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2023.03.24 07:03 Clinomaniatic (Gak) ada indonesia coy

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2023.03.24 06:09 Impossible_Line_6470 Any advice on how to deal with this?

Usually eat pretty healthy, But last two days I had a sleepover with my gf so said f it and ate nothing but extremely awful food: chips, pop tarts, hot pockets, you name it. Came home now at night and ate a six inch of chicken tender sandwich with two ginormous pieces of chicken marinated in soy sauce with some quinoa and corn. Long story short, got up and heartburn all over my body to point it’s hard to walk, and extremely bad feeling in gut. Went to bathroom, nothing. Lied down, only got worse as hard to breath. Now sitting up, all pain from upper body gone, but extreme pain in gut.
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2023.03.24 06:04 Impossible_Line_6470 Any advice on how to deal?

Usually eat very healthy, But last two days I had a sleepover with my gf so said f it and ate nothing but extremely awful food: chips, pop tarts, hot pockets, you name it. Came home now at night and ate a six inch of chicken tender sandwich with two ginormous pieces of chicken marinated in soy sauce with some quinoa and corn. Long story short, got up and heartburn all over my body to point it’s hard to walk, and extremely bad feeling in gut. Went to bathroom, nothing. Lied down, only got worse as hard to breath. Now sitting up, all pain from upper body gone, but extreme pain in gut.
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2023.03.24 05:54 TheForceForGood Things I Cannot Say - I'm Saying Them (Part 2)

When I went to Afghanistan, I thought I was going to die. I should have died.
It wasn't that I was scared, I was just convinced it was my time. It gave me a weird mentality, since I assumed I was going to die anyway I just accepted that and I admit, I was filled with a kind of inner peace. I wore a lot of hats, if you will, and served in a few different capacities. My first and foremost duty was SAW gunner (machine gun); we don't have a long life expectancy.
I have been shot at and had cold war era rockets find their way to my vicinity (way too close for comfort) and the whole time, I was at peace.
The worst thing I ever saw was a man in Herat after an attack, looking like he was in the front leaning rest but his ass and everything down was completely exploded off hi body. He was reaching out, eyes open and he had this fucked up look on his face, his missing ass and legs - it looked like someone took a 5 gallon bucket of crimson paint, mixed it with chicken parts, and slung it 30 feet behind him. What was he thinking in that moment? Another dude had his whole face removed like a horror movie and it was so hot that this face-mask was fused to a tent, how in the fuck did that happen? How in the fuck does your face get perfectly removed from your head and permanently stuck to a fucking tent?
My last thought on the topic: I was in a bunker (colorado bunker, maybe - forget honestly) and I was in there with this guy ,I won't use his last name , but I'll call him Michael. We were getting shelled super bad and we were both convinced we were fucked. Mickael pulled out his cigarette and lit me one, he held out his hand, I grabbed it, we looked into eachothers eyes, as brave as a man can be in the face of his own mortality and he says to me, "I'm glad it's you." We just stay like that for another few minutes, I lost all sense of time but that moment was unyielding. A beautiful glimpse of humanity in a brutal situation. The shellig stopped and we heard the all clear sounds and made our way back to our little train car that we slept in. Along the way there were afghan police and ANA and U.S. civilians dead along the way strewn out of buildings missing various external and internal vitals. Why in the hell spare me? I was ready! I was ready god damn you, I wanted to die a hero. I wanted to stare death in the face and scream into the wind, to truly die as I lived. We walked in silence past some other soldiers who were laughing, I yelled out at them, "what the fuck?" It wasn't their fault, how do you expect to deal with shit like this on a daily basis, in one manner or another? We eventually made it back to our CHU, and never spoke of it again.
How I managed to survive feels like a curse more than a miracle as everyone I survived haunt me on a regular basis. We were all losers, the live ones that died on the outside and the live ones that died on the inside. I would go back in a second. I feel like I don't belong in society and I feel like I am doomed to pay for this in my next life time.
These are my Stories, poems, and feelings based on the major arcana of the tarot. It starts with the fool and follows the fool as they meet every pivotal character on their journey.
Until my next Bland Confession,
-The Magician
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2023.03.24 05:40 JRLCHARTSLGBTNews LatinBoyz Leaks Hot Daddy J & Sexy Castro (2023)

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2023.03.24 04:59 GigaFastTwin Do Gastro docs live longer than the rest of us?

Saw this article online and wondered if gastroenterologists typically live longer (significantly) than the rest of us. Cause I like to eat most of the foods in the article…
“Gastro Doctors Share The 1 Food They Never (Or Rarely) Eat The experts on gas, bloating, colon cancer and other digestive issues share what they avoid themselves.” Avoid: -Protein bars -Steak -Hot Dogs / Processed Meats -Deep fried fish/chicken -Soda -White bread
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2023.03.24 03:44 Uhm_Actually2205 Olive oil on stove eye

Hey, all! I was pan frying some chicken in a skillet using olive oil (It was all I had) and it began popping very rapidly. I grabbed an oven mit and moved the pan off the burner and suddenly, some oil popped onto the burner that the pan was on and a flame shot up for about half a second. I turned the eye off, but I’ve been worrying profusely ever since. I’m not sure if it’s a huge deal or not, so I’m just wondering what steps I need to take to assure the stove-and by extension my house-will remain intact.
TLDR: A bit of oil popped from the pan onto a hot stove eye and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.03.24 03:37 eden600 Performance Success Rates (2nd Elimination)

Typing through the tears over Limousine team but now that we're past the 2nd elimination, it's time for another review of which performances' members survived and which didn't. For performances from episodes 1-4, which were covered in the first performance success rate review, the old results are hidden as spoilers for easy comparison (if they changed).
(Note: Groups are sorted from highest to lowest survival %, followed by best to worst average rank)
Star Level Test
Group Survivability Average Rank
STUDIO GL1DE (Beautiful Beautiful - ONF) 1/1 (100%) 1
Canada (All I Wanna Do - Jay Park ft. Hoody, Loco) 1/1 (100%) 4 (2)
CUBE (Shut Down - BLACKPINK) 1/1 (100%) 11 (7)
USA (Rush Hour - Crush ft. j-hope) 2/2 (100%) 16 (20)
Wang Zi Hao (Veil - Lay) 1/1 (100%) 19 (29)
Takuto (Instead of Saying Goodbye - Rain) 1/1 (100%) 25 (15)
Yuehua (Kick It - NCT 127) (K Group) 3/4 (75%) (4/4 (100%)) 16.75 (18.5)
Yuehua (Kick It - NCT 127) (G Group) 3/4 (75%) (4/4 (100%)) 20 21.5
Individual Trainees (Mirotic - TVXQ) 3/5 (60%) (4/5 (80%)) 22.5 (28.25)
WAKEONE (The Real - ATEEZ) 3/5 (60%) (4/5 (80%)) 26.8 (31.2)
WAKEONE (Bloom Bloom - The Boyz) 1/2 (50%) (2/2 (100%)) 30.5 (29.5)
FirstOne (Attention - NewJeans) 1/2 (50%) 40.5
Osaka (Zero for Conduct - Block B BASTARZ) 2/4 (50%) 53.25 (51.5)
WAKEONE (Glitch Mode - NCT Dream) 1/3 (33%) (2/3 (66%)) 35.67 (31.33)
Shanghai (Reveal - The Boyz) 1/4 (25%) (3/4 (75%)) 28 (39.33)
Redstart ENM (Nunu Nana - Jessi) 1/4 (25%) (2/4 (50%)) 50.5 (51.75)
Jellyfish (G.B.T.B. - VERIVERY) 1/4 (25%) (2/4 (50%)) 51 (51.5)
Taipei (Tiger Inside - SuperM) 1/4 (25%) 62.75 (63.75)
Vietnam (View - SHINee) 0/2 (0%) (2/2 (100%)) 30.5 (34)
Wumuti (UN Village - Baekhyun) 0/1 (0%) (1/1 (100%)) 34 (43)
LM (Gambler - MONSTA X) 0/1 (0%) (1/1 (100%)) 36 (42)
CABIN74 (My House - 2PM) 0/1 (0%) (1/1 (100%)) 38 (27)
143 (Replay - SHINee) 0/2 (0%) (2/2 (100%)) 43.5 (21.5)
CUBE (My House - 2PM) 0/1 (0%) (1/1 (100%)) 46 (24)
TOPMEDIA (Who - Moonbin & Sanha) 0/2 (0%) (2/2 (100%)) 48 (43)
GREAT M (Criminal - Taemin) 0/1 (0%) (1/1 (100%)) 51 (48)
FNC (Mmmh - Kai) 0/1 (0%) 55
Beijing (Call Me Baby - EXO) 0/4 (0%) (2/4 (50%)) 55.5 (55)
OUI (Love Scenario - iKON) 0/2 (0%) 64
ALLART (Criminal - Taemin) 0/1 (0%) 67
Aichi (CROWN - TXT) 0/2 (0%) 68
Individual Trainees (Lullaby - GOT7) 0/4 (0%) 69.66
Woollim (DamDaDi - Golden Child) 0/2 (0%) 74
Sichuan (Hot - SEVENTEEN) 0/2 (0%) 75
Canton/Guangdong (God's Menu - Stray Kids) 0/4 (0%) 77.25
Tokyo (Shine - PENTAGON) 0/3 (0%) 78.33
Hyogo (Maniac - Stray Kids) 0/2 (0%) 78.5
Thailand (Ko Ko Bop - EXO) 0/2 (0%) 79

Signal Song
Group Survivability Average Rank
All Stars 12/14 (86%) (14/14 (100%)) 13.14 (15)
3 Stars 9/22 (43%) (17/21 (81%)) 35.18 (33.81)
2 Stars 3/19 (16%) (5/19 (26%)) 64.95 (64.05)
1 Star 3/21 (14%) (9/21 (43%)) 57.57 (58.18)
No Stars 1/15 (7%) (6/15 (40%)) 58.07 (55.07)

K vs. G Battle
Group Survivability Average Rank
Kill This Love - BLACKPINK (G) 5/6 (83%) 19 (21.5)
Back Door - Stray Kids (K) 5/7 (71%) (6/7 (86%)) 19.86 (25)
Love Me Right - EXO (K) 4/7 (57%) (6/7 (86%)) 24.71 (27)
Very Nice - SEVENTEEN (K) 3/7 (43%) (6/7 (86%)) 33.57 (30.43)
Back Door - Stray Kids (G) 3/7 (43%) (6/7 (86%)) 38.71 (42.14)
Love Me Right - EXO (G) 2/7 (29%) (5/7 (71%)) 40.29 (38)
Kill This Love - BLACKPINK (K) 1/5 (20%) (2/5 (40%)) 58.4 (57.4)
Hot Sauce - NCT Dream (K) 1/6 (17%) (6/6 (100%)) 40.17 (39.66)
Very Nice - SEVENTEEN (G) 1/7 (14%) (3/7 (43%)) 51 (49.14)
Danger - BTS (K) 1/7 (14%) (4/7 (57%)) 51.86 (44.71)
Hot Sauce - NCT Dream (G) 1/7 (14%) (2/7 (29%)) 67.14 (70)
Danger - BTS (G) 1/7 (14%) 73.43 (72)
Burn It Up - Wanna One (K) 0/6 (0%) 66
Burn It Up - Wanna One (G) 0/7 (0%) 76

Dual Position Battle
Group Survivability Average Rank
Tomboy - (G)I-DLE 4/4 (100%) 5.75
Love Killa - MONSTA X 4/4 (100%) 8.25
Law - Yoon Mirae, BIBI 4/5 (80%) 18.2
GANG - H1GHR MUSIC 3/5 (60%) 24.6
Home - SEVENTEEN 3/5 (60%) 25.4
Rush Hour - Crush ft. j-hope 3/5 (60%) 26.4
Zoom - Jessi 3/5 (60%) 26.6
Feel Special - TWICE 2/4 (50%) 32.75
Man in Love - INFINITE 1/4 (25%) 34.75
BTS - Butterfly 1/4 (25%) 35.3
Limousine - BE'O ft. Mino 0/3 (0%) 36.67
Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms - HIGH4, IU 0/3 (0%) 47.33

Other Stats/Conclusion
Greatest changes
The groups which are now completely eliminated are Vietnam (View), 143 (Replay), TOPMEDIA (Who), Beijing (Call Me Baby) from the Star Level Test (solo performances not listed) and Limousine and Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms from the Dual Position Battle.
The groups with the greatest drop in average rank are 143 (Replay), CUBE (My House) (both 22 places) and CABIN74 (My House) (11 places) from the Star Level Test. The groups with the greatest rise in average rank are Shanghai (Reveal) (11.33 places), Wang Zi Hao (Veil) (10 places) and Wumuti (UN Village) (9 places) from the Star Level Test.
Interestingly, the Signal Song survivability rate ranking now matches the star level, as 1-Star and No Stars got gutted this elimination round, allowing 2 Stars to rise above them in survivability.
Dual Position Battle stats
For the Dual Position Battle, Rap/Dance had the best survivability rate (65%), while Vocal/Rap had the worst survivability rate (36%). Vocal/Dance had the highest average rank at 23.95, while Vocal/Rap had the lowest average rank at 29.57.
Artist stats
For the following stats on artists, artists that have only been performed once are not counted (performances of the same song are counted though), and solo songs are counted separately from groups (ie. Taemin vs. SHINee, Baekhyun and Kai vs. EXO).
Best artist(s) to cover for survivability (>50% survival rate):
Worst artist(s) to cover for survivability (0% survival rate):
Best artist(s) to cover for ranking (average ranking < 30):
Worst artist(s) to cover for ranking (average ranking > 50):
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2023.03.24 03:34 AdBig8247 W Eats?

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2023.03.24 02:28 theulfberhtsword Food Trucks/Food Carts

I feel like I remember 10 years ago there used to be a huge variety of food in street carts and trucks. Distinctly remember by Columbia and Manhattan Chinatown there was a huge amount of Chinese carts, I remember a few Korean carts, grilled cheese, Caribbean, and a large variety somewhere near 47th street? What happened to all of them. It now feels like my only options are chicken/lamb over rice, burger, and hot dog. I wouldn’t even mind the lobster roll trucks. Am I making this up? It doesn’t even feel like there’s a hint of a variety existing.
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2023.03.24 01:43 Spinachandwaffles 0-2 point food list (more detail in comments)

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2023.03.24 00:55 Vivid_Dragonfly4957 Braising meat on a stainless steel pot

I was trying a braised chicken recipe using stainless steel as a trial and I noticed some difficulty when searing the meat. I understand when stainless steel pans aren’t hot enough they stick while going too hot can lead to the fond burning. How exactly do you find that sweet spot temperature for searing?
I also noticed that this usually isn’t an issue when stir frying, probably because I don’t let the meat sit at a particular temperature longer than 2 mins… eventually move them around. Could my fond burning issue be motivated by being around high heat for longer periods of time?
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2023.03.24 00:54 J_Gabriel757 Sometimes you don't want that fry smell in the house - KY hot chicken

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2023.03.24 00:44 Crochetcarter [US-IN] [H] Rick and Morty, Demon Slayer, Fire Force, Stranger Things, Comics, MHA, CN, MUCH MORE!! PRICES SLASHED ALL MUST GO [W] PayPal G&S

Shipping(priority shipping USPS) I will be charging at least $5 for any single pop. Order more than 3 pops and shipping is FREE
These are the pops and prices
All are in good condition or better
The warriors Luther 866–$10
Domo ghostbusters Wilmer 143.-$10
Monterey Jack chipndale 465 chase—$10
Hellboy lobster Johnson 04-$10
Junji souichi tsuji 912.-$10
Junji yuuko 915–$10
Toy story mrs. Nesbit 518-$15
Coca Cola bear 58–$10
Little shop Seymour krelborn 655–$20
Stranger things Steve with glasses 638–PENDING
Umbrella academy Ben 933–$10
Umbrella academy klaus 931–$10
Umbrella academy klaus 1115.—$10
Tamatoa 421–$15
Saga Prince robot 4 09–$10
Saga the will 10–$10
Vision 50s 714–$10
Korg Thor 269–$10
Rick and morty pickle Rick 333–$20
Dr xenon bloom glows 570–$12
Grease sandy 556 40th anniversary—$40
Pride Batman 141–$10
Dc super heroes plastic man 165–$12
Always sunny dennis day man 1050–$15
This is fine dog 56–$10
My hero izuku midoriya face mask 603–$10
All might weakened 371–$10
All might 248.-$10
Mini puft on fire 936.—$10
Grogu with chowder squid 469 target—$13
Fire force Arthur with sword 978–$10
Nezuko kamado 868–$15
Demon muzan kibutsuji 871 target—$10
Krampus flocked hot topic 14–$15
Launchpad mcquack 297–$18
Hideo junji BAM excl 916–$10
Happy days fonzie 1124–$10
Cow CN 1071–$10
Chicken CN 1072–$10
Johnny bravo CN 1069–$10
DEE DEE CN 1068–$10
Dexter CN 1067–$10
Mini puft pizza 7 eleven excl 1053–$15
Stanlee patina 07–$10
Katsuki 249–$10
Post Malone 111–$10
Freddie mercury 96 queen—$15
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2023.03.24 00:40 WhatIveDone57 Dave’s Hot Chicken opens Friday, Pizza Guys coming soon to Visalia

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2023.03.23 23:52 honkytonk30 OOOOOOH MY?!?!?!?

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2023.03.23 23:14 BongoJongo Big Island trip of a lifetime!

Thank you to all of you in this sub for your amazing advice and answers. It made our stay on the Big Island super special and a BLAST! Disclaimer: I know this is long. Skip around and read the sections you're interested in!
FAVORITE FOOD: Flourless Chocolate Cake at Canoehouse (killer)
FAVORITE ALCOHOL: Volcano Winery Wines (all)
FAVORITE SPOTS WE VISITED: HVNP, Pu'uhonua O Honaunau Natl. Park
Saturday 3/11 - Kailua Kona Arrived to the Big Island. We got great advice on where to go/what to do from our lyft driver. We got to the My Hawaii hostel and changed and then took an Uber to Umekes in Kailua Kona. A great place to go when jetlagged - our bartender was super nice. We got poke and Virgin Pina Coladas. The poke was like butter - melted in my mouth. Then we took a lyft back to the hostel and crashed.
Sunday 3/12 - Kailua Kona We woke up and Ubered to the catholic church (St. Josephs) for mass. After that we bought sunscreen (reef safe) and walked around Kailua Kona (mainly tourist shops). Highly recommend Scandinavian Shave Ice- our lyft driver told us to get it with Lillikoi and Watermelon flavor and then Tahitian vanilla in the middle. For lunch we walked to Willis hot Chicken. This place was great - has live music some nights and had a line out the door with mostly locals going there. We had a great conversation with an 80 year old filipina woman and navy vet who were world travelers but lived on the Big Island. After that we went to Target to meet our Mauna Kea Summit and Stars tour guide but we found out our tour was canceled due to inclement weather. So we ate shamrock shake oreo mcflurries while we decided what to do. We decided to reschedule the tour for our last day on the island and buy some swimsuits and dinner at Target and take an Uber to the nearest beach (airport beach).We hung out at the beach and watched the sun set. Not a great beach to swim at but great for sunsets. Then we took an Uber to downtown Kailua Kona and watched a hawaiian band play for 2 hours and had lots of drinks at Gertrudes. If you're looking for great entertainment while visiting, highly recommend. They have live music almost every night of the week and of many different genres!
Monday 3/13 - Kailua Kona We hung around and met some of the people at the hostel for an hour. Then we went to a convenience store for some lunch food and then took an Uber to Kua Bay beach. I tried to swim but the waves were too strong for me but my cousin loved the water. Overall though a pretty nice beach! Then we took an Uber to get our rental car. We picked up the rental and went to get sushi for dinner at Sushi Cocoro & Udon noodle in downtown Kailua Kona. Highly recommend going here. Amazing sushi for relatively cheap pricing. We then got shave ice again from Scandinavian shave ice (had to) and then drove to Walmart to pick up souvenirs and food for the next day. Highly recommend going go Walmart for souvenirs. They're cheap and they have an entire section for them near the entrance.
Tuesday 3/14 - Kailua Kona area We woke up and drove our car to the Painted Church early to see that and get some pics. Next we drove to Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historic Site. We loved learning about the cultural significance, fabulous views and playing Konane. Then we ate a pb and banana sandwich lunch in the picnic area in the park and walked around some of the lava rocks and small tide pools. After that we drove up to Heavenly Hawaiian Kona Coffee Farm on the side of the mountain. We sampled many coffees and had a tour with Nate from Nebraska. Kona coffee is incredibly fruity and delicious. After that we drove to Costco to get gas and some groceries. We then ate a quick dinner at the hostel and then went to the Sea Paradise catamaran to go to the Manta Ray Night Dive. That was amazing and worth it to go on a big boat since they had better lighting equipment than the smaller boats which attracted the Mantas for longer. The staff was also super professional and amazing. Mantas were of course mesmerizing and huge!
Wednesday 3/15 - Kailua Kona -> Volcano We woke up, checked out of our hostel and went to Two Step to snorkel. We saw yellow fish, sea urchins, rainbow parrot fish, and dolphins swimming in the bay. If you going to snorkel at all on the island, go as early as possible. By 11 am the best fish are hiding and the crowds have arrived. We had lunch again at the same picnic area next to Pu'uhonua O Honaunau park. Next we drove south and stopped at Punaluu bakery for some malasadas. My favorite was the Haupia and my cousins was the Lillikoi. Lots of tourists were also stopped there. Next we stopped at Punaluu black sand beach. This beach was super cool. We saw 4 or 5 turtles in the surf eating algae but none up on the beach. Also a ton of tourists here with some of them getting too close to the turtles. Then we stopped at Ka'u coffee mill to buy coffee and souvenirs. Next we stopped quickly at a general store for some ramen and butter mochi to try. We checked into our really nice airbnb in Volcano and ate ramen for dinner.
Thursday 3/16 - Volcano We woke up and drove over to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We stopped at the visitors center, saw the huge active volcanic crater, saw the Thurston Lava Tube and then many other craters on the way down to the ocean on chain of craters road. Recommend the HVNP Shaka Guide tour. It was entirely worth it because it told us which stuff was worth seeing and gave us the background/ history behind it. We did a really hot hike to see some petroglyphs and finally saw the sea arch at the end. We then drove out of the park. We were in the park for about 6 hours so allow enough time for this spectacular place. We then showered and then got ready for our nice dinner at Volcano House. We watched the sunset over the Volcano and behind Mauna Loa. The food and service were great (especially the fish dishes!). We then went to the Kiluea Overlook and didn't see lava flowing but saw more stars than we've ever seen before!
Friday 3/17 - Volcano I woke up early (6:45) and went on a 2 hour hike down into the Kiluea Iki Crater and out. Amazing views and worth it to get up early to avoid the heat and crowds. After that we decided to do our laundry at the laundromat. We got a late lunch at the Tuk Tuk Thai food truck which was good! The shrimp in the Pad Thai perfectly cooked and super fresh. After that we did a short hike to see the Sulfur Banks which is where sulfur steam is coming out in HVNP. After that we went to Volcano Winery and liked every single wine we tasted so we both bought a bottle to take home. They close at 5:30 daily so make sure you arrive with an hour to spare if you want to do a tasting. We then went back to our Airbnb for dinner (ramen and leftovers) and watched 2 hours of documentaries about the Hawaii Volcanoes.
Saturday 3/18 - Hilo We woke up and drove to Hilo. We walked through the Liluokalani Japanese Gardens and then shopped at lots of the stores (shoutout Simply Sisters boutique for authentically hawaiian made clothing) We had a great time wandering through the farmers market and trying a bunch of foods. We bought a jam from Steve's Akaka Falls Jams which is one of the tents. You have to stop here - they will give you 10 samples and all are good. We then drove over to Ken's Pancakes for a late lunch. I had the Loco Moco and my cousin had the Mahi Mahi with eggs and hash browns and we split an order of pancakes. Pretty good but no A/C there which made it pretty hot inside since it was already after 1pm. Next we drove to Big Island Candies for some good edible souvenirs. After that we went to the Hawaii Bioreserve which we loved and saw so many amazing flowers! We did get bit by mosquitoes though. We then went to the catholic church for 5pm mass. After that we went to Hilo Burger (really enjoyed the laid back bar vibe but with good food) and headed back to the airbnb.
Sunday 3/19 - Hilo -> Waikoloa Village We checked out of our airbnb and stopped at a 7/11 for some hawaiian snacks. Really loved the variety of snacks there. Next we went to Akaka Falls to check that out which was pretty cool! We stopped at the Honomu Goat Farm on the way out of Akaka Falls to feed some goats. They also sold carmels there which are AMAZING. Next we drove up to Waipio Valley overlook for a good view of the valley and ate our lunch in the car there. After that we drove to Pu'ukohala Heiau. Here the history of the site is more interesting than the site itself but regardless is very important in the history of King Kamehameha and the unification of the hawaiian people. Next we drove to the Fairmont Orchid to walk through it and see what it is like for half an hour. After that we drove to shower and check into our new airbnb in Waikoloa village. We drove to Mauna Lani Auberge to walk around the grounds (GORGEOUS) and hangout during sunset. Then we ate at Canoehouse for a 7:30 dinner which was phenomenal. Exhausted, we drove back to our airbnb.
Monday 3/20 - Kohala Coast / Mauna Kea We woke up and drove to Hapuna Beach for a few hours. The beach was beautiful with a long expanse of fine white sand and great waves to boogie board in. We changed and drove to the Kailua Kona target to meet our Mauna Kea Summit and Stars tour guide and van. He drove us up to the visitors center and up the rough road to the summit with all of the telescopes. There was snow up there and even people skiing and snowboarding! We watched the sun set. Then we drove down to a lower elevation to look at the stars. It was so fun to be above the clouds and we were really glad we paid to have somebody else drive us up the rocky route to the summit. It felt like we were on Mars! We then drove back to the visitors center and then back to the Kona Target. We got back to the Kona Target right before 10pm so if you are doing one of these tours prepare for a long day.
Tuesday 3/21 - Kohala Coast -> Departure We woke up and checked out of our airbnb. We spent the morning and early afternoon at Beach 69 which was great because it had lots of shade and very clear waters to see fish. It ended up being our favorite beach from the whole trip. We returned our rental and lastly stopped at Broke Da Mouth Grindz (had to get some Kalua Pork before leaving) for dinner before heading to the airport.
If we had any regrets it would be staying at Waikoloa Village for one more day and Kailua Kona one less day since it would've given us more beach time. Other than that we both loved the trip and can't wait to return.
Mahalo nui to the amazing people and nature of this beautiful island for a fabulous adventure!
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2023.03.23 22:28 jmoriarty Visited The Old Station for lunch (place from the NYT article)

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2023.03.23 21:00 happyjazzycook Jimmy Tsang recipes, found in a cookbook so thought I'd share

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2023.03.23 20:07 Sola_Sista_94 Miu and the Mechanic: Part Nine (Fanfic)

The next morning, Kokichi brought breakfast up to Himiko, who was still locked up in her and Tenko's room. Because she had locked the door, Tenko couldn't enter, so she had to spend the night in Angie and Tsumugi's room. Kokichi set the breakfast tray down, and pulled his lockpicking tools out from his pocket. He picked the lock to Himiko and Tenko's door, and opened it.

"Hey, Himiko!" he announced. Himiko shot up and frowned at him.

"Close the door!" she hissed. Kokichi closed the door and sat on her bed, holding the breakfast tray out to her.

"Kirumi made some good ol' syrupy French toast!" Kokichi said. Himiko took the tray and began gobbling up her breakfast. ", you getting ready to go bash Miu's head in, now?"

"Nyeh...I don't wanna talk about it," Himiko grumbled through a mouthful of food. Kokichi was about to say something else when he heard voices outside. He stood up to look outside Himiko's window, and saw Miu talking to Kazuichi outside of 7th Island House next door.

"Himiko! Himiko! Look!" he exclaimed, waving Himiko over. Himiko jumped out of bed, and looked out the window. "Do the magic spell thingy where we can hear what they're saying!" Himiko uttered the spell and were soon able to hear Miu and Kazuichi's conversation.

"I-I'm sorry for...being so annoying last night..." Miu said, folding her hands politely in front of her. Kazuichi shifted his weight and sighed.

"Why are you that way, Miu?" Kazuichi asked. "And I don't mean that in a rude way. I just... wanna know what's up with you."

"I don't know..." Miu groaned, running her fingers through her hair. "I, never mind." Kazuichi gently gave Miu an encouraging tap on her shoulder with the back of his hand.

"C'mon, tell me," he said softly. Miu blushed slightly at his touch, and smiled a bit.

"Um...well, it's just that...I've never had a boyfriend before," she finally admitted.

"R-Really?" Kazuichi asked quietly. "That's news to me!"

"Really?" Miu asked.

"Yeah! I mean, I thought all the guys would wanna go out with you," Kazuichi said.

"But you told me yesterday that my attitude would make other people not want to be around me," Miu mumbled.

"Oh, well, I thought that maybe you had boyfriends, but they didn't stick around long enough because of your attitude," Kazuichi admitted.

"Oh..." Miu replied softly.

"'s okay that you've never had a boyfriend," Kazuichi said. "I've never had a girlfriend."

"Well, that's not surprising," Miu said with a shrug. Kazuichi frowned at her. "Oh! No...I didn't mean it like that! I guess, I just meant that...well, I don't know what I meant." Miu put her hands up to her cheeks in embarrassment.

"'re not very good at talkin' to other people either, are ya?" Kazuichi asked.

"Ei-Either? What do you mean by that?" Miu asked. Kazuichi smiled at her.

"Haha, I didn't have too many friends growin' up," he admitted. "I had one friend, but he let me down one time, so I found it hard to believe in others. To top it all off, I was already a wimpy kid to begin with, but I was sick of being treated as such. So, I changed my image. I didn't exactly get the results I expected, but, hey, at least I wasn't bein' picked on, anymore."

"Oh...I see," Miu mumbled. " always seem so confident in your work, despite being wimpy and easily irritated. offense!"

"None taken," Kazuichi assured. "And, yeah, cuz I've been around machines my whole life, basically! I know how to work my way around them! But people...not so much."

"I...I guess I'm the same, too," Miu replied softly.

"Yeah! Y'know, you're pretty good with machines, too, Miu," Kazuichi said. "There's no reason why we shouldn't team up to build the coolest stuff ever!"

"I guess that's true," Miu replied with a small, uncertain shrug.

"Hey, c'mon, now! You can't invent or fix machines if you don't have the passion for it!" Kazuichi said, giving Miu a thumbs-up. "Cheer up, okay? The world's not gonna get any better without our help!" Miu nodded timidly at him. "Hey, Miu? If you want, we can redo our date tonight. Only if it's okay with you, though." Miu thought about it for a while.

"Okay..." she finally replied.

"Cool! Wanna eat at the same place, again?" Kazuichi asked.

"No...not really," Miu replied, finding her voice. "I think I want some McNuggets."

"Say it like you mean it!" Kazuichi said.


"Whoa!! Now that's what I'm talkin' about!" Kazuichi said. "I'm all fired up and ready to go like a hot rod!" Miu blushed, and smiled bashfully.

"Um...thanks, I guess," she said.

"For what?" Kazuichi asked.

"For givin' me another chance," Miu replied. Kazuichi shrugged modestly.

"You gave me another chance by apologizing and opening up," he said. "It's only fair I return the favor." Miu smiled and nodded. Kazuichi gave her a friendly wave goodbye before heading back into 7th Island House. Himiko smiled excitedly at Kokichi.

" worked!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, but only because you yelled at her last night," Kokichi replied with a cheeky grin. Himiko abashedly hung her head.

"Why did you have to bring that up?" she asked.

"Eh, don't worry about it, Monkey Buns," Kokichi replied. "It's something that Miu needed to hear. It's better that you screamed at her. What you did was nothing compared to what could have happened to her. Some people learn their lesson too late, and some people don't get a chance to learn their lesson at all. But it seems like Miu is trying to get her act together because of you."

"I hope so," Himiko said. Kokichi gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Sooo...wanna go to McDonald's to spy on them?" he asked. Himiko nodded.

"Nyeh...let's do it," she answered.

Kokichi and Himiko arrived at McDonald's in disguise, ordered their food, and sat at a table near Kazuichi and Miu. Because the McDonald's was mostly empty, Himiko didn't need to use her spell for her and Kokichi to eavesdrop on Kazuichi and Miu.

"So, Miu, if it's not too personal, I was wondering...were you ever bullied when you were younger?" Kazuichi asked.

"Haha! Of course not! Cuz I was a hottie who-" Miu began. She looked at Kazuichi, who stared at her with disappointment. "Ohh...s-sorry...i-it's a habit," Miu muttered sheepishly. "Um...well, yeah, I was bullied, too. Especially by this girl named Etsuko. Back then, I wasn't good at inventing things like I am now, er...not that I'm bragging, or anything!"

"I know what you mean. Go on," Kazuichi nodded encouragingly at her.

"Er, well...I wasn't good at inventing things back then," Miu continued. "I used to tinker around with some of the stuff I could get my hands on. But, whatever thing I was tinkerin' with, Etsuko would pretty much destroy it. Because of her, I was basically a nobody in elementary school all the way to the beginning of high school. Shortly after high school started, she ended up in juvie for beatin' up a teacher."

"Wow! What a loser!" Kazuichi exclaimed.

"It's not my fault!" Miu said. "I was the victim of bullying!"

"N-No, not you!" Kazuichi replied. "I was talkin' about Etsuko!"

"Ohhh..." Miu said softly. "Yeah, she put me through hell. And even after she went to juvie, the bullying didn't stop. Because of her influence, everyone else bullied me. They made fun of me for not having a boyfriend, and for even bein'"

"A what?" Kazuichi asked softly.

"A v...v...v-virgin," Miu groaned.

"You are?" Kazuichi asked. Miu shamefully nodded her head.

"I mean...that's not really a big deal, Miu," Kazuichi said. 'Why do you make it out to be? Why do you pretend to be something you're not?"

"Because I thought it'd make me cool," Miu replied with a small shrug. "I thought people would want to be my friend, since I didn't have any friends when people knew I wasn't a virgin."

"W-Well those people at your old high school suck!" Kazuichi said. "You're way more awesome than they are!"

"D-Do you really mean that?" Miu asked as she timidly twirled a strand of her hair.

"Totally, Miu!" Kazuichi replied. "You're an inventor, dammit! You gotta start actin' like one! A real one! Not some person who acts all tough and...and...I dunno, 'unvirginated,' but someone who is truly passionate about inventing and truly confident in the ways that your inventions can improve the world! That's who you are, Miu!"

"I...I remember Himiko saying that to me a while back," Miu said.

"Hm? Himiko said that to you?" Kazuichi asked. "Well, she's right! Stop pretendin' to be something your not, and show everybody the real Miu!" Miu's face began turning red and sweaty.

"Ohh, m-my!" she moaned.

"Wh-Whoa! What's goin' on?! Are you okay?!" Kazuichi asked in alarm.

"It's just that...I've never heard such encouraging words...from a guy before!" Miu said. "It...k-kinda good!"

"Ohhh..." Kazuichi replied, twiddling his fingers. " you want me to stop, then? We're kinda in a public place, and you should try to calm yourself, Miu."

"Y-You're right...sorry!" Miu breathed. Her face became normal again. ", long have you been interested in...machines?"

"Ah, pretty much since I was real small!" Kazuichi replied. "I've always loved machines! My family owns a bike shop, but because there weren't a lot of customers, I used to tinker with the bikes myself. I even built a bike that can go almost 600 mph, but I'll never ride it cuz I get motion sickness."

"You do?" Miu asked. "Well, maybe I can invent somethin' that'll help you not get motion sickness anymore. That way, you can ride your bike."

"That'd be amazing!" Kazuichi replied. "But it's not the bike that I wanna ride. It's a rocket that I plan on building. I'd like to ride in that, instead."

"Oh! Y-You wanna r-ride a r-rocket?" Miu asked with drool emerging from the corner of her mouth.

"Miu..." Kzuichi groaned.

"Eeeeeee!! Sorry! Sorry! I'm tryin!' I really am!" Miu squealed. "Old habits d-die...HA-A-A-A-A-A-ARD!!" Kazuichi shook his head and chuckled.

"Y'know, you're kinda hilarious, Miu," he said.

"R-Really? In a g-good way?" Miu asked.

"Yeah! I never would have guessed that about you," Kazuichi admitted. "'re kinda fun to be around when you're not bragging about yourself, y'know?"

"Eeeee....s-stop sayin' nice things about me!" Miu said. "It makes me feel like I'm gonna...gonna...go KERSPLOOSH!!"

"AAUUGGGHHH!!! Okay, okay! I'm sorry!" Kazuichi exclaimed. "Just...just don't do that, okay?!"

"Okay...okay...I'm okay," Miu breathed, fanning herself.

"Good..." Kazuichi said, taking a deep breath. "So, um...when you're not inventing things, what do you like to do, Miu? And, don't say people, cuz that's not what I mean!"

"I wasn't gonna say that!" Miu said. "I am tryna change, y'know!" She paused to think for a while. "Um...I like watching kids shows."

"Really?!" Kazuichi exclaimed in surprise.

"Is that s-stupid?" Miu asked timidly.

"No! It's interesting," Kazuichi replied. "I didn't know that at all about you! What kids shows do you like to watch?"

"Well, I like Pokémon," Miu admitted. "Some of the pokémon are really cute."

"Cool! What's your favorite one?" Kazuichi asked.

"S-Squirtle," Miu replied, turning red. "I like that one because...because...ohh...never mind." A smile formed on Kazuichi's face.

"Because of its name?" he asked.

"M-MAYBE!!" Miu squealed. "Actually, I changed my mind! I like Ch-Charmander, okay?! There's nothin' weird or gross about him! Except...he's a fire pokémon! And f-fire is h-hot...just...l-like...ME RIGHT NO-O-O-O-OWWW!!!"

"Oh, jeez," Kazuichi replied, chuckling as he facepalmed.

"I'm sorry! I don't know why I gotta make things so har-...I mean...difficult!" Miu whimpered.

"It's fine, Miu. I'll tell you my favorite kids shows, if you want," Kazuichi offered. Miu nodded sheepishly.

"Well, I know it's really old, but I like Speed Racer," Kazuichi said. "I also like Zoids."

"Oh! Is Zoids the one with those giant, mechanical animals?" Miu asked.

"Yeah! That show was great!" Kazuichi replied. "Maybe you and I can build our own zoid one day, or, or even build a car like Speed Racer's Mach 5! And thanks to your invention to prevent me from getting motion sickness, we can ride in them whenever we want!"

"Yeah! It does sound...pretty cool!" Miu agreed.

"Right?!" Kazuichi replied. After a few more minutes of talking, Kazuichi and Miu stood up from their table. "Ready to go?" Kazuichi asked. Miu nodded. Kazuichi led her out of the restaurant, leaving Kokichi and Himiko alone.

"'s working, Kokichi! It's really working!" Himiko squealed with excitement.

"Haha, yeah! I didn't expect this, to be honest," Kokichi replied. "I was hoping it would end with a giant robot battle, buuut I guess this is okay, too. C'mon, Himiko, let's go follow them!" Quietly, they followed Kazuichi and Miu back to Casa V3, where Kazuichi dropped Miu off. Kokichi and Himiko hid behind some bushes across the street and watched them.

"Hey, Miu? I had a pretty good time with you tonight," Kazuichi said.

"Oh,, too," Miu admitted, blushing.

"Um...before I go, I wanted to give you something," Kazuichi said. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a tiny robot that looked just like Miu. "I felt bad for leaving you alone yesterday, and I thought I'd make it up to you by giving you this. Hopefully it'll give you some inspiration whenever you wanna invent some cool stuff! I call it 'Miniruma!'"

"Oh! Th-Thanks!" Miu said, taking Miniruma from Kazuichi. "This is...really cute!"

"I'm glad you like it!" Kazuichi replied. "Well...see you tomorrow at school?"

"Yeah..." Miu replied, nodding shyly. With a friendly tap on her shoulder, Kazuichi left the front porch of Casa V3, and headed back to 7th Island House. Kokichi and Himiko watched as Miu clutched Miniruma to her chest, and sighed blissfully.
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