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Released for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are the newest chapters in the Pokémon mainline series. Explore freely in a richly-expressed open world and get acquainted with the Paldea region, its Pokémon, and choose your own path!

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Post any ideas you may have for Pokémon games here. It can be anything from gaming mechanics to concept ideas for Pokémon.

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TruePokemon is the home for intellectual and insightful discussion about anything to do with Pokémon - be it the main series, spin-off games (Mystery Dungeon, etc.), TCG, the metagame, and so on.

2023.03.24 07:39 Additional_Gain_4076 Newer in the bowl & wanting advice

TLDR, sorry. Iv been on a search for a good handful of months for a good fit SR. Normal relationships were kind of draining me, had some pretty bad experiences and realized i kept giving way more and walking away with way less, & wanted someone who would actually help benefit my goals for once too.. I Had quite a few meets and greets but nothing quite matching what I'm looking for, one other got close but fell through. Well I found almost too good of a fit.. Where it's causing me a little bit of confusion. He has so many good qualities & is a good man..He's very hard NOT to like. Likely someone I would vanilla date.. & he's made it pretty clear he's developing feelings as well.. He gives me a decent allowance (average or so amount id say), it's what I asked for. Which I'm not greedy and try to ask for reasonable, but enough where it will at least make some kind of noticeable enough difference for me & help me reach my goals.. However, his hometown is across country, & only see him every 3+ weeks or so, (originally agreed to meet because he was visiting close for work & we clicked so well talking). The arrangement is allowance based tho & has been since the beggining, so I get it every week regardless of if I see him. He's been a sweetheart really. The problem is reality is kind of setting in. We talked kind of about it, and we agreed to just enjoy what we have right now. He eventually wants a normal committed relationship with someone who lives close to him and to have kids (37 and hasn't had any). Which I relate to & eventually I want to settle down with someone too like most people do. But, I'm an emotionally driven person, & the reality of how short term it is, regardless of how much we might romanticize things or feel, is hard to ignore sometimes. I'm naturally most comfortable only seeing one person & being "loyal", and I want to be as genuine as possible. He said he's open for me to keep looking for something else, so I can at least find something more consistent and closer to me. But the problem will be the same, even if I found someone closer.. the reality of knowing it's not meant to grow into anything more regardless of how much we might click or feel for one another. & he's done everything on his part to make sure he still provides what he agreed to, regardless of how many weeks it been since he's seen me. & has been very supportive and open since the very beggining. So I know this is the bowl and a me issue, that I'm going to face in any arrangement, especially since I hold out for someone I truly click with.. I guess I'm looking for advice to how you keep from letting that reality scare you from fully enjoying it or how to stay genuine and open to the feelings and connections that may come along, knowing you don't get to keep them.. Iv thought about maybe have a second arrangement close by, to help keep me grounded and have someone closer in between.. But I originally told him I didn't want that, when he leg me know he was open to whatever I needed. & I'm not sure if that's a good idea either, or if it end up changing what we have now, since it always a reality check when someone starts seeing someone else, especially for me, & I'm not really the type where it feels right to being seeing or investing with multiple people at a time, regardless of what kind of relationship it is. I guess im looking for more of a genuine SR than that & I don't want to fast forward us to our reality checked "end". Wondering how people who have a hard time with similar things and understands, deals with this. If iv made any sense at all. I went from married for close to a decade that ended in a brutal divorce, Shortly followed by discovering the bowl. So, it's been a bit of a jump for me, reality wise.
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2023.03.24 07:39 TamamizuInTheSky Sayonara, Spirit Eater - Saying Goodbye to Rotation's Worst Designed Card

Omen of Storms is leaving us, and with it many players are giving teary eyed farewells to staple cards, like Gilnelise (though the tears are not from sadness in many cases). However, one card will be utterly unfazed by the transition to being Unlimited only, because it already lives exclusively in Unlimited. Spirit eater is possibly one of the worst designs for a rotation card ever printed, and serves as an excellent example in how not to design a card. This is because spirit eater is a self contradictory card that only serves to augment an already prevalent and badly futureproofed archetype in Unlimited.
Spirit eater's design in terms of rotation is inherently self contradictory. The intent is seemingly obvious when looking at the crystal effect - you're supposed to use the amulet to get many shadows cheaply, then use necromancy effects to accelerate the amulet's countdown, then have a big tempo swing turn to set up a lategame finish, seemingly. In fact, for most of spirit eater's lifespan in rotation, there was a card, Cernunnos, which explicitly set a quest to spend shadows on necromancy, for a cheap reanimate 10 payoff. Except the problems begin here - spirit eater contradicts with Cern's quest. Spirit eater is a 9 cost, and to be fair, the enemy destruction effect is Enters the Battlefield as opposed to Fanfare (so it works with the crystal), meaning it can work with reanimate. However, the main payoffs for Cern's quest deal far more than the paltry two damage to face that Spirit Eater provides when reanimated - Skeleton Raider can deal 4-9 damage, and later Flame and Glass can deal 7 (6 post nerf) damage before counting manual evolutions. And here's where the problems come about - if you use spirit eater as outlined above, you lock yourself out of reanimating raider or flame and glass with Cernunnos. Spirit eater is a card seemingly designed around necromancy effects which contradicts with a deck built around necromancy effects.
Okay, so, playing the mini quest implied by spirit eater's crystallise is a bust, so why don't we just cheat? Well, in rotation, we actually do have a way of cheating, in the form of Istyndet's fanfare of destroying all cards. Except spirit eater isn't even that great here, since the spirit eater crystallise is the only way of playing it, but it's useless until Istyndet actually gets the 10 last words needed to destroy it, and does nothing to actually help with last word's weakness to early aggression. Last words shadow also runs basically no necromancy effects (Deathly Tyrant's Feast being the way shadows are spent), so you're never going to pop the crystal naturally. Running three Colonels and one to two Feasts is already a hard sell in terms of bricks, so why make this even harder on yourself?
Obviously, it would be remiss to not mention the elephant in the room which I think solidifies spirit eater as the worst designed card in the Omen of Storms set, Lord Atomy. Spirit eater is a major part of the unlimited meta due to synergy with Lord Atomy as a cheap way of getting spirit eater into play. Spirit eater also formed part of Lord Atomy becoming meta warpingly powerful earlier in Azvaldt's lifespan, due to clearing wards for Abyssal Colonels to storm and hit face when entering the battlefield, and dealing additional chip damage to mitigate max health increases from master chef or similar cards. So fine, it seems clear here that spirit eater is really just Atomy support. But why print a card like that in the first place if it serves no purpose other than to make Atomy better? Atomy is a poorly futureproofed card in that every time shadow receives a new cheap card which is better destroyed than active (see: Colonel), Atomy receives an implicit power increase, as with every card which lets you cheaply flood board (see: Garuel). When analysed through this lens, it's hard to not see how cynical the design behind Spirit Eater really is - artifact has been a long time top deck in unlimited which only recently took a temporary steep decline when Atomy ruled the meta, because Spirit Eater seems almost designed with the prompt 'make a card that lets Atomy counter artifact'. The explicit punishment for repeatedly destroying allied followers exists primarily to punish artifact for trying to play the game. But Atomy didn't really free unlimited from artifact during it's reign, it was more akin to being under new management of Atomy OTKing you instead of artifact OTKing you, only Atomy was faster. There are better ways of balancing artifact in unlimited than printing a hate card reserved for a popular deck that is likely to only get better over time regardless - as the recent balance changes demonstrated, Cygames is willing to go as far as fully ban cards from unlimited when it's clear they will continue to enable problematic elements of the meta in the future. Why not treat some of artifact's cards this way as opposed to the halfhearted system of limiting half a dozen cards?
It's hard to not view Spirit Eater with contempt seeing how Abyssal Colonel was a much more elegant execution of the concept of crystal with a condition to cheat it out, as it was printed as part of an engine with actual support, and doesn't seem so cynically designed to shift the unlimited meta in the direction that cygames wants it to. One can hope that, as Atomy continues to receive implicit support in the future, we get more cards like Abyssal Colonel which serve a purpose in rotation and fewer like Spirit Eater.
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2023.03.24 07:39 WanderingArtist0 35 [M4F] #SoCal - Let’s Build A Future

Life is wild… it’s crazy how slow but fast time flies. The lessons you learn along the way seem to make things even that much more confusing. But it’s a beautiful ride… and I’m looking for that person I can navigate life with. I want to make someone’s journey that much more pleasant. I’m just an old fashions guy looking for my person.
ABOUT ME: I’m 5’10, brown hair, brown eyes. My background is in film & TV but I’m working on a few passion projects right now. In a conventional sense, you can say I’m fit but I’m definitely not a body builder. I pride myself in my heart of gold and nurturing qualities. I’m kind, considerate, and always willing to go on an adventure. I hate to say it… especially in this new age of dating but I am a hopeless romantic. It’s tough to navigate through the internet/app dating scene but here to change that!
ABOUT YOU: I’m looking for someone to vibe with. Simple as that! Good morning greetings, fun afternoon chats, and introspective nightly discussions. I have no idea who’s out there so I don’t want to set all these limits. Just be polite, kind, and confident in what you’re looking for.
If you want to know more about me, please send me a message with a little about you and what you’re looking for. A photo would be good and I’ll definitely send a few photos back… we all know mutual attraction is important. I can’t wait to connect with you!
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2023.03.24 07:39 RulerWink Super jump bug?

Here's one I haven't seen posted anywhere, why is this sometimes a super jump and other times not?
For Context, all tutorials will tell you a super jump is simply pressing the interact key (E), and then immediately pressing jump (scroll wheel down). I've been doing some experimenting on this, and I don't know if it's just me, but there are a lot more complexities into this.
I started to think that "immediately" jumping wasn't cutting it, so I delayed when I jumped, and it seemed to work a bit better. Upon further experimenting, I started thinking perhaps it isn't the delay that makes it a super jump, but the number (or rather the speed) of jump inputs. I could super jump with one scroll wheel down click consistently, however when I did a rapid burst of around 7-9 it would not register it as a super jump.
This I have no idea about why it's happening or how to combat it, and honestly, I don't care for the knowledge of super jumping because I can do it more consistently now, but with mantle jumping it is the super jump aspect that halts me from completing it (as the rapid inputs of jump, S, E, and jump again seem to mess up my super jump).
Any input or thoughts would be extremely appreciated as I have not seen any threads pertaining to this.
The following clip is played at 0.5 speed to show just how miniscule the changes can be.
I am running a Logitech g pro wireless (shroud edition)
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2023.03.24 07:39 Hopeful_Ad5576 I'm 14 and I might be pregnant, what do I do?

I would like to start of by saying I'm a transman and use he/him pronouns so please be respectful of that, thank you :) Btw sorry for this being so long 😭😭
Roughly 2 months ago I made a dumb decision and slept with a boy and the condom broke- The father is 13 and I'm 14 (6th months older) I moved 4+ hours away the day after it happened and I have no clue whether or not he would want to be included in the babies life because when we were together he very often stressed about not wanting to be a parent at such a young age which is obviously understandable (He's also lowkey a dick so idk if I'd want them fully associated w the dad anyway) Though I wouldn't want them to go without knowing their father them whole life because I go through the same issue and not that it's a struggle but I've always felt some way about it yk? I've been getting symptoms such as HEAVY food aversion, nausea and vomiting (and vertigo when it happens) fatigue, cramps, trouble sleeping, frequent urination, dehydration, strong cravings for things I don't usually get cravings for such as non-red meat protein bc simply the thought of it makes me nauseous, sweets, and spicy food, stomach issues, and my spice tolerance skyrocketing for some reason? This might be crazy sounding but it's just weird so I'm including it, also just overall freaking out so I'm writing anything that might get me more help- Anyway my friend is a psychic/medium type person I guess and they had the same occurring dream as me in very specific detail of how I imagine the baby looking if I did have them without me ever giving my friend a description or example pictures beforehand. Also, my cat has been hanging out with me daily and refuses to leave me alone, following me everywhere, laying on my torso/stomach, gets upset when I leave for school/go out and he's been sleeping in my bed every night despite the fact he never really hung around me in the 2-3 years I've had him. Plus even more odd occurrences and symptoms I can barely remember (though I'm close to the 9 weeks mark so bad symptoms are beginning to fade luckily. ) I currently live with my sister (24) and her fiancé (25) due to my mother's use of opioids, my sister doesn't have custody of me nor do we have the money to take it to court and I'm genuinely terrified of being pregnant because I have no clue what legal issues would come of it (fearing going back w my mother more than foster care and that's really saying something) which is why I've been in denial of the possibility of me being pregnant for so long. I have yet to get a test because I'm also nervous of judgement, but I will be getting one soon. Last month I did get my period, but it was more of spotting, and it was 3-4 days long when it's usually 6 or 7 and I'm supposed to get it tomorrow, but I haven't noticed any changes in discharge or signs of PMSing other than mood swings/anger problems which might just be another symptom of me being pregnant?? I'm scared I'm too far along to get an abortion and I don't know what to do if I am. For the past few months, I have been smoking weed (moderate-heavy usage) and vaping (light usage) due to stress of the whole situation+other reasons unrelated to this which also has me worried about the baby's development if I have no other choice but to keep them, but I have recently stopped due to this concern. I've become emotionally attached to the (possible) baby already, multiple times through this post I've been referring to them as "her" and having to go back and edit it because I've always had a gut feeling about the baby's sex. Even if I'm not pregnant I feel like I'd be greatly upset, because i have this overwhelming love for something that may not be there- if I am and I need to keep them I'm just terrified because??? I'm barely 14 man my bday wasn't even a full 3 months ago???? I doubt my body could even physically take the birth because I'm a bit small (4'11, 115lbs) and my family line of assigned female at birth/afab ppl have had complications due to the same reason and more that I never rlly learned in detail. If I do end up being pregnant with them I will gladly accept all hardships that come with it even though I'm a kid myself. I have yet to tell my sister because I rlly just don't wanna be yelled at for it, I'm already going through enough w this mentally as it is-- I strongly believe she will be supportive of the situation and help in any way she can because she's gone through the same thing basically and if she isn't I have multiple people I could stay with temporarily who are willing to help w the baby later on and possibly two I could permanently move in with (who would also help with the baby) if the case comes. Sorry to write all of this I'm just so so scared and I don't really have anyone experienced enough to help me though this yet and I just want some support and suggestions of what i can do in this situation. My apologizes aswell if this goes against you guys' rules:'))
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2023.03.24 07:39 CV_LOVERBOY 19 [M4F] looking for a clingy person to cling on to [Relationship]

Hey, I'm looking to talk to some people and see if it ends with us falling for each other, becoming mortal enemies, or maybe becoming best friends. Honestly, I'm hoping for all three. I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. I love to meet new folks and hear what they have to say, though I am warning you that I love to joke around the first time we talk. As for my hobbies, I'm sort of a homebody. I usually read history or entertainment news, draw, code, and play games. But I do like to skate and go shooting with my air soft guns. Regarding what I'm looking for in a girlfriend, someone's appearance really doesn't matter, as I'm looking for someone I can be chill with but also pour my heart out to in the heat of the moment because that's whats really beautiful . I would really prefer someone from the US of A, but I can make exceptions if you're really cool either way. DM me and I'll get back to you when I can
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2023.03.24 07:38 StellarDemon My experiences as a Chinese born Canadian - Toronto

Hello everyone, this is maybe a little rant? But with the intention of being good and trying to help people reframe their thoughts? We have to be more positive about being ourselves.
I know many of us have had varying experiences growing up with dating and some feel insecure while others feel more confident, etc. and I know there tends to be a bit of self-loathing or worry about what others think. I hop on this subreddit from time to time and it has been the same ongoing issue repeatedly and it is understandable why anyone would feel this way about the subject at hand.
Personally from my experience, I have never considered being Asian as a deciding factor in my dating life. It has just never been a thought of, "I won't approach WF/XF because they don't like Asian men." I've just been me and no one else. I will simply pursue someone I like; rejection happens all the time but it doesn't mean suddenly I wasn't favored because I was Asian, it just meant we weren't compatible as people. Even if I was rejected because I was Asian, that isn't a big deal because each person has their own preference when it comes to dating and this is normal.
I've had many experiences with dating WF/XF and for the most part it has always been wonderful with the exception of clashing personalities. Understand that dating isn't easy, it's tricky trying to connect with the right people and of course this is because everyone is looking for something different, has different pacing, or has a different view on life. Everything I say may sound super generic but honestly it is as simple as being able to connect with someone who relates to us as a person.
In my last 9 years of dating, majority of my partners have been WF and the discussion of my race has never been a topic or seen as an issue. No discussion of penis sizes have ever been brought up and it makes me question what type of people our fellow redditors are bumping into... Have they been present in those exact situations or are they questioning before diving into the dating scene? I feel as if this was said directly to their faces, then the fear makes sense but if it is just based on what others have posted... then you're kinda shooting yourself in the foot before even taking a step. I've replied a couple times to posts on AMWF and my answer has always been the same to those who feel like they need to be someone else when it comes to trying to date.
Just be unapologetically you! Don't settle for someone who fetishsizes you, don't settle for someone that belittles you, etc. Talk to people who share similar values, who enjoy similiar things. You can like who you like and others can like who they like but that doesn't mean it's because you're Asian that you weren't chosen, it's because you didn't connect as people and that is okay. People fear rejection too much to want to give it a shot and everyone needs to normalize rejection. Failing is necessary for growth, over time you will find what you are looking for in a person.
Be a genuine and kind person, be liked for your personality! As cliché as it is, there are plenty of fish in the sea and I have always found success in just being myself.
Since I made a post 2 months ago, I am now in a loving relationship with a WF and we support each other constantly with love and respect. We were even complimented for being a cute couple because we were holding hands while walking in a mall and I kissed her hand.
I think it is important to present yourself how you want others to view you. Don't hate yourself because you will always be Asian and you can't change that, there is no shame in that. Become loved for being kind, caring, supportive. Be a person that is enjoyable to be around and it will attract the right person(s) for you. I know it has worked this way for me repeatedly.
TL:DR - People have preferences, normalize being rejected, you can't change who you were born as, become someone who is enjoyable to be around, be yourself.
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2023.03.24 07:38 OteshenLighting Create Unique Light and Shadow Art with Dimmable LED Track Lighting

Create Unique Light and Shadow Art with Dimmable LED Track Lighting
Lighting was once only used for utilitarian purposes. Lighting is an essential component in modern design to create a distinct creative environment and bring creativity to space. Dimmable LED track lighting is the ideal option for bringing rich light and shadow effects to your area, allowing you to create your own light and shadow art.

One of the most significant advantages of dimmable LED track lighting is the ability to alter the brightness based on the situation. Depending on your demands, you may lower the lights for a delicate atmosphere or intensify them for a livelier environment. Moreover, dimmable LED track lighting may be programmed to alter brightness at certain periods. It may, for example, be set to turn on automatically as you wake up, providing a revitalizing start to your day.
Another distinguishing characteristic of dimmable LED track lighting is its ability to produce rich light and shadow effects by varying the light's color and angle. You may set the light to warm yellow to create a pleasant and comfortable environment, or cold white to create a bright and dynamic room. This flexibility to modify hue and angle opens up unlimited options for personalization and creativity.

Dimmable LED track lighting is also incredibly user-friendly. It may be operated remotely using a smartphone app, allowing you to manage the lights from anywhere. It can also be coupled with smart speakers and smart houses to create a more intelligent and automated environment.
To summarize, dimmable LED track lighting is a fantastic creative lighting option that can enhance your area with rich light and shadow effects while also making your life simpler. You may make unique light and shadow art to meet your requirements and tastes thanks to its capacity to modify brightness, change color and angle, and be remotely controlled. Therefore, go ahead and select a dimmable LED track lighting that is appropriate for you, and begin designing your own one-of-a-kind place packed with creativity and ambience.
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2023.03.24 07:38 Psychopompous_Jack Good snacks to bring to Indonesia from the US

Hi all,
I tried to search in this reddit, and a lot of the recommendations are from 8 years ago. I imagine you can get a lot of things there these days in Indo, so I figured I should ask in case things have changed...
Do y'all have recommendations for snacks kids, adults, and then much older adults from the US? What things have you gotten (or given) that people love?
I'm currently thinking about maybe bringing some chocolate covered goodies from trader joes (Dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate covered pretzels, or dark chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels), maybe? Heck, I just love the peanut butter filled prezel nuggets... but maybe that's too plain...
There are also some local chocolate bars I could share, but I think that the other snacks are more satisfying in the long run and feel more substantial, though the instagram factor is higher for these.
Any tips or thoughts?
Thank you!
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2023.03.24 07:37 ca_exhibition New CA Gaming Discord

Hi, everybody!
For those interested, I just created a discord so hopefully we can get together and start gaming now.
I know some of us have been circling around the idea for a while, but I didn't see anyone create one yet so I just did. I'm very new to hosting a discord channel, so let me know what needs to be added/changed/improved! Feel free to invite whoever you think will enjoy it.
Come join!
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2023.03.24 07:36 canvest01 Real Estate Investing

At Canvest, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in real estate with the security of an experienced team behind them. We specialize in finding and managing real estate investments that meet our client’s goals and expectations. Our services include investment planning, market analysis, property management, financing, development consulting and more. With Canvest, you can rest assured that your investment is being taken care of by knowledgeable professionals who understand the ever-changing real estate market. We take pride in helping our clients reach their financial goals through smart real estate investments. https://www.canvest.org/
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2023.03.24 07:36 CV_LOVERBOY 19 [M4F] Us/Online looking for a clingy person to cling on to

Hey, I'm looking to talk to some people and see if it ends with us falling for each other, becoming mortal enemies, or maybe becoming best friends. Honestly, I'm hoping for all three. I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. I love to meet new folks and hear what they have to say, though I am warning you that I love to joke around the first time we talk. As for my hobbies, I'm sort of a homebody. I usually read history or entertainment news, draw, code, and play games. But I do like to skate and go shooting with my air soft guns. Regarding what I'm looking for in a girlfriend, appearance really doesn't matter, as I'm looking for someone I can be chill with but also pour my heart out to in the heat of the moment. I would really prefer someone from the US of A, but I can make exceptions if you're really cool either way. DM me and I'll get back to you when I can
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2023.03.24 07:35 Admittedmeat86 Welcome to Versailles!

Welcome to the Geopolitical Server Known as Versailles. In this server you can create a Country, Join one, fight in Wars, Build Cities, And change history on the server. There is a little bit of roleplay so that History, and things on the server makes better sense and adds a feeling of Achievements, seeing your name in History, and knowing that you have done something.
Message Admittedmeat#7478 To join (Java Only)
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2023.03.24 07:35 QuickBooksToolHubs What is QuickBooks Error 12157?

QuickBooks Error 12157 is a common error that users may encounter while updating QuickBooks or when trying to download payroll updates. The error occurs when QuickBooks is unable to connect to the server. The error message may appear as "QuickBooks update error 12157" or "Unable to connect to the internet."

Causes of QuickBooks Error 12157

Several factors can cause QuickBooks Error 12157. The following list includes common causes for this error:-
  1. Internet connectivity issues: Poor or unstable internet connection can cause QuickBooks to encounter Error 12157.
  2. Firewall and Internet security settings: Incorrect firewall and internet security settings can also cause QuickBooks to encounter Error 12157.
  3. Outdated version of QuickBooks: Using an outdated version of QuickBooks can also cause QuickBooks to encounter Error 12157.
  4. Issues with Internet Explorer: QuickBooks uses Internet Explorer to connect to the server. Issues with Internet Explorer can also cause QuickBooks to encounter Error 12157.

Solutions to QuickBooks Error 12157

Here are some solutions to help you resolve QuickBooks Error 12157:
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2023.03.24 07:35 Igennem ❗️ Announcing Trial Run of Link Posts❗️ (Details Within)

❗️ Announcing Trial Run of Link Posts❗️ (Details Within)
We're very excited to announce a trial run of link posts as a submission option. Previously, we had only allowed text posts, though community members could include links within that text provided that they gave some of their own analysis as a starting point for discussion.
Starting now, users can submit links directly. However, we still want to encourage the thoughtful exchange of ideas through high quality submissions. Therefore, we've implemented an Automoderator rule which will require a minimum 300 characters in the text field alongside any link submissions (this very post is an example utilizing that text field). Posts that don't satisfy the character requirement will be automatically denied and the submitter will be sent an automatic message instructing them to make the necessary changes and resubmit.
This feature will be tested for 1 month. If the feature works smoothly and community reception is positive, we will look to make the change permanent. And if you have any feedback/suggestions, feel free to leave it here.
Thank you,
Your AM mods
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2023.03.24 07:34 Dysautonothankyou I (25F) want to hook up with my ex’s (26M) friend (29M) but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.

Four years ago my ex (M26) and I (F25) broke up. We hooked up in high school during my sophomore year, when I was 15, for a month. We met again after high school, when I was 18, and rekindled things. This second time around we were together for three months before I ended things.
This second we were together we didn’t end on good terms. We were both young, stupid, and did not really have the sense needed to have a healthy relationship. Lots of fighting. Lots of hurtful things said. We both were shitty to one another and in the end I broke up with him, and he took it pretty hard.
After we broke up we were still having sex casually for a few more months which was very stupid. Eventually it became clear to me that us hooking up was not feasible anymore (duh). It was obviously seriously negatively impacting his mental health and since I was firm in my stance of not getting back together I completely cut contact after he tried getting back together again. (I was very clear in telling him that we weren’t together during this time and that u had no intention to do so)
As you can tell, the entire relationship was very messy. The final breakup was even worse. Looking back I realize I should have completely ended things right away. Or at least handled things differently. I was stupid. You live you learn.
Anyways, skip forward four years forward to now. I (F25) run into an old mutual friend of this ex (M26) and myself, J (M29) at a concert. He and I hit it off right away. J and I had always gotten along well but after the breakup ended,we ended up not talking. At this show though, it was like no time had passed and J and I have been hanging out since. Through hanging out a lot it is clear there’s something but J and my ex are still very close now.
J knows next to nothing about my relationship with my ex. Both my ex and I are private people so all he knows is what he saw in the aftermath of the break up. J says my ex “went crazy” back then and he leaves it at that.
Since I’ve gotten the vibe, J and I have spoken candidly about hooking up and he seems all for it, since “we’re both adults and it was so long ago”, but I can’t help but feel guilty. J and I both don’t want anything serious so it seem shitty of me to knowingly ruin a friendship over a hook up.
I know it’s J’s choice, but I can’t help but feel guilty about it. I, obviously, have not talked to this ex at all in these past four years. He jumped into another relationship very shortly after we broke up and has been in it ever since.
Still, given my history with my ex, the idea makes me nervous. This ex is very intense and he lost it when we broke up for good, wrote me long winded letters of how much he loved me, how much he hated me, he even changed the way he dressed to a style I said I like for a few months- it felt like a lot.
J has wholeheartedly reassured me that my ex has moved on, but I’m not sure he has the full picture. I feel conceited thinking my ex would react at all over this but I can’t help worrying it could bring up old feelings for him.
Behind all this and you’re sleeping with your exes friend, is a dick move but given how long it’s been it seems reasonable to think it may be OK.
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2023.03.24 07:34 wearenortherners Natural Therapy in Dharamshala

Natural therapy is the practice of using natural remedies and techniques to promote healing and wellness. In Dharamshala, you can find a plethora of natural therapy options, from Ayurveda to Yoga to Meditation. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, offers a range of treatments, including massages, herbal remedies, and dietary changes, to balance the body's energies and promote overall health.
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2023.03.24 07:34 SuperChallengeCoins How To Get A Presidential Challenge Coin?

How To Get A Presidential Challenge Coin?
Presidential challenge coins are highly sought-after collectibles for history buffs, coin enthusiasts, and those who want to own a piece of presidential history. These coins are often presented to military personnel, government officials, and foreign dignitaries as a symbol of appreciation or recognition.
However, getting your hands on a presidential challenge coin can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of acquiring a presidential challenge coin.
What Is A Presidential Challenge Coin?
A presidential challenge coin is a coin that bears the insignia or emblem of the President of the United States. These coins are often used to commemorate special occasions, and events, or to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to society or the country.
The tradition of challenge coins dates back to World War I when military units would mint their coins and give them to members of the unit to build camaraderie and honor their service.
Where To Get A Presidential Challenge Coin?
There are several ways to get a presidential challenge coin. You can Join the military. Members of the military, particularly those who serve in the White House Communications Agency or the United States Secret Service, may have the opportunity to receive a Presidential Challenge Coin.
One way to increase your chances of obtaining a presidential challenge coin is to attend events where the president is present. These events may include rallies, speeches, or other public appearances. While it is not guaranteed that you will receive a coin, there is a chance that the president may hand them out to attendees.
The most common way to receive a Presidential Challenge Coin is to serve in the military or government. These coins are often given out to members of the armed forces who have demonstrated exceptional bravery, leadership, or service. Additionally, government employees who have made significant contributions or accomplishments may also receive a Presidential Challenge Coin.
If you are unable to obtain a Presidential Challenge Coin through any of the above methods, you may still be able to purchase a challenge coin. There are many companies that sell challenge coins online, and these coins can be a great way to show your support for the President and their administration.
The Significance Of Presidential Challenge Coins
The Presidential Challenge Coin is unique in that it bears the seal of the President of the United States and is considered a symbol of the President’s leadership, authority, and commitment to the nation.
Receiving a Presidential Challenge Coin is a great honor and is highly respected by those who have earned it. It represents not only the achievements of the individual but also the support and recognition of the President and the nation as a whole. It is a symbol of unity, patriotism, and service, and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who have served their country with distinction.
Collecting Presidential Challenge Coins
If you are looking to collect Presidential Challenge Coins, it is important to be aware of the different types available. Each coin is unique and has its own set of rules and regulations for collecting. For example, some coins are limited edition and only certain numbers of them are produced. Other coins are more readily available but may be more expensive.
Acquiring challenge coins is a significant achievement for collectors, history buffs, and those interested in presidential history. Whether you purchase a coin from an online retailer or attend a presidential event, the acquisition of a presidential challenge coin is a unique and valuable experience.
Maintaining And Displaying Your Presidential Challenge Coin
Once you receive your coin, it’s important to keep it in good condition by avoiding excessive handling and storing it in a protective case or display.
There are many different ways to display your coin, from simple coin cases to elaborate shadow boxes or display stands.
Displaying your coin can be a great way to showcase your service and the recognition you’ve received for your hard work and dedication.
Presidential challenge coins are a unique and treasured part of American history. They represent a tradition of honor, camaraderie, and respect for the office of the President, and are highly prized by collectors and recipients alike. Whether you’re a military veteran, a government official, or a private citizen, receiving a presidential challenge coin is a sign of appreciation and recognition that will be cherished for years to come.
Don’t Settle For Anything But The Best Online Custom Coin Maker
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Custom coins are a great way for anyone to tell their story or get their message out there. Custom club challenge coins, which got their start from military coins, are a sign of belonging, personal achievement, and friendship, just like military coins were.
You can use our free challenge coin design template if you already have an idea. It’s the perfect tool for creative people who want to draw out their ideas.
Once you fill out the form for a free quote and send it to us, we’ll have your first digital proof ready in 48 hours.
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Call us today if you need a set of club coins for an event or scout coins for something coming up.
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2023.03.24 07:34 AbbyMinlife Faux Leather Dining Chair

Faux Leather Dining Chair
This is a faux leather dining chair made of leather. The material of this dining chair is its greatest advantage. This dining chair is anti-dirty, anti-sinking, and waterproof due to its leather construction. All you have to do is wipe it lightly with a rag, which will save you a lot of time cleaning. This dining chair's back is in the shape of a shell. The brown leather chair has a European flair and appears very high-end. Brown has always elicited a sense of serenity and tranquility in his listeners. It's also possible to emphasize the sensation of quality. The echo of the shell adds to the beauty of the whole. The chair legs are simple yet sturdy, and they're straightforward to put together. Any table can be used with it.
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2023.03.24 07:34 GX_Lume07 Can you change a card's position?

Like can I make my toty icon gullit a cm and not a cf or my zanetti an lb
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2023.03.24 07:33 VindictiveMuse Car insurance company is telling us the monthly cost will increase significantly after pre-agreed quote.

A family member of mine has taken out a car insurance policy that they’re paying for on behalf of their partner. They went through compare the market and paid a deposit (£179) based on a pre-agreed monthly payment of £110 (rounded) as he has had a policy cancel on him twice now which was disclosed when submitting the quote. The company has called my family member yesterday (this all happened within the same day, quote, payment of deposit and then later the phone call approx 6 hours after) and they have stated that they have checked something (they did not disclose this something) and the monthly payments will now be increased to £170. When challenged they told her “we are a broker and we pull insurance from different places. It’s £170 a month.”
She told them no, the policy doesn’t start until the weekend and she would like to cancel and they refused her any refund. They advised she will have this money completely taken if she cancels though their t&c’s say a refund will be honoured with a cancellation less the admin fee of £70. She has been pushed into agreeing on the phone but nothing written has been sent.
Personally I feel the payments cannot be increased despite the prior quote being agreed, am I correct and does she have any argument to be had? She’s rather upset as this was not disclosed and I feel she should not have to pay any fee if they’re making changes to the policy.
Thank you in advance.
Edit: They’re in England. I’m not sure I can comment the company’s name so I’ve omitted this.
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2023.03.24 07:33 Grown_Princess1996 How do you go about custody in court?

Sorry if I sound stupid, I have no idea what anything is when it comes to court and filing and custody. I never expected me to not be with my child's father for the long run. Things really just happened and we've been broke up for a year now. We've been co parenting very nicely, although I feel he can do better, I don't think I have any say so while there's no court order. Thing is, our child hasn't started school or anything yet, and I'm a sahm so I feel that's why everything seems to go easy. But, our child starts school this year and I just feel there needs to be a strict schedule because my child's father is a bit immature and I can already hear him saying I'm not being fair and I'm keeping the time with our child to myself (because he'll be attending school here etc, and because he focuses more on getting his work hours than being on his parenting time) I can just hear him already, like if I'm now having to tell him what the schedule HAS to be, instead of what works for you? Which is what it is without a court order. I just don't know how to go about it, do you have to do paperwork online? What info do you need? What custody do I file for? Do we appear in court together? And also, how to break it to co parent that we're taking it into court? (CA)
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