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Welcome to nashvilleketo, a community devoted to the exchange of keto related information focused on the greater Metro Nashville area! This is a community where locals or visitors can discuss and explore local Keto tips and tricks, local restaurants or businesses that are keto friendly, and share life hacks and recipes related to the keto lifestyle. No judging, be nice, support one another.

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A place for keto dieters in NYC to share keto-friendly restaurant, dining and shopping tips, and hopefully organize a dining club for monthly or bi-weekly meatups in the city.

2023.06.06 07:51 suna52 How I became who I am. A lot is bad but i think it has a good ending. Trigger warning (CSA)

 I realized I was not a boy at 4 years old. But at that time I didn't know there was a difference in genders. When i put on my sister's school uniform and said "I'm read for school" and my mom told me that i couldn't wear that because I was a boy and skirts are for girls i was perplexed. I thought but there is no difference between my sister and I. A year went by and i didn't listen to my mom and continued to wear my sister's clothes (in hiding now) because I hated wearing my own. One day my sister caught me wearing her skirt again and dragged me to my mom and said "Look what he's wearing again" my mom laughed and said "just don't let your dad see you in that" (it wasn't a problem because my dad was never home. I later found out he was a hitman for the Government) even though I was terrified, her comment seemed accepting to me. Like she didn't mind, just watch out for dad. Sadly that was not the case. After some time my Mom decided that the life we lived was too dangerous and left my dad and we escaped to the United States. Now living here i started going to 1st grade. Meeting new people i gravitated toward the girls. I always wanted to play with them, do the same things they were doing but I was shunned by them. I didn't want to do "boy" stuff either so I sat down on the floor during recess and looked at others play from afar (eating rocks and sticks, I was a weird kid) It wasn't until 5th grade that i realized the difference between boys and girls. During sex Ed they showed a video explaining it. I was taken aback. I didn't believe it. They were telling me that i really was a boy. My body was definitely like the boys body. I was so confused. I don't know what to think. "How could i be a boy. All the other boys know they are boys. Not me though. I know I'm a girl. But my body.. I'm not a girl.. I'm a boy." I hated that I was a boy. I began thinking. "If i start doing boy stuff maybe these thoughts about being a girl will go away." I started playing with the boys at school and doing the things they did. I'd play football (American) even though it was banned in our school, joined the schools track team (for something called the Kennedy games) all in an effort to get these thoughts out of my head. None of it worked. I still found myself sneaking around wearing my sister's clothes once in a while. Usually at night. Well one day my sister got a new bathing suit. I fell in love with it. That night i put it on and i was ecstatic. I ultimately fell asleep with it on. The next morning my mom went to wake me up for school I was groggy and didn't want to get up. Then she saw the strap on my shoulder. She said "why are you wearing that?" I was instantly awake, alert, and terrified. I quickly said "I just wanted to know how it felt. That all but i fell asleep" she said just take it off I don't want to catch you wearing something like that again don't be disgusting." That is when i finally knew that my mom was not supportive of me. She called me disgusting, for something that i could not help. I felt terrible. Trigger warning CSA continue reading at your own peril. By this time my mom had remarried (Interestingly enough to a guy with the same name as my father.) I forgot to mention that right before we left Mexico my mom became a Jehovah's witness so the man she married was also one. It was in this cult that i started to hate myself. Turns out this "Man" that my mom married was not holy man but an actual Evil person. He was a child predator and my sister and I were his victims" I told the elders in the congregation about what was going on but they did nothing. I didn't trust my mom because of what she had said to me before so I was alone. (at this time I didn't know my sister was also being abused) I blocked most of it out except the first time it happened but i justified him by telling myself "my mom wasn't home and it was night time he must have thought I was her and did what married people do" (I lived with that thought until I left the cult 30 years later) I felt that if the elders didn't see a problem with it then i must be the problem, maybe it was because I think I'm a girl. After a while i started college and I had realized that no amount of "manly" stuff i did would change who i was but i didn't really know who that was yet. I was lost. That is until one of my high school friends came out to me as trans. As soon as she explained what that meant i knew that was me. I finally knew what it all meant. It also meant that i was not alone. I finally started making lasting friends (people that care about me to this day) It still took a long time for me to make the changes needed to actually be who I am now. After college (I was a culinary major) I started trying to find a job but everywhere i went nobody would hire me they never said why or anything just never called me back. I didn't understand why that was until I, in desperation applied to work for the census. I got a letter from the FBI stating that I had to turn myself in because I was wanted by the FBI they had frozen my accounts and blocked all my degrees from college suspended my license and passport all in an effort to keep me from running. It all seemed like a scam. I contacted a friend who is a lawyer and he determined it was legitimate and advised me to turn myself in. I contacted the FBI and told them that had the wrong person, and that i wanted to turn myself in and prove it. They told me what to do and i went of all places to a UPS store where they ran my finger prints and sent them to get checked. They had the wrong person. They didn't tell me who it was but i think it was my father. This is what all those restaurants and hotels I had been applying to had seen. The huge red flag saying FBI's most wanted. After that, they restored my accounts, my license and passport but all my schooling after highschool was gone. I contacted the FBI again but they said there was nothing. I contacted college and they had nothing. All my work gone. After trying every which way to get my degrees back I gave up and started working for a Day program for developmentally disabled adults. This is the best job in the world. I work with people who are the most accepting people I have ever met, the students and the staff they don't care who you are, as long as you care about others you fit in perfectly. It is in this environment that i finally felt safe to be myself. It is here that i came out as Calidora and have been ecstatic since. It's not an easy job and it doesn't pay well but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It is while working here that i got in trouble with the Elders in the Jehovah's witnesses. Since in this job we take the students out shopping to teach them how to interact while in the community how to keep track of their money and such. I was at a thrift store with them wearing some skinny jeans, heals, make up, I was all done up. Someone in the congregation recognized me and ratted me out to the elders. They called me in and explained what had happened and why they were calling me. I told them the entire story above but they didn't care. They told me that what I was doing was something that God hated and they i couldn't be a Jehovah's witness I'd I kept dressing like i did. I became enraged. I called them out on their inaction when i told them about my stepfather. Reminded them that they are mandated reporters and as such they were breaking the law. When I asked why they did nothing, they said "We spoke to bethel's lawyers ( bethel is the headquarters for the Jehovah's witnesses) and they said that we should not do anything because it could tarnishing the reputation of the organization. You wouldn't want to tarnish Jehovah's name for something that happened so long ago would you?" I responded. "So you are telling me that YOU the shepherds, won't stop the wolves from killing the sheep of the flock of God because you might get dirty. Instead you do what you can to keep these wolves that are preying on the most vulnerable, the children in the flock so that nobody finds out. So much for Gifts in men" (it's a term they use to claim that the elders are gifts from God) when they heard that they decided contact the Governing body (the leaders of the organization) to see what they should do about me. They decided to tarnish my reputation instead. They fabricated a reason to kick me out. They accused me of having sex with several men asking me to tell them what positions we had sex in and felt the need to explain that oral sex is also a type of sex so if i did that i was a sinner. I was flabbergasted. I could not believe that these people that are supposed to be there to lead the congregation to protect it's members like a shepherd does a flock of sheep would go this far to protect a wolf that was preying on the most vulnerable. The children. And i told them so. I lied to them. Told them I would change and they bought it. It gave me enough time to show my mom the recording of the judicial committee over zoom (A judicial committee is like a trial where they just tell you what they have decided before it even starts and they give you an ultimatum do this or we kick you out an your family and friend have to treat you like if you are dead) she was angry but mostly disappointed. Not in the elders but in me. She had just found out that was sexually assaulted by her husband that the elders knew and they didn't do anything and she was disappointed in me because I was dressed as a woman in public. She ended up kicking my stepdad out. I reported him to the sheriff's department and he ran away to Mexico. (People have told me to tell my father what happened and he would "Take care of the problem" but i don't want that on my hands) My mom said that she will always love no matter what because I am her son but that i shouldn't dress like that anymore. I told her that I'm done pretending I'm someone I'm not and that I'm not going to change to please a bunch of people that protect child abusers. After I was sure that she would not Shun me like the rest of the congregation would i just left the organization completely. My mom still goes to the Kingdom hall(I have no idea why) she still tells me that i should stop dressing like i do but treats me like her child. But she still uses my given name instead of my chosen one. I have been through a lot but I'm finally the person i want to be. I am 6 months into HRT i have the best job ever (they recently asked me if I want to assist with a transition assistance program for our students who might need it and I immediately said yes.) I have a bunch of people who accept me for who I am at work. All my friends from college accept me (I just showed up for card night MTG, wearing a skirt one day and nobody said anything it's like if I was doing it all along I've been doing so since) the "sister" that I said i had ended up also being trans (non binary) that is a story all on its own the basics is she invited me over to visit her in Kentucky I'm in California. She had planned to tell me that she was trans and I had only packed women clothes so I'd be forced to tell her. Well, when she picked me up, on the drive to her apartment she said "before we get home I think you should know that my house is a bit Gay." I told her "well it's about to get a bit gayer because I'm trans" and I showed her the wallpaper on my phone which was the trans flag. She had planned for it to be on the first day of pride month but my flight got delayed and i didn't make it till the third. The kid at the start finally found her own skirt and there is no one in the world that is going to make her stop wearing it. If you read this far thank you for taking the time to do so. I know it was a lot and most of it was not pleasant but It's my life I wanted to get it out somewhere. 
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2023.06.06 07:50 That_Dealer_5556 Brett Dennis Buckman passed away unexpectedly at the age of 21 on June 2nd, 2023. Born on December 3rd, 2001, in Bel Air, Maryland

Brett Dennis Buckman was a shining example of perseverance, dedication, and kindness. His untimely passing has left an unfillable void in the hearts of his family, friends, and colleagues.
Brett Dennis Buckman spent the majority of his life growing up in Bel Air, Maryland, where he attended local schools and discovered a passion for computers and technology. From an early age, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand complex systems and solve problems with creativity and ingenuity. As he grew older, his skills only continued to develop, and he soon became recognized as a prodigy within the local tech community.
After graduating from high school, Brett decided to pursue a career in the burgeoning field of cloud computing. In 2020, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of greater opportunities and the chance to build a name for himself in the industry. It wasn't long before his talent caught the attention of major tech companies, eventually landing him a position as a Cloud Architect at Salesforce.
In his role at Salesforce, Brett worked tirelessly to create innovative solutions for clients and help businesses streamline their operations. His dedication to his work earned him not only the respect of his peers but also the admiration of his superiors. Despite his young age, Brett quickly became a valued and trusted member of the Salesforce team.
Outside of his professional life, Brett was known for his infectious smile, his love of the outdoors, and his willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He had a strong sense of community and was always eager to volunteer for local initiatives or events. He was an active member of several clubs and organizations, including the Atlanta Hiking Club and the Georgia Tech Meetup Group.
One of Brett's most endearing qualities was his unwavering belief in the power of kindness and the impact it could have on the world around him. He often went out of his way to help others, whether it was providing a listening ear, offering a word of encouragement, or simply being there for someone when they needed it most. His kindness and compassion were a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who knew him.
Brett's adventurous spirit led him to explore the world beyond Atlanta, taking him on unforgettable journeys to far-off places. He was an avid traveler, always eager to experience new cultures and learn from the people he met along the way. His curiosity about the world around him was matched only by his determination to make a positive impact wherever he went.
Brett Dennis Buckman's tragic and untimely passing has been met with profound sadness and disbelief by all who knew him. His memory will be forever cherished.
A celebration of Brett's life will be held at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on June 15th, 2023, at 2:00 pm. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in Brett's memory to the American Red Cross or a charity of your choice.
As we mourn the loss of Brett Dennis Buckman, let us remember the incredible impact he had on the lives of those around him. His legacy will live on through the countless people he touched with his kindness, intelligence, and unwavering spirit. Rest in peace, Brett Dennis Buckman, and may you continue to inspire us all.
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2023.06.06 07:47 Agent666-Omega The Hate and Love For LIBAD

My Experience
I am not a fan of this album and I refuse to "learn to love it". That's just stockholm syndrome talking. I haven't really had al album I didn't like until this one to be honest. And to be fair their sound has changed throughout their years making me yearn for some older songs. But I also liked the changes. From STST to The Shape 😉, I've always felt like they leaned heavily on their metal side of things. Because you know they are a heavy metal band. So you know....that makes sense. It's a different sound for some of the albums, but there was still this very metal feel to it.
I am not a fan of Nobody and We Love You. I think Mattel, Cosmic and Beautiful Morning was okay. GOD was fun to listen to but not really what I am looking for from a metal band. And I didn't love them either even if you remove the context of metal
Change Can Be Good Or Bad
One thing I really hate when people talk about this album is when people try to prop up their moral superiority by criticizing others for not liking the change in sound or "evolution" in their music. First of all not all change is "evolution". Not all change is good and not all change is necessarily bad. Change is change. If my bank account changed from $100 to $10k, that's a pretty good change. If my milk spoils, that's a pretty bad change. So please enough with this nonsense of change being good
If I was to describe the issue that people have with this album is that people have always went to this Chinese restaurant and throughout the years it has changed. Tried out some dishes, improved on others. Then suddenly it's Italian. It's a complete pivot.
A7X Appeals To A Lot Of Different People
As early as City of Evil, you have fans who enjoyed heavy metal, hard rock, pop, alt rock, indie, etc. And even up to their last Album it still has that A7X sound that people love. This album is by far the most different and basically feels like an entirely different genre that uses some heavy metal sounds in it.
And the people who mainly love it are those who like other sounds outside of metal. I saw a redditer mentioned that it reminded them of NIN and Pink Floyd. And if you like A7X and those bands, you might like these. But I don't and so I don't love this. So this is the first album that I really felt like drove a nail in those borders.
Intensity Desire and Differences
One thing that made me fall in love with rock and metal was the audio intensity. And that just isn't there in the is album. There were some spurts, but then it transitions into this trippy sound. And I get where it comes from since I have seen parts of the interview with Matt explaining it. But it's not welcomed for me.
There did replace the audio intensity with a different type of intensity though. A dark ambient intensity for a lack of a better word and I do like that in general, just now how they executed it in this album.
I mentioned change earlier in this post because this is where it matters and comes in handy. I have some friends who have changed to like a different type of music. I have adopted other sounds, but this has always been my soul music for a lack of a better term. I still love intensity in my music. While some of my friends have kinda toned down their intensity in both attitude and music as well. It's not necessarily a positive change. But it's a change in demeanor and behavior. And I think that also plays into a part of why some people like and don't like this album. A different desire for intensity.
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2023.06.06 07:43 Herrowgayboi What are your favorite places to travel within the US? Would love recommendations.

I'm located in the Bay Area, CA and have visited quite a few states. Only a few of them I enjoyed, but the rest weren't that great. That said, I'd love to travel around the states some more, but would love to go somewhere where I'll enjoy my time.
Places I've enjoyed:
- Hawaii (Oahu and Big Island) - absolutely beautiful beaches and hikes, only complaint is the amount of tourists
- Austin/San Antonio TX - I loved the culture here (both in the city and outskirts) and people were extremely friendly. I've gone to Austin multiple times and every time has been a good time.
- Utah - The national parks here are absolutely gorgeous and well worth the travels, but the only problem is the distance in relation to what is around. IIRC, you're easily driving 2-3hrs+ just to get anywhere.
- Las Vegas NV - I absolutely love the city vibe here and how dense the city (in the strip) is, but the amount of tourists is a bit bothersome.
- AZ - depending on the town, there's some nice things to see.
- Montana - While it's quite empty, I loved how clear the air was and Glacier National Park was an absolute treat.
Places I didn't enjoy:
- Washington/Oregon - It just felt like a downgraded San Francisco to me. Cost was still high, yet quality of food/service seemed to be lower.
- Idaho/Wyoming - were relatively boring to me as you had to drive for hours to get pretty much anywhere...
- Colorado - Ski parks are amazing here, but I don't think they were worth the chaos of trying to fly out there and deal with how packed those ski resorts get.
- Florida/Georgia/Tennessee/Alabama/South Carolina - my absolute will not go to again. I've only been once to this area and hated pretty much every moment of it. I tried my best to enjoy it but people here were extremely rude and there's really not much interesting things. Their "points of interest" are mediocre at best IMO. Worst part was we went to all the local recommended spots + went to highly reviewed restaurants and the food was mediocre at best. At some point during the trip, I just gave up and just ate fast food for the remainder because it taste just as good without the expensive price tag.
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2023.06.06 07:32 Reasonable-Zombie-78 Spent 6 hours after work at the animal hospital with bfs dog

The dog that is my boyfriends and that I do not want. The dog that has had it's medical needs neglected, gets almost no exercise, is barely trained, and gets cuddled on the couch every night instead of me. Why get an animal if you're not willing to provide some of it's most basic needs?? Before leaving for the vet I asked and he doesn't even know when it had its last rabies shot!
As far as he acts, the dog is a cute accessory that he occasionally will take to a dog friendly restaurant or bar and will walk for 5 minutes twice a day. What kind of life is that? It spends the rest of it's days either sleeping on the couch or following me or him around and staring at us because it can't be alone for 2 seconds.
Of course bf can't afford the surgery it needs and I am actually not an a-hole who wants to see the dog in pain, so now I'm the one who is sitting in the animal hospital after working all day and I'm the one applying for financing option to pay for it's care.
This dog is 10 and after this I am NEVER NEVER NEVER living with a dog again.
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2023.06.06 07:28 unintelligible2 Hell Yeah

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2023.06.06 07:21 AnyoneArnol Most friendly British restaurant

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2023.06.06 07:20 One_Dirt21 How do you deal with a wife not realizing we are on our way to fat FIRE?

Not sure if this is the right community but you might have experienced a similar situation. I am at around $9Mn net worth starting a job with a 2Mn net income as of next year which will get me in the right trajectory the next few years. We have a lot of disposable income (after investments, savings, kids plans, etc.) so I like to enjoy my time spend it on nice experiences (by that I mean going out to nice restaurants, drinks, travels) nothing out of this world.
My wife on the other hand still acts and lives as if we are barely closing the year :) and this is driving me crazy. I spoke to her a few times about being more “liberal” with our funds but we are not seeing eye to eye. I get a feedback that I am not a responsible spender. To put some perspective we own a car each, a home, summer home and that’s it we don’t over spend compared to my friends who are not close to my situation.
Sorry for the long post but the key questions, did you face such a divergence in your couple, how did you get to see eye to eye?
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2023.06.06 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - June 6th

# Today In Phishstory - June 6th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Saturday 06/06/2009 (14 years ago) Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2009 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan , Nothing , Back on the Train , Golgi Apparatus , Sparkle > Gotta Jibboo , Lawn Boy , Let Me Lie 1 , Taste , Makisupa Policeman 2 , Prince Caspian
Set 2 : Seven Below , Fluffhead , Scent of a Mule , Heavy Things , Harry Hood > Possum , Bug
Encore : Contact > Julius
1 Phish debut. 2 No "keyword."
Jamchart Notes:
Possum - Mike figures prominently in the jam as Trey brings the volume way down early. Rousing finish to the jam.
Show Notes:
Let Me Lie made its Phish debut at this show. The first post-break-up Makisupa Policeman notably did not contain a "keyword."
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/06/1997 (26 years ago) Sands's& Carini's House, Charlotte, VT, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Set 1 : Limb By Limb , Dogs Stole Things , Ghost , Water in the Sky , Vultures , Dirt , Twist , Piper , Wading in the Velvet Sea , Olivia's Pool , I Don't Care , Samson Variation , Bye Bye Foot
Set 2 : Samson Variation , Saw It Again , Waking Up , Limb By Limb , Dogs Stole Things , Ghost , Dirt , Vultures , Water in the Sky , Twist -> Piper , Wading in the Velvet Sea , Ain't Love Funny , Stand! -> Izabella
Show Notes:
This show, referred to as "The Fourth Ball" or "Bradstock," was played for friends before the band embarked on the European summer tour.
Listen now at!
Phish, Thursday 06/06/1996 (27 years ago) Joyous Lake, Woodstock, NY, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Set 1 : Split Open and Melt , Poor Heart , Runaway Jim , Funky Bitch , Theme From the Bottom , Big Black Furry Creature from Mars , Scent of a Mule 1 , Highway to Hell
Set 2 : AC/DC Bag , You Enjoy Myself , Chalk Dust Torture , Sparkle , Stash , Waste 2 , Character Zero 2 , David Bowie , Fee > Sample in a Jar
Encore : Ya Mar , Fire
1 Trey on keys for portions. 2 Debut.
Jamchart Notes:
Scent of a Mule - "Sunshine Of Your Love" tease and Trey on keys for a portion of the Duel. An odd Duel for sure with howling and strange sounds, crazy Page, and chanting by Mike. Released on Live Bait Vol. 4.
Character Zero - Fun debut. Notable for a strong vocals, tight play, and a decidedly different arrangement, it's clear the song is here to stay, even though "[the band] don't know the end yet."
Show Notes:
This unannounced show was performed under the name "Third Ball." BBFCFM featured Trey using a Rolling Rock beer bottle as a slide. Scent of a Mule included a Sunshine of Your Love tease and saw Trey on keys for portions. Waste and Character Zero debuted at this show. The opening act was Juan Hung Low.
Listen now at!
Phish, Wednesday 06/06/1990 (33 years ago) The Barrel House, Salem, VA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1990 Tour
Set 1 : You Enjoy Myself , Walk Away , Reba , Foam , Tweezer , Bouncing Around the Room
Show Notes:
This setlist was derived from Mike's notes, which also mentioned there was no tape, official or otherwise. This setlist is incomplete, likely out of order and probably spread across both sets. The source of this setlist is
Listen now at!

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Band, 2020-06-06 None, Cleveland, OH, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This performance was cancelled as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.
Trey Anastasio Band, 2002-06-06 UIC Pavilion, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA
Tour: TAB - The Dectet Summer 2002 Tour
Show Notes: "Wilson" was a Trey Anastasio debut, was incomplete, and, along with "Chalk Dust," was performed by Trey solo, acoustic. Trey also played "Ray Dawn Balloon" acoustic. "Alive Again" contained a "Stash" tease. The performance of "Every Story Ends in Stone" appears on Trey's live CD, Plasma, as do sections of "Money, Love and Change" and "Mr. Completely" that appear under the title "Inner Tube."

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, 2015-06-06 Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA, USA
Tour: Mike Gordon - Summer 2015 Tour
Show Notes: This show featured the debuts of Take It As It Comes and The Last Step, as well as the Mike Gordon debut of Sleep to Dream.
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2023.06.06 07:11 hnqn1611 TOP 10 Things to do in SEATTLE - [2023 Travel Guide]

TOP 10 Things to do in SEATTLE - [2023 Travel Guide]
TOP 10 Things to do in SEATTLE - [2023 Travel Guide]
In this post, we'll show you the top 10 things to do in Seattle. This post is based on our fun trip to this beautiful city. Don't forget to like this post, subscribe to our channel, and enable notifications. And share your own experience or ask a question in the comments below. Sponsored by an award-winning language learning software Rosetta Stone. The link is in the description. Here are our top 10 picks:
Number 10: Seattle Waterfront Seattle Waterfront is one of the most popular attractions in the city, with an array of iconic restaurants, unique souvenir shops, and other attractions. While walking around Waterfront Park and the promenade, you’ll experience incredible views of the skyscrapers and Elliot Bay. Visiting the Miner's Landing refurbished 1890s Gold Rush pier 57 will not be complete without riding the Seattle Great Wheel or enjoying plenty of family-friendly activities and food options. If you like sea life, visiting the Seattle Aquarium is a must. The aquarium features sea animals, marine exhibits, and interactive displays, focusing on Pacific Northwest with a planned renovation to make it even bigger in the future. They even let you gently touch some of the animals.
Number 9: Museum of Pop Culture The Museum of Pop Culture, located in Seattle Center, an area dating back to the 1962 World's Fair, is a non-profit museum celebrating the creative art of science fiction, fantasy, film, and music. Visit the world's most extensive collection of artifacts from Seattle's greatest musicians and bands, like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Jimi Hendrix, or admire memorabilia from one of the most iconic movies, like Star Wars and Matrix or Terminator. You can even try playing different instruments and sneak into the studio to record your own song. The museum offers endless possibilities. Did you know that this museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000 as the Experience Music Project? It was designed by renowned Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry, who is famous for creating Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Dancing house in Prague, and many others. Of course, there are other fascinating museums to discover in Seattle.
Number 8: Space Needle If you like to explore the city from a different angle, visit Space Needle. Designated as a historic landmark in Seattle, the Space Needle is a 605 feet or 184 m observation deck and attraction presenting a scenic 360-degree view of the city. Enjoy glass benches leaning over the tilting glass. Don't forget to experience the city from above on a revolving glass floor, the first and the only one in the world. There are other observation decks in Seattle. Check our travel guide for more suggestions. By the way, our mobile-friendly travel guide covers the top 20 things to do in Seattle and things to know before you visit, including maps, opening hours, links to buy tickets, itinerary suggestions, and other information.
Number 7: Companies from Seattle Seattle is home to many Fortune 500 companies, like Microsoft and Boeing. If you have time, explore a worldwide renowned coffee chain - Starbucks, with its original coffeehouse at Seattle's Pike Place Market from the 70s. Don't skip Seattle Spheres, constructed by three glass domes or conservatories of the Amazon campus. Just around the corner, there is one of several Amazon Go, a cashier-less convenience store.
Number 6: Woodland Park Zoo The Woodland Park Zoo, founded in 1899, is a one-of-a-kind zoological experience featuring plenty of rare animals and endangered species. It offers Washington's highest number of animals representing more than 250 species, and it received several Best National Exhibit awards. Walk around 92 acres of land occupied by exhibits, parks, playgrounds, and other spaces. Over 1 million tourists visit the zoo every year, especially drawn to its mission to wildlife conservation.
Number 5: Gas Works Park at Lake Union Built on on the grounds of a former gasification plant from the early 20th Century, the city bought the site and transformed into a public park in 1975. Gas Works Park is an internationally-acclaimed project of American landscape artist Richard Haag, who gained numerous recognition for his work in the park. Gas Works still incorporates elements of the former plantation. Climb Kite Hill to get a better view of the plant and its surroundings. Check our travel guide for more information. Of course, there are plenty of other parks and beach areas in Seattle and its surroundings worth exploring. By the way, the park is set on Lake Union, a glacier lake dug by the Vashon glacier 12,000 years ago, now a significant part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Here, you can rent a boat, go sailing, paddleboarding, or explore the attractions on the Southern part of the lake. You can even embark on a Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop trail that takes you around the lake.
Number 4: Pioneer Square Pioneer Square, the city's oldest neighborhood, is a historical community in southern Seattle, where the founders settled in 1852. Since the area's early-day structure was primarily wooden, Pioneer Square was almost all destroyed in the 1889 Great Seattle Fire. Preserving its touch of its 19th-century Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, the structures of most buildings in Pioneer Square are now made of old bricks and stones. Find more about this neighborhood's history by joining the Beneath the Streets underground tours or inside the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Pioneer Square is full of trendy bars and galleries. By the way, visit Smith Tower, one of the world's first skyscrapers, where you can enjoy a scenic open-air view of the city. Don't skip other exciting neighborhoods in Seattle, like Fremont district with the famous Fremont Troll or Chinatown-International District. with plenty of Asian food and shopping options. And that brings us to Rosetta Stone - the sponsor of this video. Use this easy-to-learn language software whenever you are planning to explore new places around the world and want to learn a new language. Rosetta Stone helps you tap into your brain's natural ability to learn new languages. Imagine, it's very similar to how you learn your native language. You won't be memorizing a long list of vocabulary. You'll be seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing – only in your new language. That way, you're ready for real-world conversations in your favorite destination. You can improve your Italian while exploring Rome or even learn new languages while on your next adventure in Vietnam, France, Colombia, or anywhere else. We’ve used it to learn Spanish on our recent trip to Mexico. So, before you decide to travel abroad, or even during your travels, download an easy-to-use app, and start learning your next language now. Use our exclusive discount on lifetime subscription. The link is in the description.
Number 3: Chihuly Garden and Glass Seattle is a glass art center, globally recognized as a glassblowing hub. The Chihuly is an artistic collection of the work of world-renowned American glass artist Dale Chihuly. Visit Chihuly Garden and Glass, located just below the Space Needle in Seattle Center, one of his permanent exhibits in the U.S. Launched in May 2012, the project boasts a garden, the centerpiece glasshouse, eight galleries, and a theater. The Glasshouse is an iconic 40-foot-tall structure made of glass and steel and is one of the artist's largest suspended works. You can see Chihuly's glassblowing work, techniques, and history in a movie theatre, also a place for various community gatherings and educational workshops.
Number 2: Water transportation What better way to travel and experience Seattle's surroundings than by riding one of the city's efficient water transportation, like King County Water Taxi or Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry, which takes you on a 35-minute ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island? The exciting ferry ride offers a breathtaking view of the city skyline and good food and drinks selections from its café. Don't miss a chance to embark on a cruise tour, sail around the harbor, and enjoy spectacular views of Elliot Bay and the beautiful Seattle skyline from the water.
Number 1: Pike Place Market Serving for more than a century, the Pike Place Market is one of the oldest operating public markets in the US. Branded as the "soul of the city," it has been brought to life and color by local farmers, fishmongers, merchants, antique shops, and its 10 million visitors annually. The century-old market attraction is known for its fish market, with a tradition of throwing fish, which started out as a prank and became a tradition since people enjoyed the show. Explore the market to try some of Seattle’s authentic food options or just to buy beautiful flowers as the locals do. Visit the upper and lower Post Alley, with plenty of bars and restaurants that got its name after the former Post-Intelligencer newspaper. Don't skip the famous Gum Wall right under Pike Market Place. We wish you an amazing trip to Seattle.
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2023.06.06 07:04 Imperfect-circle The chat about TIPS - from a restaurant worker

All this talk about tips, there is so much rhetoric out there. Let's clear up a few things.
I work in a prominent Sydney restaurant and have been working in these types of venues for 15+ years. I am a full time employee. For the most part, people who attend my venue leave tips. We do not force anyone to do so. You are welcome to make a choice. Historically, people who do not tip, often will not, regardless of their situation. Historically, people who do tip, will do so, unless their experience is horrible.
Tips are shared with chefs and other back of house staff. All employees get the same share of the tips from the services they work (after initial probationary period - in my venue, 2-4 weeks).
Why do people tip? It is true, that the whole concept of tipping is derived from the American system where employees had to work for their wage and they were essentially paid pittance otherwise. The hangover from this system remains. Some people tip because they feel as though they should. Some people tip because their dining experience was outstanding. Some people tip because they are afraid of looking bad. Some people tip to impress. Some people simply have a lot of money and don't care.
When you come to our venue, you are with us for 2+ hours. We have to have knowledge about our food, our wines, our spirits, our beers. We have to know providence. We have to manage your expectations. We have to deal with your emotions, your family drama, your intoxication, your inability to read terms and conditions. We have to field complaints and waste time and food when you do not tell us about an allergy until you take a bite. We have to be polite and friendly despite some people being downright horrible to us. We have to field your demands, however ridiculous. Some of you require constant attention. We have to entertain you. Tell you about ourselves, our story - regardless of whether we would like to do so.
We all want to eat food at the same time, right? Lunchtime is the middle of the day, dinner is the middle of the evening, give or take. But we have to set up for service at the beginning, and tidy up at the end. We have to stand and shove food in our mouths at an opportune time. We cannot simply stop serving in the middle of your service, to eat. Businesses cannot simply hire more staff to cover these periods. Otherwise there would not be enough hours for current employees, or the cost to the business is exorbitant. Balancing wage spend in a small business is a tightrope. It always seems like there's just not enough, or just too much.
In this day and age, if we do not have a game face for the duration of your experience, you may write a bad review. You may damage our future profitability by getting revenge. Often it is clear when these reviews are exaggerated, but the cost to a business could be immense, simply because you didn't check the menu before arriving, or failed to read the condition that you have a time limit.
In Australia, we have award wages, yet like many other industries wage growth is stagnant. The costs of running hospitality venues are increasingly high, and the margins are tight. Many venues struggle to profit proficiently. Some employers cannot afford to just pay more. My full time wage has been roughly the same across several different companies for 6+ years.
Let's not turn this into a debate about large business, there are certainly larger companies who can afford to do some of these things. As there are in any industry, not all businesses are created equal. Not all businesses treat their employees and guests as equals. Sometimes, the ability of the staff to provide the service you would like is damaged by an employers desire to spend less on wages. To offer shitty conditions. Sometimes, they have no choice but to have less staff on the books. Sometimes, there are no people willing to become staff.
It is rewarding, when a guest learns something from our knowledge. When they genuinely love the food. Or they discover a new wine. It is rewarding when they are amazed that everything they desired for their special occasion is reached, or surpassed. We want you to be happy. We want to be happy. We want you to tell your friends that you had a great experience. Sometimes, your usual dining experiences pale so significantly in comparison, you want to tip. We like that because it shows that what we do has value. Sometimes, the cost of making you happy is our own physical health or mental health.
I tip when I go out to venues. Partially because I understand what the industry is like. However, if food or service is bad, I may not. If food or service is outstanding, I am likely to tip more. Because you can go to a venue and get fed, have a drink, be satiated, and feel nothing. The service and experience doesn't have to be special, but when it is, the staff in that venue worked hard for your experience. But they didn't have to, you would have been fed either way.
Companies who rort staff over wages are going to do so anyway, regardless of tips. I tip delivery drivers. They drive in the rain on a bike. They wait patiently out the front of your house cos you're not looking at your phone or don't hear your front door.
Whether or not you tip is your own choice. Don't feel obligated. You may be ideologically opposed to it. Generally, people who tip in good restaurants have experienced good vs bad service and know the difference, or they have walked the walk before.
Tips make up a large percentage of our wage. We work hard to ensure you are happy. A genuine thank you is always well received.
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2023.06.06 07:01 Donniedoesitt I met Josh

Story time: My friend and I were in Gramercy. Before the night started, I said that my night would be made if we saw josh. Low and behold, we’re at dinner, and out of the corner of my eye I see a kid in a captain hat beelining towards the bar. I’m in shock, realize it’s him, but was honestly too starstruck to say anything. He’s only at the bar for 5 minutes, and doesn’t even finish his drink. He leaves, and my two friends and I decide we have to find him. We look at his tik tok, see he’s at an Indian restaurant, and we happen to be right next to it. We go in, talk to him, and it was honestly very saddening. It was earlier in the night (around 8), so Josh was either sober or had just started drinking. He was not sloppy at all and mentioned he had to see clients (the tour) later that night. Josh talked about how he was going to Iceland and gave us a ton of recommendations on where to go around where we were. He was sweet and upbeat. It made me sick to my stomach to see what alcohol does to him. Another thing was how much he used/asked us what it meant to be BANNED. We laughed the first time he did it, as we knew it was his classic joke, but after he did it another 5-6 times I realized it wasn’t a joke for josh. I’ve seen this theory before, but I’m almost 100% positive that Josh does it as a form of stimming to feel more comfortable. I took some videos, not of him, but just of his voice in the background. He mentioned how he got kicked out of a bar and banned for being too drunk, and I tried to tell him to be careful when he drinks. I wasn’t going to try to lecture josh about drinking when we had approached him. Overall, he was a very sweet kid who suffers from moderate autism, and it was so sad to see what alcohol had done to him. I know this subreddit posts a lot of jokes about him, but I hope we can keep it in good fun and realize the disabilities that he deals with
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2023.06.06 06:55 healthylifeblogs Best Places to Stay in Delhi: A Guide to Comfortable and Convenient Accommodations

Delhi, the vibrant capital city of India, welcomes visitors with its rich history, diverse culture, and bustling streets. Whether you're a business traveler or a tourist exploring the city's attractions, finding the right place to stay is essential for a comfortable and memorable experience. In this blog, we will explore some of the best places to stay in Delhi, ranging from luxurious hotels to budget-friendly options, ensuring that you find the perfect accommodation to suit your preferences and needs.
  1. Connaught Place: Located in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place is a popular choice for travelers seeking convenience and easy access to the city's major attractions. It offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses. Connaught Place is known for its colonial architecture, bustling markets, and vibrant nightlife, making it an ideal choice for those who want to be at the center of the action.
  2. Paharganj: Paharganj is a bustling neighborhood near New Delhi Railway Station and is famous for its budget accommodations and backpacker-friendly atmosphere. Here, you'll find a wide range of guesthouses, hostels, and budget hotels that cater to travelers on a tight budget. Paharganj is also well-connected to other parts of the city, making it a convenient base for exploring Delhi's attractions.
  3. South Delhi: South Delhi is a popular choice for travelers looking for a more upscale and residential neighborhood to stay in. Areas like Hauz Khas, Greater Kailash, and South Extension offer a mix of luxury hotels, boutique accommodations, and serviced apartments. South Delhi is known for its upscale shopping malls, trendy cafes, and beautiful parks, providing a tranquil and stylish retreat after a day of exploring the city.
  4. Aerocity: If you're looking for accommodation near the airport, Aerocity is an excellent option. Situated just a short distance from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Aerocity offers a range of luxury hotels and business-friendly accommodations. It is a convenient choice for business travelers and those with early morning or late-night flights.
  5. Gurgaon: While technically not part of Delhi, Gurgaon, also known as Gurugram, is a rapidly developing city located in the National Capital Region (NCR). It is home to numerous multinational corporations and is a popular choice for business travelers. Gurgaon offers a wide range of hotels, including luxury properties and business hotels. The city also boasts modern shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment options.
Conclusion: When visiting Delhi, choosing the right place to stay can greatly enhance your overall experience. Whether you prefer the bustling energy of Connaught Place, the budget-friendly options in Paharganj, the upscale neighborhoods of South Delhi, the convenience of Aerocity, or the business-oriented atmosphere of Gurgaon, Delhi has accommodation options to suit every traveler. Consider your preferences, budget, and proximity to attractions when selecting your accommodation, and get ready to explore the vibrant and diverse city of Delhi.
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2023.06.06 06:55 shortcourtstyles 24F - Creative seeking banter and good company

Hello! Looking to connect with and meet some cool new people here as my evening is winding down. Feel free to reach out with a little about yourself if anything I described piques your interest.
About me:
I work as a designer but my interests span multiple disciplines—would love to chat and connect with fellow artists. Though I come from a more numbers-based background, I find myself feeling most fulfilled when I’m creating art.
Friends would describe me as creative, sociable, and witty though I do appreciate my time alone as well.
In my free time I enjoy staying active, exploring new restaurants, checking out art galleries, attending concerts (last saw Magic City Hippies and Cannons), and meeting new people. Been getting back into the swing of running again which has been a great break in my routine!
When I'm not creating, I enjoy watching movies (still working through the Oscars list), thought-provoking video essays, NPR podcasts, running, and spending time with friends. I love witty banter--let's discuss your hot takes on film, art, and history.
Some recent things I’ve been listening to and watching: The Rewatchables podcast, Ted Lasso, Succession, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour
Sociable, good conversationalist, has hobbies and interests, knows the difference between "your" and "you’re", has their life somewhat together
I'm not particularly interested in NSFW chats and am leaning more towards someone personable and fun who is well-adjusted and can hold a conversation. I'd highly prefer someone in a similar time zone if we hit it off, but it's not a dealbreaker!
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2023.06.06 06:54 ValentineVision2020 Who's Right? Who's Wrong? 🤔

Okay Reddit I know and mentally prepared for you all to roast me for what I'm to say but I need Clarification.
(38M) matched with a (33F) on Hinge last Friday sent her cheesy poem to get her attention and at first she was reluctant to continue the conversation with me but deemed me attractive enough and humored me and so I asked her if I could call her on the Call feature of the app which she accepted and we ended up having a relatively smooth conversation until our current lifestyle were talked about
Her : Hasn't been in a committed relationship for 7 years. Her own apartment, recently quit her job due to harassment and is now job searching. Dealing with financial struggle to pay bills and sold her car in 2019 and lives an hour away from me.
Me : Hasn't been in a serious relationship since 2017. Has my own apartment (My first apartment) but is being helped financially through family with some of the bills. I work full time at a restaurant. Also No car but working on saving for one.
Anywho once we spoke on these things the moment started to stalled but she said to me that she is enjoying my energy and doesn't want to write me off just yet which I gave a puzzled response of why are you not calling it quits of you deem our lifestyle counterproductive to date which she said lets be friends and I said I'm not on here to be friends or buddies with you.
She surprised me and said she is not trying to be my friend....but somewhere between Friend and girlfriend and I said "Soooo a FWB" which she laughed and said yes. I shrugged and said okay let's do this.
We ended our conversation there around midnight had been talking since 5pm. We talked the next morning while I was heading to work and made plans to video chat when I got home and when that happened we picked up where we left off getting deep about what situationship between us would look like and this time things got a bit heated cause we tried to figure out logistics of how to visit each other being an hour away from each other. I suggested Public buses or ride share which she said she is not comfortable with coming to me but would expect me to do so to her place.
So that conversation kinda went stale about how we would physically see each other. That day as well the sexual talk was had and became fairly graphic and we kept that energy the rest of the evening. She then surprised me with a nude. Said she doesn't do that kind of thing but I made her comfortable enough to do that.
Day 3 now (Technically yesterday) We now have a conversation over video/Phone like we've been having for the past two days about our family and family life and she proceeded to tell me this awful awful story of her very violent and sad upbringing from a Jehovah Witness Mother and a Nigerian father both parents according to her don't exist in her mind due to her suffering physical and emotional abuse her entire childhood to where now at 33 it makes her physically ill to talk to them or about them. I told her my family is extremely close to me and has been there for me every phase of my life. When I then decided that since we are talking about family dynamics I spilled that my family helps me with bills from time to time and she became irate out of nowhere telling me how that's so inappropriate for a man of my age.
Telling me I'm not a man and that a man is supposed to provide and lead and she hates that she constantly deals with these type of men in this position and I told her point blank I know the shit I have going on in my life and I know what needs to happen to fix it. She kept repeating that do you know I had to beg my parents to pay my rent this month to which they said they are no longer doing that after July and then continued to berate my life choices and said how disgusting she felt sending me nudes now.
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2023.06.06 06:51 Ok-Cobbler-935 Flamers?

My class went on a trip to Washington D.C. Me and my bluds were ecstatic about the trip, and we believed that is was going to be an absolute blast. Little did I know, that I was going to get a different kind of blast... . On the second day, my class went to the mall, and the teachers allowed us to eat wherever we pleased. My friends and I were deciding where to eat, and my friend Luke spotted a run down restaurant in the corner of the food court. There was a very off scent cumming W foreshowdowing off of the restaurant. I had a very bad feeling about this place, but my friends insisted. We decided to eat there. That was the first mistake.
As we were walking there, my friend pointed out that is was called "Flamers". Little did we know, we broke rule number 79, never trust the dyslexic friend. It was actually called " Creamers". We were all oblivious to this crucial factor, and we kept going. I swallowed my fear, and kept on with the adventure. As my friend Shaun went to order, he put his hands on the counter. His hands were engulfed by Flamer's "special burger elixir". He ignored this, and ordered the Flamers special. I looked at the menu, and noticed that the Flamers special was scribbled on the menu. With my extremely acute detective skills, I had noticed that is was written on with a 1978 manufactured Crayola crayon (Limited Edition). I had soon realized that only a true rapist could write with something like that.
I had failed to notify my peers before my friend Matthew made the worst mistake of his entires existence. He asked for the Flamer "behind the counter special." Matthew had soon got what he asked for, and he was told to come behind the counter. As he left my cone of vision, I could hear a zipper unzip. I got chills up my spine, and we could soon hear him receiving the special. We soon saw the "special burger elixir" start to squirt at us. "IT BURNS!" screams Matthew. "Run!" says Luke. As we start to sprint away, we look back a catch a glimpse of 7 1/2 large African Americans chasing us.
They start to attack us with their elixir, and I am lucky enough to dodge it. My friend Luke however is not too lucky. He is engulfed in the bussss, and completely evaporates. It's just me and Shaun. Matthew is probably long gone, and we must survive and rendezvous with our classmates. I use my flare gun to send out a SOS message. My flare gun misfired, and shot Shaun in left shoulder. He tanked it, and we kept running. Our stamina soon ran out and we were captured.
We woke up in the back of "Creamers" in a dungeon. The were 674 other kids trapped with us. It turned that Creamers actually collaborated with " Erotic Barber Barbershop". They took any kid that asked for the Boosie fade. So this is the situation I am in. Stuck in the "Bust Chamber", waiting for my impending doom.
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2023.06.06 06:36 Thehbic11 Lynn was an unapologetic leech.

I’m rewatching the show for a 3rd time and I just have to say I really can’t stand Lynn she and such a energy vampire. She was such a bum. And her oblivious nonchalant attitude towards everything is extremely annoying. I don’t understand why any of the girlfriends still were friends still friends with her. She brought absolutely NOTHING to the table. She always treated Maya and Joan the worse. She knew Toni wasn’t going to put up with her nonsense but she did Maya and Joan so dirty. She literally sold mayas books while she was struggling and she forgot to mail in Joan’s letter to her art school I think it was Juilliard? Which ultimately changed Joan’s career. I will never understand how she got away with that. And her not ever being able to pay the bills at restaurants was also extremely old and annoying she really had no shame. I could never have a friend like Lynn in real life. All in all this might sound harsh but Lynn was the worst girlfriend all the girlfriends had their own problems but Lynn was just a unnecessary mess I feel like Lynn’s character was pretty useless her storylines where so pointless and random almost every-time she had her own screen time I was uninterested. I feel like if Lynn character was removed from the show no one would even care. I would love to know your guys thoughts on this.
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2023.06.06 06:35 Jaded_Adeptness_2690 Am I being taken advantage of?

Hi beautifuls! So the nanny family I work for makes me make up the hours that I’ll be missing whenever they are about to leave or coming from vacation. For an example, I work 40 hours M-F every week but had today off (Monday) and am only working from 1-7 tomorrow (Tuesday) since they’re not getting back from London until then. Now for Wednesday & Thursday I’ll be there from 7-7pm (usually get off at 5) and from 7-5 Friday (usually get off at 12:30pm). Last time I worked until 10pm on Thursday since they left on Friday to Atlanta. For context: I get paid guaranteed hours. The contract did state flexible so maybe that’s where I messed up and should’ve thought about more deeply beforehand. Need to double check tho. I just didn’t think it also meant having to work some weekend days to make up some hours because they decided to go on vacation. I have to use a PTO day on a Saturday because of it..
My nanny friend told me her family keeps her schedule the same no matter when they leave or come back.
So now I’m thinking if this is normal or perhaps they’re seeing with what they can get away with? Or nothing at all?
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 06:30 cinderelladoll62 Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

The internet continues to create new opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs, particularly when it comes to starting an online business. The costs have the potential to be smaller compared to brick-and-mortar organizations, and the audience that your products or services can reach is vast.
The on-demand business’ functioning is based on the technology used, business model, and operational processes. Technology plays a vital role in promoting the on-demand service business across the globe. By downloading a mobile application, customers can get direct access to your business. You can control the backend by managing the software and database used on a server or a cloud computing system.
Your backend is connected to a third-party billing service to handle the payments for a large number of multi-party transactions in a reliable manner. The on-demand service business automates a major section of your administrative as well as logistical tasks. These are provided by your application to help your customers connect effectively with the available service providers.
On-demand professional services

  • On-demand businesses have played a very important role in making our everyday life easier. Suppose, you are stuck in an emergency like leaking gas pipes in your kitchen or you need to fix your air conditioner in the middle of the day, then, traditionally you used to search for a local electrician or plumber through your friends or neighbors or looking for a reliable person to solve your problem.
  • On-demand service business makes life easier by eliminating the pain of finding a professional through references. Many on-demand startups can help you find the right people to help the problems at hand.
On-demand apps for food delivery

  • On-demand food delivery consists of different brands where each one has something new and unique to offer to their customers. The most prominent reason for the success of on-demand food delivery services is the availability of mobile devices. Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, etc. are some of the top on-demand food delivery apps and can be used to browse menus from nearby restaurants.
On-demand e-commerce apps

  • The increasing use of smartphones is a big advantage for business owners as well as app developers. It is also a major reason for the success of many on-demand e-commerce apps. Amazon, Paytm, Uber, and other similar applications are used by millions of people every day because they help in making one's life easier by providing services as and when required.
On-demand apps for grocery

  • On-demand apps for groceries are becoming popular because they can be accessed with a simple tap on your smartphone. This helps in preventing unnecessary time-consuming trips to the supermarket. Bigbasket, Grofers, and The Prime Pantry are some of the leading on-demand apps for grocery delivery.
On-demand adventure activity booking website and apps

  • On-demand adventure activity booking websites and apps eliminate the pain of going to the railway stations or airports to book tickets for your journey. This also helps customers in saving money by removing the commission charged by agents. Make my trip, Ease trip, Irctc mobile app, etc. are some popular websites and apps used to book train and flight tickets in India.
On-demand meal kit business

  • The on-demand meal kit service business came into the limelight a few years ago and received a positive response from the customers. When the on-demand meal kit business was introduced, they represented the new and innovative ways to deliver fresh food to the customers emerged.
  • This business is catching up rapidly in urban areas where a trip to the supermarket is quite challenging. Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, etc. are some of the popular on-demand meal kit service businesses.
On-demand cab book business

  • Cab booking service apps are one of the most commonly used examples of on-demand services today. With the ability to hail cabs at their doorstep and multiple payment options on these apps, users can have a hassle-free travel experience at affordable prices. Uber, Ola, etc. are some of the popular on-demand cab booking apps.
On-demand equipment rental Business website and app

  • The on-demand equipment rental business is a comparatively new concept. This service business has to maintain a proper record of the products rented to customers and check if they are returned in the same condition.
  • Renting cars and bikes are some of the other popular concepts of the on-demand equipment rental business. Drivezy, Zoho, etc. are some of the famous platforms for renting automobiles.
How do I start an online business?
Once you’ve decided on an online business idea, you’ll want to do your due diligence and, eventually, give it life. Here’s how to start a business, step-by-step:
· Validate your idea with market research
· Develop your product or service
· Set up your business finances
1.Validate your idea with market research
· It might sound harsh, but it’s true: just because you think you have a great idea, that doesn’t mean there’s a market for it. Before investing your time and energy into starting your business, research how feasible it is and whether there’s any potential buyer interest. You can hire an agency to conduct market research for you, but if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can also take the DIY approach.
2.Develop your product or service
· You’ve validated your idea, now it’s time to turn it into a reality. Whether you’re selling a product or service, you need to create it. Find a manufacturer to bring your product to life, create packages of your service offerings, or write your book and identify a self-publishing option to bring it to fruition.
3.Set up your business finances
· “How do I open a business bank account?” is a common question for many new entrepreneurs. After you’ve officially registered your business with your local government, you should have the tax identification numbers and other information required to open a business bank account.
· As you grow, you might need funding for future endeavors, be it a new product launch or marketing and advertising spend. Having business bank accounts makes it easier for you to manage that capital, as well as track your revenue and expenses.
4. Find vendors and suppliers
· Product-based online businesses, in particular, may require lots of business relationships. For example a manufacturer, a dropshipper, or a third-party logistics coordinator. When identifying which partnerships you want to move forward with, it’s best to shop around and compare your options to make sure you’re getting the best solution for your needs.
5. Build your website
· If you want to start a business online, you need to have a website. And to generate online sales, you’ll need to incorporate payment processing functionality. First, choose a domain name and verify that it’s available. You can purchase a domain name for less than $20 a year in some cases. From there, you can build your own store on a platform like Shopify and start accepting payments from customers right away.
It’s time to bring your online business idea to life
If you've been thinking about ways to start a business, it's time to get out there and create an online money-making business in your spare time. You don’t have to go all in. Start small with a side hustle and scale from there. Or, keep things small. The beauty of starting your own online business is that it’s all up to you.
Online business ideas are endless and all-inclusive. Most office-based jobs can now be done online through freelancing or remote working. The beauty of technology means that profitable online businesses will keep growing and growing, making the world a truly global marketplace.
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2023.06.06 06:26 araljyoti Top restaurant in Hisar

Compact, luxurious and modern restaurant serving mouth-watering delicious buffets to food lovers. We have an extensive selection of dishes catering to all tastes and preferences, using fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure a memorable dining experience. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal with family and friends, Buffet Basket is the perfect place. We guarantee you'll feel at home with our comfortable seating, friendly staff, and cosy ambience. But that's not all – we also take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We're dedicated to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you visit, whether celebrating a special occasion or just enjoying with friends and family.
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2023.06.06 06:25 Comfortable_Bear486 [33M4F] As cliche as it sounds, looking for a best friend out here, of all places.

Hi there,
My name is {redacted}, and i'm hopeful that this post reaches the right person. My life is good; i have a decent career that affords me money and time for many hobbies, and friends. But something i've realized in recent years about myself is that i really value relationships, whether it's close friendships, a partner or family. That's not to say i need a ton of them, i'm very much a quality over quantity guy, but i digress.
To get a little more specific:
-Career in tech, where i work from home about 93% of the time.
-Most of my hobbies rank from active to very active. I play a few sports (tennis, badminton), run (new PR for 5k is the goal right now), do martial arts, and snowboard.
-I'm a big fan of movies, especially horror, though i never seem to find what i'm looking for on streaming. I watch a lot of sports as well, with the NBA and tennis being top of the list.
-On most weekends, you'll find me in the city exploring a new barestaurant/cafe with some friends. Sometimes i also like to drive out of the city to explore a small town, or a cottage.
-Physically i'm pale, fit, 5'5, buzzed head and like to think i dress well.
-I'm curious, easy going, and don't take myself too seriously. I'm an introvert leaning ambivert who can be pretty chatty once comfortable, and i really like to get to know people on a deeper level.
-Agnostic atheist. I also don't want kids.
About you:
I'd prefer you have a career. Some hobbies would good too (they don't really have to be similar to mine). Ideally, you're somewhat active and take care of yourself. I'll just say that i typically don't connect well with people who are big on video games but it's not a dealbreaker. You're curious, and emotionally available and open.
-heavy smokers
-very religious
-want or have kids
I'm looking for an equal partner. Someone who values relationships and a connection just as much as me. Someone who is willing to match my time and effort in getting to know the other, and someone who wants to grow together. So if you made it this far, shoot me a chat with a bit about yourself!
PS This post probably came off way too serious and dry, and for that i apologize.
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2023.06.06 06:11 Final_Corgi_8670 Easy Keto Low Carb Tortilla Chips Recipe, JUST 20 Minutes!

2 low-carb tortillas (preferably made with almond flour or coconut flour)
2 tablespoons olive oil or avocado oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon paprika (optional)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder (optional)
Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).
Stack the tortillas on top of each other and cut them into triangle-shaped chips. You can make them as small or as large as you like.
In a small bowl, mix together the olive oil (or avocado oil), salt, paprika, and garlic powder. This will be your seasoning mixture.
Brush both sides of the tortilla triangles with the seasoning mixture, making sure to coat them evenly. You can also use a pastry brush for this step.
Place the seasoned tortilla chips on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat, making sure they're in a single layer and not overlapping.
Bake the tortilla chips in the preheated oven for about 8-10 minutes, or until they become crispy and golden brown. Keep an eye on them to prevent burning.
Once they're done, remove the baking sheet from the oven and let the chips cool for a few minutes.
Serve the low-carb tortilla chips with your favorite keto-friendly dip, such as guacamole, salsa, or sour cream.
Enjoy your homemade keto low-carb tortilla chips!
Note: You can adjust the seasoning according to your taste preferences. Feel free to experiment with different herbs and spices to add more flavor to the chips.
Video Link:
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