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2019.05.27 07:50 jack0641 Elden Ring

This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

2023.03.23 16:17 Perfectav0cad0 Tips for getting baby to sleep on his back?

We have a six week old that hates sleeping on his back, and it sucks because he’s a big baby (12lbs) and is capable of sleeping 4-5 hours straight, but still constantly wakes up during the night because he can go about an hour max before he wakes up, realizes he’s on his back, and starts crying.
We’ve tried swaddling him, a sleep sack, no swaddle or sleep sack, warming up the bassinet before putting him in it, putting my clothes in it all day so it smells like me, changing the mattress so it’s a little softemore comfortable, white noise/no white noise, the baby Shusher (which does help a little but has a time limit of 30 minutes so not really a long term solution), keeping the room warmecolder, pitch blackness, night lights, putting him down drowsy but awake, putting him down dead asleep. He’s combo fed, so we’ve tried gentle ease formula in case it’s a gas issue. We keep him upright when feeding him and after, make sure to burp him multiple times. He ALWAYS wakes up and starts crying, no matter what we do.
He’s not mixing up night and day, he’s on a very good daytime schedule from 8am-10pm of eat, play, sleep which is 90 minutes of eat + play, then 90 minutes of sleep. The only way we can get him to sleep for 90 minutes straight is on his stomach, which we know is not recommended, I don’t need to hear about how we’re terrible parents for this, but otherwise he wouldn’t sleep at all, and we’d just be dealing with a cranky, overtired, non-sleeping baby 24/7, so I’m okay watching him diligently throughout the day if it means he gets some kind of rest.
Our pediatrician said he’s got great neck control and is actually going to evaluate him at his 2 month appointment to maybe give us the okay to let him sleep on his stomach, but it still makes me nervous because 2-4 months is the height of SIDS cases.
I’ve researched the hell out of this, tried every solution I could find for back sleeping, but nothing is working. Any tips/solutions/solidarity would be helpful.
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2023.03.23 11:17 eugenia_lysa Here is my take on how could the Godskin Apostles temple look like (where the Gloam-Eyed Queen would cradle newborn apostles in the Godskin Swaddling Cloth)

Here is my take on how could the Godskin Apostles temple look like (where the Gloam-Eyed Queen would cradle newborn apostles in the Godskin Swaddling Cloth) submitted by eugenia_lysa to Eldenring [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 19:44 SadWallflowerr List of minimalist baby essentials?

What baby items did you actually need and used on a regular basis? And which items did you find unnecessary and just extra? I’m trying to create a minimalist baby shopping list of just the essentials to minimize clutter, waste and avoid buying too many unnecessary things. Please share if you have such a list. Thank you!
So far I’ve got on my list: car seat, pack n play (can be used as crib, bassinet, playpen, and changing station), pack n play sheets, swaddle, sleep sack, white noise machine, glass breast milk containers, burp cloths, booster feeding chair, milk warmer, bibs, baby bottles, nursing poncho, nursing pillow, electric breast pump, manual pump, cloth diapers, diaper liners/inserts, diaper pail and pail liners, changing pad liners, washable cloth baby wipes, wipe dispenser, baby food storage container, diaper bag, baby carrier, baby bath tub, nose picker, nail trimmer, pacifiers, thermometer, play mat, rattle, teething toy, baby books, other toys, onesies, socks, beanies, mittens.
Anything you would add to or remove from the list?
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2023.03.21 16:52 Negative-Chard-7803 Terrible mom moment

I feel like the worst mom ever, I am the primary parent to a beautiful 3 week old baby girl. Last night I hit a breaking point. The last few nights she’s been extremely colicky and I don’t know what to do. I’m getting dangerously irritated and stepping away has been my solution. Last night I was up until 5am before throwing in the towel. My sweet girl had eaten 4oz, more than normal but she was still showing hunger cues. However she had taken a full ounce more than usual so I didn’t think it was good to continue giving her more. She cried before the bottle. She cried after the bottle. I checked her temp. No fever. I changed her and her clothes to see if maybe she was too hot in a sleeper onsie. Nothing. I tried rocking. Walking. Holding her. Pacifier, warm bath, gas drops. Everything.
I was tired and crying with her by 5am. I fed her. Swaddled her and put her in her crib and just went to bed. I set an alarm for 3 hours for next feeding and I just went to sleep. Let her cry. I feel like such a horrible parent.
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2023.03.20 22:11 RuggedTheDragon My progress on my rapid damage bleed/healing build so far

My progress on my rapid damage bleed/healing build so far
I could say I "nearly" perfected my design for this build. I won't say it's unique, but it's definitely an interesting one. I'll go into details about my build, possible alternatives, abandoned ideas, and flaws.
As for the build itself, I'm currently sitting on:
  • Dual Reduvia daggers +10
  • A buckler for parrying
  • Either Varre's Bouquet or a life stealing claw special
  • White Mask (with medium weighted armor)
  • Lord of Blood's Exultation, Taker's Cameo, Godskin Swaddling Cloth, and the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia (no, I didn't stack it with Millicent's Prosthesis because I'm not a jerk).
  • Update: Dragon Communion Seal for casting "Flame, Grant me Strength" and "Golden Vow".
  • Flask of Wondrous Physick: Thorny Cracked Tear and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
The damage of this build is crazy. Aside the DEX/ARC scaling, the massive bleed proc damage is an obvious boost. After the bleeding effect is applied, I gain a temporary 30% total increase in damage output (30 seconds for the exultation, and 20 seconds from the mask). With rapid strikes applied, I can gain up to another 13% damage increase if I'm fast enough with the sword insignia. On top of that, with the thorny cracked tear applied from the physick, that's another possible 20% increase in damage (with rapid attacks).
In total, I'm getting a temporary total boost of up to 63% of added damage per rapid strike (with bleed procs). With Golden Vow and Flame, Give Me Strength, that total is increased to 98%. The biggest downside is that since I'm using daggers, I have to be VERY close to enemies. In addition, my poise isn't the highest, which means I'll be getting bounced around like a pinball on tournament day (unless I am able to parry enemies often, which I'm able to do on various occasions).
As for the healing portion, that lies with Rykard's Greatrune, Taker's Cameo, and the Godskin Swaddling cloth. Rapid strikes can heal me slightly, but killing enemies outside of boss rooms essentially makes the flasks nearly obsolete. If I need even more health, I can either perform the life stealing special attacks from Varre's Bouquet or the Life steal grab with a claw (which is riskier, but also more rewarding).
Possible alternatives that didn't really pan out:
  • I attempted to use the Venomous Fang with bleed and poison buildup so that I can have a 50% applied damage boost via the White Hood and Lord of Blood/Kindred of Rot exultation talismans. While the desired effects were good, I felt the claws were too slow and slightly weaker to build up enough damage compared to the faster Reduvia daggers. Granted, the claws hit harder and staggered enemies, but I felt the damage wasn't good enough and wouldn't work well with the sword insignia talisman/Thorny cracked tear physick.
  • I originally proc'd bleed and poison with dual great knives. While they still had the speed, they didn't have the damage or the proper bleed proc. Poison was easily applied, but the Kindred of Rot talisman only offers this boost for 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds like the Blood exultation.
  • I had considered dual wielding the Scorpion Stingers for rot damage boosts with the applied Exultation. However, if I wanted a similar 30% increase with the white hood, I would have to equip the "Mushroom Crown". I don't find that head piece aesthetically pleasing. Plus, bleed proc can deal much more damage in the long run.
Future plans:
I've been going through NG+ slowly with friends. I have yet to try out "Malenia's Greatrune" (haven't fought Malenia again, but I will eventually). While I still adore Rykard's Greatrune, I want to experiment with Malenia's "Bloodborne-esque" ability. Since I'm a bit of a reckless rapid-poker, I feel like gaining my lost health wouldn't be an issue. This would also be beneficial against bosses and would cut down on swig times.
If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know! Also, share what you created if you believe it's similar to my build.
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2023.03.20 16:49 jhnbsomerscz4gm Aden And Anais Promo Code Reddit

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2023.03.20 14:17 Ok-Commercial7879 Excessive gift-sending

Hey everyone, I need some help articulating why this particular behavior of my Nmom’s makes me sooo angry.
For background: I’m nine months pregnant with my and my husband’s first child and could be going into labor any day. I am LC with my Nmom. She is antivax and we’ve already let her know that she can’t meet the baby until she’s had her first shots at 2 months.
Since we told my mom I’m pregnant, she’s been sending us a lot of random baby gifts from Amazon. These gifts are all free products that she gets access to in exchange for writing a review. The gifts are small and tend to be things like clothes, swaddle blankets (of which we literally have 60 already), and some random hygiene products that have ingredients in them that are not recommended for newborns. A couple months ago she sent us a nursing pillow and then promptly sent us a second one. Last week we got a bottle of postnatal probiotics. You get the idea.
Now keep in mind that we have a baby registry, which we sent to her, and she is still choosing to send us her “Amazon freebies” instead. Some are perfectly fine substitutes for the products we picked out on the registry, but most have no relation to the registry and are things we don’t need or want. She also made a point of ordering us stuff in place of literally all the under $100 gifts on the registry so there is nothing left that’s within the budget range of many of our friends.
About two months ago I told her it was enough and to please stop sending us stuff, but she keeps doing it even though we’ve long since stopped acknowledging the gifts or thanking her when we receive them.
This pisses me off to no end. My husband says I shouldn’t let it get to me and should just let it go, but I can’t. I know in my bones why it makes me furious, but I’m having trouble articulating it. Help? Also any advice on what to do in response would be welcome.
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2023.03.20 13:54 Rohle Where does your toddler hide your stuff?

I cannot find two figurines, about 5 cm high - pretty sure my daughter (16m) hid them somewhere (hopefully together)
Please give me ideas!! I don't know where else I can look. 😅
Edit: I gave her another figurine and told her to put it to her friends, and she swaddled off towards room and kept pointing to a container full of clothes on top of her cupboard. Then took out a bag, and there they were..
Thanks for all your suggestions! It's good to have a list of possible hiding places!
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2023.03.20 10:40 rumzkillz- How can I convince my dog to sleep in his new orthopedic bed?

Hey guys. My dog and I are waiting for a diagnosis on general posture related pain.
While we wait to find answers, I decided to invest in a quality orthopedic dog bed. After considerable research, I ordered a few different beds at various price points. I was looking for a firm bed (dog was often sleeping on floor) with some sink to relieve pressure. I settled on a pretty expensive but insanely comfortable bed that has a neck support bolster on one end. Seriously, this bed is so comfy, if they made a human size I’d buy it for myself.
Now it’s only need 3 days but so far, my dog had rejected this bed and instead chosen his little swaddle bed with the bolstered sides or his “cuddle cup” bed. Both are def not supportive and I’m convinced so far that he’s seeking the swaddled or hugged feeling of those beds.
Sadly for me, the brand that makes his bed doesn’t offer other style variants. I’ve tried putting a big plush stuffed toy on the bed to make it cozy. I’ve tried fleece blankets. I’ve tried putting my own clothes too. He’ll lay there for a little while and then go over to the other bed.
I can’t quite fully figure him out because in the mornings he’ll sneak into bed with me and go under the covers and spread out instead of his usual donut sleeping style on his own beds. What does this lil guy want?
BTW his bed is inside his pen that has a cover so it already feels like a den.
Has anyone faced this problem? I was looking into crib bed rails to maybe modify into a bumper for his bed. I really want to transition him to the ortho bed.
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2023.03.18 20:17 EnvironmentalCap787 Peeing through everything!

Hey all, we have a two week old boy and are generally doing well but experiencing something VERY different from our 18 month old girl... He pees through his diapers and gets his clothes and swaddle/sleep sack wet. We've had a couple overnights of three different outfits and it's getting frustrating.
We tried moving up to size 1 diapers (he was a big boy at basically 9 lbs), and a few other recommendations in articles related to positioning of the back and how you tape it in the front. Trying to point his penis downward every time but the pee still seems to make its way out!
Any other tricks and strategies you've found that work?? Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.18 14:32 flushyourgoddampee 6 week old regression, got no sleep at all.

Newborn’s day and night confusion is intensifying. She’s running on another timezone by herself.
During the day it’s a struggle to keep her awake or even wake her up at all. Tried changing diaper, keeping diaper off, change clothing, wiping her face with washcloth, took her out for a walk, engaged, conversation, feed her, massage her feet, put her down in the crib with no swaddle, and vacuumed the floor and let the dogs bark.
I know because at night she had a ridiculously long wake time (10pm-4am) and she has been extreme cluster feeding. She’s a bottle exclusive (breastmilk&formula) baby and every hour she wants one ounce. Finally after about 9oz she fell asleep. But, I am afraid to overfeed so in between the ounces I tried walking, swaying, shushing, swaddling, side holding, bouncing, pacifier. She did not settle until feedings.
I am seriously anxious if I am doing something wrong.
How do I correct this if I can correct it at all? Not sleeping at all through the night is brutal.
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2023.03.18 07:06 Desperate_Tension_77 xbox w godskin swaddling cloth (talisman) h anything

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2023.03.18 03:01 Thecrazytrainexpress What am I doing wrong ?

My now 9 month old daughter has a nighttime routine after not having one .
Every night at 8:30 I give her a bath , get her upstairs , lotion , clothes , and a bottle with rain or relaxing lullaby’s with the lights off . I turn my back against her so she’ll think I’m asleep too . Nope , wide awake right after the bottle .
She doesn’t like being swaddled , she has a pacifier , i don’t know what else to do . I work full time and so does her dad , neither of us can risk losing sleep . I cannot keep doing this as I wake up at 5 AM most mornings .
ETA: she woke up at 8 and she only took one nap with dad and I just gave her a bath , is this a good routine ? I’m a FTM so please be gentle on me
Update: she is knocked out , so i definitely think one or two naps a day , bottle at 4 so she gets hungry again at 8 , shower at 6:30-7 , playtime till she’s fussy , bottle , lights off , and a relaxing tune is best
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2023.03.17 19:25 flushyourgoddampee 6 week old regression, got no sleep at all.

Newborn’s day and night confusion is intensifying. She’s running on another timezone by herself.
During the day it’s a struggle to keep her awake or even wake her up at all. Tried changing diaper, keeping diaper off, change clothing, wiping her face with washcloth, took her out for a walk, engaged, conversation, feed her, massage her feet, put her down in the crib with no swaddle, and vacuumed the floor and let the dogs bark.
I know because at night she had a ridiculously long wake time (10pm-4am) and she has been extreme cluster feeding. She’s a bottle exclusive (breastmilk&formula) baby and every hour she wants one ounce. Finally after about 9oz she fell asleep. But, I am afraid to overfeed so in between the ounces I tried walking, swaying, shushing, swaddling, side holding, bouncing, pacifier. She did not settle until feedings.
I am seriously anxious if I am doing something wrong.
How do I correct this if I can correct it at all? Not sleeping at all through the night is brutal.
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2023.03.17 09:09 lightwing91 Bassinet at night woes

My son is six weeks old tomorrow. He refuses the bassinet in the day and only wants to contact nap. At night, after a feed and diaper change, he’ll sleep in the bassinet for an hour, maybe sometimes 30 mins, tops before waking, fussing, and crying. My husband and I take shifts holding him in the night just so we can get some continuous sleep — once he’s in our arms at night he can sleep continuously for two or three hours without a peep. We’ve discussed bed sharing but it’s just not possible with our bed setup. And the one time I tried in our guest room where the mattress is against the wall, he hated it and couldn’t settle either. He just wants to be on us at all times, 24/7.
I guess I just need to know if there are other parents going through the same thing? I keep seeing people complaining about their babies “only” sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches in their bassinets at night but that sounds amazing to me. I can’t figure out if there’s a problem or if this is just normal and he’ll grow out of it. He doesn’t seem particularly gassy, I hold him upright after feedings so he doesn’t spit up in bed, and I make sure he’s not too cold or too hot. He sleeps in a sleep sack and I wondered if maybe a Velcro swaddle will help so I ordered one (I tried with a muslin cloth and that was a disaster — maybe I didn’t do it right but he struggled the whole time). A pacifier helps, but not enough to keep the sleep cycles continuous.
What am I doing wrong? Have I just been cursed with a bad sleeper? Is anyone else struggling with the same problem?
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2023.03.17 01:09 HeraldOfTheFirstBorn Lore: Godwyn is the Anchor Ring! (part 4.2)

10.5) Why Godwyn (part 3)? A new crackpot theory: setting the stage
I of course have to add my own batsh*t crazy theory to the mix of available explanations. Curiously, this was a theory I went in to believing could not work, but surprise, surprise, whether by real evidence or the unlimited powers of my severely troubled mind, I did arrive at the conclusion that this silly idea does seem to work.
Let’s start with the observation that both Ranni and the Nox have curiously similar ambitions, yet do not seem on the best of terms. Both dream of a (lost) dark moon and it could be said that both are looking for a worthy lord (of night). Already there may start to appear some dividing lines though: from Ranni (if she is being truthful) we learn that her original intent was to rule over the night without someone by her side. Unless I missed something, the people of the eternal cities have had several projects to gain a lord, yet there is no talk of any search for an empyrean. You could assume they have already found one with Ranni. Though, if so, they may be seriously regretting this decision, as Ranni treats them rather unkindly: she seems to have imprisoned one of their (presumably) strongest warriors, Alecto and decides that the best way to enter one of their cities is by unleashing a falling star upon it (repeating an event that destroyed one of their cities and may have even destroyed their original black moon). Not to mention that we are send there to steal one of their most treasured possessions! (Since there is some evidence that she had contact with Nokstella, you could argue that there is room for conflict between the two cities or Nokron closed its doors for some other reasons and our actions are enacted out of desperation or something. But for both arguments there is not that much to work with) The most important event that may sway in the camp of eternal doubters is of course that both Iji and Blaidd are called by black knife assassins. Unless Ranni is a true psycho, this seems not something she would want.
Of course, it isn’t it all proven that Ranni decided who needs to go to the chopping block. Indeed, she proudly tells you of all her deeds except the choice of victim. What if she didn’t make this choice at all? What if it was the Nox instead? As you’ve come to expect I hope to answer this question below.
By reading the previous sections you have learned about a possible alliance between two queens, who may have even been twin sisters; the ‘death’ of the one queen by the other; the banishment of the people of these queens to a live underground whilst the remaining queen lives a live of luxury above; at do this: the curious appearance of Marika’s firstborn son on the helm of draconic tree sentinels and his even stranger appearance as the prince of death; and now also the knowledge that the assassins that killed Godwyn were looking for a lord but the only thing they got was a half-death prince. I have also talked about the appearance of golden lightning in several locations and promised that there was final action I would reveal later: well here it comes: in Nokstella - the city you reach via a portal in Renna’s rise no less - there are mimic tears that seem infused with golden lightning! Now that’s odd! And with that I can finally tell you about the mythological inspiration that may have inspired Godwyn’s murder: the story of Adonis and the two gods who fell in love with him.
(10.6) Why Godwyn (part 4)? A new crackpot theory: Persephone and her Lord of Night

Flowers at Windmill Village
Adonis was a human born from the incestuous union of a princess and her father, the king. This occurred due to some trickery by the jealous, as so many Greek gods are, Goddess Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love and beauty. This princess, Myrrha, was chased from her homeland and in the end, to hide from her assailers, prayed to the gods for help. They responded by turning her into a Myrrh tree, it is from this tree that Adonis is born. It was once believed that the resin extracted from this tree were the tears of Myrrha herself. This resin, called Myrrh, has a long history of use in both medicine and religious practices and is very valuable. Starting to sound familiar? The similarities only begin! Take a look at the thorns of Myrrh trees:
https://www.google.com/search?q=myrrh+tree+thorns&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=AJOqlzUe9bQegCYGPam6ryZBrzsZqAFqvg:1675355120688&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjY_dyWoPf8AhU4hv0HHfYJAI0Q_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=955&dpr=1#imgrc=yifKGTJq-83ImM and now compare this with, for example, the deathblight thorns on Fortissax’s body in this video by BonfireVN [BonfireVN, Lichdragon, 15]. After that little shock to the system, let us continue with the story.
Aphrodite finds Adonis and takes him to the underworld to be raised by her sister (at least, in the Illead they are siblings) Persephone who is the Goddess of the dead and Queen in the world below. This is where the trouble starts, because both Goddesses fall in love with Adonis. When some years later, after Adonis has become a young man and exceptionally handsome, Aphrodite returns to take Adonis back to the underworld, the goddesses both do not wish to give up the beautiful Adonis. Big Man Zeus is brought in and eventually the decision is made that Adonis has to spend half the year with Aphrodite above the earth and the other half below the earth with Persephone. I’m not going to tell you all the different variants of how Adonis eventually dies, just know that he does, and it is then, when Aphrodite is weeping holding her dying human lover in her arms, that her tears mixed with his blood and created the anemone flower. It’s important to point out that there is a variation where only now that Adonis is death, Aphrodite has to share Adonis with Persephone, this variant lines up better with the elden ring connection. Aphrodite declared that a new festival should be held every year to commemorate Adonis. It is to this festival I wish to turn, because a similar event occurs in the lands between. Can you guess? No, not the Radahn festival, silly! The other one:
The festival at Dominula, Windmill Village!
First of: Vaatividya [Vaatividya, Dominula, 16] and Quelaag [Quelaag, festival, 17] both made videos on this village. Quelaag suggests that the celebrations there, are inspired by the Maypole festivals that originate in the Germanic world. Our lord and savior, Vaati, does also not make a connection with Adonis so I may look the fool here. But I have some secret ammunition up my sleeve! Ask yourself: why windmills? No, I’m not just going to say: “Oh because there is sufficient wind for windmills to work, it must be the equivalent of the stormgod that these women are celebrating”. No, first I have to tell you what ‘anemone’ means = ‘daughter of the winds’. SHOCK HORROR! Well ain’t that something! To be clear: in the real festival women (oopsie! I forget to tell you only women celebrated the Adonia festival) planted fast growing vegetable plants into pots and put them on their roofs where the plants would die by the end of the day. They did not use anemones. The women would dance and so on and so on…
I’m not certain that the flowers used in Dominula are actually a type of anemone or not (there are a lot of different subspecies), but looking at for example the various flowers in shown in this article: https://www.petalrepublic.com/types-of-anemone-flowers/ , you can see that they can take on many different shapes, some of which look at least somewhat similar to the flowers in Dominula.
Now to figure out who organized it. According to Vaati this would be the Godskin apostle who you find there. Then the wooden rune whatchamacallits of Marika are there to mock the Vessel of the elden ring. Of course it’s relatively ease to claim the reverse: that this was originally a festival organized by orders of the peaky fookin bli… no errh wrong story: by the orders of Queen Marika. Notice how these whatchamacallits are adorned with flowers. It’s not clear this is done in mockery. Okay and why is the Godksin apostle there then? Why do the women skin the men? Well, I’m not claiming this is a one to one retelling of one myth of course. The presence of the godskin can be explained as simply a vassal of the Goddess of the dead partaking in this festival and adding to it the rituals of the this stories Persephone. After all, in Elden Ring both Goddesses lost to a moon goddess. Does it surprise you at all if I tell you that in the variation where Aphrodite only has to share Adonis when he dies, it is a moon goddess she complains too?
When I revisited Dominula in search of evidence, I noticed that two of the celebrants seem to be praying to the wind and/or the windmills. In his video, Vaati, explains that these are praying to the Godskin apostle, which I must admit sounds more plausible since they look to where he appears. Though, maybe you could say that the arm movements one of these two women is making is mimicking the wind?
I like to make something clear: I’m not suggesting that Marika and the G.E.Q. were both in love with Godwyn. With “Love” here meaning erotic love (as in the original myth). The evidence points more to motherly love. We know Melina is confused about what it means to have a mother, though the G.E.Q. certainly treats her followers as her children (see the Godskin Swaddling Cloth). If this does not make sense, but you do believe that Marika and the G.E.Q. are twins, asks yourself what kind of relationship Darian or Devin would have with the child of his “inseparable” twin brother; or what about real life conjoined twins?
Knowing that there is likely a depiction of Godwyn as a peculiar lion+hawk+fish+reptile+dragon, ‘crucible-touched’ creature and he appears in death with a fish tail and shell features, there are visual connections between him and the Godskins, and common depictions of death in Japanese culture (right?). As I said in section 6.3: a parent of Godwyn could turn out to be Serosh; Another might just well be the G.E.Q herself.! Coincidence or not, one variation of the story of Aprhodite’s birth tells us that she was born from the sea (Aphrodite = ‘foam-arisen’). There are also statues of Aphrodite that utilize sea shells in their design! Even more damning evidence: the coiled, double-helix like, tail of the dragon figurine on banished knight helmets! The Golden prince, son of Queen Marika, becomes the Prince of Death, son of the Gloam Eyed Queen!
Maybe Godwyn is actually Godfrey’s child with Melina, not Marika, and Marika gets rid of her sister by throwing her into the fire so she can claim Godwyn as her own?
Maybe the G.E.Q. ‘falling in love’ with Godwyn simply means wanting him to die (Being the empyrean with command over death. Someone dying could be interpreted as her claiming this person. Marika would want to save her son from such a fate).
Maybe Godwyn’s real mother, similar to Adonis, is the Erdtree itself? In a video series on the elden ring’s cycles of life and death, Tarnished Archeologist suggests that people blessed by grace are actually born form the tree itself [Tarnished Archeologist, GracefullBorn, 18]. A hint that this was also how Godwyn was born may be given by the myth I will turn to in the next section (section 11).
How many parents Godwyn turns out to have is unclear at this point. But I would suggest that when some character in the game tells you it is simple: Godfrey and Marika, you smile and nod, but keep on pressing that big ole ‘doubt’ button inside your head!
An additional interesting detail: there is of course someone, a mother for those who live in death, who resides with Godwyn in the underworld, seems to fallen love with him and certainly would not wish to see him return to the world above; I’m talking of course about Fia! This observation will lead me in section 11.3 to a crackpot theory to eclipse all crackpot theories (yes, including the one you have just read).
And another one: what about the formless mother? The mother of truth, who a certain omen communes with by stabbing her with Moghwyn’s sacred spear! Empowering blood that may have been cursed by the prince of death’s influence (see section 8)! I discuss this further in section 10.8 below.
In the next two subsections, 10.7 & 10.8, I go on examining interesting evidence that hints who Godwyn’s parents are and who knows the truth.
What would have happened if the Numen assassins carved the full cursemark of the centipede on Godwyn’s back? A new rune? A new age? A reunion or a revival? Does the cursemark of death not look similar to the rune of destined death and/or the fingerslayer blade?
I want to make clear that I am not, at this point, fully convinced that Marika’s motivations are simply to live eternally with her firstborn son. That, if he was not murdered she would go on enjoying the simple pleasures of daily life. No, she did have other plans, the most obvious evidence pointing in this direction are of course the tarnished who are ‘created’ way before Godwyn’s death. You could add to that maybe the creation or use of Radagon and the project to make a weapon capable of killing a god. Though to what extend Radagon’s existence and actions are the product of Marika’s own scheming is very unclear. When the quest for Hewg to make a godslaying weapon is given could be before or after Godwyn died (and since the purpose may have always been to stop and kill Radagon, an answer to this second conundrum may end up answering the first as well).
The connections between Godwyn and this myth and also the one I turn to next (section 11), seem to me to be quite clear. These myths are also relatively well known. I therefore suspect that someone else has already discovered this. If so, would you be so kind as to refer to their original articles or videos or whatever medium they used, in the comments below? Thank you!
link to the next part:
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2023.03.17 00:36 HeraldOfTheFirstBorn Lore: Godwyn is the Anchor Ring! (part 7)

(15.)Castor’s embrace

(15.1) The Haligtree’s twin cities
Though never stated explicitly, it seems that at the Haligtree an old Numen tradition is uphold: Twin cities. Haligtree Town, build in the canopy of the tree, and Elpheal the brace of the Haligtree. If the tree adheres to the lifecycle of a real tree, “Malenia’s city” (= Haligtree town) could not have been built before the tree grew to at least the size it is when we arrive there. To me it looks like Elpheal was already built before the Haligtree matured to its current proportions, since the roots seem to have broken through some of the buildings. Is it obvious based on the architecture of the city in the canopy that it is more recent then the city below? Those of you with keen eyes may have noticed that there is yet another set of structures build in a different architectural style than either of the cities. It is with the interpretation of the lore of this structure I wish to end this article that seemed to have grown almost endless in size.
(15.2) A mysterious outer wall
When arriving at the canopy town, you come across the same statue over and over again. Some of you have already encountered this same statue (though clearly build earlier) hidden behind the stormcaller church in the altus plateau. It is when you finally arrive at the Haligtree promenade that you can learn of some of the anguish and grief that the twins felt and that was memorialized by these statues. Because, it is in Loretta’s boss room that you see that this statue has a twin of its own, this twin depicting a memory of an earlier time when Miquella and Malenia were young and someone else cared for them.
I have written previously (and am not the only one) that I suspect the older figure is Godwyn not Marika. In a stream about Miquella, Quelaag claims that there is a cut content item that is supposed to be Godwyn’s jewelry and that this matches up with the jewelry worn by the person in the statue (see [Quelaag, Godwyn crown, 28] starting from 38m40). I suspect she means the crown? I do not have the means to check whether or not this is true and have also not found anyone else mention this item.
Whomever this adult may turn out to be, there is one last surprise waiting just around the corner. For it is when you reach the end of Malenia’s city, that you find the structure that connects the twin cities. A large tower, part of an even larger outer wall, with a lift to Miquella’s city. The architectural style is clearly distinct from both cities. It seems more utilitarian, more intended for its defensive capabilities then to celebrate and extoll the virtues of some dynasty. My untrained eyes would classify it as Gothic, though I’m not sure. It seems to be older, with the torch holder-thingies from Elpheal a later addition.

Inner and outer wall

Outer wall + more recent towers?

Tower that connects the two cities
Are there other buildings in the lands between that could tell us who made this great wall? I have not found any; maybe, an extremely simplified Stormveil (based mainly on the colors of the stones used), though that may just be me exposing my biases. An item that may suggest the identity of this mystery architect is the chest found at the top of the tower:

Erdtree chest?
For other lore hunters: an additional part of the structure that may tell us something of its origins is the doors to the tower found behind the erdtree avatar. I of course suspect that anyone readings this already knows who I think build this structure and that is why I’m going on a final detour to tell you something about the importance of hugs.
(15.3) The meaning of an embrace
Embracing in the lands between is quite, clearly connected with death. The obvious source for this bold claim is Fia’s entire questline. Another, slightly less obvious, piece of evidence is the Godskin swaddling cloth which states the following: “The Gloam-Eyed Queen cradles newborn apostles swaddled in this cloth. Soon they will grow to become the death of the gods.” More direct is the Black Flame’s protection incantation: “The Apostles were all embraced by the Gloam-Eyed Queen, and the black flame was their armor within.” To expand from the meaning of embraces to physical contact in general, it seems such acts are required to give and receive (or even steal) vigour (the power of live). The Violet Queen herself tells you: “Shall I turn your runes to strength? Let my hand rest upon you, for but a moment. Share them with me, your thoughts, your ambitions, the principles you would follow.” And of course, it is our good friend Ensha, a set of armor with a mind of its own, that uses his own old bones to steal some of your lively vigour. Apparently, in life whomever walked around with these bones, encased in a silly man’s suit, was a master of controlling vital energies. A skill Malenia seems to have developed as well (I hope I’m not conjuring up old trauma’s here).
So, we have a story told by statues and the locations they are placed in. A story about the relationship of three people and the tragedy that befell them when the world fell apart. One of them, a protector to the other two when they were still young, someone who cannot protect them anymore. Yet when leaving the promenade, you find an old outer wall embracing both the new erdtree and the twin cities.
Godwyn’s final embrace.

Then the door was open and the wind appeared

(16.) Summary

The main points:
If, after having read all my many scribblings, you start to feel dizzy with all the torrents of new information, some of it surely blasphemous, I can maybe console you with the fact that you’re not alone. We may now experience some of what Lusat and Azur must have felt when staring into the void or, for that matter, how poor Vyke must still feel! I must warn you though: if a figure calling himself Shabriri appears to you with promises of cures for the maelstrom; ignore him! Do not believe his lies!
If amongst all the ruble here presented, you find something, some piece of truth: use it; refine and combine it; Make it your own! I do not care if in your project you refer to me. My only wish is that the truth of the Golden Prince is revealed. So that all of us tarnished can be lifted up by the stormwinds, when the time comes we receive our Lord.

So close yet so far away

(17.) Reference List

[Ziostorm, Godefroy flag, 1] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfKJof2Y70s [Eredin, 2] - https://www.youtube.com/@EredinLore [Tarnished Archeologist, Godfrey, 3] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syzMebGy7HA [Quelaag, Uhl script, 4] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRQ-L8ABins [NanoSunGaming, Knight, 5] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4y3ay4jPFw [Quelaag, Godwyn_1, 6] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHn_QU72sCI [Quelaag, Godwyn_2, 7] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhyLfJ8tTJs [Quelaag, Godwyn_3, 8] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfpuT9td0PQ [Tarnished Archeologist, Serosh, 9] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGlwrJwIGtg [Kosmos, Ensha, 10] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63iyanWDRmA [SmoughTown, Omen, 11] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjhXGHxzs2s [Smoughtown, Morgott, 12] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0VdbSJ_-qg Tarnished Archeologist, Leyndell, 13] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b3GUWzssZc [BonfireVN, dragonlord, 14] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOhN1r1W7ZM [BonfireVN, Lichdragon, 15] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmozUM4vhPI [Vaatividya, Dominula, 16] - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/6VVP_gFOI2Y [Quelaag, Festival, 17] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbVa1rp-6oA [Tarnished Archeologist, GracefullBorn, 18] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVtlCuFVfZ4 [Tarnished Archaeologist, Serpent, 19] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0AQzqx3Epw [Quelaag, thorn, 20] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRE74LRglhs [VaatiVidya, thorn, 21] - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/q_aG6GZmTaw [Plasma Channel, SaintElmo, 22] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KhDzzCiEWc [Tarnished Archeologist, Miquella, 23] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdP3o-nLDM4 [Quelaag, green man, 24] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krHFkn3Zcu0 [Hawkshaw, Perfumers, 25] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuerOkQhSTs [The Lore hunter, Malenia vs Radahn, 26] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZYUbjGwkuo [Tarnished Archeologist, Misbegotten, 27] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt09q1zxsRc [Quelaag, Godwyn crown, 28] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfz6GCwZigY
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2023.03.17 00:07 Dryadversity Elphael: Theories and observations on various topics, and more evidence that Melina is St. Trina

Elphael: Theories and observations on various topics, and more evidence that Melina is St. Trina
Spoilers for Elphael, Malenia's boss fight, and the identity of the Gloam-Eyed Queen.
The Spires
The Tarnished Archaeologist theorized that the purpose of Miquella's golden needles was to kill Godwyn's corpse and give him a true death. If I recall correctly, part of the theory was that these needles would also be used to kill the Erdtree. The method is based on the folk practice of hammering nails into stumps, which is believed to kill them and whatever was left of the trees after being felled.
I think this might, in addition, be the inspiration behind Elphael's structure and shape. From the top, i.e. the view seen on the map, Elphael can be seen to comprise a large circle (the brace of the Haligtree) and a number of spires which jut out linearly at various points along the city's circumference. To me this looks like a series of nails surrounding the cross section of a tree trunk.
Some more evidence for this view is that each of the spires has a number of smaller protrusions jutting out from it vertically, on the tier that is close to the top of the spire. I would include a picture here but I've already reached the 20-photo limit for this post, so I'll include a link to it below, at the bottom of this post.
I understand this seems like an absurd architectural design choice, since Miquella probably wants the Haligtree to thrive. However, it's possible the design is meant to communicate something about Miquella's ambitions in other areas, even if he does not seek to apply the nailing technique to the Haligtree.
Alternatively, maybe the spires are just meant to grant additional support to the brace? This seems more plausible, since again the needling technique was presumably not meant to be used on the Haligtree. Leyndell does not have this same architectural feature, so perhaps Elphael is an attempt to achieve a more fortified city, and stronger brace?
Rot and Snow
The section of Elphael with the rot swamp seems to also contain snow, or perhaps a fine white fungus that resembles it. (This in turn reminds me of the white fungus particles floating around throughout much of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, which also deposit into surfaces resembling snow.) There's also the possibility it could be ash.
rot and snowlike substance inside the Haligtree
This pairing of rot and snow is likely a reference to Norse mythology, and more specifically the Élivágar, which are icy rivers containing poison or "yeasty venom" called eitr. Eitr is produced by the snakes in the Norse mythos, and is the creative material from which Ymir was born; it's said Ymir was created from the dripping of this poison from the Élivágar. Remember that poison and rot are adjacent or perhaps identical forces in Elden Ring; and the same is of course true for snow and ice. The coupling of these two natural elements was also featured prominently in Dark Souls III's Painted World of Ariandel, which was like the old Painted World of Ariamis from Dark Souls, but with the addition of red, scarlet rot.
Since Ymir was the first jötunn (giant), and Malenia is found at the bottom of the rot waterfall, it's possible that she, or at least her placement here, is meant as a parallel Ymir. Malenia is much larger and taller than the player character, and is indeed a kind of giant—though this is true of all the demigods, barring Miquella. One could alternatively view Miquella's husk as analogous to a jötunn , however.
In addition to Norse mythology, I believe this area was also inspired by Christian ideas. It appears to be used for the purification of rot, with clean water being directed toward the drainage channel, and the rot flowing down the waterfall into Malenia's boss area (though the water at the base of the waterfall is pure, as was pointed out by Quelaag). The theme of purification, with the blood-red rot and white snow, reminds me of the Christian saying: that with his blood, Christ "washed our sins as white as snow." In this case the "blood" might be more symbolic of sin than Jesus's blood, but it does seem probable to me there was Christian influence on the design of this area. (I'm sure you don't need reminding that Miquella and the Haligtree incorporate a number of Christian ideas and images.)
One other thing on ice and poison: this duality is also seen in Elden Ring's snails. The four types of snail seem to be divided into two pairings: one of life and death, seen in the deathblight and spirit summoner snails (Garrulous_Goldmask recognized this pattern in his snail video), and one of poison and ice, seen in the venom-spewing and ice-breathing variants.
The Naked Woman Relief
The first relief I wanted to discuss is the carving shown below. In my view, it is a likely candidate for the most densely meaningful symbol in Elphael. Accordingly, this section is going to be the longest in this post, by far.
What I see in this relief is a topless woman flanked by snakes, rising out of a flower. Above the woman's head is a bird in a container of some sort, possibly a cage.
There are multiple interpretations of the snake-and-bar pattern that are important. First, the shape resembles that of a stethoscope. This would tie into the medical theme of Miquella and the Haligtree. Elphael contains a great deal of caduceus-like iconography, such as in the Haligtree banners, the shape of the Haligtree itself (two trees spiraling together), and Miquella's needle. Miquella has the lifelong goal of curing his sister's sickness, and allows his disciples to rebirth themselves through baptism, which is a rite used to attain physical and spiritual purity. The primary color associated with Miquella is white, which is often used to connote ideas of cleanliness.
Edit: After reviewing the real caduceus symbol (shown here), I can see that this relief resembles it much more than I thought. In addition to the two snakes, there's also the woman's hair, which I believe is meant to resemble the pair of wings seen at the caduceus's top.
(a) The placement of the curved lateral bars in the relief is interesting, because it makes them seem like a failed attempt at censorship. Instead of covering where the woman's nipples would be, the bar is just beneath them. The same is true of the bottom two bars and the small curve on top, which are too low to cover her groin. (I might even see a vagina at the bottom of it). The ineffectual censorship could be an indication of movement; if the bars normally cover the woman's breasts and groin, their position below these areas might mean she is ascending, and perhaps transcending her inhibitions.
Since Malenia only bares her chest in her second phase, which occurs at the same time she rises out of her flower's bloom, I think the woman in the picture could be Malenia, and that the flower at the bottom of the relief is a scarlet aeonia. I also think the two smaller flowers on the side could be the bloom of the unknown valkyrie found before Malenia's boss room, and Millicent's bloom which only grows if you follow certain conditions in her sidequest.
Actually, since there are three blooms, and the figure is rising from the largest of these, there's a good argument to be made that the relief is depicting Malenia's transformation into a true goddess, and that the two smaller flowers to the side are her own, previous blooms. Gowry says that Malenia will "ascend" to godhood, and that's exactly what we see in this carving. Also, we can see her physically ascend as she grows wings in her mid-fight cutscene.
(b) There is another candidate for the identity of the woman. One of the first characters and candidates I thought of when observing the relief was St. Trina. This was because of the wild, upward-oriented hair the two figures share.
St. Trina's torch
It's possible the hair in the relief of the woman could be some kind of headdress, but I do think the hair is meant to resemble St. Trina's, mainly because she is accepted to be a counterpart to Miquella, and thus has a significant narrative relation to Elphael and the Haligtree.
I've considered that the woman's hair might itself be snakes. This came to mind before I had even noticed this etching, and was initially a response to looking observing St. Trina's design on St. Trina's torch. The mythological parallel that came to mind was Medusa, who has snakes for hair. This is not a new theory, as I've learned, but quite an old one. The relief is further evidence for it, given the placement of the snakes right next to the woman's hair. (I'd like to share some more evidence for the Medusa theory, even though many have already accepted the conclusion. First, purple is consistently associated with fear in Elden Ring; I mention this in the 4th part of my GEQ and gravity series. Second, the torch itself is made of stone. This relates to Medusa's ability to turn her victims to stone by looking at them—in this case, with her third eye. Finally, the name Medusa starts with M and ends with A, like all of Radagon and Marika's children.)
This identification of the figure with St. Trina is partly compatible and complementary with the previous theory of the blooms; the blooms are common to both models, but St. Trina is substituted for Malenia.
Miquella's husk above Malenia's bloom
For a while I wanted to share my thoughts on the above image, even though I figured many had already come to the same conclusions. The idea was that the scarlet aeonia is an analogue to the Crucible, and Miquella's form in the Haligtree above it is analogous to the Erdtree. The scarlet aeonia is red with swirling petals, which is often how the Crucible is depicted: as red, or as a spiral. The Erdtree is above the Crucible since it was seemingly grafted onto it, and here too, we have a section of tree above the Crucible part.
It could also be argued that the pattern and positioning of life and death in this scene matches that of the Erdtree. The Crucible is close in nature to life itself, despite being fueled by violence and bloodshed. The Erdtree on the other hand is probably dead, considering it was burned before, is ghostly and transparent, is made of memories, and has a stony, i.e. petrified appearance. Here too, we have a dead tree on top, and a living organism below it: a flowerot. And in the same way that the Crucible feeds on bloodshed, Malenia regains HP by injuring her opponents. (As a minor note, Waterfowl Dance is a spirally move, which is also somewhat evocative of the Crucible.)
(c) In addition to mirroring the Crucible and Erdtree, I think the scene is a depiction of what we see in the etching of the topless woman. If Miquella is St. Trina, or her counterpart, I think the woman rising out of the flower is Miquella/St. Trina, and the flower is Malenia herself, i.e. the scarlet aeonia. Note how Miquella's tree form, in addition to being female (since it has a womb), has tendril-like roots for hair, which has some visual overlap with the hair of the woman in the relief. Also, look at how the bars in the stethoscope-like shape seem to surround and focus on the abdomen of the woman; almost like the womb is being targeted in an operation.
Notably, the snake-bar pattern has some resemblance with the upper half of the gravity sigil, which is the same fundamental shape as the moon's rune.
Observe how the bottom two bars are closer together than the middle and top bars, in both the sigil and relief.
Moreover, you can find three concave-up markings to correspond with the lower half of the gravity sigil, which makes an intentional resemblance to the gravity sigil more likely. The full shape is basically contained within the relief.
You can compare this picture to the unedited version to verify the rune-like markings I've outlined.
A third interpretation of the snakes and bars is that they might be a depiction of the Twinbird. There is a pattern in Elden Ring of two birds being paired together. Of course, the snakes could just be the caduceus which would correspond better than two birds... but to my knowledge, twin snakes, explicitly depicted, are less common in Elden Ring than twin birds. Furthermore, if you've looked at the deathbirds, or the snake-bird statues in the Temple of Eiglay, or were convinced by my theory on the Flightless Bird, you probably know that snakes and birds are often treated as interchangeable in Elden Ring. For these reasons, it's possible the snakes are the two halves of the Twinbird.
The gravity and Twinbird ideas are both components to my next theory: that this figure is St. Trina, but also Melina. I recently shared some ideas that support the Melina as St. Trina hypothesis, which I invite you to read if you want to know why I'm persuaded by it. With respect to the Twinbird component: Melina has some association with the Twinbird since it's likely she is the Gloam-Eyed Queen or her successor, and has a crow's foot around her gloam eye, and crows and deathbirds are known to be related via the Ravenmount set. Also, gloam is purple and so is the Twinbird in all likelihood. That being said, the Gloam-Eyed Queen is also associated with serpents, e.g. the Temple of Eiglay and the godskins who have snake physiology, so the Twinbird might not be a necessary piece of this theory.
The gravity sigil is also gloam, and I have a series of posts explaining why I believe the Gloam-Eyed Queen and gravity are connected. Some evidence for this, summarized, includes the "weighty" description of the black flame, the shared black and white color scheme of the godskins and gravity enemies, and the fear motif common to Destined Death and gravity enemies.
In the Melina/St. Trina interpretation, the flowers at the bottom of the relief are not scarlet aeonias, but miranda flowers. The flowers in the etching look more like miranda flowers than scarlet aeonias, and rotted miranda flowers can be found through the Haligtree and Elphael. Furthermore, the giant miranda sprout shown below is found very close to multiple etchings of the woman, side-by-side.
In this interpretation, the central flower is a giant miranda sprout, and the two on the side are the smaller, regular sprouts. In fact, that is almost exactly what we see in this location: a large miranda sprout in the center, with one smaller sprout on one side, and two smaller sprouts on the other.
What ties this to Melina is that she has an ability called Miranda's Prayer, which she can only use in the fight against Morgott. Initiating the attack causes a golden tree to appear and rain light (it's similar to the light attack used by the giant miranda sprouts). This is a fairly well-known cut item, as it used to be obtainable by the player as a talisman.
What ties this to Melina is that she has an ability called Miranda's Prayer, which she can only use in the fight against Morgott. Initiating the attack causes a golden tree to appear and rain light (it's similar to the light attack used by the giant miranda sprouts). This is a fairly well-known cut item, as it used to be obtainable by the player as a talisman.
Now that I've looked at this picture, I can also see a resemblance between the petals of the flower surrounding the head of the woman in the talisman, and the hair of the woman in the etching.
Another key observation is that St. Trina has a flower above her head in her torch depiction. This seems to have some similarities with the flowers in the Elphael relief, and the flowerlike hair seen above the woman's head.
If Melina is St. Trina, who is also Miquella's counterpart, it's possible that more than one of the theories laid out so far could be true. The relief could be depicting Miquella's tree form above three scarlet aeonias, and it could be St. Trina/Melina rising from a miranda flower. These theories are particularly compatible, but even though the Malenia theory differs from these two in a key respect, I still think it's quite likely this perspective is correct as well. The three flowers do not seem to be a coincidence, given the significance of the three blooms preceding Malenia's ascension.
One more thing on this relief: the bird seen above the woman's head appears to be an owl, which likely connects to the slumbering egg, a crafting material dropped by owls. Miquella sleeping in his cocoon involves both slumbering, and an egg.
More Flowers
Elphael has some of the greatest floral diversity in any area; it resembles Jarburg, in this sense. My take is that this variety symbolizes Miquella's willingness to accept all things, and creatures.
I've recently understood, more explicitly than before, that a defining quality of the Crucible is the lack of distinction between species, or even organisms which are normally separated at higher levels of biological classification, e.g. families, genera, and kingdoms. For example, roots, branches and antlers used to be found on the same creatures (the ancestral spirits). The same applies to flowers, for example in the guardian enemies, who have flowers growing out of them.
Thus, if flowers are viewed as parts of other creatures, and the Haligtree is in some respects a return to the Crucible, then the cultivation of various flowers simultaneously represents the cultivation and growth of organisms more easily recognized as sentient: Albinaurics, Misbegotten, etc.
Fountain and Door Designs
The doors in Elphael feature two faces: an infant's or young child's on a shield-like pattern, and a menacing face below it.
My take is that this door is, more or less, a before-and-after image for the effects of Haligtree rebirth.
The face on the bottom kind of looks like a skull, which might be because death is required in order to reincarnate. This could also potentially explain the frequency of skull designs seen in Elphael. I've theorized before that the reason the skulls are often upside down, is that they are a depiction of death being overturned, much like how Jesus conquered death on the cross, and granted humanity the chance at a new life in heaven, in a new, reincarnated body.
However, while the bottom face does resemble a skull, it also looks apelike to me; I think this face belongs to a demi-human, who are really the only simian creatures in the game. Although the demi-humans aren't present in Elphael, they competently represent the outcasts of the Golden Order, who are accepted by the Haligtree in spite of their lower, Crucible nature. This is why the demi-human face is below that of the child. The child is ascended, while the demi-humans and Crucible races are depicted as lower (both spatially and spiritually).
With regard to the transformation process, I've speculated that the ribbons and clothlike patterns below the demi-human face are part of a baldachin, which most players will remember from Fia's Baldachin Blessing. Baldachins, though they were used for thrones and altars (like the Prince of Death's throne), have also been used for beds, in which case they would more commonly be known as canopies. In Elden Ring, Fia is associated with sleep, since we can choose to rest with her, and since the Deathbed Dream is accessed through Fia, and is found among purple water (which here signifies sleep, as Hawkshaw identified in his colors video). In turn, sleep is connected to rebirth; this is made clear by the juvenile scholar clothing description, which states: "Rebirth is as sleep to them, and with each awakening, memory fades into oblivion."
Of course, if baldachins are linked to sleep, we shouldn't be surprised to find it in an area important to St. Trina.
Another factor that ties the demi-humans to St. Trina is the purple eyes of the demi-human queens. We already know that the demi-humans have been taking on increasingly human characteristics, evidenced by their adoption of magic, and their tutelage by the sorcerers in the Hermit Village on Mt. Gelmir. This could relate to the transformation of demi-humans into humans, depicted on Elphael's doors. Alternatively, if the purple eyes are not referencing St. Trina (whose torch depiction has a purple eye when illuminated by its flame), they might be a reference to the Gloam-Eyed Queen. (The demi-human queens are literally gloam-eyed queens.)
The design of Elphael's fountains confirms the symbolic link between the child and purity.
You can see how similar the face of the child seen here is to the infant's face on the doors; and this head is also set against a shield-like design.
As has been discussed, the water in Elphael is purified through the drainage channel, and is potentially filtered out from the liquid rot, or at least diverted from it. So water, without rot, is a symbol of purity. If the purified water spouts from the child's mouth, then we can reasonably infer that the child (likely Miquella) is also a symbol of purity.
The Bell Tower
This one's pretty simple. My interpretation is that the bell is, or represents, a spirit-calling bell.
The ghosts summoned through ashes of war are a very faint purple, which is similar to the light purple flame of St. Trina's torch. I also take this is as additional evidence that Melina is St. Trina, since we receive the spirit-calling bell from Ranni, who says it was given to her by Torrent's former master. This is likely Melina, since it's her we see riding Torrent before she bequeathes him to us.
The Northern Door
This door is found right next to the Elphael Inner Wall site of grace. I find it to be one of the most beautiful sights in the game: the warm, golden light shining through the crack in the door, beckoning the player to enter while also retaining its secrets, since the door cannot be entered. Something about the door being open, but not completely, makes the view so appealing to me.
The door likely has some significance, because while it has the same design as the others in Elphael, it's the only one of these that has these other aesthetic features; the only one to have golden light shining through it, and roots or vines surrounding and infiltrating it. Another hint at its significance is that it is located at the northmost tip of the map—not just the map of Elphael, but of the entire Lands Between.
One possibility is that the door will be used to access the DLC, which we now know will feature Miquella. Another idea is that it is a geographic and thematic opposite to the southernmost location in the Lands Between: Castle Morne. Morne, of course, represents sadness and loss. The Haligtree is a means to transcend this despair, and find happiness in the next life. So the light from beyond the door could be heaven, or the "light beyond the veil." In fact, this particular door looks remarkably similar to the design at the center of the baldachin's blessing icon.
Speaking of Castle Morne, both it and the Haligtree have a high population of Misbegotten. Perhaps the rebellion at Morne could be viewed as the start of their redemption, and their entry to the Haligtree as its conclusion; the great physical difference between the two locations could be showing how "far" they've come, in multiple senses. The northern and southern placement of the Misbegotten also might reflect the alchemical saying "as above, so below."
Objects of Worship
In the lower area of Elphael, soldiers can be seen sitting by headstones in the graveyard, perhaps paying respects to fallen soldiers. All of these soldiers are located on one side of the cemetary; on the other side are more headstones, but this times the graves are attended to by Kindred of Rot. This likely signifies that the Kindred are being integrated into Miquella's order, but that this process hasn't been completed yet. The Kindred are basically in the segregation stage of the movement toward equality, in that they are technically accepted by the order, but nonetheless kept separate.
I also think there's more to the fact that these Kindred are seen around graves. First, they do not give the impression of being somber or feeling grief the way the Haligtree soldiers do. One of the infant Kindred has its arms raised in front of a headstone, similar to the worshipping Kindred in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel and Grand Cloister.
infant Kindred worshipping in front of a headstone
This Kindred, instead of showing respect to the dead as we would expect, is worshipping the grave. This is because death is what gives rise to rot; death is the genesis of Kindred as a species. This is proven by the Caelid Waypoint Ruins, in which a unique basement area can be found, containing open graves. Within these graves are rot and eggs, and the room is filled with baby Kindred, which surely hatched from these eggs. (This is the only other place that infant Kindred of rot can be found, other than this lower region of Elphael.)
There are two other notable sites in this graveyard. The first is two infant on both sides of a larger Kindred, raising their arms toward it. The second is a scene of both child and adult Kindred bowing in front of an adult Kindred with its arms stretched out. This Kindred is standing above them on a rock, kind of like its giving a sermon to them from the pulpit. This wouldn't be surprising since this is taking place right near a church; they seem to be having one of those outside sermons. Between this Kindred and its audience, is a corpse with a Numen's rune.
I believe these two scenes are related, and that the common theme is growth. The smaller Kindred are showing reverence to their larger elder, and the other Kindred mentioned are praising the power of the Numen's rune. That's because this rune is associated with abnormally large proportions, e.g. the giant ants which are the best enemies to collect them from. Maybe growth is treasured because rot itself is a growth? This could be said of really any organism, so I'm not completely sure about this.
It's not uncommon for churches to be found in cemeteries. For the Kindred of Rot, though, I speculate the church may have actually been established in the graveyard intentionally, instead of the graveyard cropping up around the church. I say this because, again, death is the origin of the Kindred's existence, and as such they likely view graveyards are holy places. The church is only inhabited by Kindred, not the Haligtree soldiers nearby, so it does seem like the church is used by the Kindred specifically.
Speaking of the church, I had something to say about its windows.
Stained glass and mandala in the Kindred's church; also... this is probably a complete coincidence, but 'mandala' is another word that starts with M and ends with A.
To my eyes, these stained glass windows are more vividly and variously colored than the windows in Elden Ring's other chapels and churches. What this represents, I maintain, is the acceptance of all forms of life to the Haligtree; each color could be viewed as a type of creature, or way of life. Along these lines, the circular window could be considered a mandala, which is a type of religious symbol used to express broad religious ideas, worldviews, and cosmologies. So in addition to the colors themselves, the mandala pattern is inherently a symbol of holism.
Baptismal Fonts
Much can be gained from comparing the design of Elphael to Leyndell, from which Elphael took inspiration. For example, in addition to including massive trees with the cities serving as their braces, both cultures have the same elevator platforms. As an example of meaningful contrast with Leyndell, you could say that the candle design in Elphael reflects a return to the Crucible, since its candles use real fire, not the artificial candle lights seen in Leyndell.
This method might be helpful when applied to the baptismal covering structure in Elphael.
baptismal covering structure
In Leyndell, the baptismal fonts are covered by these small, domed structures. Similar structures can be found in Elphael, except there are no basins beneath them. One potential solution, and the simplest, is that the fonts were removed in order to make them easier for the Albinaurics to access. However, there are many more fonts being used by Albinaurics than there are font-coverings. That Elphael has only one of these structures is likely an indication of its importance.
Although the basins are missing, there is still water beneath where they would normally be. My highly speculative take is that, in addition to being transferred for the sake of the Albinaurics, the absence of the baptismal fonts from these structures symbolizes Elphael taking a step beyond Christian humility: one in which baptisms are performed with ground water. Edit: recently had the thought that this might be a reference to the miracle of Jesus feeding the multitude. Again, there is only one font covering, but many of these are found in the room right next to it, which contains the transforming Albinaurics
Acceptance, Rejection, and Conversion
It's probably confusing that in some places I've argued for Miquella being accepting of rot and those who were outcast by the Order, and in other places say that Miquella was trying to purify the outcasts and convert them. One potential solution is that the contradiction is intentional; Lazy-Poem6488 theorized in their recent analysis on this topic that Miquella and Elphael express purposefully contradictory ideas, because contradiction is the result of true open mindedness and tolerance.
This could be true as a general motif in Elphael, however in this context I think it's more likely that Miquella's acceptance and rejection of those rejected by the Order occurred in two time periods. The first would be a period of attempted conversions, while the second would be one of unconditional acceptance. Elphael's original architecture would reflect the former, while some of the repositioning and modern changes would express the latter.
An alternative to this idea, and one that I'm finding more likely as I ponder it, is that Miquella may have both rejected and embraced the disciples of his Haligtree, but in a manner that is non-contradictory. That is, Miquella may have accepted the tarnished and maimed, but conditionally—more specifically, under the condition that they follow him, convert to his order, and purify themselves through the Haligtree.
A similar phenomenon occurs in a number of religions, with Christianity being one example. In Christianity, God accepts everyone and anyone—so long as they submit to him, and follow him only. This pattern is repeated by an unfortunate number of Christians, who are presented (not just by themselves, but by society in general) as tolerant and charitable, despite their tendency to employ these virtues as a means of converting—i.e. transforming, rebirthing—those who have not yet received God's grace.
While I'm not entirely confident in this interpretation, it might fit well with FromSoft's criticisms of Western religions, and Christianity. On the other hand, it does kind of seem to me like Miquella is meant to be a "true" Christlike figure, who is at a higher and more genuine level of spirituality than, say, Corhyn or D. Miquella also has a number of traits in common with Goldmask, and Goldmask is certainly not characterized as a fool, or as being corrupted by faith.
The Leaves of the Haligtree
The branches of the Haligtree, as well as the branches resprouting from the roots in Deeproot Depths, are growing oak leaves.
One explanation for this is that the Haligtree is genetically related to or descended from the Erdtree, and would naturally grow the same type of leaf. Another idea I had is that the Haligtree might have been invaded by the Crucible roots in the Mountaintops and Consecrated Snowfields. I originally only noticed the oak leaves on the smaller trees in Elphael, but I realized they're also present in the upper branches of the Haligtree. In my opinion, this makes the invasion theory less likely, though I haven't ruled it out yet.
The user cheese_dogg recently wrote a post which concerned this topic, but that also covers other theories relating to the Erdtree, Greattree, and grafting. I think it's among the best theory posts ever written on this game, so I definitely encourage you to give it a read. It's called "Odd Leaves, Chimeric Plants, and Some Connections to the Crucible".
Link for the thumbnail: https://imgur.com/a/3xTZ3k3
Additional pictures: (spires and the rotted miranda flower): https://imgur.com/a/2FbVwan
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2023.03.16 06:33 geenuhahhh Summer newborns and clothing

So I’m due on august 14th.
Where I’m at, summer peaks mid July to mid august, with highs about 80. 100 degree days are rare and happen maybe 3-4 days a year.. but then starts to cool down by September, maybe mid September. Summer doesn’t really even start until June 15th. We get random rain until then, highs of 65 can be average, but not hot.
We don’t want to over buy because who knows how big she will be (I was 6 lbs, my husband was less than 8 lbs) I am pretty short (4’11) hubby is a foot taller. Nobody in our family has ever had huge babies. Think the biggest was 8 lbs.
Anyway, I know it’s not really that predictable but we are on the cusp of season changes when she’s born.
Did you just leave your newborn in a diaper in the heat? We bought a few newborn size short sleeve onesies and a couple rompers. I think 1-2 sleep j plays, Then a sleep swaddle and sack?
We do keep our house pretty cool at night, like 61-63. During the day with AC going it’s probably closer to 70.
I did buy 3 month sleep n plays since it starts getting pretty chilly in October and November.
Any clothing advice on specific varieties for newborns in august is appreciated
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2023.03.16 05:56 Mr-Reanimator Some Thoughts About The Godskins

I found something on the godskin apostle hood earlier, there seems to be something depicting and octopus, or octopus-like tentacles, and it got me thinking that the only thing we really know of in-game that relates to octopi is land octopi, with the only item they drop specifically being their ovaries. It got me curious to check out the sickening gear a little more closely, and I realized that those dark, detailed, borders on the outfits of the godskins are also literally just a mass of tentacles as well, further adding to the imagery that might connect them in some way, though not specifically to land octopi.

There's an emphasis on what seems to be death and birth, too, within the godskin culture, as they clearly hunt the deities with the intention of killing them, but there's also this equal opposite that the game makes sure to show us for some reason, that being the swaddling cloth that the newborn apostles are cradled in by the GEQ herself. There's quite a bit of emphasis on reproduction with their attire as well, imo, since there seems to be quite a bit of effort to depict breasts and bellybuttons on the godskin nobles, as seen on the back of their garbs (depicting breasts, a big belly, and a bellybutton), as well as a little bit on the front, with what you could argue is meant to be a depiction of some design sitting on their lower belly, maybe meant to be something of an adornment on their bellybutton.

If we read the land octopus ovary item text, the devs go out of their way to specifically let us know that their ovaries are puffy, milky, and white. That's way too much detail to be random info, I think it's intentional, because we also have a puffy, milky, white enemy type in the godskin nobles. The land octopus ovary also tells us that land octopi eat humans in order to reproduce, and that it is the blood of humans that flows through land octopi. If there is a potential connection to the godskin, as a parallel through the depiction of this emphasis on birth and death, then it begs the question, "How are the godskins born in the first place?"

It's a simple enough question, I'm sure we are all familiar with human reproduction, here, but it genuinely has me curious, because if there is a parallel to land octopi, then this might suggest the idea that godskin reproduction may occur through some process of killing a deity. If we really think about the godskins, they look pretty distinct, there's really no-one else like them, in terms of their physiology. Having these specific traits, you would think that they are their own ethnicity within The Lands Between, but we just kind of... don't see anyone else like them, like, anywhere.

If we take that as the godskins being their own self contained people, with the only female godskin we know of being the GEQ, then unless GEQ is just constantly bearing children, I wonder if their hunts may have something to do with how more godskin are created.

This could also explain, then, why they have such strange features, since a being born of another person's essence may exhibit traits of that person they'd be gaining life through death from. Usually people take on the traits of their parents anyway, so this could be like the magic equivalent of that. That being said, if the GEQ looked anything like Melina, it could explain the golden eyes that the godskins have, as they may be taking after their queen in that department, but otherwise, maybe taking on other traits of deity whose essence would have been used to bring about their birth. It would also fit in very neatly with the emphasis on depicting death and birth so closely, and the devs going out of their way to establish this motherly side to GEQ.

If Marika is anything to go by, Gods would refuse to die once they achieve that status, and would be too powerful for typical people to stop. The godskins may serve a necessary purpose socially, as well as in the natural order; by killing the Gods, they can reproduce, and return the life energy of the Gods to the universe.

This would also effectively ensure that no deity could become too powerful, and that they couldn't rule forever. This could be a function that isn't too unlike how bees pollinate because they're trying to get food, and in doing so, allow for plants to do their thing. In the greater context of Elden Ring and its universe, maybe this is also kind of like that, in that the Gods would need to die anyway, and they would keep amassing power and throwing off the balance... leading to a group of beings that could potentially have some benefit (outside of just culturally) from killing the deities. Sure, they like to do it, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a practical purpose to it as well, giving this cultural behavior a proper function that they benefit from, and the world around them likely benefits from, too.
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2023.03.15 23:08 snowcake7 The Big List

Hello all! I am not an active member of this group, but I am a mom of 2 little ones and was encouraged to share the big list I compiled while expecting both of my children. I hope this is the right place to post this, let me know if not.
I basically made this list of things to get done and to have before the baby is born, and included smaller lists at the bottom of what I put in my “mommy hospital bag” and my “baby hospital bag.” A couple of friends encouraged that I share my list here on the off chance it might help a new expecting parent think of more things they may want or need, or point out some things they may not have thought of. Obviously a person does not need everything on this list, but this is just what worked for me. So here it is:
The big list:
-Waterproof pad/towels for the bed and the car for mom -get carpets cleaned -install baby’s car seat -breast pump (double electric) -pumping bra to be hands free -milk freezer storage bags -baby bottles/nipples -diapers (newborn and size 1) -baby wipes -diaper bin with close fitting lid (dekor plus diaper pale) -diaper bin refill bags -baby bath tub -swaddles/muslin wraps -sleep sacks -bedside bassinet -baby sleepers -strollecar seat/carrier -rocking chaiglider -crib mattress -crib bedding -waterproof mattress pads/cover for crib -receiving blankets -nightlight -dresser -toy chest -soothers -baby toiletries -Shampoo/conditioner -Lotion -Diaper rash cream -Diaper bag -Electrical outlet covers -storage bins/baskets -electric bottle sterilizer
Mommy’s hospital bag: -Toothpaste -Toothbrush/floss -Hand sanitizer -Shampoo/conditioner -Deodorant -Lotion -Lip balm -slippers/socks -underwear -big maxi-pads -outfit to go home in -plastic bag for dirty laundry -nursing pads/bra -lanolin nipple cream/moisturizer -phone charger
Baby’s hospital bag: -diapers -baby wipes -diaper cream -nursing pillow -pyjamas/going home outfit -burp cloths/receiving blanket -hat -soother
A couple notes, I had some people laugh that I wanted to get waterproof covers for my bed because they said the chances of my water breaking there were slim to none. Well guess where my water broke like a fire hose! I was definitely thanking past me for setting that up so my mattress wouldn’t be ruined. I also never ended up using the baby bath tub. What ended up working out better for me, was laying a hand towel in the bottom of the big tub for baby to lay on so they didn’t slide around, and then covering baby with a wash cloth to keep them warm. Less mess, less stuff to store, was just easier to do it all there. I also never used an electric bottle sterilizer with my first, but treated myself with my second. It is a sweet luxury! So if you want to, and you can afford it, (or maybe ask for it as a shower gift,) it is a game changer and a time saver. Also, the hospital where I delivered provided everything except for baby wipes, rather they gave us these dry paper towel things that we had to wet. It was so nice that I had packed wipes in the baby bag so we could clean baby nicely with that instead of the sand-papery things they gave us.
Hope some of this can help someone! Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.14 15:46 Aldrigold Funniest fic lines you've come across?

I'm just curious as to some of those lines that made you laugh out loud--either because the author had a great mind for humor or maybe it was a newbie writer (even yourself) that unintentionally created some humor. No shaming, obviously--I just thought it would be fun to share some of the humorous lines out there.
To start, my favorite fic opener of all time was the following:
"Hi, my name is Wario, and this is my butt," Wario said as he slapped his ass.
I'm not sure where the fic was going after that but that line lives in my head rent-free.
And another one from a fic where the characters are putting on a school play:
It was there that Ace fished out the swaddle of cloth and doll that they were using for the second child. "My lady you were right! Here! A second son!" As Ace straightened his back the bundle fell from his arms. " Oh shit- " He scrambled to catch the fake baby, earning a scattered laugh from the audience as he tried to compose himself once more. Vil was going to murder him. "L-Look my lady! Behold your child!"
What about you guys? Surely I'm not the only one who lives for humor fics.
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