Heart and seoul gospel ministries

Charlatans, pharisees, crooks, grifters, and false prophets

2020.03.26 20:02 howtocookawolf Charlatans, pharisees, crooks, grifters, and false prophets

Post videos or news stories related to those ministers and clergy of the world who are teaching the prosperity gospel, demanding tithes from your Nana, and using their ministries to line their own pockets.

2012.07.11 06:05 freshbrewedcoffee Hymns

Welcome to /hymns! This is a community for those of us that enjoy the timeless sounds of pipe organs, pianos, and uplifted voices. All are welcome here! Treat each other with respect, and enjoy the music.

2014.05.17 23:57 leftboot Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

The primary mission of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is to reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Distinctive in its strong evangelistic and apologetic foundation, the ministry of RZIM is intended to touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and influencers of society through the support of the visionary leadership of Ravi Zacharias.

2023.06.06 07:52 Heavy-Macaroon-5176 Body positive ad in Lebanon!

Body positive ad in Lebanon!
I was positively surprised when I saw this ad and I had to double check that the brand was 100% lebanese! And it was! I’m proud!
However I would be even MORE proud if they display a woman as well and break the stereotype that only men allowed to have keresh and women should look like skinny models.
Some people in the comments found the ad “funny”, but I hope with time people realise that having extra-weight isn’t a thing of humour and people just exist no matter what their shape/size/color is :)
Disclaimer: I’m not advocating for obesity and health issues, you can be skinny/fit and have health issues as well 😊 (diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, ect….) the looks do not indicate what’s going on the inside of your body!
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2023.06.06 07:52 Unlikely-Coffee-3077 real life creepypasta bendy's big war

when i was kid i love bendy it was fun to watch it i discovered the creepy DVD it said in a 60 minute movie the DVD smelled like a blood i insert it in Xbox 360 the DVD menu was empty it had the scary version of the bendy with black eyes with the blue pupils only 6 options was PLAY ALL SPECIAL FEATURES EPISODES AUDIO SET UP VIDEO UP and THX MEDIA then click PLAY ALL button it started with bendy theme song it was normal it started with bendy playing with lurker but suddenly bendy annoyed by the lurker and killed lurker with a shotgun the Alice came and said
bendy:i killed lurker because he was too annoying
Boris:how dare kill the lurker that's it we are having the war
then Boris got out the machine gun and Alice got out a ak 47 Alice shot bendy on the eyes
bendy:that ones so hurts i will shoot you
bendy got out a giant long shotgun and shot Boris on the legs
Boris gets the flying car and destroys the house
Alice:that's it i will shoot Boris on the heart
Boris got out the machine gun and shoot at searchers's house
the projectionist:WHAT DID THEY DO!!! WE WILL EXPLODE THE BOMB!!!!
Alice strangles projectionist
porter:take that you bitch
porter goes to Edgar's house and blows up the Edgar's house
Sam:you killed Edgar! you are also going to the die shit!!!!!
Henry: no bendy!
nuclear bomb aims at Henry
nuclear bomb explodes it and burns the entire city the corpses have been turned into the skeletons and the Disney animation studio was gone Henry and Sam was died too survivor of the city was searchers
i destroyed the DVD the end
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2023.06.06 07:51 ApplePaleoMuffin Just starting the process of a divorce

I've been with my husband for 13 years. We met when I was 19 years old and he was 21 years old.
We have started drawing up what the divorce is going to look like for us and our 2 kids.
Even though this divorce is well overdue, I'm finding myself getting cold feet while discussing the arrangements.
I'm terrified about being on my own for some reason, even though I have felt like I've been on my own for years.
And I'm terrified of the financial strain that I might feel. We've been so financially comfortable for so long and the thought of having to worry about money is scaring the hell out of me.
And I barely can find the time now to get stuff done around the house, how am I going to get anything done when I lose that extra set of hands?
Is this normal to feel this way? I thought I would be excited for a new future completely under my own rules, but my heart is racing and I can't think about anything else other than how stressful my life is about to become.
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2023.06.06 07:51 MasterpieceClear4533 Is this emotional neglect?

Started taking my sibling serious when she unironically (i hope that’s the right word) told me that my dad was a narcissist when i was younger. The same sibling who butters him up knowing how he treats me and the whole fam. Now with all the research I’ve done, I’ve concluded that I live in a toxic fam system, as most of you prob do too.
I’ve been having these symptoms since I was a toddler and I’m still not better. I used to always get dizzy/ st even faint: either because it was too hot, eating something too spicy, watching TV or being on my phone (and that was most of the time, cuz my parents were always working and still are), even waking up from a nap it felt like i could physically feel my brain move against my skull. There’s always some sort of painful feeling in my head. St I physically just want to open my head up, and see what’s going on for myself.
I’ve also always been fatigued. I never truly felt genuinely healthy in my life. My parents take me to doctors but it’s always the bare minimum take Advil, exercise, eat healthy. The things is, I feel like my parents make it so that I can’t even do those things. For example, if I want sth (even if it’s like a new deo that they’ve bought plenty times before), I’d have to go out and get it with my parents. Despite my parents ordering me around, talking down to me in front of other customers, and just making me feel bad in general. This caused me huge embarrassment, so I ended up shopping online instead.
I remember I stopped eating from 6 - 8 grade and I was visibly tired, dirty, and skinny and everytime I would ask my mom to buy food that i could just heat up and heat.
She’d get angry at me, all she does is not ingredients and I physically could not cook for myself anymore. I couldn’t eat as I just got tired of eating the same things over again. That’s when my Uber Eats addiction started and I would buy pizza every week. Cus it’s literally the only thing I wanted to eat. Ik it sounds selfish and crazy, but my body refused to eat anything else at the time. My mom would get notified of what i bought and would literally go in a rampage throwing things and screaming when she got back home. This is prob what worsened my SA and my borderline agoraphobic tendencies.
I started ordering online more often, luckily i had a job at the age of 14. But everytime I ordered sth for myself, i.e, soap. My mom would get furious and tell me I didn’t need it—that the money doesn’t belong to me and that she gives me everything, despite me always complaining about my itchy ass skin and her never buying diff products to alleviate that. Its like i find a solution that they refuse to provide and when i actually help myself, it annoys them.
She (still) has control over my account, and would occasionally take money from my savings and use them to give to relatives living in another country or whatever else. Rn I don’t have a job cus social anxiety, agoraphobia, OCD, depression. I’ve been looking for a therapist under my mom’s insurance for months and she has done nothing to try and make an appt. She’s always asking if i’ve done sth yet (& while i do procrastinate alot). It’s hard to anything with raging migraines, occasional hunger pangs, & severe mental issues. That she’s not willing to address unless it’s too use it against me in an argument.
They never even look for any other solutions or try to investigate further what’s going on with me. In fact everyday i’m researching a diff illness to figure out what’s wrong with me.
I was a chubby kid in elementary school, so to fix that my parents made me eat salads every morning. St I made cereal, but it was mostly salads with random assortment of ingredients like mayonnaise, hot dogs, and olives. I hated it but forced myself to eat it everyday. When I got to middle school I developed IBS-like symptoms and it worsened in anxious situations. I believe I had untreated social anxiety and depression and tried to muscle through every social interaction even while I could feel my heart racing through the anxiety, but I managed to seem okay until middle school. St I randomly cried in my room and the sight of it always seemed like it inconvenienced THEM.
I also have siblings who weren’t really there for me (ik they were dealing with stuff too, but i feel like there’s some sort of advocacy a sib would do for their (esp. younger sibling). But there was not much. I think the most ironic thing is that my mom is a nurse and dies everything in her power to not take me to the doctors. And one of my siblings is a literal neuroscientist but did everything in their power to bring me down verbally, probably knowing I was depressed. I think that’s what disgusts me about my family the most.
There’s so much layers to the problems I have, I can’t cover it in one post. People like to treat me like I’m a good girl, gone bad. But looking back on the things i had and still deal with, I’m surprised I’m still alive. Everyday, I feel my body is failing me. But nope we’re still here. It’s exhausting, I wish ppl knew what I was going through. Even when they do, no sort of empathy whatsoever.
I’ve been thinking of just asking them to take me to a psych ward cus then I’ll at least be out of the house and away from them. Don’t even have friends who can take me there or i could even discuss my issues with. Ik it’s been used as gossip before. I really just want some one willing to take care of me, I’m tired of doing it myself.
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2023.06.06 07:50 Red-Raptor3 Seems like they really took those fan criticisms about Rebecca and Claire's portrayals in the last 2 movies to heart.

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2023.06.06 07:50 That_Dealer_5556 Brett Dennis Buckman passed away unexpectedly at the age of 21 on June 2nd, 2023. Born on December 3rd, 2001, in Bel Air, Maryland

Brett Dennis Buckman was a shining example of perseverance, dedication, and kindness. His untimely passing has left an unfillable void in the hearts of his family, friends, and colleagues.
Brett Dennis Buckman spent the majority of his life growing up in Bel Air, Maryland, where he attended local schools and discovered a passion for computers and technology. From an early age, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand complex systems and solve problems with creativity and ingenuity. As he grew older, his skills only continued to develop, and he soon became recognized as a prodigy within the local tech community.
After graduating from high school, Brett decided to pursue a career in the burgeoning field of cloud computing. In 2020, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of greater opportunities and the chance to build a name for himself in the industry. It wasn't long before his talent caught the attention of major tech companies, eventually landing him a position as a Cloud Architect at Salesforce.
In his role at Salesforce, Brett worked tirelessly to create innovative solutions for clients and help businesses streamline their operations. His dedication to his work earned him not only the respect of his peers but also the admiration of his superiors. Despite his young age, Brett quickly became a valued and trusted member of the Salesforce team.
Outside of his professional life, Brett was known for his infectious smile, his love of the outdoors, and his willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He had a strong sense of community and was always eager to volunteer for local initiatives or events. He was an active member of several clubs and organizations, including the Atlanta Hiking Club and the Georgia Tech Meetup Group.
One of Brett's most endearing qualities was his unwavering belief in the power of kindness and the impact it could have on the world around him. He often went out of his way to help others, whether it was providing a listening ear, offering a word of encouragement, or simply being there for someone when they needed it most. His kindness and compassion were a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who knew him.
Brett's adventurous spirit led him to explore the world beyond Atlanta, taking him on unforgettable journeys to far-off places. He was an avid traveler, always eager to experience new cultures and learn from the people he met along the way. His curiosity about the world around him was matched only by his determination to make a positive impact wherever he went.
Brett Dennis Buckman's tragic and untimely passing has been met with profound sadness and disbelief by all who knew him. His memory will be forever cherished.
A celebration of Brett's life will be held at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on June 15th, 2023, at 2:00 pm. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Brett's memory to the American Red Cross or a charity of your choice.
As we mourn the loss of Brett Dennis Buckman, let us remember the incredible impact he had on the lives of those around him. His legacy will live on through the countless people he touched with his kindness, intelligence, and unwavering spirit. Rest in peace, Brett Dennis Buckman, and may you continue to inspire us all.
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2023.06.06 07:48 alwayslaying A weird gut feeling

I’m female 20, 5’1, normal weight. I have never had any serious health issues. There’s some family history of heart disease but this doesn’t seem like that. For the last two ish months I have had some odd symptoms. A weird rash like area on my hand that no creams help. Extreme tiredness, there have been nights I have slept for 13-15 hours without waking up and I still felt tired after. For the last few weeks I have had weird stomach pains mixed with the constant urge to throw up but I never end up throwing up. I feel lightheaded a lot. I am kind of starting to freak out and don’t know what to do. I’ve been to the doctors and they say it’s stress. But I have no reason to be stressed and feel perfectly okay mentally. I have had burn out before but this is nothing like that.
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2023.06.06 07:48 stripes29 Regional differences in doctrine

Growing up in a tight knit ward in the Midwest, I was taught that Christ was merciful and that all things would be made right by him through the plan of salvation. Even if a family member left and rejected the gospel, it was part of the plan and they would get a second chance in the afterlife. One of the first cracks in my shelf was in a religion class at BYUI when a classmate expressed how she knew that even though her sister had left the church, everything would be okay. The teacher promptly and smugly shot her down in front of everyone and said she would spend eternity without her sister because her sister rejected saving ordinances. It blew my mind that the doctrine wasn’t actually that families would “be together forever”. Did anyone else encounter differences in what was taught outside of the Utah area or was my ward just really going off script?
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2023.06.06 07:48 MyDailyDreams 29F with recurrent nosebleeds on both sides.

29 F, 5"9, 220 lbs, Caucasian, fhx of heart attacks, heart failure, stroke, gran Mal seizures, high blood pressure, diabetes, uterine cancer.
Bipolar disorder, physical in the last year without diabetes or high blood pressure or other abnormalities. Trying to lose weight through diet and light exercise, no medications. On spironolactone, lamotrigine, and prazosin. Take a multivitamin gummy. No alcohol use or smoking. No coffee but I do consume caffeine via occasional iced twas.
I'm having nosebleeds pretty frequently, I'd say every other day. I thought it was just the dry winter weather (now we are into summer, obviously, so I'm not so sure.) They usually come on suddenly, like when I'm driving my car or watching TV. I figure I must have some scratches or something in my nostrils, but now this has been going on for months.
Got a dr appt in a few weeks. Worth going to urgent care in the meantime? Just had a pretty long one on my right side is why I ask. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 07:48 Rainbow_Dash_RL Playing every Zelda game: Twilight Princess

To celebrate the new game that is out now, I'm playing through every Legend of Zelda main game. I first played Twilight Princess in my late teens when it was brand new, but was never able to finish it. Now I have completed the entire game, and though it has aged poorly it was still a wonderful experience and I'd say it still holds up as one of my favorite Zelda titles.
I am using strategy guides to find all of the secrets and easter eggs. I'm not going for 100%, but I am taking the time to visit the extra side content in each game. Next, I'm planning to play each game in order, starting with the OG.
Serious spoilers for Twilight Princess below.
Assistant: 10/10 Midna is a great character, her story is amazing, her powers are amazing, and to be totally honest I had a crush on her back in high school. She tends to offer useful hints on request without being annoying and she can freaking teleport.
Combat: 8/10 Amazing sword combat, some of the best in Zelda history. The hidden skills add a lot of depth and nuance to combat. Then there's the Hawkeye, Clawshot, fighting as a wolf. It's just too bad they programmed a parry skill and only let you use it in the final part of the final battle. The targeting system is a big let down, fighting multiple strong enemies at once is a nightmare without the ability to switch (on the original version). Great sense of progression, in the Twilight Castle I patiently boomeranged bats over to me, swiped them out of the sky without targeting, and walked away like a badass. It felt awesome.
Dungeons/Bosses: 8/10 Some of the early ones were bland, but those later levels are breathtaking. Temple of Time. Sky City. Twilight Castle. That neat Snowpeak Ruins with its fun puzzles and items and some good soup, uh. Some of the best bosses I've ever seen not just in Zelda, but in any game. I loved the Dragon, the stupid beyblade battle in the Arbiter's Grounds, and the unhinged battle against Zant the best. Fighting Darknuts and those flying armored lizards is so satisfying.
Design/Graphics: 6/10 In comparison with other GameCube games and compared with the best-looking games of 2006, the graphics are mediocre and big chunks of the overworld feel unfinished. All of Hyrule Field looks like its still rendering. But, the diversity of level design and the avoidance of reusing assets really helps offset this. The Temple of Time looks just incredible, I spent a few minutes in some of the rooms just admiring the scenery. Snowpeak is also pretty.
Items: 9/10 A huge variety of cool items: Ball and Chain, Hawkeye, Double Claw Shot, Zora armor, the spinny gadget, Dominion Rod, Horse Whistle, Ghost Lamp. Even that stupid Magic Armor is cool looking and a flex to own. These items are used well and consistently; the penultimate battle (IMO better than the final boss) tests your knowledge on many of them.
Navigation: N/A The emulated GameCube version I played did not have functional maps or minimaps. I could see my general location on a blank black square, but that was about it. The dungeons felt confusing and too complex but I can't judge this without working maps.
Puzzles: 6/10 Mixed bag. The Goron mines were neat, but way too slow (clunk clunk clunk). Water temple was a cool interactive logic puzzle, but it can go from thirty minutes to over two hours if you do it wrong because of how much time it takes to reset things. Sky City. Just: Everything. Yes, I would like to get blown off a ledge going to the shop or standing still analyzing the puzzle room, thank you.
QoL 2/10: Many of the best moments in the game were ruined by questionable programming choices. Jousting against King Bulbin took a dozen tries because of how finicky the hitbox is. What should have been an awesome beast vs beast battle against Gannondorf took half my health and all of my patience because grappling him did not work the same way it does for the Gorons. There's a spot in Sky City where you have to squeeze through narrow gaps while riding a Peahat. That's not so bad. Clearing out four enemies and climbing vines to be allowed to try again when the janky hitboxes get in the way is pretty bad. Why did they make climbing so slow?! I know that's not a technical limit. OOT had faster climbing. No options to turn off inverted controls.
Secrets/Extras: 8/10 All kinds of secret areas, including an entire cave system at Lake Hylia. Minigames and sidequests galore. There's a fun one to unlock the large quiver and a spare bomb bag. A fishing challenge, golden bugs, Poe souls, a sword trials, the Malo Mart and hot springs water quests (You HAVE to go out of your way to earn the 3,000 Rupees for the Malo mart, trust me it is worth it). My favorite one was the Hidden Village. Both the main quest (a wild west shootout with a bow) and the optional quest (Transform into a wolf and talk to all the kitties in town for a heart piece!) are my favorites in the game.
Story: 10/10 I cried like a baby. Holy shit, what a ride. This game may have its rough edges but I highly suggest pushing through the annoying parts to enjoy the full journey. Darkness vs light may be a cliche as old as time, but Twilight Princess pulled it off with style.
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2023.06.06 07:47 CoIIatz-Conjecture Omron E5 Error Message w/o Interference of Clothing?

Hi all,
I have slightly high blood pressure (135/70) due to either my meds or genetics. When using my relatives blood pressure machine, I regularly get an error message saying E5, which means my clothing is interfering with the reading. I checked and did it again, there was no clothing in the way. Whenever this happens, my BPM drops to <40 (I checked manually and with a fitbit, plus, the lowest I've seen the machine go is 40bpm), which makes me think it may be due to how low my natural heart rate is. What do you all think?
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2023.06.06 07:47 IndividualGure Why would you board up a space that big instead of turning it into a closet?

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2023.06.06 07:47 Sad-Initial-227 If Octopath COTC ever have a Final Fantasy collab. Who would you like as travelers?

8 additional travelers each representing a job in Octopath. I’ll go first.
Apothecary Aerith (Light)
4 RT light attack
1 ST light nuke
3 RT Axe attack (also targets staff weakness)
Burst Esuna
Burst Cure
Full front row regen at full health (80 potency)
When she dies in a battle, fully restore everyone’s HP, BP and SP (Once)
Great Gospel. Makes front row completely block both physical and magical attacks twice. Thrice at lvl 10z
Note: I know she’s more suited as a cleric but heck she loves flowers.
Cleric Yuna (all elementals)
Burst heal
4 hit ST fire (Ifrit)
4 hit ST ice (Shiva)
3 hit ST wind (also hit thunder) (Ixion)
3 hit ST dark (also hit light) (Bahamut)
Increased MAG 30%
Grant HP barrier when healing above max HP
6 ST hit all elementals. Double cast at level 10.
Scholar Vivi (Dark)
2 hit ST dark HP absorb
4 hit ST dark
4 hit RT tome (very high chance of blind)
3 hit AOE dark (reduce dark res 15% 3 turns)
1 hit ST dark nuke (reduce dark res and mdef 15% 2 turns)
Increased Dark elemental 30%
Automatically swap to back row when damaged and grant and heals 25% of the damage
Doomsday. 1 hit AOE dark nuke (like 900 potency) but reduce all party members HP by 25%. 1000 potency and 15% HP damage to members at level 10.
Thief Rikku (Lightning)
Burst speed up 15% 3 turns
4 hit RT (15% dagger res down, stacks per hit)
2 hit AOE lightning (Speed down 3 turns, high chance of paralysis)
Burst BP heal
1 hit dagger nuke. Also hits lightning weakness.
Increased speed 30%
While in the back row, grant entire front row 15% speed.
Priority 4 hit RT dagger that also hit lightning weakness, inflict 15% dagger res down, 100% chance of paralysis for 1 turn and grants front row 1BP. Double cast at level 10.
Hunter Rosa (light)
6 hit ST bow. Also hit light weakness.
4 hit RT bow with self bow attack up 20% for 2 turns. Also hit light weakness.
AOE heal
1 hit ST bow nuke. Also hits light weakness. Burst SP regen for 3 turns.
Self SP regen (20)
When in the back row, grant paired front ally SP regen (20)
6 hit ST bow. Also hit light weakness. Grant front row HP and SP regen for 2 turns. 3 turns at level 10.
Merchant Cid (Wind/fire)
1 hit ST fire. Reduce shield by 3 regardless of weakness.
3 hit ST spear. Inflicts 15% spear res down 2 turns.
3 hit ST wind. Inflicts 15% wind res down 2 turns.
3 hit ST fire. Inflicts 15% fire res down 2 turns.
1 hit ST spear nuke. Also hits wind and fire weakness.
Increased Spear, wind and fire damage by 30%
Priority at max boost.
8 hit ST spear. Also hit wind and fire weakness and inflicts spear, wind and fire res down 10%. Guaranteed critical on broken enemies. Higher potency and 15% res down at level 10.
Dancer Yuffie (Lightning)
AOE lightning res down 20% for 2 turns.
AOE fan res down 20% for 2 turns.
3 hit AOE fan. Also hit dagger weakness.
4 hit AOE lightning. Inflicts 10% lightning res down for 3 turns.
1 hit fan nuke. Fan res down 10% for 2 turns. Also hit dagger weakness.
Physical damage up 30%
At 50% HP or less, all skills have a very high chance to inflict paralysis and haermorraghe.
Ultimate: 7 hit ST fan nuke. Also hits dagger weakness. Guaranteed paralysis and haermorraghe for 2 turns. Guaranteed critical at level 10.
Warrior Clive (Fire/Ice/Wind/Lightning)
2 hit ST sword nuke. Also hits fire. Guaranteed critical at max boost.
2 hit ST sword nuke. Also hits ice. Guaranteed critical at max boost.
2 hit ST sword nuke. Also hits wind. Guaranteed critical at max boost.
2 hit ST sword nuke. Also hits lightning.
AOE taunt. Counter with 1 hit that breaks enemy shields regardless of weakness when hit by physical or magical attack. Also grant self 20% Phys. and Mag. def buff.
At 50% HP or lower increase physical, elemental and sword damage by 30%.
Raised damage cap of entire front row by 100k when at the front row.
4 hit sword nuke (900 potency per hit) Also hit fire, ice, wind and lightning weakness. Taunt the enemy to self for 2 turns. 1000 potency and increased taunt to 3 turns.
Pick any character from any FF franchise. If you can design your own 8 different job characters from FF universe in Octopath. What would your 8 FF collab characters be?
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2023.06.06 07:47 thepinkpigs Paw-some Gifts for Dog Lovers

Discover a wag-fantastic selection of gifts for dog lovers! From adorable plush toys to personalized accessories, our collection is sure to make any pup parent's heart melt. Treat them to a cozy dog-themed blanket or a stylish breed-specific t-shirt. For those who love a good laugh, we have hilarious dog-themed mugs and socks. Show your appreciation for their furry companions with these tail-wagging gifts that celebrate the special bond between humans and dogs.
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2023.06.06 07:46 charth [WTS] Own a piece of history. Original Campaign Skins(Paints) $19.99 each. These skins are no longer available from CIG as they were part of the original Kickstarter campaign. Message me for a PayPal invoice.

8 Different Paints to choose from!
Exploration Skin
A spacecraft skin featuring the Star Citizen jump point logo.
False Colors Skin
Raid shipping in style with this silver and red pirate skin featuring a crossed swords clan logo.
Shut Up and Take My Money! Skin
Want to show big publishers you're voting with your credits? Pick up this special spacecraft skin honoring the RSI crowdfunding campaign!
You Got Our Backs (Electro Skin Hull)
The Electro Skin Hull Enhancement for existing Roberts Space Industries ship owners. Can switch hull appearance at a flick of a switch. Includes special skin to show that you've backed twice.
UEE Distinguished Service Skin
Your love of the Empire will be clear to all when you emblazon your ship in this patriotic livery, inspiring honor and dedication in those you fly with.
Dread Pirate Blackbeard Stealth Skin
Boldly show your true colors with the grinning countenance of the Jolly Roger, letting all know that you do as you please, and are pretty pleased with what you do. Formerly named the "Dread Pirate Skin" & originally the “Blackbeard Stealth” skin.
SXSW 2015 Skin
Commemorate Star Citizen’s SXSW 2015 event with this RSI Aurora skin!
Operation Pitchfork Skin
Strike fear into the heart of the Vanduul with this Operation Pitchfork livery commemorating the brave pilots who have dedicated their lives to defeating this deadly foe.
Please note that while some of these skins had limited functionality for the Aurora in earlier builds of the game, I don’t believe that they are currently working. These are for the hardcore collectors as they probably won’t be updated any time soon due to other priorities.
Message me if you are interested, and I will send you a PayPal invoice.
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2023.06.06 07:46 KirDroi Kinds of Dragons

Kinds of Dragons
As someone who has read dozens and dozens of books in the wuxia and fantasy genres, I have identified several groups of dragons that appear in the literature: ​
  1. dragons-absolute - super beings and gods, have incredible power, can control the fate of the world, are the protectors of the world in which they live;
  2. dragons that can take on human form - they are intelligent, strong, able to use magic, and love luxury and wealth; ​
  3. the wyvern dragons​ - they are giant winged reptiles (lizards) that can breathe fire and fly, but they are beasts and cannot think like humans.
In the book series "Dragon Heart" by Kirill Klevanski we meet an amazing character, Hadjar, who is a part dragon. He only has a dragon's heart, and that determines all of his future destiny. ​ It's what makes this series truly unique. ​ If you don't know Klevanski's work yet, you're welcome. ​ Please let me know in the comments what kind of dragon you are most interested in.
Way to the North
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2023.06.06 07:46 MilkXPepsi Severe Nausea After Numbing Agent

I went to the dentist today and due to heart issues, I'm unable to have the numbing Injections with epinephrine. So I had to use whatever the other stuff is. Anyway, I've had it many times before, but this time I got a horrible wave of nausea about 2 minutes, after injection and it lasted about 10 minutes. Note: I wasn't nervous. No dental anxiety and was given a klonopin as a precaution. It was bad "I'm about to vomit" nausea. Was this an allergic reaction? I have to get loads of more work done and I'm concerned. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 07:45 MeowMixAlicia New to podcasts, looking for some to help expand my mind, knowledge and view of the world :)

Hello hello! I’m new to podcasts and am looking for some recommendations! Little bit about me… I’ve always been a very deep thinker, I’m always open to new ideas and concepts. Im an atheist 19 y/o female, although I feel like I have the brain of a 26 year old as I’ve lived a lot of life and really strive to grow as a human being. I try to live my life very natural and I’m inclusive of all types of people and beliefs. Although I’m atheist I have a passion for learning about religion. Also I love plants and space :3
Anyways now that you know a little bit about me I’d love if anyone has any suggestions for some podcasts you think I may like :) the first ones I’ve ever listened to was “Radical Empathy” from jubilee and I LOVE it, as well as I’ve watched all of “The Midnight Gospel” and loved it :)
If you made it this far thanks for reading!! I’d love to hear some of your favorite podcasts that you think I may like :3
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2023.06.06 07:44 maxwellcawfeehaus Palpitations, exhaustion, can’t sleep, quality of life is killing me physically and mentally.

Hi - 35, male, in good shape, exercise and eat decent and for 7-8 years (increasingly worse) I’ve had constant palpitations in my whole body every day and night that keep me up at night (pounding heart, skipped beats, discomfort in lips, fingers, chest, etc). I wake up almost hourly at night, I’m exhausted every day. The last few nights I cannot even fall asleep bc of it. I’m laying in bed now with uncomfortable palpitations. I start to doze off then they wake me up. I also feel like I may have apnea because I jolt awake when I start to doze off. But I’ve had sleep tests that ruled that out. My GP said my resting heart rate is too low for beta blockers.
I get dizzy and feel like I’m going to pass out during the day, I sometimes feel ok in the morn from 7am until about noon then I crash and need a nap and often feel groggy and weak with brain fog. Almost every day.
I have seen 3 GPS for years with no signs of any issues they can pinpoint. I have a cardiologist who has done a halter monitor and echo and no issues have been found. I saw a sleep focused neurologist who ruled out apnea and their sleep prescriptions and anxiety meds didn’t help. I’ve seen ents, allergists, dentists, and psychiatrists and nobody has helped. My dentist gave me a night guard for tmj but I have felt no improvement since using that.
My quality of life is horrible and I am feeling so incredibly sad and frustrated and I am hopeless and tired. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 07:43 428bb Should I argue with my in-laws for the sake of my fiancé?

I guess the title says a lot but here’s some background. I’m (F) currently at my parents house and my fiancé (M) and his parents are back at their house in a different city. Lately, my fiancé has been saying that my FIL has been in a weird mood or had a bad attitude every single day. Sometimes it’s little stuff like a bad day at work and he takes it out at home. Some days he complains and sometimes even cries about having to do anything related to the wedding or even cussing at my fiancé if he asks about songs to play at the wedding. Even getting mad an degrading my fiancé while they do work around the house together. I’m not really understanding what’s going on or what’s triggering this but today I really lost it. My MIL doesn’t say anything to him either. Just let’s him talk the way he does and even threatens my fiancé that his dad is going to leave if my fiancé doesn’t do this, that or the other. I so badly wanted to call his parents and call them out on their childish behavior and how it’s hurting their son and they don’t think about what they say before they say it. It hurts my heart so much when he calls me and tells me what new BS his father said that day. And during this whole time my fiancé has been the ideal son, doesn’t argue too much, doesn’t want to make waves, just takes it and moves on. But I get into protective mode and want to stand up for him, his mental health and sanity. He doesn’t deserve any of what he’s getting from his own parents and I just want them to realize how their behavior (mainly my FIL) is impacting my fiancé. Is it even my place to say anything? Should I even bother? Or should I let my fiancé give them the cold shoulder for a bit until they realize how much they need him? Sorry, that was longer than I intended. I appreciate any and all advice!
TL;DR My FIL is being an a-hole to my fiancé for no reason and hurting him emotionally. Should I call him out on his BS?
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2023.06.06 07:43 kevinMenear Course Plan that Satisfies Interactive Intelligence & Computing Systems Spec

I'm a big fan of this program. It has already changed my life in huge ways and I'm still one year away from graduation. I've agonized over my course plan every semester, and think I've finally landed on the final edition. After minting it, I realized it satisfies the requirements for both the Interactive Intelligence and Computing Systems specializations. Here it is, for anyone like me who is looking for a roadmap, in the order I took them/am going to take them:
  1. Knowledge-Based AI (KBAI) (Spring '21)
  2. Graduate Introduction to Operating Systems (GIOS) (Summer '21)
  3. Introduction to High-Performance Computing (IHPC) (Fall '21)
  4. Educational Technology (EdTech) (Spring '22)
  5. Summer off for an internship -- and a much-needed break (Summer '22)
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Fall '22)
  7. Network Science (NetSci) (Spring '23)
  8. High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA) (taking this now)
  9. Deep Learning (DL) (Fall '23)
  10. Introduction to Graduate Algorithms (GA) (Spring '24)
  11. Computer Networks (CN) (Summer '24)
KBAI and AI gave a foundation in AI (KBAI was also the perfect on-ramp to the program, I think). GIOS, IHPC, HPCA, and CN provide a foundation in computing systems. DL gives insight into machine learning and seems like the best course to learn the heart of neural networks. GA is the OMSCS algorithms course, which says enough.
NetSci may seem questionable, but I think there is real growth potential in this field, and it gives a good intro to graph theory and network analysis which are applicable to many domains.
EdTech may also raise an eyebrow, but you have complete freedom to do whatever project you want to do. Not only did I learn the ropes of real CS research in this course, but I also used it to learn JavaScript, Node.js, web scraping, and graph databases.
For context, I came into this program with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and took an online course in Data Structures & Algorithms to prepare/before applying. I'm a middle school teacher and a father of four, including two identical twins that were a year and a half old when I started this program. This program has stretched me to my limits but it continues to be so, so worth it.
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2023.06.06 07:41 AnilaAdnan Book Design and Formatting

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