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Growing and Cooking with Garlic!

2010.08.13 10:04 Growing and Cooking with Garlic!

If it's about garlic, lets hear about it (and here's a breath mint). RULES: No YouTube videos, Don't Be Unpleasant, No Medical Advice...we aren't doctors! We see garlic as a food item here, an herb or spice to grow and cook with...nothing more.

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Discussions pertaining to the Indianapolis, Indiana, metropolitan area.

2012.07.30 21:15 ilikederbieks For the cyclists of Manchester

A place for the cyclists of Manchester to convene in a nice little community. Ask questions, share routes, discuss cycling activities and rage about motorists. Anything 2 wheeled pedal power goes!

2023.03.24 08:05 nissanthermos After Three Decades, Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant Remains a One-of-a-Kind Haven for Halal Chinese Food in San Francisco

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2023.03.24 08:04 vetprodogcat veterinary Clinic is located in Greater Noida

veterinary Clinic is located in Greater Noida
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veterinary Clinic, this one is located in Greater Noida
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2023.03.24 08:03 dtonycristian PC build 13900k ram problem or not

Hi there,
I just bought a TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI DDR5, an intel 13900k and 2 X KF556C40BBK2-64 (a total of 128 GB). I run the latest ASUS bios 0812. I have a RTX 3090, corsair HX 1500i PSU, Kingston kc3000 2TB, 2 X WD blue 2TB 7200rpm HDD, cpu cooler Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black and a Case be quiet! Silent Base 800. Also used Arctic MX6 thermal paste.
First time I booted the system I took very long to post BIOS. After that the system boots quick. Only boots slow when shutting down and unplugging the system. I managed to install windows 11 with all updates and run a AIDA64 stress test on CPU and it came out OK. In Cinebench23 multiprocessor temps did not exceed 88 degrees and got a 39000 score. When tried to run a Windows Memory Diagnostic got a blue screen. Rebooted and run Memtest86 and got 100 errors from first minute. I haven`t let it finish and skipped through the process and until end got around 600 errors.
Is it a RAM problem, motherboard problem, CPU or just BIOS update and/or settings?
I am new to this hardware. The last computer I have build was 7 years ago with 64 Kingston DDR4, Asus rog strix x99 and intel i7 5820k. And it worked flawlessly until today. It even has the original thermal paste from Arctic.
Please, please help!
Best regards,
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2023.03.24 08:03 cest_la_ray Job/Money/FMLA Advice

I'm so sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I am so lost, I want life/money/job advice for some kind of direction. I have been struggling for a few years now because of pain and fatigue. I want some stability. I worked at Amazon Jan 2021 to Feb 2022 in California. I was supposed to have 3 days off but had the month of June off for an FMLA because of issues with paperwork, it turned my whole life upside fighting to pay for rent bills and food, I went to the ER for burning back pain. Their HR said if I got denied payment by the state that Amazon would pay me. My primary doctor wouldn't give me a diagnosis (they said it was in my head because of my mental health) and said to talk to a QME (said they only do worker's comp) or Social Security (said they only do long term disability). Never got a diagnosis, never got paid. Moved to Washington Feb 2022. Job hopping and hunting because of more ER visits and medical issues, almost had my appendix rupture last month, during laparoscopic appendectomy they found signs of endometriosis (don't have a written diagnosis yet because they want me to follow up with OBGYN, still can't get an appointment) and that it was most likely causing the back pain and stomach pain. Can I reach out to Amazon or California for missed pay? Is there anyone I can call? Or what's the best course of action for finding a job with endometriosis? Or should I apply for disability? I'm 26, constant fatigue, debilitating periods where im out of commission at least 48 hours during that time, and my body hurts all of the time. I left one job because of knee pain and it turns out I also have bone loss in my left tibia (also no diagnosis because doctor is waiting until follow up to make referral for further imaging) which was also mentally stressing because doctors pushed worker's comp and employer pushed pre-existing injury and I didn't know what to do, one lady at the job said no way is it work related then started talking about her athritis being an occupational disease like wtf and now I have to hold onto a surface like a counter when I get up from a squat. I'm sorry for this being so much, I'm broke depressed scared confused, I have no idea what options or resources are there for me.
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2023.03.24 08:01 RogerCUY GrabFood marketing survey scam

GrabFood marketing survey scam
Just want to bring awareness to this scam that seems to be going on. My wife received a similar message too a couple hours before me. My main goal/reason for replying to this scammer is to try and find out how this scam work (of course while not falling for it) and poking fun and wasting the scammers time. Unfortunately I failed both. If anyone know anything about this please comment.
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2023.03.24 08:01 Archi_balding The more I (re)play RTS, the more I hate Starcraft 2.

Hi everyone. This will be a rant against the giant of the RTS scene. Not really because it is bad, it's still a good game after all, but for what it (IMO) did to the RTS scene.
I've played (and watched) a lot of SC2 since its launch and found it great, but that like getting used to Mcdonald, the sugar and fat make it taste good enough on the moment but you kinda forget what good food taste like.
Starcraft 2 have probably been the most hyped RTS of all time. It have an enormous competitive scene and Blizzard is making sure that no other RTS esport emerges by injecting quite a lot of money into the prizes and marketing.
The problem is that, while Starcraft 2 is a good game, it's IMO a mediocre RTS at best.
Blizzard ran with a lot of the problems that existed in Brood War simply by tradition. And those problems were things of the early 2000's when some things of game design weren't that figured out and that technical limitations were a big thing.
Brood war was truly awesome for its time. But merely creating a polished version of it and strangling the RTS scene in the same move was already not that great in 2010. 13 years later it's becoming unnacceptable.
One of the biggest gripe I have with it are the player adverse decision, even if I understand where they're coming from. A lot of things in Stacraft 2 exist solely to make your time playing it harder. And, to their credit, Blizzard tried to fix some of those. A good example of that is the "inject" mechanic of the zerg race. This race have a unit that must use an ability on their main building to allow the production of more units than normally (it creates 3 larvae which you can transform into other units, the main building only holding 3 of those at the same time normally, which you can transform into 6-9 with the inject mechanic). But coming back to all your bases and injecting each one every 29 seconds is a big pain in the ass and if you only take 3 seconds doing it, you'll spend a tenth of your game doing basically administrative work. Blizzard tried fixing this by making it automatic... and went back on this decision. Because the game becomes boring if you don't spend a tenth of it doing a mindless task that should be automated.
Another problem I have with it that is rarely discussed is that the objective of the game, the win condition, is almost never played. Why ? Well because it's boring. To win in SC2 you need to destroy all your opponent's structures. Do player go against each other's structure to win ? No. They clashes their armies and the one losing the fight is supposed to surrend. It is considered bad mannered to let the game play to its full extent. I repeat : it is considered bad manners to have to play the actual objective of the game ! This going unnadressed for 25 years is blowing my mind and something we should shame Blizzard for. Blizzard knows that the main objective of their game is so boring it isn't ever played and didn't adress it in two and half decades. Because of course this problem exist since the first iteration of Starcraft (and warcraft also but I'm giving it a pass due to engine limitations). And it's not like in the meantime other games didn't make alternative victory conditions. AoE 2 got both map objectives (relics), defense (wonders) and beating your ennemy to the last unit possibilities. With other game modes adding other conditions like assassination of destroying a key structure. One year after the release of SC1. Blizzard had those under their nose (from maybe their biggest competitor at the time) and never touched the idea in 24 years.
Add to that the focus on micro management, where decision making is second to quick execution. The relatively small maps and fast units. The extremely standardized maps. And you get a game that is about making big armies and clashing them together in small arenas until you get a big enough upper hand. Every effort a player put on is about delaying the formation of the opponent's deathball while building their own. At this point, you could just play a MOBA instead and skip the rather boring production phase where you expand and make your buildings in an extremely standardized manner. And being the bigger RTS out there it's exactly what it does. It teaches people interested by strategy games that they can find a more condensed version of the fun there is to have in one in other styles of games.
Starcraft is extremely surface level. And there's nothing wrong with it. After all a game being simple to handle is a good thing. But, as it tries desesperately to appear as the only RTS out there, it kills the whole genre. It's a nice introduction to a genre it wants dead.
Sure you may be tempted to tell me that those problems exist with all RTS. But that's simply not the case. Supreme Commander dodges all of those issues. The objective of the game, the assassination of the ennemy commander, is always the focus of the games. The focus on larger scale and map controll makes that there's no deathball problem. Micro can be done but is not the focus of the game and you're probably giving up some infrastructure building or map control doing so. It runs on all kind of maps and have a stellar team game potential (team games being incredibly boring and unbalanced in starcraft due to its single player standardization, which is a shame for a strategy game). All those problems have been fixed by other games, games that Starcraft wants to hide by its presence.
Top that with three completely lackluster campaigns more focused on one off gimmicks and (bad) storytelling than teaching you how to play the game. All scenarios being "kill off those three generic objectives defended by more and more forces" . You never interract with building an economy, raiding the opponent's one (they don't have one, just magically get troops) or basically anything beyond making a blob of units and clashing it into the ennemy held objective to unlock the next bit of story And don't expect SC1 drama, the story's just a Dragon Ball Z style "beat the evil guy and then the bigger evil guy..." without the self awareness.
Long story short : the biggest RTS and entry point for the genre is trying to kill itself and the entire genre with it by not adressing any of the numerous problems it have. And the more awesome RTS I discover or replay (you should play the C&C serie, the Age of, Total anihilation, Supreme commander, sins of a solar empire and my personal GOAT Zero K) the more I hate Starcraft 2 for hiding all those in its mediocre shadow.
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2023.03.24 08:01 Intelligent_Show2704 The Best Mobile App Delivery Platform BCoder Castle

The Best Mobile App Delivery Platform BCoder Castle
Do you want to learn how to launch an on-demand Custom delivery app? Provide amazing, individualized user experiences to customers with the help of B-Coder Castle’s Custom Delivery platform for your food technology brand. B-Coder Castle is a top-rated Mobile App Delivery Platform for users. We are a team of expert web developers, mobile app developers, and UI UX Designers. Contact us at +1 (561)603-5184 or visit our website for more information.
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2023.03.24 08:00 bbuckinghambbq Can You Eat Chicken Nuggets with Braces - Bucking Ham Smoke House

Can You Eat Chicken Nuggets with Braces - Bucking Ham Smoke House
Is eating chicken nuggets with braces bad for teeth? - Eating chicken nuggets with braces should not be bad for your teeth, as long as you take the proper precautions. Avoid biting into the nugget directly, and instead, break it apart into smaller pieces. Chew slowly and with your back teeth whenever possible, and always make sure to clean your mouth after eating. Apart from that time, to learn more about “Can you eat chicken nuggets with braces”, we will give you other questions. Chicken nuggets can be difficult to eat with braces, as biting into them directly could cause damage to your brackets or wires. Additionally, the crunchy texture of chicken nuggets can put too much strain on your braces, leading to potential breakage. For this reason, it’s best to avoid eating chicken nuggets with braces and stick to softer foods instead. If you eat chicken nuggets with braces for too long, you may exper - dcrwbq5zk5 -
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2023.03.24 08:00 dspeyer EA Forum Digest 24 Mar 2023

Anki with Uncertainty: Turn any flashcard deck into a calibration training tool

We've developed an Anki addon that lets you do calibration training on numerical flashcards!
Find information on how it works and how to use it on Quantified Intuitions.
Thanks to @Beth Barnes for supporting the development and giving feedback. And thanks to @Hauke Hillebrandt for inspiring this idea with this comment right here on the Forum!
It's pretty experimental, so I'd love to hear any feedback or thoughts.

In related news: the March Estimation Game is now live - ten new Fermi estimation questions, with some particularly interesting ones this month!
1 more paragraphs...

Can anyone reassure me about EA work culture?

I'm new to posting to the forum and this was rushed, so I welcome you to point out any obvious improvements to the way I've asked this question/formatted this post in the comments. I'm posting anonymously so I'm kindly requesting that you don't ask me if this is me if you think it's me.
I'm concerned that there are no/very few roles at EA-aligned orgs that don't lead to you feeling like you're working all the time. I feel like I need to be available to community members at all times of the day on everyday of the week as a community builder. Ops people have expressed that they feel they need to be always on call. Many EAs I know work more than 40 hours weekly and some also work on weekends. I want to transition away from what I'm currently doing partially because of this feeling, but it seems like I might not find a role that escapes it.
12 more paragraphs...

Time-Sensitive Opportunity to Make $8000 EV in 4 hours in Massachusetts via Online Sports Betting

EDIT: YOUR FANDUEL BET HAS TO SETTLE (The game you bet on must end) BY 11:59pm ET on 3/24 TO QUALIFY FOR THE PROMO. You'll know the promo is live on your Fanduel account if there is an extra one cent next to your deposit. You'll likely have to contact Draftkings support to ensure the promo is active and you're opted in.
Relevant comment from Longbettor: "Fanduel is likely to cap your $5,000 risk-free long bet, that is, limit your wager to a maximum dollar amount that's only shown when you type in "$5000". You should avoid this because only your very first bet is "risk-free". You can look for other games or wait for caps to loosen, but opportunities are slim to place a full $5,000 bet at +300 (1-in-4) odds, maybe just some NBA games when they're about to start.But, there's a way around the caps: parlay bets. When you select two wagers on different games onto your betslip, a "2 Leg Parlay" bet option will show, which bets on both outcomes happening together -- that is, you're paid only if both teams win their respective games. This lets you combine, say, two coin-flip games into one roughly 1-in-4 (+300) bet, but often with a looser cap that lets you wager the full $5,000. I've confirmed that parlay bets qualify for the promo on Fanduel and seen people successfully do this.I've been helping organize bets like this for the last couple weeks, so I'm happy to answer any questions."
27 more paragraphs...
A how-to guide Logistical walkthrough: What is a Risk-Free First Bet, and what is the best way to use one ( blatantly plagiarized from this post ) Betting strategies for each sports book How to hedge you bets (lower EV) Conclusion:

Join the AI governance and interpretability hackathons!

TLDR; Join us this weekend for the non-technical AI governance ideathon with Michael Aird as keynote speaker, happening both virtually and in-person at 12 locations! We also invite you to join the interpretability hackathon with Neel Nanda on the 14th of April.
Below is an FAQ-style summary of what you can expect.
The Alignment Jams are weekend-long fun research events where participants of all skill levels join in teams (1-5) to engage with direct AI safety work. You submit a PDF report on the participation page with the great opportunity to receive a review from great people like Emma Bluemke, Elizabeth Seger, Neel Nanda, Otto Barten and others.
24 more paragraphs...
What is it? Where can I join? What are some examples of AI governance projects I could make? Why should I join? What if I don’t have any experience in AI safety? What is the agenda for the weekend? I’m busy, can I join for a short time? Wow this sounds fun, can I also host an in-person event with my local AI safety group? What have previous participants said about this hackathon? Where can I read more about this?

Consider applying to McKinsey's free-for-nonprofits org health survey (by March 31)

tl;dr McKinsey typically charges for administering its Organizational Health Index. Outputs of this include benchmarks and best-practice recommendations for improving work environment, governance, etc. Through March 31, it's free for nonprofits. Link to apply.
Disclosure: I worked at McKinsey London from Nov 2020-June 2022 in the organization, strategy, and digital/analytics practices. These are my personal opinions formed individually.
A tool for benchmarking how healthy organizations are. It incorporates nine dimensions of organizational health, including both internal factors (e.g., quality of work environment) and external factors (e.g., position within ecosystem).
9 more paragraphs...
What is the organizational health index? Why would a nonprofit want to benchmark its organizational health? What are the costs? Which nonprofits are eligible? What's the process to get started?

The Overton Window widens: Examples of AI risk in the media

Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4 Microsoft Research

Transcript: NBC Nightly News: AI ‘race to recklessness’ w/ Tristan Harris, Aza Raskin

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2023.03.24 07:58 thehunter2812 Quietum Plus Reviews 2023 (BUYERS BEWARE) About Supplement Negative Complaints By Consumer Report

Quietum Plus Reviews Australia (2023) - Does it really work? Read this Quietum Plus review about complaints, ingredients, complaints, consumer Reports, negative reviews, price and conclusion.
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Quietum Plus Reviews 2023 (BUYERS BEWARE) - If you hear hissing, hissing, and buzzing sounds, you're probably having trouble concentrating. Do you believe that only you can hear the sound? If so, it may be related to tinnitus. Because the sounds in this situation are internal rather than Quietum Plus Reviews external, it is difficult for people to consider them a habit. Although about 15-20% of Americans are affected, it has a significant negative effect on physical and mental health.
All things considered; recent research disproves the notion that tinnitus is a hearing problem by pointing the finger at our brains as the cause of the condition. A team claims to have developed a solution to help the brain relieve symptoms of tinnitus. Want to know more about the recipe? Everything you need to know about Quietum Plus is listed below.
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What is Quietum Plus Supplement?
Quietum Plus Tinnitus Supplement uses all-natural substances to treat the signs and symptoms of tinnitus. A common condition known as tinnitus, which affects many people, causes a constant ringing or buzzing sound in the inner ear. Herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been shown to help soothe tinnitus symptoms are used in Quietum Plus. With the help of the ingredients of Quietum Plus, this problem can be treated naturally without the use of Quietum Plus Reviews drugs or invasive surgery.
Its ingredients were chosen for their ability to reduce inflammation, maintain good hearing, and improve blood circulation. Quietum Plus is a safer and more effective alternative to conventional tinnitus treatment supplements because of its natural approach to reducing the risk of side effects. Also, unlike other dietary supplements, this one aims to improve the overall health of your ears without producing any negative side effects.
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How does Quietum Plus Work?
The authors explain why over-the-counter medications aren't effective at reducing sounds that seem like humming, clicking, and hissing getting louder. The second cause is that the main cause of tinnitus, Quietum Plus Reviews which occurs in the brain rather than the ears, cannot be treated with the aforementioned medications. Specifically, they refer to so-called "wires" that are believed to carry electronic information from "cells" in our ears to our complex brain networks. The strange noises are thought to be the result of damaged electrical wires that interfere with brain processing.
In other words, when the brain can't recognize familiar sounds, it triggers unpleasant sounds, which is how the dreaded tinnitus develops. Ear-brain connections have been damaged, but Quietum Plus nurtures, regenerates, and rebuilds these connections to help heal. Once this connection is repaired, everything will work properly, allowing the brain to transmit electrical signals and decode messages correctly. After forming an idea causes tinnitus, let's see how the Quietum Plus formula solves this problem.
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About The Quietum Plus Creators?
A close team of medical professionals Quietum Plus Reviews with experience in ear health has developed Quietum Plus. Years of learning and research have helped them create an exceptional blend of supplements and ensure that all of its natural ingredients are safe to digest.
For the sole purpose of giving you the best inner ear health without any form of hearing impairment, such as constant buzzing, nerve impulses, etc., the supplement manufacturing process was made according to strict guidelines. The product is marketed to enhance people's hearing by providing essential nutrients to the body.
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What are the ingredients?
The proprietary blend that makes up the majority of Quietum Plus ingredients includes ingredients such as:
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What are the Advantages of using Quietum Plus Supplement?
1. Reduce the cause of tinnitus easier with Quietum Plus
After years of investigation, it was Quietum Plus Reviews discovered that tinnitus is the main cause of tinnitus in the ears. This not only affects the health of the ears, but also affects the functioning of the brain. The line that connects your ear cells to the network of your brain is what connects everything. It carries electrical signals and noise. Natural ingredients like maca root, dong quai, damiana, asparagus and B vitamins have been incorporated into Quietum Plus' ingredients to help you do the same. By encouraging healthy blood circulation throughout your body and nourishing your brain connections, they are all known to improve the health of your nervous system.
2. Boost blood circulation in your ears with Quietum Plus
This is one of the main advantages of Quietum Plus. The health of your ears and the functioning of your brain is greatly influenced by the blood flow in your ears and brain. Tinnitus will be eliminated and your body's ability to hear will improve when there is enough blood flow to the inner parts of your ear. Its ingredients, such as catuaba powder, ensure that your ear and brain parts receive nutrient-rich blood. Dietary supplement to help maintain Quietum Plus Reviews healthy hearing.
3. The dietary supplement promotes healthy hearing maintenance
Your hearing may be impaired if you have earwax in your ear. Maca root, dong quai, piperine and zinc are some of the substances that, according to the product's official website, help clear your ears and promote the protection of your hearing.
4. Quietum Plus improves your overall cognitive process
Your cognitive abilities are closely related to the health of your ears. The body's healthy blood flow ensures that your brain gets the oxygen it needs. The supplement formula contains elements such as vitamin b, vitamin a, zinc, asparagus, damania and more that promote better brain health. You can maintain the health of the brain booster if you take the supplement according to the dosage instructions given on its official website.
5. The Quietum Plus supplement helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
A healthy blood supply is directly Quietum Plus Reviews correlated with healthy blood pressure levels in your body. It is an important supplement that improves the health of the heart and the whole body in addition to the health of the ears. Quietum Plus supplements can help prevent ear infections. Quietum Plus eliminates any risk of ear infections thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of ingredients, including maca root and mucilage. The anti-inflammatory properties of the supplement help prevent all ear infections and improve hearing.
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How to consume Quietum Plus Pills?
There are 60 capsules in Quietum Plus Reviews each bottle of Quietum Plus supplements, available in capsule form. Two tablets daily, taken with a meal and a large glass of water, is the recommended dose. It is important to follow the dosage instructions indicated, as exceeding it can increase the risk Quietum Plus Reviews of experiencing negative effects.
Any side effects about consuming Quietum Plus Pills?
As mentioned earlier, the Quietum Plus solution is developed using natural substances that have undergone numerous trials and clinical trials. As a result, its special blend has no side effects of any kind. Quietum Plus reviews on the company's website and on the internet agree. You can learn from them how the supplement completely solved their hearing problems in the most natural way possible without any side effects on their health.
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What is the price?
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For $69 a bottle, you can buy this Quietum Plus ear health supplement for 30 days. With just one extra bottle, you also get free worldwide shipping. Cards like American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard make paying easy.
2. Buy 3 bottles of Quietum Plus supplements
This healthy hearing combo is Quietum Plus Reviews considered the most popular because you get a 90-day supply of the supplement. It's available for $177, or $59 a bottle. You get two supplements plus free worldwide shipping with the purchase of three bottles of the supplement.
3. Buy 6 bottles of Quietum Plus supplements
This natural supplement combo is marketed as the best deal as it comes with a 180-day supply of Quietum Plus. You can get it for $294 or $49 a bottle. Plus, you'll get two extra free products with the purchase of six bottles of this ear health supplement.
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What is the money back guarantee?
The company promises a simple return procedure and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its customers. However, Quietum Plus Reviews you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the performance of this ear health supplement. You can easily contact the company to discuss the refund and you will receive your full refund in no time.
What are the bonuses?

A. 1-Minute Natural Tips to Hear Like A Ninja

You have access to all the inside information needed to maximize the benefits of this natural supplement through this e-book. This supplemental article will provide you with many tips and recommendations. There are three simple yoga poses that can improve hearing and prevent hearing loss from getting worse.
In addition, you will also learn about powerful vegetables that help improve and restore hearing. In addition to these two, the book will give you simple tips on how to use headphones properly to prevent hearing loss and explain how heating the spice can instantly cure any infection. which ear.

B. How To Get the Best Sleep of Your Life in Just 7 Days?

This limited-edition e-book will teach you simple, medically recommended methods to trick your mind into falling asleep Quietum Plus Reviews in minutes. Plus, you'll learn how quickly a small change in your sleeping position can help you fall asleep.
In the book you will find four brief mouth and throat exercises that will help you stop snoring. Plus, you'll learn about five "sleep-heavy" pressure points that can help you get rid of insomnia.
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Quietum Plus Reviews – Final Words
According to the aforementioned review, Quietum Plus aims to improve brain activity to reduce symptoms of tinnitus. This is because abnormal sounds are produced whenever the wires that carry electrical signals from the ear to the brain are damaged. Our research shows that the rationale is strong and that emphasizing brain health can be beneficial (emphasis on strength). Our editorial team learned that these substances may have beneficial effects on the brain during their research. Even so, most are supported by small-scale or even early investigations in humans.
That's not to say Quietum Plus isn't capable of reducing stress, calming the mind, or enhancing awareness, but it's unlikely to be the extent of change and reduction in tinnitus symptoms. Unpleasant sounds may subside, although this is difficult to predict due to the lack of solid evidence on brain health. Finally, we recommend that customers do their own research and consult a Quietum Plus staff member before starting.
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2023.03.24 07:57 LoveBiome Best Probiotic Supplement For Colon Health Probiotic Food For Gut Health Love Biome Products

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2023.03.24 07:55 Common-Bread-1697 Boyfriend died a little over a month ago, how would you interpret this dream?

Little back story,Me & him was dating for 10 months. We also worked at the same place but about a month before he passed I had quit. He died in a 1 car accident, he had head injuries. I Got the call, rushed to the scene & followed the ambulance to the hospital. I Sat there for about an hour before they pronounced him dead. Also the car he was driving was my car.
I wanna say a few days after his funeral, I had a dream that I was at the hospital on the day he had his accident, everything was exactly the same from the people that was there, from the things everyone was saying to the outfit I had on that day. (In real life, When they told us the news at the hospital , everyone was outside crying & embracing eachother. I remember dropping to my knees & his aunt & my mom helping me up.) BUT in the dream. Instead of them helping me up it was him. I looked up & he had a bandage wrapped around his head .. He said in an annoyed voice,“Why you keep crying?” I looked back at everyone in the dream & they was still sobbing. As if they didn’t see him standing there, Then I looked at him confused & said “🤔 because I thought you was dead” He grabbed my arm & told me to get in the car,when we got in the car I grabbed his head & kissed his cheeks saying “WHY EVERYONE KEEP SAYING YOU DIED?” he said “OUCH My head” then he look at me & just shooked his head as if he was avoiding my question . He seemed angry but not at me, it was like he was mad at someone or something else.. we rode around the city & he got me food,laughed,had a great time, enjoyed eachother company just like we would always do.I remember while he was driving he kept shaking his head & mumbling to his self “two days, it was two days” Then he dropped me off home, I got sad & said “Wait Where are you going?” He said “To work” All of a sudden I was in the car with my best friend & her sister, I was sitting in the back seat & I asked them to take me to the job, they said “I thought you quit” I said “I did but I want to see if my boyfriend is there” they looked at eachother in a “but he died” kind of way.. then they shrugged at eachother & said “I guessss” awkwardly.. we arrived to the job & I asked security was he there. Everyone looked at me crazy. Then his cousin (she worked at the same place with us too) came out of the work place sobbing & told me “he died remember, remember the accident? Remember the head injury” I told her “no he didn’t,he told me he was otw to work ,I was just with him” then he came walking out the the workplace this time the bandage wasn’t on his head, his head was covered in blood . I asked him again “Why everyone keep saying you died?” He scolded at me & said “BECAUSE I DID” .. I asked him “well how do it look on the other side he said “🤷🏾‍♂️ it look normal” Then I woke up IN TEARS
I had many other dreams about him in the pass month but this one always stuck out to me
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2023.03.24 07:50 Sweet_Mode_6198 Chinese Restaurant in Temecula - Takeout Available - Order Food Online iMenu4u

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2023.03.24 07:48 Away-Bite4701 Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip
Leh Ladakh Bike Trip
Travelling to Leh Ladakh by bike is a popular and thrilling adventure that attracts many tourists every year. However, it requires a lot of preparation and caution to make the journey safe and enjoyable. Here are some tips to help you plan your Leh Ladakh bike trip:

Plan your route

Choose your route carefully, as some roads may be closed during certain times of the year due to heavy snowfall. The best time to visit Leh Ladakh by bike is from June to September.
Get the right bike
Choose a sturdy bike with a strong engine and good shock absorbers to handle the rough terrain. Make sure to get your bike serviced and carry spare parts and tools.
Pack wisely
Pack light and carry only the essentials, including warm clothes, rain gear, sunscreen, first-aid kit, and a map. Don't forget to carry enough water and food supplies, as there are long stretches of road with no facilities.

Ladakh Bike Ride

A Ladakh bike ride is a popular adventure activity that involves riding a motorcycle through the scenic landscapes of Ladakh, a high-altitude region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The route usually starts from Manali or Srinagar and covers a distance of around 450-500 km, passing through several high-altitude mountain passes such as Rohtang Pass, Baralacha La, and Khardung La.
The bike ride offers a unique experience of exploring the rugged terrain of Ladakh, passing through remote villages, Buddhist monasteries, and majestic mountains. The best time to go for a Ladakh bike ride is from June to September when the weather is favourable and the roads are open.
Ladakh Bike Riding
Ladakh is a popular destination for bike riders who want to experience the thrill of riding through challenging terrain at high altitudes. The region's stunning natural beauty, rugged landscapes, and fascinating cultural heritage make it a unique and unforgettable experience for bikers. Before embarking on a Ladakh bike riding trip, it is essential to prepare and plan your journey carefully. You need to make sure you have the right equipment, including a sturdy bike and protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, and knee pads. It is also important to acclimate yourself to the high altitude before starting your ride.
You should plan your route carefully and research the terrain, weather conditions, and potential hazards along the way. It is recommended that you carry a map, a GPS device, and a first aid kit. During your bike trip in Ladakh, you will encounter breathtaking scenery, rugged mountain passes, and remote villages. You will also have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region, including its traditional music, dance, and festivals.
Overall, a bike riding trip in Ladakh can be an incredible adventure, but it is essential to plan and prepare thoroughly to ensure your safety and enjoyment.
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2023.03.24 07:48 Olivia_Jolie Searching for Food Service Parts? We offer Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment Parts for the Best Price in the USA at PartsFe.

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2023.03.24 07:46 hasnazameer Amazing discounted offers in Al Barsha .Come over!

Amazing discounted offers in Al Barsha .Come over!
Mall offers always provide easiest methods to save a lot of money and acquire the best products at the best rates.
The Union Coop hypermarket at the Al Barsha Mall frequently runs specials and promotions to ease the load on customers and thrill them with branded goods offered at affordable costs. You can opt to buy offers in al barshaon both food and non food items. Enrolling in the loyalty program also helps to save in addition to the discounted prices.
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2023.03.24 07:44 autotldr TikTok: Why do countries think Chinese tech firms are a security risk?

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)
TikTok is a platform for creating and sharing short videos which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance.
India has banned TikTok outright because of security concerns.
TikTok gathers the same type of user data as many other social media firms such as Facebook and Instagram.
FBI director Chris Wray has pointed to China's 2017 National Intelligence Law, saying it requires companies "To do whatever the government wants them to do in terms of showing them information or serving as a tool for the Chinese government."
There's no hard evidence that China is using its tech firms for espionage, says Jake Moore, global security advisor to ESET, an internet security firm.
China's foreign ministry has called the bans on TikTok and other tech firms "political theatre", saying the "US is overstretching national security concerns to suppress other countries' companies.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: government#1 China#2 TikTok#3 firm#4 security#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.03.24 07:43 pankhuriGarg Recz Picks the Scariest Movies to Watch Right Now - If You Dare

Recz Picks the Scariest Movies to Watch Right Now - If You Dare
Love the eerie silence just before the devil is out of the shadows? We've scoured the best horror flicks on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar.
Right after mum puts me to sleep, I can sense someone hiding underneath my bed and calling me out in the woods - the after chills of watching a gripping horror movie. Spanning across timelines and themes, horror movies are unsettling as they tap into your deepest fears and vicariously make you feel the deep dark thrill.
Yet there's something cathartic about watching these horrifying scenes from your safe couch. To fuel your love for Halloween, Recz, a recommendations app guides you to the best horror movie reviews that will ask you not to look back if you hear some noise.
Turn off the lights, grab your popcorn, and get ready to be spooked by these timeless horror classics.
The Invisible Man

Source: Internet
The movie is a well-crafted metaphor about gaslighting that dives into the troubled world of Moss, who is fettered by chains of emotional abuse by her boyfriend. As she manages to escape his imprisonment, she discovers that he allegedly died by suicide. And the very next moment, her abusive tech-maestro boyfriend is found to be stalking her right after his death!
Is he alive and invisible, or she's paranoid and impaired by trauma? You'll have a spooky time finding it out.
The Invitation

Source: Internet
Inspired by Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, the film follows a young woman, Evie, played by Nathalie Emmanuel. Following her mother's death, she agrees to meet her long-lost family members for the first time, only to discover the deep dark secrets they carry with them.
As she is invited to a wedding at a royal palace, she explores the people she's meeting, and the man she's falling for is anything but human.
The Menu

Source: Internet
Expect gory moments like gunshots, blood splatters, a severed neck, gurgling blood, burning, death, and more. The Menu may not feature any supernatural spirits but has numerous ghostly characters to spook you with.
The movie follows a group of people, including a young couple, a food critic, a businessman, and a group of friends, who travel to a remote island to savor at an exclusive restaurant where the host or chef has prepared a lavish menu with some shocking revelations and deadly surprises.
The Platform

Source: Internet
A gripping horror flick follows a man, Goreng, and his cellmate Baharat who are food-starved and fight over the leftovers that descend on a platform from the top floors. The movie is a metaphor pointing at the situation of overconsumption and greed. Though there is more than enough money, food, and resources to go around, overconsumption inevitably leads to inequality as the wealthy are not inclined to share.
From movie recommendations to fashion, travel, food, and more, Recz is a new-age social media app that replaces your mindless scrolling with meaningful content.
Discover tried and tested recommendations by your friends and fam and share the same and have fun! Recz simplifies your search for 'what's trending' across varied categories, so you make the right choices with reliable feedback from close-knit connections, ensuring fool-proof fun every time!

Download the app today
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2023.03.24 07:41 Parking-Building-274 Realisations and venting..

I want to share some of my thoughts post break up with people who are dating those with depression to recognise and stop yourself from doing these things that I did and learnt the hard way to not do : ( Sorry for the rants in between!)
A week ago I broke up with my depressed partner of 4 years because we mutually agreed that we had fallen out of love with each other... It's probably been forever since we communicated our deepest feelings and thoughts ( My partner isn't as introspective as I am idk whether it was depression or just their personality at this point or maybe they just didn't tell me ). I did consistently though, I asked them questions and told them what I felt but the one sided communication didn't matter. Somehow I think it just signalled that we weren't really compatible anymore especially with us being long distance for over a year which is a pretty hard thing to pull off even with no depression involved. I also recently experienced some breakthroughs in my own self discovery and self love journey, which helped me realise that I just have to stop trying so hard. Atleast I can't be the only one trying you know? Depressed or not both the people have to put in enough effort to make the relationship work. But before that I can tell you I put my heart and soul into this relationship. We started out as best friends and for the first 1.5-2 years they did not have depression, and I remember it as one of the happiest times of my life. We had some differences as people but it wasn't something any other relationship wouldn't have had. I can tell you that around this time I also thought that the worst thing in the world was to be all alone so when the depression started in my partner, I somehow took it as my responsibility to do everything for them look for therapy, make them go to therapy, ask constantly about meds , help them asses their inner state.. they did improve on their own too and they did want to get better. But what I didn't realise then and wouldn't realise for a year or more into the future is that you just can't do the inner work for someone , no matter how much you wish it and pray for it and no matter how pure of a place in your heart it comes from , the another human being's inner work has to be from their end.You can help someone on a bad day , and accomodate your partner and do things for them when the lows get really bad but always always ask yourself if you are turning into a Martyr. You really need to draw the line between caring and becoming a martyr . I didn't have proper boundaries with anyone, let alone my partner who I considered the person closest to me and this ended up with me suppressing and ignoring my feelings, wants and needs a LOT just to accomodate them. Because nothing mattered more than us collectively being happy. The relationship was " the greater good". I strongly suspect my partner had alexythymia also ( inability to recognise and communicate their innermost feelings) because I did a LOT of the emotional weightlifting, always solving the problems, communicating and resolving fights we had because they would withdraw into themselves. I know all of these arent specific to every depressed person ever but establish some communication groundrules. It could be non verbal or as small texts whenever they are ready if they don't want to talk but they should know that any relationship gets as good as it's partners' communication skills.
With time I'm also realising more things that went wrong overall but for now I just wanted to tell everyone here to please care for yourself as much as you care and love your depressed partner first. Because that is probably a measure everyone can identify with.I feel like boundaries are especially hard to establish when you are with someone who actually needs to be cared for on their bad days , but ask yourself if you are getting the care you need too ? Are they taking care of you in small ways when they are better ? Are you first of all taking care of yourself ? Boundaries needs to be healthy. We as a group tend to have more loose boundaries than really firm ones but both are bad. They need to cater to your needs. And when you feel lonely/ need someone when your partner can't be there for you , be that person for yourself. Love yourself and see yourself as a 5 year old child and soon you'll start to question every self sabotaging behaviour you've ever done - would you let a 5 year old kid overwork with less sleep or food ? Or binge watch something when you should be sleeping ? Self love and validation is hard but it needs to be firmly set in place before you can care for another person.
If not , you are just expecting everything to be perfect one fine day when all your martyring will pay off and you can live happily ever after with your perfectly cured partner. There is no happily ever after in the future , there is only now - so just make the most of it ! Right now I'm a mix of sad , a bit lonely, some resentment (because I'm only human but mostly acknowledge that we have just changed as people and I know they are a good human at heart ) but mostly relieved because I am no longer putting all my time and energy into someone else's well being. If you read till here , then thank you, hope you have a wonderful day ❤️‍🩹❣️🌞
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2023.03.24 07:32 aTreeWithTwoNames Pee smells like a truck stop, cystitis with no bacteria.

I'm 39F, 5'8", mostly Chinese, from Southeast Asia.
I've had weird-smelling pee for about 2-3 months now. Very strong and pee-like, like old-pee sort. It smells bad.
I went to a doctor and he made me get a CT scan of my bladder, after a kidney / bladder ultrasound showed I had mild ureteropelvocaliectasia on my left side. I thought I had stones because I had weird peeing sensations, like a UTI feeling but no pain. Everything was normal on the CT scan except tiny clots or phleboliths in the bladder (supposedly normal but IDK) and cystitis. However, my tests showed no bacteria in my urine. My WBCs were slightly elevated (but I have a dental abscess waiting to be removed, that's another post. Or should it be?).
Basically I believe I got this general condition about 5 years ago before I gave birth to my second child. My pee I believe was very alkaline. They couldn't find bacteria either. I never got myself checked until 2 months ago.
My theory was that something was obstructing my pee from coming out, because it truly smelled like old pee. Now I'm not so sure. I haven't gotten around to really determining what makes it smell bad (I went on a 2 week fruit fast and it completely disappeared. My diet otherwise is vegetarian with the whole gamut of beans, leafies, rice, etc. I eat eggs.)
Now around this time my whole left side started feeling weird. As in, left sciatic nerve, the sides of my legs felt somewhat painful. This happens after I eat junk food (?). I don't really know. It comes and goes but I feel pretty ok for the most part. Sometimes I feel faint.
I've also gone to an acupuncturist, osteopath, everything. Wondering, is my left kidney compromised?
(The ultrasound says "An extra renal type of pelvis is seen" for the right kidney, if that is significant at all.)
What tests could I suggest to my doctor? He seems to be dismissive because I'm "young". Please help me!
I have dental surgery next week and am thinking of doing all fruits again as I felt very good in that diet.
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2023.03.24 07:30 PhoenixCommunityFLGT Tesla Sparks China Price War, Threatening Traditional Carmakers

Tesla Sparks China Price War, Threatening Traditional Carmakers

Tesla Sparks China Price War, Threatening Traditional Carmakers

By FLGT, Phoenix Community
Tesla’s entry into the Chinese auto market has sparked a price war that could have serious consequences for traditional car manufacturers. In an effort to compete with the electric vehicle (EV) giant, several Chinese automakers have cut their prices, in some cases by more than 20%.
Tesla’s success in China has been a major factor in the price war. The company has become the country’s best-selling EV brand, and its Shanghai factory is producing cars at a faster rate than any other Tesla facility in the world. This has allowed Tesla to offer lower prices in China, making its vehicles more affordable for Chinese consumers.
In response, Chinese automakers are feeling pressure to reduce their prices. Nio, a Chinese EV manufacturer, has lowered its prices twice in the past few months, with discounts of up to 20% on some models. Other automakers, such as BYD and Geely, have also cut their prices, although not as significantly as Nio.
The price cuts have led to concerns that traditional car manufacturers could suffer. The Chinese auto market is already crowded, with dozens of automakers vying for market share. The entry of Tesla, with its high-tech, eco-friendly cars, has disrupted the market and put pressure on established players to keep up.
While some analysts have welcomed the price cuts as a way to boost sales, others warn that they could lead to a race to the bottom, with automakers slashing prices to unsustainable levels. This could ultimately lead to bankruptcies and job losses in the industry.
There are also concerns about the impact on the environment. EVs are seen as a cleaner alternative to traditional gas-powered cars, but if prices continue to fall, it could make it harder for manufacturers to invest in the technology needed to reduce emissions.
In addition, the price war could have implications for the global auto industry. China is the world’s largest auto market, and any major disruption in the market could have ripple effects around the world.
For Tesla, the price war is a double-edged sword. While the company’s success in China has been a major factor in the price cuts, it could also lead to increased competition from Chinese automakers. Tesla is already facing competition from Nio, which is rapidly expanding its production capacity, and other Chinese companies are also ramping up their EV production.
Despite the challenges, Tesla remains optimistic about its prospects in China. The company plans to expand its production capacity in Shanghai and is building a new factory in the southern city of Guangzhou. Tesla also recently launched a new Model Y SUV in China, which has been well received by consumers.
The price war in China’s auto market is far from over, and it remains to be seen how it will play out. While some Chinese automakers may struggle to compete with Tesla’s lower prices, others may find ways to differentiate themselves and succeed in the market. In the meantime, consumers in China are benefiting from lower prices, but the long-term impact on the industry and the environment is still unclear.
Please Like, Subscribe, and Share our Social Media Links:
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2023.03.24 07:24 Omega9927 My Best Worst Run So Far

This is a long post! Tl;Dr at the end!
So I just started a new run today, modded to hell and back but primarily QoL stuff, Britas, They Knew, Only Cure (it's a fun alternative when the hazmats are all hiding) and Don't Feed The Zombies and Susceptible. I turn off DFTZ hordes because they're broken, and instead zombies only eat corpses they happen to wander past, which is fun.
I have just shy of 300 hours in the game, but don't let that fool you I'm really, really bad at it, so I'm doing my absolute best here to give it a good good try. My character is Maya Hallman, dyslexic burglar who has a lot of focus on being small, quick and stealthy. I know stealth is usually pretty, meh, but when it starts at 3 and you have inconspicuous and graceful it's usually pretty handy to have.
It's worth noting I also installed Evolving Traits World for this run and for the first time. So it turns out Maya is also super anxious and has a lot of trouble sleeping, which is incredibly relatable. This becomes relevant later. Ish.
Maya spawmed in Riverside, at a library and got a good early bump to a lot of recipes through sitting and reading magazines. She was also prepared for the apocalypse and started with a spiked baseball bat, and a hunting knife. There was a commercial kitchen nearby with some steak and chicken just sitting on the benches, so she slapped that in the oven and had a meal for for a queen. Then she went and found a quaint little house free of zombies, behind a tall invincible fence, and dropped her bags there, got changed into her pajamas -a teal satin neglige she definitely didn't pull off a zombie- and slept.
Or so I thought, instead of sleeping, every zombie that walked past the house stirred her awake. So did every single random sound event brought on by the Random Sound Events mod. So the first night was tough to sleep through, even at maximum fatigue. But eventually, after several hours of trying, Maya was exactly well rested enough to get to it. Some powerful item organising later, some early morning Exposure Survival and a bowl of pasta later, we head out to start sweeping through the street.
There were a lot of zombies, and the baseball bat didn't last too long, neither did the hunting knife. But we found and axe and a crowbar so we have backup weapons and they're pretty good. Maya is a burglar anyway, she knows her way around a crowbar pretty well. Using our new weapons and a mostly cleared of food street, we go just up the road to a nearby gigamart. The back door is not only unlocked, but entirely missing so we walk straight on in.
Aaaand set off an alarm. Shit. Maya grabs three fridges and two shelving units worth of food and drink without looking at it, runs home through a couple other houses, and dumps all the food in the fridge or the cupboard. Among the goods are some seven sacks of fruits and vegetables, and about thirty kilos of non-perishables. Tinned foods, cereals and even some chips. A not so bad haul!
I proceed to immediately forget about the alarm, and the crazed blitz out of the store witnessed by many zombies.
A slightly more restful night, and we head to a nearby school parking lot, where I find a bike with a full tank of gas, and a jeep of some description with cracked windows, but otherwise pretty well maintained. We get the bike hotwired no problem and find a key to the jeep. But there's a really fancy looking sports car I'm interested in looking inside of, so I decided to test out one of my other mods I've never really played with.
Better Lockpicking! Maya grabs her newly baptised in blood crowbar, and I get a fun little minigame to pry open the door. I've never done this before, but it's cool! It also drains endurance like nothing else I've ever seen before, and my endurance seems to be coming back much slower than normal, but that's fine. I just want to get inside the car!
Well something I didn't think of, is all the noise this would make, and the inability to fight due to not having any endurance left. All those zombies dragged in by the alarm have been quietly and politely snacking on corpses in my street but otherwise leaving me alone. Until now, because why eat a dead corpse when you can eat a fresh one! So a horde some fifty or sixty thick comes shambling over to contact me in regards to my new cars extended warranty, and take a deposit of flesh upfront. After lots of crazed dragging around, Maya ends up just barely jumping on the bike and getting out of there.
One cool thing is whatever model bike this is has no horn, and instead pressing Q just revs the engine really loudly. So we do that for a while to drag zombies away from home, but it's not good enough in the end and we have to crash somewhere else for the night. I clear out no less than three houses, and STILL have to move onto a fourth house because all the exhausted attacking takes too long and draws too much attention from the zeds. I forgot to clear the fourth. Maya is so tired she passes out and sleeps for six continuous hours before waking up for the first time.
Too rested to sleep more, and with our sleeping pills at home, I check the bathroom to see if there's any in there, and get greeted by two zombies who I had no idea were in the house but of course, it makes sense. I did literally just, not check the house at all. Thankfully Maya is rested, so she takes them down with no worries. No sleeping pills, but that's fine. We find a second jeep, in absolutely perfect condition, and fill her up with fuel siphoned from the bike. Which had so much in it there's even still a bit left in case of an emergency!
We drive back home, and find that the hordes have moved around but are definitely still in the area. But with time, motivation, and a detour through the school, I drag them off in little clusters and slowly whittle them down. I even find a bottle of bourbon on one of them, stuff a pair of zombie socks in the top, and make my first Molotov in 300 hours. Absolutely satisfying, nothing goes amiss, I train all the zombies into a neatly packed congaline of flames and they all die politely.
Maya heads back home and has another restless night, waking up around four in the morning. Eat, take care of the zombies chewing on corpses in the back yard, watch the woodcraft guy take his shirt off on tv. Living the dream. But by now the zombies are starting to stink up the place and we've narrowly avoided corpse sickness by taking that break in the random house for a night, so i decided it's time to start burning bodies. Maya lights a campfire in the back yard and starts tossing corpses into it, easy enough!
But when she stops to have a cigarette, a zombie sneaks up on her. Drawn in no doubt by the crackling flames and the sound of burning flesh, so it's a scramble to pull her mask back on before she gets sick while also training the zombies through the campfire. Hey, at least I won't have to cremate them one by one this way?
Several very close calls and a lacerated arm later, the horde I had utterly forgotten about being drawn into and avoided in the school, is finally, finally, dealt with. So, Maya heads on into the kitchen through the back door for a well earned strawberry milk!
And immediately bursts into flames because a flaming zombie managed to die just on the cusp of my house and now the kitchen is on fire! And I don't have an extinguisher yet! The Stop Drop And Roll mod comes in clutch, and Maya puts the fire out before it gets too bad. She'll be tender on the lower torso for a while, but all in all that's a good trade for her life. The screams of pain draw in a couple of stragglers, but only four zombies comes to check it out. They stumble over some still burning corpses -one actually lost interest in chasing Maya and instead went to monch on a flaming corpse of its own accord- and quickly perish
Then, finally safe, again, Maya heads inside to watch the damage unfold and also, finish off that damned strawberry milk before the fridge burns down. All the counters are gone, all the weapons and the guns, all the cooking gear and even my cupboard full of drugs. But I managed to save my spare bags and it's honestly very pretty, the effects of a fire. Eventually, the fire dies out and only three tiles of kitchen remain. The one with the fridge, the one with the corner cupboard full of non-perishables, and a single wooden chair.
Counting her lucky stars, Maya doesn't even get pajama'd and instead just falls into bed. Somehow, the food, arguably the most important stuff I had, because I pulled it from every house in a two street grid, survived. All the weapons and the drugs and cigarettes are replaceable, and the burns will heal. For the first time ever, I actually have a recoverable run here! If this was my typical run, I would have been dragged down by flaming zombies for daring to use a new mechanic. I'm feeling good about this! I'll update when I inevitably wraparound a stopsign moving all my stuff!
Tl;Dr, Shenanigans after shenanigans ensue that end up with a massive, flaming horde wandering through my base in the early days of a new run, and burning down everything EXCEPT my stockpile of food, kicking off what will hopefully be a very badass character arc!
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