and what they did to aid that helped me so much, I wanted to add my own for those just being diagnosed and looking for help, hope and support. This illness is scary, painful, and exhausting. It is genuinely, by far, the worst thing I have ever been through. This isn’t going to be true for everyone, as this illness affects us all differently, but I wanted to share.
May 24th, I noticed my throat felt funny. I looked at my throat with my phone flashlight in the mirror and noticed my tonsils were a bit swollen, wasn’t concerned, I had just traveled to PA from Fl for a wedding, was having allergy issues all week, figured it was from that.
Went to work the next day, was completely fine, tonsils still bugging me but didn’t check them again until I was home. Vastly more swollen, plus some white on them now, slightly concerned at this point. But strep had just gone through my office at work.
I had Friday off, assuming it was strep, went into urgent care to get antibiotics and be on with my life. (Little did I know) The assistant swabbed my throat, Doc comes in, feels my lymphnodes, looks at my throat and goes “we’ll finish the test for strep, but I’m telling you now I think it’s mono” PANIC. Mono? How do I have mono?? Strep is negative. They do a monospot. It’s positive. Leave urgent care a wreck and go to my boyfriends as planned. Tell him we can’t kiss or share anything even tho I kissed him two days before I got diagnosed lol but better to try to be safe from here on.
Saturday - Monday I stayed at my boyfriends, progressively getting a worse and worse sore throat.
I go home Monday night, and I am MISERABLE, my parents bring every trick in the book for things for me to take, gargle, etc.
Tuesday, feel worse, I go to urgent care AGAIN, tested for strep and mono AGAIN. Test positive for only mono AGAIN. Get prescribed 5 day oral steroids. Miserable. No sleep.
Wednesday. Home alone, crying, in pain, panicking, just wanting to eat something, talk to my parents, talk to my boyfriends mom (who had mono as a kid), talk to my boyfriend, end up going back to my boyfriends city (an hour and a half away) to go to the ER. ER tells me the same thing as everyone. Mono, it sucks, suck it up and suffer for 2-4 weeks, we can’t do anything.
Thursday - Sunday, the throat pain got worse everyday, I’ve barely slept since Monday, I am crying everyday, can barely drink water, drooling at night (threw said pillow away) because I can’t swallow any spit without physical flinching from how bad it hurts. Gotta throw in some cred here to the bf tho, he was an absolute God send through all of this. Thank God mono isn’t super easy to transfer as long as you’re careful about saliva and whatnot, because he would hold me while I was sobbing because it hurt so bad. Brought me tea with honey several times a day. Got me soft foods, popsicles. Took absolutely incredible care of me and I can’t thank him enough.
Saturday by far was the WORST day for me, convinced myself I had an abscess in my tonsil bc the pain got so unbearably bad. I think I cried for 4 hours straight. Called my mom sobbing. Never in my life have I been on the ground crying in pain just saying “make it stop” over and over again. Told my bf we’re going to the ER again the next day and I slept on the couch that night, took 2000MG of acetaminophen, mentioned the couch for a reason… I let myself drool as much as needed that night, and forced myself to sleep. I got the more sleep that night than I had in 9 days.
Finally, wake up feeling somewhat better, It still hurt, but my pain went from a 12/10, to about a 7/10. Swelling in my tonsils had gone down. I could drink water again without physically recoiling in pain. Slept a few more hours throughout that day. Slept ANOTHER full night that night (less drooling lol)
Today (technically yesterday as it’s 1am) was by far my best day. I was able to go out to eat with my boyfriend, ate soft tacos!! Did some small tasks around the house to help clean up after literally laying in bed for 6 days straight. I’m not sure if it’s from lack of sleep or if the fatigue is kicking in (I’ve seen a lot of people say they get the fatigue once the sore throat clears up) but I’d do one task and then go lay down. But I’m also being VERY careful to not overdo it and make myself go backwards until I’m 100% again.
I’m planning to go home tomorrow, and back to work Wednesday.
As for treatments and advice in pain management and help for symptoms, here is what I used;
Salt water 1/2 tsp, apple cider vinegar 1 tsp, 8oz of warm water (I never measured lol) gargle this ever hour if you want to, I know I did. I only did salt water until Friday though, my dad told me about the apple cider vinegar.
Virgin coconut oil, again didn’t measure, people say 1-3 teaspoons, I used one scoop of a regular spoon mixed into warm water to melt it, I tried to just use it but the texture was gross. I would take one swig and gargle for as long as I could, then drink the rest of the cup, 3 times a day. Started this on Thursday. Although Saturday was my worst day, I do credit this a lot.
PROTEIN SHAKES, my boyfriends parents got me protein shakes delivered to the house bc I literally stopped eating. I was drinking those religiously. They (somehow) hurt less than water and saliva going down and gave me some strength. Premier protein vanilla shakes taste amazing, 30g of protein per shake, plus immune support. They were a life saver.
Acetaminophen, 3000mg per day is the recommended technical limit, I was in so much pain I didn’t care, I am NOT recommending you od on painkillers. But I was taking 2-3 500mg pills, every 4-6 hours, they’d help, somewhat.
Throat numbing spray, this genuinely only helped for max 10 minutes, but it was something when the pain got really bad.
Brushing your teeth/mouthwash, not sure for how many others, but when the infection on my tonsils was at its worst thurs-Sun I could actually TASTE it, it made my mouth feel and taste disgusting. I found brushing my teeth and swishing/gargling with alcohol free mouthwash a couple times a day helped a ton with this.
Looking at my throat just a little bit ago, the swelling has drastically gone down, the white is nearly gone, and the pain is a 2/10. I know I’m not out of the woods yet, bc this is a tricky virus but I’m planning to take it easy and keep eating healthy and keeping up with treatments for at least another week or so. I’m so grateful to people in this forum and the people around me who helped me get through this. And to anyone who’s reading this, you got this, you WILL get through it and it will be okay. This too shall pass as my dad always says. I wanted that as a tattoo before but I really do now lol. If you made it to the end of this novel thank you, and I hope whoever’s reading this, it helps, and that you start feeling better soon! If anyone wants to chat I am more than happy to, I know I needed people who’d been through this pain to talk to/hear from when I was dealing with the emotions from this 🖤
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2023.06.06 07:56 Firehornet117 We got our boy up to 3rd place miners! Rock and Stone!

We got our boy up to 3rd place miners! Rock and Stone! submitted by Firehornet117 to DeepRockGalactic [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:56 DarthRaider559 Annual fees

Do the annual fee dates differ for everyone depending on when you sign up? I was looking to avoid it until next year. When I was looking at the sign ups on the website a few weeks ago, it said it was due July 1st but now I'm seeing August 1st.
Guess I'll have to wait until it's $1 startup fee again
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2023.06.06 07:56 Cool-kid-885 My baby girl is going into surgery tomorrow

I guess just what the title says...she has had this lump on her chest/neck for quite some time. Her vet checked it about a year ago, when it was 1/4 the size, & said it was fine and nothing to worry about it unless it got bigger. And, got bigger, and very fast.
She's 6 years old (7 in August-ish) and just about the sweetest dog in the world. She is friendly with everyone; I always say she could charm the most burly of people, she is just so sweet and loving. She loves tennis balls, squirrels, booty scritches, belly rubs, the mail lady who always gives her pats, treats and every single person she's ever met. Her favorite foods are mangoes, watermelons, carrots, and sausages (though that one was an accident). She is the love of my life.
I am a bit of a wreck. I'm not sure how big of a deal the surgery is, but I am so unbelievably nervous, I have been holding back tears for the past week since it was scheduled and tonight I finally broke down and started sobbing. She goes in tomorrow morning. I just want her to be healthy & happy & home...
I'm not sure what I'll gain from posting this, I just wanted to vent I guess. Thank you for hearing me.
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2023.06.06 07:56 HesDeadJim_ NSV: Gym Man to the Rescue!

I'm almost 7 weeks out from my sleeve gastrectomy, and have been going to the gym since 4 weeks out, approximately (got cleared by my surgeon to do so, as long as I started slow, which I have). Been going 4 days a week every week for ~1.5 hours of weights and ~30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. I feel great! Body weight's stalled, but whatever. I'm focusing more on how I feel and the progress I'm making with my gym time.
Just last week, a friend called me while I was finishing up at the gym. His tire had blown across town, and he wasn't sure he had a spare. I rushed over and we luckily found that he did have a spare and after some finagling (and employing the help of several helpful Lowe's folks), we got the tire out and we went to put it on his car. We got his car jacked up, and that's when I realized we didn't have a tire iron. So what did I do? Ran as fast as I could into Lowe's from the back of the parking lot.
"So? It's just a run across a parking lot, big deal."
I've never been able to run. At least not fast. I took off at a dead sprint to get in and out of the store before they closed, then hauled ass back across the parking lot. I wasn't wheezing. I wasn't sweating buckets.
I was even able to manhandle the lug nuts off so we could get the spare tire on. It took all of my strength and throwing my weight around a little, but I got the tire replaced. I never could have done this if I hadn't started lifting when I did. I never could have run across the parking lot like that if I was still at my highest weight.
Even better was that I wasn't dead to the world the next day. Tired and sore? Yes. But I was able to get through work without an issue and treated myself to a nap after.
I never thought I'd want to consistently go to the gym. Post-op life is weird, man.
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2023.06.06 07:56 Business-Piano-4940 [NA] New Team Recruiting

New team name Blazed
Looking for experienced players who are tired of playing with randoms and want to start working towards the league/tournament side of counter strike.
My discord name: inmyscope#9511
Please write me on discord and not steam. I will not answer through steam.
About myself I am a previous cs 1.6 player on team VG back in the day. Just started playing cs go about 2 months ago and looking to get back into the competitive scene.
Age requirement: 21+
Will be using refrag to practice once team and practices have been established.
Looking for players that are able to dedicate 3 to 4 nights per week for the team.
Platform: face it for scrims/pugs, ESEA for league play Hours in game: 1000+
Must have discord.
good game and map knowledge, can take constructive criticism, good attitude and not a raging 12-year-old. Be open to learning new strats and utility usage.
Must attend practices and scrims.
Once we have the team we will decide on days and times for practices. When we build a team chemistry we will apply and enter tournaments. Team chemistry is first as it is the most important aspect of this game. We need to learn how each of us play and also our roles in the game.
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2023.06.06 07:55 Global_Tree_Careers Fully Funded Scholarships In USA For International Students

Fully Funded Scholarships In USA For International Students
The USA is the most sought-after destination for international students. There are many fully funded scholarships offered by US universities for international students.
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Studying in the United States can be a great experience. You can gain an international perspective, improve your English skills, and network with students from around the world.
There are different types of scholarships to study in USA for international students:
  • Merit-based scholarships - these are awarded based on academic achievement, leadership qualities or talent (such as music).
  • Need-based scholarships - these are awarded based on financial need to help you pay for your education costs at a college or university in America.
You can apply for these merit-based scholarships directly through their websites. If you want to find out more about how to apply for grants or loans, contact your school's financial aid office.
Undergraduate Scholarships in USA for International Students
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  • American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) offers an annual $20,000 award to one outstanding international applicant to attend its LLM program. The scholarship covers tuition and fees as well as provides round-trip transportation between your home country and Washington DC during orientation week.*
  • The Ford Foundation's International Fellows Program offers grants up to $15,000 per year toward living expenses while attending graduate school at any US institution with a Ford Foundation-approved affiliation.*
Fully Funded Graduate Scholarships in USA
If you are an international student looking for funding to pursue your graduate studies in the United States, then here is a list of some scholarships that are offered by various organizations:
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  • The Canadian-American Fulbright Commission offers scholarships for Canadians who want to study in the United States on a full-time basis.
  • Students from India can apply for the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Fellowships Program which provides financial support for studying at top universities in USA. The program also covers living expenses during the course of study and return airfare from India after graduation or completion of studies.
(Read more: Why are Universities in the Ivy League so highly regarded)
Fully Funded Scholarships in USA for International Students
  • The Fulbright U.S. Student Program
The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is a highly competitive, merit-based scholarship program that offers students from around the world an opportunity to study in the United States at the graduate level or attend a professional training program to prepare them for future careers in international relations or other fields of public service.
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarship
The Gates Cambridge Scholarships provide funding for outstanding applicants from any country outside of England, Ireland, and Scotland to pursue full-time postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge (UK) in any subject available at its Colleges and Institutions. It is one of the top universities in USA.
  • The James A Garfield Memorial Scholarship Foundation - US Citizen Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be citizens of either: (1) The USA; or (2) Canada (and have resided there for at least five consecutive years before applying). They must also be able to demonstrate financial need as determined by FAFSA filing requirements; not be eligible for any other federal aid programs such as Pell Grants/Federal Work Study Jobs etc.
We have given full details of Fully Funded Scholarships In the USA For International Students.
Author Bio:
Global Tree study abroad and immigration consultants were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. From guiding me through the visa application process to helping me choose the perfect program to study abroad, they were there every step of the way. Their expertise and knowledge of the industry made me feel confident in my decisions, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thanks to Global Tree, I am now pursuing my dreams of studying in the USA and building a future in a new country. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make their dreams a reality! If you're reading Global Tree reviews to make your decision, let me tell you, they are worth every penny!
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2023.06.06 07:55 ARKHAM-KNlGHT [OFFER] I will do a portrait of your OC, DnD character, you etc. for $25 (2 slots only)

Payment is via PAYPAL only.


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