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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

2023.06.06 09:13 noty666999 Is it normal/okay to feel like you need extra affection and love from your NP after you start actively going on dates with other people?

I've been with my partner for almost 4yrs. I was monogamous previously. He has been poly for around 10 years and had other partners for the first yearish of us dating but those tapered off and he hasn't been with anyone else since. I did not start actively working on my own trauma/issues that made polyamory difficult until the last year or so, so even though I've technically been in a poly relationship for 4yrs it feels like I'm just starting or like I'm opening a mono relationship. I know that is not the case, but that's just how is best to describe my anxiety and emotions around it.
Anyways, over the last year we've had MANY long discussions about polyamory and I've done a lot of research and self reflection, so my anxieties and fear of abandonment have gotten a bit better. I still need therapy (I believe I have CPTSD which includes my abandonment issues), and will be starting in a few weeks, but overall I think I have a much healthier emotional regulation going and I don't get nearly as triggered and can generally self soothe when I do get triggered by seeing him flirt with others and such.
What I did NOT expect was feeling like I need affection and comfort after MY dates. I've gone on 3 dates with a girl I think I'm starting to like quite a bit but after each date there's a nagging feeling of fear and like I can't wait to see my NP. I think I feel afraid because it's now so obvious that I can do this and I enjoy it (I also have a hard time imagining being happy in a mono relationship now too, which is scary yet a relief, and then scary that it's a relief)? I think I am afraid of the change. After my last date that went really well and I cuddled, kissed, and slept at her house for a few hours (I don't sleep well at strangers houses so I woke up very early) I had an almost panicked feeling and had an intense craving for comfort and reassurance from my NP. Is this normal? Is this a reasonable thing to ask my NP for? It feels like asking for aftercare from a partner that I did not fuck, which feels wrong or needy.
I also have a hard time with communicating when I feel vulnerable, and he is very much a logic over emotion kind of person, so I've been afraid to explain this to him. I don't think he would necessarily shut me down, but at the same time I don't know if he'd really understand why I feel this way and if he'd think it's reasonable.
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2023.06.06 09:11 ImMcGoo Girlfriend rant lol

My girlfriend was born with a lot of medical issues, including not breathing (idk everything). She now has these purple/red marks all over her body, including hands, elbows, huge one on her side (from lower chest to below waistband), center of her chest, butt, etc. They come and go, sometimes being much bolder than others.
These things absolutely captivate me. At first, I simply wanted to reassure her because she was insecure about it and I wanted to help her. However, they now draw me into a trance when I see them. I'll stop whatever I'm doing when I see them and just intimately massage those points, enthralled by them and their beauty. It's like God decided to leave an additional mark of her specialness, uniqueness, and beauty, as if that wasn't obvious already. She's stopped putting makeup on them and hiding them with sleeves, which is something that's made me so so so happy. I make sure to give them attention nearly every time I see her, and they seriously make me so happy. Idk why but I just wanted to tell someone this, so thanks 😂.
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2023.06.06 09:08 T3knikal95 I found this bracelet near trilogy apartments in surfers paradise, if anyone has lost it feel free to contact me.

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2023.06.06 09:08 BlueberryNugget11 Add Your Opinions on Genji?

I’m no where near a pro Genji player, but he’s my favorite DPS and I even recently got his golden gun. He’s a ton of fun to play and a huge part of what’s keeping me on Overwatch, but I really struggle with two things; how easy it feels to be countered on him, and how bad (or just insanely situational) his ult is.
Beam characters like Mei and Sym can be insane to fight against, especially up close. It doesn’t help that Sym’s hit box is so small because it makes shuriken sniping her feel impossible. And Moira (I know, I know - get gud) is impossible to 1v1. I seriously haven’t won a single 1v1 against Moira, which sucks because as DPS I need to clear supps. Not to mention dive counters like brig completely shut me down. I know it’s designed, but I just feel like I can’t go a single game without facing one to two hard Genji counters.
His ult feels crazy bad, especially since they’ve been changing DPS health from OW1. I can’t two swipe a solid chunk of DPSs. Also, characters with redirects like Brig, Lucio, Ashe, completely shut me down if I’ve messed up my dash/swipe cycle. I feel like it’s so hard to pursue enemies, and Genji becomes such a huge target with all the audio queues and visual effects if I slip up even a little I get focused like crazy. Im usually lucky if I get more than two picks with my ult.
Genji just feels so counterable and easy to shut down, which is too bad because he’s crazy amounts of fun to play. What do you guys think, do you agree or do I just need to get gud? Any advice or comments welcome.
Platinum 1 on console btw, like I said, no where closed to cracked lmao.
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2023.06.06 09:06 Subtlecobra3864_ Razer Documentation & dead earbud for no reason (long post/rant)

Hi, first (quite anger-fuelled) post here :)

Just this morning I was using my hammerhead earbuds when the right earbud died for no reason, after some testing I've determined that the audio driver has disconnected somehow. Tried to look at some of Razer's documentation on their earbuds to find how awful it is. Nearly all issues documented are "resolved" by simply turning them off and back on again. What's with that? That's awful advice to put in your documentation because it's simply BS. Turning a device on and off doesn't work if your audio driver died. At least I have cool RGB!!!!
quick list of issues:
- First pair of earbuds(pre RMA)
-> Working fine until around january 2023, left them to charge overnight, one earbud died for no reason.

- Second pair of earbuds(RMA pair) -> Working perfectly until today, in which the right earbud's audio driver seems to have gone FUBAR for no reason, no drops, nothing.
I'm probably not even going to attempt to RMA my earbuds again, it's my second pair and now both died in the same way, with no probable cause. Razer should revise their design to make it less susceptible to very stupid and easily preventable issues like this. Forget the RGB in earbuds thing (although that is cool) and make a product that's not going to break randomly after less than 6 months(I bought my first pair in august 2022, they died around january 2023). I feel like I wasted my money buying a pair and then RMA-ing them just to have the RMA pair die in the same way, after less than 6 months. If I'm honest, I should've gone with someone else, instead of thinking that Razer was a respectable brand for in-ear audio. My HyperX cloud II headphones have survived over 2 years and still work, after being dropped, thrown and damaged, they even managed to break my old desk...

Here's some changes and improvements that should be considered:
- Remove RGB, use space inside of earbud to create a more robust housing for circuitry & audio drivers.
- Even though the MSRP of the product would increase, use a more durable material for the eartips and chassis of the earbuds, the eartips feel cheap and can be uncomfortable at times; the chassis/shell feel like an easily breakable plastic, which is not what you'd expect from earbuds costing £79.99.
- Write some documentation that isn't half arsed, if you really get stuck go look at archlinux's documentation to see how it should be done. Razer is a tech company, decent documentation that is easily accessible, concise and that relates to any issues & provides potential solutions should be standard.

If I had the time and energy I'd devise more improvements, but there's a few to consider. Thanks for reading my rant :)

TL:DR - Was using earbuds fine, right earbud died for no reason, cba to RMA for second time because likely going to be pointless and cause more pain to me(user of earbuds).
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2023.06.06 09:05 ImOffOne Can't Play

anyone else having trouble logging into the game getting an error code 300008 I tried repairing the game restarting my pc, but nothing is working at the moment. maybe it's just on their end cause I'm pretty sure it's not me.
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2023.06.06 09:04 Active_Stress8013 INTP male friend says he can't think clearly around me [f infp]

Hi everyone! I [F infp] have recently become close with this male intp friend of mine after slowly getting to know him for around 6 months. We've gotten close enough where we can send random cat memes to each other or just have random late night chats, and last week he invited me to go to this after school hangout to get extra points for our math class! We had a really fun and chill time together, but near the end of our hangout, he suddenly told me that he can't really think when he's around me. I told him to elaborate and he said he's able to have fluid discussions with his other friends/female friends, but around me he doesn't really know what to say.
I asked him if it was my fault because his humor differs from mine a bit (I also like dark humor and I'm fine with sex or dick jokes, but he's kinda on a different lvl) and he quickly said no, and that it was his fault
After our hangout, he sent me a msg on Insta thanking me for coming to the hangout w/ him and that I helped brightened his day. He also mentioned again that he can't think around me for some reason. I got really happy when I saw his text so I also thanked him for inviting me and asked him what he meant by that [not being able to think around me], but he never specifically replied to that part.
I was hoping that this subreddit could help me figure out what he meant by that! Thank you :) <3
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2023.06.06 09:03 FirstTimeBuyersUK Understanding the RICS Home Survey

Want to know more about a Home Survey (used to be called the HomeBuyers Report)? It's a survey done by a qualified RICS surveyor to check out the property's condition. They offer three levels of surveys: Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (moderate), and Level 3 (super detailed). These surveys have a strict standard and use a checklist to make sure they cover everything.
The idea behind the Home Survey is to give you a quick overview of the property's current condition and point out any areas that might need fixing or attention in the future. They use a traffic light system to show how urgent repairs are. Level 2 and 3 surveys also come with advice on what actions you should take, and Level 3 even gives their opinions on what's causing any issues.
According to RICS, Level 1 is good enough for standard properties in good condition, Level 2 works for standard or older properties that are still in decent shape, and Level 3 is for properties with unusual construction, really old homes, or those in a bad state, especially if you plan to do a ton of work.
But you should also be aware that they don't look at hidden stuff like under carpets or floorboards, and they can't inspect much in cluttered areas like cupboards or lofts. They also won't check the drainage, water pipes, or electric wiring because they're not experts in those things. You'll need separate reports for that stuff, like a wiring or plumbing inspection, and if you want advice on energy usage, call in an EPC assessor.
Now, a Home Survey report can look terrifying at first glance. You might even wonder how the property is still standing! The surveyor isn't trying to scare you away. They just want you to know what you're getting into. It's better to find out about any potential problems early on, so you can budget for fixes or maybe even renegotiate the purchase price.
Some surveyors even offer walk-throughs as part of their service. It's a good idea to take them up on it. Sometimes what looks like a major issue could just be a warning, and it might never actually become a problem. But being aware of it will help you stay on top of things and fix it before it gets serious.
People often wonder if they need a Home Survey for new builds. Well, my advice is yes, you do! Even though they're supposed to meet regulations, mistakes happen. Not everything gets caught by those building inspectors. And honestly, you're spending a lot of money on a property, so it's worth spending a bit more for a survey. Trust me, I wouldn't buy a place without one, even with all my experience. I'm not inspecting homes every day, so I might miss something important.
So, go ahead and instruct a Home Survey. It'll give you the info you need to make a smart decision. The aim is to empower you with knowledge.
For more information on Home Surveys, have a look at the RICS website linked here:
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2023.06.06 09:02 Royal-Bat3560 Chiropractor caused Occipital Nerve damage. Need help

So its been near 6 months since I foolishly went to a chiropractor for neck adjustment to treat neck pain. Resident of Calgary.
Since then, I’ve been experiencing intermittent onsets of occipital neuralgia (headaches along the occipital nerves, most prominently affecting my left eye socket).
Gone to neurologist. Had MRI and XRAYs done. Neurologist can’t find anything wrong but suggested my symptoms match occipital neuralgia, which is hard to pick up by diagnostics. They recommended medication that can help numb pain but have side effects like drowsiness. Thats a no. They also suggested numbing my nerves which is another no.
Also tried second opinions from other family doctors and even teledoc but none of them would acknowledge issue is caused by chiropractor’s negligence.
I’m not looking for an excuse to sue but this grievance has only started immediately after I visited said chiropractor, and most doctors seem reluctant to make the connection.
Looking for legal advice/help as this has cost me many work hours and medical bills with seeing specialists, not to mention the months of sleepless nights and pain that I’ve described.
I’m super aggravated by the medical system at this point, having no luck with finding relief of my pain, which is why I’m posting here for advice.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 09:01 Petaldental Tooth Extraction near me Overland Park

Looking for tooth extraction services near Overland Park? Find professional and reliable dental care nearby. Book an appointment today for a painless tooth extraction.
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2023.06.06 08:59 WeatherBois I hate my life

At my school, I have no friends. I hate my life, I wish it would just be fucking over at this point. I have nothing going on right now and I’m still loosing fucking sleep over people shit talking behind my back. And the worst part is: I do the same shit to other people! I can’t not admit that I say things about other people, and for some reason I can’t hold it in. It’s like I’m fighting myself to keep my thoughts in but i can never goddamn win. It just makes me hate myself even more. My voice is even worse. It’s so annoying that I actively try to change it to sound deeper and less scratchy. I’m always being made fun of for being zesty (god I hate that word so much) every day and I can’t help that I sound fucking fruity. There’s also nothing that I can strongly say I’m good at. There are things I love like video games, bowling, and theatre; but I’m awful at all of them. I have no idea what I’m going to do for my future because of this, especially because my sisters both went to super prestigious colleges and are super successful and I can’t see myself anywhere near them.
Anyways sorry for the super messy throw down of text lol. It’s 3 AM and maybe this will help me sleep lmao
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2023.06.06 08:58 harrmic7 Would you help?

Hey, I'm looking to prove to someone that there are people who will help. This lady is still in her situation and doesn't feel she has a way out. If you could help a woman (and 3 kids) living with an abuser would you offer what you could? Whether that be time helping pack, a ride to sneak away to dv shelter, money to start over, a safe place to stay, or even words of encouragement? If you would please message me a pic with #teamtac-hat to let her know that even strangers would help if they could. She's been isolated from nearly all support and believes staying with her abuser is her only way she will get to be with her children.
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2023.06.06 08:57 cryingnscreaming You ever F’ up so bad you feel like you’re being buried alive with no way out?

I don’t really know what I’m doing or looking for with this post, but I can’t keep it in. There’s no one I can tell about all this. So, I’m telling you. The no one.
I’ve fucked up and lied a lot the past few years to get by. And for the most part, it’s honestly worked. I’ve gotten by and been afloat for a long time in some situations where I shouldn’t have been able to do so. This time though, this time I don’t think there’s a way out. Borrowing when there’s nothing left to borrow. Apologizing when there’s always more to apologize for. Promising when it is bound to be broken. Lying when it’ll always have a hole.
I’m not fine, not okay, not alright, not living the dream, not excited for the weekend, not looking forward to tomorrow. It’s one of those fuck ups where you feel like the best option is to just disappear one way or another. Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything and harm myself in any physical way. I’ve taken a ride on the rollercoaster before and know to not get back on.
I just wish there was an outlet where I could keep a sliver of pride. This was the one avenue I had in life and I fucked it. It’s the one thing I could do and everyone knew it. Sure I could try and be cheap and say this whole shitshow started when COVID first hit but it’s not this deep. Maybe it did start the first thing or two, but the rest is all me. And it’s honestly impressive how much more I’ve been able to fuck up in just the past week! I swear I wake up and it feels like I’m trying to dig a deeper hole.
A while back I got to see some old assignments I had from elementary school. As I flipped through them all, I started to cry. Then the crying turned to bawling and stayed that way for nearly an hour. I hate myself. I do. I want to talk to the younger me who had hopes and dreams and hobbies and friends and a plan for the future. I want to know what gave him drive because I lost it somewhere along the way. I want to talk to him, but I don’t know if the younger me would be happy with what he sees. I’m terrified of him being sad or disappointed or upset that he turns out to be me. I wish I could tell him that he wouldn’t grow up just to fuck everything up.
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2023.06.06 08:55 harrmic7 Would you help a woman in need?

Hey, I'm looking to prove to someone that there are people who will help. This lady is still in her situation and doesn't feel she has a way out. If you could help a woman (and 3 kids) living with an abuser would you offer what you could? Whether that be time helping pack, a ride to sneak away to dv shelter, money to start over, a safe place to stay, or even words of encouragement? If you would please message me a pic with #teamtac-hat to let her know that even strangers would help if they could. She's been isolated from nearly all support and believes staying with her abuser is her only way she will get to be with her children.
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2023.06.06 08:55 G1ul1et Returning process experience

I am curious about your return process with Steam Deck. I got a bit scared today haha. My Steam Deck arrived one week ago and I have had various issues with it since that point. I am fed up and I don´t really want another machine. I want to return it and get my money back. I am still within 14 days return policy. I wrote them yesterday (I got my Deck on 26th May.)
They replied today asking for my address. After that, they told me how to print the RMA instruction sheet and how to package the Deck. What scared me was this sentence: "Your return will first be delivered to a staging facility in Nürnberg, where it will be prepared for shipment to our repair team in Prague" Bruh...I don´t wanna any repairs! I want to return it for good. Does anyone experience this? I immediately replied that to be sure I don´t wanna a replacement. I want to return the Deck and that´s it. That is what I said from the start.
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2023.06.06 08:55 No_Dream6838 Unturned public server

Hello, i try to create an unturned public server and i have this error "This server did not respond after accepting you from the queue. Probably either a serveplugin bug or a network issue." Plese help me how to repair it.
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2023.06.06 08:54 AliceMorington Irrationally Angry About My Parent Withholding My Medication as a Child and not telling me anything about my illness until I am in high school. (This is honestly just a rant I need to get this out )

I had asthma ever since I was a very young. My parent held out hope that I will grew out of this 'illness' when I'm older which to no one's surprise including myself I didn't. Because guess what. This very same person withheld my medications necessary for me to even breathe properly until I am coughing my lungs out and got sick, and needs it for a 'good reason'. It wasn't until I'm like 14 then I got to keep it whenever I want. I don't even know about my asthma until I am in my final year of primary school in which I didn't understand how to manage it or what to even do how to differentiate between breathlessness and a small asthma attack or just how serious it can get.
They cite reasons such as oh using it too often will make you too dependent on it. It will make your lungs weaker. It will make you even sicker when you are older. I sort of empathize with their feelings because they want me to get better and improve my illness and then I got mad. Because they were not the ones sleeping through the night wondering if they'll suffocate to death because they can't breathe. They were not ones who grew up hating any form of strenuous exercise because they can't breathe. They were not the ones literally suffocating during pollen or winter seasons and taking their rescue puff every four hours because they cannot breathe due to improper management of their own asthma.
When I am old enough to take over managing my health and also the true ownership of my medication (aka I have the inhalers with me not some shelf where it is difficult to access) and asthma, every time they heard me using the inhaler they will questions me and judge me why am I not only taking it when I'm sick. Heck, recently when travelling to somewhere near aka neighbors house for a dinner party I get attacked verbally once they realize I'm bringing my medication. I am so sick and tired of having to be judged and criticised for taking necessary medication to breathe. and for following the asthma management plan. Honestly, I am so fricking mad and just upset because the very second I just to tell her this she goes off and says well if you haven't taken the medication so much maybe your asthma would be gone and you wouldn't have to rely on such things to breathe. I was just screaming in my head saying to myself WHAT PART OF CHRONIC ILLNESS DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND.
I am just so mad that this shit is something they never bothered to listen to the actual person having it and when I think of my child self unable to breathe at night not understanding because nobody bothered to tell them anything how to even ask and whether there is just even problem or an issue worth paying attention to and just going to sleep hoping for the best tomorrow. I cried. It sucks. I just think of my teenage self believing in their bullshit and just struggling to breathe because I not taking the medication appropriately. I hate my parent for this reason. Hate them. Honestly wish I can smack them and scream at what they did to me.
Now I just don't talk to them about the asthma anymore. Until I got sick and need to take some days off. ( Since I live at home with them it's kind of obvious when I'm wheezing and coughing my lungs out when I have a bad flair up). No info about the how many I have bought as spares, the inhaler I have on me and how I use it, nothing. And I hid in an area where I know they can't hear me using the inhaler.
This has a somewhat has a good outcome. After I manage my asthma appropriately for some time and now, for the first time in years I can for the first time in years breathe properly after doing some short term running without my inhaler! 😁. And pollen and winter seasons are not so bad anymore and sleeping through the night without waking up is awesome.
This whole thing is just an entire rant, thank you to those who decided to read through this mess.
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2023.06.06 08:54 Automatic_Border4442 FTP WALLETS

Looking for the red corduroy and/or embossed allover wallets. Already got blue and canvas
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2023.06.06 08:53 lifelesslies RP led my family in a different direction

Started a haesty game for a nice rp tours game to form the catholic Norman's in France and maybe crusade later. However I wanted to direct the game based on events and my characters personality. I didn't want to force convert cause that was the game I wanted. It did not go the way I thought and I'm glad for it.
So far. I had managed to take Normandy after killing the king, unfortunately my haesty became incapable shortly after and for about 20 years my ability to do anything was limited. his son Ragnar also died in battle. the only gains made in these years was the taking of the isle of mon, to act as a drop-off point for raid loot.
upon his death his grandson, a diplomatic and cunning zealous man named Filbert came to rule the jarldom. He, being a wise man saw that his kingdom was positioned between two superpowers. England and france. France declared a holy war to take the lands of Normandy but were barely held back. at several points i considered swapping faiths to not lose the game, but the zealous nature of my character held my action. a timely ally from Sweden though saved me becoming my best friend. This failed war caused a large amount of internal strife in france.
England was strong and France weak. but the strong hook that he held on the king of England and the chaos in France created by Filbert convinced him to swear fealty for religious protections to england. he could not turn his back on his gods now. then to use his hook to secure a place on the kings council and a March contract.
being a man of the old gods. Filbert began to raid the south of al andalus which had shattered. orchestrating a prisoner exchange economy from his desk in France. Filbert built all the holdings that he could and increased his professional army to include max huscarls and veterans with onagers.
Filbert died of cancer in his 50s. leaving a vast amount of wealth to his own son a man with an incredible aptitude for stewardship. Filbert II.
Filbert II spent his reign further increasing the wealth his family attained by kidnapping and ransoming foreign nobles. He also worked secretly behind his kings back. gaining another strong hook and further lowering his own contributions to the crown.
Filbert II was ambitious, gregarious and patient. he plotted and eventually maneuvered his way to a claim on the throne of England itself. while training his own son and heir Filbert III to be an acclaimed knight, sponsoring his tourneys and outfitting him in prestige gear. his son needed to appear as a king, you see.
Too early however Filbert II was unexpectedly thrown violently from his horse killing him instantly and bugging my game out and needing a restart. Filbert II. the great builder and the man with the plan was dead. Leaving Filbert III to rule at the tender age of 19. the boy with a head of wrath and a need to prove himself.
Filbert III left the tourneys of western Europe and joined his crews in their families man export. people. to get back to the roots of his religion as a zealous and wrath filled man. He spent all his time at sea striking at those embroiled in war and those who had no chance. Filbert III was known throughout Europe as a viking by the time he was 25. he returned to the tourney fields and to attend to his own lands. having completely ignored the workings of his kings court, the thing he knew his own father cared so much about. he did after all still hold and unpressed claim for England.
England however was far too powerful at the time to be conquered. the crown had grown strong in his absence. Filbert III, who was not a patient man did not do well languishing in court. he instead chose violence against his neighbor. a man who defeated him at a tourney. the Duke of Brittany. after a bloody was where the Duke of Brittany was executed and his son forced to sign the treaty Filbert III was too full of blood lust to stop and marched the short distance to Paris and forced the king to grant him the lands of Flanders at the tip of a sword. the king of England however decided to revoke the duchy of Flanders. A thing Filbert III did not forget..
it was around this time that the king of England died mysteriously, and the realm unexpectedly split. creating the kingdom of Brittany. my own new leige was a craven man who held only one county in nantes. this I could not abide. so I called for a dissolution war and with little resistance, my leiges title was destroyed and Filbert III was an independent 3x duke. he could return to the fold and serve the English king, claim the kingship of England or..
free from England filbert III once again took up his raider ways and took the isle of mon from a distant relation to use as a raid base and proceeded to sack the country his father once intended him to rule.. conquoring duchies and granting them to members of his family for nearly 50 years. finally a living legend Filbert III had a choice. to form his own kingdom. a kingdom of salt and iron.
The Kingdom of Mon was formed.
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2023.06.06 08:53 AsparagusFiend Found out my AirBnB was illegal (NYC guest)

I booked what I thought was a nice AirBnB in a really nice part of Brooklyn (New York City) during a trip in April. I got the full, one-bedroom apartment somewhere close to the trains I needed and near where my friends lived, so I was thrilled. I showed up and thought the large building might be a housing project by the look, but it lacked the hallmark housing authority details, so I thought nothing more of it. My host mentioned she actually lived in California and this was her NYC crash pad, but I'd seen that before.
The other day, I read an article on here that talked about new AirBnB rules for short-term housing and was shocked that the place I stayed in was illegal. The host clearly wasn't living there or intending to (only one bed), but was renting it for less than 30-day stays. Once I realized that, I remembered how stark the building looked and decided to look up rent-controlled buildings and yup -- this lady was profiting massively off a rent-controlled apartment.
I filed a complaint with the housing authority as well as AirBnb even though it'd been over a month since I stayed there. AirBnB was surprisingly responsive and initiated an investigation once I provided my evidence. They suggested I request a refund from the host and I did, stating my reasons, which she granted within about 5-minutes (seems like an admission of guilt to me). I also heard they escalated the investigation and are looking into deactivating not just the listing, but also the host.
I probably would have looked the other way for the short-term housing rule given how long it'd been, but the idea of some rich lady (she lives full-time in the Bay Area in her own home plus has a place in upstate NY as well as this rent-controlled place) profiting off a rent-controlled apartment in a neighborhood with a severe housing crisis ticked me off. Hosts -- please be ethical; I don't want to support your criminal activities especially when they hurt your neighbors.
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2023.06.06 08:53 terracottina How to take care of your mom when you don't have a meaningful relationship?

I have a complicated relationship with my parents. Growing up,decisions about me were mostly given by my grandparents and by the social services because they were incompetent parents and my mom was the main factor while my dad was an enabler.
My mother is diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder combined with borderline personality disorder and my father is also thought to be in cluster C (most probably OCPD but no one can put a definite diagnosis). I was emotionally and physically,almost sexually abused by them even with the limited ability they had to effect on my life and both me and my grandparents had to limit our contact to near zero.When we confronted them,it was easily understood my mom never wanted me and just had me so she could have the social status of being a mom and a housewife and my dad enabled her behavior 100%. They even tried to send me to a conversion camp, luckily my grandparents had my custody at that time and it was easily prevented.
Moving to the Germany when I was 18 for Medical School helped me in this (I am half German so this was possible). My parents stayed in the US and other than some limited visits for Christmas,we basically called each other from facetime once in every 2-3 months. Last week me and my fiancé had our baby prematurely and 5 days ago I called them they wouldn't have any supervised visits and it would most probably be after he turned a year old. 2 days ago,I had a phone call from the ER that is close to where they live and they told me they were committed to a 72 hour psychiatric hold for trying suicide. I flew to their side last night from Frankfurt,leaving a NICU baby behind.
Turns out my mom convinced my dad to commit suicide so when they were dead,we would feel guilty for refusing them their grandbaby forever and their memory would haunt us. Luckily neighbours realized something weird was going on the house and they called 911.
I have to arrange permanent care options for them and I don't want to leave it in the care of United States Government. They are luckily living in Vermont,which has somewhat of a functioning mental health system but I need advice on how to navigate the situation. They are both German citizens so I can bring them to Germany really easy and force the German State to arrange care systems but I don't want to live in the same country with them. Having a continent and an ocean between us gives me the sense of ease I have never felt at my childhood.
What would you do in this situation?
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2023.06.06 08:51 Yath4 Severe anxiety with heights but going zip lining

Hey guys, I’m going to Hawaii soon and my dad paid for my whole family to do zip lining. Somewhere in big island. I don’t even know how steep it is/the name of the exact place I’m going to - he’s not telling me.
I get VERY anxious when I’m near heights. Like I can’t explain it because it’s that bad. I know I won’t die/get hurt but it doesn’t help at all!! My friends always laugh and say I look like I’m gonna cry because I have full on panic attacks in line if I have to go on roller coasters. But I don’t like missing out on things so I force myself. But the anxiety is just SO bad and i hate dealing with it. Is there anything I can do to reduce this? Are there any pills I can take?
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