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Set on the magical medieval island of Aeternum, New World is a metaverse game developed on the Binance Smart Chain in which players use magical items.

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Welcome to OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit!

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This subreddit is for all who are interested in the Jungian INTP personality type.

2023.06.01 01:28 DiverSea9644 Do colleges' rankings make any impact on job opportunities as a CS major?

I am asking this because I hear that unless you go to Berkeley, CMU, Stanford, or other T10 schools, then everyone else is in the same boat. To what extent is this true? Even for schools that might have amazing CS programs outside the T10 bracket, would going there make a singular difference in your job prospects? As we all know, school CS rankings are based on things like their research faculty and funding, which don't seem to have any relation to one's ability to crack coding interviews or their ability to work well in a corporate setting.
If companies still give higher priority to those from top-ranked schools, how much more of an advantage do these guys have compared to the average CS major? Because more often than not, there are so many kids on this sub who try so hard to game their way into an Ivy League or other overall good schools (that might not have a world-class CS program), only to major in CS and blow 300K+. I don't intend on shaming schools in any way, but whether you go to Ohio State or UChicago, they both have equal value judging solely based on rankings. Obviously, their prestige varies greatly in the eyes of many students on this sub.
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2023.06.01 01:27 callmebaiken 1099s, W9s and cash cover charges for bands

Music venues have been moving more and more towards requiring a W9 from bands, and sending them a 1099 after the year, in order to reduce their tax own tax bills. But it may have crossed a line recently. A new club, which may not know any better, has put forward a fairly standard policy of collecting a cash cover at the door for live music events, and splitting that with the bands 20/80. What’s not standard is that they are asking one musician who played that night to submit a W9, with the apparent intent to 1099 them for the 80% of cash covers collected by their doorman. Now, you may say, they could argue the covers are to the venue and the venue is hitting the bands as independent contractors. Before we evaluate that argument, let’s consider 3 scenarios, which will make the situation much clearer:
  1. Scenario One: There is no cover charge, and the bar agrees to a set payout amount, ahead of the show. This is typical at breweries and cover band type venues. In this scenario, the payment IS truly overhead for the bar, and the band is paid as an independent contractor. In this scenario it’s totally appropriate to 1099 the band.
  2. Scenario Two: There is a cover charge, in the form of ticket sales. But the venue, in their role as a concert promoter, have agreed to a set payout amount for every band, and will keep the ticket revenue themselves, and hope to make a profit. Here, there IS a cover charge, in the form of tickets, but the promoter is also correct to 1099 the bands, because he is paying them, which is overhead before he collects revenue.
  3. Scenario Three: There is no set payout amount agreed to by the venue and bands. Instead, the total of all the cash cover charges is split between the venue and bands 20/80. In this scenario, The bar is NOT actually paying the bands. The cover charge paying patrons are. The payout is not true overhead for the bar. The bar plays no role in the payout other than collecting and dividing it. The Bands and Venue are PARTNERS, collecting cash gross receipts and splitting the take on an agreed PERCENTAGE SPLIT. In this scenario, The BAND is responsible UNDER IRS LAW for reporting this income on their own taxes, much as they would if they had earned the money busking on South Congress. There is no difference. The bar can report its 20% of cash covers as revenue, indeed it must, but the other 80% is not its income. The only way to change this is for the bar to switch to scenario 2 and negotiate an agreed upon payout ahead of time. By 1099ing the 80% of cash covers the bar merely helped collect in partnership with the bands, The Venue is actually committing tax fraud. It’s reducing its own overall tax burden by counting as revenue what was never its revenue, and by treating as overhead what was never really its overhead.
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2023.06.01 01:27 Pretentious_Crow Good naturalistic/beast playable races for 5e?

Hi! I’m a relatively new DM working on a homebrew setting. Long story short, the humanoid races (humans, elves, dwarves, etc) formed great civilizations that pushed nature to its limit. The God of the Wilds ended their empires, and now the world is covered in great forests growing over cities and vast fields home to massive beasts. Traditional races still exist, but they’ve been pushed into isolated pockets of walled villages.
What I need are some more nature/beast themed races to fill the new world with. The less humanoid the better, but I’m not too picky. I’m already eyeing tabaxi and kenku, but more recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 01:26 segaboy16 Just finished the show the other day and I really enjoyed it

I'm not the greatest when it comes to writing longer but wanted to give it a try so sorry for the rambling.
yesterday on a whim a saw Plastic Memories show up in My suggestions and am I glad it did. I went into the show completely blind not knowing anything about it besides the little description that Funimation has about the show. I was quite impressed since I wasn't expecting much from the show but I left the show quite surprised and pleased. I was quite surprised with how well the characters carried this show, I don't think out of the cast there was anyone I didn't enjoy maybe at most Eru got a little tiring with the perv antics but even then they didn't ruin the show that bad.
I really enjoyed that throughout the show they constantly make it clear that Isla is going to die but you still feel like there is a chance that they could change that, you got to see a few examples of why she couldn't just stay running as she'd go crazy and you even see too that there is no way to back up the memories and that the memories are gone like in the case with Eru and her friend Olivia now Andie and how even tho fragments may still remain like how they both become close friends pretty easy again there is no way to actually get that person back.
The biggest praise I can give the show is them sticking with the ending and not having a fake out at the end. That was probably my biggest worry all throughout the show was would they stick to Isla dying, now as much as I would have liked an ending where she lived I think for the story they were telling her dying was the best way to go. I really enjoyed too how well the ferris wheel scene was handled with it probably being one of my favorite scenes in the entire show. The scene is set perfectly where it can just be Isla and Tsukasa alone where neither can be interrupted or chicken out and from the start I knew the rings used on the Giftia where gonna come into play where it would be used symbolically with those two characters. The seen is really well done too bc even tho it's a heartbreaking scene it's shot with a positive light where even tho this is the end of their relationship it's not a bad thing since all the memories they had and moments they were together were worth it in the end.
Then Lastly the little extra after the credits made me smile since how I interpreted it was that it was a new Giftia in Isla body and while the personality will be completely different like I said previously with Andie seeming to have some reminant of Olivia in her subconsciously, even tho as the viewers we will never see it I feel as tho a connection would grow between Tsukasa and the Giftia that was just as strong as the one between him and Isla
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2023.06.01 01:26 LightBringerOracle Booking Readings Now!

Hello everyone, my name is Light and I am a light worker, a tarot/oracle reader, and medium. I have years of experience, and recently, I wanted to start an official page for readings so I can help people. I prefer to use tarot cards and oracle cards mostly in my divination, and have had great success in giving people new insight into their situations. You can read my reviews here from real people that I have helped.
Here are the services that I offer:
  1. 2 Hour Readings
  2. 1 Hour Readings
  3. 3 Card Spreads
  4. 1 Card Pull
Need a service here but don't see it listed? Shoot me a message and I can see if I can help you out. If I'm not the person, I am more than happy to point you in the direction of another reader.
To book a reading with me, send me a message via Reddit DMs. I am happy to also do readings via other platforms.
The fees/prices for these readings are set, but I am more than happy to negotiate with you. I want to ensure that you get your moneys worth, and it is more important to me that I am able to give help and comfort to those who need it. If you don't resonate with my readings, I'm more than happy to be accommodating in terms of that as well.
Thank you for reading, and checking out my page!
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2023.06.01 01:25 kls1226 Is it possible?

Is it possible?
Hi everyone, i’m pretty picky and also new to exploring engagement rings so I would love some advice.
I’d love a 3 stone ring with an oval center and pear shaped on the sides (picture below). I also would love a tulip setting because it just looks so cute from different angles. I also would love a wedding band to sit flush so I don’t have to get a curved band.
Is it possible to have all these things?? While also not having it so high set where it gets caught on everything (i’ll be having a healthcare job).
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2023.06.01 01:25 girlgirl1256 Learning curve on medify, tips on technique?

Hey guys:)
I do alot of practice on medify, but tbh I find it so tedious and I don't even feel like I am getting any better. Usually when I've practiced things before I feel "new connections" (haha) being made in my brain, like I find it stimulating. Whilst this is just without direction. Anyone else kind of feel the same?
HOWEVER: I do find that doing the same questions (like exactly the same) after learning my mistakes helps alot, its also alot more fun second time around. Only problem is that medify doesn't seem to have an option that lets you "repeat practice set". Anyone know of a way of getting round this?

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2023.06.01 01:24 depatie1 34 [F4M] Southwest Chicago suburbs

I’m severely burnt out from the dating apps and just not sure what else to do! I also work from home so that limits my exposure to potential men. Definitely open to connecting with someone on here either local or long distance (with intention to not do long distance long term).
Little bit about me: 34, almost 35, been single for a few years and spent that time focusing on my career and going back to school for my MBA. Very driven, ambitious personality with a calming presence. High level of emotional intelligence and very in tune with the people in my life. I love all animals and have a small dog but would love more. Animal lover is a must have. I was married young, but have been divorced for 10 years and no kids and I would prefer a partner who is also child free. Avid reader, healthy diet (for the most part 😉) and enjoy all types of daily activity to get my steps in! I have a laundry list of hobbies and projects and love to have someone expose me to new things! I travel quite a bit for work, so I definitely need someone who has a high level of trust and understanding.. because who really likes not sleeping in their own bed 🤷‍♀️
Consistency, matching energy and emotional stability are very important to me. I pour myself into the important people in my life so please don’t waste my time, it’s valuable to me. I also highly value a sense of humor and humility, so please feel free to roast me but also be roastable yourself 😜
No smokers, drug users or guys who hate their mother 😌
For those of you who aren’t sapiosexual oriented, I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, shorter side- can never reach the top shelf. Think Topanga from Boy Meets World! Willing to trade pictures upon request.
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2023.06.01 01:24 Friendly_Chicken_760 Why does the AFL and its clubs fear alternate Guernseys/kits so much?

Surely it isn't expenses. As we know AFL is one of the highest attended leagues in the world. We also know they produce new training kits every year (which are unique and professional designed). In European Soccer clubs will often have clash kits that are bright pink or green or the complete opposite of their opposition. Im not saying go this far, but I feel each club should have a grey or white away variant (Or that all red thing the bombers had). What forces are at play that dissalows this in the year of 2023. Surely it cannot be the big 4 Vic clubs and their old fart powerbrokers?
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2023.06.01 01:23 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 9 - Canyon City (Pt. 7)

Kita's eyes widen at the blue-eyed princess's offer.
"You know where he is?" Kita stammers, caught off guard by the sudden awareness.
"Do you still seek revenge?" The princess asks.
Kita doesn't respond, this posh girl has her number. 'Still'? She doesn't want to give away all of her leverage, what kind of an interrogator gets interrogated?
"I've looked into the dark one's eyes," The princess adds. "I saw something similar to what I'm seeing now,"
The black eyes? Is the dark one missing their soul as well?
"What'd you see?"
The girl pauses, squinting at Kita before shrugging her shoulders. "Loss,"
"Tell me what you know." Kita orders.
"I will tell you, if you take me with you,"
"It's obvious you aren't an interrogator. Your methods alone are beyond mediocre,"
"You an expert victim or something?" Kita scoffs.
"Not quite," The princess chuckles. "I will tell you anything you want to know if you get me out of here,"
"What makes you think I can do that?"
"I've seen you destroy armies, Kita."
Kita shuffles backwards. This princess doesn't just know about her soul, she knows more about Kita's past, than Kita. Armies? She remembers nothing of destroying armies. The idea of being so powerful sends a shiver down her spine.
A curiosity. A new desire. Such power sounds enticing. She couldn't fathom losing to the dark one despite having so much power- She may be underestimating the number of souls she needs to consume. The amount of power she currently has is barely a fraction of what she's achieved before.
"I'm not really that girl anymore," Kita stutters, trying to deflect the information.
"I noticed," The princess responds, rising to her feet. "You're much more polite now,"
"I am?" Kita says, stepping backwards as the blue-haired girl steps towards her. The girl is tall and walks with a towering posture. A royal walk. Slow and encroaching.
"You've forgotten everything this time? It is as if you don't even remember who you were,"
"And what do you think I was?" Kita asks.
"A warrior. A leader… A monster,"
The princess reaches her arms out to Kita, prompting a defensive stance. But before Kita can prepare, the princess's arms drape around her shoulders and then pulls Kita in for a warm, firm, hug.
"You poor thing," The princess whispers. "You're the shell of your former self,"
Kita pushes the girl off of her, overwhelmed by the sadness being expressed. She doesn't see herself the way this woman does and being called a shell is degrading. Is this some kind of disrespect? The way royalty manipulates the minds of others?
"People change," Kita scoffs. "I don't need your comparisons,"
"Sorry," The princess responds politely, surprising Kita yet again. "We were good friends in your past life… You usually remember me,"
"Well, I don't… Not this time,"
"Then I shall befriend you yet again," The princess passes an endearing smile.
"Not interested," Kita dismisses, "I'll get you out of here if you tell me everything you know about the dark and my past,"
"Escaped prisoner!" a voice yells from beyond the door, echoing through the stairwell. Prompting a look of urgency as they both glance towards the door.
"We have a deal," The Princess nods. "My name is Raya,"
"Listen, Princess. There's a kid named Jan who also had his soul stolen. I'm getting him out of here as well,"
The guards definitely noticed Kita's little mess once they got back. It's time to get out of here- she steps over to the door and knocks twice. Raising her hand in preparation for the door to swing open. The moment the burly guard reveals herself, Kita consumes her soul and catches the falling body to pull it into the room. From the corner of her eye, she sees Raya grab a knife from the guard's body and strap the rifle over her shoulder.
"You know how to use that?" Kita asks, raising an eyebrow.
"I've never met a royal who couldn't," She responds with a focused expression on her face.
Kita glances out the doorway to see only two other guards on the floor- the rest must have left to search for the prisoner. She walks straight towards both of them with her hands raised and from a reasonable distance she casts another consume spell. That's thirteen. It's not enough. After what the princess told her, it all feels so distant.
"Come on," Kita clears her throat. The floor is empty, and they need to get a move on before they realize she's on this floor. She positions herself by the door to the stairwell, taking a deep breath to focus up.
The princesses' blue hair and rags stand out like a sore thumb. Anyone would notice her or know she's a prisoner- sneaking about won't do. They'll have to fight their way out. This girl had better know what she's doing.
"They're planning on trading the kid, do you know where they would take him?"
"Vlad's office, on the second floor,"
This is the fourth floor, so his office is up six flights of stairs. Nothing too crazy, from there, are three more flights to the exit.
Kita cracks open the door to the stairway, looking through the gaps in the railing below to see if the coast is clear. She then looks up to see an open door three flights up, on the third floor.
They step into the stairwell and scurry their way up the three flights of stairs whilst trying to remain as quiet as possible. Before she reaches the top of the third-floor staircase, she pauses to look into the door. She sees four sets of poots huddled together by the door and readies a spell.
As she takes another silent step to the top of the stairs, the group of raiders breaks and each of them step into the stairwell. Kita freezes in a moment of panic, and one of the raiders looks in her direction before a look falls on the raider's face.
"She's here!" He yells, raising a pistol at her as the others turn to raise their weapons as well.
Raya instinctively steps up close to Kita's back as she rotates her wrist. Kita's natural reaction to danger comes with a muscle memory she was hoping to see. The same one from the rich folk's tent- Shield.
The raiders open fire in the stairwell, bullets erupt in all directions as bright streaks of light ricochet into the sphere of energy surrounding Kita and Raya.
The first raider runs out of ammo. Kita raises her arm across her body, preparing to strike.
Three more clicks follow. The nearest raider is out of her reach, and still reloading. She drops the shield and announces a spell in her mind.
Her arm extends, and like a sword- she slashes across the nearest raider's chest. In the same motion, a sharp slice of wind crosses the raider's chest- Creating a deep gash from his shoulder to his pelvis. The upper third of the gun in his hand falls clean off the rest of the weapon before his body falls to the floor.
Without a second thought, Kita raises her hand at the two raiders nearest to the door and casts a push. The doorway to the third-floor busts open, sending the two raiders through the newly made hole.
As Kita raises her arm to the last raider, who's just finished reloading. Raya suddenly appears in front of her. With a few swift strafes, Raya kicks the gun out of the raider's hands and uses the blade she'd collected in three swift moves. An X marked by two cuts to the raider's chest, and a cut to the throat.
"Holy shit. The Princess is violent," Kita jests.
"I led an army," Raya chuckles.
"Sure, but those two extra cuts were just-" Kita exhales and puts her hands on her waist.
"Oh please, did you see what you did to that guy's chest?" Raya rolls her eyes. "I've never seen you do that one before,"
"Is that right? Your pal Kita the conqueror couldn't think of that one, huh?" Kita smiles, a knowingly smug one. She jokes, but she genuinely feels proud of herself for thinking of it.
Raya laughs, readying her rifle, "You're different, but you haven't really changed,"
"What's changed?"
"For starters, the old Kita would've taken them all out with one spell," Raya responds, stepping into the hallway of the third floor.
"Well, I prefer to make it a fair fight," She sasses, stepping into the debris-filled room to hear the sound of a few coughs. They step over the bodies of two other raiders who must've been on the other side of the wall.
Two sudden pops erupt from Raya's gun, dropping a guard at the opposite end of the room who was still on his feet. On one half of the room are rows of bunk beds, with the other half having a kitchen and a seating area. The place is a mess- understandably considering how many people probably stay here.
"How many souls?" Raya asks, surveying the room.
"How many do you have left?"
"Feels like… nine," Kita answers. "We should head upstairs,"
"We got lucky. This is usually where they all congregate," Raya says, turning back to the stairway.
"Where would they be?"
"Mostly likely a job,"
Kita's eyes widen, thinking it might have something to do with the kid. She double-times her way out of the room and up the stairs when she hears the ricocheting of bullets before the sound of crackling emits from the floor below.
She casts a shield all around her, and Raya steps inside moments after. They both start moving up the staircase, trying to shift in unison to avoid either of them being exposed to the whizzing bullets.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy](https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy)
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 9
"I really need to pee"
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2023.06.01 01:23 ImaDirt Is my ssd F*cked

I left my computer on, just in a minecraft world, when I woke up it was in its bios screen and refused to boot. It was buggy and it only booted about 1/10 times. I got it to boot into the troubleshooting menu and ran a disk repair, massive mistake. The pc then booted into a Red screen, the secure boot violation. I updated my bios and cleared my cmos fully. When I disable secure boot, it simply boots into a black screen. Please help, my suspicion is it’s an ssd issue because it used to say running disk repair when it booted before the red screen. At a point bios wasn’t saving my settings, and didn’t recognize the drive.
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2023.06.01 01:23 TheRecycledPirate Offering my services

Hi! My name is Andrew Greg Mitchell Clemence Kirchner, it's a mouth full, so my friends call me Andy.
I am a Creative Instigator.
As a Facilitator, Coach and Creator I guide small business owners and help launch new projects.
I was born in Curaçao (that’s in the Caribbean) and partially raised in the Netherlands. I grew up with mixed cultures and languages (I speak three fluently). This gave me a unique set of skills to understand and adapt to different cultures and organizations.
In 2012 I had a life altering experience when I had a scuba dive accident which saw me lose my girlfriend and leave me with physical challenges that affect my life to this day.
I have used this experience to become not only a better person for myself but also to educate the people I encounter as an inspirational speaker and coach. Emotional well-being and emotional intelligence are important for our human development, so I use them to counsel people on a 1:1 basis or in small group settings.
Are you interested in finding out more? Send me a private message. I would love to hear from you.
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2023.06.01 01:22 vidalinho10 Revolutionizing Maritime Connectivity with Enterprise-level Starlink Services

Ahoy, maritime community!
I'm delighted to share some exciting news that will transform how maritime businesses connect and operate. As an authorized Starlink reseller, I'm thrilled to introduce our enterprise-level Starlink services tailored specifically for the maritime industry. Get ready to navigate the digital seas with reliable connectivity, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled coverage.
At Grupo Grande, we understand the critical role connectivity plays in the maritime sector, from shipping companies and cruise lines to offshore operations. With our comprehensive suite of maritime solutions powered by Starlink, we're making waves in revolutionizing connectivity on the high seas.
Here's what makes our enterprise-level Starlink services perfect for the maritime industry:
  1. Global Coverage, Even on Open Waters: Starlink's expansive satellite constellation allows us to provide reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, even in the remotest corners of the world's oceans. Stay connected on long voyages, streamline operations, and enhance crew welfare with seamless internet access that goes wherever your maritime adventures take you.
  2. Uninterrupted Connectivity for Critical Operations: Maritime businesses rely on uninterrupted connectivity for crucial operations, safety, and crew communication. Our Starlink services ensure a stable and reliable connection, enabling real-time data transmission, vessel tracking, remote monitoring, and effective communication between ship and shore.
  3. High-Speed Internet for Crew and Passengers: Happy crew and satisfied passengers are essential for the success of any maritime venture. Starlink's lightning-fast speeds provide seamless internet access for crew welfare, allowing them to stay connected with their loved ones ashore. Passengers can enjoy onboard Wi-Fi, streaming entertainment, and enhanced communication options, ensuring a remarkable maritime experience.
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We look forward to partnering with the maritime community and embarking on an exciting voyage together.
Smooth seas and strong connections!
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2023.06.01 01:22 Dr_Hank2020 [US/MN] [H] Wonder Woman Perez Omni 3 / Spider-Man Alien Costume Saga + Epics [W]PP/trade

Add $5 to total for USPS Media Mail Shipping to CONUS, everything shipped in a well-padded box. PayPal G&S payments accepted and I only ship to the address you have in PP.
• Wonder Woman by George Perez omnibus vol. 3 - $110 (binding not the greatest, see photos)
• Amazing Spider-Man Alien Costume Saga TPBs vols. 1 & 2 (latest printings) - $80
• ASM Epic Collection 15: Ghosts of the Past - $30
• ASM Epic Collection 17: Leaven’s Last Hunt - $20
Trade interests: DC The New Frontier Deluxe Edition HC / No Man’s Land Omni 1 or 2 / World of Black Hammer vols. 4 & 5 library editions / Superman: The Last Son Deluxe Edition HC
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2023.06.01 01:22 Metroidman [MIB] Is it a coincidence that J's real name startes with the letter J or do they always give people a code letter that corresponds to their name?

If so do they always need to find new agents with a diverse set of names?
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2023.06.01 01:22 vangobroom97 [Direct] June Releases 4x winners - 356 spots at $5 ea

Date/time: 6/1
Approved by Z, L
4 winners, straight draft. 2x Ninjago markets and 2x batcave shadowbox. Same person can win twice, no 3x winners.
Item Name Set Number: 2x 71799 Ninjago Markets, 2x 76252 Batcave Shadow Box
Lego Price: 2x $370+$400+$100 (13% tax)
Shipping: Lego Direct
Host fee: 8 spots ($80)
Raffle Total/Spots: 356 at $5
Price justification: Lego retail
Call spots: Y/N Y
Spot limit per person:Y, 5 spot limit
Duration of spot limit:30 min
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: Y, somewhere Lego will ship
Timestamp pics: https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/ninjago-city-markets-71799
Description: Lego direct New releases!! Batcave + Ninjago Markets! Both release 6/1. 4 winners straight draft! Same person can win twice, no 3x winners.
Payment required w/in 20 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

PayPal Info: Pm for pp
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Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 255
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2023.06.01 01:21 kenshima15 Am I the only one who considers the continuation as non-canon / alternate take on Berserk?

Writers change their minds as they write......

as an artist and writer... nothing is ever set in stone...So there's no way someone else could write the ending of your book...
Thats how I see it. Oh well.
I can tell this new chapter's aint Miura... even in the dialogue.
I view this continuation as an alternate version...a very professional fan fiction with little ideas from the original author sprinkled in em.
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2023.06.01 01:20 Icybeesting TFT Set 9 new item sounds familiar...

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2023.06.01 01:20 vidalinho10 Introducing Enterprise-level Starlink Services - Empowering Businesses with Reliable Connectivity

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2023.06.01 01:19 BIG_QUAVO_PAID Doing any kinda bank open ups tapin with your pros or hmu for open ups now @BIG_QUAVO_FULLZ. Hit me up on telegram link on my bio and comment section

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2023.06.01 01:19 TheLobsterCopter5000 Why Banana Blitz HD is a bad remake (in my opinion)

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz was the first Super Monkey Ball game I ever played, and it holds a special place in my heart. Many consider Banana Blitz HD to be the better version of the game, due to it axing the motion controls, but I believe that Banana Blitz HD is inferior to the original for a few reasons, which I will explain below:

The physics

The updated controls are generally touted as the main improvement made by Banana Blitz HD, however a lot of people don't realize that this came at a cost. The physics in Banana Blitz worked really well with the level designs, however in HD, there are numerous gameplay issues. The physics are generally much more bumpy and bouncy than they were in the original. The monkey will often bounce off the ground going over tiny cracks and bumps that were mostly absorbed in the original game. Platforms that move up and down, such as the segmented ring platforms in Jumble Jungle 8, which are extremely frustrating to navigate in HD due to the bouncier physics. The points where the rotating tiles meet in Cobalt Caverns 4 are another example of the bouncy physics messing up the gameplay, but there are many other instances of this happening.
In addition to the generally increased bounciness of HD, the physics also feel a lot less tight. It feels like you have a less precision in narrow sections than you did in the Wii version, and the controls feel kind of loose in general. Thankfully Banana Mania is a significant improvement over Banana Blitz HD in this regard. Another dumb change to the physics was the addition of a hard-coded speed cap. While it doesn't come up super often, it really shouldn't be there at all, and the original game got on just fine without it. This problem is also removed in Banana Mania. One last problem is that characters generally seem lighter than they were in the Wii version, getting knocked around by enemies, bumpers and bosses a lot more than they used to, but more on that later.

The visuals

The best way to test whether a HD remake of a Wii game does a good job at remastering it is to compare it against running the Wii game on Dolphin with the resolution upscaled. BBHD fails this test. A lot of the textures and colour palettes feel a lot more oversaturated and contrasted than they were in the Wii version, and in my opinion they are generally worse overall.
Additionally, some of the world designs look worse as well. Smooth Sherbet's skies are less varied in colour compared to the colourful auroras of the Wii version, and lacks the purplish hue it had in the original. Detritus Desert now lacks the dustiness that the original version had. Pirates Ocean is now bathed in a bright and warm yellow light, making the stage feel much more inviting, which flies in the face of what Pirates Ocean is supposed to be. Cobalt Caverns' colour palette is less varied, now being mostly blue instead of a mix of blue and purple, and the water is now dark and opaque, instead of the more aesthetically pleasing translucent appearance it has in the Wii version. Ultra Heaven's lighting is much worse, having less of a twilight feel to it and being more evenly lit instead of the varied lighting it had before, and the clouds also look worse now.
On the bright side, Sinking Swamp definitely looks better, no longer having that sickly green colour to it that it had in the original, and I also prefer Space Case without the purple hue that the Wii version had, but on the whole, I prefer the way the original looked. Another visual change I don't like is the coloured side of the balls being slightly more opaque. Finally, I generally prefer the original UI design of the Wii version, than the generic modern design.

The level design

Banana Mania was not the first remake to change the design of levels, but while Banana Mania generally tried to make excessively difficult levels easier, Banana Blitz HD tries to make levels harder. The problem is it did this in a stupid way. They made a blanket change to all levels that use parallel rails. Parallel rails were a recurring stage element in Banana Blitz, that you could ride along. They were pretty interesting and generally a fun mechanic. In HD, they are all replaced with generic balancing beams. Not only does this generally make the game less interesting and unique, but also while this certainly makes the affected levels more difficult, the other levels were mostly untouched, and this results in HD having noticeable difficulty spikes and drops within worlds. I think the worst offender for this is Cobalt Caverns 5, which is quite a bit more difficult than the other levels in that world. This maybe wouldn't be so bad were it not for the aforementioned different physics, which make balancing sections generally more difficult.
One other notable level that was made more difficult is Volcanic Pools 5, which is a really weird stage to single out to make more difficult, as it was actually already one of the most difficult stages in that world. To make it even more difficult, the width of the non-rotating tiles was almost halved. This results in this level being a very noticeable difficulty spike for no real reason.
Overall I think the original designs were not only more interesting, but made the game's difficulty more balanced overall.

The bosses

The bosses were the worst part of the original game, so it would be pretty difficult to make them any worse in this game, but they found a way. In this version of the game, bosses now do significantly more knockback to the player through attacks, missiles, and contact with the player in general. This makes the bosses more obnoxious to fight, making this already bad aspect of the game even worse. In addition to this, some bosses also got specific changes. You can no longer skip the boring and tedious whack-a-mole and cannon sections of the world 4 boss, as the energy barrier now appears on the outer edge instead of the inner edge. In addition, the missiles fired in this boss now move much faster and turn in much tighter arcs with generally more aggressive targeting. This makes them way harder to avoid and makes the last section of the boss more frustrating. The world 6 boss now spawns far more falling meteors, making the fight more RNG dependant. You also can no longer run between the legs of the world 8 boss with smaller characters, forcing you to have to go around him.
One other change to the bosses which doesn't affect gameplay is that the world 7 boss is now less expressive during the opening cutscene to that boss for some reason. Kinda lame imo.

The music

You knew this one was coming! Apparently due to licensing issues, most of the music from the original game was replaced in this game. Some of the new songs were original compositions, but most were recycled from older games, Super Monkey Ball Adventure style. The new compositions are ok. World 1 and 8 are decent and world 4 is pretty good, though I generally prefer the originals, and world 9 and 10's new music is not very good. The rest of the worlds, and most of the boss themes were given recycled music, with the sole exception being world 3, which thankfully got to keep its funky music. The original music in Banana Blitz was really good, some of the best in the entire series. Most of them, except again world 3, were remixes of the already great songs from Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll, and they were given a ton of love by the composers for Banana Blitz, re-imagining them into amazing compositions that were super catchy and fit their respective worlds well.
The recycled songs aren't bad, per se, but they generally don't fit the worlds they were put in as well as the originals did, which is not surprising seeing as how those songs were specifically designed for their respective worlds. The biggest downgrade is Cobalt Caverns, which went from having an amazing theme and complete re-imagining of Studio One's theme to using a boring song from Monkey Boat.
But the biggest crime was the changing of the boss music. The originals all had a really unique feel to them, while their replacements were...subpar. Their process for selecting which songs to recycle seemed almost random for the bosses, like world 1's boss getting the credits theme as its music for some bizarre reason. The replacement music doesn't even come close to matching the energy and uniqueness of the boss music from the original game, with the exception of world 5's boss, the only one to receive an original composition which is actually pretty damn good.
The party game music is also recycled, and generally not as good in my opinion.

The lives exploit

With the changes to the design of some levels, you might expect Banana Blitz HD to be more difficult than its predecessor, but on that you would be dead wrong. Banana Blitz HD is actually much, much easier to beat without continues now than it was on the Wii, because of 2 unusual changes made to the game which allow for a ridiculous exploit that lets you attempt harder worlds like Sinking Swamp and Ultra Heaven with a huge stockpile of lives. In the original game, whenever you started a new world, you would be set to 3 lives, and would have those 3 lives, and any additional lives you could pick up within the world, to beat that world's 9 challenge stages without using a continue. However, in BBHD, this is no longer the case. Now, when entering a new world, you get to KEEP all of the lives you have already accumulated in that play session. This means if you start at world 1, and keep gaining lives overall during your playthrough, by the time you reach world 9, you will most likely have a pretty large stockpile of lives. Alternatively, you can keep replaying the early worlds over and over again, and build up as many lives as you want (the in-stage counter caps at 99, but the game actually lets you store over 1000 lives). Yes, that's right, if you want to, and have enough patience, you can enter world 10 Ultra Heaven with hundreds, or even thousands of lives, and completely obliterate it. As long as you don't restart a world or exit the game, you will keep your lives.
This gets even more ridiculous with the new ability to instantly re-play levels you have already beaten in a world without having to restart that world. This was most likely implemented to compensate for the removed practice mode (more on that later), but it allows you to pick one level, play it over and over and over again, and grind for more and more lives, as the bananas respawn every time you beat the level.
Now for the exploit: struggling with world 10? Do the following steps:
  1. Restart world 10
  2. Immediately exit the world
  3. Go to Jumble Jungle
  4. Pick stage 5
  5. Repeatedly go down the narrow path with the 6 banana bunches, and then jump into the goal
  6. This will net you 3 lives. Now simply hit "retry" on the level clear menu
  7. Repeat until you have as many lives as you desire
  8. Destroy Ultra Heaven!
Beating Ultra Heaven without continues in the Wii version, where you had to start the world with 3 lives, was a real accomplishment. In this game, it's a complete joke, thanks to this ridiculous exploit.

The missing content and lack of new content

Generally, when you remake a game, you want to add more features that weren't in the original game, to make the re-release worth getting. Banana Blitz HD does the OPPOSITE and removes several features from the original, while only really adding a time trial mode and a crappy mini game rush mode.
The first missing feature is a practice mode. The practice mode has been a staple in the Super Monkey Ball series since the first game on the Gamecube. It lets you pick any level you have unlocked, and play it over and over again with infinite lives to practice it to your heart's content. Banana Blitz was no exception to this, allowing you to practice levels on the level select screen by holding B, which would even let you practice bonus stages and bosses. You simply can't do this in Banana Blitz HD, for reasons I do not understand. This means you can only replay levels with lives enabled, and it also means there is no way to practice the bonus stages, as you only get 1 attempt at them after beating 4 levels upon restarting a world. Since some of the later bonus stages can be quite difficult to get a perfect on if you're not familiar with them, it really sucks that you can't practice them at all. Practice mode is such a basic feature of Super Monkey Ball that it is honestly kind of absurd that this game does not have one.
Another missing feature is the banana count. Banana Blitz introduced a banana count on the level select menu, telling you how many of the bananas in the level you have collected at least once throughout your playthroughs of it. Additionally, collecting all of the bananas, AND all of the hidden bananas in a level got you a complete message on the level select. This added a ton of replayability to Banana Blitz, and it is completely absent in Banana Blitz HD for some reason.
Replays are also missing. Another staple of the Super Monkey Ball series, the ability to save replays is completely absent from Banana Blitz HD, despite being present in the original. Not only that, but the instant replay has also been removed, which really sucks.
The total number of mini games has been reduced from 50 to 10, a massive reduction. I wasn't expecting all 50 to return, and frankly not all 50 of them should return, but now the game has fewer mini games than Super Monkey Ball 2. And they made some terrible decisions about which mini games to keep and which to remove.
Masao Shirosaki basically admitted that Banana Blitz was chosen to be remade as it was the most realistic for their limited budget and time, and this attitude definitely shows with regards to the content present in the final product. There is also version exclusive content, such as achievements that aren't present in the Nintendo Switch version, and the ability to play in different shaped balls being exclusive to the Steam version, and needless to say this is a really crappy practice that needs to die, especially since all the games share the same price tag.

The minigame selection and minigame changes

Since they were only going to put 10 mini games into Banana Blitz HD, you would think they would pick only the best mini games to bring back. Unfortunately they did not. A bunch of great games got cut, including Asteroid Crash, Disk Golf and Monkey Golf, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Race, Monkey Squash, Spaceship Landing, Treasure Submarine, and the best mini game from Banana Blitz: Monkey Wars. Meanwhile, they decided to keep several crappy mini games, like Hovercraft Race, Seesaw Ball, Slingshot and Whack-a-mole, as well as mediocre ones like Hurdle Race and Banana Blitz's rendition of Monkey Target.
In addition to this, several of the returning mini games are now noticeably worse than they were in the original. Dangerous Route's controls are now much worse, as you now no longer control the monkey directly, but control its acceleration in a frictionless environment, making precision movement extremely difficult. They also made it so that you have to be constantly collecting bananas to stand a chance at beating the levels. Hammer Throw and Hurdle Race are both victims of the game no longer supporting motion controls, as Hammer Throw is now controlled by twirling the control stick, which is a surefire way to wear down the notches on your controller if you use a notched controller like I do, and Hurdle Race is now an awkward button masher, which not only again damages your controller, but is also more awkward to play, as you have to mash buttons to move forward, and press a different button to jump, as opposed to there only being one button you use. In Monkey Snowboard, your monkey now takes FOREVER to get back up after falling down, and your hitbox in general seems to be a lot larger, making it harder to not hit obstacles or crash into other players. Though I do appreciate the fact that jumping off the ends of ramps now gives you a speed boost, as it is no longer better to just bypass the ramps entirely, which ruined the fun of the ramps in the original.

And that about covers it. There other minor nitpicks I could make about the game, but overall I think these are the important points about why I think it is a bad remake, and why I prefer the original game over it, despite the motion controls.
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2023.06.01 01:18 Lews_There_In Here are some Custom Scenario Ideas!

Theme: Tribal Psyker Outcast.
You first manifested your power to save a friend's life, but your tribe fears the magic you used so they cast you out. Will you build a safe haven for Psycasters or turn your back on the powers that caused your banishment?
Start: One Tribal Pawn. Pawn Skills: Any will do. Items: As many or as few neuroformers and psytrainers as you'd like. Research: - Ideologies: Fluid, Any will do. Totemic Style.
Theme: Beast Master.
Abandoned from birth you were raised by the beasts of the forest. One day when picking berries you came up on a creature that looked just like you. You then decided to find and befriend these creatures who shared your shape.
Start: One Tribal Pawn. Pawn Skills: High Animals, Medium Plants, Low Social. Items: Short Bow. Pets: One bear, one wolf, one panther. Research: - Ideologies: Fluid, Animal Personhood, Animalist style.
Theme: Space Pirates.
Your ship was destroyed while you were raiding a merchant fleet. You gathered what you could of your crew and hit the escape pods. Will you start a new life or rebuild your band of raiders?
Start: 3 - 5 pawns. (Use tribal start because raiders aren't really the thinking type and will have to research tech, or steal it.). Pawn Skills: High Shooting, Melee, Medium Social, Medium Medical, Low Intelligence. Items: Charge Rifles, Marine Armor, Basic Clothing. Ideologies: Fluid, Raider, Spikecore/Morbid style.
Tree Singers.
Theme: Your ancestor's colony ship crashed on a forgotten forested world, so they turned to nature for survival and began to worship the trees that provided for them. A millennia later, when mankind found your lost world and brought with them ships, your people saw a chance to spread their love of the forest to among the stars.
Start: 3 colonists crash landed. Pawn skills: High Social, High Plants, Low Melee, Low Shooting. Items: Gauranlen seeds, standard crash landed items. Research: Tree Sowing, Devilstrand, Psychite Refining, Cocoa. Ideologies: Tree Connection, Proselytizer, High Life optional. Totemic style.
submitted by Lews_There_In to RimWorldConsole [link] [comments]