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2011.06.21 03:00 HardwareSwap

Do you want to trade your unused computer part for something you will use? Welcome to Hardwareswap, a community and marketplace for buying, selling, and trading all sorts of PC Hardware. It is very important than you read the wiki located in the sidebar for safe trading procedures.Reading our rules and guides is the best and most proven way to prevent getting scammed!

2012.02.29 05:28 babboa Reddit's aquarium goods classifieds.

A friendly international place where everything aquatic can be traded, sold, bought, or given away!

2013.09.17 04:14 pomegranatesunshine Reptile Bartering

This is a place where you can trade or sell items you have that either you do not want or need and exchange them for something you do want or need. Along with trading items, this will be a place to sell, trade or give away reptiles.

2023.03.24 07:41 Expensive_Music8502 What are the best clan game rewards for March?

What are the best clan game rewards for March?
Just finished getting 4000 points and was wondering what I should choose at the end.
Clan Games March 23'
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2023.03.24 07:41 dan90me Question about Piggy Bank. How do I cash out the $15 or even 20 it says, only giving me option for $25 or a 20 Temu credit.

I have a question about piggy bank. I've been working on it today for the 1st time. I got 10/10 existing user clicks and 2 new users. My 2nd new user took me from $19.90 to $20.10. Before that last person clicked link the progress bar up top said only $0.10 left to claim $20. The 20 had the paypal logo under it. So the last person clicked brought me to $20.10 and now the progress bar is showing only $4.90 to claim $25 paypal. I click on the claim button and a little box pops up that says claim method Temu credit: Minimum $20 claim and PayPal $25 minimum $25 claim. I can't get anymore existing user clicks and would need like 3-4 new users atleast to get to $25. In the terms and conditions and also on the search page it says $15 cash. How do I just take the $15 or $20, I don't want temu credit. I have little less than 5 hours left until piggy expires. Thanks
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2023.03.24 07:37 conceptinvestwell Is financial planning important? Learn from a wealth planner in Surat!

Financial planning is the process of developing a strategy to manage your money and achieve your financial goals. It involves analyzing your current financial situation, setting financial goals, and developing a plan to achieve those goals through budgeting, saving, investing, and managing risk.
Financial planning is important because it helps you take control of your finances and make informed decisions about how to use your money. By creating a financial plan, you can:
  1. Set and prioritize financial goals: A financial plan helps you identify your long-term goals, such as buying a house or saving for retirement, and prioritize them based on your values and resources.
  2. Manage cash flow: A budgeting plan helps you manage your cash flow and avoid overspending or accumulating unnecessary debt.
  3. Build wealth: A financial plan helps you develop an investment strategy that can grow your wealth over time.
  4. Protect assets: A financial plan can help you manage risk and protect your assets from unexpected events, such as disability or death.
  5. Plan for retirement: A financial plan helps you save and invest for retirement, ensuring you have the resources you need to live comfortably in your golden years.
Overall, financial planning is essential to achieving financial security and peace of mind. It allows you to take control of your finances, make informed decisions, and work towards your financial goals.
For the best financial planning, Consult Concept Investwell, wealth planners in Surat. They can provide you with a plan with maximum returns on minimum risks.
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2023.03.24 07:32 StressFart I (34m) don't want to speak to my biological father (60m) anymore and I don't know how to end the relationship without causing issues with my Siblings.

How do I tell my biological father that I no longer want to speak or have a relationship with him without causing issues with my other siblings?
I didn't grow up with or knowing who my biological father was nor any siblings from that side. He and my late mother had a short lived relationship which resulted in me being born and then she for some reason breaking it off and leaving. I won't go into details of what I know on that as I've decided that things happened, people make bad decisions which don't necessarily sum them up as people.. and to leave it at that, I wasn't around to witness. I had no contact with that side until I was 20 y/o, but being I was a brown skinned kid in a white family I caught on at a very early age and began asking questions. I took the information I had and began searching as I wanted to find my siblings, I just wanted to know who they are, what they look like, if we were alike. Deep down, knowing my father was cool, but that was never what I cared about. I posted the info I had on a lost family/friend type forum like 14/15 years ago. Within 6 months, one of my sisters(40?f) stumbled upon it by merely searching for family member names while purely bored like we all have done and the posted info was eerily close. She searched my name, found me on Myspace and saw I looked EXACTLY like our brother(40?m) and messaged me. The rest is history. ---- Since finding them, I've had a decent but not so much a movie style happy ending type relationship with them. I'm totally fine with that, it's still... awkward, even after 14 years. I've physically met them no more than 3/4 times max(some only once), don't really talk or keep close to any of them aside from one sister(38?f(let's call her SIS)). SIS and I have grown fairly close, she's told me of their life and about folks in moderate detail good/bad... SIS has had a ROUGH life and still talks with me at least a few times a month. One thing to note is they all are mostly on the opposite side of the country with the closest being 16ish hours away. So visiting has always been extreme and only I have ever gone to them.
Also, it's important to note that not a single soul on that side knew anything about my existence before the miraculous discovery that day, although my father claims to have spent years trying to find me. I don't know if it's true, but if that was the case, somebody would know, right? Nobody did and they all were shocked, all 100+ relatives on that family.
Over the years, I have kept in touch with my bio father fairly well. Multiple times per year we'd have LONG 2/3 hour conversations, catching up, discussing family, funny/eery similarities, etc. There have been a few times that we had gotten into disagreements for various reasons. Once he tried to check me in a manner that I should respect him because he "is my fatheelder", because I said a cuss word, not at him at all or anybody, just something I was rambling on. I quickly/sternly shut that down, because in my eyes that dynamic doesn't exist. He called me "young man", to which I told him I raised myself practically from a masculinity perspective, figuring life out & to back the hell up.
I also started to pick up on manipulative tendencies from him over the years. Kind of in a way where if he didn't get his way or if I didn't fully agree with him on something he'd start to get a bit of an attitude, talking over me or even not considering a single point on I'd debate on. At least a few times if I hadn't been able to return his missed call for, let's say, half a day or two, he would proceed to blow mine and my wife's phone up with calls, voicemails and texts, kind of like a clingy/desperate EX. It didn't matter if I would text back and let him know I would or that, "Hey I'm super busy". If it wasn't when he wanted it, he would start up. Overtime, this gradually was more frequent even when we actually spoke more often during any given time period.
Years back, I did send him some cash as he needed it for a bit of food/small bills once or twice. January 2022, I did again, this time a few hundred. I then quit(unwisely) my job in March and was unemployed for about a month before I landed a new much better role and paying job. I was super happy and did boast just a bit to a few family members as well as my bio father because I felt really accomplished and excited to be able to do more for my family. In April, I found out SIS was in jail. Due to health concerns with her, and no help from ANY family member on that side after asking, I paid her bail, just shy of a grand. It was tough at the time due to recovering from unemployment, but I didn't want her in there any longer. But, SIS has tried to pay me back recently (last month)but I've asked her to use it for her kids instead, have some fun as well as get the help she needs, anything. She still mailed me a check for a portion cause she felt guilty, but I legit didn't care or even cash it, I'll live. She has been seriously trying and is really doing much better so that's another reason I'm ok with it and that I can trust her. Her kids are adorable and it's all her doing, she's a great mother.... Sometimes people make mistakes.
At the end of May, my father asked again for money. This time it was about $500 for a tax bill. Once again, still recovering from that period and helping SIS but I had it. I specifically told him I could help him. However, I genuinely and kindly requested that he check if anybody else was able and willing to help him and that if nobody could, I would do it 100%. In my opinion, that's totally reasonable and if the roles were reversed, I would be very happy to ask around, because I know I could fall back to him.
This is when he sent a long winded text to me. He stated that others have been doing what they can to "do their part" and that "you said you're making all that money and that you can help". Then said "nevermind, I'll figure it out, not going to rob a bank or nothing but forget about it". The tone of this text was clearly argumentive and in hindsight quite manipulative. He never asked anybody.
Don't know why but I proceeded to help him out, I think out of pure annoyance. He gave the info to login to the county so I could pay directly instead of giving him cash, so at least that wasn't a lie. Going forward, I tried to forget about it but couldn't. Then I spoke to SIS about it a few months later. She specifically told me that there were times that other family members had given him money to help buy HIS children stuff like clothes and school supplies. He would spend it on alcohol and even drugs to the point where the family would take the kids themselves to get what they needed which still wasn't enough but they tried. They couldn't trust him. I also recall another sibling saying something somewhat cryptic 10ish years back about not giving money to him and I didn't quite compute that entirely. I also know directly from him that he spent time in prison on drug charges. But it all clicked when SIS told me that last year, finally.
Since about October, I really just have no desire to speak with him. I haven't answered anything from him, he blows our phones up, just last week he called us 20 times in a few hours.
At this point, I have decided I just don't have the mental energy or care to speak with my father, because to me, what I've put together is more than just a mistake, it tells me he isn't the good guy he makes himself out to be. I've reached a point in my life that I don't have time for sources of negativity. Even on my mother's side, they committed an atrocious act by secretly burying her ashes against her final wishes with our grandmother (my mom died years before but we let Grandma keep the urn before we spread the ashes until she passed). She DID NOT WANT TO BE IN A COFFIN, she told me that, nearly with tears in her eyes before. They didn't tell us, we found out when the preacher said our grandmother was being lowered into the ground and that our mother was with her, right then! My brothers and I have totally cut them off.
I've been through alot myself, busted my fucking ass to get to where I am in unimaginable ways in order to provide everything for my wife and kids. I've shown people my resume and shared a bit of my life and almost everyone is shocked. I don't have the energy for much more than my wife/kids and they are all I care about and are all I WANT to care about. I am mentally exhausted, dealt with depression, physically roughed up. Sources of negativity need to be gone so I can focus on bettering myself and being a good example for my children and a good husband.
So, I'm just done with speaking to my Father, I don't care about him, like I couldn't shed a tear. Any emotions I express here are not because of him, it's because I want the negativity gone. Manipulation gone. Tantrums gone, my kids do enough of that, but they are children, they have an excuse. I don't know how to tell my father, don't know if I should call or even text, or if I should be 100% polite. Not sure at all how to proceed here and close this chapter and any advice or even criticism is appreciated. I know I'm not always right but I know what I want. One thing for sure is I don't want to cause collateral damage with my other siblings, I still would like to be siblings with them. I don't know how they'll take it and I'm sure that he will make it a sob story either way I try to do it. I can't make everyone happy though.
Sorry for over explaining everything, just felt necessary to fully describe the dilemma I am in... And also a bit of venting. Let me know your thoughts of how I should proceed. Thank you.
TL:DR: I don't want to speak to my biological father anymore due to manipulation, I don't have the energy for it anymore. But I don't know how to break it off with minimal collateral damage to other relationships with my siblings from that side.
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2023.03.24 07:30 Live-Bed-4972 Cash tree eligible only if you have already been to your Cash your NOT ELIGIBLE. I HAVE 3 DEVICES CLICK 4 CLICK. I HAVE NO ELIGIBLE 4 CASHTREE
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2023.03.24 07:27 Live-Bed-4972 Cash tree 3 devices c4c
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2023.03.24 07:27 StarMarcoInLove 兴国文化输出:拼多多海外版temu拉新人集100美元,推特一堆人拉人😅

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2023.03.24 07:26 StarMarcoInLove 兴国文化输出:拼多多海外版temu拉新人集100美元,推特一堆人拉人😅

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2023.03.24 07:18 Phantereal The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct 10th Anniversary Poll

10 years ago this week, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was released on Wii U in North America. Based on the popular TV show The Walking Dead, the game was developed by Terminal Reality and published by Activision and was also released on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Terminal Reality was known for developing Terminal Velocity as well as the BloodRayne series and Nocturne but by 2013, they had made some licensed games such as Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Def Jam Rapstar, and Kinect Star Wars. While the successful episodic game The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series had already begun releasing in 2012, this was the franchise's first attempt at a survival game.
The story explores Daryl Dixon's (voiced by Norman Reedus) background during the early days of the outbreak, following him and his brother Merle as they attempt to survive. As this is a survival game, players must strategize how they will use their resources such as fuel, ammo and food. Players can add other survivors to their group, and they can either fight zombies (a.k.a. walkers) or sneak past them. The Wii U version allows for touchscreen inventory management as well as Off-TV Play, though the game can be beaten with a Pro Controller.
Every version of the game was panned. Critics disliked the glitches as well as inconsistent gameplay, mediocre graphics, unresponsive controls and minimal GamePad support. They also had high expectations for the story given the source material while the plot in this game is largely meaningless with Daryl just going from place to place trying to survive. Ultimately, critics agreed that the game had a lot of wasted potential and was a cash-grab while suggesting ZombiU as a better zombie survival game on Wii U.
The game likely did not sell well given this was Terminal Reality's final game before closing down in late 2013. However, the company was revived years later for modern ports of their Bloodrayne games and Terminal Velocity with Ziggurat Interactive. The Walking Dead would continue to receive games including more seasons from Telltale on pretty much every system that was in production at the time except Wii U and 3DS. There would also be plenty of mobile and board games based on the show as well as a few games on consoles. The show would continue until the airing of its eleventh and final season in 2021-22.
Did you play this game? Did you like it? Did you play ZombiU as well and which did you prefer?
View Poll
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2023.03.24 07:16 Kerubin2 NJ Spring Open 2023

So I figure I ask here since I'm looking around for a partner; for all the PA, NJ & NYC players in the area! I'm searching for a Men's Doubles & Mixed Doubles Partner for 4.5+, and there is a $2000 Cash Prize Pool to my knowledge for I'm guessing the Top 3 Teams in each division/bracket (of 4.5+).
I live in Jersey City, but unfortunately, no car 😞 I happen to also work with Montclair Pickleball (starting week of April 3rd). Feel free to DM me, as I'd like to get some much needed Drilling & Practice Matches in!
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2023.03.24 07:06 josemartinlopez Best place to park emergency cash, short-term funds and savings for a home downpayment or major purchase in 2023?

Interest rates are up to 5%, and all the banks are promoting their higher savings deposit interest rates. Where is the best place to park cash right now, whether your emergency cash or short-term funds such as savings for a home downpayment or other major purchase?
Option 1: Cash in bank deposit, look for the good rate and keep it under the deposit insurance limit.
Option 2: Short term time deposits from bank.
Option 3: Are there good money market funds available from brokers?
Option 4: Short term bond funds, is it time to make a bet on these to get a little more interest? Should you match duration to your horizon given these are funds and not actual bonds held to maturity?
Any other changes people make due to rising but stabilizing rates?
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2023.03.24 07:00 Upset-Ad7882 My Complete Collection as of now, let me know what you think? Been collecting for 1 year and 9 months long

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2023.03.24 06:56 Zealousideal_Lemon93 Use Ally Savings to store & pay rent?

Hi there! I’m trying to diversify where I store my cash & figure out which account to store my rent in/pay rent from. At the moment my direct deposit auto-splits into a couple different accounts so I don’t have to transfer. I also save half my rent from each paycheck. Until the 2nd half, I have a good amount sitting in a checking account, but don’t trust that it will be safe there for 3 weeks until I pay rent in full. Partial rent payments are not an option. I figured my Ally Savings could be a safe place to put it as it’s the only account that doesn’t have transactions or a card. I would use my account and routing number in my apartment property’s app to pay rent, NOT Ally’s Bill Pay feature. From doing some quick research, my understanding is that Ally could potentially convert my savings account into a checking account if they find that I start to treat it as such. But unsure what the likelihood of that would be if I never withdraw and would only have that one transaction per month. Does anyone else do this? What else should I keep in mind as I consider this option? Is this the worst idea? Would love your thoughts! Thank you
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2023.03.24 06:54 Stealthelf9909 I frame one stole this poor guy’s Gambit with my cable. Safe to say he didn’t like it

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2023.03.24 06:50 Rahul1499 How do I sell my phone - RecycleDevice Blog

How do I sell my phone - RecycleDevice Blog
When purchasing a new phone when your old one starts to feel dated and you feel the desire to update to a newer model, ask yourself "Can I sell my phone?" Even if you no longer require an old, used, and possibly broken phone, you can still make money with it. Thankfully, there are many mobile phone recyclers who will buy worn, broken, and even antique phones. You've come to the right location if you're looking for one.
Your old Apple iPhone will be gladly accepted by Swappie. Used and used iPhones can be purchased from Swappie, a reliable and skilled reseller. We inspect and refurbish your phone after we purchase it so that it can be sold on. In this manner, your outdated iPhone will find a new home and you can earn some cash to use towards the purchase of a new one. If you're intrigued, keep reading, and we'll explain how you can sell your old smartphone as well.

How do I sell my mobile phone to Swappie?

You could have certain queries in mind while selling your used and outdated phone. Each query will be addressed in turn in this article:
1. What is the value of my phone?
2. What to do before selling my phone?
3. How to pack my phone for shipping?
4. How do I send my phone for inspection?
5. When and how do I get paid?
1. Phone value
How much you might get paid for your old and used mobile phone depends on a few different criteria. The model and general condition of your phone will determine its value most substantially. Modern phone models are worth more than vintage ones. Make important to confirm that your phone is initially accepted if you intend to sell an older phone model.
Naturally, if your phone is damaged, the buyer will be prepared to pay less. Your phone can still be sold even if it is not entirely functional. Certain components, such as the battery, camera lens, and speaker of the phone, can either be repaired or replaced with a new, functional component. Even if your phone has cosmetic flaws like scratches and breaks, you can still sell it. See how much you can receive for your used Apple iPhone by visiting Swappie's Sell your iPhone website.
2. Checklist before selling your old mobile phone
Before selling your phone, there are a few things you should do. Make sure to follow these steps:
1. Backup your phone
2. Reset the phone back to factory settings
3. Remove the phone’s SIM card
4. Make sure that the phone is not locked to your mobile operator
5.Turn off Find My iPhone
Once you've verified that you've followed these instructions, your old device's data is safe and the new owner can continue to use it. To learn more about wiping your phone before selling it, go here.
3. Packing your phone
To ensure that the phone reaches us securely and without further damage, it must be wrapped carefully. Use a box or padded envelope to transport your old cell phone in order to accomplish that. Please remove all of your accessories, including the phone's charger, case, and headphones. You just need to send the actual device.
4. Shipping
We'll cover the shipping costs when you sell your phone to Swappie! Simply print a shipping label for your phone, attach it to the package, and send it on its way. Print the DHL shipping label, then schedule the pickup of the phone. The phone needs to be shipped within 1-3 business days. Your phone is meticulously inspected by our qualified specialists after it has been sent to us. We also make sure the phone is permanently erased at this stage. The inspection takes a few days, on average.
5. Payment
We provide you a new pricing for your phone if your assessment of its condition differs from ours. You have two options: accept the revised offer or request that your phone be returned. We again cover delivery costs. If all goes according to plan and we concur with your estimate, you will be paid cash for your old cell phone through your bank account.
Buy a refurbished phone from Swappie
Remember to check out our used and refurbished iPhones once you've sold your phone on Refurbished iPhones are available in four distinct states and in a range of costs, colours, and models. Visit our website to view the current lineup of phones from Swappie. Save money and the environment by purchasing a properly refurbished iPhone from Swappie today!
RecycleDevice Offers you with the opportunity to sell your old phones in a good price and in a most easy way. Just check the price of your phone.
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2023.03.24 06:45 DreaMBorNwashere [H] 1700$+ Items [W] AWP Medusa/BFK Gamma Doppler

[H]- 3 Clean Low Float Knives+2 Gloves (~1500$++)
Flip Doppler Phase 1 0.007
Driver Gloves King Snake
Stiletto knife Night 0.16
Driver gloves Black tie 0.38
M9 Freehand MW
[W]- BFK Gamma Doppler Phase 3
BFK Doppler Phase 2
BFK Autotronic MW
AWP Medusa WW/BS
M9 CW MW > 0.11
I do have adds
Open to offers, Any Knife/NO KATOS/NO CHs/NO CASH/NO DOTA2, TF2/NO PAYPAL
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2023.03.24 06:40 Holiday-Log739 passport agency- I’m confused

So my mom’s locator is 35.
I contacted my senator last week and they couldn’t do anything until 3/23. The senator reached out to the passport agency today. They said they didn’t even have my mom’s application, I sent them when her appointment (1/13) was, when they received the documents (1/19) and when the check was cashed (1/20) and then I sent the locator number . I think they are lyin tbh because I was able to type in her information and it says when they received and etc. ANYWAYS. I’m waiting on a response… I’ll update y’all.
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2023.03.24 06:40 IntentionalFuturist The NEM 3 Solar Worker's Guide

With NEM 3 coming to California, many people in the solar industry have asked me what they should look for in their companies and how to navigate this less pleasant side of the "solar-coaster."
Here are my general, not company-specific, tips on how to know if your company stands a good chance of surviving NEM 3 and what to do if they don't.
Take a hard look at your operations
Ops teams are the unsung heroes of the solar industry. They are the people who fight with obtuse permitting departments, handle city inspections, and ultimately get glass on roofs and permission to operate granted.
Take a close look at your ops team.
Do you have visibility into accounts with a good CRM? A lack of visibility kills momentum and makes it incredibly hard to do business for sales, ops, and administration. If your ops team is forced to run solely off spreadsheets or email chains, run!
Another significant point is how well your company has adapted to NEM 2 ending. For example, when is the cutoff for selling NEM 2 deals? Was it March 14th? Early April? Right up until a few days before the deadline?
How well your company has managed to reorient ops around the temporary processes required for NEM 2 grandfathering by the deadline is very telling about the company's health. Plus, the later the cutoff for sales locking in NEM 2 deals, the more business the company can secure to get through the lean times coming ahead.
Are they being proactive about training on batteries, understanding NEM 3, and how you can prepare for the coming industry changes? What your company focuses on in training reveals a lot about the values and strategy of leadership.
Next, how quickly can your company get a simple solar deal (no roof, electrical, batteries, etc.) through to install? Is it weeks or months? If even the most basic deals take 3-6 months to be installed, not to mention PTO'd, the company can be susceptible to cash flow problems.
Companies that take forever to complete deals (and ultimately pay their salespeople) also suffer from the issue of part-time sales teams where everyone has to have a steady day job and do solar on the side. If most of the sales team are part-timers, then you are in a terrible situation where the entire sales organization could collapse when sales slow down after April 14th and you can't make substantial commission checks for a few hours a month of work.
How are the finances?
As sales, ops, or admin people, you might not get to see the books for your company, especially if it is privately held and not subject to public financial disclosures. But there are signs you can look for to see if there are any major red flags.
Have you suddenly lost access to a tool or platform unexpectedly? While outages happen, they are usually announced on the responsible company's website or social media channels. And sometimes it is an honest mistake.
But suppose there is a pattern of temporarily losing access to software-as-a-service platforms such as design tools like Aurora or Solo, communication tools like Slack or Gmail, your CRM, or other paid-for tools. That is a big red flag in that things are not alright on the company's financial side.
And if your company misses a payday, it is time to start polishing your resume immediately.
High-level departures or changes
Pay attention to high-level departures from your company. A certain degree of job hopping is to be expected. If someone exits the company to take another job with a pay and/or title bump, good for them!
But if you notice that multiple people at the management level are leaving all at once, they likely know something you don't, and they have lost faith in the company. A growing, expanding, healthy company does not typically start losing leaders with little notice and in quick succession.
Also, be sure to scrutinize high-level hires in leadership and management roles. Of course, then there is the honeymoon period, but pay attention to how these leadership hires can change the company culture for better or worse. How do they treat people inside or outside of their department? Do they act ethically? Do they lift up the people around them or blame others for the mistakes of their department?
What about vision, perks, or loyalty programs?
It is easy to have vision in solar. It is a revolutionary technology that democratizes access to power, strengthens the grid (when the utilities cooperate), saves people money, and helps the environment. But don't let a mission statement you wholeheartedly agree with get in the way of making smart financial and career decisions for yourself and your family.
The perks are great but also just fluff. Easy to implement, the first things to go when things get tough, and not a good reason to stay anywhere.
And as someone who was part of two different solar company loyalty programs that involved long-term payouts on commission or company options (only available in the event of a sale), let me be the first to tell you to take cash upfront. Don't let companies underpay you because you MIGHT get a bigger long-term payout later. It is not worth it.
If they allow you to earn stock shares that survive you leaving the company, great. But if the program involves you staying at the company to realize the benefit of a company sale or continuing to get residual commission payments, it is a scam to keep costs low. They are taking a zero-interest loan off your earnings and can keep it if you leave. You are better off with better pay or lower baselines now.
What if my company goes under and I don't get paid?
Suppose you are a W2 employee or a commissioned salesperson working for a California-based solar company that has gone out of business and have not been paid your final paycheck. In that case, there are several steps you can take to recover your unpaid wages.
First, you should file a claim with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE). The DLSE is the state agency responsible for enforcing California's labor laws, including wage and hour laws. You can file a wage claim with the DLSE by filling out the appropriate form and providing documentation of your unpaid wages. The DLSE will investigate your claim and if it finds that your employer owes you unpaid wages, it will issue an order requiring your employer to pay you.
Secondly, you may also be able to file a claim with the bankruptcy court if your former employer has filed for bankruptcy. If your former employer has filed for bankruptcy, you may be considered a creditor and can file a claim in bankruptcy court to recover your unpaid wages. However, bankruptcy proceedings can be complex and time-consuming, and you may want to consult with an attorney before pursuing this option.
Thirdly, you can also file a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner's Office. The Labor Commissioner's Office is responsible for investigating and enforcing California's labor laws, including wage and hour laws. If you file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner's Office, it will investigate your claim and may take legal action against your former employer to recover your unpaid wages.
It is important to note that California law provides penalties and interest for employers who fail to pay their employees on time. Therefore, if your former employer fails to pay you on time, you may be entitled to additional penalties and interest on top of your unpaid wages.
And for W2 workers, file for unemployment quickly as you search for another position.
Finally, if you are a commissioned salesperson, you should review your contract with your former company to determine whether you are entitled to any unpaid commissions. California law requires employers to pay commissions to their employees on a regular basis. If your former employer failed to pay you the commissions you earned, you might also be entitled to recover those commissions.
Green flags
Good reputation: The company and its leadership should have an excellent reputation among customers, employees, and sales reps. Look at online reviews and ideally talk to people who work there about their experience. Get into the details and not just the mission or vibe of the place. As I said, the mission is easy, and perks are fantastic. But it's about the everyday experience and trajectory of the company that is important.
Strong operations: A solid and well-organized operations team is critical for a successful solar company. You want things to run well and have the resources to quickly and effectively take care of customers. No matter your position in the company, a good ops team will make your job much better.
A good CRM: A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is the backbone of a solar company. It provides a single source of truth for every deal so that sales, ops, admin, payroll, and leadership can see everything going on with each account. The CRM allows everyone to do their part to move accounts forward, providing transparency and accountability.
A focus on training and professional development: The solar industry changes quickly. In the past year, we have had the Inflation Reduction Act pass, NEM 3 pass in California, tech improvement, and new brands breaking into the industry while others leave. A company focus on training and professional development is critical to long-term success in a changing and evolving industry.
And finally, for sales reps, you should be able to comfortably sell solar at $3.30 per watt or less to be competitive in a NEM 3 environment. Make sure that your company offers a baseline that makes that possible for you.
Solar will continue to grow and thrive in California, even if we have a period of slower adoption. Utility rates are expensive, and battery technology is improving to the point where net metering policies will not matter soon. Between better and cheaper home batteries and Vehicle-2-Grid technology, all power will be economically generated, stored, and consumed on-site.
Large, strategic companies will buy up smaller, distressed companies for their personnel thanks to installer, electrician, and admin staff shortages. Plus, solar companies can never have enough salespeople.
If you are inclined to move, there will also be opportunities in other states and territories. With energy prices rising nationwide, residential solar is becoming economically viable in more and more areas.
All of these massive industry changes in California may be stressful. However, I hope these tips and tricks help you make better decisions about where you are now and where you may end up. With the right mindset and knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your current situation and future opportunities.
If you're interested in staying up-to-date on the latest news and information about solar energy and policy, then follow me on Reddit!
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2023.03.24 06:39 Minute_Concern9135 To know Get sacred book Gyan Ganga

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2023.03.24 06:28 SignalPractical4526 I want to start an Startup Incubation Centre

Hi Everyone,
I want to start a startup incubation centre that is mainly focused on small businesses in metropolitan and rural areas. The idea is that I will setup a hub in a highly accessible city and help founders mature their product / service, validate it, market it, become self sustainable and then cash out. I am a corporate exec and have built multiple business lines from scratch. The way I see it, I will require an initial capital of 20 cr. I have about 1 cr.
1-2 cr location and setup, 5 cr - Bonds - Fixed income to keep company floating / emergency fund, 2-3 cr staff salaries and misc, 5 cr to be fragmented and invested, 5 cr reservers for greater opportunity.
Please suggest me tips on how I can raise this capital ?
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2023.03.24 06:20 PunchmadeDev2 Cashapp method $100

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2023.03.24 06:19 Stumblebee Some reflections and questions about my first ever live poker experience

So I grew up watching the WSOP on ESPN and always wanted to play real life poker. I'm an adult now and suddenly realized that it's a thing I can actually do now. So I found a $60 buy-in tournament at my local casino and jumped right in after a couple days of watching some Daniel Negreanu tournament streams and researching ways to not be total ass (pre-flop ranges, keeping position in mind, etc)
Against all odds and despite my best efforts, I ended up making the final table (out of 30) and chopped a 4-way pot for 445!
Some notes, reflections, and questions;
1) playing with the poker chips is fun but not as fun as my inner child wanted it to be.
1a) how the shit do you do the little chip shuffle?? that feels like magic.
2) how the shit do you guys remember live hands to study? Soon as the cards leave my hand, they also leave my brain. The way some folks will perfectly recount hands, bets, raises, and the board astounds me.
3) literally the only hand I remember well: I folded AJo UTG but the board went XXAAA. Would have had Quad Aces, rip
4) I started to be unable to make clean antes after a while and didn't realize the dealer can make change with other antes, so I asked to exchange 1 1k chip for 10 100s. Got a weird look from the guy next to me and said nevermind lol. Realized pretty quickly that small denominations don't matter worth much later in the game.
5) Things were pretty damn nerve-wracking at the beginning, loosened up when I got used to the flow of the game, got sweaty when we were on the bubble, and then the mood got way more fun when we hit the cash. Is it like that every game?
6) I kept losing track of the button, posted big blinds as small blind multiple times, folded as the BB when I had the option
7) busting someone out of an event feels very weird. I knocked three people out, two on fairly bad beats. Don't think I could feel good doing that in a cash game where the money is their actual money without feeling pretty bad.
8) I feel like I'm aware of a pretty obvious tell when I bet. Very confident and quick bets when I have it, hims and haws when I don't. I think I was able to use that to my advantage to bluff a few hands.
9) speaking of, bluffing feels amazing when you pull it off.
10) Dealers and poker game directors are absolute fucking magicians with how quickly and confidently they have to resolve issues like burned cards, boxed cards, large chip counts, etc. Tonight gave me major, major appreciation for these people. Tip your dealers y'all.
11) this is the second time Tiktok has sent me down a rabbit hole and got me to step out of my comfort zone for something that looks fun to do. First golf, now poker.
12) y'all were pretty handy in getting me started too. The Poker Terms Glossary link has been broken for a few years now according to the way back machine (mods pls fix), but I do appreciate the conversation here since I legitimately think it helped me out in a few ways, specifically, tips on what to do/not to do when playing live for the first time.
13) I am still turbo dogshit at this game, but look forward to improving. That'll be a little hard to do though, because....
14) my states laws against online poker is wack as hell. I want to play micro-stakes and don't want to figure out VPNs and other stuff like that.
All-in-all, I had a great experience and will absolutely be back to play again!
Edit: bonus 15) I love peeling the corners of the cards and the sound they make when they hit the table. 😩😩😩
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