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I do not play such games... with Jake.

2014.07.31 19:19 Archleone I do not play such games... with Jake.

The unofficial official subreddit for the physical Card Wars TCG made by Cryptozoic.

2012.09.25 02:55 Kvothe24 Green Dawn Global Takeover

Your mission is to strategically place army men throughout your hometown or any remote region you come upon during your journeys. Use caution. This is a covert operation and discretion is advised. A misplaced soldier could be discovered and go MIA. Once your troops are at their post, report their positions here. An insignia should be left on the underside of the base of your soldier. A calling card that will let the world know that we mean business.

2016.06.15 20:51 zaqstavano Precognition

All about precognition -- picking up info from the future (dreams, visions, hunches, etc.)

2023.06.06 08:50 AngHalamanDoon Got my first card with Citi

Got my first card with Citi
May 28, 2023 - applied May 31, 2023 - approved June 1, 2023 - card in transit June 8, 2023 - expected delivery of card but card arrived June 5
Aiming for the NAFFL 😊
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2023.06.06 08:49 bw931 Hiring Card Magician for a Video!

Hey all,
Apologies if this is against the community guidelines - had a quick scan of the sidebar and thought it seemed ok. My company has just designed and ordered some (bridge sized) playing cards, and we thought a great way of promoting them would be to film a couple of short videos of fun magic tricks using the cards.
Rather than going through an agency or finding someone super well known, I thought it might be cool to collaborate with someone from this community. You would obviously be paid for your time, although there are a few requirements.
We are London based so you'd either have to be close to pop in, or able to film a high quality video yourself (if you have the means to do so, we could also provide some expense for this). The means to do a voiceover would also be a bonus. Please let me know if you're interested and can provide some examples of your work, or know anyone this might be relevant for.
Much appreciated and keep it up!
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2023.06.06 08:48 Somechia Someone stole my debit card information and I want to press charges. Looking for advice on how to do that and how hard that is to do.

I woke up this morning to use the restroom at about 6 am and saw on my phone a notification from my bank. I use Bank of America. The notification was a BofA security alert asking if I was trying to make a payment to POGO ENERGY. I had no idea what was going on so I woke up my wife to ask her if she knew what this was. BTW, the reason I asked my wife is because she has access to the account and uses it as well. She had no idea so I checked my bank account. When I did check there was about 1200$+ dollars in transactions pending that neither my wife or I had made.
Some information, I live in Houston, TX. 500$+ of the charges were from a waterpark called Typhoon Texas, which is about 20 miles from me. I have also been there last year myself. Here is the kicker, about 600$ was for a GIECO car insurance payment and another 50 for POGO ENERGY, which is a pay as you go electric company that does operate in Houston.
I called my bank immediately and they were super helpful. All fraudulent transaction they denied, I even got a email about half an hour later saying all the transactions have been blocked. I am getting a new card with a new number, the old card is no longer active. I know people hate on BOA but they were super understanding and helpful to me at least.
I imagine since they were trying to pay their personal bills with my debit card it should be super easy to find out who the person is. Honestly, I really want to press charges against them. I doubt this is their first crime, since the first charges were to go splurge at a waterpark. Typhoon Texas tickets cost about 40$ on the weekend. You can buy a lot of other stuff but you have to be splurging to rack up a bill of 500$+.

So my question, how hard is it to press charges or get the ball rolling on finding out who tried to drain my bank account?
I had to work today so had no time to go the bank. I am going there tomorrow to ask them first about what the process would like, what they think, and if its worth while. I am not trying to get any extra money, I just want to get this piece of shit in trouble.
So any advice would be helpful. FUCK THIEVES!
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2023.06.06 08:46 Proud-Pineapple-8173 Insta 360 X3 stucked at 5% fw update, please help me

Hi there! I've got my brand new insta 360 x3 since yesterday and it's stucked at 5% fw update. I’ve tried powering it down and back on again, taking the battery out for a minute and then popping it back again, taking the sd card out and starting it without, I've tryed everything etc… I've formatted many times the micro sd and I putted the latest fw, without any solution. Please me to fix the problem, thanks a lot.
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2023.06.06 08:45 billy_b_9666 So....i Made my own yu nagaba pikachu card

So....i Made my own yu nagaba pikachu card submitted by billy_b_9666 to pokemon [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 08:42 ThePrussianViking Why can't I use Junk Anchor's effect

Why can't I use Junk Anchor's effect
Hi, New to Duel Links here. This may look like the worst move anyone has ever pulled off but hear me out. So I was in a ranked duel playing a Synchro Connection deck going up against a Legendary Warriors deck. In the middle of the duel, I drew Junk Anchor. It had a couple effects but one allowed you to discard 1 card to special summon 1 Junk monster from my graveyard once per turn. Now I had 2 Junk monsters in my graveyard and 2 cards in my hand at the time so this effect should have worked. When I summoned Junk Anchor and tried to use its effect to summon 1 othet Junk Monster , for some reason it won't let me do it. So now I'm just left with one monster with 0 ATK/DEF going against stronger and there's nothing else I can do in this situation. (My facedown was Limiter Overload which I played much earlier and in my hand were Junk Synchron and Synchro Strike and none of their effects could be used) Is there anything I did wrong here? Let me know and Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 08:41 sed4718 Resisting My Stepsis Is Futile,Tommy King,Nubiles Porn

Charlie has a new stepsister in Tommy King, and he couldn’t be happier. They’re spending some quality time together with Charlie teaching Tommy a card game. He has agreed to teach her how to play War. Charlie tells Tommy that whenever he plays a game, he likes to wager something. If he wins, he tells Tommy that she’ll have to wash his motorcycle in a bikini."
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2023.06.06 08:40 FerretBusinessQueen Thinking about unloading stuff vs saving it for legacy, or wondering if I am being morbid. Should I sell?

I have COVID for the 4th time now (4 times vaxxed with bivalent, got COVID initially in Feb-March 2020 and was shut in for a year and still managed to get it three times after that despite masking/vaxxing) and I’m not feeling the best. I was a victim of SA last week and I’m pulling myself up by my bootstraps to most around me to seem like life is normal but it’s not.
Despite an amicable divorce I am dealing with a boatload of trauma, a bunch of pets I love, a house in need of repair, and a bunch of stuff I am no longer sure I need. I also have some serious health issues.
I make a really good income (80k in a medium COL area with a house solely to my name with $1600 a month mortgage and utilities) but I have historically spent more than I save. I am on a budget recently but I am still in debt, and despite my work on my mental and physical health, I feel like between the SA last week and the COVID i currently have I can fight all I want, but maybe I have to look at narrowing down and maybe my lifespan not being super long.
I have items that are worth 50k insurance wise I could sell, maybe 1/10th of that realistically speaking, without the pieces I would be willing to sell. Most were gifts, some were bought. I treasure it all but I have credit card debt and travel and stuff I want to do. I wanted to leave it as an inheritance for my fiancé and my niblings but at this point I wonder if I just need to do me. Should I sell it and take the loss and put it towards debt? Should I hold out? I’m also not sure if I can maintain my job long term but I’ve worked since I was 14 full time at one-three jobs and gotten several degrees, and that was 22 years ago since I got booted out so that’s not a bad spree. But with AI and stuff I’m just so in doubt about the future especially given my field (IT). If things go smoothly I can probably pay it all off in a couple of years minus my mortgage and the low 6 figures in student loans I owe, but that’s just a mountain of shit on the pile of life right now.
I’ve tried my whole life to pull it together but I’m just feeling like I’m losing. Do I sell and invest? Enjoy? Hold? Try to hope for a better future? I’m not suicidal but I feel like these are questions I need to be asking. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.06 08:39 Subject_External_196 I left my parents and cut them off from my life - Finally Free

I got hired into a much, much better-paying job.
I left the house, rented my own place, and changed my number. I am planning to deposit a fixed amount into my Papa's bank account to cover his medical expenses and food, but that's it. He still has his pension.
They have to live within their means. Right now, I'm 35. No matter how much I earn, it's never enough because of my parent's never-ending credit card debt.
My mother believes I owe her everything I have now, my entire life. This was also her perception when she beat me up as a child. That it's her God-given right for giving birth to me.
My mother managed my Papa's entire salary. He was a director in a multinational firm. His salary would make you weep in tears if you are earning them now, and back then, everything was much cheaper. But lo and behold. We are living in a run-down house. We never bought a car, all of them were given to us (second-hand from my Dad's company). Wala silang investments. Walang savings. Walang insurance. We lived near destitution. Akala ko dati mahirap lang kami. I did not understand that we were supposed to be an upper-middle-class family until I was much older. Lahat ng kapatid ni Mama sa kanya naka-asa and she kept on giving them money because it makes her feel special and important. Classic narcissist.
My Dad retired with millions from his company. They wasted those within five years after retirement.
Now that I am old, she kept on harping about "utang na loob". Then what happened sa "utang na loob" ng mga relatives ng mother ko? Whatever they gave me was their responsibility. Pero they are not responsible for their relatives. Bakit ako may utang na loob at sila wala?
Even then, I paid my dues a hundred times over, until I was 35. Malapit na kong magretire. Ayokong matulad sa kanila na walang kahit ano pagtanda. Ayoko na din marinig ang masasakit na salita ng mother ko sa araw-araw nyang pagmumura sa kin. Kumakain sila ng take-out, lugaw ang pagkain ko. Pinagtatyagaan ko ang electric fan kahit ako ang nagtatrabaho para may aircon sila. Even then, kulang pa din.
So I left, and I'm not coming back. I plan to migrate eventually, far away from my parents and their relatives.
I am not sorry for being hard-hearted. Pero matuto kayo sa mga pagkakamali nyo. In the end, nasa huli ang pagsisisi.
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2023.06.06 08:39 Freenore Technology aside, basic questions waiting to be answered in Karnataka

In a pivotal election, the people of Karnataka have voted out the BJP government that made communal hate its business. In electing the Congress, the people also appealed for economic relief in their lives. The Congress won its largest vote shares in districts that have felt the greatest economic pain. The new government has promised to honour its five guarantees to financially assist women and the educated unemployed, provide free grain for poor families, and (as is now obligatory) supply free electricity. But this is not nearly enough.
The government’s guarantees are handouts—they are, at best, economic band-aids. Successive Karnataka (and other Indian) governments have largely ignored the essential prerequisites of development: human capital and jobs; and they have allowed the steady decay of the justice system and the environment. Remedying these long-standing deficiencies is necessary so that people can stand on their feet and no longer require handouts.
Unfortunately, India’s prevailing economic development ideology—an ideology pioneered in Karnataka—advocates technological leapfrogging to sell a narrative of progress and handouts to keep the vulnerable beholden. If the Congress government in Karnataka sticks unthinkingly to this ideology, democracy will once again betray the voters. An authoritarian communalism will gain new strength.
One astute commentator has warned that Karnataka’s people have made a “conditional contract” with the Congress. The Congress’ seat majority came at the expense of the implosion of the Janata Dal (Secular). The BJP remains strong, having won more votes in 2023 than in the 2018 election. The stakes are high. Contrary to the popular notion that southern states are clearly superior to northern states, Karnataka’s economic and political indicators closely track Indian averages, as if India’s progressive and destructive forces are locked in battle in the State. What happens next in Karnataka will tell us which force is winning.
Commentators dubbed Bengaluru as “India’s Silicon Valley” in the second half of the 1980s, soon after Texas Instruments established a software facility in the city. India’s inexpensive technological talent was put to work, and the future held endless possibilities.
The big breakthrough came in March 1999 when Infosys Technologies became the first Indian-registered company to trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In January 2000, U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers visited the plush Infosys headquarters in Bengaluru. And as Jawaharlal Nehru had done for the Bhakra Nangal dam in July 1954, nearly half-a-century later Summers described the glamorous Infosys campus as a “temple of modern India”.
The man who best articulated the technological leapfrogging narrative was Nandan Nilekani, one of the seven co-founders of Infosys. In February 2004, displaying the company’s video teleconferencing capacity across multiple time zones, Nilekani said to the visiting New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman, “Tom, the playing field is being levelled.” The awestruck Friedman converted that phrase into “The World is Flat”, making that the title of his best-selling book. Friedman’s message was that bright young Indians were poised to take the jobs of techies, radiologists, wire-service reporters, and even executive assistants in advanced nations.
By 2010, Nilekani had turned his gaze to India’s development problems. He invented the Aadhaarcard, which would give a unique identity number to every Indian. In September that year, 10 Adivasis in the Tembli hamlet in Maharashtra received their identification cards from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi in the presence of Nilekani and other dignitaries. The poor would be the greatest beneficiaries of this innovation, Singh said.
Through the now nearly four decades of the leapfrogging promise, India has struggled to advance education and health delivery, a struggle all-too-evident in Karnataka. A true welfare system gives the highest priority to accelerated human development because that gives people more productive opportunities, a greater sense of well-being, and, therefore, reduces their dependence on handouts as band-aids. But politicians and elites cynically promote band-aids as “welfarism”.
To be sure, there has been progress. But the Indian voter’s and the country’s economic future are being savaged by the tyranny of low expectations. In 2020, 27 per cent of women in Karnataka could not pass a simple literacy test. This ratio will diminish over time as the share of a younger population with basic literacy skills increases.
But aside from these low-hanging fruits, the education system is failing the people. The quality of education has stayed stubbornly poor. Between 2006 and 2016, only between 40 and 45 per cent of Class III students in rural Karnataka could read a Class I text; that ratio was at a low 40 per cent in 2018, just before COVID, and fell to 24 per cent in 2020. Only about 20 per cent of children in Class V could do division sums in the years before COVID, and only 12 per cent in 2020. In these metrics, Karnataka has consistently performed below the national average.
For many students, the learning gaps are never filled, and they fall further behind their grade level. Unable to cope, about 25 per cent of Karnataka’s children aged between 15 and 17 stop attending school, which is a little under the Indian average. The vast majority of the rest go unprepared to subpar colleges and thence to the wilderness of unemployment and dead-end jobs.
In health, global improvements in medical technology and pharmaceuticals have been a continuous source of low-hanging fruit, which India’s public health system has absorbed and successfully deployed. But once past that easier task, the gains accrue at a glacial pace. According to the National Family Health Survey, the share of stunted children in Karnataka (those who had low heights for their age) remained virtually unchanged at about 35 per cent between 2015-2016 and 2019-2020. Those numbers almost exactly match the Indian averages. Multiple studies have established that stunted children suffer long-term handicaps in work and life.
The incidence of anaemia among women between 15 and 49 became worse, up in Karnataka from 45 per cent in 2015-2016 to 48 per cent in 2019-2020, about ten percentage points lower than the Indian average in both years. The spread of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes is creating new challenges for the healthcare system and extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses for patients.
The five guarantees from the Congress do little to address such human development failures. They do even less to close the yawning jobs deficit.
The glamour of information technologies often blinds us to the fact that about 45 per cent of India’s and Karnataka’s workforce is deployed in agriculture, up from about 40 per cent just before COVID. People are crowding into agriculture just when farms are becoming ever smaller. In 1970-1971, 30 per cent of the operational holdings in Karnataka were less than one hectare (they were marginal holdings, in official terminology). By 2015-2016, the year of the last agricultural census, 54 per cent of the holdings were marginal. This relentless increase in marginal holdings is matched by a corresponding decline in the share of the larger holdings as demographic pressure leads to generational subdivision of land and bottles up the workforce in low-productivity agriculture, saddled with onerous debts. Those “working” in agriculture are, in truth, sharing work with family members. They are hugely underemployed, spending large chunks of their time without any work. Large and growing numbers of them describe themselves as “unpaid household helpers”. The heavy reliance on land at this time of acute and increasing demographic pressure is a poignant commentary on the bleak jobs outlook in non-agricultural activity.
Outside of agriculture, the most important job-creating activity is construction, where (as casual labour) workers are idle on days they do not get work and when they do work, they toil long hours on pitiful wages and often without safeguards to protect them from injury. The much-touted “service-driven” economy provides low-end jobs in restaurants, trade, and transport. Jobs created by the information-technology and allied sectors are so few that they do not show up as a separate category in the official employment data. To put it starkly, both in the level and pace of increase, IT-related jobs are a tiny fraction of the humble “unpaid household helpers”.
Other than pious promises to create more jobs, political leaders campaigning in the recent elections showed no awareness of the grave jobs deficit. And they had nothing to say about the growing moral crisis.
Wrapped up in bureaucratic ineptitude, corruption, and crime, the justice and water systems in Karnataka, as elsewhere in the country, are slow-moving train wrecks. That looming disaster highlights the moral bankruptcy of the political and intellectual elite. Justice and water are not just crucial to economic well-being, they are bedrocks of civilisation.
The number of “pending” cases in Karnataka district courts has risen relentlessly to 1,95,000 in 2021, up 55 per cent from 2015, a somewhat brisker pace than the 45 per cent increase across India over the same period.
The “undertrials” in prison, those charged with crimes but awaiting trial in jail, have also increased relentlessly, up from 69 per cent of all prisoners in 2015 to 75 per cent in 2021, almost exactly matching the all-India averages. These dry statistics are not just a statement of the aphorism “justice delayed is justice denied”, they are markers of a society that turns a blind eye to human rights abuses.
An equal, if not greater, marker of moral degeneration is the stealing of our children’s inheritance. Rainwater flooded Bengaluru city in October 2005 and then again in September 2022. Chief Ministers have come and gone in the interim but the problem gets more acute as chaotic and corruptly authorized urbanisation fills the city’s tanks, lakes, and rivers, choking off the natural drainage of rainwater. With climate change sure to increase the frequency of heavy rainfall events, flooding in Bengaluru, in other Karnataka cities, and all over India is bound to disrupt lives and livelihoods more often and more severely. The mighty river Cauvery as it flows through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, in the manner of rivers all over India, is being choked and killed by effluents, construction debris, and, especially, illegal sand mining. One activist has warned that the Cauvery might soon cease to exist.
In April this year, Fareed Zakaria, host of a Sunday morning programme on CNN, visited India, his country of birth. His breath was blown away, most of all by Nandan Nilekani and his “vision” that Aadhaar would catalyse multitudes of jobs. Anything is possible. But in the nearly one-and-a-half decades since Aadhaar’s invention, the fastest growing occupations have been in construction and in unpaid household labour.
India’s political and intellectual elite push technological solutions to claim progress and dole out handouts as band-aids to pacify voters. This strategy shies away from the hard work of providing education, good health, jobs, working cities, and justice. The lakes and rivers continue to die.
If the new Karnataka government remains seduced by technology and handouts while ducking the basics, democracy would have again betrayed the people. Voters will remain in pain and have reason to walk away from their “conditional contract” with this government. Hindutva’s visceral appeal will attract even more followers.
Ashoka Mody is Visiting Professor of International Economic Policy at Princeton University. He previously worked for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and is the author of India is Broken: A People Betrayed, Independence to Today (Juggernaut and Stanford University Press, 2023).
Source: https://frontline.thehindu.com/politics/technology-aside-basic-questions-waiting-to-be-answered-in-karnataka/article66896393.ece
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2023.06.06 08:38 korodarn Easy fix for btrfs extents error?

I got a new 4 tb nvme gen 4 ssd and it's already having some weird problems. I don't know if this is an early drive failure or just a random issue.
The first time I noticed something weird the browser closed. Then when I typed reboot in terminal because I figured it wouldn't restart the browser because of some os package that needed me to reboot it told me reboot didn't exist. Then I knew things were odd, so I turned off the machine, perhaps an error, but I was confused.
When it rebooted, I got these errors
Jun 06 01:24:53 kenshin kernel: scsi 6:0:0:1: Wrong diagnostic page; asked for 1 got 8 Jun 06 01:24:53 kenshin kernel: scsi 6:0:0:1: Failed to get diagnostic page 0x1 Jun 06 01:24:53 kenshin kernel: scsi 6:0:0:1: Failed to bind enclosure -19 Jun 06 01:24:54 kenshin kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme1n1p2): incorrect extent count for 50496274432; counted 0, expected 1 Jun 06 01:24:54 kenshin kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme1n1p2): incorrect extent count for 1318585368576; counted 1432, expected 1433 Jun 06 01:24:54 kenshin kernel: usb 1-5.2.3: 4:1: cannot set freq 48000 to ep 0x2 Jun 06 01:24:54 kenshin kernel: usb 1-5.2.3: 4:2: cannot set freq 48000 to ep 0x2 Jun 06 01:24:54 kenshin kernel: usb 1-5.2.3: 2:3: cannot get min/max values for control 2 (id 2) Jun 06 01:24:54 kenshin (udev-worker)[536]: controlC4: /uslib/udev/rules.d/78-sound-card.rules:5 Failed to write ATTR{/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.2/0000:02:00.0/0000:03:08.0/0000:08:00.1/usb1/1-5/> Jun 06 01:25:35 kenshin konsole[2105]: kf.xmlgui: Shortcut for action "" "Show Quick Commands" set with QAction::setShortcut()! Use KActionCollection::setDefaultShortcut(s) instead. Jun 06 01:25:35 kenshin konsole[2105]: kf.xmlgui: Shortcut for action "" "Show SSH Manager" set with QAction::setShortcut()! Use KActionCollection::setDefaultShortcut(s) instead. Jun 06 01:26:56 kenshin kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme1n1p2): incorrect extent count for 1318585368576; counted 1438, expected 1439 Jun 06 01:26:56 kenshin kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p2: state A) in convert_free_space_to_bitmaps:338: errno=-5 IO failure Jun 06 01:26:56 kenshin kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p2: state EA) in add_to_free_space_tree:1056: errno=-5 IO failure Jun 06 01:26:56 kenshin kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p2: state EA) in do_free_extent_accounting:2853: errno=-5 IO failure Jun 06 01:26:56 kenshin kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme1n1p2: state EA): failed to run delayed ref for logical 1318685052928 num_bytes 8192 type 178 action 2 ref_mod 1: -5 Jun 06 01:26:56 kenshin kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p2: state EA) in btrfs_run_delayed_refs:2150: errno=-5 IO failure
I've tried running a scrub, but at some point it hit a snag, and then my filesystem went read-only. So .. apparently something is deeply messed up, and I'm no sure why or what. What are the right steps to follow at this point? I know some btrfs utilities are very dangerous to use, but I have to be honest that when I read about btrfs maintenance beyond using scrub it kind of confuses me.
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2023.06.06 08:36 _Elusiv3_ Article - Immersion in Horror Games

This is Part 3 of 3 in an article series on horror in tabletop games. It can be read with formatting and images at The Lantern Blog.
Immersion is the bond between the mind of the player and the world of the game. It is the degree to which the player agrees to suspend disbelief and accept the outcomes in the game, not as the effect of mechanisms but as events in a narrative. This makes the player accept a loss or negative outcome, attributing it to the narrative and makes them able to stay immersed without being taken out of the experience.
Make good use of ambience (see Shadows in the Forest). This is equally important for all narrative experiences, but especially important for horror. Why? Because horror stops being effective as soon as the player pulls away from the experience. Just like we have all met the person who exclaims 'I never get scared by films', there is the player that says 'I just died because of that die-roll'. The truth is, it is very easy to not be scared. We just have to decide not to be. Pulling away is a psychological defense, and we do it all the time. It is way more difficult to allow yourself to be scared.
In designing a horror experience, what can we do to retain the player in the narrative while we must have them face failure and even death of their character? By the nature of the medium they will have to face perilous odds to survive, but they must accept the outcome and want to come back for more.
A lot of this effect is entering the experience with the right mindset. We cannot directly affect who will play the game and when, but we can signal to the player that this is the kind of experience they should have certain expectations of going in.
Let's look closer at a few things that may help us achieve this goal.
Use a personal avatar (example The Night Cage). The player needs a focus within the game that they can relate to and empathize with. The more personal the focus the easier it becomes to see an emerging narrative in the mechanisms of the game. You want the player to invest in the fate of their character.
It is important that the characters are vulnerable and exposed, both in game and in the theme. It should be clear that making it out alive is difficult or perhaps even unlikely. However, reward death and failure with narrative meaning. Respect the investment of the player by making their failure mean something for the narrative.
Use mechanisms to tell the story, not walls of text. The mechanisms must be strong enough to support the setting and narrative, and their narrative meaning must be clear to the players. Use shadows to allow the player to hide. Use lack of food to create desperation and dread. The strength of games is in giving the player agency. With agency and choice the player stays invested and immersed.
However, avoid complexity and mechanisms that take focus away from the story and forces the player to spend time understanding the board-state. Make the choices few, simple and consequential. Use dice or cards to obscure the full outcome of the players choices and avoid analysis paralysis.
Activate the players imagination (see Nyctophobia). We need to allow the player to fill in the gaps in what their character is experiencing by giving them enough emergent events to play off of in their mind. Imagination is your key to immersion, as can be learned from tabletop RPG’s. If your player is thinking about your world and their place in it they are immersed and engaged, and any event will carry more meaning.
Avoid long texts in booklets and on cards. Feel free to use snippets of story-text, but be careful to not rely too heavily on them. Using story-text is a double-edged sword as the game risks becoming a predesigned narrative rather than giving the player agency. Reading text also pulls players out of the immersed experience and their own imagination of events.
Place more focus on anticipation than on danger. Good horror is 90% tension and 10% scares. The real horror is in imagining the horrible outcome, not in experiencing it. Focus on the sense of growing danger and use a few impactful moments to release the tension that has been built up.
If you throw too much danger at your players without building it up properly you will create an action-game, not a horror-game. Give the player a choice between immediate danger and long term consequences as this builds anticipation and dread.
To conclude, give the players a reason to care and have their choices matter, regardless of the consequences. Make them choose between several bad options and reward them with narrative purpose, even if they don’t succeed.
You will know success when the players narrate the outcome of the game with enthusiasm, regardless of their characters success or failure. And then want to play again.
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2023.06.06 08:36 kissanpay12 Bill Payment Service - Kissan Pay

Bill Payment Service - Kissan Pay
Kissan Pay, a hassle-free bill payment service. No more wasting time paying bills manually each month. With Kissan Pay, you can automate bill payments, stay organized, and save time.
Kissan Pay connects directly to your bank account so you can pay all your bills from one place. We support payments to over 500 different billers including credit cards, utilities, insurance, and more. Setting up bill payments is simple. You just add the biller, enter your account details, and choose the payment amount and date. Kissan Pay will take care of the rest.
The best part is you can schedule recurring payments so the same amount is paid automatically each month. This is perfect for bills that stay the same like your mortgage, car loan, or gym membership. No more remembering due dates or late fees. Your bills get paid on time, every time.
Kissan Pay also provides a complete payment history with receipts so you always know what's been paid and when. You can view, edit, or cancel payments right from the app. We store two years of payment history to make taxes and budgeting a breeze.

Security is our top priority so your bank login details are encrypted and never shared with third parties. All transactions are protected by bank-level security standards.
So if you want to simplify bill paying, gain peace of mind, and save time, give Kissan Pay a try. Signing up is free and you can cancel anytime. Download the app today or visit our website to get started automating your bill payments.
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2023.06.06 08:36 venerableforest [Hiring] Full body art of a lizardfolk character, ornate robe

I'm looking to hire an artist to do a piece of one of my roleplay/TTRPG characters who is a lizardfolk/lizardman tarot card reader.
I would want the piece to be full body, preferably with a dynamic pose and simple background. If you're familiar with Tarot or astrological imagery or can think of a pretty or dynamic way to incorporate them into the piece, even better. The piece can be digital or traditional. The work isn't under any time constraint or deadline. The work would be purely for my personal use and wouldn't be used commercially. My planned budget is around USD $100.00-$120.00 to start, but it can absolutely be negotiated if you feel like it's too low for your skill level/time, and I always tip after the work is complete. I can pay via PayPal.
For references, I have past commissions of him by other artists that capture his look very well, along with a color palette for him.
I'll only consider portfolios from artists who have previous lizardfolk art to share. I won't respond to DMs from people who do not first comment with their portfolio on this post.
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2023.06.06 08:35 melmasneezely Interesting Interview

While scrolling through the cleo in space stuff on twitter I found an article written in 2020 where Maihack was asked about the show releasing and the sixth book being published. I think it's very interesting what he says, especially about the show's production and how much involvement he had in the whole process.
The biggest stuff I noted are that he was approached after the first book, and I assume dreamworks execs were looking for a new comic series to snap up since 'The epic tales of captain underpants' was doing really well at the time. When he did allow the show, he was consulted for early production in 2018/19, since most sheets I've found with character turns and backgrounds have those dates.
He overall mentioned that the characters were heightened, Akila was the most important to get right, and while the show couldn't really focus on the darker parts but it is basically a sort of 'retelling' of the plot with more slice of life stuff rather than the plot. He gave them basic plot points and then let them write the rest with their own ideas. He basically approved to an extent everything that happens as well as major character changes.
Take that for what you will, I just find it interesting he did sign off on all this and the good that did come out of the show is highly approved by him. I can see why the show heavily also still pushed Brian and Akila together, but its also funny that it further implies Brian is just an orphan with dead parents.
submitted by melmasneezely to CleopatraInSpace [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 08:33 079409 I keep thinking about that one time I probably had DTs

I keep thinking about this time I had in the Spring of 2020 when I probably had DTs: My heart beating so fast I thought I would die, I was sweating an obscene amount making my white bed sheet this awful brownish color, I was incredibly paranoid about my neighbors, and I kept hearing this pounding sound, I later realized it was my bed shaking. I also was feeling this sensation which was like a cloud of needles penetrating my skin caused by a swarm of bugs I was desperately swatting away.
I had had this cloud of sensation before. It could spread from one part to another of my body, seemingly at random, and for whatever reason seemed to happen most when I was walking home from the grocery store. I didn't see the bugs those times. Maybe sometimes it was hay fever or something, but at some point it was definitely alcohol related. I could see all these bugs and considering how unbelievably filthy my tiny studio apartment was it wasn't too unbelievable. I would scratch my skin trying to make them go away, but it didn't seem tk help much. It took me a year to realize that they probably were never real when I was having an unrelated conversation with someone about bed bugs.
I haven't ever had anything quite like that since. Maybe it was because I was skinnier and drinking in a different way. Then I'd have two tall 8% beer and a bottle of 13% wine as fast as possible after I starved myself all day because then I could get drunker on less alcohol (to prove I wasn't an alcoholic because I was only drinking X amount). I also had more days in-between binges, like 3 or 4 because that's how often I went to the store.
Anyone else have only one instance of something like that?
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2023.06.06 08:31 No_Upstairs_858 Understand your competitors on Google with Python?

I have spent some time figuring out how to use Python to make my own competitor analysis on Google, and I'm creating a tutorial on the side to do it at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional tools.
I would be interested to see if any of you is willing to invest the time to get it done by yourself. The concept is quite simple:
  1. Kickoff with Google Colab: This is a free Python playground by Google. Create a notebook, write and execute code all from your browser. No installations needed.
  2. Go Fishing with APIs: Get your SERP and keyword data via API calls. I pay peanuts for it! Like 0.002USD per SERP page and 0.075USD for 1500 keywords.
  3. Dive into Analysis: Next, analyze your heart out. Do SERP, search intent, entity recognition, competitor gaps, etc.
  4. Jot it Down: Save your results. Use Google Sheets if your data is less than 40k rows (if more we can create a database).
  5. Paint a Picture with Looker Studio: And finally, visualize your results. Looker Studio is another free tool from Google. Perfect for creating those slick dashboards and reports!
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2023.06.06 08:28 cqcoc1 Looking to improve at fighting games, I would love some help

My friends have semi-recently gotten me into fighting games. I have really enjoyed my experience overall so far. I have played about 175 hours of Guilty Gear Strive, and just switched over to Street Fighter 6 with the launch.
My friends are substantially better and more experienced than me. They have played half as much SF6 as I have and are already multiple ranks higher than me and consistently shit on me in customs.
I am looking to improve my gameplay and mindset. My goal is to become an above-average player and at least go 50/50 versus my friends. I have the time to commit to improvement and am willing and ready to learn. I have played other games at a high level before, but they either did not require mechanical skill (card games) or required minimal mechanical skill (Destiny 2 PvP). I am mainly looking for direction on how to move forward.
I feel like I am just not understanding the core fundamentals of fighting games. I am doing the best I can, but every single game I feel like I have to spend so much mental energy to deal any amount of damage or escape pressure or approach my opponent. Very likely a good chunk of this is me needing to just play a ton of games, which I plan to do. But I feel like just playing games without figuring out specific things I need to practice/implement is going to cause me to form poor habits that I will need to undo later.
I have a few questions:
- Are there resources, either written or in video format, that go in-depth into explaining fighting games/fundamentals?
- Are there resources for improving my mindset/approach to learning?
- What are the core fundamentals of fighting games I should be actively practicing?
- Is there information on the steps and levels for learning a fighting game? For example, at what point should I start looking into more complex combos? How much time should I spend in training vs. playing real players? etc.
- How can I tell if a character is a good fit for me? I have read and was told that I should just pick my favorite character and get good with them, which is what I did in GGST and SF6.
- Do you have any general tips for improvement?
I'm ready to learn and get good but I need a place to start.
For reference, my current game of choice is Street Fighter 6. I play on pad with Classic controls. I am playing Kimberly. I played Giovanna in Guilty Gear Strive. I am moderately familiar with the terms and notation associated with fighting games/combos/moves/frame data.
Thanks in advance! :)
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2023.06.06 08:27 TallLikeMe Hold on the caches (16 cache conspiracy)

Hold on the caches (16 cache conspiracy)
I used to open caches one at a time and felt I always got crap (low tokens and some gold). Here I saved 16 and actually got a card and some nice variances (only one pixel).
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2023.06.06 08:25 suicide_smitten Investing help? Late to the game maybe?

Hello All! I have always been interested in finances and a way to secure whatever my life turns out to be. I'm 26 , a mom, full time college student and wife as well as work my 9-5 office job. I want to start investing into something that grows. Preferably something I'll be able to pull from if the need ever arises. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. My employer doesn't offer any benefits at this time, and I don't believe I have ever worked somewhere that does. My annual income comes out to around 49,600 after taxes. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I'm new to all of this. Heck my first ever credit card (CapOne Platinum Secured) was opened back in October 2022. Never paid interest and keep it at 20% on statement day. Have a checking and savings account with them.
I'm an open book so if you need any other info feel free to ask! Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 08:23 cloudedcobalt Handling a thank you speech when one set of parents has contributed MUCH more, but we love all of them

I'm sure other couples here have dealt with this, and I would really love to hear how you're planning on doing it. tl;dr due to different financial situations and personal problems over the past year, my parents have given $$$$ and lots of time to the wedding, and my partners parent has not. I am not wanting to acknowledge this in the wedding thank yous, he is wanting to give a special shout out to my parents. Would love input.

My parents contributed a significant amount to our wedding (in the five digit range - they paid for my dress, the caterers, the photographer, and the welcome dinner), but more than that, were heavily present through wedding planning - having regular meetings with us to help us organize tasks and get through them, running errands, and helping coordinate with vendors.

My partner was raised by a single parent who is a lovely woman who we both adore. That said, she wasn't in a financial position to contribute (which is obviously completely fine), and wasn't especially involved in wedding planning as she's mostly spent the year wrapped up with my partners sibling, who is a trainwreck who spent the year being particularly trainwrecky. Neither of us has any ill feelings about the financial aspect, obviously, but my partner has some hurt feelings about feeling like his wedding has been placed on the backburner in his family as all conversations for the past year have revolved around trainwreck sibling.

Now we're trying to figure out how to handle the thank you speech. I hadn't been planning on calling my parents out in particular - just making a vague statement about how grateful we were to our parents for being so wonderful and supportive, and then making a more private VERY detailed and thorough thank you to my parents for all they've done. My parents and my in laws aren't in the same place financially and I absolutely do not want to shine a spot light on that or make anyone feel bad about that on the wedding day. But my partner doesn't feel it's right to brush everything my parents have done under the rug when what they have contributed both money and time wise is so generous and feels they deserve a more detailed thank you, and thinks it would be wrong or strange to act like his mother has contributed more than she has when she hasn't really been involved much. He wants to give a special thank you speech to my parents for all they've done.

I would really love to know how other people have handled this. Is it weird to particularly thank one set of parents over another? Is it weird to NOT acknowledge that one set has been particularly involved? Are there good ideas for private ways to deeply, deeply thank someone for going above and beyond? I have written a very long thank you card but would love to hear other ideas as well. I adore my parents and definitely want to show them gratitude I just don't want to do it at the expense of my inlaws.
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2023.06.06 08:22 KrampusTellsTheTruth Its ok to be sorry

“MOM!” I screamed till my lungs held no air and my throat bled, I raced across the field and grasped the sheet metal roof with my entire palm, cutting my flesh and shredding my skin against the hot sharp edges. I pulled with all my might, raising the roof barely an inch before I collapsed in tears and reached for my moms hand. Her eyes were cloudy and tears ran down her face. “Its ok my son, its all gonna be ok, you need to find your father now” I nodded and wrapped my arms around her head “Ill be right back mama, dad can get this off of you, im sure of it” A jeep raced by and stopped with a screech as the tires left small skids along the tarmac, the base captain stood up from the drivers seat and screamed to me “Lets go! We gotta get you outta here” I leapt into the back sat and clung to the pole, standing atop the back seat as the captain slammed his foot against the pedal and raced across the runway. “No good on the escape cap, I gotta get my dad, my moms trapped under the barracks” He looked back at me for a second and I looked down to him, my hair flowing in the wind and sweat pouring down, mixing with the blood that ran down my cheek. “Good god kid how are you even standing right now?” I veered and scanned the horizon, my eyes falling upon a set of distant lights dancing across the sky. I pointed up to the darker of the two massive vehicles that were locked in mid air combat “Up there, thats dads machine, whos he fighting?” The base captain looked up and leaned forward squinting his eyes and falling silent as he did. He stopped the jeep and sat there, mouth open, eyes glued to the sky. I shook him and repeated the question. “Yo, theres no time for this, who is that?” The captain shook his head and spoke calmly “Theres plenty of time kid, none of us are surviving this…here” He reached down and grabbed a folder from the passenger glovebox, the wind flipping the top as he handed me the bundle of papers. I flipped through until I recognized a file photo. It was almost the exact same design as my fathers machine, the most powerful in the world, but it was darker, and there had been a skull painted on the visor of the mechs gigantic head. It held a long flat edged blade and from the look of the picture, it was taken only seconds before the gory demise of whoever took it. “So the reapers made his way to american shores. So what? This changes nothing. Dad can take him” I leapt out of the jeep and made a beeline for the nearest hangar as the captain shouted from behind me “Hey kid! Get back here, what the hell do you think youre doing?” I barreled into the hangar doors, taking no time to feel the pain my shoulder was now in from having smacked the thick metal door. I wrenched with all my might and threw open the rolling entrance shutter. The lights flickered on as the eyes of my own machine stared back at me, offline and still in desparate need of repair “Im getting in, no time for chitchat captain I need you to give me startup” He shook his head as he leapt out of the jeep and walked toward me “Youre only 11, getting in that machine could kill you, or worse it could actually start up and become a big ass metal coffin. Do you think your parents would want that?” I spoke under my breath for a moment “Better a metal coffin covered in weapons then a wooden one covered in bullshit” He huffed at me “God where do you get this nerve…Oh wait…right…son of the admiral…Alright screw it, were dead either way, get up in the cockpit” I smiled at him and pulled myself into the chest high compartment, sitting in the seat and buckling the main cross belt. “Strapped in captain, starting sequence, can you disconnect me?” He nodded and sprinted around the back of the machines tall legs, pulling the various diagnostic cables and wrenching the stilts from its knees. I looked at the gaff tape I had put inside, following the sequence I had mapped out when i first got the machine, switching the core on and letting the fans spin up. The captain yelled over the noise as the machine whirred to life and stood up. I heard his voice come through the internal speakers “Damn, guess your repairs actually got somewhere. Listen, your internal batteries only good for about 15 minutes, get your mom and then swing back here, if you want any semblance of a chance then youre gonna need a rechar-” I pushed the gears forward and exploded out of the hangar, banking right and hitting the air brakes. The machine flipped forward and threw the wings into gear, sending me rocketing across the tarmac, now 100 tons heavier and 2000 times stronger. I slid to a stop next to my home barracks and knelt down, letting the scanners pinpoint my mother and allowing the hydraulics ample time to adjust before gently grabbing the roof of the building, and pulling up slowly. The captains jeep screeched to a halt next to me as he raced from the car and knelt down beside my mother. He inspected her body for a moment before falling to his knees entirely. I threw the roof and opened the hatchway, launching out of the cockpit and hitting the ground hard next to them. “Shes ok right?” The captain shook his head and put his hand on my shoulder, the smoke stung my eyes as the various fires filled the air with toxic fumes. “There wouldnt have been anything to do, she took too much force from the collapse, im sorry” I shook my head as tears flowed from my eyes “Shes just fucking with us. Mom! Wake up! Youre funny like this but nows not the time weve gotta go and help dad” I shook her shoulders, first gently, then more forcefully as I tried to wake her. I flipped her and her glossy lifeless eyes stared at the sky, still crying. “Shes gone kid, im so sorry” I let out a sob as I knelt down and put my head on her chest “Its not your fault, its mine, I shouldnt have left her, we should have never been attacked” He put a hand on my shoulder and gently rubbed my back “I should have been more aware, im the captain here, its my job to be aware” I rose and gently put my palm over her eyes, closing them with my hand and taking a deep breath through stifled sobs. “You do your best, all the time, its why we respect you. I need you to watch after my mom now, I need to go help dad make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else” He stood up and put his hands up, pushing me back softly and speaking in a low tone “No way kid, you need to grieve, i cant let you back in there in the condition youre in, Ill pilot, or ill call reinforcements, youll be no match” I smiled and moved past him “Id rather bite it in the sky with my dad then sit here and stare at my mom, I cant idle captain” He nodded and bit his lip in thought “Ok…ok…then maybe I can help better. Here, face me” I turned toward him and took a deep breath “We dont have time for this man come o-” He yelled “Face me soldier” I turned fully and stood at attention, my face inquisitive “Ok, ok, what” He brought his hand up to his torso “Ensign Rath, repeat after me and follow suit” I brought my hand up to my own torso and made a fist just as he did “Yes sir” He smiled wide and spoke with authority “I, Ensign Rath” I nodded and repeated “I Ensign Rath” “Accept the rank of Lieutenant O3” I smiled wide and nodded “Accept the rank of Lieutenant O3” He nodded and continued “And vow to use the weapons this rank has been assigned to take on the greatest of threats” The plan clicked in my mind and I continued to follow suit “And vow to use the weapons this rank has been assigned to take on the greatest of threats” As I finished he saluted me and spoke solemnly “It is with great honor and harrowing guilt that I now present you the rank of Lieutenant O3 in the united states naval defense office. I present you with temporary access to the associated weapons in upgrades, and I now release you into the arms of whichever god you so worship, Suit up, and fight like the warrior spirits that have fallen before you” I shook his hand and nodded, feeling pride replace my guilt as I saluted and turned toward my machine. I leapt into the cockpit and stood tall, the captains voice came over my internal speaker “Im heading to valhalla, Hit the skies and get in the fight, ill send a support pack in 2 minutes with 2 hours of extended run time and all the other things youll need to throw down alongside your father. This bases continued operation now relies on the two of you, I know youve had limited training, and some of the controls might even be too far for you to operate properly, but youre a warrior now” I took off into the air, engaging my thrusters and cutting through the clouds like a fiery razor. As rain hit my screen and the distant clap of thunder rolled through, I scanned the surroundings for my father and his machine. I didnt have to look long till he barreled into me while recovering from a glancing blow. “RATH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING UP HERE” My fathers booming voice shook my brain and rattled my core “Im here to support” He raised his shield and deflected another swing from the reaper, filling the sky with sparks as the flat blade cut across his defense “Get out of here now, where is your mother?” I fell silent as he grabbed my machine with his own and jetted away “Rath! Answer me, why isnt she watc-” I heard him realize, I could feel his heart sink as we stopped in the midst of an anvil cloud, and i could barely see his form in front of me. When a pilot takes his hands off the controls, the machine typically centers its arms to avoid unintended movement, and I could only see the silhouette of his wings as a deep breath came over my intercom “Im so sorry my son, I should have been down there” I shook my head and spoke softly “Then wed all be dead pops, just like the captain you were doing your job as best as you could. Weve got all the time in the world to mourn later, but right now weve gotta make sure this bastard cant pave the way for his friends” I felt the support pack collide with my machine and the cockpit lit up bright as I watched my uptime increase “You make a fair point son, alright, normally id tell you to hit the ground but today I suppose we'll make an exception. Did you receive proper clearance?” The packs armor crawled along my frame and locked in, covering the various dents and scrapes that had been so characteristic of my mech. The improved wings swung into place and I heard the lift fans spin to max. I moved my throttles forward and emerged from the cloud, the full shroud of my machine now dispersed and the new world open to me. “0-3 lieutenant Rath reporting for duty sir, happy to serve alongside you” He spoke calmly “Congratulations my son, your mother would be beyond proud” I reached behind me and remove the tall mace that came standard with almost all lieutenant support packages, but as the flat bulky blade came into view, I noticed a strange sigil on the shielding of the weapon. “Hey dad, any clue what this thing is?” I turned the mace toward him and he flew close “A gift from your mother, you werent supposed to see it for several years but it seems she finished it early. It was a sort of bug that used to be all over the place around here…called a butterfly. You loved them as a baby” I nodded and smiled “Ok, I wanna use this gift for a long time, you think we can beat this guy?” He huffed “Me and you? Were gonna turn him into a monument and stick his armor on display for the world to see” The sky split with lightning as the reaper crossed our paths and came to a stop just a few hundred yards away. As his machines deadly red eyes glowed antithesis to the bright morning sky, a foreign voice filled my cockpit. It held a thick baltic accent, and I knew it could only belong to one man. “You armor is shiny, new, you are young, inexperienced. I let you live, you escape, you till your friends, I kill you later, once you make others fear me” When I had built my machine, I had done so from scratch. I had added and removed things I felt would make me stronger then others, and while I was no heavier due to improved armor, I had still clocked in as the fastest machine in history. The rotors in my arms couldnt survive more then a few hits, the joints in my wrist werent durable enough to deliver full power trikes, but the engines that drove me could surpass all known aircraft and every recorded vehicle in land or air. “Come kill me now, I wanna see your face when I cut your armor in two” He grunted loudly and screamed at me as he flashed across the sky, drawing his blade and splitting the sunlight with speed. I held still and took a deep breath, before swinging, making contact with his arm and spinning mid air. I watched as the skull icon shattered beneath my mace and the sword glanced well below my feet. My father followd the strike with his own mace and drove his engines forward, propelling them both back into the lower sky. I tailed close behind, remembering the eyes of my mother as life escaped her body. With tears in my eye I screamed back “Youl pay today, and youll go broke!” I swung again and again as my father drove the two mechs faster and faster. I pulled the head from the reaper as my father pummeled it. I held it by a braid of cables and met my father in the air over and over. We blocked blows and chipped away, moving faster and faster as my arms grew sore and my voice grew hoarse.I felt my fathers full strength meet my own as we punched at the same time. My mechanical fist shattered inside the reapers torso and I heard a scream as his comms went silent. We watched together as his armor fell from the sky and exploded upon impact, sending a shockwave across the surface as the sound of the boom finally reached us. “Son, take her in for a landing, I know that seemed quick but youre most likely nearing your suits limit” I looked at my counter and noticed a dark red second screen, I had 1 minute and 45 seconds so I turned the engines off and entered a freefall, plummeting toward the earth before pulling them full plast and hovering just above the bases concrete landing pads. I watched my father gracefully swing downward and rocket toward the ground, spinning his feet once he hit the grass and disengaging his wings. His machine came to a halt just a few feet from his designated hanger and I dropped my own armor the ground, kneeling and leaping from the cockpit as i did so. I collapsed as I hit the pavement and my father came running over. He caught me before I could hit the ground and held me up by my arm. He was bloodier then I was but still moving with unparalleled strength. I coughed as he helped me hobble toward the runway before the captain parked next to us in his jeep and helped get me into the seat. My father sat in the passenger seat and leaned his head back, closing his eyes as I did the same. “You did good today son, get some rest and well take care of everything, youre too young for all of this, I'm so sorry” I took a deep breath and curled up in the back seat “Me too dad…me too”
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