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2023.06.06 07:04 Wannabe-Wizard-1007 Mundis: Legend of the Five Wives and Husbands

The Legend of the Five Wives and Husbands

By Marcius Magus, Preceptor of Folklore and Mythology
Resident Lecturer of the Halidom's Starry Spire, 892 IA
The peoples living on the modern island protectorate of Calay and its nearby territories are known as the Calish. The Isles of Calay are called such due to the ancient name for this territory "Tir nan Calaman" which can be roughly translated as "Lands of the Dove." The origin of such a name has been the subject of much debate throughout the Isles and greater Occidis.
According to the ancient writers of the Drimion League and the Thesan Empire these lands were called as such due to the common usage of doves in the various rites central to the religions practiced by the earlier cultures of the region. As such doves were seen as holy creatures. Icons associated with the wisest of druids and the most revered of clan chiefs. Thus it is no surprise that the peoples of ancient Calay would seek to associate themselves with these blessed birds. Other creatures like boars, wolves, and cows were also seen as important symbols to the ancient Calish. However, it is held that none were held up as highly as the fair dove.
The voluminous cycles of Calish stories hold their own answer for the origin of this name. According to these legends the ancient Calish were not natively from the lands which with they are now known for. Instead they had another home, a lost homeland if you will. This fabled homeland is called "Tir nan Thuinn" which can be roughly translated as "Land of the Waves." According to these stories, the lands of this lost homeland were ruled by many different clans, much like ancient Calay. However these clans were said to be made up of people whose might and piety were second to none. They are said to have lived in a time that is now commonly called the Golden Age, the time before their was a separation between the spiritual and the material.
However, it is said the mortals of the island grew jealous of the spirits powers and immortality. The spirits are also said to have grown jealous of mortal-kinds ambitions and sense of freedom. Thus these groups, once fond friends, turned on one another. The war, commonly called the Rending of the Worlds, would result in the end of this age of unadulterated connection between the mortal world and the otherworld. The great battles of this struggle are said to have been so devastating that they caused the very lands of "Tir nan Thuinn" to be swallowed by the seas. In the end only ten mortals survived the fall of "Tir nan Thuinn." These are the legendary Five Wives and Five Husbands. Among these figures the unofficial leaders were the warrior queen Briga and her husband the eminent bard Bregon.
For seven years these sorrowful couples wandered the endless seas, arisen due to the Rending of the Spirits. Eventually their came a day when all hope had finally be lost. These forlorn people would forever remain lost. Some sought an end through the sea. Seeking to calm such fears it was Bregon who thought to take the doves used in divination and send them out to look for lands. So it was that each couple picked their most prized dove to venture out and find them a new home. As the weeks passed into months none of the doves returned. Once again many lost hope, even Briga and Bregon. However on the 17th month of their wandering a dove finally returned, with a small clover in its beak. This dove, the prized of Nemain and Nemed, was able to give them the insight needed to find a land in these boundless waters. The lands they found were verdant, but empty. For the great spirits who once called the areas home had ether become one with the world or had been banished to the otherworld. It was thus that these peoples spread far and wide and they called their new home "Tir nan Calaman" to honor the sacred bird who led them to their haven.
Of course such a tale, while an engaging story to tell at your local bar, cannot be corroborated. It does however have some similarities to stories told by the many ancient cultures who called the coasts of the Sapphire Sea home. If these similarities are taken seriously then perhaps their is some truth to this section of the old Calish cycles. However, it is impossible to know. For now it is a good enough story and when it comes to these kinds of ancient stories separating fact from fiction is nigh impossible so the search for the truth is never-ending.
Out of Character Note: So I was trying to come up with an in world origin for the name of one of the principal nations & peoples in the setting I use for my TTRPG campaigns (low-magic & human only world). Thought of this story a few weeks ago and only now getting down to writing it down. Wanted to see other peoples thoughts on it. By the way the nation this writer is from has as had a not all together positive relationship with Calay and the Calish. So I wanted to walk a fine line between portraying some with both a professional and genuine curiosity when it comes to trying understanding another culture, but they are also subject to the biases of their times. So hopefully any kind of offense that can be gleaned from this is not taken to be an innate truth of the setting. As I am aware that many of the names for things are derived from real world things, in real life I am an active student of history and religion so love respectfully using that stuff in my worldbuilding.
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2023.06.06 07:04 l_r_smart Hi I’m new here and was curious about decent bows.

What’s the attraction for them? What type of rolls would I be looking for in a decent bow? Also what type of bows are there? I have so many questions. I just hit level 200 after playing this game for a few months and I haven’t even begun to look into bows. How much damage could one hypothetically get out of a bow?
Sorry for all the questions but I’m genuinely intrigued but this is a whole new ball game to me.
submitted by l_r_smart to Fallout76BowHunters [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:02 I_am_Favray Glad with new effect?

Glad with new effect?
Haven’t seen any glads with the new effect. I did my best, if you have one POST IT!
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2023.06.06 07:01 AdLegal6151 Advice issues

Advice issues
Warning: whiny post but set up advice needed. So I met a fishing buddy but he suggested a 7’6 St Croix triumph spinning rod.
Complete disclaimer: I am kind of the person who - when it comes to fishing - am glad to catch a fish. I personally just wanted a more sturdy rod for catfish, nothing insane and for heavier fish. Catfish wise: they’re fun to catch. I want to keep getting better at fishing etc as well. I followed his advice: The reel he did recommended was a 2500 DAIWA regal, paired it with the right line etc, but for the triumph he wanted me to get a 7’6. The issue was basically this: I’m 5’ 1.5, and I get with practice it will be easier, but that’s a big rod for me. Even in the shop it didn’t feel right. I ended up going with a 7’ medium heavy and paired it with the 2500 reel mentioned prior in the post and it worked great. I had several people try it out and they loved it. Reeled in my PB channel cat tonight and it felt great. Issue is this guy is telling me I need a bigger reel now? I mean, I just need to know if this is absolutely necessary as now I cannot return the reel and it’s just tossing money away. IMO it worked fine. Anyways here’s a pic of the fish I caught about 2 hours ago and it was with absolute ease. Just confused on advice given - which I appreciate so much but at the same time am getting confused.
Basically, the main issue just getting advice from someone and having them take it personal, honestly getting mad at me (directl/passively),and having too many adjustments. IMO My set up is okay for what I’m going for, I’m not out here trying to beat Jeremy wade but if it’s absolutely necessary than I guess it’s fine. I know I sound snotty but I really did take his advice. I just didn’t feel comfortable with the 7’6 rod and that was all that changed. I didn’t mean any disrespect but now I am kinda getting bitched at LOL. I love my set up right now but I’m just not really sure a new reel is necessary. I’m always open it advice and appreciate it so much but now I am just getting confused I guess and kinda weirded out by the reactions. I always take advice and appreciate it so much.
Sorry if I sound like a complete ass - am not trying to be. Just confused and venting.
Main / bottom line is: do I really need to get a new reel and am I being a complete dick because I got the 7’ because it felt better to me than the 7’6?
Apologies for drama post, I took everything seriously but just didn’t like the 7’6 as I felt it was away too big for me.
Anyways hyped about my new PB!
submitted by AdLegal6151 to Fishing [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:01 AutomaticExchange337 Feedback/Rant

I am currently unable to get out of level 1 in Faceit. It took me under a week to get to DMG in regular CSGO matchmaking when I got back into it a month ago. I solo qued 95% of those games according to leetify.
I drop 30 bomb after 30 bomb in faceit level 1 matches. Occasionally I don’t. I win every match I don’t have a troll or a griefer. The problem is every level 1 lobby has someone trolling, being toxic, or griefing.
Today I had a match where 2 people had 1 kill by halftime then quit. Today I had a lobby where 2 teammates had about 50 games played and a 7% win rate. I dodged and took a que ban. Today I had a match where a teammate just threw a molly at my team as soon as the round started every round then quit. Those are only the 3 I remember from today.
Now how am I supposed to get from 350 elo to like 800 to get to level 2? Level 1 lobbies are just trolls and griefers. I am being forced to make a new account and play 10 placement matches again if I want to get anywhere ever.
My other issue with Faceit is it’s holding onto stats from back when I was pipsqueak many many years ago. When I came back to Faceit after many years it put me right where I left off like 6 years ago.
My friends who haven’t played Faceit in like 5-6 years or CSGO for that matter are where they left off at level 6. They just get destroyed every match. Why the hell are they still that level? Why the hell are me and my friends only given 3 placement games instead of a reset and 10 placements?
The funny thing is I am way better then my friends and they’re 5 levels higher then me.
Make it make sense. Anyways I canceled my premium subscription and will stick to mythic where I actually can at least get competitive matches with people who aren’t just level 1 trolls.
submitted by AutomaticExchange337 to FACEITcom [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:01 likeidontexistt I want you

I’ve been wondering if you felt it too . It’s that beautiful feeling .. when it’s all brand new . I just want to know you . Not trying to come off too strong .. I just feel like I’ve always known you . I felt comfortable with you from the first conversation we had , I’m nervous to talk to you but not scared to be myself . You’re older .. and you have a past but I’m intrigued .. I want to know your history .. I feel crazy because I have thought about you every single day since we met . I think you’re going to be something to me .. I just don’t know what yet . I hope it’s something good . I like your eyeballs . I hope you like my squinty eyes too . I fantasize about you .. I haven’t craved a specific person like this for so long .. I want you .,,
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2023.06.06 07:00 rahulm492 Should I buy him now or he will fall?

Should I buy him now or he will fall? submitted by rahulm492 to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:00 Ashleyv_m C4C accept one of mg invites and i’ll accept yours back

i need new or existing users for this one
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2023.06.06 07:00 owlloveyouforowlways Stressed

I’m stressed out. I feel like everyone time I’m about to get my footing (or even think about MAYBE getting it) something comes and punches me in the gut.
My fridge looks bare, all my cards are or are nearly maxed out. I don’t know what my husbands cards look like but I’m not confident there. And today I got a letter from the IRS telling me that I still haven’t paid my taxes…. Taxes I thought my husband had either already paid or put on a payment plan. Nope. Another $2,000 I owe. But guess what?! We had to have this cool new fan! It was on sale it’s on a payment plan too!…. Did we need it? No. Was it discussed before purchase? No. But it’s here and I’ll be a bitch if I say anything. “Everything will work out” is what he says but will it? How specifically will it work out? What specifically are we doing? I’m trying to just stay a float you can’t seem to cancel your gym membership you don’t use. It only $10 but it’s $10 we can use for something else. What if I switch all our streaming services to basic? No you don’t like ads. Are fucking serious? We shouldn’t even have a streaming service! I just im tired I know this is partially my fault but to be honest I feel like he’s making it worse and ugh I just want to tell my daughter we have $0 please stop asking for literally anything that costs money. As a matter of fact we owe you money! Thank you for paying the gas bill last month dear and for helping pay the credit card honey. I feel like a shot mom and awful wife because I just want to talk about money and bills all the time or about his mental health . We can’t afford helping with his mental health because we have to pay our bills. I just feel like I’m missing a big chunk of information every time I look at our finances. But my daughter deserves a good summer and a good birthday so i trudged along and hope I don’t get an overdraft fee that I can’t afford to cover from another bill that I didn’t know we had….
submitted by owlloveyouforowlways to u/owlloveyouforowlways [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 07:00 Adventurous_Yam347 Videos rarely break 300 views

I’ve been posting 3 videos everyday for the past 2-3 months and all my videos get between 200-280 views within 30 mins to an hour and then stop after the first hour.
They get solid likes and comments from new people and some follows as well but for some reason can never views after the first hour.
I’m a music artist making a variety of content related to my music.
Does anyone else have a similar experience? The quality on my content is good so I’m looking for a reason as to why they don’t get pushed anymore after the first hour. Also this is my first time posting on this thread so hey.
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2023.06.06 06:59 Bi11_Buttlicker Need food suggestions for short trip this week!

Hey all! I’m taking a train up to New Haven this Wednesday for a short trip to get some tattoo work done. It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision so didn’t allow for much time.
I’ll get to NH around 8:30 pm Wednesday. I’m staying at the New Haven hotel (close to my station). I’ll be at the shop all day Thursday, probably leave around 8-9, and my train home leaves early Friday morning.
Any food suggestions for the evenings and for breakfast Thursday? Will anything really be open after 8/9 pm? Price isn’t a concern, just love trying good food, love low key spots and fine dining establishments. Huge seafood fan and also considering searching for some good Chicken Piccata if I can find it!
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 06:58 unableplankton24 practicum school

hey guys, my education practicum school is in a contest to win 20K, we're super underfunded and in a low socioeconomic area (balwin). please vote for us, balwin school, you just need an email and name, use a fake if you want!!
We are getting new special ed classes in september and a cogito program, this would help us a lot!!
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2023.06.06 06:57 Candy_D_Chopper See his excuses

See his excuses
For context I attack Thailand and captured 5 cities from him,but he moved quickly and captured the last city before me
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2023.06.06 06:57 ryu289 They really want to ignore their violence

Parent power: More on the North Hollywood elementary school where a Pride flag was burned
Oh goodie, they support vandalism.
Fights broke out between protesters and LGBTQ activist counter-protesters. LAPD officers broke up the fights.
The "parents" were the only ones being violent. This is who they support. Why?
The parents at Saticoy Elementary School protested against a planned assembly at the school last Friday. A Pride Month event was the reading from “The Great Big Book of Families.’ The book is about diversity and “all kinds of families.” One father among the protesters is speaking out. The father of four is refusing to send his children back to school until he can speak with school officials. Manuk Grigoryan said he is “fed up.” He’s not alone.
And why though?
Yet, that is exactly what the parents protesting the assembly are doing – trying to protect their children.
From what?
Other blue states should pay attention. Parents across the country are beginning to rise up and say enough is enough. Stop propagandizing young children. It’s a topic that is over their heads until they are older. Most parents want to be the ones to teach their children about sexual matters and gender issues, they don’t want schools to take over their jobs. Those that do not listen in this environment do so at their own peril.
So showing them nothing but heterosexuals won't go over their heads, but homosexuality will? Do you think they will have sexual intercourse if they learn about other family structures?
What "Pride" looks like in a school
St. Joh’s Pride Day was a wonder to behold. Kids were treated to a school decorated to the child with not only Pride propaganda but lots of transgender-affirming materials. To be clear, we are talking about an elementary school with children as young as 6 years old being indoctrinated into an ideology that is all about sexual preferences and the most anti-tradition and anti-religion madness that exists today.
You mean showing tolerance for other sexualities like they do for heterosexuality? You make it sound like they want to turn the kids gay when they have this:
PRIDE, LOVE & ACCEPTANCE reigned supreme
I have no familiarity with recent cultural trends in Newfoundland, so perhaps the residents have truly embraced this Brave New World where chopping kids to bits is the highest good, but I sincerely doubt it.
You do so when being gender conforming. It is revealing to contrast this reaction to a much more common clinical situation, specifically that cisgender girls under 18 can and do undergo breast augmentation and reduction without the conservative hand-wringing over “body mutilation” that top surgery incurs despite its noted benefits on gender congruence and chest dysphoria. Even cisgender patients experience physical and psychosocial well-being following reduction mammaplasty; studies largely conclude that the benefits of breast reduction surgery can provide adolescents outweigh the risks. Surgeries on cisgender minors are up to 24 times more common than surgeries on trans minors. It is estimated that, in 2020, 3,200 cisgender girls aged 13 to 19 received breast implants, and over 4,600 cisgender teenagers had breast reductions, while only 203 trans minors had top surgery. Reuter recently ran the numbers to identify how many youth have accessed gender-affirming medical and surgical care. They identified 256 gender-affirming top surgeries performed on trans youth aged 13-17 in 2020. In three years – from 2019 to 2021 – there were only 56 genital surgeries among patients ages 13 to 17 with a gender dysphoria diagnosis. To get a sense of the numbers, the analysis drew on public and private health insurance claims for about 330 million U.S. patients over five years from 2017 to 2021. This hardly means that clinicians are “going rogue.”
The moral panic about children having gender surgeries disregards the many obstacles trans people experience in access to surgical care, including socioeconomic barriers such as insurance access and out-of-pocket costs, barriers related to obtaining behavioral health letters in support of surgery, limited surgeon availability, and, for minors, the need for parental permission. Many insurance companies do not provide coverage for gender-affirming surgery on minors.
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2023.06.06 06:57 CKangel Free Udemy Coupon Courses - Limited Time

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2023.06.06 06:55 rickhamilton620 Apartment building entrance is on VZ address checker but actual unit address isn't - any issues with this?

I'm moving to a new apartment building but the building is brand new, has no telephone jacks and is Comcast exclusive. I'm looking at cheaper alternatives and came across 5G home internet.
I noticed that if I put the address of the entrance to my complex in the checker, the address qualifies. But the system doesn't have the unit address which is different and named after the complex.
EX w/ fake names: entrance is 2030 wilson st while the apt bldg is called Johnson Estates and the unit is 3043 Johnson Lane
Here's a pic showing the relative distance - its not much: Imgur - the gray dot circled in yellow is the address that's in the system while the blue X is my new apartment's relative location in the building on the top floor.
Do you think it'll be a problem if i order the service using the entrance address but then update to my actual apartment unit's address? Would love to save money vs going to Comcast.
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2023.06.06 06:55 pixelnull Getting local sillytavern to work with ooba in runpod

Trying to use ST on my local machine to talk to TheBloke/Wizard-Vicuna-30B-Uncensored-GPTQ in runpod via ooba. I'm new to runpod.
I can't find anything on how to get ST to talk to the ooba API. Do I need to enable TCP on the port instead of http?
I'm too tired right now to try it tonight but will try tomorrow.
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2023.06.06 06:53 TrashThatCan Should I move up to 2/5?

It happens to me a lot, I play 1/2 and after an hour or two people leave all at the same time and we're left at a 3-5 handed table. I love playing short handed too and dominate harder there. I always change my seat or table when I see no clear advantage, but i have a knack for making people annoyed or leave the table. I don't say anything it's probably just how I play or maybe it's because I'm too quiet. I used to play live at TCH Dallas but now I play at TCH Social.
Maybe i play too tight but i adjust to how the table is playing and who I'm heads up against so sometimes i use a polarized limp in strategy along with TAG. I also counter players like letting the maniac bet into my made hand, or checking to a TAG when i raised pre flop and smashed the flop to trap them.
I'm a losing player though but I did have one winning session at Winstar 2/5 out of 2 sessions which put me at a net profit for $700 at 2/5, but I'm -8k in 1/2 after 4 years of playing like once a month. If I had 3k I would for sure take a shot at 2/5 with 3 buy ins, but I'm 15k in credit card debt, from food delivery and not having a job and i also hate my life lul
Should I just save 1k and run it up to the moon or should I take a break while I fix my credit and start another business? I pay myself about $100-200 a week from my business which is 10% of the net profit and i can't change that because of my partner but if i start a new business I'll be able to use all that money for whatever i want.
I want to play 5/10 at Bellagio and Tournament circuits and WPTs, EPT, PCA, and WSOP but I don't know how to win in low stakes, is it the same in higher stakes? But still my biggest weakness is the straddle, the double board bomb pot, and when the maniac sits to my left. I'm 25 and single no babies so i don't have to stress about chasing my dreams for a few years.
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2023.06.06 06:52 bubblegum_bee Is this a healthy fandom?

Hi, I’m new here and just finished the show two days ago. Is the BSD fandom healthy? I don’t want to worry about a toxic fandom like other animes may have. I haven’t read the manga and only watched the English dub version.
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2023.06.06 06:51 Rare-Plantain3317 Coach recommendations?

I’m new to endurance sports, just did my first Sprint last weekend and am really enjoying it! I signed up for a marathon later this year and am contemplating adding in another triathlon before then. With this in mind, I’m thinking about hiring a coach to help me structure my workouts, think through strategy and look at the overall picture. Since I’m newer to the sport, I don’t feel the need to spend ~$200/month or more on a seasoned coach. I know you get what you pay for but curious if anyone has any recommendations for up and coming coaches who are charging a little less or additional coaching platforms/groups that would still help me hit my races? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 06:51 BlackFrazier Soil Test- What happens when you use too much Buildasoil craft blend and re-amend kit

Soil Test- What happens when you use too much Buildasoil craft blend and re-amend kit
At least I think. The sodium levels are waaaay too high and I've heard craft blend can cause that. This is with 4 runs in BAS 3.0. Less is more or maybe none is more.... That's a lot of sodium!
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