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2023.03.24 06:40 ElWangyifcoJr Nicknames

I'm the friend that gives everyone nicknames, whether family, comrades, chicks. I will call you a nickname that you dont even know you have and sometimes it sticks. Heres a few of my favorite nicknames for the boys!!
#1 Magikelle, its soooo simple and a play on the word Magical, and we all can agree that our Point Gawd is Magikelle with the ball in his hand and even more so on the defensive end. I posted this for the first time Media Day when he was speaking with Florida Sports News and they let the players view the live stream as they were being interviewed, when she showed him the comments he saw Magikelle and was like " I like that, you see that one right there I like that" Check the tape
#2 MOD, The minister of the Defense is still an insane nickname for JI, he will be back Maning one of the back up big spots next year.
#3 Prototype P v.5 Every time I get cooking with P on 2k or he gets it going in a game, I call him Prototype P, They compared the kid to LBJ and Melo lmao only word that describes Paolo to me and thats "prototype" he is built for this.
#4 Boogie(Franzchise) x Moe Swag SUPER SWAGNER BROS
#5 CloseEmOut Cole aka The C.E.O As we saw tonight, Cole Anthony is a huge piece to this puzzle and when he gets it rolling in the 4th my entire household is screaming CLOSE EM OUT COLE!!!!!
#6 Chum Buck3t (Sticky Fingers Okeke) man house I miss getting hype for my man Chum, #FREECHUM
Just a few of my PERSONAL favorites, What do you like to call the guys when they get rolling or what Ideas do you all have for some cool nicknames!!! Great Win boys enjoy some Pizza, and see yall next episode of The New Adventures of Magikelle and The Magic Kingdom vs Nets.
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2023.03.24 06:40 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
Get the course here:
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.24 06:40 throwRA_jcjcjcj For people who miss a bad / toxic relationship, had to make the hard decision to dump and be alone, or are afraid to leave.

The School of Life has posted an article with 10 ideas for people afraid to exit a bad relationship. The article suggests that the emotional loneliness one feels in a bad relationship is worse than the practical loneliness one may experience after leaving. It encourages people to trust and like themselves, and to consider what they would really like to happen next if practical hurdles were not an issue. The article asserts that conquering the fear of being alone will ultimately lead to satisfying love in the future.
This really helped me, coming out of an unsatisfactory relationship.
10 Ideas for People Afraid to Exit a Relationship 1. You are, to a far greater extent than you perhaps realise, already alone. The condition you fear will happen has already happened. To be formally alone would merely mean concretising something that has been your reality for a long time anyway and, paradoxically, would be the first step towards helping you to bring the isolation and agonising frustration to a deserved close.
  1. The emotional loneliness you currently feel cannot end until you bring yourself to endure a period of practical loneliness; which is, as you of course know (but are terrified of knowing), the lesser of the two evils. The awkwardness of dinner by yourself is as nothing compared to the soul-crushing horror of feeling repeatedly and existentially misunderstood by the central person in your life. Someone who stubbornly doesn’t get it is a greater rebuke to who you are than an empty chair.
  2. You are spending a lot of energy defending yourself against legitimate hope by leaning unfairly on some undoubted general truths: that all lovers are flawed and that all honeymoon periods end. To tease out this reassuring but ultimately self-serving exaggeration, change ‘lovers’ to ‘movies’ or ‘holiday destinations.’ It is as factually correct to insist that there are no perfect lovers as to point out that there are no perfect films or resorts. But this is no argument for refusing ever to change TV channels or for denying that there might be an appreciable difference between Birmingham and Lake Como. There is, simply and squarely, such a thing as, ‘better’ and ‘worse’, a truth no less correct for being – as yet – hugely difficult to contemplate.
  3. It is worse to be ostensibly together while privately disconnected than to be properly, publicly, firmly by yourself, just as it is better to be allowed to cry than forced to smile while burning inside.
  4. What is really holding us back is something a little unexpected in the background: that we don’t trust or like ourselves very much, that we feel underserving and ashamed of ourselves (it’s to do with childhood). Our inability to leave is a symptom of self hatred. If we were firmly on our own side, it would be immediately evident that we deserved and could lay claim to something a great deal more sustaining.
  5. Complete the following sentence: ‘If all the practical hurdles could be taken care of as if by magic (the agony of telling them, the difficulty of finding a new place, the embarrassment of breaking the news to mutual friends etc), what I would really like to happen next is…’ Ignoring your reply means sacrificing yet more of your life on the altar of a tricky chat with certain acquaintances who don’t care anyway or of a boring afternoon or two with an estate agent. Your most precious commodity is time. And on death beds, no medals are handed out for endurance and a limitless capacity to consume bowls of misery.
  6. The suffering caused by being alone is far easier to endure and assuage than the suffering of a bad relationship. Compared with the appalling impact of squabbles, misunderstandings, bitterness and coldness, being on your own is a condition unworthy of serious concern. The only thing that truly deserves our terror is the prospect of life without a connection to someone we can admire and adore.
  7. You are implicitly assuming that being alone in the future will be an exact replica of how being alone felt before this relationship. And yet your experience in this couple will forever alter how you interpret the discomforts of the single state. The time before you were in this will not be the same as that which will follow once you are out of it: without noticing, silently, you have been acquiring an advanced diploma in compassion, gratitude and contented aloneness.
  8. Conquering the fear of being alone will be the ultimate guarantee of satisfying love henceforth. People who feel they have no choice make bad choices
  9. The relationship that is right for you isn’t the one without problems, isn’t the one where you won’t occasionally be desperate, lose your temper and behave atrociously, it’s one where you will never feel – as you do now – the constant doubt as to whether or not you should even really be here. You will be unhappy sometimes, but you’ll know in your marrow that getting out isn’t what you secretly long for; you will (fortunately for you) never want to read, or get anything out of, an essay like this again.
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2023.03.24 06:39 rrmdp 📢 Research Foundation of The City University of New York is hiring a Manager- Conditions Assessment and Capital Planning!

Apply →
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Our new bot u/masks4allmodbot was suspended without warning, and we are not sure why. The bot has some subreddit user commands to provide information on some community topics, and also has some functionality similar to safestbot. It follows botiquette and seems well under API limits. Its last action was banning a troll telling one of our sub members to kill themselves. Not the first troll saying something like that, too. Can we get some guidance on this and a possible reversal of the suspension? Thanks.
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2023.03.24 06:38 beachvbguy Are Podcasts Becoming Hollywood?

I have listened to podcasts for a long time. And, probably like a lot of others on here, my actual appetite for really enjoyable episodes probably still exceeds the ones I'm able to uncover and listen to.
Having said that, the issue now is no longer sparsity of content. Rather, the main reason simply seems to be that there are SO MANY podcasts, and no genuine (re: IMDB) resource to find shows. The secondary reason, in my opinion, is that consistent quality episodes, in almost every format, seems to be more challenging. And, I think this is because there are so many podcasts.
So, I'm wondering if we've hit that stage where Hollywood seems to have arrived at about 6-15 years ago. The dearth of new ideas, combined with the competitive attention environment, has led to repetitious formats, the return of the 'rerun' culture from the worst tv days, and a case of diminishing returns, when it comes to time spent listening.
As someone who's personal belief/preference is that comic heroes and cartoons are for children, I live on the fringes of the cinema world. This is further compounded by my disinclination to watch movies with a number after them. John Wick 4??? really? The end of the first film left me with zero questions. There are almost no films for me.
So, when we look at pods like Radiolab, This American Life, Bandsplain, and the early rewatch pods, or celebrity/guest/talkshow clone pods, They seemed to me to be much more creative, unique and consistently interesting.
Is it me, am I a grumpy old man (well, yes, but specifically in this case?)?, OR, does anyone else think we're just flooded and there are no really new stories to tell?
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2023.03.24 06:37 Next-Ad7613 Best lamp rewiring service

Best lamp rewiring service
If you are looking for rewiring a lamp or light, Safety Lamps Repair brings you lamp/light rewiring at a budget-friendly price; For decades, we have built a reputation in New York and surrounding areas for rewiring a lamp and other light restoration and lamp repairments. Our experts pay the tiniest detail regarding rewiring a lamp and follow proper safety measures.
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2023.03.24 06:37 Uniquebuilderstexas1 Kitchen Remodeling Houston Unique Builders

Kitchen Remodeling Houston Unique Builders
Kitchen Remodeling Houston experts, Unique Builders, specialize in kitchen remodeling and renovation services which is why we're New York Times Best Houston Kitchen Remodeling Contractor and Texas Monthly Best Remodeling Contractor, known for our outstanding craftsmanship. To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call today at (713) 263-8138 or email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.24 06:37 awesome-food_5085 Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)

Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)
Terangganu, Malaysia simply is probably the most enjoyable location you have yet to hear of (or maybe you do know about it, and that i apprehend why you want to preserve it a secret).
whether or not its the ever-breezy Terangganu air, or the concept of having a chef deep-fry a brimming choice of sea meals for you – Warung Pak Nong restaurant is a restaurant with some thing for anyone.

…and its in which we're going for lunch today!

excellent ocean views are only made better when you have a table full of seafood waiting for your arrival
the ocean perspectives ARE awesome, eating WHAT the ocean gives whilst DOING it's miles EVEN greater!
Its a ‘Win-Win’ with seaside and seashore food
Its quite lots a win-win state of affairs every time you discover your self taking part in a terrifi seashore view, even as expecting a banquet of seafood to arrive at your table.

paying attention to the sea spray at the same time as feeling the warm breeze, sitting in coloration whilst watching the waves is perfect – till a group of pals subsequent to you starts calling out for assist.

No issues nowadays even though, because the only hassle right here is, your buddies are calling you to assist them consume!**

With An Indoor Take-out Line
one of the matters that makes this Terangganu restaurant so a laugh, is how they prepare the restaurant to maximize both comfort and pace, whilst additionally retaining a cozy make-your self-at-domestic type vibe.

i will most effective suppose to call it a eating-in take-out line, and the manner you order here is just splendid.

Scroll down now and examine ‘the way to Order.’

Even on a weekday, Warung Pok Nong was full of families - now that's how you understand its true
tremendously Busy, And amusing
There are a few tables out inside the open air (on both facet of the eating place, parallel to the seashore front), however most of the tables are beneath the main roof building.

you will need to reserve both your beverages and your food your self, however they may assist you carry the food (which is ideal, because you’re going to want a variety of it).

There’s a line for liquids, and a separate line for food, and in case you’re following the main drift of factors (just look for the unmistakable line of smiling and hungry customers), then food is what comes first.

notice – a couple of Warnings
don't forget to usually ASK earlier than tagging your pals on Instagram, or they might get in trouble for cutting off work early on a Wednesday (we were fortunate to be in this example now not as soon as, however numerous times – and i can handiest say a large ‘thanks!’ Malaysians like to devour, and we have been only too fortunate to be there with these new friends nowadays).

note:** huge reminder right here, this area is certainly popular, i'm no longer kidding – although it was simplest after finishing off the primary 5 or so plates of seafood that it got here to our interest – this eating place typically needs reservations from the day before you need to visit!

Make your self aware of how to order, so you don't need to interrupt the cool atmostphere or float within the eating place
ITS A lovely thing TO WITNESS SUCH HUSTLE, but additionally relaxation, IN perfect concord
Terangganu Seafood strategy at Warung Pok Nong
Step 1: Seafood
‘Warung Pok Nong’ restaurant focuses on deep frying seafood, and there are pretty a massive wide variety of selections and styles for you to select from.

due to the straightforward ordering (each patron lining up in the front of the counter like school students) they keep the order line splendidly easy.

everything is deep frying, moving instantly from the fryer, to the dripper, to your plate, for your table, each plate comes with a small saucer of red sauce. watch for your turn in line, deliver your order of form of seafood, and how many plates, and subsequently point out to them the place in which you are sitting.

Get different updates
enter your electronic mail and i’ll send you the first-class travel food content.

Step 2: liquids
the subsequent component to do will be a drink order, but they have got separate places for ordering both blending drinks or water. The water (and coconut water) is to the right of the food ordering, while the liquids that take preparation (coffee, tea, 3-in-one sweet powders) are to your left.

Its no longer as complicated as it may sound, due to the fact you can virtually try and order liquids out of your table (timing it proper, simply whilst a server arrives with the meals). Its just that this restaurant may be so extraordinarily busy, its sometimes simply quicker to simply make the circulate your self.

The chef right here is working with masses of fish according to hour, deep frying every remaining one
Step 3: Seating
the quantity of seafood they fry here is wonderful, and it gained’t be long before your order will arrive.

in case you need to take a moment to witness the chef in movement, lightly stroll through the valuable door, and make your manner across the returned.

The cooks right here are so friendly, it turned into first-rate to see them chortle as we stared in awe, the sheer amount of oil, of seafood, and the large length of all of the frying pans – it's miles pretty a sight to see.

And of course, one so as to make you uncontrollably hungry right away.

move returned outside and attempt to find a table, and of direction for seating, and then for consuming, this step is always extra easy to do with pals.

hundreds of fish frying on the same time, it's going to make you uncontrollably hungry
the amount OF FRYING movement IS mind-BLOWING – each of those ARE complete OF FISH
Crispy and Crackling meeting Line
The sounds of nearly 10 massive deep-frying pans full of fish are without problems heard all of the way from the ordering line.

walking back into the kitchen is highly enjoyable but, and its clear to me from this lunchtime as a minimum, that human beings of Terangganu are very secure running with gigantic quantities of frying seafoods each day.

these two ladies are professionals at fast cleansing each squid earlier than the deep frying which comes subsequent
those younger women had been taking part in a threat to expose us how to properly easy every squid for frying.

One woman lightly removes the inside parts of a squid (along with the ink sack, which is normally stored), after which offers it a short rinse earlier than passing it down.

the second one lady then quickly but easily eliminates the squid’s outer layer of pores and skin with a knife, making small incisions earlier than putting off all of it by using hand as one shiny pink sheath.

Smaller squid will nonetheless have smooth skin, but with fats and extra mature squid like those, the outer skin may be difficult after frying.

4 mackerel to a plate, and i think we had 3 orders of this today at Pok Nong Seafood
The Lunch banquet begins with Fish
the primary of the fried fish are prepared, the first of numerous different plates that were on their way.

To quickly describe a bit about the mackerel, you may see why its just a perfect fish to deep fry.

The mackerel does have scales, and therefore it's far halal and safe for Muslims to consume, but the scales are so small that the skin is sort of velvety to touch – which offers no hassle at all to our enamel after those fish deep fry!

i am amazed at how light and golden the colour is of these fried, crispy, little fish, and there’s not anything like a display of fish like this to get the urge for food going.

specially else, that is just an exceedingly fun finger-food, and so simply after the instant they're cool sufficient to the touch, dig in on your first finger-ful of white, mackerel meat.

Crispy on the out of doors, bouncy and chewy on the inside, The squid here are super
Fried Squid
The squid here are a miniature epic of a journey of texture – I truely love each chunk of these.

Frying to quite a difficult, crispy outdoor, but so skinny, giving manner immediately to the bouncy, nicely chewy, thick chicken within. Take the scissors furnished, and reduce each piece yourself before ingesting.

Squid to me is more about the feel, but there may be a richness and fattiness there as well. Our squid sincerely came full of eggs, and these roe appearance beautiful as well, like a bit bowl of glass beads internal every squid.

Sauce on your heart’s delight
The deep frying may additionally go away them with a bit much less flavor on their own – so that you may also sooner or later need to grab a sauce to go with those bites as nicely.

The eating place has a dark sauce that includes the squid, it smells bitter and tastes barely sweet, and whilst I want it turned into a chunk greater highly spiced, it in reality goes top notch with these squid.

those plates of squid were long gone in a hurry, i was very grateful to see still many more plates of both fish, squid, and then shrimp, on their manner from the recent oil drip trays to our desk.

easy, deep fried, and scrumptious. The shrimp is a have to-order at Warung Pok Nong restaurant
pink AND GOLD, simply shades on this evidently scrumptious PLATE OF FRIED SHRIMP
Fried Shrimp
At closing, the plates of large shrimp arrive, the only dish I never can wait to strive (I received’t lie, I may also have burned a finger or , attaining in earlier than they even hit the table).

The shrimp here are large, they could best match six or seven to a whole dinner plate, and the small bits of crispy batter on top upload a pleasing of entirety for presentation.

The huge scales on the returned are simplest too smooth to peel off, and the beauty of each chew of shrimp meat is elegant. Crunch for your heart’s content, and cheers your pals to any other successful day entire (sure, despite the fact that its simplest lunchtime!).

it's miles a need to-order right here at Warung Pok Nong eating place, it's miles obligatory to finish off about one plate of these shrimp in keeping with person earlier than absolutely everyone can dare mention mind of a departure.

Piping warm squid, sparkling from the frying pans
THE FRIED SQUID IS PILING UP, just WATCH YOUR fingers while IT ARRIVES – it's miles warm!
The very last step earlier than each batch of seafood is prepared consists of a at the back of-the-scenes movement that I also want to proportion with you.

The chef cleans out each pan of a virtually unbelievably amount of crispy batter that falls off at some stage in the cooking. He swoops those all out, swishing through the oil with a large display screen tool, and movements maximum of the fried-to-a-crisp bits of batter into a collection urn at once at the back of him.

word: some bits to go on top of each plate, however most of the people is not used for meals, however goes to feed the households chickens that stay out behind the restaurant instead.

It made the experience all of the better nonetheless to see how, even at this sort of busy and popular searching eating place, there was nonetheless a completely ordinary and nearby circle of relatives lifestyles in movement. Their lives here are growing and taking place in conjunction with the restaurant’s boom as well, and it's miles great to see an instantaneous view of 1 local own family serving meals (and their happiness) to so many other families coming for a meal.

Ice cream and shaved ice, covered with candy and colorful syrup
DON’T neglect considered one of numerous DRINK OR DESSERT options here TO HAVE on the give up OF YOUR MEAL.
The restaurant experience
It is a great day, whenever you can both visit the beach, and keep down ratios of over a dozen objects of seafood in step with individual according to table. exceedingly, our large order this present day nonetheless did no longer include the total kind of seafoods (or cakes) to be had at Warung Pok Nong.

There are also massive crabs (frying shells and all), a few other styles of fish besides the squid, mackerel, and tuna in our order these days, and then deep frying fish balls and tofu which also appear to be favorites here as properly.

subsequently, you can word on almost every table inside the restaurant, a dessert order of this vivid, cooling, ice cream and shave ice combination.

I did not do this myself, but some human beings at our desk say that it's miles very sweet, clean, and an excellent finish to the more heavy seafood options in a meal right here.

add to their dipping sauce with your personal part of Tempoyak, the fermented durian local Malaysian delicacy that we assume youve been sporting to your pocket for the complete ride
BONUS in case you occur TO BE carrying TEMPOYAK for your POCKET… mix YOUR own DIP!**
Terangganu – the proper seaside surroundings
The seafood options right here are wonderful, however i would say that its the environment and place of this Terangganu restaurant that would keep me coming lower back.

I couldn’t believe a higher region to go for a mid-day meal with circle of relatives and friends, an interesting (the remarkable food) but laid-again region (the beachside seating), a high-quality example of Terangganu food and culture.

It surely reminds me of the last time we had a seafood ceremonial dinner within the sand, that point at the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

in case you are traveling Kuala Terangganu, make sure to check out a few of our different articles as nicely – here is a jaw-losing meal of neighborhood Terangganu-style breakfast at Nasi Dagang Atas Tol, and i would suggest following this by means of a lunchtime banquet at local favorite Aroma Kampong restaurant for fish, soups, and of direction, tempoyak.

notice*: Tempoyak isn't for sale here, but if you do occur to be carrying a few (like we had been, from the first time we noticed it available on the market, until the very last meal of the whole journey), then sense loose to feature a few dollops to your own small dipping box.
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2023.03.24 06:37 Cold_Possibility_531 Trying different types of teams based on random criteria

not an online event or trading request - only a discussion about interest and viability of a different way to play
Trying to keep in interested until the new DLC is released, seeing if anyone is interested in also trying to use different types of teams in raids / game play only based on agreed, random criteria, for eg: - egg group types - random number generated from Dex - only pokemon starting with a certain letter - colour based
Roster could be done 4 weeks out so you could farm + build your mons. Also a great way to use raid materials etc. Can post pics + builds etc 🤷🏻‍♂️ gets us using different non-used pokemon.
Open for ideas / suggestions.
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2023.03.24 06:35 One-Yam2819 $30 insulin

$30 insulin submitted by One-Yam2819 to u/One-Yam2819 [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:35 scfclsb pesach chumros AKA dangerously extreme OCD

So internally I'm fully OTD like I would have no problem eating an extra chometz edition bacon cheeseburger on pesach followed by marrying a non jew and then passing the children over the moilech fire. But I'm still in the closet somewhat and still live and work in the frum community. So I work in this grocery store in an extremely ultra orthodox neighborhood in brooklyn (wmsbg), and now that it's pesach season and we have separate chometz and pesachdik shelves and what not, people are already making orders for pesach and OMG the amount of OCD these people have is fucking insane.
like it's not enough that the "pesachdik" register is literally covered in white paper sheets and cardboard, yet so many of these people request clean plastic tableclothes to put over their shopping carts and when checking out they literally beg me not to touch the items to the counter even though it's covered and then some of them also request like 3 or 4 layers of plastic shopping bags to put the stuff into and more crazy OCD stuff. I can't imagine that not too long ago I was one of them and thought this was completely normal, and now that I don't believe in Judaism anymore It just blows my mind how insanely toxic this level of OCD is.
jesus I feel like every year there are new chumros invented. probably in 30 years from now you're gonna have the whole wmsbg walking around in full biohazmat bodysuits for 8 days because of "chashash of chometz". it's freaking crazy
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2023.03.24 06:35 No_Interaction_574 new youtube video

new youtube video
new video might come this saturday
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2023.03.24 06:33 YodaJedi1973 Do you think 4% GDP investment in R&D will make India a leader in Science and Tech? Or we also need a "tech geek culture" at grassroots level?

I am an IITian and I have done research and teaching in science & tech for many years in IIT and US. IMO, funds and facilities is not the reason India is behind. In fact most scientists in developed world are as middle class as ours and don't even have subsidized housing like ours do.
First, I will share one fun fact: I have been part of India's incredible software journey from 0 to a world leader. And that happened despite no Govt support or computer infra. Why?
Because we, the people, wanted to. We were willing to surmount any challenge "without blaming the system" and kept marching ahead.
No doubt, we do have some great researchers, however most are comfortable in a 9 to 5 job and publishing "good enough" papers once in a while. Most don't have great "lab" skills either because of "Yeh to labour ka kaam hai" mindset (and don't want to dirty their hands).
Contrast that with "tech geek" culture I experienced in US where many researchers love their research like a hobby and can even binge on it on a Friday night, just like many binge on Netflix.
In some cases there was no funding available to buy instruments and existing defunct ones were refurbished. They are not satisfied unless the results produced are excellent. Why settle with an "Ambassador" car when one can have a "FortuneR" (or put your favorite car here) ?
What is a "geek culture"? It means that there is a community of a sizable number of "geeks" (passionate enthusiasts) in society who take their hobby to the next level by constantly exploring and sharing new ideas. They not only have theoretical knowledge but also have great practical DIY (Do it Yourself) skills relevant to their field.
Social media is a great indicator of what a country is passionate about by observing their popular themes. India has many top notch YouTube channels in areas of entrepreneurship/dance/comedy supported by a thriving community of geeks, and one can easily draw the conclusion that India is a global leader in these areas.

Now here is a question for all of us: How many top science research channels are there from India that make science fun and promote innovation?
A few examples of such channels from abroad are Veritasium/Mark RobePhysics Girl and BPS.Space. They are supported by a thriving community of geeks and sometimes their videos have more than 100K comments! They passionately discuss their ideas and its like entertainment for them!
I am not pro-foreign or want to sow seed of despair. As a patriotic Indian, I am rooting for our scientists to do well.
But we can learn from good examples from anywhere in world, and not bury our head in sand.
No Govt program, ideology (including patriotism), our ancient glory, or changing education system can make India a leader in tech unless many of us pursue excellence as pleasure.
As a parent, have you had a child who would move mountains to binge on web series or playing video games? No restrictions can discourage them from the pleasure they seek. We need more folks like these children who can binge on research instead (like Tony Stark from Avengers).
India will change if we change. If I change. If many of us change.
Will we change?
"Na karne ke sau bahaane, karne ka sirf ek"

Fun Fact 2: Education systems around the world are more or less similar to ours on paper, and people outside crib about it as well, just like we do. In fact, hasn't the same education system produced greats like Ramanujan, CV Raman, Chandrashekhar, JC Bose, Khorana?
Fun Fact 3: When I used to do research at IIT, most folks used to complain that "there is no funding". Reality was that in general many instruments were just lying around in non-maintained state and no one knew or were interested in learning to repair them. This was the state of affairs in other premier research organizations as well.
I had a post doc colleague who was exceptional - for one of his new experiments, a special device was needed which was not available. He looked at its blueprint in a research paper and built it on his own in the machine lab! But such people are rare and we need more like him.
Fun Fact 4: when I first went to US, our research advisor told my American colleague and me that there was no funding for buying instruments worth $200K needed for our project. But there was an old, non-working one from 1960s we could use if we repaired it! I was dejected when I heard that - how can this be happening in America! But my colleague kept my spirits high and took the lead in repairing it. Over the next 3 months, we diagnosed the problems, designed a high voltage controller by referencing various books, and built it by sweating away in machine lab and scavenging free electrical parts. The instrument was working again and we had spent less than $100! This was an eye opening experience for me and didn't even know something like this could be done!
There is a misconception that funding abroad is better - there are similar challenges as ours.
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2023.03.24 06:33 Capable_University_5 Making my own onions for my New York inspired dog. How did I do? It has ketchup, cinnamon, a dash of hot sauce, pinch of salt and water.

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2023.03.24 06:32 Thee_Randy_Lahey Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, March 15, 2023

Debates (Contains verbatim):
Orders of the day:
Nothing particularly notable, just a bunch of politicians from across the country that they invited. See debates if you want details.
Betty Nippi-Albright (NDP) 1:42:00
Presents a petition signed by residents of Saskatoon that calls for duty-to-consult legislation to be enacted. The petitioners are concerned that without this legislation in place, the government is responsible for recognizing when the duty-to-consult is triggered, which has resulted in a lack of engagement with Indigenous communities and lost court battles. The petitioners request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan call on the Government of Saskatchewan to immediately stop the sale of Crown lands and enact meaningful duty-to-consult legislation. 90% of crown land has already been sold.
Terry Dennis (SaskParty) 1:43:17
The federal government is infringing on their rights. Wants the Sask First policies.
*NOTE: This is the daily unfounded constitutional challenge that they bring.
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) 1:44:28
Ms. Mowat presents a petition signed by residents of Wilkie that calls for the Government of Saskatchewan to fix the rural health care staffing crisis. The petitioners are concerned about the recruitment and retention of health care professionals in Saskatchewan's rural health care facilities, which has led to disruptions in emergency room, acute, lab, and X-ray services. The petitioners request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan call on the Government of Saskatchewan to address the staffing crisis.
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) 1:48:39
Bringing awareness to multiple myeloma.
Alana Ross (SaskParty) 1:46:59
Tribute to Himboldt Broncos and an intro to a local from her riding. He presented the team and and ems/first responders last year.
Nathaniel Teed (NDP) 1:48:26
Speaks about dedication and passion of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and its staff, volunteers, and community members. He highlights the importance of the museum's artifacts and how they remain relevant today. Mr. Teed was invited to give remarks at the opening of a new exhibit at the museum, which remembers the discriminatory reality of Canada's detainment policies during World War I. He mentions that thousands of Ukrainians were among those held in internment camps across Canada and forced to work in a country they did not know. He also connects current events, such as Putin's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.
Terry Jenson (SaskParty) 1:49:40
Talks about 5000 people in Warman joining for a cheerleading event.
Gary Grewal (SaskParty) 1:51:15
Talks about his visit to the Regina Trades and Skills last fall.
Fred Bradshaw (SaskParty) 1:52:47
Talks about some people joining the winter games this past winter.
Muhammad Fiaz (SaskParty) 1:54:01
Starts by saying “Members opposite won’t want to hear it, but we have good news from our economy”. He says that urban starts in Saskatchewan for Feb 2023 are up 76% from last year, and claims that the best in the country. He also says more people are choosing to move here because we are the most stable on the planet.
*NOTE: I didn’t bother fact checking this, but a year ago were pandemic measures, short supply of building materials etc. It’s a dishonest metric from the start. And to start out inflammatory… strange. His entire speech is ridiculous, especially when you consider our worst in country outmigration and migration retention rates.
Health Care Staffing and Provision of Emergency Care 1:55:30
Vicki Mowatt, Nathaniel Teed (NDP) vs Paul Merriman (SaskParty)
Mowat accuses the government of failing on the economy and health care, citing the closure of the emergency room at Regina General Hospital in Regina. She questions whether the people of Regina should expect such failures when it comes to their emergency care.
Merriman’s excuse is there are always ebbs and flows within the health care system and that officials have told him the pressure at the Regina General has been alleviated. He also cites that Saskatoon emergency was shut down over the weekend as well.
He also mentions that the government is working on a human resource plan to ensure that people in Saskatchewan receive the health care they deserve. Mowat argues that health care workers are sounding the alarm and that the disaster at the Regina General should never have happened, and quotes the president of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) as saying that there is not enough time, capability, or staff to provide safe patient care in most facilities in the province.
Mowat questions the Minister of Health's responsibility for the state of health care and demands that he take action to ensure that such incidents never happen again. The Minister responds by stating that he met with SUN and other stakeholders to discuss the government's four-point plan to address the issue. He also cites the government's efforts to hire more doctors and nurses and to expand the scope of health care providers in the system. Mowat insists that the government's HR plan is not enough and that it is not working. She criticises the government's 15-year record and accuses it of refusing to take responsibility for its failures.
She also questions why the Minister of Health is not listening to nurses and local voices in health care and demands that he work to find real solutions to the crisis in emergency rooms. She says that he shut down a request for a task force to address these issues. The Minister responds by stating that he meets with unions and other groups regularly to incorporate their ideas into the government's plan. He emphasises that the government is working to meet the needs of people in Saskatchewan and will never take their health care for granted.
Teed describes a retired nurse from his riding who had to lay on the floor having a medical emergency. She couldn’t get an ambulance and called family to say goodbye. Merriman responds by he has met with the ambulance providers and went for coffee with them. Teed fires back saying no one should wait an hour for an ambulance, and people are getting hurt.
\NOTE: The tomorrow measures Merriman cites have been deemed not enough by the provincial auditor. They use the same excuse week after week, but the results appears to get work, considering that ERs are closed in our largest cities. He mentions this 4 point plan, and cites the number of nurses and doctors that he’s bring in, but it’s all bandaids, and it’s fewer than we should have previously had. The plan is very late.*
Jennifer Bowes, Matt Love (NDP) vs Dustin Duncan (SaskParty)
Access to childcare spaces
Bowes expresses concern about the crisis in the healthcare system and the rushed announcement of a $10-a-day childcare policy, and didn’t take the time to get things right to get headlines. She argues that parents who rely on part-time care should not be collateral damage in the minister's desire to score a great headline. Bowes questions whether the Duncan will work with childcare workers to ensure that no one loses their space as a result of the announcement. Duncan responds by assuring that no spaces will be cut, and he emphasizes that he got this deal done 3 years early. Bowes continues to press for answers, stating that the government needs to listen to parents and childcare providers who stand to lose access to their spots. She argues that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for working moms in Saskatoon and Whitewood. Duncan questions the opposition's inconsistent stance on the policy and its impact on the economy.
\NOTE Duncan’s comment about the NDP being inconsistent is nothing but absurd. He is still positioning this as his achievement, but reality is he accepted the $10 a day, he didn’t work for it at all. I also didn’t fact check school funding numbers.. It’s clearly underfunded regardless.*
Funding for education
Matt Love (NDP) vs Dustin Duncan (SaskParty)
Love chimes up that Prairie Valley School division has now started a charity to continue to keep their school running. Duncan insists that he has foundations in place to keep the schools going, and his side of the isle laughs out loud at Love, then he claims Saskatchewan is the highest spending on education in the country. Love returns back that he asked about this funding in 2020, and Duncan told him “We are not going to rely on bake sales to ensure that we have a continuation of a safe return to work” and asks how bottle drives compare as a funding method. Duncan again insists that they’re giving a lot of money to schools, and asks if Love doesn’t want people with a lot of money to help fund the schools, and cites the Brownlee family (may be spelled wrong, I don’t know who they are.)
Government Support for Harm Reduction 2:18:15
Vicki Mowatt (NDP) vs Everette Hindley (SaskParty)
Latest overdose numbers, 103 deaths in two months this year, same as all of 2016. This conversation happens daily. Hindley says that they have a going forward plan of additional funding. Mowatt continues to press for immediate action, Hindley justifies the money that has been spent but doesn’t address the current record, but has a going forward plan.
Bill No. 109 — The Trespass to Property Amendment Act, 2022 2:22:00
Nicole Sarauer (NDP)
Says that they have put very serious concerns on the record about the bill, how it would affect stakeholders. She brings up the premiers tweet about federal workers going on to private property and calls it a redundant bill since people already need to abide by these laws. Cites concerns from Saskel, SaskEnergy and highways workers who are concerns about the rhetoric and their safety.
Bill No. 116 — The Plant Health Act 2:25:06
Vicki Mowatt (NDP)
Notes importance of pest control in agriculture. She is leaving more questions to their critic.
Bill No. 117 — The Saskatchewan Firearms Act 2:27:45
Betty Nippi-Albright (NDP)
Cites her experience of her husband being shot by an illegal firearm, as well as being an indigenous person who relies on firearms for their way of life. She shares the concerns of FSIN regarding lack of consultation. She wants more consultation with impact communities.
Bill No. 118 — The Warrant Compliance Act 2:34:32
Vicki Mowatt (NDP)
She agrees with powers to the police to help find violent reoffenders. Again raises concerns about who is a repeat violent offender, there are definitions missing, and she is concerned about unintended consequence for families, especially kids.
Bill No. 122 — The Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act 2:37:56
Doyle Vermette (NDP)
Asks why they are doing this, he’s been asking every reading but isn’t getting an answer. Says there was no consultation, and now business will need to file two taxes, one provincial one federal. No answers provided. He cites the cost of a new crown, and says that he has heard ministers in the Saskparty say that they can raise taxes, and they’ll still get voted in. And when the result is negative, they’ll say something about the liberal ndp federal government and put their hand out begging for federal dollars.
Bill No. 124 — The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Amendment Act 2:45:38
Jennifer Bowes (NDP)
Cites once again there are mixed responses from stakeholders, and wants the government to consult.
Bill No. 126 — The Summary Offences Procedure Amendment Act, 2022 2:52:58
Nathanial Teed (NDP)
He’s happy about allowing first nations to enforce their own laws, bylaws, summar offense tickets, time limits. He’s in favour.

This will be archived on SaskPoli\**. I am open to linking missed or relevant factual information provided, as well as correcting inaccuracies.**\**
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2023.03.24 06:32 praddzy2 LTT's channel is back with all the videos

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2023.03.24 06:32 THRAobsessive Our assistant manager treats 'new hires' like garbage

'New hires' is used a bit loosely here since all of us newbies have been working for well over six months at this point.
I get physically sick when having to talk to our assistant manager. Whenever I hear her interact with people who've been working at our store for years she's kind and caring, gives them thanks for working so hard and being such great employees, how she could not do this without them. That's also the case when we have trainees for a few weeks during March and October, she's kind and stands up for them whenever someone even suggests one of them might have done a bad job.
But when it comes to me and two other people who were hired last year, she's really mean, and it's not just me noticing this. All of us have picked up how differently she talks to us compared to other workers. I don't think I have ever gotten as much as a "thank you" from her when I'm wrecking myself with shifts no one else even wants to do. So help me god though if I make even the smallest mistake, I will be berated and she definitely won't shy away from raising her voice at me. I need to constantly prove that I'm not the one making mistakes so I don't get blamed. Then she'll try to laugh it all off like she wasn't an asshole to me just now.
Take yesterday for example, when I had to quickly leave the cash register to ask our manager a quick question before he left, and even told this over the radio so if another cashier was needed, someone else could go. When she noticed me going back to the registers, she damn near yelled at me that there are people lining up, get the f back to the registers right now and how could I even leave in the first place before laughing it off again.
I'm the kind of person who tries their best to get on with everyone but I feel like it's impossible for me to get on with her even if I try. I feel huge dread whenever I know my shift starts before she leaves because walking on eggshells at work is tiring as hell, as if working in retail was somehow a piece of cake without a shitty assistant manager.
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2023.03.24 06:31 sharkbait1223 What is your preferred "lesser" cut of steak?

For this thread, let's disregard the filet, New York strip, and ribeye.
What else do you enjoy to cook? For me, I get hangar steaks from Wegmans that always come out super tender and flavorful. Am wondering if there are other cuts of steak I should try?
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2023.03.24 06:31 scoobyydoob He wants to claim our daughter on his taxes for more money but won't even spend over $10 on her

He came by to visit our daughter but I was at the bank, he never lets me know when he's coming - sometimes it's 12pm, sometimes it's 5pm, sometimes he won't even show or let me know he's not coming. I'm not going to wait around all day, so I missed him. I told him all of that but he didn't address the time issue and went straight to telling me he'd be picking me up Saturday so we could file our taxes because he wants to claim our baby.
When he initially brought this up, he wasn't even planning on sharing any of what he gets back with me. I still don't trust that he even would if he agreed to it. I told him I don't want to file taxes with him, I don't want him to have the ability to claim her every year. He doesn't deserve the extra help, he has no involvement in her care besides a bit of child support that he only recently started paying and it's not the proper, fair amount.
He just said "she's my daughter too" and that's when I kinda lost it.
Here's how it went...
Him: she's my daughter too
Me: only when you want money out of her. Name 3 things you've bought her.
Him: high chair, diapers, her toddler car seat
Me: it's embarrassing you even used those. Yard sale items I had to scrub that were less than $10. Diapers?! Wow. Strangers have done more. How do you feel proud of that. But you're enjoying that new gun you bought and the expensive alcohol you drink every night but anything over $10 for our daughter is unacceptable. Never filed taxes before but when you think you can get something out of (daughter's name) you're all for it. You should feel bad. You don't deserve her."
He just stopped responding which isn't surprising, probably went and got drunk as usual. I think he's trying to limit text conversations because he doesn't want me having so much documentation that he sucks.
I really can't tell if he truly cares about her the way a father should at all, his presence in her life seems like a chore for him. Something he's just doing so he doesn't look completely terrible to his friends. He does the absolute bare minimum. He never bonded with her, always seemed uninterested even before I left him. Visits infrequently for 20 minutes or less, and he makes sure to have a nasty attitude towards me the entire time, it doesn't really feel like he's here for our baby cause he doesn't talk to her or interact much, rejects my attempts to have them play and show him all the adorable little milestones she's reaching, etc.
His visits consist of 20 minutes or less of uncomfortable, tense silence where he has an angry, serious look on his face and if he does talk, he's making jabs at me. Baby is usually screaming cause 1) she hasn't bonded with him, and 2) I think she can sense the tension, but that's just a guess.
I keep feeling a little bad about being so mean, but then again, I think he deserved it.
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2023.03.24 06:31 Ok_Independence1779 Trying to find career in Finance

Hi everyone this is my first post on Reddit. I’m a 21 year old college student graduating this summer and I’m trying to find a job. I’m finishing school a year early with a BS in Business with a concentration in Finance. I spent my summers taking extra classes instead of doing internships and have pretty much 0 business experience.
Every entry level Analyst position I’ve applied to has not responded so I’ve been applying to entry level advisor roles. Companies like NWM and New York Life responded but they seem like scams after talking to them. There’s also a bunch of MLMs calling their positions financial advisors/professionals/planners and it’s really discouraging thinking you got an interview and then it’s just some shitty guy trying to make money off of you.
Anyways just looking for some advice on what next steps I should take and anything really that would help my situation. Thank you for reading of you got this far.
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2023.03.24 06:30 EchoJobs Ramp is hiring New Grad 2023 Software Engineer Frontend USD 127k-150k New York, NY Miami, FL Remote [React Flask Python Elixir AWS PostgreSQL JavaScript]

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