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2010.01.14 15:55 semizero One Piece

Welcome to OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit!

2012.12.07 17:23 semizero DAE ODA?

You just lost the game.

2012.03.28 17:53 semizero ALL MEME

The best place to find One Piece memes! We celebrate the comedic and casual side of the One Piece series. Casual or low-effort content, normally removed from /OnePiece, is likely welcome here! Come join our discord server at discord.gg/sjkDW72

2023.03.23 12:39 goffstown 10 Days To Go! Let the Countdown Begin!

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2023.03.22 22:35 Kirosh2 One Piece: Chapter 1079

Chapter 1079: "The Red-Haired Pirates - An Emperor's crew"

Source Status
Official Release OFFLINE
TCBscans website (No link.) ONLINE
/OnePiece Discord ONLINE

One Piece is on break next week.

Ch. 1079 Official Release (Mangaplus): 26/03/2023
Ch. 1080 Scan Release: ~06/04/2023

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release.

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops!!

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2023.03.22 05:37 Inner-Juices What would these monsters/villains disaster levels be in One Punch Man? Plus, who is the strongest hero they could defeat?


Character #1: Arlong [1] W/ 50x Energy Steroids + His Sword (One Piece) [Extra Note - It's raining while he's going on a rampage so he can use his water attacks]
Character #2: Prime Orochimaru [1)] (Naruto)
Character #3: Extended Canon - SCP-682 [1] (SCP Foundation)
Character #4: Kai the Collector (Kung Fu Panda) [Extra Note - He has absorbed every C-Class Hero a.k.a 390 Peak Humans [1] / Superhumans]
Character #5: Hail Mary) (Invincible - Amazon/TV Show)
Character #6: The Mask (Dark Horse Comics)
Character #7: Sinister-Adaptoid) (Marvel) [Extra Note - Has the powers/abilities of and is as strong as Sandman [1#Powers_and_Stats:~:text=Powers%20and%20Abilities,Man%20hadn%27t%20intervened.)], Electro [1#:~:text=Powers%20and%20Abilities,pure%20Energy)], Mysterio [1], Vulture [1#Classic_Costume:~:text=Flight%20(Can%20reach,%5B10%5D)) 2#New_Vulture:~:text=Same%20as%20his,in%20his%20arsenal)], Doctor Octopus [1#Classic_Costume:~:text=Flight%20(Can%20reach,%5B10%5D))] and Kraven the Hunter [1] combined)
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2023.03.20 08:24 MidnightMaxCH what's wrong with not liking skypiea alabasta? a mod once banned me from r/onepiece

they were boring arcs imo for me personally. didn't enjoy it more than enies lobby, marine ford, wci.
But why if i post that i didn't like them i will be roasted in onepiece ( Kirosh had banned me for not enjoying Arlong Park )
why would many redditors there hate on ppl who don't enjoy those arcs. What are so special about these arcs i and many more don't personally enjoy?
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2023.03.19 11:18 animal_x87 Hey there! Just joined. New Fan. Thought the figure was pretty cool. Black and white. Nice! I read that you could start anywhere with the books. Thought I'd get one. Then I needed two. Just read the third one. Four and five are on their way. I can't/won't stop. Miyamato Usagi is awesome!

Hey there! Just joined. New Fan. Thought the figure was pretty cool. Black and white. Nice! I read that you could start anywhere with the books. Thought I'd get one. Then I needed two. Just read the third one. Four and five are on their way. I can't/won't stop. Miyamato Usagi is awesome! submitted by animal_x87 to UsagiYojimboDojoSub [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 09:27 Kirosh2 One Piece: Chapter 1078

Chapter 1078: "Escape Limit"

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TCBscans website (No link.) ONLINE
/OnePiece Discord ONLINE
Ch. 1078 Official Release (Mangaplus): 19/03/2023
Ch. 1079 Scan Release: ~23/03/2023

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release.

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops!!!!

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2023.03.16 03:25 Evol-Chan Love One Piece but talking about it is such a pain.

One Piece is one of my favorite mangas, but anywhere I have tried talking about it always leads to the dumbest power scaling arguements.. Discord is the WORST place to discuss one piece without being bombarded by "this chapter is mid" or "this character we havent seen do a thinig yet could sweep them easily,"

onepiece and twitter are the only place I will be getting news on anything but Discord is really the worst, imo for discussing it.
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2023.03.13 18:07 QueenFlowers91 The Bond Villain is Back. With Avengence! [up to 1077 Spoilers]

I’m talking about Crocodile being the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Dr.Vegapunk plot that has been playing out for several chapters now. With his Mini-me, Seraphim, S-Croc, being the one who just assassinated Shaka in Chapter 1077:

I first touched on the idea of Crocodile wanting to kidnap Vegapunk in my last post, “When the Side Hustle Goes Wrong”. There, I pointed out some potential clues and came up with an idea on how Croc may be trying to pull this off. With his end-goal being World Domination, of course. You know, typical Bond-Villain stuff?
And as One Piece’s Bond Villain, I’d think Crocodile would have his eyes on the world’s top scientist. Since he had failed to get Pluton back in Alabasta, the next best thing would be to kidnap the scientist who has been developing advanced weaponry for the World Government.
During this past week, I’ve gotten a few new ideas that I’d like to share. Hope you enjoy!

S-Croc, the Triggerman

If Vegapunk did indeed create a Crocodile Seraphim, there is a good chance he tried to replicate Croc’s sand-logia powers for it. But failed based on what he said in Chapter 1070 about his research into Logia Devil Fruits:

As a result, Vegapunk may’ve written S-Croc off as a failure. Decommissioned him and set him off to the side somewhere. That could be why we haven’t seen any action from the S-Croc Seraphim. Yet.
I’m thinking there are multiple traitors in this plot. Possibly, a traitor Vegapunk-Satellite was the one to bring S-Croc back to life just for this mission. Then later, I’m sure Crocodile will get a kick of his own personal Seraphim.
Who better to trust than a clone of himself?
Though, one important thing to note is that if Vegapunk did try to give the S-Croc sand-logia powers, then the seraphim wouldn’t have any powers that actually work. He might have the green-blood, but he can’t produce or manipulate sand like the real Crocodile.
So, this might be something of a handicap for S-Croc. But he still might’ve gotten something useful from his primary lineage factor source.
Before Crocodile got his Sand-Sand Fruit, I’m thinking that he was a semi-decent marksman as a child. Per the sketch Oda did in SBS Vol. 63:

At least a decent enough marksman to pull off a brutal headshot from a distance:

Another thing to note is that Stella-Vegapunk didn’t seem surprised that Shaka brought some “help” to set him free. Meaning that Stella should recognize the person following Shaka.
The other Vegapunk Satellites are kinda busy at the moment. There still may be a traitor, or traitors, among them. But for now, they are all with the Straw Hats. However, the mystery shooter might be a Seraphim we haven’t been introduced to yet.
I’m thinking S-Croc.
S-Bat (Moria) & S-Bird? (Doflamingo) are other possibilities. However, with Moria and Doflamingo being Paramecia Devil Fruit Users, Vegapunk shouldn’t have had an issue replicating their devil-fruit powers. So, surely, either S-Bat or S-Bird would have had far more effective means to kill Shaka than an old school gun. It’s possible they would want to use a gun for dramatic effect. But for S-Croc, a gun is his only real means of attack.
Like the real Crocodile, what S-Croc lacks in brawn, he might just make for in brains.
While Crocodile is a brawler, he works better as a criminal mastermind operating from the shadows. Remember Baroque Works? And I think Croc is up to his old tricks again with the Cross Guild. His Mini-me, S-Croc, may just be his newest assassin.
S-Croc may’ve gotten his marching orders from Stussy or from a traitor-Vegapunk. Somebody that would be loyal to the Cross Guild. Or Crocodile, directly.
Nevertheless, I think there is something more than a simple murder-mystery plot afoot. Rather, I’m thinking there’s a Bond-level evil conspiracy going on.
And who better to pull it off than the Bond Villain of One Piece?


Diamonds Are Forever

The whole diamonds-reveal in Chapter 1075 is what got me thinking of the old Bond films. Diamonds Are Forever is a Bond film that came out in the 1970s, by the way.

Edison had mentioned that the diamonds produced in the Lab are for industrial purposes. And I think I figured out what their main industrial purpose is:

Vegapunk seems to have done a lot of research with Kizaru’s light-logia, too. While he couldn’t replicate it exactly, he might’ve come close with the use of diamonds.
In the Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever, diamonds were used to turn light into a high-powered laser cannon:

If Crocodile had a spy inside of Vegapunk’s lab, it’s possible that he could’ve gotten his hand on plans behind the Pacifista’s laser technology. And he could’ve spent some time during the timeskip to build his own laser cannon. If so, he would need Vegapunk to commission it. Hence, the kidnapping plot.
Or Crocodile could be waiting until he has successfully kidnapped Vegapunk to get to work on building this satellite laser cannon.
If constructing a laser cannon does turn out to be part of Crocodile’s latest grand plan, that might just give the Straw Hats an excuse to go to outer space.

Although, Crocodile may just plan to mount a laser cannon on a ship. To make a makeshift version of Pluton. Assuming the ancient weapon is a warship.
Anyways, Vegapunk would be an invaluable asset for a criminal mastermind for Crocodile to have. Not just for a laser cannon. But to develop and build all sorts of technologically advanced weaponry. Which really, is the ancient technology Crocodile wanted in the first place.
Vegapunk has been building on research he was able to uncover from the Void Century, with the Ancient Kingdom being something of a technological utopia.

To limit what the best in science has to offer to only the Cross Guild, Crocodile may have already reached out to Vegapunk’s former colleagues.

Best to have all of the world's leading scientists under one organization.
The Germa 66’s Cover Story Arc took some place in the not-so-distant past. By now, I’m sure Caesar & Judge have made nice. Their shared hatred of Vegapunk bonding them together.
With it being the Final Saga, I see them allying with an Emperor to not diverge too much from the main plot of the series. Right now, “Emperor Buggy” is hiring.
Of course, neither may not be too happy with working with Vegapunk again. But with Crocodile as the boss, he’s not going to pick favorites. Vegapunk won’t be placed on a pedestal as he was with the World Government. Which is likely what caused Judge & Caesar to resent him. And Crocodile will likely cater to Judge & Caesar’s egos by allowing them to conduct whatever research they want. No matter how unethical. So long as it furthers his goals for ultimate power.
Another little theory that I have is that Crocodile was a former protégé of Du Feld’s, the Loan Shark King. So, maybe Crocodile isn’t a complete stranger to the former MADS scientists? If not, he may already be aware of all of their personality flaws. And knows just how to work past them.
But I guess we’ll see.


Going into the Final Saga of One Piece, I don’t see a whole lot of hype for the Cross Guild. Which is unfortunate.
Yeah, Crocodile got defeated by Luffy early on in the series. But Croc seems to be a villain who learns from his past mistakes and comes back even harder.
When he got his ass kicked by Whitebeard twenty-odd years ago, he changed tactics to try to obtain Pluton. Then, when that failed, well…I’m assuming that he’s now rounding up the world’s leading scientist to build up an arsenal of advanced weaponry.

The MADS crew will be back together again, minus Queen. And then there’s the clone-Stussy taking the place of the real one. But once again, MADS will be financed by a wealthy criminal to conduct their research. For “peace”.
Let’s call it Operation: Utopia 2.0.
Clone-Stussy was likely the one to leak it to the World Government that Vegapunk was researching the poneglyphs. Which led to Cipher Pol Agents opening up an investigation on Egghead Island.

But at least one traitor Vegapunk-satellite had to have captured and locked up any Cipher Pol Agents who sailed close to the island. Without letting Stella-Vegapunk know so that he wouldn’t get spooked and try to run away before the time was right. Not before a fleet of Marine warships would be on their way.

The original plan must’ve just been to make a quick getaway once Egghead gets blown up in a sort-of Buster Call.
Preferably, in a Bond Villain style escape pod.

The Straw Hats surprise visit to the island doesn’t really change things. If anything, the Straw Hats might end up being the ones who get blamed for the mayhem unfolding on Egghead.
I’m almost damn sure Stussy was the one who called Big News Morgans about the Straw Hats clashing with the World Government on the island.

This news story will cause the world to blame the Straw Hats for Vegapunk’s disappearance. Rather than him having been kidnapped in an operation orchestrated by the Cross Guild.
Pure evil, I tell ya.

And that’s not even getting into how Caribou might fit into all of this.

Caribou has been MIA for who knows how long. Since before the Fishman Island Arc, the guy has been having all sorts of misadventures.
But since the Straw Hats kicked him off the Sunny, he might be open to tagging along with whatever evil scheme the Cross Guild might have going on. Whether or not that “Certain Someone” was Crocodile all along. The swampy dude just needs a ride off of Egghead. Especially, before all hell breaks loose.
This last chapter is seriously hinting towards Buster-Call levels of destruction is imminent:

I’m really liking the tension being built up in this arc. Whether I'm right or wrong. Egghead has been turning out to be a fun little adventure. Much like a Bond film. ;)


S-Croc was the one who shot Shaka. As part of the Cross Guild’s plan to kidnap Vegapunk. If Crocodile had a leak within Vegapunk’s lab, he might’ve gotten his hand on Vegapunk’s research involving laser technology, which I believe utilizes diamonds. Crocodile might have, or might be, constructing a laser cannon to launch into space. That may just give the Straw Hats an excuse to go up there. Judge & Ceaser may have recently been recruited into the Cross Guild. Still, Crocodile wants Vegapunk. To have all the world’s leading scientists under him. Stussy is still suspect. Likely, to switch sides again. This time, for the Cross Guild. Where she is playing a major role in this plot to kidnap her creator and to have the Straw Hats blamed for his disappearance.
Bond-Villain Level Evil Conspiracy is afoot on Egghead. I will call it Operation: Utopia 2.0.
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2023.03.13 06:31 Combination-Mission 70 down 30 to go 🏴‍☠️

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2023.03.11 21:04 TheRisu Confessions of a Former Sanji Fan

I don't think I'm going to say anything new here, but Sanji is tied for my least favorite strawhat these days. He peaked in Baratie, in my opinion. I think he's got what could be the coolest fighting style in the strawhats, and i love his anime voice actor. In Baratie, I think Sanji was my favorite character at the time, but here are some examples of sanji losing me more and more over the years. He used to be suave, and a ladiesman, and progressively got more insufferably perverted and gross and that's only part of the problem.

Protecting Nami in Arlong Park

This is was relatively minor offense, but it kind of irked me that Nami had just told everyone that Ussop was dead and she betrayed them. Zoro went to charge her (and I doubt actually kill her), but Sanji cuts in and says that Zoro isn't a real man for attacking a woman. I find this very silly. And this isn't because I think it's silly to defend a woman at any time. In fact, this scene is one of my favorite rescues from Sanji. So despite how silly I thought the zoro stuff was, Sanji made up for it throughout the rest of Arlong Park and definitely in Drum Island. My love for him was restored back to 100%.
But this moment in Arlong Park was the beginning of a long trend of personally disappointing scenes from Sanji. Attacking Zoro for charging Nami who had implied she killed Ussop or helped Ussop get killed, is directly in contradiction to this scene as well, where he rushed to hold a gun to Robin's head.

Sanji's Fight with Mr.2

Now after Sanji figured out how to get around Bon Clay's powers, this fight becomes one of my favorites in the series, especially in the anime. I was especially impressed with Sanji's ability to treat Bon Clay with respect after the fight was over and offer his acknowledgement. But the fact that transforming into Nami was a weakness at all was so stupid to me. I would've respected sanji more if he didn't have to work around that kind of thing at all, but it was a moment to show Sanji's keen observation and ability to work around a disadvantage. So it's a mixed bag.
You probably have an idea of how sanji reacts when he sees an attractive woman now, but this is how he would respond in the old days. Much more chill. Again in most of alabasta and in Skypeia Sanji was great and one of my favorites, but the ridiculousness was starting to ramp up.

Sanji vs Khalifa

The most egregious yet. Sanji had been incredible in this arc up til this point, but knowing that Robin's life is on the line and not even subduing the enemy in front of you was so bad to me. I know of his childhood trauma, but it's a character flaw that the story doesn't force him to work on. He's always miraculously bailed out. He knows what the stakes are, and he could easily knock this woman out, but refuses. Nami is right as she chastises him, but she also praises him for some reasaon. And that's my problem. The story recognizes this as a character flaw for sanji, but also as a great part of his character. I don't care how much someone is committed to a bad idea if the idea is bad. I think it's only a flaw that needs to be worked on. And once he did this, unlike nami, my respect for him went way fucking down.

Sanji Confirmed Creep

During his fight with Absalom, the thing that makes him most upset is that he no longer has the ability to fulfill his dream of spying on naked women in bath houses...This just isn't funny to me. This is bad. I don't care what cultural background leads to this kind of humor, I don't like it. I have no control over how sanji is written. So there's no point in me pretending like I can or that the story was made with my morals in mind. I can't, and it wasn't. But I can still react to this. And my reaction is that this is awful. All respect I have for sanji as a person at this point went even more down. I appreciated him for wanting to lay down his life for the crew when Kuma stormed the scene, but that doesn't change that he's a creep.

Sanji in Fishman Island Nosebleeds

Do I even need to say anything about this? Stupid plot line from Oda all around. I get why sanji was more sensitive after the time skip, but this was not the way to tell that story in my opinion. Sanji is now becoming more of a gag character than a character. The nosebleed scene in the Wano bathhouse was also egregious to me.

Sanji Tells Jinbe to Kill Himself

Sanji had the audacity to tell Jinbe, one of the least problematic characters in the series, to kill himself as an apology to Nami. Sanji seems to be pretty emotionally intelligent most of the time, but this was wild. After Jinbe had poured his heart out in a humbling and self effacing way, Sanji says Jinbe should kill himself because it'll make Nami feel better. This is an L for two reasons. It demonstrates a general stupidity but also a complete ignorance on who Nami is, the person Sanji seems to be most obsessed with.

Sanji's Disregard for Kids or Men or Strangers at Times

If you're not a woman that Sanji is attracted to, he talks to people crazy sometimes lol. This is maybe a relatively minor thing, but it gets worse as the series progresses. He shouts at a bunch of clearly vulnerable kids and tells them to shut up. A lot of people like to say Sanji is the kindest strawhat, but I just don't think that's true. Like many characters in one piece, he's showed a disregard for people and their wellbeing at times whenother characters show more compassion. He'll race to rescue Tashigi, an actual declared enemy, but won't go out of his way to protect kids unless Nami asks him too. Now you remember that he rushed to save Toko in Wano, but that was because he knew her already. Nami was willing to save kids she didn't know. I think there's a ton of examples of Sanji being kind, but his disregard for others at times is shockingly unkind a lot of the time too.
Like when he tells Ussop to keep Nami safe for him? They're both comparably weak, and at this point you could say Nami is superior to Ussop. So why is he saying this shit to Ussop, rather than "good luck, you two" or something affirming of both of them? Again, not how he always acts. And it's not always that big of a deal anyway, but it's not great.

Sanji Confirmed Creep Pt. 2

Not cool, man. Not cool. I mean, look at this shit.

Sanji and Violet

Violet could've probably convinced a lot of people to help her in multiple ways, but of course it was Sanji. What happened to, like when the kids needed help, his idea that the Strawhats are not a charity and won't be helping random strangers? When it's a hot woman begging for his help, though, he's all for it. And the story rewards him for this. Violet did need help. Sanji doesn't have to work on being duped by women, because it'll work out for him. Even while getting the shit kicked out of him, or maybe cause he's getting the shit kicked out of him, he's only thinking about perverted shit. How did he even get locked in chains? You're telling me they made chains that could hold Sanji? I think the CoO specialist shouldve been able to avoid that, even if he was jumped.

Losing Situations

Oda keeps putting Sanji in this punching bad scenarios, situations where he can't actually come out on top. or not giving him the hype that he deserves. There's a ton of examples, only a few listed below.

His Dream

Sanji has a dream for all blue that he never talks about anymore. Why isn't this dream being developed at all? I was really interested in it when he first brought it up. He could've been mentioning a search for it all this time but it never comes up. Whatever All Blue theories you subscribe to, you admit to admit that.

The Slave

Sanji argued with a cloud about who was Nami's servant. Sanji met Stussey and immediately offered to be her dog. This is not the suave and cool man we met in Baratie.

His Powers

This might not bother any of you, but I'm not a fan of magic science so much. I'd rather it just be magic, so it was disappointing that Sanji's powerups were kind of an accidental discovery of abilities programmed into him. You could compare that to devil fruits, but I think the average devil fruit requires more awareness and skill to use effectively than just being bionically strong and regenerative.
Also, why did Sanji use the Raid Suit? He said he never would, but seemed pretty easy to convince himself to use it to mask his identity. But he didn't need this kind of help when it came to speed blitzing Oven in WCI. Could the story not have been written that Sanji did a similar feat to ward of Page 1 and or Drake? Would that be hard to believe? Or did it make more sense for him to just start using the suit? I don't think so.
I understand that he's mixing his haki with his body's magic science now, but I prefer it less than other power up ideas people had in mind for Sanji.

Sanji and Zeff

You might think that all of this woman stuff is excusable because of Zeff. I don't. I have answers for this, but this all pretty long as is. But I will say, nothing that I criticize Sanji for is a misunderstanding of his character. I've addressed a lot of it in this post criticizing both zoro and sanji. https://www.reddit.com/OnePiece/comments/ut9jiq/my_problem_with_zoro_and_sanji/


Sanji has done a lot of amazing things for the story. Many of my favorite moments are because of him. But the same is true for many of my least favorite moments. It's made me like him less and less over time. I don't think he's uniquely more kind than anyone else. I don't like the direction his powers took. I don't like his whole thing with women. I don't like that he doesn't get a lot of Ws, more so does the rescuing (often at his expense).
There's so much more to say, but I'll leave it at this: Many of you may think I'm just nitpicking or misunderstanding him, or not allowing grace because of cultural differences. I can address all of that, but I think I have good reasons regardless for liking Sanji less and less as time goes on.
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2023.03.10 23:52 Spiritual-Dot-7404 One Piece Filler Arcs

As we all know, the One Piece anime tends to stretch out most of it's material into more episodes than they probably should. While they've used filler arcs in the past, they definitely don't do it as often or as long as Naruto or Bleach. Which is weird to me since One Piece's world seems to be begging for filler islands between each arc.
Creatives of onepiece. If you could make a filler arc what would it entail?
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2023.03.10 21:54 Combination-Mission One piece Collection 🏴‍☠️

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2023.03.09 17:25 the_straw_hatted Veterans of pre-TS, what did you feel at certain moments? (spoilerless)

I'm sorry it's not a meme. I tried posting in onepiece but the bitch mods removed it for absolutely no reason.
I'm really curious about this, so I'll post it here, anyways the community in this sub is much better.

(I'll keep the post spoilerless, please mark spoilers in the comments for anime only fans).
It's been a few months since the end of Wano, and with all the excitement and pride over those historic moments, the fan community was filled with emotions, good and bad alike, which cause quite a few disputes.
I myself caught up with the series at the middle of Dressrosa, but I'm curious how did fans feel at the time, and how reddit reacted to certain points in the series. I tried to use a filtered search on certains years within this subreddit, but apparently Reddit removed that option.
So some of the moments I'm curious about:
-The timeskip itself, and the return to Sabaody (or Shabondy)
-Luffy's backstory
-"The One Piece is real"
-Our beloved Donut
-Luffy infiltrates Impel Down, especially his encounter with Teach
-Strawhat crew's seperation
-Usopp asking and declined the One Piece reveal
-Luffy punching the hell outa Charloss
-"Nothing happened"
-Shanks being a Yonko
-Luffy's family reveal
-"I want to live"
-Sogeking's appearance, and song
-CP9's reveal
-(for extreme veterans) Dragon stopping Smoker on Logtown
or of course anything else you'd like to share (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
I really hope this post won't get lost within the huge sub...
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2023.03.09 15:04 Kirosh2 One Piece: Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077: "You should’ve put it together sooner!"

Source Status
Official Release OFFLINE
TCBscans website (No link.) ONLINE
/OnePiece Discord ONLINE
Ch. 1077 Official Release (Mangaplus): 12/03/2023
Ch. 1078 Scan Release: ~16/03/2023

Please discuss the manga here and in the theory/discussion post. Any other post will be removed until 24h after the release.

Please also remember to put the chapter number in the title for any future post talking about this chapter.

Please remember to only use vague titles until the official release drops!!!

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2023.03.08 20:25 Minhad my collection after 3 years

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2023.03.07 13:32 UrsulaWasRight Does anyone know/have a source for the SBS where Oda actually confirmed his real-life inspirations for the characters?

There are so many theories on Reddit about the inspiration behind some characters, including this famous picture that has been circulating for ages. Unfortunately, most of these are not confirmed, not even Enel as Eminem or Ivankov as Tim Curry's Frank 'N' Furter.
Even though some of these are uncanny, I really wanted to know the characters that Oda or his team has actually confirmed.
So far I know the only confirmed ones are:
Does anyone know of any other officially confirmed inspirations behind the characters? And with sources?
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2023.03.07 13:00 AutoModerator Weekly Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

This is the weekly Buy/Sell/Trade thread. Please use the official cardlist for set codes.
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P.S. - Bandai isn't doing the best job in distinguishing alternate arts/parallels with unique identifiers, so I've done the best way I can think of in order to reduce confusion and ambiguity.

Rules are as follows:

  1. Listings must have Buying or Selling or Trade Request listed at the very top of the comment in the "Heading" format style.
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  1. The following comment types require the following formatting:
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2023.03.07 01:53 Glaggle Subreddits im banned from

furry (posted an anti zoophile meme)
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2023.03.07 01:19 ManiacalRecipe What is your cherished dream?✨ 1r/rule34 r/hentai r/gonewildaudio r/gonewild r/nsfw411 r/realgirl r/celebnsfw r/nsfw r/slut r/rapefantasies r/wallstreetbets r/askredditafterdark r/nofans r/dirtyr4r r/onepiece r/transformation r/programmerhumor r/naturaltitties r/asshole r/juicyasians r/askreddit

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2023.03.07 00:04 scp_malO_hentai NVM it was fake

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2023.03.04 15:50 Shmookiebookie I’m sure you can tell my taste in manga, but here’s my collection so far! (ft. Hitchhikers guide)

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