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2023.06.05 01:02 Grau_Wulf Pump requirements?

Hey all, my fiance and I recently acquired a house and are planning to turn a section of the property into a walking garden with a small pond (50'x50' with max depth of 6' or so) and was curious what kind of pump would be necessary?
I plan to have a small 20' or so "brook" sourcing at a dead tree stump where drainage will also terminate and leaf to the pond (my hope is the rock bed of the stream will assist in filtering out fish and duck waste)
Is a 1 to 1 GPH ratio recommended for a pond of this volume (>50,000 gallons)? My assumption would be no but I wanted to know what yall think
We're currently starting small with a footprint of 12x12 and max depth of 4, mainly to divert water and have a place for the ducks to keep them happy while we work on the rest
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2023.06.05 00:56 The44CBH Litecraft AT60 Outled - Zoom Speed?

Hey, I'm looking for buying some general LED outdoor par lights. Usually I would stick to Expolite Tourleds, but since they exist I wish for a) a more beautiful looking Par and b) some more features like a zoom to get more of the beam and wash range.
Somewhen I stumbled across the Litecraft AT60 and it sounds promising. The single Osram 60W LED shines through a (sadly small) lens which gives it a better look in my opinion than a Tourled and all of its copies.
But for the zoom to be usable in my kind of applications (techno, bands, showlight for very small stages) it needs to be fast. As fast as I'm generally used to by moving lights (Pointe, led beam, etc.). Sadly I find no real life video footage so I thought maybe one of you has experience with this kind of fixture and can tell me if the zoom is usable as a show effect or if it's only a gimmick for general applications where speed doesn't matter. Thx
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2023.06.05 00:39 opUserZero Above 4g decoding / 64bit bar. Is this requirement vram based or card based?

Trying to understand the requirements for cards that need above 4g decoding to work. All my systems are old and don't support above 4g decoding/ 64bit bar. So I have a tesla k40m 12gb I'd like to stick in my server but due to my r710 not supporting 64bit bar / above 4g decoding , I can't use it. (Solved all the other reasons) . I have 1070 8gb, that works just fine in there however. (I have modified the slots and curretly use an exteranal power supply for those curious) . SO TLDR: I'll be playing with vgpu unlocking and want to get the best card I can without hitting the above 4g decording requirment I'm wondering what determines if the card needs it or not, is it the amount of vram or just something the card bios determines it needs? I would have thought it was anything above 4gb, but since all 8gb of my 1070 work just fine without it, I'm guessing I was wrong about that. I haven't really found a list as to what cards need it or not, and usually searching for it on some of the specific cards I was looking for didn't let me know if it needed it except for my tesla.
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2023.06.05 00:09 DiogoNekomew people whats your favorite big city adventure

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2023.06.04 23:59 AutoModerator Wöchentliche Diskussion für die Kalenderwoche 23

Seid gegrüßt zur wöchentlichen Diskussion!
Hier könnt ihr euch frei unterhalten über alles worauf ihr Lust habt. Dieser Post ist der richtige Ort für alles was mittelbar und unmittelbar mit der Quest 2 zu tun hat, besonders wenn ihr der Meinung seid, dass euer Anliegen keinen eigenen Post rechtfertigt, ihr aber trotzdem etwas zu zeigen oder mitzuteilen habt.
Habt eine schöne Woche 👍
P.S: Hier findet ihr für hilfreich befundene Posts in der Sammlung!
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2023.06.04 23:56 Egyking2012 Namshi discount code

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2023.06.04 23:33 N-Blast6425 Comparable in Price and Quality: Soundeats Mini Pro

I recently lost one of my buds at work and am now in need of some new earbuds.
In order of importance, I’m looking for a pair of earbuds that are comparable in: price, sound quality, and ANC.
I’ve been looking through some resources on this subreddit, but I figured true input may be better than raw data. I appreciate any advice you can give
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2023.06.04 22:54 Alive_Struggle9858 People who have bipolar comorbidity (esp. type 2/hypomania), how do you differentiate between episodes and splitting/identity disturbance?

Curious about whether my bouts of inflated purpose, motivation, and spirituality--usually accompanied by some ideological obsession (occult, Christianity, holistic health nut, radical feminist to name a few)--are due to my BPD or if i might have a mood thing going on too. Working on getting psych treatment as i only have a psychotherapist rn but i have been finding it very interesting and enlightening to learn about bipolar disorder, especially type 2 and its comorbidity with bpd.
Its just hard to say so i figured I'd ask some other peoples experiences.
I feel like its more splitting if I go from "love/hate." Recently with Christianity i went from "this is my life and purpose now" to "i feel nothing and i cant imagine believing that stuff" which was actually very upsetting cause my devout faith was so uplifting and i thought my life was going to be set
I still identify as a Christian and did for a little before but i had a month or so (mostly in January) where I was absolutely obsessive and becoming a literal bible thumper to the point where it annoyed everyone around me and i was not capable of shutting up about it, fights with family members and everything, and i was ready to devote my entire existence to serving God and started imagining myself becoming a revolutionary Christian influencer and share my testimony and bring my generation to Jesus or whatever. However i was also nonstop consuming online content that promoted seeing the world through this lens of demons/spiritual warfare or whatever and I was eating it all up watching exorcism videos i even went on a 3 day fast where i just read the Bible and sang and praised the lord and prayed and cried. However i got that idea from the people i was watching then started to feel like God was talking to me too. and getting really upset that others couldnt see things the way i saw them, like actually getting really upset . But I thought it was fine and that they just wanted to "stay in sin" and all this other lingo that i got from the Christian YouTube people i was watching and some of my christian family members who were very pleased with my behavior and very critical when it suddenly ended
Now im like uhhhh..cringe and fake lol but thats another reason why I think it could have been me being easily influenced and having a BPD identity disturbance (considering i am a heavily tattooed sex worker it was a bit interesting)
The way it ended? I randomly had a bulimia relapse and after like 2 days i was like "fuck it incant do this anymore " and went into 2 months of all day every day, severe, obsessive binging ad purging and feeling absolutely horrible, hopeless, and depressed when i had previously felt like everything was going to be okay and God had a special plan for me and that my life had meaning. Im actually stable now as of the past couple days which has been boring af but fine i guess.
So what do y'all think, BPD shit or something else going on? Can anyone relate and if so, is BPD your only diagnosis?
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2023.06.04 22:39 NicolasCurcio Regarding the PlayPlace series...

Hey new followers!
I just wanted to give a quick thanks for all the enthusiastic feedback on my PlayPlace story in shortscarystories. I was pretty bummed when the (much longer) version was pulled from nosleep after getting some hits, so I'm happy that some new fans and old found the post.
Due to the demand and great feedback, I have decided to post the entire series on my SubStack. This website is completely free and you'll have the option to subscribe via email to get all the updates. The very first part, which will be the full version that was previously deleted will be added to the site in the coming weeks.
Thanks for the support!
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2023.06.04 22:09 SimpleWankerz Update: Emulating on Xenia

So here is my review of the emulation itself of bfs, the game as said previously just runs better the longer you emulate, and for more demanding things like explosions, after the emulator has preforned a task once it'll have the capacity to load that same action again with no stutter, up to the point in which the game runs just like it does on 360, maybe even better (assuming you give it the proper time it needs to do so) there are a couple issues tho, like how in maul field tour I was having quite a few graphical glitches (nothing major just some bugged shadows, a zombie that had the zebra texture and my character portrait in bottom left corner becoming seemingly corrupted but I think that has happened on the 360 too so o well) or how in the cinematics where larry is explaining the why of things about certain things, like the mech section where he explains how he stripped his rv for parts, these sections are either missing dialog completely or missing part of it, it's a strange but small thing as all the other cutscenes work just fine, I also had to disable achievements because they kept blocking my inputs and soft locking me when I unlocked them, anyway I'll come back and update again if need be after my madness playthrough (wish me luck on my way through hell)
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2023.06.04 22:07 Bmil [WTS] AR15 16” barrel assembly, AR grips, Sig takeoff folding sights

All prices include shipping.
Parts list:
Midwest Industries G3M 15”
Ballistic Advantage 16” SPR profile barrel 223 Wylde (mid length gas)
CMMG or Midwest Industries gas block (can’t remember and seriously can’t tell the difference)
Dead Air Keymo Muzzle Brake (timed, torqued, and Rocksett into place)
Selling as a bundle because I can’t be fucked to pull it all apart.
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2023.06.04 22:07 South_Drawing_4762 [Repost] Thesis on stream watching, parasocial attachment and personality (18+, watch streams regularly)

Hi everyone! I'm currently writing my master's degree in psychology and doing a survey about parasocial attachment and possible correlations with personality as quantified in the Big Five domain. Additionally, the survey includes some questions about social connectedness. The goal of my study is to perhaps find a structure of personality that is more likely to form parasocial attachment, and how parasocial attachment and social connectedness interact. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes, I'd be really grateful for any and all participants :)
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2023.06.04 22:04 Breaker_Bros 💰 Sammy's ALL IN $1,000 Mail Day! BIG BET ON A BASEBALL PROSPECT! 💵

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2023.06.04 21:58 Safe_Mortgage375 Desperately in need of help.

I have never been one to ask for help but this time I am at my wits end and I hope that the universe will hear me out. I recently moved out from a very abusive relationship and started over from scratch. It wasn't easy. Every day I second guessed myself but took it one day at a time.
When I moved I had nothing and used all my savings to find a roof over my head. I am working two jobs and my latest pay was used to cover my extensive medical bills. Yesterday night, I got robbed at gun point when going back home and I lost all my valuables including my phone( it took me 8 months to be able to save and afford that phone) and money. I am very frustrated and hurt. I am writing this seeking help from anyone who'll be touched.
Any form of help will be appreciated as I try to get back to my feet. I don't know where my next meal will come from or how I'll be able to work without my devices. As I figure it out, I am requesting for help. May your cups always overflow in abundance.
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2023.06.04 21:44 SuitablePreference54 Which movie(s) in 3D got the best effects?

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2023.06.04 21:40 PotentialStunning218 Please help me

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2023.06.04 21:15 NancyTheGrape Am I the wrong one on this? How should I deal with it?

Okay to unwrap things up,I grew up in a house where sharing is the most important rule which I'm fine but then there is that thing thing where my mom/sister would take my things without asking which pissies me off a lot.
My sister recently moved out with her and she doesn't have a job(since 2016)so the food isn't much there but somehow when she goes outside with her dad on the market they buy tones of bullcrap food like chips/Cheetos/any jank food ect,when she comes to our house she would open the cupboards/fridge and pick anything there's inside without even asking if she can have it which happens a lot and it's so annoying,she would come to my room and pick my phone chargers loose them and then say "don't yell at me, respect me".
So today I made a pizza which I really liked and it's the first time I ever said "I don't wanna share it because it's so tasty!" (Of course I gave a slice to my mom relax).My sister came by and I know there wouldn't stay a slice at all so I hid it, meanwhile that she casually once again open the freezer where I had made a coffee ice cream and she ate it all by 2 bites WITHOUT ASKING IF SHE CAN.She then went to the basement to pick stuff and my mom called me asshole for not sharing the pizza so she took out a slice,gave it to her and she got offended because her little Sharing princess said "oh no I don't like pizza" which implys she got upset.
I'm fine with sharing anything,as long people ask and return my things umharmed.
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2023.06.04 21:13 TrackinSolo The Evolution of Home Studio Recording: A Brief History

The Evolution of Home Studio Recording: A Brief History
In recent decades, home studio recording has undergone a remarkable transformation, propelling musicians and audio enthusiasts into a new era of musical expression. From humble beginnings to cutting-edge technology, this article delves into the captivating journey of home studio recording and its significant impact on the music industry. Join us as we explore the milestones, advancements, challenges, and the future of this remarkable evolution.

The Birth of Home Studio Recording

At the onset, home studio recording was limited to rudimentary setups, with musicians relying on basic equipment and tape recorders. It was an era of analog recording, where every step of the process required manual manipulation and meticulous attention. However, as technology advanced, the accessibility and affordability of recording gear began to increase, opening doors to countless aspiring artists. The evolution of home studio recording started with these early pioneers, laying the foundation for what was to come.
With the introduction of multi-track tape recorders in the 1950s and 1960s, musicians gained the ability to layer different instruments and create more complex compositions. This advancement allowed for greater creativity and experimentation within the confines of home environments. However, these early setups still posed challenges in terms of limited track counts, cumbersome equipment, and the necessity for technical expertise.

Technological Innovations: Catalysts of Change

The history of home studio recording is intertwined with groundbreaking technological advancements. The emergence of digital audio workstations (DAWs) revolutionized the landscape, offering musicians unprecedented control, flexibility, and limitless possibilities. With the advent of computers and powerful software, artists could now create, edit, and produce music within the confines of their own homes.
The introduction of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) in the 1980s brought a new level of integration and versatility to home studio setups. Musicians could connect various MIDI-compatible instruments and controllers, synchronize their devices, and control software instruments and virtual effects. This technology eliminated the need for large analog synthesizers and drum machines, providing cost-effective alternatives for creating diverse sounds.
The evolution continued with the introduction of recording equipment such as audio interfaces and MIDI controllers. These devices enabled seamless integration between instruments, computers, and software, further blurring the line between professional studios and home setups. Soundproofing techniques also played a crucial role, ensuring that even the most modest spaces could achieve pristine sound quality.
The rise of plugin technology expanded the sonic capabilities of home studios. Musicians gained access to a vast array of virtual instruments, effects processors, and mixing tools, all within the digital realm. This shift eliminated the need for physical hardware units, saving space and costs while offering immense creative possibilities.

Revolutionary Changes in Home Recording

The transformation of home studio recording wasn't merely about technological advancements; it reshaped the entire music production paradigm. The rise of DIY recording setups empowered artists to take control of their creative process, eliminating the need for expensive studio time. Musicians could experiment freely, iterate rapidly, and shape their sound exactly as they envisioned.
The internet played a pivotal role in this evolution. Online platforms provided avenues for collaboration, networking, and sharing music with a global audience. Musicians no longer had to rely solely on record labels or physical distribution to reach their listeners. Home recordings started to gain recognition, with artists breaking through traditional barriers and achieving success from the comfort of their own homes.
Moreover, the advent of social media and streaming platforms brought about a democratization of music consumption. Musicians could connect directly with their fanbase, build a loyal following, and distribute their music worldwide without the need for major label support. This shift in power dynamics gave rise to a new wave of independent artists, with home studio recordings often rivaling or surpassing the production quality of commercially recorded music.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Studio Recording

While the evolution of home studio recording brought undeniable benefits, it also presented challenges. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of this transformative journey:


  • Affordability: Home recording setups are significantly more cost-effective than traditional studios, empowering musicians with limited budgets.
  • Convenience: Artists can work on their projects whenever inspiration strikes, without time constraints or the need to travel.
  • Creative Control: With full command over the recording process, artists have the freedom to experiment and mold their sound without external pressures.


  • Technical Learning Curve: Home recording requires musicians to acquire technical skills related to recording, mixing, and mastering.
  • Limited Space and Resources: Home setups may not match the acoustic quality and gear diversity found in professional studios.
  • Isolation: Working alone at home can be isolating, lacking the collaborative energy and expertise of a dedicated studio environment.
However, with advancements in online collaboration tools, artists can now overcome some of these challenges by remotely collaborating with other musicians and industry professionals, bridging the gap between the home studio and the traditional studio environment.

The Future of Home Studio Recording

Looking ahead, the future of home studio recording holds immense promise. Technological advancements continue to surge forward, providing increasingly powerful tools and software. Virtual instruments, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based production platforms are reshaping the landscape, enabling even greater creative possibilities and collaboration.
Furthermore, the democratization of music production shows no signs of slowing down. As more musicians embrace home studio recording, we can anticipate a vibrant ecosystem of DIY artists, innovative music genres, and groundbreaking sonic experiences. The boundaries between professional studios and home setups will continue to blur, with both coexisting and influencing each other.
With advancements in internet speeds and streaming capabilities, artists can now produce high-quality recordings in their home studios and distribute their music instantly to a global audience. This newfound accessibility has given rise to a diverse range of music styles, fostering a rich and vibrant musical landscape.


The evolution of home studio recording has come a long way, evolving from humble beginnings to a force that empowers musicians worldwide. Technological innovations, creative freedom, and the rise of online platforms have transformed the way music is created and consumed. As the future unfolds, home studio recording will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the ever-changing musical landscape.
Join the revolution, embrace the evolution, and embark on your own home studio recording journey today!
To read the expanded version of this article, click: The Evolution of Home Studio Recording: A Brief History at
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