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36 [M4F] #LosAngeles : Do you like food, nutrition, health, fitness, music, humor, learning, improving, growing, caring, loving? 🌱🥑 I do...

2023.06.06 07:40 ThatVeganDude 36 [M4F] #LosAngeles : Do you like food, nutrition, health, fitness, music, humor, learning, improving, growing, caring, loving? 🌱🥑 I do...

In some ways I'm old fashioned, a hopeless yet hopeful romantic, preferring monogamy, and in other ways I'm progressive with my views, in and out of bed. If we felt chemistry and you're in the Los Angeles or SoCal area, and you're vegan, we should see if we feel like hanging out. If you're not vegan and we still felt like hanging out, I could bribe you to enjoy veganism using my skills in the kitchen and maybe the bedroom and no worries, I have the only meat you'll ever need.😍😉
But really, if you're just curious I can share tips, resources, recipes, dishes I make, veganizing foods, discuss benefits, nutrition, health, fitness, ethics, etc. I like to prepare my own meals so I know what's in them, making them as whole food, healthful and organic as I can. I try to avoid most vegan junk foods, but I still eat some mock meats. I like to focus on "SOS free" meaning adding no/little salt, oil or sugar to my recipes, no fried foods, but I have yet to give up some snack chips sometimes, like organic blue corn tortilla chips.
I like to entertain myself with what I consider educational entertainment, interesting and useful info. I'm into learning, listening, music, reading, watching some things, though not TV, but I could watch some if we were chilling, cuddling, relaxing together. I'm single, handsome, Caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes with an lean athletic body and am attracted to Caucasian, Latin, Middle Eastern and various mixed looks. I have some hippy vibe in me, into nature, fitness, training, health, researching improving life, things like longevity, anti-aging, science, cruelty-free beauty-skincare. I'm open to woman who likes to stay fit or who is serious about getting fit who is open to a fun, motivational, inspirational workout-partner-friend. And if we felt dating chemistry, helping each other in person with even more interesting exercises and fun fitness routines.
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2023.06.06 07:38 Top-Plane-2569 Can Metasol Gel be used on the body or is it specifically for the face???

Metasol Gel is a topical medication that is used to treat actinic keratosis, a type of precancerous skin lesion. It is a prescription medication that is applied to the affected area of skin. Metasol Gel works by killing the cells that are causing the actinic keratosis.
Metasol Gel can be used on both the face and body. However, it is important to note that Metasol Gel can cause skin irritation, so it is important to use it with caution. If you experience any skin irritation, stop using Metasol Gel and contact your doctor.
Here are some additional information about Metasol Gel:
If you are considering using Metasol Gel, talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of this medication.
Here are some other ways to treat actinic keratosis:
If you are considering any of these treatments, talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits.
Here are some tips for using Metasol Gel:

If you have any questions or concerns about using Metasol Gel, talk to your doctor.

ExpressBeautyOnline's "Metasol Gel" is a revolutionary skincare product that has garnered significant acclaim for its exceptional performance in addressing various skin concerns. This gel-based formula offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking a versatile and effective skincare regimen.
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2023.06.06 07:36 phatgiraphphe Monsteras for $12.99!

Monsteras for $12.99!
We all know TJ’s for their fresh cut flowers, but every once in a while they have some great, affordable houseplants.
I’ve picked up some succulents, a small parlor palm, staked jasmine and maybe a few others throughout the years, but have never seen monsteras.
I got two of these bad boys on Saturday for $12.99 (San Diego - MV location). Each plant is pushing out at least 3 new leaves. I ended up giving my neighbor one of the plants since I didn’t REALLY need it… I just wanted it haha
My new baby is even taller than my original, and has so much more fenestration and larger leaves. Here I was thinking that I’ve been such a great plant parent these past couple months too haha
Bonus: they also had ponytail palms for the same price. Most of the ones I saw, including the one I got, had 3+ pups!
Extra bonus: I know, I know… they had the brazil nut skin products were fully stocked so I got one of each to try. I think I was most excited for the hot pink cooler bag though.
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2023.06.06 07:30 CoolMayapple I just really need some support right now (tw: reference to suicidal ideations)

I went nc with my nmom in august. Best decision I've made, no regrets. My mental health, my friendships, and my quality of life have all improved in one way or another as a result of this decision.
But... I keep having really fucking intense flashbacks. Sometimes it's a dream that I wake up from ugly crying. Usually I'm just going about my day and suddenly I'm thrown into a moment. I see it, I feel it in my body, and the reaction is so visceral. My teeth clench and I'll have a pretend fight with my nmom or edad in my head over it. Then it just washes over me, like a wave and I'm left feeling fine, except for some lingering anxiety and a tmj flare up.
Anyway, I was just falling asleep when I realized... 15 years ago today was my suicide attempt. I was breaking up with my first love and my heart was absolutely broken. I was supposed to meet my nmom for coffee in an hour or two and I called her up and asked if we could meet earlier, like asap, because I really didn't want to be alone right now.
I went to my fucking mother for some fucking support and love at one of the lowest points in my life. She responded by ranting and yelling at me about how stupid I was for being with him in the first place.
I won't go into the details of what she said. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. It ended with one of us hanging up on the other. But I walked away from that conversation with every intention of killing myself.
I don't want to say that she made me want to kill myself, because that gives her too much power. But after talking to her I 100% intended to permanently end my life.
I didn't and I am thankful that I never gave her that power to use me to become the martyr she always wanted to be.
But I just had that flashback, to being that poor, heartbroken girl in college again. I had an awful mother, an awful boyfriend and (at the time) awful friends. I am in a much better place now, and in some ways it makes me feel grateful for how far I've come. But it's hard to ignore that sobbing college girl who is sitting in my heart at the moment.
Anyway... if you could send some kind words and/or encouragement my way, it would be really appreciated.
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2023.06.06 07:25 spicyspirit444 Sebborheic dermatitis on face, product recommendations?

Please help. 💔 I’ve been dealing with this for 8 months & was diagnosed today by a derm.
She prescribed me ketoconazole & hydrocortisone I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do with. She also recommend CeraVe hydrating cleanser & moisturizer. That’s it.
I’ve spent so much time & money trying I was desperate enough to see her. But I honestly really don’t want to use prescription level creams on my face, forever. I just wanted a diagnosis & product recommendations.
I have had gorgeous skin my whole life, even the nurse said I had gorgeous skin regardless. I don’t have itching anywhere else, I don’t have skin flakes or dandruff. I have a very mild case mostly effecting my nose & forehead, & then severe overall dehydration.
Ignore if you dgaf but, My routine: -Laroche gentle cleanser -Byoma squalene/glycerin serum -Inkey List 10% azeliac acid cream (every other day or so) -Kopari coconut water cream -Byoma shae butter + bakuchiol -cannabis or jojoba oil -Vaseline
AM routine is the same but I lightly rinse with water instead of washing, add spf, oil or Vaseline only on bad days.
I guess I’m going to switch to the CeraVe cleanser & moisturizer. But I don’t want to use the prescriptions. & I feel like I need more than 2 products..
I feel completely lost. Idk what other products I can use, what causes flare ups, I don’t know anything & doctors don’t typically just get on the phone to chat.
Right now I’m really attached to my Byoma serum. & my rose water spray, I use it all day. I thought my azelaic acid cream was helping, definitely with my rosacea, I love it.
I did just buy more coconut moisturizer but I can let that & my other one go. I have a pile of products in my closet..
I feel like now I have a name for my problem but I’m still playing the same game.. I’m exhausted.
-What products/ingredients cause build up? -Are all face oils gonna have to be out? -I exfoliate twice a week, what about exfoliating at all, it was never discussed? -I typically only wash once a day & moisturize twice/as needed but now I have to wash twice?
Im happy to know my condition I just don’t feel this treatment route is best for me.
I feel like I’m doing okay right now, I just need some education on my condition, a good exfoliator & a good hydrator.
My plan routine: -CeraVe hydrating cleanser -rose water -Byoma serum -azelaic acid -Cerva Moisturizer
:/ I guess I’ll leave everything else out because I’m scared. & hope for the best..
I need so much help. 8 months, I had my appointment this am, got diagnosed with a condition, haven’t stopped thinking about it all day & tomorrow plan to go buy all the stuff I really can’t afford..
I saw something about a product DermaZinc that’s coming up often in conversations about this I’m interested in. If anyone has any info that can give me a shred of hope that would be amazing.
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2023.06.06 07:20 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: In the Shadow of the Valley [11]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15. This is the final chapter of NoP 2177, although I personally consider it more of an epilogue. Either way, I hope you enjoy!
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcript subject: Tressa, Venlil outlaw
Date [Standardized Human Time]: January 5th, 2178
Location: USS Washington, dark side of Venlil Prime
A bloodcurdling shriek echoed through the hall, followed by the sound of claws scrabbling against the metal floor. A frantic chase ensued, a blur of fur and scales flying down the corridor at breakneck pace. But it was over before it began. A connecting door slid shut with a quiet hiss which silenced all hope of escape, leaving the terrified predator at the mercy of an increasingly impatient prey.
“Hy, we’ve been over this. You need to take baths, or your scales will get all yucky and stop growing. You don’t want that, do you?”
Hyacii was still frantically searching over the door for some way to open it. Her lovely gray coat, matted in oil from some ill-advised exploration through the ship, left streaks of iridescent sludge across the polished floor which would need to be cleaned up. But that could wait.
Finding no escape from her grim fate, the young Arxur finally turned around to face her captor. “N-no! I don’t wanna!”
“Hyacii, I’m giving you ‘till the count of five. If you don’t come with me when I hit zero, I’ll go get Sasha and she’ll bathe you instead. Fiiiiiive…”
“I’ll tell Mama! I’ll tell her you’re being mean to me!”
“We’ve talked about this with her, remember? Little Arxur need to keep their scales clean to grow up big and strong. You want to grow up all big and strong like she is, right?”
“She wouldn’t say that! I want to see! I want to see what she said!”
“Sweetie… you’re just stalling. You can’t read big Venlang words yet like she uses.”
She cast her head to the side in a pout. “Yes. I. could! I’ve been practicing with Trish, this much!” To emphasize her point, she stretched her little arms out as far as they’d go.
Hyacii swept her tail across the floor in frustration, further smearing oil everywhere.
With time running out, she employed her final weapon, an expression which Sasha referred to as ‘Puppy dog eyes’. While normally adorable, it now only served to highlight the dark smears across her face.
“One and a half…”
Her full arsenal depleted, Hyacii finally capitulated and stormed over to Tressa’s side with exaggerated stomps. She allowed herself to be picked up, trying and failing to suppress an adorable noise of comfort as Tressa rubbed the scales around her shoulders. He’d need to shower later anyway, so the sludge staining his ragged fur was hardly a concern.

The little Arxur squirmed playfully in his arms, kicking up splashes which cut through the layer of bubbles to soak his bedraggled wool as he tried to dislodge more of the thick oil.
“Are you enjoying your bath, sweetie?”
“I thought you hated baths.” He took a moment to stop scrubbing, and stretched his arms out wide. “This much, right? Isn't that what you said?”
“N— Yes! I do, they take so long, and they’re so… I hate them!”
“That so? What are you doing enjoying one, then?”
Hyacii had no response, which he took as his cue to get back to washing. He carefully cleansed the iridescent sludge, revealing a dense pattern of gray scales which shimmered like a rippling pond. She giggled as he washed around her snout, swishing her tail in a motion which was normally adorable but now only served to push more water out of the bathtub and onto the floor.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier…” He started, pointedly ignoring the irritating feeling of water soaking into his fur and pooling at his ankles, “...but James’ll be out for the next couple paws. He took Beast with him, so no checking on the garden for a little while, OK?”
She grumbled for a moment, before a curious look flickered past her eyes. “Why does he and Sassa keep leaving?”
“Why do he and Sasha keep leaving, not ‘does’. Anyway… you know how we can’t eat the same food you eat?”
“Right! That’s why you’re build— uh, growing the garden!”
“Yeah, but the garden isn’t all grown yet. Until then, we still need to get food from the city. Once our garden grows, we can stay here all the time for you. Remember how we talked about patience?”
“But I don’t wanna be patient! I want him to be back now!”
“So do I, but everybody needs to wait for things. If you keep busy, he’ll be back before you know it!”
Hyacii pouted. “You’re just trying to trick me into practicing more words, aren’t you?”
“I might be. But you want to talk to your mom all on your own, right? If you keep learning with Trish, you can tell her all about the horrible baths we make you take. Speaking of… here, ready?”
After getting a human-like nod of affirmation, Tressa lifted her from the tub and onto a towel. They weren’t sure if the heat of an air dryer would harm her scales, so getting her dry was almost as laborious as getting her clean. It was worth it, though; she enjoyed the feeling of being towel-dried almost as much as she enjoyed tearing around the halls at Mach two. A muffled peal of delight issued from the heap of towel that used to be an Arxur, as he set to work wiping the water from her scales.

The USS Washington was once a proud human starship, one of several hundred which had so briefly encircled Venlil Prime to act as defense. Sasha talked about that brief period sometimes, usually when she was drunk; though it lasted only months, enough history was made in that span that it felt like a full decade.
Long, beautiful months for some; the ones who talked reverently about Tarva as though she was still Governor, who made dumb jokes about the Venlil’s behavior on first contact when they still regarded humanity as violent and strange creatures. Sasha, naturally, was one of these people. She’d go on and on about what a magical time it was when they realized the universe was far bigger than they ever knew, and how incredible it was to make friends among aliens. Her closed-lipped smile, a habitual remnant of a time when most Venlil froze in terror at a human’s teeth, spoke of how much humanity was willing to give up for the chance at intergalactic acceptance.
Miserable, chaotic months for others; those who talked about it as a time of strife and mistrust, when Venlil lived in fear of predation and humans suffered the agony of constant rejection and hate. Only following the first bombing of Earth did things begin to change in earnest, and even then it was hardly a clean transition. Refugee shelters and human-friendly businesses went up in flames in a grim foreshadowing of the fate that would befall Venlil Prime as a whole, the planet condemned to burn for sheltering uncured and unpacified humans. Of course, the fact that they were sheltered instead of willingly led to slaughter painted a somewhat softer view of the time period than many would admit.
Both narratives ended the same way. There was no debate over the justice of the Federation’s rule for the generation that remembered a time before; those city-scorching flames still burned fresh in everyone’s mind. Nor was there any debate over the trustworthiness of humanity, not among the Venlil who remembered the invasion.
When an exterminator fleet descended upon Venlil Prime, the UN pulled back the resources it desperately needed elsewhere to defend the planet. Earth itself was left all but unguarded in the effort to save a species that humanity had been allied with for less than a year, a task they set to with a desperate fury that hinged on madness. Hundreds of ships flung themselves at the enemy in suicidal charges once vital systems were crippled, targeting bombers and ensuring that the Venlil could not simply be annihilated from orbit.

The USS Washington was not one of those brave kamikaze vessels. It was one of the ships in orbit as a passive defense, knocked out of the fight with relatively minimal damage and able to make a hasty emergency landing on the dark side of Venlil Prime.
In the time Tressa had spent getting systems up and running, he’d never come across a single skeleton; the ship had been thoroughly picked clean by shadestalkers, or perhaps the crew had managed to evacuate without casualties. Or at least had the time and people needed to move the dead off the ship and hold proper burials. Whatever the reason, it made the difficult work of repairing the ship much less gruesome.
They’d fried any records for obvious security reasons, but left the backup power operational. They’d left a number of vital systems operational; if they had evacuated, they’d done so in a rush. Or perhaps they expected victory, and didn’t anticipate the need to scuttle the ship. Either way, Tressa’s job was a hell of a lot easier for it.
Restoring water had been a far simpler job than he anticipated. He’d been dreading the prospect of digging a well, but equipment scavenged from the ship itself had made that process far easier, and the onboard supply alone was enough to last months. With this abundance, they could even afford such extravagant luxuries as baths. Hyacii really didn’t know how good she had it.

Once he’d gotten the little Arxur all cleaned up and given her a stern talk about not crawling around the ship’s filthier corners, she was free to ignore his advice and go straight back to sprinting around the labyrinthian behemoth they called home.
He often wondered, watching her stalk around the ship, if this exploration of territory and practice sneaking through shadows was as vital to her development as physical contact was for Venlil children. Sometimes he wondered if so much affection was even natural for her species, or if they were smothering her every time they pulled her in for a hug.
She did enjoy it, but… not everything enjoyable was good for her. When she was younger and had no concept of restraint, they’d have to physically hold her back from gorging herself on berries which would make her violently ill, which she’d keep eating anyway because she loved the taste too much. Maybe it was the same thing with their parental love. Maybe they’d have to teach her how to be more independent for her own good, however difficult that change would be for all of them.
Ultimately, the idea was speculation. Depriving her of warmth would be cruel unless they were absolutely certain it would aid in her development. And the fact was, they had no idea. Despite their best search efforts, records concerning Arxur child rearing were nonexistent.
The Dominion actively suppressed any behavior seen as ‘weak’, so growing up under their reign was a harsh and loveless process; at least, that was what they’d been told by an Arxur who lived through the process, and they had no reason to doubt her. There wasn’t a way they could verify the fact, though. The Federation didn’t want anyone thinking of predators as people, so any records that might’ve existed were long since turned to ash.
As cruel as the Dominion could be, they had an interest in keeping their subjects healthy enough to fight. Without those records, and with only someone else’s faint memories to go by, they were largely on their own in regards to physical development.
Was their little Hyacii eating right? They’d been feeding her using an organ printer they’d managed to repair, but perhaps there were nutrients in bones and skin that she wasn’t getting. Her scales were getting slowly lighter; maybe malnutrition, or maybe that was a natural part of her development. Was she sleeping right? Lately, she’d been complaining about grogginess, though it didn’t seem to stop her from tearing around the halls.
And psychologically? There, they were completely in the dark. All species had different needs, especially at a young age. Venlil cubs needed a level of attention that most humans would find smothering. Human children required forms of play that reflected long-obsolete hunting instincts, games which involved chasing and manipulating projectiles. What types of play did a growing Arxur need? They played hide-and-seek with her (as best they could, though it was rapidly approaching the point where she could neither be caught nor hidden from), but that was hardly a replacement for hunting. Was she languishing without prey to chase?
A hundred different worries, a thousand different questions, and not a single easy, reassuring answer. On that fateful night, Tressa had assumed that living alongside a “true predator” would be the hardest part. In fact, that had come easy; how could anyone feel threatened by such a sweet little star?
No, the most difficult part was coming to terms with the fact that they would make mistakes. In their lack of knowledge, trial and error was the only way to gain ground. And “error” meant hurting Hyacii. No matter how much they loved her, they couldn’t help but hurt her. It was a difficult truth to swallow.
But it was a truth they had to accept. Ultimately, all they could do was try. Try, and love her, and hope that was enough to cover for their failures. Hope that one day, someone else would be insane enough to learn from their mistakes. Hope that their little Hyacii wouldn’t be both the first and last Arxur of her generation. Hope that one day, they wouldn’t have to hide. She wouldn’t have to hide.

In the cold shadow of Venlil Prime, it wasn’t enough to have power and heat. Plenty had fled to the frigid wasteland in search of respite, only to die cold and alone despite their physical needs being met. They’d simply lay in bed with no will to survive, waiting as their body gave up on life. It was once believed that the dark side was haunted by vengeful spirits, though modern science put the blame on Herdless Depressive Disorder combined with the harsh physical toll of living in such an inhospitable environment.
Someone with a herd could stave off death’s embrace for quite a while longer, up to months. Many on the twilight edge lived this way, dipping in and out of the darkness as their job demanded. However, they knew not to stay for too long; even with the warmth of companionship, the dark side of Venlil prime claimed all eventually. Life was impossible without light.

How fortunate then, that the USS Washington was flooded with light. A light like a ghostly lantern, darting through the hallways and crawling through obscure corners of the ship to come back covered in sludge. A light like a burning star, which filled their hearts with warmth every time it closed in for an embrace. The light of hope; what a strange twist of fate that it would take the form of an Arxur.
[First] [Previous]
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2023.06.06 07:07 zevaraati How to wash Diamond Earrings and keep them clean?

To wash your diamond earrings, follow these steps:
1. Prepare a cleaning solution: Mix a small amount of mild dish soap or jewelry cleaner with warm water in a bowl. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, as they can damage the metal or settings of the earrings.
2. Soak the earrings: Place the diamond earrings in the cleaning solution and let them soak for about 10-15 minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or debris on the surface.
3. Gently scrub: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a jewelry brush to gently scrub the earrings. Pay attention to the areas around the diamonds and the backings, as these can accumulate dirt and oils.
4. Rinse thoroughly: After scrubbing, rinse the earrings under warm running water to remove any soap residue. Be cautious not to drop or lose the earrings during this step.
5. Dry with a soft cloth: Use a clean, lint-free cloth to gently pat dry the earrings. Make sure they are completely dry before wearing or storing them.
For more additional tips to keep your diamond earrings clean, read the blog post by Zevaraati, a Custom Jewellery Designer in India.
10 Ways to Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Sparkling Forever - Zevaraati
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2023.06.06 07:05 Trick_Damage9602 Body Salve

Body Salve is a unique product that can help you keep your skin healthy and happy. It is made from natural ingredients that are specifically chosen to penetrate deep into the skin and nourish it from within. With regular use, Body Salve helps to reduce redness, dryness, and irritation, as well as promote overall skin health. Its unique blend of essential oils and extracts provides lasting hydration and protection against environmental damage. Try Body Salve today to experience healthier, softer, more radiant skin!
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2023.06.06 07:05 prkie sleeping issue / vent

i have compulsions surrounding mucus in my throat and nose as well as grease and oils on my skin- i have to do a lot of things to get rid of mucus and oils such as drying my face out with panoxyl and excessive face washing and time consuming shower routines
recently i have been sleeping on my back with my head elevated as it is the best sleeping position for draining the mucus in your throat and sinuses , i feel as though i have to do this i feel disgusting if i do not.
the problem with this is that when i sleep on my back i have these really intense nightmares— very violent and gore filled. usually something along the lines of someone breaking into my house and brutally murdering me or i have to murder them in self defense in order to escape torture and my own death. google says that it’s normal to have more nightmarish dreams when sleeping on your back due to the way you breathe or something like that.
it is really freaking me out , i fear im an evil person as i am having dreams vivid of murder . it also really scares me initially when i wake up, and i stay up late nervous about it because i don’t feel like i have the option anymore to sleep on my side like i used to. i think about the images left in my head from my vivid nightmares throughout the day
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2023.06.06 07:04 Suspicious_Dealer815 Accutane for body acne?

Hi, all. I’m 27F, and I do occasionally break out on my face, but not as much.
HOWEVER, I get HORRIBLE acne on my body, especially my chest and back. I’m talking red, inflamed, super painful and oh-so-juicy pustules.
They are everywhere on my back. I don’t use any comedogenic products on my body or face. If I sweat, I shower and change ASAP. I clean my sheets once a week. I’ve tried salicylic acid washes/body sprays, I’ve used tretinoin. I’ve used benzoyl peroxide, adapalene. I’ve been prescribed doxycycline, and a clyndamicin/BP moisturizer.
It never goes away. It keeps coming back. They hurt, they’re ugly, and I’m at my wits’ end. Would they prescribe accutane for specifically body acne? If so, how much does it typically cost?
I’m AD mil, but I highly doubt they’d prescribe it, let alone cover it. But I’m out of options.
Thank you.
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2023.06.06 06:54 HistoricTree Trying to improve quality of life

I am a 25 year old female ~135 lbs and these are my results. What does this mean?
I’m pretty desperate to figure out what’s wrong with me but every test I have says I’m perfectly healthy- besides the iron deficiency anemia and vitamin D deficiency.
I’m so physically exhausted, I vomit clear mucous-y liquid once a week, I have daily acid reflux, my joints (knees and elbows) hurt, I get random rashes all the time though not as bad as when I was younger after eliminating things (certain body wash, laundry detergent) that seem to have no connection, if I don’t use a very specific toothpaste (not even sensodyne works) I get sores in my mouth, and the time in between periods ranges from 26-55 days. I’m tired of playing wack-a-mol every time I eat or put something on my body.
If this test doesn’t indicate anything what should I do next?
-Antigliadin Abs, IgA: 1.3 U/mL standard range: <7.0 U/mL -Antigliadin Ab, IgG: 2.7 U/mL Standard range: <7.0 U/mL -TTG IgA: 0.4 U/mL Standard range: <7.0 U/mL -TTG IgG: 0.6 U/mL Standard range: <7.0 U/mL -Immunoglobulin A (IgA): 335 mg/dL Standard range: 70-400mg/dL
Edit: I also have oligodontia, a learning disability, and anxiety/depression treated with Zoloft if this additional information helps
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2023.06.06 06:54 Shoddy-Group-5493 Dragged these babies out of storage

Dragged these babies out of storage
My childhood collection. Obviously missing some unfortunately and some of the early ones are damaged and super glued, and I drew all over them but they were very very loved. I haven’t washed them yet (ignore the copious amounts of dust), as I’ve not come up with a game plan and learnt what I can/can’t use on them or what order I should do anything. Also used to play with them in water so I’m sure they’re all full of rust and stuff. Don’t see any plastic bacteria, just lots of marker bleed. I don’t intend on selling anything but I just wanted to know if I have anything of value or some particularly special ones lol. Almost all of the regulars were bought at Walmart from 2006-2012, so I can’t imagine any of them would be fake; but you never know. I have tons of houses too out I just got the actual pets out for now. This sub got recommended to me recently and I really just got the urge to pull them out of my childhood storage tubs to relive it all :)
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2023.06.06 06:48 sed4718 Latex Lover’s Big Wet Ass,Isiah Maxwell Vanessa Vega,Brazzers

Vanessa Vega knows what she wants: latex, oil, and for Isiah Maxwell to fuck her ass. Dressed in a latex halter and peek-a-book skirt, Vanessa feels herself up and drizzles oil over her body, before fingering herself and putting on a show for her eyes only in front of a mirror. Then, with a riding crop in hand, she turns her attention to the tied up Isiah. She runs the crop along his skin, teasing him, before she rides his face and sucks his dick. While he’s still tied up, she lets him deepthroat and fuck her face, before untying him and letting him have his way with her. He fucks her ass as he fingers her, making Vanessa cum over and over, before finally filling her pussy. Once she’s satisfied, Isiah fucks her face one last time and cums all over her."
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2023.06.06 06:47 shyla-schmiddt Say NO To Tangling With These Hacks!

Say NO To Tangling With These Hacks!

Say NO to tangling with these hacks!
As curly ringlets have a different texture from waves and straight locs, they may appear perfectly groomed one day and unmanageable the next. In spite of the volatility and unpredictability of spiral strands, proper haircare of deep wave hair extensions can reduce problems like frizz, tangling, and breakage without upsetting the natural springy curls. A little bit of commitment to caring for your beautiful bouncy mane and the correct concoctions can help you achieve the perfect look.
Detangling your hair can sometimes be time-consuming, and it might even damage your deep waves if done the wrong way or using the wrong tools. Proteins in the hair strand give people curly that enhance and support your curls, rather than weigh them down. Read on for step-by-step instructions on detangling your curly hair or for your deep wave bundles without breaking or damaging your strands or disrupting the shape of your curls.

Replenish Parched Strands

If you have spiral deep waves you may be more prone to damage and dehydration. To help prevent frizz and keep your hair nourished, try using natural almond & avocado curl-enhancing mousse, gel, or butter once a week. Alternatively, natural oils like coconut, french argan oil, or peppermint & aloe soothing scalp tonic can be beneficial. Simply take a few drops and massage them into your scalp and strands. Leave it overnight and rinse it out with shampoo the next morning.

Choose the Correct Ingredients

Right Ingredients for Deep Wave Hair
For curly coily hair, it is not just a matter of using the right ingredients, but also avoiding harsh, stripping products. Curls require significantly more moisture than other hair types because their natural oils produced by the scalp cannot always reach the hair, leading to more frizz, tangles, and dryness. Thus it is important to use shampoo and conditioners that are very hydrating and nourishing.
If you have coily, curly, or kinky hair, a cowash, also known as a conditioner-only wash, is the perfect solution to prevent damage, breakage, and frizz. It replaces your regular shampoo and conditioner wash routine, and won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. We recommend the Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Nourishing Co-wash which will help maintain moisture and restore hair’s natural texture.
Having clean, healthy hair is essential, and shampoo is a necessary step in the process. However, skipping conditioner would be a mistake. To keep your curls looking their best, start with hydrating and nourishing your hair with a conditioner. After conditioning, the curl-defining gelée form is the perfect way to enhance your curls with a frizz-free definition, and retain moisture for a soft and bouncy look.

Use Hair Serum

Serum for Healthy Coily Hair
Hair serums keep our hair shining, frizz-free, and tangle-free. Besides, when using hot tools deep waver. To help strengthen and smooth your locs, Indique has created Silk Essentials Thermal Strengthening Serum. This lightweight serum penetrates the cuticle to lock in moisture and restore shine while also protecting your hair from extreme heat.

Protect your hair from heat

It’s best to always use a heat protectant before styling your hair with heat. Your risk of developing heat-damaged hairstyle increases when you use hot tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. When subjected to high heat, the keratin strands in your hair alter in structure. A light, heat-protecting serum that strengthens and smoothes the hair is the Silk Essentials Thermal Strengthening Serum by Indique.

Detangle Before Washing

Always Detangle before Washing
Before washing curly hair or deep wave bundles, detangle them. Brush your hair thoroughly and detangle it. In addition, do not rub your hair too hard when washing, thereby preventing tangles.

Use Silk Pillow Cases

Knots in your hair can be caused by friction between your hair and pillowcases. Use either a silk or satin pillowcase while sleeping. These materials have softer fibers, which help to avoid tangles.


If you are new to deep-wave hair bundles. This guide from Indique hair store should have provided you with plenty of information on how to make them last. Since these extensions are made from human hair.
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2023.06.06 06:34 bodyrecoverypakenham Blissful Body Massage In Pakenham

Prepare to embark on a journey of pure bliss and rejuvenation as you surrender yourself to the skilled hands of our massage therapists at Body Recovery Massage Pakenham. Our specialized massage technique aims to work its magic on your body, leaving you in a state of unparalleled tranquility.
This exquisite body massage experience is thoughtfully designed to dissolve tension, alleviate muscle soreness, and induce deep relaxation. With a combination of gentle, soothing strokes, precise targeted pressure, and expertly applied techniques, our therapists will guide you towards complete recovery from the daily stresses that weigh you down, restoring harmony to your body.
Allow yourself to be fully immersed in this indulgent treatment, as it washes away the cares of the world and revitalizes your senses. By the end of your session, you will emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and empowered to conquer whatever challenges lie ahead.
Experience the Blissful Body Recovery Massage exclusively in Pakenham today, and unlock the gateway to a renewed sense of well-being.
Call Now To Book Your Appointment 📷:3/56 John St, Pakenham VIC 3810 📷:0452 552 398
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2023.06.06 06:19 WhyXylophoneYouZoo Might be a silly question, but for those of you who have had to take your Rivian in for service, did they wash the truck for you after they were done?

Had a few body panel/noise/trim piece issues after a month of ownership, scheduled service to have them all taken care of and they took care of everything pretty quickly, but maybe I'm just too spoiled by our other cars' dealerships who would wash and vacuum the cars that were in for service before returning them.
I'll do it myself this weekend but was hoping to have a few hours to work on the yard instead. Maybe the bug graveyard was too much for them to handle lol
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2023.06.06 06:16 Impossible-Change-39 Use these to be more eco friendly when cleaning

Here are some small tips on being more eco-friendly while cleaning:
  1. Use natural cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.
  2. Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.
  3. Use a reusable mop instead of disposable mop pads.
  4. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce indoor air pollution.
  5. Use a washing machine with a high-efficiency rating to save water and energy.
  6. Use a drying rack or clothesline instead of a dryer.
  7. Use a steam cleaner instead of harsh chemicals to clean floors and carpets.
  8. Use a reusable dust mop instead of disposable Swiffer pads.
  9. Use a natural air freshener such as essential oils or fresh flowers.
  10. Use a reusable spray bottle instead of buying new cleaning products in plastic bottles.
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2023.06.06 06:15 Citizen_8 What It's like to be Itchy Everyday

I've decided to document my struggles with eczema in a way that works with the fact that every time I sit down to work at my computer I have about 10 minutes or less before the swarm of invisible distraction ants start biting. So instead of waiting to release a book that may never happen I'm going to release pieces as I manage to finish them.
What It's like to be Itchy Everyday I know promoting one's self is deeply frowned upon, so I've pasted the body text below for your convenience. Special thanks to whichever user here made the association between Dante's rings of hell and itch.
The first day of being itchy is something everyone can relate to. A mosquito bite, an allergic reaction to animal dander, or perhaps freshly mowed grass - it's a temporary annoyance. The nerves in the skin signal the brain that there is an irritant on the body. This triggers the evolved response to physically remove it with your finger nails which is as automatic as removing your hand from a hot stove. It's completely understandable to have trouble with your daily responsibilities when dealing with an acute itch.
By day three, the annoyance has grown into a small crisis. You might decide to seek medical help or call in sick from work or school. Most people will be accommodating of the situation that being itchy for so long has caused. You're sleep deprived from being itchy so now focusing on work is extremely difficult.
After a few weeks people will begin to lose patience with you. They’re frustrated that you’re neglecting your responsibilities so they bombard you with suggestions to fix the problem you now embody: Why don't you just stop scratching? Have you tried this expensive cream or bathing in oatmeal? I had a cousin with eczema who put some coconut oil on it and it went away. My child grew out of eczema when they got older. Have you tried radically altering everything about your life including what you eat and where you live? please stop scratching, it's bothering me see this.
Depending on your financial situation and your access to doctors and specialists, the next part may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Only the core of your social/family group will tolerate you since not having a "real job" without an acceptable reason is unforgivable. You try every affordable steroid cream and allergy treatment in a vain attempt to make the invisible ants leave you alone. By now the scratching has taken its toll on your sleep and your appearance. Your executive function is non-existent. Eyebrows are patchy tufts of uneven hair that barely keep the dead skin on your scalp and forehead from getting in your eyes. A parent scolds their child for pointing and staring at you on the bus. Job interviews mysteriously end in being ghosted once they see you in person.
What’s next? I’m afraid to find out. Every doctor, therapist, traditional medicine doctor, and specialist has given me the same advice. I’m supposed to reduce my stress levels and live in a place where I can be free from my food, pet, and environmental allergies. Those things require a lot of money I don’t have and to earn that money would require some level of respite I can’t afford. For now, the best plan my insomnia addled brain can come up with is to keep writing until the lights go out and the inevitable eviction plays out.
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2023.06.06 06:03 Impossible-Change-39 Tips on being more eco friendly while cleaning

Here are some small tips on being more eco-friendly while cleaning:
  1. Use natural cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.
  2. Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.
  3. Use a reusable mop instead of disposable mop pads.
  4. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce indoor air pollution.
  5. Use a washing machine with a high-efficiency rating to save water and energy.
  6. Use a drying rack or clothesline instead of a dryer.
  7. Use a steam cleaner instead of harsh chemicals to clean floors and carpets.
  8. Use a reusable dust mop instead of disposable Swiffer pads.
  9. Use a natural air freshener such as essential oils or fresh flowers.
  10. Use a reusable spray bottle instead of buying new cleaning products in plastic bottles.
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2023.06.06 06:02 Impossible-Change-39 Use these tips to be more eco friendly while cleaning

Here are some small tips on being more eco-friendly while cleaning:
  1. Use natural cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.
  2. Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.
  3. Use a reusable mop instead of disposable mop pads.
  4. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to reduce indoor air pollution.
  5. Use a washing machine with a high-efficiency rating to save water and energy.
  6. Use a drying rack or clothesline instead of a dryer.
  7. Use a steam cleaner instead of harsh chemicals to clean floors and carpets.
  8. Use a reusable dust mop instead of disposable Swiffer pads.
  9. Use a natural air freshener such as essential oils or fresh flowers.
  10. Use a reusable spray bottle instead of buying new cleaning products in plastic bottles.
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2023.06.06 06:01 okfine_illjoinreddit having bad burnout, but scared to be vulnerable/unmask to ask for help

i think im having autistic burnout. i cant keep up with my daily hygiene even though its typically a huge part of my routine that helps me feel safe and in control. the sensory input from showering and washing my face has just been too much lately. im also struggling to cook and eat. i have ARFID but lately its worse. my body feels heavier and im so so tired all the time. all i want to do is lay down and watch my favorite tv shows and research them (a restricted interest) and the only thing i have really wanted to leave the house to do has been to go see the wolves at my local nature center (wolves and dogs are another special interest). i normally struggle to get through my part time work week where i mask in person but as long as i schedule enough decompression and RI time for myself i manage. but lately it feels like i have to reserve every single bit of energy i have for masking at work, and when im not at work and at home im just a total mess. my apartment is a disaster and i cant find it in me to clean but im getting that horrible freezy feeling where i can sense all my chores and responsibilities piling up around me and then the executive dysfunction is even worse. today i had two meltdowns, one from having to unexpectedly run an errand and be in the hot car where my AC doesnt work and then go inside the noisy/crowded bank, and a second one from when i finally got up off the couch to try to cook dinner and saw that my tomatoes had gone moldy which made me feel so much worse about myself because i have been horribly anxious lately knowing my groceries will go bad if i dont hurry up and cook them but i just cant do it. something that scares me is that even though i am high masking and have made it to almost 25 without really realizing i am autistic, despite my highly independent and self sufficient coping mechanisms i am actually a high support needs person. it scares me to think about how much support and help i really need that i dont ask for because i dont know how to truly unmask around anyone and i cant be as vulnerable as i need to be to ask, so then i suffer through periods like this mostly alone. there is only one person in my entire life that i feel i can truly be this vulnerable with, my also autistic on-again off-again partner, and even if our relationship was more stable its not fair for me to expect her to shoulder all of my support needs all of the time. how do i put more trust in other people, my other friends who i know would be willing to help when i need it? and how do i trust myself not to take advantage of people and be "too much"? AND how do you all deal with burnout? thanks for reading
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2023.06.06 05:55 Iiketearsinrain Tick bite on my second day here :( how do you not live in constant paranoia when enjoying nature here? Any tips or advice for ticks?

I’m from another country, just moved here and was very paranoid about about ticks while enjoying nature this summer. I already have a lot of health problems (including possible unconfirmed Lyme) and fatgiue and the idea of ticks freaks me out on multiple levels. Lo and behold on my second full day of enjoying the beautiful Canadian summer I’ve brought a tick home - just removed one from my chest using a “safe card”. I was in River Park today and tried to avoid brushing against foliage but it’s hard to avoid entirely. I’ve checked the rest of my body but unfortunately I have dark hair and a lot of it, so I’m not sure how to check that as I’m here alone…
I’m going to be living here and enjoying a lot of nature/hiking etc, but I’m now even more paranoid than ever about ticks now that I’ve seen how easy it is to pick them up (and how tiny they are! Even if I could check my own hair I’m not sure I’d spot one tbh!)
How do you enjoy summers without being terrified you have ticks hiding in every fold and orifice?! :( any tips for staying tick safe or for checking them solo would be great too. (Should I wash every item of clothing after being out in nature and does this kill them?)
Thanks all!
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