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2021.09.25 22:54 6ixotics6ixotics CannabisStoreNearMe

Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

2021.04.02 21:15 RedRabbit18 SnehaPhilipCase

Sneha Anne Philip was an Indian-American physician who was last seen on September 10, 2001, by a department store surveillance camera near her Lower Manhattan apartment. Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center and her medical training, Philip's family believes she perished trying to help victims of the following day's 9/11 terrorist attacks, and was consequently ruled a victim in 2008. However, no evidence has ever been found that indicate she was a victim. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

2018.02.05 13:02 green_floyd Bitbns: buy and sell cryptocurrency in India

Bitbns is India's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange. The Exchange allows you to Buy and Sell 74 Cryptocurrencies. Including. * Bitcoin * Stellar Lumens * Ethereum * Litecoin * Monero * Ripple * Neo * Gas * Deep Brain Chain * Red Pulse * Bitcoin Cash * Dash * Dogecoin * Electroneum * Ontology * Sia * Tron * Zilliqa Website:

2023.03.24 07:06 carrot_gg Scammed by If your order was never shipped like mine, please report them to Shopify.

I made a purchase on on March 11th. As of today, my order has not yet shipped. USPS shows the tracking status a "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item", which means that only a label has been generated. I tried contacting them through their contact form twice and have got no response.
On March 21st, I decided to join their Discord server and once I posted my complaint on the general chat channel, I was contacted by the owner Chris Malson. He told me that my order was delayed because of surgery and he assured me that my order would be shipped the next day. I believed him and wished him well.
The next day, March 22nd, USPS status still shows as "Pre-Shipment". I contacted Chris Malson again on Discord and he told me "that is weird. If there is not a tracking by tomorrow morning, I will talk to me usps bc it is in their hands at the moment".
Today, March 23rd, the order has still not shipped. Once again I contacted Chris Malson on Discord about this to which he only replied "Let me check up on that for you." and I never heard from him again.
At this point I have accepted that I was scammed by but wanted to post this as a cautionary tale from anyone thinking of doing business with them. Since I posted my initial complaint on their Discord general chat, I was contacted by 2 other people asking me if I had requested a chargeback from my bank, since they have not received their orders as well.
If you have also been scammed by LoobedSwitches, please issue a chargeback with your credit card company and, most importantly, report their store with Shopify at the following link: If enough affected customers do this, Shopify might take action and suspend their merchant account.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.24 07:06 AnOldSchoolVGNerd Not sure who to be annoyed with but I am annoyed

(Flair is probably wrong or this may even be in the wrong section, apologies in advance)
Saw John Wick 4 a few hours ago in 4DX. Great movie, though I wouldn't recommend 4DX(basically it's a big too strong, and took me out of a few action sequences briefly), but not because of what I'm about to talk about.
I bought my ticket through the app last week. Since I was going alone I could only pick from certain spots. 4DX seats are four together. My seat was the left most one, three to the right of it vacant at the time.
Tonight when I arrived there were three people in those vacant seats. I checked to make sure I hadn't sat in the wrong row and I wasn't. I sat to the left of my seat(which put me in a new row of four, which was empty at the time but filled shortly after this nonsense happened) because these were three people I didn't know. The seats I sat in weren't moving and I considered just staying there but decided against it because If I just wanted standard seating, I wouldn't have paid for 4DX. I don't always have time to go to the movies so I wasn't going to go get a refund and to be honest I didn't have to.
I got up and sat in my seat. The three people there naturally got quiet, the young lady next to me just said "No, just no" and got up and moved. These are all understandable reactions. I'm some random guy they don't know now sitting right next to them for about three hours.
If any if you three are reading this(the two guys stayed about five minutes before moving to sit with the young lady), I didn't like it either but I paid for the seat. If I had just stayed where I was, I would have had to move anyway because of the next group that came. If you sat there and didn't pay for those spots, I wish you hadn't. If you paid not knowing a seat was taken, that's a different story.
I checked the app again, my seat was right. I even checked the email before driving home, same seat number.
Either these three people sat in the wrong spot on purpose, or they bought the seats and didn't know another person was in that row.
It's something minor, but I would rather not go through this again in the future. I don't like the idea of messing up someone's good time or having mine messed with either.
I think your app already warns people about seats near them being occupied, but maybe add some more text in an additional screen that people cannot skip past for say, five seconds. That way it's clear as day and people won't pick seats next to strangers.
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2023.03.24 07:05 stupiddoglol cmv: I think calling the cops on people that do something that don’t affect them is a b*tch move and they deserve jail time.

Example: Karen calls the cops for someone trespassing on a closed off beach, and there’s no obvious motive besides them enjoying the beach and there is no property they could steal in sight.
my reasoning: if it doesn’t affect you then fuck off and mind ya business. if you’re that miserable flick your bean or something lol.
my bias: i had the cops called on me with guns drawn for “potential terrorism” because i purchased a road flare and an oxygen tank in the same transaction. I paid with a mf debit card in my name though! 😂 to give more context i had an oxyacetylene welder and a car that needed a new road flare and they had both at my local hardware store so i said fuck it and got both.
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2023.03.24 07:05 kris0508 Online Website

Has anybody ordered on the website, I’m currently looking at getting a few games off the store website my only problem is I want the game to be CIB. Anybody use it before let me know your experience?
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2023.03.24 07:03 Sweet_Sheepherder566 Willing to trade..

Well I’m taking a long shot but with out there being a cracked version of Captain hardcore I’m wondering.. If there just happens to be a game under $16 ( I have $17 in the meta store) that you want but can’t find a way to pirate, I’ll be down to gift you that game if you can trade Patreon info for Captain hardcore. I have no way of paying for a patreon and just one pledge or whatever gets me access to the game for good. Again, a long shot. Take care y’all !
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2023.03.24 07:01 theadambomb1 Used car fraud?

So I bought a used car in July of 2022. It’s was a 2006 with 165,000 on the odometer. During the test drive there was a check engine light on. He scanned it right in front of me and said it was for an oxygen sensor. When I picked the car up the light was off. It’s had acceleration problems from day 1. The other day I scanned it looking for an unrelated diagnostic trouble code and noticed it had a stored code for bad catalytic converters. I opened the gauge cluster and found that the dealer had covered the check engine light bulb with a ball of electrical tape. I know the car doesn’t need emissions inspections because of its age but the oxygen sensor was never really replaced either which is making it run less than great. Is this any kind of fraud? I don’t want any huge sum of money or anything I just want the new oxygen sensors he was supposed to have put in before and I want the catalytic converters addressed because of how expensive they are. This was in Massachusetts and the car cost around 7000 if that matters.
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2023.03.24 07:01 Basic_Ant_5180 Feels like a cat climbing up my leg

I stay with my boyfriend frequently. I would say on average four nights a week. He lives in an older house not historic probably pushing early-mid nineteen hundreds (by the doors and woodworking I would think somewhere near 1950’s.) It’s a duplex and he has lived here for just under a decade. He has told me that he has something that follows him. He’s a beautiful person and everything. He grew up in a spiritual family. I’ve had subtle experiences throughout my life and lots of coincidences. Anyways long story short. On multiple occasions when him and I are just relaxing in bed, laughing and talking or near asleep. I feel like a cat is walking up my leg.. like over the blanket.. sometimes I feel it lay down. I’ve had cats my entire life. At first I didn’t compare it to the feeling of a cat. The first few times it really startled me. It still does but now it’s different because now I realize that it feels exactly like a cat jumping on the bed and getting comfy. At first I had nothing to associate it with so it shook me a lot more. My boyfriend loves cats and had Siamese growing up. But his land lord is highly allergic and he’s never been allowed to have one in this residence. When it first started happening we were both hearing a lot coming of noise (almost like shuffling) from the other room in the middle of the night and began talking about it. Now we joke when it happens that it’s ok and that it’s just his cat. But a few nights ago it happened in the living room (it’s only ever happened when we are laying in bed.) Only this time it made me feel like it was something dark and startled me like it did the first few times. It’s very distinct, the way it feels is unusual and because I’ve been a cat owner for so long every single time it happens I jump and look at my leg like ready to greet something. It’s weird and I thought I would share.
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2023.03.24 07:00 pewpersss microsoft store not allowing me to download xbox app. any ideas? pls help!!!

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2023.03.24 07:00 spacejunk__ If you don't like your birth name, is it strange to go by a different name instead?

i really dislike my name. it's something that's always left a bad taste in my mourh for pretty much as long as i can remember. it's super common among girls, really plain, and doesn't suit me at all. at first i toyed with the idea that i was trans since i have a pretty big complex about my gender already, but then i realized that all of my discomfort was solely from my name.
i was in a lot of different online communities in late elementary to middle school-ish and i remember frequently using different names in those communities. not for any kind of privacy reason, but just because i disliked my name so much that i wanted to go by something different the second i was given a chance.
i used a lot of different pretty ridiculous names for myself at the time, but i recsntly found a name that i really connect with. i've been having a lot of anxiety about it because i told my boss at my new job the name that I prefer to be called. im going to have my preferred name on my nametag and go by that in store, but Im worried that my coworkers are going to think that it's strange that I want to be called something entirely different than whats on the schedule. I'm honestly so nervous about it that I made up an entire story about how somebody gave it to me as a nickname since I'm worried it'd be weird to say I gave it to myself, just in case someone asks. If it wasnt already obvious from this post I have an anxiety disorder so I am probably majorly overthinking lolol.
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2023.03.24 07:00 Redaroo2 What is going on

Not that I'm done, just need answers. Been with the company for 5 years, stuck for the sense of pursuing school, and cushion for the work. Throughout the years, I say this company has been riddled with a toxic hierarchy based on their directions. Liquid armor was a bonus scam on the branches to associates as they bought out the company. More accounts was a huge mistake for the countless people committing fraud on creating accounts. Have seen people use a name that is different on their card that is different to complete their transaction. It has all changed yes, however, you could say it was the pandemic or sources of items changing production ( Paper is the same ). Change their direction on how service is handled but at the cost to associates. The warehouse to select districts is in shambles, what happened to the 30 million in constant supplies? Pictures of stock but yet inventory will show they have zero. What I've heard of them not purchasing to assume profit to Sycamore. Whose assets are maybe 3.4B (now). LP can bet on the "normal customer", theft is getting higher. Over 1200 pens were stolen last February, and only reported 700. The previous week had over 2k in ink stolen in a course of 3 weeks. In this last month and a half alone 2 laptops were stolen, 3 destroyed by the attempts. 3 weeks ago our cashier harassed an obvious young lady; told her to empty everything and had 500 plus in items. It is getting worse and they are playing the game " oh its only the 1% who steal, why bother the loyal customer who may not steal ". Being on the remodeling team for my district has my head scratching. What was pre-planned was half-assed, Lying to associates about benefits beforehand is a legal battle in itself (part-timers went full-time). No added benefits after 3 plus weeks of 48 hours plus. Other associates not getting the extra pay they promised and after an assumption of a food allowance. Was told in a meeting call we would be compensated on miles, however, one associate on the team didn't receive anything based on the distance to all stores. Bottom line I'm a number and every associate. It is a job, just find the places where you can. Been with the company too long. Not complaining, but what is this? I have no title but have manager numbers. I can open and close the registers when the Mod is unavailable ( which I shouldn't). I have a key to the store, numbers, and my own Mods ask for questions constantly. Just gonna leave this here for a bit, as corpo has said to me more times " it is what it is ". Nothing happens.
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2023.03.24 06:59 Nettie_Moore Work and school hours

I have a job currently that would take me around 45 mins to drive to from where school would be next year (when my son starts) and 45 mins on the way back. Which cuts down my time at work from a 9-5 to potentially 9:30 to 2:30. Which is not a job that can be done in those hours, nor possible to do WFH (aged care)
Yes there is after school care. But I’d prefer not to use it during his first year(s) at school. Yes, I have a village but they are elderly or nearing their elder years and the rest of my village has either passed away (Mum), is moving away, or has other work / kid commitments. MIL is tied up with my SILs kids. My husband works 60+ hours a week.
I’m it.
The job I have is fine for this year but wholly inconvenient and not sustainable long-term. How do people do it? And why does it feel so bloody unfair?
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2023.03.24 06:58 EchoTik EchoTik Cross-border Weekly|TikTok Shop Cross-border UK Marketplace Goods Inbound Mode Update; 2023 China Cross-border E-Commerce Fair Opens ……

1. Continuing to improve the consumer experience, TikTok Shop cross-border UK marketplace goods into the warehouse mode update
TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce issued a notice to update the cross-border UK market commodity warehousing model. The announcement said that TikTok Shop is exploring and strengthening the platform infrastructure, combining regional market rules and user consumption habits to improve the warehousing model and quality inspection and other commodity operation requirements, and continue to supply higher quality goods and better shopping experience to global users.
From April 15, 2023, the TikTok Shop cross-border e-commerce platform supports cross-border UK marketplace goods using the following business methods:
☆ Goods operated through the platform’s domestic stocking warehouse;
☆ Goods operated through the platform’s certified UK overseas warehouse or its own UK overseas warehouse;
☆ Jewelry and crystal goods that have passed the inspection of QIC Quality Inspection Center in the consolidation warehouse.
2. DPP authorities want to follow the U.S. ban TikTok was questioned, some people on the island shouted “downgrade the DPP”
After the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to ban TikTok, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities have proposed a total ban on TikTok under the pretext of “curbing election misinformation” in order to follow the U.S. lead.
3. TikTok CEO cutting the company from ByteBeat cannot solve the problem
In a recent interview, TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzhi said that cutting TikTok off from Chinese investors would not solve the so-called “security risk” concerns of the United States.
According to the U.S. “Wall Street Journal” reported on March 16, Zhou Shouzhi said in an interview with the media that even if ByteDance sells TikTok, TikTok platform users will not receive more security protection than they do now. TikTok is currently discussing a partnership with Oracle Corporation to store U.S. user data on Oracle’s platform. The partnership is planned to cost tens of billions of dollars.
4. Amazon’s new Sydney distribution center completed
Recently, Amazon Amazon’s “last mile” logistics and distribution center in Sydney was completed. The project cost $66 million (about RMB 454 million) and is located near the Victoria Airport Authority on 7.8 acres (about 31565.46 square meters).
5. Jingdong Thailand will stop service on March 31
The backend of Jingdong’s Thailand station shows that the station will cease all services on March 31, 2023. It is reported that Jingdong closed the Thailand station in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency and focus resources on cross-border supply chain infrastructure, including Southeast Asia.
6. Pinduoduo Temu warehouse suspended receipt of goods
Recently, a number of sellers received a notice from Temu, due to the serious accumulation of goods in Temu’s warehouse, the preparation of goods into the warehouse will be suspended in the near future, all new products all stop on the new, all goods suspended restocking. The time of suspension is still uncertain, and is expected to be around a week.
In addition, Poundland cross-border e-commerce Temu plans to go live on the UK site on March 25. temu insiders confirmed the news, and said that other European countries are also in the pipeline, the future of Africa, Latin America and other regions are also temu’s expansion targets.
Last September, Poundland officially launched Temu in North America. Up to now, Temu has dominated the AppStore shopping list and GooglePlay shopping list for many days respectively, with more than 40 million new downloads.
7. 2023 China Cross Border E-Commerce Fair Opens
On March 18, 2023 China Cross Border E-Commerce Fair opened with the opening ceremony announcing that 2023 is the first year of globalization of China Cross Border Fair. eBay and a large number of well-known platforms in the industry with international popularity and industry influence exhibited collectively.
This year’s cross-fair to trade as the focus, the scale of 70,000 square meters, the supply chain booth size of not less than 80%. Many well-known export-oriented industry belts in the country exhibitors, covering a total of more than 20 provinces and cities in more than 60 industrial belts, foreign trade traditional industrial belt to become the “main force”.
EchoTik, a third-party data analysis platform for short videos and live-streaming e-commerce. EchoTik’s mission is to enable global sellers, creators, MCNs, and brands to master the marketing methods of short videos and live-streaming to sell and promote their products easily. will continue to accompany you to explore the new opportunities of global video and live e-commerce, and provide you with TikTok related information and guidance on product selection and operation. Welcome to follow!
Chrome Extension:
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2023.03.24 06:58 thepizzaguy123 need help with ACC bug

Just got into the game today with a full VR and wheel setup and it's mad fun but im having a problem that makes the endurance part of ACC untouchable for me. whenever i go to pit and stop in my box my menu starts cycling up and i can't select anything in any of the menus before or after i stop and i can't make it stop cycling up. i have tried to fix the problem but im nearing two hours played and don't wanna lose my refund time on something i feel unable to fix alone
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2023.03.24 06:56 PoeticTwist Why can't I order from the one Subway that is open 24/7?

Door Dash seems to think that this one Subway is closer to me than the one that is open 24/7. The other is a "normal" Subway, and closes at 10. Owned by the same people, as well. Anyway, I look on Door Dash, Uber Eats, and even Grubhub. None see this store as still open, and able to fix my order. If they are going to be like this, then they aren't going to make any money from me. I will just use my gas to go there and grab what I want. Door Dash, etc, can go smoke a long pole, and choke.
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2023.03.24 06:55 Knalxz Okay, I'll bite, why are people able to fire weapons at absurdly fast speeds while others look like they're attacking in slow motion?

I don't know when this happened but it's extremely noticeable. From the game I just got done playing, I saw plenty of times where someone saw me, looked me in the eyes and started firing the weapon but it looked like they were stuck in the butter dimension and moved at speeds so slow that turtles are blushing and then there's a guy with a Trustee firing the damn thing like it's damn near an auto rifle. I know Trustee fires fast but not "Kill you before a single burst of your pulse rifle." fast.
So what's up?
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2023.03.24 06:55 Parsnip Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪

Guten Morgen to this global band of Apes! 👋🦍
Daylight Savings Time has begun in the US, but not yet in Germany. During this period, the German markets are only open for one hour before US Premarket opens. I am posting this at the usual starting time, but updates will begin an hour later than usual, and only run for one hour.
This has truly been one of the most exciting weeks in the GME Saga in quite a long time. Credit Suisse's failure and takeover by UBS started things off, followed by the Fed continuing to hike rates. GameStop posted a quarterly profit, followed by a nearly 50% jump in share price. A massive jump in daily volume included an enormous amount of short sales. And meanwhile, the SHFs continue to attempt to sneak in regulatory rule changes that help them at the cost of everyone else.
Despite all of this, nothing has changed. The Institutional Shorts continue to amass even larger short positions, as they simply have no other choice. GameStop is still in an incredible position financially and poised for incredible growth in the future. Apes HODL an incredibly large portion of the company in our own names, growing daily.
So as we continue to await the day when the shorts are forced to close their positions, let's celebrate the company that brought us together.
Today is Friday, March 24th, and you know what that means! Join other apes around the world to watch infrequent updates from the German markets!

🚀 Buckle Up! 🚀

  • German market data begins updating in 65 minutes
  • 🟥 US close price: $22.58 / 20,76 € ($22.51 / 20,69 € after-hours)
  • US market volume: 11.06 million shares
Link to previous Diamantenhände post
FAQ: I'm capturing current price and volume data from German exchanges and converting to USD. Today's euro -> USD conversion ratio is 1.0879. I programmed a tool that assists me in fetching this data and updating the post. If you'd like to check current prices directly, you can check Lang & Schwarz or TradeGate
Diamantenhände isn't simply a thread on Superstonk, it's a community that gathers daily to represent the many corners of this world who love this stock. Many thanks to the originator of the series, DerGurkenraspler, who we wish well. We all love seeing the energy that people represent their varied homelands. Show your flags, share some culture, and unite around GME!
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2023.03.24 06:54 areuseriousss Won’t Let a Relapse Define Me

I’ve never posted on here before except for a few comments on others’ posts. I am a 38M that has been drinking since I was 16. I did stop twice during that time due to military deployments but that wasn’t by choice. I made sure to makeup for lost drinking opportunities every time I had a chance! Recently, I had finally had enough and quit for nearly 6 months. My wife and kids were really getting tired of me being a drunk and so was I. Blackouts were becoming common. Reckless behavior was becoming more frequent. I had to stop, so I did, until about a week ago. I bought a bottle of bourbon and drank the entire thing. Let everybody down and felt like complete crap! I am not going to let that slip define me though. I know I want to quit even more than before. I honestly didn’t even feel that terrible about giving in because I felt a shift inside me afterwards that gives me confidence going forward. It solidified to me that quitting is the right thing. I don’t get caught up in numbers or dates. How long I’ve been sober doesn’t matter to me, just that I am at this moment. I am honestly going to take it one day at a time from now on. This community has been extremely helpful and I want to thank everyone that posts. Many are so relatable.
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2023.03.24 06:54 Blizzandy_97 AITA For Not wanting to eat what my grandmother and father feed me at home or anywhere else?

I recently moved out of California to the Midwest, and before leaving Cali I was fairly fit, goimg to the gym often, eat maybe one meal, or a few Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, or Soups, and then snack on small things, like oatmeal bars and fruits snacks, and was a lot more thin than I am currently. Moving to another state to move in with my father, grandmother, and other family, they have been giving me nothing but three full meals a day, my father has been petty on taking me to the gym, or to the Orthodox church (he's a Seventh-Day Adventist, they're culty) I've been recently attending ever since I lost my car in a near-fatal car accident, and my grandmother makes nothing but spaghetti (idk why she calls them macaroni), and other kinds of greasy foods, which I don't like and I am picky of what I eat. I work as a contractor with my father, and for lunch he takes me to eat nothing but pizza, and I am getting sick and tired of eating that stuff. I brought and bought my own food, but I never have a chance to make any of it, since my grandma is always cooking something that is pretty fattening at home and insists on serving some to me, I don't want say no because she will eventually become petty, but also she takes up the entire oven, with pots and pans with nothing but greasy food. I buy mainly vegetables, to cook, oatmeal, and fruits. I drink a lot of water every minute, and maybe a cup of coffee a day. But after my father and I finish working and get back home, my grandmother is always cooking something, while I want my own time to cook and eat what I already planned in my head, I hate being a people pleaser. I've been feeling stuck with this ever since I lost my car and had the ability to go wherever I want without, buy what I want without being dependent on my father, which I don't like being dependent on because he's just as petty as my grandmother, and always says no to just drop me off at a gym that's literally 8 minutes away from home, but it's an hour and a half walking distance, but it gets really cold outside to even walk without being layered up. Ive been talking to my father about my frustrations with this and he always ignores what I say and acts like a complete dumbass. I am thankful that my grandmother thinks of me when making food, but I can make my own food. When I used to be much fatter my self esteem was very low, and I feel like that's where I'm heading again. Am I the asshole in this?
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2023.03.24 06:54 goptindia2 Osteopathy Treatment Center Near me

Osteopathy Treatment Center Near me — Osteopathic Treatment in Noida Extension — Find the best doctors for osteopathic treatment in Noida. GOPT India is providing the best osteopathy treatment in Noida. Call now — 7906545453.
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2023.03.24 06:54 Rock-n-Roll-Noly [tomt] [song] a comedy song that is not about ray romano

There’s a comedy song that I think is newer, though really I have no idea of the age. I cannot for the life of me remember where I cam across it, though I imagine it was on tiktok. It’s one of those quasi-comedy songs and I cannot for the life of me remember almost anything about the song, except that near the end of it, it starts going something like: Raymond Raymond Everybody loves Raymond Everybody loves Raymond Romano
No other part of the song has anything to do with him, and it’s only the last few lines, but it’s all I can remember of the song.
Unfortunately, ray romano sings, so all of my google attempts have been thwarted by that, and the fact that the song does not mention him in the title.
Male vocals, I think guitar is featured during the lines I can remember about Mr Romano, but that might just be me grasping at straws. I don’t remember much about the sound of it, other than that the “raymond” lines are delivered somewhat forcefully, with a beat or so of rest between them.
I will be eternally grateful to anybody who is able to help me out.
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2023.03.24 06:53 MelodicIngenuity1124 I messed up bad. Should I just go ahead and quit?

I’m gonna keep it short as I can. I’ve been an employee for 1 year now. When I first started I was horrible at loyalty. Lots of my coworkers would punch in their family members phone numbers to avoid a no. I started doing it too and was using my sisters number often for about 3 months to avoid a no. (We don’t have the same last name)
Fast forward and I move to another store. I don’t use my sisters number at all anymore and actually get good loyalty without cheating. It’s been 6ish months since ived used my sisters number. She tells me today she went to Ulta in her city and redeemed points (points that have been both accumulated from me, and her own purchases as well)
My heart sank and I realized this is point abuse (not her fault it’s mine). My old ways might come back to bite me now. Do you guys thinks LP will see this or have me flagged from the past? Wouldn’t they have already said something back in my early Ulta days?
God I am a fucking idiot. I’m debating on quitting to save myself the embarrassment and shame. I am aware that I deserve whatever comes to me. Just wondering if anyone has any insight or if I have a chance still. Again, I know I’m a piece of shit.
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2023.03.24 06:52 fabbrilous Should I feel bad?

So I work cap 2 and one of my team leads left, opening that position. I let management know I was interested in it. My buddy who works with me is also interested. So we are basically the top 2 candidates according to my coach but the position isn't open until Saturday. So today my buddy told me that our store manager told him he was going to give him the job but was told not to tell anyone. I felt that was screwed up and asked my team lead why they would even give interviews if the manager already decided? I'm not even mad if I didn't get the position I just thought there was a process? So now my buddy threw an absolute fit and said I might have cost him the job. I'm so confused on how these team lead promotions work? I just want to know why they would give the job to someone without interviewing other candidates first.
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