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2023.03.24 07:45 kqwqkai How to overcome?

im not sure if anyone had the same experience as me but maybe similar experiences would help.
Last year, i was in severe mental and physical pain. i was suffering emotionally bc of relationship problems and extreme period pain that lasted almost a month.
I was already suffering emotionally because me and my bf have some issues in our relationship, but my bfs family was invited to celebrate at his uncles place at a different city. i was hesitant but during those time i was just dont want to say no cuz i dont want them to think im stopping my bf to join them and i have to come bc if without me my bf wouldn’t join in. during this time my period pain isnt that painful yet. i step aside my emotional sufferings cuz i dont want to cause any conflict (little did i know i will be in a huge one later on). we went to his uncles place. i was silent the whole time i was there, i was just uncomfortable because i found out its also like the home of the girl which my bf had courted years ago. it was never mentioned before the trip. she doesnt live there anymore, shes out of the country, the night came then suddenly i felt my cramps are starting to feel more worst. the next day, the new years eve, everyone was trying to convince me to eat. i refused and apologized many times bc i dont have appetite bc of the pain im feeling plus the issues with my bf that time was getting worst. im already uncomfortable and in pain but he chose to neglect me. which made everyone thinks im being difficult despite me constantly telling them im just in pain. i did somehow adjusted before the night ended. everyone was so nice to me, i enjoyed my time despite me trying my best to conceal the pain. im literally taking 3-5 pain relievers a day.
the next day after we got home i got a message fromthe girl who my bf had courted before. insulting me and saying i was only there to cause problem, which i didn’t understand where this all came from. i was very vocal with my feelings to the adults there. before she messages me i found out she posted my name and face on her ig story. i tried to contact her cousins which who i bonded with last minute. they all eventually apologized some told me the truth that they misunderstood me. i appreciate it. but i was really hurt how they viewed my relationship with my bf as me forcing him to be with me. which really broke me more, im having a very hard time with my relationship that time, that i wasnt secured enough thats why those words hit me. worst is, those words came from his mom but i chose not to say anything.
me and the girl argued back and forth. i tried my best to explain my side of the story and avoid giving such detailed information about my issues with my relationship. she wanted me to apologize to her which i didnt cuz i dont understand why i should do that. if really the asult felt like i was being difficult then i will reach out to them, not to her. i apologize to my bfs uncles wife and she seem understanding. she still continue to stain my name. saying more false information to people, i felt to harassed.
i was mentally unstable i should have not reacted the way she reacted too. idk why her cousins siding with me wasnt enough to me back then, so many regret and until now all that happened still bothered me. bc after a few months a new issue surfaced, i wont disclose it bc its not my business to meddle anymore. which that issue only made things worst for me that resulted all of her cousins distance theirself from me and i ended up unfriending their aunt cuz i dont know who to trust.
me and my bf are ok now, really we worked so hard to make it this far, but knowing hes still connected to those people its making me uncomfortable and harder for me to move on from the insults and hate they put me through. i havent open this up to my bf yet, idk how to. its his family.. idk. help
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2023.03.24 07:36 nthhtbtbvg I'm tired

I can't I can't it's so painful. Idk why
I don't understand why does my mom's words affect me like this? She gaslights me a lot and lie always, guilt trips me and says im hurting her because i don't wanna visit her relatives today btw im 19 and even self project het issues on me, and if she does something good for me its for something else and and I she always reminds me of it, and keeps telling me about it. I once bought her chocolate for 40$ and defended her against her sisters because she lied to them and she was in the wrong. She was telling me i never do something for her so I reminded her of them once and she said that it lost it's sweet and it's humiliation when i did it once. Imagine how it feels to be reminded that about this things constantly. She keeps saying I did for you that and that and that. She even said to me before she didn't like my dad and married him just for his money and how she was a victim. Today my dad was insulting me because I didn't wanna see their relatives. I was tired mentally and I didn't wanna see anyone. So out of anger I couldn't handle myself and shouted that this behavior is making me go crazy and she kept mocking me and defending him. The worst of it us how she flips the table on me and always tells me that I'm sad because of "irrelevant small thing". I stopped eating for two days. I just don't wanna eat anything
Why does it hurt? Why their words hurt me? I disassociated myself from them
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2023.03.24 07:27 staticsparke46 Big questions about probate and criminal or common law in sc

So my grandfather passed away last year. In May. Probate was opened immediately by my brother 28m and I wasn't aware until notified as the courts are supposed to.
Me and my brother I thought was inseparable but apparently that is not the case. He held some grudges that I was oblivious too. And did some less than brotherly things behind my back.
I dad some substance issues years back and it was short lived. I got help and hoped it never got wind back home since it was out of town working when I did.
My grandfather had many revisions of his will all state 50/50 between me and him. We are surviving memebers. I thought that would never be a issue. But upon his death he left a small Ira to me and brother and it was also 50/50
I put my share away in cd's to cover half the funeral cost and prevent any debtors from the estate. This is where things got weird.
brother was named excutor. Which he had not done in any of the previous revisions. I moved into the home a year prior to help pops during the last year of his life. He had a stroke I built ramps got a mobility chair and lift for his truck ect. unfortunately He died of a massive bedsore that went septic in a short term care facility.
2 weeks after by brother comes by tells me he is gonna take all the guns. Valuables and the 20k truck. So I agreed and even helped him load it.
Then he goes on to tell me he was regularly stopping by to tell pops I was doing a list of illicit things and playing Me out to be a drug addict and all these other things that just didn't make sense. Explains why he started acting indifferent towards me. Kept asking Me if I hated him for it. But I have calmed down a ton in my time and I guess he was trying to get a rise from me He then tells me about when I got locked up. Inwas hoping nobody knew. But then it dawned on me my wife had to ask him for the bail cause I had all the damn cards. Well when she went to get it cause he agreed. He tried to solicit her for the money. I had just discovered a 4year affair before this so you can only imagine what it took for her to tell me that when i was released on a pr. But she did and I laughed and dismissed it cause I thought ain't no way my bro did that. Well he was there 2 weeks after the last person we had any ties to each other through had died. Telling me he in fact did do that. And meant it. So I kept my cool. And I said why would you do that. I laughed in her face defending you. And he goes on to tell me how all this shit he told pops. And rubbing her cheating in my face and shit. Then finally I finally gave up hoping he wouldn't drive off shitfaced. And instead encouraged him to. Be fore his departure he showed me a new 380 with one in the chamber he had in his pocket the whole time. So I was fucking mind blown.
I think he intended to kill me. Cause of my anger issues I resolved in council while I was working out of town. So question is. I feel like him doing that to my wife was fucking illegal in some manner? Was it? Am I over reacting here or what cause it's just unexpected.
On another note. He said I can fuck myself and is not paying any of the funeral cost. And hopes the place o lived in my entire child hood goes to auctions for pennies on the dollar. Cause he had a step daddy when mom passed and dad. So he had that benefit I had a pops. And he died thinking the worst of me when I was sober and doing my best. And I know as executor he can take certain valuables. I didn't care about anyways. Coins guns the 20k truck. So something about what he is doing feels wrong. As well. He hasn't done the taxes. I paid them. He hasn't done anything but take the stuff. Plus I had a wrongful death case law firm ready to jump the short term rehabs shit for neglect and wrongful death. If it was greed I figured he would jump all over that but he instead wanted nothing to do with it. It was pro bona shit is not adding up here
In short my brother reveals he is a asshole after my grandfather passing. With 50/50 assets divided amongst us two. And a 50/50 ira that was verbally agreed was intended for his funeral expense my brother gets his half the ira and gets mad i got mu half as well decided to take a easy 75k worth of stuff. Was made excutor in the will. And seems to be on a power trip. What can i do to try and not loose the home here..
Part 2. He also made a attempt to solicit my wife over he need for bail money for me. I laughed in her face when she told me, believing she was mistaken. He comes to rub it in my face that she was telling the truth with a loaded pistol in his pocket.. Really got me fucked up. I thought we were brothers. What can I do about that? That's gotta be illegal some how. I feel horrible for my reaction initially
Please mods don't take this down I don't know a shorter way to word this and I could really use some sound advice here.
What can I do about my brother's behavior? Over probate? Over his actions towards my wife? Over his possible intent to kill me? I'm at a fucking loss here
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2023.03.24 07:22 1234511231351 Is there still something to gain by working through Genki after working through N5 grammar/vocab separately?

I've touched on all N5 grammar and vocab from Bunpro and an N5 vocab Anki deck (plus about 200 words I've learned from talking with natives). Immersion at this point is still borderline impossible, and writing sentences to practice my grammar is also incredibly frustrating since I'm trying to create novel sentences that I haven't encountered before.
I've been considering diving into the Genki 1&2 books to maybe fill in the gaps I may have missed along the way, plus get access to all of its sentences and audio content. Is it a waste of time to go down to Genki 1 though? I'm on something of a tight schedule because I've got a 2 month trip coming up in July so I have the (lofty and probably unobtainable) goal of getting a solid foundation so that by the time I get there, immersion is not incredibly painful.
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2023.03.24 07:09 CKain08 I am the glass child

TW mention of self harm and suicidal thoughts
" Glass children are those who are growing up in a home where a sibling takes up a disproportionate amount of parental energy "
Well. Disclaimer : I am not a child, alright, I am 20. But I've been thinking a lot about the last 10 years of my life, and I am, as much as it pains me, a glass child and I've been since my sister's born.
Of course, at first, it was (I thought) only because I was the first born, the big sis, you know.
But 3 years ago, my sister discovered Tik Tok. Everyone knows Tik Tok, right? Well, we all know what kind of stuff we can find on that app! I, myself, found the description of a "glass child" there. I use Tik Tok frequently.
My sister always had problems with her friends. When she was younger, she was always in the middle of some arguing between two or three girls, never really had a day where she wasn't coming home with what I call "girl's gangs" problems (you know when two best friends suddenly split and get mad and get other friends to form like alliances and stuff to b*tch on the others? Ya know, old stuff, we've all been there).
She was never wrong in those situations. She was coming home laughing about how she was the peacemaker and never creating problems of some sort. Thing is, I know my sister. Like the back of my hand. Alright? I just... know when she's lying. Still, to this day, she always brags about how good she is to manipulate people and make them do what she wants. Alrighty girl, weird flex.
Well, she got to high school (what we call secondary one in Canada), and then, she started having anxiety. Like panic attacks and all? I've had those, still do these days, so I understood. I became her protector, her therapist, calming her down when my mother critized her for exagerating. I knew what to do, and I gave up all my energy to take care of her, of her mental health, as a good old sister does.
She made it to the second year of high school (secondary 2) with difficulties. Panic attacks again and all. 3 years ago, as I said, she discovered Tik Tok. I know Tik Tok and its algorithm : there are specific fyp where you can find videos about the same topic over and over again. I suspect she was in a dark side of Tik Tok, a depressed one, where you can see all sort of sad/depressing things and stories (I know, I've been there too, now trying to avoid it as much as I can because it affects me mentally and I start spiralling).
Cutting her hair short ( I guess the "funny mentally hill" trend where you cut your hair on a headbutt and dye it, I know, been there too).
Sexuality explored too. Like she was trans for a while and wanted us to call her another name (she isn't anymore, she told me so about 3 months in). I always respected her choices and calling her what she wanted to be called at that time. She was a kid, she was 13, so she was discovering herself and her preferences and all. No problem with that.
She started hanging out with some people like that too. She had a non-binary friend, a trans one, a furry one, etc. She was having fun with them. Great people. She finally had a group.
Some of them, however, had the same experiences we all hear about on Tik Tok. You know, some of them not in a great home, or in a bad relationship with parents, depression, anxiety. Hate to say it, but you know those people on Tik Tok who (unfortunatly) are bullied on the internet for being... like... huuuuh (wondering how to say that without insulting anyone) like stereotypical? Like... you know those who wants a cat litter in a classroom in a unironical way? Some of her friend were a little extremist on that plan. Again, never really bothered me.
We have two parents, a mom and a dad. They divorced when I was 7. My sister was 3. They never fought in front of us, never heard them, it was really a suprise. They went their separate ways. Me and my sis got used to go to each of them for a week, and then go back to the other for a week. It was fine, working good. My parents are both accountants, my mom teaching it too. I had a strong disagreement with my mom in 2019 about one of her (numerous) boyfriends. The only one i really hated with all my heart. This resulted in me leaving her house for about a year. My sis was still doing 1 week/1 week. Apart of that, my parents are pretty basic ones, never abused us and we always had everything we needed.
I started college. I loved it, still do, and was finally starting my life as an adult, I started a great job, was doing good in school and... was still helping my sister and my parents with her anxiety/ panic attacks. Even learn in my degree how to deal with people who disorganize.
Then, the cutting started. A lot of her friend were doing it, she told me. And then she started having those episodes where she was cutting herself. Never with something sharp, like a knife or else. But with like compass and crayons? Then, she started having suicidal thoughts. Then, and that is where it all went down, she called 911 for suicidal thoughts. She was home alone and the police called my mom.
What had she done? Scratch herself... with a pencil.
I've had panic attacks before. And suicidal thoughts that crossed my mind but I never acted on them. Never. And I can't imagine myself doing it. I talked about it, of course, with my best friend, someone I trusted and it was making me feel better. How did I know my sister was doing that and having those thoughts? She just said it, casually, at dinner with the whole family. Like... girl? It really got the mood down, everyone worried and she was like... glowing? I don't know how to say it.
She was always a bit dramatic and had a way of making everything about herself, but it was never about negative things. More like flexing a good grade or whatever. She was always talking about how depressed she was, how she was suicidal, and the things she was saying were... like straight up a depressing tik tok. Like one day I found something she said ( I think it was like "you don't understand how this feels it is like blablabla i don't remember) WORD FOR WORD in a Tik Tok. It is like she wasn't expressing her feelings, but made up phrases you find on the Internet when you type "panic attacks" or "depression".
After a second call to 911 for taking 10 advils, she got admitted to psychiatry. At that time, I was watching my parents fall appart, running around to appointments for her, my dad having stress acnea (at 45) and both of them exhausted. It was a real drama. Everyone in the family talked about it. It was the only subject of discussion, the only thing that was on everyone's mind.
I was hanging out my seat in class with my phone on my belly to be sure to feel it vibrate if something happened. We were all in a bad place.
And then, we got a diagnosis of autism.
I'm sorry, what? Where does that come from? I mean, alright, we'll deal with that one.
But then. That's where all went down for me. Sis started therapy, changed school, went to an adapted classroom for people like her and with disabilities. My parents were still all over the place.
Except where I needed them.
I was 18, at that time, starting adulthood. I have ADHD. It is really hard for me to respect a schedule, think about every appointments I have, every homework, every luggage I can't forget to bring to mom's or to dad's. I was also giving my all in school, never missed anything, straight A's and working my ass off.
I started realising that everytime my parents texted me was to ask/talk about my sis.
Every. Single. Time.
They'd ask me to bring my sister her lunch that she forgot, to go get her when she was down, or get her to her appointments like I didn't have a whole fu**ing life I was trying so hard to keep on line.
I gave all my free time to her needs and my parents's. I educated myself on autism, defended her when my mom was thinking she was faking because I wanted to prove I was there for her. That I was the life saving good sister. I never, ever, heard her say thank you.
The only compliments my parents were giving me is "thank you for getting your sis for us. Thank you for being there for her. Thank you for doing things with her."
I went trough some stuff, at that time. I hurt my knee and was failing my physical tests. It got to the point I wasn't even sure I liked my degree anymore. I was having a really hard time. But my parents never saw my pain. I have a tendency to hide things, sure, but I was really trying to talk to them about how I was feeling. They were listening, and letting go. Why didn't they start worrying for me like they did for my sister? I don't know, don't really care now. I was having suicidal thoughts too, I wanted to yeet myself in a tree and even stopped driving so it wouldn't give me options. They left me alone, because everytime I tried bringing up the fact that I was not in a good place, my sister was disorganizing at school and they needed to go to the hospital to be both there for her while she fainted from hyperventilating. Every fcking time I was talking to my sister, she was acting like she lived trough everything and was telling me she knew more about suicidal thoughts than me cause she went to psychiatry. Excuse me miss gurl, but who was fcking there to help you trough your panic attacks hun? How do you think I know so much?
Seeing I had practically no support from my already exhausted parents, I took matters into my own hands and started going to therapy. My doctor also prescribed me with anti-depressants. I was going to be ok... on my own. I've had really bad days, real hard ones. But I got back on my two feet. At least, I think so.
School was over and it was time for summer break. I had a job I loved on a boat. I've had a blast on that boat, I wasn't jumping from a house to another, I wasn't always in luggages, I had my own room like a little appartment of my own on the ship. I slowly started to discover a backpacking/adventurous side of myself. I needed air, was travelling far from home as soon as I had a week or two off of the boat.
At the same time, my sister had stopped self-harming and having suicidal thoughts. She's was now in a school for adults to finish her 4th and 5th year of college. She wasn't in a special classroom anymore. Changed friend group.
But here's the thing. Cause there is always a "but".
I started realising how much my sister was toying with us, with my parents. As soon as the diagnosis fell, she became unsufferable. For example, when I say I hate loud noises and strong light, she says she has it tougher because, ya know, "i'm autistic". I can't say something without her saying she has autism and that's why she has it worse.
When I have a good grade or I've hit a PR at the gym, I tell my parents because I am happy. I try to see life the good way, now. I'm quite proud of all the personal work i've done.
But she can't have a normal day.
It is always "ho I hated school because the light was making a sound" or something to point out she has autism.
I talked to one of my friend who is a social worker, and he told me autism is usually apparent in children. My sis was diagnosed at 15. But, and hear me out, all the things that make her autistic according to her psychiatrist... she's never really had them before.
You remember at the beginning of this rant how I told you I know when my sister is lying?
Well. I don't think an autistic person possess the flex of "being able to manipulate people so easily to get what you want".
She's always bragging about how smart she is compared to us because, you know, "ShE cAn FeElS eNeRgiEs AnD pEoPlE AnD iT AfFeCts hEr". Well, honey, I don't think that is autism. It is always little comment about how special she is because she can't do this, or that. Like I have ADHD, alright? I'm stimming all the time. I don't point it out to people for fun, actually, i'm quite ashamed of it sometimes. She bought all those fidget toys and brings them ALL to school to show how much she needs them.
One reason of why I am mad, as you can (unfortunatly) see, is my father's attitude.
The fact that my sis had episodes of suicidal thoughts and acts traumatized him. With reasons, don't get me wrong.
But now, she's clearly living well of drama and stereotypical behavior she never had before.
My father is fucking afraid of telling her no.
Like man, I don't think that if you ask her to unload the dishwasher ONE FUCKI*NG time that she's going to kill herself. Like come on.
One time, she called him cause she fainted cause she was hyperventilating cause the cleaner at her school wore a different hat than usual. Or another time where she learn that two teachers were eating togueter at lunch and not in the cafeteria?
I know my sister. She is clearly using him. She's got him hooked with a silent threat of hurting herself or making it impossible for him to receive a phone call without thinking she committed.
And. She. Fucking. Knows. It.
She left my mother's house because my mom wasn't buying her shit.
She left with all her drama about how she could appologize but she needs her space to think about what she (mom) did.
BRUH did what?!?!?!? It was so sudden, what are you on about?
All her life, she was good at one thing : breaking people's relationship.
I know, because I'm not blind.
She's the type of person that looks at you after saying your deepest secret in front of everyone and be like : "oups teehee🤪 you know i can't keep a secret" or she plays dumb "i didn't know it was a secret oupsis" with this little dumb face that I know by heart means "I win you fuck*ng idiot".
She broke the good relationship my parents had by pretending mom told her something when it wasn't right or vice versa. When she's at dad's, she always talks about all the things mom does that sucks. When she was at mom, she was always talking about how bad it was at dad.
I was in the middle like , bruh, it isn't even that bad. And of course, my parents both being proud individuals started feeling supperior than the other and downgrading the other in front of us (wich you know my sis was repeating over and over to everyone).
But because my parents are fucking blind they let her riled them up against each others. So now they don't talk. And when they do, it is always to argue about how to take care of my sis.
To make a clear example of how she gets everything she wants :
She always tells me that she wants a Mira dog. Like a service dog. She's going to keep creating dramatic scenarios like that until my father cries and decides it is the last option we have.
But no. After the dog, it is going to be another need for neurodivergent people that she's probably going to see on Tik Tok.
Because yes, she faints and yes, she is hyperventilating. But I can create scenario in my head and make them real too (maladaptive daydreaming oups). Anxiety works like that : if I start hyperventilating for 45 seconds, my body jumps to survival mode and the mammoth thing ang boom, there you have your panic attack.
Yes. She is mentally hill.
But she's not autistic. She does not need a service dog. And she can't continue leading people on like that.
She's in need of negative attention. She hates when we compliment her, she hates when we wish her happy brithday and all. But she's always talking about how she did bad at this exam and ho people please comfort me. There's always something going on with her.
She stopped self-harming and having suicidal toughts. People started living normally.
So she restarts panic attacks but she already has a psychiatrist so she needs more.
Lets go to the hospital, something's wrong with my heart. Then she's got the pleasure of walking around school with a machine to record her heart thingy.
Nope. Nothing wrong.
People start forgetting.
Whoops now she's fainting and we don't know why.
Hospital trip yeah.
Nothing's wrong.
Then she buys a machine to keep track of her blood pressure.
Does a doctor prescribed it?
Nope. You can just buy it so she did. And she could do it like in the morning, at lunch or at night, but no, she absolutly needs to do it in front of everyone, making noise in class while the teacher is talking.
And i'm starting to get fed up.
About a year into this nightmare, 3 years ago, I stopped feeling.
I wasn't able to feel anything. And that is why, today, I can write this and unfortunatly for some, it will be controversial.
After my downfall, when my sister was in need...
I did not care.
At all.
She could do whatever she wanted to do. She could have as much trip to the hospital as she wanted.
I . Did . Not . Care .
I was going to class.
And my phone was on silent.
I don't want to know. I don't care. Don't you get it? Mom, dad, leave me alone. You did it well, right? Continue.
I am an horrible human being. My best friend tries to comfort me saying that my heart of stone is a form of self-protection, a defense mechanism that I developped 3 years to protect myself and not live trough what my sister put us trough without knowing (or caring?).
I am an egoist.
But I do not care.
You want to make me feel like a glass child?
Alright alright.
I'll deal with it.
But now the glass is fed up.
And it is about to break.
Good bye and thank you for coming all the way here.
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2023.03.24 06:39 dark_triaded_ho If you do end up being hired, remember it's all about appearance and NOT essence

I have been in Corporate America for a few years (sorry, I do not have any experience with companies in other countries, so my post is going to be exclusively about Corporate America). My unique position allowed me to see what goes on behind the scenes. If you do end up getting a job after going through the recruiting hell, remember that it's all about appearance and not essence.
Okay, enough. I will be accused of being bitter and jaded. I am. I just want to find a way to generate passive income without having to deal with these idiots, and their BS, and their recruiting hells
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2023.03.24 06:02 Linstrocity I think I'm being tormented by a discarnate entity or some non-human thing (want to get rid of it).

Ok - before I tell my story, yes I realize now 14 years later I did some dumb shit when I was 18. The question is how I get it to stop, leave my family alone, as we want to have a normal life. All of this is true, no I don't think I have mental illness - I go to the VA and have been tested for all mental illnesses which doesn't check out. I was raised semi-Catholic (only been baptized, no other sacraments).
There is a preface to this story, but now that I'm older it makes a lot of sense.
I didn't sleep in my own bed until I was around 13 because I used to see things at night which scared the absolute dogshit. Like most parents they didn't believe anything I ever said:
  1. One time playing hide and seek when I was kid (around 6/7), I was hiding under the covers of my bed looking at a shelf and a saw a bin full of Lego's get tugged like someone pushed down on it. Two minutes later the bin gets pulled out of the wall by itself and my dad runs in to see what happens to which I have no explanation. I was across the room by myself.
  2. I used to see figures at night in my room. They never approached my bed, but would kind of look at me in my closet. They were real fuzzy around the edges and took on different forms. When I went to Yosemite on a camping trip, I remember being awake terrified in my bed next to my mom and there black figures walking around in hiking clothing, but no face or anything. They made no sound as they walked around our cabin at around 5:30 in the morning (I was the only one who was awake who saw it), and I can vaguely remember one standing next to my bed where my mom and I were asleep standing down looking at me.
  3. The day after I turned 13 I started sleeping in my own bed because my dad had enough - I had a radio in my room I turned NPR on at night on at for white noise so I could try to sleep. I kept the lights on a low dim and the closet door closed so I wouldn't have things "looking" at me. None of these figures ever made noises.
Ok - real story time.
I joined the Marine Corps in the infantry in 2009 at 17 years old (I became a Mortarman/0341) - by 18 I went to my duty station in Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. Those who don't know Hawaiian folklore is that Kaneohe Bay used to be the "meeting place" for Native Hawaiian tribes to do battle. The movie "Paranormal Activity" also came out that year, and we all got drunk and went to the movies to see it. There's this stupid scene where they get a Ouija Board (yes I know this is where I got stupid), and leave it on the table, and then it moves by itself.
Drunk me asks on the drive home if that stuff actually works, and we go find one the next day in Spencer's Gifts in the Windward Mall in Kaneohe, HI. We take it back to our squad bay (we stayed in open bays when we first got there), and the person "on duty" (like RA or dorm security) who is Catholic/Hispanic turns white and says "get that shit out of here right now". We laugh and go to our bay on the top floor.
We pull couches around the table and start drinking (because we're Marines and dumb) and start reading the directions on how to do it. I text my girlfriend (now wife) and she also tells me to stop messing with this stuff. She Googles it and tells me to put Sterling Silver on the board, to which I magically have a St. Michael's Medallion my mother gives me before going to Bootcamp that I had, so I put it on the board.

Again I don't believe this, none of the people participating believe this, we put our hand on the pointer and start asking stupid things like "is there anyone who wants to talk to us tonight". This goes on for a while, until all of a sudden the pointer starts moving slowly. I look at the other people and say "Stop fucking around, I want to see if it works". Everyone claims that it's not them, and it slowly moves over to yes. So we start asking if it's anyone we know, and it goes to yes again. We ask who does it know, and it says it's our friend Nathan who is sitting on a couch across the bay with a beer in his hand not touching anything. He's drunk and says "very funny guys". He sits up and says "Ok, if you know who I am who are you", and the pointer spells out Grandma. He laughs again, and says, "OK Grandma, what is your first name". This board spells out his grandma's name correctly. We look at him and say "Ok, who did you tell your grandma's name to", to which he gets kind of quiet and says no one. He starts to ask the year she died (answered correctly), her husband's name (answered correctly), his mother's name (answered correctly). He gets extremely quiet after this, and asks if she has anything she wants to say and she says "I love you" and goes to Goodbye immediately. He looks freaked out after that and it's no longer fun.

We keep talking to different "entities", but it starts to get real weird, where the board starts naming people with birth and death dates from the 1800's which we google and are all 100% correct. Then I talk to an entity who says it was my mother's unborn child which was killed with an axe. I text my mom about what I'm doing and she tells me "You need to stop immediately" (she has her own story where something tried to contact her). At this point a Wiccan Marine walks in and he says "What the actual fuck are you guys doing? This is not a fucking toy or a game and you need to give this to me right now. I need to close this fucking board." He jumps on and starts doing some weird praying/rituals, saying we are talking to all sorts of things we shouldn't be.
The same Hispanic Duty walks up to our floor and says, "Hey can you guys please stop, there's a lot of weird stuff going on down stairs and everyone's freaked out. There's weird orbs of light at the ends of the bays, and things are getting knocked over by themselves. Please stop". I'm done messing with this at the end of this, but word got around that this was going on and around 20 more 18/19 year-old Marines show up wanting to talk to spirits on the board. One guy even asked to talk to Satan, and the Wiccan Marine got pissed because he sat there the whole rest of the night to essentially babysit the board.
The next day I felt kind of weird, like there was a pit in my stomach, and I went into the bathroom and kind of started dry-heaving until I felt something leave my mouth but there was no puke or anything. I thought it was too much drinking and ignored it. I went about my business.
There was one Marine who started acting weird for a week as he took the board into a closet by himself and tried to contact his grandfather, and people in his platoon said he started acting weird and distant, and I don't really know what happened after that. I don't remember what happened to the board, but I never touched one again after that, and when a co-worker brought to work as a joke on Halloween I immediately turned and left.
We were up on a mortar range on the Big Island at a training area called PTA - and we would get thick fogs that would roll in. This is on top of a remote volcano on top of the Big Island in Hawaii with nobody except military personnel training - and everyone would hear children laughing off in the distance in the morning. We'd always ask each other "Am I the only one hearing the children laughing?". We all agreed that we heard but no one ventured out into the fog to see what it was. It usually happened in the mornings. This was my last paranormal encounter in the Marines.

OK - Fast Forward 13 years, I am married and have 1.5 year-old who is walking and talking.
We moved into our new house with no issues - it's a new house and we bought it from the original owners who are all still alive, no deaths or anything we know of. I posted about this instance before, but just about what happened next. One day my daughter is running around the house bouncing around normally like she always does, and she points to the chair sitting against a desk in our downstairs guest room (the door was sitting open) and she says, "DADDY THERE'S A MAN IN THE CHAIR!" and runs over to me immediately. I pick her up, and she looks back in the room, starts shrieking and tries as hard as she can to press herself into me saying again, "There's a man in the chair!". The only thing she knows about ghosts are that they say "Boo", and she's super friendly with people she sees all the time, so I have no idea if there was an actual person in the chair why she'd be terrified. I have no idea what she saw but I believe that it wasn't nice. She's inconsolable with crying, shrieking, and I can't comfort her. All of my childhood experiences and the Marine Corps stuff comes back to me, and I tell my wife about it, and she actually believes me. We take her to my parents' house and go into town immediately to buy a feather, incense, and other stuff to do a smudging (was recommended on here by a user), and we proceed to do the smudging throughout the entire house, while I carry around my Catholic Bible commanding all spirits to get out of my house in the name of St. Michael, Jesus Christ, and the Lord Almighty God. I don't go outside, but we go in every closet, garage, etc. We bring my daughter back with no issues and life goes on for awhile. Every now and then before we put her to bed (she's now 2), she says "Daddy there's a bad man in the house". We always misdirect and read her stories and such and she goes to sleep with no issue.

We have a hot tub in our backyard, and I go sit out there at night before I go to bed some nights when I'm tired, but one particular night I had this horrible feeling that someone/something was watching me and not only that were glaring at me as if they were angry. I think I am empathic and can feel emotions/feelings, and whatever this was was furious/angry with me, and I could almost feel it staring down at me like I angered it somehow. When I walk into my house from the backyard at night I feel like I'm being watched by something. It doesn't go into the house, but somehow I can feel it looking at me inside the rear glass slider inside. Sometimes our Heeler puppy we brought home runs out the dog door at 2:00-3:00 in the morning and just starts growling and barking for no reason, and we go down to yell at him to go back inside.

The final thing that I think because of this is I believe this entity (or entities) is tormenting me with disturbing thoughts that don't belong to me. They started about two months before my daughter was born, and up until the end of 2020 I didn't have these thoughts. I've been tested by the VA for Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Mania, Bi-polar and have absolutely none of those or any other medical disorder outside of PTSD. I have no hallucinations, seeing/hearing things that aren't there at all. I can't describe it but it feels like something has been putting these thoughts in my head and even sometimes my dreams - they definitely feel like they don't belong to me. I think whatever I contacted back in 2009 has been dormant for a long time and is now trying to come after me and my family. I am going to contact a bona-fide psychic (which is hard for Christians because the Bible strictly forbids us to do this kind of stuff) and see if they can see what's going on and hopefully do some energy management and get this things out of our lives once and for all.

I'm honestly open for suggestions/prayers/advice - I want whatever this is to go away.
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2023.03.24 05:42 zoombie8383 Question about a long sleeve t-shirt

I bought this long sleeved, dice t-shirt and it's quite thick with a hard texture.
But everywhere I go, all the stussy long sleeve t shirts are the ones with the same material as their short sleeve t-shirts.
So are there like different materials for their long sleeve t-shirts or am I just tripping? Mine is like rly tight and thick but all the ones I see are thin and loose. Sorry for the bad wording.
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2023.03.24 05:27 Rainbow6SiegeCreator What If Legends and Canon Merged? Part 6: A United Front

Months after the founding of the Rebellion, Leia had a chance to lead the liberation of Lothal. She then came up with a plan to bring down the Imperial presence in one fell swoop.
Leia: Thanks to Ezra and the Ghost Crew, we have the perfect strategy to remove the Empire. When my ship lands, Kanan will disguise himself as a stormtrooper tasked with guarding me and…
While the plan was being discussed, Ahsoka received a transmission from one of her most trusted agents.
Ahsoka: What is it, Kallus?
Kallus: Thrawn is cracking down on sabotage. The new commander has a brutal way to keep citizens in line and has tanks roaming the wide streets. If I'm found out, he'll execute me.
Ahsoka: Thank you for the information. If you see a trooper and a scout or cadet, they are our agents. Intercept them if they finish their recon.
Kallus: Even though they won't trust me.
Ahsoka: Yes. Make sure that the Empire is held back while we complete our mission.
Kallus: I'll do my best, Fulcrum.
When Kanan arrived with Princess Leia, The Empire had escorted them both to the main base with Ezra posing as a scout trooper needing to test out some patrol bikes. When Ezra was watching the workers, he saw them get lined up by Thrawn and forced one of them to "inspect" their work. As the factory worker was pushing the bike to its limits, the bike exploded and the worker that was thrown off died on impact. Thrawn expected every detail of these bikes to be checked and double checked before sending them to the field. Kanan was then told by Leia to make sure the troops prepared a secure location in the city for her to reside. Kanan then continued to patrol around looking for more men to adhere to their guest's demands. Ezra then moved to the training ground before contacting Kanan about receiving the codes to remove the ship clamps.
Ezra: Spectre-1, I'm at the speeder garage making my way to your location. We need the Princess to make a distraction.
Kanan: I'll contact her and let her know that a rebel force is heading her way.
Kanan then switched channels to create a diversion that Leia will put the Empire on high alert for a supposed rebel attack.
Kanan: Princess, we have a situation. Rebels are coming in through the outskirts and sneaking through the slums. We need to move you to a secondary location.
Leia: Copy that, Spectre-1.
She then feigned fear when she ran to the nearest Imperial officer and told him about the Rebel attack.
Officer: Lock this location down after we evacuate and relocate to the secondary residence!
Stormtrooper 1: Yes sir! This way, Princess.
As Ezra blended in with the biker patrol group, he then made his way to the facility where Kallus oversaw the troop deployments. Kanan made his way with a squad of "stormtroopers" and reported the attack to the nearest officer when Agent Kallus stumbled upon the "frightened" trooper commander.
Kallus: What's the situation here?
Kanan: As I was telling the officer, a rebel attack is happening and they are sneaking through the slums.
Just as Kanan finishes his report, Ezra comes speeding towards the vehicle depot with Zeb in the Phantom chasing him down and seemingly shooting at him. When he got past the AT-DPs, the Phantom pulled out and Ezra ran to Kallus trying to report his view on the attack.
Ezra: Sir! Sir! The Rebels! They… they have air support and wiped out my entire squadron. I managed to escape and need-
Kallus: Calm down, Trooper. Both of you come with me. The rest of you, hold this depot.
Rex, Mech, Massiff Squadron: Yes, Sir!!!
When Kallus, Ezra, and Kanan were alone in a turbolift, Kallus revealed that he was Ahsoka's Fulcrum agent on the planet and was updated on everything they needed.
Back with the Ghost crew, an old friend of Ezra's parents, a former mayor of his hometown, snuck the rebels in through the sewer. Hera, Sabine, Ahsoka, and Zeb, as well as Chopper were brought to the surface and they saw a huge plethora of Imperial vehicles patrolling the wide streets from AT-DP walkers, TX-225 armored tanks, AT-AT walkers, and TX-130 fighter tanks.
When X1 oversaw the patrols, He began sensing that some of the troopers weren't who they said they were. He then found a group of Stormtroopers guarding the depot when it was predominantly abandoned due to all hands being needed to protect the rest of the base.
X1: What is your purpose here, trooper?
Mech: We're under orders to protect the depot in case the rebels try to destroy any means of patrolling the city or intercepting them.
X1: This depot isn't a target for these rebels. Who gave you these orders?
Rex: That would be Agent Kallus, Sir.
X1: Let me through. I have important information that Kallus needs to know so he can capture these rebels alive.
Howzer: Kallus ordered us that no one, not even other Imperials, enter the main offices due to the rebels possibly using disguises.
Back with the Ghost crew, Kanan and Ezra took the working Speeder and got it to the Ghost and went back to get the clones at the vehicle depot. X1 activated his lightsaber and threatened to cut down the next trooper that defied him. As X1 entered the turbolift, he saw a barely conscious Kallus on the ground with broken transparisteel panels.
X1: Agent? Agent! What happened here?
Kallus: The rebels broke in and I was thrown through these panels and-
X1: Listen, if the rebels have access to any information on any drives they may have taken, you will be replaced indefinitely.
Kallus: I can spy on their communications through one of the radios I confiscated and keep in a safe location.
X1: Outside of Imperial jurisdiction? What are you planning exactly, Kallus?
Kallus: If I can get to the comm channel through said device, I can affirm whether or not they have any stolen information.
X1: Alright. I'll put together an escort-
Kallus: No! I need to do this alone.
X1: Given your rank, you need one.
Kallus: Since we didn't expect their attack, they won't expect an Imperial Agent spying on them from outside the city.
X1: Fine. Get there and report your findings.
Kallus: Yes, commander.
X1 then hailed Grand Admiral Thrawn who was near the governor's building aware of the attack.
X1: Grand Admiral, I have troubling news.
Thrawn: I am aware of the rebel attack, Commander. Is it about Kallus?
X1: Yes, Sir. I have reason to believe that he is the mole for these rebels, and that a Jedi is part of the rebel assault.
Thrawn: Thank you for confirming our suspicions, Commander. I will handle Kallus myself. You take on the Jedi, and let the rest of the troops round up the rest of them.
When the rebels made it to the surface, Hera radioed to Chopper to fly the Ghost to pick up Kanan, Ezra, and the clones. What stopped the duo of Jedi was a cold presence exiting the offices with a lightsaber drawn.
Ezra: Is he-
Kanan: With as cold as we are feeling, I don't think so.
X1: Killing the Grand Inquisitor, bold move. Putting a target on your back, however; very, very stupid of you.
Kanan: If you think we should fear you, you've got another thing coming.
Ezra: Do you even know how to use a lightsaber? Looks to me like you're only playing Jedi.
X1: Allow me to show you, boy.
As the pair went against the JT clone, X1 delivered a flurry against both opponents using Form 1 with ferocious swing to Ezra's blade opening the boy up to a knee in the stomach and a clash with Kanan. This ended with X1 pushing his saber aside and headbutting Kanan to disorient him. X1 then tried to deliver a killing blow to Ezra but Kanan blocked it. Ezra tried getting up, but X1 used a massive Force push into the ground making the three of them bounce. Ezra was winded but quickly recovered and began an offensive flurry of his own with Kanan attempting to attack his sides. After X1 opened Ezra up he landed a kick to his gut which sent him flying until he was gripped with the Force and thrown behind X1. As X1 was about to cut Ezra in two, Kanan slashed at X1's right leg and brought him to a kneel, but X1 used his signature tactic of feigning defeat until Kanan got close enough to strike, then X1 turned on his downed leg and slashed Kanan's eyes, blinding him almost permanently. Ezra got up and used whatever saber attacks he could to break the Imperial officer. X1 dodged every single swing and dismantled the boy at every turn with a kick to the gut, a punch to the left shoulder, and a backhanded fist across the same cheek. Ezra then in his exhaustion landed a couple blows against X1's chest before getting thrown out of the Vehicle depot, Imperial disguise in shatters.
After the Ghost landed, Zeb hurried and grabbed Ezra, but Ezra was trying to lift Kanan and bring him in, but Hera took off on Kanan's orders to leave him. X1 had Kanan restrained and brought to the prison complex in the city. Ezra and the Ghost then had to make it to the landing pad where Leia’s ship was and release the clamps, When the clones got off, they pretended that they were holding off rebels when a TX-225 rolled to their position. An Imperial gunship had escorted Princess Leia to the ship and Leia had the information she needed sent by chopper into another code cylinder that she swiped from the officer she groveled to for help. Back where Kallus found the comm he had in Ezra's home, he began coordinating the rebels escape from the city and let them know about a starfighter program and contingencies for if Lothal wasn’t kept in line. Just as Kallus was about to explain the final contingency plan, Thrawn had shown up in an Imperial troop transport and went up to the single room building alone.
Thrawn: The Commander and I were right to be suspicious of you.
Kallus: You were killing workers needlessly! This is perpetuating the rebel attacks, not stopping them!
Thrawn: Perhaps you've forgotten that the Empire rules through fear, and which side you align with.
As the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Thrawn got the upper hand by landing a decisive blow to Kallus's right temple and landing a kick to Kallus's gut causing the traitorous agent to fall, only to be caught by X1 with a captured Kanan Jarrus in tow.
Back with the Alliance, they reported that they got the Intel, and that Kanan got captured. This prompted another strike on Lothal, but the target based on the intel given by Kallus meant that they were going to infiltrate the TIE Defender program.
Meanwhile, Thrawn had begun further reinforcing the Empire’s presence in the area. X1 then started getting a strange feeling that something was off in the Force.
Thrawn: Something the matter, Commander?
X1: Yes, Sir. Just got a migraine. A very troublesome migraine at that.
Thrawn: Don’t play it off as something minor, Commander. I know you have the abilities of Lord Vader. What was it you saw?
X1: THere’s a temple and other artifacts a few miles from there. A… a mural of sorts is inscribed there… AAAAAHH!
Thrawn: Lieutenant, get the Commander to the Medical Bay and contact Lord Vader. WE’ve found something that the Emperor may find Interesting.
Officer: Yes, Grand Admiral.
Back with Lord Vader, he was on Kamino tending to his secret project; cloning Starkiller. For months he had been attempting to find the perfect clone, but when it came to the final test, all of them had failed. He periodically checked on his clones to see how long they would survive isolation.
During one mission to Cato Neomoidia, which hadn't seen activity in decades, General Rahm Kota, Chirrut Îmwe, and a squad of rebels were sent to bring down the Imperial moffs, and gain Neomoidian support for the war effort. Bail Organa knew that he had a few operations going simultaneously and knew he only needed to call of Kenobi or Yoda in case of emergencies. Juno Eclipse was in command after Kota left for the mission, and she hoped that the mission was to be short.
Back on Atollon, Wolffe had pulled Mech aside and gave him a new long term assignment.
Wolffe: Mech! Can I see you for a moment?
Mech: Yes Sir! What do you need?
Wolffe: We have an AT-TE from the last War that would be beneficial to the defense of the rebel base on Yavin. Since you have the most training on piloting Walkers, we need you there to help train the rebels in case they overtake one of the Imperial's.
Mech: Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir! Men, I need a hand getting this AT-TE loaded…
As Wolffe ordered pilots to make a trip to Yavin 4, Many assets were being allocated to rescuing Kanan and liberating Lothal from Imperial rule. As Ezra regaled about who he and Kanan fought, a certain squad became interested in the mission.
Ezra: He was dressed like an Imperial Officer, but he wielded a blue lightsaber. He wasn’t a Jedi, or an Inquisitor. He was something else.
X2: Commander Bridger, did he look anything like me?
Ezra: Now that I examined your face, yeah, he did.
X2: You just met my twin brother, X1. HE and I served together in the Clone Wars from the Invasion of Tatooine to the Battle of Cato Neimoidia. What happened after Cato Neimoidia, I wholeheartedly regret until defecting before the Empire attacked Dantooine.
X2 looked shaken, pale, and began to sweat over all the Jedi he killed, and rewound all the way back to Ferroda. Ezra and the rest of the Alliance were shocked about X2’s actions in the Empire, but Rex, Howzer, 78s, Ramm, and Vice remembered that day, the Jedi they fought alongside, and the brother they lost, Solar.
On Kamino, Vader had began a holocommunication to Crosshair about his next mission.
Crosshair: Yes, Lord Vader?
Vader: Report your progress for your mission on Ferrix.
Crosshair: A fugitive who is known by a recently deceased woman has escaped the system, but the ISB have a couple of tails on him throughout the galaxy.
Vader: Where are these tails following him to?
Crosshair: From what I overheard, he was headed to Jedha to meet with a rebel cell there.
Vader: Good. there is an Imperial Garrison that will hunt him down and hand them over to the ISB. Report to Kamino for your next mission.
Crosshair: Yes, my lord.
When Crosshair landed near Vader’s TIE Advanced X1 fighter, he exited and walked to meet the taller figure and kneeled in subservience and respect.
Vader: Rise. Your new orders are to go to dantooine, and place a beacon near where the rebels hold their prisoners. You may recognize the location. If any important Imperials are imprisoned there, activate the beacon, and a rescue team will be there to extract them, compile the list as the beacon is active.
Crosshair: What of the rebel presence there? If they are taken out, many would surely notice. If I use my signature reflecting pucks, some are going to recognize my work and hunt me down.
Vader: The clones will not be stationed on Dantooine. It has been a long time since they even saw you. You have the element of surprise on your side. Bury the beacon deep so that nothing can detect it.
Crosshair: I will leave at once, my lord.
Vader then saw the second of his most trusted agents leave for a mission as he returned to finding the right clone.
With the Alliance, Ezra then began to take a command role due to his knowledge of the planet and wanting to rescue Kanan. Ahsoka was the only other Jedi to lead an attack. He then explained his plan with a mix of real tactics he picked up from the last excursion and throughout his time with the Ghost Crew.
Ezra: Here's the plan: Now that we know that The Empire has tanks and walkers patrolling the larger areas, we're gonna need all the heavy firepower on the ground to take them out or use them against the other tanks and walkers. I'll lead a squad to rescue Kanan in the prison complex, Ahsoka, you lead the primary attack near the Governor's building. Thrawn should be there.
Hera: I know you want to save Kanan and drive Thrawn away, but there are times where we have to make a choice.
Ezra: We've pulled simultaneous attacks ever since we joined the Alliance. This is pretty much SOP at this point.
Sabine: We also have to take down the TIE Defender project. If we let them go, they will decimate our assault on the ground and any air support we try to bring in.
X2: If you need a good squad of pilots and soldiers, we can go with you, Sabine and pilot some of the Defenders. This could even teach us how they work.
Sabine: Alright, that part's covered.
Ahsoka: What about the rescue effort?
Wolffe: I'll help on the ground. I have to find some excuse to show these troops that I still got it.
Ezra: Alright, Wolffe, you, Rex, and Gregor will help lead the rescue on the ground. I'll sneak in using our old friend, and Hera, you join Sabine for the TIE Defender raid. Ahsoka, you go with the clones.
Hera: Where will you be?
Zeb: Alright, Someone's gonna have to look after this kid. I'll go with you and get you to the prison on the far side.
Ezra: Sounds fine to me. Everyone knows their places?
Sabine, Ahsoka, Rex, X2, and Hera affirm their parts of the plan and begin loading up into the Ghost, Republic shuttle, and X-wings.
Meanwhile with the Empire on Lothal, X1 is in the middle of torturing Kanan with 2 sapphire blades when a trooper gave him orders from the Emperor himself.
Stormtrooper: Sir, The Emperor wishes to make contact with you.
X1: Have someone take over his torture with a strong mind while I'm with the Emperor.
Stormtrooper: Yes, Sir.
When X1 made it to his war room, he activated the holocommunicator display and bowed to the projection of Palpatine.
X1: My Emperor, it's an honor to receive communications from you.
Emperor: Rise, Commander. I have been told that you found something that warranted my attention.
X1: Yes, my Emperor. There is a temple here, miles from the city with two symbols at the entrance to it.
Emperor: Has this been recorded in Imperial documents?
X1: No, my Emperor.
Emperor: Then how do you know?
X1: The method I had attained this knowledge from is, I had a piercing headache and suddenly, I saw it.
Emperor: You saw the temple without going near it?
X1: In short, yes, my Emperor.
Emperor: [Thinking] This could only mean… [Exit thought] How long has Vader been training you?
X1: Almost a year, my Emperor.
Emperor: Your newfound abilities have revealed a Jedi secret. I still have use for you, Commander. Lord Vader will continue to train you, and you will capture the jedi and force them to open it. During all of these events, you will only be an assassin, not his apprentice.
When X1 brought Kanan to the hidden temple, Vader's castle aide, Venee, arrived as a scholar of the Force, who also allocated Imperial resources to another location on Lothal which was more powerful than the temple, unbeknownst to the commander.
X1: Who might you be?
Venee: I've seen you tour and train at the castle from time to time. You were just too focused on training to notice me. No need to worry, Commander. Your secret with Lord Vader is safe with me and his castle walls.
X1: Thank you.
When the rebels launched their multi-pronged attack on the Empire, Ahsoka and the clones patrolled the city quarter for any heavy Imperial reinforcements, Sabine and X2 led grey Squadron to covertly recon and destroy the TIE Defender program, Ezra and Zeb went to scout out the prison before Ahsoka and the clones rendevouzed with them after eliminating the Imperial presence in the city and slums. FIxer, Boss, Wolffe, and Gregor joined Rex on the ground and each clone had an old PLX rocket launcher to take down the walkers and tanks. Ezra and Zeb made short work of the small Imperial patrols around the prison, but X1 had a plan of his own.
X1: What can you tell me about this temple that was in my visions?
Venee: The Temple has two sets of symbols each in their own circles, but it requires both a master and apprentice to open.
X1: I beat back a younger boy who was fighting alongside the Jedi I captured weeks ago. No doubt he’ll try to rescue his master.
Venee: Then you have your apprentice to open the temple. I will be at the mural if you need further guidance.
X1 then returned to his post in the prison, and received an communication from Admiral Thrawn.
Thrawn: Commander, We have tracked the rebels’ flight activity and tracked them to the Atollon system. We are going to send an Imperial garrison there if the Rebels escape. What is your status?
X1: Grand Admiral, We found the artifacts that the Emperor is looking for. Vader’s aide is at one of them and I am going to transport the Jedi prisoners to the temple.
Thrawn: You expect to take another Jedi captive, Commander? It must be a powerful artifact in the temple.
X1: Yes, Grand Admiral. The temple requires both a master and an apprentice to open it. These jedi will be the keys.
Thrawn: Quite a find and quite a puzzle to solve. The Jedi are a lot more protective of their secrets than we thought.
When Ezra and Zeb made it into the prison, he gave Chopper orders to fly overhead and do a recon flight for any incoming Imperial air support. When Ezra found Kanan in his cell, Zeb got a hold of him and attempted to escape, but X1 threw the Lasat against the wall with Kanan knocked out and Ezra to fight the brutal Imperial commander. After Ahsoka left the main square and the surrounding areas with vehicles behind repair, Ahsoka activated her blades and joined Ezra in his duel wil the Imperial commander. X1 had a chill run up his spine as he activated his sapphire blade and blocked strikes from both Jedi but after a large force repulse, Ahsoka and Ezra were thrown back and the clones and Stormtroopers fought over Kanan. Ezra ordered Zeb to retreat and fight back to the Ghost, and when Zeb exited the prison, Chopper used the Phantom to pick him up and get Zeb to the pilot seat of the Ghost.
Meanwhile with Sabine, Hera, and Grey Squadron, X2 took two of his men and sent the rest in the air awaiting a signal for support. Sabine disguised herself as an Imperial Ace and learned how to fly the hexa-winged craft. Hera did the best she could, slicing into a stowed fighter, giving the Empire a diversion. One of the other pilots in the program was a young Wedge Antilles who had doubts about the Empire, but knew he had to stay below the Empire's radar. X2 and his squadmates had to disguise themselves as stormtroopers, despite the discomfort of the armor plating.
X2: Greys 5, 2, and 4, commence flyover.
Greys: On our way, Commander.
Hera: I sliced into a stowed Defender, Spectre-5, are you in the air?
Sabine had to switch channels temporarily since she was also communicating with the controllers on the ground.
Controller: Cadet, Cadet! What's wrong?
Sabine: Nothing, Ground Control. I'm alright. Had to find the right channel, and accidentally hit something on my helmet.
Controller: We just saw rebel fighters fly overhead! Take them down!
Sabine: Yes, Sir!
Back with Hera, the Twi’lek finally got a stowed ship in the air and she ordered X2 and the squad on the ground to fire on her as she was taking off to give Sabine two "problems" to worry about.
Officer: What happened, trooper?!
Grey 3: A rebel stole one of the fighters! We tried to stop them but they took off!
Grey 6: We have to warn the test flight.
Officer: Alright, you three. Come with me!
X2: Yes, sir!
As the officer and 3 "stormtroopers" made it to the testing ground, Sabine had to shoot down 3 X-wings and another TIE Defender to sell the deception. Hera then ordered everyone in the air to stall their engines for a brief moment and begin the assault.
Officer: She got them!
Ground Control: Go investigate the crash sites and kill any survivors!
Grey 6: Yes, Sir!
Just as the order was given, Sabine and Hera destroyed the stowed fighters in the hangar and the X-wings destroyed the landing platforms. As the fighters made their getaway, the "stormtroopers" feigned being killed and when the Officer's made their way away from the destroyed test field, X2 and the others made their escape.
Before the test flight team evacuated the area, the ground control hit a control that deactivated the engines and made the fighters crash land inbthe hills below. Among the pursuing Imperial forces was the pilot Wedge who had a decision to make. Something that he remembered Sabine saying before her flight stuck with him and what he had been thinking to himself ever since he got to the Academy. He then stole the officer's pistol and killed the other Imperials. After Hera got the tactical computer off of her ship, the Imperial transport that Wedge rode in was being used by the rebels and defector to head over to the prison.
Back with Venee at the Mural, he began organizing patrols around it in case the temple was opened and other forces were about to converge. X1 had captured both Ezra and Kanan, and Ahsoka and the Clones evacuated the Ghost. Hera tried to get a hold of Ezra, but had no response.
Hera: Spectre-6? Spectre-6, do you copy?! Blast it! Wedge, regroup with the rest of our group. Chopper, Bring the Phantom in case we need an extraction!
Chopper boarded the phantom and sped his way to his mistress's location and what awaited her were two death troopers and the familiar Chiss who had taken over her family home.
Hera: Not this slimo again.
Thrawn: Syndulla. Pleasure to see you again. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Hera remembered the psychological torture she endured at his hands on her home planet and knew she had to prove she was not the scared child she was.
Back at the Temple, X1 threw both Kanan and Ezra to the temple entrance and ordered them to open it.
X1: Don't even think of standing up before that temple is opened. The first to refuse, the other loses their head!
Kanan and Ezra remained calm and did their best to open the temple, but Ezra's anger kept making the temple close again. X1 had both of their lightsabers in his hands and was about to slice them both until Ahsoka blasted X1 with a Force push. As the two clashed, Kanan and Ezra made their escape, but X1 pursued them in Imperial transport gunships and Kanan was knocked off due to a blast on the rear passenger wing into the power station. Kanan made sure to grab the sabers before escaping and hid amongst the generators.
X1: How noble of your friends to save you both, but you and I both know that the galaxy is better off without the Jedi. No wonder you had to hide who you were for so many years.
When Kanan hid behind one stack of generators, X1 had his blade to light the way until Kanan heard a voice or two that was familiar. The other two jedi that had been blinded by the dark side communed with Kanan from Cato Neimoidia Jedha guiding his actions as the two blind masters meditated. The duel was going smoothly for Kanan until X1 began planting explosives around the generators in an effort to kill the Jedi. As Kanan landed a kick to X1's chest, making him lose balance as the two dueled on top of the power generators. X1 had used his lightsaber to assist in climbing back up, but Kanan held back the explosions and X1 used the Force to jump away from the station and evacuate the erupting power station.
When Ezra, Wedge, and Sabine broke Hera free, Ezra and Hera boarded the stolen gunship and made their way to Kanan. As the blind Jedi teacher stood on top of the generator, holding back the flames and energy, the voices told him to surrender to the Force and much to the dismay of the Ghost crew, just as Kanan's eyes were allowed to see his friends, and his love for the last time, he refocused all the energy that he had keeping both the flames and his friends at bay, he moved his friends and love to safety as he let the flames and energy engulf him as his essence became one with the Force.
Ezra: No! I had so many questions! Who will continue my training now?!
Sabine: He was the best of all of us! Why did the Empire have to take him?
Hera couldn't make out any words other than a sob because the last time she was close with Kanan, she allowed herself to be physically vulnerable, and it was the only time she would get to feel that way with him.
Back with the Empire, X1 reported that the Jedi died in the blast. Venee was about to protest that it was a bad move, but then remembered that only one was needed to interact with the mural.
X1: Admiral, The jedi is dead. We can't open the temple anymore.
Thrawn: How unfortunate. We might as well destroy it then.
Venee: Admiral, Commander, may I interrupt?
Thrawn: Proceed, Aide.
Venee: The temple may be closed off, but the mural is not, but only requires one jedi to interact with it.
Thrawn: If we can manage to reclaim one Jedi, we can see what the mural can do.
X1: I will make sure that task becomes no problem.
Thrawn: Excellent, Commander. You will be in charge of Lothal in my absence. Governor Pryce will be en route to the municipal building in a few hours. Prepare for her arrival.
X1: Yes, Grand Admiral.
Back on Atollon, the clones, Jedi, and rebels began to mourn the loss of another Jedi. Ezra, Hera, and Sabine were the ones who were hit the hardest, while Zeb and Chopper set aside their differences for a good while. As the funeral proceeded, Thrawn was watching from probe droids he sent to survey the rebel cell and waited for the moment to strike.
Officer: Why do we wait to attack when we can strike now at their weakest?
Thrawn: An enemy in mourning is an enemy driven by passion, emotion, and clouded judgment. When the enemy has a clear head, they are easier to read and take down.
Officer: We should just attack while they are defenseless.
Thrawn: Then we would be no different than them. We must show that we are a civilized entity that respects the dead whether friend or foe.
Elsewhere in the galaxy, Vader returns to Kamino after another clone of Starkiller had survived the cloning process. When he landed his TIE Advanced X1 fighter, he made his way to the training chamber for the clone. Vader had a small glimmer of hope that this clone would prove efficient for his purposes of ending the rebels and assisting him in usurping the Emperor.
Vader: You still live.
StarkillerC: How long?
Vader: One month in isolation. Astonishing.
Starkiller: Everything I need, I have in the Force.
Vader: Rise.
The Starkiller clone then stood on his feet and Vader began instructing the clone on what he needed like he did all the others before him. As he watched the test that the clone had partaken in, the clone was about to strike down the image of Juno Eclipse, but he hesitated. Vader began to hang his head in shame until he heard another saber ignite through the image’s chest.
Vader saw the image fall as the clone’s eyes turned a sith yellow and his skin slowly begin to pale. This was the clone he needed, but Vader knew that in order to surprise the rebellion, he had to capitalize on a clone escaping and bringing the rebels to them on a silver platter.
StarkillerC: What is thy bidding, my master?
Vader: Remain in these facilities until the Rebels come here. If the clone brings the rebels here and attempts to execute me, you will do what it can not.
StarkillerC: Yes, master.
Meanwhile on Dantooine, Crosshair found the rebel prison and planted the beacon. All that needed to be done was return to Kamino and make sure that Vader's plan, or at least one of them, unbeknownst to the loyal Imperial clone, succeeded.
Back with the Ghost Crew, Ezra had continued to grieve and make his way to the one who had been teaching Kanan whenever they were on base. This being was the Bendu and the young Jedi knew that in order to put an end to Thrawn, his emotions needed to be put to the wayside. As he continued talking to The Bendu, he meditated to find Kanan in the Force.
Captain Eclipse was worried about Kota, but knew that she ordered him to stay and he refused.
Bail Organa had checked on his forces and saw that the clones became combat instructors for the rebel forces.
Back over Atollon, Juno had met Commander Wolffe and the two began discussing different operations.
Wolffe: Captain Eclipse.
Juno: You must be Commander Wolffe. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Wolffe: Likewise. I see you're planning a mission to Cato Neimoidia.
Juno: Yes, my general had gone against orders again and began attacking an Imperial target there, but was captured and the squad was killed.
Wolffe: I once knew of a pair of Jedi that went against orders.
Juno: Were you a veteran of the Clone Wars?
Wolffe: I was. From the battle of Abregado to the Invasion of Cato Neimoidia.
Juno: I remember reading about the Outer Rim Sieges at the Imperial Academy. What was your role in the battle?
Wolffe had given her the story of his involvement and his regretful actions due to the chip in his head.
After X1 ended the Jedi he made his way to his quarters where a holocall from Lord Vader was waiting.
Vader: Venee tells me that a Jedi is dead.
X1: Yes, my master, but at the cost of the city power station. This can be spun into a relief effort, I know it.
Vader: I am not worried about the Imperial logistics, Commander. Your new orders are to meet me on Kamino. Your skills need further tuning.
X1: Yes, my master. I will be there in two rotations.
When X1 arrived in Timira city, he was greeted by Vader and led to a secret training room where X1 began to feel something was off about the room. He then felt the presence of another Force user in the room and Vader stood aside and watched his clone take on his apprentice. When X1 began to use foresight, he blocked the incoming strike. After blocking 5 more, he was disarmed.
Vader: Your form is slow, rigid, and blunt. Meet Starkiller, or the closest thing. This is the boy I had trained unbeknownst to the Emperor.
X1 then realized what he had to do. Defeat this clone and Vader would award him his own Destroyer.
The clone had begun his barrage of attacks that made X1's look like a grown adult beating up a child. As the duel slowly began to favor X1, he saw the clone attempt Force lightning and X1 used his anger and attempted to do the same with surprising success. After X1 won the lightning clash, he began to take to Form VII and Form IV to beat down the clone. When X1 was about to stab the clone he suspended both of them with the Force.
Vader: Well done, Commander. Your destroyer has been ordered to arrive within hours. As for you, you must train harder against enemies with sabers and blasters alike.
As the three separated, a shuttle landed on the platform at the end of the walkway. X1 thanked Vader with a kneel and boarded the shuttle.
Back with the Rebels near Atollon, They see a couple light cruisers nearing the base. Thrawn then sees two Jedi defending the entrance but as the Stormtroopers fail to penetrate the Base's defenses, Kallus, who happened to be on the vessel, escapes his restraints and continues leaking plans to the rebels at their war room. When Ezra retreated, he was found by some death troopers and he took them down. The death troopers surrounded Ahsoka and began trying to stun her. She had remembered the training Anakin put her through, as well as her and Rex defending against the clones aboard the venator above Lubang Minor. In the near constant array of stun blasts, Thrawn threw an arc detonator and knocked out Ahsoka with the electric shock.
The Empire then dragged Ahsoka's body aboard the light cruiser and Thrawn began to try breaking down Ahsoka to make her open the mural for Vader's aide.
Kallus then added the details he's learned to the rebel cell and Ezra used these details to update his plan. As Ezra adjusted his plan to include rescuing Ahsoka from Thrawn’s grasp and moving different troops to each task. Ezra had put his emotions away due to the tragedies the alliance had experienced. As the final preparations were made to go back to Lothal, Ezra stopped by the Bendu for guidance and counsel in the Force. After a few guiding words from the entity who is neutral in the Force, Ezra had a resolve like no other.
Back with the Empire, Ahsoka was placed in front of the mural examining the three figures that she remembered interacting with on a distant planet called Mortis. As she examined the mural she then took a look at another owl-like creature flying to one perch on the rock face. She had been referring to the bird as Morrai, which for Ahsoka, who she thought was the embodiment of The Daughter. What the Force had concealed from the Togruta was that it was actually Ahsoka herself that was The Daughter. The memories of her time on Mortis came rushing back to her as she was being forced to open the mural.
When Ezra and the Rebels landed, Rex and Wolffe then took Grey Squadron along with Kallus to sneak past the Imperial patrols. Ezra ordered Sabine, Hera, Zeb, Chopper, and X2 to follow him through the slums and look for a ship to get to the rural landscapes where the mural had been located while disguising himself as a scout trooper with Sabine joining him in this endeavor. When the transport was secured, Hera took the controls, Zeb helped X2 with a supposed prisoner transfer, but they were infiltrating the municipal grid.
Before the assault began, Sabine had a few unresolved feelings she felt Ezra needed to be made aware of. As the two shared their first loving embrace, it calmed both the Jedi padawan, and the mandalorian outcast and helped them compose themselves. As Rex, Wolffe, Gregor, and X2 began conducting the guerilla warfare in the streets, Ezra and Sabine took disguises as Scout troopers stationed at the Mural, Hera provided transport for the clones, Zeb had been flying the Phantom for additional air support.
When Ezra and Sabine began to interact with the Mural, the pictures there began to move as Ahsoka began to mimic applying the Force to it as she saw two Imperial Scouts touch it. As the pictures on the mural turned black, X1 and Venee forced Ahsoka to touch the moving artwork only to see her hands go inside it like it was a body of water, discovering that it was a portal to a different location, possibly a different realm.
Venee: This… is a… portal?! The Emperor will be very pleased with this discovery.
Ezra: Where does it lead?
Venee: From what I have researched, it is to a realm where history is spectated as if it were windows to shops in an urban district.
When Sabine began to inquire about it, since she was the only non-force sensitive of the three, she embedded a code word for Ahsoka to hear and pull them into the portal and the rest of the team to come and assist them.
Sabine: If this is a portal where you could see other moments in time, would it be possible to change some of the events of the past?
Before Venee could answer the question, Ahsoka had pulled her sabers to her and she threw both Ezra and Sabine into the portal and followed suit as the Empire tried firing into the realm before they were ordered to focus on the threat behind them. Ezra began to meditate and before the rest of the combatants knew it, Loth-wolves had joined the fray, pouncing and ripping the stormtroopers to shreds.
As the three examined the realm they were now in, they had heard multiple voices, through multiple different portals, some familiar from events of the past, and others that were strange from events of the future. One of these portals had recently opened and revealed an ominous figure standing near a cauldron of blue flames.
Emperor: You three have interfered in matters you know nothing of. Now you will experience the full power of the Dark side!
The Emperor then began to use the flames to engulf the 3 in sith magic as he began an incantation in the ancient Sith dialect and the three ran in search for the portal they entered from.
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2023.03.24 05:18 Adorable_Society4999 TK - 10 or more things I hate about you

He never sent or wrote me anything for vday, for both times (out of spite) I sent him flowers because I remember him saying he never received flowers
he never Said happy bday due to his anger during those times ( I always reached out on special occasions, no matter what point we were at in our relationship.even had a cake and gift sent
he never called to check on me when I was in pain over things ending
He accused me for baseless things over assumptions and not communicating my intent to later find out he was wrongfully accusing me of things
He didn't drive me 4 hours to a closer airport, when I flew from another country to visit him.
He canceled our trip to involve the kids (which wouldn't have hurt if, he would have just originally set the trip as that.
no matter how angry I was I reached out after every fight.
I begged after every fight.
He turned all my fears into attacks on him
He never asked me about how we can proceed with our future or what I needed him to do to proceed.
He made me fear opening up to him because he would misconstrue my communication
He only gave me 1-2 weeks out of the almost 4 months trip I went to see him.
I actually have to stop becuase this is tearing me up. I can write pages.
His last words were screaming at me as if I were a stranger he hated.
I will always remember him like this. Always, and I hope I never have to see or hear from him again. I am happy i didn't make a life with a person like this.
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2023.03.24 05:17 ThrowRAgocats My(21M) wife(22F) believes I'm lying to her

My friends decided that we needed to do a guys trip to Mexico which we did last week. We considered that like our spring break of sorts. So, we're down there, and at the pool, my friends started flirting with this group of girls.
They're flirting the girls are flirting, then the drinks start flowing. I figured that since I'm not flirting, my efforts are better spent on the drinking.
After awhile, a few of these girls, who are pretty buzzed by this point, come up to me, wondering why I'm not showing interest. I put my hand up, had my ring on, and told them I was married, they started asking questions about her.
More drinks are drunk and everyone decides its time to take pictures together. I ended up in a few. In these pictures, my hands are at my sides, and behind my back. These girls though, are hugging me, have their hands on my chest.
My buddies all post these pictures. My wife, who is friends/a follower of all of these guys sees these pictures and as I'm getting dressed for dinner, a text comes in from her, " Call me right fucking now" She was furious, asking me 3-4 times what the fuck I was doing, who were those girls.
I tried to calm her down and explain that I did no flirting, told her my friends would back me up on that if she wanted to ask them( she shot that down). Told her I told them I was married, she didn't buy it. I reminded her too that I never touched them. She argued that I didn't stop them from hugging me during picture time & that I was smiling.
She's barely said a word to me since I got back. Will not hug me, will not kiss me, no " good morning" no " good night".
How do I get her to stop being mad?
TLDR: Wife is mad pictures of girls hugging me got posted
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2023.03.24 04:50 Adorable-Climate6915 Digital Codes for Sale

Looking to sell digital codes. This is a draft of a list, but I'll make a more formal post on the DigiCodeSell Thread

All codes are HD unless indicated by a (4K)
Payments through PayPal and Venmo (DM me)
Digital Codes List:
12 Years a Slave
13 Hours: Benghazi
1917 (HD/4K)
3 Days to Kill
47 Meters Down
47 Meters Down Uncaged
Addams Family 2
Aladdin (Live Action)
Alex Cross
Alice in Wonderland (Original)
Alita: Battle Angel (4K)
All Eyez on Me
All the Money in the World
Amazing Spiderman 2
American Assassin
American Hustle (SD)
Angry Birds 2 (4K)
A Simple Favor
Avengers Endgame
Avengers Infinity War
Batman 2021 (4K)
Bad Boys 4 Life
Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (4K)
Begin Again
The Big Short
Birds of Prey
Candyman (2021)
Captain America Winter Soldier
Captain Marvel (4K)
A Christmas Story 2
City of Lies
Crazy Stupid Love
Dawn of the Planey of the Apes
Deepwater Horizon
The Devil Inside
Dirty Dancing (30th Aniv Ed.)
Dirty Grandpa
Django Unchained
Doctor Strange
Dolphin Tale 2
Downton Abbey
Dragged Across Concrete
The Drop
Dune (4K)
Dying of the Light
Edge of Tomorrow
Edward Scissorhands
Ender’s Game
Ex Machina (4K/HD)
Expendables 2
Expendables 3
F9 The Fast Saga (4K)
Fast and Furious 6
Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
The Fate of the Furious (4K)
Finding Dory
First Cow
First Man (4K)
Five Feet Apart
Ford v Ferrari (HD/4K)
Frozen 2 (4K)
The Gentlemen
Get Out
Ghost in the Shell (4K)
Girls Trip
Gone Girl
The Greatest Showman
The Green Knight
Guardians of the Galaxy
Hacksaw Ridge
The Hateful Eight
Hellboy (2019)
Hell or High Water
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard (HD/4K)
Hobbit: Unexpected Journey
Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Transylvania
How to Train Your Dragon 2
The Hunger Games
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 2
Hunter Killer
I Can Only Imagine
I, Frankenstein
Independence Day Resurgence
The Invisible Man
I Still Believe
Iron Man 3
Jigsaw (4K/HD)
John Wick
John Wick 2
John Wick 3 (4K)
Julie and Julia
Jupiter Ascending
King Richard
The Knick Season 1
Knives Out (4K/HD)
Lady Bird
La La Land
The Last Duel
Last Night in Soho
Les Misérables
Let Him Go
Licorice Pizza
Lion King (original)
Lion King (Live Action)
Logan Lucky
The Longest Ride
The Losers
The Lucky One
Mad Max: Fury Road
Manchester by the Sea
Man of Steel
Matrix Resurrections
The Mechanic: Resurrection
Me, Earl and the Dying Girl
MIB International (4K)
Men in Black 3 (4K)
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Extraordinary Children
Moana (4K/HD)
Mortal Kombat (2020) (4K)
My Little Pony: The Movie
News of the World
The Night Before
Nobody (4K)
Now You See Me
Now You See Me 2
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Patriots Day
Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect 2
Pride and Glory
Project X
Promising Young Woman
Queen and Slim
Ready Player One (HD/4K)
Requiem for a Dream (4K)
Rise of the Guardians
Rock Dog
Run All Night
The Rhythm Section
Saw (4K)
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Schinder’s List
Scott Pilgrim vs the World (4K)
Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
The Shape of Water
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Snow White and the Huntsman
Soul (4K/HD)
Spiderman No Way Home
Spiral: Book of Saw (4K/HD)
The Spectacular Now
Spiderman: Homecoming
Spiderman: Far From Home
The Spy Who Dumped Me
Star Trek: Beyond
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Suicide Squad (2021)
Survive the Game
Tenet (4K/HD)
Terminator Salvation
Thor: The Dark World
Thor Ragnarok
Toy Story 4 (4K)
Transformers: Dark Knight (HD/4K)
The Trust
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral
Uncut Gems
Under the Skin
Venom Let There be Carnage
While We’re Young
Why Him?
Wind River
The Witch
The Wolf of Wallstreet
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 1984
Words on Bathroom Walls
Wreck it Ralph: Ralphs Breaks the Internet
X-Men Apocalypse
You Were Never Really Here
You’re Next
Zero Dark Thirty
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2023.03.24 04:16 cyrus_proctor Welcome Home ARG (Wally mainly)

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2023.03.24 04:09 peanut_e is coercion sexually abusive?

a lot of the times my ex would stone wall, guilt trip me, plead, yell, or try and convince me if i didn’t want to have sex or if it didn’t go his way in the bedroom. i know this behavior isn’t healthy, but is it really abusive?? abuse seems like such a harsh word. he was so incredibly loving, when he got his way.
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2023.03.24 04:08 nullpointer_sam I bought a house and it came with strange rules Part 3

Previous part
Hello again, I know it's been a long time since my last post and I'm sorry for the lack of update. I thought my story wasn't that interesting enough so I decided not to continue updating you with this, but recently y found out about one of those videos on youtube that narrates these stories with a robotic voice, the comments had a lot of people wanting to know more about what's happening to me with the house.
I was fixing some grammar issues before hitting the "Post" button when the book fell from the shelf, and then I wrote that sentence before standing up and reading the book. The cover was made of very worn-out leather, lots of hands may have passed through it several times to feel the texture. I opened it and read the title on the first page: "Around the world in eighty days" by Jules Verne.
Nothing happened during the first five minutes, and then the floor started trembling for a few seconds. Just when I thought that was it, it started again louder and harder with a whistle that almost broke my eardrums.
The book closed on my hands and silence returned to the room. After that, I had to sit down for a minute because I felt my heart was stopping.
The house didn't let that night slide either, I heard steps coming from the hall all night. They were lightweight and pointy, like the ones a woman with high heels would make walking down a wooden floor. It stopped after 1 am.
Now you know how that day ended.
I would lie to you if I say that I have been living in the house all this time along, but also if I say otherwise. Truth is, I took rule 9 and reach its limit most of the time staying most of the days of the month outside and spending no more than 2 days here. The first couple of months were easy, I slept in my best friend's house creating excuses for not being here: fumigations, paintings, repairs... You named it.
The rest of the time I took advantage of my work, some new clients were those elderly businessmen who prefer seeing someone face-to-face rather than a screen. Sadly, that contract ended and I couldn't come up with more excuses to not be here.
I kept writing about everything that happened to me since. You will find below an edition of the most interesting things that happened.
December 2nd / 2022
You know that feeling when you are returning back home or school after a long vacation. That moment when you are just turning the key of the door, knowing that time is over and your life must return to its normal course... But still, you can feel some sort of joy.
This is not my case. This is supposed to be my home, the opportunity to start my life in the best way possible... And there was me, a couple of minutes ago, standing, thinking about my options and creating ideas while getting closer to the door.
When I entered the house everything was exactly how I left it, with a little bit of dust. This time I came with some groceries, I had to eat during the week and think about what I was going to do with the house. Also bought some food for Brook, he saved my laptop and I never rewarded him.
I put my fingers in my mouth and let out a big whistle. For the first 10 seconds nothing happened, the sound echoed through the walls of the first floor and I was standing again in silence. Then I saw the big ball of hair, waving its tail, running towards me from the living room.
I walked to the kitchen and poured the bag of food into the named bowl. I had a weird mix of feeling while watching him eat.
A normal dog would have died without food or water, the most probable thing is that he was feeding up from moss creatures or the guests. I felt the same looking at the silver bell for the butler. Getting caught by them must be worse than any other creature here... at least they are on my side.
I left Brook to eat and started cooking myself some food. It was 4:33pm, and cooking and cleaning would take me at least 35 minutes, but the kitchen has a window that leads to the backyard.
Let me tell you, that thing outside has some sort of pressure on your curiosity. It knows that once you see it and recognize it you are done, the effort I had to make to not look at it last time was huge and I was only passing through for some instants. So I took the tablecloth and cover the window, it was an opaque white so I couldn't see through.
That worked very well. I didn't feel any curiosity about what was on the other side of the cloth while cooking, looks like the rule never contemplated blocking the view to the backyard. My day ended without any issues, I went upstairs and slept after some hours.
I wish I could end this entry here, saying that my arrival at the house was good and didn't have any problem at all. I must be crazy to think that this place would have some sort of patience... or that the entities would give me a day of grace.
The next morning I went downstairs around 8 am to make myself some coffee, and that's when I saw it. The floor in the kitchen was a mess, a giant puddle of that black substance coming from the insides of the lady when the Butler mashed her head on the bookshelf. The puddle had a trace leading to the backdoor of the house, on the way I saw some irregular scratches on the floor and the doorframe had these... handmarks. Whatever it was, it didn't want to go to the backyard.
The cloth was still hanging, and when I read what was on it the message was clear.
"Bach won't come"
January 1st / 2023
I hope you had a good new year's eve.
Normally, people use this date as an excuse to throw a big party, either with friends or family, creating the best environment to close a lap and begin a new one.
Yesterday, I spent all day at my friend's house. Everyone cheered when the bells rang, and his family hugged me and wished me a good year. After that I had to get home on foot, there weren't any drivers in that zone.
Turning the key front door key led me to the worst scenario I have ever been in. It's impossible to quantify the number of people that were inside the house, but more than 50 would be a good guess. Everywhere you looked at would see people dressed as aristocrats, everyone cheered and clapped after seeing me. A tall man, dressed in a red suit full of sequins and another of those ridiculous wigs came to me.
Then, the woman grabbed the man by the forearm and pulled him away.
I knew it was a matter of time before this turned into a disaster, but also didn't know what would happen if I left the house with so many guests inside.
During December I had lots of encounters with these guests, I was able to persuade them to leave the house 90% of the time, but the other 10% left... Well, I left it hands of the Buttler.
Nevertheless, I started hiding objects to use as weapons to defend myself in case I lost the bell or if Mr Bach decided not to help me anymore.
I slowly began to walk towards the large sofa in the living room, between the cushions was an axe I bought at a local hardware store, even asked the guy to sharpen the edge as much as he could.
The voices started to fade away and the eyes of the guest started to focus on me. I grab my backpack and pulled out the bell, the sound vibrated throughout the whole house, making the echoes the last noise I heard before complete silence.
The Buttler looked around the whole house, the guests were now standing still with their eyes fixed on me.
One of them ran towards me, screaming with that unhuman voice, but was intercepted by Mr Bach's glove, grabbing his face and throwing it against the chimney. All of the other creatures started screaming and contorting, the sound of bones breaking and appendages ripping away the skin almost drowned my whistle. Their mouths opened until the jaw was broken, showing now a set of endless sharp teeth.
Brook charged against one that was bout to get me on my back. After biting it, he shook his head breaking the tissues and spreading that black substance over the floor and walls.
I tried to maintain my position, Mr. Bach and Brook got my back so if I need to worry only to keep my front safe. But none of us expected one of those things to crawl through the ceiling, it grabbed me with those claws but I managed to hit it with the handle of the axe on the head. It threw me over the creatures, landing on the other side of the house near the kitchen.
A group of teeth and claws was keeping me away from my only chance to survive the night, and the only way to escape was through the stairs. I ran upstairs, the space was narrow so the creatures could only go one at a time.
I managed to get to the second floor after 50 steps, and without losing time I went through the hall as fast as I could. But one of the things managed to get me on my feet. I fell to the ground and dropped the axe, and then something happened. The door of the bathroom opened, hitting the creature and leaving it stunned for a few seconds. That allowed me to grab the axe and cut the arm that was grabbing me.
Now back on my feet I reached the window and jumped through the crystal. This time I fell on the couch immediately, where a white glove pulled me by the arm making me stand again.
I stood strong this time, taking care not only of my front but the things above me, grabbing my axe so hard that my hands started to burn.
I don't know how much we were there. An axe wasn't the best object to use as a weapon, but one good blow was enough to get rid of those things. However, two of them managed to wound me with their claws on the left shoulder and leg. But thanks to Brook and Mr Bach I had no serious wounds.
A beam of light went through the main frame, and the last howl was shut by a swing of the axe, beginning the first dawn of the year.
The first floor was filled with that black substance, the bodies were on top of each other making it almost impossible to walk through the living room. I collapsed on the couch, dropping the axe, which now can be used more as a hammer.
I wanted to cry, but my fatigue allowed me to only catch my breath while looking dead at the ceiling. Mr Bach approached with some bandages, helping me with my wounds.
Brook barked and waved its tail, he was also covered in that dirty stuff. I stood up and walked to the stairs, with hatred in my eyes as I was approaching a voice interrupted my thoughts.
January 12th / 2023
After almost two weeks new year's incident, things went pretty normal. I only had two encounters with the guests and both of them were easy to persuade. Whatever lies in the backyard have been more active after the incident with the curtain, before that It only appeared to be a person standing at the back but now moves through the place taking different forms.
This creature is the one I fear the most, it's the only one I don't have any plan for if it decides to become hostile. Following the rule should keep me safe from it, but I'm not so sure knowing that it's capable of entering the house whenever it wants.
I always prepare my dinner before 5pm and leave it inside the fridge, so when the time comes I only have to spend the necessary in the kitchen. I was getting used to its behaviour... and It noticed.
A couple of minutes ago I went downstairs to grab my food. On my periphery saw how it was moving in the backyard, I don't know if I focused on him more than necessary or if it decided to remind me of something... But without any warning, it ran up towards the window, I turned away and covered my eyes to avoid any curiosity.
I had to crawl to the stair. The curses weren't that creative, but I lost my appetite when that thing started to tell private things and secrets about me with my father's voice.
February 1st - 2th / 2023
Edit: These were two entries I wrote when my best friend came to visit me. Since I bought it, Johnny wanted to come and take a look around the house. As I mentioned before, I made lots of excuses to avoid it, but by that time I ran out of "good reasons" to say no.
February 1st / 2023
After showing him the first floor Johnny approached the stairs.
I supposed this was going to happen, I read rule No. 9 the day before and pondered about it and concluded that was more like a suggestion... But I rang the bell just to be sure.
That confirmed my doubts regarding the knowledge of Mr Bach about the rules and its entities.
He left the room without saying any more words.
I was counting Johnny's steps. I trusted his speed, so I didn't have to worry about that. After 17 steps we reached the second floor, he just said that the house looked smaller from the outside.
We entered the studio and he was amazed by the great library. Both of us started working on our laptops, talking from time to time to rest from the work.
10 minutes after entering, Mr Bach came. Holding a tray with cups and a plate with butter cookies.
Although I indeed had a raise it was not enough to pay for a Buttler, thank god Johnny did not ask any more questions about it during the day. I thought that would be a peaceful day, but suddenly a book fell from the shelf.
I was worried while reading the book, if Johnny decided to engage in talking it would have been impossible for me to keep focusing on the book. Some murmuring started to fill the room, like a main whispering about its suffering.
Johnny was looking around for some time and I prayed that he didn't want to ask any more about it, thankfully he didn't give it more importance and went back to his work. After some minutes the book closed and I returned it to its shelf.
The day ended without any incidents.
February 2nd / 2023
Throughout our life is normal to be disappointed by our friends. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we expect too much from the people around us, even more, when they are close to us. But... How can you blame them when they're victims of paranormal things?
Johnny came again to my house, he told me on the phone that they were going to paint his room today and he enjoyed working on my study. He always helped me when I need it, so I couldn't say no... Now I think I should have.
It is said that the most dangerous road a driver can face is the one he frequents the most. Confidence plays against them, he gets cocky and causes an accident. All of this was happening as I was pushing Johnny upstairs.
While we were running I warned him to not look into the rooms, but he did it anyway. I jumped first through the window, but Johnny doubted for a second.
Then, we both fell on the couches of the living room. Johnny was in shock, he couldn't stop screaming and asking questions, but when turned around I saw what happens when you doubt even for a second.
He couldn't feel it because of the adrenaline, but his back was all shredded. One second was enough for what lured in the stairs to lacerate through his clothes and flesh. It was a matter of time before he start feeling the pain... or bleeding out, so I rang the bell.
Mr Bach was ordered to treat Johnny's wounds, and so he complied. He told me Johnny was lucky, the cuts were almost irregular enough to be impossible to treat.
After some minutes Johnny was calmed, maybe because of the blood loss, so we could talk normally. I told him everything about the house, the strange rules that Alex gave me and the reason for all the excuses. For the first time I didn't feel alone, I was free of this burden and broke into tears.
Night came and I told Johnny he needed to leave. The last thing I wanted was him overnight here. After gathering his thing we went to the door, suddenly he hugged me and told me that everything will be alright.
That made me feel better, knowing that I wasn't alone anymore. I went upstairs relieved, I have been struggling with this burden all alone and I had my friend right there the whole time. That wasn't going to solve my problems but at least it will drop some of the weights off my shoulders.
Rule No. 9 states that people will forget about the existence of the Buttler and the dog... But there is something I must add tomorrow. The true danger of the house doesn't lie in the uninvited guests, the thing in the backyard or what lurks on the staircase...
1 New Message
Johnny: Jesus dude, It's still awesome that you have your own house. I love the study on the sec0ond floor, I feel more productive on it. Do you mind if I go tomorrow again?
March 23th/2023
I never thought I would say this... but I got used to the house.
Running upstairs has become very common, even though it only happens every other day and I even started to enjoy some of the conversations with the guests before... taking them out.
My last entrances to this diary have been two or three sentences, so there is no point in writing them here... but today something happened:
I was working on the study when a book fell. As I said, all of these things have become very normal to me, and in this particular case, I see this as a pause to relieve my mind. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", I took it and sat down starting from the beginning.
I usually put my phone on "do not disturb" mode while I'm at the study, this prevents me from distracting either by work or the reading sessions... And I think I will start leaving it outside of the room.
I may have looked away for two seconds, but that was enough to piss off that thing. A deafening roar filled the room, the wall behind me was destroyed by a wind rush and I was thrown out.
I landed far away, rolled through some fields and finally stopped near a tree. The sky was pitch black, barely illuminated by some flashes of lightning each second. Behind me was a giant tornado, heading towards my direction.
The room was up on a hill, it was like a surrealistic painting of a study built in the middle of a field. I ran towards it as fast as I could.
I felt the tornado's force pulling me while running uphill, and as I was about to reach the room I tripped with something and fell to the ground.
Some branches grabbed my shoes and a rotten hay face was emerging from the ground and looked back at me.
The tornado was getting closer, so I just untied my shoe and ran away. I jumped over the desk, grabbed the phone and the laptop and headed towards the door, hearing the room getting ripped as I was passing through.
I sat down on the floor, taking a moment to get my breath.
It was there when I read the message that almost cost my life.
[Unknown number]: Hey Samuel, it's Alex... We need to talk.
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2023.03.24 04:02 kittencat00 How to get over unwelcome vibes from a friend or partner’s family or friends….?

I (23F) have a close friend (M26) I’ve had for almost a decade. He lives states away and is graduating college soon. Our friendship is more than anything I’ve had with anyone else and was mainly platonic for years until recently.
We have plans for the future when life calms down to move to the same area and commit to a poly relationship or end up living together and coparenting a child together just as friends (I already have one child I coparent with my most serious ex, and best friend was the first to feel my baby kick inside me).
I visited recently and best friend has a close friend where he lives (same relationship style, I guess best way to explain is best friend fwb situation) who made the end of the trip stressful due to personal issues and insecurity with their bond once he saw the bond my friend and I have, even though it’s only been a few months for them.
The unwelcomeness made me very uncomfortable but I stayed positive and tried my best to be nice and accommodating even though it was my birthday when this started and all of the plans got screwed up like two days before my flight to go back home. My friend and I discussed everything after I got home and saw my therapist to talk it out and it ended on a good note.
This issue is now that I’m flying back soon for the commencement since graduating college has taken a while for him and I’m so proud of him. I either was going to go alone or possibly bring my child with me for just a few days, and my friend spoke to his VERY type-A mother about it and she was “annoying about it” (his words).
At this point I just feel super unwelcomed, I know it’s not my friends fault but I don’t even know if I should go. He wants me there but I know his relationship with his mom is a #1 stressor (has been for a while and probably will continue to be because of her personality). I usually just crash at his place but if I brought my son (leaning towards going alone but still not sure) I was going to get an AirBnB.
Is it worth it though? I know graduation with family is going to mean a lot of family time for him and that’s going to cause some type of friction if she already is being weird about me flying in. It doesn’t make sense to me either because I’ve met his mother numerous times in short bursts, she knitted my child a hat years ago when he was born, and like I said…we’ve been friends since I was like 14…I’d be paying my own flight and accommodations (I always do, I usually am the one in the friend group with a little extra spending $ when I travel so I even cover other’s expenses? I was a banker for years with an actual career since 18 before going back to school recently, I’ve always done my own thing?) taking my own time off from school/my work study/ possibly making arrangements with my coparent for a slight switch in custody the week of travel (he’s okay with that)….
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2023.03.24 04:00 creative_gal1 I might have been assaulted while solo traveling abroad

Somebody please, please respond with your thoughts. I feel so alone.
I guess I'll start off by saying that I made this account specifically to get advice for this as I don't want my friends or family to know about this yet, or maybe at all. I'm not even entirely sure this is the correct subreddit, but I'll try it.
I, 28 female, finally mustered up the courage to take a solo trip abroad recently. I was on-the-go for two whole weeks and now that I'm home, the story I'm about to tell you is all I can think about.
I normally don't approach men, but for some reason I took a chance here. I befriended some people from my hostel and we went out for dinner. I asked my waiter (early 30s male) out for a drink once he was done with his shift and he agreed. We had a couple drinks and talked for hours. I didn't get any weird gut feeling about him so I trusted him and went to his apartment.
At the beginning of us having sex, I fully wanted to. However, that changed. In the middle of having sex, out of nowhere, he slaps me. I instantly say "what the f" and tell him not to do that, but we continued. He then spits on my face to which I get angry and very sternly tell him to stop treating me that way. He apologizes and we continue. At this point I was no longer enjoying it. He then spits on me...AGAIN. I didn't want to continue anymore. I tried pushing him off while saying "no!" many times and he didn't stop. He kept saying "baby baby come on I'm sorry" but I said no. He wouldn't get off and I think I was too intoxicated to fully "fight" so I just...let him finish while I was mentally checked out.
The next morning I agreed to have lunch with him. Why? I still don't know myself. Maybe I was trying to see the good in him. Try to excuse his behavior. But no, he's just a self absorbed asshole.
I continued the rest of my trip and pushed this to the back of my mind. It worked. But now that I'm back home, something in me just doesn't feel right. I keep replaying that night and I feel numb. Like I GENUINELY changed my mind. I tried pushing him off while saying no.
I can't help but to feel this is my fault. Dumb girl who drinks with a stranger and sleeps with him while traveling abroad. Was I not clear enough? Did I enable the behavior somehow? What would this be called? Am I overreacting? Do I even have a right to talk about this if I went to lunch with him the day after?
I tried to talk to him about it through social media and his response, word for word, is below. (English isn't his first language so the spelling and grammar isn't great).
"But we was on the moment" "What you wanna I said?" "Sorry for that?" "But if u was so upset with that why u continue wanted to see me the day after?"
I apologize for the long post.
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2023.03.24 03:59 Master_Creations1200 AITA for wanting to take back my apology for invalidating my friends feelings?

To sum it up, my mom kicked me out and our relationship has gone to shit. I'm financially unstable, my dad has gone MIA, I’m getting rejected from all schools. I’m overwhelmed to the point where I’m having anxiety induced insomnia and some other stuff. So right now it’s just been recently decided that I’m moving away from my hometown and going to live with my uncle which is a really hard decision for me. Also I’m a very private person and try not to talk about my situation with many people outside my family. So only two of my very close friends really know details of what’s happening right now.
So I’m talking about this with one of my close friends about myself moving away and staying with my uncle for the time being. For some context, I haven’t seen my friend in a while because she had to move far away but is coming back to our hometown for some time during the summer. Naturally, we had plans to hang out and have a mini road-trip but with me moving away the plans kind of went up in flames. So during our phone call, I told her that I’m moving and our plans were ruined right. So I’m telling her about our ruined plans but trying to come up with other ways that I can still come back to our hometown or we can still do something. I also mentioned that this ruined other plans I had with other people. But moving is the best option for me all around.
In her words, she said that she felt some type of way about how I told her about our plans being ruined and how I said it like it was whatever. We are best friends right, and she felt like I put on the same level as other plans that I had. She also mentioned that hanging out with me isn’t whatever and felt that my light hearted attitude about it made it seemed like I didn’t care we weren’t going to hang out anymore and other stuff. She basically summed it up that she gets how I feel and that it was the best option but she felt that I invalidated her feelings on this.
Immediately after she said that I felt like shit and apologized cause I didn’t mean to come off that way and I also didn’t want this to become a bigger thing. Plus, I’m already stressed out because of everything else going on and the fact I’m going to have to quit my job and move within the next week of making this decision. The call ended awkwardly right. I called my other friend that knows about the situation and just start bawling because now I feel like shit in general. Also, I explained to the other friend that I felt that I understood the 1st friend's feelings and I appreciate the honesty but there’s a time and place and everything? I felt like that wasn’t the time to really say that like I’m upset too but I can’t really help what’s happening.
Now I kind of want to confront the 1st friend and take my apology back. At the same time I’m emotionally and physically overwhelmed right now and don’t want to stress about more stuff.
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2023.03.24 03:42 Real_Mechanic_1158 Hello, im searching for truckers in europa to ask a question whom no one can reply me to so i hope to find it here, if not i hope i joined a great community!

So my question is we have a operating system in our truck called transics tx i think with data from the truck how you drive track and trace so on and on.. now it has also a navigation on it but it isnt updated near what it is now.. you here me comming right how the donut do i update that system? Oke i can buy myself a brand new or used gps for trucks but them cost more then your averidge it costs more than your usual diesel tank and with a newborn its a bit of a pain thats why if i can update it would make me a verry happy trucker (Sorry for my great spelling english isnt my first spoken language, my primary is dutch so i´m sorry for butchering the english written word) You all have a great and safe trip whenever you read this Greetings from belgium where the sun always hides
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2023.03.24 03:39 Ford9863 [Out of Time] Part 3

Ms. Wilsby offered her shoulder for me to balance on as she led me toward the entrance, but I declined. I felt strange accepting it. My legs quickly protested that decision by buckling, though I was able to save a full tumble by lurching forward awkwardly. The result was akin to tripping over an invisible log.
Ms. Wilsby looked at me with pursed lips as I straightened my stance. “Are you sure you don’t want—”
“I’m sure,” I said. If I truly was what she said—a mechanical, artificially created thing, I should be well versed in a function as basic as walking. Some small part of me preferred the difficulty, though. It made me feel human.
My mind still couldn’t fully embrace the concept that I was anything else. Perhaps she had simply drugged me. That would explain it all, would it not? I hadn’t been transported away from my life in some futuristic car, I had simply been tripping out of my mind.
I told myself that. A few times, actually, in just the few seconds after the world stopped breaking. But deep down, I knew she was right. I could feel it.
So I followed her along the path. The grass on either side was neatly trimmed, but not professionally. Some spots had browned and died where the edger had cut too deep. Cracks spread through several spots in the concrete, small brown sprouts killed by chemicals before they could break through fully.
The building itself was uninteresting. Shades were drawn in most of the windows. Water stains extended a short distance from the roof. It could have used a good power washing to restore its bricks to a bright red rather than the muddy color they now showed, but all in all, it was rather plain.
And that, I realized, must have been the point. The structure was not so run down that you might stare in disgust, but not so well-kept that you would wonder what lie within. It was boring. Uninviting. Easy to drive right past and forget it ever existed.
Ms. Wilsby walked up three concrete steps a set of large, light-brown double doors and opened the one on the right. She stepped aside and gestured for me to go ahead. I nodded.
As soon as I stepped through the doors I was hit with a strong, musky smell—something akin to an old library. A black, coarse rug sat on the floor between two sets of double doors. Dried dirt clung to its crevices.
“What is this place?” I asked, stepping through the second set of doors. The lobby was plain—a white, speckled floor and a wide wooden desk in front of a gray wall. A shadow of discoloration showed a circular emblem behind the desk; something must have hung there, once, but had since been removed.
“Somewhere safe,” Ms. Wilsby said. “A lot of people come through here. Some stay for a long time.”
“A hotel,” I said, finally recognizing the layout. It was outdated, sure, but the concept was the same as the hotel back at the casino.
Ms. Wilsby nodded. “Once upon a time, yes. But now it’s a lot more than that.” She gestured toward a nearby doorway with a tilt of her head. I followed closely behind.
“I know you’ve got a lot of questions,” she said as we stepped into a long, narrow hall. “And I want to answer them all, but we must be careful.”
Dark wood panels ran from the floor halfway to the ceiling. Green wallpaper hung above that, though it curled away from the corners and bubbled here and there.
“I’m not sure I’d know where to start, Ms. Wilsby,” I said.
“Please, call me Mari. There’s no need to be formal.”
I nodded, still feeling my professional nature rebel at the idea. “I… still don’t feel entirely inhuman,” I said.
We turned a corner and found silver elevator doors. An old-style needle twitched above it, winding slowly to the right as grinding and screeching sounded within the shaft.
“I know it’s difficult to accept,” she said, turning to face me.
I shook my head. “It’s not that, exactly. I can tell that something is different inside me, but… I feel things. My hands stung when I fell to the pavement. I was dizzy when I tried to stand back up. I can smell the age of this place.”
“And you don’t want to?”
“I wouldn’t say that, no—it’s just… if I’m just a machine, why make me experience such unpleasant things? Shouldn’t I be more—”
“Robotic?” she finished.
I nodded.
“There was quite a heated debate about that very thing, actually. Many people fought for your kind’s ability to feel.”
I blinked. “Does that not seem cruel?”
“I’d argue it’s more cruel to force you to live in a world you cannot fully experience.”
A loud ding cut short any desire I had to continue the conversation. The doors to the elevator wailed as they opened. We stepped inside and she hit another button.
“Is this safe?” I asked, my concern shifting.
“Probably safer than the ones at the casino,” she said. “We actually inspect it regularly.”
I glanced at her. “We?”
A smile crept across her face. “My grandmother and I. I don’t do this all myself, David.”
“No, of course not,” I said, my mind spinning with what exactly she did here. It hadn’t passed my notice that she was yet to explain any of it to me. I decided to see what waited for us at the bottom of this shaft before asking. Perhaps I could gleam some amount myself. Or catch her in a lie.
We reached the bottom floor and the doors opened, stopping for half a second about halfway through the process. Once fully open, I faced a wide corridor with plain white walls and a red epoxy-coated floor.
Our steps echoed loudly as we made our way down the hall. It took a sharp turn at the end, then continued straight. Doors sat along the right wall—six, by my count. Each had a frosted glass window and a well-worn brass doorknob. None were marked in any way.
At the end of this hall was a gray metal door. Its handle was more industrial, complete with a number pad. Mari punched in a six-digit code—62918, I noted—and pushed it open. I heard a rush of air push through in the process.
The room beyond was nothing like I’d expected. The ceiling rose high overhead, lined with large, hanging lights. Desks lined the right wall, though they had been pushed aside to open the space more. More doors lined the left wall. Most of these were open, though each was accompanied by a large window that showed mere offices beyond. But directly in front of us, standing nearly twelve feet high, was a steel vault door.
I’d never seen the vault at the casino; I had only heard other employees talk about it. From their descriptions, it sounded just like the ones I’d seen in the movies. Now I wished I’d found a way to sneak a peak. Strangely enough, my mind craved something to compare to the sight before me.
This vault was circular, lined with neat rows of rivets along its edges. A wheel sat in the center, two bars extending diagonally to the left and one horizontally to the right. Two more vertical bars sat intertwined with the first on the right, covered in part by a flat, asymmetrical piece of steel. The lights above gave the whole thing a blue shimmer.
“Oh,” Mari said, “this hotel used to have a bank, as well. Upscale guests were frequent, they had to be prepared.”
Footsteps sounded from the left before I could respond. A young woman emerged from one of the few doors without a window—another hallway, from what I could tell—and stopped in her tracks when she saw me with Mari.
“Is this him?” she asked. I could sense the excitement in her tone.
Mari nodded. “This is David.”
The woman stepped quickly in our direction, raising her hand in greeting far too soon. She still had several steps to go with her arm raised before I could extend my own.
“David,” Mari said, gesturing toward the woman, “this is Rosanna, my grandmother.”
The woman’s eyes narrowed. She shot Mari a look, then shifted her gaze to me and flashed a smile. “Please, call me Rose. And you”—she shifted her eyes back to Mari—“stop calling me that.”
I shook her hand, my eyes flicking between the two of them. Guessing a person’s age was never a talent I boasted, but there simply wasn’t enough of a gap for an entire generation to fit between Rose and Mari. They did share some features, though, the more I studied them. But that didn’t mean a thing on its own.
“Is grandmother some sort of… nickname?” I asked. My curiosity had grown beyond my ability to stay silent.
“Not at all,” Mari said. “Rose simply doesn’t care for the title.”
“Because it’s rude,” Rose said sternly. Then her tone lightened and she added, “Plus, it’s entirely inaccurate.”
Mari waved a hand through the air. “It’s impossible to recall the number of ‘greats’ I’m to add to it, Rose. And to be honest, I’m not sure I could be bothered to say the word so many times, anyway.”
“Well if you’re not going to say it right, you shouldn’t say it at all.”
My brow furrowed. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
Rose lifted an eyebrow. “You sure this thing’s an android? Shouldn’t something so smart be able to intuit what’s happening?”
Mari shot her a hard look. “Don’t be a bigot, Rose. He’s not a thing.”
“Right, sorry,” Rose said with little conviction.
Mari turned toward me. “Rose is my ancestor, David,” she explained. “I’m from the future, as you are.”
“Oh,” I said, somewhat embarrassed I hadn’t pieced it together. I chalked it up to being overwhelmed—the ride here, the hotel itself, the strange, looming vault a mere fifty feet away. It was a lot to take in.
“Come,” Mari said, placing a hand on my shoulder, “let’s head somewhere a bit more comfortable and talk about exactly what Rose and I do here.”
I followed them into the hallway Rose had emerged from, eyeing the vault door as we passed. Questions swirled in the back of my mind. What lay beyond that door suddenly jumped to the top of my list.
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2023.03.24 03:28 Dan_Hibiki44 What Film and TV critics thought of DBZ in the year 2000

This was conducted of movie critics. They were asked to watch about 10 episodes (an hour's worth) of DBZ. Here were some choice words: "So overwrought, overacted and overwhelmingly inept that it must be seen to be believed." -- Edward Johnson-Ott, NUVO NEWSWEEKLY
"Dragon Ball Z should be shown only at maximum-security prisons when a prisoner is tossed in solitary for bad behavior." -- Max Messier, FILMCRITIC.COM
"Average story. Awful score. Awful sound effects. Awful editing. Awful sound. Average visual effects. Godawful." -- Chuck Schwartz, CRANKY CRITIC ®
"Dragon Ball Z is like taking a bus trip with someone who has needed a bath for a long time. It's not merely bad; it's unpleasant in a hostile way." -- Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
"Don't see this show." -- J. Rentilly, TNT'S ROUGH CUT
"Deeply dumb, depressingly derivative and just plain nonsense." -- Andy Seiler, USA TODAY
"Dragon Ball Z is dumb." -- Tom Maurstad, DALLAS MORNING NEWS
"Dragon Ball Z has the feel of a TV show made by a precocious 8-year-old." -- Arne Johnson, CITYSEARCH
"A noisy, chaotic, sloppily edited and embarrassingly banal and derivative saga." -- Susan Stark, DETROIT NEWS
"DBZ is a shrill, hollow and unintelligible series with no redeeming value whatsoever." -- Glenn Whipp, LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS
"Wooden voice acting, sappy melodrama and illogical plot lines." -- Philip Booth, ORLANDO WEEKLY
"The words 'so bad it's good' strain to make themselves heard through the show's coarse bluster and grimy din." -- Gene Seymour, NEWSDAY
"While the look is cool, the story's broad strokes are painfully clichéd and its details make no sense at all." -- Maitland McDonagh, TV GUIDE
I saw this posted on an old Anime message board on 12/8/00z This is probably around the time when DBZ really started to peak in popularity while airing on Toonami. Thought it was funny getting a mini Robert Ebert DBZ review
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2023.03.24 03:15 lefoghorn Should I tell my dad my mum is emotionally or maybe physically cheating on him?

Context: I (19F) recently started my first year of university which is 7 hours away from where my family lives. My sister (13F) lives with my dad and mum. My dad works from home but takes trips more frequently now to visit our extended family in a different continent. My mum started working around mid 2021 and has 14 hour shifts (mandatory for the place she works at). Keep in mind I’m rarely ever there to see this irl since I’m at uni. Snooping is bad i know but my mum has no respect for my privacy she would check all my chats when she took my phone in and get annoyed if I closed (not locked) my door so I don’t feel guilty even though what she did is in the past. I’m also pretty sure my dad doesn’t know anything about the affair in case someone suggests this might be an arrangement they’ve had. The affair partner is married - what a pos honestly.
My sister was snooping one day and found some texts on my mums phone from a guy at her work. Later on she saw my mum called this guy lots of times but that’s fine since it’s normal to have friends. Later on she (and me sometimes when I went back in the holidays) noticed that she would only talk to him behind closed doors and when we walked in on her talking to him she’d pretend she’s talking to some female friend. It’s the way she constantly tried to hide it that made the situation feel off which is why me and my sister continued snooping.
Recently we’ve found things that are very clearly something we’d consider cheating or imply that she’s trying to hide something because it’s not right : • she has him saved as some random woman’s name and i know it’s not said woman since he sent her a picture of their work rota and the contact name wasn’t part of it • we’ve found a borderline sext on there from him but my mum told him to stop. The way I see it, if she wanted him to stop she could’ve blocked him. • my sister had a surgery recently and the guy was at the hospital during which time my sister said that my mum strongly discouraged her from calling my dad to the hospital. • after the surgery when she was at home a couple of days later she tried to get something from the study and and my mum basically barricaded the door from the outside and told her no matter what she can’t go in there. My sister later found texts on my mums phone where the guy says his legs have a cramp and asking for the wifi password for our house and my mum tells him to straighten his legs and that my sister almost saw him in the study.
I’m not close with my parents and my sister isn’t really either but we’re not sure whether we should tell my dad. It’s not good to snoop but after finding the first few red flags we just kept going and lowkey hoping this was a misunderstanding. I don’t agree with the way I was raised or my childhood but I think I’m some way, even if that’s not what the outcome felt like, my dad always thought he was trying to do what’s best for us and I feel guilty for allowing him to waste his life away. He’s the first person from our extended family to leave and work abroad and he worked really hard to provide for us for 16 years till my mum started to contribute and we’re doing very well now but of course I understand he must’ve made sacrifices to get us to where we are today. My mum always prided herself on always being honest and truthful and true to her word which is what disgusts me ever more about this whole situation.
I’m a very non confrontational person and awkward situations make me feel sick. I didn’t do anything to ruin their marriage so one one hand I don’t know if it’s my place to say anything but on the other hand I want to tell him because it’s ridiculous that this is the treatment he gets from someone who’s meant to be his wife. In our culture divorce is very looked down upon so if they did split they would be seen as less than even my dad who didn’t do anything :/
If we don’t tell him: • he lives his life believing he’s surrounded by people who care about him and respect him • he find out later on and knows that we knew this whole time and feels betrayed by us • my mother gets off scot free for her disgusting actions
If we do tell him: • they divorce and it’ll affect my sister and dads mental health and just how stable their life is for quite a while • they don’t divorce and my sister and dad have to begrudgingly live with her and the whole house is tense
We’re not sure what to do so any advice is appreciated :)
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