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How much did your parents spend on your NEET Coaching? Was it worth it?

2023.03.24 08:13 TwoSubject2830 How much did your parents spend on your NEET Coaching? Was it worth it?

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2023.03.24 08:12 Eager_Question Love Languages (2)

Memory transcription subject: Larzo, Yotul doctor and geneticist at the Venlil Rehabilitation and Reintegration Facility.
Date [standardized human time]: December 1, 2136
My father died of despair when I was ten years old, and my mother could tell by the time I was twelve that I would follow in his footsteps.
I too was a thinker. I loved to take machines apart and put them together again. My most beloved area of knowledge was that of living things, and I read book after book on the vast beautiful worlds beyond ours, and the creatures they held. None could compare to my home in their scope and their variety. Not until I learned of Earth. Our land was special, even as the cruel Federation sought to ravage it. Life was the greatest mystery to me, the most fascinating of puzzles.
I had his joy for the world. The joy that led him to the stars.
My mother saw this, and made me swear that I would not let the Federation take me away. That I would not go to an alien university, and learn alien science, only to be drugged and sent to a re-education camp like my father. That I would not allow despair to take me.
"Swear to me you will not lose yourself, my child. Swear to me that you will not listen to their lies," she demanded, gripping me by the shoulders.
"I swear, mama."
When I was older, I picked one of the more rural universities, with less Federation influence. I became a naturalist and a physician, with an interest in genetics research.
My small-town university did not have the tools for genetic sequencing, but we did have the information on how genes worked. So a lot of my work was theoretical. My professor and I both knew that my thesis (about the potential for viruses to be used as vectors for medicine) was probably old news in the Federation. She didn't care. I had arrived at it largely independently, and produced a comprehensive model of how such a system might work, without a single alien instructor.
My mother was proud. My supervisor was proud. I, however, felt hollow. Was that all I could achieve? All I could dream of? To replicate from first principles the ancient knowledge of the Federation?
Still, I kept my oath, and began working at a laboratory when the news came. New aliens! Ones that wouldn't think we were primitive! Ones everyone else found frightful for some reason!
Aliens that were not part of the Federation.
My mother's hensa had kits the same week. She gave me one of them, as a reminder I think. I could not possibly keep a hensa in a Federation laboratory or space station. And I could never abandon a little hensa. She loved me from the moment her eyes laid upon mine.
But the humans were another matter. A hensa would be no trouble for a human space station, would it?
I watched the proceedings obsessively, viewed and reviewed Ambassador Noah's address to the Federation. He had no idea of what cruelty they were capable of, even as he faced it head-on. "Friendship". Laughable. I wanted to shout at him, "run! Run and block all contact from those cruel beasts! Lying, prejudiced monsters will do nothing for you!"
I was proud that my people were among the few who would seek relations with the humans. It was the perfect option. I could keep my oath to my mother and find a true frontier. I sent a digital letter to one of their coordinators asking if I could engage in training directly on Earth.
Esteemed Dr. Larzo,
We have contacted a few universities, and received unequivocal acceptance of your proposal from multiple professors. You are welcome to board a transport to Earth at your earliest convenience. Attached are the projects you could participate in, along with descriptions of your potential supervisors. For the purposes of Earth credentials, what you seek would be considered a post-doctoral fellowship, the details of which are also attached.
Please respond with your earliest availability for live communication in between the following dates so that we may discuss this at greater length.
It was an ordeal to arrange for the trips (let alone with a "dangerous predator" amidst my luggage!). I made my limited access to communications clear, and we settled on meeting in Venlil Prime for speed, as it was closer than Earth and had a UN embassy.
I eventually called in enough favours to get an uncle's friend's brother's wife's father's private space pilot to take me and my hensa so long as I covered the air tanks and the food. I spent three weeks in space with nothing but research. Antoinette Tremblay was my chosen supervisor, a brilliant researcher at McGill University in a nation state called Canada on Earth. She was beautifully interdisciplinary, and researched the human brain and "gene therapy". Therapy that used viruses as vectors!
I arrived on Venlil Prime to refuel, and only then did I get the news. I learned after landing that the Krakotl had already amassed their fleet. They had already beaten me to Earth. The Arxur had even rushed in, to triumph over them!
McGill University no longer existed.
I immediately contacted the UN. My case was bounced from department to department like they were playing hoopball with my information.
"I'm so sorry, Larzo," said a human who introduced herself as Petra Andropova. She was eventually the sole authority in charge of my case. "Antoinette Tremblay has not been answering any calls. She is probably alive, but may be injured or otherwise indisposed. NYU and the University of Sydney were also bombed."
I could not respond. I merely fell back against my seat and stared into the new abyss that had become my life. All my efforts gone to waste. My sorrow seemed to physically wound the UN representative.
"...There is, however, an opportunity," she said. I could tell by her face that she had not planned to say that.
"There is?"
"Yes. We have been planning a cultural exchange between humans and the Yotul people. Perhaps you could be involved in that?"
I frowned. "But–I do not mean to offend, Petra Andropova. It is only that what I sought was research. I appreciate friendship, but is there no researcher I could work with?"
She frowned and shifted through some files in her computer.
"If you'll stay for a few days–um. Well. A few paws I think it is? I can think of something."
I nodded. "Yes. Yes, of course. Could I have access to more of your human research?"
She moved her head up and down. "I'll get you access to a few genetics textbooks."
I did my best to keep my hensa indoors. She was crafty, and I had to make toys for her myself, as the Venlil did not have pets, but I managed. I stayed in a motel for a few days, and as promised, Petra Andropova made herself known to me through a datapad moving picture meeting.
"Well, I have good news and bad news," she said, "the good news is that we will be contacting a researcher who worked directly under Antoinette Tremblay to work at a new facility that has just begun construction."
"And the bad?"
"Whether you do any cutting-edge research will depend entirely on them."
"...Thank you."
"I'll send you more human research on genetics," she added, "and if you're interested in working with this researcher, we will pay for upskilling in the form of using Venlil genetic sequencing technology over the next couple of weeks."
I accepted the offer, and used the advance to secure an apartment. The Venlil were not Federation anymore. But with their disdain, they might as well be. The two weeks were exhausting, not because of the programs and machines with a hundred different settings and docks and menus, but because they were driving me mad.
"Even the uplift knows how to do this, Kenla!"
"Leave it to the uplift to ask the stupid questions."
"If the computer is too hard, we could probably make you an abacus!"
In the second week of training, I found myself at a pro-human bar, surrounded by bizarre and entertaining death-worshipping humans dressed in all manner of ghastly clothes, when the news broke. Governor Tarva appeared on every television screen at once.
“--I am about to share with you an interview from Aafa, revealing a centuries-long conspiracy against Federation member races–”
An elderly gojid off in the back shouted “I knew it!!” before anyone had any idea what the news actually was.
“--The humans are not the only meat-and-plant eating race to have existed.”
What followed was a horrifying video in which Nikonus declared that not only were other species omnivorous like the humans, but that the Federation had been the ones to instigate the conflict with the Arxur!
“I told you all!” the Gojid continued, waving a half-empty bottle in the air. “You didn’t believe me! These claws exist for a reason!”
The Kolshians had destroyed the Gojid, the Krakotl, and so many others, just as they were destroying my home! Governor Tarva had some further comments, but I mostly observed the bar with care. Many of the venlil were crying. I wondered if they would weep for Yotul losses as much as they did for the humans’ suffering.
I finished the weeks of training with a perfectly respectable grade and a rage I did not know how to quell. Thankfully, I was soon introduced to the human scientist in a visit to the UN embassy.
“Larzo, this is Director Andes Savulescu-Ruiz,” said Petra, gesturing to a human, probably 30 to 35 years old, who’d been reading through some papers. She lightly tapped the papers, nearly causing the other human to fall to the ground.
“Oh! Oh, shit–Hi! Nice to meet you, Larzo,” he said, jutting out a hand for me to shake. I presumed he was male, for he lacked the glans I so often saw among human females. I was never corrected.
“Nice to meet you as well, Andes Savulescu-Ruiz” I said, moving his hand up and down as I had been instructed.
"Just Andes is fine."
“Andes will be the director of the Human division at the new facility, so you’ll be working directly under them,” said Petra. “I’m sure you’ll make wonderful colleagues.”
“May I engage in research?” I asked immediately. Andes tilted his head to one side, like a curious hensa.
“I mean, if you find something worth researching, go for it,” he said with a little shrug.
I nearly leapt with joy. I could decide the very direction of my research! He let out a strange noise and brought a hand to his lips as he smiled.
“Let’s go check out the site,” Andes said, and stood. He was not tall for a human, marginally shorter than Petra Andropova, but he had a large presence, and a thickness to his muscles that did not make him look as gangly and stretched out as so many humans do.
Over the last few days we set up my office and the lab I would share with some Venlil and Zurulian doctors. Andes would come from his own additional education every few shifts to help with construction. It was astonishing, how much an untrained human could lift, how responsive their muscles were to the demands of labour. I would catch myself on occasion staring as he helped with the construction efforts of the southern housing units.
Art has meant less since the arrival of the photograph, but I found within me a desire to sketch him regardless. Human muscles moved with a dexterity unbecoming of their size. Their legs looked bizarre, with tiny feet and five toes on each. I did not exactly voice my desire to cut him open and look at his tendons. Still, I would not have refused an offer to dissect a similar human specimen.
We were not close at first. My greatest companion remained my hensa, but I found I was right about humans. They were cordial, curious, comfortable seeing me as an equal. The experience was emboldening. One time, after a particularly arduous shift, Andes decided to show me a human game called “connect four”, and we commiserated about our loathing of the federation.
“Ugh, when Cilany’s news broke last month, it was the worst!,” they said, placing a piece off to the side. I placed my own token between two of his, only to be thwarted by a third piece atop mine. He now had an incomplete diagonal, and had removed an entire row from my strategizing. “There was this Krakotl prisoner freaking out. Lady had never even eaten cheese and she was going on about monstrous she was.”
“Ah, so it was the meat-eating ancestors that were the problem, not the attempted genocide against innocent primates new to the stars?” I commented.
"Right?! I swear, you guys are the only sane people in the galaxy."
He had placed another red piece next to one of mine. If I moved to block it, his original diagonal could be completed. If I did not, he would have a second row under his power. I moved to threaten my own diagonal set of three. He blocked, and so I won another turn to decide what to do about that treacherous spot.
"Really?” I asked, glancing back and forth between his face, now visible with the visor on the table, and the game. “You would not place humans as our equals?"
Andes laughed. I blocked his second diagonal, and in the process destroyed any prospects at halting his first.
"Buddy, we are a lot of things. But would you characterize a species that launches into two massive concurrent wars within six months of first contact as sane?"
He placed his piece directly atop mine and won. I laughed.
"You make a compelling argument."
Over the next few sleep/wake cycles, which I tried to align with Andes’, we became well-acquainted with the other’s games of intellect. He showed me checkers, and then “Chinese” checkers, which I was assured were “actually German” but had never had their name corrected after an advertising campaign. I showed him River-Crossing Bridges and Hop-Stones.
I was delighted when he showed me "Chess".
"Ha! Finally!" I shouted when I won. He’d been scurrying away from my forces for much of the eating period, and I eventually captured his queen with a pawn, after corralling her with my bishop and knight.
"Yeah, yeah, you got me," he said with a roll of his eyes, and a smile. "Little [evil spirit] [joyous marsupial]."
At another time, with another human, I may have taken offence to such a remark. Andes did not cause it, however. No matter what I asked or said, whether I won or lost, he would never call me a primitive. There was something fundamentally reassuring about that, and no number of comments about how “cute” he found me would move me to suspicion. The relief was an order of magnitude grander than if he “wouldn’t dare”. He would dare, but it did not occur to him. His comical hostility simply fed my joy.
"I have conquered the great predator! Perhaps you need more muscles here," I said, tapping my head. He laughed.
"Perhaps indeed. How's the gene sequencing going?"
Andes had a way of blurring the lines between leisure and labour. He did not seem to notice when he switched topics so starkly. I steadied myself into a more businesslike posture.
"We've identified several clusters. We're trying to figure out what to do about them. Whether they have an instinct against incest and should be kept together, or whether to segregate them by gamete, or..."
"I'd assume put them all in reproductively incompatible groups with their closest kin, and then put those groups close enough they can talk to their brothers and sisters, but separate enough you can keep an eye on something like that."
"That's the current plan. How are the implants?"
"They're honestly the easiest part. The problem is developmental. They're... Well, they're fucked up. No kid should have to go through that. Their brain scans remind me of warzones. I have hope for the younger ones, but... Well, I guess the long and short of it is that I'm pretty sure a lot of them are not leaving this place anytime soon. "
"Does it give you pause? About the Arxur?" I asked. It was no secret that Andes had continued to contact the Arxur, even as they seemed to grow more hostile to his own species.
"I mean, I think I know a [genocidal, oppressive, prejudiced] croc when I see one, pal," Andes said, leaning back. "And maybe it makes me want to puke a little more now, to see the consequences. But I kinda knew what they were going in."
I looked at him with a careful gaze. It was as though he could wall off different aspects of himself, depending on who he talked to in the moment.
"I don't understand how you can stand them," I said eventually.
"At this point, Larzo, neither do I," he had the decency to admit.
The small device pinned to my coat made it known that I had a new emergency patient to tend to. All of us with medical training were required to use it should the need arise. "I should go. Talk to you later, Andes. We'll play Upper Salwick next time. You can't possibly lose."
"I'll hold you to that!" he shouted as I hurried off back to my office. Since my arrival in my earlier shift, children had been coming into the facility in waves. Though most had been set up with temporary lodgings while we decided on permanent ones, a handful wandered about this way and that.
My patient was a prepubertal venlil girl with black wool and large white spots around the top of her head, down her neck, about her [clavicle-equivalent] and down her [sternum-equivalent]. Her tail was also white, in contrast to the rest of her. She had a scratch on her temple. I knew immediately that I had not been called because I was necessary, a nurse could easily handle a scratch. I had been called because she’d caused trouble.
“How did you get that scratch?” I asked, pulling out the healing tape and a numbing agent.
She looked at me with suspicion and said nothing. Was she one of the mute children in the files? The ones Andes was so concerned about, as the implants might do nothing for them?
“Were you in a fight?”
“What were you doing? Did you fall by yourself?”
Nothing again.
I know not what the nurses expected of me, but I considered that a stellar interrogation that yielded no fruit regardless. Once I had placed the numbing gel on her scratch and the healing tape on top, she seemed to understand that my work was done, hopped off her seat and ran back out the door.
It was interesting to witness. A large majority of the children were skittish and very fond of the herd. They liked to stick together as tightly as they could, to the point of us ordering weighted blankets that would arrive in a couple of days, in order to test if that could be used to interact with them individually.
Perhaps a fifth of them, though, seemed to be quite wild and individualistic. They would roam the building, hide behind shelves or under tables. Most of them were prepubertal girls. Almost every injury we had seen in the past six hours could be traced back to disobeying a nurse, hiding somewhere dangerous, fighting, or some other escapade one would not expect of the Venlil. Not that they would provide this information willingly. Only the nurses would discuss the events, and they were always so distraught about them.
Perhaps they did not wish for me to interrogate the wilder injured children. Perhaps they simply thought me more expendable, should they turn violent.
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2023.03.24 08:11 TwoSubject2830 Which is the best coaching institute for the NEET in Noida?

Which is the best coaching institute for the NEET in Noida?

![img](se83z1g60npa1 " NEET is also known as National Eligibility Entrance Test is conducted every year and hosted by CBSE for students who want to be admission to medical and dental courses in India. the body responsible for taking the examination is the Government of India, National Testing Agency. NEET is one of the most prestigious examinations in India. It is the dream of every student to crack NEET and get into their favorite college and fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor or dental surgeon. Noida is a place where all kinds of IT companies are flourishing and there are several opportunities in Noida. Before joining any coaching center, it is important to analyze and identify the best training institute. Points that you must consider: • Batch size of the class • Fee structure • Faculty • Infrastructure • Study material Here is the list of top institutes in Noida- ")
• PhysicsWallah • HinduZone • Beacon Classes • Vidyamandir Classes • Toppers Academy • Aakash Institute
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2023.03.24 08:10 Diligent-Director303 Should I join this tier 3 college?

At first i thought of joining a top tier 3 private college in my state through management quota but unfortunately my parents cant afford management quota (they;re asking for 8 lakhs) so my only option right now is an average tier 3 college in the city.
from what my friends told me ,the college life is very chill and there's very less workload. Weekends are holidays and the college is from 8-4. Attendance requirement is 75% like most of the colleges.
Since the college is like 2 hours away from home, I can come home during the weekends (essential because there's a good chance that'll be homesick).
Placements are kind of average and the crowd isnt that great, those are the only drawbacks.
The fee is 3.5 per year but if I do well in their entrance exam, they may reduce it to 1.5.
Should I join this college? The college name is GITAM Hyderabad
educational_info: 12 th pass
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2023.03.24 08:10 botvenom0 Drift problem with left controller but I think I found the source but I’m not sure if it will damage my controller

I noticed my index controller randomly beginning to drift so I played around with deadzone and controller settings with no luck. Thankfully or maybe unfortunately around 8 months ago the left index stick cover popped off on its own it was loose and fell but luckily I was able to put it back on and haven’t had a problem since. Today though after I noticed the drift I popped off the cover just to see if I could notice anything and I noticed that the sticks ribbon cable was a little angled and off center. I don’t know if this is what’s causing the problem but I tried testing it by holding it in place with my finger while playing briefly and it seemed to work. Should I use something like a small sliver of electrical tape to hold the ribbon in place? I don’t have a lot of electrical knowledge or ability so replacing the part is not a great option for me. Even if this is a temporary solution thats fine the controller is almost two years old and one year out of warranty so RMA just isn’t an option. To be fair its pretty old for an index controller so if replacement is my only option thats okay.
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2023.03.24 08:01 Choice_Bumblebee_949 Distance MBA Colleges In Mumbai

Distance MBA Colleges In Mumbai

A number of prestigious management colleges in Mumbai, also known as India's financial capital, offer distance MBA programs. These programs are intended for professionals in the workforce who want to continue working while pursuing higher education. We will talk about some of Mumbai's best distance MBA schools in this article.
1. NGA-SCE: The NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education One of India's most prestigious universities, NMIMS's NGA-SCE distance education division offers a comprehensive Distance MBA program. The objective of the program is to provide working professionals with a comprehensive understanding of various management aspects. Students can complete the course in between two and four years due to its adaptability.
2. SCDL (Symbiosis Center for Distance Education): Another well-known Mumbai provider of distance education is SCDL. The University Grants Commission (UGC) recognizes SCDL's Distance MBA program, which aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of various management concepts. Students can complete the course in two to four years using a combination of online and offline methods.
3. The Welingkar Institute for Management Research and Development: One of Mumbai's oldest and most prestigious management schools is the Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research. The establishment offers a Distance MBA program that is intended to give understudies an exhaustive comprehension of different administration ideas. Students can complete the course in two to four years using a combination of online and offline methods.
4. Mumbai, IGNOU Regional Center: A distance MBA program is available through the regional center in Mumbai of IGNOU, a well-known Indian provider of distance education. The goal of the program is to teach students everything they need to know about management. Students can complete the course in between two and five years due to its adaptability.
5. Institute of Management Studies Narsee Monjee (NMIMS): The Distance MBA program offered by NMIMS aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of a variety of management concepts. Students can complete the course in two to four years using a combination of online and offline methods.
In conclusion, these are a few of Mumbai's best distance MBA schools. Programs designed to meet the requirements of working professionals can be found at these colleges, which offer adaptable and comprehensive options. A Distance MBA program that will assist students in advancing their careers can be pursued at the college of their choice.
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2023.03.24 08:01 OnosokkiIndia The Advantages of Using an FFT Analyzer for Accurate Sound Analysis

The Advantages of Using an FFT Analyzer for Accurate Sound Analysis

The FFT Analyzer was introduced with technologies upgrading and industries switching to tools that provide accurate information. Industries that deal with heavy machinery and automobiles require sound testing, for which an analysis tool is required.
Multiple examples of using an FFT analyzer to measure the required information exist. In this blog, we will highlight some significant advantages that will draw your attention toward this tool and make you wonder if it is the right time to use an FFT analyzer.

What is the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)?

The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is an algorithm used to quickly calculate the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). It's a good way to figure out the frequency parts of a signal, and it's used a lot in signal processing tasks like spectral analysis, filtering, and signal synthesis.
The Discrete Fourier Series (DFS), a mathematical representation of a signal in the frequency domain, is the basis for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The FFT algorithm works by breaking down a signal into its component frequencies and then computing the amplitude and phase of each frequency component. The FFT algorithm can compute the DFT of a signal in a matter of seconds, whereas the DFT can take minutes or hours to calculate.

Advantages of FFT analyzer technology

The FFT analyzer can be used to identify the frequency components of a signal, such as those contained in the music, or to detect the presence of noise. It can also be used for image processing, identifying features or edges in an image, and for data compression, reducing the amount of data required to store a signal.

  1. High resolution: FFT analyzers can provide high-frequency resolution, allowing users to detect and analyze even the smallest details in a sound signal. This is particularly useful for analyzing complex sound signals, such as music, where small variations in frequency can significantly impact the overall sound quality.
  2. Fast processing: FFT analyzers are capable of processing large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for real-time analysis of sound signals. This is especially important for applications requiring immediate feedback, such as live sound mixing or audio system tuning.
  3. Precise measurement: FFT analyzers offer precise measurements of various sound parameters, such as amplitude, frequency, and phase, which can be used to identify and diagnose sound issues accurately. This makes them ideal for applications where accurate measurements are critical, such as in research or scientific analysis.
  4. Versatility: FFT analyzers are versatile tools that can be used for a wide range of applications, from sound quality testing to vibration analysis. They can be used to analyze various types of signals, including acoustic, electrical, and mechanical signals.
  5. User-friendly: Modern FFT analyzers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with intuitive interfaces and a range of analysis options that make it simple to perform complex measurements. This means that even non-experts can use FFT analyzers effectively, making them accessible to a wider range of users.

Time to Use the FFT Analyzer

An FFT analyzer can be helpful for many industries, as it is reliable and versatile if you need high performance and measurement. This tool is introduced to measure and provide accurate results to the engineers. Many people refer to it as a "vibration analyzer" and use it for measuring sound as well. With the compact design and wireless mode, you can analyze the sound and vibration for a precise result. Ono Sokki India is the most trustworthy source providing such high-demand tools to fulfill the requirements of many industries.
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2023.03.24 07:59 TheGr3aTAydini How do I maintain my willpower? [M20]

I know it may sound like a stupid question at face value but let me explain. For the last few months or so, I’ve felt like I’ve been the best I’ve been in a while: no lack in confidence, satisfied with my life, feel like I can do anything, felt free to talk to anyone, etc. but now I feel like that’s slowly slipping away, as though I’m losing morale slightly.
My situation at the minute:
So yeah that’s me, does anyone know how I can keep my willpower up? How can I find better women near me? Should I consider a new career?
Thank you
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2023.03.24 07:57 TypicalAd8054 Are you looking for best Hearing aids India?

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2023.03.24 07:55 cocka_doodle_do_bish How do I know if I need to continue therapy?

I'm 22/F, and adopted. I originally got into the idea of getting therapy for anxiety, depression, etc. and because it's been recommended to me by many people due to my overall, unstable home life, and circumstances of being adopted, which leaves me quite isolated. Which, I do still struggle with feelings regarding my adoption status. But as I've found out, most of my anxiety, depression, and all was being caused by undiagnosed ADHD which I'm currently being medicated for, and it's been working great.
Back when I desperately needed therapy, I didn't actually have access to it at the time. So I did a lot of research into self-care, started focusing on myself, and have made lots of improvements in my overall life, though my home life I guess you could still consider to be unstable? I am adopted, but I am adopted by my biological grandparents and since becoming an adult navigating relationships, specifically with family members, has gotten a lot more complex and difficult.
But since I've started college, since getting medicated, and since making all these improvements to my life that were making me unhappy before, my overall mental health has skyrocketed. I'm still not as confident as I want to be, and still struggle with social anxiety here and there, but compared to before? It feels like a walk in the park now. Though, I am still pretty socially isolated and that can be rough at times, but I'm trying to get back out there and make some friends, I'm even trying to date again, as scary as it is for me. I feel confident enough to say I'm capable of enjoying my life again and just be content, satisfied, and happy.
My last appointment with my therapist though was back in November, and I accidentally ghosted her because I forgot about the appointment and overslept. Never really got around to rescheduling. But I still have the option to schedule appointments with her and message back and forth on their patient portal, so I've been considering maybe reaching out and making an appointment. It's just, I don't want to take up time where she could be helping somebody who needs it more than I do. I don't feel like I need help solving my issues, in fact I feel very capable of solving them all on my own - within my control that is. But at the same time - I do have a lot of feelings that I've covered up over the years regarding my family and situation. I've been in some crazy situations in the past, that I put myself in thinking it would ease the pain I felt at the time, and I have indeed had some very dark moments both as a result of these situations and situations that were out of my control. But right now, I don't feel like I'm the same person I was then. I feel like a completely new person - someone I'm much happier to be. So is going back into therapy even worth it? How do I know?
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2023.03.24 07:53 Dry_Spare Don't give up...

Honestly, when I started the college process; I thought I was screwed. And everyone around me was telling me I was screwed, I had a 3.5 GPA, barely any good EC's, I was applying test optional, and I had been struggling for all of HS due to major depression, anxiety, panic attacks that ruined my days and would often send me home from school early, all of that combined with the fact I'm autistic, and I have ADHD; I thought I wasn't going to get in anywhere.

I decided to apply to fourteen schools, thinking that would "up" my odds. I applied to:
American University
Bard College
Connecticut College
Clark (in MA)
College of Charleston
Dickinson College
Emmanuel College
Temple University
University of Pittsburg
& University of Delaware
And guess what? I have gotten into every one of those schools (besides Smith, it comes out tmrw so who knows). And not only have I gotten into these schools, I've gotten merit based scholarships with CRAZY amounts of money.
I was so close to giving up, honestly. In September, I didn't even want to apply to any schools because I feared rejection so much. The point of this post is to just let you guys know; you REALLY never know. Apply where you want, you never know.
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2023.03.24 07:52 CLOUDCHAS3 Game stutter getting worse by the day

This is my 5th wipe, and I've seen plenty of issues come and go, but I can't find anything that explains this. I've had almost no issues from the start of the wipe until last week, at least nothing that any of my friends weren't experiencing. I noticed around mid-last week that my game would occasionally stutter when I would turn quickly. I noticed it more when streaming at first, but now it's the same no matter what else is running on my PC, even with all other apps and background processes closed. Every day it's seemed to get worse, and today it's to the point I can't even play. I've tried every suggestion that I've been able to find and absolutely nothing helps. I'm at the end of my rope. This only happens in Tarkov and every other game runs perfectly fine. I know that my internet isn't the issue, I have Google Fiber and am wired to my Asus RT-AX86U router and I have no other issues with lagging or bottlenecks. My temps are usually low in most games, rarely getting above 65C CPU and GPU (Liquid Cooling)

PC Specs:
Ryzen 9 5950X
Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570
32GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3666 MHz XMP Enabled
EVGA 3080 FTW3 Hybrid, 450W OC BIOS
1TB SK Hynix Platinum NVME M.2 (C:)
1TB SK Hynix Gold NVME M.2 (D: - Tarkov Installed)
EVGA Supernova 1000W P3 Platinum PSU

I'm noticing that I'm barely getting 15% CPU usage and 10% GPU usage, very low RAM and VRAM usage. I've also noticed that the "GameUpdate" under the FPS 3 counter jumps super high when this happens. I've tried offline and online raids to the same result. I might be missing some things that I've tried at this point.. What else should I try?

Picture of my in-game settings and a video example via YouTube link are included. Thanks in advance for any help.
Tarkov Settings
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2023.03.24 07:50 OlesTurchyn Computer Science Theory vs Software Engineering Skills

Which skills do you think will be more valuable in the wake of the AI revolution over the next 10+ years; Software engineering skills (requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing, etc...) or computer science theory (algorithms, theoretical problem solving, nlp, logic, etc...)?
I think that jobs will evolve either way and that both domains will probably see cuts in junior positions, but I am wondering which skills are more useful for staying relevant and adapting to what's ahead. Which skills will help people in this industry embrace AI or at least, still be useful to the world.
I'm considering different post-graduate options, but don't really know if it's worth specializing in something - especially if it will become obsolete. Really learning how to work with people might seem valuable instead (MBA?).
Please let me know your thoughts. As with many others, this whole AI hype train has been getting to my head and I'm not sure how to navigate through all this.
Thank you so much.
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2023.03.24 07:47 W00_Die Dropped out of college and lost in life but not depressed... yet

When I graduated highschool I was ecstatic to go to college so I immediately went. I had big dreams of becoming an Aerospace Engineer with tons of scholarships supporting me so I went to a uni in utah. After a year I decided that it wasn't really for me and moved to a school in Idaho to pursue a degree in Computer Sciences for programming. It was wonderful and I loved it, however I could only see me doing it as a hobby so i'm running out of options of what to form a career on. I used to host parties every other day so I had more woman friends than I could even imagine but the next school year the vast majority of those friends either dropped out or got married so I had pretty much no one. I reached out to my old physics teacher from hs and asked him what are some technology based jobs I can try or just anything else I could try out. He ended up getting me a remote IT helpdesk job, I absolutely love everything about, all I do is change peoples passwords from 9-5 m-f. Unfortunately I only get paid $15hr or about $2000mo taxed, which is nice and all but that's not a stable enough income for me to afford a mortgage. I do have a meme page I run but I make $50-$1000 a month from it, I did just get demonetized for posting those reels about guessing which one of the little toy chicken was playing with a lighter without permission. I want to get 1-3 more of those helpdesk jobs but its so hard to find some that accept my application. Recently I've been trying to start a business of some sort but idk where to even start, I used an old pc I had to make a website server but idk what to even put on there. I'm stuck at home with no more close friends, I don't want to hang out because i'm saving every penny I earn to hopefully have a nice down payment on a duplex. My plan right now is to work for 18 months, buy the duplex, and rent out the other half or rent out both halves then just stay in my mothers basement until I have enough for another mortgage. I don't want to say we're poverty but we've got lucky with money from the jobs they found, my parents bring in almost a $100,000 a year they claim, so they no nothing about starting a business or renting or anything like that so I will have to learn all this on my own, It's a struggle and I need to figure it out or else I have no planned future. The only reason why i'm not depressed yet is because I feel, after I buy the duplex and start making actual money, I'll be about to move to new york or any other east coast and start fresh life making new friends and connects while there. I'm literally running on hopes and dreams. I'd say if I don't have my life together by 26 (6 years), i'm just going to drop everything I own then drive until I feel like stopping. For your interaction, do you have any advice what I could be doing in my life or have experiences you want to share?
Child prodigy, went to college immediately after highschool, began Aerospace degree but changed to Computer Sciences degree , make tons of friends, lost all the friends the next year, found IT job, dropped out and moved home, don't make any effort to go out and do stuff with friends because I want to save every penny I make so I can buy a house, plans to buy a rental property so I can be free from working a 9-5, plans to move to new york and start a fresh life.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.24 07:46 FOWLENGLISHLANGUAGE AITA? It's 1 AM, I just called out of my PCT job in the morning because I'm sick with a cold.

I looked at the staffing for PCTs at 7 A, and we were fully staffed before I called in. Luckily the hospital I work at has a pretty good float pool and will float people from other floors, so I'm pretty sure they'll have someone to fill my spot. I'm in nursing school, and I didn't go to class yesterday because I was also feeling sick. This is my third call out in a year. I guess I just feel guilty because all I have is a cold so I feel like that's not a "good enough illness" to be calling sick over. Like, I definitely don't feel great, but I know that I could go to work and power through a shift. I woke up at midnight not feeling well, and not feeling like I could go back to sleep so I weighed my options: I know that I could go to work and suffer through a shift, but then doing so might cause me to be physically wasted for the school week ahead , which includes a test. I also didn't feel great about coming to work sick because I work on a general medical floor with mostly elderly patients, and I don't know how I would feel if my ill elderly loved one was being taken care of by a person who was constantly dribbling snot and not feeling well. I also lost my Sudafed and don't have a pharmacy open early enough to pick some up before my shift, so having to do a 12 hour shift unmedicated does not sound like a fun time.

ETA: I did take a COVID test yesterday and it was negative. However, the test expired last month, so I'm considering picking a new one up today.
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2023.03.24 07:45 TwoSubject2830 Which is the best NEET coaching center in Kerala?

Which is the best NEET coaching center in Kerala?

![img](ordvvmrfvmpa1 "NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is the entrance examination for students who wish to choose medical and dental as their professions. The NEET exam has negative markings as well and it is considered the most difficult exam in India for securing admissions to colleges and universities. Looking for the best NEET Coaching Institute can also be challenging and tiring. Most of the students are enrolled for help from these coaching institutes to crack the exam NEET every year. NEET as we all know is one of the most prestigious competitive exams held every year. The NEET examination is hosted by CBSE, which helps students get admission in medical and dental courses across the country. The best part is these colleges are approved by the Medical Council of India and the Dental Council of India. Here is the list of top NEET coaching institutes in Kerela: • Physics Wallah • Pinnacle • Hinduzone • Aakash institute • Future Vision NEET ")
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2023.03.24 07:44 MrBusySky Easy Diffusion v2.5.24/v2.5.26/v2.5.27 Updates - MAC compatibility and more.

Easy Diffusion v2.5.24/v2.5.26/v2.5.27 Updates - MAC compatibility and more.
Try it here today: https://github.com/cmdr2/stable-diffusion-ui
v2.5.24 released to everyone:
  • Full support for Mac,
  • New Easy installer for Windows,
  • Custom Image Modifier categories and thumbnails,
  • Option to block NSFW images,
  • Thumbnail size slider,
  • Load mask from file
  • Button to load an image mask from a file.
  • Logo change.
  • Minor styling changes to UI buttons, and the models dropdown.
  • Lots of UI-related bug fixes.
  • An option to control the size of the image thumbnails. You can use the Display options in the top-right corner to change this.
  • Support saving images in WEBP format (which consumes less disk space, with similar quality).
  • A setting to block NSFW images from being generated. You can enable this setting in the Settings tab.



v2.5.26 released to everyone:
  • View images in full-screen,
  • Image Info API update, to allow showing multiple buttons in the same row, and showing html
Plugin authors: Once this change releases to the main branch, the updated API gives you three new capabilities:
  1. You can now use an html field, instead of text to style your buttons (or add fontawesome buttons). text will continue to work as before. Example:
  2. You can organize your buttons into the same row. This can be achieved by pushing an array of objects, instead of two separate objects.
PLUGINS['IMAGE_INFO_BUTTONS'].push([ { 'html': "Button 1", on_click: foo1 }, { 'text': "Button 2", on_click: foo2 } ]) // this will show two buttons in the same row. See the example image for "Upscale" and "Fix faces" 
  1. You can add label elements along with buttons. This can be done by adding type as label. Example:
    PLUGINS['IMAGE_INFO_BUTTONS'].push([ { 'text': 'Upscale by:', type: 'label', class: 'foo_style' }, { 'text': "2x", on_click: foo1 }, { 'text': "4x", on_click: foo2 } ]) // this will create a text label, and then two buttons. all in the same row.
Download All, as zip, with and without metadata
This button (at the top of the UI) allows you to download all the images in the UI as a zip file, and optionally include their metadata as well.


v2.5.27 in beta -
  • LoRA support,
  • Support for Inpainting models,
  • Better inpainting with regular models,
  • Use other samplers with img2img,
  • not just DDIM -- all these changes require you to enable the Test Diffusers setting (bottom of the Settings tab), press Save and then restart the program.
  • Summary: lots of new features, but they are still very early and not optimized (consume lots of VRAM). So they are hidden behind a setting. That setting is disabled by default. No impact to users, if that setting is disabled.
  • What's new:
  • Basic support for LoRA - Allows you to use small models (~10 MB) to dramatically change the style of your images, without needing a whole new 4 GB model file.
  • Inpainting models - Allows you to use the Inpainting-focused models: sd-v1-5-inpainting (SD 1.5) and 512-inpainting-ema(SD 2.0)
  • Better inpainting with regular models - Improved quality of inpainting (i.e. masked images) with regular models, like SD 1.4 or SD 2.x.
  • Use other samplers with img2img - Not just DDIM.
  • Limitations: These new features use a new engine internally, which hasn't been optimized yet. So it'll consume a lot more GPU RAM than the current version. Additionally, some samplers aren't working as yet, and hypernetwork doesn't work either. This is a very early version of these features, and that's why these features require you to enable the Test Diffuserssetting in the Settings tab. Please don't forget to press Save and then restart the program after changing this setting. If you don't enable the Test Diffusers setting, there won't be any impact to you. That setting is disabled, by default. You can turn off the new features and engine at any time, by disabling the Test Diffusers setting, and restarting the program.


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2023.03.24 07:41 Sidekickadmin How Can A Virtual Receptionist Help Your Business?

An automated system known as a virtual receptionist can take calls, welcome clients, and guide them to the proper division or person. This system mimics a real receptionist using cutting-edge technologies like voice recognition and artificial intelligence. Businesses that wish to offer professional customer service without incurring the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist can do it with the help of virtual assistants. Also, they can increase a company's efficiency by directing calls to the proper individual or division, freeing up staff members from handling several calls simultaneously. Virtual assistants may guarantee that all calls are promptly answered, even after business hours, because they are available around the clock.

How To Choose The Right Virtual Receptionist For Your Business?

A virtual assistant can be a great asset to any business, large or small. But with so many virtual receptionist services, how do you choose the right one for your business? Here are some factors to consider when choosing a virtual assistant service:

What Services Do They Offer?

Ensure that the virtual assistant service you choose offers the services you need. Some services offer a wide range, while others specialize in a few specific areas.
For example, some virtual assistant services offer appointment scheduling, while others focus on customer service or lead generation.

What Are The Virtual Receptionist's Hours Of Operation?

Choosing a virtual receptionist service with hours of operation matching your business's needs is essential. Suppose you have customers who are present in different time zones. You'll need a virtual assistant service that offers 24/7 coverage.

What Is Their Pricing Structure?

Virtual assistant services typically charge a monthly fee. But the price can vary depending on the services you need and the hours of coverage you require. Be sure to get a price quote from each virtual assistant service you're considering to compare pricing.

What Are Their Policies And Procedures?

Before you choose a virtual assistant service, be sure to review the company's policies and procedures. It will help you understand how the service works and what you can expect from them. For example, some virtual assistant services require a minimum contract period. In contrast, others offer a pay-as-you-go option. By considering these factors, you can be sure to choose the virtual assistant service that's right for your business.

How To Get Started With A Virtual Assistant?

Here are some steps to get you started if you're interested in using a virtual receptionist for your business:

Assess The Requirements Of Your Business

Choose the virtual assistant services you require, such as call answering, appointment setting, or information about your company.

Research Suppliers Of Virtual Receptionists

Find respectable companies that supply the services you require. Find the perfect fit for your company by reading reviews and comparing prices.

Make A Plan

After deciding on a provider, pick a plan that fits your requirements and price range. The services provided, the number of calls, and the cost of the plans can change.

Customize Your Script

Create a script with the service provider representing your brand and giving callers the necessary information.

Configure Call Routing

Set up call routing with your service provider so that when you're not accessible, calls will go to the virtual receptionist.

Examine The Service

Test the service to ensure it functions correctly and that the virtual assistant gives the caliber of service you require before launching it.

Observe And Correct

To ensure the service meets your company's needs, monitor it frequently. As necessary, make changes to enhance the client experience.
You can start using a virtual assistant by doing the things listed below. It will assist you in giving your clients a polished and practical experience. Also, it will lower costs and increase business efficiency.


As your business grows, you'll need to find ways to improve efficiency and better manage your time. One way to do this is to hire a virtual receptionist. They can help handle many tasks for you or your office staff. These include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and managing your email. It can free up time to focus on more critical tasks, like growing your business. You'll enjoy the benefits of having more time to focus on your business.
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2023.03.24 07:41 mr_suave_ Should I have my 8-year old Maltese spayed?

My 8 year old Maltese had a lot of blood discharge from her genitals which made me concerned and took her to the vet immediately. The vet ran some blood tests and ultrasound and told me my dog had open-type pyometra. I was told to have my dog spayed but when I asked for the total cost of the surgery I was shocked because it was almost 350 USD. I'm still a senior in college and my parents don't have enough to pay for my dog's surgery. I asked the vet if I could delay my decision since I don't have the money and she said sure since the platelet, hemoglobin, and white blood cell levels of my dog are still alarming for her to undergo surgery. She gave me meds for the dog instead (antibiotics, vitamins, etc.)
We were told to return a week later to run some tests again to see if my dog can be ready for surgery. By that time, I still don't have 350 in my account to pay for the surgery which makes me think that I should inquire in the city veterinary office which I think would be a lot cheaper (since the vet clinic is privately-owned).
My question is, is it gonna be safe for my 8 yo dog to undergo surgery? Considering the life span of her breed she may have 3-5 years more left in her which makes her close to being a senior dog at the moment. She's not lethargic at all and is still much playful and appetite is good as usual. She stopped having blood discharge the last 24 hrs it's just now a few drops of pus. Anybody here have similar experience? Thanks in advance for the replies!
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2023.03.24 07:39 dragnabbit I live overseas. My parents are moving to a nursing home and selling my home address. What are my options for my tax address?

I'm a digital nomad who has been living overseas for 20-plus years now. I've maintained my home address as my parents' home (in Florida). They are finally selling the house and moving into an assisted living facility. I'm going to switch to a digital mailbox. (I get maybe 1 piece of mail per month.) The IRS will not allow me to use that address for tax purposes. What are my options? Will the fact that my 1099 forms are addressed to a digital mailbox be a problem? I don't move around much overseas. I've been in the same address for the last 4 years. So I have no problem using my overseas address, if that is allowed. What will be my responsibility regarding state taxes if I do that?
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2023.03.24 07:36 TwoSubject2830 Which is the best NEET coaching in Thane, Mumbai?

Which is the best NEET coaching in Thane, Mumbai?

![img](zi1ljwqstmpa1 " NEET is one of the toughest examinations in India. Many aspirants from all around the country prepare for the examination whose purpose is to select the right students to fill the medical and dental course seats in various colleges and universities. NEET is a three-hour test that consists of 180 multiple-choice questions each having four options with a single correct answer. The question comes from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. About the toughness of the exam, it is always advisable to take the right guidance from the experts and teachers who are Here are some of the lists of best NEET coaching institutes in Thane, Mumbai and these are as follows- • Physics Wallah • The Hinduzone NEET coaching • Lakshya Institute • Deodhar Classes • Aakash Institute ")
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2023.03.24 07:35 Igennem ❗️ Announcing Trial Run of Link Posts❗️ (Details Within)

❗️ Announcing Trial Run of Link Posts❗️ (Details Within)
We're very excited to announce a trial run of link posts as a submission option. Previously, we had only allowed text posts, though community members could include links within that text provided that they gave some of their own analysis as a starting point for discussion.
Starting now, users can submit links directly. However, we still want to encourage the thoughtful exchange of ideas through high quality submissions. Therefore, we've implemented an Automoderator rule which will require a minimum 300 characters in the text field alongside any link submissions (this very post is an example utilizing that text field). Posts that don't satisfy the character requirement will be automatically denied and the submitter will be sent an automatic message instructing them to make the necessary changes and resubmit.
This feature will be tested for 1 month. If the feature works smoothly and community reception is positive, we will look to make the change permanent. And if you have any feedback/suggestions, feel free to leave it here.
Thank you,
Your AM mods
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