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2023.03.24 06:23 IndependenceBoth5296 Today feels like worse day ever

I hate who I am now. I hate being scared when my husband is home . I hate cooking food for him thinking if he will like it . I hate this so much . I thought my marriage would be a loving and caring one. Instead I’m abused if I mess up on paying bills. He says that I’m just a dumb stupid person that doesn’t know anything that I’m just a piece of shit and just worthless. All I do is sit there and be quiet because the moment I talk back it makes him mad and tells me fuck off before he hurts me so what do I do . I take our baby and just sit in the room until he calms down to talk normal. I’m starting to not care if he leaves that I’ll finally have money to myself and kids that I’ll finally not struggle getting food . He tells me that once he leaves me that I’ll probably end up begging for money to him for food or something. To me I know I’ll be fine without him. All I wanted was a life like other married people where two people when they have time alone they cuddle or watch movies and stuff but it’s not like that . We do have that sometimes but when I ask for that he says I’m too clingy so I quit asking and just go to bed with our baby . I feel like giving up on this marriage but what stops me is him telling me another girl will be sitting in the truck with him and she will have everything I ever wanted . It makes me mad and that’s what makes me stay because my stupid thinking that I don’t want to see him happy with someone else then me
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2023.03.24 05:37 P0Iar_bear Vendor Concern + Help

Before I start, I think it’s best to preface with: I feel like I’m looking for confirmation or just a major no-no. Now onto the concern…
My fiancé and I are having a food truck wedding. So far, so good. We got to our dessert truck and I was able to find a newer business that offered an incredible price compared to similar business quotes (literally $600-$700 less) BUT…after they gave me the initial quote, I’ve had to follow up on EVERY email.
•Initial Email: price quoted immediately. •Rest of emails: trying to find out more about packages, specifics of what’s included, set up time, etc. those all needed a second or third email to get a response from the business.
After expressing the concern of lack of communication they responded with, “sorry, we try to respond as quickly as possible. Find your invoice attached.” Which, to me, felt so cold and unimportant. Well, my Mom went to their truck in person tonight and they expressed that they’re a new business (few months old) and are getting so many emails it’s hard to keep up but that they would be honored to be chosen as a wedding vendor.
I guess what I’m trying to get at is, for such a delicious truck, such an amazing price, but slow email responses, should I move forward with the business?
TLDR; food truck was taking 2-3 emails to respond back to me and now I’m scared they’ll be late for our wedding and I can’t get ahold of them. Should I use them or not?
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2023.03.24 05:23 bodiesbyjason An ACTUAL Electric Violinist Plays at the Manassas City 150th Birthday Celebration

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2023.03.24 04:31 Trash_Tia Three years ago, I was a research student working on a remote island. We were out of lab rats, so our professor used us instead (Part 2)

July, 2020.
Ever since my colleagues and I became unwilling test subjects in my psychotic professor’s experiments into awakening the supernatural, we have had multiple people trying to hunt us down. Whether they were renowned scientists desperate for the serum for themselves or random people obsessed with cutting us open and seeing how we ticked, these assholes didn’t care that we were human beings, that we were ex researchers ourselves.
They wanted us dead or alive, in pieces, or splattered across concrete. As long as they got that precious serum dripping from our frontal lobe, they didn’t give a fuck. There were varieties of hunters. Some of them tried to play nice with their own nefarious agenda, while others were completely fucking insane. Like the ones who saw us as a mistake; a curse sent from god to end humanity as we know it.
Yeah. They thought we were the next coming of the Antichrist.
Have you ever been stripped completely naked and forced to bathe in salt water for three days without food and water?
That is when I lost my will to fight.
I still remember the sensation of flames licking at my feet, rope wrapped around my wrists pinning me to a tree. They wanted me to admit I was a monster. That I was a curse from the devil and belonged in hellfire. I’ll spend this post elaborating on what exactly our professor did to us, and the burden forced onto our backs—but I will say it saved us at points. For example, the freaks who tried to cleanse us in salt water (and then burn us under a full moon) got their comeuppance. 2020 is probably a year in your lives which didn’t feel real.
You were locked inside and you probably compared what was happening to a movie. We had a similar problem. But while you were struggling through lockdown, trying to fight a wave spreading globally, we found ourselves with bounty’s on our heads. Because we were no longer human to these bastards, and to them? Anything went. Which was bad news for our professor who had fought to keep his research as private as possible, choosing to show only a select group with shiny money bags for eyes. It turns out, no matter how much you think you’re hiding something, it will always be leaked. And people will find out.
Bad people.
The kinds of people in all of my favorite movies as a kid. You know, the evil trigger-happy British guy obsessed with finding buried treasure? Him. But tenfold. I might have felt special about the multi-billion price-tag on me, but knowing all they wanted me for was to dissect and slice me apart like meat to the slaughter—yeah. I can’t say I was thrilled to have so many people after our little group. 2020 was the year when people stopped being human. Stopped trying to be human. All morality down the drain.
Of these certain groups trying to capture us, there was a specific one which I will always remember. Seth’s gang. I’ll remember them because it was the first time I realised my colleagues and I weren’t human anymore, and maybe the freaks trying to label us as The Devil’s Children were right. There were a lot of people after us, as I said. But Seth and his gang, however, just wanted us for the sake of gloating. After hearing of our professor’s experiments, these guys decided they didn’t want the serum, or the research.
They just wanted us. For what, I still don’t know. They weren’t scientists, or in the medical field. They definitely weren’t at the auction, I would have seen them. I’m pretty sure these were just ordinary guys seeing us as nothing but trophies to parade around. I don’t think they knew the significance of the serum, or the danger of it. They saw something shiny and thought to hell with it. Which, I guess looking back, was why we were always two steps ahead despite having 9mm Glock’s shoved in our faces. The hotel room we were being held in was a step up from the cage I had been trapped inside in the lab for the last several months.
It actually had air-con.
Sitting blindfolded on the edge of a queen sized bed wearing the same clothes which were practically glued to my flesh, the graze of cool air brushing the back of my neck and relieving blistering skin was euphoric. I hadn’t had a proper shower in weeks. Maybe months.
It was the first time in a long while I actually felt human. Even when my wrists were pinned behind my back, a slab of ductape suffocating my mouth and nose. Now, I wasn’t completely sure, but I wondered if there was a duct tape shortage on the island. After being kidnapped and held in multiple places, I had never been gagged with duct tape. It was always filthy clothing fashioned into a makeshift gag, or ties and shoelaces. I will never forget some asshole stuffing a pair of panties in my mouth.
Seth’s gang were the first to actually have duct tape and proper blindfolds. I sensed the front-man’s footsteps as he paced in front of us. Despite being blindfolded, I knew he had a gun tucked into his belt, a dagger strapped to his ankle, and a grenade for emergencies. I wasn’t sure what emergencies would justify blowing up a fancy hotel room. Next to me, Riss was practically vibrating with fury. She knew not to act on her fear, because when we did, bad shit happened.
But Riss was a different breed. She didn’t listen to me when we were human, and definitely didn’t listen to me when we were freakish experiments contorted into something resembling a human. No matter how many times I nudged her with reassurance, she inched away from me like I had the plague. “Project Mildew, huh?” The front-man had one hell of an aussie accent. Without my sight, the rest of my senses were expanding, igniting.
Smell. I could smell the stink of myself, body odour and filth caked into my skin. Taste. There was copper in my throat and coating my teeth and tongue. Every step the man made, I felt it prickling in my bones. I sensed him crouching in front of Kaian, who thankfully didn’t move. I was waiting for him to. If I concentrated, I could feel the air crackling with electricity, the hairs on the back of my neck and arms standing up. Just being shoulder to shoulder with my colleague allowed me to feel exactly what he was feeling.
And like Riss, the guy was dangerously close to blowing a fuse. Kaian wasn’t stupid though. If we did something, he knew the consequences of that something. And none of us wanted that. So, staying quiet and submissive it was.
“Alex Quincy’s diamonds!” The front-man flicked me in the forehead, and I had to squeeze my eyes shut to avoid going into sensory overload. He continued in a sing-song voice, his steps becoming playful, like he was dancing. Every so often I sensed his fingers wrapping around his 9mm. Maybe he wasn’t as stupid as I initially thought. “Project Mildew.” He repeated. “You looked better on camera.”
Riss scoffed under her gag. I don’t think this asshole understood that on camera we were still human. It’s not like I was planning on going to a fashion show, but the shorts and t-shirt combo I had been wearing for weeks were comfortable.
Another step. Holding my breath, I gripped the ropes entangling my wrists and prayed they were physical enough to be an anchor.
“The testers who became the tested!” He continued. “Ohhh, man. I’ve heard about you. You’re famous here. Professor Quincy’s human lab rats! And successful ones too! You’ve got a lot of eyes on ya, ain’t cha? Too bad we gotcha first. Yeah, that’s right. We got here first.”
The guy laughed, and I felt both Riss and Kaian start to tremble. Fuck. Not now. I had to keep them at bay, even when my methods weren’t exactly stellar. I had to keep them from plunging. The rope around my wrists wasn’t too tight, and I knew I’d be able to get out of it easily. But that would require strength and energy which was for sure a trigger. There were a lot of triggers. Anger and pain. Sometimes even happiness.
It turned out basic human emotions was what this thing thrived off, so to avoid us going nuclear I had to stay stoic. No matter how much I wanted to tear off this asshole’s face, I had to keep myself together. It only took one slip up before things got really fucking brutal, really fucking fast. I wasn’t surprised my colleagues were losing control. Seth was quite the character, almost like a cartoon villain.
“Damn. I’ve been looking for guard dogs, but I think we’ve found something better, aye.” His palmy fingers wandered where they shouldn’t have, grazing over my left breast and delving under my shirt, causing my body to seize up, and then relaxing slightly when he pulled off my blindfold.
Blinking rapidly, I found myself eye-to-eye with the guy who had snatched us from the lab and thrown us into the back of his truck. I only got glimpses of him during our kidnapping, thanks to the ski-mask covering his face. Now I was looking at a man who was maybe in his early thirties with a balding head and a vicious cartoon smile twisted with mania. His eyes glinted when I found myself shuffling back, my gaze flashing to the Glock strapped to his side. Seth pulled off the other’s blindfolds.
“Now, I don’t want any funny business, alright? I watched that conference, and I know what you can do.” He stuck the barrel of his 9mm into my right temple, and next to me, Kaian ducked his head. “I’m watching you sweetheart.” Seth’s smile widened into a sickening grin. “If you start any weird shit, I’ll blow your brains out.”
I did my best to nod, and he ripped the tape off of our mouths too.
“Alright!” Seth straightened up, eyeing us like we were hunks of meat. “Nice to meet cha! I’ll be looking after you guys from now on.”
“Looking after us?” I spoke up, my voice gravelly. “You mean you’ll be cutting into us and selling our brains on the black market.”
Seth laughed like a fucking hyena. “What?” He scratched the back of his head with his gun. “Nah, that’s fucked up. We just want dogs.”
The man’s smile dampened, however, when his gaze settled on Kaian. Gesturing to my colleague with his gun, he scowled. “What’s wrong with him? Did Quincy rip out the guy’s tongue?” Before I could answer, Seth crouched in front of Kaian with narrowed eyes. “You all spoke at the conference,” he murmured. “Sure, your professor forced you, but you introduced yourselves. All of you did, even your fourth."
His smile curled. "All except him."
A shiver ripped its way down my spine when Seth shot out a finger and pointed at my colleague, and my mouth started to dry up.
Kaian was perfectly reading his lips, every word curled under his tongue, his eyes flicking back and forth to drink in each one, and each word brought more heat, brought more goosebumps pricking on my arms and legs. Kaian’s body pressed against mine was overheating.
I could feel the sensation coming over my body, like a wave of pressure. Riss made a squeaking noise, and I concentrated on Seth—who didn’t seem to notice it. I’ve come to realise, whether you are a human, an animal, or a badly fucked up experiment created in a lab, it doesn’t matter what you are capable of. If you initially appear weak and powerless, the stronger will single you out. Seth was enjoying himself so much he didn’t realise the skin in his cheeks start to crack from all the moisture being sucked from the air. Kaian didn’t move or speak, and that seemed to thrill him even more.
“Speak.” Seth snarled, leaning closer until he was inches from my colleagues face.
“He’s deaf.” I gritted out.
Seth’s eyes darkened. “Deaf, huh? He better be worth it.” Kaian didn’t flinch when the man grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back. He was completely stoic, like a puppet severed from his strings, allowing the asshole to stick his Glock between his eyes. I noticed the air move slightly around us, blurring and then coming together. It was a blink and you’ll miss it moment, and I had spent months being taught how to notice it. “Three and a half million dollars each, hmm?” Seth said in a breath, dragging the butt of his gun down my colleagues face, grazing it across the flesh of his neck. “I don’t remember paying for a fucking mute. You can learn to talk, kid."
Again, Kaian didn’t even acknowledge the man, and that infuriated him even more. “Hey!” Seth grabbed his jaw, forcing Kaian to look at him. “Are you fucking listening to me? Open your mouth. You either speak or you die. Like I said, I didn’t pay half a million each for a mute.”
Riss must have noticed the significant change in the air and temperature. Between the two of us, it was our job to stop Kaian from plunging.
“You didn’t spend shit on us.” She spoke up with a hiss. Riss was already panicked, and that wasn’t good. “You took us from the lab while everyone else was at the auction because you couldn’t afford us. Which makes me wonder how you afforded this fancy five star hotel."
I had to swallow a yell. I wanted her to stall, not give the guy a reason to start going trigger-happy.
Seth’s narrowed eyes found Riss’s. “Your professor and I had an agreement, sweetheart,” he said. "How 'bout I blow your brains out, huh? Since you like speaking out of turn. And I don’t like my doggies speaking out of turn.”
As Seth moved closer to her, I sensed Riss freaking out. It was too early for her to start the plunge, but she was the most unpredictable out of the four of us. Just like when she was human, her emotions were all over the place. Still though, she maintained a scowl and refused to move when Seth was practically eye to eye with her, hot breath grazing her cheeks. The man prodded her in her right temple. “I bet you’re filled to the brim with all that fancy ass Quincy serum." He dragged his filthy finger down her cheek, and she squeaked. “I’m pretty sure I can just crack you open and take it for myself.”
“Then…” Riss swallowed, choking on her words. I nudged her again, this time enough to shake the bed. But she wasn’t looking at me, her eyes starting to lose vacancy. Next to me, I knew the same thing was happening to Kaian.
But I wouldn’t look at him yet. If I did, I would lose it myself. “Then you’ll be losing valuable cargo.” I was surprised when her lips broke out into an equally psychotic grin. I had no doubt the plunge was taking hold of her. She leaned back almost casually, and the air seemed to move around her, seeping into her skin and taking an unyielding hold. "Considering the crazy lengths you took to capture all of us, I doubt you want that. You're all bark with no bite, asshole."
“Riss.” I said through my teeth, at the exact same time as the air-con behind us blew a fuse and crashed to the ground. “Shut up.”
The plunge started slow, but even when it was barely a prickle in the air it was already beginning its slow purging of every particle.
I watched a mosquito that had been in mid-flight towards the fancy looking lamp on the nightstand bleed into invisible folds of energy which were becoming progressively more visible to the naked eye the more my friends plunged. I could see it perfectly. Like the world around us was beginning to splinter apart. Ignoring Riss, who could stand up for herself, Seth’s attention went back to Kaian, who couldn’t. Or at least that was his façade. Kaian had been labelled the most dangerous out of all of Quincy’s experiments. But it wasn’t just because of the plunge.
“I’m talking to you!” Seth prodded my colleague’s chest, and a wave of heat slammed into me, stealing my breath away. I watched, knowing it was all going to be over in matter of seconds. The front-man grabbed my colleague by the collar of his shirt and yanked him violently to his feet. “You’ve got two seconds to speak,” He spat, before slamming the butt of his gun into Kaian’s head. “Speak, or I give you a frontal lobotomy.” Seth continued in seething breaths, and got closer and closer, failing to notice he was already losing. But so were we.
His lips split into a grin. “Speak, or I start asking questions. Like why I bought four of you— and there are three of you.” He poked the metal prongs sticking from Kaian’s head. I liked to call them horns to make them sound cooler. But in reality, they were agonising when I was human—two pieces of metal drilled directly into the top of my skull. They had been a part of me for a while, but I wasn’t going to forget how they had been forcefully inserted into my skull. While I screamed. “Three. Little. Freaks.” Seth’s lips were practically kissing my colleague's temple.
He prodded the metal horns, and Kaian’s lip twitched. “Without their fourth.”
That struck a chord in both of them—and I knew if I didn’t do something, like right then, a fate worse than death awaited all of us.
"Leave him alone.” I found my voice tangled in my throat. But I could barely bring myself to speak. I felt like I was being fucking suffocated by two separate energy’s around me slowly but surely ripping atoms apart. In the corner of my eye, things were starting to melt into the ground, disappearing completely. The carpet in the room was suddenly singed black, and the wave continued, slicing off the tips of my hair I had only just managed to grow back. “He can’t hear you, asshole.” I said through lingering breaths. “Professor Quincy said he was deaf.”
"Deaf?” Seth let out a belly laugh. “He's my new guard dog and he's expected to fucking bark.” His lip curled,” Now. Speak.”
A second went by.
Then another.
Absent-mindedly, I licked the taste of rusty coins from the corner of my lip.
“I said speak!” Seth slammed the butt of his gun into my colleagues face again, but this time his words broke apart in his throat. I sensed every individual letter shattering into pieces when his body was flung back by an invisible force. I knew that invisible force. I knew the phantom fingers wrapping around his throat and slamming the man into the wall until he was screaming, begging, his feet hovering several feet from the ground. Kaian didn’t even have to pull apart his restraints.
Riss was already screaming, turning to my colleague. Her hands were free, and she was signing desperately. Don’t. Her eyes were wide, lips twisted. Because she knew exactly what would follow. Seth, somehow, managed a spluttered laugh between broken teeth like tiny yellow chicklets sticking from his mouth. “Oh, you don’t like that do you?” More brilliant red spurted like a fountain, and yet the asshole kept laughing. “Look at you! Quincy didn’t hold back on you did he?”
I’m not saying my colleague enjoyed crushing Seth’s windpipe without even lifting a finger—but that is exactly what I am saying.
With a simple incline of Kaian’s head, the front-man was rupturing from the inside, choking on organs erupting into his throat.
And like it thrilled him, the idea of death, the idea of dying at the hands of a supernatural force, Seth continued to roar with laughter.
My colleague was pressing pressure points which shouldn’t be pressed. Especially pressure points in a genetically fucked up man whose trauma had turned him into the wildcard of our group. The amount of shit we had all gone through inside Quincy’s lab was enough to send us into insanity. Except my colleague, according to Quincy, hadn’t responded correctly at the beginning. And being a researcher myself with rabbits before I became a lab rat, I knew the only way to get results was to cause pain.
I never initiated that pain in the rabbits, but I was an enabler. I watched my professor torture these subjects to make sure they were prepped and ready for the serum. Maybe our karma was that the exact same happened to us. But to Kaian, it was on a much larger scale. I was never briefed on what exactly happened to him during the months from March to June. Though it was obvious he had had it the worst. I didn’t know why. I didn’t understand why his brain was different, or maybe he was more resilient. He had been better at fighting it.
Kaian hated two things. Being kidnapped and said kidnappers mentioning our fourth member. And it was those things which made him plunge. Which made him lose all sense of humanity and morality and emotion, essentially turning him into a mindless beast. That was one half of the plunge. “Do you want me to say his name?” Seth coughed up spattered scarlet, and I could already see what was happening to him. Kaian had done enough damage externally. Internally, however? That was another story.
Internally, I sensed every organ starting to peel apart and splinter, bursting into nothing. It started with pressure on his heart which was slow and dragged so he felt everything. Then the brain began to expand. When blood ran in sharp rivulets from every orifice, and Seth screamed, howling like an animal, I looked away, just in time for the rest of the man’s body to pop like a balloon, and a chunk of his skull to land right in front of me. Riss started screaming, and I was half aware of a slight taint of warm blood like paint splattering the side of my face.
When I twisted back to look at him, his body was still hovering without a head, a skeletal hand lifting and waving at us.
Riss dropped to her knees, her head in her hands, trembling, and I followed her, trying to get some semblance of control.
“It’s been a week.” Riss whispered, sobbing, swiping at her eyes with bloody hands, making them worse. “Oh god, what if… what if I was right? What if we’re too late? I knew this was… this was a bad idea. But nobody listens to Riss. I knew he wouldn’t come. Fuck. I knew it.”
“Calm down.” I said. “Concentrate on happy birthday, okay? Do you want me to sing it with you?”
Riss spluttered. “We’re going to dieeee,” she sang. “Can you feel it? I’m plunging, Wren. God, it feels so fucking good.”
She knocked her head into the wall with crazy eyes.
It took exactly half a second for our brains to decide whether we were going to fight it or give in to it.
“Hey. Riss.” I spoke in reassuring hisses, grasping her shoulders and forcing her to look at me. “Happy birthday.” I choked out. “Three times. It has to be three times.” When she didn’t respond, I shook her until her cloudy found mine. Riss was plunging. Like Kaian. The blood vessels in her eyes had popped, her lips cracking apart. If I concentrated, I could see her bare knees starting to melt into air, wisps of her hair starting to disintegrate. “Do it, now!”
I shrieked when Kaian finally let go of the man’s body, and it hit the ground in front of us like a bad joke. “Happy birthday.” I said the mantra over and over again, shaking my colleague until she was responding. “Three times, Riss. Right now.” When she shook her head, screeching, I grabbed her hands and entangled her fingers with mine. “I’ll start, okay? And you follow me.”
To my surprise, Riss nodded—and for the fraction of a second, my colleague, or what was left of her, stopped bleeding into visible particles which were now around us, like a glistening wave of ocean water enveloping us. “Happy birthday to you…” I whispered, squeezing her hands tighter, relieved when she repeated the verse. When I was sure Riss was anchoring herself, I turned to Kaian who was sitting cross legged in front of the mutilated body.
My gaze went to the door. It would only be matter of time before Seth’s goons figured out something was wrong, and the last thing I wanted was them to walk in mid-plunge. “Happy birthday to…” I continued, allowing Riss to fill in a name—before focusing on my other colleague. I’m not exaggerating when I say Kaian was covered head to toe in blood, like it was his canvas, like he belonged in it. It was too late for him. I could already see that in his vacant and foggy eyes and playful smile that he had accepted the plunge.
“Gross.” Kaian signed, pulling a face. He turned his nose up at mutilated flesh and bone, and I had a hard time looking him in the eye.
I exhaled out a breath.
“Kaian.” I spoke and signed calmly, but my skin was prickling and scalding. I could feel the flesh on the backs of my hands peeling off. “Happy birthday.” I made sure to emphasize every word clearly, even when I knew he could read every word from my mouth without even trying.
He started to shake his head, and I glimpsed that panic, the trauma of the last several months starting to bloom behind his eyes.
“No, you have to do it.” I hissed out. “Look around you.” I signed. “If you don’t do it, we’re going to plunge.”
I was practically slamming my hands together with frustration, but he shook his head, his gaze going elsewhere.
“What if I…” He paused signing, his lip curling, “Like it?”
Do you know when you know something is wrong but you keep shoving it to the back of your head until you can’t ignore it anymore?
Yeah, this was one of those moments.
I loved Kaian. I loved him like a brother. But there was something about his face, the way he delved his fingers into startling red pooling on the carpet, that made me want to get as far away from him as possible. Swallowing hard, I shook away the thought and grabbed hold of his hand.
Once I did, the air around us wavered, and flesh on his cheeks started to flake. “Happy birthday…” Riss, who was sitting with what was left of her knees pressed to her chest, choked out a sob, “This isn’t working… Wren. This isn’t fucking working. I can’t.. I can’t fucking do this.” When she beat the floor with crumbling fists, the whole room jolted. The ground beneath us shook, and Kaian shot me a panicked look. Even plunging, he was still scared.
And I didn’t blame him.
After telling Riss to continue, I managed a smile and signed, “Earthquake.”
My colleague’s lips split into an unusual grin, and he mouthed the words, “Yeah right.”
With steely eyes, Kaian’s smile faded and for once he actually looked serious. “Jem.” He signed. “I don’t think he’s coming for us.”
Ignoring a conversation I really didn’t want to have, I focused on the body. “Check his pockets,” I signed back. “We don’t have much time.”
I pulled out a passport, some Indonesian currency, and an old plane ticket.
Checking his phone didn’t help. I was just reminded the boarders were still shut, and this asshole had a whole group chat gloating about his so-called guard dogs.
When I lifted my head, Riss’s wild eyes were flickering around the room, drinking in parts of reality being sucked away.
Her mouth became lopsided, lips drooping like my colleague was having a stroke from the pressure building around her.
See, I describe this in a lot of detail like this lasted around five to minutes long. But no, all of this happened in the space of around two minutes. When footsteps sounded outside, and Kaian’s head snapped to the door, his eyes darkening, a sour paste crept up my throat.
Professor Quincy didn’t just take away our humanity. He twisted us into something resembling an animal inside a human body.
We spoke and acted and felt like humans. But once a stranger was nearby, or footsteps on territory we had unknowingly snatched as our own, we turned feral. I already knew Kaian was a whole new level of unpredictable and unhinged after what the experiments had done to his brain—but seeing what he was capable of even before the plunge, I froze.
The world was coming apart around me and I was plunging, but I couldn’t move. I watched him get to his feet, his fingers curling into fists at his sides. The footsteps were closing in on us getting louder and louder, and Kaian could sense every vibration. I could tell with the way his lips twitched, a whole new darkness clouding his eyes and stripping away what was left of his humanity. I had seconds.
There was no use in happy birthday
I remember jumping to my feet and diving on my colleagues back, bringing him to the floor like a lion would a deer. When the two of us hit the ground, I watched Riss rupture in front of me, her face glitching, becoming moving static, before her body followed. “Seth?” The voice caused Kaian to attempt to wrench out of my grasp, but I had a firm hold of him. The first three weeks of being inhuman, I was taught how to kill people. Kill my fellow subjects.
Apologising profusely into hair which smelled of blood and dirt and Quincy’s lab, I struggled to keep myself from plunging, knowing the room was already half gone, and I was going to get caught in it anyway. “I’m sorry. Fuck. I’ll make it up to you, okay? You should have sang happy fucking birthday, but you are so goddamn stubborn,” I sobbed with what I hoped was reassurance. I knew he and Riss and Jem would do exactly the same to me.
“So fucking stubborn.” I couldn’t help myself, nestling my face into his hair and heaving in breaths while my skin started to peel away.
“Just take a deep breath and close your eyes, okay?” I whispered into his flushed skin. “We’ll find him, Kaian. I promise you.”
He stopped struggling, and for a moment I thought my colleague was actually listening to me before the ceiling began to crack apart.
The ground rumbled again, and I lost my grip on the guy before forcing him onto his back and straddling his legs. Just when his free arm was flying out with intention to send me crashing into the back wall and ending all reality in that room, encompassing us, I snapped Kaian’s neck.
And with the last of my energy, I fucking screamed while my own flesh melted from my face while the plunge enveloped us both.

March 2020.
It was on the 17th day of captivity inside a cell made of glass panes meant to keep in rabbits, when I met an unlikely visitor. There comes a time when giving up is better than screaming until you have lost all of the breath in your lungs, and your throat feels like sandpaper. I hadn’t eaten in days, and what was left of my meals, curry and mash potatoes, painted my cell walls—a real work of art if I concentrated and imagined carving shapes inside congealing potato and day-old curry.
So far, I had tests. I had tests which were an invasion of privacy which I will not expand upon. I had tests where my professor’s gloved fingers ran over my scalp and marked places where he was going to insert the same headset on the rabbits. He didn’t listen to my cries.
He didn’t tell me where my colleagues were. I was nothing to him. I was a subject stripped of my rights. So, I was doing the little I could to protest. Even if it was small, I was refusing to eat. I knew subjects had to eat to stay healthy—to get results. The piece of shit wasn’t going to get much further if I died of starvation after days of no eating. How sad. I was on my second day of refusing to eat, and my gut felt like it was folding in on itself. To combat this, I sat against clinical white walls with my knees pressed to my chest, and my head buried in my lap. I ignored the rumbling of my stomach and my aching joints, the weird squiggly lines in my vision when I bothered lifting my head.
It’s weird. In that cage, I was the coldest I’ve ever felt on an Indonesian island. I didn’t remember the temperature affecting the outcome of the rabbit subjects, but maybe it was different for humans. Still though, I had my solace. I imagined standing in glittering water, bioluminescent plankton washing over my bare toes. I imagined the full moon bathing the sky in warm light, and it was enough to make me feel safe— even so far from home. Far from normality. If I squeezed my eyes shut, and envisioned wading deeper into the shallows, until the water was lapping my thighs, I could calm myself and tell myself to breathe.
Then the water was at my waist, the panic subsiding. Neck deep, ice cold water filling my mouth and suffocating my nose. But if I thought past it, if I plunged myself into the deep, I could trick my brain into imagining that I was escaping, swimming across the wide expanse of ocean. All the way back home to my family.
I was brought out of my imagination when a scratching noise pulled me back to my senses, and I was back inside my cage.
Lifting my head, I searched for someone. But there was nobody there.
“Over here, genius.”
The voice startled me. It wasn’t quite a voice, more of an attempt. Though I could definitely make out the language bursting out. When my eyes swivelled, I found myself staring at a blur of white. I squinted.
No, not just a blur of white. It was Subject Fifteen. The rabbit which had stolen Jem’s heart, and possibly taken control of his mind.
For a moment I tried to blink myself awake, but no matter how many times I pinched myself, the rabbit was still there, pressing its tiny face against glass, and I can see blood staining its fur. Initially, I thought he was a hallucination until I blinked, and he was still very much there.
He was part of reality, lightly smushing its bloody mouth against glass panes. The sight of dark red tainting its fur twisted my gut, and I had a thought which suddenly wouldn’t leave me alone. If the serum did that to the rabbits, what exactly would it do to us? “Well.” Fifteen’s beady eyes found mine, and I swore its rabbit mouth twisted into a grin. It's voice mimicked both me and my colleagues, the perfect imitation of us. I could hear all of us, even the professor, in every curl of its words.
It wasn’t just intelligent, it was something else—something fucking monstrous. Which should have been put down.
No. It never should have been a subject at all.
I slowly crawled towards it and held my breath. I must have looked pretty fucking funny to Fifteen. I was the tester who had become the tested. The one who wore the lab-coat, to the rat forced into light blue scrub like clothes sticking to me. I can’t say I wasn’t curious, though. Baffled.
I was inches from a fucking talking rabbit, and the last time I checked rabbits weren't supposed to talk. Their mouths haven't evolved to form words. But somehow it was figuring out speech. Fifteen was learning fast. That terrified me. After several attempts at speech, it had almost fully mimicked a human’s expression. It cocked its head, and in Jem’s voice, asked,
“Well? How does it feel to be the one in the cage?"
“You’re not real.” I told the rabbit which sounded like Jem.
To my shock, it laughed, and its bloody mouth almost formed a snarl. “Are you sure about that?”
I crawled over to the screen, pressing my hands against glass. “How does…” I licked my lips. “How does what feel?”
The rabbit’s eyes followed me and I shuffled back, a sour paste creeping its way up my throat. “You were always my least favorite,” it murmured. Its nose twitched. “I think you humans call it karma—- and whether you believe in it or not, every action must have an equal reaction.” It moved closer, pressing its face against the glass. I noticed the fur around it’s mouth was stained red. “You drilled into my head, Wren. You hurt me day after day and hid behind a sense of morality that you were a good person because it was for the good of the human race.” Fifteen edged closer. “I wish I could feel sorry for you. I wish I could feel the sympathy you humans use as a pathetic fucking barrier. But aren’t you just… the cutest?”
The thing was mimicking my own words from the start of the experiments. I had pressed my face against the plastic cage, peering at Subject Fifteen, who was hiding in the corner. Quincy told me to turn off my humanity, but that didn’t stop me as seeing them as cute little fury bunnies. It never crossed my mind that Fifteen could hear exactly what we had been saying.
I thought back to a few months back when I had picked it up from its cage and nuzzled its fur. “Aww! Isn’t he just the cutest?”
Fifteen knew the exact moment I gave up, my hands slipping from the glass. It gestured to the band aid uncomfortably sticking to my scalp.
“Nice horns.”
“You have intelligence.” I whispered through a sob. I leaned closer. “Quincy. You need to tell me what he’s doing to the others.”
“You already know what he’s planning to do, Wren.” The rabbit chuckled, lifting a paw in a mocking wave. “Why are you asking me, hmm? What if I am in fact an illusion? You’re not eating. Your mind has been played with. Are you sure you are really speaking to a talking rabbit?”
It cocked its head. “How do you know I’m not Jem?”
“Or Riss.” It’s voice twisted into hers, and then the professor’s.
“I’m losing my mind.” I whispered, pinching the flesh on my bare thighs. “I’m losing my fucking mind.”
“Maybe.” It said, “or you’re witnessing the consequences of your actions. You did this to me if you remember. I told you to stop hurting me, but you didn’t hear me, Wren. You never heard me. Only him. And when I was strong enough, I made him force you to finally listen to me.”
Jem, I thought hysterically.
“You little—“ I slammed my hands into the glass, unable to resist a snarl when it turned to hop away. “Hey! Wait! What did you do to Jem?”
“I didn’t do anything,” the rabbit responded in a scoff. “Your professor, however… have you ever heard of teleportation?”
I stared at it blinking rapidly, until it laughed. “No, not that kind! I mean the new kind. I’m talking about what Quincy is trying to perfect.”
“What do you mean?”
“Think about it.” The rabbit’s nose twitched, “What you have been working on and researching—what if it was possible in humans?”
I shook my head. There was no way. If professor Quincy wanted to test on us, it would likely be psychokinesis which was possible in rabbits.
“That’s impossible.” I managed to grit out. “With rabbits it’s one thing, and it’s barely even stable! With humans… it’s...”
It’s barbaric.
The rabbits which went through that procedure and survived… their brains were drastically altered. They were never the same.
That’s what I wanted to say.
I trailed off at the thought of forcing a living and breathing human to shatter apart into atoms and forcefully moved from one place to another. I remembered Subject 12. The tiny little thing coming apart slowly, piece by piece, a mixture of fur, blood and bones filling its cage.
No way.
There was no way my psycho professor would attempt it in humans.
The rabbit hopped away. “Huh. Well, you’re dumber than I thought. I guess I’ll be going if you’re just going to look at me like that.”
When I thought it was going to leave me, the furry little shit twisted its head. “Do you want to know a secret?”
It hopped right over to the glass. “Come closer, and I’ll tell you. I want you to get really close so I can see how adorable you are.”
Too desperate to feel humiliated, I swallowed a shriek and pressed my ear to the glass.
“Jem was the first.” The rabbit started to say but was cut off by the speaker above me crackling, a familiar voice slicing into my ears.
“Good morning. I will be with you shortly. I would like you to raise your hands above your head. I will be administering a gas.”
At the corner of my eye, Fifteen was disappearing behind the corner, and I let out a frustrated hiss. “Professor Quincy.” I managed to force my voice into professional, despite the rabbits voice in my mind. Jem was the first to what? I hadn’t seen either of my colleagues in weeks— or heard from them. I swallowed hard. “Professor Quincy, Subject Fifteen is on the premises and is showing signs of heightened intelligence!”
The rabbit tskked. “And to think I was going to help you. Good luck with the experiments. I will have a front row seat.”
Before it left me in puddling static however, the rabbit didn’t hesitate to drop a bombshell which sent me crumpling to my knees.
“Oh, yeah! I forgot to say.” Subject Fifteen’s words slammed into me as I was choked once again with gas filling my mouth and nose.
“Jem was the first to die.” It said in a sing-song symphony of all of our voices, “And you don’t even know the best part!”
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2023.03.24 04:19 TrillboBagginz Finally! A Beavertails location is opening! We don't have to chase the food truck anymore!

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2023.03.24 04:15 FrontpageWatch2020 [#985+225690] My local Mexican food truck. Better than most restaurants! [r/FoodPorn]

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2023.03.24 04:14 PeakCommercial5609 New YouTube video or Brittany walking around some amazing food trucks is UP! WATCH IT PEEPS! 🤌🤌 #destinflorida #hottie #usa #fyp #brittanytarecofc #frenchfries #truck #foodtrucking

New YouTube video or Brittany walking around some amazing food trucks is UP! WATCH IT PEEPS! 🤌🤌 #destinflorida #hottie #usa #fyp #brittanytarecofc #frenchfries #truck #foodtrucking submitted by PeakCommercial5609 to BrittanyTarecoFC [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:00 guyinthechair1210 Some questions to make my 2nd day of PAX East better

This is the 3rd convention I go to, but I wasn't able to find all of the booths I wanted to go to. I was using the app's map, but it was more like taking part of a scavenger hunt and using landmarks to orient myself. Besides that I have a few questions:
How can I get to where the food trucks are from the main exhibit floor? I wasn't able to get to it.
Were you guys able to easily find the booths you wanted to go to? If so, how? I asked one of the red shirt helpers, but she wasn't able to help.
Are there any booths or places worth going to for cool free stuff?
Did anyone buy one of those beer steins? I saw a few people with them, but I don't know where they got them.
Did any booths stand out to you because of how talkative the devs were? I really enjoyed those booths the most because I was able to play the game, but also get to know the devs. Some of the booths just sat me down, told me to wishlist their game, and that's it.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.24 03:59 RINKI450 Keto Fusion Sugar Free Gummies

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2023.03.24 03:59 Frequent-Baseball952 Do you ever deliver food you never tried that smells really good.

I'm not adventurous to try new foods but Thai food smells really good.
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2023.03.24 03:48 PeakCommercial5609 New “FOOD TRUCK DAY” Youtube Video Up 😍! Go watch! Let me know what you think!! Gooood stuff today! #fishwithbrit #foodtruck #loadedfries #funnelcake #grilledcheese #destinflorida #haborwalkvillage #sexy #fishwithbrit

New “FOOD TRUCK DAY” Youtube Video Up 😍! Go watch! Let me know what you think!! Gooood stuff today! #fishwithbrit #foodtruck #loadedfries #funnelcake #grilledcheese #destinflorida #haborwalkvillage #sexy #fishwithbrit submitted by PeakCommercial5609 to BrittanyTarecoFC [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 03:40 Rckstr12531253 Had a app glitch. Showed the delivery nearer to the McDonald’s.

I accepted this order as I left the zone I was in to head home. This order is in my houses area. So I accept it and confirm the order. I listen to the map tell me to go about a block down and say I’ve arrived. I look at the map in the app and it now shows a rest area of i71. In order to do the delivery I’d have to jump on i71 and head back to my previous zone which is about 7-9 miles, get back on i71 and head in the other direction back towards the McDonald’s I left but on i71 to get off at the truck stop. It’s have been a round trip 14-18 miles. I called support and told them it wasn’t feasible plus I didn’t feel safe going to a rest stop at 10:30 pm. The 1st customer support basically said tough or return the food which I was willing to return the food but was pissed off at the dude. I called again and this rep said she’d cancel it and give me half pay. She told me a team member would call me to talk about it being unsafe to deliver to and block it for me.
So my question is, should I be worried they might boot me from the app as I have never heard of a rep calling someone to go over why they felt unsafe.
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2023.03.24 03:22 Alpha-Sierra-Charlie Southern Gothic (one shot)

"Cheesesteak hashbrown bowl with grilled onions, chunked, diced, peppered, topped, add two fried eggs barely medium."
I slid my cup of sweet tea to the side so the waitress could set the bowl down.
"I don't know how you aren't big as a house, the way you eat."
"Aww, thanks Agnes. It's 'cause I work so hard and only think healthy thoughts!" Hell, half of that was even the truth.
"Don't you bullshit me, darling. More tea?"
"Yes, please."
Agnes refilled my cup and I mixed the bowl. The key is to break the eggs open and mix everything together as soon as you can, so the heat from everything else finishes cooking the runny yolks. God, it's good. I wolf down three bites to take the edge off the hunger and look around. The targets weren't here yet, just the normal drunks and people getting off the night shift you'd expect to find in a small town Waffle House. I don't know how I could do what I do without a network of 24/7 greasy spoon diners in my territory.
What exactly is it that I do? Well, why don't I show you, since my targets just rolled up. But first, I'm going to finish these last few bites, polish off this tea, and leave a nice tip for Agnes and Hugh. Hugh's a fucking maestro of the grill. Or what Waffle House calls a grill, he might be an absolute train wreck with an actual, uses-burning-charcoal grill. Anyway, take care of the people that take care of you.
I pay at the register, and don't have to fake the exhaustion in my stride as I walk out. Those two might look human, but they aren't. Don't ask what they are, because I'll tell you and if you're unfortunate, you'll believe me. Fortunately, they parked right next to me and vaguely out of sight. Obviously these two have never been hunted down and killed before. Shall we educate them? We shall!
I get in the driver's seat of my 87 Crown Vic and grab a scarab out of the glove box and trace the activation runes before pulling my phone out and acting like I'm taking a call as I quietly chant the appropriate instructions, and drop the thing out of the door before closing it. I rub my face and stretch, start the car, look around, and by now the scarab is clear. I back up and leave the parking lot and drive down to Walmart, get out of the Crown Vic and into the 98 Ram, and park in the Walgreens parking that's just out of sight of the Waffle House, and take a nap.
For twelve fucking minutes. My targets didn't need to eat human food (that's kinda funny, if you have a fucked sense of humor), but their hosts do. There's you a clue: they're parasites. The scarab was moving, I could feel and track it, and it was on their car. A shitty early 2000s Nissan Altima that looked like it had been rolled and hadn't been washed since... the early 2000s I guess.
They were driving around in a randomish pattern, so they were checking for a tail. I could just chill for a while, but they were up to something and it'd been a rough week. I wanted backup.
I called a guy named Josh Carl, he picked up on the third ring and slurred a "Thah fuck?" by way of hello.
"Oh good, you're drunk. I need help with something."
"Goddammit, you gonna pay me?"
"Bitch, I always pay you. Put some shoes on and brush your teeth. We're dealing with a pair of larval skrittai, pack heavy. I'll be there in ten."
"Ah shit, fine. Fifteen."
"Bye, fucker."
I got there in eight minutes. Oh, and now you know what the things I'm after are called. Oops, I'm tired.
Josh was standing in his front yard, shorts, t-shirt, chest rig, battle belt, slung Kriss Vector, brushing his teeth and slapping mosquitoes. I pulled up, and he dropped the toothbrush in his yard and got in.
"You gonna get that later?" I asked.
"Not my toothbrush. Here." He replied, handing me an open bottle of... I took a swig, Wild Turkey 101.
"Josh, your mom have this in her titties when you were a baby?"
"Fuck no, it's not bitter enough."
"Good point." It was, I've met the bitch. "At least it's a 45, but why'd you bring a pistol caliber? We need punch."
"It's not a 45, it's the 10mm version."
"Oh shit! Nice! Got full power loads in it?"
"Oh yeah, Buffalo Bore."
"Hell yeah."
We passed the whiskey back and forth and I headed toward where the scarab was generally headed, they'd finally quit wandering around. Seems like they were headed toward Roger's Landing. Which wasn't good. They were either ready to pupate, or they were meeting with some adults to pick up some larvae for implantation. Either way, bringing Josh along had been the right move.
Josh Carl wasn't Enabled in any way, he had no magical gifts or abilities, no enhancements, nothing beyond baseline human abilities. But what he did have, apart from extremely high functioning alcoholism and the liver of Dionysus, was a raw talent for violence. Nerves of steel. And access to illegal weapons that I've never figured out. I told him the plan, and shortly after pulled into the landing's parking lot.
The Nissan Altima was parked, empty. I could faintly see two figures standing knee deep on the boat ramp in the darkness. I dilated my pupils and changed the geometry of my eyes, so I could see better in the darkness. They'd shot the nearby lights out with the 22 pistol one of them was holding. I yelled at them, feigning drunkenness and staggered in their direction. Josh stayed in the truck.
I was only thirty feet away, still yelling, before they turned around, and they were definitely pupating. Dude was a little farther along, his head split down to the mouth and what was squeezing out had too many eyes, and none of them were a color you could find in a Crayola box. Dudette's head was just wide and misshapen, with one eye completely bloodshot and the other dangling from the optic nerve.
I faked drunken surprise and lurched back when they charged, then put everything into a straight right punch into Dude's chest.
Now, when I say "everything", I'm an autokine. Pyrokines do shit with fire using their mind, telekines move shit with their mind, autokines reinforce their physical movements with their mind.
Which meant that Dude flew several feet back, and between the punch and the landing, burst open down to the waist. What was inside struggled to get out, like a half dozen man-sized spidecrabs trying to get out of a pair of wet skinny jeans.
I turned and grabbed Dudette and picked her up, ignoring the too many arms and/or legs that were squirming around her insides and trying not to rupture her. I needed to create space between us and Dude, so Josh had a clear line of fire while I hopefully dealt with her BEFORE the nightmare inside could get out.
There was a wet RIIIIIIIIP as her head split open, and I slammed her to the ground as hard as I could as a burst of automatic fire tore through the pre-dawn morning. The suppressor Josh had on the SMG did it's job, making the gunshots sound exactly like gunshots that were quieter than normal gunshots, and Dudette fucking splattered from me slamming her.
I checked over my shoulder, Dude was getting hammered with bullets. It'd be a few seconds before I had to worry with him. I stomped down on the butternut squash-shaped head and my boot splurtched through, and I got my foot back before it resolidified. Dudette's exoskeleton (the host was female, the skrittai's gender requires an autopsy to determine, but killing one rarely leaves enough to do the procedure) was starting to solidify enough to stand and do damage. I grabbed an appendage and yanked, a kick to the chest tearing the arm-leg off and I tossed the thrashing thing aside. I punched, crushing the lower face and impeding it's ability to bite, and heard Josh yell "Move!" in time to jump straight up, a vertical leap of eighteen feet, and Dude collided with Dudette at top speed.
Another burst of bullets raked them as I landed, and I increased the traction between my boots and the ground (super handy trick, it was a bitch to learn) and lunged forward to tackle... I lost track of which was which... the one closest to the water, and flipped it away from the bank.
For the first time since I confirmed both targets were something I needed to expunge from existence, I had a chance to draw my pistol.
Magic is really nice and useful and powerful and stuff, but punching holes with high speed metal is usually better.
The Glock 21 boomed in my hand, and the thrice-blessed 50 GI bullet hit. As did the next nine of them, because skrittai weren't dead until they started dissolving, and the other one hit me lit a semi truck made of scrabbling, clawing, multitudinous, sharp legs.
Time to panic, calmly. Use the surge of fear and adrenaline to sharpen your decision making! Grab something and tear it off! Ignore the claws gouging into your legs! Hammerfist that bulbous nightmare head! Grab more things and rip them off! Tear them off! RIP! AND! TEAR! And suddenly I had dismantled the thing enough to kick it off of me. My legs were already healing, but they were still too shredded for me to stand. I was metabolizing that cheesesteak hashbrown bowl a little faster than thermodynamics allows, strictly speaking, and pulling body mass stored in my pocket dimension to recover from the blood loss and tissue damage. I glanced at the one I'd shot, it was a soupy mess, fizzling out of reality. The survivor had regained it's remaining feet, and was about to jump again when Josh stepped in and poured an entire magazine into the thing at point blank range. Then another. And another. And yet another. And it started to slough away, and he spit on it as it bubbled.
"You aight?" He asked.
"Been better. I think it got a femoral artery. Everything is closed up, but I'm still feeling woozy."
"Your legs look like shit."
"They feel like shit. I have spare pants in the truck, when I can walk."
Josh brought me the pants and a pair of flip flops, and policed all the spent brass while I healed my legs. By the time he had finished gathering it all in a Walmart bag and tossed it in the bed of the truck, I was up and wobbling my way over.
I crawled up into the driver's seat, looked to make sure my feet were on the pedals, and took a hit of Wild Turkey.
"I'm fucking hungry."
"I want Waffle House," Josh answered.
"Fuck yeah."
We got back to the main road, and a thought suddenly occurred to me:
"Wait a minute, whose toothbrush is it then?"
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2023.03.24 02:55 Cozijozi wet food

hi, i’m trying to switch my cats over to an 100% wet food diet. i feed them in the mornings and at night and they always meow at me like they’re hungry but when i feed them they look at it and walk away. they’re doing the same with their dry food, tho. they eventually eat it but usually don’t finish it. i’ve been feeding tiki cat aloha but i heard u shouldn’t feed too much fish, so now i’m trying the after dark line. is shreds of food better (chicken) or like the soft mushed up food? or does it not matter
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2023.03.24 02:55 KiraWinchester H: caps, chems, plans W: Teslas GS/50L/15r, H/50c/25, Jug/50c/25, Med/50L/15r, Troub/50c/25

CHEMS: Addictol: 145,,, Berry Mentats: 294,,, Buffout: 1378,,, Calmex: 293,, Daddy-O: 968,,, Day Tripper: 511,,, Disease Cure: 385,,, Mentats: 1000,,, Overdrive: 471,,, Psycho: 2531,,, Psychobuff: 1245,,, Psychotats: 1015,,, Super Stimpak: 2500,,, X-cell: 306
FOOD: Canned meat stew: 45,,, Salt: 1589,,, Spices: 941,,, Sugar Bombs(w/rads): 243,,, Pepper: 1598
PLANS: Assault rifle,,, Barbed walking cane,,, Baseball bat rocket,,, Baseball bat searing puncturing rocket,,, Bear arm,,, Bear arm heavy mod,,, Boxing glove lead lining,,, Camo Backpack,,, Cave cricket tube,,, Civil war era suit,,, Civil war era top hat,,, Confederate hat,,, Deathclaw gauntlet,,, Dense marine armor torso,,, Dense trapper armor torso,,, Fire station bell,,, Flannel shirt & jeans,,, Halloween skull mask,,, Hatchet electro fusion,,, Junkyard fountain,,, Machete sacrificial blade,,, Meat Tenderizer,,, Nuka Girl area rug,,, Pepper shaker,,, Pitchfork Flamer,,, Protective lining Marine underarmor,,, Puncturing pole hook,,, Radioactive barrel,,, Raw cement barricade,,, Scorchbeast queen plushie,,, Scorched tube,,, Sheepsquatch staff,,, Shielded lining casual underarmor,,, Shielded lining Marine underarmor,,, Skeleton costume,,, Skiing outfit,,, Sledgehammer heavy searing sharp rocket,,, Small vault girl statue,,, Snallygaster plushie,,, Spiked walking cane,,, The Fixer,,, T-60 BOS knight paint,,, TV Aquarium,,, Ultracite emergency protocols,,, Undershirt & jeans,,, Vintage water cooler,,, Witch costume,,, WV state bird rug,,, Yao Guai tube,,, Cranberry Bog Healing Salve recipe,,, Fasnacht donut recipe,,, Fasnacht sausage recipe,,, Formula P recipe,,,Stimpak Diffuser recipe,,, Tato salad recipe
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2023.03.24 02:53 otezzz [33/m] Londoner for a friend

Hello, I'm looking for a close friend. Ideally to chat regularly over tea catch ups, restaurants, shopping, long walks, exhibitions/galleries, video gaming, binging TV shows, movies at the cinemas etc. You get the jist, like an activity buddy but good friends too.
A little about me, I'm an INFJ and work full time within an STEM career. I'm quite family oriented, respectful, understanding and patient. I'm also very silly, love to make others laugh/smile.
Massive foodie, love Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian and willing to try different foods. My music taste is mostly in hip hop, rap, grime, r'n'b etc. I do like heavy metal, pop, acoustic, punk rock songs too! Taste in films is very eclectic Comic book based Studio Ghibli, horror, martial arts, action, drama, comedy, crime, thrillers - my most favourite being psychological thrillers (think Oldboy 2003).
If you think we could be friends or you just want to chat about something you read in my post, then please get in touch.
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2023.03.24 02:34 otezzz 33 [M4F] [London] close friend

Hello, I'm looking for a close friend. Ideally to chat regularly over tea catch ups, restaurants, shopping, long walks, exhibitions/galleries, video gaming, binging TV shows, movies at the cinemas etc. You get the jist, like an activity buddy but good friends too.
A little about me, I'm an INFJ and work full time within an STEM career. I'm quite family oriented, respectful, understanding and patient. I'm also very silly, love to make others laugh/smile.
Massive foodie, love Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian and willing to try different foods. My music taste is mostly in hip hop, rap, grime, r'n'b etc. I do like heavy metal, pop, acoustic, punk rock songs too! Taste in films is very eclectic Comic book based Studio Ghibli, horror, martial arts, action, drama, comedy, crime, thrillers - my most favourite being psychological thrillers (think Oldboy 2003).
If you think we could be friends or you just want to chat about something you read in my post, then please get in touch.
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2023.03.24 02:34 Secret_Life_Shh Street worker Skinwalker?

This is what you need to know about me: I'm a 28 year old trans guy and while I AM Indigenous, I am not from any of the People who have Wendigo or Skinwalker. (I just believe in them, think they're neat, and the running joke with me and my experiences with the 'other side' is that if not for "Darker" entities I'd have no friends because my dislike for people leaves me with no other options.)
My whole life, I've encountered many things like Dogman, shadow people, Incubi, Jinns, and one of my friends swears to every God that I have a Wendigo following me. (I do but it's actually after HER so it's just sticking with me until she can no longer fight it off. I've never seen him; only she can. She claims he's sort of protecting me but that's just because I give him access to her...anyway, onto the reason for the post!)
This experience was actually fairly recent; not even a year ago. (Summer of '22 in case this gets buried.) I want to say this was last June or July as that's when most road work gets done here and I remember it being fairly late into the evening while remaining sunny and warm enough to be wearing a dress. (I am not safely able to come out and love dresses.)
It was warm even for my area and I decided to go for a late-day walk to the nearest body of water and take my chances with the water Gods. As I left, every crow and raven I knew of swarmed my yard and for a moment, everything was a black, glossy mass with hundreds of beady little eyes. I laughed and went back inside to get the food for them; my goal is to have them landing on me and bringing me gifts. No luck as of yet. But, there's one particularly "round" female (I assume because she's way larger than normal and is the one sitting on the nest in the pine tree in front of my house every breeding season; I know it's her because she has silver-grey feathers on her breast but is all black otherwise) raven who follows me everywhere and perches outside my window to "bok" at me when I am late with her treats; I'd give anything to be able to tame her as she's been known to land just above my head and put her feathers in my hair. I've named her "Big Mama" and yes, she plays a part in this story!
I fed the black mass of feathers and kept walking; Big Mama swooping over-head and "boking" constantly. I looked up at her; if she was any closer, I'd of been able to bury my face in her belly. "What is it, Mama? Did the fruit and seeds not meet your standards today? Not in the mood to use it to bait a song-bird?" She swooped by again; I could smell her at that point. She didn't want me leaving my yard, apparently. But, even when I KNOW something's off/dangerous, I ignore the "vibe" and keep going; I wasn't supposed to live after I was born and have almost died/should have died many times so I stopped paying attention to danger well before this day. I simply threw a shiny rock to distract her and went on my way. However, I soon wished I'd listened to her for once.
I made it just a few minutes from home; I could turn around and see my bedroom window and still make out my (at the time) lime green curtains with magenta polkadots. So, I felt safe that if something happened, I could run back and be protected as I blessed the house almost weekly since my family moved into it when I was 7. (Shadow person attracted by the darkness in my family and targeting me for being the only one stopping it from doing harm.) So, when I saw what looked like a german shepherd/Coyote cross sitting ahead of me, I simply smiled and called out "Hi, Puppy! Want a treat?" I know people with wolf and coy dogs and know a couple run feral around here from time-to-time so I carry food with me in an attempt to befriend them. The dog looked at me; I was surprised by its blue eyes as its coloring told me it should have had brown or gold eyes. But, mutations and recessive genes exist, right? The dog then stood and started running between the parked cars where I was walking; most of them were from the road construction crew in the area as the road was closed to all non-emergency vehicles except for the ones who lived on that street. I looked around; not a single worker in sight. I even called out and asked if it was ok I was walking there/if someone owned the dog. No response (other than the dog whimpering from behind a truck with huge tires; just a size down from "Monster Truck" huge).
So, I kept walking and whistling for the dog; my town isn't exactly friendly to most large dogs since the "Husky incident" in the 90's and most the men have licenses to shoot coyote/coy mixes on sight. I wanted to see if the dog had a collar or anything I could use to see if he (now evidenced by the "danglers") had a home/owner. If so, I'd lure him home and call it in. If not? I'd sell whatever I could to afford to keep him; a dog that size, that pretty certainly would have made a fine companion for me and would, without a doubt, be a good protector for when I was in the woods or my mom was home alone. But, first I had to get him close to me, right? I took out a sandwich and kept whistling; no dog would turn down free food. Finally, the dogs' (hind) legs appeared behind another truck. (Looking back, I should have wondered where the other two were and why it had no tail, right?) I whistled more and approached the truck, except...
When I peered around the truck; there was no dog. Instead, a scrawny but still weirdly muscular man stood there. He wore the usual "street construction" clothes but they hung off him in a way that seemed wrong; many of the men working wore loose, baggy clothing but this man's clothes were loose enough to where it was a safety concern around tools and machinery. I stepped back, apologizing and explaining I thought I saw a loose coydog run by. The man tilted his head as if he was processing what I said; his eyes were the same piercing blue color. Finally, he just said "No dog." and just...stared at me. I quickly realized I was in trouble and slowly backed up; not looking away or blinking. I apologized again, and just said how the dog was pretty and how I'd love to have a dog like that. (When my back is to a wall, I often sweet-talk my way out of situations. I knew this guy and the dog were the same and my only hope was sweet-talking right there because weapons are against the law to carry here.)
He watched me go, taking a step every so often; waiting for me to turn around or look away, maybe? Then, from above me, a familiar "bok". Big Mama swooped down violently and attacked the man while I turned tail and bolted back down the street; looking back every so often and seeing the "man" snarling and snapping his jaws at Big Mama. Even at that distance, I could hear barking and coyote yips. I also heard painful croaks and crows as the flurry of black feathers blew by in the wind. I feared she'd be plucked and killed but no way was I going back to defend her. But, the closer I got to home, the more crows and ravens I saw zooming towards the area I'd fled. The "man",now a dot only visible because of the orange/yellow vest, was being swarmed by corvids and was lost in a black, glossy hurricane.
I ran into my house and collapsed to the floor; feeling every feeling known to man at once. My family is ashamed of the Indigenous blood so they forbade my sibling and I from learning anything of it/talking to anybody who isn't white. But, I've had a secret social media account since I was in middle school and my friends' list is packed with Indigenous people world-wide. I was in over my head and I knew it. I told all my friends and asked for their help. Most laughed and said "Nice knowing you!". (That included a guy who only wore coyote pelts/considers himself a witch. I like him, usually.) The rest told me to stay indoors for a couple weeks and when I went out, carry a weapon somehow. (And yelled at me to "Stop effing whistling!")
A couple weeks later, my dad came in and said he had to call animal control. When asked why, he said "There's a dog wandering (street encounter happened on). Poor thing's gotta be put down or shot; one eye is missing and the poor bastard's got not tail! The one eye he does have, is a striking blue, though. And, he's eating well; there's a pile of dead crows and ravens half eaten littering the street!"
He either didn't notice or care I'd gone pale and slipped into the yard. I brought offerings to the animals and there, looking like a half-plucked chicken and clutching what was once an eye in her talons, was Big Mama. She hissed at me; as if cursing me out for not listening and costing her most her family unit. But, even as I am sat typing this, she's never far away and the remaining flock+ their newest additions watch over me whenever I go. If they make it clear I shouldn't do something, I listen and I owe it to Big Mama (her feathers came back nicely) to never question her again.
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2023.03.24 02:33 otezzz 33 male from London for close friend [Friendship] [Activities]

Hello, I'm looking for a close friend. Ideally to chat regularly over tea catch ups, restaurants, shopping, long walks, exhibitions/galleries, video gaming, binging TV shows, movies at the cinemas etc. You get the jist, like an activity buddy but good friends too.
A little about me, I'm an INFJ and work full time within an STEM career. I'm quite family oriented, respectful, understanding and patient. I'm also very silly, love to make others laugh/smile.
Massive foodie, love Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian and willing to try different foods. My music taste is mostly in hip hop, rap, grime, r'n'b etc. I do like heavy metal, pop, acoustic, punk rock songs too! Taste in films is very eclectic Comic book based Studio Ghibli, horror, martial arts, action, drama, comedy, crime, thrillers - my most favourite being psychological thrillers (think Oldboy 2003).
If you think we could be friends or you just want to chat about something you read in my post, then please get in touch.
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