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Constantly getting errors on my financial aid.

2017.12.07 04:52 warmpita Constantly getting errors on my financial aid.

I understand mistakes happen, but it is getting very frustrating. This is my first semester at WVU after going to school in Portland, OR for about 7 years part time. I never had issues with my financial aid, but at WVU it seems to happen every month. The first month of class I got an email that said I was dropped from my financial aid. This freaked me out so much. I had just made a huge move from Portland to come to school here and thought I just lost everything in that moment. Thankfully an hour or so later after I was done with class and I checked my email to find it was an error.
Cool, cut forward again to October and bam! another "your financial aid was denied" email. So I send a message to the hub after an initial freak out and find out that is an error. At this point I kind of expect them.
So I get another email on November 5th with a you have been dropped from financial aid and I have to retroactively pay my tuition and fees. I think it is an error again, but decide to investigate. I have 4 holds on my account. FUN! So I talk to financial aid and apparently I need to prove that I exist and I graduated high school. I am 34 so getting my high school transcripts was fun. After about 2 and a half weeks of back and forth it is all sorted out and all is good.
TODAY... I go to check my grades on ecampus and I see there are charges on my account! Oh fun! It says I owe $1,600. I am literally about to leave for work so I can't investigate too much, but I can't figure out what I am being charged for and I just feel like giving up at this point. Eventually, FA got back to me and said it was an error on their part and that one of my federal loans wasn't being accounted for.
Getting dicked around and played with by financial aid (obviously unintentional) is just tiring and scary to have to keep dealing with. Like most students my budget is tight as can be and randomly seeing you have to pay multiple thousands of dollars just feels like it is game over.
This is just kind of a huge vent session for me, but it really makes me want to change schools because I worry that there are things happening that I am not catching and at this point I just want to finish school because it has been a long hard road for me (and I know it has been for many other, too!). Anyways, thanks for reading if you read all this
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