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The Shadow Party. Now meddling in an election near you.

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2014.01.27 07:17 chrono000 BlackCoin Subreddit

BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to http://blackcoin.org/

2023.03.24 07:53 purefrankreynolds 4 months since install. Great experience with Tesla Solar, and I suspect we didn't just get lucky.

Last September, we started shopping around for solar. Ended up going with Tesla despite the horror stories I'd read - I took yall's advice that those horror stories only represented a small percentage of customers. We had a quote from SunRun that was almost double the Tesla quote, and I didn't like how shady so many solar providers seem online and inperson. We felt we would be stupid to not at least try Tesla given the reduced price and the fact they're a huge company.
Here's the rough timeline:
-Place the order from Tesla's website mid-September.
-A few weeks later, a guy from Tesla comes out to survey the house. Basically prodded the breakers and explored the roof.
-Shortly after, we get the install date of mid-December. We are happy and a little skeptical.
-Date postponed by a week because of rain.
-A day or two before the new install date, a guy comes over with a huge truck and pallets of equipment. He rings our doorbell and tells us he was here to drop everything off. We ask if he could put it in our garage instead of our driveway. No problem. Uses the forklift on the back of his truck to lay everything down in our garage.
-Install crew comes on-time. We mostly talk to the two head electricians, but everyone is very professional. We get them pizza the first day and wraps the second. We watch them work for most of the time they are out there, mostly out of curiosity and awe. Real well-oiled machine kind of thing, amazing.
-Electrician accidently drills a hole into an electrical conduit in the wall of our garage. Has to break a little drywall to repair it (a few 4-5 inch holes), but is professional and communicative throughout. Says someone else from Tesla would come to fix the drywall and match the paint.
-Install complete after two days. Electrician guides us through the app setup and how everything works. Leaves the system running for us even though we obviously didn't have PTO (showed us how to not accidently export to grid via app). From that day on, we were capturing energy from the sun!
-Only thing left is to have city/SCE come do the inspection. We kind of jump the gun and call the city to setup an appointment. I forget exactly what happened, but we did have to talk to quite a few people at the city to get them to come out ASAP. Tesla calls us to say that they're trying to setup inspection with city and that it might take a few months. We tell them that we got an appointment for 3 days from now. Tesla is a little surprised, but they go with the date we set. I'm guessing the city kind of blew Tesla off when they called, but was willing to accommodate us, the persistent resident.
-Inspection goes well, and we get PTO early/mid-January!
-After messaging Tesla a few times about fixing the drywall (and almost giving up), they finally tell us that someone is coming over to fix it! This was last week. It took a lot longer than expected, but they fixed the holes in our garage drywall very well.
All in all, a very good experience. I was honestly just hoping that we'd have the install done by this summer. Also glad we got everything done well in advance of the NEM change.
We found Tesla to be very responsive. They didn't always give a detailed response, but we were *never* left hanging (we were left hanging a bit about the drywall). People say that the time between install and PTO is when Tesla drops off the face of the earth, but we didn't experience that. We didn't really have to contact Tesla between install and PTO because we were focused on contacting the city and SCE. That's the one tip I'd leave everyone with - be very persistent after install in contacting the city and your energy company to setup the inspection. Tesla usually sets all that up themselves, but we were able to push things forward a ton by doing it ourselves. I don't know if it's because Tesla is slow at that stage or if the city/energy just drags their feet when Tesla contacts them... just make the calls and get it done yourself. Once we got that early inspection appointment, Tesla was onboard.
The system itself has been great. 14.4kW with 2 Powerwall+'s. No issues whatsoever. So far it seems we got a big enough system, though we'll have to wait till summer when the AC is on to know for sure. In February, we generated 1447kWh and sent 722kWh to the grid, so I think it's looking good!
Funny story: between ordering and the install date, we have a door to door solar guy knock on our door. After mentioning we already signed with Tesla, he asks how much we paid. I tell him, and he immediately drops the salesperson persona. Says something to the effect of "that can't be right", tells me how bad the service is etc., then tells me to contact him when Tesla falls through. It's pretty sweet to look back on that now. I know that might sound like some thathappened story, but I honestly think anyone who has solar salespeople come by their houses regularly will not be surprised.
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2023.03.24 07:53 Sorsha_OBrien Things you do that make the game harder?

I'm wanting to make the game harde have some rules, so what do you do to make the game harder for yourself? (I know you can just increase the difficult settings, but I was wanting more rules/ restrictions you give yourself to make the game harder)
For me:
-- child and adult aging rate is at 500% (normal child ageing rate is 400% while I think adult one is 100%); means that children age faster (less time to raise them) and adults also age faster, meaning that they get old age diseases quicke lose fertility quicker than normal
-- toddlers mod, which makes it so babies turn into toddlers when they're 1 and then toddlers who can walk about/ go through doors and rooms when 2, which means you need to make the toddlers clothes so they don't get cold, and have to keep bringing them inside when it's the wrong temp
-- never have a killbox, turrets, or spike traps; so far I just have the sand bags and I have my shooters behind the bags and my melee fighters in front
-- only add people to the colony if they're under 18 (to do this you have to check yes for child enemies in the custom options); thus the only other way to increase the colony size is reproduction
-- ironman (or else, I TRY to place ironman -- I just get so attached!)
-- never manually make colonists fall in love, break up, mess with their relations etc.; this means you can't pair colonists up to make them happie easier to manage AND you can't easily get kids via pregnancy (also no making the 'get pregnant' option in the social tab)
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2023.03.24 07:52 icedcoffeeorgasoline Do men actually read those help articles to be better in bed?

It’s crazy how many help articles there are to help men get better in bed. I’ve read a couple of them over time and I’ve got to admit that 80% of the time the advice is pretty good, enough so that I’d agree that the suggestions in the article would definitely get me going (I’m a woman in my twenties). However, of 4 boyfriends of more than 1 year, I have never seen any man do most or any suggestions in those articles. The suggestions they include are things like clitoral simulation, foreplay, asking how things feel, sexting throughout the day, paying compliments during the deed, etc. Even after sharing the articles I’ve thought were pretty hot with boyfriends in the past, they have never really tried the tips suggested in them.
On my end, I’ve definitely read my fair share of articles intended for women to improve my game, and have taken those to the bedroom to impress my boyfriend.
So I’m curious, men of Reddit, do you actually read those and or try the tips in articles to improve your sex life? Or are those articles written and read by disgruntled women hoping to make the world, or at least the love life in the world for women, a better place?
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2023.03.24 07:52 Infini-Bus Need Advice: Dealing with Incomplete/Complete Downloads Filling Cache Drive on Unraid Plex Server

Hey everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask.
I decided to start using unraid recently, and I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with an issue I've been encountering with my Plex server running on Unraid, using Docker containers with Sonarr and Radarr. The downloads are managed by Sabnzbd and Transmission.
The problem I'm facing is that over time, both incomplete and complete downloads don't get cleared out due to various reasons (failed downloads, etc.). As a result, my cache drive fills up, causing my server to be unable to transcode.
I've been considering two potential solutions:
Use a separate SSD for transcoding.
Regularly check the download folder for junk and manually clear it out.
What do you guys think is the best course of action? Are there any other suggestions that I may not be aware of? I'm open to any tips and advice that could help me avoid this issue in the future.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.03.24 07:52 L0mFGC Feedback on my After You've Gone Analysis

As part of learning "After You've Gone" for an performance, I was prompted by a mentor to write a report of sorts, analyzing the piece, as he suggested it may help me internalize the chord progression easier.
As part of writing my own analysis of After You've Gone, I came up with the following, however I'm questioning the validity of my takeaways, what are your thoughts on what I wrote? I feel as if I'm thinking about it strangely, admittedly trying to section it into 2 sections further broken into 4 bar segments might be a bad way to think about the song, but that's the way I'm considering it when I play.
Just realised I couldn't upload an image of the chord chart I was going off of, so;
Ebmaj7 Ebm7 A7 Bb6 Dm7 G7
C7 F7 Bb6 Bb7
Ebmaj7 Ebm7 A7 Bb6 Dm7 G7
Cm7 G7 Cm7 Ebm7 A7 Bbmaj7 Am7 D7 Gm7 Edim7
Bb6/F G7 Cm7 F7 Bb6 Bb7
“After You’ve Gone”, originally composed by Turner Layton in 1918, with lyrics written by Henry Creamer, tells the story of a lover and their feelings of heartbreak and betrayal at the prospect of their partner leaving them.
“After You’ve Gone” follows the traditional jazz structure of Head-Solo-Head, with a 20 bar chord progression in Bb major. Despite calling Bb major home, the song frequently uses secondary dominants (and often the accompanying secondary super-tonic) to briefly tonicize different chords throughout the piece, allowing for increased harmonic variety and motion.
The harmonic structure of the piece is made up of 2 sections, one section of 8 bars, and one section of 12 bars. These sections are further split into 4 bar segments. These 5 individual 4 bar segments then follow an ABACB pattern, with each 4 bar segment serving a distinct purpose. These 4 bar groupings will henceforth be strictly referred to as segments to differentiate from two sections of 8 and 12 previously mentioned.
The A segment, bars 1-4 & 9-12, are made up of two 2 bar phrases. To begin with, the segment starts with an Ebmaj7 chord, the IV chord in the key of Bb major, this is followed by Ebm6, the iv chord from the parallel Bb minor scale, this is an example of modal interchange, a common technique in jazz. In this case the IV-iv progression creates tension as well as implying a minor plagal cadence to the tonic, Bb. However, this implied cadence is subverted by the Ab7 (bVII7) chord, which finally resolves to the Bb. This passing bVII7 chord re-contextualizes the previous iv chord as part of a backdoor ii-V7 progression (iv7-bVII7-I), with the quite common preceding IV chord. As we can see, the harmony present in the first 2 bars splits them into a single bar of relative rest, followed by a bar of motion. This pattern of rest followed by motion is repeated in bars 3 & 4 of the A segment. Following the backdoor ii-V7 the harmony finds itself on a Bb6 chord the I of the key, resting for a bar before immediately beginning a non diatonic ii-V7 into the next 4 bars. These repeated 2 bar segments of resting on the most stable diatonic chords, followed by non-diatonic motion, gives the segment its feeling of forward motion.
The B segments however , bars 5-8 & 17-20, are used to signal the end of the two sections of the song (as well as beginning of the next). They do so by resolving down to the tonic by progressing around the circle of fourths. In bars 5-8, we resolve to the tonic through C7-F7 (II7-V7), a very clear form of ii-V7 progression. This is mirrored in the second B segment, bars 17-20, in this segment, the resolution to the tonic is achieved through a lengthier Bb6/F-G7-Cm7-F7 progression (I-VI7-ii-V7), a common extension of a ii-V7, functionally serving the same role as the progression seen in the bars 5-8. Both of these progressions are derived from the idea of resolving by perfect 5ths, creating the strongest resolution possible back to the tonic, finally coming to rest.
Finally there is the C segment, bars 13-16, this segment only occurs once per form and is placed between the second A and second B segment. The purpose of the C segment is to extend the A segment, deferring the finality and resolution the B segment provides. The C segment is also responsible for the slightly longer second section of the piece. This segment, aside from having a noticeably different harmonic rhythm to the rest of the piece, has some interesting harmony. Starting off is the recently tonicized Cm7 chord, following the secondary ii-V7 used to end the A segment. This Cm7 is then followed by a G7, a secondary dominant, used to strongly resolve back down to Cm7 in the second bar of segment C. Midway through the second bar however it borrows from the Bb minor scale yet again, for a backdoor ii-V7 progression (Ebm-Ab7-Bbmaj7 or iv-bVII7-I7), bringing us back to the tonic and into the third bar. In the third bar the harmony does not rest on the tonic for long, only 2 beats pass before another secondary ii-V7 progression, Am7-D7, leading us to Gm7. Despite the 3 backdoor ii-V7’s in the piece, which are both fantastic examples of deceptive resolutions, bar 4 of segment C however, sets up one more deceptive resolution, (Gm7, Edim7). There are two interesting parts to this deceptive resolution. The first is the diminished chord substitution of the expected C7 (V7) chord. If you didn't hear the E in the bass, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a rootless C7(b9), the only difference between the two being the emphasis on the E in the bass, giving the chord a diminished sound rather than a dominant sound. Regardless of the sound or name of the chord, both chords, along with the preceding Gm7 chord, tonicize, and imply a resolution to F. This is the second interesting part of the ii-V7, the resolution. Instead of resolving to the tonicized F, the progression resolves to a Bb6/F, the tonic of our home key over its 5th. This deceptive resolution gives us a tonic sounding uncharacteristically unstable, this instability is exacerbated by the inversion of the chord, denying the tonic its feeling of resolution, setting into motion the B segment’s definitive resolution to the tonic.
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2023.03.24 07:52 DecayedBeauty Decent Mental Health Clinics w/Medicare+Medicaid? (Allentown area preferred.)

I live with and manage some heavy mental health stuff and I have been out of counseling for a few years now. While I am pretty functional at this point of my life, I do still collect disability and SSI for it. As stated, I do pretty good at self-care and putting the work in and have done so for a long time. Regular exercise and practice of jiu-jitsu, art projects, eating good, going for walks, knowing my boundaries and learning how and when to say no. I have learned the ins and outs of my disorders. I have managed this without meds for over a decade. I quit them after facing what would ultimately fall under clinical abuse as doctors were not listening to me, and the meds were not helping, yet was being prescribed more and more. At the height of it, 17 daily pills, gained over 150 pounds that too me from 145 to over 300. Took years to lose the weight.
Anyway, there are times I fall short. That is okay. However, it makes me realize that I should explore the options of trying to find another decent counselor and perhaps entertaining a very light medication regiment.
Any local clinics Im looking up seem to have disastrous tales. I know social services have been being gutted, and its a brutal field to work in for a few reasons. If anybody has any good leads, be they public sector like a Best Self type place, or a random private practice that accepts medicaid/medicare, then please let me know.
I live in Allentown but I am capable of driving if need be.
Thank you for any leads/thoughts/advice/help in this matter.
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2023.03.24 07:51 siebenkommaacht how to be there for a depressed friend?

Hey everyone,
a friend of mine struggels a lot since a few years. she is 59yo and about 4 years ago her mom got sick and she cared for her til the mom died. they lived in the same house. her adult daughter is on a different continent and cares pretty much for herself only -wich is ok, they have a good realationship, i just try to draw the whole picture. She lost a close friend to cancer in december, they have spent nearly every day together.
Since 2 years she isnt able to work because of her depression. 2 months ago she tried to explain to her doctor that she wants to work again, not fulltime, just to get back some routine in her days. doc declined.
Now shes at home most of her time. Alone. Her loved cat died earlier this year. she says the whole house just feel dead to her and she is so lonley there. But at the same time she doesnt want to be around others. i know that every time i visit her she struggles and is always close to cancel, but knows that she feels a little better afterwards.
she is calling for help -indirectly. i get the calls. she wants back some structure in her days. she wants to help someone by reading books for kids or a women in a wheelchair who is helpless. But she cant bring herself to do it.
I dont want to push her to much. But i also have to strong urge to help her somehow. more than visit her once a week and listen to her. But i dont know how. i cant imagine the situation she is going throuht. i cant relate to that feeling but i want her to get better and be that brave, wise, strong and creative person she was before. she wants help but i dont know how. she cant bring herself and i dont wanna be to pushy.
i thouhgt maybe you guys can give me some advice!
ps: she is in therapy
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2023.03.24 07:51 hereiamxD1 How to deal with a Hail Mary bombing run

I was playing a 2v2 in multiplayer and every player had their commander near the frontlines for support. The game got a bit stagnant, but my side had the upper hand in artillery and was slowly playing arty leapfrog when suddenly 20 bombers came out and 1 shot my commander, no way for me to react. Is this just a “scout better” situation? I’m really lost on how to realistically prepare for a ninja air attack.
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2023.03.24 07:51 Odd-Count-4924 How long do you have to settle with Navient?

I’m scared of going to court if Navient were to sue me for my private student loan. In default now. They have offered settlements — stopped paying back in October ish. Are there opportunities for settlements the longer you wait, smaller ones with debt collectors? Or should I settle earlier with Navient? I see so much conflicting information about this stuff, including the idea that collections fees will be added to the loan balance, and yet other places say it’s not legal for collectors to add fees. Help! When should I settle to get the lowest amount? When should I hire a lawyer? I’ve thought about waiting to see if they would take me to court, but pushing it that far is kind of terrifying. But I’m also like, the worst that can happen is they garnish wages because I don’t own a home, don’t have a savings besides a tiny amount in retirement (I’m a millennial, retirement isn’t gonna happen anyway) - car is paid off and junky. Credit already destroyed. So then I was trying to mentally prepare for the idea of wage garnishment. Would it be that bad? Has anyone dealt with it? States have protections for certain levels they can garnish. It would suck, but isn’t paying loans basically wage garnishment anyway? Would they be able to settle for a lesser amount to pay the garnishment?
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2023.03.24 07:51 kingsman043 A guy asked if he could kiss me

I went to his place to work on music and we were jamming so fucking hard, it was so much fun.
The moment was right, and he asked if he could kiss me.
To you my guy… I’m very flattered considering you’re one hell of a good lookin guy and cool as fuck. I’m in a relationship and I’m also not bisexual. I don’t fancy you but if I was single and bisexual- I most likely would have kissed you. Thank you for asking because I know it takes a shit ton of courage to do so.
After I turned him down- we just had a super brief conversation on how I used to think I was bisexual and went back to jamming. I didn’t feel like it was awkward and I can only hope he didn’t feel awkward because I genuinely enjoyed his company.
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2023.03.24 07:51 Top-Competition84 38M looking for honest and respectful friendships

Hello everyone. I'm 38 years old, partnered, working in my dream job in a Mediterranean country, but like many of us I noticed that as we get older, friendships tend to decay. People who used to be very close become much more far, geographically, emotionally or both, and it's hard to find new ones.
I'm looking for a solid friendship, with someone close to my age, and hopefully also close to me geographically, at least for timezone reasons (but people from other places are also welcome!). Ideally, if it works out, I'd love to have daily conversations about anything we like, from the world we live in and our life issues, through literature, art and music, all the way to joking around and whatever stupid topics we both seem to enjoy. I respect honesty, openness and kindness, and I'm genuinely interested in close friendships, in which both sides respect and love each other. I admire intelligence, wisdom, and a healthy combination of empathy and wit.
Talk to me if all of that, or some at least, makes sense to you.
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2023.03.24 07:51 TeamDartos Trying to auto-populate data as live data populates

It's really hard to explain this without showing you the sheet, but I'll do my best to explain my dilemma.
In row 1, there will be titles such as Team, Opponent, Player, Points, Rebounds, and Assists. Then row 2 is scraping data and placing those values in the correct spots for rows 2 and down until there's no more data to scrape. So for example, row 2 might read like this from column A-F: Boston, Indiana, Al Horford, 15.5, 8, and 5.
What I would like to do automatically as my scraper updates, is make it so I have 4 columns in use that read as the following from A-E: Team, Opponent, Player, Stat, and Value.
And then...(skipping column A and B which is Team and Opponent) Row 2: Al Horford, points, 15.5 Row 3: Al Horford, rebounds, 8 Row 4: Al Horford, Assists, 5
The person who designed this code for me through AppsScript is currently very slammed with work and can't help me with this right now. I’d bet there’s a way for the code to do this, but I don’t know enough about coding to adjust it
I appreciate any help you may have to offer, thank you!
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2023.03.24 07:50 Other-Borderlands J♣️ : Robin Hood [Capture the flag]

J♣️ : Robin Hood [Capture the flag]
J♣️ : Robin Hood [Capture the flag]
This game is part of a series of games, where I am writing games for all 52 cards for a borderlands in the UK. Each one includes a story of how I imagine the game playing out. You can find all entries here.
Venue: Castle
Player limit: Four
Rules: The castle is split into two sections, The jacks side, and the Player side. The Jack starts with 80% of the gold. Across two hours, players must steal gold from each other’s treasuries. Each team also has a jail, and if a player is caught in the wrong half, they are sent to the jail. If all players are caught, they get one free release. If it happens again it is game over for the team. If a player can get to the jail without being caught they can free one of their team members. Each team also has five keys. Keys can be given one each to each player, in total each team has an A, B, C, D, and M key. These can be used to lock and unlock doors of the same class throughout the castle. M can unlock any door.
While in the treasury players cannot be caught.
The Keys not used are stored in the base and can be stolen by an attacking player, instead of gold. Only two players may be left on defence, one at the prison/safe zone and one at the treasury. Players may only carry one gold item.
Violence is prohibited and punished by a shock from the bracelet.
Sixth Day of Exhibitions

Remaining Games
James sat outside the castle, a bracelet on his wrist, awaiting the opening of the gates. Next to him sat three more bracelets, in front of a sign, reading ‘take one. Four players are needed to begin.’
He sat for a few hours, watching the art of the card hanging from the blimp. The Jack of Clubs. He looked at the castle, it’s architecture, marvelling in a way he had never done before.
He heard someone approaching, and looked down to the familiar form of Ben walking up.
James looked at him, calling out “Looks like you’ve lost your security force!”
Ben walked up to the table, putting on a bracelet.
“I’ve lost a lot since we last met.” He said quietly, and quite uncharacteristically.
“Well there are two more chairs, you can tell me all about it while we wait for the other players.” James said.
Ben recounted his encounter with the Jack of Hearts, and James told Ben about the King of Diamonds.
It was clear Ben had been to a new low after losing the school, and had built his way back to some semblance of his former self’s confidence.
They waited until about three in the afternoon, before three figures approached.
“That’s… not possible…” Ben said.
“What a group of familiar faces!” James said, as they watched Mia, Alex and Ellis approach.
Ellis got there first, nodding to Ben, who nodded back. Mia walked up with Alex, and they explained their ordeal with the King of Spades.
“Well, it looks like we’ve all been through a lot. Maybe we can put the past behind us, and play one more game…” James suggested, holding up his wrist with the bracelet.
“There ain’t no way I’m playing another game after that.” Alex said.
“Well, if you ask me, I’m down for another crack at a face card game.” Ellis said, his familiar smile plastered over his face.
“Well, have fun waiting, cause I’m with Alex. There is no way you’ll catch me playing a game again, especially not with him.” Mia said, pointing at Ben.
“Come on Mia, remember how well we worked together in the nine of spades, and the oh aren’t getting out of here if you don’t beat this guy.” Ben said, pointing up at the picture of the Jack above them.
“Fuck off Ben. I’ve heard about the shit you’ve pulled since I ran off. I’m not joining the game.” Mia said.
“Look, trust me, I’m different now. Reformed if you will. Please, Just this one.” He said, offering her a bracelet.
“Fine. But just know I don’t think of you any higher than previously. I’m just joining to win.” Mia said, clicking the bracelet around her wrist.
The doors began to creak, opening.
They approached, cautiously, watching the sunlight streaming out from it.
Four figures approached, James estimated they weren’t much older than them.
“Look who’s come out to play….” The Leading one said.
“Jack!?” Mia said, in disbelief. “That’s not possible… You’re in hospital… The Crash…”
“Looks like Jack’s the Jack. And also here and recovered from his coma.” James noted, looking at Jack.
“Well, looks like I missed something.” The Jack said, before beconing them in.
“Ben, I’ve been watching your group intently for a while now, and seeing how you led. See, you and I took a different approach. While you chose to lead by force, I chose to lead with equality. Your approach ultimately failed, and you have only managed to gather a group to try and defeat me by humbling yourself. However, your efforts will likely be in vain. As you have learned, and we learned a few years ago, its kill or be killed. One of either groups lives must be sacrificed to continue the lives of the others. We thank you for the sacrifice you will likely make today. It’s nothing personal, don’t worry.” He said, walking in front, towards the centre of the courtyard.
Mia turned and looked at Alex, as the gates shut, obscuring her. It could likely be the last time either of them saw each other.
The Jack began to explain the rules as James surveyed the area, seeing a large screen with ‘player’ and ‘citizen’ written on it, with a large dividing line running down the centre, as well as through the castle.
The layout of the game showed the castle split into two halves, and He knew he was on the player side. He looked at his bracelet, flashing up five images of Keys, one labeled A, B, C, D and M.
When the Jack finished the rules they were told they would have five minutes to plan before the game began.
“So, the way the game starts, it’s impossible to win for us by playing defensive. We are forced to play offensive, but the Jack can only have two full defenders, slightly levelling the playing field. However, this means that the Jack, until we have around equal values of gold in our treasury, can just keep his team on their side as defence.” James said, drawing out a little diagram in the courtyard floor. “We are forced into playing offensive at this point, so that means we have to figure a way around the defence. Because defenders need to escort the people they catch to the prison, we could all run at once and make it past the first defenders here.” He pointed. “Then we arrive at the limited section of defence, where one player needs to run from where the prison is, as that will not yet be guarded. Because someone is running that way, those who are caught should try and stall for time. Then, one person should be able to make it into the treasury, and they simply need to sprint back to get us some gold. Then they can be caught, releasing everyone wit the free release. We can then think more carefully then with a levelled playing field.”
“But what about Keys?” Ben countered.
“Well, for us to need keys there must be locked zones. So, if we assign someone the M Key, and give the other person no Key, they can block a capture from the other team by stepping in front. SO If we give either Mia or Ellis the M key, I’ll take no key and go with them, leaving the other two with designated keys and two keys left at our base.” James suggested.
“Seems like a decent plan.” Ellis said, and they assigned keys, lining up at the centre line, watching the other two walk along it. He recognised them from his school. Ben wondered how they had gotten from the crash to here, they had been in critical condition when he went o the theatre, and now they were claiming to have been here for years… Perhaps it was aliens.
“The Game Has Begun.” The Voice droned, and They enacted their plan.
Ellis and James ran over, and one of the defenders tried to tag him. James jumped in front, getting sent to the prison. Ellis raced towards the door at the end of the courtyard, and he ran into the inside of the castle. He looked around, running through various passageways, before seeing a guard, and he quickly turned tail and ran. He watched Mia run in from the other side, into the room he was guarding, and pick up something large and golden. He kept racing, catching sight of her outside the window.
Ellis quickly jumped through the window to his right, landing with a shoulder roll, and sprinted towards Mia. He watched another defender running for her, and he pushed him out of the way. He was led to prison, and Mia cleared the line.
The gold total on the screen now changed, showing the player team now had 378 gold in their treasury, the citizen team having 622.
Mia took a deep breath, seeing that that incident had taken one sixth of the time, now having fifty minutes left. She was also the only uncultured member of her team. Getting caught would use up their only jailbreak, so it may be worth trying to free them.
Also, Mia knew that she could get to the prison with the Key she had, but wether they had changed the keys they had locked the doors with was unknown.
She walked up to the line, looking at the two defenders who were in the courtyard with her. She made a run for it, note vent making it to the courtyard wall before she felt a hand on her back. Her bracelet indicated she had been captured, and the screen announced that their whole team had been captured and that they have used up their one Jailbreak. All of their team were returned to their half.
“We can’t afford to do that again.” James said. “Because even if we manage to get an item of the same value to put us in the lead, we would only have one defender. No, we need to think of a stealthier strategy.”
“Well, the castle windows are quite close together. Someone with good arm strength, say Ellis, could climb around the outside, and into the treasure room. Then they could climb back with an item without the team realising.” Ben suggested.
“I recon I could do it…” Ellis said, walking over to look out the window.
“Well, good luck then.” James said.
Ellis climbed out the window, putting his feet on a lower ledge, keeping his hands on the ledge. He scaled his way around the outside, carefully moving one point of contact after the other, first his foot, then his hand, repeat. As he got further and further around the castle, the higher the gap between him and the ground became. He arrived at what he thought was the treasury, and pulled himself up, climbing in, and grabbing an easily carrialble item that seemed to be valuable.
He dropped back out of the window, alone of the defenders opened the door, and he began to climb around the outside. He heard someone running, and continued around the outside.
He stopped, feeling a pain on his hand.
“Hello Ellis. I’ve always wanted to do this.” The defender said, bringing his foot into Ellis’ face. He repeatedly did so, until ellis let go of the ledge.
Ellis fell, and the defender shot backwards, electricity coursing through his body. He lay there, and coughed a little, before getting up.. He hated Ellis. He had bullied him for years. Good riddance, he thought.
Ellis crashed down into the floor, has bones cracking, before the laser put him out of his misery.
James and the others watched as the screen showed the words ‘Elimination’.
“A player has been eliminated for leaving the game area.” The Voice announced.
James looked at the screen, showing their score hadn’t changed. 378 - 520.
This meant that Ellis must have been the one eliminated. James hung his head a moment.
He walked up to Mia and Ben, who were defending the base, informing them of the discovery.
They were sad, and they knew that they were now at a severe disadvantage. One player down, and in second place in scores.
James discussed a third plan with them.
“Well, we are at a serious disadvantage. We are one player down, and they can afford to play full defence. We have very few options.” James said, “I think we can try to use Mia to try and draw out the defenders, and then Ben can run in and grab the flag. It is risky, as it is four on one or two, but it seems like the only option.”
“Well, we don’t have many other options.” Ben said, looking at the timer on the screen, 20 minutes left.
Mia walked up to the line alone, as James and Ben walked their way through the castle, using their A and D keys to try and get through the castle. They arrived at a locked door, locked with a B key.
“Damn!” Ben said. They had to find another way around, and turned and walked up a flight of stairs.
Mia was on the line, talking to one of the defenders, asking for Jack.
Jack walked out, and one of the others walked back, taking his place.
“Well Mia. How nice to see you. We’ve not had a proper chance to talk yet, have we?” Jack said, and Mia looked at him.
“I wish I could say it was nice to see you, but the circumstances don’t allow for it.” Mia said. “So, why are you here?”
“Well, I am here because I am the Jack of Clubs, but that doesn’t sound like what you meant. In truth, I’m only here because I don’t want to die. Sounds a bit ironic, but in this world, we know life isn’t worth much. That means there is no god, no afterlife. Nothing. I can’t afford to go yet. I still have so much more to do with my life. I’m sorry we will have to sacrifice your life for ours.” The Jack said.
“I’m very sorry that I’ll have to politely decline.” Mia said, racing across the line.
Jack ran after her, followed by the other defender. She looped around, doing out of the way of his swipes, and rolled past him.
While this was happening, James and Ben had gone up a few floors, and worked through various locked doors. They arrived at the top of a staircase, guarded by another of the Jack’s guards. He didn’t seem to notice them.
Ben stepped out, shouting to him, “Catch me if you can Dustin!” Before bolting down the corridor, as James hid behind the door.
As they ran past, James ran through the door, locking it behind him. He continued down the corridor, towards the treasury of the Jack’s team.
He slowly descended the stairs, seeing a guard stood in front of the door. James knew it was a risk, but he climbed over to the window, and crawled into the treasury.
He grabbed a bag of small jewels, and climbed back up again, quietly. His arms hurt from pulling himself up, but he continued out towards the windows to the courtyard.
He spotted Mia still dodging attempts to catch her, and she caught his eye. She lead them as far away from the window as she could, before James jumped out, wincing as he landed badly. He got up, and was running.
He saw himself getting closer and closer to the line, and he jumped across it, before sprinting back to their treasury, gasping for breath, bent over, hands on his legs.
Mia came in later, informing him he had tipped the balance in their favour. Now all they needed to do was wait for the attack from the Jack’s team.
Mia was left guarding the treasury, while James went to guard the prison. There were five minutes left, when the Jacks team made a last ditch effort for the lead.
They ran all at once, trying to make it to the treasury. James and Mia managed to catch them all, and they sat together in the prison of the player team, as the last few minutes ticked down.
The Jack had turned to the wall, and was crying into his arms.
“I can’t die…” He said, tears streaming from his eyes. “Please, let us live. Please-“
His team mates tried to comfort him, but this was a difficult task in the face of death.
James spoke to their three captives as the time ticked down, James told him as well what he meant about the crash. "20 dead. 19 left in critical condition. Was on the radio as I left for school. We tried not to think about it, but..." He trailed off.
Jack changed the subject, ad they continued to talk, and James even managed to make Jack and the other laugh. It was as it was before. Before the crash, before they arrived here. But the laughter was hollow. The people who he were talking to were as good as dead.
“Well, I hope you use your well earned life w-w-isely.” The Jack stuttered.
James looked at him sadly.
The Laser ended the game, as the voice announced the game had been cleared by the players.
Ben, Mia and James walked out of the castle, as the blimp exploded behind them. The face burning and peeling, and they looked at the remaining games.
The King of hearts.
Ben told them he would go out and try to clear it, and James and Mia agreed to help him.
As they walked towards the Church above which the King of hearts blimp hung, an announcement rang out over the city.
“There is only one game remaining. The Game is the King of Hearts. To join, please make your way to the venue.”
James looked back one final time, seeing the crushed body of Ellis lying at the base of the castle.
He turned, watching the King of Hearts blimp in the distance.
The deck was almost complete.
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2023.03.24 07:50 herto88 i guess i am homeless now, need advice badly (tw: abuse + transphobia)

context - closeted mtf 18 y/o, currently in the process of getting my GED (was forced to drop out a while ago) and i just moved to a new city in new mexico so i dont rly know anyone here (i have a little family about a an hour and a half away, but one is homeless and the other has kids and is literally just house sitting there for now.) im living with my mom right now and we were in the process of finding long term housing, but as i type this we are in an air bnb lol
got into argument w my mom, she said that i was acting “weird” by taking “longer than even girls do” in the bathroom, and closing the curtain when she barged in. im pretty sure she has been suspecting that i am trans for a while now, she has been casually saying slurs more often around me, and when we were visiting with my sister the other day she started making jokes about, saying even more slurs and laughing at mtfs (i am also mtf.) so generally shes been acting weird. yesterday when we were in walmart she randomly said that when we got home she was going to check my arms and legs to see if i was cutting. wtf? (didnt even check either)
regardless, she’s saying im going to have to find somewhere else to stay now bc apparently i act too… “weird”, and the fact that i am more introverted and stay by myself (and basically dont come to “hang out” with her bc she always starts fights and tries to show me stupid youtube shorts about the most braindead conspiracy (a lot of times transphobic) shit.
she always threatens to make me homeless but i guess tonight she just said fuck it, she was also beating me and punching me in my stomach earlier. im sick of putting up with all of the abuse mental or physical. do you guys have any tips? if there are any resources anyone knows of i would rly appreciate it! i am scared that it will be a long time until i can get a place again but honestly i really need to get the fuck out of here
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2023.03.24 07:50 therko215 34 [M4F] #Chicago, Illinois 6'4 Black Chicago Born and Bred Intellectual Bull looking to help with Breeding, breeding kinks and risk play that can lead to breeding as well.

First off, let me start this the same way I start conversations in general: GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS to you who have found this post.
I'm looking to help provide women with a child or indulge in risk play, and if a child happens from it, okay. The particular age I'll go to is 21-45. If you're 20, you better have a great reason behind it and that we'll talk about. But anyway, I'm 6'4, 175 lbs, intelligent and caring. I'm seeking women who would love to bring a child into the world alone or with their significant other. This can go on until you are bred or even longer if you enjoy it with me. I feel that it's more enjoyable for a child to be conceived naturally as opposed to using other means as its a way for a woman to be happy and satisfied with an environment that feels more natural and not forced. I have a strong belief that if a woman is treated as a lover when a child is conceived, she is more likely to do so as she feels comfortable doing so with a bull she got to know over time and can enjoy that session with her significant other or alone with that bull.
A lot of ppl tell me that I'm very knowledgeable and caring, so I know my children would be as well. The children will be very much-loved by whomever, and I just want to leave my place in the world. I'm not saying i have the greatest job in the world, but I do know that from my family, we have that don't quit mentalities that are naturally posed on to the next generation. I am clean, ddf, vax'd and a bit unusual in how I go about things but I've always been sure that the natural way is the best way to conceive as with it provides the mother to be with a more natural and relaxed way to not think so much about it and let it happen. It's not about getting one off. The overall goal is to gift you (and your significant other) with a child that I know will be raised in a loving home. I'm willing to forgo all rights and sign whatever is needed to make sure that the child is and belongs to you. If you would like to further anything with me, we can discuss that more.
For kink play, it can be breeding or just the feel of having a lover cum inside you. It's a great feeling to have that as it makes the moment seem special but know that the same rules as above are in play. I won't be apart of the child's life as I'm providing you with a child that may resulted from kink play. I'll sign over all documents needed so that you and/or your other can focus on raising your child without interference from me.
LMK if you are interested and we can discuss more.
Thank you and enjoy your day.
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2023.03.24 07:50 XmasTree129 The Man In The Limousine

when i was walking down the sidewalk at night i was talking to my friend tanner when we saw that we had already walked to the end of the block. so me and tanner decided to keep walking since we had nothing better to do, and we saw this guy on a golf cart just cruising around the street which was strange since it was like 11pm. anyways, we kept on walking and talking about our day and gossiping about people at school until we had already walked to the main road which had a lot of cars speeding past us and there was a wendy's, a mcdonalds, some kind of loan place, and two bars that were parallel of each other.
when we peeked through the wooden fences of the bar on the right there was a hotel and a diner next to the bar but, when we peeked through the fences to look at the bar on the left there was a white limousine that was a bit dirtied up a little as if it drove through a dirt road. anyway, me and tanner sat down on the sidewalk and we were still talking about whatever we were talking about earlier when me and tanner both heard a load thud. as if somebody inside the limo was trying to kick the window out or something.
so then me and tanner thought it was a pretty good idea to start walking back to his house but before we could take a step... we heard the window of the limo break and somebody climbed out of it and saw us trying to run away. so, he decided to try to chase after us! me and tanner started running as fast as we possibly could until we got to his house. since we were having a sleep over at his house we decided to call it a night and go to sleep. somehow, someway, we were actually able to get some sleep.
when me and tanner woke up his mom lindy was cooking breakfast for us before we woke up. then, me and tanner went to the kitchen to see what miss lindy was cooking for us but when we sat down at the minibar, there was a knock at our door. miss lindy went to go answer it and it was the police! the cops and miss lindy talked for like 10 minutes and then she came back into the kitchen to cook more of the breakfast. me and tanner asked why the police were at the door and miss lindy told us that there was a report of somebody attempting to escape a kidnapping by breaking through a limousine window in the area, she said the police was there because they wanted to see if she had knew anything about it and she said no.
me and tanner both looked at each other in unison and our jaws dropped. when miss lindy asked us what was wrong, we told her that we just both think that what had happened was crazy...
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2023.03.24 07:49 kingdomturtle_henlo Has anyone had positive/helpful experience with brain spotting here?

Hello all,
So, the title.
I am wondering about anyone's experiences with brainspotting here? It is something I've recently come across in the last 6 months. See, when I first heard about it, I thought, "Oh wow, this sounds like it could help me more than EMDR".
A quick overview of my therapeutic journey which gives some background to the question:
  1. So, when I began, I was not living around my family, and I had no idea that a safe environment would bring out all sorts of erratic behaviors and thought patterns. I was basically used to the chaos, so I tried to create the chaos in the safety/peaceful environment to create stability for myself. Rational, I know (/s).
  2. The safety created an onset of paralyzation. My poor husband at the time had to suffer through periods of me being mute and literally unable to speak. I would isolate myself in deep depression for days, and not talk to him or my closest friends. I was working on wounds from my GCNbrother.
  3. By chance, my therapist did ACT therapy. Overtime, I had a slight onset of Bipolar Disorder, and fortunately for me, ACT is similar to DBT which works well for people with BPD - hence why I naturally found the thought of CBT laughable lol (which I read does not work well for people with BPD, though I know there are exceptions).
  4. We got married and my new onsets got TERRIBLY WORSE. I knew something was wrong, and for the sake of myself and our marriage, I dove deeper into therapy and trying to work on myself. I focused on my maternal wounds. Previously, as I grew deeper in relationship with my husband while we were dating, I slowly struggled with Reactive Attachment Disorder. It progressively got worse as we grew deeper and got more serious, but NOWHERE near as bad as after we were married (as well as my depression). Pregnancy exacerbated it, to the point of fantasizing about suicide. Ofc I was never going to do it, and no, it wasnt just "prenatal depression" - it was severe struggle with RAD and BPD. But our baby motivated me a thousand times harder to figure out what was going on and eradicate it, because as I thought to myself at the time, I was NOT going to put our baby through my unresolved struggles and disorders. No way in hell. I was going to show bb a healthy mother, a healthy bond, attention, love, appreciation, etc, everything I wasnt given.. BUT first I needed to tackle my struggles. Those 9 months were like therapy Marine soldier mode. Regardless, it caused us so much suffering and struggles, I can't even begin to describe it.
  5. Throughout this entire time, I listened to The Place We Find Ourselves podcast, and one thing which was incrediblyyyyyy helpful was the therapist's teachings on how to focus on bodily sensation recognitions. I put this into practice as best as I could the entire time, and I believe it aided the healing process, I literally cannot stress this enough. The podcast therapist was slowly teaching me how to turn my oppression on its head, and I'm forever grateful. My therapist loves the podcast, too, so we were definitely in the same wavelength. (I can't link it, so here's the page on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/36bU2hcguX97EDOi9Ja0tQ?si=ncif7c0CRJaawNHoovHVcg)
  6. We went through an extremely life changing, traumatic event. And I'm convinced the event affected my brain, which "bound" me more to my husband & the safety he provided my heart. The event basically was a 2 second culmination and effect of like 2-3 years of therapy work. I wish it hadnt happened that way, but it did. After that, I no longer struggle(d) with BPD or RAD. I had no idea not struggling with love, and accepting his affection was so freeing. Or my MIL's love, either, who is the mom I didnt have. Remnants come up now and then, but they are like levels 1-5 out of 10, compared to level 50+ out of 10 from before. (Husband is truly the most patient and loving man, and I cant believe hes still by my side, but here he is ;______;)
Okay - on to the question.
At one point, I stayed with a friend for 2 weeks to give us space and processing time. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had an appt with our marriage therapist (we attended sessions from the time we were engaged, all the way through being married). He suggested that maybe i had RAD, and thought brainspotting would help. My husband didnt mention this to me until now, 1 year later, when I brought up my interest in brainspotting recently.
I know it's a bit new, but I looked more into it, and am more interested in working with it. One thing I heard is that it helps your body/mind "connect" to memories/events you are disconnected with. I think it could help my leftover remnants and help me heal more, since I fall under the category of people who it could benefit, and it seems some of us here would, too. I think I could be a candidate, too, due to the previous severe symptoms I had.
Here is a link with more info: https://brainspotting.com/about-bsp/what-is-brainspotting/
My thought is to find a therapist who is trained in brain spotting, and work with them temporarily. Then, maybe have them share the session notes with my therapist now, since I'd like to keep working with them. I
Has anyone here used this before? What was your experience like? How many sessions did you do? If you have, what have been the biggest improvements you've noticed? Did you try any previous techniques that didnt help as much as brainspotting did? If you havent, what are your thoughts or comments on it?
Thanks, all
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2023.03.24 07:49 Fictionarious No, honestly considering (and/or advocating for) filicide/infanticide is not "off-topic" to the Abortion Debate:

I'm going to just make this a post, so that I may reference/link it in the future as needed (and so that it may draw the attention, now, of whatever moderators this discussion may or may not interest).
I've been participating in this sub for awhile. I offer some opinions that rub people's amygdala the right way, some that rub it the wrong way, and it's usually pretty easy for me to predict on that basis which will result in a return of upvotes or downvotes (getting the ol' frontal cortex to intervene beforehand is another story, of course). I don't really care about my internet points, so I'm fine in either case. Go ahead, hit that downvote button - I don't care!
What I'm beginning to care a bit more about is: overtly ad baculum arguments put forth with the intent (or simply, the probable effect) of limiting the necessary scope of this discussion. Now, I do know better than to accuse anyone of having nefarious intent, with 100% confidence. Regardless of whether that intent is ultimately present, however, putting forth this kind of fallacy (and having it be popularly accepted) will have a chilling/censorious effect, and it is consequently highly problematic.
Yes, my contention is that being allowed to consider the morality/legality of filicide/infanticide is within the necessary scope of any good-faith discussion about abortion. Why?
To convincingly answer this question, let's answer another:

Why is abortion being debated in the first place?

Abortion is quite the hot-button issue, and some of us certainly don't see why it should be. Shouldn't it be self-evident that our own preexisting beliefs are all that should really matter? There shouldn't even need to be a debate!
Regardless, the debate persists. It persists because of all the differing presuppositions and motivations brought into it by those that stand to be affected by any given conclusion on the matter (which is, broadly speaking, all of society).
Some of us have the very reasonable motivation of not wanting to be forced, by law, into remaining pregnant for no good/sufficient reason, on the presupposition(s) that:
Others of us have the very reasonable motivation of not wanting it to be legal to kill certain classes/categories of people, on the presupposition that ZEFs do, in fact, exist in the same general moral category as newborn babies and/or young children, and shouldn't be killed for the same reasons (shared humanity, future like ours, etc).
Ok, those are understandable motivations. But notice that there were actually two entirely distinct presuppositions (or, justifications) that might be accounting for why someone might decide to label themselves "pro-choice", and sincerely support/defend the right to abort.
Clearly, it is unambiguously not outside of the scope of this topic to independently consider the qualia of the conceptus, and then appeal to some measurably absent characteristic that would, in one's opinion, be a strict prerequisite for the granting of the legal protection known as "right-to-life", as a valid method of argument for the resulting permissibility of abortion. That is to say, it is not impossible that someone's decision to support abortion's morality and/or its legality is ultimately derived (perhaps, exclusively derived) from this form of independent consideration.
Just as "viability" (theoretical ability of a conceptus to survive separated from its parent/host) and "sentience" (capacity to experience physical pain) are fetal capacities bound to be of some legitimate interest in the course of debating the morality of abortion, "self-awareness" is as well. When and to what extent do fetuses become self-aware?
Enter philosopher Peter Singer, who argues explicitly for the permissibility/legality of infanticide (up to 28 days after birth) on this very basis:
From "Practical Ethics": "Human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons." But animals are self-aware, and therefore, "the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee."
He isn't alone in making this argument. Mary Anne Warren (late writer and philosophy professor) makes a similar argument in her paper 'On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion', and arrives at a similar conclusion: that the very same observations about the (entirely or partially absent) qualia of the conceptus in its state prior to birth would reasonably motivate us to acknowledge that being born, by itself, doesn't really change all that much. She writes:
One of the most troubling objections to the argument presented in this article is that it may appear to justify not only abortion but infanticide as well. A newborn infant is not a great deal more personlike than a ninemonth fetus, and thus it might seem that if late-term abortion is sometimes justified, then infanticide must also be sometimes justified. Yet most people consider that infanticide is a form of murder, and thus never justified.
While it is important to appreciate the emotional force of this objection, its logical force is far less than it may seem at first glance. There are many reasons why infanticide is much more difficult to justify than abortion, even though if my argument is correct neither constitutes the killing of a person.
Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva together make the case that "the newborn and the fetus are morally equivalent" in their article, After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?.
Inevitably, when I (or any of these other esteemed gentlemen-and-women) are asked to justify our support for abortion, our reasoning/argument will be general enough to be interpreted as support for filicide/infanticide, up to a certain point. This is unavoidable (and true!), given our sincerely-held beliefs on the subject.
This brings us to the crux of the issue:

What is being "aborted", exactly, when we're "debating abortion"?

Some of the participants on this forum (who I will not name) seem to be interested in policing the way this question can be justifiably answered. There are (grammatically speaking) two perfectly-valid grammatical objects one might have in mind, when one is trying to discuss what is, in one's view, the object of central importance to the abortion debate.
  1. The ongoing life of the conceptus/child
  2. The pregnancy that life directly inflicts
To "abort" is a verb, which simply means "to bring to a premature end".
For debate participants primarily motivated by not remaining pregnant against their will, it is very understandable that, from their point of view, abortion would naturally refer to aborting pregnancies.
For debate participants primarily motivated by protecting the right-to-life of unborn people, it is equally understandable that abortion would naturally refer to aborting the life of the unborn child.
In practical terms, there is no difference. A pregnancy ends prematurely when (and only when) the life of the conceptus does, and it is subsequently flushed/extracted from the body. But in philosophical terms, there is a world of difference.
From our analysis above, of what motivates this debate to occur in the first place, we can realize the following:
If it were hypothetically possible to abort the pregnancy prematurely, without ending the life of the child causing it, it's very likely that some respectable number of pregnant people would be doing just that. And to that extent, the impetus for having the debate would be lessened, directly. The pro-life side would be satisfied, to the extent unborn babies are no longer being killed, and the pro-choice side would be satisfied, to the extent that pregnancies are no longer being compelled by force of law.
Conversely, we may consider the possibility of ending the life of the child, but without necessarily ending pregnancy (leaving open the option of maintaining the pregnancy for the full nine months, as though the child were still alive). Obviously, this would be a much less chosen option. But the more important thing to realize is: here, the impetus for having the debate has not been lessened in the slightest. The pro-life side would still object to the killing of the entity with contested moral value, with or without the continuation of any associated pregnancy.
Therefore, object of central importance to the abortion debate - the thing that ultimately causes the debate - is not the subjective experience of pregnancy (as arduous as that experience may be). It is the contested personhood and right-to-life of the life of the child being aborted/killed, at varying points in time.
So, if we are going to be in the business of policing what can be "properly" or "rightly" considered as the "true" or "best" object of consideration here, that policing would logically run in one direction as opposed to the other. Fortunately, there is usually no pressing need to do any policing - only to make a good-faith effort to listen and respond to what is actually being said to you.

Putting it all together

Now, we have established two facts:
  1. That the principal object of consideration (if there is to be one) in the context of the "abortion debate" is the ongoing life and disputed personhood/right-to-life of the conceptus/child at different points in time.
  2. A certain fraction of the people who sincerely consider the personhood/right-to-life of the conceptus come to the conclusion that concepti should not, in fact, be regarded as persons (or as possessing a right-to-life) until some point in time well after birth (ie, a certain point in time).
From these two facts we may directly infer the necessity and relevance of considering (proposing, debating, refuting, etc) the personhood/right-to-life of the object ultimately motivating the continued existence of this debate, before or after birth.

Final considerations

I have heard tell that there have been conversations among the mods here as to whether my progressive stance on this issue is perhaps too progressive. I have not been privy to these conversations, but I would like to offer this post as my general argument in favor of both being allowed to remain here, and being allowed to argue my point of view in good faith, without it being subject to removal by virtue of being "off-topic" to the debate.
I was once informed that my kind of pro-choice advocacy might "get us in trouble with the admins". Neither myself (nor any of the good company I'm in, by virtue of advocating for the legality of post-birth abortion) are promoting hate against any marginalized group, advocating illegal/extralegal activity, or any engaging in any other claimed violation of Reddit site-wide policies. Any claims to the contrary are a bad-faith attempt at silencing and dismissing the argument I am making, and should themselves be subject to removal under rule one.
Hopefully, this clarifies at least some of my position, as well as at least some of what it means to engage in good faith with opinions you do not presently hold. Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.24 07:49 Big-Influence-7843 This!!!

I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand
I dream of fire These dreams that tie two hearts that will never die Near the flames The shadows play in the shape of the man's desire
This desert rose Whose shadow bears the secret promise This desert flower No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this
And now she turns This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams This fire burns I realize that nothing's as it seems
I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand
I dream of rain I lift my gaze to empty skies above I close my eyes The rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of love
Ya leel
Ya leel
I dream of rain I dream of gardens in the desert sand I wake in vain I dream of love as time runs through my hand
Sweet desert rose Whose shadow bears the secret promise This desert flower No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this
Sweet desert rose This memory of hidden hearts and souls This desert flower This rare perfume is the sweet intoxication of love
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Message me & we can go from there!
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2023.03.24 07:48 aunty_eve Partner not as excited as me :/

Sorry if this isn’t the right sub, I figured I’d post here because we’re a lesbian couple (both nearly 29 years old, both cis females). I’ve wanted a child for the longest time, it’s my dream. My girlfriend wants kids too but not with the same intensity I do and she’s not overly involved with the process. I’ll be the gestational parent so I’ve started getting blood tests, arranging doctors visits, signing up with a fertility clinic - all she really has to say is how inconvenient it is that she has to attend the mandatory counselling session with me, and she also wasn’t comforting when I was was devastated to find out my egg reserve is low. This is the biggest thing we will ever do together and I actually feel like I’m doing it alone. Any advice/has anyone experienced anything similar? TIA
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