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2023.03.24 07:28 Masterpimo I had to ask myself these questions while waking up/fading…

I’ve compiled a list of questions that I have been asking myself during my journey. At the end of this month I will officially be “inactive.” My family knows and has sort of accepted me, and multiple of my friends have hard and soft shunned me. I have suffered, as many of us have, but these questions have helped to keep me on the track to real healing. I took a 3 month therapy break as I focused on school, but I go back soon and I am so excited.
As you wake up, here are the questions you must ask yourself (especially if you are PIMQ, PIMO, PIMO and fading, or POMQ).
I’m sure there are plenty of others. I hope these help at least on person. I’m almost inactive but I think about being a JW almost every day. I can’t wait for a day when I don’t.
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2023.03.24 07:27 ignRetweet Love Hard (2023) HD Full Movie Online Free

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2023.03.24 07:25 H1ppidy How can I explain to religious family why not attending my Queer wedding is relationship ending & emotionally traumatizing?

I (32F) am marrying my soon to be wife (29F) in May. My father and part of his side of the family are what I lovingly call the bad kind of catholic. My father has been absent (if not physically then mentally) most of my life. He found God again and wanted to right his wrongs so I gave him a chance the last few years to mend our relationship. Flash forward to November 2022 and he’s officially hurt me too many times and it’s not worth it to me to continue a relationship with him. The last straw was when he told me he won’t be coming to my wedding after a 2 hour walk where he tried to sew doubt in my mind about marrying my partner. I have many ridiculous stories about things he’s said or done just in the past 3 years but those two hours took the cake.
A few family members told me they believe marriage is between a man and woman so they can not attend our wedding. I’ve decided to go no contact with all of them without really telling them because the whole thing is so intensely emotional for me. My emotional state kind of paralyses me when I want to explain what is so horribly wrong with them not believe in my marriage and I need help explaining my side. Not supporting my marriage is not supporting my equal rights, how do I explain that to a religious person who doesn’t understand because “they still love me”?
Some things my father has said to me:
The Bible says marriage is between a man and woman and God comes before everyone.
This doesn’t mean I don’t love you (referencing not coming to my wedding).
I know you will convert to Catholicism one day, what do you think that will look like? (He thinks he knows someone who receives messages from God)
It’s probably my fault you’re gay. (Because he was a shit father)
Hate the sin not the sinner. All sin is equal and we all sin.
It’s my fault you don’t know the Bible and I want to teach you. (I suspect he thinks I’ll just change my mind about being my true self)
I wish I had the perfect words to tell all of them how harmful their beliefs are but I just draw a blank. Any advice or examples of how you’ve dealt with a similar situation would help me.
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2023.03.24 07:25 KorgG29 With how close the 7-12 seeds in the West are, what four do you want to see in the play-in?

Please leave your reasoning as well. Do you prefer a certain matchup with the 1 or 2 seeds? Do you want to see a certain team miss out for personal reasons? Higher draft pick maybe? Let me know. Here are my 4:
7-Lakers (matchup with grizzlies would be a fun series)
8-Mavs (two teams with bigger names face off in play-in round 1)
9-Pels (just really loved their series vs PHX last year)
10-OKC (Having Shai bring this team to a play-in already is very well deserved. Can’t wait to see what Chet adds)
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2023.03.24 07:25 UK_M_50 50 [M4F] #UK WYorks. Mature man for younger woman for chats, flirts, flirtatious interaction, connection?

Professional guy in W Yorks area for a connection with a younger woman with a view to meets. Im 5ft 11, stocky, definitely a Dad bod but love to chat and flirt with an interesting, engaging younger woman. I'd be interested in either an overseas or UK based thing but ideally a local woman.
I have lots of hobbies and interests and enjoy music, good food, travel, art, books. I also buy a lot of clothes and love a few labels. HMU, you never know
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2023.03.24 07:25 Tremaparagon Some parting thoughts about the Hyperion Cantos, particularly the conclusions in Rise of Endymion. Curious to hear if there are different interpretations out there

Overall had fun with the series - I understand some of the criticisms especially with the latter books, but still enjoyed the full read and appreciate the way a lot of things came together. This post is mainly to organize the thoughts I'm left with at the very end of it all, and see if other people agree or have totally different ideas.


The romance:
Certain... questionable aspects of the Raul/Aenea relationship aside, I like how it concluded. We suspend disbelief or give benefit of the doubt to a lot in fiction. So I'm willing to roll with her being a half non-human entity that literally does not perceive spacetime as we do and has since before birth been communicating with godlike intelligences, so it's fine that she comes on to Raul, whatevs.
Instantly after she confessed to having a kid halfway through Rise, I knew what would happen and who was (would be?) the father. Despite the prediction, I don't need my expectations to be subverted, I still narratively enjoyed getting to the end of Rise and reading it all play out. Raul is a dummy for sure, and it was a bit annoying having him get angsty over... himself, but still it was pleasant to know it would be wrapped up nicely.
Time travel is always handwavy nonsense in any fiction, so I'm fine turning off my brain for it. I like to think there's some background Void-related reason, with how the Shrike can navigate time, that Aenea only has exactly 1 year, 11 months, 1 week, 6 hours, to spend on Earth. That's the amount of time that she would age (read: time she as a conscious being has for experiencing existence) between her post-Earth adventures spreading communion, and when she would prepare to meet Raul again on Tien Shan, at the critical period for toppling the Pax before too much genocide and war led to humanity's implosion.
It doesn't need to have a "hard sci-fi" explanation behind it to be profound. What matters is the deeply somber, ruminative state I'm left with when thinking about how each of them has a different final goodbye. It hits hard trying to wrap my brain around them perceiving their relationship in different orders (as paralleled with Kassad and Moneta).
The ninja blender 9000:
What was your impression of the final and "complete" backstory of the Shrike? I felt that in the first two books, Kassad's story seemed a little unimportant/disconnected. He vanquishes the thing in the far future only with the help and combat tech of far future humans - as far as the current story is concerned why do we care?
However, books 3 and 4 give us more to chew on. I don't remember how much is explicitly stated, but in my headcanon at least, his victory is part of taming it - wrestling full control of it away from the more hostile Core elements or the future machine UI. This goes hand in hand with a brief hint from Aenea's father - he states that he plans to leave the Consul and go forward a few hundred years to disrupt the Core and help his daughter. Surely he played a major part in turning the Shrike from a villain into a guardian?
To me this connection of pilgrims fits nicely - Kassad the warrior subdued the Shrike (and was a seed for its creation), while in the time of books 3 and 4, the Keats cybrid was directing it to be an infallible escort to Aenea. Without their roles, then of course with Nemes-level tech the Core would easily stamp out Aenea's quest. This fits with the Shrike being apparently curious about everyone's safe arrival on the uncharted forest planet despite having no reason to be there.
Blue man group:
Admittedly I feel as dumb as Raul for being blind to Bettik's identity until the last few pages. Now it all makes sense. It's pretty great that he was written to be an observer character from the beginning and always in proximity to such pivotal events in history. Plus his reveal at the end gives a morsel of substance to the mostly mythical big kitties and bears of the void. In hindsight there is now more justification to him sticking with Aenea through it all, even during times when Raul was sent off.
Everything else:
I loved the world-building for the most part. It suffered a bit in book 4 when things were mostly established, and more time was spent instead on metaphysics mumbo jumbo. But I'm probably not alone in saying the cruciform was fascinating from the very beginning of Hyperion. It continued to be interesting with Endymion and how it related to the Pax: the ship drive that required resurrection, the way it continued to be a parasite, how it functioned as the most viscerally agonizing shock collar possible on every single Christian, etc.
The fall of the farcasters was neat. It was definitely a good hook to have the ominous message go out at the end of Fall of Hyperion. And then, the use of farcasters for Aenea to escape insurmountable odds was pretty fun too. The River Tethys journey ... loosely makes sense. The uncharted forest planet was needed to hide the ship safely. Perhaps they were then directed to the non-Christian planets to see and understand the horrors of what was going on, and as Raul mentions to learn their "music" for future visits. Plus this twice allowed Raul to get medical attention without getting immediately shut down by Pax.
I suppose there are some loose ends left still with things like the continued presence of the Core and the small fraction of remaining Pax loyalists. We know that this is only one chapter in a war that will continue for eons. If Lourdusamy is still with the Pax and not the new "woke" humanity, is it only for personal greed and power rather than loyalty to the Pax-Core alliance? After all he did seem to take a calculated move against the Core by quickly burning Aenea, preventing them from having Nemes chew her little by little until she couldn't help but freecast, thus he prevented them from gaining information from her ability.
Any elaborations, rebuttals, or totally different points of discussion from y'all?
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2023.03.24 07:25 devready Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Complete Course)

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2023.03.24 07:25 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (High Quality)

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2023.03.24 07:25 ChipsAhoiMcCoy Recommendations for first person books similar to the Dresden files and project Hail Mary

I’m not sure if this type of post is allowed here, but I thought I would go ahead and attempt it anyways. I absolutely loved the Dresden files books, and I actually just finished all of them today including all of the side stories. I am now eagerly awaiting the next one in the series but it’s going to be a good while probably even a year until I get the next book, so I have quite a bit of time to read through other books I may enjoy.
I think there are some big similarities between the Dresden files and project Hail Mary, it seems like both writers enjoy a first person narrative with some comedy elements thrown in, and are both very good at making a scene very intense and cinematic feeling. I’m curious if there’s any other books that you guys know of that I may enjoy that are similar? I also don’t typically enjoy overly complicated writing pros, but with that being said I did still very much enjoy the Stormlight archives as well.
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2023.03.24 07:24 nonesg019 Shooting Stars

There are shooting stars a plenty on my island rn
Celeste is also here...
Please feel free to pluck all weeds and black roses also shake trees with the fruit etc just please don't ruin the flower gardens the stools are. would love to know your thoughts about the island
tips are appreciated (NMTS or bells or whatever DIYS you wanna get rid of
Dm me for Dodo Code
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2023.03.24 07:24 n1ght_w1ng08 OTT recommendation

Hey peeps 🙌,
I'm living abroad and would like to know what OTT platforms do you all use and why?
Right now I'm with Amazon Prime with Discovery+ and Docubay subscription and Disney+. I would love to add a couple more since my parents are retired and they like to watch TV in their free time. They have a Samsung smart TV and have access to Google Chromecast.
I can also access these using a VPN on my Amazon Fire TV stick. Apart from that since Disney+ lost rights to the upcoming IPL and is there any other OTT that supports the live telecast of Asia cup and similar cricket events such as ICC world cups?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.24 07:24 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Dirty Talk 101 (Complete)

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2023.03.24 07:24 TradeOtherwise5363 Traits na maari makita sa isang religious cult (most of is a must have para masabing kulto ang isang religion) BITE - MODEL OF MIND CONTROL

Traits na maari makita sa isang religious cult (most of is a must have para masabing kulto ang isang religion) BITE - MODEL OF MIND CONTROL submitted by TradeOtherwise5363 to ExAndClosetADD [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 07:23 Madhavfashion Make Heads Turn with Madhav Fashion's All-Over Sequin Fancy Jaal Embroidery on Viscose Georgette Fabric

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2023.03.24 07:23 GodlyJugo 20 [M4F] #CA looking for a genuine relationship with someone older (30s-50s) let’s see where we go

If you’re an older women and looking for someone younger to chat and maybe have relationship with don’t be shy send me a message I’ll gladly reply and hopefully we could have something together. I hope you enjoy some who looks very young too😅Ive been looking for someone who could make my life a little better and enjoyable with their companionship. I’m sure someone is out there who would love the feel the same I hope. But of course wed have to know each other a little more and see how we connect. I’m only 5’7” hazel eyes and curly hair. I enjoy working out so I’d say I have an athletic body. There’s a sorta picture of me on my profile if you’d like to take a peak at it :) I would love someone who has good communication and at least able to handle a good conversation. love doing anything really as long as we’re both having fun, laughing and enjoying life together I don’t mind what else we try for the first time. I’m a funny, caring, loyal and hard working guy there’s a few more words I would describe myself as but it’ll make this description a little too long I know many to like to read all of it. I would enjoy going out and exploring new places with someone but don’t worry so much if don’t like going out much I enjoy indoors just as much. There’s so much we could talk about if you’re interested and if possible sending a picture of yourself would be amazing but not necessary unless you want to show later I will do the same :) I hope to hear from someone… PLEASE BE LEGIT
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2023.03.24 07:23 TheLunarLunatic122 I love you~

Even you nasty little adult babies and the ignorant scum. I love you! Because life's to short to hold hate for people and things you can't control. And I especially love you! The people who take time to spread a little silliness with strangers on the internet! I love you all. You may not all be great but you still hold a place in my heart. Love you!
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2023.03.24 07:23 GroundbreakingChip46 Journal Part2: Something Was In My Locker Today.

Here’s the first part in case you missed it:

October 10th, 2014: It’s been two days since someone broke into our house. After checking every nook and cranny in my room, I can say for sure that nothing was taken. Still, I thought that was a sign the week was going to be rough, but after today it’s looking up.
It started like every other day. I got up, put on my clothes, and went downstairs to eat. When I walked into the dining room, I saw my dad hunched over at the table and noticed there were a few more gray hairs today. He was pushing glasses up to his eyes, sipping coffee out of a mug, and reading something on a laptop. His morning routine.
I leaned over his shoulder, “Doing some research, old man?”
“I’m a journalist, Sam. I’m always doing research,” he sighed.
“What are looking up now?”
My dad leaned back and shooed me away.
“I’ll tell you, but go and grab your plate. I don’t want you to be late for school.”
I nodded and turned to leave. My dad put a hand on my shoulder before I took a step.
“Get my plate too. I’m going to be here for a while.” He leaned over his laptop and started where he left off.
“Okay, Dad,” I chuckled.
My plate was on the kitchen counter, next to the stove. My mom left me a fruit smile gummy next to the plate. No note that said “I love you,” or “have a good day,” just a smiley face gummy. I love her, but that woman is too goofy for me sometimes. Anyways, I got me and dads plates and sat down at the table.
“I see you’re changing your brown hair color, can’t say gray looks much better,” I teased.
“Just you wait, one day you’re going to be in my shoes. Then I’ll be the one laughing.”
“I’ll just shave my head and then you’ll never see a strand of gray.”
My dad laughed a little bit, “That’ll be the day!”
We sat there and ate for a while. Mom made bacon and eggs. She hasn’t been able to eat with us since her schedule changed. I kind of miss seeing her in the morning. It always helped me mentally prepare for school. I looked up and saw my dad munching on bacon as he looked at his laptop. He had tired eyes. The kind you get after receiving bad news. I figured whatever they had him researching must have been messed up, even for him. He’s been a journalist for over a decade. He started working at a local paper, small time stuff. Now, he’s a freelance journalist with a lot of connections. One thing you learn in the making of news is that the grotesque catches people’s eyes. That’s the kind of stuff he looked for when he was worming his way up in the journalism world. Doing that exposes you to a lot of things, you grow numb overtime, but there were a few things that would always rattle dad. I guess you just can’t grow a tolerance to everything.
“So what are you doing?” I said as I dug into my eggs.
My dad took a sip from his mug and set back down. He tapped the bridge of his glasses. I always assumed he did this because he’d still be trying to piece the story together by the time I asked him.
“The Goodwill press asked me to do a job for them. A family has asked them to write an article about their son. He passed away a few years ago in 2008.” I looked up from my plate, “How’d he die?”
“He was murdered. The worst case this town ever had. They found him on the side of a backroad, west of here. His body was mutilated, unrecognizable.”
Dad took off his glasses and pressed his temple.
“Poor boy was only eight years old. Would have been fourteen now. Your age.”
“What was his name?” I asked.
“Marcus Thatcher.”
“Thatcher? There’s someone named Kyle Thatcher that goes to our school. I think he’s a sophomore.”
I took a bite out of some bacon, “Who killed him?”
My dad shrugged, “Who knows? They never found enough substantial evidence to even place a suspect. It’s a cold case now. We may never know. I don’t want to even imagine how his parents must feel.”
He tapped the table and pointed at my plate, “Finish your food and get out of here. It’s almost time for you to leave.”
Nothing much happened in school, not until the end. Fourth period ended and I was going to my locker. Unfortunately, and this was the downer of the day, I saw Derek. The big oaf locked eyes with me and I knew I was fucked. Derek got taller this year, bigger too. Even being far away didn’t stop him from towering over me. He still had the same stupid, curly, haircut and so many freckles. He stood on the opposite end of the hall, the side I had to get to. As soon as he saw me, Derek walked in my direction. I want to say that I didn’t get scared. That I stood in place and eyed him down, but I didn’t. My heart sank and I went to the left side of the hallway. Lockers lined the walls. I looked at the locker numbers, hoping that Derek would just leave me alone. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I held my chest. My asthma can get triggered by stress and fear so it was instinct. We were about to pass one another and I thought he was going to let me be. Then he lunged at me and slammed his fist against the locker, the boom from its impact echoed through the halls. I jumped. He grabbed my collar, not letting me have the time to react, and pulled me right in his face. He stared at me, his eyes always looked bloodshot. My chest felt tight and I couldn’t get enough air in. First there was a wheeze and then I started to cough. It was only then he let me go, with a shit-eating grin. He pushed me against the locker and walked away. He loved making me have an asthma attack, although this wasn’t his favorite way. No, he only does that when he has a bad day. I suppose today must have been a good one.
I walked to my locker, coughing. It felt like a cloud was filling my lungs. I didn’t want to run and make it worse, but now I needed to get to my locker because my inhaler was in there. When I got there I twisted and turned the dial lock. It seems dumb to put an inhaler inside a locked container, but guess what happens if I don’t? Derek or his friends steal it. Either by taking it when I’m not looking or by just shoving their hands in my pockets. I’ve learned to not do anything about it. I used to when he first started bullying me, but he would just get suspended and come back super pissed. He and his friends would jump me. After that happened for the third time, I got the gist. The teachers wouldn’t help. I've tried to get used to it, but I can't. I let it happen or run if I can, but I want it to stop so much. Although, I know I could never make it stop. When I opened my locker, I cursed at myself and this day. It was another reminder of how I was Derek’s bitch. I pulled the door open and got my inhaler. I breathed in its air and while I waited for myself to calm down, I saw something. Inside my locker was a heart. Not a literal heart, but a piece of paper cut into the shape of one. Nothing was written on it and I didn’t find anything else inside. I turned the paper over and saw whoever made it glued glitter and plastic jewels to the other side. It wasn’t put on haphazardly either. It was packed together until it was like a broken mirror, sparkling in the fluorescent light.
“Who did this?” I said to myself as I moved the paper and watched it sparkle.
At first I thought it could’ve been Derek or his friends, but I never open my locker when I even think they could be around. I always make sure the hallway is empty. Sure, they could have picked the lock, but in all of the years of harassment, never once did they mess with my locker. I don’t think they know what my locker number is. Whatever they would steal from me was on my person or near my vicinity. They wanted to see my face while they fucked with me, messing with my locker wouldn’t accomplish that. Then I wondered if a teacher or one of my classmates put it in my locker. Maybe they saw how I was being treated and were trying to show some support. It’s probably far from that, but whoever put this here was at least trying to give me a positive gesture.
“Maybe it was a girl”—I smiled and put the paper in my pocket— “as if.”
On the walk home, I would take out the heart and look at it. It helped relieve the stress whenever I thought of Derek. Even now it helps. While I lay on my bed, I can’t help but take it out and admire it. It doesn’t beat having an actual friend, but it’s nice to have someone who is friendly with me. I wonder if they’ll put more in. Should I respond? I think that if they do, I’ll say thank you. I’ll write again if anything interesting happens or if I get more of those hearts.

(Hey, this is Thomas Sealock. I’m just here to say thank you for reading. I also ask for any criticism to be left in the comments. I appreciate any feedback on my story; good or bad. It took a while to write this one. I don’t know why because it was just two and a half pages long. Fun fact, I changed the date on the last post because October 10th is on a Friday and so I put it as the 8th so this post could be the 10th and I just realized I could have just put this post on the 13th and it would’ve been fine. I didn’t need to change the date on the last one. Oh my god…. Fuck it. I’m keeping the change out of spite! I’ll continue to try and make new posts that update the story on a daily basis. I have finals in May and I don’t know how long this will take to complete so I 'll see. Well, I’ll either change my post schedule (I guess that’s what we’ll call it “post schedule”) because of school or if I find that trying to make a new post everyday hurts the overall quality of the story and I need to take more time to plan out the next couple of posts. Thank you for reading this and have a good day.)
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2023.03.24 07:23 universal_archivist Requesting help locating post about dog breed identifying AI app

Hello! On 3/23 I saw a reddit post about a dog breed identification app that uses neural networking to improve accuracy. The app is notable because it was discovered that that app is able to recognize who is viewing the scene being photographed; aiming the phone at a wall, it is able to detect when the wall is being looked at vs looked away from by the people behind the camera, as well as determine which of the users is the one looking.
This could be anything from unintentional IR usage within the phone's camera to something excitingly unknown, but regardless I find it quite interesting either way. I've been unable to locate the post itself, though admittedly I have not searched to a complete degree of thoroughness.
If any are willing and able, could I please have assistance in locating the post? It contains a video demonstration compilation. I would like to view the post again as I am trying to both view the video again and discover the name of the app to try to look into the source code and determine the cause of the unexpected functioning.
Thank you! Much love.
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2023.03.24 07:23 Rachxlw Best Sunday Brunch?

For my bestie’s birthday I got us tickets to see Moulin Rouge this Sunday and we want to get brunch and some mimosas beforehand. We both live just outside the area (Arlington and Denton) and would love somewhere in Dallas to try! We have no food allergies and she loves spicy food. Thank you!
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2023.03.24 07:23 Therai_Weary -Chapter 19.2 Prometheus of Astral Escape, a Scientific Progression Fantasy is out-

-Chapter 19.2 Prometheus of Astral Escape, a Scientific Progression Fantasy is out-
Chello! I am here to announce that the 24th chapter of my fiction, "Astral Escape, a Scientific Progression Fantasy" has been released. The story follows Tara, a woman from the year 2143, who in a portal trip gone wrong ended up in the Astral Plane. A realm filled with magic and mystery, existing within the void. Tara embarks on a journey to explore this strange world and develops the magic she has discovered and technological abilities in the process, in order to come back home.
So if you love knowledge-based progression, a scientific approach to magic, a dash of base building, and a protagonist with some goddamn common sense you will love Astral Escape.
And now would be an excellent time to start reading, as Tara now starts her journey of enchantment with her very first runes! With 246 pages of the engaging story already written come and join in!
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2023.03.24 07:22 theguyctoldyou How to vandalise a Job listing but keep the humour intact? Found this at HSR

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2023.03.24 07:21 International-Ad7901 Got into NYU Courant Mathematics in Finance!

I recently received my decision and have already accepted my offer and I am beyond excited!!! I was wondering if anyone else has decided to join the program, would love to connect with you all.
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