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2023.03.24 06:34 xagesz Sewer Belly Options?

Had my house sewer line inspected via scope and it is 100% bellying and being a problem. I keep a hose and a rubber bladder nearby normally. Every Few months the basement will backup. Its in a spot that is all concrete and foundation so it doesn't hurt wood walls or anything. I just have a water detector on the floor. If I hear it go off I clean up the mess and send the bladder down the stack and it is resolved for several months. I am wanting to sell my house and upgrade as we have just outgrown this one. My issue is that I was quoted $18K by the plumber that did the inspection. They are the biggest outfit in town and can do it. I have called DOZENS of other plumbers, excavators, outfits you name it. No body does this work locally apparently and its aggravating cause I feel that price is way high.
For reference i have a small 1400sq ft long 2 floor (basement/main) house. On a small lot. The main stack is dead center in the house and goes straight back to my alley. maybe 50ft. My issue is that that half of the house is crawlspace and immediately outside there is a 30ft garage that is directly over the drain. My only option is to intercept the pipe just outside the crawl space and reroute it around the garage. i am in Wyoming. My sister in law had the exact same work done minus garage across about the same area for $6k cause tree roots by the same company a year before. Am I insane? or do I have other options?
Hell I can operate a dam mini excavator and do the damn digging. Everything is aerial in my neighborhood and My main water and gas are upfront. I have had 811 out multiple times for projects. I could dig and just need it certified. I don't know but this problem is just a problem and need options.
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2023.03.24 06:34 Prestigious_Name_379 I often feel like I won’t live long (21/m) I mean deep down I know I’ll die early

I had a terrible childhood (even now) my father is narcissistic alcoholic maniac who used to beat my mother and abuse us (beat us sometimes too) he still abuses my mother, there’s always a situation of chaos and sadness in family like we’re all living in a prison. (You might be thinking why don’t I just leave the house, Currently I’m in final semester of my grad degree, I don’t wanna ruin my career for these fights) as I am growing older, these things are getting hold of me and I’m becoming more and more sad, lonely, socially detached. Always thinking of how lucky I would be if I just had a easy death instead of suffering, I’m uncertain of future as well which scares me and I find death to be better choice.
As such, i don’t have any disease but I keeps falling sick. My immune system has become weak, so i often suffer from one or other physical problem. I’m constipated always even though I take enough fiber and water still it won’t go away, my father doesn’t care about me enough to take me to docs even though he has money (he’s govt employee, so from outside we’re pretty rich, have own house, car) my small physical problems are getting worse and worse as days passing by, and I feel something is surely wrong inside me and if I get tested something big will surely come up, thinking of these phenomena, I always feel depressed and near death.
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2023.03.24 06:34 Critical_Twist9866 [PC][2022-2023] Indie Looking game

Platform(s): PC
Genre: I believe Exploration/Strategy/Indie
Estimated year of release:
Graphics/art style: Indie
Notable characters:
Notable gameplay mechanics: Looking down at a settling type of mechanic, similar to strategy games
Other details: I've been searching for a game for a day and a half now. I've looked though my history on YouTube and ran though countless videos. I watched the video with the game back in 2022 but never seen the game again but I remember watching it yesterday and now I want to play the game. I believe it wasn't out yet, content creators showing a demo or something.
This game, based on memory, was based in a swampy area. The player had to build out from their starting point. The undiscovered areas were covered with clouds. You and the leaders of the camp make decisions on types of items to craft, how many houses to build (if you recruited more settlers), and where to send working parties (out to gather herbs or gather parts). I believe in the begin you need to pick the kind of government the settlement had based on the type of leaders you could pick from.
If anyone knows the game I'm talking about, please Help it is bothering me not being able to remember the name.
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2023.03.24 06:33 YodaJedi1973 Do you think 4% GDP investment in R&D will make India a leader in Science and Tech? Or we also need a "tech geek culture" at grassroots level?

I am an IITian and I have done research and teaching in science & tech for many years in IIT and US. IMO, funds and facilities is not the reason India is behind. In fact most scientists in developed world are as middle class as ours and don't even have subsidized housing like ours do.
First, I will share one fun fact: I have been part of India's incredible software journey from 0 to a world leader. And that happened despite no Govt support or computer infra. Why?
Because we, the people, wanted to. We were willing to surmount any challenge "without blaming the system" and kept marching ahead.
No doubt, we do have some great researchers, however most are comfortable in a 9 to 5 job and publishing "good enough" papers once in a while. Most don't have great "lab" skills either because of "Yeh to labour ka kaam hai" mindset (and don't want to dirty their hands).
Contrast that with "tech geek" culture I experienced in US where many researchers love their research like a hobby and can even binge on it on a Friday night, just like many binge on Netflix.
In some cases there was no funding available to buy instruments and existing defunct ones were refurbished. They are not satisfied unless the results produced are excellent. Why settle with an "Ambassador" car when one can have a "FortuneR" (or put your favorite car here) ?
What is a "geek culture"? It means that there is a community of a sizable number of "geeks" (passionate enthusiasts) in society who take their hobby to the next level by constantly exploring and sharing new ideas. They not only have theoretical knowledge but also have great practical DIY (Do it Yourself) skills relevant to their field. 
Social media is a great indicator of what a country is passionate about by observing their popular themes. India has many top notch YouTube channels in areas of entrepreneurship/dance/comedy supported by a thriving community of geeks, and one can easily draw the conclusion that India is a global leader in these areas.

Now here is a question for all of us: How many top science research channels are there from India that make science fun and promote innovation?
A few examples of such channels from abroad are Veritasium/Mark RobePhysics Girl and BPS.Space. They are supported by a thriving community of geeks and sometimes their videos have more than 100K comments! They passionately discuss their ideas and its like entertainment for them!
I am not pro-foreign or want to sow seed of despair. As a patriotic Indian, I am rooting for our scientists to do well.
But we can learn from good examples from anywhere in world, and not bury our head in sand.
No Govt program, ideology (including patriotism), our ancient glory, or changing education system can make India a leader in tech unless many of us pursue excellence as pleasure.
As a parent, have you had a child who would move mountains to binge on web series or playing video games? No restrictions can discourage them from the pleasure they seek. We need more folks like these children who can binge on research instead (like Tony Stark from Avengers).
India will change if we change. If I change. If many of us change.
Will we change?
"Na karne ke sau bahaane, karne ka sirf ek"

Fun Fact 2: Education systems around the world are more or less similar to ours on paper, and people outside crib about it as well, just like we do. In fact, hasn't the same education system produced greats like Ramanujan, CV Raman, Chandrashekhar, JC Bose, Khorana?
Fun Fact 3: When I used to do research at IIT, most folks used to complain that "there is no funding". Reality was that in general many instruments were just lying around in non-maintained state and no one knew or were interested in learning to repair them. This was the state of affairs in other premier research organizations as well.
I had a post doc colleague who was exceptional - for one of his new experiments, a special device was needed which was not available. He looked at its blueprint in a research paper and built it on his own in the machine lab! But such people are rare and we need more like him.
Fun Fact 4: when I first went to US, our research advisor told my American colleague and me that there was no funding for buying instruments worth $200K needed for our project. But there was an old, non-working one from 1960s we could use if we repaired it! I was dejected when I heard that - how can this be happening in America! But my colleague kept my spirits high and took the lead in repairing it. Over the next 3 months, we diagnosed the problems, designed a high voltage controller by referencing various books, and built it by sweating away in machine lab and scavenging free electrical parts. The instrument was working again and we had spent less than $100! This was an eye opening experience for me and didn't even know something like this could be done!
There is a misconception that funding abroad is better - there are similar challenges as ours. 
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2023.03.24 06:32 EugeneWong318 A grand jury has indicted a Texas youth pastor for possession of child sexual abuse materials.

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2023.03.24 06:32 Thee_Randy_Lahey Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, March 15, 2023

Debates (Contains verbatim):
Orders of the day:
Nothing particularly notable, just a bunch of politicians from across the country that they invited. See debates if you want details.
Betty Nippi-Albright (NDP) 1:42:00
Presents a petition signed by residents of Saskatoon that calls for duty-to-consult legislation to be enacted. The petitioners are concerned that without this legislation in place, the government is responsible for recognizing when the duty-to-consult is triggered, which has resulted in a lack of engagement with Indigenous communities and lost court battles. The petitioners request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan call on the Government of Saskatchewan to immediately stop the sale of Crown lands and enact meaningful duty-to-consult legislation. 90% of crown land has already been sold.
Terry Dennis (SaskParty) 1:43:17
The federal government is infringing on their rights. Wants the Sask First policies.
*NOTE: This is the daily unfounded constitutional challenge that they bring.
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) 1:44:28
Ms. Mowat presents a petition signed by residents of Wilkie that calls for the Government of Saskatchewan to fix the rural health care staffing crisis. The petitioners are concerned about the recruitment and retention of health care professionals in Saskatchewan's rural health care facilities, which has led to disruptions in emergency room, acute, lab, and X-ray services. The petitioners request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan call on the Government of Saskatchewan to address the staffing crisis.
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) 1:48:39
Bringing awareness to multiple myeloma.
Alana Ross (SaskParty) 1:46:59
Tribute to Himboldt Broncos and an intro to a local from her riding. He presented the team and and ems/first responders last year.
Nathaniel Teed (NDP) 1:48:26
Speaks about dedication and passion of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and its staff, volunteers, and community members. He highlights the importance of the museum's artifacts and how they remain relevant today. Mr. Teed was invited to give remarks at the opening of a new exhibit at the museum, which remembers the discriminatory reality of Canada's detainment policies during World War I. He mentions that thousands of Ukrainians were among those held in internment camps across Canada and forced to work in a country they did not know. He also connects current events, such as Putin's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.
Terry Jenson (SaskParty) 1:49:40
Talks about 5000 people in Warman joining for a cheerleading event.
Gary Grewal (SaskParty) 1:51:15
Talks about his visit to the Regina Trades and Skills last fall.
Fred Bradshaw (SaskParty) 1:52:47
Talks about some people joining the winter games this past winter.
Muhammad Fiaz (SaskParty) 1:54:01
Starts by saying “Members opposite won’t want to hear it, but we have good news from our economy”. He says that urban starts in Saskatchewan for Feb 2023 are up 76% from last year, and claims that the best in the country. He also says more people are choosing to move here because we are the most stable on the planet.
*NOTE: I didn’t bother fact checking this, but a year ago were pandemic measures, short supply of building materials etc. It’s a dishonest metric from the start. And to start out inflammatory… strange. His entire speech is ridiculous, especially when you consider our worst in country outmigration and migration retention rates.
Health Care Staffing and Provision of Emergency Care 1:55:30
Vicki Mowatt, Nathaniel Teed (NDP) vs Paul Merriman (SaskParty)
Mowat accuses the government of failing on the economy and health care, citing the closure of the emergency room at Regina General Hospital in Regina. She questions whether the people of Regina should expect such failures when it comes to their emergency care.
Merriman’s excuse is there are always ebbs and flows within the health care system and that officials have told him the pressure at the Regina General has been alleviated. He also cites that Saskatoon emergency was shut down over the weekend as well.
He also mentions that the government is working on a human resource plan to ensure that people in Saskatchewan receive the health care they deserve. Mowat argues that health care workers are sounding the alarm and that the disaster at the Regina General should never have happened, and quotes the president of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) as saying that there is not enough time, capability, or staff to provide safe patient care in most facilities in the province.
Mowat questions the Minister of Health's responsibility for the state of health care and demands that he take action to ensure that such incidents never happen again. The Minister responds by stating that he met with SUN and other stakeholders to discuss the government's four-point plan to address the issue. He also cites the government's efforts to hire more doctors and nurses and to expand the scope of health care providers in the system. Mowat insists that the government's HR plan is not enough and that it is not working. She criticises the government's 15-year record and accuses it of refusing to take responsibility for its failures.
She also questions why the Minister of Health is not listening to nurses and local voices in health care and demands that he work to find real solutions to the crisis in emergency rooms. She says that he shut down a request for a task force to address these issues. The Minister responds by stating that he meets with unions and other groups regularly to incorporate their ideas into the government's plan. He emphasises that the government is working to meet the needs of people in Saskatchewan and will never take their health care for granted.
Teed describes a retired nurse from his riding who had to lay on the floor having a medical emergency. She couldn’t get an ambulance and called family to say goodbye. Merriman responds by he has met with the ambulance providers and went for coffee with them. Teed fires back saying no one should wait an hour for an ambulance, and people are getting hurt.
\NOTE: The tomorrow measures Merriman cites have been deemed not enough by the provincial auditor. They use the same excuse week after week, but the results appears to get work, considering that ERs are closed in our largest cities. He mentions this 4 point plan, and cites the number of nurses and doctors that he’s bring in, but it’s all bandaids, and it’s fewer than we should have previously had. The plan is very late.*
Jennifer Bowes, Matt Love (NDP) vs Dustin Duncan (SaskParty)
Access to childcare spaces
Bowes expresses concern about the crisis in the healthcare system and the rushed announcement of a $10-a-day childcare policy, and didn’t take the time to get things right to get headlines. She argues that parents who rely on part-time care should not be collateral damage in the minister's desire to score a great headline. Bowes questions whether the Duncan will work with childcare workers to ensure that no one loses their space as a result of the announcement. Duncan responds by assuring that no spaces will be cut, and he emphasizes that he got this deal done 3 years early. Bowes continues to press for answers, stating that the government needs to listen to parents and childcare providers who stand to lose access to their spots. She argues that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for working moms in Saskatoon and Whitewood. Duncan questions the opposition's inconsistent stance on the policy and its impact on the economy.
\NOTE Duncan’s comment about the NDP being inconsistent is nothing but absurd. He is still positioning this as his achievement, but reality is he accepted the $10 a day, he didn’t work for it at all. I also didn’t fact check school funding numbers.. It’s clearly underfunded regardless.*
Funding for education
Matt Love (NDP) vs Dustin Duncan (SaskParty)
Love chimes up that Prairie Valley School division has now started a charity to continue to keep their school running. Duncan insists that he has foundations in place to keep the schools going, and his side of the isle laughs out loud at Love, then he claims Saskatchewan is the highest spending on education in the country. Love returns back that he asked about this funding in 2020, and Duncan told him “We are not going to rely on bake sales to ensure that we have a continuation of a safe return to work” and asks how bottle drives compare as a funding method. Duncan again insists that they’re giving a lot of money to schools, and asks if Love doesn’t want people with a lot of money to help fund the schools, and cites the Brownlee family (may be spelled wrong, I don’t know who they are.)
Government Support for Harm Reduction 2:18:15
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) vs Everette Hindley (SaskParty)
Latest overdose numbers, 103 deaths in two months this year, same as all of 2016. This conversation happens daily. Hindley says that they have a going forward plan of additional funding. Mowatt continues to press for immediate action, Hindley justifies the money that has been spent but doesn’t address the current record, but has a going forward plan.
Bill No. 109 — The Trespass to Property Amendment Act, 2022 2:22:00
Nicole Sarauer (NDP)
Says that they have put very serious concerns on the record about the bill, how it would affect stakeholders. She brings up the premiers tweet about federal workers going on to private property and calls it a redundant bill since people already need to abide by these laws. Cites concerns from Saskel, SaskEnergy and highways workers who are concerns about the rhetoric and their safety.
Bill No. 116 — The Plant Health Act 2:25:06
Vicki Mowatt (NDP)
Notes importance of pest control in agriculture. She is leaving more questions to their critic.
Bill No. 117 — The Saskatchewan Firearms Act 2:27:45
Betty Nippi-Albright (NDP)
Cites her experience of her husband being shot by an illegal firearm, as well as being an indigenous person who relies on firearms for their way of life. She shares the concerns of FSIN regarding lack of consultation. She wants more consultation with impact communities.
Bill No. 118 — The Warrant Compliance Act 2:34:32
Vicki Mowatt (NDP)
She agrees with powers to the police to help find violent reoffenders. Again raises concerns about who is a repeat violent offender, there are definitions missing, and she is concerned about unintended consequence for families, especially kids.
Bill No. 122 — The Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act 2:37:56
Doyle Vermette (NDP)
Asks why they are doing this, he’s been asking every reading but isn’t getting an answer. Says there was no consultation, and now business will need to file two taxes, one provincial one federal. No answers provided. He cites the cost of a new crown, and says that he has heard ministers in the Saskparty say that they can raise taxes, and they’ll still get voted in. And when the result is negative, they’ll say something about the liberal ndp federal government and put their hand out begging for federal dollars.
Bill No. 124 — The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Amendment Act 2:45:38
Jennifer Bowes (NDP)
Cites once again there are mixed responses from stakeholders, and wants the government to consult.
Bill No. 126 — The Summary Offences Procedure Amendment Act, 2022 2:52:58
Nathanial Teed (NDP)
He’s happy about allowing first nations to enforce their own laws, bylaws, summar offense tickets, time limits. He’s in favour.

This will be archived on SaskPoli\**. I am open to linking missed or relevant factual information provided, as well as correcting inaccuracies.**\**
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2023.03.24 06:32 EugeneWong318 A grand jury has indicted a Texas youth pastor for possession of child sexual abuse materials.

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2023.03.24 06:32 EugeneWong318 A grand jury has indicted a Texas youth pastor for possession of child sexual abuse materials.

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2023.03.24 06:32 EugeneWong318 A grand jury has indicted a Texas youth pastor for possession of child sexual abuse materials.

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2023.03.24 06:32 Lephutshi Used Nissan NP300 Van (bakkie) for Sale in Gaborone P88K

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2023.03.24 06:32 RegentusLupus I keep stumbling into success

So, 2022 had been a mixed bag on the year, and ended on a very low note for me (29m). My partner had left me for the friend I wasn't supposed to worry about, I sacrificed my house to help family, a friend nearly died, my gramma got brain surgery, and I felt nearly broken from all of the stress. (This was all in about a week's time. After having gotten a vasectomy a month prior.)
So, once 2023 hit, I just kind of...stopped giving a fuck. Like, not a single one. My care and concern for others hit an all time low, and I just kind of did things at random. I usually had constantly planned, and then subplanned those plans, but I just said fuck it. I grew a lot bolder in my actions, and began to just act.
Truthfully, I expected this to blow up horrifically in my face and just make everything worse. One of those "Brain, why are you doing this? We will regret this later." type of deals.
But it didn't.
Things actually got a lot better. I had several positive interactions with total strangers when I'd go out. I managed to get a pay raise and eventual promotion by sheer stubbornness with quality control. I began mildly flirting with people I was interested in on a lark, or inviting people at work out for drinks. Having all of those things go extremely well for me. Finding out that "holy shit several people actually find me attractive." I have a gorgeous, literal model of a woman I'm completely smitten with in my life now. With a personality that is gorgeous as all hell. It's wonderful. I've had to be the one rejecting someone now. Three someones this month, now. I'm not sure why, unless a beard really does hide my ugly that well.
I've turned my new living situation into a beautifully nice one, surrounded by dogs and X-boxes. I've got several creative projects off of the ground that were half-baked ideas three months ago simply by asking people to help.
I like this slightly different me I am now. I wanted to tell...well, anyone, really. I feel like myself but more. Like I'm held back by a lot less than I used to. I'm not sure which straw broke the camel's mind, but whichever one it was broke it in the most beneficial way.
Tl;dr being so depressed I was reckless ended up working out
Anyways, thanks for reading my ramble, internet stranger. It's probably borderline narcissistic, but so am I.
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2023.03.24 06:31 SKrealestatee 3 BHK Duplex House for sale 150 Square Yards (22.5x60) West Face at Band...

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2023.03.24 06:31 EugeneWong318 A grand jury has indicted a Texas youth pastor for possession of child sexual abuse materials.

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2023.03.24 06:31 ivy-LPI Rice Herbicide Market: Competitive Dynamics & Global Outlook 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Rice Herbicide Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Rice Herbicide sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Rice Herbicide sales for 2023 through 2029. With Rice Herbicide sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Rice Herbicide industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Rice Herbicide landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Rice Herbicide portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Rice Herbicide market.
This Insight Report evaluates the key market trends, drivers, and affecting factors shaping the global outlook for Rice Herbicide and breaks down the forecast by type, by application, geography, and market size to highlight emerging pockets of opportunity. With a transparent methodology based on hundreds of bottom-up qualitative and quantitative market inputs, this study forecast offers a highly nuanced view of the current state and future trajectory in the global Rice Herbicide .
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Rice Herbicide market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
Corteva Agriscience
Bayer AG
FMC Corporation
Nufarm Limited
UPL Limited
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.
Monsanto Company
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Dow AgroSciences LLC
Cheminova A/S
Sinochem Group
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Arysta LifeScience
Shanghai Tenglong Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
Crystal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd.
Zhengzhou Nutrichem Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Tianlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Good Harvest-Weien Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Shandong Weifang Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd.
Huifeng Agrochemical, Inc.
Segmentation by type
Herbicide before Planting
Herbicide after Planting
Segmentation by application
Rice Planting
Environmental Management
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Rice Herbicide market?
What factors are driving Rice Herbicide market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Rice Herbicide market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Rice Herbicide break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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2023.03.24 06:31 scoobyydoob He wants to claim our daughter on his taxes for more money but won't even spend over $10 on her

He came by to visit our daughter but I was at the bank, he never lets me know when he's coming - sometimes it's 12pm, sometimes it's 5pm, sometimes he won't even show or let me know he's not coming. I'm not going to wait around all day, so I missed him. I told him all of that but he didn't address the time issue and went straight to telling me he'd be picking me up Saturday so we could file our taxes because he wants to claim our baby.
When he initially brought this up, he wasn't even planning on sharing any of what he gets back with me. I still don't trust that he even would if he agreed to it. I told him I don't want to file taxes with him, I don't want him to have the ability to claim her every year. He doesn't deserve the extra help, he has no involvement in her care besides a bit of child support that he only recently started paying and it's not the proper, fair amount.
He just said "she's my daughter too" and that's when I kinda lost it.
Here's how it went...
Him: she's my daughter too
Me: only when you want money out of her. Name 3 things you've bought her.
Him: high chair, diapers, her toddler car seat
Me: it's embarrassing you even used those. Yard sale items I had to scrub that were less than $10. Diapers?! Wow. Strangers have done more. How do you feel proud of that. But you're enjoying that new gun you bought and the expensive alcohol you drink every night but anything over $10 for our daughter is unacceptable. Never filed taxes before but when you think you can get something out of (daughter's name) you're all for it. You should feel bad. You don't deserve her."
He just stopped responding which isn't surprising, probably went and got drunk as usual. I think he's trying to limit text conversations because he doesn't want me having so much documentation that he sucks.
I really can't tell if he truly cares about her the way a father should at all, his presence in her life seems like a chore for him. Something he's just doing so he doesn't look completely terrible to his friends. He does the absolute bare minimum. He never bonded with her, always seemed uninterested even before I left him. Visits infrequently for 20 minutes or less, and he makes sure to have a nasty attitude towards me the entire time, it doesn't really feel like he's here for our baby cause he doesn't talk to her or interact much, rejects my attempts to have them play and show him all the adorable little milestones she's reaching, etc.
His visits consist of 20 minutes or less of uncomfortable, tense silence where he has an angry, serious look on his face and if he does talk, he's making jabs at me. Baby is usually screaming cause 1) she hasn't bonded with him, and 2) I think she can sense the tension, but that's just a guess.
I keep feeling a little bad about being so mean, but then again, I think he deserved it.
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2023.03.24 06:31 europeincoming Visit the 3 most Famous Christmas markets

The traditional Christmas markets that are kept in cities as well as towns throughout Bavaria, a region in southern Germany, during the holiday season are popular. Live music, festive stalls, and mulled white wine make these markets a popular location for vacationers from throughout the globe. Among Bavaria's most widely known Christmas markets, the Munich Christkindlmarkt draws countless site visitors annually. Handcrafted presents, typical foods, and congratulatory drinks are all on sale at this market, which is kept in Marienplatz, Munich's main square. If you're trying to find a joyful and captivating vacation experience, the Bavarian Christmas markets are a must-see. These markets, with their traditional stalls, live songs, as well as mulled a glass of wine, will obtain you in the vacation spirit and aid you make memories that will last a life time. We are a professional at producing customized events as well as travel plans for agents and also event coordinators that offer a vast array of visitors as a top European destination monitoring business. We go above and also past to eliminate all administration so that vacationers can value their getaway. We sustain your customers at every step of the way and also meet every one of their requirements for ground services, travel arrangements, accommodations, locations, directed trips, and wedding events. One of the highlights of the holiday season in Austria is the country's captivating Christmas markets. From the middle of November until Christmas Eve, cities throughout the country revived with the audios of vacation songs, the fragrance of mulled wine, and also the views of glimmering lights and also handmade presents. The Vienna Christmas Market includes over 140 stalls selling festive treats and standard Austrian goods in the heart of Vienna's city centre. While enjoying the massive Christmas tree in front of City Hall and also paying attention to carollers, visitors can drink a mug of warm mulled red wine. Visiting the Austrian Christmas markets during the holiday is a must, whether you're a regional or a visitor. Having a dependable and also educated tour guide can make all the difference in making a trip to Europe remarkable as well as satisfying. We enter the picture right here. We are a location monitoring company that concentrates on producing personalized European traveling experiences. We are devoted to developing holiday packages that permit a vast array of long-distance tourists to see legendary landmarks, find out about Europe's remarkable history as well as society, and also take in breath-taking landscapes. Christmas is commemorated in Europe in a genuinely fantastic fashion. From the spirituous fragrance of mulled red wine in the Christmas markets to the local seasonal sweets, there is a lot to value about the holiday season. In such a little country, where else can you find dozens of terrific Christmas customs? Normally, Switzerland. Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Lugano, Montreux, as well as Basel are just a few of the significant cities where you can find a variety of Swiss Christmas markets. They usually persist throughout the whole month of December. We are a specialist at developing personalized occasions and plans for representatives and also occasion coordinators that serve a wide variety of tourists as a leading European location management firm. We are passionate about creating plans that allow a variety of tourists experience Europe's amazing events, spectacular views, and also iconic sites, as well as find out about Europe's rich society and heritage. This includes leisure groups, business MICE, pupil groups, and Destination Occasions. Our European specialists specialize in extensive local as well as multi-destination itineraries that include accommodations, escorted and also assisted excursions, a range of ground services, and transport.
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2023.03.24 06:31 DIZZYKAZ66 Am I selfish for wanting someone to love both of me

Kaz it hypermanic me. A social butterfly. Nothing is too much for her. She engages gets involved and is always interested in what others has to say. Kaz loves affection and loves to stay close to loved ones. Kaz is spontaneous and loves adventure. Kaz has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take anything to heart. Kaz loves to be out the house visiting people, shopping, eating out. Kaz is a great listener, understanding and supportive. Kaz will put those she loves above anyone else or anything including herself.
Karen is depressed me. an introvert. Karen doesn’t like company and avoids it at all costs. Karen doesn’t pick up the phone she doesn’t like to talk. Karen doesn’t like anyone near hear and finds it hard to be touched. Karen needs someone to hold her and tell her it’s ok. Karen isn’t interested in what people have to say. Karen doesn’t like to go outside and cuts herself off from the world. Karen is quiet Karen is sad. Karen doesn’t feel anything else but emptiness.
To love me for who I am that means I’m asking someone to love both of me. Two separate versions of who I am. How can I ask that of anyone? Is it selfish of me to want this love? To want a person to love the sad me. The version of me that I dont like. Is there even such a person out there in the world that is capable of doing this. My partner loves kaz but has absolutely no tolerance for Karen and has made it very clear an told me very bluntly he will not entertain that part of me and wants nothing to do with it. I dont blame him. I don’t resent him for it. He is struggling himself at the moment and has his own battles to fight. I don’t know if I’d be able to love someone like me I think that’s why I don’t mind. I’ve learnt to just keep my distance when Karen appears and get back in touch when kaz is about again.
It makes the life of Karen a very lonely place to be. No one turn to, no one to lean on. No one to help me back up again when I fall.
I cant help wonder though if I deserve more. or am I just being selfish? What right do I have to ask for more when only one of me can love back. Kaz loves intensely yet Karen doesn’t feel anything. So do I deserve for Karen to be loved too because karen cant give anything in return.
Is this the reality for us that suffer with servear mental health. Is this just another of lifes blows we have to deal with? I’d like to think people are capable of loving us for just the way we are. But I cant help wonder if it’s a selfish thing to ask for.
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2023.03.24 06:31 deathmane_ This week was going good and today was rough.

This week was good. Work was going good. I signed up for a sql course that went back on sale. Today on the other hand-I just feel like I didn’t give it 100 percent. I felt like I was being lazy at work. Issues at work were bothering me. More issues I came across with at work. I felt like I woke up stupid. I feel like I could done a better job today in general
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2023.03.24 06:30 SublimeBoy117 I laugh at horrible situations

I’ve never made one of these before so here we go. I also don’t even know if I’m posting this to the right community so, sorry. I (24m) laugh in really bad situations. Like not funny laugh but sad laughing. For instance a few years back, I used to live with my grandparents. My grandad had a drinking buddy (we’ll call him Stew) that would come by just about every day and they’d sit out by the garage on old paint buckets and just drink and stare at the house. I’m not quite sure what they’d talk about, my grandad was kind of a dick so I never really spent any time with him or ever felt the need to get to know him. Anyways, one day the house phone rang and my grandma picked up the phone and it was Stew’s wife. Apparently that same day after Stew had left to go home for the evening, he suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel of his car and crashed and unfortunately passed away. When I heard the news I just had uncontrollable laughter. My mom was there and so was my stepdad and they just looked at me funny like I was mentally ill. It wasn’t funny at all, I just couldn’t help but laughing and I had go to my room because I felt bad for laughing in that kind of situation. Other similar situations have happened like that, I can’t really name any others though besides one. This kind of came up again because the other day I was in my car and I was scrolling through Facebook videos and it was of a mother and a father driving and the mother received a phone call from medical examiners about her son passing away. Her reaction was gut wrenching and her screaming really hurt my heart but instead of crying I just laughed really hard for 5 minutes. I was on my lunch break and people were walking by my car and I’m sure they saw me. Every time I asked my parents why I did this they just kinda went “hmmm” so I was never able to receive an actual answer. My friends just say “that’s just how some people handle bad news”, But I want to know the science behind this . Oh and I almost forgot, that damn episode from Avatar the Last Airbender where Iroh sings Leaves From the Vine. It’s so sad, especially when you know the context behind it but I can’t stop myself from laughing. Gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
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2023.03.24 06:29 artless_rebel Difficult sister in law

Background: By sister in law i mean my husband's brother's wife. They have been together for 10 years and she is the second wife of my brother-in-law. My brother in law cheated on his first wife with her, hence people took time to get comfortable around their relationship. Right now they accept her well. I have been married for the past 4 years and below are the issues I am dealing with:
My husband's take: I have spoken to him multiple times and his take is clear to stay away from them. He has seen her for the past 10 years and this isn't new, any good you do for them would back fire you.
My mother in law's takes: She knows their nature and doesn't want to create any issues hence she understands everything and stays calm.
My brother in law's take: He knows her nature but stays blind eyed to all. Also mostly listens to her.
Can someone give me a practical solution to this.
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2023.03.24 06:29 throwaway1256830 WIBTA for going to my dead best friend's ceremony with a friend my mom absolutely despises?

I (19F) recently lost my best friend. It was a very sudden death, and nobody had saw it coming. It has taken me months to go back to somewhat normalcy, but it still doesn't feel the same without her.
Since I have an anxiety disorder, I can't fully drive yet meaning I don't have my driver's license. My best friend's ceremony will be held at her parents house which is around an hour away from me which is too expensive uber-wise. I asked around in my family if they could take me, they said no. So, I asked one of my closest friends, Matt, to take me and he said yes.
Here's the issue. My mother absolutely despises Matt for no reason, and since I live in her house still she keeps calling the shots in my life and punishes me for doing anything she doesn't like even though I pay rent and other expenses to her.
She asked me today, "Are you seriously going to go to that ceremony?" I told her ofc I was since this was my dead best friend's ceremony. She asked who would take me since no one could and I said Matt would. She went completely silent and refused to respond to me for 5 min and when I asked what's wrong she said "nothing but, I can't believe you're going with him. Do you seriously have to attend?" I said yes, it was my dead best friend's ceremony and all he would do is drop me off and pick me up. She said "I can't believe you're going." And now she refused to talk to me.
So reddit, WIBTA for going to my dead best friend's ceremony with a friend that my mom despises?
TLDR: I can't drive and need someone I know to take me to my dead best friend's ceremony since I don't have the money for an uber. My friend Matt will take me, but my mom doesn't want me to go to the ceremony at all especially now that Matt is involved since she despises him.
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